About me…



Hello dawleen…

I am charmed that you are a constant visitor to this blog. Thanks plenty…

The name is Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo (nee Ajaero). Like you can tell already, I am a very aware FABULOUS young CHRISTIAN lady. I love God. I love to write. So that goes without saying i love to write about God. It shows right here on this blog. With each post, it is my desire to inspire one more young woman to live for Christ. I also love me, and i love Life and so i love my life… Tz exciting. Tz fabulous and cos i have a big mouth and love you all too much, i will be sharing my God-inspired life with y’all as I cruise the FAB lane.


FAB may be FABULOUS to the world but to me, it is both FABULOUS and it is also an acronym that stands for FAVORED AND BLESSED…

Cool yeah?

Fasten your seat belt darling. You are in for a real exciting time…

Stay F.A.B. and feel free to mail me eziaha@eziaha.com



38 thoughts on “About me…

  1. Hiya, I found your blog from femmetotale’s blog. Just moved back to Abuja after some time away and don’t have that many friends here. Will check out DCC on Sunday; and maybe meet up sometime if you can?

    • Of course I’ll be absolutely thrilled to hook up darling.
      And I’ll be very happy to welcome you to DCC Abuja.
      You wanna do me a mail with your number so I’ll ring you.
      I noticed you didn’t add an email addy.
      Be expecting…

  2. Eziaha… i finally found my way to your blog, believe me i’m gonna spend all day reading and dev ouring every single piece. you’re good at what you do. btw i read your story on one other blog. proud of you babe

    • Awwwww
      You will need more than one day oooo cos my blog don tey small.
      Thanks babe. God bless.
      Somehow I thought you had always been a reader sha.
      Have fun and be sure to get a drink while at it.

  3. There’s somethin about u….. I wish I can lay a finite finger on it. And u r absolutely inspiring. Like a breath of fresh air. I want to catch some of it…. I love ur life. Hw do u do it? Hw do u balance it?

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