Praise In This Age

Amazing events lined up for you this beautiful sunday if you dey Lagos…

Hi people
What plans do you have for today? None? Ok so just wait one minute. Are you really telling me you haven’t bought your ticket for PITA’s concert?

Ok so where do you want me to start from? Honestly this sitting at home and hearing gist later e never tire you? If you were in Lagos and you sat at home and missed IMELA, after seeing the pictures, I thought by now you would have learnt.

Anyway, let us save ourselves the regret as I’m looking at you now… Sorry writing at you now 😀 run and go and buy your ticket. If its a beyonce concert now you will borrow money, cloth and transport money now come and Praise master Jesus…. Fire!!! I’m just joking o! But seriously guys DO NOT MISS this concert for any reason.

I’ve heard too many people complain about “church” music and how…

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