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Hey yawl…

So i have just returned from Ebony life TV for an interview, and the studio literally erupted when i was done…


‘Oh my God, she z the BEST we have had on the show…’

‘…She is so much fun…’

‘…she is so interesting to interview…’

‘I enjoyed myself…’ etc

Tz the way they erupted almost like they were all holding their breath as i spoke.

I still don’t understand my life but that is OK cos I am pretty much LOST IN HIM!!!



Ok let’s start talk about GROWING BUSINESSES

I called this THE PERSONAL EDITION because I have tried  every product here or i know the biz owner personally.

Let’s start with the dude who made the tee which I super duper LOVE


6tag_130216-221408.jpg picture100.jpg

O21 clothings is a branch of O21 designs, which is specialized in customized shirts. We are currently working on a collection of shirts which is aimed at propagating the gospel through faith based shirts.

super-jesus1.jpg.jpg redeemed-31.jpg.jpg saved-11.jpg.jpg saved-41.jpg.jpg migi-21.jpg.jpg redeemed-11.jpg.jpg

Outside the collection we also make shirts based on the customers specification for all events, we work for individuals, churches, corporate bodies and any group at all. We deliver across the country.

ngo-c-21.jpg.jpg jesus.jpg 116-21.jpg.jpg

my favourite!!!

my favourite!!!

Contact info: 07034331354,, IG: @o21_designs, Fb: O21 designs

straight-outt.jpg.jpg follow-w1.jpg.jpg

I just totally LOVE his shirts!!! He most likely will be making COACHE’ workout tees cos the stuff he uses is AMAZING and doesn’t run colour too.


Moving on to the Chick who did this AMAZING wig i have on in my latest pictures!!!



One thing you need to know is that I am sooooo not a wig person, but GURL, an encounter with this wig has made me a BELIEVER!!! EVERY single time i wear it, i get the BEST COMPLIMENTS!!!

And her timing could not have been more perfect because I am getting tired of my locs’ and i wanna drag it all off, but having a wig to TRANSFORM me from dreadloc’d to ‘braided’ is definitely welcome

img_1475157349469.jpg img_1475572387644_edit.jpg img_20160927_214220_edit.png img-20160927-wa067.jpg

Let’s hear from the Chick herself


  • Short bio about Biz: Mo’Dash wigs is a wig designing outfit that caters to your unique sense of style & individuality . This is done by designing custom wigs with specifications given by you.
  • photofonty_wed-sep-28-011612-2016_edit.png.png
  • How to place orders: orders can be placed by chatting us on whatsapp via +2347066602014 or sending a DM after following us on our social media platformsimg-20161010-wa004.jpg
  • Delivery: Free delivery within Nigeria. We also ship to other parts of the world for a fee.
  • Location: FCT Abuja,Nigeria
  • Contact Details : Whatsapp: +2347066602014, BBM:‎2BA47859, Instagram: Mo_Dash_wigs, Twitter: @FLAVISCO, Facebook: Mo’Dash wigs.
  • Do you treat/revitalize human hair extensions: Yes we doimg_20161019_100218_edit_edit.png
  • Do you convert hair extensions to wigs: Yes we do
  • What are the prices of your wigs: We are actually very pocket friendly. Kindly ‎chat us for detailed information
  • .img_1476105005836.jpg img_1476695866712_edit.jpg
  • I like the pictures but I have never worn a wig,what if it doesn’t fit me: Are you serious? Like never? We need to remedy that asap and trust me you will look so fab in a Mo’Dash wig. What’s more,i will give you tips on how to make your wig look more natural,like it’s actually a hairdo you made.
  • Soooo true, her wige fit RIGHT!!!

    Soooo true, her wige fit RIGHT!!!

  • How long would my wig last,how do I maintain it,how do I clean it if need be: Your wig with proper maintainance can last for as long as you want it to. Every Mo’Dash wig comes with a haircare product for maintainance and a hair accessory for styling.‎ Yes it can also be delicately cleaned when necessary.
  • Why do ladies wear wigs anyways? : Wigs are worn for varying reasons which ranges from quick save from bad hair days/no hair days,to protecting  your edges(yeah, you know your edges are about to fall off with all the braids & Ghana weaving you have put it through), for a makeover(wigs can help to totally transform your look). Also you get to wear wigs if you are like me who gets easily bored with looking one ‎particular way(different styles actually give your face different outlook, a short pixie style would have you looking different from a 16inch braided kinky wig). Wigs come in handy when you need to make the transition to team natural, you really wanna unveil your Natural hair when it’s on fleek,anything less is totally unacceptable,Ok? Finally wigs are great saves for periods when you are unable to get to the salon to make your hair.photolab_20160929_143710.jpg
  • What if my wigs fall off or remove plus it looks so fake: Mo’Dash wigs comes with hooks that criss crosses under the wig cap to secure the wig to your scalp  . I also provide you with hair pins to attach the wig cap to your  scalp for additional security if need be‎. It’s all about styling,there are ways to style/accessorize your wigs and No-one would even know it’s a wig.img-20161016-wa0047.jpg


    yes she gives some accesories with the wigs. So cool!!!

For any other clarifications,please contact us,contact info as above. 

Please contact her mehn!!! Her wigs are just LIFE!!!

And moving right on to my booooooothang Adaora, of House of DORAKAY, Stylist EXTRAORDINAIRE!!! The person responsible for making me SLAY in Abuja


When she was taking my measurement for this jumpsuit, I KNEW i had found a stylist!!! She was so thorough and almost measured my intestines. Lol.

I wanted to copy Sarah Jakes Roberts and Ada made me even look better in blue


Errr who wore it better? LOL #SlayingPreacherChicks

She INSISTED she was NOT doing Black for me, even when i kept screaming I WANT TO LOOK SLIM haha. She was like Babes, you are already slim, no need for black’s slimming effect haha. I just LOVE Ada

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-23-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-55-37-1.png

Plus she is the HOTTEST dresser i know.

Effortless slays ALWAYS!!!

She also leads Choir in my church so she makes sure they ALWAYS slay

screenshot_2016-10-27-15-56-19-1.png screenshot_2016-10-27-15-54-42-1.png

I will still do a FULL feature on House Of Dora Kay on my blog but i had to give a teaser here


I just LOVE Ada with a passion!!! My super hot MAMA EJIMA!!!

You can holler at House of ‘Dora Kay for styling DECENT & APPROPRIATE Clothing

08185728726 and on IG @houseofdorakay


Now moving on to another of my amazing DCC Sisters who also happens to be our Choir Director’s bride


My couple crush

REMA of The House Keeper, a cleaning agency


The House Keeper is a Cleaning Service Agency, born out of a passion to offer detailed cleaning service.

You have to admit, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean house, right? so if you have an incredibly busy schedule and really cannot trust your maid with the intense cleaning of your house, give us a call, let us do your dirty work while you stay focused on your goals.


She is such a creative and blogs too

Did I mention we do after party, offices and coperate spaces too? Oh yes, if it needs cleaning, then we are happily ready to clean! We promise to take time to understand your cleaning needs and offer you satisfactory service.

Call to make a booking: 08071545558, 08166612715
Or send an email to:

Follow us on instagram @thehousekeeperng
We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

With THK satisfaction is guaranteed!

Yaaaaas. I just LOVE her

img-20161016-wa0046.jpg img-20161016-wa0048.jpg

You can literally feel my excitement bursting out of this post. Love Christians in business and will continue to do what I can to help. So yawl spread word and patronize them too. I totally certainly ENDORSE ALL which is why i called this THE PERSONAL EDITION.

Find the previous SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES posts here

Part 1

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And if you have any personal growing business you would want me to run, email me and I will run it so far my Spirit is fine to. Gotta preserve my blog integrity. Personal businesses please, not that you work for someone and want to publicise.

And just to sign out, I hung out with two of my weightloss students yesterday which had a treat meal in their mealplan and we had pizza, ice cream and cup cakes. Well i didn’t have cupcakes but they did

After our treat

After our treat

I just LOVE coaching and when i get an opp to meet some of my students, I am happy to meet them.

Plus don’t i like look SUPER AMAZING???

I knoooooooow. Na God!!!

I wanna do a CHRISTIAN BIZ PRINCIPLES post and this time will tag it STAY ON YOUR LANE!!!

The pressure out there is much to do X or Y because someone else in your field is doing it, but honey, there is something FREEING about hearing God for your own business AND staying on your lane NO MATTER WHAT. Copying is NOT inspiration!!! Collaboration is NOT always the answer to show that you are not competing because #CollaborationIsTheNewCompetition hashtag is reigning!!! Hiss!!!

God is so faithful guys. Hold on to Him. Can’t wait to run that post. See yawl on Monday with a Post i am titling THAT LINE OF EQUAL FREQUENCY…

And one more thing before I run off, I will be handling 1-2pm on WONDIVA’s tweet conference this Saturday October 19.


The theme is GROWING TO GLOW and I will be handling GROWING TO GLOW in your HEALTH AND FITNESS. My slot is 1-2pm. @coachesquad is the handle I am tweeting from. The conference hashtag is #GrowingToGlow and the hanlde is won_diva. There are several other amazing ‘tweeters’, including Funto my RCS, who will handle Growing to glow in your passion and purpose at 4-5pm, so join in please…

Looking forward to it

Ok bye my loves and HOLD ON TO JESUS yawl!!!


My boooooooooooo

My boooooooooooo


A RICH SlipStream…

‘…Can we learn, can we glean, can we STAY IN THEIR SLIPSTREAM…?’

Bianca Juarez Olthoff. Propel Conversation series.

Happy new week guys. I am bursting with sunshine this week.


My online coaching classes are LIVE again and I realized just how much I had missed it.


And all the fun and gists it brings


Ok before we get carried away, let’s blog about the slipstream

S L I P S T R E A M!!!

Ever since I discovered this term, I have been throwing it into LITERALLY EVERY conversation I have. You see, I am super huge on mentoring and in my 10000 Teachers post, I mentioned how we have Teachers and Mentors who we don’t even have a personal relationship with but we lean into their lives from the materials they continue to resource us with – books, messages, seminars, social media accounts, etc. I called it stalking there, and if I had heard Bianca say this before I did that post, I would have said we should stalk them by staying in their slipstream

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

Oh sweet Lord Baby Jesus!!!

I have literally LIVED in the slipstream of my Teachers all these years, and especially this year. You see, Bianca said this in the PROPEL EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING video as she explained how that she makes decisions by consulting her mentors (wise counselors), and that we all should have both close mentors and distant mentors.

Bianca Olthoff

Bianca Olthoff

Per the distant mentors, she said we need not even be about trying to build a personal relationship with them or harass them to respond to our every tweet or comment (or ask for a FOLLOW BACK which frankly is the most stupid thing I see on SM). Most wise counselors and Mentors leave enough information in their slipstream and if we stay close to them, we will most likely find the answers that help us make better and wiser decisions as we navigate this life and its obstacles.

Lemme proceed on this by looking at this in two ways. First as the person staying in someone’s slipstream and then as the person who is leaving a rich slipstream behind for others to glean from…

I woke up last Friday morning to a question from my Sister on whether it was true that Gmama Joyce had gone to be with the Lord.


At first, my heart broke, and then even before I confirmed or not, I realized that the simple Truth is that Joyce, if Jesus tarries and other things stay equal, is going to die a LONG time before me. But that woman has one of the richest slipstreams ever in the history of any Bible Teacher or Preacher I know, so I quickly posed myself the question ‘Have I been maximizing this rich slipstream she leaves in her wake?’ because Joyce Meyer has definitely done her best to be a distant mentor to millions of women around the world, including me. Joyce is lavish in sharing information about her life, her ministry, her mistakes, her struggles, her relationships, etc.

Just see all the information and wisdom she dropped with us at Code Orange revival

I don’t know who it is that inspires you, but girl forget about whether they respond to your email or mention, just stay in their slipstream and soak in anything they are generous enough to share. And be very sensitive in your spirit too, so that you can connect the dots when they share. I also pray too that God uses my Teachers to answer specific questions in my life as they arise. This happens a lot with Christine Caine for me. If there is something I need clarity on, as I pray about it, a lot of times, I find my answer on Chris’s IG page.

It is crazy I tell ya.

Ditto Heather Lindsey. They have such rich slipstreams that sometimes I am like

You guys please stop tweeting or preaching let me finish grasping the ones you already have na’

Maybe you are in the banking sector, or anywhere in the career world, and you have a Mentor there. Maybe one of those Superstars with whom booking an audience is literally impossible.

Stop stressing yourself. GET ON Google, Buy their materials. Watch their videos on YouTube. Attend their seminars. etc. Don’t be there writing long letters and emails and waiting for them to invite you over for lunch. Probably won’t happen, but they have resourced you through their slipstream.

It just annoys me when a Mentor tells someone ‘Oh I have preached or written about it here. Please go and find it’ and then the person says ‘…ehn please but I still want to talk to you…’

Trust me, most times, most of the questions we wanna ask them, they have already dealt with in one of their resources. One-to-One mentoring is almost impossible these days. How many people will someone like Leke Alder, for instance see if he keeps doing one-on-one? But that dude pours out his knowledge on Social media literally daily, and has seminars and workshops but someone will still be foolishly asking him ‘Eh Sir please can I still get your number to call…’


Really, this generation we need to stop this nonsense. It is too annoying. Looking for special attention despite the rich slipstream a person has left for us.

We are too lazy to do the work the slipstream requires. We use our internet data to follow people’s lives on Snapchat and watch reality TV and movies. God forbid we google keywords and names and put 2 and 4 together to find wisdom for our current situation.

And that is part of what I will be sharing with the ladies who come on board my P413 intimate session which i hinted in this Post. How to effectively navigate slipstreams of our teachers. Hopefully my flyer will be out next week, but you really wanna book a space now.

Ok so the second part of this slipstream business is now turning the spotlight on us. The truth is, there are some people who are in your slipstream because you have wisdom about a situation they can learn from.



Share your victories, failures, challenges, mistakes, etc. We have a funny culture in Africa where we ONLY share (or people just see even without us sharing) the good and the end product, and leave off the ‘HOW’ of our journey. Sometimes we don’t share because we want to appear perfect, we think we have NOTHING of worth to share that anyone can learn from, or we want a bigger platform. Some other times we don’t share because we don’t want to be seen as show-offs, or we just can’t be bothered to share. We don’t write biographies, blog, or put in our Memoirs.

I see someone I like and admire, I get online and there is almost NOTHING in the person’s slipstream. But in the Western world (and this also happens with Africans who grew up or were exposed to such environments), they are quick to tell their story, write a book, open a blog, etc. You know, a friend was gisting me of her friend who went through a bad patch in her new marriage and ended up divorcing, dealing with severe depression and then getting help and healing. Then she writes a book. That friend gisting me was saying it in a ‘Na wa ooo. What does she know that she is writing a book about?’ manner and me I was just laughing at her (my friend that is). You think someone needs to go to school for 6 years to write a book?

No, Sir. When you have a Story, you find a medium to share that story, whether via a book, a blog or your social media handles. That is the kind of permission that Social media and the internet generally has afforded us. You don’t need a BIG TIME Publisher. Just open a Facebook account and get the story out. Trust me, there are people who will one day stumble on your slipstream and you will be an answer to his/her prayers. Forget about how many people like it or comment. DO IT FOR THE ONE if you have to.

Now can I address Millennials (those of us born between 1982 and 2002) like most of my blog readers, who have active Social media handles and all? I know that in the past, we hid every single spiritual activity we did so it doesn’t look like we are being over spiritual or showing off. But honey, we need to take our light and shine BRIGHT in the SM world.

It is absolutely OK to come and tell me you got together with a group of friends and prayed for 5 hours straight. Oh my Darling, BRAG about your Christian friendships and relationships and stuff that sustain it. Brag that you are abstaining from pre-marital sex. That you used to be a Lesbian/Homosexual but not anymore. You do X Y and Z for Jesus. Brag to the heavens about your Church and how your Choir unit is da baddest!!! And how your Bible costs you so much.


Look closely, it is the FASHION EDITION yay!!!

And what percentage of your income goes to books, tapes and CDs. Trust me, it is OK to tell me that you went to an Orphanage and you make a habit of giving a percentage of your income to the poor. Talk about how you run your Company like a Christian Organization.


And before you go all Matthew 6 on me, let me beat you to it…


What Jesus was really about in those verses is YOUR MOTIVES!!! Why are you sharing? So that people will hail you? So that you can be approved, cheered and endorsed by men? So you appear important, spiritual, or rich? WHY ARE YOU SHARING?

That is the koko of that Scripture. If your motives are wrong, just SHUT UP. But if your motives are to inspire more people into the Jesus Culture, by all means share, with wisdom. And when the praise and glory want to be wrongly ascribed to you, RE-DIRECT THEM TO JESUS!!!


You know, Joyce did this crazy good message on MOTIVES (sorry, I can’t recall the Title, I just journalled as I listened) and it set me free. I have a naturally showy personality but Joyce taught me to always check myself and filter the motives behind my actions through the Word.

The Christian world is lacking in examples ooo, all because we don’t want to appear ‘too Christian/holy’. They are shouting us out and down, and sadly, a lot of us are cowering.

Reducing and then ultimately losing our voices, finding them only when it is time to talk football or movies.

The world is Ok with telling you their sexcapades very proudly, and how much their vanities cost them but we Christians just wanna sha be ‘silent Christians’. WHAT AN OXYMORON!!!

Oh, how the world needs BOLDER CHRISTIANS. Bold, Deep, Mature and Joyful Christians. Christians who wear the tag so super proudly and BRAG DIFFERENT!!! There is someone in your slipstream who needs that info to take a step for Jesus. I know how hearing about someone’s giving just stirs my faith to give too.

Don’t worry if anybody yabs you or calls you out, like they attack every time a Christian is just being a Christian. If your motives are right, it should not even bother you. You should be too busy doing what God has called you to do, stopping long enough to pray for them out of LOVE and not to argue with them.

This is really not about cheers and jeers or applause and condemnation, it is about Christ, His Message and Culture, AND your SLIPSTREAM both for now and the future.

Oh how grateful I am for Christians like Wale Jana who I featured here. He brags wella about his faith (@walejana on SM Sites) and I am not saying you should be like him, I am saying be proud of your gospel and wear it well. Don’t let the fear of men and their rejection stop you. How thankful I am for Heather Lindsey who shares a lot about her life and whose slipstream is so rich.

She gets attacked a lot, but it doesn’t stop her. The people in her slipstream are thankful and the many more who will find it someday will be too. I sure am!!!

I am also thankful for myself and the slipstream my blog and life offer. I get all those emails that wanna advise me or shut me down but frankly, I don’t even look at them twice, or respond. No emotional energy to waste explaining myself to anyone. I just know I didn’t do it for you, JUST YET, (because chances are high that one day you will come back to resource and equip yourself from my blog). I just carry on with my assignment and do my MOTIVE-CHECK all the time with my Jesus. You can be sure that if He tells me Eziaha do this or that, IT IS AS GOOD AS DONE!!! I don’t have time for the world, Which is why we should not live for worldly approval. If we do it for the world, then their disapproval will get to you.

DO IT FOR JESUS, He is enough!!!

And then do it for the people in your slipstream.

The slipstream is real guys. Let us get to living our lives fully for JESUS and as we are led, we share in our slipstreams so that we keep the FAITH GOING IN VERY PRACTICAL WAYS.

That definition of slipstream above ministers to me because of a couple of words within

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

As we learn from people (and vice-versa), we learn the lessons without all the pressure and mistakes they made, and we can go further, and faster more efficiently and with less effort (not ‘NO effort’ ooo because we must pay our own price) to get even better results.

I mean how amazing is that?

So even when I share my stories, there are many people who avoid stepping on some of the landmines that almost destroyed me. And then there are many more that are clueless on how to navigate a certain situation and wham!!! They are flooded with light when they read something some bold FIERCE CHRISTIAN CHICK has written or spoken about. And they too can take that to their own slipstream.

But remember, WE BRAG DIFFERENT… The GOAL is JESUS , NEVER us!!!


If you are going to blow a horn, blow a Trumpet for God… 1 Cor 1:31b MSG

With love





Yup I know I talked about TFS Academy, my online  mentoring Academy when I blogged DO IT AFRAID and said you could send your mails. It will be up next week. Wanted to sort out my October weight loss class first and be sure it is smooth running. Now that’s done so I can re-open TFS. I think you can still mail me. I am yet to confirm how many I have, but if you don’t get in this time, you can be on the waiting list hun, so apply and get in my slipstream. Details are in this Post linked above and this, and please be sure to read both first.




Whoop, if you missed Squad 1, I will be starting another CHRISTMAS-IN-OCTOBER promo from Friday October 21 to Saturday November 19. Still 6k in Naira for the 4weeks.

And then my next Class after that will be in December!!! Guess what I Christened it? (Yup christened haha)


Because the yuletide is not a reason to throw restraint and discipline out the window. It is Jesus’s birthday not ours and we all know Bros J got discipline on loc’down!!! So that will be for those who want to stay accountable at Christmas, and then they also get my CHRISTMAS GIFT which is a workout tee branded with workout related Scriptures… Whoop!!! Christmas is looking LIT already!!!



If you are not on CoachE’ mailing list, you may wanna get on board. I send weekly emails on super fun and super educative Food and Fitness matters, especially for women. Today I talked about why some women snap back easily post-baby and some don’t. In the past I have discussed CS and Vaginal delivery, The Good&Naughty Carbs, etc. It is like a private blog post, so drop your email or mail to request to get on it. We really need to pay more and better attention to our health especially as women. If you think the info won’t help you now, it will in the future ooo.

Plus connect with me too on Social media

IG @eziaha @coachesquad and Twitter: @eziahaA @coachesquad

And CoachE Facebook page here. I share so much information there and that is a good way to stay in my healthy slipstream. And generally be in my life because I share a lot on both platforms.




Can't wait!!!

Can’t wait!!!

Abuja is almost here and sometime this week, i will do a Post with more details on this and info on how to be one of the two Chicks I wanna sponsor for this. Please tell all your Abuja friends to come through!!! I am privileged to be in Funto’s slipstream and see her fire and love for God girls and I truly can’t wait to see all that God will do in and through His ladies in Abuja and environs!!! Great time to be a Chick who loves Jesus. The Women of the Bible days must be RED-JEALOUS haha!!!







The 6k Christmas🌲in🌲October promo at #ESquad…

Hey guys,Ok let’s go straight to the point with this post…

So this October, I am having another promo on all my services. 

Online coaching class for those who want to lose weight – N6000 (regular price:10k. )
Discount for my past students – N5000 (if you have ever paid me for any service that is)

The class runs on Whatsapp and BBM, and I provide weekly meal plans and workouts. 

Customized meal plans – N6000 (Regular price is 10k) (whether you want to lose weight, add weight, maintain your weight or just start eating healthy)

Breastfeeding mama meal plan (especially for those whose babies are exclusively nursing or are over 50percent nourished from breastfeeding) and Meal plans for those who need to manage a medical condition – N7500 (Regular price is 12k)

Please note that these customised meal plans come with workout suggestions, depending on your goal, if you are interested. 

Abs 1month workout and meal guide (plus my magic portion😉) N5000 (Regular price 7500). 

Please don’t buy an Abs plan if you know you need to lose more than tummy fat. I recommend this plan for those who are at an ideal weight but just want to focus on getting their tummy flat. 

This Chick lost 3inches plus off her waistline. Kai. #jealous

For those who mail me and say ‘my weight is ok, just that my tummy protrudes…’

This plan won’t make you lose more than 2-3kg (if any sef) but it will tone your abdominal muscles and give you a flatter tummy. 

Arm one month workout plan N5000 (Regular price N5000) sorry can’t go lower. 

I also won’t be doing personalised coaching for those who don’t want to be in a group but want me to coach them one-on-one. I should be back to that in November, as God wills. 
Ok, I think Christmas came early for my Clients. And frankly, a lot of people have asked me for discounts and all. This is a response to all that. I’m truly happy to see women get transformed. Totally happy. Deliriously happy. So I wanna reach more people and I know you guys have more you want to do with your money, and still invest in your body, so this is my humble contribution. 

Love her drive… kai

Please don’t ask me for a further discount tho. I have been gracious enough. I don try na…

I am praying that God provides if you don’t have, but if for some reason you still can’t afford it, please check all my blog posts here where I share all I did on my journey. Plus order and read my book. If you implement all I shared, you too will get your results. I promise. 

If you have already paid me 10k for October online coaching, we could do one of two things

1. We could make that work for October and November

2. I could refund. Just mail me. 

Ok, if interested, please send a mail to with the program you want. 

Please allow at least 24hours for my response. I’ll send you bank details and after you pay, reply with name used to pay, and your real name if different. I will reply again acknowledging receipt of your money, and send you a Client form with more information. 

Then please wait for another mail on Friday October 7 with your week one meal and workout plans so you can shop. Technically week 1 starts on Sunday October 9. 

Couple more questions you may have

1. Are the meals easily acessible?

Yup. All naija meals. Rice, swallow, soup, etc. Of course loads of fruits and veggies too. 

2. I can’t really workout. I’m new to all of this. Can I still join?

Honey, you can learn. My workouts are of different intensity so you can go at a pace that works for you. 

3. I have a health condition and so I can’t do XYZ

Well, please mail me with the exact health condition let me advice. But please don’t pay, join my class, and now tell me of a health condition. Sorry, I won’t entertain that. 

4. Can I buy a customized meal plan or the Abs or Arms plan and still be added to the class? 

Yes, I can find or create a class for you guys. But I would not be adding you to the weight loss classes. 

5. I hope the entire program won’t be too expensive. 

No Darling. If anything, I’ll be saving you money because you are going to be disciplined and leave off junk food which we all know costs money. You also need to buy YOUR own weighing scale, measuring tape, and measuring cups, green tea and any other low calorie tea (I recommend Twinings of course). 

6. I’m not in Nigeria, can I still join?

Sure thing. It is all online. I don’t see any client to coach them. You only need whatsapp and BBM. Both please. And my domicillary account is in the pipeline so you can pay in dollars and pounds. Just email me so we work out payments if you don’t have access to pay in Nigeria. Working on my dollar and pounds charges. Will update this post when I’m done. 
And finally, just to also say, I do most of the day-to-day coaching on Whatsapp so it means the group buzzes, with pictures

 (both post-workout and food from my students), audio lessons, videos some times, and more. If you don’t like all that, please don’t join in. 

Buy a customised meal plan and you can work on your own. That’s ok too. 
I hope this Post answers all the questions as regards my Christmas-in-October Food&Fitness promo. 

More questions, please email.

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Eziaha PROPELLED!!! Lessons from my life…

Hey guys. 

Ok lemme share some lessons I picked from Propel that totally and radically changed something in me. Yawl know me, when I like something, I go all the way IN!!! 

I discovered Propel earlier this year, and I desperately wanted to see a video from the curriculum. Not the ones on YouTube ooo. The ones that were being sold. You don’t wanna know how deep I dug to finally find Video 1 from Curriculum 1 online. 

I recall it was one of those periods where I would put KingDaveed to sleep, then do something for myself from then till 2am or 3am before I slept, praying fervently he doesn’t wake before 2 because I had done nothing else all day. 

That night, I sprawled on his playmat, with my journal, highlighters and Bible. I couldn’t believe that FINALLY I had found ONE video in a ‘hidden’ corner of the Internet. 

Ok to explain the Propel curriculums. 

It is like a series of videos where Christine Caine and 4 other ladies discus the woman and how she leads at the level she is at using super practical examples both from life, and their lives. Then there are studio guests who get to ask questions too. 

These sessions are recorded and 6 sessions make a curriculum. 

The idea is that people come together in small groups or chapters to watch the videos and discus among themselves practical ways they can apply all they have learned in their marketplace. 

I had seen short clips used to promote each curriculum and my people, I entered online crevices and holes to find it anywhere. They were not selling digital copies and they weren’t shipping to Nigeria. 

Imagine my joy to find a full length video that night. I frankly wasn’t ready for what was about to hit me HARD. Kai!!! You see, a question I couldn’t even articulate had been gnawing at the seams of my heart making me very very uncomfy until answers showed. And my goodness, did I get answers or what!!! 

So lemme give a kinda summary of ‘Balance and the myth of having it all...’ 

Love alli

Alli Worthington, mom of 5boys went first, right after Chris did her intro on what the session was about,

The intro

and everyone introduced themselves. 

She said the whole ‘you can have it all’ mantra thing started from Cosmo magazine which had told women how they needed to look, what they needed to do and how they needed to live in order to have it all. And women down the ages have just bought that lie and are depleting themselves trying to have the ALL that God didn’t endorse. 

And she says YES we can have it all BUT it is all about SEASONS. What is your ALL in your current season? Not about what a magazine prescribes. 


Lisa Harper then explained how we can make the mistake of comparing our lives to a certain Celeb or Hollywood personality who seems to have IT ALL including an organic garden and every time she comes out, she also looks perfect, and is the perfect size too (her hips dont touch. Lol i fainted. Didn’t know that was a thing). 

What we conveniently forget is that she, on her own, does not have it all, but she has a retinue of assistants… Personal assistants, Driver, Gardener, Makeup artist, Cook, Personal Trainer, etc. so she doesn’t REALLY have it all. Lisa being the funny mama that she is says, when she sees such a woman, she just wants to hit her over the head with her own Manolos. Lol
Recall when I mentioned in this post (Who got ya on LOCKDOWN) that I was comparing myself to this Chick with the #workingMom #DateNight hash tags on IG, meanwhile our life situations differed? 

It was Propel that gave me that wisdom, and liberated me fully.
Lisa further says that we need ask ourselves what our ALL is, then what we are willing to RISK to get that ALL, and then give our own RACE our ALL as we run towards the finish line, happy but totally EXHAUSTED and certainly not looking perfect.

Bianca. Love her new book…Play with fire

Bianca Olthoff, whose relationship with Chris I covet, because of how closely they work with each other (btw if you ever watch those short V-logs of Chris on her own YouTube channel, it was Bianca recording it all), explained how in order to maximize our day, as we run through our ALL, we need RHYTHMS and ROUTINES!!! Yes she is a creative and we all know that the average creative wants to just go with the flow in order not to stifle creativity, but no, we have to be INTENTIONAL in order to maximize our day.
You know, this lesson on Routines is what I FIRST shared with my mentees in TFS Academy (of which the Post introducing it is visible again, but the next session starts October) because that’s a secret to maximising your day. My personality would prefer to be spontaneous, almost borderline indisciplined, BUT I learned really early from Rev Albert Oduwole who has a personality like mine, that we have to discipline ourselves into routines and not just ‘jaye-jaye’ through life because I am Sanguine. Hearing Bianca say it again spoke even more to me.


Mercy Lokulutu, who’s Nigerian, talks very fast, and is very feisty then tells us how two things would help me guard the vision of God on my own life
So I need to take my tail to God and ask Him what it is I am supposed to do in my current season, pick the TOP FEW things I am supposed to do and then CRADLE them.
As a woman, be careful NOT to JUGGLE but cradle, even as we multi-task. I still hear her voice as she says ‘…I juggle, I don’t cradle…’ and she tried to paint a picture of how juggle and cradle differ. 

to juggle

To cradle

You have to define, and then guard because EVERYTHING God has told you to do is under attack, especially the attack of the internet and Social media.
Kai!!! This revelation now is giving me life as I have been JUGGLING.
She also proffers practical solutions to it, and I am actually actively putting that in practice NOW!!!
She said YOU MUST CUT BACK TO MOVE FORWARD, because as my VISION increases, my OTPIONS automatically DECREASES!!!

The wisdom Mercy dropped is LIFE!!!
You know ehn, this is really me now. My life vision is thoroughly increasing and I keep hearing the P31 woman whisper to me

 ‘I expand PRUDENTLY without courting neglect of what is infinitely important…’

So nobody is saying don’t expand. All I am hearing is expand, but with wisdom. I truly have to cut back, but I need to be sure I am cutting back on the right things.
You know, this month, I decided against having a Coaching class. It means I said NO to between 200 and 300k at least, and while I NEED that money, I had to recall what Bianca said about putting structures in my life.

My life, as at last month, even if I was bearing fruit, I knew I needed PRUNING in order to bear more fruit so I CUT BACK on a ton of stuff, including online coaching, and I am in that re-structuring season of my life atm. I am also downloading and defining what God would have me do too.
By the time I am done re-structuring my entire life and vision, I would then bear even more fruit.
You see why I am passionate about PROPEL and Christine Caine? Looks like every season of my life, PROPEL has my answer.
Oh then Chris was the last to speak and trust her to bring the fire.

Her session liberated me.
She talked about her life is so busy, her life is so full, she is everywhere BUT what keeps her going is the fact that RIGHT at the MIDDLE of everything, she has put JESUS!!!
It is like a wheel, Jesus is that MAGIC in the middle of the wheel holding it ALL together and the presence of the Holy Spirit keeps her life well oiled, and it keeps nudging her on what to do and what not to do, to ensure that she doesn’t burn out. 

Because HE empowers YOU in your various seasons FOR ONLY WHAT HE ENDORSES THAT YOU DO!!!
And just like Lisa said, there are some things we RISK in order to have our God-endorsed ALL but we should NOT let anyone GUILT us for them because any kind of GUILT is from the devil.
To exemplify, sometimes you realize that your calling means you miss out on SOME of the MOMENTS in your kids’ lives as they grow. Or maybe your family doesn’t always enjoy the BEST home cooked meals because she is an itinerant preacher. It is easy to want to FEEL GUILTY, or allow the subtle comparison someone would hint at her and another say, full time stay-at-home mom. Or even the mom who homeschools. God graces us for our seasons, so we need to do our bit, and not guilt-trip or judge others.
Which is really where I appropriate the PROPEL QUOTE

She is UNJUDGING… of the choices that others make in their various seasons of life.

Plus, what you miss now, God can help you to later and even redeem it. 

Like I heard Lisa Bevere say once, and I NEVER forgot, OBEDIENCE PROTECTS!!!

Just to look a bit deeper into Chris’s life and how this plays out, that woman travels A LOT and in the past, she home schooled so her kids could come on the road with her often BUT now they are older and she doesn’t travel with them as much, so she has helpssss at home to take care of them, while she is mostly on the move. 

Holidays? She goes with them EVERYWHERE. 

I have kinda tracked with them all summer holiday and my goodness; those kids have been to at least 7 countries in just about 2months. (Low key beef) lol.
So yes she will miss some games and moments with them at school, but when she can, they make up with LOADS of family time.
Chris has grace for that. Shirer doesn’t have that grace but she has GRACE for what God has called her to do in her own lane!!! 

In fact I think Priscilla Shirer wants to be home more than she wants to travel to preach.

Colour conf SA

Ditto Lisa Bevere. 

When she had young kids, Lisa was intentional about NOT travelling because she wanted to be with her kids as they grew. 

Bevere love😍😍😍😍

She only started travelling more after her kids had grown. 

Chris went from the hospital WITH her new born baby to go minister at a conference. 

No kidding!!! Her first child.
And all these people are amazing friends and are all into Ministry BUT do it in the way they have been GRACED to. 

Chris n Shirer

And so far, I think all their kids are doing all right. 

So let’s not judge people and the choices they make in their seasons.
Chris recommends that instead, we have to be intentional about being each other’s cheerleaders, take the FALSE expectations off one another, and fill in the gaps for each other when we can SO THAT WE ALL LOOK GOOD!!!
It STILL takes a VILLAGE to raise a Child. Or even to birth a dream!!!
That’s what the BIBLICAL HAVING-IT-ALL looks like…
There ought to be something about Christian women where the world sees us filling each other’s gaps, looking out for each other, not comparing and competing or hating. That way, they are ATTRACTED to us and ultimately to JESUS!!!
Oh and moving on from Guilt (which by the way was a question someone asked), they tackled the issue of SHAME!!! (Another question. Propel organization is everything!!!)
Chris said she had also been shamed to REDUCE her personality because she is TOO MUCH for most people. And you are intimidating and blablabla. But she said she truly is not trying to intimidate anyone BUT she has come to fully accept herself as a HIGH CAPACITY WOMAN and there is nothing there to be ashamed, or be shamed for.
Kai, I think by this time, I was crying. Both for relief and then joy.
If we are not trying to guilt one another, we are trying to shame one another. Instead of just genuinely celebrating another woman. (Hey i am NOT exempt….i fall for that mistake sometimes too. Then repent)
You know, when the issues that led to this post WHO DO WOMEN SAY I AM, happened, it would have taken me out for some days. I would have truly felt shamed,and a need to REDUCE myself. It happened a lot to me in school, and I recall I came into my final year and my catch phrase was I AM GOING TO TONE DOWN!!! Those in my class would remember cos i was teased a lot on it. I would not talk in class, I would not put my hand up when group leaders were asked to volunteer themselves, and I just generally tried hard to minimize myself. I recall a friend talking sense into me, that really I needed to accept myself for who I am and not let opinions of others shame me into being who I am not.
Do I still feel that way sometimes, YES!!! But I remember Chris and I have hope. 

If you are HIGH-CAPACITY with ginger and fire for days, OWN IT!!!


Pastor M tagged me in this Lisa Bevere post and I couldn’t agree more…
Oh but we also need to make sure we are NOT intimidated and pressured by individuals like me.
We can easily contrast Chris Caine to Victoria Osteen. But both women are super-duper FRUITFUL even if different. And frankly, we should not try to compare both.
Finally Chris wraps up by saying we also need to know that there are some LOW OUTPUT seasons of our lives, and this applies to both the ‘Chris’s’ and the ‘Victoria’s’ and we should be careful when we try to compare. Plus we too should recognize if we are in those low output seasons and not try to be pressured into doing more than we can actually handle.
That liberated me especially because at that period, I, the HIGH CAPACITY Eziaha, was in a low-output season. I had to fully immerse and embrace it, and then find ways to make it fruitful (which is why you saw me sacrifice sleep to study at night). So while I may not have been doing any kind of work the world glorified, I was not idle and jobless. I was crazy investing in myself. I was also working on my weight and learning all I could. Funny how all of that brought to bear as I navigated that season into a Food&Fitness Coach and brought the strengths from there into this. 

I desperately wanted to jump back into career but I had to learn SEASONS thanks to Propel.

When a woman has a baby or three and no help, IT IS LOW OUTPUT!!!
Simple!!! (except you are Caine lol)
In fact, even when a woman has just had a baby or 2 and help, it is still largely LOW OUTPUT!!!
No pressures!!! No shame!!!
If GOD didn’t grace you for that thing you want to jump into, you will be super-frustrated, and the fruits will always tell.
I recall talking to one of my dear friends who just had baby number 2 and her first is still young, and she is in a long distance marriage and she has NO HELP, and as she unloaded to me, I waited to hear something about work and her business and when she didn’t say, I told her I was happy her priorities were right. This is the season to fully immerse in motherhood, be authentically YOU and surprisingly satisfied.

The crazy thing about this post I hyperlinked above is that it is still one of, if not the most POPULAR post on my blog.
The truth remains that we all will give account of our lives to God on JUDGEMENT DAY, and since God told US and not THEM what to do without OWN lives, we should OBEY GOD and leave off pressures from without.
You see why I am so PASSIONATE about Propel? Because I saw it answer all my life questions at the time, and continues to as I move from season to season.

After watching that video, i wrote down practical steps to implement immediately. One was to BLOG less often. Yup. Wisdom.
Two Propel Quotes I also love have to be
She’s unhurried…

She’s UNSTUCK, she moves gracefully from one season to the next.
Propel is also another reason even in this season where I am a mom who works from home, I KNOW how to make even my ‘secular’ business about God.
I let my Faith and my JOB mix very passionately. 

Which is why beyond coaching I have an amazing relationship with most of my Clients, and I move from Coach to Sister best friend, counselor and Pastor real quick lol. 

Which is why my FIRST BOOK, MY FAB TRANSFORMATION STORY has Scriptures and God thrown into it lavishly, 

while still being super relatable. (Click link above for info on how to download or email for your copy. It is FREE) There is so much I have learned from Propel and continue to learn and I am excited to get even more Propelled with more Sisters. With Propel, the full career woman knows how to LEAD well even in the market place, as a Christian still.

Some of you who emailed after this post said they would like to join but couldn’t do an all-night so I should consider a day-option. So yea, if you can’t, we will have the day option too. So TWO Propel Groups kicking off at once.
I don’t want us to have stuff that would stop us from joining in.
I also didn’t get a mail from any full time stay-at-home mama. Oh please Darling, Propel soooo recognizes you and your Leadership potential within the home. My Propel story started from being where you are. And a lot of what propel taught me that got me results is what I am sharing in this video MY TOP TEN TIPS FOR THE STAY-AT-HOME MAMA

Then also I got permission to share the curriculum with Chicks in my group (Gosh I LOVE Propel and how they just want to see every woman propelled into her full potential, and are not about the money. I have to be the most disturbing person who emails them, but they are gracious) so if money is an issue to buy yours, we can share mine (Now, if money is NOT your problem, you are so buying yours. It is just 20dollars). Plus the idea of sowing where you can into such a FRUITFUL ministry should make you happy. We will just be filling the gaps for our sisters.
So I hope this Post has answered some of the questions that came up from my first post.
And yay, I have Chick who wants to start PROPEL in Enugu so where are my Enugu readers, or readers who have female friends in Enugu, holler!!!
Ditto ABUJA!!! And every where in naija.
Super EXCITED!!!
Email again is
And hey, if you have any Chick in your office who you think should join, holler too.
The PROPEL message is one that needs to go round…
Blessed week guys!!!


Ok a lot of people have asked me if they can share my book. YES YES YES!!! You can so share, I stated that in the opening pages. You can ask them to email me to get a copy but if that is not an option, then share with them too. If you can cop their email addy, that would also welcome by me. But by all means, lavishly share!!! Thanks guys for all the support. Email for your copy. If this was on Amazon, we would have a spot on NY Times Best seller by now.

This tweet came in from Propel as i blogged 

Aka CUT back…cradle not juggle


A LOT of NEWsss…New Name, New Vlog, NEW BOOK!!!

Hey guys,
Oh, my world has been buzzing, spinning, opening up, stretching and just generally BUSY…

My Inspiration!!! #LoveHerTotally

And BUSY is a term I am reclaiming and redefining because it has been getting a lot of bad rap out there.

When we say busy on this lane (yes, we. I am including you in my redefinition), we mean we are moving gracefully from one fruitful activity to another.
In the Good news version, Proverbs 31:27 actually says ‘She is ALWAYS BUSY…’
VS 13 says She keeps herself BUSY…
So yes to BUSY… fruitfully BUSY!!!
But if you are fruitlessly busy, please sit down and re-assess stuff aii?
Ok so heyyyyyyy, I AM NOW AN AUTHOR!!!

Can yawl believe it?

And can you imagine, I get to release the Book on the same day, exactly a year after my journey began. It was on the night of Thursday, September 3 2015 that I gave my baby, KingDaveed, to Ebube my niece to mind, picked up a skipping rope, locked myself in the room, and with raw anger and fierce determination, and skipped my first 500 skips. #Memories
I always thought writing a book was wayyyyyy off for me. I mean, I know I write and all, and frankly this writing thing is God’s gift to me, but I always felt too unserious to write a Book jare.

Writing is for serious people na…

So when I started feeling like God told me to share my weight loss story, as much as I could, in a book, I thought HUH???

Blog and Book no be the same thing ooo.

But I decided to humor Him.

I recall just whipping out my laptop to start, and frankly I think Jesus took it from there, and wrote this Book Himself.


Because I edited it myself, and every time I read through, I didn’t feel like I wrote it.
How did I write this? WOW!!!
Ok, anyways, I am so thankful this Book project is out.

The Book writing creative process is BEAUTIFUL I tell you. Nothing like watching your book assume life right before you.

I don’t voice this often but allow me to say this…

Yaaaaas girl!!!

Turning 30 has been ANOTHER LEVEL.

Let me just address some of the biggest question those closest to me have asked me as per the Book…


Infact, I recall a friend say

‘…Did you ask God? What did He say?’

To which I am thinking ‘Why so spiritual babe? Lol’

Love that my friends want me RICH!!!

Oh my Darlings, I would have happily put a cost to it, because
1.Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I KNOW the worth of my work (v.18)
2.MONEY helps this our Christian walk and work ooo.

Nobody poverty epp.

But yes, God told me to make it free.

And as I went through the post-writing process, I kinda got why.

This Book had to be free.
Don’t worry, I have 2 more writing projects coming out in the next two months, and maybe one more by the end of the year AND NONE WILL BE FREE.

– Another question, WHY AN E-BOOK?

Again, God.

Lol. I recall picking up the phone to ring Grace Springs Publishers for a meeting. and God says…

‘I told you we are doing e-books for now, so relax…’

E’ is about to make e-books VERY POPULAR in Nigeria.

Lirru me, BIG GOD!!!

Never used to be a fan of e-books but mehn, I have never been more thankful for them.

The convenience, and oh-my-gosh THE AVAILABILITY!!!

Like all my favourite Authors dropped baaaaaaaad books this year and honey, if not for the e-book option, I for no see am read. Because it can take like 1year to reach Naija and by that time, all the anointing wey dey the Book don finish. Lol

But me I just sharpaly order or pre-order the e-version and before anybody says ‘fiam’, I ‘m done with the Book…

Intentional parenting, Without Rival, Unstoppable, Undaunted, Unashamed, Intentional living, Overload, Seize the day, Millionaire messenger, Sisterhood, The Mother God made me, etc.

All e-books I have copped THIS YEAR ALONE from my fave American and Aussie Chicks…

And some of them I ordered the Hard copy ooo, but they are still sitting pretty in the US meanwhile I have copped the e-version and I am done, or almost done. I am thankful my Rev introduced me to them…

TFS Academy Book club is currently reading Joyce Meyer’s SEIZE THE DAY and guess what? The Book has not even been released yet. But I have my ways…

And we should be done about the time of release, just before LOVE LIFE Conference.

And Thank God for e-books, cos ‘my way’ only has e-book pre-order.
So I am happy to do an e-book first!!!

I already know my FIRST TWO hardcover books and I truly can’t wait for them NEXT YEAR!!!

This my writing ehn, tz like my Jesus took it to another level once I turned 30. I feel such a fire to deliver writing projects.

Stick with me guys!!! Through hardcovers, e-books and audio books (which I will record as soon as I sit under Adichie for 36hours lol)

Btw, anyone know any good e-book publisher in Naija? Those who can get my book on the top e-book portals worldwide ooo? Holler please. And I also need a very good App developer. The number of Reader Apps on my phone ehn, because each Publisher lets you read only via their App.

They don’t have two heads so let’s make ours too. If they are a growing business, all the better. I am all about SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES.

So please guys, recommendations for App developers and e-book or any book publishers, because most do e-books too.

Ok back to my Book.

Gosh!!! Writing this Book was just GRACE!!! TY Bello talks about how easy her latest song IT IS WELL (would rather call it that lol) came to her, and I know what it means for God to grace someone to do something, versus just jumping to do what God didn’t send ya.

It was easy but of course, the devil had to show.
I LOST A LARGE PART OF THE MANUSCRIPT and I didn’t save it anywhere!!!

And I was practically done writing.

I couldn’t believe it.

I just had to leave the Book for a while. Oh,but when I came back to it, I decided I would make it even better.

And I did.

Oh this latter one is even more delicious!!!

We need to teach the devil NOT to mess with us.

We are NOT of them that roll over and play dead or actually DIE…


Oh then let’s talk Book cover.

I have been in and out of the studio more than I care just to get a picture that works.

We have back and forth’ed various designs.

I had settled for this, until I showed my bestie Dumebi, and she just said…

‘No, this is NOT your BEST picture or look…’

I am so thankful for this particular one we agreed on.

Truth be told, I would have preferred to stand so my full frame would show, but all the standing ones didn’t work.
Plus like my bestie said, this picture makes me look prim and proper.
I am definitely receiving that, because that’s a secret desire of mine.

To look serious, prim and proper, AMEN!!!
Anyways, after plenty back and forth with various graphic designers, we settled on this

The Lord is good guys.
*drops mic*

Plus i LOVE Rev’s quote…

I celebrate the DISCIPLINE that led to this TRANSFORMATION… Albert Oduwole.

Love Him totally plus you can be sure He is reviewing EVERY BOOK I ever write…

Now let’s talk about the Name…
In the video and in the Book, I explain why I call it a TRANSFORMATION instead of WEIGHT LOSS.
It wasn’t just a 30kg weight loss guys, it was a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of my life.

Who would have thunk it?

Follow God. He is a BOSS!!!
*drops Mic*
Please do an email to to get your copy mailed to you. If you are already on my CoachE mailing list, or sent a mail earlier, you should be getting yours within 24 hours.

Please when you email, give at least 48hours and we would revert. Please don’t harass us ooo. Lol.
I won’t be handling the distribution personally so you don’t need to write anything personal there. Just request. And feel free to share with as many people as you want to. And don’t forget to feed me back, with your thoughts and reviews here on the blog or email

Do a blog review too if you want, and send me a link please. Just feel free to do whatever you wanna so EVERYONE reads it.

And hey, i won’t mind running reviews here too so please feed me back.

Support my ministry.

And you can DOWNLOAD the first two Chapters here if you can’t wait. Lol

My FAB TRANSFORMATION Story (Intro and Chapter 1)
Enjoy my launch video Darlings.

I do a mini book reading too. It will make Chimamanda cringe but hey… we will get there. (Slightly obsessed with her book reading GRACE)

I am so thankful for this Book and I know it will be read around the world.

It is such a BEAUTIFUL read, you won’t be able to put it down.

I know that it will encourage more women to get started on transforming their lives in the way they need to, and this is even beyond weight loss. In whatever area your life needs a transformation, just go ahead and do it, because YOU CAN.
Change is HARD yup, but it ain’t impossible!!!
So cheers to embracing your own stretch and changing, one baby or giant step after the other…

Speaking of change, I also changed the name of my business from Saved Fit n FAB to E’SQUAD and then made Saved.Fit.FAB the Rider.

I recall praying and praying and praying when I felt a need to change just before I started the July Promo ladies and somehow, as I created the July group, I named it JULY SQUAD. I didn’t even know how and why I did, but that’s how the name came ooo. I just added the E’ yawl know how we love our E’ please.
E’SQUAD is a movement going global, which is why I am holding the globe.

Actually, not just E’Squad, but Eziaha herself.
I want to say I have big dreams but let’s rephrase to God has big dreams and I, like DAVID in Psalm 119:32, am praying ‘Lord, enlarge my heart to receive all that You are dropping in
Phew… and Amen!!!
So I have also changed my Twitter and Instagram handle to @CoachESquad. Wanted to leave it at @eSquad and for some reason, I believed God had kept that name for me lol. Infact, I made my business cards with that name. Only for me to want to change it and realize that the name is not available… hahaha.
@CoachESquad ain’t bad, thank God
Then I also started a Facebook Page and then rebranded the YouTube Channel.
Both called the University of CoachE’ and I am so excited about that name. Because we will be doing a TON of education.

I want it to be that Page or Channel you come to and learn a whole lot about all things Food and Fitness.

I have big dreams especially for it and YouTube, (please click link and subscribe) where I can just pop in and share short 2minute videos on some byte-size information, especially because people ask me a lot of stuff that a short YouTube video can answer. 

Which is why Jesus needs to provide this Samsung S7 Edge phone because, I can’t be entering studio every time, but I also want great quality videos which my current phone won’t always give me.

So that’s almost all our NEWssss from CoachE’
New Book: My FAB Transformation Story
New name: E’Squad…Saved.Fit.FAB
New YouTube: The University of CoachE’
New Facebook Channel: The University of CoachE’
IG/Twitter: @CoachESquad

And well, there is another NEW, this time not related to Food&Fitness, but my FAB Vlog, my Blog’s video sister. So we would call that THE FAB SISTER’S VLOG

Not sure the frequency and direction it would take on the long run, but for now, the first 3 videos I have leaned more to the stay-at-home mama aka SuperHouse wife aka Domestic queen, and then the mom/wife in a long distance marriage. But I certainly know that I would be talking about as much stuff as I blog about, basically how we live a FAB Christian life, and in that process, have fun, kick devil butt and make Jesus red-carpet world wide FAMOUS!!!
Oh, I know the direction my vlog will take. Scrap that statement written above. Haha. I would also feature interviews with #PropelWomen who are ROCKING this Christian life. I look forward to sitting down with TY BELLO mehn.

And then Heather Lindsey.
Plus I would have QnA sessions so if you have anything you want me to talk about in some detail, feel free to do me a mail

I am sure I would totally love vlogging because I LOVE to talk and I love the Camera. And I absolutely LOVE Jesus so it has to be fun ON ANOTHER LEVEL DOING STUFF I LOVE WITH THE One I love!!!
You know the funny thing, about a gazillion people have asked me to start vlogging in the past and I always knew the time was wrong. Vlogging had become a fad and they thought I needed to jump on in too. It is sooo important to be led by God sha. I always said NO. But now, nobody even told me, I just know the time is right, and I have jumped right in.
And no, incase you are wondering, I totally will NOT stop writing. At all, at all.
The Channel name again is THE FAB Sister’s V-logs and if you click here, you can subscribe,
So here we go with my very first video…
My Top Ten Tips for the Domestic Queen (Part 1)

Let me not talk too much about it, just watch it. I am a #SuperHousewife myself, so I speak from a very personal place, the stuff that I apply to my life. No theories here. All practical. Feel free to share, and hey even if you are no Domestic Queen, trust me, you would pick many somethings from it.
The Part 2 will come up next week.
Ok that’s it for now.
Nothing like following Jesus guys. Nothing like total surrender to Him and letting Him do what He wants to do, IN YOU FIRST, and then through You.
Chase after Him guys, hard and fast!!! He is absolutely totally worth the chase…
With so much LOVE
Fruitful.And.Busy lol

PLEASE if you e-mailed me about Propel Lagos, i will revert Next week. No vex!!!

Gosh i don’t even have words to explain how PUMPED I am abourrit…

Propel is truly what Lisa writes about in Chapter 6 of WithoutRival. I just jumped up and started speaking in tongues as i read Chapter 6…

Women, let’s get educated.

Please read the Propel post and consider hosting a small group in your ‘world’

Now can we talk about how HOT i am looool…

#PalacePillar #TallAndShapely #Psalm144 #GirlWithASword #WarriorInHeels #KickingDevilButt


One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!!
Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!
Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely
Ok let me give some background on Propel.

It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, Christine Caine, for women who lead. Women who are active in the market place and who understand that they are not just there to make money, compete fiercely with the men as they climb the corporate ladder, be bitchy and bossy, then suddenly become ‘feminists’ because they have ‘arrived’. Propel is for women who know that since we cannot bring everyone into the Church, we are then sent into ALL THE WORLD, market place especially, to MAKE DISCIPLES of everyone. Simply put, APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Your job, your office, your business, becomes your pulpit.
Women whose faith AND career/job/businesses are COMPATIBLE… You don’t have to lose your Christianity to be relevant in the market place. The vision of Propel for me fits into something I always say…
‘Whatever you are, be a CHRISTIAN ONE…’
And we truly mean WHATEVER!!! Whether you are Doctor, or a Teacher, a Tailor or a rocket Scientist, a psychologist or a Politician, whatever, just take some Jesus right into that field of yours and shine His light so bright!!!
You see, for the woman who wants to lead AT HER FULL POTENTIAL, and also serve Jesus, without compromising her Faith in the Marketplace, we all know that the Support system out there is not tight enough. It is almost like we have to sacrifice one (our Faith especially or our home) to have another (a career/business), but like Chris, I also believe that dichotomy it is from the Devil. Propel was birthed to fill that gap.
To encourage the woman to RISE to her FULL POTENTIAL, not having to ever minimize herself, or her Faith, at any point in her life. To be and have it ALL, her ALL being defined by God and not the Society or even herself. To have a thriving home life, and have a thriving career, and still have a super thriving relationship with Jesus that the world, her world, can see.
Propel was birthed to encourage women to embrace her very many God-defined roles, not sacrificing one for another, but balancing it all properly as she lives this ONE integrated life IN CHRIST.
I love what Propel Rider is…
Celebrating every woman’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.

The POTENTIAL part gets to me because some women are already running hard after their Passion and Purpose, but some other women are still trying to figure it out but they know inside of them, is POTENTIAL. Propel recognizes and speaks to that too.
THE BEST PART about Propel has to be the Power Chicks Chris pulls into the conferences and the curriculum videos. I mean, every Preacher Chick I love is a part of Propel.

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Beth Moore, Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Kari Jobe, etc.
I mean, Propel’s FIRST Conference had Joyce and John Maxwell as the guest Speakers. As in!!!

The 2 NUMBER ONE’s in their ‘worlds’. I have read countless reviews of this particular conference and I have been blown away at all the wisdom both of them dropped.

This year, she basically is bringing EVERYONE to like 500 different Propel conferences.
Well, since we can’t just stroll to these conferences, we are sooo thankful for the Propel curriculums, which are what we use in the various Propel groups and Chapters.

The way Propel is run, you come together and create a Chapter (via your Local church) or a Group (via your office, school or neighborhood sef).

Then you guys purchase their curriculums and workbooks, and have regular meetings where you watch the videos that discus a particular topic, 6 videos per curriculum, and they advise you do a video a month, or however your Group or Chapter wants to get it done. The koko is you watch the videos, you discus it amongst yourselves, then you take all the lessons into your world and apply it in ways that evangelize Jesus. People, the WORLD, is the main goal of Propel. Take JESUS to your world because everyone in your world won’t come meet HIM in your Church.
So far, there are 3 curriculums
1. Personal Leadership
2. Passion
3. Growth
Kai the conversations in the videos are EVERYTHING!!! They are FUN, very fast-paced, and they are oh-so-deep. You will truly feel a connection with everyone on the Panel.

I saw the first video in the Personal Leadership curriculum, and walahi it reset my head especially as a stay-at-home mom, who needed to understand and embrace her seasons. That video also has, on the panel, a feisty Nigerian, Mercy Lokulotu.

If you hear Mercy talk, your brain will reset!!! That sister is fierce and on fire for Jesus.
The panel also has Lisa Harper and her bubbly bubble-self, Alli Worthington (mom to 5boys!!!) and of course Bianca Olthoff who needs a Nigerian mama-in-law looool (inside gist).
I literally wrote everything everyone had to say in the video. They were dropping CRAZY truths my gosh!!!
Anyways, the videos are structured in such a way that you pause at various times, discus among your selves practically what you have learned and how you can put to practice in your life and ultimately market place, and then continue…
At the end, they take questions from an in-studio audience and answer.
Trust me, Propel can change your life as a woman in the marketplace with a purpose, if you open up.

This is why I am super-duper excited to launch the VERY FIRST GROUP of Propel in Lagos, the FIRST of many to come guys. We need more Chicks to commit to hosting Chapters and Groups too right here in Nigeria. I started asking for a Digital curriculum in May and they said it wasn’t available and so I have to purchase the hard copies but they don’t ship to Nigeria.
It was like the vision was just a Yankee vision, so I was going to get someone to buy for me in Yankee and then find a way to send to Nigeria, and all of these were just delaying me until THIS WEEK, I get the email that got me jumping and screaming…
THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the Curriculums available for me and if I was still interested!!!
Say what???????!!!!
Like, talk about dreams coming true.
So here is how we would do it guys…
If you know that you are the Chick Propel was made for, then holler let’s get this done.

I will stick with 15  ladies per Group, but I am also calling other Chicks who want to host more Chapters or Groups in Lagos and of course all over Nigeria. Trust me, it is not hard. Just get a couple of Chicks in the marketplace and buy the curriculum and start. It is as easy as ABC literally!!!
I don’t mind publicizing for you on the platform of my blog, or you can just get Chicks in your own office/market place who are interested and kick things off.

Each session is 30minutes long so if we have all that time, we can cover two or max 3, and in depth too. (Plus I am rushing to enter Curriculum 3  GROWTH because my Lisa Bevere is on that panel this time)

Then, in addition to the videos and workbooks, we will be studying some Nigerian women (especially) who are in the market place, making such a huge impact, and then still boldly and passionately standing for Jesus in their businesses. Think Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, TY Bello, etc. Women whose faith and jobs are COMPATIBLE!!!
And you know what, Propel actually reflects that. In the 3rd curriculum for instance, she, in addition to all the Chicks in Ministry she always has on her Panels, added someone really out there in the Corporate world. She added a TOP TOP Banker, who is also strong in the Faith, and is bringing some real PRACTICAL wisdom into the mix. If you even see those their short videos on their YouTube channel, you would see interviews with Boss Lady Chicks in the Market place.

And hey, because Propel is all about women supporting and propelling fellow women, we would also be getting accountability partners, most likely within your career/business path, with whom you can run and run until we meet again. Hopefully, business partnerships and associations will be formed too and then even more dreams can be birthed.
Of course, we will also spend some time in prayer. OF COURSE na!!!
Biko, just to be clear, I am not there to mentor anyone through her business/career ooo. We are all there to learn from the videos, and then together brainstorm how to TAKE OVER THE MARKET PLACE FOR JESUS. Simples!!! So you have to pretty much bring your A-GAME on.

Just email me for more details if interested.
Let the countdown begin guys.
Ok so who and who should join?
Frankly, this is for any woman leading out there. And like Chris says, we are all leaders because we have been mandated to lead people to Jesus, so our market place is our Church. So hey, if the LORD stirs you, please come on board. Now there have been some people HARASSING me so those ones will be kinda like considered first, if they are still interested.

And hey, there is space for the stay-at-home mamas too ooo. Propel is not leaving you out because even in this season of staying-at-home, you can definitely be a Leader and birth purpose from there too. Ditto older single, in-between-jobs, Single moms, etc.
I really want us to have a large mix of Chicks. But more than anything, please consider hosting a group (from your market place) or a Chapter (from your local church). I can help you in anyway please. Thanks.
Before you join though, cos I am sure you are just waiting for the email address, I want us to watch this video, which was Propel Launch last year at Liberty University. Pretty much captures the heart of Propel.

And if you can, check out some more short videos on Propel YouTube Channel.
Please watch them ooo before you send me that mail. Then visit too so you have a feel of how WE roll…
Ok so send a mail to
In your mail, please give me a detailed bio of yourself especially career wise, your current situation and what you dream of becoming in 5years. I am supposed to be on ‘…Naija women in Biz with TITI on Inspiration FM’, and this 5year dream is part of what I am to answer. Let’s just say I am still thinking of it too, so the above is also an assignment to myself.
Look, your email could be LONG OR SHORT, just tell me enough about you. Age, marital status, where you live, kids or nah, plus picture ooo. And of course let know that you saw the video, and what jumped out at you, and what other short video you saw on Propel YouTube channel, and what you picked from it/them.
Yes, this PROPEL stuff is a serious something!!!
Now let me end this with ‘…Who is this Propel Woman?”

She is UNAPOLOGETIC…She is a woman who leads
She is UNDAUNTED by the challenges of life
She is UNSTOPPABLE as she follows the call of God on her life
She is UNCOMPROMISING, in that she is in the world but not of it
She is UNSELFISH, she is generous with her thoughts, her words, her resources and her relationships
She is UNCHARTED, we are discovering who she is within us all
She is UNSTUCK in any one season, she moves gracefully from one season to the next
She is UPDATED with what is going on in the world, she understands the world that she is called to
She is OUTNUMBERED, she is more than any of us realize
She is UNDENIABLE, we can no longer ignore her. She is formidable
She is UNCLUTTERED, she deals with her baggage and she drops it
She is UNCOMMON, she is not chasing worldy success, fame or fortune
She is UNDIVIDED, she has one integrated life and that is the life to be found in Christ
She is UNLIMITED, her potential in Christ is limitless
She is UNFAZED by anyone, the naysayers or anything else
She is UNHURRIED, she is not trying to get anywhere that God doesn’t want her to be
She is UNLEASHED, she is not held captive by old paradigms and stereotypes
She is UNASHAMED, she does not minimize who Christ has called her to be
She is UNPRETENTIOUS, she is real and accessible and down-to-earth
She is UNMASCULINE, she is not gender-less and is not androgynous. She is feminine
She is UNBELIEVABLE, SHE IS THRIVING and she enjoys abundant life
She is UNSHAKEABLE, she is rooted and grounded in the grace and love of God
She is UNDECIETFUL, she is honest and vulnerable and truth telling
She is UNMOVEABLE, she will not be manipulated or steamrolled or bullied
She is UNSATISFIED with the injustice and the condition of our world
She is UNQUESTIONING about the goodness and the sovereignty of God
She is UNREASONABLE in her expectation that God can and will use her mightily
She is UNCOMPETITIVE of her fellow Sisters in Christ. We are co-laborers and not rivals
She is UNJUDGING of the choices and priorities that others make in different seasons of their lives
She is UNFLINCHING in the face of storms and trials
She is UNDERSTATED, she walks with humility and grace
She is UNMASKED, there is no façade, she is transparent and authentic
She in UNIMPRESSED with worldly accolades, materialism and success

she knows that no weapon forged against her shall prosper
She is UNDERSTANDABLE, she relates well with the world in which she lives
She is UNBOUND, her history will NOT define her destiny
She is UNWAVERING in her mission to fulfill her part of the Great Commission
She is UNDONE by the love and grace and goodness and kindness and mercy of God
She is UNRECOGNIZABLE as she continues to grow from strength to strength
She is UNTAMABLE as she goes to plunder the Kingdom of Darkness with the light and life and mercy and justice and truth and grace and the salvation of our Almighty God
The Propel woman is EVERY WOMAN and EVERY MAN that loves every woman!!!

So help me God, Amen



Daughters&Sisters Without Rival

For in His eyes, we are all Daughters #WithoutRival and this eliminates every reason we should ever compete with one other… Lisa Bevere. Without Rival


I don’t know about yawl but I’m saved enough to admit that if not for Jesus, I would have been the most selfish, competitive Bitch ever (excuse my French)

ME, MY, MINE would be the number one grammar in my vocab.

My prayers would have been mostly selfish.

Very VERY selfish.

And can I tell yawl that up until recently, they were partially selfish.

When DDK came for Warrior in Heels, part of what she said was something like

‘…if all you are praying for is yourself, then something is wrong. If prayers have not taken you to different countries and different people, then you have not started…’

I frankly didn’t know what DDK meant but because I wanted to truly KNOW, I asked God to explain it to me. I didn’t ask DDK.

You see, I had seen the whole #MiddayBabyMidday movement by Bobbie Houston of HillSong and Color Sisterhood,


and I knew they were basically praying against injustice in the world, especially against women and human trafficking, but I won’t lie, it still didn’t quite ‘enter’

Somehow, God began to explain to me what unselfish prayers looked like.

Now there is this part of praying for your friends who have shared prayer points with you. Then there is a prayer that you pray for people you don’t know, may never know, but definitely need your prayers because gurl, we are not called into isolated or selfish lives.

The biggest way God taught me this was with my son.


Every time I spoke all my plenty plenty prayers over him especially before I dropped him off at Daycare, I would feel God kinda tug me to do more…

To pray for not just him but the Child Minders, the other kids there, their parents etc.

The exact thing I was praying for me and my baby was the exact same thing I began to pray for them…

I would pray that the moms have wisdom from heaven to build their homes right and they raise their kids in the fear of the Lord. That these children walk in purpose and that the homes they grow in is being built on the foundation of God. That they know GOD from a young age and so on.

I go a step further to pray for his classmates and friends in the future when he graduates Day care into ‘real’ school. I pray into his future and the other kids I don’t even know.

Now truly I can pray that my son is ‘all that’ and I could care less about other kids and their mamas. I mean, I want for my kid to be best behaved, most intelligent, most adorable kid in his school, etc. so why pray for another mama and her kid so her kid may now be better than mine?

Abeg abeg!!!

But God is like,

What if these kids, with whom your kids will grow, are spoilt, and ‘one kain’, would you prefer that? Wouldn’t you rather pray for the kids and parents with whom your kids will be with, that they are being trained right and in the fear of God? That your kid has a class and school full of kingdom minded kids who are saved and love Jesus from a young age and so don’t teach my kids the bad habits they pick up at home. Isn’t it better to ‘dwell together in harmony’ so your prayer points reduce?

As I got more understanding of that, I began to pray for kids everywhere really. My prayer world expanded. I don’t want to just be the mom whose kids are the BEST and then care less of what becomes of the other kids.

I believe the root of that is RIVALRY and something that is NOT love.

It is same as the kids in my compound and neighborhood.

It is easy for me to have the best behaved kids and judge ’em mamas whose kids are unruly and badly behaved.

But who judgment epp?

How bad would it be for me to pray for my sister, understanding that it is way better to have a neighborhood of kids who are well behaved and playing together? Even if you don’t let your kids play with them, someway somehow, your kids will encounter them. And even if my kids never get to roll with them, INDISCIPLINED KIDS MAKE SUPER SUPER TERRIBLE ADULTS both as wives/hubs, teachers, Doctors, etc.

Nothing hurts when our prayers are all inclusive.

Now it doesn’t matter whether or how the prayers are answered. We are just called to pray beyond selfish prayers.

What do you think the Bible means here…

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them… 1 Tim 2:1 NLT

I just strongly know that we need to move beyond trying to be number one and on to helping people past obstacles in their own lives so we WIN TOGETHER!!!

The simple truth is that with that kind of mentality, God will still bless us and ours.

His blessing ain’t limited or about to finish.

He has MORE THAN ENOUGH to go round!!!

I recall those University days. When someone will have one secret information about a Course and hide it under their bumbum so nobody else knows.

They won’t share their past questions or that ‘Special’ way to answer the question to fetch more marks.

I was tempted a lot to hold back some stuff as I did constant tutorials but I would just teach and share the knowledge I had till I felt drained.

Guess who still made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT and with a First Class?


My sharing did NOT hurt my blessing.


We should want more for our generation and those coming behind us. We should not drop rivalry and ‘I must get ahead’ mentality on the lap of the next generation, but instead, we help as many as we can.



In your industry, among your colleagues especially in the market place, there is a LOT of competition!!!

The world is constantly trying to pitch us against each other and make us fiercely compete, even if we have to draw blood. Everyone wants to not just get ahead, but pull her colleague down on the way up.

I recall one of my friends missing a very important test application deadline because one of her colleagues who knew about the deadline didn’t share with her, maybe because she felt the girl was going to pass and stop her own shine, as that friend of mine is super intelligent.

Under 2 years now, my friend has done that exam and is now in the system.

Look, even if it is a case of ONLY one person can ‘pass’ or ‘winner takes it all’ like The Voice Nigeria, which really is a competition, we don’t have to have a dog mentality. There can be love even in competition. Because yup, A’rese may have won but that did not come from your portion in life.


God has a plan for the life of other talents there and they too can walk into greatness even without being the Winner.

A’rese did not steal Brenda’s STAR. Or Chike’s. Or DNA’s.

She did NOT

She CAN NOT!!!

She truly just picked up her own STAR. Her STAR doesn’t diminish another’s and truth is any other person can make something huge from their singing career too. I am particularly looking forward to Brenda.

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Something else struck me with The Voice Nigeria.

Personally I preferred the Top 16 performance of Timi’s Great Nation to any individual performance

In fact everyone at home agreed that it was just the best performance of all…

I think we look better together. Truly.

But let’s even leave the world, this whole competition can really be stupid, especially among the children of God. For the world, it is normal but not for us kingdom people with a kingdom mindset.

It should be more about collaboration than competition if we are jointly going to make sure the enemy has nothing on us, and that we get all the goodies God has prepared for us.

I mean, rivalry is not just stupid, but also senseless and counter-productive. (Don’t worry I am talking to me too) Nothing drives home my point than this video of the lion and the lucky buffalo…

We know the information that can help our colleagues get a promotion and enjoy good stuff but we hide and hoard. Rivalry because we have to BE BETTER and enjoy the ‘buffalo’ alone!!!

I am reminded of something I heard James and Betty Robinson say when Lisa and John Bevere were guests on the show.


James said that people would caution them in promoting the Bevere ministry so much on their show so that their TV audience don’t now take the money they want to give to the Robinson ministry and give to the Bevere ministry instead. And I love how James said there is no need to compete.


At the end of the day, it is God’s work and God has enough to FUND each of them without depleting what He wants to give others.

Let’s stop making God look like His supply is limited. Because it is NOT!!!

You have access to information that can make life easier for someone but you keep it, and enjoy it alone. Heaven forbid we share. As if a blessing on their life is debited from your own bank account…


Now I need to highlight that point above which I learned from Lisa Bevere MY LIFE HERO…

54 year old Gmama

54 year old Gmama

A Blessing on your Sister’s life is NOT taken out of your Bank account. God has enough for all His children. As we share, He even expands our world.

I am frankly tired of the competition I see in the world today. I still heard someone in church yesterday say ‘…but he is my competition’.

My heart broke.

We limit God when we get into all that pettiness. We are trying to tell Him He doesn’t have it within Him to take care of all His children.

Ah, that Lisa Bevere’s statement reset my head.

And you know, I didn’t get it from the Book. Let me tell you what I do when I see a new book or movie that I love but I do not have access to yet.

I go and read up interviews and posts about it. That’s what I did or I am still doing. I heard her say this line during an interview. Heaven knows how many times I re-wound that part of the video.

‘…We need to stop looking at each other as though a blessing on them was taken from our bank account because we are created WITHOUT RIVAL…’

I can’t!!!

I just can’t with the kinda wisdom that comes from Lisa Bevere.

She has my number…. FOREVER!!!

I recall when I started my business. The devil has and still throws me some ‘competition’ vibes. He makes me feel like other Chicks or guys in my line of biz are my competitor. I recall when I met Dr. Donald Olu of DTrimmers on Inspiration FM.


on the right

I loved how just totally welcoming he was to me as a newbie in the Fitness world. Said he had gone through my blog, loved my devotional, asked and encouraged me to get certified, which I was already on and we just flowed.

I heard of someone else yesterday who was complaining about how an older colleague treated her when she just started her biz and went to him. He was even going to do her dirty.

I know there is temptation to be competitive with others in your field and people don’t even help when they start comparing and saying this and that but we have to RISE ABOVE SUCH PETTINESS!!!

The devil has such a divisive spirit and doesn’t like brethren especially dwell together in unity, so he throws all those silly thoughts in my head but I am quick to counter it. My mind is not his dumping ground so I ain’t letting him put any trash in.

Joyce Meyer says when those thoughts drop in, say out loud


And then counter it.

That don’t mean I am stupid, that just means I am wise enough to discern a stupid thought and stop it from taking root

2Corinthians 10:5b says we take EVERY THOUGHT and purpose captive into the obedience of Christ…

The Message captures my thought perfectly, especially when we back up a bit…

3-6 The world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn’t fight fair. But we don’t live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren’t for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.

I especially love how it says ‘tearing’ and then ‘fitting’

It just makes me happy to see that with some effort, I can ‘arrange’ myself. I don’t have to just let ‘whatever will be will be’ and be living in rivalry with my sisters, whether in the same line of business as me or not, just because I think they are progressing faster in life than me.

But I go even further than countering; I start to pray for the person’s business, job or ministry.

I pray that people connected to me are running in purpose, running hard after the assignment God has given them. I pray that their arms are strengthened and they do not drop ‘faith balls’.

That they are filled with wisdom on how to walk this Faith journey.

Oh I pray they we all are successful at whatever we do and we all have careers and businesses that are compatible with our Faith, and that we brand and tag every single thing we do PROUDLY CHRISTIAN whether we are selling bracelets or helping people stay in shape.

We carry Jesus proudly and make Him famous!!!

It has not always been like this for me, I confess.

There was a time I had such a beef/competitive/comparison filled life and I blogged some about it here (Authentically me and Surprisingly Satisfied, one of the BEST posts I ever blogged). I wasn’t praying for nobody.

I was just so dissatisfied with my life and I was in this stupid race where I thought people had gone ahead of me and I couldn’t really celebrate anything that looked like progress from their end.

Trust me when I say God did a deep work in me and had to excavate all that nonsense from me so he could grow this beautiful garden that my life is becoming.

No, I am not perfect and I sometimes find myself entering into ‘competition mode’ and then I catch myself quickly and REPENT!!!

I cast down the STUPID thought.

Sisters, we have a world to reach.

We have a devil to keep under our feet and not allow to escape like that buffalo while we rival ourselves. We don’t have time for drama. We fight and honey, ain’t no weapon stronger than LOVE. No wonder the Bible says LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! And please I am stopping myself from starting another blog post on LOVE NEVER FAILS right now!!!


Joel 2 also gives us some kind of perspective on this war we are in and how we are all part of this great invincible Army and even though we have our different roles to play, we all have to STAY IN FORMATION and drop rivalry fast…

The MSG!!!

7ff The invaders charge.

They climb barricades. Nothing stops them.

Each soldier does what he’s told,

   So disciplined, so determined.

They don’t get in each other’s way.

   Each one knows his job and does it.

Undaunted and fearless,

   Unswerving, unstoppable

If you back up a bit, you see how powerful this Army is and how NOTHING can stop them and the verses above just tell me why this Army is truly invincible!!!


Each one knows her job and DOES IT and without getting in each other’s way.

Instead they do what God has told them individually, Yes, but still as a part of this UNBEATABLE ARMY!!!

Ah!!! I actually had to carry myself for a retreat where God explained it to me.

I am very intentional about praying that the various people in my life are not just walking but RUNNING HARD after purpose.

You know, one of my best friends has this thing for young girls, secondary school kids and all. So I saw a flyer on Facebook for her program


and the first thing the devil tells me is ‘so she had a program and she didn’t tell you IN DETAIL FIRST yet you find it on Facebook?’

I know!!!

Can you imagine that stupid thought?

If I wasn’t born again, devil would have had a PRIME CANDIDATE in me haha.

You need to know that not every thought that drops in your head is yours ooo.

A lot is from the devil and while we can’t stop the bastard from dropping thoughts, we don’t take it…

We take NO thought… 2Cor 10:5

And then we also learn to YELL A LOUD NO to the devil

James 4:7 …Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and He’ll be there in no time… The Message!!! (Yes we are all now in LOVE WITH THE MESSAGE version)

Mehn, I turned all that nonsense thought upside down and started to pray for the program. That the program will bless every young lady who comes and snatch any souls from the clutches of the enemy and that it is so successful and that my Booski continues to run hard after purpose and Jesus and she is strengthened for the journey and so on.

Then I rang her later that evening (mentally remembering that both our lives are fast paced and while we have a general idea of what we are both working on and what we are in faith for so we can pray for one another, we don’t always have all the finer details) and asked her for details and encouraged her through it as she shared her challenges and fears and victories and we updated on each other’s lives and so on.

See how the devil wanted to come and how I dealt him a black eye and then some… hahahahaha.

See ehn, we have to actively deal with satan ooo. We don’t just stay neutral. We go further to do something positive from the negative he intended because we are all daughters of a God unlimited in both His love and His resources and so we should be WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Let me end with another story that happened over this weekend.


Shredder Gang, whose real name is Bunmi and who had inspired me FROM A DISTANCE, on my own weight loss journey, had invited me twice now for a fellowship she runs, and on those two occasions, I could not go.

Now Shredder and 1 are in the same line of Fitness business, and of course, the devil will want to make you feel like you are competing but both of us for some reason just became personal friends instead, understanding that we are CO-LABORERS and not RIVALS because we are both ‘crazy God lovers’ too.


Shredder gang CEO Bunmi

I actually would always pray for her and her biz and her ministry and her walk with God and everything good for her. I just felt such a connection with her but I walked wisely in building that relationship because we need Squad Definitions too ooo.

Anyways, third invite and I could make it (especially cos she and Funto threatened me haha)

the terrorists lol

the terrorists lol

And oh my gosh!!! The moment I walked into that Sisterhood, I felt at home. I didn’t know these Sisters from NO WHERE but it felt like we had been connected since forever. I felt at ease. I could truly fellowship with them, lifting holy hands without fear or drama. (Yawl know I HATE drama)


I saw women share the Word in very practical ways and give words of knowledge and just correct each other in love, and accept correction and just BE POWERFUL together!!!

Funto Ibuoye and I

w/ Funto Ibuoye and her Gbolabo

And then God, nicely brought to my remembrance something I had BEGGED HIM FOR ALL YEAR!!!

I had been asking God to bring me ‘deep rich authentic friendships within the body of Christ’ Now I have a lot of pretty Squad but most are vertical either upward (with my mentors) or downward (with my mentees). I wanted a tribe of women who ‘when we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith BUT I also want to be encouraged by yours…’ which is the Sisterhood goal!!! Ah!!!


I didn’t want mentoring. I had that covered. I wanted the strength that comes from just women having this very mutual horizontal thing going.

I had been tempted severally to start this on the platform of my blog but I always knew that God didn’t release me to.

See how God used Shredder to meet a deep intimate need in my life.


I left that meeting just totally refreshed and adopted into a family. What if I was being Team Petty and didn’t open myself up to friendship with Bunmi?

Or what if she was the one being Petty? I believe it was my praying for her that even prompted her to ask me to join the Sisterhood.

I am so excited about my new sisters in Christ (the feeling is mutual) and even though I am not going to be close to everyone, I know that there are some amazing women with whom I will be doing life and ministry intimately for a LONG LONG time.

You see ehn, we are not called to live in isolation. God has called us all to connect with each other but if we see ourselves as Rivals, we just may be putting off a testimony.

If you really need help with overcoming pettiness, cattiness, and rivalry, Lisa Bevere’s latest book WITHOUT RIVAL will help you. I PROMISE YOU!!!


Lisa is a writer that truly wrecks nonsense out of you!!! Plus she too has dealt with rivalry and comparing herself with other female preachers like her especially when she didn’t make the cut of the Most influential Female preachers in America a few years back and was so hurt by it. Of course, she has grown way beyond that and wants to help us…

I tell you, her Book shook me too. It made my resolve stronger to live with my fellow sisters WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Nobody Rivalry epp ooo…

You can order her book here as it is releasing today yaaaaaaay. You can also find an e-copy because we all know it is not landing Naija for a LONG time haha. I have my e-copy already and I am just preparing my mind for the work it will further do.

You can download the first two chapters here too and enjoy. I tell you, Chapter 1 blew me away.

And if you read to this point, you just read a mini Book. Me sef I taya for me!!! Hahahahahahahaha


I love yawl too…

But really though, I strongly know that the WITHOUT RIVAL message is God’s heart for now. The Father wants us to co-labor without rivalry and bring in the ready harvest. We don’t even have enough active Laborers and we need everyone on deck and not being P E T T Y!!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!







Hey guys!!!

Ok read this post IN MY VOICE!!!

What? You don’t know what I sound like YET? Ok here you go…

I started vlogging for my Food&Fitness Business and so far I have two videos up on YouTube

Shooting the next video today and I would basically be addressing all those ‘I want to lose my tummy; I don’t want to lose my hips’ and all such questions. I can’t wait to shoot. It will be shot in my gym again

Cos some people think i am...

Cos some people think i am…

Ok so Saturday the 16th was my FIRST official speaking engagement as CoachE’… Food&Fitness Coach, and I am already feeling like a SPEAKER lol. Blame God. That’s how 2minutes into biz and God already gave me crazy biz principles which i shared here and Heavens know how many testimonies people have shared with me from it as per starting their own biz.

Find that post here

Anyways the conference i spoke at was CHAYIL, an annual Married women’s conference that just about covers every topic you need as a married woman,

My BEST friend and CEO of Giggles World

My BEST friend and CEO of Giggles World

and I was handling the weight loss/fitness breakout session.


I learned a LOT of lessons from my Talk, which I am super happy to share with yawl…


But first let me share something Pastor M told me. You see, she had told me I would be speaking there and I was excited and prepped for it.

Then the night before, I see this flyer up on IG. And I am like OH MY!!! This is a BIG deal. Mama is not just treating it anyhow.

Now earlier, she had also asked me if I needed a stand for my business and I told her I didn’t have anything to put in the stand so no need.

And she goes ‘No flyers, No banner, NOTHING? You should not just treat your business anyhow ooo. You have to treat it as a BIG deal!!!’

(Not exactly in those words but that was what she meant)

And she too made sure to treat ME as a Big deal too, flyer and err’thang!!!

Hmm. Anyways, lesson learnt. And many more lessons I picked from there so let’s gooooooo

This is for CHRISTIAN business owners who get to SPEAK too… which is pretty much ANY KINDA BUSINESS OWNER because the speaking niche allows for a variety of ideas and products. So Scout’s motto… BE PREPARED!!!


Even if you operate from on top your bed, still have something that can promote you even if you are not there. E.g., business cards, banners (roll up and hang-on), Flyers, whatever!!! You won’t believe I had NOTHING!!! A friend had gifted me biz cards but I wanted to hol’up until I got nice pictures which I have gotten but was still slacking. Guess who has called that friend up and guess whose business cards are in the works? ME!!! I have even got a Printer for banners and all. These things don’t have to be SUPER EXPENSIVE. Let God lead you to those who you can afford at your level that would also give you value for your money. Like the photographer dude I spoke about here

Btw after my cards are ready, I would share here and how much they cost so you know if you would like to patronize the Company too.


You want to have all these resources for your YouTube channel or blog or social media accounts. Prospective Clients are sooooooo moved by what they see. I was on Wazobia TV


and that show would have been perfect to put up on YouTube but I didn’t ask for a video (I will ask TODAY) but guess what? I am on Ebony Life sometime in August and they have agreed to give me a video of my interview. I have a couple of radio interviews too and I will be sure to ask for where it is a possibility, an audio playback and maybe even get to video me speaking if the studio lights are good. In any business, Clients like packaging ooo, so if you can package well (especially with pictures and videos), people agree you know what you are doing. So anywhere you get to speak, get something professional off it to show.

Personal check: Well I didn’t get a video of my session but I will ask and see about pictures. My friends recorded sha but it is neither clear nor loud.


See ehn, beyond selling whatever it is you are selling, you are representing GOD there to people. So don’t just do it anyhow. Ask God to MINISTER to people beyond whatever you say. You are in business to ESTABLISH the Kingdom of God here on earth not just to make money. So in whatever you do, LET GOD LEAD!!! Let peoples’ SPIRIT above anything else be BLESSED!!! Let people know that any success you have is GOD!!! Don’t be shy about God, but don’t also make it a Preaching session.

Personal check: I totally let God lead EVERYTHING I said!!! TOTALLY!!! From planning to when I said my THANKS!!!


Basically have something visual that people can see and remember. We are such visual humans and depending on your business, you really want people to have a mental image of what you are saying. So make an effort and prepare something that complements your words

Personal check: I had pictures but I wish I had a proper slide. Would have passed my message across even better. Quotes, Highlights, etc.


Yup, I said that. You need to make a big deal of what you know and have done or are doing. Where you have RESULTS or TESTIMONIALS, please share proudly. Don’t think it is pride. Humans are so moved by results. They hear you say you can do XYZ but they also wanna SEE what you have done

Personal check: My people, you won’t believe I didn’t have pictures of ANY of the ladies I had helped lose weight.


Gosh!!! I don’t know how I didn’t send any of it to the media person. I had only my pictures. My transformation pictures are good but they are NOT enough. Anyways, lesson learnt!!!


There are certain info that fit into certain groups and not others. As I shared my own personal story with them, I felt the Holy Spirit gently nudge me to NOT say that I used to do 4000 or 5000 skips daily. It would scare them. People already think weight loss is hard so if I now say I did that, they will lock up even more. So be sure that you are sharing the audience-appropriate information.

Personal check: Check check check!!!


For some crazy reason, I wore a shirt that shows sweat and so I was literally SOAKED!!! It made me uncomfy at several points because I couldn’t move as I would have loved to. I was DRENCHED in my own sweat.

Look at my back

Look at my back

The AC was on but somehow, the ladies covered it. Lol. Now I know better. Next time I would wear something that won’t show sweat like that. You need to be comfortable enough in your cloths to pass across your message

Personal check: Dress EPIC FAIL!!!


And this only works where you have truly prepared for what you are talking about. If not, your audience will throw you off balance. Have the basic knowledge of your business, and then more. Anticipate what questions people would ask and find answers to them. You want to encourage questions please so that you can truly meet those personal needs in people’s lives that your talk may not have covered. Remember, you truly want to IMPACT lives with your talk.

Personal check: I sure did encourage questions. I LOVE QUESTIONS!!! And everyone who asked questions unlocked another information for me to pass across. I loved seeing eyes light up and get nods at my answers.


Yes I know you have promo materials and all but at the end of your session, let your audience HEAR YOU SAY CLEARLY where they can reach you. Drop your social media handles and be very articulate. SPELL it out if you have to. That goes to say that maybe you should not have a complex biz name, or even if your biz name is complex, let your social media handles be easier to reel off. I am working on a total rebranding and then I would have easier and shorter handles to work with. You want them to remember your name so even if for some reason they lose your flyers or card, your Instagram or Twitter handle stands out.

Personal check: You won’t believe I didn’t drop any information about myself and how they could reach me. It took Chika coming up to me to say ‘babe you didn’t tell them they HOW they could contact you ooo’ and by then, the session was over and people were leaving. Yup a couple of people came to register with me afterwards but how about those who are in the valley of decision? By the time they come around, they can’t recall my name and may just go with the next ‘recallable’ equally good Coach.


This is the number one thing you do and I think this is sooo important. Yes you may have been introduced BUT when you get up there, introduce yourself AGAIN!!! Be graceful, lavish and unrushed. Spell out what you do very proudly and profile yourself like a B O S S.


You want people to take you seriously so you wanna start seriously too.

Personal check: I would give myself a 5/10. I certainly could have been less rushed and more focused. Have a profile and a picture of you up and let people appreciate what it is you do and are about to share with them. It is your show, RUN IT!!!

OK that’s pretty much all. I shared the mistakes I made so that you (and me) don’t have to step on these landmines (again).

Don’t also forget to have FUN!!! If you are so uptight, the audience would have a hard time leaning in. You don’t have to have all the drama like CoachE’ or even E’ but at least, enjoy yourself so that your audience can enjoy you. Freestyle where you can but be balanced too. Be professional yet relatable.

Be COOL!!!

Trust me though, even if I shared all these, I had an AWESOME time and totally enjoyed sharing with those ladies.

I just know that there are more speaking engagements in my future so I took the time to do a self-appraisal so that I would do better and because I am super sweet, I decided to share with yawl my amazing blog readers. I pray it blesses. I am grateful for mistakes and lessons learned and thankful to Pastor M for this opportunity.

Pastor M, Me, Diche and Dr Adaora

Pastor M, Me, Diche and Dr Adaora

So cheers to running EXCELLENT CHRISTIAN BUISNESSES and treating our biz, not for where we are BUT FOR WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!


If you have more tips especially if you are an established speaker, please comment and share with us. I am more than willing to learn more. Or if you wanna throw more light on anything I said in a personal way, please do… The floor is now YOURS!!!





• Oktoberfest •

August registration is OPEN so holler and recommend to any Chick who may need my services. I am so blown away by some of the results of some chicks in the group and by the level of commitment and love and all…

screenshot_2016-07-15-15-19-04.png screenshot_2016-07-15-15-19-28.png screenshot_2016-07-15-15-20-05.png

I especially LOVE that a lot of them are getting so food disciplined and it is very important. We should HONOR God with what we nourish our bodies with. AMEN!!! We just entered week 3 and I am loving their testimonies. I can’t wait to share pictures with yawl…

August is already looking good so join the COOL Squad now ooo let’s get you SHREDDED!!!


I think this Post on SQUAD GOALS is sooooo vital for the season and in recent times, God has been practically teaching me that. I keep sharing personal stories on my IG @eziaha. We have to be VERY careful on how we choose the relationships in our lives and honor and nourish them right so that they produce FRUITS in our lives. All these SQUAD GOALS on Instagram won’t stand when the rubber meets the road ooo. Be wise. Be guided. PRAY that God plants you in the right SQUADS!!! AMEN!!!