Support. Growing. Businesses. Part 1

Recently, I have come to not just FULLY accept, but also CELEBRATE my role as a HOME MAKER!!!

Tz such a purpose-filled journey and I LOVE it.
I’m even in a better place than I was when I wrote ‘Authentically me & Surprisingly Satisfied‘. Tz awesome!!!

Anyways, I will still do a post on our roles as homemakers whether you are a career mom or a stay-at-home mom. Will draw lessons from Proverbs 31 and Titus 2.

Look out for that one guys.
Best seller stuff, I promise.

OK anyways, one gift I have realised God has graced me with is the ability to find great deals and so save my home (and hubby) a lot of money.

Frankly I think He graced women with that gift.
Every month, or as I find, I’ll share with yawl.
This month (let’s assume we are in January please), I wanna share three growing businesses I have dealt with and have been impressed by.

Hopefully, someone finds some info or tip they can use.

1. Pemmakui salon for my dreadlocks.


I got my locks done there.
I have toyed with the locks idea for a while but I have never quite been ready for it both time wise and money wise.
Then I found Pemmakui on Dealdey and I got their addy and went to see them live.


Now normally, dreads starter package is anything from 10k for 1 or 2, max 3 visits. Most are 15k and above. I’ve done baby locks before so I know.
Your hair will NEVER lock in 3 visits and so you have to keep going for relocks. Relocks are between 3k and 5k. So yup, dreads are expensive for a start, and time consuming. At least for the first 4-6months.
But at Pemmakui, it is 12k for your first 7sessions and 2k per relock. 1k when they have deals on Dealdey.
And best part is the guy who locks is soooooo good and soooo respectful and soooo friendly. And soooooo timely too. Never disappointed me on any appointment.
Then to keep the locks in, he sews it at those early visits.


I mean, I got amazing progress with my first 7visits which I dragged to about 7
6weeks because he did a great job sewing it in so it lasted while the locks kicked in.


Like you can choose to even go once a week after the first two visits. That’s amazing especially because dreads at first requires a lot of visits. My hair ain’t fully locked now but the progress has been amazing thanks to him. And the harmattan back then. And my hair type which he says is good too. I love looovvveee being his client. He’s also so patient with KingDaveed even when he troubles the process.


Name : PemmakUi (ask of Slim)
Phone number: 09 054 8394 90
Address: Mokola plaza, Mokola bus stop, Egbeda.

2. Chrishill for my phones.


Took this picture from inside his shop

I’ve featured him on my blog before and some of yawl patronized him but I wanna do that again. I absolutely LOVE being his client. He’s amazing to do business with. His phones are original, the cheapest you would get and have warranty. Plus he has a wide range from high end to the cheaper brands. Recently I needed to get a ‘spare’ phone and I didn’t wanna buy anything too expensive. I got the RLG phone for 16k which he suggested and the phone has been amazing to me. Tz like the infinix red hot phone.
That’s what I use to blog, IG, tweet etc. Aside emails, this phone has overtaken my main phone. Of course it has email functions too.
So when he suggested it, he was spot on.
Dude just knows a lot about phones and can advise you well based on your budget.
He’s also sincere. If you have issues and it is from his end, he’ll fix it for you. He also has original accessories.
I have zero qualms recommending Chris anywhere. I have been a customer for about 4years now. No issues. I’m so comfy and assured with him. He delivered a phone to me when I just had a baby but I doubt he delivers usually. Maybe you can work something out sha.

Name: Chrishill
Location: Computer village. I think Otigba street.
Phone number: 08033085181

3. Ibsek technology for my inverter.

This is probably my biggest find in recent times. Hubs still thanks me for it. We couldn’t get an inverter and generator at once when we moved into our ‘Rehoboth’ so I BEGGED hubs to do an inverter first because he was gonna do generator. He had his objections to inverter so I had to do plenty research and find someone affordable. I found Ibrahim. Let’s just cut a long story short and say I got a 1.5kva inverter, one 200amps and one 150amps battery for, wait for it, 65k abi 70k!!! Guys, I did plenty research and most of what I got was AT LEAST 100k for even lesser specs!!! Plus we even worked out a payment plan that has us pay 45k first and then 20/25k after almost two months.
I must say we had issues at first with battery, installation, current, NEPA unavailability etc but he always came back and fixed it even tho sometimes he would not come when he said he will. Let’s just say ‘Lagos factor’. But largely, he has been honest and reliable.
My inverter has just been amazing and so I’m happy to recommend him.
Plus he has patience.
Several times, I got really upset and would scream at him (or his staff) but he would apologise and find ways to make up. I mean his patience is amazing. Definitely shamed my Christian self a lot because he is even a Muslim. He always stayed calm.

Plus he was always ALWAYS smiling. He has a great smile too. I recall that was the first thing I told him when I met him. Haha. Me and compliments sha.
Because I want to call in favors with him on this one, I’ll keep his number.
Email me if you need it. Haha

But really should you decide to do business with any of them, let them know I sent you. I have such a great relationship with all of them so you can be sure to get the best customer care. The dreads guy doesn’t know my name sha but tell him the customer with a baby. Haha.
And of course, that these people worked for me don’t mean they will work for you. Please let God lead you in this as in everything you do.
They don’t even know I am doing any of this. This is just my way to both support growing businesses and then help anyone who needs their services.

Would love to feature this segment once a month so I’m on the lookout for February. If you have a growing business I can TRY, I won’t stop you from sending to me. I’m just not compelled to feature it here.
I will share as the Lord leads me and if I don’t have any to share, I won’t.

Before I go, might I add that I need a GOOD tailor would prefer someone who can come to my house if need be. But if not, even if you know any good tailor who is growing her business and is affordable and good, holler. And if you are one, holler too. Lagos please.

Third post today. Infact told yawl I was sooooo pumped!!!

You can tell I have a homehelp now right? Lol.

Let’s call her ‘betterer’ because she keeps getting betterer and betterer and betterer.  
Plus my hubs is around too for a couple of weeks. I can’t even believe how much time I have to SLEEP or just DO ME!!!
I am so excited he is here and I love having all of us do life together under one roof.


Grateful for his leave and thanking God in advance for when he will be permanently with us.
Frankly, couples should stay together.
I LOVE seeing them bond even though I think men play rough play jor.


Haha. I’m just side eyeing them both when they are playing.

So thankful for and absolutely guarding fiercely my portion!!!

Like hubs has bathed KingDaveed by himself since Friday morning!!!

Yawl, if you live in Lagos, send me your addy. I’m visiting you. Might even move in. Hahahaha

Can’t wait to visit with Ola, Enny (sorry Sapphire), and Dinma and her/my baby this week and next.

Gosh!!! Baby-free me-time!!!

Is this FOR REAL???

Yawl, WIN BIG this week ok? And don’t forget to GO HARD on your teachers.
I will/am too.


My teachers and Father


I LOVE it when yawl publicise my posts. Thank you and God bless you. Please keep sharing on your social media handles and please tag me when you do

E’s.Mail…Pre-marital Counselling

Airport lounges are a great place to blog…

I have done quite some blogging every time I wait…
I actually thought I would spend some time reading this book while I await my flight,

but I decided I would read the book in-flight since all electronic gadgets would have to be off then…
I am also praying that I get an extra meal pack seeing as I am super hungry and in my hurry, I didn’t have either brekkie or lunch and I am too prudent/stingy to buy airport food…
Tz past 2pm BTW…
Meanwhile, I  have enjoyed all sorts of favor flying ooo… From being upgraded to first class, to extra snacks, to taking a picture in the cockpit…

He he he. At the checkpoint today, they didn’t even check my hand luggage. Didn’t let me remove my sandals, didn’t do that annoying touching all over they do… Nothing. They just kept saying ‘ah fine original African girl/lady/etc…’ My hubby said that’s how I would have passed with bomb and they will be hailing me…loooooool
Let’s see what happens today…
Free tip: Always wear a blinding smile at the airport… Works!!!
OK this really mean man just came to sit across me with a plate of steamy sweet smelling snails…

Back to the subject matter… With TY Bello’s Yahweh playing nonstop from my phone, lemme welcome you to this segment called E’s.Mail…
So a darling FAB’er sent me this mail…

Because I have been asked this question time and again, I decided to answer this publicly. Someone else may need the info…

First off, nothing awkward here darling… You know E’ now… Awkward is getting overrated 🙂
Thanks darling… For writing in and for the love… And of course, we know who gets all the glory yeah… #SugarDaddyOfMine

Yes, hubby and I lived in different places for 4+ of the 5+ years we dated…
And believe me, we did counselling with our two different churches tho we were wedding in mine only. He is a leader in his church and dearly beloved of almost every pastor and member so he had to bring his intended to be very checked out and approved first…
Now, while I subscribe to pre-marriage counselling (ranges anything from the popular one week or /two to four weekends crash program to the very rare intensive three months in different churches I think…), I daresay it is NOT enough. Especially the  crash courses…
My opinion tho…
Now I say this because most churches I know won’t join you until you have undergone their marriage counselling classes but has that impacted on the number of divorces, seperations and all sorts that we see even in the church today?
I sincerely believe that marriage is such a HUGE deal so the same we study for our degrees, we also need to study to make this institution which is lifelong work…
Now what am I saying?
I recall as a student in unibadan, there was this time Rev TJ (Rev’s darling babe) was transferred to pastor my branch (Shabach centre). Since it was opposite UI, students were about 3/4 of the congregation. One of the first things she told us then was those in relationships should let her know and bring their intended to her so she can get to know them and counsel along…
***side note… Second and final boarding announcement. Gotta run.
FreeTip2: Avoid the rush,and the queuing especially if you don’t have a huge hand luggage. Always board at the final call 🙂 Catch y’all soon***

8.50pm… Long trip…  But the show must go on…

OK where were we?
So she wanted us to bring our ‘boifwends’ and girlfriends…
I am sure a lot of people wondered why and thought she probably just wanted to hear gist…
But she had her strong reasons…
Anyways,me, even before she said, there was no way I was going to be dating someone and I would not have informed my pastors… Especially because my church was a relationship church and they really understood relationships, evident in the kinda marriage they had.

Now Aku m wasn’t in Ibadan but after I was sure that it was him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the next time dude came, fiam I had him visit Rev and his wife for them to scrutinize him wella and probably throw in a few ‘you better don’t mess with our very precious daughter E’ or we will go all ninja on you’ threats… I wasn’t at that meeting but when Rev called me, he was like ‘…ah Eziaha, this one is a good one ooo… I like him. I can’t threaten him…’ and all that. Rev teju also loved him too. Intact, I tell her she loves him more than me, because they both have reserved personalities while Rev and myself are the sanguines yo!!!
My dear, that was where our counselling began ooo. At the very beginning of the relationship… Every time we were together in town, we would visit them, there were many calls, many individual sessions, many counsels, a few quarrel settlings lol, but basically, they were involved.
Because he attends winners which is NOT a relationship church, I made sure I over-dosed him on books, and messages on relationships from Rev, Pk, Pastor Bimbo and others like Gary Chapman and co…  We would read together, discus OVER THE PHONE most times, ask questions, etc.
That formed part of counselling too…
Then I also wanted him to meet pk…I wanted pk to ‘shake him up’ a bit since Rev had shown him love. He he he. Balance jare… Don’t judge
Infact, i used to invite him for DCC programs but he couldnt make most till MAN UP… A relationship program just for men. He bought a ticket and came all the way to LAGOS just to attend Man up and see pk if possible. He didn’t see him but he got his pin. Then they got talking on Bb. Intact, pk had to move him to his personal bbm because he is his daughter’s fiancée…  Phew, two appointments gone awry, they never met till the wedding day but on Bb they talk. Infact Bolaji used to say that whenever he puts up my picture, pk will ping him as if to say ‘…hmmm, I am watching you ooo. No just try yasef where my daughter dey…’ Loooool
No slacking oooo… I couldn’t be dating anyone and the spiritual authorities won’t be carried along…
So now, when Bolaji proposed,

we were back to Rev and his wife THE NEXT DAY Loooool.
Both to inform them and be prayed for…

Cos we were going to see my people and God knows we needed the prayers, counsel, etc being that I had been warned not to bother bringing a Yoruba person…
All though the drama that ensued during the whole wedding process, rev was carried VERY along… Ditto pk…
What was all that? Part of marriage counselling because dealing with the in laws comes with the package…
Now when we started the marriage counselling proper, my hubby was coming from his base to IBADAN  every time. Kai… The flight tickets no be here Loooool.

The good thing was that with that sort of foundation, we did fewer classes than the ‘regular’
In fact on two occasions, we left Rev’s house at 10pm (bless the Oduwole’s for me dear God). The the next day we would be back to Lagos and hubby would fly back to base…
Then we also had a session with another of my pastors in school, Rev Bunmi… Choi
That one was sex counselling… You will hear tinzzzzz and trust Rev Bunmi na… God bless him he is also a medical doctor hehehe… But I loved it…
Then I had to travel to his church too for counselling and marriage interview. It was going to be a crash course since I wasn’t wedding in Winners. This one caused wahala ooo, I won’t lie. Cos I didn’t want to go, especially as I had come earlier and it didn’t hold and the wedding was drawing close and most weekends were busy and my parents weren’t excited about me travelling weekends plus I was still working. I think hubby had to report me to Rev first and then, of course (who born me), I found myself making the trip two weeks to the wedding… Choi.
If you see the drilling for the interview at Winners eh…  Infact after drilling us together, they now seperated us, asked us very intimate questions and then compared answers to be sure we weren’t lying… Lol. Frankly, I didn’t expect all that and to God be the glory, we passed their interview in flying colours. In fact the head of the panel (yes they were three) now said they were very impressed with our session and that they had not interviewed a couple this in sync before and who seemed to understand and were well prepared for what they were going into. They said so many glowing things about us and coming from Winners, you know that is a big deal yeah? I remember calling rev very excitedly to gist him… Aside the interview, we did a two day marathon counselling session with different pastors handling different topics. My favorite was the one on communication. The facilitator did an amazing job. Then my least fave was ………………….lol. No comment

So my darling J, we did counselling-a-plenty:-from dating days, to pre-engagement, post-engagement and pre-marital counselling…
And the truth is, it never stops…
Infact one thing we started doing in marriage was to listen to marriage tapes together and then discus it. Tz our very own Love Dating and Marriage seminar…

And reason ooo… Any reason!!!
So that way, we are sure we will keep hearing the right voices all through this journey…
If we are going to have the marriage of our dreams, we have to deliberately build it…

Now, of course many people have good or even great marriages without all of this. Oh well, I aint sure but I guess…
Me sha, I know say in the multitude of counsel there is safety….
I didn’t want to go into this marital journey ill-prepared and walahi I know I have a lot of wahala  and plenty to learn so I took advantage of all the arsenals within my reach…

I hope this helps…

Going Forward…Still Testifying

Started this post on Monday… Concluded it Tuesday right in Unilag auditorium where we are having one job awareness thingy as part of our POP activities for batch A Corps members…

Feb 13 in view… Thank you Jesus.
#Can’wait #BatchA2013

Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now***

So let’s jump right into Part 2…
Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!!
Thankfully… Thank.full.E’…
*rolling my eyes at you too*
I love how I can work my name into most titles… Cool!!!
Now where do I start from with this woman… Who else will tell me that she has such sinister plans for me (lemme not share the plans here. I almost died laughing when she told me today…). Who will call me a ‘…poor corper and so U deserve to be spoilt a little by your rich friend, Me…’ Looooool. Who will throw a gift at me and then yab me in the process and when I attempt to kiss her to say thank you she will call me ‘rotten’. Who will fight to save our friendship even with all my very baseless shakara (hindsight vision is perfect lol). Who else will have me dedicate exclusive posts to her for two consecutive birthdays? Basically baby, you have crossed the line with me and I do know we are stuck for life as friends… You are clearly that annoying but super sweet friend everyone should have. Alika. You know yourself but lemme sha write your name. Chinma the Cheech Asogwo. Terrorist of a friend.
You missed my wedding cos you were cruising Mauritius and Dubai, okwaya? Alika squared… Yet you knew where to get ‘crotchless panties’ for me as a bridal shower gift. Spoilt rotten girl. I will be at your wedding (by God’s special grace) and I will take the toast, whether you let me or not and I will so embarass you, you won’t believe it… Thank you baby… 2013 was REAL… Love you mega and yup you know my Sugar daddy is yours too, yeah? Position yourself for the kinda things that only Him can do in 2014. Smooches, kisses (with tongue:p) and hugs dawleen…

The one Angel confirmento in my life!!! Babe you have over-wowed me with love. We have indeed come a really long way. 8years yeah? I am not just thanking you for 2013. I am thanking you for these 8years. For being a constant K through good and especially bad times. For NEVER stopping for a moment to sow into and cultivate this friendship. For interrupting what you can to hear me out whenever I come with my wahala. I know you think I deserve it. Forget story Nne, I don’t. Truly. You just have an incredible heart. What we have is covenant. That’s it. Unshakeable. And yup, I’ll invest more in 2014. Afterall, you will be getting married then so I will have an opportunity to do stuff that will wow you too. I mean, lemme share a little story here to EMBARASS this Angel. A day to my wedding, I was at the salon getting my nails done. She came in a coupla days earlier to help out and that friday, she was out too and I had to pay my MUA some money asap. Couldn’t do it so I asked her if she had a certain amount to pay for me and I’ll settle her asap. She did. Ok time to pay back. I called babe, oya please account number and bank. See fight… She rolled over and played dead… ‘Account number for what? Did I give you any money? I don’t use a bank… I frankly don’t understand what you are talking about…When did I give you any money? Noooo, it wasn’t me… Maybe it was Eniola…’ My people, I was stunned. Cos I knew it was a lot of money and we are both Corpers, I tried to form vex and insist she sends me the number and babe cuts the phone on me… Hian!!! How someone will just sit down and say she MUST be a blessing to another girl is beyond me. No baby, I don’t deserve it. You really are an Angel Doctor Valerie Edetanlen…
Only God can reward you. I won’t even decieve myself and say I will pay back… Thank you so much darling. For being my most fiercely loyal friend. Love you forever and a weekend…
And yup I had to use this picture with man cos… #ProphecyBaby…

Tamariii, thank you for all your comments and love. God bless you dawleen. Hope you are planning to join my 30voices ooo. It would be such an honor to have you here. Deal?

Tomiwa Ayorinde, I am specially praying for you to marry well too. You are too much of a sweet God girl to miss it. If you need any help, holler at me and let’s watch our Sugar daddy sort us out k… Love you girl. You are really a sweetheart.

D-lu/Olu blaiz… I am hoping it is the same person. And I think this is a guy too. I feel like you are my blog brother. Some posts are just not complete without your comment and then a mail. Ah, you really touched a part of me this year and God reward you my darling.
Thank you sooooooooo much love.

Ah!!! If there is one thing I have come to love about this girl, it has to be the fact that despite the fact that we are close friends, we have mutual respect for each other. Familiarity hasn’t spoilt nothing and that’s rare. Nne, I respect you gan. The grace you carry, the wisdom you have, I feel so privileged that I can call you my friend… Like I said, if I could handpick a sister, it gotta be you darling.
Beautiful without and even more within. GraceFULL. And very on fire for God. My prayer warrior extra-ordinaire. I have learnt to always make Ruth be the one to lead prayers where we are together. Babe can pray the devil to the cross walahi. When I had a ladies’ retreat last year, babe led us for almost three hours of prayer and she was still smokin’… Gimme a praying woman anyday ooo. Biodun really found a good thing. Can’t wait can’t wait… *winks* For being such a sweetheart nne, reading my posts, encourage me and just living a Christ fab life, thank you!!! Love you mega dupa supa much darling Ruth Warrens.

Tunde my darling. One of the BEST men I know… You really did sow a lot of your time (and money too abi? Lol) into my life this year, sometimes at short notice. This is the year abi? 2014. Blessed woman walahi… It better be in Lagos ooo!!! Looool. Thank you darling. I totally appreciate and love you.
Uche, Bunmi, Yomi and Kemi. Four triumphant ladies I love so much. Uche love, special thanks to you and hubby. For all your love… Kemi I love your energy and zest. Keep it up love. Thanks for your friendship, blog love and all the ‘Showers promises’. Yomi darling, I dunno what you see sha but thank you for just being this sweet sister and Bunmi, another prayer mama, thanks for all the prayers and those out of the blues calls to check with me. God bless you girls

Dinma and Cheks… Had to put you both together for obvious reasons. Thank you for the spectacular rendition of the duet ‘Miracle’ at my wedding. Cheks, last minute and you cancelled something to be there for me. Thanks darling. Dee, thank you for letting me be all I am to you. Thank you for those long calls to check up on me (btw, you know Prof Udegbe told me you told her… Lol). And the last minute bridesmaid decision, thanks baby. Got your back physically and in prayers. Devil no reash at all… I love you darling.

Chuchu of life and destiny!!! My brother indeed. My brother in whom I am well pleased!!! Darling Chuchu!!! I don’t even know where I would start. Was it the endless phonecalls, the time and money invested, the visits, the pizza and ice cream lol, the hugs, the shoulder and listening ears (sometimes even when all I was doing was crying and making absolutely zero sense lol), the prayers, the counsel, haba!!! Brother of life!!! You have sown too much into our life that’s why we can’t let you be and we won’t let you be until… (You know na…)
Oh btw, Chuchu surprised us with a spectacular wedding gift. Choi!!! My darling, you must marry well. Nobody sows like that and doesn’t provoke a harvest. Pressed down, shaken together and running over… I am beyond words grateful dear. God bless you…

Ike Amadi… You are just a REAL man. I covet the fire you have for God and His kingdom and God will help me in 2014. Please pray for me nwanne m… The fantastic job at #TheLAFamily? Gosh!!! You are such a blessing. Thanks for having my back. Thanks for making me feel special, like a super star when we all know your are the real star. Thanks for those calls even when you were in Germany. Thanks for being a cheerleader indeed. More than anything, thank you for inspiring true leadership in me…You are an effortless true leader. I truly deeply love and cherish you nwanne m… Please don’t stop… You inspire plenty of us. I hope we get to see this new year…

Ayomikun my soul sister… Another terrorist. My constant K. It doesn’t matter the ‘drought’ as per time that has passed, we catch up real fast. The one girl that knows me inside out and will never indulge me (terrorist much). Who again will I suffer to gist something that is paining me only for her to laugh endlessly at me. Which friend understands the security of her place in my heart enough to say ‘…they don’t know you. They should come let me tell them who MY FRIEND is…’ You are you sha, nobody else can be this Soul Soeur to me…I am super glad the fact that you relocated is not doing any damage at all.

I really do miss hugging you darling but I’m just glad we are friends. You know I love you baby…

Chinwe Ikele… Thank you soooo much for being a faithful FAB’er. I’m sure you didn’t think I would forget you. Sending all your loving back to you baby… Muah.

Anna est belle. First lemme spank you!!! Get to blogging jor. You can’t call me an inspiration and be slacking ooo. After I started loving your style of writing, you go AWOL. Lemme not catch you ooo. Loool. You see babe, you have a catchy fun yet sensible way of writing, don’t rob us of it ok… Well you made my thank you list cos you are also a true FAB’er. Thanks babe.

Dowen College, Lekki. The school that is my proud PPA. You know what, I pass out in february and then I will do a proper thank you for DCL. I have enjoyed too much favor from the school… The Chairman Board of Governors (the nnukwu mmanwu himself) , the Principal (who has practically adopted me as her daughter), the VeePee, DFA, everyone and even my fellow Corpers ( a Batch C corps member walked in and asked me if I was Eziaha the Blogger. Apparently, when he saw he was posted to Dowen, he googled it up and my blog came up and all the glowing things I say about my school. Lol. Imagine if na rubbish I dey talk…) !!! Can I even talk about the investment they put into my wedding? Choi!!! And all this for a Corper who is not even looking to be retained… Na wa ooo… For now, let me say thank you and God bless. More gist when I am passing out…
I really miss them ooo and especially my front desk office. Was given the whole of December off as a new bride (Corpers usually don’t go on break there as the admin arm of the school never shuts down #TushSchoolTinz) and I truly miss school sha, but I can wait to be back abeg… 🙂

Ah my dearest Jibola. The only reason why I am still in ‘that group’ looool. You are such a great guy sha, even though you naughty gan… Thanks for being there for these past years and also in 2013. I see you in many more years darling. Love love love.

Afoma and Jae. For providing amazing blog content that I actually enjoy on their blog. Lovely lovely girls with lovely blogs and with whom I share a love for Subway surfers. Allow me to brag some on my Subway Exploits because I am sure I pass una……
I unlocked Fresh
I hit well over a million points (1.4+)
My trophies are all complete
I have upgraded my magnet to the last. And am almost done with the jetpack and coin multiplier upgrade. I don’t care to upgrade the super sneakers. Lol
I feel like a real subway guru
The baddest surfer ever liveth…
:p :p :p
Ok this is for Subway Surfer fans. I love that game and now I made a lover of Aku m… Hehehe

This is a good place to end, no?
I need to play some Subway surfer before I crash. Looool. Aku m has slept. I feel for him. He has work tomorrow while I get to sleep in… Btw, hope y’all been having an amazing holiday? I am a home-body/buddy so I have enjoyed a quiet one but 26th, Aku m wanted us to at least step out so I rode my bicycle around the RA while he drove cos he can’t ride a bicycle.
And yes Lizzie, Valerie, Eniola and Dumebi, this is how I intend to lose the weight and stay HOT :p
Then we visited some couple friends. Then went shopping. I felt a tad guilty when we got the bill especially when the kids we were with were like ‘wow, the bill is loooooooooooonnnnggggggggg’ but hey, tz Christmas jare… I don’t get to splurge everyday.
The ice cream I had eh, no be here ooo. Dear Jesus, please don’t let me be FAT!!! 😦 o:) lmao…
Love love love y’all

Ok still on the 30FabVoices, some of us are still missing it.
I would really want a futuristic, dreamy, faith-filled article rather than a 2013 review. If 2013 should feature, let it be just to lay a foundation… Things we wanna trust God to help us do this year… Both the serious and the fun stuff…
I really wanna start a monthly meeting for ladies where we can just have healthy spiritual fun. Started it in 2013 then life happened and it paused but I’ll like to be very regular this year…
I gained admission 2013 and this year 2014, I would really love a GPA of 4.0/5 so I am trusting God to help me modify my study habit, create a great study group, etc.
Or like one of us wrote…
I would like to do something crazy like have sex on a beach with my hubby this year (y’all can guess who wrote this na…)
You know… Stuff like that….
Breezy yeah?
Thanks to all who have submitted. Feel free to make necessary adjustments.
Let’s move the deadline for everyone to next weekend. That’s about the 4th of January. That should work yeah…?
Please send to
Remember, not more than 1000 words.
Lezzdodis FAB’ers… 🙂 Let’s bury the devil… We go live January 1. Can’t wait!!! Woooooooooooooot!!!

Back to WORK…

Ok for those of you who don’t know, I am currently serving. In one of those top notch elite schools in Lekki.

Summer break let today and so work resumed for me. Actually work resumed last week for the teachers but we Corpers didn’t show till this week.


I had been kinda ZERO in my feelings about resumption, NOT because I don’t like my job (The heck I do) but I just zeroed everything school because I wanted to have a proper holiday abeg.

I work in different capacities… I am in charge of the Alumni body (almost all of them are abroad) acting as liaison between them and the school. I also work sometimes as a Front desk (the Alumni desk is in the reception so…) and then I cover for some subjects sometimes (Sociology, Government, English and Literature).

20130902_092505 (we usually dress UP especially for Front desk but I really was not psycehd for work this week hence my flats and simple look)

Overall, the work is fun. Most of the teachers like me and I am seen as the Principal’s baby because I ride with her daily. The Corpers I work with are cool too.

Now our main front desk is on mat. leave and I guess I would have to now be fulltime here (I expect them to get a proper replacement though because front desk needs a full time staff).


This morning, waking up was the HARDEST part. Ugh… Too sad. I whined and whinged. But hey, I had to drag my butts up, pray and shower as early as 5am. Ugh!!! I decided against going with my ride today as I knew I would be not-too-cheery company and my Princy likes to chat. So I took the BRT because I wanted to sleep all the way…

I slept past my stop but thankfully, where the BRT finally stopped me was also a favorable place. Whoop!!! Got to Phase 1 at a few minutes past 7.

I had pschyed myself to smile and give plenty handshakes, E’ hugs (female) and side hugs (males) today to the staff amidst all the ‘You look good, How was your summer? Etc’. Then I was prepared for the students drama too… with tales of where and where they went to and of course the groaning of those who didn’t travel.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the new students and new parents who had come to see their sweetie settle down (especially the JSS1). Oh my!!! The joy and pride of having your kid in secondary school is so beautiful. The first parent asked me to please direct her baby as to where to go to. I promptly handed her to a prefect and got into the reception. Oh brother!!! The exchange of pleasantries started. My teeth was permanently like this… I stood up severally to hug people. For some, I jumped up to hug them. One IT staff who is such a sweetheart I couldn’t even shake cos he is Muslim. But he was all smiles because his wifey had out to bed last week. He practically was carrying his baby’s picture on his head…

Such joy…

I had to suggest he take a paternity leave. Cos I felt his head was too in the clouds to work. But no dice for him jor…

I settled in to get some paper work done with his company while the assembly was going on… I really don’t like joining them for that and thankfully I don’t have to. But I hear all they say from the reception. Today’s assembly was particularly winding…

Parents keep coming in and out to pay fees and stuff, teachers keep coming to ask or one thing or the other, sometimes bribing me loool (One just said I should consider my lunch for the week taken care of if I help him do stuff…), My director of studies who is Indian and doesn’t tolerate slacking of any sorts already asked me if I rang the bell (the bell is just beside my desk) even before he did all the pleasantries with me. Loooool. Regaling me with his Indian vaycay. His wife too came around for a quick hug…


Assembly over… Barrage of children out with all the ‘Good morning ma, Good morning Miss E’, etc’

I need to get work done. Today, DAY ONE, is a tres busy day… I am swamped already…


For one, see those papers there. They are CVs for last month. And they won’t sort themselves out by themselves…

Then I have to do a headcount of the students to get a rough estimate for the caterer. Kai, I will just target when they are in class so that the hugs and greetings will be less…

Good to be back. I LOVE MY JOB!!!



This evening my #AttitudeO’Gratitude finale will be up. Watch this space…

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 14

Loud yawn…
But I must blog…
Double yawn*


But of course, we have cause to be grateFULL
Ok, today has been intense…
My girl is getting married tomorrow
My Sapphire of life
And we have been here and there and everywhere.
But we have had plenty FUN…
Like major fun…


She’s like the first of my real close friends getting married… And I’m her right hand girl…
Moved in today to her place.
Till thursday
More gist and pix later
For now, let’s be grateful
1. My phone. Started acting up like 3days ago… Took it right back to samsung office cos twas under warranty… They wanted me to turn it in for 5days or so. Taa gbafuo… Guess whose phone started working? Yup mine. At least one problem was fixed. Actually 2. Whoop. Here’s me thanking in advance for the third pee that would be fixed… Whoop.
2. Favor all the way… Had a few purchases to make and stuff to do finally before the wedding. Nails, lashes, accessories, and stuff. I’m thankful for the cash that made all that possible.
3. Time out with the Sapphire…
Tz such a joy to be with this girl. Running errands and tying up last minute stuff. And her boo who joined us for a while.


The gist plenty… Every detail amazing… I’m just grateful for her jare. And I love her to smithereens. Too much.
Oh and some parent played away. I insist. This chic is my twin. We even did the same style of nails without planning it… you need to see the drama we pulled at country club when we realised. See na…


4. The airport that is finally open in bonny island with direct flights to lag and abuja twice a day… Whoop. When bj told me after he got the memo, we were both overjoyed. Usually, I do air land and sea to visit him. Now all I’ll need to do is hop on a plane and wham, I’m in bonny island…
5. Oh my bestie Valerie got redeployed today!!! Yay!!! From Abia state to Oyo state. Yay NYSC… I’m so happy she’s closer home now abeg. She can pop in and outta lag to visit and I too…


Aint nothing like having a bestie next door… Nothing!!!
I’m so happy for you Sug. And my love for you eh… Indescribable…
Ok dolls, that’s all for now…
Lemme go back to gisting with the Sapph.



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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 7

What a glorious day…
On a scale of 1 to 10, today gets a 50!!!
What an absolutely FAB day!!!
By 12noon, I had enough testimonies and stuff to be grateful for…
But I had to chill till now… Bad idea… Cos I’m drop dead tired right now but the show must go on…
Plus there are people actually waiting to read and/or finish me if I miss a day…

Talk about a taste of my own medicine…
Well, ok, I was really angry this morning…
I read Pastor M’s blog… The latest post there upset me. You need to know how angry I was. I just shut down and made up my mind not to be reading tuesday dilemma posts early in the morning again…
Seriously I am not being dramatic.
That mail was just wrong. It broke my heart to know that there are still girls like that…
Ok just follow the link to her blog and read Dilemma Tuesday…
I’ll drop the link at the end of my post.  Read mine first. Because you will be too upset to return here after reading that post
Save that dilemma hitch, I had a super fabulous day… Everybody should have days like I had on a regular.
Ok, let’s talk gratitude…
Day 7
1. So I dragged myself for monthly clearance today being the last day.
Last time I was there, my file was missing. Too much story. This month again, still not found. Long and short is that God granted me divine favor sha. Between 11 and 12noon, I was D.O.N.E with clearance. As in done…
Even my LGI was friendly today… And the other woman too. Ha ahn… I am convinced that it is because I have such a positive outlook to NYSC that it just gets easier and easier for me. I left the people I met there and before 12, I was DONE… Whoop.
I am also grateful for ‘a still small voice’ and an ‘eye opening’. You see, before I closed officially at work, my clearance letter wasn’t ready. So I had to drop by my school first and pick it up… Getting to school, madam secretary wasn’t yet on seat and wasn’t picking her calls… Kai!!! And I know that you gotta go early for clearance. We looked for my letter which I knew had been signed, everywhere. Whosai!!! It meant I had to sit and wait. After a while, the HS said I should turn my eyes right and the letter was right under my nose… I grabbed it and literally flew out… Ok lie. I still took some pix.
My reception was wearing a new look so I couldn’t resist. The guy that snapped me sha… #NoComment#
Oh today was just good as per NYSC clearance and stuff
2. I am grateful for new friends. I use the term ‘friend’ casually though. Maybe acquaintance is more like it. On my way to work, the guy beside me (while I was minding my business jejely) asked me a question about some technical things on my phone. I answered the ones I knew. He is a super geek, studying Computer science (which he just literally breaths) in NOUN. We got talking and stuff. When we got to CMS, we exchanged names. He asked where I lived. As I answered, the shock was too much. Dude lives right on my street!!! I mean, what are the odds??? Recently, I have been making some career plans that would involve a geek and I’m not geek so I had it in mind to look for. And God just literally dropped one right at my dormot… I mean, what are the odds…? We are definitely in business. 🙂
I also met two amazing girls at clearance. You know, with all things NYSC, you have to form a network so you are not a LASTMA. These girls and I were defo speaking the same language. And they were so sweet. Super sweet. I’m happy we connected.
Again, before 12noon…
Lemme jump to past 12 noon.
3. I went shopping today. Had a few things I had ordered for my wedding and a few adjustments I had to make. Infact, one was a HUGE one and I could only pray the client obliged me so I don’t spend more money on it. She not only obliged, she was VERY sweet about it. Whoop. The other things I had to pick up turned out real good. No stories. I’ve been largely blessed with StoryLESS Vendors and I am so grateful for that.
Aside wedding stuff, I also went to pick up personal stuff for my friends’ weddings.
Yes three of my besties are all getting married like soon. We were all doing this together till mine got moved. So I’ve moved all my energy to theirs. All their weddings involve trips outside lag, sleepovers, new dresses and of course money. So I went shopping.
In my khaki… I love shopping in them. You get off with a lot of things. Nobody hypes price for a Corper. The only annoying thing is all the calls you get…
‘Corper… Corpershun… Copa wire… Ajuwaya… Otondo… How are you!???’ Eishh… Too annoying.
Lemme share a pix of some random items…
Wanted to get Zaron eye shadow but I wasn’t sure it was original. So I did my Sleek jeje. This carribean mix is lovely. ..
Peek the rat gum. I SAW a rat in my room two nights ago. How I managed to sleep is still a mystery. How did a rat even enter the house, then climb the stairs and enter my room. Dear God, I am grateful in advance that the rat gum caught the rat. Thank you…
And yes, I bought Naija movies. I watch them, thank you very much.
See the bible too…
I lurv it… And it was cheap… 1k pere…
All my life, I’ve bought bibles from only The Fountain of life bookshop, Bible Wonderland (Alaka, yaba and tinubu square), Foodco (in Ibadan) and Lantana (Oke awo VI) only. I somehow just believe that you can’t buy a bible anywhere else. This guy had them in a wheel barrow just beside UBA house. I didn’t think it was stolen loool so I bought it. Rocked it in church today. Btw, I collect bibles. Looool. I have like a billion. Of course, I read and do them too. Bibles are so cool. Especially the cute ones…
So I’m grateful for my shopping experience today. And of course, for Jehovah that showed His Jireh part…
As I type, I’m sprawled on my bed. My feet so hurts…
4. I am so grateful for church today.
Cos I came in too tired, I didn’t deceive myself to rest first cos I would have woken at 9pm. So I got to church in plenty of time.
Yeah someone told me ‘souls are perishing’ looool
Pk’s message was WOW… He spoke about we learning how to celebrate people and be truly happy for them when they have breakthroughs and testimonies and not beef them or be offended by them. I lurv all the bible references and examples he used. Pk sha, he can make me feel like I don’t read my bible cos he’ll just take a story we know and explain it in a whole new light and WOW… The message was just sweet and serious too. And too practical. I’ll throw more light on it in a whole post… Good stuff. We can all learn from it. Church as usual was fun. My church, my Pastor and my God absolutely ROCK…
I am also grateful for the squeezy hug I got from Eky today bang in the middle of service. Eky is one of Pastor M’s Angels here… She’s really sweet. I’m happy she gave me the hug then cos after service, we didn’t see… Eky Sugar, please keep yourself well. I have plans to lock you in my house oooo.
Hmmmm to the finale… Who or what gets the spot?
Tough pick… Gotta roll the rest over… If I even get to talk about it cos tomorrow has enough too to be thankful for… This is too much fun ooo. Hope you too are being thankful ooo…
5. I am so grateful for my darling sweet Sugary Pastor Mildred Okonkwo and the testimony that is her life…
Too much to say… Too lil space. But you recall the WWW series I ran on Imela. All her issues with blood and child bearing. Of course you know she’s preggers now and in America to pop and we all miss her plenty.
She always has one good news or the other to share. Chai. Tonight, we talked about her book. December 8, the book is out!!! Chronicling her experiences while waiitng these 8years. It is a big book for which I’m thankful. I don’t want no small book ooo. I can’t wait to read it all cos she has promised not to leave any teensy weensy detail out…
Thank God DCC live streams services at so she has been following service since. You too can watch our services live. Always an experience.
Pastor M is just a mobile testimony and I’m super excited and grateful to be connected to such grace. Everytime we talk, one testimony dey drop… And I’m tapping in like BIG time ooo
Testimonies sure look FAB on you ma…
Love you mama mia and gosh, I miss you terribly.
But I’m so happy cos of the reason you are away… 😉
8years no be play. We can sacrifice 3months jor…
Of course, I am also absolutely thankful for her ‘honey’ my dear dear PK

pk pm
Great Pastors I have…
Ehen so here is the link for that Dilemma post on her blog
I’m drop dead tired…
And tomorrow 7am, we have a REFRESH retreat.
Like my boo said, ‘I like Pk ooo. He no dey spare una any holiday….’
I need the retreat abeg… So I’m looking forward to REFRESH
Oh yes, I love my Pastor.
Inthe… nominated me for a Liebster award Again!!! Whoop!!! You can peek it here and see the questions I will be answering too… By the way,

VAMPIRE Alert: please don’t throw up on your phone/system when you see a vampire in the post… Ewwwwww. Aunty, please na…
Hits the PUBLISH button and rolls over to sleep
You better publish ooo



I am having problems adding pictures from my computer. I will still post this and attempt to add from WordPress for Android. I pray it goes. So you may see this first without pictures. Check again for pictures…

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 6



Day 6…

It gets better everyday jare. I must confess. \


This series makes all the sense ooo. You really should do this if you are a Blogger. It has good effects on you and then on your blog. #Twoforthepriceofone


Before I begin, lemme shalla to all my partners-in-gratitude… The offline ones. Daily I hear one sweet thing or the other from the gratitude journal. Peeps be making DELIBERATE attempts to be thankful. Whoop… Keep speaking Sweeties. It is afterall our dialect. I didn’t even know it would be such a hit when I started it. I just loved  menoword ‘s own and I stole the idea and formed a tag team.

Shout out to the Bloggers who are starting theirs next month. As the unanimous President General of the GRATEFUL BLOGGERS association, I will be watching. If you miss a day eh… E’ will be all over you like garlic…


Ok let’s roll


1. today began for me on a major low. I woke up very tetchy and borderline teary. Something tipped me and in the split of a second I had gone from zero to 100 in tears. Ah, I bawled and bawled and bawled into my towel.

Woman crying head in hands

Oh oh oh!!! I just thought of all the many places I would rather be than here. Chei… I was supposed to go for NYSC clearance today. I cancelled. Clearance ko… I was downnnnnnnn. I felt caged, boxed up. I had a lot of time on my hands and had many things I wanted to do but was doing NONE. Ah, I have never repeated the phrase ‘…This is NOT me. What is wrong with me?’ so much before. Looooooooool. Ehen please you guys don’t get your pity on yet ooo. Between my Rev


and my Boo,


I felt better again. They prayed with and for and talked to me. Gave me feel-better tips looool. So I am very grateful for people who can offer a shoulder and an ear when I need them. I felt better. And I still feel better. True… looool. And that set the tone for my number 2…

2. finally, today I got to tidy up an article I was to send to Abuja. Before today, I had an emotional bloc that led to a writer’s block.

Me? Eziaha? I hardly shoot deadlines ooo. I can be Mrs Miss Diligent. But I had shot a few. I was happy that the ‘release’ came and I shook off the rut, destroyed the box and stepped into the E’ stage again…

I even updated my iSeeGreen blog which life didn’t let me update in a while. I am grateful that I have started writing again… whoop.

So if you know any Corper or young person, introduce them to That blog is an inspiration and it did inspire me today too. I loved the reaction it generated on Twitter as it was RT’ed by some NYSC Twitter Ogas at the top. Young people sha, especially in Nigeria. May God deliver us from our apathy, amen…

3.   I got this absolutely lovely email from one of my blog readers today.

She just had a baby so she had stopped commenting for a while. She sent me this beautiful email that was just dripping with love. I would have shared with you but she said it was ‘between me and you’ looooool. Thanks for your sweet words nne. I have read your reply and I will re-reply soon. I love all the testimonies she shared with me especially on her own gratitude series and what good God is always up to. I am deliriously happy for you Sweerie and just one day, we will see, amen. And I also love that she is reading my partners-in-gratitude’s blogs too Giantsparkle and Lizzie as she mentioned them. I hope we are reading ooo cos I usually look forward to reading their posts before I sleep. Especially when I make the list of people someone is grateful for (I promise. I am not vain)

4.   I am grateful for laughter.

Kai this evening, I laughed like a drunk. Chei!!! First it was my boo yabbing me. I would have shared details with you but how do I do that without embarassing myself? Lemme keep what is left of my dignity please. What Bolaji and Tani have left of it. After Bolaji, it was now Tani’s turn. Her voice notes got me laughing eh. Chai… lemme just say one thing that nicely sums it all up… ‘With all these GSM Networks in Nigeria, awoof dey run belle, Nothing is osho free o so better steer clear or ask a lot of questions before you jump in lest you are BURNT like I almost was today’ Tani actually threatened me that she will spill on my blog. Nne, the floor is yours… Enjoy… Afterall, I am not the only person that likes oshofree… :p… And just so you know, you are NOT gulit-less… What goes around comes arounder…
Oh but I am grateful for laughter… I got overdosed tonight. Such a balance. Seeing how the day started…

5. I am grateful for friends who can go out of their ways to meet a need for you. Due to all my phone drama today, I had run outta cash at hand and needed credit at different times. I was stuck at home alone too. First Valerie who sent me double of what I asked of. She had to go far to buy it ooo. So sweet Love. Thanks. Then Tani who after laughing decided to help me a second time. Then my darling Biola who also sent me though he didn’t necessarily have to as na me cause the ‘wahala’. It is not easy to have friends who can just be sweet ooo. I have them in trailer loads. Friends and Pastors. Chukwu gozie unu…

Now let me see what pictures I can attach to this post to make it living and breathing and happy and colorful and ………………………

I didn’t take any pix today. Yes there are days like that… there was nobody to snap me I just didn’t feel like…

So I will add old ones…
This I took Sunday in church with the Cheech…

Fill your journal before you sleep ooo. Or at best let the LORD hear your voice say stuff you are thankful for to Him before you sleep…


Good night Lurvzzzz



kendra 073b08d6-6dc2-4ac9-b9ce-8f8aa2806b6e

See my baby Kendra has my pose… Diche my darling, you see… #SuperStarPose#

Kendra is MK’s baby… By now you should know MK and SOUND OF HEAVEN.


MK is such a star ooo. I should totally hook him down for an interview or video for my blog too on SOUND OF HEAVEN… Water Walker, is that a bad idea? Looool. Mk has gone from DSTV


To Wazobia FM

@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_--

then a rally all for SOUND OF HEAVEN…By our choir

Publicity TRI (1) TRI SOH publicity (1)

NO COMMENT ON THE PICTURES PLEASE… TRI sha… loool. Every one is going all out for Mk. remember you can download one of his songs Arugbo ojo here and have a lil slice of heaven

Woooooot… I can’t wait mehn… I will still do a complete post on Sound of heaven so that you can know why I am super excited. By that time, I MUST have a picture I took with the real MK please ha ahn…

20130804_170632 (sha manage this one)

Date remains 25;08;2013 Sunday 4pm… Heaven will kiss the earth that day, I promise. 1k and you too will experience it. Dear Victory Dome, I Hope you can take the crowd ooo. Please people come early ooo…


I just got another picture to add to this. My booski Dumebi who has had my picture up since Saturday just put up another…


Oh yea. I am royalty…And so are you…

Nne, I am glad I know you… Can’t wait to start my A.S.A.B.A holiday and see my other parents… hehehe… Muah…


I have other stuff I am grateful for today ooo. I will roll it over to tomorrow.

Chukwu di ebube…


Train up a child in the way he should go… Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it…(Prov 22;6)

Like most of you know, I am serving in a secondary school in Lagos.


Recently, we held our valedictory service



(yup teachers have to wear the gown too so that is a fellow Corper Nwanneka and myself…) and the Valedictorian WOWED me.


Young stubborn lively boy. Dusted his whole class. Best in almost all the ‘serious’ subjects.. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further maths, English, Biology, gbo gbo e. I must have teared up a bit especially when at some point, he got a standing resounding ovation and the Principal  called up his mother and father to stand with him and hold all his MANY awards on stage. Proud moment for his momma especially. His brother passed out two years ago and he too was Valedictorian.

At first, I thought THIS MUST RUN IN THE FAMILY.

Second thought, I knew NOPE… This thing was learnt abeg. There is something we all don’t know in this story. But I concluded that his momma or both parents had A LOT to do with his academics. I was VERY sure they must have been VERY INVOLVED. Then I listened to his speech. He confirmed my thoughts. I got home and told my sister about his awards and the ovation and honor. I hadn’t even mentioned his parents involvement and the first thing she says is ‘I need to speak to that boy’s mom. His academic exploits have NOTHING to do with the school or the teachers as much as it has to do with his parents mom.’ Spot on right. We both thought the same thing. Cos we had been involved a lot in training her kids, homework and all.

‘…Wisdom is profitable to direct… ‘ (Eccl 10;10)

See, the responsibility of training your child can NOT be left to the teachers alone. I am super pissed when I hear a parent make a request that closing time should be made later and holidays and mid-terms should be filled with extra school activities and stuff like summer school.


A teacher cannot, should not and will NOT train your child for you like you should or will (I hope).

See eh, my sister and her husband I commend for the sort of schools they send their kids to. They open eye chose walahi. When they lived in London, they went to a Christian school where they SUMMON the parents often. My first niece’s primary school, the parents give reports on the school homework because you are expected to teach them. Hehehe.

Homework is a VERY good time to BOND with kids too.

The ones still in primary school go to a FANTASTIC one. I can’t even begin to explain how FANTASTIC the school is. But let me just recommend ‘Greenwood House school Park view estate, ikoyi Lagos’. Amazing school!!! Worth every pound penny. The standards in the school always wow me.

My teenage niece goes to another FANTASTIC catholic school. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. God led her husband there literally. He was driving through and the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to the school. The moment he entered, it was confirmed, ‘ Send your child here’. My sister don carry the chic round Nigeria for interviews and exams meanwhile the hubby already do settle that school.

Ladies, marry well ooooo.


They don’t have a boarding house because they believe that parents and teachers have to do the work together. Not only the school. You can’t just come and dump the child and go. And before your child is accepted and you pay your fees, they have a one month orientation for the parents. Every Sunday for like 3hours, you come to be trained. If you don’t want, keep it moving. They have to tell you what is expected of you as your child dey their school. And in that school, YOU CAN REPEAT despite the fees loooool. Once a politician came to spit fire cos they said his child would repeat. Threatened to withdraw the child. They stood their ground. Guess who brought the child back the next session. Most elite schools, you don’t repeat ooo. #Nuffsaid


By the way, the school is run by a sect of the Catholic church and the BOYS ONLY is WHITESANDS School, lekki. Give it to Catholiics, most of them know how to run businesses and schools. Stayed in a Catholic hostel in school. Standards, IMPECCABLY HIGH.

I have made up my mind oooooooo. God and I are doing this CHILD-training business together and the wisdom for it all I am receiving. I don’t wanna dump my twins on anyone. I wanna be involved. Very involved. My husband and I. it sure pays.

Here is another reason why you need a SUPER STAR WUNDERKIND kid. You can save the school fees for more important other stuff lol. Fees at my school ranges from 1.2m to 2m per term. The dude was on FULL scholarship for almost his entire school year. And he just got admitted to Uni on scholarship. Hehehe.

A wise son make a glad father (and mother)… (Proverbs 15;20, Proverbs 10;1)

Abeg, be wise eh… start early.

Cheers to an AMAZING time raising SUPER STAR kids…