Iznur Perznal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

Mehn, this past Sunday was one of my best Sunday’s this year. 

First of all, i attended the Island centre which i prefer (cos it reminds me of Abuja), then I loooooooooooved my look, PC was on the mic for worship, praise, choir ministration and then worship again, 

Me and Pc. Me and his wife Rema

Pastor K preached a banging good delicious message

and then my darling darling Pastor M got to pray for me from her heart.

Oh and I got to catch up with my DCC Bestie Dr Adaora. 

She’s super precious mehn!!! Loveeeeee her. 

Ok I was also one of the last to leave church, but aren’t we supposed to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives??? Loooooool.

Ok, you see, I attend the most amazing church in the world. David’s Christian Centre. Every Sunday in church, I’m just like 

I’m going to transcribe the message for my FAB fam’ 

but the legit cares of Monday make me forget that dream. Lol.

 Message transcribing ko easy ooo but see a few i have transcribed here… (oops looks like i took that link out. Ugh.)

But you see this one PK preached on Sunday, I can’t NOT share. It WON on every level, I won’t even lie.


My Pastor so fly!!!

So as is my custom, I came home and in my Bible time the next morning, I shelved my current study, to go deeper with the Word from church.


PK preached on ‘It’s not personal’ and when I checked his reference of Romans 12, my delicious Max Lucado Study Bible had a sub-title which is where my second Post title came from… Behave Like a Christian.


I want to do a *drop mic* moment but I don’t think that would fly so let’s hold the mic and preeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (With PK)


It is NOT Personal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

We need to free ourselves from our own self-importance yo. Most of the attacks that we have, whether on or off social media, is NOT really aimed at us. We are caught in the crossfire of something. Maybe someone’s bad day, bad manners, past, present, family challenges, sickness, etc. We need to STOP taking things so personal.

Err, we really are NOT that important (ouch), so stop putting too much stress on your emotions, wondering why this person talked to you this way, or behaved to you that way. Sometimes people are just hurting and hurting people have nothing else to give but hurt and pain. We can’t respond to every bad word/behaviour that comes our way.


You stop and respond to everything? Honey, you gon’ run slower!!! And ain’t noborry got time to run slower.

The worst part is even that in this ‘game of life’, just as in football, we get punished for retaliation. And Jesus alone knows how many nonsense ‘retaliation punishments‘ I have brought on myself in the past because me sef must respond!!!


Woooooh, just leave people and be running your race jeje.

Iznur nezezary!!!

Again, I am NOT that important. I am just caught in the Crossfire of those who can’t manage their emotions properly.

I know you are probably thinking

‘abeg Eziaha, what X or Y did to me was super personal abeg. No cross fire nada. She meant me start to finish…’

No baby!!!

Like you, I was arguing in and with myself as PK was preaching but as I brought up scenario after scenario with my Jesus, He explained to me how it really was NOT about me true true.

Side note: Does anyone, like me, consider herself closer to one of the Trinity that the other 2? I certainly feel closer to Jesus. Now this doesn’t make any spiritual sense but humour me. Like, of course I’m obsessed with all 3, but baby, gimme my Jesus all day err’day.

Ok let’s continue.

Another time to tell yourself that eez nur perznal is when people leave your life. Ah, tz tempting to think

‘ah, what did I do? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe the person/church/boss/ministry they left me for is better, etc’.


Devil is a tensioner sha. People come and go from our lives for various reasons. It may have been a seasonal relationship or they are just being humans, who move on when they think I have nothing more to offer. No need to take it personal. Those that will stay in my life will stay and those that must go will go. God is the only constant K and I must never forget that.

Tz just like me in my weight loss biz, if someone says ‘Oh I tried Eziaha 3 times and it didn’t work, then I moved to Shredder and it worked’ , that has to be fine by me. It is not PERSONAL. I have to know that in this life, some people will be better than me and I will be better than some. That’s not a problem. I don’t start feeling like I am nonsense Fitness Coach, or start beefing Shredder or the Chick. Honey, go where it works for you mehn. I have my market, and everyone has theirs.

Another time not to take things perznal is when people start praising you. Lol. We really need to be like Jesus. The Bible says in John 2 v 24 that when the crowd were hailing him, He didn’t ENTRUST Himself to them because He knew all men. Humans can be fickle, and by humans I MEAN YOU AND I. If I start living off people’s nods and cheers, taking it perznal, when they take it away, I will now start feeling crushed and empty. It was never about me in the first place. It really is about God so even when the commendations come, we give it to Jesus and keep it moving please.

So now that we have established that it is NOT personal, how do we behave like a Christian?

Romans 12
So after I have freed myself from my own self importance, I am free enough to
1. Bless those who are cruel in their attitude towards you. Bless and curse not. Leave retaliation for unbelievers. Preserve the grace on your life. You and I are on a different journey boo. 
2. Rejoice with them that rejoice. Let me bring it home. So a client leaves me to Shredder Gang, and then loses weight like crazy, badmouths me, and Shredder posts her transformation pictures. Gurl!!! I’ma be all up on Shredder’s page liking and commenting. No time ooo. Eez nur perznal (no matter how personal the Chick wants it to be.). I’m on a different journey. 

Side note: Shredder is my sis or in her words ‘bessfren’ lol. 

The examples are just what they are- EXAMPLES!!! Don’t be thinking NOTHING love. 
3. Mourn with those who mourn. Share in their grief. Grief don’t have to be that someone died. Maybe something bad befalls someone who has done you dirty. Tz not time to be like ‘yes, good for her. God is fighting for me, etc…’

Stop that nonsense (Eziaha). ‘Mourn’ and really mean it. 

You are on a different journey and can’t afford such nansense!!!!
4. Do not be haughty or look down on people. And that’s the nansense that happens when you start feeling important. Hiss!!! Small blezzing on my life and I suddenly can’t relate with people of lower esyeem? Phew. You used to take bus and bike then God blesses you with a car and you can NOT understand that not taking a bus/bike is NOT an option for some people. Don’t lose touch with the reality of others below me. Readily adjust where need be. Infact, my Bible says we should not be snobbish, high-minded or exclusive!!!! I looooove that. EXCLUSIVE!!! Jesus was inclusive and never exclusive. Who I am? Hiss. Like PK said, truly great people wanna see others elevated too, so they help them up. That’s what Christian behavior is, not ‘gali gali’
5. Be not wise in my own eyes, or pride. 

Gurl!!! I’m bout’a go in here with the Spirit of Shut up which I am very familar with. You see, I constantly tell myself ‘Eziaha, you are not the smartest or wisest. You can ACTUALLY be wrong…’ so I have to be fine with letting others have different opinions and views. It doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me mature. I state my point, and fiiiiiiiii leeeeeee!!! Leave it!!! People have a right to see things different than me. Tz not personal at all. 

The Spirit of Shut up, baby!!!
6. Oh the final one is the real deliverance. 

As much as it depends on you, live in peace with all men.

 Yawl know some people like strife and wahala. No matter what you do, they come for your life and existence. Practice 1 to 5 above where applicable and just let it drop. They can bark and even but you dun currrrr. You are not taking bait. We are Christians so we behave like Christians. And we even pray for them cos tz obvious they broken!!!! 
So as I prepared this post, I chanced on a convo in a group I am in (Sisterhood). Someone, in tryna explain how petty and competitive Chicks can get, said that just like Funto’s event now in Abuja, someone will probably do a social media/ blogpost after and be like…

E’s fire is more than Funto’s…’

‘It was only Funto’s session that blessed me. The rest were just ‘there’, bla bla

I laughed. Funto is also in the Sisterhood btw. 

Sisterhood Chicks

I totally understand such statements. Sadly some are said with wrong intents and motived, but we don’t even have the time to take it personal. It is OK for Funto to bless you and mine is ‘just there’ and vice-versa. Tz OK for you to like Eziaha more than Funto. We all can’t reach everyone the same way. 

Funny Chris and Beth discussed this on Periscope as they went for LoveLife conf where both were Ministering. 

Beth was like tz OK, just make sure you get blessed. I laughed when they said in the coffee shop at the airport, two different people came up to each of them and requested for a picture from one and not the other. 2 different people did that to both of them, and they just laughed abourrit. 
Chris was like the person who comes up for a pic will legit tell the other ‘oh no, never mind’ looool.

I mean, I like who I like!!! Doesn’t reduce the other’s anointing. 

Nothing personal. 

Let’s stop putting undue pressure on our emotions. 

You are not that important and IT is NOT personal. 

Christian behavior, anyone?



#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now.
I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for MOST of what i do, I DO IT AFRAID!!!

I am talking heart-racing, tummy-running, fingers-trembling A F R A I D!!!

In our Propel 1 meeting yesterday

, of which i had TWO PROPEL groups meet yesterday, the video we saw was DECISION MAKING and Mercy Lokulutu said something, as she explained sticking to her decisions and not being indecisive or emotional about it…

‘Once God says it, it doesn’t matter how i feel, I can EAT my feelings, I can DO LOTS OF THINGS WITH MY FEELINGS, but when God says it I OBEY!!!’

Then Chris said

‘…sometimes we are just paralysed by FEAR thinking we may fail or miss the mark, BUT God can only steer a MOVING ship, and God is really BIG, so don’t worry, IF YOU FALL OUT OF THE SHIP, HE WILL PUT YOU BACK’

Oh i have also heard Gmama Joyce say (or was it Christine Caine)

Do it Afraid until you don’t feel fear anymore… (I think it was Christine, In UNSTOPPABLE)

I hate the paralysis that FEAR brings, and so I get really UPSET about that paralysis and I am now super INTENTIONAL about doing what needs to be done, AFRAID OR NOT!!!

Let me share practically how i get through the PARALYZING FEAR

First, i need to be sure this is something God has told me to do. Not my emotions, not my brokenness or ‘lockdownness’, but God!!! And one way i confirm is to check my motives, WHY DO I WANNA DO IT? Once that is sorted, i move to phase 2


Oh Jesus, I pray up a storm in the Spirit. I pray using Scriptures ooo, so it means i go into the Word first, get a Scripture and start to confess it in prayers. I just pray so much in the Spirit and as i pray, more ideas and clarity forms in me, and gradually the fear starts to give way to FAITH!!!

Then in the course of my regular day to day activities, i FORCE myself to THINK  consciously about it, while muttering Scriptures under my breath. I don’t know about yawl but sometimes, when I am scared of something, i do NOT even want to think about it, so I block out anything that would remind me of it. BUT GOD FORBID THAT fear (and i purposely put fear in small letters lol)

I consciously think about it, while muttering PHIL 4:13 IN AMPLIFIED!!!


You should hear Joel quote this scripture especially telling the FAITH story of how they eventually got the Compaq Centre, a former Basket ball stadium, as their Church facility. He mostly closes his eyes and fist-pumps. LOVE IT!!! Like, satan NO REASH!!!

So all the time, i think about it, because that means i am taking the power away from it. I think about how i will feel once that is in the bag, i think about how lives INCLUDING mine will be blessed and enriched, I think about how MAD the devil will feel. Ah, i think ooo. So that Scripture is infusing strength in me steady, while my mental faculties are getting used to the idea…

Then i start to read books and messages that talk about whatever I need to do. I let God lead me to those materials and my Teachers  because I truly want to be ministered to. Check my Post on 10,000 Teachers https://eziaha.com/2016/02/03/10000-teachers-guys-stay-hungry-lean-in-go-hard/

I watch videos on YouTube from my Teachers and they usually just speak to my current situation. I recall this message and how it totally spoke to me on something liver was cutting me about. By the time i got to end of this video ehn, AH!!!

Oh and then i TALK ABOUT IT!!!

I certainly talk about it OR blog about it!!! Talking about it puts more power in my hands, and makes me realize NO GOING BACK now!!!

Propel woman Catherine haha

Fear is something that makes us NOT want to talk about it because we think WE ARE NOT ENOUGH or we will come up short or run out of ‘whatever’. We are afraid of what ‘people’ will say and think of you. That is just the devil. 

There is just something about starting. When we start, it is AMAZING how supernatural supply – physical, spiritual and mental and everywise– just start to turn up. But they won’t come your way until you start!!!
So start already. Plus even if we make a mistake and it is genuine, God sees our hearts and He has a way of redeeming stuff for us. See how this motive thing played out between the King who took Abraham’s wife as his, and God in Genesis 20…

Did he not say to me, ‘She is my sister,’ and didn’t she also say, ‘He is my brother’? I have done this with a clear conscience and clean hands.”

Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept you from sinning against me.

He made an honest mistake and God let him off the hook…

Which is why my motives are super important.  Shirer said if she examines herself and sees that the ONLY thing stopping her from making a decision is FEAR, She knows that is EXACTLY what God wants her to do!!!

You know, I am working on an INTIMATE seminar for 15 Chicks where I will just pour all my fire into them to start up on their goals, and hold their hands through it for a period. More info will turn up next week but the date is 29th October or 5th November, both Saturdays (or it could be Sunday sef) and it will cost 5k. Loving our location already. 

Just seeing it pumped more fire in me to get this done. I think i will call it THE P413 XXXX Seminar. P413 being Phil 4:13, XXX is still unknown to my Spirit and I don’t even think I want to say SEMINAR!!! Either ways, we are sooo doing it!!! You may wanna book a slot down already by emailing eziaha@eziaha.com (and I might have TWO of my friends already running hard on LANE PURPOSE join me)

LADIES, NO TIME TO SLACK OO. God is up to soooo much in His Chicks so this is the time to RUN UNSTOPPABLE

 LITERALLY after your dreams. Leave fear and feelings alone. 

They truly are NOT as powerful as we think!!! Plus trust me, you can feel fear and have a BOLD FACE too. I recall sharing somethings with my accountability partner Aijay and when I said ‘I am afraid ooo’, she looked at me wide eyed and said BUT YOU DO NOT SOUND AFRAID!!!

That’s true. I didn’t care to let the fear show…

Ladies, PLEASE DO IT AFRAID… Whatever your IT is…

Ok a few more things

My Propel 1 meetings were EVERYTHING

With our Super awesome host in Propel 2 and her baby

In Propel 1; 

Ugo, our in-house photographer in Propel 1 did an awesome recap here.More Propel small groups are springing up. Propel was something i started in FEAR ooo, forget all the ginger you saw on my blog posts here https://eziaha.com/2016/09/06/eziaha-propelled-lessons-from-my-life/ and here https://eziaha.com/2016/08/27/say-hello-to-propel-lagos/. But now see, more small groups are starting and hopefully by end of the year, we should have between 15 and 20 up and running. AMEN. I will share my PROPEL fears sometime later.

Check out those posts above and then email propel@eziaha.com for details if you wanna start one and need some help. It is really simple. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends together, ONCE A MONTH, watch the videos and discus them amongst your selves. The conversations are just AMAZING!!! Propel CHANGED my life and I truly want to see more Chicks be PROPELLED into their worlds FOR JESUS!!!

OK SECONDLY,TFS Academy is open again.

TFS is The FAB Sistership Academy… Warrior Chicks Loving life and serving Jesus. My 4week online mentoring Academy for Chicks who wanna just BE BETTER and do what God has called them to do…

Please read this Post for some context first


If you sent a mail before, please resend. You sent prematurely. Eziaha@eziaha.com

Taking in JUST 20 ladies and I have a waiting list so HURRY. If you applied for TFS 1 and i sent you that mail to chill for 2, please send me a mail using that mail trail again.

Ok I am off to get my hair and nails done

I have a video and photo shoot tomorrow

I am dying my hair RED HOT because I need a FIERCE look for my #ChicksWithSwords Devotional haha

As per video, gosh I have an exciting message on Mommy Guilt, Mommy Fears and Mommy Wars… The Holy Spirit is AMAZING!!! This will resonate with moms all over not just stay-at-home moms but the deal is SAHM usually find themselves saddled by these because they have relatively more time and if you don’t guard your heart, the devil will just come and be throwing nonsense thoughts in.

Running along now…

Oh one more thing, there is sooo much background work ongoing on my blog. I should be ready for a BIG unveil NEXT WEEK!!! Can’t wait. Thanks to Frances Okoro for the info on porting to dot org and all the amazing benefits of it (Dont worry, my blog URL remains Eziaha.com because it will auto re-route) Makera for helping me do the porting because the technicalities were CRAZY and for making sure I didnt lose anything, not ONE post, not ONE email. Phew!!! 

And thanks to SisiYemmie for the blog upgrade!!! Yay. The FAB Sister’s blog is going to the NEXT LEVEL yo. 

With the dollar rising, it costs me some to purchase all these BUT thank God we can do it jare… It would AMAZE you how 20 dollars here and 15dollars there soon add up to 5000USD haha. Lol. See why I had to open a dom account sharpaly and start earning in Dollars and Pounds biko.

Oh and please all my diasporans oya join my class. 20dollars ONLY and 18 pounds ONLY for 4weeks starting October 7, this Friday. For the naira people, 6k pere. Check this link for all details

Oh and if you are in ABUJA, come through!!! 

If you aren’t, TELL EVERY CHICK IN ABUJA!!! Super Stoked for this one. Like, God has been DOWNLOADING!!! Will pay for two Chicks off my blog but I will give more info in the Post where i give more details about this event and how my crazy Sister, Funto, got me on board… Super thankful for FUNTO. Gurl, i super LOVE you…

Ok bye guys

Sooo much LOVE and DO IT AFRAID anointing.

CoachE’ (haha)


To follow God closely is to fulfill your calling COMPLETELY… Beth Moore, ENTRUSTED BIBLE STUDY.

I am just going to write from my heart, but first, hope everyone is AWESOME yo!!!

New week!!! May God bless our week in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Ok I dunno about yawl but I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! I think it is such a blessing, and you will agree with me that SM is even more fun when your account is getting all the love.

You tweet and in nanoseconds, you have replies, mentions, likes and RTs.

You ‘gram and your notification stays buzzing with likes, comments and Regrans.

Facebook? Your account is on fire.

YouTube? Your Channel is like Lagos Island market, with back to back hits and likes.

And your blog? Snapchat? All steady buzzing.

Social media marketing (or just popularity) is the IN-THING and everyone has tips on how to grow your followers everywhere. WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE…


The above also shows that when we are not getting the clicks and likes, Social media is no longer as much fun. It must mean we are doing something wrong, or maybe we ourselves are NOT COOL ENOUGH!!! After all, if God is endorsing it, the fruits will speak. Our SM profile will be hot too.

I am particularly speaking to Believers here so this is a FAMILY AFFAIR, so non-family members can chill out as they read.

I mean, here you are talking about your faith and then you barely get up to 5 – 10 likes BUT there is that Chick who posts nothing really, getting likes by the second. And then soooooooooooooooon, you are tempted to kinda compromise because you are plain discouraged.

Have I sometimes struggled with that?


As a business person, you want to be strategic in your marketing online, and get more Clients.

As a FAITH Chick, you are trying to publicize an event YOU know God has endorsed.

As a Christian, you KNOW God told you to blog or vlog that, and you are giving your best as you know to do, yet it seems like the results, or fruits, refuse to show.

Then suddenly, you feel like a Senior Special Adviser to God on Social Media Matters…

‘Ok this Topic or Stuff is what is REIGNING. These #HASHTAGS# are what brings the Likes and Follows. Pictures like these are what gets you noticed…’

And then gradually, you begin to compromise.

God wants you to ‘gram X but ehn, X is not what we talk about on IG so God let me ‘gram YZ since all na Bible na.

God has given you a Blueprint for your own business, but rather than follow it completely and foolishly, we follow that Chick or that Guy who seemingly has more buzz, and ape what they are doing WHICH GOD DID NOT ASK YOU TO DO!!!

God wants you to blog on ABC but ahn, you can’t afford to sound Preachy ooo, ESPECIALLY not now that some class of people are now noticing AND commenting on your blog ooo, so FOR THE god OF LIKES AND COMMENTS, we disobey our GOD MOST HIGH!!!

Can I tell yawl that God gave me a serious whooping on that, so this is not me serving what I have not eaten.

I had to get butt-lashed on it, because I realized that I was slacking on some things He wanted me to do because I am thinking ‘Errr, that won’t REALLY fly on Instagram ooo’.

The funny thing is that humans may be SUPER APPLAUDING you but God has, like Saul, ‘REJECTED YOU’.

And even till now, I walk super conscious of the fact that I BUILD DIFFERENT and I AM ON A DIFFERENT JOURNEY than the world.

So while it may NOT be popular, while it may NOT get all the likes and RTs, while it may not be cool, BUT IF GOD ASKS ME TO DO IT, I OBEY!!!

I am building a career and brand YES, but I AM NOT CALLED TO DO IT LIKE THE WORLD!!!

The Bible says PROMOTION COMES FROM THE LORD OOOOO!!! That scripture is still VALID.

Now this is not about being SLOPPY or SHABBY as a Christian, and just letting anything go because ‘We are NOT of the world’.

No SIR/Ma’am.

This really is about FOLLOWING JESUS CLOSELY AND COMPLETELY as I BUILD, and obeying ONLY what He asks of me, whether or not I am getting popular applause, nods and cheers from the world. Trusting that as i follow Him, that which He has called me to do, HE WILL BUILD COMPLETELY!!!


So just to get more friends and be popular, your social media handle doesn’t even fully show your IDENTITY as a Christian. Maybe every once in a while, we throw in one Christian thing sha, but on our best days, we do what gets our phones blinking with notifications.

Can I tell yawl the truth? And this is something I got from Bishop Jakes daughter, Sarah.

Destiny DOES NOT just SEPARATE you, it ISOLATES you…



We must be willing to do what God has told us to do, post, write, sing, etc. EVEN IF WE ARE THE ONLY ONES doing it.

I totally understand the need to feel appreciated, but we need to subject that to the leadership of JESUS, and trust HIM to build for us, and not go compete with the world on their own turf!!!

I recall when I started vlogging, I just assumed since God had told me, I would have 10,000 hits immediately. And then my first video for SAHM stayed on DOUBLE figures

I remember having a convo with God and asking Him why He sent me to SAHM when it didn’t look like it was gaining any ground sef. That maybe I should write about another popular but also good topic, like HOW I SPEND MY QUIET TIME? HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD? Etc., which is something a LOT of people ask me. And I was supposed to upload video 2, but somehow I felt discouraged so I didn’t even bother.

Like I even forgot. And then God sent Christine Caine to me. I heard her say a prayer which went something like ‘God, may I never forget that it really is about THE ONE person. Not how many people I can reach and rescue, but EVEN IF IT IS ONE PERSON, let me treat the call to which you have called me as seriously. My brain just reset. Lol.

I repented and committed to vlogging even if it is just for ONE person. And what is really funny is that I had gotten such really personal testimonies from the first video, which I belittled because I didn’t have views in the 1000s. I don’t even have time to be checking. I obey God and move on!!!

Now, writing on those topics I mentioned above IS GOOD, but did God ask me to? That’s part of what John Bevere talks about in his brilliant book GOOD OR GOD?


Because NOT EVERY GOOD THING is endorsed by God.

The day God tells me to share on that, YOU BET I WILL. But until then, I EMBRACE the PLACE He has called me to, and serve faithfully there EVEN IF FOR ONE PERSON.

Doing anything else means that I AM BOWING DOWN AND WORSHIPPING THE god OF YOUTUBE/BLOG views, and yawl know those gods have NOTHING to offer.

The truth is that we CHRISTIANS really need to understand that because we are on a different journey, WE BUILD DIFFERENT. WE ARE MARKET PLACE APOSTLES not just regular people in the world. And this is not only about Social media; I am talking even in our secular careers and businesses.

The path the world prescribes MAY NOT BE WHAT GOD HAS PRESCRIBED FOR YOU.

We need to follow God closely and then we can watch Him BUILD FOR US.

That career advancement MAY NOT BE IN THE M.SC ABROAD or that Certification exam.

Or it may be.


For the Entrepreneurs in business, I am sure you know that emptying your bank account is part of God’s I BUILD DIFFERENT strategy. Like that DUDE just wants to KNOW where your faith lies. Sometimes I just laugh at God and jokingly tell Him that ‘not hearing Him is good sometimes sha. Because then you will be in ignorance, NOT DISOBEDIENCE. But with your Spirit sensitive, God will always ask you to do the CRAZIEST OF THINGS.

Oh, but trust me, IT SO PAYS OFF IN THE END. No better business partner mehn. NO BETTER ONE!!! Plus what a privilege to partner with Him.

Just generally walking with God is different, and the Bible is FULL of stories like that.

Men and women of faith who got the victory by a different strategy that was popular.

Oh, but our God is FAITHFUL guys!!!



I was looking at DCC’s Lookbook which chronicles our first 20 years mostly in pictures and it just reaffirmed everything this post is.




We build different guys.

We build different.

I recall one time on Periscope, someone asked Heather and Cornelius to share how they grew their brand and all. Cornelius jumped in and said the truth is, they didn’t start off trying to BUILD A BRAND. They were just obeying what God told them to do, MOST OF IT FOOLISH AND UNPOPULAR, and realized that God kept increasing them as they obeyed.

The Lindseys

The Lindseys

And I recall EXACTLY how Heather said

‘…I dunno where y’all came from. The Lord just brought y’all my way…’

(Btw, FEBRUARY next year guys. They are hosting a Conference in Nigeria)

I have also heard Chris say it. I think it was in this PROPEL LAUNCH Video at Liberty University

She said, we don’t have to worry about career advancement and doing things like the world

‘…if you follow God, He will BUILD your career…‘I

The same goes for businesses, ministries, homes, families, etc. We don’t follow the world.

The Bible calls us to BE IN THE WORLD but NOT OF IT.

Sometimes, we want to BE OF THE WORLD but still claim our Christian tag, and as that happens, we confuse everyone and ourselves. No one can really tell where we belong.

Just follow God guys. He will BUILD WHAT NEEDS TO BE BUILT. The BEST part has to be that what He builds will LAST FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

And just because this makes me laugh, I will just throw it out here.

Hashtags don’t bring followers.

Loooool Ok maybe it does for the world, but it makes me laugh when I see us jump on the bandwagon of ‘popular hashtags’ so that followers can increase.

So then, if God tells you to hashtag something different and unpopular, we won’t abi? Because we know the hashtags that cause us to be more visible. Loooool.

This life no suppose hard like this ooo.

I mean God is not against our hashtags, He just wants to know that we are not worshipping them.

Plus, I also heard Chris say something else…

‘We are more concerned about who is following and liking us, than we are who is following and liking Jesus…’


Truly, the Christian subculture is so Celebrity oriented. We forget that the object of our race is JESUS!!! Not us.


So even on our dearly beloved Social media, BUILD DIFFERENT. And frankly when Jesus told us to GO YE INTO THE WORLD, If it were today, He would have said GO YE INTO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD!!! No, really!!!

And can I close out with something that guides me?

We really should be busier and about the Father’s business, than being engrossed in how many likes we are getting. Every time I start looking at my followers, I know I have taken my eyes out of the work and the goal.

We have work to do guys. Let’s get to building… AND PROUDLY DIFFERENTLY!!!


2Cor 6:!7a Therefore COME OUT FROM THEIR MIDST and be ye DIFFERENT…’





It sure has been a gift filled couple of days since Thursday. First hubs and I got this tees from a Reader.


Will take a clearer picture soon.

Then my Darlingest Pastor gifted me this.

img_20160925_231310.jpg img_20160925_231317.jpg

I truly am BLOWN away. Going to get GREEN FRAMES please.

And then just this morning, I received my package from some Chicks off my blog.

Trust me, I stopped breathing.



I still looked for it at Laterna last week. Good thing they didn’t have ooo. Who would have thought it was waiting in the mail for me. Gosh, nothing like a GIFT THAT IS SPOT ON!!! God bless you guys (they know themselves)



Gosh, how do I even begin to celebrate Pastor M? Kai!!! What a WOMAN!!!


This picture is still the BEST I have of both of us. It perfectly describes our relationship. Pastor M listens and gives the BEST counsel.

In fact, there was this day I sought counsel on something and for some queer reason, she didn’t respond to me for days. And then God gave me the answer I needed directly. And then she later told me that frankly, she didn’t know what to say and she felt God didn’t want her to say anything so she didn’t say anything. See how God gave me my answer!!! Nothing like a Pastor who hears from God ooo.

Plus she has also made me a WARRIOR IN HEELS!!!

Oh and something else she told me that guides me till today

‘Eziaha, when God tells you to do something, get yourself OUT OF THE WAY AND DO IT. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!’

I still recall where I was when she said it. Frankly, it is even now it is making sense even more to me. I just obey God. It really is not about me, so it takes ALL the pressure away.

And then how we met?

Well me I met her sinceeeeeee, one JUG program that held on the island, and she was wearing a black and white gown with red belt,

The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook

The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook

and I just thought, WOW THIS PASTOR’S WIFE IS FINE ooo, so at some point, I caught her going to the back, and when she got out, I walked up to her and asked her if I could hug her (Yes, I am even CRAZIER than I care to admit haha) and she obliged. We took a picture but i will find it one day, becasue i still have my pix from that phone.

Oh but see when she first met me many many years after, IN HER WORDS

I remember my first encounter with this amazing young woman. I remember very clearly this bubbly young lady walking up to me and hugging me so warmly you would think we were long lost friends and before I could recover from that she introduced herself with “I don’t like being in a church and my pastors don’t know me (she laughed). So I’ve come to report myself” I laughed too but at the same time I thought are there really Christians like this? The average Christian I know is dodging pastor

So I asked her name but before she told me, she gave me this threat. however so pleasantly yet a threat none the less. “Pastor M, I don’t like people forgetting my name.” Okay the name already I thought.
“Eziaha” she said.
I smiled then and promised “I won’t forget”
“Anyway I won’t let you” she said then gave me a final hug and walked away but not before throwing in an “I will ask you next time we meet”
I thought to myself this must be the easiest thing ever. I mean how do you forget a name like EZIAHA (a good name)…

Oh but why not just read the entire blog post she did for me when I got married here

I think I have to be the last in line to hug JESUS because as you can tell, I am clearly HUG-OBSESSED!!! Hahahahahahaha.

Thank YOU so much Pastor M for pouring into us all. Thank You for believing in me and affirming me every time I talk to you. Oh thank you for correcting me too when I have mis-yarned, but all in LOVE. Thank you for being oh-so-generous of your time your words and your resources. I still recall you bringing ONE MILLION CDs for me to Uni then when you came for Rev’s birthday at 40. Like, that was soooo cool. I told her I had missed PK’s preaching and she brought many messages for me.

THANK YOU PASTOR M!!! Thank you for standing in faith and modeling to us what marriage should be like (even if some of us had to do nonsense first before applying what you told us before hahaha)

I couldn’t ask for a better mama, and I am not even asking. I am sticking to you Pastor M. You make Jesus and err’thing look goooooood. I love you absolutely. I appreciate you!!!


May God Himself continue to beautify your life, as you work to make His own Children’s life beautiful. May your life always always be a testimony to many around the world. And of course, one day, you will get to hang out with Joyce Meyer and Kay Warren, and I will be there too with Christine Caine. Hahaha (I want to write frame this better but I’m leaving it like this lol)






The HurriCAINE at 50 !!!


Christine The HurriCAINE

Christine The HurriCAINE

No human being has affected my life like she has. Today, she turns the BIG 5 0 and as i tweeted, i just realised tweets won’t even do. Let’s attempt to sum it up in a blog post.

Last year, I heard my friend Stephanie say ‘WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR’


This my 30th year has been the YEAR of me as a Student being ready, and then my Teachers have steadily been appearing.

Chris has been one of my MOST IMPACTFUL Teachers this year, and i know the reason she has had such an impact has also been that i am now a more ready Student.

Some 3 or 4 years back or so, a friend of mine came gushing to me about this ‘Christine Caine’ woman and kept saying she reminded her of me, blablabla and that i desperately need to listen to THE DARK ROOM TRANSFORMATION

I sha downloaded the video and tried to watch it, but i didn’t really enjoy it jare. The Message was a strong message but i just wasn’t feeling the Messenger, her accent or her energy. I left that video on my phone for a long time but didn’t really care for it. And then late last year, i heard both Shirer and Joyce, at different times, mention Christine Caine, and i thought, ‘Hmm, this one that these two women are mentioning this same HillSong Chick, lemme goan check her out AGAIN…’

My GOOD LORD!!! I saw many videos including the ‘When Chris met Joyce’


I almost fainted!!!

THE SAME WOMAN I couldn’t even finish watching 3 years ago, even when Ogochukwu kept harassing me to go back and see it. Now, i was like someone hooked on heroine!!!

Which is why i might rave so much today about someone I love, BUT I don’t push anyone to go follow them like I do. What may pump me into running several laps around my home, may get you snoozing. We all have our Teachers, 10,000 of them literally, and I find myself praying more Isa 30:20 for people these days… May your eyes behold YOUR TEACHERS and recently I started to add

‘May your steps be ordered to them, both online and offline’.

I am not even kidding, i think i may have watched at least 70% of videos of Christine online. I have a Book where i just document lessons from her life. If you know what i know about Chris ehn, and how i apply to my life, it will shock you.

STALKING is not even the beginning of what i do with Christine Caine.

I dunno that there is anybody i LOVE more, and that’s quite telling. God has used her to SET my life STRAIGHT!!! God has used her to make sure there are mistakes I NEVER make and LANDMINES i NEVER step on as a result of our similar personality types.


Chris exemplifies to me what it really means for ONE’S EYES TO BEHOLD ONE’S TEACHERS!!!

I would have a question in my Spirit and Chris would tweet the answer soon after. Wow!!!!!!

WOW!!! Chris and Joyce really!!!


NOBODY like them!!!

And just to make sure I don’t go on and on and on, especially because I just roped G.Mama Joyce in, let me share my tweets and expound…

img-20160923-wa0009.jpgI really do LOVE Chris, in a scary way. Maybe because she truly does feel like a big  TWIN  sister to me, always answering any question that may come up in my life.


Oh Chris is a Fitness buff. I love how intentional she is about her health. I mean, if we are going to go the long haul with JESUS, Our physical bodies have to carry us. She runs a lot and that is perfect for her itinerary because she literally lives in the air. The day she said she beat I think Craig Groeschel in a plank competition, i respected her more. 3 minutes PLANK at a stretch!!! AT 48!!! Phew. And she started taking her health even more seriously after the Doctor told her she was SKINNY FAT and risked XYZ disease!!! Hello to all ye ‘I can eat anything and not be fat’ people… How is it looking on your inside? Today i watch her preach and jump like a 20 year old and I am like GO CHRIS!!! She actually said when she takes 20 year old Chicks on the road with her, they can’t keep up with her. Hahaha. Don’t worry Chris, even watching you, i almost feel like I lose 1kg daily… She can stop bang in the middle of a sermon to do push ups. Lol


Another level of PASSION indeed. The 50year mark is such a Milestone an d no doubt, Christine is about to get even more FEISTY against the Kingdom of darkness. I pity satan. He should have probably given up by now if he has any sense.

And yes, Chris is CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!! lol. It is only Chris that wil tell you how she ‘stole’ someone’s message, tweaked it a bit and preached as hers ‘and everyone thinks I am awesome!!!’ Or how she did ‘free show’ for Doctors because she didn’t have any underwear on loooooool.

Ok, Lisa can tell you even worse, so I have to give it to Lisa Bevere here lol

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and Lisa

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and her fellow CRAZY Sister Lisa. All between 50 and 60. I LOVE THEIR BOND!!!

Or this crazy awkward interview where she… Ok just watch it hahah


Oh, nobody models a FULL life like Christine Caine. I LOVE her example of how she can be ALL she is now just because she keeps Jesus at the centre of it all. And how we ONLY burn out when we start doing what God didn’t endorse. But when we stick to ONLY GOD, We can have full, rich, Fruitful AND thriving lives, literally HAVE IT ALL IN CHRIST!!!


Embrace Your Place, especially the ones she preached at Elevation Church some years  back and Life.Church have the tendency to throw you up, and make you REPENT all over again.

Let me just post them so you don’t stumble on another video. The FIRST is Elevation church and Jesus knows just how much that message slapped me!!!

And the second at Craig Groeschel’s LIFE CHURCH

After listening to both and you don’t adjust, I don’t know what else will change a blase attitude when it comes to our life’s assignment.

Oh and another fave of mine has to be the WRECKER she preached at PASSION 2016

It was one of the first i listened to January 2016 and i swear, this message set the tone for my year. I am so happy i listened to it AND then HEARD what exactly Gd wanted me to hear because, trust me, i would have been a joker by now.

By the end of this message, by the time Chris is praying, she is weeping, the church is weeping and i was weeping… It was POWERFUL!!!

This picture adequately describes the emotion you feel when you listen to Passion


But hey, if you are new to Caine, you may wanna try out the happier Chick messages first. Like Chick Night which i can NO LONGER find on YouTube 😦 Sawry. But i have it though.

And this one

It is a lot happier than Passion and Embrace your place 🙂

Now can we talk about UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!?????


Didn’t get in Naija so I got an e-copy

If I say what i felt reading Unstoppable, Lisa Bevere won’t be proud of me when she sees it. Hahahaha. Because Lisa doesn’t want us comparing. Looool. (This gist is really an INSIDE GIST lol) UNSTOPPABLE couldn’t have bore another name. THAT NAME IS APT for the content of the Book. I don’t even know the kind of anointing Chris carries. Anyways, I have heard her say she probably prays in tongues more than all of us, because the demons she fights daily, SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY ARE REAL!!! So she knows she can’t be joking or sleeping!!!

Unstoppable will PROPEL you walahi but I also think if you are not careful UNSTOPPABLE can actually literally paralyze you because… INTIMIDATION!!! How can this 5’5 petite Chick, with no commendable history/background, be shaking the WORLD like this?



Oh Jesus!!! Ok let me move on!!!

Ok, not before I say that her next Book most likely will be UNDEFEATABLE or UNQUENCHABLE lol

I mean, it follows… From Undaunted to Unstoppable, to Unashamed… so we have to now be UNQUENCHABLE.


Dang!!! I have talked Propel well in these two Posts so read here and here (And hey, the second Propel group 2 in Lagos will be meeting October 3, Monday which is the Independence holiday. Please read both Posts and do me a mail if interested (propel@eziaha.com) so we can talk location and time. And hey, I know I am yet to respond, I just want to do that at once, so no vex if I have yet to respond to your mail.



I will do another Post on how our first meeting (Propel Lagos Group 1) went down, but feel free to check out my IG on gists too @eziaha

I am just SUPER THANKFUL Chris started PROPEL WOMEN!!!img-20160923-wa0013.jpg

Oh Christine!!! I owe a LOT to you. Way too much. I am now more comfortable with myself because YOU are comfy with yourself.


Yesooo. That is really the effect Chris has on me. I just embrace fully the responsibilities and service I get to do Christ as i watch Chris. I don’t try to be like her, I DO MY BEST TO BE LIKE JESUS!!! Nothing like taking the spotlight away from you and just being a Traffic warden, directing people AWAY FROM YOU and TO JESUS!!! the goal is ALWAYS JESUS and not human applause or endorsements. Celebrities are not what our GOSPEL needs today. We need more SERVANTS and Chris encourages me to just SERVE!!!


Chris has a heart for God. I know the work looks glam, especially as she is on the road 280 to 300 days a year, flying from continent to continent and all, but truth me CHRIS DOES CRAZY HARDWORK!!! We see the glam, she knows what the backstage is like!!! She truly has a heart for God and ‘crosses the road, rolls up her sleeves and works’. And frankly, that is how she began. By turning up, ready to work, when there was a call for church clean up, when she was 22. She was the ONLY person that showed up for that ‘unglamorous’ work and she has been serving and giving of her life since then, PASSIONATELY!!! The funny thing is I have MANY such experiences like this as a Student, where I would just turn up whenever there was a call for work in church!!!

I am so glad we both hit milestone ages this year, and that i discovered her at 30!!! There is something About turning 30 and discovering THE DYNAMITE or better still HurriCAINE that Chris is, as she turns 50. That woman put FIRE to my butts!!!


And what a NOBLE way to celebrate. She is giving her birthday literally to her justice fighting cause at A21, and set an audacious goal of 150000USD


We, as PROPEL Lagos gave to it too. Sowing into her life biko. We can do with that GRACE!!!

Last i checked today, it was about 5000USD to go!!!


I recall mentioning to hubs and he said ‘Dollars?’

Looool. But that is Chris.. AUDACIOUS FAITH

I have NO DOUBT she will surpass it, if not today, soon


She smashed the goal


Let me round up with what makes Chris’s life even more spectacular

  1. She was left abandoned in  a hospital
  2. Her biological mom was a Single woman who probably couldn’t live with that shame.
  3. She didn’t even bother giving Chris a name. Her Birth certificate reads UN NAMED #2308 (Her DOB)
  4. She was never told the circumstances surrounding her birth until she was 33, of which the confession was incidental.
  5. She suffered sexual abuse  from 5 men (relatives) from the age of 3 to 15… 12 FREAKING LONG YEARS!!! I can’t even imagine just how much this messes with anyone.
  6. As a result, she had MAJOR ISSUES and CRAZY BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS growing up
  7. Oh but she met Jesus and converted from her orthodox Greek religion to Christianity at HillSong Church.

And that, my people is how her life started to change, as she let Him in and He began to heal her.

You see where she and Joyce have a similar story. That is also why she fights slavery because a lot of the Chicks sold into slavery are victims of TERRIBLE SEXUAL ABUSE…

When i see Chris’s life, i KNOW that excuses won’t fly!!! She was even from a poor background sef.

Did i already mention that she also FOUGHT CANCER and won!!! Like she still preached AFTER the Doctor broke the cancer news to her???



Because of you, because YOU YIELDED, SO MANY OF US are on the right path.


Cheers to the next 50!!! Satan ntoi!!!

And let me sign up with her most recent Message at CodeOrangeRevival by Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church

It is a happy one so enjoy…

Again I pray, may our eyes BEHOLD your Teachers, and may our steps be ordered by the Lord, in the right direction, online and offline, AMEN!!!



Huge Hugs




Just copped these two babies…


Standing by Joyce’s Shelf at Laterna



Told Arese that i need to buy my LAST buy before the Book because I am sure she is going to GUILT TRIP US ALL haha


And per LEAN IN, I just can’t wait to dive in. This Book is for PROPEL WOMEN I tell ya!!! Sheryl is Facebook COO and she has penned HEAVY TRUTH here. Grab the BEST review of it here by Forbes, and if you are a WOMAN, I proudly recommend BOTH!!!






You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned




Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by LISA HARPER.



I also love the example Lisa gave of her friend who plops down in the Coffee shop for a meeting, right after she drops her kids off, only to realize she is wearing two different pairs of socks, and how she explains that sometimes running after Jesus is that way. We are EXHAUSTED yes, but we are HAPPY because we are giving our race our all.

Mehn, if anyone tells you that you will NOT get road weary just because you are on the right path, and running after Jesus, THEY LIED BIG TIME!!!

You are probably about to go Isaiah 40:31 on me, because ‘…those that wait on the Lord shall NOT GROW WEARY…’

Yup, but back up a bit, it says they shall RENEW their strength. The term RENEW goes to show that at some point, strength was depleted.

On this journey, there will be many ROAD-WEARY moments. Moments where you just DESPERATELY NEED A TOP-UP of not just strength, but Joy, Peace, Wisdom, etc., so that when you have been renewed, you can continue to RUN HARD, IN YOUR LANE, AFTER JESUS, giving your race YOUR absolute ALL!!!

So practically, how do we TOP UP when we get road weary?

For me, two ways especially

  1. I pull back totally and take a RETREAT.

“…And He said to them, “Come away with Me privately to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while…” Mark 6:31

Oh life can get into such a buzz and blur, with many things happening at once that you need to ‘come away with Jesus’ every now and then, before you  burn out. I didn’t even know Jesus said these words verbatim, I just know that one morning as I prayed, I heard God tell me ‘Come away with me…’ and then I continued to hear a replay in my Spirit.

And I’m glad I obeyed and took 3 days off for a personal retreat, because I TRULY needed that time with Him, both to refresh and then DOWNLOAD too.

So yup, I take a retreat whenever i get Road-weary.

  1. I go fellowship WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

I love me my Spiritual gatherings yo!!! And for the purpose of this Post, let’s stick to CHICK ONLY gatherings like LOVE LIFE which I blogged about here


I mean, there is just something about Chicks coming together in worship, word and just general fellowship that refreshes and strengthens us. Hebrews 10v25 talks about ‘…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…’ I am convinced that these gatherings just help to refresh ROAD-WEARY travellers.


I love that Joyce Meyer Ministries calls it THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR…


Because when Chicks gather ANYWHERE and Jesus is there, IT IS A PARTY yawl!!! Whether it is to Praise, Pray, Worship or just Laugh, it is A COMPLETE TURN UP.

I am talking ‘clubs-ain’t-got-nada-on-us’ kinda PARTAY!!! And yawl know when you attend a good PARTAY, you may feel physically exhausted but your Spirit and Soul is ANOTHER LEVEL HIGH, and soon, even your body catches up.

But this is NOT about Joyce’s LOVE LIFE, this is about Mildred’s BEAUTIFUL. (Any reason to side-by-side Joyce&Mildred)


BEAUTIFUL is the theme of this year’s annual JUST US GIRLS Conference hosted by my Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo. If anyone knows how to organize a CHICK PARTY, Pastor M does!!! Just check the recap of IMELA out.


I am talking Praise, Worship, Prayer, Fun, Comedy, Gifts, etc.; Pastor M goes the whole 9 yards and then some.

From MANNERS conference

From MANNERS conference

I have more details about BEAUTIFUL in this Post Guest Ministers and all…


I just feel it in my Spirit that this is one meeting God has called to REFRESH His ROAD WEARY travellers.


Chicks who are just doing what God has told them to do, keeping the faith, running hard in their lanes, giving their best, and living for Jesus, even with the current realities in the Land of Promise, Nigeria, today.

tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard on city road

I know living in Nigeria can wear us out and even get discouraging but hey, whatever the case or your current situation is, we all need that PUMP to get us back on track and going.

Life is STILL but a vapour so every single minute counts.

Road weary? Phew!!! I certainly am, in a good way. So I am thankful for the timing AND the theme of this conference.

Let’s REFRESH and REFUEL so that we can end the race on a HIGH!!!



Oh and even if you are NOT road-weary, just come and have FUN!!!


Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh, and clean jokes sef.


Or who doesn’t like a Party where PC is going to be roc’in da mic…


Plus HE IS NOW MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay!!!


Congrats PC and Rem…


God make your marriage BEAUTIFUL, pun intended of course!!!

See you TOMORROW  at BEAUTIFUL and hey, feel free to say HI if you see me.




Yes, please!!!


I’m on a roll today so see you in a bit with a Post called The ‘Hurri’ CAINE!!! Anybody guess what it will be about? Lol

Happy weekend boo,




You can still sign up for the Christmas-in-October Promo for 6k


Details here Share with your friends who may be interested please. And of course, my book is still available.


If you sent a mail or dropped your email and have not gotten the book, I APOLOGISE!!! Phew. Just send a mail AGAIN to ebook@eziaha.com. We are now more organized, and you will definitely be getting your copy. E ma bi nu ok? Thanks.

And thanks to everyone who has taken the pains to send me a review. Super thankful. God bless us all.

And oh, you did NOT miss me on Rhythm on Wednesday night, did you?


Gosh!!! I had a blast and i got incredibz feedback. I particularly swooned when the callers said ‘This girl is very knowledgeable about what she is saying…’

I just REALLY thank God for EVERYTHING!!! Like that interview went FAR and WIDE!!! Jesus tank Sah!!! It has been FIVE months of CoachE’ and God has really blown me away as per media exposure.






The second video for Stay at Home moms is up

I have had the craziest feedback from this videos and I wish i could tell EVERY single SAHM just HOW POWERFUL that season is. Please share with Domestic Queens you know. Thanks. Even watching it all over again is PUMPING me up!!! Group Hug for all we SUPER HOUSEWIVES please!!!



Just random pictures from this Morning

1 Hubby and myself lol


He now starts yabbing me how i was as heavy as an elephant before and even my leg, to lift them alone was like olumo rock, but today HE TOTALLY LOVES the way i look. Like i mentioned in my book, He never yabbed me once, but today ehn, it is like he was saving the yabis. LOL

2 We had to add KingDaveed


Hubs has FINALLY admitted that he looks like me!!! Yay!!! Anyone know any bank where i can exchange that info for 150,000USD?

3 I snapped with a giant today lol


I usually hear ‘Oh for a woman, you are tall’. Today i heard, ‘Oh for a NIGERIAN woman, you are tall’


If i could get to the middle of his skull, i would have knocked him. Hahaha.

Ok let me get to writing my HurriCAINE post!!!


You know, I am building my own Book reader App THE FAB E’ BOOK app (which by the way is costing me an arm, a leg and 2 uteruses lol) and after we reached an agreement, the last thing I told her (Yup, I am using a techy female GEEK) was 

‘…I LOVE colours. I am a super sanguine, so let the colors pop and let it be BEAUTIFUL!!!’

Sisters, I am all about THAT BEAUTIFUL LIFE yo!!!

I have even been accused of favouring finer Chicks over fine Chicks hahahahaha. Like, can you imagine? I won’t even answer that accusation, but I would say that I can hardly see a drop dead BEAUTIFUL Chick and NOT compliment her. Either her, or something she has on, or a BEAUTIFUL quality I admire in/about her.

My GORG  bestie and Mercy Lokulotu photobombed us

There is just something BEAUTIFUL about being a woman, that makes compliments like ‘i LOVE your cheek bones’ never awkward…We held our very FIRST Propel Lagos meet on Saturday, 

and I recall being kinda blown away by the beauty of 2 of the Chicks I was meeting for the first time. as I hugged them, I was sure to tell them emphatically ‘Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful’ more than once.

Which is why, it is easier to get me to attend an ALL Chick meeting than a meeting with some testosterone (shout out to my male readers tho. One love mehn haha)

I am so thankful that we never run out of Chick only events. I think God just leaves everything and camps with His Chicks whenever we gather to call upon His name. Aside blessing us with spiritual AND material blessings, He blesses us with the gift of humans!!! Follow Girlfriends. I still recall Warrior in Heels. Kai!!! Do you guys know it was after that meeting I started SavedFitnFAB? 

All because I heard DDK say ‘Apostles in the Market place?’ Do you know how much DDK has changed my life? Do you even know the ripple effect of that meeting as per the many other relationships the prayers birthed there has brought my way? (if you listened to the mesages ddk preached, you would have heard all the prophecies she dropped. My Spirit can’t stop thanking my Pastor Mildred for both organising that meeting, and then insisting I meet DDK. You know, God truly does LOVE his daughters and I know He drops BEAUTIFUL gifts when we gather to worship Him. Material gifts and Gifts of Sisters. It doesn’t always happen immediately BUT something drops in your Spirit, teaches you just how to pray, directs your life and brings you to your Squad, both Teachers, Helpers and Covenant Friendships. 

Then can we talk about the BEAUTIFUL refreshing that happens to your Spirit when in such gatherings. Just sisters, lifting up HOLY hands in worship of Jesus!!!! 

Not gossiping or being catty. Just pure fellowship!!! Dunno about yawl but where Chicks gather in worship of Jesus, and when the Host is Mildred Okonkwo, the darlingest Pastor I know, wild horses can’t keep me away as long as I am around ooo. See ehn, if I’ve seen God beautify a life, Pastor M’s life is it!!! 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with Pastor M!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL and honey, i’m not even talking the obvious physical. I’m talking the beauty within. The grace mama carries, the results mama has, the helpers mama has, the ministry mama has, oh the FAITH Mildred Okonkwo has is BEAUTIFUL!!! 

From infertile to THREE kids!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

And so when she shared the theme for this year’s annual Just us Girls conference, I knew God is definitely ready to make His girls BEAUTIFUL!!! 

You have my permission to do whatever to be there. (err, legit sha). I don’t even know why Beautiful is NOT tomorrow!!! Or even now!!! Gosh!!! Ah!!! 

Yes these AMAZING people above will be there but who cares??? Jesus will be there guys!!! JESUS!!!!

  J E S U S!!!

The One who makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in its time. The testimony giver, the way maker, the destiny changer, the friend-provider!!! The One who can change your story in a split second and make your life BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh sweet Lord baby Jesus. 

I. Can. NOT. Wait!!! 

No, seriously. Forget about your challenges and just come. Infact, bring them and come exchange it for BEAUTIFUL gifts. And if your life is already beautiful, AMEN!!! Now let’s take that beauty to the next level so you can impact your world with even more beauty. It is this Saturday 24th at 4.30pm. A touch of Pink is dress code but hey, come as you are if you don’t have pink!!! 

Oh and that thing I said above about ‘who cares?’ err, I care about the other BEAUTIFUL people coming abeg. 

Let’s look closely now…


Yawl know I have a spiritual crush on PC (sory Remarhed lol) Heaven usually kisses earth when PC ministers. 

Yesterday as He ministered in Church, God knows I just got lost for a minute or 10. 

How. Can. Anyone. Be. So. Anointed??? Was looking for brother man to get a hug but he disappeared soon after. 

Come, you will see what I’m saying when you hear PC. 

And oh Accapella!!! 

Not many comedians have got me rolling like him. Clean and funny jokes? Count me ALL IN please. 

Oh and the guest minister Pastor Jerry Eze???


 Just bring your journal cos heavens will open!!! 

Clear out your Saturday guys. 

See you at BEAUTIFUL cos honey that’s where Jesus will be… Yes. And AMEN!!! 

Love love love and remain BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Eziaha. (& my BEAUTIFUL Pastor K)

our first Propel meet held on Saturday. 

See ehn, God is too good!!! This is really a great time to be a Woman. I’m sharing bits from it on IG and all my social media accounts. @eziaha on IG and Eziaha.com page on Facebook. Phew!!! 

Definitely BEST time to be a Woman. 
Don’t worry, the second lagos Chapter is starting next month. This first is already at capacity… email propel@eziaha.com

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Can yawl believe it? 5years of blogging. Gosh the Lord is so super good. Thank God for booming stats too. And thanks to all my mentees who help me out with social media publicity. Phew, to birth and nurture a dream truly takes a village!!! Thankful for my Village!!!


I got back from church to this message from my mentee. She had been offline a while… This was a convo she started on her own…

I doubled up in laughter. Hahahahaha.
Can i be frank guys? Comments are AWESOME and i LOVE them but mehn, i write for more than comments. I write to BLESS AND CHANGE the lives of my readers. And mehn, THANK YOU for living for Jesus even more cos of my posts. He is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Comment when you can tho, love the feedback, but beyond the comment, LIVE IT just as i am…

Daughters&Sisters Without Rival

For in His eyes, we are all Daughters #WithoutRival and this eliminates every reason we should ever compete with one other… Lisa Bevere. Without Rival


I don’t know about yawl but I’m saved enough to admit that if not for Jesus, I would have been the most selfish, competitive Bitch ever (excuse my French)

ME, MY, MINE would be the number one grammar in my vocab.

My prayers would have been mostly selfish.

Very VERY selfish.

And can I tell yawl that up until recently, they were partially selfish.

When DDK came for Warrior in Heels, part of what she said was something like

‘…if all you are praying for is yourself, then something is wrong. If prayers have not taken you to different countries and different people, then you have not started…’

I frankly didn’t know what DDK meant but because I wanted to truly KNOW, I asked God to explain it to me. I didn’t ask DDK.

You see, I had seen the whole #MiddayBabyMidday movement by Bobbie Houston of HillSong and Color Sisterhood,


and I knew they were basically praying against injustice in the world, especially against women and human trafficking, but I won’t lie, it still didn’t quite ‘enter’

Somehow, God began to explain to me what unselfish prayers looked like.

Now there is this part of praying for your friends who have shared prayer points with you. Then there is a prayer that you pray for people you don’t know, may never know, but definitely need your prayers because gurl, we are not called into isolated or selfish lives.

The biggest way God taught me this was with my son.


Every time I spoke all my plenty plenty prayers over him especially before I dropped him off at Daycare, I would feel God kinda tug me to do more…

To pray for not just him but the Child Minders, the other kids there, their parents etc.

The exact thing I was praying for me and my baby was the exact same thing I began to pray for them…

I would pray that the moms have wisdom from heaven to build their homes right and they raise their kids in the fear of the Lord. That these children walk in purpose and that the homes they grow in is being built on the foundation of God. That they know GOD from a young age and so on.

I go a step further to pray for his classmates and friends in the future when he graduates Day care into ‘real’ school. I pray into his future and the other kids I don’t even know.

Now truly I can pray that my son is ‘all that’ and I could care less about other kids and their mamas. I mean, I want for my kid to be best behaved, most intelligent, most adorable kid in his school, etc. so why pray for another mama and her kid so her kid may now be better than mine?

Abeg abeg!!!

But God is like,

What if these kids, with whom your kids will grow, are spoilt, and ‘one kain’, would you prefer that? Wouldn’t you rather pray for the kids and parents with whom your kids will be with, that they are being trained right and in the fear of God? That your kid has a class and school full of kingdom minded kids who are saved and love Jesus from a young age and so don’t teach my kids the bad habits they pick up at home. Isn’t it better to ‘dwell together in harmony’ so your prayer points reduce?

As I got more understanding of that, I began to pray for kids everywhere really. My prayer world expanded. I don’t want to just be the mom whose kids are the BEST and then care less of what becomes of the other kids.

I believe the root of that is RIVALRY and something that is NOT love.

It is same as the kids in my compound and neighborhood.

It is easy for me to have the best behaved kids and judge ’em mamas whose kids are unruly and badly behaved.

But who judgment epp?

How bad would it be for me to pray for my sister, understanding that it is way better to have a neighborhood of kids who are well behaved and playing together? Even if you don’t let your kids play with them, someway somehow, your kids will encounter them. And even if my kids never get to roll with them, INDISCIPLINED KIDS MAKE SUPER SUPER TERRIBLE ADULTS both as wives/hubs, teachers, Doctors, etc.

Nothing hurts when our prayers are all inclusive.

Now it doesn’t matter whether or how the prayers are answered. We are just called to pray beyond selfish prayers.

What do you think the Bible means here…

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them… 1 Tim 2:1 NLT

I just strongly know that we need to move beyond trying to be number one and on to helping people past obstacles in their own lives so we WIN TOGETHER!!!

The simple truth is that with that kind of mentality, God will still bless us and ours.

His blessing ain’t limited or about to finish.

He has MORE THAN ENOUGH to go round!!!

I recall those University days. When someone will have one secret information about a Course and hide it under their bumbum so nobody else knows.

They won’t share their past questions or that ‘Special’ way to answer the question to fetch more marks.

I was tempted a lot to hold back some stuff as I did constant tutorials but I would just teach and share the knowledge I had till I felt drained.

Guess who still made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT and with a First Class?


My sharing did NOT hurt my blessing.


We should want more for our generation and those coming behind us. We should not drop rivalry and ‘I must get ahead’ mentality on the lap of the next generation, but instead, we help as many as we can.



In your industry, among your colleagues especially in the market place, there is a LOT of competition!!!

The world is constantly trying to pitch us against each other and make us fiercely compete, even if we have to draw blood. Everyone wants to not just get ahead, but pull her colleague down on the way up.

I recall one of my friends missing a very important test application deadline because one of her colleagues who knew about the deadline didn’t share with her, maybe because she felt the girl was going to pass and stop her own shine, as that friend of mine is super intelligent.

Under 2 years now, my friend has done that exam and is now in the system.

Look, even if it is a case of ONLY one person can ‘pass’ or ‘winner takes it all’ like The Voice Nigeria, which really is a competition, we don’t have to have a dog mentality. There can be love even in competition. Because yup, A’rese may have won but that did not come from your portion in life.


God has a plan for the life of other talents there and they too can walk into greatness even without being the Winner.

A’rese did not steal Brenda’s STAR. Or Chike’s. Or DNA’s.

She did NOT

She CAN NOT!!!

She truly just picked up her own STAR. Her STAR doesn’t diminish another’s and truth is any other person can make something huge from their singing career too. I am particularly looking forward to Brenda.

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Something else struck me with The Voice Nigeria.

Personally I preferred the Top 16 performance of Timi’s Great Nation to any individual performance

In fact everyone at home agreed that it was just the best performance of all…

I think we look better together. Truly.

But let’s even leave the world, this whole competition can really be stupid, especially among the children of God. For the world, it is normal but not for us kingdom people with a kingdom mindset.

It should be more about collaboration than competition if we are jointly going to make sure the enemy has nothing on us, and that we get all the goodies God has prepared for us.

I mean, rivalry is not just stupid, but also senseless and counter-productive. (Don’t worry I am talking to me too) Nothing drives home my point than this video of the lion and the lucky buffalo…

We know the information that can help our colleagues get a promotion and enjoy good stuff but we hide and hoard. Rivalry because we have to BE BETTER and enjoy the ‘buffalo’ alone!!!

I am reminded of something I heard James and Betty Robinson say when Lisa and John Bevere were guests on the show.


James said that people would caution them in promoting the Bevere ministry so much on their show so that their TV audience don’t now take the money they want to give to the Robinson ministry and give to the Bevere ministry instead. And I love how James said there is no need to compete.


At the end of the day, it is God’s work and God has enough to FUND each of them without depleting what He wants to give others.

Let’s stop making God look like His supply is limited. Because it is NOT!!!

You have access to information that can make life easier for someone but you keep it, and enjoy it alone. Heaven forbid we share. As if a blessing on their life is debited from your own bank account…


Now I need to highlight that point above which I learned from Lisa Bevere MY LIFE HERO…

54 year old Gmama

54 year old Gmama

A Blessing on your Sister’s life is NOT taken out of your Bank account. God has enough for all His children. As we share, He even expands our world.

I am frankly tired of the competition I see in the world today. I still heard someone in church yesterday say ‘…but he is my competition’.

My heart broke.

We limit God when we get into all that pettiness. We are trying to tell Him He doesn’t have it within Him to take care of all His children.

Ah, that Lisa Bevere’s statement reset my head.

And you know, I didn’t get it from the Book. Let me tell you what I do when I see a new book or movie that I love but I do not have access to yet.

I go and read up interviews and posts about it. That’s what I did or I am still doing. I heard her say this line during an interview. Heaven knows how many times I re-wound that part of the video.

‘…We need to stop looking at each other as though a blessing on them was taken from our bank account because we are created WITHOUT RIVAL…’

I can’t!!!

I just can’t with the kinda wisdom that comes from Lisa Bevere.

She has my number…. FOREVER!!!

I recall when I started my business. The devil has and still throws me some ‘competition’ vibes. He makes me feel like other Chicks or guys in my line of biz are my competitor. I recall when I met Dr. Donald Olu of DTrimmers on Inspiration FM.


on the right

I loved how just totally welcoming he was to me as a newbie in the Fitness world. Said he had gone through my blog, loved my devotional, asked and encouraged me to get certified, which I was already on and we just flowed.

I heard of someone else yesterday who was complaining about how an older colleague treated her when she just started her biz and went to him. He was even going to do her dirty.

I know there is temptation to be competitive with others in your field and people don’t even help when they start comparing and saying this and that but we have to RISE ABOVE SUCH PETTINESS!!!

The devil has such a divisive spirit and doesn’t like brethren especially dwell together in unity, so he throws all those silly thoughts in my head but I am quick to counter it. My mind is not his dumping ground so I ain’t letting him put any trash in.

Joyce Meyer says when those thoughts drop in, say out loud


And then counter it.

That don’t mean I am stupid, that just means I am wise enough to discern a stupid thought and stop it from taking root

2Corinthians 10:5b says we take EVERY THOUGHT and purpose captive into the obedience of Christ…

The Message captures my thought perfectly, especially when we back up a bit…

3-6 The world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn’t fight fair. But we don’t live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren’t for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.

I especially love how it says ‘tearing’ and then ‘fitting’

It just makes me happy to see that with some effort, I can ‘arrange’ myself. I don’t have to just let ‘whatever will be will be’ and be living in rivalry with my sisters, whether in the same line of business as me or not, just because I think they are progressing faster in life than me.

But I go even further than countering; I start to pray for the person’s business, job or ministry.

I pray that people connected to me are running in purpose, running hard after the assignment God has given them. I pray that their arms are strengthened and they do not drop ‘faith balls’.

That they are filled with wisdom on how to walk this Faith journey.

Oh I pray they we all are successful at whatever we do and we all have careers and businesses that are compatible with our Faith, and that we brand and tag every single thing we do PROUDLY CHRISTIAN whether we are selling bracelets or helping people stay in shape.

We carry Jesus proudly and make Him famous!!!

It has not always been like this for me, I confess.

There was a time I had such a beef/competitive/comparison filled life and I blogged some about it here (Authentically me and Surprisingly Satisfied, one of the BEST posts I ever blogged). I wasn’t praying for nobody.

I was just so dissatisfied with my life and I was in this stupid race where I thought people had gone ahead of me and I couldn’t really celebrate anything that looked like progress from their end.

Trust me when I say God did a deep work in me and had to excavate all that nonsense from me so he could grow this beautiful garden that my life is becoming.

No, I am not perfect and I sometimes find myself entering into ‘competition mode’ and then I catch myself quickly and REPENT!!!

I cast down the STUPID thought.

Sisters, we have a world to reach.

We have a devil to keep under our feet and not allow to escape like that buffalo while we rival ourselves. We don’t have time for drama. We fight and honey, ain’t no weapon stronger than LOVE. No wonder the Bible says LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! And please I am stopping myself from starting another blog post on LOVE NEVER FAILS right now!!!


Joel 2 also gives us some kind of perspective on this war we are in and how we are all part of this great invincible Army and even though we have our different roles to play, we all have to STAY IN FORMATION and drop rivalry fast…

The MSG!!!

7ff The invaders charge.

They climb barricades. Nothing stops them.

Each soldier does what he’s told,

   So disciplined, so determined.

They don’t get in each other’s way.

   Each one knows his job and does it.

Undaunted and fearless,

   Unswerving, unstoppable

If you back up a bit, you see how powerful this Army is and how NOTHING can stop them and the verses above just tell me why this Army is truly invincible!!!


Each one knows her job and DOES IT and without getting in each other’s way.

Instead they do what God has told them individually, Yes, but still as a part of this UNBEATABLE ARMY!!!

Ah!!! I actually had to carry myself for a retreat where God explained it to me.

I am very intentional about praying that the various people in my life are not just walking but RUNNING HARD after purpose.

You know, one of my best friends has this thing for young girls, secondary school kids and all. So I saw a flyer on Facebook for her program


and the first thing the devil tells me is ‘so she had a program and she didn’t tell you IN DETAIL FIRST yet you find it on Facebook?’

I know!!!

Can you imagine that stupid thought?

If I wasn’t born again, devil would have had a PRIME CANDIDATE in me haha.

You need to know that not every thought that drops in your head is yours ooo.

A lot is from the devil and while we can’t stop the bastard from dropping thoughts, we don’t take it…

We take NO thought… 2Cor 10:5

And then we also learn to YELL A LOUD NO to the devil

James 4:7 …Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and He’ll be there in no time… The Message!!! (Yes we are all now in LOVE WITH THE MESSAGE version)

Mehn, I turned all that nonsense thought upside down and started to pray for the program. That the program will bless every young lady who comes and snatch any souls from the clutches of the enemy and that it is so successful and that my Booski continues to run hard after purpose and Jesus and she is strengthened for the journey and so on.

Then I rang her later that evening (mentally remembering that both our lives are fast paced and while we have a general idea of what we are both working on and what we are in faith for so we can pray for one another, we don’t always have all the finer details) and asked her for details and encouraged her through it as she shared her challenges and fears and victories and we updated on each other’s lives and so on.

See how the devil wanted to come and how I dealt him a black eye and then some… hahahahaha.

See ehn, we have to actively deal with satan ooo. We don’t just stay neutral. We go further to do something positive from the negative he intended because we are all daughters of a God unlimited in both His love and His resources and so we should be WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Let me end with another story that happened over this weekend.


Shredder Gang, whose real name is Bunmi and who had inspired me FROM A DISTANCE, on my own weight loss journey, had invited me twice now for a fellowship she runs, and on those two occasions, I could not go.

Now Shredder and 1 are in the same line of Fitness business, and of course, the devil will want to make you feel like you are competing but both of us for some reason just became personal friends instead, understanding that we are CO-LABORERS and not RIVALS because we are both ‘crazy God lovers’ too.


Shredder gang CEO Bunmi

I actually would always pray for her and her biz and her ministry and her walk with God and everything good for her. I just felt such a connection with her but I walked wisely in building that relationship because we need Squad Definitions too ooo.

Anyways, third invite and I could make it (especially cos she and Funto threatened me haha)

the terrorists lol

the terrorists lol

And oh my gosh!!! The moment I walked into that Sisterhood, I felt at home. I didn’t know these Sisters from NO WHERE but it felt like we had been connected since forever. I felt at ease. I could truly fellowship with them, lifting holy hands without fear or drama. (Yawl know I HATE drama)


I saw women share the Word in very practical ways and give words of knowledge and just correct each other in love, and accept correction and just BE POWERFUL together!!!

Funto Ibuoye and I

w/ Funto Ibuoye and her Gbolabo

And then God, nicely brought to my remembrance something I had BEGGED HIM FOR ALL YEAR!!!

I had been asking God to bring me ‘deep rich authentic friendships within the body of Christ’ Now I have a lot of pretty Squad but most are vertical either upward (with my mentors) or downward (with my mentees). I wanted a tribe of women who ‘when we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith BUT I also want to be encouraged by yours…’ which is the Sisterhood goal!!! Ah!!!


I didn’t want mentoring. I had that covered. I wanted the strength that comes from just women having this very mutual horizontal thing going.

I had been tempted severally to start this on the platform of my blog but I always knew that God didn’t release me to.

See how God used Shredder to meet a deep intimate need in my life.


I left that meeting just totally refreshed and adopted into a family. What if I was being Team Petty and didn’t open myself up to friendship with Bunmi?

Or what if she was the one being Petty? I believe it was my praying for her that even prompted her to ask me to join the Sisterhood.

I am so excited about my new sisters in Christ (the feeling is mutual) and even though I am not going to be close to everyone, I know that there are some amazing women with whom I will be doing life and ministry intimately for a LONG LONG time.

You see ehn, we are not called to live in isolation. God has called us all to connect with each other but if we see ourselves as Rivals, we just may be putting off a testimony.

If you really need help with overcoming pettiness, cattiness, and rivalry, Lisa Bevere’s latest book WITHOUT RIVAL will help you. I PROMISE YOU!!!


Lisa is a writer that truly wrecks nonsense out of you!!! Plus she too has dealt with rivalry and comparing herself with other female preachers like her especially when she didn’t make the cut of the Most influential Female preachers in America a few years back and was so hurt by it. Of course, she has grown way beyond that and wants to help us…

I tell you, her Book shook me too. It made my resolve stronger to live with my fellow sisters WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Nobody Rivalry epp ooo…

You can order her book here as it is releasing today yaaaaaaay. You can also find an e-copy because we all know it is not landing Naija for a LONG time haha. I have my e-copy already and I am just preparing my mind for the work it will further do.

You can download the first two chapters here too and enjoy. I tell you, Chapter 1 blew me away.

And if you read to this point, you just read a mini Book. Me sef I taya for me!!! Hahahahahahahaha


I love yawl too…

But really though, I strongly know that the WITHOUT RIVAL message is God’s heart for now. The Father wants us to co-labor without rivalry and bring in the ready harvest. We don’t even have enough active Laborers and we need everyone on deck and not being P E T T Y!!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!






The FAB Sistership Academy… Warrior Chicks, Loving Life, Serving JESUS!!! 

(Ok I am so sorry but any mail that comes after now will have to wait for the next set. So technically, the FIRST set is FULL)

Marshawn Evans Daniel is such a phenom!!!

I was watching one of her many videos (and I watch her daily because she is one of my Teachers) and a line jumped at me from this video.

START BEFORE you are ready!!!

Can I just tell yawl that I am NOT ready for this?

But frankly I don’t see myself ready till March next year, if then sef, BUT that is just because I am trying to find PERFECT conditions to start.

I wanted to do a nice flyer, a photo, a big online launch and maybe be ‘more born-again’ (read PERFECT) before launching this.

I wanted the 3C’s PERFECT too…

The Curriculum

The Culture

The Confession

I really wanted to be 100% READY!!!

But my inbox won’t let me be.

It is like they released everyone at once to send me emails that make me realize that I need to step up and step out… Ready or NOT!!!

But it’s all good…

John Maxwell said something… Well he also said the START BEFORE YOU ARE READY line but what followed made my soul sing…

‘Even if it is not perfect, my SOUL will sing and DEEP DOWN, I will feel satisfied…’

All that preaching above to say this…


The FAB Sistership Academy…

Warrior Chicks, Loving Life. Serving Jesus!!!

God dropped this idea in my heart March 15. I recall exactly where I was.

And what I was doing.

And how strong it came.

And how I furiously started writing and writing.

And how I mis-heard somethings and was going to commit crazy errors but thank God two of my mentees and I did this 1 month long 2am prayer meets DAILY for 1hour just to get more clarity for the Vision and prepare for the journey.

And my God, things truly became clearer, almost crystally, for me.

Can I just share my heart here?

I am NOT perfect!!!

Hahaha. Whenever I hear Lisa Bevere and Shirer say ‘I am NOT perfect’ , I wanna SHAKE them and say YES YOU ARE!!! Lol.

I imagine some of you wanna shake me and say YES YOU ARE Lol.

But really. I am NOT perfect.

Somehow though, both accidentally and incidentally, I am doing this life WELL!!!

Well enough for God to give me some assignments, one of which is this!!!

My journey has not been smooth but it has so far been fruitful as it keeps moulding me into the image of God!!!

Whenever I talk to people even if casually, and i see very profound reactions from what is just me ‘gisting’, I realize that maybe, just maybe, I have something to give. Like we are gisting and the person i am gisting is writing down what i am saying.

Haaaa!!! God has a sense of humor!!!

Maybe, what I think is not a big deal in the way I live my life, if certainly a HUGE deal to many and they would love to learn how to navigate this life too.

Phew!!! I recall one of the Chicks in my weight loss classes asking me to share how a typical day with CoachE’ goes… Looool. It was funny sha. I didn’t believe it.


So ladies, let’s do this.

Are there Chicks who wanna lean into my life, and I do mean ALL THE WAY IN (real tears) and just grab all you can from me and apply to your life and season, as we navigate life together.

The ‘SISTERSHIP’ part is a HUGE part of the vision because God told me was He truly wanted that Sister-spirit among us, barring age, marital or financial status or past. Just Sisters, Loving life and Serving Jesus together. No drama. No attitude.

While it is such a HUGE honor to be the Sister who gets to run this, I am not there to be deified… I am just there to share my life with yawl and be ridiculously enriched and blessed by yawl too.

I am such a FUN human being so I tell ya, this will be a LOAD of fun, you would hardly believe it. But we would also grow in every way together.

I feel like I am babbling… Lol

Anyways, this is how this would work.

I would take in 15 ladies for a start and we would just be in TFS Academy for 6weeks (or 4). In which time you get to ask me questions on how I do life practically, share challenges, find answers, and we all get to fellowship together as Sisters.

All online via Whatsapp.

We will have rules and all to ensure a smooth running of stuff within the Academy and hey in 6weeks, we believe God that we graduate a totally ON FIRE set of ladies who have been transformed in every way!!! Then they go into their world and set more ladies on fire. Oh and of course, we would pray together, study together, worship together and just do life together…

And hey, you will hear my voice A LOT because i hold the franchise for sharing Voice notes haha. And hey, i understand that some people will have really private stuff they dont wanna share in the group so they can share with me personally BUT i will answer within the group so people can learn too, but i will also apply wisdom.

But hey, it is a GROUP Sistership NOT a one-on-one.

You should NOT spam me with issues personally daily. i might not be able to keep up with you, because whatever your issue is, another Chick is going through and will learn from it. So hey, GROUP not PERSONAL!!!

So what is the criteria to apply?


You don’t  need any criteria. Just be a Sister with a heart to grow into more, and an absolute aversion for drama. Be sure to let God lead you though.

And hey, you should also be ready to play a major role in the upgrade of your own life. Don’t just think i wave a wand and your life upgrades itself. Nah… You have to be ready to discipline yourself too to take steps that enrich your life.

I will come back to this post and add a CLOSED after I get my first 15, even though it won’t necessarily follow a ‘First come, First serve’ way.

Plus, after the first set graduate, i take a little break and then  we start the next and that is how we continue to grow.

Just send me an email Eziaha@eziaha.com and tell me a bit about yourself, your story and what your expectations are from TFS Academy.

And if you have emailed me before and I told you to wait for this, please use the same mail trail… I will give you some priority.

Hey, it doesn’t matter what your walk with God is like. Hot, cold, lukewarm, whatever. This is an all-comers affair. Just understand that you are in a group with Sisters and because we have a world to reach, we don’t have time for drama!!! Plus the good thing is i also believe God that solid friendships and relationships will bud from this. The kind that legit give us SQUAD GOALS

But hey, Warrior Chicks, Loving Life, Serving Jesus? Bring it on yo!!!

And hey, if you know any Chick who may need this, share with her. I will reply every mail ultimately whether you get into this First set or not. But hey, don’t hate me if I don’t add you up with this First one ooo.



Lezzdodis… I am about to have soooooo many Sisters, Besties, Squad’ships, etc…


P U M P E D!!!




My YouTube vids will resume next week. My plate is super full so it took a temporary back burner

Watch the past ones here



Ok so i will NOT have a September weight loss group. I will be RESTING lol. Thought to share for those planning for September. I have to return a Client’s money who wanted to push to September because no show till October after August. So hey, join August now ooo.

Whether for Abs (N7500)

Or for Arms (N5000)

Or for general weightloss (N10,000)

Conditions apply for each so check out my IG @eziaha to know which you need…

Plus this Shaw Academy online Course on Nutrition and Fitness is INTENSE!!! But i am LOVING every single DROP of it.

September it even notches up, so i need to concentrate.

Plus I will love to PROMOTE the meal plan and prep part of my Coaching. I am learning a TON about food and how we can ‘manipulate’ it lol. So i will be creating and selling more meal plans depending on your fitness goals. A one-month meal plan will now cost 10k so holler!!!