#AugustFruitful31.12… EXHAUSTED!!!!

Hey lovelies.
Today i have just not been myself.
Unsure how i went to visit with a friend who just had a baby and hit church right afterwards but since then I’ve been bleh.
Been in bed all day after that.
Been constipated and purgey.
Been extremely nauseated too. Spitting and all. Actually was gonna throw up but somehow managed it.
Eaten any and everything which has made me feel even more rubbish.
Desperately wanted to go for a walk cos I know i will feel better but my tummy feels funny and i am breathless too.
So bloody exhausted.
And my son has been, well, behaving like a 2year old. Doesn’t care how i feel.
Actually have my post for today typed out but will rather share this instead
Hubby is on his way home and all I wanna do is SLEEP.
Pray I wake feeling better. Monday’s not for this abeg.

Hope yawl feel better and had a better day than me.

See yawl tomorrow…


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