Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Dear Stay-At-Home Mumprenuer…

Dear stay-at-home mom running a business,
It came to my heart to write you today coming from a personal place. Like you, I have a business which I run right from home. I started right after my baby turned a year old. Today, he is three; and I have a second baby who is 7 months old. Thankfully, my business has grown from those early days of fighting fear, and the imposter syndrome, while making a few hundreds of thousands, to millions today. I am still fighting fear and taking down giants on a whole ‘nother level.
Besides the joy of contributing to the family income and savings, I am very thankful for the flexibility in timings being an At-home CEO offers me. And I love calling myself that… An At-home CEO! It gives me perspective that even though I am CEO, I still have to balance that with running my home. That balance is tricky I must say and reading Mary Byers Making Work at Home Work, has helped me navigate it. I recommend.
But really, what I want to share with you, today, I didn’t learn from a book, but on the job. I want to say that I made these mistakes so that maybe you would relate with me more, but I didn’t. Somehow, I received sense before I found myself spiraling down a wrong path, and I want to share with you before you make them, because Sister dearest, the pressure to succeed, at least by the world’s definition is REAL. And it is beautiful that a lot of us want to make more from our lives, in addition to caring for and serving our families, but we must make sure that we are doing this from the right place, and not letting our homes suffer as we #PressForProgress.
First, let’s get this straight. You are different. Or better still, your case is different. You have a baby (or 3), a home to run, you may or may not have domestic help, and here you are adding another baby to the mix – a brand-new business you are probably running alone. I know that for most of us, sales of our goods and services are powered by social media, and when it comes to social media marketing, the rules are endless.
For example, I read one the other day that said you must respond to all your clients in real time, if not they would go to your competitors. This holds water to some extent. I recall one out of many, this client who was furious with me and asked for a refund, because I wasn’t responding to her fast enough. She was back in a year and when she messaged me, I responded immediately.
Now, it wasn’t so much that I had learned my lesson like she said, as it was that I just happened to be online and available to chat at the time. Furthermore, at the time, I didn’t have the luxury of staff to help me do the job, or a domestic help. Responding to every message in real time, while being a full time mommy and wife would have positively killed me. Plus, we have seen clients send WhatsApp messages at odd hours expecting immediate feedback. You must know your current reality and where to draw the line. Don’t feel guilty or less than, because it looks like you are losing clients to your competitors.
Today, I have staff and a functional domestic manager, and this affords us the opportunity to reduce response time considerably. But there are times I simply cannot. Like weekends. Or if something comes up that totally takes my attention. I may have lost some clients, but I lost what wasn’t even mine in the first place. Yes, I want to grow and blow, but I don’t want to lose precious time with my babies, or make my husband feel like he comes second place, because I have to be holding my phone all the time.
Remember, your case is different. Moms who work outside the home have the lines already drawn for them. They leave work and they are truly done. While the At-home CEO has work with her everywhere, so don’t be tempted to think that you have to be ‘ON’ at all times. In fact, I highly recommend you separate your work phone from your personal phone, so that you can easily focus on either when you need to, and without guilt.
I also learned that you must always keep your social media page buzzing with content, and never take a break, if not people will move to the competition and soon forget about you. Phew. I almost felt intense pressure about to well up in me when I read that. I thought of times I had to take breaks from posting because I needed to focus on something else.
I do believe in consistency, but like I said, your case is different and you must weigh such advice against the peculiarities of your own reality. A stable business can afford that, but you, running this biz on your own, your baby might be sick, or you may be sick, a different assignment pops up calling for attention, but because you fear losing your clients, you continue to over-stretch yourself to put content out on a regular, and get people to approve of you as they ask the question we all want to hear… ‘how do you do it?’
Even though I post on a regular basis, I do not do it anymore from a point of pressure. I have had to pause or slow down at different times as need be, and do something else, even if just to have more time with my son on holidays.
When I had my second son, my posts kept going, and I recall so many people asking me how I was doing it with a new born. Well, I wasn’t doing anything. My staff was posting content I provided her for that period. Guess who chilled from posting when we ran out of content and I was still in a new-mommy daze? Me! And without guilt.
So, nothing exactly wrong with these advice, it just may not be right for you in this season. And it is OK.
And just to quickly add a word about competitors. It helps me to see those in the same line of business as co-labourers in a harvest field so large that we need each other to reach that harvest. Not competitors.
So, my dear At-Home CEO, don’t worry if your growth is not as fast as you expect. Seasons change. Someday, your babies and business will grow, affording you the opportunity to apply all these success principles, hopefully not just by the world’s standards, but standards that allow you authenticity to your essence. Weigh every business counsel against your own reality and apply with wisdom.
There is more to say but let me stop here. I hope to write to you again, soon. Until then, all the best as you run your home, business and life, pressing for progress and balance in all things
Your ‘bessfren’ and fellow At-home CEO,

Domestic Queens WORSHIP and WAR-SHIP.

Ok yawl, I have EPIC news that is making me all GIDDY and excited cos it is one that will kick devil’s butt real hard while pumping us with LIFE, STRENGTH, JOY and MORE!!!

Come on and bless HIS name.


Ok so in about SIX weeks, Tuesday March 26 precisely, 300 (or more) Domestic Queens will come together to WARSHIP and WORSHIP.

Worship & Warship

Meaning we will SHUT DOWN hell and bring heaven to earth in our homes, our lives and those of our husbands and kids

You see, since I started connecting more with stay at home moms, I have HEARD enough. Gosh I HATE satan like I don’t know what.

He has tried to steal, kill and destroy, but guess who is done giving him real estate in her life?


You and Me.

Which is why we are coming together to WORSHIP God in songs and then do warfare in our war-ship as we pray!!!

We will be breaking strongholds, setting captives free, restoring joy, destroying the spirit of suicide and depression, and generally becoming more and more the WARRIOR MOM and WIFE God has called us to be even as Stay at home moms.

Gone are the days of sitting down and crying while comparing your life to others.

Girl, just STOP THAT RUBBISH in JESUS name, AMEN!!!

Do YOU know how much POWER you carry?

How much damage you can do to satan when you start to appropriate that power?

Abeg my sister, leave satan, let’s do EPIC together right from our homes

I am reminded of the Prophet Nathan and what he said to Bathsheba about her son when Adonijah set himself up as king.

1Kings 1 v 11ff

So, Nathan spoke to Bathsheba the mother of Solomon, saying, “Have you not heard that Adonijah the son of Haggith has become king, and David our lord does not know it? 12 Come, please, let me now give you advice, that you may save your own life and the life of your son Solomon. 13 Go immediately to King David and say to him, ‘Did you not, my lord, O king, swear to your maidservant, saying…

He told her POINT BLANK, if you do nothing, your son’s life is at stake. GO IMMEDIATELY and SAY TO THE KING…

Some of this laziness, over sleeping, jealousy, comparison, gossip, non-chalance and all you are playing with, it is YOUR LIFE and your CHILDREN’S life at stake here!!!

We say NO MORE.

We arise and do what Bathsheba did

So, what did she do?

She went to the presence of her husband the King…

She first of all WORSHIPPED…


Then she presented her request to him, which really is what PRAYERS ARE…

Taking what God has said back to HIM!!!

Then guess what? She got her request

My sister, that is what WORSHIP & WAR-SHIP is about…

Worshipping our King and taking our request, all based off the promises in His Word BACK TO HIM!!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2 women the Lord has graciously allowed to steward us through those 3hours

My very own mama, Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Meet Pastor Mildred Okonkwo

If I start talk about my mama, una go taya haha. She’s truly a mother, a PROPHETIC WARRIOR MOM!!!

Then blesSING, the same worship Minister who set our last program ablaze in December. I cannot WAIT to be LAID OUT!!!

Best part is that Blessing is mama’s spiritual daughter so we will be having generational blessings in that room…



Ok so I am super excited as you can probably tell and I cannot wait

It will hold somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos and it is WORTH IT your travelling down to attend if it is at all possible.

Powwow withE Dec ‘18

And guess what? There will be NO CHAIRS and tables. We did fancy at our last event, now it is time to WAR and we need you to have enough space to express yourself. If you need to sit, then sit on the floor.

Powwow withE Dec’18

Also, you can bring your kids. Infact I think part of the melody of warfare we will be raising to God is the cry and sound from our kids so please bring those babies.

Ok so here is the registration link:http://bit.ly/Powwowqueens and only those registered will get more info and a few surprises up our sleeves

You can always contact us via detail in flier too

I love you mama and I cannot wait to see you THRIVE, be FRUITFUL. POWERFUL and EPIC even as a Stay at home mom

Please help us spread word, darling. I am banking on you. Just use the link of this blog and the flier on your social media platforms and WhatsApp statuses too

Then even though I have a core planning team, I would like to open THREE volunteer slots up to anyone who is led to. This really will be about you learning and drawing grace as you serve, so especially if you feel God calling you to plan Christin events and all and you would like to see what the Behind the scenes looks like, then apply.

Send an email to powwowqueens@gmail.com with the subject POWWOW VOLUNTEER

Remember you have to also be available on that day which is a Tuesday. The rest of the volunteering is done online, including daily prayers too until that day.

Ok so Moms, don’t forget to register here http://bit.ly/Powwowqueens and I cannot wait to see and HUG yawl…

Prayers and Love,

Your Domestic Queen-in-Love


Meet The DisciplE’s……Rosee’ journey so far.

Sharing my lesson from the mentorship class here is such a *BIIIIIIG DEALL* to me.

Meet Roseline

My name is Ukoima Roseline Ugwem but call me Roseeeeee, add as much e’s as you can😉.

I’ve always longed for close mentorship and this is officially my closest mentorship program everr.

Truth be told, there’s a huge difference between stalking from afar and being closely mentored. So, before I even start unleashing some lessons I’ve learnt and stuffs I’ve caught lemme first candidly give you a sisterly advice *”Get yourself a mentor that will know your name”* I know it’s impossible to get so close to all your mentors but pls, have someone mentor you, up close and personal.

Few weeks into the mentorship class and everything has taken a new turn in my life. I’m experiencing an all round shift.

Sometimes when Mama E’ shares wisdom on stages I’ve stupidly passed, I just see myself crying and I’m like “this is what I should have heard then and to think I would have had access to her then, If only I was determined, makes me cry even more.

So let’s start from here, grab opportunities when they come and when it’s like none is available for grabs, PUH-LEASEe scout for them. Pray for opportunities and work at getting them.

I’ve learnt from the mentorship program and we all have, we know better than lagging or slacking at stuffs. Is there a job offer you like or heard of? Pray about it and delve right in. Send your application already. How about scholarships and everything? *GOGET* it already. Maximize your opportunities and don’t be nonchalant.

*Can we talk about the daily musts and weekly reviews? We can’t skip quarterly goals too*😁

Mama E’ be like *”you’ll someday account for your life here on earth so then what will you say to God”*?

Intentionality is key in our camp, yeah! *#Isabootcamp*. I bet you we’ve all learnt that. Our daily musts are stuffs we must get done daily to really ensure we’re productive and making daily progress. This isn’t just random stuffs or activities as each of our *”daily musts”* contains a physical activity or exercise, a spiritual exercise, something for the mental and something for the emotional or social aspect too. The Idea is to ensure you’re taking conscious steps to growth *daily*. As a present stay home chick this has helped me to be more productive and intentional about my day.

Weekly Reviews: Weekly, we all analyze and check how much progress we made in the week. We think up strategies to help each other growww in the group.

Mama always says *”live off a list”* it keeps you organized and more coordinated. For your good, please learn that too.

When I openheartedly chatted her about something and I was like “hope this won’t change how you see me bla bla”? Lol!

Mama be like *”That’s a shrinking stinking thinking. Shut it down.”*

There and then again I got to learn from her as a result of the mentorship program that some thoughts should be *shutdown for real*. What occupies your mind? If it’s not God, then it’s the devil and all he ever does is tell lies.

My thought pattern changedddd.

My spiritual life is more real to me now by the reason of this mentorship program. Mama says “follow God for real” and I keep hearing her voice in my head. Her results, her testimonies are living proofs that following God for real pays.

Grooowwwth is smelling on me

Not until this time I never knew the importance of praying with the word. But now I know better, I have the word with me every time I go into the place of prayers.

I’ve also learnt from Mama that Prayer is a big deal and hence shouldn’t be treated casually. So all have prayer schedules, how sweet! It makes praying sweet and intentional.

I have really learnt a lot and I can share more. Let me stop here.

Lethe have your comments on what you have learnt too.



Mama E’s Disciple.

Meet The DisciplE’s….Funmi’s journey so far.

Hello Everyone,

I am Funmilayo

My name is Funmilayo, one of Mama E’s

mentees. I am so privileged to be part of these discipleship and am so glad for the opportunity. Thank you mama E’.

I have grown tremendously in the past few weeks under mama E’s leadership in which I will share briefly;

1)Spiritual Growth: Before joining the discipleship challenge, I hardly have time to meditate on the word of God and to understand what the particular word is trying to say or speak about but recently have learnt how to study the word of God,understand what a particular scripture is talking about, take advantage of the word and speak it into my life.

Also I have gained the privilege to commit to READING BIBLE IN A YEAR which at the end of 2019 I will be proud to say I finished the whole bible. Wow!

And lastly, still on my spiritual life, mama taught me how to pray effectively by directing it to every area of my life and people that surrounds me using a prayer schedule.

2)Self confidence-Have learnt so far how to build my self confidence. As oprah Winfrey said”A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope in you”, her mentoring has allowed me to overcome my fears and self esteem issues.

Self confidence is built

You see no one is born with confidence, it’s something we learn as we grow, in life and with experiences that shape us and this has really improved my self confidence which allows me to see the higher part of myself.

3) Time management & planning: My mentor( mamaE), is someone that hates to have idle time in which she’s not learning anything, reading, listening or writing, she has always balanced her time with something important and meaningful . And Have learnt this from her and so far how to create time for everything in a balanced way( balancing work with my personal life has been an issue for me for the past months) but this few weeks am working and am still experiencing growth in my personal life by engaging in one or two activities. Awesome!

4) Relationship : Building relationships with other mentees has really helped me and improved my interaction with people

5)Reading- wow! I so much hate reading before applying for this challenge but guess what AM LOVING THE NEW ME… I spend more of my time reading Now.

Lastly, have learnt how to outstrip in what ever I do which means I do things with more force than ever before to get results.

It has been a growth Journey I am thankful to God I made the decision and am privileged to be part of.

Hope this few things I have learnt and shared will also encourage someone on the journey of purpose and intentionality, please share your comments.



Captain Eziaha Disciple.


5 Types of ‘Mentor figures’ we all need.

Hey people,

So literally the MOST AMAZING assignment God has given me this year is DISCIPLESHIP. It has been a THING and half.

Over the next couple days, the ladies in my discipleship program will feature on the blog sharing what they have gotten so far from the program and their private sessions with me.

Wish I could take everyone in. Since I can’t, this is the next best thing- share with the world via my blog…

Meet Omowunmi

When Omowunmi visited with me, she asked a question and my answer couldn’t have come from me. I’m NOT that smart lol. The Holy Spirit literally answered it through me and I thought it was good enough for a standalone blog post, but in Omowunmi’s words…

Of which Omowunmi has her own blog here…

And she just did this amazing review of Michelle Obama’s BECOMING which EVERYONE should read.



Ok Omowunmi coming up…

Hello everyone.

I am Omowunmi, Mama E’s disciple

My name is Omowunmi, one of Mama E’s mentees. I was given an opportunity to have a personal meeting with her for a mentor-mentee discussion. I would be sharing one profound question I asked and the answer she gave.

I asked Mama E’ to name 5 people she would recommend for any young person to connect with. First of all, her answer was totally unexpected. I was expecting to hear the names of the top 5 mentors in her life, but her answer provided much more than that. According to her, there has to be at least 5 categories of people in a young person’s life…

1. Someone at least two generations ahead of you:

These kind of people are needed because of their maturity and experience. They should preferably be 50 and above. As older Christians, they have more experience than you and they would not shy away from saying things as it is. You can learn from their mistakes and glean from their wisdom. Joyce Meyer is one of her mentors in this category.

2. Persons of hope:

These are people who are presently living the kind of life you dream of. People that have arrived at the destination you desire. This category of people are people you can connect with easily because your life journeys are very similar and you can relate with every of their experiences. You should literally hold these people by their clothes because they “sabi your road”. When you have issues, its easy to find solutions in their life stories. Mama E’s persons of hope are Christine Caine (life purpose) and Lisa Bevere (parenting).

3. Spiritual Guides:

Your spiritual life should not be taken lightly. You need people to mentor you appropriately in this area. People that have a good relationship with God and can keep you grounded in God’s word. DDK, Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo, Pastor Steven Furtick, and Priscilla Shirer are some of the mentors that provide spiritual guidance for mama E’.

4. Wise People In Your Generation:

These are millennials like you, who are outstanding despite their age. They are people you can easily connect with because you are in the same age bracket and probably at the same phase of life. Most of the bloggers that Mama E’ follows are in this category and some of them are Dr. N and an and an anonymous christian blogger called inthemidstofher. Also Heather Lindsey and Sarah Jakes Roberts.

We all should connect with fellow young people that we find inspiring.

5. Professional Mentors:

This category of people are those who have taken career steps that you admire. They don’t have to be in the same industry as you, but they have to be high-flyers in their chosen careers. They have gotten to the career destination you envision for yourself,so learning from them would speed up your career progression. Marshawn Evans is in that category for Mama E. She’s not in the fitness industry but she teaches a lot on how to do business even as a christian.

In summary, there’s no cast-in-stone answer to the question I asked. Your mentors in each category would differ from another’s.

In the comment section, let me know who your mentors are in each of these categories. You just might be someone’s person of hope and your answers can help direct their paths.

Till when I write again, Ciao!



Boom!!! How amazing was THAT!!!??? This is how people write books ooo. Lol

Ok we will come again. The Disciples that is. So much to learn and I’m excited to be right in the midst of it all…



Hey Girl, Let me mentor you.

Happy New month, Darlings

Ok so first, whogohost has been messing with my blog as they ran their updates and so my posts were disappearing. They told me not to update the blog with any new post until it was sorted.

That explains why I haven’t been blogging. It is a new month and I think they have sorted themselves. Thank you for sticking around.

Now to the meat of the matter…

Coach E’

Coach E’

So here is a call for application into my mentoring academy, The FAB Sistership Academy. Read more about it Here.

This is one of my ‘give back’ ways as frankly, I fear sometimes when I see the way some of us young people are going. Instead of complaining, this is me giving back in my own way.

So, ladies, if you need a BIG SISTER to join you on this journey through life, providing guidance and support. and are ready to fully commit to your own growth, then TFS is for you. I mean you are just tired of laziness, being lackadaisical. Rolling over your goals year in year out, feeling stuck, a lack of consistency, and more, or maybe you are even on the right track but you need a guide as you navigate the next level, allow me to be that big sister to you.

Come through.

I’ve raked up quite some miles in this journey of life and I love love love love love to give back, especially to young ladies so they too can thrive.

It’s been a Fab Journey

I will be taking in just 5 ladies and you are welcome to join at any age.

Just send me an email on eziaha@eziaha.com, with subject ‘TFS Mentee’ telling me in details about yourself and why you should be accepted. No less than a page.

Our sessions will run on WhatsApp 3 days a week for 4weeks and then for another 4-6weeks, you will be followed up individually and closely by my mentees turned disciples.

In our 4 weeks, we will cover your spiritual life and how to build a sustainable firebrand one, your friendships and relationships, biz/career and personal development plans, Time management and discipline, Journaling and scheduling, Mentoring and Leadership, Books, finances and more. Plus, you also get to ask questions and get candid answers. I usually keep it 100% in TFS. Then the next 6weeks will be you putting into practice all you learned and having another sister work you through it.

Meet E’s Disciples

By the time these 10weeks are up, it is my prayer that even you don’t recognise yourself anymore, cos your growth game will be EPIC!!!

The first season for the year starts Sunday, Feb 10 right through March 9 and application deadline is Feb 8, that is Friday this week. Hurry and please make your application EPIC as I can only take 5 and so you need to lay it all on the table.

I can’t wait to mentor you. I have seen such AMAZING fruits of my mentoring that so long as God graces me, I won’t stop.

Email again is eziaha@eziaha.com

Love and Jesus