Hey Girl, Let me mentor you.

Happy New month, Darlings

Ok so first, whogohost has been messing with my blog as they ran their updates and so my posts were disappearing. They told me not to update the blog with any new post until it was sorted.

That explains why I haven’t been blogging. It is a new month and I think they have sorted themselves. Thank you for sticking around.

Now to the meat of the matter…

Coach E’

Coach E’

So here is a call for application into my mentoring academy, The FAB Sistership Academy. Read more about it Here.

This is one of my ‘give back’ ways as frankly, I fear sometimes when I see the way some of us young people are going. Instead of complaining, this is me giving back in my own way.

So, ladies, if you need a BIG SISTER to join you on this journey through life, providing guidance and support. and are ready to fully commit to your own growth, then TFS is for you. I mean you are just tired of laziness, being lackadaisical. Rolling over your goals year in year out, feeling stuck, a lack of consistency, and more, or maybe you are even on the right track but you need a guide as you navigate the next level, allow me to be that big sister to you.

Come through.

I’ve raked up quite some miles in this journey of life and I love love love love love to give back, especially to young ladies so they too can thrive.

It’s been a Fab Journey

I will be taking in just 5 ladies and you are welcome to join at any age.

Just send me an email on eziaha@eziaha.com, with subject ‘TFS Mentee’ telling me in details about yourself and why you should be accepted. No less than a page.

Our sessions will run on WhatsApp 3 days a week for 4weeks and then for another 4-6weeks, you will be followed up individually and closely by my mentees turned disciples.

In our 4 weeks, we will cover your spiritual life and how to build a sustainable firebrand one, your friendships and relationships, biz/career and personal development plans, Time management and discipline, Journaling and scheduling, Mentoring and Leadership, Books, finances and more. Plus, you also get to ask questions and get candid answers. I usually keep it 100% in TFS. Then the next 6weeks will be you putting into practice all you learned and having another sister work you through it.

Meet E’s Disciples

By the time these 10weeks are up, it is my prayer that even you don’t recognise yourself anymore, cos your growth game will be EPIC!!!

The first season for the year starts Sunday, Feb 10 right through March 9 and application deadline is Feb 8, that is Friday this week. Hurry and please make your application EPIC as I can only take 5 and so you need to lay it all on the table.

I can’t wait to mentor you. I have seen such AMAZING fruits of my mentoring that so long as God graces me, I won’t stop.

Email again is eziaha@eziaha.com

Love and Jesus


6 thoughts on “Hey Girl, Let me mentor you.

  1. I have been trying to send an email across to the address provided, but it has not been going through ma’am.
    I have tried sending about three or four times but it keeps bouncing back.

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