The 6k Christmas🌲in🌲October promo at #ESquad…

Hey guys,Ok let’s go straight to the point with this post…

So this October, I am having another promo on all my services. 

Online coaching class for those who want to lose weight – N6000 (regular price:10k. )
Discount for my past students – N5000 (if you have ever paid me for any service that is)

The class runs on Whatsapp and BBM, and I provide weekly meal plans and workouts. 

Customized meal plans – N6000 (Regular price is 10k) (whether you want to lose weight, add weight, maintain your weight or just start eating healthy)

Breastfeeding mama meal plan (especially for those whose babies are exclusively nursing or are over 50percent nourished from breastfeeding) and Meal plans for those who need to manage a medical condition – N7500 (Regular price is 12k)

Please note that these customised meal plans come with workout suggestions, depending on your goal, if you are interested. 

Abs 1month workout and meal guide (plus my magic portion😉) N5000 (Regular price 7500). 

Please don’t buy an Abs plan if you know you need to lose more than tummy fat. I recommend this plan for those who are at an ideal weight but just want to focus on getting their tummy flat. 

This Chick lost 3inches plus off her waistline. Kai. #jealous

For those who mail me and say ‘my weight is ok, just that my tummy protrudes…’

This plan won’t make you lose more than 2-3kg (if any sef) but it will tone your abdominal muscles and give you a flatter tummy. 

Arm one month workout plan N5000 (Regular price N5000) sorry can’t go lower. 

I also won’t be doing personalised coaching for those who don’t want to be in a group but want me to coach them one-on-one. I should be back to that in November, as God wills. 
Ok, I think Christmas came early for my Clients. And frankly, a lot of people have asked me for discounts and all. This is a response to all that. I’m truly happy to see women get transformed. Totally happy. Deliriously happy. So I wanna reach more people and I know you guys have more you want to do with your money, and still invest in your body, so this is my humble contribution. 

Love her drive… kai

Please don’t ask me for a further discount tho. I have been gracious enough. I don try na…

I am praying that God provides if you don’t have, but if for some reason you still can’t afford it, please check all my blog posts here where I share all I did on my journey. Plus order and read my book. If you implement all I shared, you too will get your results. I promise. 

If you have already paid me 10k for October online coaching, we could do one of two things

1. We could make that work for October and November

2. I could refund. Just mail me. 

Ok, if interested, please send a mail to with the program you want. 

Please allow at least 24hours for my response. I’ll send you bank details and after you pay, reply with name used to pay, and your real name if different. I will reply again acknowledging receipt of your money, and send you a Client form with more information. 

Then please wait for another mail on Friday October 7 with your week one meal and workout plans so you can shop. Technically week 1 starts on Sunday October 9. 

Couple more questions you may have

1. Are the meals easily acessible?

Yup. All naija meals. Rice, swallow, soup, etc. Of course loads of fruits and veggies too. 

2. I can’t really workout. I’m new to all of this. Can I still join?

Honey, you can learn. My workouts are of different intensity so you can go at a pace that works for you. 

3. I have a health condition and so I can’t do XYZ

Well, please mail me with the exact health condition let me advice. But please don’t pay, join my class, and now tell me of a health condition. Sorry, I won’t entertain that. 

4. Can I buy a customized meal plan or the Abs or Arms plan and still be added to the class? 

Yes, I can find or create a class for you guys. But I would not be adding you to the weight loss classes. 

5. I hope the entire program won’t be too expensive. 

No Darling. If anything, I’ll be saving you money because you are going to be disciplined and leave off junk food which we all know costs money. You also need to buy YOUR own weighing scale, measuring tape, and measuring cups, green tea and any other low calorie tea (I recommend Twinings of course). 

6. I’m not in Nigeria, can I still join?

Sure thing. It is all online. I don’t see any client to coach them. You only need whatsapp and BBM. Both please. And my domicillary account is in the pipeline so you can pay in dollars and pounds. Just email me so we work out payments if you don’t have access to pay in Nigeria. Working on my dollar and pounds charges. Will update this post when I’m done. 
And finally, just to also say, I do most of the day-to-day coaching on Whatsapp so it means the group buzzes, with pictures

 (both post-workout and food from my students), audio lessons, videos some times, and more. If you don’t like all that, please don’t join in. 

Buy a customised meal plan and you can work on your own. That’s ok too. 
I hope this Post answers all the questions as regards my Christmas-in-October Food&Fitness promo. 

More questions, please email.

Please don’t DM me. I truly can’t keep up with those. But I have help when it comes to emails so you can be sure you will get a response. 

I have an upper limit of ladies I want so please register on time. 

Thanks guys, let’s do this!!!

And please share with as much people as you know so they don’t miss out. 

And hey, hope you have my book

Gosh the feedback has been awesome. Please don’t forget to feed me back or review on your blog. Send your feedback to Always excited to get one. Helps my ginger. 

Email to cop a copy if you don’t have. Thanks. 

I also still need an e-book publisher/company in Nigeria. I’ve gotten App developers but still looking for a publisher. 

And please like our facebook page

And YouTube channels 

Food&Fitness here vlogs here

Please share this video with stay home mamas u know (instead of judging them lowkey)

You guys are awesome!!!

Thanks for all the LOVE!!! 

Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! 

I feel so blessed to share my life with you amazing Lot. A lot of times, I’m like 

really? Na me be this? Is this girl talking about me?’ 

which is why sometimes I don’t reply mails. I’m just undone with the love. God is good!!! 

God bless you guys for colouring my life beautiful. You don’t have to do anything for me but you guys do… a LOT!!!!
Muah and SquadHugs

SantaE’ (ho ho ho)😄😄😄
If you emailed me for Propel and I haven’t replied, please resend. I may have lost some emails. I’m super sorry. 

And if you are interested, please send that email too Propel Details here and here

Christmas…A thousand times better


Lemme tell y’all this beautiful story… OK maybe not beautiful but story all the same.

Oh BTW I took this mgbeke looking picture this morning just before church. Walahi adonbilivit. Me? The certified queen of poses. Tz well ooo.


My wedges cut ooo and i forgot to fix it before sunday hence my sandals

So now that you are done laughing, here is my story.
Like y’all know, I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary.
What most of you don’t know however is that as soon as that post went live, I called my Rev, as he prayed for me, I started crying. Or maybe rehearsing the tears. As he dropped the tears flowed like waterworks. By the time Pastor M returned my missed call, I was bawling my eyes out.
I just couldn’t believe one year later, we are still doing long distance marriage. Ah!!! I cried and cried and cried and cried.
Sha after she finished consoling, I chilled.

Then God shared something with me.

Now my hubby is in a place called BONNY ISLAND. It is an island about an hour by sea from portharcourt.
Eziaha is in The ‘Buj

From the ‘buj to bonny island is a real Israelite journey.

First to the airport in Abuja
Then fly to Portharcourt.
Then go from the airport to the seaport which is nothing less than 1hour and that is me being nice. It can be 3hours. PH is the most annoying city I know. Yes Ngozi Sam-Orji I said so. Lol
Then a boat ride to bonny anything from 1hour to 2hours depending on the sea.
Meaning that I have to always leave with the first flight so that I can get in earliest 4pm. Isn’t that like going by road? A full road trip.

Oh BTW, the boats are varied.


Yup boats like this

There are the local government boats which are covered but shabby still and well are timed. After noon, you don’t see them again (pictured above with a white cover)
There are open boats. They go all day. (The rest pictured)

Safety on the sea is God’s grace ooo. There are pirates sometimes who steal from passengers and rape ladies on the sea. Sometimes kidnap, sometimes throw bodies into the sea just because…

Then sometimes, the boats capsize too. Eish.


Yup the sea gets plenty rough at times.

Then there are company official boats. These ones are all tush, have pilot boats that go ahead and are more like planes. Very comfy, pretty and all. And of course, relatively safer.


Not exactly this but looks like this. Bigger i think

I have pictures but there is something like pregnancy tiredness. I can’t start looking for them on my laptop.
But it is something like the pix above. The interior like this…


But as you imagine, though it is free and reserved for staff and official purposes, you gotta book in advance, and it is usually overbooked and sometimes, my trips are impromptu. So when I don’t get it, I use the local boats. And remind myself that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

Now a one way trip costs us between 20 and 30k. Sometimes more. And I have to do this trip at least once a month. Do the math. That’s minus all the other normal expenses as a family ooô. Biko that is some money. Oh and the stress costs at least 1million dollars. I HATE STRESS.

Now this is where the story gets better.
At the same time I was moving to Abuja to work, there was an announcement by hubs company of a direct flight from Abuja to Bonny island. Say what?!?!? So all we need do is place a booking, go to NA airport, the private lounge please, present my identity card and wham, I get my boarding pass, then I chill in the lounge waiting for my private jet, bumping into governors and presidents while I wait, then board the flight and in under 2hours, most times with me sleeping, I land in bonny island.

Lemme take that again…

All that full day land to air to sea journey plus traffic plus delayed flights plus sea hazards etc costing sometimes 30k all compressed to a FREE two hour stress free journey.


Talk about trippin' in style yo...

It all came back to me that day to just let me Know that through it all, He stayed faithful. Imagine if that route didn’t open? Like someone joked that tz like it opened for just us. Just imagine how much I would have spent on the trips. Imagine how we would have had to be rationing visits and all.

Certainly something I don’t wanna imagine. Just maybe I had started taking it for granted. Maybe I had complained so much I had failed to see His hand there to make things easier. Not to accept the situation BUT to be thankful in it, as in ALL things.

So why my cool story? Good.

I just want us to look back at the year…
Tz easy to say oh I don’t have this or that but imagine if in addition, you were in and outta hospital?
Or your parents or sibs had medical challenges that would have put a dent on your finances?
Somethings would have absolutely sapped your finances but God found a way to ‘insure’ you.
Yup you didn’t get the promotion but hey boo, imagine if somehow, you lost your job?

Mehn, there are some people who would KILL to have the life you live now.


Some people actually don’t have food to eat ooo. Some have medical bills staring them in the face with death lurking.
Some people had their houses destroyed through no fault of theirs.
Some people are internally displaced in their own countries.
School? Forget it. A luxury some would never afford.
Some people have loved ones sick and dying somewhere but they can’t afford the trip down there.
Tz just incredible how little can make a difference in someone’s life. Or in the life of a family. Sometimes just as little as 2k.

Christmas is such an amazing period. But for some people, it is just another gloom jare, made infinitely worse by the plenty celebrations around them.

How would you like to help in your own little way? Very much?

My darling Pastor M is championing the #Christmas1000timesbetter cause where we intend, as a church, to feed 1000 families this Christmas. Giving them hampers with stuff they could use this Christmas worth just 2000naira per hamper. You can sponsor one of these hampers.


You can get details on Pastor M’s blog post on GOD WILL DO IT here

The account details are
Name: Just Us Girls Concept, GTBank
Number: 0120674522


Don’t even think about what is in it for you. Just see it as a way to show gratitude to God for the numerous smiles He has put on your face and all the tears He has averted.

But we know God now, whether you like it or not, He owes no man. Specifically even Proverbs 19:17 says that He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay.

How cool to get a reward from God.

Oya start sending darlings. Please feel free to sponsor more than one hamper.

And just in case I don’t appear before Christmas, Merry Christmas complete with blessings to you and yours…


The trip to bonny is not as bad as you are thinking especially the sea. Lol. People do it everyday. I did it a lot while dating my hubby back then. I am still alive

So I met this lovely blog reader of mine in Bonny island on Saturday. Was such a surprise when she walked up to me and introduced herself. We were in church, the finale of Shiloh. She had such a lovely daughter and when I tried to carry her, I knew why they say we shouldn’t lift heavy stuff. That baby was not even so heavy but this pregnancy something is not a small something ooo. Lol. It was nice meeting you hun. In this island where I always thought I would never meet anyone.

Started writing this post on Sunday morning.
Couldn’t complete it till Monday evening, imagine.
Well managed to take a better picture I think…


Roc'aBump Roc'aBUM looool

Time flies sha. Very soon, we go enter February and E’ will be a mom, my goodness!!!
Heavenly excited yo!!! Omugwo persons start applying please…

Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now***

So let’s jump right into Part 2…
Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!!
Thankfully… Thank.full.E’…
*rolling my eyes at you too*
I love how I can work my name into most titles… Cool!!!
Now where do I start from with this woman… Who else will tell me that she has such sinister plans for me (lemme not share the plans here. I almost died laughing when she told me today…). Who will call me a ‘…poor corper and so U deserve to be spoilt a little by your rich friend, Me…’ Looooool. Who will throw a gift at me and then yab me in the process and when I attempt to kiss her to say thank you she will call me ‘rotten’. Who will fight to save our friendship even with all my very baseless shakara (hindsight vision is perfect lol). Who else will have me dedicate exclusive posts to her for two consecutive birthdays? Basically baby, you have crossed the line with me and I do know we are stuck for life as friends… You are clearly that annoying but super sweet friend everyone should have. Alika. You know yourself but lemme sha write your name. Chinma the Cheech Asogwo. Terrorist of a friend.
You missed my wedding cos you were cruising Mauritius and Dubai, okwaya? Alika squared… Yet you knew where to get ‘crotchless panties’ for me as a bridal shower gift. Spoilt rotten girl. I will be at your wedding (by God’s special grace) and I will take the toast, whether you let me or not and I will so embarass you, you won’t believe it… Thank you baby… 2013 was REAL… Love you mega and yup you know my Sugar daddy is yours too, yeah? Position yourself for the kinda things that only Him can do in 2014. Smooches, kisses (with tongue:p) and hugs dawleen…

The one Angel confirmento in my life!!! Babe you have over-wowed me with love. We have indeed come a really long way. 8years yeah? I am not just thanking you for 2013. I am thanking you for these 8years. For being a constant K through good and especially bad times. For NEVER stopping for a moment to sow into and cultivate this friendship. For interrupting what you can to hear me out whenever I come with my wahala. I know you think I deserve it. Forget story Nne, I don’t. Truly. You just have an incredible heart. What we have is covenant. That’s it. Unshakeable. And yup, I’ll invest more in 2014. Afterall, you will be getting married then so I will have an opportunity to do stuff that will wow you too. I mean, lemme share a little story here to EMBARASS this Angel. A day to my wedding, I was at the salon getting my nails done. She came in a coupla days earlier to help out and that friday, she was out too and I had to pay my MUA some money asap. Couldn’t do it so I asked her if she had a certain amount to pay for me and I’ll settle her asap. She did. Ok time to pay back. I called babe, oya please account number and bank. See fight… She rolled over and played dead… ‘Account number for what? Did I give you any money? I don’t use a bank… I frankly don’t understand what you are talking about…When did I give you any money? Noooo, it wasn’t me… Maybe it was Eniola…’ My people, I was stunned. Cos I knew it was a lot of money and we are both Corpers, I tried to form vex and insist she sends me the number and babe cuts the phone on me… Hian!!! How someone will just sit down and say she MUST be a blessing to another girl is beyond me. No baby, I don’t deserve it. You really are an Angel Doctor Valerie Edetanlen…
Only God can reward you. I won’t even decieve myself and say I will pay back… Thank you so much darling. For being my most fiercely loyal friend. Love you forever and a weekend…
And yup I had to use this picture with man cos… #ProphecyBaby…

Tamariii, thank you for all your comments and love. God bless you dawleen. Hope you are planning to join my 30voices ooo. It would be such an honor to have you here. Deal?

Tomiwa Ayorinde, I am specially praying for you to marry well too. You are too much of a sweet God girl to miss it. If you need any help, holler at me and let’s watch our Sugar daddy sort us out k… Love you girl. You are really a sweetheart.

D-lu/Olu blaiz… I am hoping it is the same person. And I think this is a guy too. I feel like you are my blog brother. Some posts are just not complete without your comment and then a mail. Ah, you really touched a part of me this year and God reward you my darling.
Thank you sooooooooo much love.

Ah!!! If there is one thing I have come to love about this girl, it has to be the fact that despite the fact that we are close friends, we have mutual respect for each other. Familiarity hasn’t spoilt nothing and that’s rare. Nne, I respect you gan. The grace you carry, the wisdom you have, I feel so privileged that I can call you my friend… Like I said, if I could handpick a sister, it gotta be you darling.
Beautiful without and even more within. GraceFULL. And very on fire for God. My prayer warrior extra-ordinaire. I have learnt to always make Ruth be the one to lead prayers where we are together. Babe can pray the devil to the cross walahi. When I had a ladies’ retreat last year, babe led us for almost three hours of prayer and she was still smokin’… Gimme a praying woman anyday ooo. Biodun really found a good thing. Can’t wait can’t wait… *winks* For being such a sweetheart nne, reading my posts, encourage me and just living a Christ fab life, thank you!!! Love you mega dupa supa much darling Ruth Warrens.

Tunde my darling. One of the BEST men I know… You really did sow a lot of your time (and money too abi? Lol) into my life this year, sometimes at short notice. This is the year abi? 2014. Blessed woman walahi… It better be in Lagos ooo!!! Looool. Thank you darling. I totally appreciate and love you.
Uche, Bunmi, Yomi and Kemi. Four triumphant ladies I love so much. Uche love, special thanks to you and hubby. For all your love… Kemi I love your energy and zest. Keep it up love. Thanks for your friendship, blog love and all the ‘Showers promises’. Yomi darling, I dunno what you see sha but thank you for just being this sweet sister and Bunmi, another prayer mama, thanks for all the prayers and those out of the blues calls to check with me. God bless you girls

Dinma and Cheks… Had to put you both together for obvious reasons. Thank you for the spectacular rendition of the duet ‘Miracle’ at my wedding. Cheks, last minute and you cancelled something to be there for me. Thanks darling. Dee, thank you for letting me be all I am to you. Thank you for those long calls to check up on me (btw, you know Prof Udegbe told me you told her… Lol). And the last minute bridesmaid decision, thanks baby. Got your back physically and in prayers. Devil no reash at all… I love you darling.

Chuchu of life and destiny!!! My brother indeed. My brother in whom I am well pleased!!! Darling Chuchu!!! I don’t even know where I would start. Was it the endless phonecalls, the time and money invested, the visits, the pizza and ice cream lol, the hugs, the shoulder and listening ears (sometimes even when all I was doing was crying and making absolutely zero sense lol), the prayers, the counsel, haba!!! Brother of life!!! You have sown too much into our life that’s why we can’t let you be and we won’t let you be until… (You know na…)
Oh btw, Chuchu surprised us with a spectacular wedding gift. Choi!!! My darling, you must marry well. Nobody sows like that and doesn’t provoke a harvest. Pressed down, shaken together and running over… I am beyond words grateful dear. God bless you…

Ike Amadi… You are just a REAL man. I covet the fire you have for God and His kingdom and God will help me in 2014. Please pray for me nwanne m… The fantastic job at #TheLAFamily? Gosh!!! You are such a blessing. Thanks for having my back. Thanks for making me feel special, like a super star when we all know your are the real star. Thanks for those calls even when you were in Germany. Thanks for being a cheerleader indeed. More than anything, thank you for inspiring true leadership in me…You are an effortless true leader. I truly deeply love and cherish you nwanne m… Please don’t stop… You inspire plenty of us. I hope we get to see this new year…

Ayomikun my soul sister… Another terrorist. My constant K. It doesn’t matter the ‘drought’ as per time that has passed, we catch up real fast. The one girl that knows me inside out and will never indulge me (terrorist much). Who again will I suffer to gist something that is paining me only for her to laugh endlessly at me. Which friend understands the security of her place in my heart enough to say ‘…they don’t know you. They should come let me tell them who MY FRIEND is…’ You are you sha, nobody else can be this Soul Soeur to me…I am super glad the fact that you relocated is not doing any damage at all.

I really do miss hugging you darling but I’m just glad we are friends. You know I love you baby…

Chinwe Ikele… Thank you soooo much for being a faithful FAB’er. I’m sure you didn’t think I would forget you. Sending all your loving back to you baby… Muah.

Anna est belle. First lemme spank you!!! Get to blogging jor. You can’t call me an inspiration and be slacking ooo. After I started loving your style of writing, you go AWOL. Lemme not catch you ooo. Loool. You see babe, you have a catchy fun yet sensible way of writing, don’t rob us of it ok… Well you made my thank you list cos you are also a true FAB’er. Thanks babe.

Dowen College, Lekki. The school that is my proud PPA. You know what, I pass out in february and then I will do a proper thank you for DCL. I have enjoyed too much favor from the school… The Chairman Board of Governors (the nnukwu mmanwu himself) , the Principal (who has practically adopted me as her daughter), the VeePee, DFA, everyone and even my fellow Corpers ( a Batch C corps member walked in and asked me if I was Eziaha the Blogger. Apparently, when he saw he was posted to Dowen, he googled it up and my blog came up and all the glowing things I say about my school. Lol. Imagine if na rubbish I dey talk…) !!! Can I even talk about the investment they put into my wedding? Choi!!! And all this for a Corper who is not even looking to be retained… Na wa ooo… For now, let me say thank you and God bless. More gist when I am passing out…
I really miss them ooo and especially my front desk office. Was given the whole of December off as a new bride (Corpers usually don’t go on break there as the admin arm of the school never shuts down #TushSchoolTinz) and I truly miss school sha, but I can wait to be back abeg… 🙂

Ah my dearest Jibola. The only reason why I am still in ‘that group’ looool. You are such a great guy sha, even though you naughty gan… Thanks for being there for these past years and also in 2013. I see you in many more years darling. Love love love.

Afoma and Jae. For providing amazing blog content that I actually enjoy on their blog. Lovely lovely girls with lovely blogs and with whom I share a love for Subway surfers. Allow me to brag some on my Subway Exploits because I am sure I pass una……
I unlocked Fresh
I hit well over a million points (1.4+)
My trophies are all complete
I have upgraded my magnet to the last. And am almost done with the jetpack and coin multiplier upgrade. I don’t care to upgrade the super sneakers. Lol
I feel like a real subway guru
The baddest surfer ever liveth…
:p :p :p
Ok this is for Subway Surfer fans. I love that game and now I made a lover of Aku m… Hehehe

This is a good place to end, no?
I need to play some Subway surfer before I crash. Looool. Aku m has slept. I feel for him. He has work tomorrow while I get to sleep in… Btw, hope y’all been having an amazing holiday? I am a home-body/buddy so I have enjoyed a quiet one but 26th, Aku m wanted us to at least step out so I rode my bicycle around the RA while he drove cos he can’t ride a bicycle.
And yes Lizzie, Valerie, Eniola and Dumebi, this is how I intend to lose the weight and stay HOT :p
Then we visited some couple friends. Then went shopping. I felt a tad guilty when we got the bill especially when the kids we were with were like ‘wow, the bill is loooooooooooonnnnggggggggg’ but hey, tz Christmas jare… I don’t get to splurge everyday.
The ice cream I had eh, no be here ooo. Dear Jesus, please don’t let me be FAT!!! 😦 o:) lmao…
Love love love y’all

Ok still on the 30FabVoices, some of us are still missing it.
I would really want a futuristic, dreamy, faith-filled article rather than a 2013 review. If 2013 should feature, let it be just to lay a foundation… Things we wanna trust God to help us do this year… Both the serious and the fun stuff…
I really wanna start a monthly meeting for ladies where we can just have healthy spiritual fun. Started it in 2013 then life happened and it paused but I’ll like to be very regular this year…
I gained admission 2013 and this year 2014, I would really love a GPA of 4.0/5 so I am trusting God to help me modify my study habit, create a great study group, etc.
Or like one of us wrote…
I would like to do something crazy like have sex on a beach with my hubby this year (y’all can guess who wrote this na…)
You know… Stuff like that….
Breezy yeah?
Thanks to all who have submitted. Feel free to make necessary adjustments.
Let’s move the deadline for everyone to next weekend. That’s about the 4th of January. That should work yeah…?
Please send to
Remember, not more than 1000 words.
Lezzdodis FAB’ers… 🙂 Let’s bury the devil… We go live January 1. Can’t wait!!! Woooooooooooooot!!!

Merr-E’ Christmas y’all…

Hey FAB’ers…
Had to drop in here to say a MASSIVE Merry Merr-E’ Christmas.
Couldn’t miss it now, could I?
On visiting days in Feddy then, students would always ask one question everytime they saw someone (friend or not) walking towards them or entering the dorm… ‘Have they come for me?’
Oh the joys when the answer was in the affirmative!!! Rice and chicken, drinks, provs and good ol’ cash made any hungry student’s day. And in Feddy, we were really hungry, right Booski? Lol.
Today I have come to tell you that THEY have indeed come for you…
Jesus has come for you… And He comes bearing incredible gifts and not the kind you get to poop out in a coupla hours… Peace, Joy and Blessings!!! In surplus doses… And even more…
May the gifts of the season remain with us all through the year cos this is ONE GIFT that keeps on giving…
This FAB Sis loves y’all big…
Merry Christmas dawleens.
And a big Happy birthday to my girl Jadesola Pearl.

(Love this best friends pix. Jae with the cake…)
You are such a bundle of joy. May joys keep springing up in your life like a living well.
Love love love…
Ok having fed Aku m crazy with physical food in the day (He has been singing my praise and saying God bless you all day. Dude had indomie and viju last Christmas. Ah the Perks of having E’ as a wifey) lemme feed him with some other kinda food rated ‘Married’… Dude is gettin impatient 😉
Tani and Chuchu, please appropriate your subs :p. You better be double next year ooo…

Made him the baddest E’ curried chicken rice and the richest ever salad ever madeth… Lol. That pix above? He didn’t wanna snap, I snapped us by force looool.
That was before lunch…
Oh and yeah, I’ll still respond later to all the comments in my Thank.Full.E’. All the loving threw me off balance for a second there…
And yeah, I watched some footie today. The highlights of Champions league 2011/12 finals between Chelsea and Bayern. Still got me teary as it did when I watched it live then. Drogba Didier, you are a legend!!! My love for you can NEVER die!!! Can’t wait for when GAL will meet Chelsea next year’s Champions league. Emotional homecoming for D I am sure… Yup E’ does footie too
Season’s Greetings y’all