WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.

Thank God i didn’t bother droppin’ the Gist…
You see why it is Good to maintain your own champion?
I did the IMELA ‘Before’ and this is an absolutely amazin’ AFTER…
Enjoy… Pastor M’s account of the night that was IMELA…
Peek the fabulous lady in the FAB Gown…

Hi people,
Were you at the just concluded WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP CONFERENCE? What? Are you kidding me? You mean you missed IMELA. Choi! Where do I start from o! I can try but can I ever really put into words the experience of the night?

You see why I say don’t miss events like this? Is it the unbelievably hot praise and worship that the ladies from TRI praise team gave us at the beginning?
imela-093imela-081imela-079imela-045imela-010imela-080But that was just warm up for the heavenly depiction of the night of worship that the drama unit of DCC soul impact rendered? imela-111mean, when the lady came out chanting praises in Hausa, imela-114imela-485the power of God had already flooded the room, by the time the lady chanting in Yoruba came outimela-479imela-482 some ladies were already prostrate in total abandonimela-120. Then when the lady in Ibo came out singingimela-115 I couldn’t hold back…

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2 thoughts on “WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP ….. IMELA…. the night as it was.

  1. I love God… My God is a great God and I bless him for all these testimonies. People ask how can I be a Christian and a doctor at the same time. Easy! The truth is, God made me a doctor so he can work through me, not for me to replace him. He is the great Physician, I am just apprentice! I love when God trumps medicine. OOoh…. I love it!!!!!

    Ps… my dear, you were working that dress ooh.

    • Very apt response oooo
      We cant do without the doctors but the doctors cant replace him either
      Ur own kinda doctor is not common sha.
      I should know cos ive been stalking

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