The HurriCAINE at 50 !!!


Christine The HurriCAINE

Christine The HurriCAINE

No human being has affected my life like she has. Today, she turns the BIG 5 0 and as i tweeted, i just realised tweets won’t even do. Let’s attempt to sum it up in a blog post.

Last year, I heard my friend Stephanie say ‘WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR’


This my 30th year has been the YEAR of me as a Student being ready, and then my Teachers have steadily been appearing.

Chris has been one of my MOST IMPACTFUL Teachers this year, and i know the reason she has had such an impact has also been that i am now a more ready Student.

Some 3 or 4 years back or so, a friend of mine came gushing to me about this ‘Christine Caine’ woman and kept saying she reminded her of me, blablabla and that i desperately need to listen to THE DARK ROOM TRANSFORMATION

I sha downloaded the video and tried to watch it, but i didn’t really enjoy it jare. The Message was a strong message but i just wasn’t feeling the Messenger, her accent or her energy. I left that video on my phone for a long time but didn’t really care for it. And then late last year, i heard both Shirer and Joyce, at different times, mention Christine Caine, and i thought, ‘Hmm, this one that these two women are mentioning this same HillSong Chick, lemme goan check her out AGAIN…’

My GOOD LORD!!! I saw many videos including the ‘When Chris met Joyce’


I almost fainted!!!

THE SAME WOMAN I couldn’t even finish watching 3 years ago, even when Ogochukwu kept harassing me to go back and see it. Now, i was like someone hooked on heroine!!!

Which is why i might rave so much today about someone I love, BUT I don’t push anyone to go follow them like I do. What may pump me into running several laps around my home, may get you snoozing. We all have our Teachers, 10,000 of them literally, and I find myself praying more Isa 30:20 for people these days… May your eyes behold YOUR TEACHERS and recently I started to add

‘May your steps be ordered to them, both online and offline’.

I am not even kidding, i think i may have watched at least 70% of videos of Christine online. I have a Book where i just document lessons from her life. If you know what i know about Chris ehn, and how i apply to my life, it will shock you.

STALKING is not even the beginning of what i do with Christine Caine.

I dunno that there is anybody i LOVE more, and that’s quite telling. God has used her to SET my life STRAIGHT!!! God has used her to make sure there are mistakes I NEVER make and LANDMINES i NEVER step on as a result of our similar personality types.


Chris exemplifies to me what it really means for ONE’S EYES TO BEHOLD ONE’S TEACHERS!!!

I would have a question in my Spirit and Chris would tweet the answer soon after. Wow!!!!!!

WOW!!! Chris and Joyce really!!!


NOBODY like them!!!

And just to make sure I don’t go on and on and on, especially because I just roped G.Mama Joyce in, let me share my tweets and expound…

img-20160923-wa0009.jpgI really do LOVE Chris, in a scary way. Maybe because she truly does feel like a big  TWIN  sister to me, always answering any question that may come up in my life.


Oh Chris is a Fitness buff. I love how intentional she is about her health. I mean, if we are going to go the long haul with JESUS, Our physical bodies have to carry us. She runs a lot and that is perfect for her itinerary because she literally lives in the air. The day she said she beat I think Craig Groeschel in a plank competition, i respected her more. 3 minutes PLANK at a stretch!!! AT 48!!! Phew. And she started taking her health even more seriously after the Doctor told her she was SKINNY FAT and risked XYZ disease!!! Hello to all ye ‘I can eat anything and not be fat’ people… How is it looking on your inside? Today i watch her preach and jump like a 20 year old and I am like GO CHRIS!!! She actually said when she takes 20 year old Chicks on the road with her, they can’t keep up with her. Hahaha. Don’t worry Chris, even watching you, i almost feel like I lose 1kg daily… She can stop bang in the middle of a sermon to do push ups. Lol


Another level of PASSION indeed. The 50year mark is such a Milestone an d no doubt, Christine is about to get even more FEISTY against the Kingdom of darkness. I pity satan. He should have probably given up by now if he has any sense.

And yes, Chris is CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!! lol. It is only Chris that wil tell you how she ‘stole’ someone’s message, tweaked it a bit and preached as hers ‘and everyone thinks I am awesome!!!’ Or how she did ‘free show’ for Doctors because she didn’t have any underwear on loooooool.

Ok, Lisa can tell you even worse, so I have to give it to Lisa Bevere here lol

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and Lisa

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and her fellow CRAZY Sister Lisa. All between 50 and 60. I LOVE THEIR BOND!!!

Or this crazy awkward interview where she… Ok just watch it hahah


Oh, nobody models a FULL life like Christine Caine. I LOVE her example of how she can be ALL she is now just because she keeps Jesus at the centre of it all. And how we ONLY burn out when we start doing what God didn’t endorse. But when we stick to ONLY GOD, We can have full, rich, Fruitful AND thriving lives, literally HAVE IT ALL IN CHRIST!!!


Embrace Your Place, especially the ones she preached at Elevation Church some years  back and Life.Church have the tendency to throw you up, and make you REPENT all over again.

Let me just post them so you don’t stumble on another video. The FIRST is Elevation church and Jesus knows just how much that message slapped me!!!

And the second at Craig Groeschel’s LIFE CHURCH

After listening to both and you don’t adjust, I don’t know what else will change a blase attitude when it comes to our life’s assignment.

Oh and another fave of mine has to be the WRECKER she preached at PASSION 2016

It was one of the first i listened to January 2016 and i swear, this message set the tone for my year. I am so happy i listened to it AND then HEARD what exactly Gd wanted me to hear because, trust me, i would have been a joker by now.

By the end of this message, by the time Chris is praying, she is weeping, the church is weeping and i was weeping… It was POWERFUL!!!

This picture adequately describes the emotion you feel when you listen to Passion


But hey, if you are new to Caine, you may wanna try out the happier Chick messages first. Like Chick Night which i can NO LONGER find on YouTube 😦 Sawry. But i have it though.

And this one

It is a lot happier than Passion and Embrace your place 🙂

Now can we talk about UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!?????


Didn’t get in Naija so I got an e-copy

If I say what i felt reading Unstoppable, Lisa Bevere won’t be proud of me when she sees it. Hahahaha. Because Lisa doesn’t want us comparing. Looool. (This gist is really an INSIDE GIST lol) UNSTOPPABLE couldn’t have bore another name. THAT NAME IS APT for the content of the Book. I don’t even know the kind of anointing Chris carries. Anyways, I have heard her say she probably prays in tongues more than all of us, because the demons she fights daily, SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY ARE REAL!!! So she knows she can’t be joking or sleeping!!!

Unstoppable will PROPEL you walahi but I also think if you are not careful UNSTOPPABLE can actually literally paralyze you because… INTIMIDATION!!! How can this 5’5 petite Chick, with no commendable history/background, be shaking the WORLD like this?



Oh Jesus!!! Ok let me move on!!!

Ok, not before I say that her next Book most likely will be UNDEFEATABLE or UNQUENCHABLE lol

I mean, it follows… From Undaunted to Unstoppable, to Unashamed… so we have to now be UNQUENCHABLE.


Dang!!! I have talked Propel well in these two Posts so read here and here (And hey, the second Propel group 2 in Lagos will be meeting October 3, Monday which is the Independence holiday. Please read both Posts and do me a mail if interested ( so we can talk location and time. And hey, I know I am yet to respond, I just want to do that at once, so no vex if I have yet to respond to your mail.



I will do another Post on how our first meeting (Propel Lagos Group 1) went down, but feel free to check out my IG on gists too @eziaha

I am just SUPER THANKFUL Chris started PROPEL WOMEN!!!img-20160923-wa0013.jpg

Oh Christine!!! I owe a LOT to you. Way too much. I am now more comfortable with myself because YOU are comfy with yourself.


Yesooo. That is really the effect Chris has on me. I just embrace fully the responsibilities and service I get to do Christ as i watch Chris. I don’t try to be like her, I DO MY BEST TO BE LIKE JESUS!!! Nothing like taking the spotlight away from you and just being a Traffic warden, directing people AWAY FROM YOU and TO JESUS!!! the goal is ALWAYS JESUS and not human applause or endorsements. Celebrities are not what our GOSPEL needs today. We need more SERVANTS and Chris encourages me to just SERVE!!!


Chris has a heart for God. I know the work looks glam, especially as she is on the road 280 to 300 days a year, flying from continent to continent and all, but truth me CHRIS DOES CRAZY HARDWORK!!! We see the glam, she knows what the backstage is like!!! She truly has a heart for God and ‘crosses the road, rolls up her sleeves and works’. And frankly, that is how she began. By turning up, ready to work, when there was a call for church clean up, when she was 22. She was the ONLY person that showed up for that ‘unglamorous’ work and she has been serving and giving of her life since then, PASSIONATELY!!! The funny thing is I have MANY such experiences like this as a Student, where I would just turn up whenever there was a call for work in church!!!

I am so glad we both hit milestone ages this year, and that i discovered her at 30!!! There is something About turning 30 and discovering THE DYNAMITE or better still HurriCAINE that Chris is, as she turns 50. That woman put FIRE to my butts!!!


And what a NOBLE way to celebrate. She is giving her birthday literally to her justice fighting cause at A21, and set an audacious goal of 150000USD


We, as PROPEL Lagos gave to it too. Sowing into her life biko. We can do with that GRACE!!!

Last i checked today, it was about 5000USD to go!!!


I recall mentioning to hubs and he said ‘Dollars?’

Looool. But that is Chris.. AUDACIOUS FAITH

I have NO DOUBT she will surpass it, if not today, soon


She smashed the goal


Let me round up with what makes Chris’s life even more spectacular

  1. She was left abandoned in  a hospital
  2. Her biological mom was a Single woman who probably couldn’t live with that shame.
  3. She didn’t even bother giving Chris a name. Her Birth certificate reads UN NAMED #2308 (Her DOB)
  4. She was never told the circumstances surrounding her birth until she was 33, of which the confession was incidental.
  5. She suffered sexual abuse  from 5 men (relatives) from the age of 3 to 15… 12 FREAKING LONG YEARS!!! I can’t even imagine just how much this messes with anyone.
  6. As a result, she had MAJOR ISSUES and CRAZY BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS growing up
  7. Oh but she met Jesus and converted from her orthodox Greek religion to Christianity at HillSong Church.

And that, my people is how her life started to change, as she let Him in and He began to heal her.

You see where she and Joyce have a similar story. That is also why she fights slavery because a lot of the Chicks sold into slavery are victims of TERRIBLE SEXUAL ABUSE…

When i see Chris’s life, i KNOW that excuses won’t fly!!! She was even from a poor background sef.

Did i already mention that she also FOUGHT CANCER and won!!! Like she still preached AFTER the Doctor broke the cancer news to her???



Because of you, because YOU YIELDED, SO MANY OF US are on the right path.


Cheers to the next 50!!! Satan ntoi!!!

And let me sign up with her most recent Message at CodeOrangeRevival by Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church

It is a happy one so enjoy…

Again I pray, may our eyes BEHOLD your Teachers, and may our steps be ordered by the Lord, in the right direction, online and offline, AMEN!!!



Huge Hugs




Just copped these two babies…


Standing by Joyce’s Shelf at Laterna



Told Arese that i need to buy my LAST buy before the Book because I am sure she is going to GUILT TRIP US ALL haha


And per LEAN IN, I just can’t wait to dive in. This Book is for PROPEL WOMEN I tell ya!!! Sheryl is Facebook COO and she has penned HEAVY TRUTH here. Grab the BEST review of it here by Forbes, and if you are a WOMAN, I proudly recommend BOTH!!!





‘…It is a life of IMPACT and it should be CELEBRATED…’ #30Rocks

The absolute highlight of my birthdays for the past say five years has to be ringing my Pastor and Rev Femi Albert Oduwole.
Rev typically would reach out to me on my birthday and he NEVER forgets even without Facebook reminders because his son is my birthday mate. Lol. But even before that phone call comes to me, I call him mehn!!! I need my Father’s blessing. And so as we spoke yesterday and I just updated him on my life and told him how the day went, he said ‘…oh yours is a life of impact and it should be celebrated…’

You see, the day I turned 30 was a DREAM!!! I especially recall how I felt last year on my 29th and just how absolutely SAD I was
Even though I shared my Birth story.

Actually, looking back now, I think I was a tad depressed. The previous day was my son’s dedication and I was happy and thankful about it
but I had and felt such a gloom around my life then. It was just looking somehow. And frankly, hindsight vision is perfect. Now that I look back, I feel like I am out of my skin and looking at the Eziaha then. Don’t get me wrong ooo, I wasn’t sitting and crying daily. I had my relationship with God going. I was just too anxious about my future and all I felt He was placing in my heart to do.

From where I was, it didn’t look good. Plus I was in Bonny Island and I won’t even lie, Bonny Island is really not my happy place.


Hello body magic haha

So both physically and emotionally, I wasn’t in a very good place.

Just to give you an idea of how bad I felt, I quarrelled literally DAILY with my husband. I found fault with EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t appreciate NOTHING. He had tried to make me happy on that birthday but whosai… One day the dude just said ‘Eziaha you sound FRUSTRATED!!! You need to go and deal with what is disturbing you…’

And just to give you an even bigger idea, there was this day I got really violent with him. I FLUNG KingDaveed and I was going to BREAK everything in my home as I was hitting the dude. Mehn, that’s the day my respect for him peaked because he didn’t even strike back.
My man, a really REALLY GOOD MAN!!!

I didn’t believe what happened. I walked out of the home just to cool off and this was 11pm. Haha. The next day, I didn’t go to church. I couldn’t bring myself to. I felt soooooooooooo unsaved lol. I recall calling my best friend Valerie and bawling my eyes off asking her if she had ever seen any violent streaks in me before because she is the one bestie who has been with me the longest and most consistently.

Forget ooo, when you have real deep issues, it is only GOD that can heal you. No human, no matter how much they try can NEVER. I guess that was where my frustrations came from because I had placed such a heavy load on the guy and since he wasn’t meeting it, I became a wifezilla.
Anyways, trust Valerie, she tries her best to calm me down and stuff. And then somehow, I began to let God really work on me. I began to fully immerse in the season I was in (of motherhood and wifeyhood) and take my eyes off what others were up to in their lives. Then God began to really kinda give me roadmaps and peace and a clearer picture of the future and brought my teachers to me. One of whom is this crazy Chick Stephanie Obi.

She was one of my early callers this year on my birthday and as we spoke and i recounted how much had changed in 1year, I ALMOST started crying so I stopped talking to her. Lol

Basically she rang me a couple of weeks after my birthday last year and without knowing what was up in my life, she just telling me stuff she felt God would have me do with my life, and she was happy I had left the UN and that my life was worth much more and that my blog is such a platform that can give me a voice and blablabla.
I can recall exactly where I was and how rooted I was to the spot while she spoke. It felt like a rush of light hit me as she spoke. I felt something wake up in me. And what was funny was that she hadn’t spoken to me since I had my baby and after my birthday. I had just always missed her calls. That day for some reason, I picked and that day, LIGHT entered.
It began to all make sense. I truly did a 360 and just lived and OWNED my current season. Oh then I started literally sleeping in God’s presence. I recall that was the same season I got my present leather journal WHICH I ADORE
and I would write endlessly to God and just love on Him. I overdosed on YouTube videos from my Teachers and prayed like the my lifespan depended on how long I prayed.

It has been a LONG and SUPER EXCITING walk with God and I am thankful for me. Walking with God has not one dull moment.
Now, a year later, as I just stayed and enjoyed all the attention, I was just blown away. God is sooo good and so kind and so GRACIOUS!!! So gracious with us. I had the kind of day I wanted. I really soaked in the day and all the words.
I told my bestie Eniola that I will NOT miss ONE phonecall. I will HOG my phone. I will bask in every single word written or spoken about me and NOT feel guilty. And mehn, you guys were LAVISH!!!

I felt like God wanted me to truly BASK in it all. I didn’t know just how impactful it had been especially on Social media.
And what made me happy was just knowing that my heart was just pure and HOLY before God and even if I haven’t lived perfectly, I am doing this life well.
I have seen Him just really clean me from the very inside. I have had very regular open heart surgeries, amen!!! Days of ‘…NOOOOOOOOO God, don’t GO THERE…’

Phew!!! I have seen my faith grow steadily. I have a better understanding of the words I heard from PK one time

‘Two things have helped my life- MY ABILITY to hear from God and walking by Faith’.

I have heard Him CLEARLY in many areas of my life and for where things still seem unclear, I have FAITH that HE GOT ME!!!
I have seen myself LOOK TO JESUS ALONE and then WORK in my very many roles AS UNTO THE LORD and not man. I have seen Him REWARD and I have seen OBEDIENCE PROTECT.

I have seen Him send me my Teachers and OPEN MY EYES to recognise them.
I have seen Him send me help. I have seen Him come through for me.

I have seen Him honor my secret walk with and FOR HIM openly.

Tell you what guys, GOD IS REAL!!!

And the impact, which really pales in comparison to where He is taking me to, all comes as a result of my private fellowship with Him.

He has used Joyce MEYER to teach me about the teeny weeny details in my life. He has given me FIRE and PASSION with Christine Caine. He has given me a SUPER MENTOR in Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.


Pastor M's blog💕💕💕

He has made me very aware of my ESSENCE and EMBRACE it fully with Lisa Bevere. Oh He personally sent me Priscilla as my BEST FRIEND (she has no idea how close we are). He has made me REAL with Heather Lindsey. He made sure DDK came into my life at just the perfect time to kinda show me a mirror and my goodness, HE made sure I have the BEST PASTOR in the whole world who will listen to EVERY FINE DETAIL of the funk and junk in my life and landscape me with His Love and Counsel. Rev Femi Oduwole.

Oh there are many more teachers in my life but don’t let me continue.

People, I feel really blessed. I feel like I truly am coming into my own and I am fully embracing it.
30 rocks!!! Oh my gosh 30 ROCKS!!!

You people wey don reach 30 didn’t tell me ahead na. I would have fast forwarded this thing. Haha. You people not 30 yet think 20’s are something. Wait till you get here.

Something about 30 is freeing. Too old to care and just the right age to PUMP IT ALL UP!!!

Hey, not claiming lil’ Ms Perfect ooo. I’m just saying that it is absolutely INCREDIBLE what God will do with a life that just yields!!!
I hope I can share more subsequently especially in finer details of how He continues to walk with me but the meat of my gist today is FOLLOW GOD!!! He is the BEST SHEPHERD ever and He will NEVER lead us astray. Not promising a bump-free ride, but hey it will all be worth it. Those private moments where it is just between you and God and you give your best to life as you know to, they won’t go unrewarded.
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Thank you guys for the kindest words. And the prayers.


Loved this prayer

I didn’t actually realise just how much yawl lean in mehn. I LOVED hearing the specifics of how I have affected your lives. I loved learning that I am a mentor, bestie, mama, accountability partner, sister, etc to a lot of you even without meeting you.
Made me laugh truly. Don’t worry, I also feel like Lisa Bevere is my blood mama too. I can’t wait to hug that woman!!! The funny thing is I just live my life in the BEST way I know to and then wham, it affects lives in good ways.

Me bestie

Pretty awesome!!!

I intend to go HARDER mehn!!!

And one thing I learned from Joyce is this. She says she gets a ton of compliments literally daily so she treats each one as a rose and at the end of the day, she presents this huge beautiful bouquet to the Lord as a gift.
So Lord here is my BOUQUET!!!


Sha keep it in my mansion in heaven for me. Haha.

It is a good life at 30. It’s a GOOD GOOD life!!!

Ok enough of the serious stuff, HOW HOT ARE THESE PICTURES???
Loveeeeeet. That playsuit is totally not my style but I think God wanted me to get it because of how it came a day before the shoot. I had truly given up. Long story. And then the 30 balloons came literally an hour before.
I used to model so I had fun being the absolute centre of attention at that shoot. And I also recorded my first YouTube video. It was FUN to shoot. CoachE’ will be vlogging weekly on weight loss and then from time to time, FruitfullE’ I will share as God leads me.

Yeah, we have moved on from E’ to FruitfullE’.

I haven’t created the channel yet because I am trying to actually clear my plate, plus the video had some issues but hey, it will be up before the week is up. Amen!!!

I don’t even know where to ask you to check back for it. Oh ok, Twitter. @eziahaA

I have a clip on my IG sha. Eziaha…

I think I will prefer vlogging haha but I will do 10min or less videos. Max 15mins. But it will ROOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK like a badt band.

And how crazy is it that most people went with CoachE’ yesterday?
It was like everyone forgot my name was Eziaha and all said Happy birthday CoachE’.
Made me laugh.

Ok so I announced two giveaways on my last post. The winner for Becoming 2.0 is Omowunmi Fatogun. Got quite a number of entries and I really wanted to pick someone who had already heard about the program and Funto and was actively believing God for it. Quite a number had heard but Fatogun’s mail kinda stood out. I have a tight second runner up so hey, if God is leading any of my readers to epp, holler and then I’ll share who. Tz just 10k jare. Btw, I’m believing God for miracles for those of you who mailed me. Praying God makes a way because I have a really good feeling about Becoming. Thanks Viyon for getting me a discount. Two discounts haha.

Ok and for the weightloss, Eby Akhigbe. I asked that people comment below and they were sending me emails. Simple instruction ooo. My email box is too busy so having more emails when I can avoid it can be annoying ooo. Phew!!!

That’s why I said drop a comment. Simples. Anyways, another friend wants to sponsor one more Chick. Just drop a comment as to why you. And of course, with CoachE’ you have to be serious ooo.


Someone said I'm scaring them haha

I don’t do too well with excuses. So bring your A-game especially if you are the one I pick. Meanwhile Fatogun and Eby, please email me today. for Fatogun and for Eby.

Cheers yawl and just to sign out with this quote I picked from one of my July weight loss students,

A strong woman in her essence is a GIFT to the world…

Nuff said


Live Guys, as LAVISHLY as you know to!!!



Purpose, Seasons and a GIANTSLAYER TURNS ONE!!!


It was Wednesday, September 16, 2015 when I started noticing a tiny, almost negligible growth right on his lower inner left eye. Slowly but surely, it continued to grow till it was SO OBVIOUS.


crazy I don’t have a picture but this was how it was

People would always ask ‘what happened to his eye?’ and everytime I would say NOTHING!!! Finally, I decided to take him to the hospital and their diagnosis just annoyed me. There were too many big names thrown around and we were passed from doc to doc until we ended with TWO consultants and err, surgery would be the solution right after they had done tests on the growth to determine what kinda growth it was, and then we were finally referred to LUTH.

Wooooooh, I just carried my baby and went home. Tests ko, LUTH ni. That was when I decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Nobody is knocking my baby out with any general anaesthetic and putting him under the knife to take out this stupid growth that kept increasing. I decided it was time to WAR. EVERY DAY, MORNING AND NIGHT, I would anoint that growth and speak to it, cursing it and commanding it to shrink and die from its roots and NEVER to come back. I also laid the referral letter before God and declared that I would NEVER have to use it. I speak over it everytime and for a long time, I did not notice ANYTHING. NO REDUCTION, nothing!!! Because I was always checking it everytime and I noticed it was even increasing. I decided to STOP looking at it aside that anointing. A long time passed and then one day, I noticed it was going down. I didn’t stop my confessions and anointing for about five months and then one day, almost like magic, I noticed that the growth was COMPLETELY GONE!!! (You see why i say you should stay consistent in fighting?) Azzin, COMPLETELY. As I rejoiced, God told me

‘…don’t you know you have a GIANT SLAYER on your hands…I mean, we are talking GIANTS here so what’s a STUPID growth?…’


You see guys, mothering KingDaveed has brought me joy unspeakable but what I really wanna highlight is how God used this GIANT SLAYER to just propel me into PURPOSE!!!


I realised i was pregnant at the same time I started my job with the UN. I stopped work and had to relocate from Abuja for reasons connected to his birth. My goodness, I was one heck of a DEPRESSED and FRUSTRATED mama. Yes I LOVED being a mom but my goodness, I HATED the fact that I was giving up a career of my dreams and all my friends were just moving forward and here I was stuck with diapers and breast pumps. Look guys, it was HARD. I cried a whole lot. I look back today and I am soooooo thankful I had KingDaveed just came into my life and reroute me from living a life that was anything BUT His PERFECT WILL. Gosh, I am sooooo thankful that I do not even KNOW what to do!!! All those days I spent being NOTHING but a mom have been days that have defined my very life today.


All the things God taught and told me about my future, I WOULD NEVER KNOW IF I STILL HAD MY 8to5pm. I recall when I looked forward to going back to work and EVERYTIME it just felt like all I was seeing was God’s BACK!!! No peace, No word, nothing!!! The day I threw my will and desires out of the window, my Jesus began to speak. I began to thank God for my portion. I began to embrace the season I was in.


I began to truly enjoy being a mom, stress, meltdowns and all. I stopped all my silly comparisons with my friends in a career because I understood that what God had called them to was their business and not mine and if I chuck my nose in my purpose. I would realise I do not even have time to compare. I didn’t let any pressure from my people get to me, and there was a LOT!!!


But as KingDaveed was approaching his first birthday, I felt like God was trying to tell me something. It was fuzzy but I just knew He was set to just say something. As I prayed concerning the photoshoot I wanted to do, God told me to capture my everyday life with KingDaveed in the pictures. I was so excited about the idea and I recall sharing with my bestie Booski and she just couldn’t wait for the pictures.

That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET

That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET

You need to understand that for the better part of KingDaveed’s first year, it had just been BOTH OF US. We had wayyyyyy too much memories together and God wanted me to make the shoot about it.

Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me

Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me

And right in the middle of the shoot, God told me

Eziaha, it is time for you to move to the NEXT SEASON OF YOUR LIFE…


If I tell you I didn’t understand what God meant, I lie!!! But even then, what I knew was little and so over the next couple of weeks, God started to REALLY explain SEASONS to me, how what I thought was merely a ‘low output season’ for me was actually a HUGE part of His PERFECT PLAN. That time when my whole life was consumed with this little human here, He was in it.


Can I just take a moment to really appreciate two of my besties who would LISTEN to me as I exhausted their credit time after time just running them through what God has told me and gosh these girls would listen, make sense of it all for me, tell me how much I was ABLE to do ALL that He had told me to do. Valerie and Dumebi, you girls are ROCKSTARS!!! And I do mean ROCKS and STARS. I can’t even begin to deserve you girls. Nah!!!

And just to make sure I had the time to pursue all that He called me to do, He sent me a homehelp literally from heaven.


My lil chef

(Almost) All my routines with KingDaveed, she took over. I can wake up and just go sit before God downloading for the first 6hours of my day knowing that she got KingDaveed covered.


My prayer and prayer room partner

I can pull allnighters studying and fleshing up the business ideas God has given because I didn’t have an exhausting day. I could actually reach more ladies as God brought them to me because I didn’t have to be consumed with KingDaveed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still spend an awful lot of time with KingDaveed

somedays, we just don't wanna smile

somedays, we just don’t wanna smile

but God had to teach me that it was OK to leave him with her and work for my new season because He was watching over him/them. Diaper changing, bathing, washing, feeding (aside breastfeeding which I intend to carry on till he is at least 1yr and half, just incase you are wondering), rocking to sleep, etc, Nkechi handles it all and that’s because God has moved me from that season. I occasionally slide in and do some of these but it is now Nkechi’s to handle.


Sometimes I wonder the direction my life would have taken if I didn’t conceive at the time I did. Would my roots have gone as deep as they are now? Would I have started my own businesses? Would I have been hearing God as I do now? Would I be working on the things I am working on now? Would I still be stuck in a season that was less than His PERFECT WILL? Would I be frustrated or nah?

Look, I am so thankful for KingDaveed for all the above and more.

My church buddy

My church buddy

KingDaveed also made me LEARN FIRSTHAND what it meant to have compassion for people with kids. Look, I am ashamed to say that I was that chick who if I was in a bus, especially when I was in school, going from Lag to Ibadan for example, I would AVOID any row that had any baby or child. I just didn’t care for children, especially if they DARED to not be still. And then there were days I would have to take a bus with KingDaveed because I really couldn’t afford to take a cab and it would HIT me!!! Imagine someone doing that to KingDaveed???


African mama


I went with KingDaveed to the market everytime when I was alone and I recalled how I wasn’t exactly nice to women who were backing their kids and carrying two or three market bags. I walked in those shoes and I LEARNED compassion. Now, I am constantly looking out for that woman who I can help in what little way or the other. I have become that chick who would quickly strike off something from my shopping list so I could be a blessing financially to some mama who REALLY needs it. I literally enter the market looking for ONE mom to help in whatever way I can. It made me soooooo thankful for what I had especially when I start to even remotely complain, because my eyes were opened to women who could BARELY even feed their kids. I mean, God used KingDaveed to give me a real perspective check.


Back to the giant slaying story. When God told me that, it stirred something in me. It stirred a GIANT in me too. I knew I couldn’t afford to stay slacking as I mother this boy. My A-game has to be on fleek, spiritually.

You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!

You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!

I had to grow. QUICKLY!!! As the last born myself, God had to teach me to make my decisions concerning MY SON as HE LED ME and not let ANYONE ELSE’s opinion affect me, NO MATTER WHO. It meant I had to really download from heaven concerning XYZ before my mom’s opinion came in and I had to learn how to put my feet down on my decisions.

TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE

TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE

Azzin, I say my NO and MEAN IT!!! Being a mom to this GIANT SLAYER just matured me quickly. I had a destiny in my hand, literally and I am determined to raise him truly in the way of God and not according to the world. I have to keep firing prayers into his NOW and his FUTURE. I couldn’t afford to slack.

BIO goals haha

BIO goals haha

I feel like a truly different Eziaha. The old Eziaha went the moment I became a mom. God had to use Him to re-route my life and place me on the right track. I feel like an EZIAHA on PURPOSE!!!

Purpose, right in the middle of the 'ordinary' like cooking

Purpose, right in the middle of the ‘ordinary’ like cooking

Just bang in the middle of all that God has called me to do and be. I truly feel like I can take down the GIANTS that await in this new season of my life. I truly wanna lead a Proverbs 31 life. I feel really privileged to mother this GIANT SLAYER and by God, I would not trade any of my seasons, past, present and future, for ANYTHING!!!


Gosh, I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to look back at these pictures next year as KingDaveed turns TWO and see just how far God has brought me from this season now and maybe, just maybe He may be ready to take me to the next season of my life. I know God, He moves on fastforward especially with me and so I have to RUN, literally AFTER what God has called me to do.


No time baby, no time!!!

And hey, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Olaedo. Without doubt, she has been the BIGGEST MOMMY INFLUENCE in my life. She has taught me sooooooo many things both by words and by actions. And to think I met her off my blog. I am just thankful she obeyed the prompt to send me an email. She has held my hand through my pregnant days to when KingDaveed was born and afterwards. She has taken me in and just poured into me. I haven’t seen anyone mother like Ola. Her kids are just BEAUTIFUL and no I don’t mean only physically.

Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn't wanna send to me...

Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn’t wanna send to me…

I am just excited at all that they will grow to be because Ola is a SUPER SOUND GODLY mama. Ola, you are an absolute treasure!!! I love you with all of my heart. Thank you soooooooooo much darling. Thank you.

And this will all make sense later but I am grateful first to mama for bringing DDK for Warrior In Heels.



Two different people had told me about DDK and how we have A LOT in common and so I go look for her on Twitter and her bio interested me. Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect but as DDK opened her mouth to give the WORD, I knew EXACTLY why my spirit had been soooooo excited about her and the program. She’s my new best friend now (she doesn’t know yet but soooooooon) and I am amazed as to how often I now say ‘…like DDK said…’ haha.


Just like Dee… lol

DDK is sooooooo vital for this season I am in now and mehn… DDK answered almost EVERY question I had, it was surreal. I have truly never had a moment of listening to someone where I am at the edge of my seat, leaning in as far as possible and cupping my palm in my chin. img_20160408_040736.jpg

I have NEVER had that posture listening to anyone. It was like DDK was talking to ME!!! The connection I felt with DDK was CRAZY!!! She talked about Seasons, Apostles in the marketplace, commonizing the ‘ordinary’. She talked about some of the stuff I had blogged about in recent times but still, they HIT me.  In fact let me not talk too much. But if you ever have an opportunity to hear DDK minister, RUN THERE!!!

Lemme end with a funny story. About KingDaveed. There was this one time we came in from church and I told my help to snap me just before we entered my home but KingDaveed kept making her shake so I took him in and closed the door. Soon I stopped hearing his movement behind the door but I didn’t bother. After our snapping, we came in and guess what Bro KingDaveed was doing? He had gone to my fridge, which he had recently learnt to open, brought out my tomatoes which were in the lower compartment of the door, and pressed all of them.

My fridge scatterer

My fridge scatterer

Hahaha. It was soooooo funny. Ah children. Silence is very very suspicious.

And this is me side-eyeing that chick who recently gave KingDaveed some money and on the envelop wrote ‘Bro KingDaveed’ I couldn’t believe it. I laughed sooooo hard. Haha. Crazy you!!!

Motherhood is an amazing amazing gift straight from heaven.


My bestie just popped out baby number 2


and I told her that she better name him Jonathan because frankly, I think she may have just birthed my baby’s covenant ‘Jonathan’.


I can NOT wait for more and more babies from my friends especially those with whom I am in faith. Just get ready to have your life changed FOREVER if You let Him be GOD even in your parenting.

My workout interferer lol

My workout interferer lol

This post took a different turn than I thought it would. But I am happy it did. Looking forward to re-reading it when KingDaveed turns two and being just FLAT OUT AMAZED by GOD!!! AMEN…







Loved meeting everyone from my blog at Warrior in Heels.

Dee and Glow

Dee and Glow

I was amazed at how many of you came.

Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!

Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!


Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra

Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra

Cant wait for all the exploits God will do through us all. amen!!!


I tweet a lot these days. Follow me there @eziahaA so we can stay connected. At least that way you know i am still alive even when i do not blog. lol. And Facebook too. Eziaha Ajaero. Email and IG eziaha


Someborry tell my hubby to learn this our pose quickly ooooo


Then I love this picture too. Just look at that transformation


#SavedFit&FAB…The FIRST FIVE (Pix) and ANOTHER FIVE!!!

Been a while on these streets guys.
Air kisses.

How’s everyone’s fitness game going?
Strong? Off the tracks? Just there?


6months and 1year!!! Whoop

Just keep pushing guys. Consistency is key here and so if you are willing to put in the discipline now and pay the tough price, you will get to your Later On where there is plenty of CHILL!!!
I feel like God personally answered my prayer-whisper for cake when someone gifted KingDaveed the biggest baddest red velvet and chocolate cake.


At first I had a little and thought I was ok but ladies and gentlemen, the day after, I ate NOTHING but cake. Cake for brekkie, lunch, dinner, snack, err’thang!!! 
Even at 11pm. 


Infact the entire week I had been in birthday mode so I worked out just once, momsie brought plenty foods when she came and I ate too. That birthday week was my off-week. Haha. Trust me there was ZERO guilt. I popped out a 4.4kg baby same time last year


after all the drama and God had kept us both for a whole year? I felt a need to celebrate. 



No surprises on the scale when Sunday morning the scales showed me 81kg. 
From 77.7 a week earlier. 


For these facial expressions, I live. Lol

You see why when you get to your ideal (me 79kg), you go even further down a bit (me 77kg) leaving a bit of wiggleroom for err birthdays and stuff accidents (me 81kg). Haha. 
Trust me though, my body didn’t feel any different. My cloths fit like before.


81kg. Very very pre-wedding. Even freer at that waist

That’s what happens in the ‘later on’ zone. 
But you see, I knew coming into a new week, my fitness game was going back on track. I put away the remaining cake and told my body ‘enough’ and as I prayed for the week, I prayed on it too. 
Come back next weekend let’s see what all my clean eating and workout impacts on the scales. 
But all that story above is not what this post is about. That story above was just to say ‘we fall down. And we get up’


Me after my sunday night run

Today I wanna share the testimonies from my very first Saved Fit&Fab group. 
Eeeeeek!!! I feel like one PROUD Coach. 5weeks of clean eating and workout and they lost from 8kg to 11kg. 

The pictures tell a better story. I’m showing pictures from when they started. My ladies are beautiful so ignore the pictures. No be fashion parade. Haha 



My Banker chic. The one who has made all your stupid excuses of ‘I’m busy’ useless!!!
She pushed. She pushed!!! Oh girl I’m sooo proud of you. 


The scales put her kilograms lost at 7kg or so but look at these pictures!!!

Nike, my questioner.


Nike asked questions a LOT and I loved her for it. She always gave me things to talk about in the group. Another busy chic. She was travelling a lot but even on the move, we would work out something to ensured she still ate clean. 
Sooooo proud of her commitment even with her crazy busy schedule. Her plenty questions earned her an auto entry into the next group. Only her. Excited to have her on board again. I think she lost 8kg. 
Holly. One of my favorite Chicks.


She definitely invested in phonecalls because she used to ring me on a regular. She was my only northern chick. She was soooo consistent. Plus she’s so beautiful. Has a regular job too yet she stayed consistent. Gosh!!! You ladies were stellar!!! I’m so glad Holly’s curves are coming out again.


D love handles wanted to hide the curves

Let’s hope baby no 2 doesn’t ‘appear’ this year. Hahahaha. 

Beebah!!! Our baby of the group.


Student and yet she put in the hardwork even with her crazy schedule being that she lived off campus. Several times she would run to school instead of bikes or cabs. She was my biggest loser. 11kg. I was very impressed by her because even when sh had network issues, she would climb a tree, literally, to log in. 



Moji has Joyce Meyer’s voice. Deeeeeep. Haha. Probably my most consistent. Like two of us were competing with the skips. 1000 today 1500 tomorrow. I was determined to ‘out-skip’ her lol. Moji’s commitment inspired me. She didn’t let her weight deter her from doing intense cardio. Wow!!! I think she surprised us all. And inspired us all too. She lost 8kg. 

And finally Water Walker. 


She was my ‘bonus’ haha. WW was so determined that she put in her workouts even with a sprained knee. I guess that’s what being in a group does to you. It pushes you. She started small small and in no time, pushed through pain and did her routines. Nike also worked out through a swollen ankle. We didn’t even know yet I was giving babe 500 jumping jacks which she would do. One day she shared pictures. I almost cried lol. I spent like 700 hours telling her how to modify her workout, get the right shoes to reduce impact, etc. I don’t think she listened. Hahahaha. Bae was determined, swollen ankle and all. Because she knew the weight dropping will aid the ankle healing. Gosh!!!
Excuses don’t burn calories. Anyways back to Water Walker. 


The BEFORE is from before she joined in. I think

Plus she brought some sanguine spark into the group. Haha. Most of my people were dry. Looool #grouphug #truthhurts

I recall one said they didn’t wanna come and be gisting so I won’t think they are unserious. Hahahahah. 

Anyways thanks ladies for bringing out the Shaun E’ in me. You ladies are like family to me. I look at yawl and i’m so proud of me and grateful to God. You put in a LOT of work and I am glad you have started seeing results. I hope you don’t forget all the education I gave yawl and you don’t stop working out and eating clean even though the group is over. You know most of you are still FAR from target but I hope I equipped you with enough info, fight/determination and love to keep you pushing. 

Taking these ladies through the journey educated me even more. I grew. A lot!!!

Were they perfect? Nah. I did a LOT of motivation both personally and on the group. It definitely stressed me but it was worth it. Sometimes I would talk and talk on the group and they would all go quiet on me loooool. Then I would start getting panic phonecalls, in case I wanna delete em, lol. Trust me, it was hilarious.

I pushed them because I knew they could kick this fat. Fat is weak abeg. I already saw their seriousness from the beginning. No comedians there. 

I loved hearing their success stories. The impact dropping the weight was having on confidence, health and their life generally. Even spiritually. Which is why I wanna do this again. Trust me, this is the LAST free one. It will def be better than the first because of all I learned.

So let’s do another five ladies. (6 inclusive of Nike) My requirements are the same. Just be fun too and not dry. 

Pink is also auto in. And then Lara. 

But you both still email me AND let me know you are the one. 

That means I have slots for just three more ladies. Three serious ladies. 
Mail (cc please)

Just tell me a little about yourself. Or a lot. Whatever. Lol. And of course your current weight, BMI and goal. 

It would be awesome if you took time to read through all my SavedFit&Fab posts which I put together here FIRST!!! Especially the requirements

Let me know that you read ALL the posts and the requirements in your mail.
You need to know that this journey is not a walk in the park. You need to bring your A-game here!!!

We kick off next week so I will stop emails by Tuesday midnight. This week will be for orientation and getting all your stuff. #notime

Group hug… Need to get another post up tonight or latest tomorrow. 
Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!


No, I didn’t finish that cake. I ate about half sha looool (just in case you were judging me in your heart). My tummy hurt so bad that day and the next but I was determined to eat cake. The tummy has been seeing clean and green eating, I no blame am. Lol

My Hub’s Birthday Pressie… and other stories

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom/grow in wisdom/get a heart of wisdom… Psalms 90v12

Hi guys.

How’s everyone doing today? How did your week go?

This week was a birthday week in my family mehn. Started off with BIL on Sunday,


Hubs on Tuesday and Popsie’s 71st on Thursday


which wraps up Birthday season for the year in my family.

Pop’s birthday certainly had us all in an upbeat mood especially after what happened some 3weeks back with stupid armed robbers. The fact that it was a weekday didn’t stop our #TurnUp ooo. Plus my Sister gifted him a Highlander and I was the one that planned the entire surprise and presentation. Actually it was my hubs that suggested we just don’t present it in a dry manner, instead we should act small drama. Since I hold the drama franchise in my family, the buck ended on my table. So we had my sis driver bring it after we had gotten there. I told him to just call me and not come in. I came out, ensured he was blocking the gate, got the keys and papers, and dismissed him. Meanwhile my parents had no idea what was happening at their gate. Anyways, my sis later tells them she wants to leave and then I went out, came in and told popsie someone was blocking his gate. At first, he was like NOPE, someone cannot be blocking MY GATE, go check again. My dad HATES any manner of rubbish hence his insistence that it wasn’t possible. Finally he decided to come out with momsie and then he saw the DEFAULTING SUV. He was so upset lol, then he asked the guys opposite my house in the mechanic workshop who dared to block his gate. In the middle of all that drama, my sis brings out the papers and goes ‘daddy, this one is for you…’

Popsie and Momsie

Popsie and Momsie

Let’s just say I can’t put into words all that happened thereafter. I had to video the moment for my other sibs absent. It was such a beautiful moment, they never hexperredit. My sis was just like, please can you REMOVE your car so I can drive mine out? Momsie was just like ‘a ma m na owu Eziaha ga eme udi ihe a’ (I know it is Eziaha that would plan this kinda thing). What a time to be alive and a blessing to your parents.


My dad is such a warrior, a STRONG MAN hence I chose the wordings for this cake especially.


Ok all that is by the way, or maybe it kinda all comes together with what today’s post is all about.

Btw, thanks to everyone for all the blog LOVE ooo. Thanks to everyone who has commented, reached out to me, publicised, shared their own stories with me, especially from my last post on THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP, encouraged me and just generally hung around the FAB lane. God bless yawl. Keep it up especially the sharing and publicity. And don’t even apologise for writing long comments ooo. That is what I love the most. Feel free to write an epistle if you must haha. One love ma people… Yes please, share on your various Social media platforms.


Ok so it was Hubs birthday on October 6 and he was coming into town on the 8th. When you have a baby, there is a tendency for wives to just shift all the attention to the baby and leave hubs which is NOT RIGHT. So I was just thinking of what to do for him that would really let him know my heart for him.



I had also been praying a WHOLE LOT for him in recent times and every SINGLE TIME I prayed, I would hear NEXT LEVEL, Call forth greatness for the NEXT LEVEL… The more I prayed, the more God used 3 characters in the Bible to drive home the point… Abraham, Joshua and David. Even a basic Bible knowledge would show you that these three men were GREAT LEADERS, first of their homes and then of people. I knew that this next level of GREATNESS for Hubs had plenty to do with LEADERSHIP so I wanted to get him a gift that captured all that perfectly.


On Sunday preceding, it hit me. PASTOR SAM ADEYEMI!!! EVERYONE knows that Pastor Sam breathes LEADERSHIP like no other person in Nigeria


plus he is such a HUGE MENTOR FIGURE for Hubs BUT him not being in Lagos has sorta affected the way he would have loved to be a good mentee. I mean, there were some things hubs had told me earlier about his life that I knew needed to jumpstart already. So I thought I would get him some of Pastor Sam’s materials/leadership packs if available, for him to REALLY study and get wisdom from.


I rang up a friend who attends DayStar where Pastor Sam is the set man and she said she would make some calls and get back to me the next day to know what they had but even then, she didn’t seem all positive that I would get it before Thursday because you have to place an order first and everything. I was already giving up when on Monday morning, I needed some time to do this and that around the house so I turned on the TV for my son and surprisingly, it was on Kingdom Africa. I was about to change it to Disney Junior for KingDaveed when the Holy Spirit nudged me to let it be. They were showing music videos and I thought that would be captivating enough for him anyways. After some time, I came to feed him and soon after, Pastor Sam came up on the TV. Long story short, there was an ad for his Leadership DVD packages and when I saw the contents of those packages, My GOODNESS, I KNEW THAT WAS IT!!!


I quickly rang the numbers and placed an order. He told me Wednesday would be delivery date if I paid today. They were quite pricey but do you really place a price on WISDOM? I didn’t have all the money and I couldn’t of course involve hubs so I did some ‘kurukere’ moves, paid and Ladies and Gentlemen, the delivery guy from DHL was at my dormot Tuesday morning to deliver,

Hub's gift

Hub’s gift

the same day that was his birthday, one day after I placed the order. I was so excited when I opened it because the topics covered, the guest speakers and ministers, the packaging, the EVERYTHING was just what I KNEW GOD WANTED FOR MY HUBS. It was such a wise investment and I knew he would love it.


It was my dad’s birthday the day he entered Lagos so we were still surprising my parents. He saw the package and rang me to know if he could open and I said NO!!!

He didn’t.

I wasn’t going to miss his reaction now, was I?

Anyhoos, when I got in, I watched him open it and take it out one by one and then HE SCREAMED with joy. He said he had tried severally to get it but something always hindered or he just forgot so this was just a PERFECT GIFT!!! Fam, my joy that day was full!!!


‘…In the last days,… your sons and daughters will PROPHESY, Your young men shall see visions…’ Acts 2:17

I once heard a sermon on this scripture above and Pastor Mildred related it to marriages, that you as a wife have been called to HELP and part of your assignment is also to keep speaking, prophesying, into his life in anyways that you can. Know what God has told him and if he ever forgets, you be the PROPHET IN HIS LIFE and keep reminding him in any way possible.


See ehn, I could have easily bought cake as that is standard birthday tradition, but what would that have profited him aside putting it on his DP and people ohing and ahing? Plus my house was/is brimming with cakes from the other 2 celebrants, plus I know hubs, he will have a slice and dazall

But you see this gift I got him, we are talking DESTINY here and I am just so glad I am able to HELP him and PROPHESY as he moves on to the NEXT LEVEL in his life this year, going forward and leading the way for his family too.


Guys, watch out for this tall glass of hot chocolate


Yup, THE Bolaji Olojo.

Guys, not every time you have a celebration that you buy cake for someone as a gift. Frankly, I think it is really wasteful if I get like 5/10 cakes on my birthday. I would definitely be talking to the givers lol. Cos all they good for is DP, lol. The scripture I shared above says we should apply our hearts to wisdom. My BIL had cake because he has a large family of 4kids plus neighbors and everything to share with. Cake was a wise thing to celebrate with. My dad had cakes because there was a celebration- kids, grandkids, staff, friends and all in his various clubs, etc. Of course he also had the car. But getting my hubs cake would have been THE MOST FOOLISH THING EVER TO DO!!!

Can I just talk to wives here? Especially the young ones like me. Go ask your hubby what God has told him, then you go before God in PRAYERS EVERYDAY asking Him for wisdom on how exactly you can help that man achieve his vision!!! Do it and come back and thank me… Hey and this can apply to friends too and those engaged. Just make up your mind that on this person’s birthday, you will actually give a gift that makes that person ‘apply her heart to wisdom’, and then you can add cake to it.

Hey, I ain’t knocking birthday cakes ooo. I just think we can have more, you know, WISE pressies… personally, I can skip cake on my birthday for now. 2 years ago, hubs got me cake and I gave it ALL away after it stayed in the freezer forever haha. This year, he knew better and got me more stuff I could actually use.

That, ladies and Gentlemen, is the koko of this post… WISDOM in giving especially on those days when we ‘number our days’ literally ie Birthdays.

And of course to show off to yawl that I am such a PERFECT and WISE wife.

*straight face*


And finally, to say that my booboo is actually 7 months today.

Smile on booboo

Smile on booboo

Yup, tz been one month since I did that post when he was 6months.


God bless my baby. And my baby daddy. And yawl. And me too.

God loves yawl like crazy,




I must commend DAYSTAR as a church. their professionalism is to be emulated. the guy who picked the call was not only polite, he was refreshingly knowledgeable too. He had answers for all my questions and could advise me appropriately. I know you may say ‘Hello!!! He is Customer service and should know’ but try calling any of our mobile phone operators’ CC!!! Then come back and tell me about KNOWING!!!



Just look at my NATURAL HAIR!!!


Peek my workout buddy there


Ignore the gory picture, I had just finished my Night workout… It has been ONE MONTH plus guys and I have been VERY CONSISTENT, clean eating and exercising and the weight is dropping. I will share in subsequent posts. My target is DECEMBER tho. KIMK Body (without the ‘work’ haha) loading… Yaaaaay!!!



I am just here wondering what the next post should be… Maybe I should share my WEANING, The journey so far abi? Lol, I see some of yawl waiting for THE SPIRIT OF SHARRAP pt 2 but sorry it is not yet coming. That post don’t wanna be written yet so I wont force it. So it is either THE WEANING JOURNEY or something on my workout and eating clean routine or One Post I CAN NOT wait to share… BALANCE, A DEFINITION!!! Either way guys, see yawl on the 13th, by God’s grace. Please don’t forget to share this post if it blessed you. Thank you. And hey, if there is something you want me to write about, let me know and as God helps and leads me, I will write.



Hian!!! All my favourite bloggers unu biko start blogging again na. Just be like me haha. But really, I MISS CLEAN CHRISTIAN Blogging. My Reader and Blog roll is sooo dry. Let me not name names biko but if you have ever seen my comment on your blog, I mean YOU!!!



Hey everyone who decided to go on a DETOX after my post, how is it going? Gist me abeg haha. Mine is going still well. Living a very detoxed life now with proper control of any and everything in my radar.

#BeautifulNovember #BeautifulFriendship

November has been one of those amazing months filled with the most beautiful celebrations of persons I deeply truly love…

My bestie Mrs Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator aka Booski’s wedding anniversary Sunday, Nov 2,2014


Bestie and her Tony poraroe

My bestie, Mrs Eniola Ogunmekan aka Sapphire’s baby boy and my godson Oluwadabira was born Sunday Nov 9, 2014


My friend who I met in NYSC camp who incidentally got married on the same day as i did also gave birth to such a testimony of a child Chimdebelundum meaning My God kept my life. So much drama but devil lost yo!!!


Khally's testimony

The FAB group too had some celebration.  My most amazing sister and friend, Titilola Oliyide’s celebrated her birthday on November 18 and her spanking result from Imperial college, UK too.


Girl, I love you super much and celebrate you.
Then Desola my darling’s wedding on Nov 22. This delicious yummy couple.


Mr&Mrs Abayomi Afolabi

Can anyone imagine just how gawjuss their kids will be? Happy married life Sugar.


Your home is so blessed!!!

My Pastor, Father, Mentor, and Coach Rev Femi Oduwole’s birthday and his wife’s too.


November 23 (Rev) and Nov 20 (Rev TJ). Such a blessing this couple have been to us as a family. I totally celebrate them and love them very much.


Especially as all through the drama that ensued leading up to my wedding, they were there gidigba and even did plenty runs to ensure I had a great wedding and did us the honor of coming down to Lagos from Ibadan (right after a most busy period where the ministry has the annual camp meeting and home coming) with an entourage of his pastors sef to do the honors of



And even after the marriage and there has been some distance between us, don’t stop checking up on and praying for us. I just absolutely am so privileged to be mentored and loved by this couple. God bless them sooo much for us. Amen!!!

And today is my bestie Dr Valerie Edetanlen’s aka my very own Angel o’ love’s birthday. Mrs-to-be. The most loyal, most consistent, most loving girlfriend I have.


Ok this post will dwell more on our friendship.
Met her plenty years back… 100L. I was in B71 and she was in B73 or was it 69. Either ways, we were neighbours. We prolly hit it off right away cos Vee is a drama queen and I love me some drama hehehe. I was in pharmacy and she in medicine so our prelim year had basically same courses Chem 157 being the koko-master of them all. U flunk that, you flunk out. So we started studying together. I thought I was intelligent till I met Valerie’s brain. Choi!!! All the tough questions and topics, my girl would answer it like maimai… Lol. That she made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT in her med school set. Now thats huge. Beyond acada, she was just my go-to. We attended various stuff together and the first thing I noticed was that Vee is loyal!!! I got popular in 100level pretty fast and there came the plenty gossip/beef and Vee would fight anyone that badmouthed me. She was a voltron to a good fault. She would be very sure to yab them back hehehe. And boy!!! Vee can yab. Then if I had issues, Vee would do EVERYTHING she could to help. And my goodness, if there was any LITTLE success story about me, Vee would make a MONSTROUS deal outta it. She would celebrate me more than even me. Vee believed so much in me it was scary. Vee would blow lil good deeds out of proportion. She just is an amazing cheerleader. The BEST I ever had. She left the hostel after 100level and I stayed back in but our friendship remained.
Fast forward to when I failed outta pharmacy school and she had gone to UCH. I went incommunicado wella. I didn’t pick plenty calls, reply texts, etc. But Vee persisted. She spoke to everyone she knew who may have seen me to tell them to tell me to take her calls. She tried sooo hard to reach me. She would leave UCH and track me down severally just to see how I am doing and know what my next plans were. When she finally tracked me down and I told her, you could see empathy dripping. She didn’t stop calling, stop praying, stop encouraging. And my goodness, Vee never stopped believing in me. She would tell me how I would be a mega star cos Pharmacy is not my thing. That the world will celebrate me someday this setback would be a joke. Infact she yabbed pharmacy and medicine so much you would think she wasn’t a med student. Anything to make me happy, Vee would do.
Soon, we found ourselves attending the same church off camp and we were both in drama.


You know Vee is drama already so you can imagine all the drama she brought to Shabach theatre. Hehhehehe. Those were fun times yo!!! Despite her medical school schedule, she was committed to drama.
We got closer and closer. Through all the mistakes I made relationship wise, friend wise, etc she was there. No mistake would make her condemn you. She would keep every secret and NEVER spill or bring it up ‘conveniently’ to spite you. I would go ahead to hold several leadership positions in church/fellowship and Vee won’t ever judge or bring up the past.
Kai!!! What a friend!!!
Even when I give her counsel, she’s very accepting and always so grateful. Never a ‘who do ya think you are?’ moment with Vee.
Lemme end with something she did during my wedding. As you imagine, she was there all through.


My Court wedding


Vee in the middle


Lol. My bridal shower. Peek Booski and Eniola. Crazy girls


She was the first to make me cry at that shower. She said the sweetest things

So a day to the day or 2days sef, I needed a huge amount immediately to settle a bill. I didn’t have the money at the moment so I asked her for it to pay back in some hours or so. She gave me. Wedding preps took over and I forgot till Monday after. I asked for her account number to send the money. Daz where the drama began ooo. Babe was like ‘which money? I didn’t gi you any money ooo. Go and look for who gave you money. Etc.’ Babe just no gree. And it wasn’t all those 10k 20k money ooo. Kai!!! What a friend!!!

Darling, I am so thankful for your years of and hand in friendship.
Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader. Loyalty is rare. But babe, you typify it in this relationship even when I have slacked.
My God bless you.

Oh one last thing about Vee. So she recently lost literally the BEST person in her life, and days later, babe is talking about planning a surprise bridal shower for our friend Titi.


Vee, titi and i

Ah!!! I was shocked ooo. But vee understood that Titi’s wedding was a once in a lifetime thing and she had to be there for her. The same girl was also asking,me about some of the faith projects I had shared with her. That’s Vee. She is too selfless to her friends. God bless you babe, soooo much. All day!!! Every day!!!
I pray our friendship lasts forever. Plenty memories to make darling.

I totally absolutely love you babe. Truly and deeply.


Peek Vee... Ist lady you see

Happy birthday Sugar.



Oh November was finally my convocation. Finally indeed. After 2years. But it is all good. It was such a flattering day for me though I didn’t go. Got so many awards. Peek them



Can you imagine that my name was published as one of those who failed out of their department.
The same school, i am being celebrated in front of the same lecturers from pharmacy school too.



Vee was certainly right. Celebration of E’ everywhere. And God ain’t done yet.




World domination!!!
God is soooo faithful!!! I will spend my life inspiring people mehn. Can’t wait for next year. Yaaay!!!!

November is also my wedding anniversary. Whoop
Can’t believe tz a year I did this post


I repeat, God is so faithful!!!


One of the things I LOVE this most about being a bonafide DCC member and a true CORRECT daughter of PK (lagos) and Pastor B(Abuja) has to be the way my mind has been spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word.


See my Pastors ehn, they don’t know how to ‘sugar coat’ the Word. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are looking for the truth, and looking to grow spiritually, I proudly recommend David’s Christian Centre.


It is not uncommon to hear PK punctuate his teachings with ‘Are you people angry…?’ And angry or not, my PK/PstB will still hit you HARD and if you are wise, you will see the love and adjust!!! In my final year, I fell ill right in the middle of my first semester exams. So I pinged PK and our convo went something like

‘…pk, I’ve been sick for a while and I’ve been COLLECTING prayers from everywhere…please pray for me..’

Now if you KNOW pk, you won’t be saying such rubbish as ‘collecting prayers’ anywhere around him talkless of to him but I didn’t KNOW him then so I typed such rubbish. I’ll just skip the ‘finishing’ I got lol and jump right into the fact that he now used me to preach at a special program in Church titled FULL SUPPLY that evening. I was in Ibadan so I had no idea but the next day, he pinged me to ask how I was doing and now told me how he preached with my ‘COLLECTING prayers’ and how I should go and get the message and listen. My people, I got it when I came to Lag and like Pastor M told me then, at least you can rejoice that at least he also called you ‘Correct daughter’. PK attacked that faithless mindset that made me think prayers was something to be ‘collecting’ like a beggar rather than using my faith to activate my healing esp as it was simple malaria once and for friggin’ all!!!


As a DCC member, I’ve been positively BRAINWASHED. My vocab has changed. If the Word doesn’t prescribe it, I don’t care who is saying it, I don’t buy. I don’t believe. I live my life by ONLY what the Word prescribes. Tradition, religion, culture, etc are lost on me. Worst of all, popular opinion. Before I take in anything, I ask myself ‘Who said it?’


Without such an attitude, you will just run mad in this life with all the absolute stupid and mad opinions flying around.
Eish!!! I can’t deal!!!

Blessed is the man, oh the JOYS of those who do not follow the advice/counsel of the wicked/ungodly…’ Psalms 1:1

Has anyone noticed that the UNGODLY and Anti-Christ like to give advice? Sweetie, don’t even bother thinking of any devil/witch/babalawo, please look inwards. Any talk, any advice, any suggestion, any way of life that is NOT spiritually grounded with a strong foundation in the Word is UNGODLY and Anti-Christ. Simples!!!

Something happened on my birthday and my goodness, I expected it. And I loved that it happened cos I have needed a ‘relatable to me’ story to buttress my point in this post.


So I am pregnant. And my goodness, I am happily openly unshyly pregnant. Hey, I respect those who DENY vehemently the fact that they are pregnant (and happily married) until the 6th month. Cool. But I draw a line at two points

1. Why are you hiding it?
My blood Sis, She’s fiercely private. I recall one time someone bashed her car so in the period it was being repaired, she had to add the guy up on her BBM to be getting updates and pictures. In that period, she NEVER used any of her pictures or kids’ pictures cos of the guy.


Ah sister of mine. She would NEVER announce her pregnancy till she’s rolling around town. Privacy is her ‘why’. I respect that. But daz NOT me!!!
I belong to a BirthClub on the BabyCentre App (My Pregnancy Today)


once the Topic was ‘When do I announce?’ People had different answers but aside privacy, another reason some wanted to keep it private was cos they had a medical condition/complications and the Doc wanted to be sure they had passed the stormiest stages first. Infact some ladies with complications said they still announced as soon as they found out so that people around them help out where they can and  should a miscarriage even happen (God forbid), they will have help/support through it all.
Good reasons.
But I PAUSE where you are hiding and denying your pregnancy (complete with classic symptoms) just because WITCHES and WIZARDS are waiting to yank the baby from your womb. The App is an American App and NOT one single person mentioned that. This African DEVILISH mentality of witches sha!!! Before I jump into what happened, lemme state my reason number 2.

2. I pause when you even attempt to suggest to me to hide under the bed with my pregnancy just because I should fear ‘strong people’ who have the powers to remove my pregnancy!!! Why in God’s powerful name do the ungodly like to give advice? Look I’m not averse to advice but if it is fear/experience/popular-opinion motivated,


SHOVE IT!!! With a cold glass of ginger ale for easy digestion.


I put up this picture above on BBM and see what this Sistur-in-the-Lord had to say… I have done well to remove her name.


I showed Diche because I was looking for a classic response Diche-style and trust her, she was like for someone who is NOT married and has NEVER been preggers, she seems to ‘know’ an awful lot and awful WRONG too.

Look, I certainly believe that the world has evil people ooo. No friggin’ doubt. But Shattah!!! Are these people DAFT enough to be playing with fire? Why should I be scared of them please? Why should LIGHT fear darkness? Why? Bikonu WHY!!!???

John 1:5 ‘…That light SHINES in the darkness and darkness can NEVER extinguish it…’

Let’s analyze this pregnancy scenario for a second and lemme attempt to brainwash you with the water of the Word…

These ‘strong people’ , whether I announce it or not, in the spiritual realm, hope we know that they KNOW these things too. We know, the devil z in charge of these ‘strong people’. As I’m pregnant now, as soon as I found out (maybe even before), devil knew too. He hears me pray for my baby. He sees me take my pre-natals. He sees me anoint myself and take the communion daily. Except he is world-class daft (and he isn’t) he couldn’t have missed it. He certainly doesn’t need me to announce it first before he sends his demons and ‘strong people’ to try themselves. As soon as he found out, he started putting plans in motion using his strong people. So please tell me if my announcement or not can stop this devil? Lemme tell you what can stop the devil and overcome the ‘strong world people’ –

1John 5:4 ‘…For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through OUR FAITH…’

My FAITH and KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION of the Word. That’s my weapon for guaranteed victory.

‘… While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares/thistles/fear/weed/thorns/etc…’ Matt 13:25

Who will the bastard catch sleeping? Or fearing? Certainly not E’.

BTW, we all know that even if you hide it taya yet you are not using your faith and the Word, strong people can still catch you abi?

With fear ehn, the devil will mesmerize you. So rather than spend my emotions and time being scared and hiding under the bed with my good news and blessing seeing as I am NOT like my sister, I invest it in the Word and books like ‘Childbirth without Fear’ and Supernatural Childbirth.


Btw CWF is written by a Christian ObGYN… Shaaatttaaaahhhh!!!

Now let’s for a moment assume the devil and strong people will ONLY find out WHEN I go public either on BBM or Blog (and keeping a straight face while typing this is so hard here), and I decide I will NOT announce. But how about the Doctor that did the test and knows? What about the Pharmacist from whom you bought the PT strip and pre-natals? Who’s to say they are not (potential) ‘strong people’? What of that house guest/colleague who sees you taking those drugs? What of your boss who will need to know so that some kinda work gets past you? What of that person who just suspects you may be preggers and asks you? Will you now turn to a liar because you fear ‘strong people?’ There is ABSOLUTELY no way only you will be pregnant and ONLY you will know. Since you cucu like to fear, you best be fearing everyone else but yourself?

And of course, the ultimate. The absolute ultimate. When you finally start showing and you will, are you safe then? Where in the big book of BALDERDASH did any get that the ‘strong people’ have powers only when you are NOT showing and suddenly become powerless when you start showing? Last I checked, miscarriages and complications happen at various levels. Plus someone can have a stillborn, or a baby who can later die. Come on na, this fear will you carry it forever?

Instead of fear, why not be using your faith from the moment you conceive through pregnancy to the moment you die not without pumping faith through the children too. I certainly don’t want a child who is afraid of ‘strong people’ and any cockroach that crawls past him at night cos in Sinach’s Words, I KNOW WHO (and WHOSE) I AM

Mehn, we need serious brainwashing with the Word ooo. And this babe who said this is a BORN-AGAIN CORRECT Christian Sistur ooo. Even we BA need brainwashing too. We need to be BORN AGAIN all over AGAIN. The world has sold us too many lies. The world teaches us to RUN from darkness rather than flood the world with light.

‘…You are the light of the world…here to be LIGHT…’ Matt 5:14

The bible says we are NOT to be ignorant of the devices of the devil but nowhere does it prescribe FEAR them.

‘…And having SPOILED principalities and powers, He made an OPEN SHOW of them shaming them publicly…’ Col 2:15
MSG ‘…He stripped ALL the spiritual tyrants in THE UNIVERSE of their SHAM AUTHORITY at the cross and marched them NAKED through the streets…’


That certainly doesn’t leave out the ‘strong people’ does it?

My church in Abuja used to use a Club for service on Sundays.


Evangelism used to be hard ooo. Once you mention ‘Cubana lounge‘ the questions start flooding. For the life of them, they believe that the spirit of the club will enter us as we worship. I dunno why we don’t think that the spirit of worship which we leave behind (and carry around too) will enter the clubbers and they too start worshipping. We even have precedents in the bible.

In 1Sam 19, comedian Saul sent men to capture David, see what happened in verses 20 and 21

20 Then Saul sent messengers to take David. And when they saw the group of prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as leader over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.
21 And when Saul was told, he sent other messengers, and they prophesied likewise.
Then Saul sent messengers again the third time, and they prophesied also.

Then in verse 23, Saul decides to go Himself…

23 So he went there to Naioth in Ramah. Then the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on and prophesied until he came to Naioth in Ramah. 24 And he also stripped off his clothes and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Therefore they say, “ Is Saul also among the prophets?”

I LOVE that story.

Why???? Why are we so scared of darkness when we have infinitely more power?

Maybe in the past, I was like that too. I believed I had to fear too. But like I said, I’ve been brainwashed. Very brainwashed. I’m always checking ‘who said it? Is it in the Word?’

While still on pregnancy, a colleague confided in me she was preggers. I knew she was sick sometime earlier so I was like ‘…Oh that’s why you were sick…’
And almost like a blood hound, she was all over me….

‘…I have NEVER for one day had any pregnancy sickness. That was just me being sick. Had nothing to do with PG…’

I love how she attacked me ooo. Cos that thing I said was ungodly. Where did the Bible ever say ‘Pregnancy was a disease?’ What right did I have to ascribe sickness to her blessing?
Omo I adjusted immediately. (I’m sure she’ll be shocked I’m saying this here) And y’all best adjust too. If I say, ‘…oh I’m tired…’ You best not say I have pregnancy sickness ooo cos baby, I’ma be all up in your face with my fangs out like a Pythonic Cobra. This babe is rocking the otherwise popularly stormy first trimester like a Rockstar. Several times I have googled

‘… I’m in my first trimester but I don’t feel pregnant. Is that normal?’


Absolutely NO troubles.  For which I am so thankful.

That’s cos I have a better testimony in the Word. I have my confessions. (Though you best NOT spray any perfume beside me lol. I’ve turned off all the airfresheners here. Can’t stand the smell and frankly, I like that ‘symptom’ and the day I stop liking it, I pray it away. Simples. This Body needs to know I’m in charge and I have only wha’ I say)

But jokes aside, you get my point. Be careful to filter even pop opinions with the Word. Does it pass the Word test?

Another thing that upsets me has to be BBM broadcasts.

Look, I know Nigeria is super unsafe naturally speaking now and I’m all for passing info across and being security conscious but why is Psalm 91 in the bible? To put under your pillow? Then some ungodly person will now send the kinda BC that seeks to inspire FEAR in people under the guise of ‘passing relevant info’ and also end it with ‘IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!!’


I know that statement seems right, and maybe I would have said it in the past but hey…

‘…If you diligently hearken to the voice of God, none of these diseases/calamities/infirmities/insecurities etc will come upon you…’ Exodus 15:26
‘…God spoke to me with a STRONG hand, grabbed me with both hands and warned me NOT to go along with these people. He said ‘…Don’t fear what they fear. Do take on their worries/THREATS…If you must fear, FEAR GOD…’ Is a 8:11ff
‘…Come out from among them and be separate from them who will pollute you…’ 2 Cor 6:17
‘…No enemy attacking our walls. Peace everywhere. No crime/terror in our streets…’ Psalms 144:14

We can’t be making casual statements that gives the devil legal rights over us.
We can’t let experience colour the truth of God’s Word in us.

‘…Let God be true and EVERY MAN a liar…’ Romans 3:4

Some of these things sound right ooo but be sure you are not giving the devil a legal right in by virtue of what you say, hear or see. Let the Bible be a filter through which you sieve all you say and believe. I once did a post about Hustling.
When you keep calling yourself a ‘hustler’ hmmm. Little wonder you work so hard and make so little.
Let’s be careful ooo…

The problem is we don’t know the scriptures enough. We haven’t STORED UP  enough. Like Pastor Chris says, it is that you don’t know what to say.
I like how Jesus answered in Matt 22:29…

‘…Your mistake and your problem is that you do NOT know the scriptures or the power of God…’

MSG says You are OFF BASE on two counts
1. You don’t know your Bibles
2. You don’t know how God works.

When you store up enough, your mind will be renewed, your vocab will be different. You will just find out that you have the right Words for every situation.


I recall the sad day Kefee died, my mentees were discussing it and I was sorta busy but I was following through the discussions without saying anything till one of them said something about being scared of dying while pregnant (as it was alleged she was sick and pregnant and co which her Team denied) and how it can happen to anybody.


I dropped what I was doing and jumped right in. Say what???!!!

I don’t even know how the scriptures jumped right into my spirit but I was all up in their faces dropping the Word ooo and cancelling all that was said. One of my them, Chi now said
Ah mama always has the right Word for everything…’
I smiled.
In the beginning it was not so. No it wasn’t. I used to speak like ‘them’. But I had to learn to study (God bless PK) and STORE UP!!! Like Baba Adeboye says, in the time of trouble, it is what is already in you that will come out. We started a Joshua study this July in my online group and like one of us Nk said in response to Joshua 1:8 (open your bible) was that God doesn’t expect us to rush and start searching the scripture when the devil comes. He expects that we have stored up enough such that it just flows and that bastard runs away tails between his legs.


This second half of the year my darling FABers, it is time to STORE UP.!!!


The devil is re-strategizing for the second half but he will meet us ready!!! Don’t be caught napping baby. Don’t just say words loosely. Remember you shall have what you say (Matt 11:23). Why not say the right things?

God bless PK.


God bless Pastor B. God bless DCC. I am thankful i have been brainwashed.

Do you need a BRAINWASH? I proudly recommend THE WORD!!!




Heyyy thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.


And the Congrats on the new job and new baby. BABY not babies yet please. My twin girls are still in heaven. Thanks soooo much. Wow!!! God bless y’all. If I haven’t yet responded to your message, forgive me please. I will.

A Reader sent me an iTunes Voucher for HillSongs latest release ‘No other name’ on THE VERY day it came out cos ‘she knows how much I love HillSongs. I thought that was super sweet and super thoughtful. God bless you babe. Another sent me ‘Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize’. Ah!!! Blessings on you.

I will be kicking off a series called PreggE’ diaries. I’m excited. Can’t wait to share this journey with y’all. Starting from screaming at the nurses in the hospital for attempting to ‘kill me’ with a wrong prescription. Looool. Watshaaaatt!!!

So another FABer shared with me her job testimony too. I have her permission to run it anon here. Kai!!! That girl did crazier stuff than I did ooo. Ah!!! I feared her no be small. Can’t wait to run it. Watsssshhhhhaaaaattttt too!!! Maybe my next post.

In case you don’t have a Word for the second half of the month, please let STORE UP be your mantra. Even if you do have a Word. Trust me, you will need it. Thank me lerar…

Iyebiye… Precious&Priceless

If you are not a fan of sloppy mushy loving between friends, you may not wanna read this post… This post defines MUSHY OVERDOSE
If you have ever harangued me for not doing a special post for you on my blog, please don’t read this one… Lol
Finally, if you are an E’ haturrr, bounce. Loooool

I’m mushying all the way in this post tho… Infact hubs said e don enter MUSHIN not just mushy lol.


My drop dead beautiful Sapphire

Whoop!!! Tz my lover and bestie’s birthday today and given our personalities and friendship, we have earned the rights to be M-U-S-H-Y. I’m doing a post she would absolutely enjoy reading. 

The Meeting:

She says, and I believe her seeing as I don’t really recall, that the first time we met, I walked up to her back then in Unîbadàn, and after introducing myself, I said
‘You are sooooo beautiful…’
and walked away.
And cos she was (and still is) a super yabber looool, she was telling her then best friend, ‘who is this one abeg?’


Today, almost ten years down the line, Eniola Ogunmekan (nee Lofindipe) is even more beautiful to me. Beautiful without and even more within.

I know she gloats in the fact that I was always the more pushy one at the beginning of our friendship… Kai, I tried to force myself on this silly girl. And that is just me. If I like you, I will make the extra effort ooo. I would constantly invite her over, ring her often, text her for days and she would just keep ‘ordinary friend-zoning’ me.


With Bidemi at her church wedding

There was a time she was even yabbing me that I sent ‘bulk sms’ sms to her. Something I sent to only her ooo. Kai. I ‘chased’ Eniola ooo. And my, she did shakara for me. Naughty girl. (Walahi, now that you are crazy in love with me, I must retaliate ooo) No doubt we were friends ooo, but she would have to name say 3 or 4 girls before she named me. Best friend? Forgerrit. Looool


With some of our friends... Bidemi and Ike

Today? Let’s just say I’m not just Eniola’s FIRST OPTION, I’m the ONLY best friend option. Whoop!!! Frankly I’m not even sure how we hooked up on a tighter level. Maybe my seeds germinated to an iroko. Lol. I just know I’m first friend on speed dial and I can’t complain.


At her wedding...At my wedding.

Its sooooo good, loving somebody and somebody loves you back yeah…
And in equal measure.

I am CRAZY about Eniola. She’s my daily ‘go-to’ girl. When I’m not talking to her, I’m talking about her (esp to Aku m) or I’m thinking about her.



I’m shamelessly Enny’fied.
My one n only twinnie. Sometimes I am amazed as to how alike we think. We love similar things and we cringe at similar things. I said I was gonna give her baby a name but no need. Whatever name I think up will be the EXACT same thing she decides or something I totally LOVE so what’s the point? Godmother is good enough.


Same hair, glasses, and nail design.

We were both going to get married in August ’13 and I recall that the dress she ordered was a similar design to mine. And we didn’t plan it.


Our First choices Though we didn't end up with it

I recall showing up a couple of days to her wedding. I had gone to get my nails done just before I went to meet her up at the Country club. I specifically decided to do a different nail design that day. I usually like to have a different picture on my ring finger but it has to be red, orange, blue or green. Yeah yeah, all brights. Eniola does same too. I absolutely HATE silver but I used silver nail polish that day just to be sure we don’t end up with the same thing. Only to show up, look at this woman’s finger and she also did silver for the very first time.


You needed to see us screaming like villagers in CC car park that day. Looool. Kai, Enny and I have like very similar tastes tz scary. Tho we differ in personalities. She’s a bit more laid back than me and this has potential to cause ‘katakata’ but hey, I’m (We are) finding a way ’round that since we are in this for the long run.


We go wayyy back with many more years ahead, AMEN

Plus Sapphire? She makes it easy and worth it. Another thing we fight about is movies. She is very selective about Nollywood movies focusing more on these recent high quality, high budget movies. Me? Ah, lemme not even disgrace myself here. Trust me, she yabs me a-plenty on that matter.


At my birthday two years ago

My one n only lover girl. Our husbands recognise and respect that. Lol. (We married well) The other day my phone was ringing and hubs gives it to me and says ‘Your lover calleth’ Choi. If I was a guy, I would easily marry her. We flow like that. We have the most buddy-fun together. I can hang with her all day mehn…



And we look for the best trouble together. If you hang with us, you will be jealous and/or prayerful lol. You’ll pray God gives you such friendship. I can just stare at Eniola all day and we communicate.


@ my bridal shower

I can hug, kiss and love on her all day. (And you can make whatever you will of this but you know we are very married and very Christian too lol) Someday we will bottle up our friendship and sell at premium price.

I’m glad she married Afolabi. Make that overjoyed.


Mr&Mrs Ogunmekan August 2013

I’m soooo grateful I was an important part of those amazing days. I’m just grateful to be associated with Eniola. She’s a dream bestie. She’s the one girl I can talk to all day err’day. MTN and Etisalat/Glo needs to compensate us abeg. She’s that girl that picks my calls at all times. She’s the only girl that can harass me if I don’t reply her text in real time, not caring whether I’m busy or not. She’s one girl that gets my Rhema when I share with her (and I’m VERY ‘patient’ and almost ‘tolerant’ when anyone I manage to share with doesn’t get it. #Sarcasm# I just ignore you FAST) But my Sapphire gets me mehn… She’s probably one of the very few who know just how important they are to me and so bump into my precious schedule at will and demand full attention. Ugh. She’s my secret keeper looool.


She probably knows all my BAD secrets choi!!! Sometimes I even tell her and then I cringe that I did. Oh but she never throws it in my face or makes me feel less ‘Christian’ lol. She will just use a scripture and a story to counsel me. And my!!! Eniola always has stories. Guess tz the copywriter in her. Oh, but I’m safest with this girl. Move over TEN!!! Eniola is a 500!!!



See ehn, you can’t get me to support you over Eniola in public. Tz just not possible. I might berate her in private ooo but publicly? The person I’ll side over her is yet to be born. E just better make you dey our camp too. Oh and hubby loves her too. She is probably one of my fewest friends I have heard him say ‘I just really reaaaaallllyyyy like her…’  Sometimes they even try to keep me outta their convos imagine. Trust me na. I no dey gree lool. And I think her hubby loves me too (tho Afolabi really needs to stop calling me ‘mama’ and my hubs ‘papa’ *insert straight face* )


I made it into the official pre-wedding (day) shots 🙂

Both of us have turned our hubbies to our personal photographers. Loool. Then when we are together? Anybody around us becomes a photographer ooo. My fellow picture lover. We LOVE pictures. That explains why we have a lot together.


Christmas one year and birthday the next year

You know, I don’t even feel like I have scratched the surface of our friendship. Tz deeeeep and beyond words indescribable. But tz something I know err’one should experience. Words are just not doing it. I recall one time I was sick and had to fly into Lagos for something, I stayed at her place and my gosh, she (and her amazing hubs) went all out in caring for me. I didn’t even know she had it in her to be that caring.

You know how you feed the bride while she z getting all dolled up? We ended up playing both roles at each other’s wedding.

Or is it when I give a hint of an issue in a chat, she is quick to call me up immediately. Or is it all the support she gave me at one of the most trying periods of my life? Eniola gave an ear and a shoulder every single time (and there were lots and lots of times). I don’t even know what to say.


Making history: She signed my wedding certificate and I love that she did

Gosh!!! Eniola, I miss you. Tz been what??? Almost four months!!! How have we even coped? Lol. Wooooooh, Afolabi, you need to move to Abuja ooo. Whose house will I drive to just because…? With whom will my kids do play dates (more like dump my kids at her house while I enjoy ‘me-time’) ? Who will pick my kids from school on days I can’t? Hian!!! Brother mi, biko. If you move, You won’t need to ask me when next I’m coming to Lag cos I will just be a drive away. You know I have a winning effect on your wife like no other… *wink*


@ my Ayo's birthday in my final year

I wish I was there today. Until then sha, I’ll just be looking forward to visiting. June 11 is certainly a date…

My darling Sapphire, my precious heaven gift, THANK YOU!!!
God bless you for bringing me sooooo much joy and happiness. Thank you for loving me in the way only you can and for letting me love you in the way I am most comfortable loving my friends- without restraints, hold-backs or boundaries. FREELY


Thank you for saying (typing) some of the sweetest words to me from a friend to another.


Shopping tinz

Thank you for being such a dear dear friend. Trust me darling, you are irreplaceable. We are irreplaceable. Certainly praying specially for you today. 


Lurvur gurl

Whatever baby, you can count on me. I am committed to this friendship. I am committed to you. For as long as we both live. Yup, you can count on me

Words will never ever do… NEVER!!!
But babe, I love you scarra… Love you bundles. I love you in unbelievable ways. I love you deep, wide, big, for now and FOREVER. We are family now you know. 

My Iyebiye…Precious and Priceless Lover. (Bolaji helped with this name)

Enjoy wella this birthday and trust me, my brother is pulling all the stops for you on this one, I know you will be tripped cos I’m soooo tripped, I’m almost jealous. Tz the first as a married woman and the LAST as a ‘non-mummy’. By the next, you’ll be diapering everywhere and playing mummy, you’ll have to find real creative ways to get the time.


Her engagement...

And yes boo, your twin boys will marry my twin girls (and biko don’t even think their LIST will be breeze ooo. Even that Bride Price app and the elders can’t calculate it) so that we can keep it in the family. Loooool.


At my bridal shower which was FUN!!!

And since I didn’t get to do a bridal shower for you (your fault btw), I get to throw you a baby shower. Whoop!!! Can’t wait.

Btw, I hope you still have the ‘Friends Forever’ friendship pin? If you don’t, you are sooooo toast, I promise. Just gaan find it or else?


Remember this flower? Lol


Have an absolutely favour filled and blessed day and year ahead boo… Lemme not share your pre-birthday drama here lol.


And keepthis beautiful gap-toothed smile

And you know this post doesn’t even cut what we have but hey, tz from the bottom of my heart baby…

Gen 49:25 is a prayer I have for you today. The Message style

With the backing of the Champion of Jacob, the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel. The God of your father—may he help you! And may The Strong God—may he give you his blessings, Blessings tumbling out of the skies, blessings bursting up from the Earth— blessings of breasts and womb.


And dazall… Told ya it was going to be real mushy mush. Be magnanimous enough to say a prayer for her and wish her a happy birthday.

BTW, babe, you need to see the threat Bolaji gave me after reading the draft of this post. Loooooool. Remind me to gist you after you read this. I don enter… Loooool.

Happy Children’s day to all my FAB Children of God here.
And of course, we never forget the Children from Chibok. We especially ask You Lord for special blessings on them this day as always and a speedy release from the camp of the enemy.
Please let’s not forget them in our prayers till they are released.

Lotta lotta love y’all…
Lemme sign off with my oleku which I decided to make sleeveless buba.



Tying the knot wrapper is tough with Ankara but I think I managed to pull it off…


I love the hair sha... Hubs did the styling 🙂

BTW, my birth month loadeth…
See y’all in the most ah-may-zing JUNE!!!

Going Forward, Still testifying.