Swagz alone would pay NO bills… #skilloverswagz

I wrote this post a while ago
Say like 6months or so. As a final year student of sociology in Unibadan.
Today I am serving. In Lagos. And ‘greening’ 🙂
Life has changed. But the truths in this write up is still TRUE. And by God’s grace, I am still a focused young woman daily living up my God purpose.
I was obviously angry when I wrote this.
I am still angry.
We should ALL be angry!!!
Decided to reblog it because I got a facebook message from someone. My reader, who said the post literally changed his life!!! He had to adjust his life after then. My harshness got to him.
Today, he is a better person.
And he says I am his role model
But seriously tho, I am happy the post helped him. And many others then, cos I got a lot of online and offline feedback. And many RTs, broadcasts and fb posts.
Pls spread this too however you can. Young persons today need motivation and harshness.
We won’t slack!!! We can’t afford to!!!
We are the NOW and the FUTURE
A special thank you to all who spread word about my NYSC blog
Especially the last post on how NYSC can help beef up your CV and land you your dream job.
Find it here http://t.co/lber0yZEHH
Share with all corpers you know. And intending corpers. And young persons too.
We can make a difference in our youth.
We will make a difference!!!
I love you!!! Yes LOVE can be tough…

The F.A.B. Sister's Blog

Ok young people can we talk…FRANKLY.  I am seething as I write this… Really seething. In fact let me show you what my status reads atm (that is, at the moment)

Now before I proceed let me say something about this article I once read- ‘A message to GARCIA’… You can google it up and read, if you are not too lazy to. I recall that my then boss in Emzor where I did a temp job one time ASUU was on strike, introduced it to me. He was thrilled a young very pretty nice figured young girl like me could be that enterprising. In fact one of the best compliments anyone has paid me has been when he told me I should get the book ‘Tough choices’ and read because he sees me as a Carly Fiorina… A woman who will shake the world. Carly was the first ever…

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6 thoughts on “Swagz alone would pay NO bills… #skilloverswagz

    • Thank you Sugee…
      I’m defo hitting kenya the moment my NYSC is over. It holds such an appeal for me like no other African country.

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