Hello December with E’…

​Hey yawl!!!

I’m just gonna confess that I’m not a Christmas lover. Now I love the reason for the season but i’m not like super high like Yaaaay, it’s Christmas and all that. My Pastor is actually running a 31day blog roll this December. Haha.

May just drag myself to my sister’s for that season 

because if I stay at home with my baby, he will soon be dry like his mama. Well, who knows, Jesus may have transported hubs to Lagos permanently so ehen, we can now talk about the season fun and all. 

Whine over!!!

Oh, btw, anybody wanna invite me over? You must have childcare sha. 


So my hubs has been around for all of 2weeks (plus on our 3rd anniversary Nov 30) 

and I’ve been like having the time of my life, complete with loads and loads of sex (urm, yup I said that). I’m married and that’s what married folks do!!! I’ve also turned down a lot of my life, especially social media and the Internet generally. I know yawl see me online a lot but that’s what happens when you have an amazing Assistant. 

Well, I’m on Twitter but not anywhere else (for the most part). I provide content for my biz which are my fave stuff to do

Tees available for sale. N3500

and if the Lord leads me to share something from my life, I share with my online slipstream, then she shares and stuff.

 If I wasn’t actively coaching, I would have been off whatsapp too. 
Oh, I’m not pregnant either, and even if I am, I intend to lie till it is obvious. And even then, I may still lie!!! (judge yasef ooo)

Been a real discipline to NOT blog!!! Like it is just today that I got permission from the Holy Spirit to blog and trust me, I’m just typing. I didn’t plan what to say until I picked up my phone to type. Been working on my devotionals and my God, thank God for grace!!! 

You know, I have guest contributors for both and i’m like so happy about that. Getting their write-ups and reading and editing it made me realise I could be an editor too. Like it is so neat and easy for me. 

So yawl know about the 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB Sworded Chicks which covers the three areas of our lives as Chicks… Wife (30), Woman (31) and Mom (30). The woman of course needs one extra day so it is a 91 day devo. 

This devotional is fierce and will put a sword in every Chick’s hand. I’m like on fire writing it. Tz so fierce. 

So contributors for this are Funto Ibuoye (woman), Ebele Kenn-Ogeleka (Wife) and errm, still sorting the mom part out. But most likely a popular vlogger or a certain Graced parent. Haha. Or maybe both. I let everyone choose their topic but for Funto, I felt led to chose for her. She writes on ‘Drop your Tiara and Pick up your crown… #Queens Arising’.

Now the crazy thing is the day I told her, the previous day or so, God had given her the theme for one of her meetings in 2017 and that was the exact same theme. It was a WOW moment for both of us. 
The second devotional is sooo dear to my heart. Coming straight from my green confession journal for my business. Tz a devotional for Market Place Apostles. 

It is soooo soooo dear to me. I won’t even lie, it has been daunting not cos tz hard to write but cos… I dont even know how to explain it. Like i’m having to really press into the Spirit to birth it. But trust me, it will radically bless and make us all more aware that we are not just in the marketplace to make money, but to shine His light. 

I’m featuring a couple of MPAs too
Stephanie Obi who is actually my childhood friend and one of my teachers. Her piece is just LIGHT!!!

Wale Jana who I have the most profound respect for. He truly poured his life into his piece

And my darling Accountability partner (of course) Aijay Ufomadu who truly makes me proud I obeyed God and reached out to her. 

They all shared from such personal places, reading them just blessed me. Even I can’t wait for my own devotionals. 

I think I wanna talk to one more person to contribute but I don’t have a release yet. 

The devotionals will be available on my App and we did the Alpha testing of this App over the weekend. I cried. 

Dummy books mostly

The App is so neat!!! Of course there are more things to work on but the first level presentation was good. Opened it up to a couple of my friends as Testers and feedback was awesome. Special thanks especially to Rotanna who helped me see some things I missed. Her review and feedback was so detailed. Wow!!! Love you sister!!!

Anyways devotionals and app are coming out this december. So we can all start the year 2017 on fire. 

The beautiful thing about my App is that it won’t host just my books. It will be a hub of sorts for people who know they have been called to write but maybe have limitations especially financial when it comes to publishing. 

So we will work out an agreement where we host your books (so far they are life-giving) on my App for a small rental. So books, devotionals, fiction, etc, come host on the FAB E’Reader. It will be a HUB for all Reads Christian. Whoop. Even if you are publishing a hardcopy book, you can create a custom e-version and host on my App so it can reach the world!!!

Like, isn’t God so cool? Didn’t even know this vision until I stepped out to build the App. Didn’t even have the money but small small, we sha gathered it. Haha. I was thinking 80k 100k oo and when I got the various quotations, I stopped breathing for at least 17seconds. But I stepped out in faith, started and God provided it. Even when I had to do various upgrades and more payments to Google and WordPress for hosting rights in dollars, He met it. Goes to show that there is divine provision on the other side of our obedience!!!

So if God has called you to write, honey start writing cos He has given you a platform to reach the world – The FAB E’Reader. 

You know, something happened this week that drove this home for me. I got gifted 3 books from a group of Chicks to whom I had to given a talk on mentoring.

One of the books is by Mary M Byers and is titled Making Work from home WORK.

Can you imagine that title? Isn’t it amazing what God leads people to write? He has His children covered and He places gifts in His children to meet His other childrens’ needs all around the world. This book is too on point for my season. I am a Work @ home mom (At-home CEO or Entrepreneur like she calls it) and that work-home life balance struggle is real. She truly speaks to me. (the books came from Laterna books btw, if you are looking to buy) So never discount what God asks you to write. Please write!!! You have no idea what’s on the other side of your obedience. 
Publish and then host on my App. 

I Looooove my App. And guess what else I love? My blog!!! New look, upgraded to dot org (dot com is limited walahi) but we get to keep our dotcom name. For all the plans I have, I needed to upgrade. Then I got MailChimp sorted too thanks to Grace and Makera, two geeks who helped me. I will still tweak one or two things but annual subscription was running already abeg, so had to launch. 

MailChimp is that ‘thing’ that lets you send customised emails. Haven’t started that yet but be sure to subscribe as it pops up so you get our emails when there is something fresh. 

The Lord has also provided us a baaaad gadget so whoop to the vlogs coming back in 2017, better quality and all!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

Errm, what else ooo. Ok back to books

I mentioned 4 November Reads here. I gave up on Intentional Parenting. It came from a point of view that wasn’t really my reality. I picked stuff from it yes, but not much for now. 

I couldn’t read Lioness Arising beyond Chapter 3 because Lean IN was too engaging. Wow!!! 

What a book Lean IN was. My gosh!!! I need to hug Sheryl!!! I’m definitely sitting at the table every single day!!!

Who’s holding your Ladder was a hit back to back. Got the e-copy from kobo books and I have to share it with my team of ladder-holders (passwords and all so please don’t ask me to share with you ooo. Just buy). That Book and Lean IN made me happy I owned them!!!

I also managed to sneak in Toke’s On Becoming. I read that book because someone I respect gave glowing feedback. I didn’t buy it tho thank God. I didn’t even read any online review anywhere. I just went with what my person wrote. Let me just save you the stress and summarise

1. On Becoming is NOT a movement. It is a business!!! You gotta respect Toke’s hustle and grind. No, that girl knows how to work the market!!! Whaaaaaa!!!! I stood up to applaud her biz sense after reading. 

2. On Becoming is not healing, closure, vulnerability or even boldness, it is VENGEANCE. I pray everyone involved truly heals. Tz just messy. 

So if you like drama, gossip and have 2hours to spare, read. 

That said, I’m not hatin’ ooo. It just threw me off balance and made me laugh soooo much not at the content (a lot of stuff in there was not funny. Even painful) but at the real reason behind the book. 

Toke baby, puttin’ some darned RESPEK on your name and grind haha. 
So this month, we roll with Lioness Arising, Making Work at Home Work, 

Millionaire Messenger (if I can) and then Lisa and Havillah’s series on Parenting. Tz about 12 videos and you have to be a premium member of Messenger international to watch them. The teachings are too awesome. 
Lemme end with Pow Wow. Really need to go. Oh btw, im sorry I went AWOL. In my head, I mentioned. I’m literally done with blogging for the year so my poppin’ in here will be updates and stuff. 

So Powwow whoop!!!

Lemme just confess that I’m looking forward to hearing my best friend speak than even myself. 

She is back to Nigeria and confirmed her coming. If I can call anyone in my age bracket my mentor, Ogochukwu is it, even though she constantly yimu’s me when i say that.  She is sooooo deep gosh!!! We don’t get to see a lot but when we see, tz a shut-down-your-day kinda visit. 

Plus we both hug alike. Like 5mins kinda hugs. Our similar heights help. The way she loves God and goes about her assignments ehn!!! Sweet Lord baby Jesus!!! Best part is she has a personality completely opposite of mine yet she endlessly inspires me. 

My Accountability partner has no idea how much I will be grilling her. She is sooo productive and balanced I am almost jealous. Wife, Mom, Day banking career, business, ministry and all!!! Very balanced and fruitful. She is my second speaker.

Then me!!! Sharing what principles work from my life.

We will have a Chick panel where we all get to be asked personal questions and all. 

Soooo looking forward to Pow Wow even though it is my event. Can’t wait for the 18th. Love what my team and I came up with to be written on our photo props. 

2. STRENGTHENED!!! Never Stressed.
4. I am GRACED for my LIFE.
5. I am BUSY and FRUITFUL.
6. This Chick is WORKIN’ ON SOM’IN!!!
7. I am giving my RACE my ALL!!!

If they were ready, i would have posted pictures. Whoosh!!! Totally can’t wait!!!

Details all in this Post

Once this is over, would unveil January Pow Wow with E’ and I believe I’m led to the Stay at Home moms this time. So yawl Domestic Queens, i’m coming for you!!! Whoop!!! We must be fruitful even at and from home, in every season

Ok one last gist, finally got myself a logo. God literally downloaded this to me through Omilola Oshikoya. 

A major theme for my life is Fruitfulness. Which is where FruitfullE’ comes from. After my prayers and study, it all came together. The palmtree, rooted in the Word, that’s how E’ stays fruitful. 

So the other aspects of my life will always flow from this logo. 

See CoachE’Squad logo too

Peek my dumb bells and the fruits?

Love it!!! I hope you do too. 

Ok, this is too long sef. Lol

Lovveeee yawl Super and Please never ever stop following our Jesus. He is sooo worth it.


The P413 POW WOW with E’ (1.0)


Like God is just so super amazing

The POW WOW with E’ is finally a reality.

Ok so before I get carried away by my own fizz, a few FAQs likely to surface…


  1. What is a POW-WOW?

It is a meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues.

I JUST LOOOOOVE this name. The pronunciation is even amazing. It is pronounced as upbeat as it is spelt. Google sound?

I especially love the rich history of the name…

Pow-Wow time is Aboriginal Peoples getting together to join in dancing, visiting, renewing, sleeping-over, renewing old friendships and making new ones. This is a time to renew thoughts of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage.

Dang!!! Like, Why so spot on dear Holy Spirit?

  1. So what is POW WOW with E’?

This is really a fun time out with me and 20 ladies, where I just download secrets and principles from my life that continue to work for me. 

See ehn, my life is working ooo. I TELL YA. 

30 z EVERYTHING!!! Jesus is in 30… (At least until i turn 31)

My marriage is werking (I just miss my hubs so much), my mama-hood is working (I can’t even believe how much of an amazing mama I am), my biz is thriving 

(Had almost 150 Squaddies register for my October Squad, plus God keeps opening doors), my Spiritual life is woooooorking, I am building GREAT relationships both upward/downward vertical and then horizontal relationships, 

UPSTREAM day 1 with Olufunto…

and many more. 

BEST part? I am running this race WITH JOY!!! Like the GRACE is incredible.  If I knew anyone like E’, I would camp with her, honezzly. Lol. So when God gave me the POW WOW with E’ instruction, I just said YES SIR!!! Cos I am literally bursting to impact wisdom and put some fire and pump in you to RUN!!!!

Now, yup I felt fear at first, like ‘Who will come? Who are you? Who knows you?’ but when God drops som’in in your spirit, it is NOT an idea, IT IS AN INSTRUCTION and the perfect response is YES SAH!!!

Plus have you met my Teachers?

Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Pastor Mildred, DDK, Heather Lindsey?

I don’t have time or permission to be afraid.

Oh i will also share on the power of mentoring and accountability in very personal ways.

POW-WOW with E’ will hold monthly and will have a different theme each month as the Spirit leads. The first is P413 which is Phil 4:13.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It is one of my FAVE SCRIPTURES and so with this, I will share the strategies to doing MY ALL THINGS and living my life to the max.

I already know I will have a P31, G128, C127 and so on POW WOWs with E’ in the future.


  1. Who should attend?

Any Chick who just knows that there is MORE to her but is in some kinda fuzz/blur about how to deliver that MORE, or maybe is afraid or lacking confidence, and so needs some hand-holding and mentoring. I am happy to be your ‘Midwife’. I would really especially LOVE for the younger adults to come, say 20’s to 23’s, fresh graduates, corpers, job seekers, stay at home moms, etc. But hey, any Chick can turn up sha. Just have a desire in your heart, and a ‘baby’ in your womb, and let God lead you.


  1. What’s on the day’s program?

I, for one will be speaking OF COURSE, and then my absolutely amazing ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. 


I love that God led me to have her share with these Chicks because NO ONE PERSON this year has pushed me to succeed like Aijay. The crazy thing is Aijay is a banker and has a FULL career life BUT does not let it stop her life plans and visions. 

Plus she is a wife and mom and lives such an organized fruitful life because she is a GREAT TIME MANAGER!!! 

Dang!!! She excels at her job, her home and her LIFE generally and she has such a passion that I can’t even wait to hear her.

I have another friend, one of my besties, but Jesus knows if she will be in Nigeria then. Lol.

The Holy Spirit carries her to places like right now, she is on Missions in Mozambique lol. Or is it Malaysia. This year alone, she has done AUSTRALIA, USA, ZANZIBAR, UK and now Mozambique/Malaysia (Well, I was too stunned at her guts that I only know the place starts with M and she last emailed me at her layover in Kenya) She is the only single Chick I know who rocks her single life fully!!! Like she is just on FIRE FOR Jesus and makes me STAY ON FIRE TOO.

We look alike abi?

You need to hear her drop the Word!!! Dang!!! She is my mentor walahi. When life hits hard, i ring Ogochukwu. 

If she is in Nigeria, she will be there too. She will come from an angle E’ cannot come from. And oh, she has a ‘regular’ job too.

And then we will have a QnA session which will be the longest session, so that every Chick can truly have customized answers to her questions.

As God leads us, we will have new friendships formed and then pairing of accountability partners too.

Recall that the aboriginal PowWows’ also promoted making new friendships, not just casual, but PURPOSEFUL ones. I already sense in my spirit that deep covenant friendships will be formed there.


If you have an accountability partner, or a good friend with whom you wanna redefine your friendship to be more purposeful, it will be good to register together. No time for time wasting friendships ooo!!!

OH we would also have LUNCH and a Photo shoot session. Lunch will be healthy so don’t be looking for fried rice and chicken and ‘mineral’. Eat that at home. Lol. It is a 5hour session at least so I can’t starve yawl…

And of course a photo shoot!!! Yawl know I LOOOOOVE pictures so we will have those IG props and all. And since it is a week to Christmas, come with Christmas caps and stuff too. Like this POW WOW is gon’ be LIT!!! And you will literally be set on fire for Jesus and His assignment for your life.

The timing is perfect too. Christmas period can be super distracting but any wise Chick would not lose sight of the fact that a new year is upon us too, and so will take time off the distractions and be INTENTIONAL about 2017.

Today in my prayer place, God downloaded 17things I would do in 2017 and I have such a strong sense of purpose that I am running yo!!! The other perfect thing about the timing is that I will be fresh off two seminars in December.

One with Tara where Ibukun Awosika will be present AND then DO IT AFRAID seminar with Omilola Oshikoya and many more speakers.

I am paying for both seminars (Tara’s is closed though but i lobbied lol. But Omi’s is open and 20k) 

and then I will bring all that knowledge too (plus the incredibz wisdom I picked up from UPSTREAM) to Pow Wow with E’. 


How crazy is that? I can’t even wait.
I would also create a closed Facebook group and we can continue to communicate for some months after this.

Beyond all the asides though, the koko is our discussions and QnA’s. I can’t wait to see what God will do in and through us.

Oh and we will pray!!! Oh we will pray too. Birthing prayers!!!

The absolute highlight of all my POW WOWs with E’ will ALWAYS be BIRTHING PRAYERS!!!


  1. OH I WOULD LOVE TO COME BUT I can’t afford it.

Ok you know I have an Academy right? An online Mentoring Academy. THE FAB SISTERSHIP ACADEMY!!! Feel free to apply for the next class starting in January of 2017. Of which I am re-branding it to take just 6 people for 6weeks. That one is free but the entry requirements will be TIGHT!!! Cos some mentees are just jokers and I can’t afford jokers anymore.

But this POW WOW with E’ is not free. And frankly I am sure the Lord will lead me to increase the cost in the coming months.

However, I have friends who wanna sponsor a total of 3 people BUT I don’t want any Chick to come for free. Nah, that’s now in my POW WOW with E’ vision. So I will split that to 6 Chicks who get to pay half the fee, that is N2500

So the first 6 people who truly can’t afford it, just send me a bio of yourself and I will let you know if you qualify.

Otherwise, it will cost just N5000, of which, if I have more friends or readers who want to sponsor, holler. Thanks.  Especially those who live outside Lagos. Will shut down when I get my 20 Chicks.

Oh and I need 3 volunteers, which is a good way to attend for free. You need to live in Lagos though, have some free time, and be able to stay till AFTER the end on that day, because there is some work you have to do. I know a lot of people will volunteer so sell yourself well in your email, and then let me know where you live in Lagos.

So everything POW WOW with E’ should be mailed to powwow@eziaha.com with the appropriate subject.

Date again is SUNDAY December 18, 2016 at 1pm. Come earlier though. We won’t do African time.

Btw how cool are these flyers? Finally got my graphics dude and he is a Christian. FOR THE WIN!!! 

Thanks Ngozi for hooking me up!!! He was so patient and must have done like 50 designs 

One of the spoils lol

and didn’t once complain. Plus he gave me many colors too.
When Aijay FINALLY said to me THIS ONE IS GOOOOD, I knew we had found IT lol. I just looooove Aijay. She has to be my biggest cheerleader and my biggest critic. Plus the Chicks in the Academy and then my Assistant also loved it. Plus I LOOOOOOVE it!!!

Ok so let the countdown begin. I pray if this is a meeting God wants you to attend, He places that desire in your heart and makes a way for you to attend. In Jesus name, amen!!!

Pow Wow with E’ 1.0… finally!!!

Don’t stop chasing after God though. He really is SOOOO WORTH IT!!!





DISCIPLINED DIS DECEMBER class registration is still open. For some reason, diasporans are winning those in Nigeria. Maybe it is a sign I need to relocate to the US or UK lol.

Details are here. Plus the #SquatForYourButts class too. And then the Tees and all. I will do a shoot with all the Tees I have available for sale soon. 

December is looking good!!! But 2017 is looking even better. God bless Pastor M and DDK for me.

 No better mentors sha!!!



So my latest Devotionals will drop in December.

This look is for the one I have titled

The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB.SWORDED.CHICKS

Aijay said even the name alone is expensive. Lol

I will give more details on the name especially later, but it will be available to download ONLY via my App, The FAB E’Reader

and will cost N1500. 

It is a 91 day devotional that will put a SWORD in every Chick’s hand to FINISH the enemy. I mean TOTALLY OBLITERATE satan. My App will be free to download for the first month so when I go live, please download and share. But even when it is Premium, it will be a token. These Apps don’t cost 2naira to build. Lol.

Can u tell i am sitting ON TOP a jeep? Not bonnet oo lol

This look ehn, it is EVERYTHING I had in mind. I wanted to look FIERCE and BEAUTIFUL still. The red hair, nails and lips, the silver cross and white outfit and toned arms, and the blue sword and eye makeup? EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! It was a FULL VILLAGE and Pastor Mildred was the Chief lol. We have not yet settled for any for the pix for the Cover design but I think this below will make the back cover.

Let me just be lip sealing on the second Devotional. Let us just say it features My Pink dumb bell and Pink Joyce Meyer Bible. 

Anyone hazard a guess? Loooool.

And for both devotionals, I have the most amazing people featuring as Guest writers. Will unveil later.

And when these two go LIVE this year, guess whose FIRST Book will be ready for the first Quarter of January? 

Yup, E’ !!! 

Of course we will have e-copies too in addition to Print. I have the name of my first Book and so do a few friends lol. And my hubby of course. I am NOT sure why God thinks I can write it but let’s see what He will do through me.

I looooove to write even though it is not easy but I believe I am graced for it. So let’s continue writing for Jesus!!!

Ok byeeeeee. I talk way too much.

Disciplined-Dis-December because Temple Not Trash!!!

​Hey yawl,

Super excited this year is ending and at CoachE’Squad, we are fighting fat to the END of da year!!!

Welcome to my last program for the year. We all love the holidays. And then we all cry when we realise in January that maybe we loved the holiday a bit too much, and we can’t fit into our dresses again. Or worse still, all the weight we lost just recently has piled back on. 

CoachE’ is here to make you Disciplined-Dis-December because #TempleNotTrash

I’m not even sure why we over eat at Christmas. Tz Jesus’s birthday, not ours. I recall last Christmas, I was still weighing 80something and my then target was 79kg. Say what? Eyes on the goal ooo.

There are more ways to celebrate than food. Eating clean is a form of self respect!!! My body is a Temple, not a Trash can. (dustbin will even be better to say lol)
So here’s how this D-D-D goes

Duration: December 1 to 31 (well Jan 1 cos I need to cross into the New year with all my Squaddies!!!)

Cost N10,000. £25. $30

Christmas Bonus: A WORD branded Tee Shirt from CoachE’ (more info on the tee at the end of post)

A 2week bonus meal plan to keep you disciplined.  

So here’s how we roll at CoachE’Squad

I provide weekly mealplans and workout guides. We are all in a whatsapp group and frankly, my Squads just rock like a band!!! Feels like family, these Squaddies of mine. The ginger and community is another level. Then the results? Only God walahi.

3weeks with CoachE’

I wish I had a Squad like this when I was trying to lose weight. 

I will also have a bonus class for those who wanna join me to #SquatForYourButts. See, I have been on an unending Squats challenge because I am INDISCIPLINED. Lol. Squats are so boring but they ‘lift and round’ the gluteal muscles/butts. But this D-D-D class, i’m staying disciplined. If interested, it will cost just N2500. No mealplan or teeshirt ooo. Just an EXCITING 4week Squat variation plan. Plus stretches. Morning and/or evening. Since we will be in our own group, it will be fuuuuuuuun as we keep each other accountable. I’m thinking 20 Chicks will be just fine. Good thing about Squats is the fact that you don’t need any special outfit. But a pair of Dumb bells, 2kg or 4kg will be nice to have for this challenge so we can tone the arms too. Not compulsory tho. This challenge is not designed to help you lose weight ooo. It just lifts and rounds the booty, and tones the thighs. Not promising you J-Lo’s butts in a month but stay consistent and we will see results. 

Ok now, per the tees, I have 5 inscriptions

1. Jesus Saves Not Food

2. My Body, Temple not trash

3. Kickboxing is for Christians. To kick devil butts (clearly my fave)

4. Physical Exercise profits little, Get That Little

5. For JUNK shall not have dominion over me… 

Will attach corresponding Scriptures to each. 

If a Squat challenger wants the Tee, you pay an extra N2500 so N5000 in total (15USD or 12GBP)

Oh then nursing mamas, cos I know yawl are goin’ turn up too. 

And that’s alright cos I got some banging Nursing mama results in Jesus name. 


The 4week plan is N10000/ 30USD/25GBP. But if you also wanna join the group, instead of N5000 extra, I can do N2000. So 36USD or 30GBP or N12000. You also get the tee. 

There will be 4pick up points in Lagos

1. Festac

2. Victoria Island

3. Isheri-Igando

4. Ikeja

So you let me know after you pay which inscription you want, your size, and your preferred pick up point. 

If you only want a tee without any of my packages, please wait till January hun. Thanks. 

Oh, we will also have 2days where we hangout if you are in Lagos. If you miss the first, you can make the second. Just an ooportunity to meet yawl just like I met 2 of my October Squaddies for a treat. 

Will reveal dates in the Squad. 

So if interested in any D-D-D package, please send a mail to esquad@eziaha.com, with the program you want and the currency you are paying with.  I will send the corresponding account details and you mail me after you have paid with the name you paid with. 

Then I send you a Client form with more details and we go from there. 

Easy peezy baby!!!

Excited to end the year with this. And all my Squaddies. 

I also think this is a great Christmas gift for anyone who needs it. So spread word and gift someone as you are led. 

Looooooove yawl much and thank you guys for being amazing to the CoachE’ brand…



Was on Happenings Radio today with two of my Squaddies. 

One was the host and she asked me to bring a student who had tried fad diets and pills and stuff before. Chatted up Ezinne who has been with me for 3months and she came.

15kg actually

We had a ball. Didn’t even really know how expensive these fad diets and pills are. Abeg ehn, the economy calls for wisdom. 

My class is cheaper, more effective and more sustainable. Register and leave fad diets. 

Plus studio is opposite Laterna so we went there of course.

Dang!!! They have Joyce Meyer’s Bible in stock for just N8550. 

Plus tz the hardcover.

Oya run and buy cos if this one finishes, price must go up.

PPS My Ebony life interview (Change Makers) is up today Nov 9, Wednesday at 6pm. 

Catch it if you can please. Thanks.

Deep Wells… Our hangout with Debola Deji-Kurunmi DDK

Ok guys, i need a graphic artist. preferably a student or corper wanting to make extra cash on the side.
All these 10k and 15k per design people are not even working for me right now. I need someone who works for me. Please recommend ooo. Thanks.

A HUGE Peek into E’s Diary this November…

Hey yawl!!!

Ok I had a Post planned out (that line of Equal Frequency) but I feel like this one will fly better. Plus people, that Post does NOT want to get ‘done’. I am almost tired but my mama din’ raise no quitters!!!

Until it gets done, I think this Post will have to fly. Btw, anybody wanna help me start writing? Loooool. #Kidding

Happy November yawl!!!

So many people ask me about such personal details of how I live –Spiritual, Physical, mental and gbogbo e… Why did I even do this Slip stream post?

I figured I should just open up my November Diary to yawl in the Spirit of Slipstreaming haha. I really can’t reach and reply all emails so…

Plus I think I have a perfect November planned out so lezzdodis.


DISCLAIMER: Be inspired BUT don’t copy me. I am GRACED for my own life. You are GRACED for yours. So stay in your own GRACE SPACE even as you lean into my SLIPSTREAM!!! Amen?

Starting from the books I plan to read

So I am on a 4-books-per-month shizzle. Reading is no longer a past time for me. It is an activity I INTENTIONALLY work into my day.


I need to run faster, and avoid some kinda hurdles so I am thankful I can lean into the wisdom God gives through the people He gives a message and they deliver it in books. I totally agree with this quote below…

Yes please!!! Thank YOU

Yes please!!! Thank YOU

Last month I rolled with

  1. The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu (and I am now on a money detox DIET. The GREEN CLEANSE kind. *insert tears*                                                                                       20161021_134403.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                  This is not the month to ask E’ for NOTHING!!!). I just owe Arese a hug!!! The book is BRILLIANT plus it has some clean romance mehn!!! Loveet
  2. The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer. Phew!!! img_20161030_130928285.jpgThis Book was Joyce’s ‘personal gift’ to me through Pastor M from LoveLife 2016. I almost ATE the book. I could NOT highlight ANYTHING and that is a different level HIGHER than when you keep highlighting. I just wanted to eat it. One advice though, BUY IT!!! Or STEAL IT anywhere you see it. And no, you can’t borrow mine cos I don’t borrow books. Lol.
  3. Unstoppable by Christine Caine and let’s just say THANK GOD FOR CHRIS!!! Phew!!!
  4. Without Rival by Lisa Bevere. The writing gift Lisa has is from the inner inner inner sanctuary where God Himself resides!!!

Ok so this Month is

  1. Intentional Parenting. Yay. I got it on LifeWay, an e-copy. No it can’t be sharedintentional-parenting
  2. Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere. Funtizzle (Funto lol) and I are reading this Book together because Lioness arising SHOULD and MUST be read with a fellow Lioness. We sha started Chapter 1 sometime last month and I fell deeper in love with Lisa (If that is possible sef)20161101_115005.jpg
  3. Lean in by Sheryl Sandberg. This is a woman Leadership book and I truly can’t wait. Sheryl is COO of Facebook!!! Choi!
  4. Who is holding your Ladder? holdingThis one was recommended by my Pastor M and I have not even found it. Saw it on gidimall and it is God that said I should choose POD cos those humans now told me 5 working DAYS later it was NOT available. But yawl know I will find it abi? Or I will get the e-copy

So that is it for books. These books speak to my current season and I can’t wait to be done with all.

Now as per Bible study. Since Joyce Meyer introduced me to Ephesians with her Bible Study plan,

Sadly, i think they have taken it down

Sadly, i think they have taken it down

I fell deep in love that I started it all over again. Ephesians is so delicious. Makes me feel like a mature believer cos it is a deep sontin haha

This November, say Hello to the wisdom contained in the BOOK OF PROVERBS


I love how Max Lucado says that it turns on the light in dark corners of our lives. While Psalms is the book for Sunday, Proverbs is the Book for Monday because it teaches me a lot on how to relate with people. I loveet. Can I just share something I wrote in my journal today?

Got if from Max’s commentary.

Wisdom comes ONLY from the Word of God so if I am going to be wise, I have to spend more time IN THE WORD than on TV because out there, worldly wisdom is rife and confusing…

I already feel like Solomon only after Chapter 1. Can’t wait to introduce myself to myself after Chapter 31. I will probably rapture haha.

So yes we read books, but we also read THE BIBLE!!!

Ok one other area of my life I am upping my game is in my giving. So I spoke to a dear friend on something yesterday and he mentioned in crazy detail his giving life. I almost passed out. God is just so amazing and frankly, if I LOVE Him, I will give Him MY BEST!!! Something that truly costs me som’in!!! So I will be sure to cut off all the unnecessary spending so that I can have more to give to God. Funny I have heard Chris say something like that before. That she is constantly cutting off so that her tithes and offerings are substantial enough to present to our Father. I think that is wise. So what this means for me personally is that even if I have a set amount I give every Service, if I make some sacrifices during the week, I can have more to present to God. That’s so cool mehn!!! I mean like yesterday, I REALLLLLY wanted cashew nut and a tin costs 1300 but I figured I could add that to my offering instead so I let the cashew nut craving pass. Whoop!!! I felt really proud

Oh and speaking of church, this is the Month I join a unit again. I was talking to my Pastor B (He was my DCC Pastor in Da ‘Buj) and I was legit crying that I just felt so bad I wasn’t serving in church and all that.


Lol. I actually only started going to DCC again ooo. Just in September sef. I had been on and off but one day I sat down and told myself that all my excuses were no longer valid, and frankly I felt empty anywhere else. It is an almost 2-hour journey to get to church on Sundays (if I do mainland) but I don’t mind.

The koko now became unit to join. I can’t do those evening unit meetings and frankly I felt like a thief coming to church and not serving. Like you do NOT even need to beg me to join a unit. I can start a unit sef. I am that committed but… baby, distance, and life.

Anyways, recently I got an idea so I will be working in the Social Media team (specifically blog and YouTube) helping put videos and message transcripts of our services out there. Whoop!!! DCC has the Word and I think we should be EVERYWHERE online. So whoop whoop, watch out!!! You won’t be so jealous again of not being a part of us. Haha.

Then as per food plans, I generally eat healthy. For my son though, I have stopped biscuits and cheese balls as school snacks and I do smoothies and fruits ONLY. Remember I am a Stay-at-home mama so I can kinda handle that easily. I actually take Lunch and afternoon snacks myself to his school in the middle of the day. That also gives me a schedule breaker, because I can work till midnight if you leave me. So that is per food.

Working out is like my bread and tea but these days, I am more into kickboxing because I think every Christian needs to be.


I mean, you can just imagine that you are kicking devil butts and it can pump up intensity. Haha. Then I am also leaning into Fitness Coach, Billy Blanks, cos my Squad members keep intimidating me with him. So I will say bye to Jillian Michaels for now and Hello to Billy Blanks.

Tip: It is advisable to continue to switch up your workout routine so you don’t get bored, AND cos your body can get used to one and it becomes less effective. So cheers to variety… LOADS of it!!!

And since we have entered weight loss, per CoachE’ plans, I am doing a HUGE photo shoot soon and yawl don’t wanna know how I feel about that. I told the Chick that since God led her to offer her services for the CoachE’ and even Eziaha brand, I am milking it for ALL it is worth and she was like OF COURSE, LAY IT ALL ON ME!!!


Haha. I love Jesus.  He knows what we need and brings it to us. I soooo cried the day Pastor M called me and told me. Cos I had even booked a shoot for the next day and she was like No need, someone is going to do for you FOR FREE!!! She was the one who did these pictures of David at 1 here


and she will also be shooting my son and then we can change the Devotional cover…


And since I am working on 2 more devotionals, she is shooting the cover for them. And I get my gurl Ada to style me (houseofdorakay)

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-37-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-58-08-1.png

And then my very many CoachE’ shots. Like, God is so amazing!!!

Sooooo amazingly AMAZING!!!!

Like we were planning the shoot and she was bringing ideas, writing down mine, etc. I felt soooo special. Like lirru me???

Like God is just AWESOME!!! So Makeup artist, stylist, Assistant and a baaaaad photographer for my shoot IN VARIOUS LOCATIONS? Yes please!!!

You can tell I am over-the-top? And the words are not even enough to show how I feel!!! Like God is just super AMAZING!!!

I think I am a STAR sha? Abi??

Ok so per CoachE’, yup the shoot, and then my Disciplined-in-December class.

I technically am not promoting a November Class cos most of my Christmas-In-October Squaddies extended so November is just fine. Of course, I am also working on the customized CHRISTIAN workout or regular tees for my December crew.


This is so exciting. I will have ‘More Jesus, Less Food,’ My Body – #TempleNotTrash and 3 more I think!!! And I will add the Scriptures it came from. Will give more details in a different blog for my December Squad.

Then Jesus in heaven knows I have to COMPLETE my Health and Fitness Course and take the exams this month. So I was CONTACTED to be on a certain program and because I was not certified, I didn’t hear from them again. It was funny sha.

I have slacked sha but now I have a plan, which I will share in the next paragraph.

Ok, then per my Devotionals? Another slacking. But this Month, it MUST come out!!! Or at least I should be done writing. My Book Reader App is going so well and should be ready in 2weeks but I want it to coincide with my book releases so… But the Chick working on it sent me a video/demo which I saw today. It is so good. I will share on IG later today. @eziaha

Anyways, my reading and writing slack has ended. Since I am most effective to read and write at night, my plan goes thus

Put my son to sleep at 8pm (dude is so sleep trained). Then talk to hubs AND do my Shaw courses till 9pm. Sleep. Wake at 12midnight. Write till 2am. Quiet time till 4.30/5am. Then I know my body will start shutting down so I will do my kickboxing, pump all the adrenaline in, kick into another gear, then be CoachE’ and harass my Squaddies. My son wakes between 630 and 7am on most days and I drop him off at School at 8am. Come home; arrange the house and all that early morning work. Then catch a 2-3hour sleep, all before noon or 1pm latest. Then enter another level of work till 5pm when i sign out for the day and enter mommy mode.

I am so grateful for my Personal Assistant and Coaching Assistant. Those two ladies are from HEAVEN!!! My life runs well with them, and they make me look like a Super star. My Coaching Assistant is even in a different state

So thankful for this Chick

So thankful for this Chick

and my PA comes in just once a week, so THANK JESUS FOR TECHNOLOGY!!!

Oh btw, I did this Tweet thing on Saturday for WONDIVA and I realized that I could do that weekly to build Twitter presence.


Plus I have so much info to give out so I am happy to share. Will start this Saturday and I should be handling CARBS cos everyone thinks they are the ENEMY. Haha. Twitter handle is @coachesquad

I am still working on my email list though. Sending customized mails and all. If you are on my mailing list, you will realize that I stopped. Somehow we couldn’t send again. Thank God for the Chick who came to me and said God told her to ask me if she could help me with anything. Like how COOL is God? And she happens to be a techy Chick so she will help me with that, and also on my blog. I got soooo stuck trying to navigate the whole new fabulousness and then God sends me a Helper.

Me I am just sticking to God sha. Titilailai!!!

So that is how I intend to get all the work I have to do, done!!!

I can’t believe how much I have slacked on writing these Devotionals and completing the course. Like, tz just annoying to me.

And oh, so I have a day when I am on a real chill. I get to have my me-time, see a movie (well, I am sticking with Desperate housewives this November #DontJudge) and just do something relaxing. I have become a workaholic. Then I also have a day to visit or get someone to visit with me. But these visits are not casual ooo. I will open up to a mentee yup, and then I will also hang out at what Lisa Bevere calls DEEP WELLS in Without Rival.

OPPOSITE being wishing wells

OPPOSITE being wishing wells

A woman (or man) whose wisdom I am going to LEAN ALL DA WAY INTO!!! At least 2 a month. I have DDK this week. Funtizzle and I get to hang with her this Wednesday and I can NOT even wait!!!

So deep wells baby. I have to be intentional about this because I know how precious people’s time can be.

Oh btw you know DDK has a program soon. Upstream!!!


I am not sure HOW YOU ARE PLANNING TO MISS IT!!! Register here

Ok I think there is more (some a bit more personal and FAITH related) but your head is already probably spinning. Loooool. Oh and there are more Propel groups kicking off and I will do a detailed post on ALL so that you can find which is in your location and join in, if you are led by God.

I am convinced I am crazy trust me, and looking at my life just makes me laugh.

Let me end this with the AMAZING WORD God gave me for November especially as I wondered how Eziaha will do all of these!!! Just this short phrase…

Christ IN ME… Colossians 1 v 27

Christ lives in me, and He is my HOPE OF DOING IT ALL so that I can share in His Glory.

I just discovered what that Scripture really means and trust me, I combine that and that FANTASTIC prayer Paul prayed in Ephesians 1 daily. No I won’t post it here. Read it yourself IN AMPLIFIED please. His prayer is right at the last verses!!!

Dang!!! Why does the Bible have to be soooo delicious!!!

Oh and my song for the month is Travis Greene’s YOU MADE A WAY!!! It captures EVERYTHING I wanna say IN WORSHIP and then A LOT of Sinach’s. Too hard to pick any.

Ok, before my excitement takes on computer form and envelops you into another world, let me sign out. Lol my App reader just sent me a mail and said I should consider NOT using my picture on the App for XYZ reasons, and I agree, painfully. Lol. So I emailed her and can anyone hazard a guess on what I am using now?

The letter E’ of course!!! I think that is better. I love my face but I also love my E’ (and a lot of you do too cos you guys ACTUALLY call me E’. Like that is CRAZY!!!) Lol

Oh I forgot, one last thing I am working on for December which will happen every month next year is the intimate POW WOW with E’

One of the drafts!!!

One of the drafts!!!

You know, I had even paid for venue and then my schedule got soooo crazy I had to ask for a shift but I had the flyer already. The first one will be the P413 POWWOW with E’ and that is cause Phil 4:13 is the anchor is it. As God speaks, I will put the Scripture for that month, so if the next is Proverbs 31, it will be P31 POW WOW with E’

A POW WOW is a meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues. A meeting for people to discus and share.

So that would be me intimately sharing and helping more Chicks deliver their dreams.

My first POW WOW will be 2nd weekend in December I think but soon, details will be out. I will take in just 20 ladies so it stays intimate. I pray Chicks who really wanna hit the ground running in 2017, but need some hand-holding and guidance sign up. I am so excited about it, especially THE NAME!!!

POW WOW with E’

You see why God sent Pastor M and Kemi to epp my market and brand? Cos He is only just getting started with me.

Ok, 8pages on MSWord later (Font 14), I can now say Byeeeeeee. Lol

But not before I end with the disclaimer I began with…

I am GRACED for my life. You are GRACED for yours too. Operate from your GRACE SPACE and don’t let nobody intimidate you. Be inspired and not intimidate then RUN your own race, eyes on Jesus and from your GRACE SPACE.

I truly pray you pick something from here, in the Spirit of slip-streaming…

And let the Church say AMEN!!!






The Hair, The Jumpsuit, The tee and a cleaning service. 4 growing biz i blog about here



Please check them out and see who you wanna patronize


Step Up, Step Out, STRETCH!!!

Hey yawl,

Kisses all round…

So straight to the point. I pray everyone is doing OK!

So I basically spent the whole of this year turning down invitations to speak, preach or minister anywhere. I am like ‘What do I know?’ Please mbok, leave me and my blog lemme be blogging…’ lol

But truly though, I LOVE God, I am pretty passionate about my Faith, both living and writing it, and so it followed that soon people would want me to come and preach/speak at churches and programs. But I knew I wasn’t ready and I truly wanted to LIVE whatever I said. That’s what integrity is really. When what you preach is truly what you live in private, when no one is watching. Joyce Meyer is BIG on spiritual maturity so I just basically STAYED enrolled in JOYCE UNIVERSITY all year.


Oh and Christine Caine Uni too.


So I would always flat out say NO!!!

Yawl know I LOVE to talk and basically hosted tons of events and shows in Unibadan then, but when you know this is like a GOD-THING, you wanna really be a person of truth and integrity. I knew the X’s I had (which people do not see) and I would always recall Chris saying (shouting more like)



It is so easy to become a CELEBRITY but to be a servant of Jesus? This Chick needed plenty darkroom transformations first, so NO!!! Haha

Then I wanted to also turn 30 and then to attend Love Life first,


which is why my heart basically shredded when I didn’t go again after being super excited ALL YEAR abourrit. (Pastor M captured the entire JustUsGirls LoveLife experience here.)

And she got me this Book I can NOT wait to dive into

You need to see what she wrote in it... Awwwww...

You need to see what she wrote in it… Awwwww…

Anyways, when I discovered Funto and did this blog on Becoming 2.0, I just felt a connection with her and I would always pray for her and her ministry. She didn’t know me, and I recall one day while praying God told me I would speak at Funto’s event soon. I am like huh? I don’t even know this Chick, and I am not making moves to know her. But I sha wrote it down in one of my many journals. Laughing, btw. Haha.

Fast forward to August when I met her (story for another day) and hit it off like a house on fire, 2weeks after, she rings me and asks me if I am free on October 22, and that she wants me to speak at her event in Abuja. Quick mental check to be sure I would be back from Yankee by then, and seen JM LIVE, and I am like ‘..OK’.

I didn’t even remember what God told me. I just loved Funto enough to agree, haha.


Then later He filters it back to me, I fly to the journal and realize He told me twice and I wrote it down twice, different days.

It was surreal.

I just totally am obsessed with the FIRE of the Holy Ghost that Olufunto carries and then the amazing way God brought us together. Two of us have different stories of how we met, but let me save it, because what really matters is that God just flung us together and I couldn’t be more thankful.


When she told me the theme of the Abuja event, I had just written this Post EMBRACE YOUR STRETCH so I knew the hand of God was definitely there. I KNOW what it means, in a DEEPLY PERSONAL way to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH into all God has in store for you. I know the obstacles that stand in the way and the victories that lie on the other side of a STRETCH!!! Oh I know, and am still knowing. And mehn, I am super excited about what God will do in this event. I am in the background of things and trust me, GOD HIMSELF has just been showing off. I think these are the best times to be a female serving Jesus. You can’t tell me the women of the Bible are not BIG TIME hatin’ on us right now. Haha.


It is such a privilege to be one of the Chicks ministering at the event and I am so excited, so pumped and so full of prayers and expectations about it. If you are in Abuja, COME THROUGH!!! And if you have friends and family in Abuja, please spread Word…


10 days from today the 12th

Oh and I will like to sponsor TWO Chicks in Abuja off my blog. Just do me a mail with s bit about you and why I should pick you. If you have ever won something off my blog, you don’t qualify. And if you can afford it, please give another Chick an opportunity to come. eziaha@eziaha.com

And hey, if you are my friend and not in Lagos, oya come sponsor someone too na. Well, as God leads you. The event is N5000 and is literally an all-day event, 11pm to 5pm.


Also for those interested in PROPEL ABUJA, we have THREE groups already and the first one will be meeting on Friday the 21st of October, and I will be there. Yay!!! I feel like I am gonna implode from ECSTASY haha. Yawl know I am all about that PROPELLED LIFE and living. The PROPEL message is so strong and powerful that if it were up to me, I would certainly drag every Chick I know into it. (Dunno about PROPEL? Details here)

My PROPEL Power hub

My PROPEL Power hub

So hey, Abuja Chicks, please send a mail to propel@eziaha.com if you wanna join any of the groups or start your own group. It is pretty easy baby. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends and start meeting once a month to watch and discus the videos. I could share the videos with you if yawl don’t wanna buy directly.

Allow me to say here that CHRIS IS STARTING HER VERY OWN TV PROGRAM which will be called EQUIP&EMPOWER with Christine Caine. It will air on TBN and it launches Thursday, October 20. Not sure what time it will air in Nigeria though, but you bet I’ma be looking out for that.

Ok back to Propel, I will be looking out for your mail hun.

And yes, see yawl at THE BEAUTIFIED DIVA SERIES #StepUpStepOut&Stretch

And I certainly covet your prayers. I know yawl will pray for me.

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

So excited, and even more because it is my ‘Buj… my Land of Milk & Money. How prophetic is that??? Recall my ‘Buj story and testimony

#GonePreachin’ #ToDaBuj

Ok God bless yawl and my deepest prayer (For Chicks especially) is that we all get in this divine relay race, and play our parts with joy and passion. We are ALL IN guys. No onlookers or bystanders. Grab your baton and RUN UNSTOPPABLE!!!


My BEST Chris Book



Love the transformation haha

Love the transformation haha


A RICH SlipStream…

‘…Can we learn, can we glean, can we STAY IN THEIR SLIPSTREAM…?’

Bianca Juarez Olthoff. Propel Conversation series.

Happy new week guys. I am bursting with sunshine this week.


My online coaching classes are LIVE again and I realized just how much I had missed it.


And all the fun and gists it brings


Ok before we get carried away, let’s blog about the slipstream

S L I P S T R E A M!!!

Ever since I discovered this term, I have been throwing it into LITERALLY EVERY conversation I have. You see, I am super huge on mentoring and in my 10000 Teachers post, I mentioned how we have Teachers and Mentors who we don’t even have a personal relationship with but we lean into their lives from the materials they continue to resource us with – books, messages, seminars, social media accounts, etc. I called it stalking there, and if I had heard Bianca say this before I did that post, I would have said we should stalk them by staying in their slipstream

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

Oh sweet Lord Baby Jesus!!!

I have literally LIVED in the slipstream of my Teachers all these years, and especially this year. You see, Bianca said this in the PROPEL EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING video as she explained how that she makes decisions by consulting her mentors (wise counselors), and that we all should have both close mentors and distant mentors.

Bianca Olthoff

Bianca Olthoff

Per the distant mentors, she said we need not even be about trying to build a personal relationship with them or harass them to respond to our every tweet or comment (or ask for a FOLLOW BACK which frankly is the most stupid thing I see on SM). Most wise counselors and Mentors leave enough information in their slipstream and if we stay close to them, we will most likely find the answers that help us make better and wiser decisions as we navigate this life and its obstacles.

Lemme proceed on this by looking at this in two ways. First as the person staying in someone’s slipstream and then as the person who is leaving a rich slipstream behind for others to glean from…

I woke up last Friday morning to a question from my Sister on whether it was true that Gmama Joyce had gone to be with the Lord.


At first, my heart broke, and then even before I confirmed or not, I realized that the simple Truth is that Joyce, if Jesus tarries and other things stay equal, is going to die a LONG time before me. But that woman has one of the richest slipstreams ever in the history of any Bible Teacher or Preacher I know, so I quickly posed myself the question ‘Have I been maximizing this rich slipstream she leaves in her wake?’ because Joyce Meyer has definitely done her best to be a distant mentor to millions of women around the world, including me. Joyce is lavish in sharing information about her life, her ministry, her mistakes, her struggles, her relationships, etc.

Just see all the information and wisdom she dropped with us at Code Orange revival

I don’t know who it is that inspires you, but girl forget about whether they respond to your email or mention, just stay in their slipstream and soak in anything they are generous enough to share. And be very sensitive in your spirit too, so that you can connect the dots when they share. I also pray too that God uses my Teachers to answer specific questions in my life as they arise. This happens a lot with Christine Caine for me. If there is something I need clarity on, as I pray about it, a lot of times, I find my answer on Chris’s IG page.

It is crazy I tell ya.

Ditto Heather Lindsey. They have such rich slipstreams that sometimes I am like

You guys please stop tweeting or preaching let me finish grasping the ones you already have na’

Maybe you are in the banking sector, or anywhere in the career world, and you have a Mentor there. Maybe one of those Superstars with whom booking an audience is literally impossible.

Stop stressing yourself. GET ON Google, Buy their materials. Watch their videos on YouTube. Attend their seminars. etc. Don’t be there writing long letters and emails and waiting for them to invite you over for lunch. Probably won’t happen, but they have resourced you through their slipstream.

It just annoys me when a Mentor tells someone ‘Oh I have preached or written about it here. Please go and find it’ and then the person says ‘…ehn please but I still want to talk to you…’

Trust me, most times, most of the questions we wanna ask them, they have already dealt with in one of their resources. One-to-One mentoring is almost impossible these days. How many people will someone like Leke Alder, for instance see if he keeps doing one-on-one? But that dude pours out his knowledge on Social media literally daily, and has seminars and workshops but someone will still be foolishly asking him ‘Eh Sir please can I still get your number to call…’


Really, this generation we need to stop this nonsense. It is too annoying. Looking for special attention despite the rich slipstream a person has left for us.

We are too lazy to do the work the slipstream requires. We use our internet data to follow people’s lives on Snapchat and watch reality TV and movies. God forbid we google keywords and names and put 2 and 4 together to find wisdom for our current situation.

And that is part of what I will be sharing with the ladies who come on board my P413 intimate session which i hinted in this Post. How to effectively navigate slipstreams of our teachers. Hopefully my flyer will be out next week, but you really wanna book a space now.

Ok so the second part of this slipstream business is now turning the spotlight on us. The truth is, there are some people who are in your slipstream because you have wisdom about a situation they can learn from.



Share your victories, failures, challenges, mistakes, etc. We have a funny culture in Africa where we ONLY share (or people just see even without us sharing) the good and the end product, and leave off the ‘HOW’ of our journey. Sometimes we don’t share because we want to appear perfect, we think we have NOTHING of worth to share that anyone can learn from, or we want a bigger platform. Some other times we don’t share because we don’t want to be seen as show-offs, or we just can’t be bothered to share. We don’t write biographies, blog, or put in our Memoirs.

I see someone I like and admire, I get online and there is almost NOTHING in the person’s slipstream. But in the Western world (and this also happens with Africans who grew up or were exposed to such environments), they are quick to tell their story, write a book, open a blog, etc. You know, a friend was gisting me of her friend who went through a bad patch in her new marriage and ended up divorcing, dealing with severe depression and then getting help and healing. Then she writes a book. That friend gisting me was saying it in a ‘Na wa ooo. What does she know that she is writing a book about?’ manner and me I was just laughing at her (my friend that is). You think someone needs to go to school for 6 years to write a book?

No, Sir. When you have a Story, you find a medium to share that story, whether via a book, a blog or your social media handles. That is the kind of permission that Social media and the internet generally has afforded us. You don’t need a BIG TIME Publisher. Just open a Facebook account and get the story out. Trust me, there are people who will one day stumble on your slipstream and you will be an answer to his/her prayers. Forget about how many people like it or comment. DO IT FOR THE ONE if you have to.

Now can I address Millennials (those of us born between 1982 and 2002) like most of my blog readers, who have active Social media handles and all? I know that in the past, we hid every single spiritual activity we did so it doesn’t look like we are being over spiritual or showing off. But honey, we need to take our light and shine BRIGHT in the SM world.

It is absolutely OK to come and tell me you got together with a group of friends and prayed for 5 hours straight. Oh my Darling, BRAG about your Christian friendships and relationships and stuff that sustain it. Brag that you are abstaining from pre-marital sex. That you used to be a Lesbian/Homosexual but not anymore. You do X Y and Z for Jesus. Brag to the heavens about your Church and how your Choir unit is da baddest!!! And how your Bible costs you so much.


Look closely, it is the FASHION EDITION yay!!!

And what percentage of your income goes to books, tapes and CDs. Trust me, it is OK to tell me that you went to an Orphanage and you make a habit of giving a percentage of your income to the poor. Talk about how you run your Company like a Christian Organization.


And before you go all Matthew 6 on me, let me beat you to it…


What Jesus was really about in those verses is YOUR MOTIVES!!! Why are you sharing? So that people will hail you? So that you can be approved, cheered and endorsed by men? So you appear important, spiritual, or rich? WHY ARE YOU SHARING?

That is the koko of that Scripture. If your motives are wrong, just SHUT UP. But if your motives are to inspire more people into the Jesus Culture, by all means share, with wisdom. And when the praise and glory want to be wrongly ascribed to you, RE-DIRECT THEM TO JESUS!!!


You know, Joyce did this crazy good message on MOTIVES (sorry, I can’t recall the Title, I just journalled as I listened) and it set me free. I have a naturally showy personality but Joyce taught me to always check myself and filter the motives behind my actions through the Word.

The Christian world is lacking in examples ooo, all because we don’t want to appear ‘too Christian/holy’. They are shouting us out and down, and sadly, a lot of us are cowering.

Reducing and then ultimately losing our voices, finding them only when it is time to talk football or movies.

The world is Ok with telling you their sexcapades very proudly, and how much their vanities cost them but we Christians just wanna sha be ‘silent Christians’. WHAT AN OXYMORON!!!

Oh, how the world needs BOLDER CHRISTIANS. Bold, Deep, Mature and Joyful Christians. Christians who wear the tag so super proudly and BRAG DIFFERENT!!! There is someone in your slipstream who needs that info to take a step for Jesus. I know how hearing about someone’s giving just stirs my faith to give too.

Don’t worry if anybody yabs you or calls you out, like they attack every time a Christian is just being a Christian. If your motives are right, it should not even bother you. You should be too busy doing what God has called you to do, stopping long enough to pray for them out of LOVE and not to argue with them.

This is really not about cheers and jeers or applause and condemnation, it is about Christ, His Message and Culture, AND your SLIPSTREAM both for now and the future.

Oh how grateful I am for Christians like Wale Jana who I featured here. He brags wella about his faith (@walejana on SM Sites) and I am not saying you should be like him, I am saying be proud of your gospel and wear it well. Don’t let the fear of men and their rejection stop you. How thankful I am for Heather Lindsey who shares a lot about her life and whose slipstream is so rich.

She gets attacked a lot, but it doesn’t stop her. The people in her slipstream are thankful and the many more who will find it someday will be too. I sure am!!!

I am also thankful for myself and the slipstream my blog and life offer. I get all those emails that wanna advise me or shut me down but frankly, I don’t even look at them twice, or respond. No emotional energy to waste explaining myself to anyone. I just know I didn’t do it for you, JUST YET, (because chances are high that one day you will come back to resource and equip yourself from my blog). I just carry on with my assignment and do my MOTIVE-CHECK all the time with my Jesus. You can be sure that if He tells me Eziaha do this or that, IT IS AS GOOD AS DONE!!! I don’t have time for the world, Which is why we should not live for worldly approval. If we do it for the world, then their disapproval will get to you.

DO IT FOR JESUS, He is enough!!!

And then do it for the people in your slipstream.

The slipstream is real guys. Let us get to living our lives fully for JESUS and as we are led, we share in our slipstreams so that we keep the FAITH GOING IN VERY PRACTICAL WAYS.

That definition of slipstream above ministers to me because of a couple of words within

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

As we learn from people (and vice-versa), we learn the lessons without all the pressure and mistakes they made, and we can go further, and faster more efficiently and with less effort (not ‘NO effort’ ooo because we must pay our own price) to get even better results.

I mean how amazing is that?

So even when I share my stories, there are many people who avoid stepping on some of the landmines that almost destroyed me. And then there are many more that are clueless on how to navigate a certain situation and wham!!! They are flooded with light when they read something some bold FIERCE CHRISTIAN CHICK has written or spoken about. And they too can take that to their own slipstream.

But remember, WE BRAG DIFFERENT… The GOAL is JESUS , NEVER us!!!


If you are going to blow a horn, blow a Trumpet for God… 1 Cor 1:31b MSG

With love





Yup I know I talked about TFS Academy, my online  mentoring Academy when I blogged DO IT AFRAID and said you could send your mails. It will be up next week. Wanted to sort out my October weight loss class first and be sure it is smooth running. Now that’s done so I can re-open TFS. I think you can still mail me. I am yet to confirm how many I have, but if you don’t get in this time, you can be on the waiting list hun, so apply and get in my slipstream. Details are in this Post linked above and this, and please be sure to read both first.




Whoop, if you missed Squad 1, I will be starting another CHRISTMAS-IN-OCTOBER promo from Friday October 21 to Saturday November 19. Still 6k in Naira for the 4weeks.

And then my next Class after that will be in December!!! Guess what I Christened it? (Yup christened haha)


Because the yuletide is not a reason to throw restraint and discipline out the window. It is Jesus’s birthday not ours and we all know Bros J got discipline on loc’down!!! So that will be for those who want to stay accountable at Christmas, and then they also get my CHRISTMAS GIFT which is a workout tee branded with workout related Scriptures… Whoop!!! Christmas is looking LIT already!!!



If you are not on CoachE’ mailing list, you may wanna get on board. I send weekly emails on super fun and super educative Food and Fitness matters, especially for women. Today I talked about why some women snap back easily post-baby and some don’t. In the past I have discussed CS and Vaginal delivery, The Good&Naughty Carbs, etc. It is like a private blog post, so drop your email or mail esquad@eziaha.com to request to get on it. We really need to pay more and better attention to our health especially as women. If you think the info won’t help you now, it will in the future ooo.

Plus connect with me too on Social media

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And CoachE Facebook page here. I share so much information there and that is a good way to stay in my healthy slipstream. And generally be in my life because I share a lot on both platforms.




Can't wait!!!

Can’t wait!!!

Abuja is almost here and sometime this week, i will do a Post with more details on this and info on how to be one of the two Chicks I wanna sponsor for this. Please tell all your Abuja friends to come through!!! I am privileged to be in Funto’s slipstream and see her fire and love for God girls and I truly can’t wait to see all that God will do in and through His ladies in Abuja and environs!!! Great time to be a Chick who loves Jesus. The Women of the Bible days must be RED-JEALOUS haha!!!







#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now.
I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for MOST of what i do, I DO IT AFRAID!!!

I am talking heart-racing, tummy-running, fingers-trembling A F R A I D!!!

In our Propel 1 meeting yesterday

, of which i had TWO PROPEL groups meet yesterday, the video we saw was DECISION MAKING and Mercy Lokulutu said something, as she explained sticking to her decisions and not being indecisive or emotional about it…

‘Once God says it, it doesn’t matter how i feel, I can EAT my feelings, I can DO LOTS OF THINGS WITH MY FEELINGS, but when God says it I OBEY!!!’

Then Chris said

‘…sometimes we are just paralysed by FEAR thinking we may fail or miss the mark, BUT God can only steer a MOVING ship, and God is really BIG, so don’t worry, IF YOU FALL OUT OF THE SHIP, HE WILL PUT YOU BACK’

Oh i have also heard Gmama Joyce say (or was it Christine Caine)

Do it Afraid until you don’t feel fear anymore… (I think it was Christine, In UNSTOPPABLE)

I hate the paralysis that FEAR brings, and so I get really UPSET about that paralysis and I am now super INTENTIONAL about doing what needs to be done, AFRAID OR NOT!!!

Let me share practically how i get through the PARALYZING FEAR

First, i need to be sure this is something God has told me to do. Not my emotions, not my brokenness or ‘lockdownness’, but God!!! And one way i confirm is to check my motives, WHY DO I WANNA DO IT? Once that is sorted, i move to phase 2


Oh Jesus, I pray up a storm in the Spirit. I pray using Scriptures ooo, so it means i go into the Word first, get a Scripture and start to confess it in prayers. I just pray so much in the Spirit and as i pray, more ideas and clarity forms in me, and gradually the fear starts to give way to FAITH!!!

Then in the course of my regular day to day activities, i FORCE myself to THINK  consciously about it, while muttering Scriptures under my breath. I don’t know about yawl but sometimes, when I am scared of something, i do NOT even want to think about it, so I block out anything that would remind me of it. BUT GOD FORBID THAT fear (and i purposely put fear in small letters lol)

I consciously think about it, while muttering PHIL 4:13 IN AMPLIFIED!!!


You should hear Joel quote this scripture especially telling the FAITH story of how they eventually got the Compaq Centre, a former Basket ball stadium, as their Church facility. He mostly closes his eyes and fist-pumps. LOVE IT!!! Like, satan NO REASH!!!

So all the time, i think about it, because that means i am taking the power away from it. I think about how i will feel once that is in the bag, i think about how lives INCLUDING mine will be blessed and enriched, I think about how MAD the devil will feel. Ah, i think ooo. So that Scripture is infusing strength in me steady, while my mental faculties are getting used to the idea…

Then i start to read books and messages that talk about whatever I need to do. I let God lead me to those materials and my Teachers  because I truly want to be ministered to. Check my Post on 10,000 Teachers https://eziaha.com/2016/02/03/10000-teachers-guys-stay-hungry-lean-in-go-hard/

I watch videos on YouTube from my Teachers and they usually just speak to my current situation. I recall this message and how it totally spoke to me on something liver was cutting me about. By the time i got to end of this video ehn, AH!!!

Oh and then i TALK ABOUT IT!!!

I certainly talk about it OR blog about it!!! Talking about it puts more power in my hands, and makes me realize NO GOING BACK now!!!

Propel woman Catherine haha

Fear is something that makes us NOT want to talk about it because we think WE ARE NOT ENOUGH or we will come up short or run out of ‘whatever’. We are afraid of what ‘people’ will say and think of you. That is just the devil. 

There is just something about starting. When we start, it is AMAZING how supernatural supply – physical, spiritual and mental and everywise– just start to turn up. But they won’t come your way until you start!!!
So start already. Plus even if we make a mistake and it is genuine, God sees our hearts and He has a way of redeeming stuff for us. See how this motive thing played out between the King who took Abraham’s wife as his, and God in Genesis 20…

Did he not say to me, ‘She is my sister,’ and didn’t she also say, ‘He is my brother’? I have done this with a clear conscience and clean hands.”

Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept you from sinning against me.

He made an honest mistake and God let him off the hook…

Which is why my motives are super important.  Shirer said if she examines herself and sees that the ONLY thing stopping her from making a decision is FEAR, She knows that is EXACTLY what God wants her to do!!!

You know, I am working on an INTIMATE seminar for 15 Chicks where I will just pour all my fire into them to start up on their goals, and hold their hands through it for a period. More info will turn up next week but the date is 29th October or 5th November, both Saturdays (or it could be Sunday sef) and it will cost 5k. Loving our location already. 

Just seeing it pumped more fire in me to get this done. I think i will call it THE P413 XXXX Seminar. P413 being Phil 4:13, XXX is still unknown to my Spirit and I don’t even think I want to say SEMINAR!!! Either ways, we are sooo doing it!!! You may wanna book a slot down already by emailing eziaha@eziaha.com (and I might have TWO of my friends already running hard on LANE PURPOSE join me)

LADIES, NO TIME TO SLACK OO. God is up to soooo much in His Chicks so this is the time to RUN UNSTOPPABLE

 LITERALLY after your dreams. Leave fear and feelings alone. 

They truly are NOT as powerful as we think!!! Plus trust me, you can feel fear and have a BOLD FACE too. I recall sharing somethings with my accountability partner Aijay and when I said ‘I am afraid ooo’, she looked at me wide eyed and said BUT YOU DO NOT SOUND AFRAID!!!

That’s true. I didn’t care to let the fear show…

Ladies, PLEASE DO IT AFRAID… Whatever your IT is…

Ok a few more things

My Propel 1 meetings were EVERYTHING

With our Super awesome host in Propel 2 and her baby

In Propel 1; 

Ugo, our in-house photographer in Propel 1 did an awesome recap here.More Propel small groups are springing up. Propel was something i started in FEAR ooo, forget all the ginger you saw on my blog posts here https://eziaha.com/2016/09/06/eziaha-propelled-lessons-from-my-life/ and here https://eziaha.com/2016/08/27/say-hello-to-propel-lagos/. But now see, more small groups are starting and hopefully by end of the year, we should have between 15 and 20 up and running. AMEN. I will share my PROPEL fears sometime later.

Check out those posts above and then email propel@eziaha.com for details if you wanna start one and need some help. It is really simple. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends together, ONCE A MONTH, watch the videos and discus them amongst your selves. The conversations are just AMAZING!!! Propel CHANGED my life and I truly want to see more Chicks be PROPELLED into their worlds FOR JESUS!!!

OK SECONDLY,TFS Academy is open again.

TFS is The FAB Sistership Academy… Warrior Chicks Loving life and serving Jesus. My 4week online mentoring Academy for Chicks who wanna just BE BETTER and do what God has called them to do…

Please read this Post for some context first


If you sent a mail before, please resend. You sent prematurely. Eziaha@eziaha.com

Taking in JUST 20 ladies and I have a waiting list so HURRY. If you applied for TFS 1 and i sent you that mail to chill for 2, please send me a mail using that mail trail again.

Ok I am off to get my hair and nails done

I have a video and photo shoot tomorrow

I am dying my hair RED HOT because I need a FIERCE look for my #ChicksWithSwords Devotional haha

As per video, gosh I have an exciting message on Mommy Guilt, Mommy Fears and Mommy Wars… The Holy Spirit is AMAZING!!! This will resonate with moms all over not just stay-at-home moms but the deal is SAHM usually find themselves saddled by these because they have relatively more time and if you don’t guard your heart, the devil will just come and be throwing nonsense thoughts in.

Running along now…

Oh one more thing, there is sooo much background work ongoing on my blog. I should be ready for a BIG unveil NEXT WEEK!!! Can’t wait. Thanks to Frances Okoro for the info on porting to dot org and all the amazing benefits of it (Dont worry, my blog URL remains Eziaha.com because it will auto re-route) Makera for helping me do the porting because the technicalities were CRAZY and for making sure I didnt lose anything, not ONE post, not ONE email. Phew!!! 

And thanks to SisiYemmie for the blog upgrade!!! Yay. The FAB Sister’s blog is going to the NEXT LEVEL yo. 

With the dollar rising, it costs me some to purchase all these BUT thank God we can do it jare… It would AMAZE you how 20 dollars here and 15dollars there soon add up to 5000USD haha. Lol. See why I had to open a dom account sharpaly and start earning in Dollars and Pounds biko.

Oh and please all my diasporans oya join my class. 20dollars ONLY and 18 pounds ONLY for 4weeks starting October 7, this Friday. For the naira people, 6k pere. Check this link for all details

Oh and if you are in ABUJA, come through!!! 

If you aren’t, TELL EVERY CHICK IN ABUJA!!! Super Stoked for this one. Like, God has been DOWNLOADING!!! Will pay for two Chicks off my blog but I will give more info in the Post where i give more details about this event and how my crazy Sister, Funto, got me on board… Super thankful for FUNTO. Gurl, i super LOVE you…

Ok bye guys

Sooo much LOVE and DO IT AFRAID anointing.

CoachE’ (haha)