Iznur Perznal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

Mehn, this past Sunday was one of my best Sunday’s this year. 

First of all, i attended the Island centre which i prefer (cos it reminds me of Abuja), then I loooooooooooved my look, PC was on the mic for worship, praise, choir ministration and then worship again, 

Me and Pc. Me and his wife Rema

Pastor K preached a banging good delicious message

and then my darling darling Pastor M got to pray for me from her heart.

Oh and I got to catch up with my DCC Bestie Dr Adaora. 

She’s super precious mehn!!! Loveeeeee her. 

Ok I was also one of the last to leave church, but aren’t we supposed to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives??? Loooooool.

Ok, you see, I attend the most amazing church in the world. David’s Christian Centre. Every Sunday in church, I’m just like 

I’m going to transcribe the message for my FAB fam’ 

but the legit cares of Monday make me forget that dream. Lol.

 Message transcribing ko easy ooo but see a few i have transcribed here… (oops looks like i took that link out. Ugh.)

But you see this one PK preached on Sunday, I can’t NOT share. It WON on every level, I won’t even lie.


My Pastor so fly!!!

So as is my custom, I came home and in my Bible time the next morning, I shelved my current study, to go deeper with the Word from church.


PK preached on ‘It’s not personal’ and when I checked his reference of Romans 12, my delicious Max Lucado Study Bible had a sub-title which is where my second Post title came from… Behave Like a Christian.


I want to do a *drop mic* moment but I don’t think that would fly so let’s hold the mic and preeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (With PK)


It is NOT Personal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

We need to free ourselves from our own self-importance yo. Most of the attacks that we have, whether on or off social media, is NOT really aimed at us. We are caught in the crossfire of something. Maybe someone’s bad day, bad manners, past, present, family challenges, sickness, etc. We need to STOP taking things so personal.

Err, we really are NOT that important (ouch), so stop putting too much stress on your emotions, wondering why this person talked to you this way, or behaved to you that way. Sometimes people are just hurting and hurting people have nothing else to give but hurt and pain. We can’t respond to every bad word/behaviour that comes our way.


You stop and respond to everything? Honey, you gon’ run slower!!! And ain’t noborry got time to run slower.

The worst part is even that in this ‘game of life’, just as in football, we get punished for retaliation. And Jesus alone knows how many nonsense ‘retaliation punishments‘ I have brought on myself in the past because me sef must respond!!!


Woooooh, just leave people and be running your race jeje.

Iznur nezezary!!!

Again, I am NOT that important. I am just caught in the Crossfire of those who can’t manage their emotions properly.

I know you are probably thinking

‘abeg Eziaha, what X or Y did to me was super personal abeg. No cross fire nada. She meant me start to finish…’

No baby!!!

Like you, I was arguing in and with myself as PK was preaching but as I brought up scenario after scenario with my Jesus, He explained to me how it really was NOT about me true true.

Side note: Does anyone, like me, consider herself closer to one of the Trinity that the other 2? I certainly feel closer to Jesus. Now this doesn’t make any spiritual sense but humour me. Like, of course I’m obsessed with all 3, but baby, gimme my Jesus all day err’day.

Ok let’s continue.

Another time to tell yourself that eez nur perznal is when people leave your life. Ah, tz tempting to think

‘ah, what did I do? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe the person/church/boss/ministry they left me for is better, etc’.


Devil is a tensioner sha. People come and go from our lives for various reasons. It may have been a seasonal relationship or they are just being humans, who move on when they think I have nothing more to offer. No need to take it personal. Those that will stay in my life will stay and those that must go will go. God is the only constant K and I must never forget that.

Tz just like me in my weight loss biz, if someone says ‘Oh I tried Eziaha 3 times and it didn’t work, then I moved to Shredder and it worked’ , that has to be fine by me. It is not PERSONAL. I have to know that in this life, some people will be better than me and I will be better than some. That’s not a problem. I don’t start feeling like I am nonsense Fitness Coach, or start beefing Shredder or the Chick. Honey, go where it works for you mehn. I have my market, and everyone has theirs.

Another time not to take things perznal is when people start praising you. Lol. We really need to be like Jesus. The Bible says in John 2 v 24 that when the crowd were hailing him, He didn’t ENTRUST Himself to them because He knew all men. Humans can be fickle, and by humans I MEAN YOU AND I. If I start living off people’s nods and cheers, taking it perznal, when they take it away, I will now start feeling crushed and empty. It was never about me in the first place. It really is about God so even when the commendations come, we give it to Jesus and keep it moving please.

So now that we have established that it is NOT personal, how do we behave like a Christian?

Romans 12
So after I have freed myself from my own self importance, I am free enough to
1. Bless those who are cruel in their attitude towards you. Bless and curse not. Leave retaliation for unbelievers. Preserve the grace on your life. You and I are on a different journey boo. 
2. Rejoice with them that rejoice. Let me bring it home. So a client leaves me to Shredder Gang, and then loses weight like crazy, badmouths me, and Shredder posts her transformation pictures. Gurl!!! I’ma be all up on Shredder’s page liking and commenting. No time ooo. Eez nur perznal (no matter how personal the Chick wants it to be.). I’m on a different journey. 

Side note: Shredder is my sis or in her words ‘bessfren’ lol. 

The examples are just what they are- EXAMPLES!!! Don’t be thinking NOTHING love. 
3. Mourn with those who mourn. Share in their grief. Grief don’t have to be that someone died. Maybe something bad befalls someone who has done you dirty. Tz not time to be like ‘yes, good for her. God is fighting for me, etc…’

Stop that nonsense (Eziaha). ‘Mourn’ and really mean it. 

You are on a different journey and can’t afford such nansense!!!!
4. Do not be haughty or look down on people. And that’s the nansense that happens when you start feeling important. Hiss!!! Small blezzing on my life and I suddenly can’t relate with people of lower esyeem? Phew. You used to take bus and bike then God blesses you with a car and you can NOT understand that not taking a bus/bike is NOT an option for some people. Don’t lose touch with the reality of others below me. Readily adjust where need be. Infact, my Bible says we should not be snobbish, high-minded or exclusive!!!! I looooove that. EXCLUSIVE!!! Jesus was inclusive and never exclusive. Who I am? Hiss. Like PK said, truly great people wanna see others elevated too, so they help them up. That’s what Christian behavior is, not ‘gali gali’
5. Be not wise in my own eyes, or pride. 

Gurl!!! I’m bout’a go in here with the Spirit of Shut up which I am very familar with. You see, I constantly tell myself ‘Eziaha, you are not the smartest or wisest. You can ACTUALLY be wrong…’ so I have to be fine with letting others have different opinions and views. It doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me mature. I state my point, and fiiiiiiiii leeeeeee!!! Leave it!!! People have a right to see things different than me. Tz not personal at all. 

The Spirit of Shut up, baby!!!
6. Oh the final one is the real deliverance. 

As much as it depends on you, live in peace with all men.

 Yawl know some people like strife and wahala. No matter what you do, they come for your life and existence. Practice 1 to 5 above where applicable and just let it drop. They can bark and even but you dun currrrr. You are not taking bait. We are Christians so we behave like Christians. And we even pray for them cos tz obvious they broken!!!! 
So as I prepared this post, I chanced on a convo in a group I am in (Sisterhood). Someone, in tryna explain how petty and competitive Chicks can get, said that just like Funto’s event now in Abuja, someone will probably do a social media/ blogpost after and be like…

E’s fire is more than Funto’s…’

‘It was only Funto’s session that blessed me. The rest were just ‘there’, bla bla

I laughed. Funto is also in the Sisterhood btw. 

Sisterhood Chicks

I totally understand such statements. Sadly some are said with wrong intents and motived, but we don’t even have the time to take it personal. It is OK for Funto to bless you and mine is ‘just there’ and vice-versa. Tz OK for you to like Eziaha more than Funto. We all can’t reach everyone the same way. 

Funny Chris and Beth discussed this on Periscope as they went for LoveLife conf where both were Ministering. 

Beth was like tz OK, just make sure you get blessed. I laughed when they said in the coffee shop at the airport, two different people came up to each of them and requested for a picture from one and not the other. 2 different people did that to both of them, and they just laughed abourrit. 
Chris was like the person who comes up for a pic will legit tell the other ‘oh no, never mind’ looool.

I mean, I like who I like!!! Doesn’t reduce the other’s anointing. 

Nothing personal. 

Let’s stop putting undue pressure on our emotions. 

You are not that important and IT is NOT personal. 

Christian behavior, anyone?



One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!!
Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!
Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely
Ok let me give some background on Propel.

It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, Christine Caine, for women who lead. Women who are active in the market place and who understand that they are not just there to make money, compete fiercely with the men as they climb the corporate ladder, be bitchy and bossy, then suddenly become ‘feminists’ because they have ‘arrived’. Propel is for women who know that since we cannot bring everyone into the Church, we are then sent into ALL THE WORLD, market place especially, to MAKE DISCIPLES of everyone. Simply put, APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Your job, your office, your business, becomes your pulpit.
Women whose faith AND career/job/businesses are COMPATIBLE… You don’t have to lose your Christianity to be relevant in the market place. The vision of Propel for me fits into something I always say…
‘Whatever you are, be a CHRISTIAN ONE…’
And we truly mean WHATEVER!!! Whether you are Doctor, or a Teacher, a Tailor or a rocket Scientist, a psychologist or a Politician, whatever, just take some Jesus right into that field of yours and shine His light so bright!!!
You see, for the woman who wants to lead AT HER FULL POTENTIAL, and also serve Jesus, without compromising her Faith in the Marketplace, we all know that the Support system out there is not tight enough. It is almost like we have to sacrifice one (our Faith especially or our home) to have another (a career/business), but like Chris, I also believe that dichotomy it is from the Devil. Propel was birthed to fill that gap.
To encourage the woman to RISE to her FULL POTENTIAL, not having to ever minimize herself, or her Faith, at any point in her life. To be and have it ALL, her ALL being defined by God and not the Society or even herself. To have a thriving home life, and have a thriving career, and still have a super thriving relationship with Jesus that the world, her world, can see.
Propel was birthed to encourage women to embrace her very many God-defined roles, not sacrificing one for another, but balancing it all properly as she lives this ONE integrated life IN CHRIST.
I love what Propel Rider is…
Celebrating every woman’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.

The POTENTIAL part gets to me because some women are already running hard after their Passion and Purpose, but some other women are still trying to figure it out but they know inside of them, is POTENTIAL. Propel recognizes and speaks to that too.
THE BEST PART about Propel has to be the Power Chicks Chris pulls into the conferences and the curriculum videos. I mean, every Preacher Chick I love is a part of Propel.

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Beth Moore, Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Kari Jobe, etc.
I mean, Propel’s FIRST Conference had Joyce and John Maxwell as the guest Speakers. As in!!!

The 2 NUMBER ONE’s in their ‘worlds’. I have read countless reviews of this particular conference and I have been blown away at all the wisdom both of them dropped.

This year, she basically is bringing EVERYONE to like 500 different Propel conferences.
Well, since we can’t just stroll to these conferences, we are sooo thankful for the Propel curriculums, which are what we use in the various Propel groups and Chapters.

The way Propel is run, you come together and create a Chapter (via your Local church) or a Group (via your office, school or neighborhood sef).

Then you guys purchase their curriculums and workbooks, and have regular meetings where you watch the videos that discus a particular topic, 6 videos per curriculum, and they advise you do a video a month, or however your Group or Chapter wants to get it done. The koko is you watch the videos, you discus it amongst yourselves, then you take all the lessons into your world and apply it in ways that evangelize Jesus. People, the WORLD, is the main goal of Propel. Take JESUS to your world because everyone in your world won’t come meet HIM in your Church.
So far, there are 3 curriculums
1. Personal Leadership
2. Passion
3. Growth
Kai the conversations in the videos are EVERYTHING!!! They are FUN, very fast-paced, and they are oh-so-deep. You will truly feel a connection with everyone on the Panel.

I saw the first video in the Personal Leadership curriculum, and walahi it reset my head especially as a stay-at-home mom, who needed to understand and embrace her seasons. That video also has, on the panel, a feisty Nigerian, Mercy Lokulotu.

If you hear Mercy talk, your brain will reset!!! That sister is fierce and on fire for Jesus.
The panel also has Lisa Harper and her bubbly bubble-self, Alli Worthington (mom to 5boys!!!) and of course Bianca Olthoff who needs a Nigerian mama-in-law looool (inside gist).
I literally wrote everything everyone had to say in the video. They were dropping CRAZY truths my gosh!!!
Anyways, the videos are structured in such a way that you pause at various times, discus among your selves practically what you have learned and how you can put to practice in your life and ultimately market place, and then continue…
At the end, they take questions from an in-studio audience and answer.
Trust me, Propel can change your life as a woman in the marketplace with a purpose, if you open up.

This is why I am super-duper excited to launch the VERY FIRST GROUP of Propel in Lagos, the FIRST of many to come guys. We need more Chicks to commit to hosting Chapters and Groups too right here in Nigeria. I started asking for a Digital curriculum in May and they said it wasn’t available and so I have to purchase the hard copies but they don’t ship to Nigeria.
It was like the vision was just a Yankee vision, so I was going to get someone to buy for me in Yankee and then find a way to send to Nigeria, and all of these were just delaying me until THIS WEEK, I get the email that got me jumping and screaming…
THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the Curriculums available for me and if I was still interested!!!
Say what???????!!!!
Like, talk about dreams coming true.
So here is how we would do it guys…
If you know that you are the Chick Propel was made for, then holler let’s get this done.

I will stick with 15  ladies per Group, but I am also calling other Chicks who want to host more Chapters or Groups in Lagos and of course all over Nigeria. Trust me, it is not hard. Just get a couple of Chicks in the marketplace and buy the curriculum and start. It is as easy as ABC literally!!!
I don’t mind publicizing for you on the platform of my blog, or you can just get Chicks in your own office/market place who are interested and kick things off.

Each session is 30minutes long so if we have all that time, we can cover two or max 3, and in depth too. (Plus I am rushing to enter Curriculum 3  GROWTH because my Lisa Bevere is on that panel this time)

Then, in addition to the videos and workbooks, we will be studying some Nigerian women (especially) who are in the market place, making such a huge impact, and then still boldly and passionately standing for Jesus in their businesses. Think Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, TY Bello, etc. Women whose faith and jobs are COMPATIBLE!!!
And you know what, Propel actually reflects that. In the 3rd curriculum for instance, she, in addition to all the Chicks in Ministry she always has on her Panels, added someone really out there in the Corporate world. She added a TOP TOP Banker, who is also strong in the Faith, and is bringing some real PRACTICAL wisdom into the mix. If you even see those their short videos on their YouTube channel, you would see interviews with Boss Lady Chicks in the Market place.

And hey, because Propel is all about women supporting and propelling fellow women, we would also be getting accountability partners, most likely within your career/business path, with whom you can run and run until we meet again. Hopefully, business partnerships and associations will be formed too and then even more dreams can be birthed.
Of course, we will also spend some time in prayer. OF COURSE na!!!
Biko, just to be clear, I am not there to mentor anyone through her business/career ooo. We are all there to learn from the videos, and then together brainstorm how to TAKE OVER THE MARKET PLACE FOR JESUS. Simples!!! So you have to pretty much bring your A-GAME on.

Just email me for more details if interested.
Let the countdown begin guys.
Ok so who and who should join?
Frankly, this is for any woman leading out there. And like Chris says, we are all leaders because we have been mandated to lead people to Jesus, so our market place is our Church. So hey, if the LORD stirs you, please come on board. Now there have been some people HARASSING me so those ones will be kinda like considered first, if they are still interested.

And hey, there is space for the stay-at-home mamas too ooo. Propel is not leaving you out because even in this season of staying-at-home, you can definitely be a Leader and birth purpose from there too. Ditto older single, in-between-jobs, Single moms, etc.
I really want us to have a large mix of Chicks. But more than anything, please consider hosting a group (from your market place) or a Chapter (from your local church). I can help you in anyway please. Thanks.
Before you join though, cos I am sure you are just waiting for the email address, I want us to watch this video, which was Propel Launch last year at Liberty University. Pretty much captures the heart of Propel.

And if you can, check out some more short videos on Propel YouTube Channel.
Please watch them ooo before you send me that mail. Then visit Propelwomen.org too so you have a feel of how WE roll…
Ok so send a mail to propel@eziaha.com
In your mail, please give me a detailed bio of yourself especially career wise, your current situation and what you dream of becoming in 5years. I am supposed to be on ‘…Naija women in Biz with TITI on Inspiration FM’, and this 5year dream is part of what I am to answer. Let’s just say I am still thinking of it too, so the above is also an assignment to myself.
Look, your email could be LONG OR SHORT, just tell me enough about you. Age, marital status, where you live, kids or nah, plus picture ooo. And of course let know that you saw the video, and what jumped out at you, and what other short video you saw on Propel YouTube channel, and what you picked from it/them.
Yes, this PROPEL stuff is a serious something!!!
Now let me end this with ‘…Who is this Propel Woman?”

She is UNAPOLOGETIC…She is a woman who leads
She is UNDAUNTED by the challenges of life
She is UNSTOPPABLE as she follows the call of God on her life
She is UNCOMPROMISING, in that she is in the world but not of it
She is UNSELFISH, she is generous with her thoughts, her words, her resources and her relationships
She is UNCHARTED, we are discovering who she is within us all
She is UNSTUCK in any one season, she moves gracefully from one season to the next
She is UPDATED with what is going on in the world, she understands the world that she is called to
She is OUTNUMBERED, she is more than any of us realize
She is UNDENIABLE, we can no longer ignore her. She is formidable
She is UNCLUTTERED, she deals with her baggage and she drops it
She is UNCOMMON, she is not chasing worldy success, fame or fortune
She is UNDIVIDED, she has one integrated life and that is the life to be found in Christ
She is UNLIMITED, her potential in Christ is limitless
She is UNFAZED by anyone, the naysayers or anything else
She is UNHURRIED, she is not trying to get anywhere that God doesn’t want her to be
She is UNLEASHED, she is not held captive by old paradigms and stereotypes
She is UNASHAMED, she does not minimize who Christ has called her to be
She is UNPRETENTIOUS, she is real and accessible and down-to-earth
She is UNMASCULINE, she is not gender-less and is not androgynous. She is feminine
She is UNBELIEVABLE, SHE IS THRIVING and she enjoys abundant life
She is UNSHAKEABLE, she is rooted and grounded in the grace and love of God
She is UNDECIETFUL, she is honest and vulnerable and truth telling
She is UNMOVEABLE, she will not be manipulated or steamrolled or bullied
She is UNSATISFIED with the injustice and the condition of our world
She is UNQUESTIONING about the goodness and the sovereignty of God
She is UNREASONABLE in her expectation that God can and will use her mightily
She is UNCOMPETITIVE of her fellow Sisters in Christ. We are co-laborers and not rivals
She is UNJUDGING of the choices and priorities that others make in different seasons of their lives
She is UNFLINCHING in the face of storms and trials
She is UNDERSTATED, she walks with humility and grace
She is UNMASKED, there is no façade, she is transparent and authentic
She in UNIMPRESSED with worldly accolades, materialism and success

she knows that no weapon forged against her shall prosper
She is UNDERSTANDABLE, she relates well with the world in which she lives
She is UNBOUND, her history will NOT define her destiny
She is UNWAVERING in her mission to fulfill her part of the Great Commission
She is UNDONE by the love and grace and goodness and kindness and mercy of God
She is UNRECOGNIZABLE as she continues to grow from strength to strength
She is UNTAMABLE as she goes to plunder the Kingdom of Darkness with the light and life and mercy and justice and truth and grace and the salvation of our Almighty God
The Propel woman is EVERY WOMAN and EVERY MAN that loves every woman!!!

So help me God, Amen



So who got ya on LOCKDOWN!!!


This post is LONG!!! Was gonna divide it into two but no, I won’t!!! I’m sorry… NOT!!!


So lemme set this up with a story that makes me SMH every time I think back at it

Btw, by lockdown, I really mean, who or WHAT is putting you under INTENSE PRESSURE?

Before you start thinking of anybody else, please look within. Because I truly realised that a lot of times, I was the one who got ME on LOCKDOWN.

Ok, that story!!!

There was a time I was very very unhappy. Sometime around the second half of last year. I was 3months post-partum and it was clear I was not going back to work or even Abuja. I couldn’t believe it. I was constantly upset and comparing my life with a whole lot of persons who I KNEW I was way better than as they progressed in their careers. I mean, I made a First class, believed God for and gotten into my Dream Organization, THE UNITED NATIONS and lived in my land of milk and money The ‘Buj.

All of a sudden, I had a baby and everything changed.

Lemme highlight a particular sister I literally went crazy comparing her life to mine because I VERY ERRONEOUSLY thought we had somewhat the same situation.

Ok so this chick on Instagram, she also had a baby about the time I had mine. A little earlier tho. She had given birth abroad, then came back after about 6weeks and then soon after went back to work and her beautiful career. She didn’t even look like she skipped a beat. Her life and seasons flowed seamlessly into the next. She would take pictures of her either at or on her way to work daily and tell nice short stories around it, and how she manages to combine work with being a mom (hashtag #workingmom). She would take short work related trips and return to a perfect home. When she travelled with her baby, she would share pictures of their trip, she would share pictures too of date nights with her hubby, and so on. Her life, as a wife, mom and career woman just seemed perfectly integrated and every single time I visited her page, I would get a lil more depressed. She was living my dream life. Here I was, stuck at home doing NOTHING beyond changing diapers and pumping breast milk. I just felt really sorry for myself and under INTENSE pressure to jump back into the work world.

Talk about LOCKDOWN!!!

I even feel one kain typing all this out. But tz OK. That Crazy chick is gone!!!

Anyways, I found myself beginning to do things I had absolutely no biz doing. I was CONSTANTLY upset at my husband. I recall when he said I should come to Bonny for a bit. I said LAI LAI!!! I need to start making applications in Lagos biko and be ready for interviews and tests when I was called. Gosh, it took Rev’s intervention and WISE COUNSEL to get me to go. Then I started doing all those GMAT stuff and all. A friend introduced me to COURSERA where she was taking online courses for free from top universities and wham, I quickly registered and started taking courses too.

I just wanted to feel like I too was doing something career-related and I made sure to drop that casually in conversations so that I sound ‘career relevant’ too. I recall how HARD it was fitting those courses into my schedule and just how much of gibberish it was to me then but I FORCED myself to follow through.

I too must be #WorkingMom so lemme keep my brain buzzing.

Plus that Chick on Instagram was also my ‘motivation’ lol. Btw, she is not even a personal friend ooo. It didn’t matter. She had it ALL and I just wanted her life and I believed I could start working for it…

Anyways, one day God literally sat me down and explained somethings to me using the same chick’s life as an example.

Now, that Chick is not only from a filthy rich home, she is also married into a political family.

She could afford the entire works… a Nanny, Cook, Housekeeper, Driver and more. The day I saw a video of their kitchen, I bowed.. Lol

Her and her hubby live under the same roof and then money truly was answering a whole lot of things in their life… Plus they have a SOLID family support system in the same city they lived in.

The situation I was comparing myself to was very unequal… And frankly STUPID!!!

I didn’t have no politician money(YET) and so couldn’t afford all that help…

I lived in a city where I had ZERO support system and so it only made sense to stop work and relocate to Lagos.

What would be the alternative to that?

Why was I comparing?

Why was I under that kinda intense pressure?

Most importantly, what has God said about me? Funny thing is I always felt GOD tell me I had a different path that did not involve the kinda career I so desperately wanted. But nah, I just wanted to dress up AND go somewhere every day.

That for me defined SUCCESS!!!

I mentioned a line in this post which really came from a DEEPLY PERSONAL PLACE


That chick didn’t have me on LOCKDOWN!!! She wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I had ME on LOCKDOWN!!!

She was running on her lane and I ought to have stayed on my lane too, running passionately and not spectating in her own lane.

Phew!!! How foolish I was. Thank God for deliverance.

Sometimes though, we actually KNOW what God has said about us but we confuse His ‘due season’ for our own ‘due dates’, so we put ourselves on DATE LOCKDOWN and then start to panic as that date draws by or even goes by. Something happened to me recently and it drove home the point for me.

So there is something HUGE I am in faith about. Then God told me to write it all down in a stepwise process, and continue to daily thank Him for it as though done. I did, complete with the dates I wanted each step completed. I wasn’t panicking, I wasn’t on lockdown, I just happily Phillipians 419’ed it every day.


Then one morning, I realised that a date had come AND passed for one of the steps and it still hadn’t happened. It was actually about 3days late which wasn’t even my concern.

My concern was that I didn’t even see it happening in the physical soon. Then just as the spirit of LOCKDOWN began to creep in, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me very very VERY gently AND lovingly

Eziaha sweetie, don’t do that. Don’t do that…

And further explained to me that while He indeed wanted me to believe Him that XX is done by YY day, He wants me to STAY BELIEVING even if that day comes and passes because HE can flip the script and make it happen OVERNIGHT!!!

And instantly, I said it out loud to my own hearing that my date might have passed BUT I trust that His timing is perfect and HE is NEVER LATE and so I stay trusting. How He is going to do it, I don’t know but I believe enough to continue to thank Him for it.

2days later, it was done!!!

You see, the spirit of LOCKDOWN, especially by DATES is real!!! Once it overshadows you, you get depressed, you stop your positive confessions and now start talking the kinda nonsense that gets the devil nodding in agreement.

Heavens know how much it affected me as I believed for my hub’s relocation to Lagos. I would always put dates to it, which in itself was not bad, but by the time that date comes and goes, I am soooo sad and depressed that I actually stop praying about it. Now I am wiser. We believe and talk about it A LOT literally every day but as it is tarrying, we stay waiting with FAITH and PATIENCE and don’t give up.

Let’s be very very careful with dates. I have seen Chicks say ‘by September 1, I must be married and in my husband’s house’. Then as September draws near and no man, they get depressed.

Infact, one of my younger friends once told me that ‘Bishop prophesied at Shiloh that some sisters here would be married by June’ and she received it as her Word!!!

She was doing the most ridiculous things to make that happen and I had to really sit her down and tell her that NOT every word that comes out from the pulpit is for you ooo.

It don’t matter how much you ‘name and claim it’, if it ain’t your season, IT AIN’T YOUR SEASON.

So no need to put yourself on LOCKDOWN because of a WORD!!!

The same goes for women believing for the fruit of the womb. I kinda flow with Heather on this. She says when we stop worshipping our ‘problems’ or challenges, typically that is when the testimonies come. Happened to her as she believed God for a child. She literally was OBSESSED about it and trust God to ignore her. When she stopped worshipping the situation and came to a point of COMPLETE TRUST IN GOD, she took in and had her baby. I believe that we should stay believing and as the Lord leads us AND speaks to us. You see that Sarah got her testimony only after the Angels told her ‘by this time next year…’


I believe that his timings are PERFECT and even when we say ‘Oh I believe God that this is the year’, it is OK, even to go ahead and shop and have names for the baby(ies) but we do not sit and keep worshipping those dates but instead we stay WORSHIPPING GOD, trusting Him all da way, irrespective of dates.

Because I have seen women just sink into depression after that their set date goes by. Frankly if you want my honest opinion, I would say, stay trusting God WITHOUT dates to put you on LOCKDOWN (except of course you are VERY SURE HE TOLD YOU) and then I believe that GOD gives us our answers in terms of INSTRUCTIONS some times and then whatever He says to do, just do it.

Our obedience has to be COMPLETE!!! Not just for women in faith for kids and husbands but for anything we are in faith for, (jobs, financial breakthroughs, etc) we need to NOT WORSHIP our own dates instead we WORSHIP GOD!!!

Frankly these days, I am so careful of DATES because I have had my fair share of heart breaks as a result of dates!!!

I believe that the society doesn’t even help us. Once we are 23 and have graduated, the next thing everyone starts talking is marriage. If you are 27 and above, that pressure is REAL!!! Ditto those married. 6months in and every looks at your tummy before they even say HELLO!!! Or you return from NYSC and 1month after, you better have your dream job or the questions and suggestions would start to roll in. God forbid if you even went abroad for Masters and then you don’t get a job with an INTERNATIONAL firm that same week you landed. Ah!!!

Well, my two cents on issues like this that tend to put one on lockdown is not that we start to hide from such society, because I have seen some people hide from them. Hiding for me is not it ooo because there are some people and situations from which we can’t hide.

Something happened to me recently that really pained me. Gosh, I almost entered ‘resentment’ level with the human but as I sat before God and just poured my heart out to Him, He gave me a solution which I would like to suggest.

So this person came at me with questions as to why I hadn’t done X and Y and it was in public and it was like

‘Ah, when are you doing it? Go and do it ooo, Time is going ooo, etc’

and the truth is I KNEW what I was supposed to do but my delay wasn’t because I was slacking. I just didn’t have the money to do it at the moment. I was actually embarrassed and I came home and just poured it all out to my hubby who you know did his best to get me out of that dumps. I also now resolved in my heart to totally avoid anyone or anything that would attempt to embarrass me like that. But as I prayed God told me that I couldn’t avoid that, Sorry!!! Instead what I should do is to have an ANSWER IN ADVANCE for such situations for when it comes up, which I shared on my Facebook Page Eziaha.com


For example,

‘No babe, I haven’t done it yet because I am BELIEVING GOD FOR THE MONEY for it, and as soon as I get it, I would go ahead and do it. It would also be a good idea if you pray that God hastens it for me too’


I think I was ashamed to be needy or to admit that I didn’t have the cash yet. But you know, something mama Joyce

Lisa and Mama Joyce

Lisa and Mama Joyce

(Lisa Bevere calls her mama Joyce and it sounds like music to my ears) said was

‘…we should not be ashamed or afraid to be in need because only then can God even fill us up…’

That just about liberated me.

So if there are certain TEMPORARY ‘gaps’ in our lives, we should not be afraid of it, or run from our current reality but we should elevate the TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD ABOVE IT.

Because the truth is, people MUST ASK. Their questioning would put us in AWKWARD positions and ON LOCKDOWN if we are not careful.

Sometimes they don’t even ask in bad faith, they don’t know/think they are putting you under pressure, they just ask… So instead of becoming resentful or angry or on LOCKDOWN, let’s build up our faith in and with our pre-meditated responses

‘I am not married yet Aunty, but I believe that God will bring my OWN GOOD MAN at the right time and until then, I continue living my life. Feel free to pray for me too…’

‘No I don’t have job yet but I am believing God and applying as I am led…’

‘I have already received my babies ooo, it is just the manifestation that I await and I trust my God to SHOW OFF with me when it happens’

‘Yes, I am still squatting with my friend and I believe that my squatting days are OVER already but until that manifests, I am so thankful to have a roof over my head’

You catch my drift?

Whatever God has told you about that situation, have it READY in answer when any person or situation tries to put you on LOCKDOWN!!!

And I must say the truth, it is so important not to get resentful of persons who come for you. Because I know that LOCKDOWN situations tend to lead to resentment. Sometimes, they just don’t understand why you can’t do this or that because their reality is far removed from yours.

Say yawl in a group are supposed to contribute some money for X or Y. I would use a church situation because I have seen that happen a LOT!!! Say maybe in your unit, they are doing a 10k asoebi for someone’s wedding. You say you no fit and someone is like ‘why now. Just 10k babe’

10k for some people is really nothing but for you, maybe a single mom or in a household where only one person is working, would it be wisdom to go and spend 10k on asoebi? NO!!! Or maybe sef, you have the money BUT you have more pressing needs in your family, say someone is sick and the bills are piling, should you spend 10k on asoebi just to be among?


Even in church, wisdom needs to guide us. So if someone comes for your life, please have a ready answer and don’t even let it stew in your heart. Don’t get repeating it to everyone and their mama what that person did to you EVEN IF NOT TOO LONG AGO, THEY WERE IN YOUR SHOES!!!

We are all running individual faith journeys and are fighting different battles ooo. That someone has ‘broken through’ in an area we can all see don’t mean you ain’t making progress in yours.

So don’t let any one’s breakthrough, actions or words put you on LOCKDOWN!!! Trust God to make such doors open for you too but in the meantime, please harbour no grudges. Sometimes truly, people do NOT get WHY you can’t do something but it doesn’t matter. BE LED BY GOD!!! And remember what mama Joyce said above…

I am reminded of a story I have heard Pk tell a couple of times. While it gets some people laughing, it reminds me of who I used to be and who I can NEVER be again. He said someone came to him and says he talks a lot about sowing in millions and it puts him under pressure!!!

You see, I used to be like that. I used to feel like if a seed was called anywhere and I don’t give, people will look at me somehow so even when GOD didn’t endorse it, I will pledge to give FOR THE WRONG REASONS (Pressure, show off, etc) and then I won’t fulfil that vow.


I believe we should be led by God in our vows and giving too.


Not our emotions.

Not because someone gave a million or 10million.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in giving, whether personally or corporately. I believe the house of God is the most fertile ground to sow in and frankly I speak this over my son daily that He grows up being a HUGE giver, but I don’t believe we should give under pressure, and the Bible says same…

ERV actually says you should NOT give if you feel FORCED TO GIVE!!!

The MSG? Awesome…

I want each of you to take plenty of time to think it over, and make up your mind what you will give. That will protect you against sob stories and arm twisting… GOD LOVES IT WHEN A GIVER DELIGHTS IN HIS GIVING!!!

You know what, when I attend a special program, I always prepare a special seed as I am led by GOD. Now I can get there and maybe a special offering different than what I prepared is called for. I make sure there is no compulsion to my giving if I am giving.


That’s wisdom if you ask me!!!

You know sometimes, I watch Hillsong services online and when it is time for offering, the person who comes up always has a line that says something like (in that delightful Aussie accent)

‘Oh, if this is your first time, please don’t feel under any pressure to join us. You can be led by God as you give…’

Again, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to appeal to your greed and stinginess. You MUST give. We can’t run away from it as Believers. The Early church was birthed on giving sef. But don’t give from a position of LOCKDOWN!!!

I knew PK wasn’t tryna pressure nobody.

I thought this picture was the OLD SCHOOL SUNDAY winner!!!

I thought this picture was the OLD SCHOOL SUNDAY winner!!!

PK has shared stories from his BROKE past before and how faith got him to where he is today so instead of lockdown, I believe stories like that should build faith in us that this serving God biz will eventually pay off if we faint not.

If we however allow the devil make us receive it as pressure, GOOD LUCK!!!

Oh, but sometimes, I believe people appropriate their spiritual authority wrongly. One of my mentees came to me for counsel on something one time. Final year student, she happened to have double accommodation, one on campus which comes just because you are in final year, and an off campus one which she spends most of her time in anyways because it offered her privacy. Then her pastor or so says she should accommodate a certain NYSC chick since she has two. She offers to let her stay in the campus one and the guy says NO he wants her in the off campus one.

Ok, for how long?


Please how does that work?

I don’t know this Chick but I offer to help in the way that I know how and you totally want to inconvenience me and indefinitely too?

That’s unfair!!! And straight up power abuse if you ask me, because he was seriously pressuring her. I told her flat out NOT to agree.

When anyone gets an off campus accommodation alone for privacy sake, they KNOW what they are doing and are not trying to inconvenience themselves for anyone else who actually was not even desperate.

Corp members always find their way, even in villages. This was an ancient city with cheap accommodation but NO, because I am YOUR PASTOR, you must accommodate a COMPLETE stranger for possibly an ENTIRE YEAR!!!

God forbid!!! I won’t do it. Sorry!!! Except of course GOD tells me to, in which case God is not a wicked Father.

Of course, she didn’t agree and the Corper LIVED!!!


I think when we find ourselves in positions of authority over some, we should be careful not to put them on LOCKDOWN!!! Think about even our relationship with God. He GENTLY leads us and does NOT force us. I LOVE how Luke 1:74 says …that we may serve God WITHOUT FEAR.

He wants us to serve Him from LOVE rather than compulsion and so I don’t think we should let anyone make us do stuff out of compulsion. Even with my mentees, I really discourage any form of pressure in our relationships. I want you to be free enough to have your own opinions as led by God.

We tend to IDOLISE our Spiritual leaders especially in this part of the world and that for me is because we are too lazy to download from heaven our own WORD!!! So whatever they say, we just blindly follow. I just love it when my Pastors say ‘Oh pray about it and let me know what you think’

I LOVE the freedom that gives. I don’t want to feel COMPELLED to do stuff just because you mentioned. Soon, resentment would enter the matter. I have seen it happen. I KNOW!!!

Me, I know how to stalk people ooo. But I do with wisdom. There are several things I have heard Heather say that I flat out do NOT agree with and not even try to implement in my life. I just KNOW that is for Heather and NOT for me. Ditto Chris Caine!!! I love, respect and honor them but I don’t follow blindly!!! I know which Word to receive and which to ‘jump and pass’ haha

You have to know what God is saying for your own life ooo and do it. All this LOCKDOWN you keep putting yourself under won’t do nobody any good.

Lemme share another story of myself. Lol. One of my besties told me that all these things God lets me pass through are just so that I can have enough resource for a 365 day devotional from my own personal life. I laughed soooo hard. Lol. Valerie!!! She is just PRICELESS!!!

Oh lemme share one before this one I really want to share.

I have two sisters. All BIG GIRLS in every sense of the word. When they drop, they drop BIG!!! Ah!!! I started to feel very pressured to push my hubby to also drop BIG and one day God checked me…

My sisters are all on a different path than mine

Think about it. Both of them entered Uni right after secondary school and scaled through drama free. They finished Uni (in which case I know ‘graduated’ works better but leave it laidat) at like 21 and started working soon after in Corporate Nigeria. They have steadily risen and can afford to DROP BIG without pressure.

I chased Pharmacy for 3 years and then spent 4 years there and got withdrawn. 7 years gone and so at 22/23, I was just starting Uni again.

I am not on the same career path as them so why not DROP as you are LED…

Ah, I repented!!! Now, I give as led ooo when it comes to family matter and I don’t even flinch!!!

I believe we should HONOUR our parents and in-laws in our giving BUT I don’t think we should give just to ‘show off’ or ‘keep up appearances’ so they don’t think we are not doing so well.


Don’t do it, Please!!!

Now the main story I was going to tell…

I recall when I was house hunting. I didn’t realise that all the locations I was choosing were just to make my family happy and then fit into some kind of societal mould. My hubby had a budget but lailai, I had pressured dude to up it even if it meant him doing X or Y aka bank loan!!!

I WORE myself out going to locations God had ZERO hand in and I suffered ooo, my people. I suffered!!! Works of the flesh are EXHAUSTING!!! Not to talk of all the money I wasted. One day in church, I just told God ‘I surrender. WHERE DO YOU WANT US TO LIVE!!! I would go wherever!!! I WAS TIRED!!! Incidentally that day, PK preached on us being submitted to HIS PERFECT WILL!!!

That same week, God led us to the PERFECT home through a friend without stress, the total sum was BELOW our INITIAL budget, the landlord is HEAVENLY and the area super perfect.

For my season, everything here is PERFECT!!!

Ah!!! First thing my people said

‘It is far ooo. We can’t come all the way to visit…’

Some friends too… Ah it is far ooo

To which God would ask me to ask them



Please allow me to laugh because frankly, I have TURNED down visitors just for my convenience… I have vexed when someone has turned up uninvited!!!

Literally EVERYBODY has visited or has asked to visit and I say NO!!! And Valerie told me something at that time when I was still unsure of if I wanted to go so far or nah…

She said

Eziaha, anybody that wants to see you WILL come and see you!!!

In fact, I am so thankful for her. I recall as I ran the whole story by her in my ‘valley of decision’, even though we had paid for it, she waited till the end and said before even seeing the pictures,

Eziaha, if you told me you didn’t pay for that house, I would have told you to go and pay for it QUICKLY!!!

Mehn, we all need friends like that ooo. Friends who can look us in the eye and speak LIFE to us!!! Give us the permission to MAKE RIGHT GOD-LED CHOICES!!!

We should be careful of pressure ooo. I would have been a foolish wife to let my hubby do that!!!

We should be careful as wives not to put our husbands under any kind of pressure just because we want to live an Instagram life. I have seen some people let in-laws or family put them under pressure. They take loans and live fake lives and my heart breaks.

Mehn, life is in seasons ooo.

The right thing in the WRONG SEASON can kill you!!! And if you look closely enough, you would realise that most people in that season you covet were once where you are NOW!!!

So because your sister in law can afford a certain lifestyle, you contort yourself into all sorts of shapes to live that way too so you don’t appear the odd person out at family gatherings…

Because the ‘family hospital’ is XX you too register there and payment is WAR!!! And you know you were NOT led by God to…

Because all your friends have X and Y, you too compromise to get it so that nobody looks down on you…

Honey, you may need to take a break from FAMILY AND FRIENDS and just go and get your heart straight with God.

Frankly, I do that with some people. If I see you are pressuring me too much about X or Y, I cut off for you for a season. Sometimes I let you know, other times I don’t. I love you ooo, but sorry, you need to step back for now while I get myself together.

I heard mama Joyce say that if people don’t understand you just because you can’t keep up with them, especially SOCIALLY, you might actually have to cut them off because they are not real friends!!!

You need to know who your real SQUAD are and stick to them!!!

Don’t live an Instagram life. Don’t live for Snapchat and Facebook. Don’t live for your blog, blog readers and Youtube channel. Don’t live for the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’


Don’t take a cab if a bus is what you can afford for now…


And if it means you have to be unpopular for a season, even embarrassed, count it all joy baby!!! These light afflictions are only for a season and in due season, God will ELEVATE you!!!

You know, Cornelius, Heather’s husband has been preaching this AWESOME series on When God calls you… at their church, The Gathering Oasis. They periscope their services live so I follow sometimes. You can catch playbacks on YouTube.

You need to understand that our walk is deeply personal. Nobody else KNOWS what God has told you so don’t let them put you on LOCKDOWN!!!

Don’t let NOTHING put you on lockdown!!!

I can’t sit here and tell you that I got this whole lockdown matter on lockdown yet (pun intended lol), NO!!!

It is a daily walk with God and anytime I catch myself drifting into lockdown mode, I retreat and do a quick introspection and adjustments.

I am actually a bit brutal about situations and things that get me on lockdown!!! Especially now that I am turning 30. I am too old to be put on lockdown by anyone. I mean if I am constantly tossed by humans and their ever changing approvals or disapprovals, what kinda example would I be setting for my kids? I stopped following that Chick on IG for a while, until I set my heart right. Now I check her out from time to time and I can truly celebrate and love her without pressure.

You know what? I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! He has to be the most secure man I know!!! One day I recall a question he asked me when I gisted him of a certain situation I thought a friend was getting herself into

He said…


So you wanna go live in that place God didn’t lead you to… Can you sustain payment?

You wanna enrol your kid in that school God didn’t endorse… Can you sustain it?

You want to use so and so products or baby food for your baby just so that you can brag about it, good. But is it sustainable!!!

That’s a question I ask myself ooo.

Because if God is leading me by Faith to do XX, He will sustain and bless.

But God is NOT obligated to BLESS or SUSTAIN anything our emotions are leading us to do…


This is a lot I have said and I pray God takes this topic and really customises it to your own situation… Check yourself Darling, and adjust!!!

I am not saying you should not aspire to the next level. I am saying let’s not let LOCKDOWN be the reason why we do the things we do…

Nobody LOCKDOWN don epp ooo


Love. Sister to Sister



25 men bawooo? Not on MY watch!!!

Hey guys. Happy Sunday and New week and err’thang.

So I heard an absolutely wrecking sermon today. Had to share.

Rev was in town and yawl know I’m crazy about my Rev.
I mean,how many Fathers just titally absolutely truly LOVE like Rev does and random thinks of you like this


So with my hubs permission, I attended TA Lagos City Church.


And i was happy to connect with my people from back in Uni


TA Shabach centre crew

When he said he was here to talk to us like he would if we were having coffee together or I was in his bedroom, father to daughter, everything in me opened up.


Daddy like no other

I certainly could do with Daddy-Rev. Not everytime Preacher-Rev (tho we are absolutely obsessed with any Rev that shows up).

Oh Rev shared!!! I went through a gamut of emotions. From laughs, to tears, to jumps, to screams, to Amens, to ‘oh Eziaha you have been stupid’ to quiet moments, to more tears to…. eeeeeeeeek!!! I had a true ‘lean-in’ posture and the last time that happened was when DDK came for #WarriorInHeels. The kinda Word Rev preached ehn, you don’t just say AMEN and go home. You get the message and basically replay daily for as long as you live.


I’m not sure how and why Rev keeps getting betterer!!! Tz unreal!!! Like no be the same Bible we dey read??? Woooooh, I’m just emotional!!!


Anyways lemme just pick one verse that basically flung me up and threw me to the ground. See ehn, the theme of my life for now is WARRIOR!!! I just feel such a FIRE to fight within me because the devil ain’t playing sef. I’m in a GAME ON mode for real!!! So let me pump some more fire into yawl my dear Readers!!!

Ezekiel 11 !!!


You see ehn Sisters. There are strong men in every City. Read businesses, streets, markets, offices, states, countries, etc. And I mean this in the Spiritual sense.

They may have regular day jobs but by night, they are concoting and devising. They are cooking up evil. They got the town on LOCKDOWN!!! You may not be paying attention to them and their wiles but honey, they are watching your every move. More like monitoring.

They are making sure your destiny helpers and you don’t jam.
They are making sure to keep you broke so your righteousness no go done and you can’t do BIG stuff for the Kingdom.

They are making sure that the program you will attend to change your life, you miss it. Oh they are making sure you sell your soul and your relationship with God for ‘paper’. They are up at 5am, arranging the day, some 3am others midnight but we sleeeeeeeeeep.

Oh there is an info that can change your life but they are hard at work making sure you get it LATE!!! Or never!!! Because that day you will forget your phone somewhere or better still, E go dey off.  They think they are all THAT and maybe they are because we have gone to snooze while they run loose. Incase you missed it darling, everything is spiritual!!! Don’t give it another name. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t play about it. Don’t even fear it. All God is asking you to do is prophesy against it.
Aka speak words over them.
Aka PRAY!!!

As I came home and kinda ruminated over the Word, it dawned on me who is on my side in this battle.
The One who never ever looses a battle!!!
Odogwu n’agha!!!
I dunno about yawl but it changes the dynamics of this battle for me. Tz a battle I go into knowing I can’t lose!!! Actually I have already won!!! But I keep speaking until IT, whatever my IT is, manifests!!!

Darlings, my people say ogologo okwu adighi n’uka mgbede…
Evening service is not one for long sermons.

The koko is, like it or lump it, there are strong men on your case. 24, literally. Whachu gon’ do abourrit???!!!

I’m pretty much decided


25 men bawoooo? NOT ON MY WATCH!!! You can make anything happen where? JOKES!!! Not on my watch!!!



The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016


As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha. 

Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer. 
Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine. 
Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore. 

OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s someone who I can’t run away from again


She's irresistible


Beth Moore is beautiful inside and outside and I have gotten the hands down best reviews about her Bible studies and i’m planning on getting ‘Believing God‘ series but don’t let me digress. 

Now the BIGGEST party of 2016 will have these three phenomenal women attend as the special guests. 

Love life Women’s (annual) conference hosted by Joyce Meyer Ministry this 2016 will be E P I C!!!
And guess who is attending?
Yes Eziaha!!!


*cool down Eziaha* haha

I’ve always wanted to attend all my life (lol) but especially for the past 3years now but haven’t and frankly I had sort of fashied jare especially as I had been denied a US visa before. But this year, casually Pastor M and I were gisting and somehow we entered the Lovelife conference which she attended in 2012 and she just casually said after I had mentioned that I hope to attend sometime in the future sha…


‘Eziaha, I think you should plan to attend this year. You never know ooo. Step out in faith. Book your interview. Register…’

Faith welled up in me again. 
I checked for details and I saw that the special guests this year were Christine Caine


We love her to pieces!!!

who I had recently discovered and then Beth Moore


who was on my ‘waiting to stalk’ list. 
And of course, Joyceeeee!!!


Mama to MILLIONS!!!

This 2016 party was FOR ME!!!
Fiam, I went to pray and God just told me what and what to do. 
Is anybody surprised the first thing He told me to do was sow?
I wasn’t. 

‘Sow the conference fee…’

PK had spoken about when he sowed his first 1m naira MANY years back because he wanted to break into the million realm, only it wasn’t up to a million because he sowed in dollars and on conversion, it was a few Nairas shy. 

The next time, he made sure to add a few Nairas to the 1m so he is sure he crosses it. 

As a confirmed daughter, with our naira-dollar rate hitting 450 that week, I decided I would basically take the exchange rate to 500naira and then sow. That way, no matter what, I’m covered. 

I sowed into the most fertile ground ever as far as this was concerned. I didn’t have the money but I didn’t care.
I didn’t even THINK!!!

I would sow FIRST before I go register.

I HATE comedy if I’m the one being the comedian. I BELIEVE in the law of sowing and reaping. 

‘…Seed in the ground, harvest is sure…’

That’s what the person told me. 

Next thing, someone pays my conference fee. Whoop!!
Next thing more doors start to open. Whooooop!!!

You see, this sowing and reaping game is like magic. It works!!!

Why all my long story?
Because I need more Nigerians to attend with me. Tz a ladies only conference


We need to ‘disturb the peace’ together (if there will be any peace considering that ladies and quiet don’t gel haha). It should be more fun when we are in a group. 
A Naija group. 
I’m excited!!! Can you tell? Lol. 

Reenice bay has already confirmed attendance and paid after I tweeted about it. 

More ladies please!!! That’s why I’m blogging. 

Hotel information has now opened on the site so we can double up in rooms, or even block out a block of rooms and get the discounted fare so we can stay together. 
How cool would that be?

So go on and register. The early bird rate of $59 is still on. You save 15%. Then do me a mail and then we’ll move to the hotel bookings and all. We should stay in the same hotel na. 

And all my Yankee blog readers, especially yawl who send me Hillsong albums on iTunes and Joyce conference messages, I would LOVE to meet yawl and hang out. 

Plus if you have some advice to share on hotels and accommodation, holler. Or if you live like opposite the venue and have a mansion, that would be awesome. Haha. 

Email addy is still eziaha@eziaha.com

One of my best friends attended the HillSong #Colours conference in London last year where Joyce, Beth and Chris spoke


Look out devil...they come in 3's

I was so jealous but i’m thankful I get to have these same three women speak at #lovelife this year!!!

Oh and i’m definitely going to Australia next year by God’s grace. Need to attend #Colours right at ‘home


Bobbie Houston, the Colours convener

Jeeneger you better plan to attend. HillSong has to be the coolest church I know. Hard to believe the senior pastors’ Brian and Bobbi Houston are in their 60’s. 

You see, Christian living ought to be one big TURN UP!!!
One BIG party!!!
So ladies, turn up and let’s attend the BIGGEST party of the year together!!!
Plus we can also probably order Beth’s Believing God Bible study and Chris’s Propel curriculum together. And do the studies together too. (open links)

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Women who LOVE and LIVE for Jesus!!! 

OK I’m about to implode…
Group hug ladies!!!

I knoooow, yawl are waiting for my baby’s one year photo shoot. It will come





Giant Slayer!!!

At the perfect time.
Lemme appease yawl with a few
More sooooooon

For my SPECIAL people… #R&B2015

Eeeeeeek somebody PINCH me!!!

My sister Ruth is married to Biodun!!!
Oh my gosh, I swear I have teared up A LOT every time I think of them getting married and I had to ring her LATE a night before the wedding to just gush!!! Like babe, is THIS REALLY happening???

It has happened guys!!!
I don’t think I have talked about Ruth as much as she deserves on my blog.
Frankly I was just going to do an epistle on IG but I decided the blog would be better.

Because I have A LOT to write and Instagram doesn’t even begin to cut it!!!

I took the toast at the wedding and I just kept it short

because I was already going to start crying (Plus Ruth) and I figured a blog post would be ten times better!!!

Pastor M did something similar for me here. Such an honor to repeat this for THE EX-Miss Warrens, now Mrs Ruth Akinsiku (yea we prefer Warrens but we have moved on from crying… lol)

When the Groom arrived the venue, I jumped to go hug him and then he said ‘…Eziaha I am so honoured to have you at my wedding’ and I just yimu’d in my mind lol.
I am the one honoured to have such BEAUTIFUL people in my life.

Lemme start from Biodun who Ruth calls ‘B’

He was our director in Shabach theatre back in UI and brother was HARD lol. He would work you till you just wonder why you joined drama unit sef.


See how we all look USED lol

He was super professional about his work and certainly didn’t joke with praying about every ministration too. He was a theatre arts student and he directed TONS of shows in UI then and he was/is just BRILLIANT at his job. I recall something Ruth told us once that just SHOT my respect for B off the roof. They were having this stage play that was getting very ‘spiritual’ if you get my drift. Devil was just showing his hand. Na so brother man drew back and just went into his place of prayer and started firing tongues. That’s how devil parked well and the show went on!!!

Eeeeek!!! Gimme a PRAYING MAN all day err’single’DAY!!!

And when dude is handsomely delicious???
Ruth share your secret with single ladies na… where did you find BAE haha

And speaking of finding, these people have dated FOR LIKE EVER.
The emcee said 16years lol but exaggeration helps the point. As far back as I have known them, (and that is 6years) they have been an item. I think they dated for 10YEARS or even more. I will come to the beautiful thing about their friendship and relationship right after I talk about Ruth.
Oh Ruth, NOBODY calls me like you call me. Heck, I don’t even call myself like you call me.

‘Ah Ezii…’

Do you know how many times you say ‘Ah Ezii’ to me…

Ah Ezii I know I know

Ah Ezii you know you know

Ah Ezii, it is well

Ah Ezii, hmm

Hahaha. Only you pronounces ‘Ezii’ that way. And it is the sincerity in the tone and then words that follow that gets to me…

Oh babe, you know we have prayed through things together.

(and if we were having this as a convo, you would have responded with ‘ah, Ezii)

You see how FAITHFUL this our God is?
I love that you are my prayer warrior sister!!! I say this story EVERYWHERE and I will repeat.

We had this retreat one time and I was going to take the opening prayer when the Holy spirit told me to let Ruth handle it. My girl kept us standing (or kneeling) for 3hours in some crazy intense prayer session complete with powerful scriptures!!! I could NOT have done it then.

Eeeeek!!! Ruth my hands are up!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Can I bring them down???

Something else about my Ruth.

We both had the privilege of serving in leadership in church while in uni. She was HOD drama where I was a member. Ruth is a BEAUTIFUL leader. She is the kinda leader that would make other HODs just be tensioned especially if her unit members are in yours too. Mehn!!! She goooooood. Yup she will push you to get the job done but she will love you too, you would forgive her for pushing. I dunno if anybody else could have dragged me out of my room for all night rehearsals (I HATE ALL NIGHTERS. I prefer to be in my house even if awake) like Ruth did. You can’t even say NO because girlfriend was so sweet you couldn’t give her excuses, even if valid, without feeling guilty.

Ruth girl, it was a privilege to work with you, under your leadership mehn!!! A STRONG yet tender leader. She HELD her own!!!

But the interesting thing is, I too was HOD in another unit and she was incidentally, my unit member.

Mine was a new unit I was drafted to form and Ruth, she didn’t have to join, but joined to SUPPORT me as members were still a bit shaky. Babe would ENCOURAGE me TONS when I got tired and she was my oh-so-reliable member. With all my challenges, she NEVER undermined my leadership. To ruth, I was not just her friend, I WAS HER HOD and she submitted FULLY!!!
Ruth is my friend ooo but she knows where to drop friendship and be subordinate without hassles. You felt at ease with her as a member. If she was going to be late or absent, she would notify me and apologise. It didn’t matter if I had messed up in drama unit where she was HOD or not. Ruth stayed FAITHFUL!!! Yes we were VERY GOOD FRIENDS but Ruth doesn’t mess with being over familiar.
Lemme not lie, THIS is why I am crazy about Ruth!!! When someone sees you at your WEAKEST and never EVER uses it against you. If you are or have ever been in leadership, you would understand.

As I thought about this today, I realised that she is that way with B.
I was in drama unit with both of them a LONG time before I realised Ruth and Biodun were courting. Bae NEVER mixed business with pleasure. Biodun was not ‘B’, he was DIRECTOR!!! No lovey dovey or mushiness. Nah. She drew that line and didn’t cross it. I think I saw them together somewhere a couple of times then I asked and then realised they were an item!!! I was in a unit with both of them and I did NOT know because they both comported themselves right.

Guys, just look at that? Is this not a GIFT??? That you know how to relate with everyone appropriately at all times.

Ruth baby, don’t lose or trivialise that gift.
I love what my Pastor said about them as he preached at the wedding. He said their parents trained them well cos he had known them for like five years through uni and beyond and he has not even one negative report from them…

That’s how beautiful they are.
Just one more thing.

Ruth is a FIRM believer in EZIAHA!!! Oh Ruth would support me in every way she can so long as it is in her power. She did that a lot while we were students, then as corpers, then when I was getting married (oh there were plenty tears especially the night before and then after the ceremony. When she hugged me and started crying, my spirit melted. That’s how we connect),
after I had my baby, and up until now. She reads my blog and feeds me back from it. If I get into anything, I can bank on her. Recall that meting I spoke of above, where she led us in prayers? We were to have like 7-10 ladies present and then story story… some cancelling on the day sef. But not my girl. She came, ALL THE WAY FROM AKUTE to Festac because I wanted to have a retreat with a few of my ladies. And though we were 3, she led us like we were 30 and prayed up a storm!!!

*Real tears*

Babe, your credit is good with me. Very good. Soooo good I think I even owe you. When you were thanking me for all I did for your bridal shower, I was just like ‘Oh puhleeze, I did NOTHING…’

I knew I could NOT miss Ruth’s wedding. I was going to travel but I begged hubs to please let me attend. I would have died to miss it. Infact, a day before, my tailor delivered my dress and it was an EPIC FAIL!!! Lol. Totally TIGHT at my chest region.


I was going to change my mind and wear another dress that woulda shown my new size 12 but attending Ruth’s wedding like an ‘outsider’ didn’t sit well with me. So I made my tailor find a way to make it wearable


We made it into an emergency low back

and then I endured what could not change and wore it like that. And came with my booboo because she requested I bring him.
For my girl!!! For Sisterhood. For friendship!!! For RUTH!!!

I LOVE YOU GIRL. More than my words can ever say. I am soooo thankful for the privilege of your friendship. I am happy for you and B. oh what a home you two will make.

A home founded on CHRIST.
A praying wife

A STRONG purpose-driven husband…

Like I begged at your wedding, please adopt me!!!

Thank you… haha

I look forward to play dates with our kids. I look forward to mommys’ days out, movie dates and couples’ dinners.
I look forward to many many MANY more years of friendship with both of you. And whatever you do, wherever you go, just know girl, I will not only be rooting for you, I would do what I can to support you too.

Eat clean FOR WHAT??? Not at this wedding. I even ate small chops, rice, beef and moimoi at the wedding. I planned to really celebrate with them. Lol bennie saw me eating small chops and sent me this message hahahahaha
Mr and Mrs. R&B Akinsiku… I love you both.
Happy married life. God bless your home.

Oh and just to further let you know how BEAUTIFUL these two are, they saved ALL the HONEY for the MOON despite the length of time they dated.
Talk about putting their love and obedience for Jesus over and above their feelings. I have no doubt you two will forever be thankful you waited for your wedding night. Or week as the case sometimes is… LIPSSEALED!!!

Ruth you bet I am CALLING YOU lol. For details and err’thang!!!

Ok kidding. Oh well, not really jor.

#SexualPurityOnAPedestal #SOPROUDAYOUBOTH #abstinence
Especially Biodun. Ok not really, I am equally proud of Ruth too jor.

I also pray you both stay such amazing friends as you have always been even though you are now man and wife… AMEN!!!
Oh and the ceremony was beautiful. The couple and their theatre friends ROCKED mehn


My darlin Vera. MOH

An amazing reunion with my Ibadan people who turned up. Especially my Pastors.

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Yawl know you need Jesus right?

So I noticed something recently among SOME Believers/Christians.

There seems to be some kinda ‘carefulness’ or ‘codedness’ if you like, to our Christianity.

Yes, I am a Christian, I love the Lord but I don’t go about being all up in people’s face with my faith.

Almost like being ‘careful’ with my Christianity and love for Jesus so that people are not ‘threatened’ or offended by it.

Almost like we are NOT TOO PROUD of it so let’s just be doing this our faith business ‘small small’.

Oh Chi’m!!!

My hubby is a Lawyer and brother man, even though he don’t fully practice, is the FIRST to introduce himself as a Lawyer EVERYWHERE!!! And I am pretty sure that goes for most ‘learneds’ that you know.

Or let’s talk about Doctors. How many Doctors do you see hiding their title because they don’t want you threatened by it, especially IN THE LINE OF DUTY???

Let’s now look at our ‘counterparts’, the MUSLIMS. It is even funny thinking about it. A muslim who tells you,

‘…Yesooo I am a MUSLIM but I really don’t want to be all up in anyone’s face with my religion so I hide under the bed lol…’

An average muslim will INTERRUPT ANYTHING to go attend to his religious duty. And I do mean ANYTHING!!! He would pray ANYWHERE that prayer time meets him, and if it will cause traffic in Asokoro, that’s your business.

Twas my sister who was gisting me of a friend who had a muslim gateman and when it is time for his 5-a-day prayer, dude won’t answer you when you dey gate ooo. Yes, he LITERALLY punched us all in the face with his religion. I have a muslim who did some work for me in my ‘Rehoboth’. It don’t matter how much you call him ooo, he will tell you ‘Sorry sister, I went to pray’.

Can we talk about the gays for a minute? Do you see how PROUD they all are, especially where they are allowed ‘freedom’? I mean they are tres vocal and err’thing.

But my average Christian can’t even BOLDLY say she is going to church for midweek service, rehearsals or heavens forbid, the BIG E!!! Evangelism. We have to ‘code’ it.

Oh I am sufficiently annoyed!!! Why are we like this?!!!

What’s NOT to scream about our faith from EVERY ROOF TOP?

This GOOD NEWS, why do we treat it like it is some kinda ‘disease’ we don’t want others infected with?

I mean, if we are heaven bound and loving the journey, why aren’t we carrying placards yet?

Placards, phylacteries, the whole works. Anything to be walking billboards of our Faith, and PROUDLY SO!!!

My boo Priscilla Shirer tells this story in her video STEWARDING THE PRESENCE OF GOD…
She was invited to minister somewhere and just before she was called up, the host whispers delicately to her and the koko of her convo was that they are a ‘pre-sica church’ so when bae gets up the stage, she should not be so direct, or if you like, ‘in your face’ but rather she should gently and gradually introduce Jesus to the congregation as they have quite a large mix of different peoples there and they don’t really know that what they need is Jesus so sister girl has to be careful with how she goes throwing Jesus in their faces…

‘…and I thought to myself, ‘you invited the wrong person cos CHRIST JESUS, that’s all I know.’ So I walked up the stage as delicately as I could and when I got up, the FIRST thing I said was YAWL KNOW YOU NEED JESUS RIGHT???…’

Because pre-sica, sica, post-sica, WE ARE ALL IN NEED OF THE SAVING GRACE OF JESUS so all this RUBBISH of ‘do your Christianity small small’ can’t even begin to cut it.

Btw, I don’t know what pre-sica means and I am not even sure I spelt it well but this is how it was pronounced. Anybody know the real spelling?

Oh my mama Joyce Meyer ended one of her broadcasts last week with a line that entered me.

Her face was sooooo sincere when she said

‘…we should show the world JESUS. Because soooooo many people need Him…’

Sooooo many people need Him.
Sooooo many people need our Jesus, but they don’t even know that that’s what they need. It is unfair that we don’t wanna flaunt Him. What do we think the Bible means when it says LET YOUR LIGHT SOOOOOOO SHINE???

We have to be careful about what the Bible calls ‘the wiles/tricks of the devil’. Because I believe that this spirit that wants us to dim our light some is the anti-Christ spirit.


That’s how it starts.

Oh you have absolutely zilch issues flaunting your faith in church, unit meetings, special programs, Bible studies and the likes but the devil gently whispers in your ears to ‘tone down your faith small’ especially in secular gatherings. You don’t wanna be seen as ‘too spiri koko’. Before long, nobody is truly sure where you stand, or not. In no time, you find yourself compromising because, well the lines weren’t all that distinct anyways because you were being ‘too careful’

Flaunting our faith even keeps us in check and accountable. Because then you know you gotta BEHAVE yourself if not… But when you are ‘hiding’ your Christian identity, you will soon compromise because nothing is cucu at stake.

Now I am not saying you should generally become a nuisance and make everybody feel they are on a one-way ticket to hell fire while you are the only one heaven bound. I am saying Dear Believer, by all means, let this light SHINE and rep your faith and rock your Christian label very proudly   !!!

Some two months ago, I went to see a friend’s hubby at work one evening. He was not in the office and wasn’t reachable and so a conversation ensued on where he could be.

I think he may have closed and gone to church for midweek service

No, he goes on Tuesdays not Mondays…

I was thrilled. Btw dude is a big time big boy banker ooo working in Head office and I just loved how his colleagues knew his church days.

Can we say the same about you in your own ‘world’? Or you are just sitting on the fence, safely.

A dear friend of mine was visiting Abuja and then she was going to pay me a surprise visit Wednesday evening and she made her way to my church. Like she told my Pastor, who would later tell me, ‘I KNEW I would see her in church when I come…’

I thought that was a very good testimony. (Btw Rosey, I miss you. Holler!!!)

Please let your light shine dear Christian lady. Guy.

Shine it in your street, office and school.

Shine it via your Twitter handle, and on Instagram.

Shine it via your blog.

Shine it oh-so-proudly on Facebook.

BBM, Whatsapp? Those too.

Because you are ALWAYS in the line of duty!!!


Because, they may NOT know, but what this world really needs, is JESUS.

Let’s stop hiding him and by all means, let us STOP LEAVING HIM OUT!!!


How can Chelsea sack my football boo thang Jose Mourinho???
I am no longer a BLUES!!!
#thesepipuaintloyal #shameonyouChelsea

And he better NOT go to United. My heart can’t take it. Just go to La liga.



But Mou needs Jesus too haha

I am tumbling flipping excited at my final post for the year.
When your quantity is QUALITY!!!
Tz my THANK YOU FOR 2015 post. It will be LONG!!!Brace yourselves. 30th or 31st.
Jeez!!! The year is dripping AMAZING!!! Yawl were amazing. And my God? CRAZY faithful!!!

I was reading the ones I did in 2013 and I knew I had to do for 2015 too

When did I become the blogger who doesn’t respond to comments? Ah I repent!!! Will respond to all pending this week!!! Grace Lord!!!
Blame this deliciously delightful Darling

Dear (Nigerian)Believers, STOP IT!!!

I think the comedy of Nigerians is of a special brand
I think the comedy of Nigerian Christians is of a SPECIAL special brand.

Nigerians IN NIGERIA are celebrating HALLOWEEN???


Even Believers ooo!!!

Oooooh!!! * in my igbotic accent*
Ike gwuru…

What is Halloween please?

Ok this is actually funny and because the next thing I want to say will come out REAL HARSH, I would SHUT UP!!!

Not without saying PLEASE stop copying!!!
Just friggin’ STOP

Everything AMERICAN is NOT cool.

Like Halloween.


And still speaking of which, I also cringe whenever I see a BELIEVER call herself
Aries chic
Leos are cool
Proudly Sagittarius…

And all such STUPID NONSENSE from the pit of hell!!!

Have you bothered to check the HISTORY of this nonsense before you jump on the bandwagon because IT SOUNDS COOL!!!

I am angry oooo!!! Very!!!

*infact, whipping out my Bro Paul hat*

Why are you bowing down to worship the stars!!!

Why so STUPID!!!

I was once stupid like you ooo. Yes if you have ever called yourself a SAGITTARIUS, YOU ARE/WERE STUPID!!! Back then in secondary school, I thought it was COOL. When I found out I was a ‘cancer chic’, ah, I started carrying horoscopes on my head.

I would check back and forth online about what would happen to me as a Cancerian this week/month/day, who I would meet, etc.

I even subscribed to one psychic Anita IN AMERICA who used to send various emails on what your star says.

Oh I was STUPID!!!

I would link everything that happened to me to what my stars say because…Cancer.

Then it got spiritual. I started having DREAMS of the psychic and all such scary things.

The Holy Spirit convicted me personally and I QUIT. I DELETED EVERYTHING and stopped associating my destiny with the stars. And moon.

And anita!!!


When I see believers put it up, I want to SHAKE them but then again, I unlook.

Till I got this devotional from my friend and brother Wale. Yup same guy I featured here


He sends the most beautiful devotionals in story forms with deep lessons daily on bbm and also posts to Facebook and IG. Follow him @walejana



When Ify was looking for a boyfriend she was always eager to know what month his birthday was so she could check his horoscope. She was born in late October so according to the horoscopes she was a Libra and according to the horoscope calendar, those who are born in late May (Gemini) do best with Libras so for the next five years of her life, the only kind of men she dated were Geminis. To her surprise, none of the relationships worked out well even though the horoscope had said she was most compatible with Geminis.

She saw many of her friends marry the wrong signs and get along properly. It was only after her most recent heartbreak that she turned to God and began to read her bible. She flipped her bible open one morning and her eyes went to Deuteronomy 4:19 (NLT) And when you look up into the sky and see the sun, moon, and stars–all the forces of heaven–don’t be seduced into worshiping them. The LORD your God gave them to all the peoples of the earth.


Incase u think say na lie

Ify was shocked, she had no idea that a scripture like that existed. Ify had been a church goer all her life but she had been basing one of the most important decisions of her life on the constellation of the stars and the moon. She fell down on her knees and confessed her sins to God, she made up her mind that she would only base her decisions on what God said from that moment on. God honored Ify, 3 months later, she met the man of her dreams and his zodiac sign was totally wrong.

It has become a trend amongst Christians today to call themselves Aries, Saggitarius, Cancer, Leo, Taurus and all other names that God did not give them.  Beloved, you are practicing idol worship and God hates it!

The bible says God gave the moon, stars and all the constellation to serve us! Why are you reducing yourself to the shape of a bull and a crab or a lizard when God said He created you in His image! There is no bull or goat or crab in you, what you have in you is God!

God breathed himself in you that’s the dimension at which you operate!

It is one of the subtle strategies of the end time the devil is using to lure people from Gods plan for their lives. Wipe that “Aries Chic” or “Leo Boss” caption off your Instagram and replace it with “Son of the Most High” or “Zion Chic”.

You carry God in you! May you have the results of God and not the result of a goat in Jesus name.

#AGratefulHeart #IncreaseOnEverySide #ThankYouJesus

My 20 year dream is to see the Gospel preached to a billion people through the social media. You too can be a social media evangelist, kindly share and repost this Gospel of Jesus Christ so that others can be blessed just like you have been blessed. Thank you for reading. Shalom

Oh I just LOVE Wales devotionals and I am sooo proud to be associated with him and his lovely wife.

So please ehn, dear Believer, don’t be quick to jump on the bandwagon. The devil is crafty, subtle and STUPID!!!

I don’t believe I was once proud to say I AM CANCER!!!
I mean, see the name sef. If somebody has cancer now, it will look as if God is wicked meanwhile na you confess am die…

Excuse me while I go cry at how stupid I used to be…

God loves yawl like crazzzzyyy


This is a BONUS post. Just decided to run it today after I had a convo with my dear friend and sister Suzanne


After my morning workout today


Kill. FAT

I am working on THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP pt 2 and I hope I publish it today. God is teaching me so much on it and if we tidy it up, I will publish. If not, happy November haha. I don try.