Support.Growing.Businesses… Part 2

Hey guys. I am back.


Fine Warrior!!!

Feedback on Part 1 of this was awesome. 

Chrishill phones has to be the winner. Funny thing is I didn’t tell any of the three business owners I featured. I kinda forgot or didn’t care to. Whatever. Anyways dude rang me and was soooooooooo grateful. Gushfully grateful. 

He said A LOT of you got phones from him and kept saying ‘…from Eziaha‘. I’m happy for him. He’s a great and trustworthy guy, and I’m glad I could help. 

You guys are awesome. Thank you.

So, by way of repeating, if you need a phone from an absolutely great and honest dealer, holler at Chrishill. He delivers to anywhere in Nigeria and has from the affordable to the more high end phones. Original and warranty’d phones and Tablets and accessories. Even if you don’t need now, store his number for later or maybe if someone you know needs and asks you. 

Be sure to mention Eziaha. Both for an even better deal and also you might also be making sure I get my iPhone 6s or S7 from him either free or ridiculously cheap. 


Chrishill : Otigba street Computer village, Ikeja Lagos. 08033085181

This month, let’s do three more.

Or Four.

Starting right with my big sister’s business 

1. Boarnerges Pharmacy and Stores


Located in the heart of Victoria Island, Right opposite Siverbird Galleria on Ahmadu Bello way, the state-of-the-art Boarnerges pharmacy caters to ALL your pharmaceutical and wellness needs.


Her Pharmacists and staff are so well trained and she purchases only originals, mostly from the manufacturers or dealers who buy straight from the manufacturers.


Never ever compromises quality. And you know you don’t want compromised health related stuff. 


She also stocks toiletries, cosmetics and stuff like that. They also conduct free BMI if you request on walk-in. 


Plus her POS actually always works. 


I know half of Lagos work on the island so please give them a call today to find out if they have what you need and pop in too at your lunch time or close of work. 


Peek my favorite tea Twinings and some yumyums too

And if you work in a hospital, suggest to your purchase team/hospital pharmacy to order from Boarneges especially BUT NOT LIMITED to those on the island. We could work out delivery for bulk purchase and/or select location. 


Phone number : 07046475180 014536563


Address: Sleek Studio Square, opposite Silverbird cinemas, 141 Ahmadu Bello, VI. 


I have such a heart for growing businesses, and I believe God is calling me into that field and so I’m  kicking off a Social media strategy for growing businesses and Boarnerges is one of my first clients. She’s paying, just incase you wondered. You will meet more soon. I told yawl seasons changed right… Soooo excited haha. 

So Blog, Facebook, Twitter, the whole works. The most exciting social media campaign ever. I’ve done this for Emzor pharmaceuticals before and i’m certainly looking forward to going this road again this time as an ‘Apostle in the marketplace’. 

Btw, we need a sales assistant with an OND in accounting please. You also need to live ‘not too far away’. If you fit or know anyone who fits, please do me a mail

Boarnerges is a name right from the Word. Meaning (son of) thunder. That’s cos we are blowing, exploding EVERYWHERE!!!

2. Emmanuel, Agent for househelps

I really enjoyed working with Emma. He is a believer and was hands down the best agent I dealt with. And I dealt with quite a FEW. He was sincere, honest, patient and wasn’t overly money conscious even though he of course is in business to make money. You must understand that most agents start singing the ‘money tune’ even before they have found your specifications. They give you the most ridiculous conditions that you almost wanna slap them. 

His fees and conditions were very reasonable too. And I was comfy with the background checks he does. He won’t lie and say ‘She’s from my village. She’s like my sister. She just came to Lagos 2days ago, etc ‘ as most agents usually lie. What he didn’t do and what he doesn’t know, he will say. No lying. He put all the cards on the table. 

Plus the girl I got from him has been awesome. I’m so thankful for her. Sooo thankful. So so thankful. Then he also calls me from time to time to know how the girl is doing. I mean, how’s that for ‘client care’?


Plus what the girl has to pay him back for his agency is really fair. The best I saw. He is not out to rip them off. And it is very important to me to do business with and empower people who are actually human and not greedy!!!

Now because I KNOW the peculiarity and sensitivity of home help matters, I won’t put up his number here. For my own safety too. And of course you know to be led by God. Not Eziaha. You do NOT have to use him. I am just putting a guide here. I trusted God for my help, I believed He would guide me as I prayed, took steps and called and interviewed a LOT until I met Emma and had peace about him and the girl he brought.

So do me a mail and then I can give you his number so long as you understand that you are absolutely On Your Own. Thank you very much. 

I’m just helping. But with humans, (and homehelps) there can be risks and I wanna make sure I don’t get into trouble. 


3. House of Pictures. 

He did my KingDaveed’s one year shoot.


I met him in the funniest of ways. I believe it was divine cos God opened my eyes to this random dude just strolling home with a camera on his neck. I had been trusting God for someone affordable to do a home shoot for me. Frankly I was getting exhausted and was going to just take KingDaveed to a studio and take a few shots, which I absolutely HATED!!! But even then, something in me still believed. I wanted a young, christian, patient guy who lived close to my home, and could pop in casually and get the job done. Not just someone who stays in the studio and all.


Someone who could go here and there and be creative and patient enough to shoot a baby well. 

I jumped right to him and started rattling (I’m crazy. I know). He must have been taken aback cos he asked me if I really loved pictures like that cos of all the questions I was asking. Long story short, he fit everything I wanted. Plus you don’t wanna know what I paid. It was ridiculous!!! 

Flat out r.i.d.i.c no matter how you look at it. 

Well, he just wanted to help me. Plus he lived in the next estate to mine. 

God took me out at that exact time and made him pass that route he doesn’t pass normally. God totally orchestrated our meet. Oh Jesus loves me. I got my dream photo shoot within my budget. 


He was absolutely patient with us all through the shoot. Didn’t complain ONCE!!! He had a cheerful spirit all through. And I was watching him ooo. 

You saw some of the pictures now and you know how long all of that would have taken with all our change of scenes and cloths.


Trust me, it was a LONG shoot with a LOT of pictures. 

And even when I had some issues with some of the final pictures, he was willing to oblige me despite the ridic amount I paid ooo. 


He specialises in street photography (documentary) but is definitely not limited to it. He shoots events too, birthdays, weddings and all. I proudly recommend him because even his normal rates are affordable. He’s good. And he’s a young guy trying to grow his business. He also does school excursion shots and all. He was on one when I met him. So let’s support growing businesses in Nigeria. 

And hey, if you wanna do a shoot and you need someone to direct it, as in you don’t have those cool ideas, you can holler at me too and I can come help you. At a fee of course. But I’m excited about pictures so tz passion first before money. Especially if it is a baby or a maternity or a pre-wedding shoot.


Been there, done that and my ideas are from heaven, trust me. Plus I am fun to have on set.

So again, holler at me and I’ll send you his number

4. Laterna Books. 


Oh definitely my NUMERO UNO to buy all my books and Bibles from in Nigeria. It is primarily a Christian bookstore but they also stock other healthy genres. They are based in Lagos but have an online store that delivers anywhere in Nigeria.


Ordered online...

I’ve used both and I promise you, customer service doesn’t get any better. Whether you walk into Oko-awo


One of my many walk-in buys

or you call to order, the staff are excellent. Gosh, even the delivery agents are excellent and polite. You can tell they pay attention to details. Customer service is almost dead in Nigeria so when you meet businesses that care, you stick to them. Been with Laterna for a really long time, at least 6years and I’ve recruited quite some fans too. Very very wide array of books. The ambience in Laterna is also refreshing. Your spirit just comes alive… Christian music in background, staff who actually KNOW what they have been put there for, and a very very organized structure and layout. Plus their POS actually works which is a BIG deal. They also have a well stocked children store and I usually pity my my friends who are moms and their ATMs when her kids enter there. Haha.


It is a kid’s heaven and haven. KingDaveed is definitely going to have shares there. No debate. Moms, epp your kids ehn…

Plus they have PLENTY journals. Yawl know I’m a hoarder collector, right? Almost all my journals have come from them. They also have so many cool stuff that will enrich your reading experience. And they have really cute christian memorabilia you could gift people. Keyrings, stickers, tee shirts, stone frames, etc. All branded with the Word of God. Jeez!!! Then they have Christian messages, movies and music. Original DVDs and CDs ooo.

Wooooh, this story is long. Just call or walk in, and thank me later (with Max Lucado’s study Bible please)


Laterna books, 12b/13 Oko awo street, off Adetokunbo Ademola, VI

Phone number 08033014462

Online store

Trust me, you will be glad patronising them. 

So that’s it for Part two. 

Feel free to holler at me if you need a social media plan for your growing business. Or some kinda publicity. We can work something out within your budget.You see my ginger is high. Lol.  I am careful about clients I work with and endorse though. We need to be sure we are doing a wealth transfer INTO the Kingdom of God through His children. Amen!!!

Group hug!!!

God loves yawl like crazy…


First time in like 5months lol


Hoping to throw in a post later today or tomorrow. If I saw it before I did KingDaveed’s first birthday post, I would have thrown it in. But hey, this works too. So watch out yawl, especially moms and moms to be. It’s awesome

Mehn, pizza and icecream is BAE!!! Hubs treated me to indulgence this week.


See my excitement lol. I swallowed the entire box less two slices. Lol


The lipstick is Zaron. Tz gorgeous

Cos i know one chick must ask lool.
Looking forward to my next indulgence in May. I have such food discipline now and can afford to treat myself once in a while
This journey has been awesome and I learned a lot so it is sustainable


Same pants Oct/March

Can’t wait to HELP more ladies lose weight and equip them to maintain healthy lifestyles.


‘…We are NOT a Christian school…’

That was the incredible statement told to Pastor M by a school administrator, selling the school to her when she was school hunting for her babies.

How gorgeous this is!!!

How gorgeous this is!!!

And according to her, it was something that was told her more than once (in case she didn’t get it fully at first) and very proudly too. It was one of those poshies on the Island, mind you.

I was absolutely shocked to hear that. I mean, wasn’t it two minutes ago people could easily sell something to us by playing the ‘Christian’ card? Today, the world has soooooo become ‘something else’ that when we are NOT Christian, we can afford to be very proud about it because we know ‘nothing spoil’ and if anything, it is some sort of a cool, sophisticated, hip, even trendy something.

Isn’t it sadly interesting how the world is going? This picture summarizes the world today not just ‘Amrika’

CLHow7zXAAISwQDYes at first, some of these things were hidden and shameful but today, they are cool and supporters are rather brazen tz jaw dropping. It almost seems like there is something shy-worthy, even wrong with openly identifying with or claiming that JESUS is LORD and the reason for whatever success you have today. Don’t go too far, listen to the average ‘celebrity’ even in Nigeria talk. Before you find someone who is unabashed about their faith, e go hard. Christians wants to be ‘religiously neutral’ like it is uncool to identify with HIM. Movies these days would promote good sometimes, yes, but to ascribe the glory to God? Forgerrit. (Please don’t mention that ‘To GOD BE THE GLORY’ at the end of movies ooo because even now we don’t have it anymore sef.) Oh, don’t forget that DSTV even mutes Jesus and God. I know someone may say, oh they mute SEX and BITCH and BASTARD and the ilk but it bothers me that the all-powerful name of JESUS can be associated with these appellations, Eish!!! In fact, I realised how bad it was when one day I was watching Dr. Ada Egonor’s ‘Surviving Ebola’ interview on the ‘Heart of the matter’ and the interviewer’s opening statement was asking her about how her faith in God helped her kick Ebola. It felt oddly strange on ‘secular TV’ and then I realised that it had truly become unpopular, hence strange on Nigerian TV these days hearing presenters talk freely and unashamedly about God.

Now let’s broaden our radar to our dearly beloved ‘Amrika’. A couple of weeks back, they legalised gay marriages in all the states. I was watching CNN live as the news broke and as Obams spoke in all his oratory glory and how his #LoveWins phrase started trending on social media as number one worldwide in a couple of minutes and all the hoopla. I sat in my room and kept shaking my head. Wow!!! Just WOW!!! As in, these people want ABNORMAL to become the new NORMAL??? This same world our kids would grow in? I was gonna say, well it is their America but we all know how America likes to play Big Brother of the whole world and so soon, they would clamour that other countries follow suit. So our children will grow up and same sex marriage viewed as NORMAL? Talk more of those children who would be ‘born’ or adopted into same sex households. WOW!!!

Better man... #Royalty

Better man… #Royalty

When Baba ‘goslow’ Buhari (I LOVE that name because I read it more as a caution than as a yabis (Read, Baba Please, go slow) and I love how Buhari acknowledged in this video that he knew some Nigerians be calling him that and laughed lol) visited the US recently,

better men in black :)

better men in black 🙂

err’one was waiting for the gay topic to come up and see how he would handle it. In fact I recall telling my hubby that Obams won’t mention jor but he told me he will and he will also make it a MAJOR topic when he visits Kenya. I love the shut-down it got by Buhari hh the major ‘ela’ Uhuru Kenyatta paid Obama to his face was EPIC!!! Even Obama was shocked lol.

At their joint press conference

At their joint press conference

That dude was in no mood to kiss no behind. Wow. Kenyans could have started an #UhuruMyHero hashtag and it would have been apt.

Uhuru Kenyatta: “…There are some things that we MUST admit we don’t share… It’s very difficult for us to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. This is why I say for Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue”

I LOVE how he said there are SOME things that we MUST admit that we do NOT share and hopefully we will NEVER share.

There is a ton of wisdom in that statement. Eez not err’thing Amrika that is good. We can’t copy blindly. Yes we love Amrika for how technologically advanced and co they are, but puh-leeze when it comes to the madness that is gay, transgender and the ilk, KEEP IT. Pata pata, they will withdraw/stop any help/support dey bin dey give Kenya.

And shall we touch on transgender for a minute? See how popular people get when they decide that the God who gave them BALLS made a mistake and it ought to be a vagina (or otherwise). I mean, how crazy is that?



I am all for courage and being yourself but my people, if I get dizzy anytime I try to figure Bruce/Caityln/Dad now mom/Grandpa now Grandma/Olympic MALE gold medallist now fashionista female complete with ‘red bottoms’, I can only imagine how his immediate family feel and address him WITHOUT the cameras and social media. Heck, I can NOT even imagine how HE/SHE feels now. Does she/he really really feel free? Tz dizzying I promise but hey if he/she says she feels ‘free’ and even gets a ‘Courage’ award, who am I to argue? What interests me now is how popular he/she became in hours after the mag cover was released (hit 1m twitter followers in minutes) and how suddenly ‘trans is cool’ and very courageous. America sha…

I thought I had seen it all and I wasn’t even going to mention it on my blog till I saw TRANSPREGNANCY and I almost passed out.



Lemme try and explain it and if you don’t get it, don’t worry, I don’t either. So a person born a woman decides to make herself a man but has female hormones and all and gets pregnant and wants to get treated like a pregnant woman imageswhile technically he/she is a pregnant man (I told y’all this thing was dizzying). lllI can’t even pretend to get this rubbish so let me just wrap up this post with the very reason I decided to put it up.

But before I go on, let me just clarify that this is not about judging anybody. Biko if you have a problem with your sexuality, seek help. Don’t justify it. Same way if a person has problem with stealing, they should seek help and not justify it. So please, no hate mails hehehe. Plus I ain’t a homophobe.

Ok back to the koko…

We who are CHRISTIANS indeed need to OWN it and rather proudly too. What we have is BETTER than anything ‘they’ have so we cannot afford to be muted or subdued. A lot of times, what we do is ‘preaching to the choir’. We are all ‘Christian’ in Christian gatherings/forum and among our Christian friends. When it comes to secular gatherings, we are neutral. Of course I am not saying you should go all Pharisee on the world and wear a phylactery around,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           but by all means, show off your Christianity and then influence even if it is just ONE person with it. Share your CHRISTIAN opinion. One thing I have decided is that I would start commenting on these secular blogs especially where sharing my Christian opinion may not be popular but is very needed considering the obscene amount of lifeless comments there. I have decided not to just ‘leave it for them’ whilst spamming christian blogs like Inthemidstofher, justusgirlsnaija and Dr N with comments. Is that why we are here?

Maybe you should also comment on SDK, LIB and Bella Naija especially when a real life story is shared and the poster needs advice.

We who are Christians should succeed and excel at what we do and proudly ascribe all the glory to God publicly. Say it clearly,

‘…yes I worked hard BUT it is God’s GRACE that brought me this far…’

Feel free to call yourself a Christian blogger, student, doctor, lawyer, footballer, TV presenter etc. Proudly say this is a Christian office, supermarket, pharmacy, bank, organization, company, etc and if possible, display the sign at the gate. At this rate, we may even need to start saying ‘this is a christian church and this is my Christian Pastor (think pastors and churches that wed gays).



God bless this Mississippi clerk who resigned her job of 24years because her faith would not allow her issue marriage certificates to gay couples. Tell me about courage!!! This world is going crazy ooooo and my darling, the devil is raising more and more people to propagate his agenda and cash is not even their problem. At this rate we may need to OWN it and SHOW it more, that we are CHRISTIANS. Or in the words of Jahdiel, ‘…carry Jesus higher higher…’



Let your light soooo shine…for the world to see… Matt 5:16



A Christian Blogger

A Christian Blogger





In light of all these, David’s Christian Centre is starting her own *drum roll please* school. Need I mention that it would be a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL? Yup, the children there would be taught the WORD, speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick and be PROUD Christians. Would be named PRESERVED GENERATION and I am sure Pastor M would give us more info as needed on her blog

My darling booski/bestie also has dreams to start her own Christian school and I am blown away at the steps she has been taking to get it registered.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.

You go darling…

So before you ship your child off to some school because it is expensive and posh, check oooo. Ain’t nothing neutral in the spirit realm. No greys, JUST BLACK AND WHITE!!! While school is not 100% responsible for training your kids, you can neither deny or discount its impact .



KingDaveed is amazing, thank you for asking 🙂

His gumbody is out of this world these days choi. Dis kain love is both flattering and tiring lol.

My boobooski

My boobooski

And yup, e be like say the breastmilk no do again, dude has started eating his leg at any given opportunity lol. Well, hes teething so… Phew

Hello Bloggers…and well fellow Superstars :)

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while but I keep forgetting. Well som’in happened today and I’m like ‘time to do this’

Not just for bloggers but for everyone really…

I’ve noticed something quite interesting on a few of my favourite blogs and then some random bloggers I bump into or on facebook posts. So you do this post and then you get all the positive comments on it. Then ONE negative comment. Maybe the reader doesn’t quite agree fully with what you said, or is a trouble maker and so is twisting your words/putting words into our mouth or is just generally being stupid because he/she has internet access.
Now you don’t respond to ALL the positive comments but tz that ONE negative one you choose to respond to?
Haba!!!??? Whatever for???

Majority of us are like that. Sometimes me too. We are not quick to appropriate all the compliments and loving showed us but when ONE negative word comes along, we suddenly respond and try to defend ourselves forgetting all the props.

I recall seeing it on this amazing christian blog I love and follow. Comments from here to Chatham house 🙂 were all positive and complimentary. Even I commented cos I loved the post. All of us got no response. I certainly agree sometimes you are too busy to respond to all comments but when you can find time to respond to the negative one, I bow oooo. Btw, shoutout to bloggers like Frances and Dr N and E’ 🙂 who respond to most comment not cos we are jobless but cos tz not hard to esp if you have the app on ur phone. Moreover tz not like comments are grossing 1000 yet. Me I’ve cucu stopped commenting on blogs where the blogger doesn’t respond. Especially when I am aware you can. Hehehe.
Or you put up a hot picture of yourself feeling cool on any public platform and then tz the person that talks about how your nose/leg bent that you now let affect you
Ok back to my gist.
So this blogger goes ahead to respond to ONLY that negative comment. Funny thing is no matter the justification or explanation, the commenter had her mind made up already. So she may have as well been ignored. You don’t have to have everyone on your side. Plus please everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Leave them to it so long as it don’t affect your making heaven.

I recall a coupla years back, I did a Facebook note on Pastor Bimbo post humous 50th. That woman led me to Christ and was the first foundation I had in my christian and relationship walk. I absolutely LOVED her so it burnt me when she passed. So I did a loveletter when she woulda been 50.
Wasn’t blogging then but I wrote Notes on fb.

That’s how a certain comedian appeared and was like women are not supposed to be preachers. God is a HE not She and plenty other bull crap sha.
I just responded that I appreciate his concerns but could he take his argument elsewhere…?
People sha generally responded to him and dude too was feeling important responding to the responses of people justifying his stance, gbagauns and all. I had to block him. He was taking away from the post. Then I thought ‘what if everyone of us, myself inclusive ignored him?’
I mean wouldn’t he have shrunk back into his hole. Why did we dignify his stupidity and ignorance with a response?
I learnt a lesson that day and resolved NEVER to respond to rubbish again.
And plenty rubbishes have happened to me since then. Sometimes I forget and try to justify my actions to one whose mind is already made up anyways. Then later I let it go. Waste of time!!! We really should pick our battles wisely. Yea there are some issues we may need to clarify but look at the other party. Do they seem like you wanna back and forth with them intelligently? Or will they just further drag you down to their level? Then do what is right. Simples.

So now what happened that made me remember this?

So I posted this picture on instagram and it auto published on fb and twitter.


I hardly visit fb and I’ve turned off all notifications too. I only sync my blogposts to it since I have 5000 friends there so it helps publicity but aside WordPress and Instagram posts, you will hardly find me on fb, whether posting or commenting. Funny I have two fb accounts sef yet I hardly visit. Gimme twitter anyday 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anyways, I visited recently and saw that my picture was creating a cool buzz. I did a general ‘thank you everyone’ response to the comments and likes, checked my inbox, responded to some messages, visited a few secondary school mates pages especially those who had just gotten married or had kids, rejoiced with them, and logged out.

This afternoon, I clicked a link on twitter to read a particular news and of course it opened with my fb account so after the news, I opened my inbox and saw quite some messages telling me to go delete a particular person on my page/post, go block him, go respond to him and warn him, don’t expose your pregnancy until you have given birth, uwa di egwu(this world na wah), evil people are everywhere, etc. Sha different messages from different people. All well meaning. So I visit my page to see what’s up.

Then I see that a certain comedian had finished me (and my husband lol) for posting a picture that exposed my tummy. And then people had responded to him, he responded back justifying his stance, some people also shared their own opinions, and so the back and forth continued. Choi!!! I’m like I WISH people just ignored him. I mean, that dude’s opinion was as useless to my life as anything so why should I bother? It didn’t matter that he was insultive sef. I just didn’t see a need to respond to him, caution him or block him. I thought ignoring him was the best. So again I commented ‘Thanks everyone :)’

Now that picture had well over 200likes and counting and then over 50 positive comments. Why would I, for the love of Christ ignore all the positives and start answering my brother with a strong unsolicited opinion??? Moreover, some people cringe at such pictures and indeed I am sure some of you read my blog, saw that picture and felt it was not really appropriate or you would never do it but without judging or saying anything cos hey, e no concern you. Funny when I showed my mom the pictures, she was like ‘Chineke, I know you will put it on facebook’ looool. I also know some of you saw it and said in your heart (and maybe to some people) ‘…And she calls herself a Christian yet see how she is exposing herself’ looool. Yup I know I got some haters right on this fab lane too. I’ve heard personally from them sending you emails and messages criticising this or that. No be today. I have heard Joyce Meyer talk about getting LENGTHY mails from people questioning her wearing jewellery, trouser,makeup or even being a female preacher. No be today jare. Nothing you say will change their minds or redeem yourself or actions so why bother? Moreover I posted the picture and neither I nor le hubs have issues with it.

Uti Nwachukwu said something once on Rubbin’ Minds I never forgot. He said all these people that drop hateful comments and stuff on blogs and other SM sites about you are faceless and in reality may not even have the boldness to talk to you. So just cos they have the advantage of anonymity or well protection and freedom that social media offers, they run their mouths and you too are affected by it? Abeg dude says he ignores them totally. I loved Uti after then.

So anyhoos, I responded to my inbox appropriately. Especially as like I said, they sent me the messages in good faith. But no long story. Just thank you for your concerns. And I won’t block or respond to dude. And that don’t worry, the ‘strong people’ of the world no fit… Hehehe.
Btw I did a post on dealing with fear especially of STRONG PEOPLE in pregnancy here. Feel free to learn
But to the brother, I absolutely ignored him. I don’t know him sef so why bother. Funny tho, someone pointed out something about him. Maybe she/he went to his page and saw him topless in some pictures and said ‘oh tz not ok for her to expose her tummy BUT you can expose your chest abi?’
I think dude couldn’t respond after that…
I would have ignored him totally but I just felt this post would help if I fully referenced the story.

One last story before I go.
I recall some babe I met off this blog. She had one issue like that sha so we got chatting on whatsapp. I advised her as I would myself and it all boiled down to ‘use your faith cos personally I can’t help’
Omo, na so the girl start to fire me
Who do I think I am?
That shebi tz cos she came to me…
I must live in a bubble… (had to ask what this means hehehe)
I am cold and mean and some kain bad bad tinz sha…
Even me I was shocked.
And frankly, I used to have a VERY bad mouth before I became REALLY born again lol especially in secondary school so I make a real conscious effort not to go back to my old ways hehehe.
So I just told her something like ‘…Take care darling and I wish you the best’
I think I even apologised sef.
I didn’t even block her. I just told a few of my people I shared the story with that she will be back to apologize. I had zero hard feelings sef.
Few weeks later babe is back with an apology.
I’m sure if I back and forthed with her, it wouldn’t have ended the way it did. I just smiled.
Now though, I am VERY slow in giving my number out. If there is any issue and you send me an email requesting for my number or bbm, I politely tell you to mail me in detail and I’ll respond in detail.
Cool yeah? Hehehe

My darlings, pick your battles wisely. Tz not every thing you respond to whether on your behalf or on another person’s behalf.



Worse still, don’t ignore the positives (cos there always are) and let the negatives over affect you. Even the bible says ‘whatever things are lovely and of good report, think on these things’ (Phil 4:8) Fight to keep your joy cos there are some real haters and sadists out there.
And more than anything, sometimes your opinions are absolutely unwelcome. Keep it. So what you don’t like her dreadlocks??? Keep it to yourself. Except you are asked. No need trying to pass it off as directly from heaven. And even where you need to correct or address something, a lil decorum would be good.  Nigerians sef, always quick to share unsolicited opinions especially but definitely not limited to pregnancy.


Not only pregnancy. Every stupid advice

There are some amazing bloggers I follow and some posts I am like ‘oh no she didn’t’ but I don’t say anything to her cos frankly tz no sin. Just my opinion.
More people should be like me 🙂

Have a FAB TGIF and weekend people


RandomlE’ speaking

I miss my friends. My inner circle.
Angel o’ love
Soul Soeur


Booski, Angel o' love, Olaedo


Sapphire, Soul soeur, Cheech

I actually teared up watching Oluchi hug Rulani goodbye with both of them in tears on ANTM last week Thursday. I knew I missed real real sisterly hugs and talk. And you see these girls above? They know how to give and receive the best hugs. Especially Olaedo and Cheech and Soul Soeur and infact everyone!!! *tears* My mainest forever girls. I truly really miss you girls. Le sigh.

But God doesn’t leave us without a witness. Hehehehe. As Jesus would have it, I got a good dose of hugs yesterday. You see, two of my fave bloggers also live in Abuja and while I had met JMAD before, I was yet to meet Femmetotale. So we made plans to hook up on Sunday.


Food, Faith and Fun

I had a Sunday of my life yo!!! Aside them putting me on the spot as a ‘married girl’ (smh at you ladies), it was just an amazing time. We met up in JMAD’s house and she was such a dream host tho she knows how to harass. And we had another very delighful and abs beautiful drama-full babe Oma join us. Best part of it all was that are all absolutely Fabulous Christian ladies.


When you hang out with Christian ladies, you just come out feeling very Christian lol. 
Plus my JMAD is a hugger and a half and before long, I’ll get FT to the huggies club too. Plus we toasted to the most hilarious stuff. Twas almost a prayer session lol.


That said, it was abs awesome meeting y’all. Can’t wait for our next outdoor hangout. JMAD has this crazy idea which I’m kinda liking and buying so… Hehehehe. Thanks girls. Especially for the hugs… And Oma, we could totally be friends!!! Yup JMAD pass the message. Ok JMAD made me watch Nigerian Idols sponsored by Etisalat. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky, especially with all the ‘oil money’ lol. Sorry to say. I also decided to see the highly acclaimed 12years a slave. Look, I LOVE Lupita especially cos she has a very spirited spirit (whatever that means) plus she’s a delightful sport to interview (loved the Post-Oscars interview with Ellen)


The Post-Oscar interview. She has a laugh that is alive

Plus she gives the best speeches (Your dreams are valid). Obviously intelligent young woman. Plus she went to Yale. Hehehehe. So I said lemme see this Lupita movie ooo. 55mins into the movie, patience disappeared, goodluck wearing thin, and way TOO MUCH Chinwetel in EVERY scene, then Lupita shows up in the cotton field. Ugh!!! I’m sorry but I didn’t last 20mins after that. I don’t even know what to say so lemme just say I don’t like slaves/slavery movies. Same reason I didn’t last 15mins seeing Django Unchained. It was just too sad and unhappy. So I didn’t see more than 4 scenes that featured our idol Lupi (lol) before I turned it off. Sleep was even calling my name and initials while watching it. I’ll just chill till she stars in some romantic comedy that sees her throwing her very spirited laugh and energy around. I’m sure someone is wondering what I was expecting seeing the name is 12 years a slave… Well somehow I didn’t think start to finish would be clearly about class, caste, slavery, proletariats and bourgeoisies. Abeggi… So as I ranted on Twitter, some kind hearted sweerie tells me the message was that of hope. I suppose. But I think I prefer HOPE as portrayed in The Pursuit of Happyness, thank you. Btw I also didn’t see that movie till the end. Too teary. Lemme just stop this Slavery thing. I’m with that ‘white’ ‘celeb’ who says she studied enough slavery in history class than to be watching slaves biko nu. Romance, Comedy or best still Romantic Comedy ANYDAY yo!!!
Just to be clear, Lupi acted great in the movie. I hear especially at the end, it was brilliant!!! (Patience Lord). I’m just not into suffer head movies. Chinwetel suffered no be small. I guess I also learned TRUST in the movie. He trusted the strange people who now sold him into slavery. (I hope that’s what happened ooo). Anyways, now you know which kinda movies never to get E’ to watch. #JumpNpass
In all though, Sunday was a real amazing day. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome. Been meeting quite a few of my Abuja peeps who I had invited to church, some off my blog. How it was only Chi I managed to take a picture with beats me.


I hugged this babe so much she had to commend me lol

Anyhoos since some are becoming members, there’ll be more photo ops.
But life has had its fair share of downs though. Like I was gisting JMAD yesterday, peculiarly, I have WILLED myself to tears which have eluded me. Now no doubt, I’ve turned on the water works a bit but I realise they have been more about other people than me. Just listening to or reading someone share their challenges with me, I’m all teary eyed. Then when something hits me that’s personal, I just can’t cry for myself. Several times, and no kidding here, I have tried to cry just to ‘feel normal’ but no dice ooo. At those instances, I now hear God. Most times He just tells me OK what will the tears solve? Then instantly, He gives me a Word. At that instant, life becomes surreal!!! How a WORD assumes life and becomes real and breathing to one is inexplicable. I truly can’t explain but I feel an incredible blanket of loving from my Sugar Daddy. On my bb status, I have ‘E’… God’s biggest deal’ and I can say I understand that. I feel really really privileged.


E' Favoured and Blessed

The doors he opens, the people I meet, the responsibilities I have, the testimonies He gives, tz absolutely awesome. Cap it up with a Word for every single season!!! I truly have a Sugar Daddy.
Awesome feeling…
Ok lemme brush on the subject of ‘rehearsing on stage’ for a minute. First heard this term from my girl Ru. Basically,it just means (in the Faith that is) waiting for a problem to come upon you BEFORE you start praying about it. I mean, why don’t you just keep building on your faith even before the challenges come? I was in a theatre group back in UI. Imagine that we don’t do no rehearsals until the day of performance, we now come and start rehearsing on stage. What a flop!!! Tz the same way we flop when we have been all slack on our faith and then tz when the trouble comes that we start running helter skelter. Tz just wrong. The best time to prep for war is in time of peace. Simples. I’ll tell you my own ROS story. This year, I’m ashamed to say I’ve fallen ill 4/5 times starting right from Jan 1. Before then, I truly can’t recall when last I fell ill. So imagine sickness coming back to back. And guess what, they always came just before something major was about to happen. By the second time, shouldn’t I have gathered all my faith and scriptures on health and swallowed till even the devil go fear. Such that when he comes with his package, he takes it back cos he meets my shield of faith brandishing. No ooo. Tz when I start feeling the symptoms I start praying. That works somehow yup but sweethearts, Jesus didn’t die for that. Mehn, was sick last week and after I spent money I didn’t care to spend on drugs, I knew it was time to actively find, confess and overdose on the Word as per my health. Now health totally restored, I wake up each morning speaking over my body. I’m done mehn. Jesus didn’t die for this… He died that I may enjoy perfect health. Zezezeze. So FABers, in every area of your life, no rehearsal on stage please.
Almost the same way I feel about our Nigerian situation… Plenty rehearsals AFTER the show sef. The security situation is really something and truly, tz a case of God for us all. That’s why I recommend prayers especially esp from you and I. Face it, some of us have tied hands except to pray.


Not everyone will step out to protest and frankly, not every protest would yield much. But hey, we can labour in prayers. Pray for large doses of wisdom for our leaders and advisers. Pray for ‘Daniels come to judgment’ They know exactly what to do (cos you can see pure naivete sometimes) and they have the courage to do it. Pray for high level confusion in the enemies’ camp. Keep praying for the safety and rescue of the kidnapped school girls and indeed keep speaking peace to those highly volatile areas and infact every where in Nigeria. Pray for those still in the hospitals and those who have lost loved ones in all the numerous attacks all over Nigeria. Look sweetie, don’t just tweet it. Don’t just discus it at round tables and over lunch. Truly spare some of your prayer time for them. I saw this post by Ife and I was tripped.


Ife just has the best updates on SM sites walahi

I think we talk about praying more than we actually pray. Especially that wisdom prayer. And that’s all I’ll say on this matter before I say something really wrong.
Oh BTW, the second stanza of our Anthem is an incredible prayer. Feel free to pray it too.

I’ll just sign off with this…
So what is the price of a ring?
Sooo many things some ladies would give to land that ring and what some guys would do to have their ring accepted…
Some pay the right price, land the ring and enjoy the marriage of their dreams.
Some pay the absolutely wrong price, sometimes land a ring and end with a Boko haram and just live in hell…
At least if you don’t know the right price, you can learn…
Which is why this month’s LDM is tagged The Price of a Ring…


Love Dating and Marriage Seminar

This Sunday May 11, 2014
Right in Abuja, David’s Christian Centre.
Petrus hotel on Agatu street off Gimbiya street. Area 11, garki Abuja.
LDM is an acronym that stands for Love Dating and Marriage. Tz a once a month, actually 2nd Sunday of the month in Abuja DCC at 4.30pm so you can go to your church and join us in the evening. Tz always an incredible time. So you wanna mark your calendars if you are in Abuja.

Ok let me get some work done this beautiful Monday.
I thought I’ll blog some leadership tips I’m learning from DCC Abuja especially for my readers who are workers in Church and wanna do more for God. Awesome stuff. And tz amazing how leadership tips from the church can also work in our secular jobs too.
Some other time though…
May 11, 2014. Sunday 4.30pm.

Oh I almost forgot this. Just have to share it. So one of my mentees, an amazing amazing girl, Chinwe who looked plenty to me for inspiration and encouragement in school just graduated with a FIRST CLASS.


Congrats Chinwe love

Feels like my own personal victory. Just being such an inspiration to someone who now outshines you is incredible. Go girl!!! I’m sooo happy for you. Got me all teary eyed on Friday when her result was released. And she was the ONLY ONE!!! Whoop!!! She was just a year under me in Sociology and my, we did countless tutorials, she kept in touch even after I graduated, didn’t stop asking me questions and I’m just glad that the whole tension of waiting in prayers and praise to see how she’ll cross from a 2-1 to 1st class in final year will go (which was exactly same for me). It was really really a miracle.
Congrats girl. Work that first class babe… Whether tz for further studies or work, it opens doors. Of course that’s cos it is a gift straight from God. Whoop whoop. Mega happy for you. My mentoring wasn’t in vain. Hehehehe.
And on that final note, toodles…
Stay FAB darls…
Favoured and Blessed.
And Happy stepping into all things FAB this May.



From across the waters… Two moms Tomiwa and Cannime Testify

Today we have two delightful FABers testifying.
Similarity? Well both are moms and both live outside Naija
And both are bloggers yay!!!

First off, Cannime who is the only blogger that had the same Sunspot blog theme as me. That was my first attraction to her blog. If you refer need any info on Canada, is your ONE stop go-to. On anything oooo. I just love her blog. Now she changed the theme tho… Love the new theme on mobile too. May try it after this. Since we are blog twins. Plus she says I write like her… Awwww.


I didn’t even know she is married and has a baby… Aww. I love how this is making me know my readers more… Thanks babe for sharing with us tho you don’t want your lovely picture here… Not fair loool. And thanks for all the blog love too. You rock…
Please enjoy this babe I just love to call Cannime all za way from Canada…

As 2014 rolled in, I asked myself what I wanted to achieve this year. I am one who journals my plans for the year because there is so much joy in looking back and realising that God answered my prayers or see how he totally changed my plans (He has done so a lot  times 😀 ). However, mummy duties ( We have an 8month old) have seriously taken over and I have not had time to write down my plans for the year yet.. So, Eziaha you have made it happen.

**** God used me to make it happen lol***

Here are my plans for 2014

1. Spiritual Growth: Love and trust God more 🙂 spiritual growth is constant for me every year.. because there is so much to learn about God and my walk with Him.

2. Be the best wife and mum: My husband and my son are perfection. Watching my hubby shower unconditional love  on my son and I daily makes me strive to best wife for him in everywhere. I also want to guide and watch my son grow into an amazing toddler ( he is downstairs babbling with his dad as I He is our new fitness coach because it is major workout when he is awake. Chasing him around the house has definitely helped *hubby* and I lose the baby weight- lol.

*****awww. Is it just me or did anyone else paint this tres lovely scenario of this family in a hilarious workout session… Biko nne, what weight is his daddy losing? Lol*****

3. Job: After an wonderful one year of maternity leave, I will be going back to work. A part of me feel I have forgot all of the accounting I was taught and practiced (lol). My manager will be the best So this year, I want to win best employee award (we do not have such award in my office) but I just want to make positive impact as I return.

***i should totally move to Canada!!! One year mat. leave… Wow!!! Cool. And yes Amen. The HS will help you remember jor…***

: In my spare time I blog about Canadian immigration and Life in Canada. This year, I want to provide information to as many Nigerians in and outside Canada looking for information on how to come to Canada or navigate through life in Canada. I love seeing successful Nigerians in Canada because there are good ambassadors of what great people we are.  I believe we all have a duty to change the perception people have of Nigeria with every non- Nigerian we meet. So this year, I want to be mentioned in the success stories of Nigerians in Canada who found some useful and helpful information from my website.

***You do a FAB job nne and I love that you wanna do even more… Guys, this blog is totally FAB trust me…Anything Canada, holler at her blog or at me and I will hook you up…***

5. Friends and family: Just reviewing last year.. I realised it’s been a while I got birthday gifts for most friends and family.. especially those who did not have any major celebration. So this year, I plan to send a birthday gift to all my close friends and family. In addition to gifts, actually spend time praying for them and the needs they share with me.

****Awwwwwww. Thank God I am a friend and I have a birthday coming later this year… Yay!!! But this resolve is so cool. Most of us don’t give gifts again. After putting pix on bbm DPs, that’s usually all lol…***

6. Vacation: Since 2012 when we came home, we have only been to the airport to receive people. We have not travelled or had a Vacation. So hubby and I are determined to travel this year. We plan to  travel to somewhere warm with a nice ocean view. My brother just returned from his honeymoon in Veradero, Cuba and the first thing his wife said to me was Flo, “you have no excuse.. I saw people with three month old babies”. And Oh! baby gets to travel for free until they are two.. so even more motivated to achieve this.

***Babes, I am seriously moving ooo lol. Free till 2years? Wow. Just last week my friend and I were discussing this issue of having babies pay for flights here… You guys should totally go. I duno Veradero but it sounds like a dream place…****

That’s about it for me. I know more things will pop up as the year progresses. Wishing all FAB readers a blessings filled 2014.

****** Thanks again darling. Blessings on you and your home. Amen!!!*****

Exit Cannime, Enter Tomiwa…

One of my most consistent Likers and commenters. Bless you babe.
Please enjoy T’s piece of the testifying action all za way from the UKj


This year 2014, I intend to

– Put God first, every day.
2013 was all about Him showing me that He does exist, He does answer prayers and He has a plan for my life. I am taking it a step further by running with this verse this year…
Ps119:105 Your word is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.
I intend to dwell in His word. I can never go wrong that way. I’m going to be a God girl this year and beyond.

-Be healthy. Drink more water, less coke (I can see myself trying to ignore the bottles of coke as they call out my name on the aisles in the store).
****hahahahahahaha. Seer of life. Loooool. How has it been so far? *****

-Eat more fruit. Exercise, at least I will try (does climbing the stairs count?)

***Yes hun it counts… Regularly tho and running not walking. I know you have started gyming already. Whoop!!!*****

– Do the money challenge. For every week, I will save an equivalent amount of money for that week’s number. For example, for week one I will save one dollar, week two, two dollars and so on till I get to the end of the year. Feel free to join, I’m already smacking my lips at the thought of a nice cash stash by the year’s end (even though they say do not count your chicks before they hatch).

***Not too late to join in yeah? Sounds cool. Wow. E for better for pounds tho… I am already counting my chicks in my head…****

Have a relationship that will lead to marriage and is God centered. I fear sometimes, (I’m not afraid to say fear cuz that confirms that I’m human), that I will not find a good man who will accept my daughter and I and will also love Christ. I know though, that God has great plans for me and who knows, there might be something in the works already

****** OF VERY COURSE there is someone out there who will accept and love by your girl totally. One darling FABer has a story like this. The husband she married Ehen, name God give am walahi lol… Tho she is a catch herself. So yes love, there is. But the word FEAR tho… Remember He hasn’t given us a spirit of fear… And There is NO FEAR in LOVE but perfect love (which I know you enjoy in Him which He will replicate in your man) CASTS OUT FEAR 🙂 So human or not, no fear baby )

– Start a PhD. I’m believing and trusting God, that I will get a scholarship that will pay everything, as in everything. I love to read and find out new things and this will also put me in a better position to give my daughter the best I can. I know my Baba will delight in my testimony by the year’s end when I announce “ I have started my Phd”

***AMEN Sweets. Beht u like books sha. Even Masters I am still receiving grace for, whilst looking for one that would last just six months Loooool****

– Impact some one’s life positively. I will love to be a mentor to people. I generally run away from being looked up to cuz I’m afraid of tripping up and making mistakes that might be costly to someone’s faith. However, that way of thinking was rooted in believing in my own strength. As of now, I’m totally leaning on God. It is He who will speak through me and lift me up when I stumble, that way people can learn also that being a God girl doesn’t mean you don’t trip up and fall. You are just blessed with the grace to rise up and keep moving on.

*** I have learnt that too babe. Never about me. Tz about God. No pressures mehn… And certainly pay no mind to the devil and his weak accusations with our weaknesses***

Speak fluent French, even if it’s in tongues, hehehe. I have been trying to learn French o. My folks speak so well and they seem to be arguing on how much they can sell me for, when they start to speak.

*** now that u mention, I think I speak in French tongues… Yay!!! Loooool. This French name real serious matter on this FAB lane ooo. We should start a French wannabe learners club or som’in… He he he. And yes, I think your folks have sold you already :p. ***

– Fly a kite with my daughter and in general just spend some quality time with her that is not across a computer console. Sometimes I cry when I receive pictures and videos of the antics she gets into and I’m not there physically to see and laugh. I can’t wait for this master’s to be over and then I can see her, and hold her, and scold her just be with her.

****** Awwwwwwwww. You should carry her for the pH.d ooo he he he *****

– Lead a choir. I love to sing. Really love it. Since having my lil princess though I have been blessed with a deep voice and can’t hit the high note anymore. Regardless, I want to glorify God with my singing.

***hahaha. Does it sound anything like TY Bello’s? If yes, I love it already… If not :p loool ****

– Make my parents proud. They have done a lot. Far more than I could have ever imagined. Is it the fees, or taking care of my princess while I flex-study?  Is it the ever flowing prayers and encouragement I get every single day? Abeg, they are too much. I want to be the daughter they can boast of anywhere. I want to bless them with everything I am and have it also helps that I will live long since I’m obeying God.

***** Awwwwww God bless them indeed. Parents dey try sha… I pray you do, with God leading you on how best to, amen****

– Establish a business. I totally love to make jewelry. I dream of having my own place of business, where I employ others and train people and make some money, while having time for the family God is blessing me with. Yes, I can do this in tangent with the Phd.

***** Business women on the lane, holla!!!! That is another team we should form right here too. And yes, you really can juggle it ooo. ***

– Grow with my friends spiritually. My bestie and I grew spiritually, together in 2013 and we are still growing. There are others I will like to bring into the fold, heaven will be quite fun with friends I already know, and I am trusting God for the grace to set aside my fears and doubts, and speak up to them. Let them see who I am in Christ and encourage them to set up.
Live a fasted life. This means I would not hesitate to give to God anything He requires of me. Be it money, a particular person, my time, food, anything. I want to be able to surrender all to Him.

******Amen. Grace and boldness babe cos God still needs examples…******

My name is Oluwatomiwa Ayonrinde, I’m in my mid 20’s and currently doing a masters in urban management and development. Thanks for the opportunity E’. Mwuaahh

***** Thanks my Darling jare. Kisses to your princess. And now that I think of it, I’m not sure if you are in the UK or USA set. I just wrote UK. No mind me. But I think i am right tho… He he he. And I love your course. One of the fave branches for me in Sociology was Urban Sociology. I was practically a mobile encyclopedia on it. The city life, its history and planning, social interactions, social problems, and its development just thrills me to heavens. Got an A plus in the course. On the other hand, I HATED Rural Sociology loool. I hate anything village he he he. *******

OK everyone, hope you are making plans already for comedy goes to church!!! Whoop. This Sunday 4pmDCC.
Come and have real pure fun with Acappella and his comedian friends plus great music to boot… Tickets just 2k.
If you dey Lagos, you have no reason to miss out ooooooo


Holler at me for details

#DoubleDelight…NaijaWife and Afoma Testify

First off, in my head, today is Sunday, January 26, 2014.
Cos according to my F.A.B. voices publishing schedule, that is when I was to publish this…
But between church and church tinz, reading my Booski’s latest post on dressing in the church, (, kicking off my virtual mentorship group (mehn, these girls are something ooo, I am yet to even catch up on their gist which I will today. Love love love you darlings…) , trying to kick off my Prayer partners group ( I should complete that today too) rounding up the Winners 21days fast in church Sunday evening, cooking, watching DHW season 8 again (Booski, please return the season 8 I gave you, this one ain’t complete…:p ), praying into and planning for this week (ah, iyanu musto shele this last week of January), doing my email runs, updating and totally loving Subway surfers as the World tour moves to the very colorful streets (Subway?) of Miami (thank goodness. I hated the streets of Mumbai esp coming from the Christmas streets of London) and generally being useful to my husband, Sunday was one EXHAUSTING day, both physically and mentally. I actually FELL ASLEEP. If you know me, you know i DON’T fall asleep. I am nocturnal and sleep only when i am ready, most times past 12 (hubby has accepted me the way i am lol). The body had to leave me cos my mind was still in top speed…
3.30am, body, spirit and soul are awake… So with a fresh bowl of smoothies and Rev Femi’s Leadership and Loyalty pt 2- Why are people disloyal?
( If any message series could leave me and run away, this one will cos I have played life out of it, lol. Love my Pastor much) playing in the background, I whip out my E’Pad to do due diligence to my blog…
I will get out of your face and let you enjoy the two Testifiers I have today…

NaijaWife is the kinda person everyone should have in their lives. Thankfully, her and Naija husband are generous enough to have us share in their lives through their blog
Awesome awesome blog. Personally,the blog has been a blessing… Esp the Too much book post which helped to reset my head (both posts and comments). As much as I would love to give NW a real hug someday for being such a sweet’drama’heart I prefer her anon…
First up of my double delight, The original F.A.B. Naija wife….



This picture!!! I just can't...

NaijaWife here! The no holds barred wife and blog partner of NaijaHusband over on As any good guest should, I must first express my gratitude to my gracious hostess, the lovely and F.A.B. Eziaha for hosting me. I haven’t met her in person before (or have I? *cue the sound of mysterious laughter*) but her personality reached out to mine across the blogosphere, grabbed me in a virtual hug and I couldn’t resist paying her a visit when she invited me.
***nne you haven’t met me yet. If I meet you, even if a chance meeting, I will know… 🙂 )

She’s told me I should pick a monicker and picture. But I’m lazy, so we’re just going to use my koboko flogging (and no that’s not my husband in the pic) twitter picture and add F.A.B to my “NaijaWife” title. So that makes me the * Drumroll please* ….

F.A.B. NaijaWife!

I like that name. I think I’ll ask NH to start adding F.A.B. to my real name every time he addresses me.

***Have I ever told you you remind me of Jada Smith and Eva Longoria? Yup, I think you must be that cute and ‘Gabrielle-dramatic’ while still a believer of course….***

Ok. So I’m supposed to discuss my top lessons, accomplishments, triumphs etc but E’ has word limited me so I can’t say much 😦  

One top highlight of 2013 was the launch of our blog I don’t know if I can call it a launch really, seeing as it was just one of those things you do for kicks. I think I was sitting in our parlor laughing at my husband for something funny he’d said, when I thought, “We should start a website! Let’s see if there are any other men out there like you!” And before we knew it, we were chronicling our experiences as a couple together and sharing it with the world.  
***awesome idea…. Such a blessing… Thanks for the gift of your blog…***

Since then, we’ve “met” a lot of cool peeps, great minds and beautiful souls who’ve shared their stories and problems with us.  Yet at the same time, it’s also brought a few challenges along the way. It wasn’t easy at first to get our story out there. We didn’t know our way around blogsville, and didn’t know how to tweet.
**** Really??? You seem like a Twitter-pro to me NNE*****
But God really surprised us. He took what we started for fun and turned it into something more than just our personal jokes.  Despite the odd reactions here and there like “How can two people be genuinely happy in this world? They must be faking it”. image


It’s been an overwhelmingly AMAZING and FABULOUS experience. God clearly has a plan for us and we’re praying he reveals more of it in 2014.
*** Amen amen amen!!! (4.45am BTW… My alarm just went off… I was an hour 15mins ahead of it. Gosh… )

So I’m going to re-word that “bucket list” question Eziaha asked me to make (I’m not kicking the bucket anytime soon o!)  and call it my “hope list” instead. Here goes:

My number one hope for 2014 is that I won’t be afraid to speak or live in truth. No matter what.  
My second hope is that more good husbands will emerge from the dark corners that society wants to hide them in and SHOUT IT OUT for the world to hear that they love their wives! (the way Aku’m loves Eziaha).
*** I am allowed to sneak in a pix of this lovely couple yeah…? #eyelashes#

Aww NW, that is so sweet. Sweet to know that you believe me and don’t think we too are ‘faking it’ or I am living in some form of fantasy bubble and the truth will soon shele and my eyes will clear ROTFLMBO…****

I hope that God will bring across our path more and more couples who, like we do, deeply and truly love one another and want their marriages to work despite the odds.


Stay Blessed!


Thank you so much my darling NW… You are such a delight!!! Godly delight… And thank you NH for letting her do this. God bless your home richly…
BTW, y’all know NH and NW are anon so she couldn’t share real personal stuff with the FAB community…

OK on to my second delight, Afoma Umesi…
Such an amazing writer. Medical student in the freezing Ukraine. I totally love her blog, just like she loves mine. And she writes mature, over and above her teen-age. And she is soooooo pretty.

No doubt, you will make such an amazing Doctor. Consider O&G or Paed lol. Her medic diaries are my fave… She also writes lovely fiction… Make way world, for this Superstar in the works…
FAB’ers, my 12th Testifier on the FAB lane…


Okay, so this is like “Take two” for me because I initially wrote a review of the year 2013 but Eziaha wanted something for 2014, something futuristic, she said.

***and this is ‘Take two’ for me because she is my numero two today… He he he ***
To be completely honest, I stopped making new year resolutions a while ago, I believe you don’t need a new year to make plans. But that’s beside the point. I also just realized I don’t have that many plans. So, I thought deeper and I really just want to be happy. I’ve always been happy, but this year, I tasted true, sincere happiness and I never want to give it back. I realized that happiness comes truly as the bible says from giving. So, I want to give more. More love, more work, more attention to the things and people that matter.
I have my first MB exams this year and I want to do great! I want to look back on it and be able to say “I gave my best”.
***at least you don’t whine as much as my darling kemi who still spanks so I am trusting God with you that you will do well too…***
I’ve never studied so much in my life! And I’m supposed to be a bookworm.
This year, I want to travel to a new country in both Africa and Europe, not to shop, but to just breathe a different air, take pictures and make lovely memories.
I want to keep writing on my lovely blog! I love it so much because I believe it was the star of my year! So many wonderful opportunities to inspire and be inspired and reaffirm my convictions. God blessed me with that blog of mine.
*and indeed your writings blessed us too…***

I’ve always wanted to write a book, maybe novel or collection of short stories or even a novella. I always start and then never finish. I’d like to start something this year. To start and be patient and flesh out my characters and not give up after 10,000 words like I did the last time.
***can’t wait can’t wait… A medical doctor and a writer… iLike***
Speaking of patience, I want to be more patient. I’m about a hundred times more patient than I was in 2012, but there’s always room to grow and what better growth than a fruitage of God’s spirit.
I spent a huge part of this year, bending over backwards to make people happy, to not let them get upset with me over decisions they really shouldn’t have a say in. 2014 will be different. This year will be about me and mine. I will not be coerced emotionally, physically or any other way into doing anything that will leave me unhappy or my conscience troubled. I will be unapologetic about my life decisions and never be ashamed of my beliefs. I will remember to speak my mind, but only when my words will have a better effect than silence. If you’re wondering what that means, it means I’m learning to pick my battles wisely.
*does this somewhat remind you of my third testifier, the anon Missy here ***

This year was fraught with so much tension, worry that I wasn’t good enough, in school, at writing, at being a person. I’m a worrier, but I think that comes from my love of planning ahead. I’m learning to take life one day at a time and not worry about things I cannot change and when they are things I can change, I will be proactive instead of sitting and worrying. I want to spend less time online and more with people who care and who are “real” to me. I love all the social media sites, especially Twitter, but sometimes, it honestly gets too much with everyone trying to stuff their opinions down your throat. This year, I’m standing up for myself, because no one else will, if I don’t.

* a life of balance. Between the real and the virtual. May we social media enthusiasts especially bloggers and ‘twitterers’ receive grace to strike this delicate balance…***

I spent the past year struggling with my relationship with God. Well, not struggling, but trying to find the right balance because the sudden onslaught of school work was ridiculous and just making it to school and back while having to study over twenty pages every day of medical jargon takes a toll on you and you still have to cook and clean and chill. Dear God, I love to just chill and do nothing, but I’ve learned that work must be done when it should and God should take first priority. I’ll fight harder to keep Him in that place next year, put more time into spiritual activities.

*Amen darling. Cos He has a way of holding it altogether when we give Him prime/first place…I trust God with you my darling…***

I want to love myself more, be kinder to myself, encourage myself and not compare myself to anyone else. I want to be a source of refreshment to everyone I meet and also realize that not everyone will like me and be okay with that. I want to keep drawing closer to my heavenly father; I mean you can never be close enough. I want to love my people more. I’m trying to eat more too; school keeps stealing all my adipose tissue.
I want to be happy and healthy.

***Happy, healthy and more God-loving you sure will be this year. Amen****

Thank you babe. You sure brought a BURST of fresh air to this #31F.A.B.Voices… Plenty love to you hun…

Oh BTW babe, thanks for the ‘Nineteen minutes e-book by Jodi Picoult.. Amazing writing…Then Afoma and I are both Subway surfers lovers. She even did a post on it here.. . She blogs at

I better get to making the pancakes for brekkie for Aku m and keep it in the m’oven… No need deceiving myself to grab a few minutes of sleep before…
Oh BTW, the message by Rev just finished… Right on time.
And hubby’s alarm just went off too… He says that is ‘wake up part 1’… Ugh!!! I wish I could just go back to sleep but this body…

My next post which hopefully should come up today if I can get a breather in between all the academic/work research I would be doing today is inspired from my mailbox…
A darling FAB’er sent me a mail asking a question on …. I had started responding to her privately anti thought, ‘…this should bless more lives na…’ So I decided I would merge it with another mail, provide answers and blog…
I trust God it would bless you…

Have you read AND commented on Pastor Mildred’s Dilemma post here?
Tuesday dilemma is up tomorrow so hurry along and lend your voice to the debacle involving a cheating husband and beAstie…

Oh BTW, move over Sapphire, Vee, Booski and co, I have a new friend…
Hello Rukewe!!!
Can’t wait to run her F.A.B 2014 entry here…
Speaking of which, I have OVER 31 voices already yay!!! Thanks to everyone who sent it, most of whom I have never met… I love love love all the impact this is creating and all the testimonies that will be shele-ing from this…
And I heard it in my spirit man as I took sometime to pray about this… We will indeed testify. Not that I didn’t know of course but I loved how the Spirit put it to me… It was this HUGE thanksgiving blog party at the end of the year when we returned,not only with our testimonies but of course with our thanksgiving…
Not just the 31 voices but as many that read the blog and trust God enough to commit to Him even as they play their own part…
iTestify… uTestify… WE TESTIFY…

Time check:5.50 am… Phew. Blogging is work… Fun work tho…


Going Forward… Still Testifying

Maybe we should ALL stop laughing…

First off, I the biggest biggest warmest lovingest HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my most fabulous FAB’ers, Ify.

Beyond the blog, Ify and I have become sisters though we have never met. One of the many joys of blogging. She has such a beautiful heart. Aside from dropping the most amazing comments and prayers on my blog, i have featured her once here

Hubby and I will definitely be ringing her up later tonight.
Aside a Happy Birthday, I wanna say THANK YOU Sweeetheart,. God bless you and your triple C-delight kids and your amazing hubby.
I totally love you… Amazing woman of God and big sis
FAB’ers, show her some LOVE… Say her a prayer…

OK on to today’s post
I had never been happier to be in DCC than I was second sunday of this year after over 7weeks away…

In those 7weeks, I learnt a HUGE lesson… A GOOD church helps your spiritual growth. It really matters less how mature you are spiritually, if you are ‘outside the fold’, hmm….
Of course I had been outta Lagos all that while hence…And I won’t lie, I was secretly beefing DCC folks on my BBM as I saw their updates and broadcasts… #SaltOnInjury
Anyways, PK was preaching on ‘Making better decisions’ and what better time to do that than the start of the year…
In characteristic PK style, while he explained to us the effects of bad decisions, he injected a lot of humor and stories into his sermon to drive home the point…
One of the stories he told was about this guy who he counselled against marrying this girl cos PK knew the girl and just knew she wasn’t right. Infact, she had caused so much trouble in church and PK and others had prayed her outta church. Now dude brought this girl say na she he wan marry… Long story short, he went ahead and married her.
Before then, dude was a bad boy… Smoking, drinking, the works… Then he got saved and committed in church. He had a thriving business, used to tithe weekly a remarkable cash-range, was crazy about giving and even used to go to PK to ask what projects church was doing atm so he could sow…
When dude starts dating the girl and stuff gets serious, business first starts nosediving… Commitment in church reduced… Post-marriage, it got worse. Real bad. Then he left church. Went back to his worldly ways. Business scattered and of course marriage CRASHED in about a year…
When he later shared his ‘testimony’ with PK, he said from DAY 1 of his marriage, fights all the way… They were always fighting. Sometimes, they would park the car on the highway just to fight. It was a bad bad sorry situation…
PK has a way with stories so people were laughing. E’ inclusive. The person beside me now said the last time he saw the guy he was drunk and didn’t look good at all…
Then I heard that voice…
‘We should NO longer be laughing…’
I mean that guy’s life nosedived because of one WRONG headstrong easily avoidable decision…
Today, years after, his story aint better…
I felt bad ooo, lie no good…
Maybe really, we should stop laughing when we hear things like this… Maybe we should commit in our own lil way to helping people around us make better decisions…
Especially relationship wise…both with same sex and the opposite/romantic ones.
A friend of Aku m late last year was talking about how her bf used to beat her and she wanted to know if he will change. Pk must have made me harsh when it comes to things like this so I said
‘He won’t ooo…She should leave now…’
He counselled her and then we prayed for her… Cos she was in a bad state.
I was overjoyed when he told me that she found the courage to break up with him. I was very excited to hear that…
VERY VERY excited. I almost sent her a congratulatory message.
Because I remembered Titi’s case in which she lost her life from alleged domestic violence….
After I ran that story, a blog reader called me and said she was roomies with Titi in Ife… So titi was just not another girl. She was a real living person she had lived, played and studied with… And she was pregnant when she got married. Maybe she shouldn’t have married him but still kept the pregnancy…
Maybe… Just maybe.
That story still pains me cos tz just sad… Gosh!!!
Another blog reader called me early this year and told me she had broken up with her guy. Now last year, we had had this convo about this guy and I had told her I didn’t think he was THE ONE especially as I saw she had a heart for God. If there was a marriage would have driven her CRAZY guaranteed cos the drama from the relationship was incredible already.
Of course she was hurting but I congratulated her and encouraged her NOT to go back ooo no matter what and trust God for a Good God-man instead. Infact, I told her if you ever feel like calling him, call me instead. I’ll be here for you…
I knew some girl too in Uni… Totally wonderful girl. Dating a philandering guy… She knew ultimately but couldn’t bring herself to leave easily. I had her in my prayers… We were not close per se but if anybody should make that kain mistake, NOT HER… I thought she had a future with incredible potential… I didn’t want her to be reduced to the ‘insanity’ that comes with a hubby that can’t zip his pants up and leave it zipped. Before she will start writing letters to ‘Disposable’ and ‘Shaggy’ like the woman in my Booski’s blog series…
When I heard she finally called it off with the guy, I threw a private party…

My Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has a dilemma post on her blog.

And now bestie is about to displace her as wifey . I love what Diche commented…

So true… You can’t be Best friends with someone like that without doing something about your relationship. Please define the boundaries of relationships. Some kinda people shouldn’t be in ‘bestie zone’. You can’t be toying with destiny ooo. All my besties/inner circle friends are women of fire ooo. I invest a lot into friendships… Wetin we go dey discus na if you are not a God-lover yourself…?
I just recalled a friend of mine. One of my COVENANT besties.

There used to be plenty friction in our relationship but no matter how our heads touch, we still find our way back to each other cos we have an amazingly unshakeable God-foundation in our friendship and in our personal lives too.
(Oh she insists I have to do a post where I tell the world how much of a well, BAD, friend I too have been to her… Lmho!)

Now I recall some other people with whom I have ‘tried’ friendship… The inner-circle kind… E no work… I mean, we will both put in effort but whosai!!! Something in me will not let you beyond a level. Cos my inner circle friends can ‘kill’ me. I’m very ‘naked’ with them and if I’m not careful, very soon somebody go enter ‘dilemma mode’
Ah, I had a ‘close friend’ that ROASTED me some years back… Nne eh, lesson learnt hard way… I was wise to define the boundaries of my relationship with the person…
With friends, I am first spiritual, then emotional.

Oh then ah, sometimes, people make bad decisions by letting good people go for all the flimsiest stupid reasons… And then when their head starts working right, tz already too late… Several friends I have begged to stay in a relationship and work things out… Mba!!! Then they have let a good man/woman go…
Painful!!! Too painful!!!
Daily, we have to make decisions…

Choices!!! And with choices come consequences…
Some decisions, heavenly. You don’t recover from the ‘enjoyment’ it brings…
Some decisions, hellish… The fire doesn’t stop burning and even when it stops, you deal with scars…
Choice is yours darling…

Isaiah 30:22…And you shall hear a voice saying: this is the way, walk in it…
Thankfully, we all have access to this VOICE…

The rate at which we see and hear about people making wrong decisions, most times after they are living with the sad consequences, is incredulous. Tz heart-breaking. We should really stop laughing!!! And then resolve to make right choices and then help as many people around us do… Operative word being HELP!!! Some people no go just gree. They believe Experience is their best teacher.
Lemme end with my own story how I almost married some one else…
See una ears… I no talk again…
Good thing is I made the right decision…
Thank God for grace. Thank God for wise counsel. And Thank God for my darling darling Rev…


Here’s to making BETTER decisions this 2014…
Berry Kisses…

Going FORWARD…Still Testifying

Amazing feedback from my post ‘Announcements on the F.A.B. Lane…’
Thank you all so much… God bless y’all.
We will kick off by the weekend…
*shaking my bum in satan’s face*
You may wanna read it if you haven’t and see how you can be a part of what God is doing here on the F.A.B. lane…

Joyce Meyer is a dream… My dream…

Daily, I fall deeper in love with her and all the amazing things God is doing through her and her ministry. Ah!!! Thank God for podcasts. Free podcasts…
Love. Love. Love.

The Post I mentioned on Pastor M’s blog actually is a kinda contest. Send in your comments and the most fabulous comments get prizes… Fabulous ones…
But tz also fun to read what people have to say about it…
So click away…

My friend and fellow Blogger Tunde Leye is part of the organizers of a Naija Books Fair. I wish I was in Lagos. I would have gone. Plenty Naija books will be on sale at Patabah bookshop in ‘Lere.

Plus there will be many giveaways including a home theatre courtesy Tunde.  Attend and buy books. Support Naija writers.
Tunde Leye blogs at
BEST fiction writer I have read in a while. His latest series on ‘A little Brid said…’ gives me som’in to look forward to every monday morning. Awesome!!!
FORWARD 2014…Still Testifying

Announcements on the F.A.B lane…


Before I go on, the app that did this is called Bit strips. Available on Google play only. Any other info, please Google. Don’t harangue me with questions, thank you!!! :p
OK so I have a few announcements to make about how things are going to be around here. Cool stuff. Divine instructions. I know I can bank on your support as usual. These are stuff I have prayed about and it is time to hit the ground running…


In line with my resolve this year to offer myself up as a deliberate mentor, I have  a dedicated Whatsapp account on my E’Pad  where we would hold scheduled virtual meetings both personally and in a group. I say ‘scheduled’ because I won’t deceive myself to say that I would be 24/7 available. It also won’t be one of such groups where talk will be going on all day and all night constituting major nuisance to phone batteries. Lol. I am a part of one but I can’t leave as it is one of those Alumni tinz. This group will NOT be that. We would be regulated and very effective by God’s grace. Again, please this is for the teens in the FAB community, then those who are say 23 and below. Especially those in University.  Then also, if you are a young Christian who needs some motivation and stuff, though you are above the age limit, you too are welcome. Please this group is NOT open to all the mature FAB’ers ooo. You guys need to be mentors yourself already. *tongue out* I also do know that there are some real mature Christians here who are within the age limit, you need not join. I really just wanna reach out to those who really need it.
When we are running, we would together decide on the group which of my spiritually mature friends/FAB’ers we would invite to run it with me.  I am working on a post on ‘mentoring’ because mentees need to know the basics of mentoring so that we know that both parties are benefitting maximally from the relationship.
Now what do you need to do? Do me a mail with your whatsapp phone numbers and just a little about yourself. Please send it to . Don’t drop it as a comment please. Clear? Thank you darlings.

2. #31F.A.B.Voices prayer co-ordinators

OK one thing I didn’t mention about the testifiers who sent me posts is that we would do regular prayer posts featuring the stuff they have shared with us. At least once a month, all year round, I would run a prayer blog post so that we never forget about it. I have the modalities in my head and I would share it with the volunteer coordinators. So please, I would be needing TWO FAB’ers that would help me run that with me. I would prefer that they are mature Christians please. Whether you sent me an entry or not, you are welcome to volunteer. Of course, we would run virtually so you can be anywhere in the world.  Please do me a mail and let’s take it from there.  Thanks. Trust me it is going to be all shades of FUN…

3. Hello Testifiers, what’s up?
One thing God dropped in my mind as this #31F.A.B.Voices started running was that we need to do follow up with each other every two months till the year is up. So rather than just drop the vision, you also need to give us progress reports about how far you are GOING FORWARD with your dreams and plans. Know where you are slacking, where you need help/prayers, etc. So darlings, you better be making moves ooo if not E’ is gonna be all over you like a blood hound. We MUST TESTIFY and we wouldn’t slack abourrit. After every TEN testifiers, we begin a progress report. Count’s seven now. So Testifiers, tick tock, you are on the clock… The two volunteers would also help me with this.

4. Prayer partners on the FAB lane…
For a really long time, I have had virtual prayer partners at different times for different seasons/reasons. So now, let’s do this with my FAB’ers. But I don’t do well with large starter groups so we will start with 10 people. Pere. Just drop a line in the comment section that you are interested and your email and we will go from there. I am hoping we have people from outside Nigeria too. We would have regular prayer meetings and stuff and hopefully we will increase the numbers as the days go by and then have real life meetings too. Yay!!! Cool yeah? But hey, my friends are NOT invited please (booski, sapphire,angel o’luv,Lizzie,etc, you know yourselves). I have learnt that there are steps that one takes in life that you DO NOT have to involve your close friends. Also those that fall into the first group I spoke about need not involve themselves. Oh BTW, prayer times do not always have to be convenient. Most times it would cost you your sleep and stuff. Early momo and late night tinz especially because of the schedule of everyone and stuff… So be sure you really wanna be a part of this. We would be praying for each other especially and others outside the group too.

So please holler…

BTW Tani, I do hope you have started working on all the people who hollered at you for your prayer and bible study group. I am so excited at the response you guys gave mehn… Love love love y’all. And I am so grateful about the great things God is going to do in the FAB lane this year and going forward…

That would be all for now…
Thank you all for listening…
He he he…

Ok, I mentioned the special dish I was making for the hubby Sunday and a lot of y’all took it very seriously and wanted me to share it.
I apologize I didn’t take pictures of the final dish. I forgot and he came in late from church (Choir leaders tinz) and all I just wanted to do was watch him eat. No vex eh… Anyways, I did take some pictures of the process.

It was actually an Irish potato dish. I cut and boiled the potato in a chicken/fish/gizzard/meat stock rather than just ordinary water and salt like we used to do at home then as a single. Then I deep fried it till it got crispy on the outside.  The taste on the inside was heavenly. Then i fried some the normal chips style but rather than just salt it, I soaked it in the same stock for sometime to take up that taste and then I fried. I made chips too just in case he didn’t like the other dish (you never know…). Then I made very rich salad and then peppered chicken and gizzard. Then home-made zobo which was really amazing.

Of course, you know I had to add my ‘special ingredient’ *wink*  (Check my VOICES post here for it )
Hubby totally loved it. Everything!!!

Oh and while we are still in the kitchen, Priceless who is worth her name in gold, introduced me to smoothies which I have been taking since. It has been real awesome. Since this year, I am trying to lead a healthier life. I just blend a couple of fruits together and refrigerate.

Pineapples, Apple, Pawpaw, Cucumber, watermelon, banana, carrots, coconut (I love the roughness coconut adds to the mix… Totally awesome. Totally!!!).

I usually add ice-cubes for effect. And it is so filling. And so nice. I also add my zobo to blend in addition to water hence the slightly red color.
Try it and thank me later…
Of course, everyone knows that no matter the kinda diet I go on, or healthy eating I chose, indomie will always be a part of it…

Whether it is fattening or not… Ignore the plantain. Na hubby tinz…

Two Posts I would love y’all to read…
Disposable by Booski
lessons from an Apron:
Disposable is for all the side chicks and the apron lessons is about dressing hot and sexy for hubby as a married woman… Loved both.



I am sure people like Lizzy and Valerie who know how much I hate to cook will be surprised at this my wannabe Chef-attitude. Looool. Na love ooo… He he he

If you looked closely, you would see that the Apron bore our names. It was a wedding souvenir. I doubt any of my friends who came for the wedding got any. I have just one left and I am looking to give it to my first friend that gets married this year. Church wedding that is. So make una hurry up abeg… I am itching to be a part of another wedding process already…