BA… My lil’ Royal

Or maybe not-so-little hehehe

How this 4.4kg baby pushed outta me remains Olu aka Chukwu totally and absolutely. The work of God’s hand.

Tuesday evening March 10, 2015, at over 42weeks invitro, my lil’ Royal was born.

Nwata was just chillin’. Odiegwu!!!

I’ll be back with his names. Haven’t had time for pictures yet so manage this hospital one lol


Thanks for all the love and disturbances lol. Please send me a text if you have my number. Don’t blow up my phone just yet biko. Ese pupo… 🙂



50 thoughts on “BA… My lil’ Royal

  1. Congrats Boo, I just keep looking @his pix & each time I whisper “thank YOU JESUS”. In-law alert tinz o, lolllll

  2. Jehova Over Do has done it again
    Gini ka m ga akpo Chukwu now.
    …… …… ….. ……
    E’ eeee so happy for all of us.

    When I saw the ‘Ji mmiri oku overated’ on ur twitter update, I almost send your mail but couldn’t post it…. May be it skipped mai mind. Still saved as draft.
    Chai 4.4kg the boy took your stature

    The King has arrived ‘you could have waited till 12 March’ ….. So that Jide’…. will have a birthday mate.

    Off to celebrate,
    I must pop something today.

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