Iznur Perznal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

Mehn, this past Sunday was one of my best Sunday’s this year. 

First of all, i attended the Island centre which i prefer (cos it reminds me of Abuja), then I loooooooooooved my look, PC was on the mic for worship, praise, choir ministration and then worship again, 

Me and Pc. Me and his wife Rema

Pastor K preached a banging good delicious message

and then my darling darling Pastor M got to pray for me from her heart.

Oh and I got to catch up with my DCC Bestie Dr Adaora. 

She’s super precious mehn!!! Loveeeeee her. 

Ok I was also one of the last to leave church, but aren’t we supposed to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives??? Loooooool.

Ok, you see, I attend the most amazing church in the world. David’s Christian Centre. Every Sunday in church, I’m just like 

I’m going to transcribe the message for my FAB fam’ 

but the legit cares of Monday make me forget that dream. Lol.

 Message transcribing ko easy ooo but see a few i have transcribed here… (oops looks like i took that link out. Ugh.)

But you see this one PK preached on Sunday, I can’t NOT share. It WON on every level, I won’t even lie.


My Pastor so fly!!!

So as is my custom, I came home and in my Bible time the next morning, I shelved my current study, to go deeper with the Word from church.


PK preached on ‘It’s not personal’ and when I checked his reference of Romans 12, my delicious Max Lucado Study Bible had a sub-title which is where my second Post title came from… Behave Like a Christian.


I want to do a *drop mic* moment but I don’t think that would fly so let’s hold the mic and preeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (With PK)


It is NOT Personal so BEHAVE like a Christian!!!

We need to free ourselves from our own self-importance yo. Most of the attacks that we have, whether on or off social media, is NOT really aimed at us. We are caught in the crossfire of something. Maybe someone’s bad day, bad manners, past, present, family challenges, sickness, etc. We need to STOP taking things so personal.

Err, we really are NOT that important (ouch), so stop putting too much stress on your emotions, wondering why this person talked to you this way, or behaved to you that way. Sometimes people are just hurting and hurting people have nothing else to give but hurt and pain. We can’t respond to every bad word/behaviour that comes our way.


You stop and respond to everything? Honey, you gon’ run slower!!! And ain’t noborry got time to run slower.

The worst part is even that in this ‘game of life’, just as in football, we get punished for retaliation. And Jesus alone knows how many nonsense ‘retaliation punishments‘ I have brought on myself in the past because me sef must respond!!!


Woooooh, just leave people and be running your race jeje.

Iznur nezezary!!!

Again, I am NOT that important. I am just caught in the Crossfire of those who can’t manage their emotions properly.

I know you are probably thinking

‘abeg Eziaha, what X or Y did to me was super personal abeg. No cross fire nada. She meant me start to finish…’

No baby!!!

Like you, I was arguing in and with myself as PK was preaching but as I brought up scenario after scenario with my Jesus, He explained to me how it really was NOT about me true true.

Side note: Does anyone, like me, consider herself closer to one of the Trinity that the other 2? I certainly feel closer to Jesus. Now this doesn’t make any spiritual sense but humour me. Like, of course I’m obsessed with all 3, but baby, gimme my Jesus all day err’day.

Ok let’s continue.

Another time to tell yourself that eez nur perznal is when people leave your life. Ah, tz tempting to think

‘ah, what did I do? Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe the person/church/boss/ministry they left me for is better, etc’.


Devil is a tensioner sha. People come and go from our lives for various reasons. It may have been a seasonal relationship or they are just being humans, who move on when they think I have nothing more to offer. No need to take it personal. Those that will stay in my life will stay and those that must go will go. God is the only constant K and I must never forget that.

Tz just like me in my weight loss biz, if someone says ‘Oh I tried Eziaha 3 times and it didn’t work, then I moved to Shredder and it worked’ , that has to be fine by me. It is not PERSONAL. I have to know that in this life, some people will be better than me and I will be better than some. That’s not a problem. I don’t start feeling like I am nonsense Fitness Coach, or start beefing Shredder or the Chick. Honey, go where it works for you mehn. I have my market, and everyone has theirs.

Another time not to take things perznal is when people start praising you. Lol. We really need to be like Jesus. The Bible says in John 2 v 24 that when the crowd were hailing him, He didn’t ENTRUST Himself to them because He knew all men. Humans can be fickle, and by humans I MEAN YOU AND I. If I start living off people’s nods and cheers, taking it perznal, when they take it away, I will now start feeling crushed and empty. It was never about me in the first place. It really is about God so even when the commendations come, we give it to Jesus and keep it moving please.

So now that we have established that it is NOT personal, how do we behave like a Christian?

Romans 12
So after I have freed myself from my own self importance, I am free enough to
1. Bless those who are cruel in their attitude towards you. Bless and curse not. Leave retaliation for unbelievers. Preserve the grace on your life. You and I are on a different journey boo. 
2. Rejoice with them that rejoice. Let me bring it home. So a client leaves me to Shredder Gang, and then loses weight like crazy, badmouths me, and Shredder posts her transformation pictures. Gurl!!! I’ma be all up on Shredder’s page liking and commenting. No time ooo. Eez nur perznal (no matter how personal the Chick wants it to be.). I’m on a different journey. 

Side note: Shredder is my sis or in her words ‘bessfren’ lol. 

The examples are just what they are- EXAMPLES!!! Don’t be thinking NOTHING love. 
3. Mourn with those who mourn. Share in their grief. Grief don’t have to be that someone died. Maybe something bad befalls someone who has done you dirty. Tz not time to be like ‘yes, good for her. God is fighting for me, etc…’

Stop that nonsense (Eziaha). ‘Mourn’ and really mean it. 

You are on a different journey and can’t afford such nansense!!!!
4. Do not be haughty or look down on people. And that’s the nansense that happens when you start feeling important. Hiss!!! Small blezzing on my life and I suddenly can’t relate with people of lower esyeem? Phew. You used to take bus and bike then God blesses you with a car and you can NOT understand that not taking a bus/bike is NOT an option for some people. Don’t lose touch with the reality of others below me. Readily adjust where need be. Infact, my Bible says we should not be snobbish, high-minded or exclusive!!!! I looooove that. EXCLUSIVE!!! Jesus was inclusive and never exclusive. Who I am? Hiss. Like PK said, truly great people wanna see others elevated too, so they help them up. That’s what Christian behavior is, not ‘gali gali’
5. Be not wise in my own eyes, or pride. 

Gurl!!! I’m bout’a go in here with the Spirit of Shut up which I am very familar with. You see, I constantly tell myself ‘Eziaha, you are not the smartest or wisest. You can ACTUALLY be wrong…’ so I have to be fine with letting others have different opinions and views. It doesn’t make me stupid. It makes me mature. I state my point, and fiiiiiiiii leeeeeee!!! Leave it!!! People have a right to see things different than me. Tz not personal at all. 

The Spirit of Shut up, baby!!!
6. Oh the final one is the real deliverance. 

As much as it depends on you, live in peace with all men.

 Yawl know some people like strife and wahala. No matter what you do, they come for your life and existence. Practice 1 to 5 above where applicable and just let it drop. They can bark and even but you dun currrrr. You are not taking bait. We are Christians so we behave like Christians. And we even pray for them cos tz obvious they broken!!!! 
So as I prepared this post, I chanced on a convo in a group I am in (Sisterhood). Someone, in tryna explain how petty and competitive Chicks can get, said that just like Funto’s event now in Abuja, someone will probably do a social media/ blogpost after and be like…

E’s fire is more than Funto’s…’

‘It was only Funto’s session that blessed me. The rest were just ‘there’, bla bla

I laughed. Funto is also in the Sisterhood btw. 

Sisterhood Chicks

I totally understand such statements. Sadly some are said with wrong intents and motived, but we don’t even have the time to take it personal. It is OK for Funto to bless you and mine is ‘just there’ and vice-versa. Tz OK for you to like Eziaha more than Funto. We all can’t reach everyone the same way. 

Funny Chris and Beth discussed this on Periscope as they went for LoveLife conf where both were Ministering. 

Beth was like tz OK, just make sure you get blessed. I laughed when they said in the coffee shop at the airport, two different people came up to each of them and requested for a picture from one and not the other. 2 different people did that to both of them, and they just laughed abourrit. 
Chris was like the person who comes up for a pic will legit tell the other ‘oh no, never mind’ looool.

I mean, I like who I like!!! Doesn’t reduce the other’s anointing. 

Nothing personal. 

Let’s stop putting undue pressure on our emotions. 

You are not that important and IT is NOT personal. 

Christian behavior, anyone?



You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned




Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by LISA HARPER.



I also love the example Lisa gave of her friend who plops down in the Coffee shop for a meeting, right after she drops her kids off, only to realize she is wearing two different pairs of socks, and how she explains that sometimes running after Jesus is that way. We are EXHAUSTED yes, but we are HAPPY because we are giving our race our all.

Mehn, if anyone tells you that you will NOT get road weary just because you are on the right path, and running after Jesus, THEY LIED BIG TIME!!!

You are probably about to go Isaiah 40:31 on me, because ‘…those that wait on the Lord shall NOT GROW WEARY…’

Yup, but back up a bit, it says they shall RENEW their strength. The term RENEW goes to show that at some point, strength was depleted.

On this journey, there will be many ROAD-WEARY moments. Moments where you just DESPERATELY NEED A TOP-UP of not just strength, but Joy, Peace, Wisdom, etc., so that when you have been renewed, you can continue to RUN HARD, IN YOUR LANE, AFTER JESUS, giving your race YOUR absolute ALL!!!

So practically, how do we TOP UP when we get road weary?

For me, two ways especially

  1. I pull back totally and take a RETREAT.

“…And He said to them, “Come away with Me privately to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while…” Mark 6:31

Oh life can get into such a buzz and blur, with many things happening at once that you need to ‘come away with Jesus’ every now and then, before you  burn out. I didn’t even know Jesus said these words verbatim, I just know that one morning as I prayed, I heard God tell me ‘Come away with me…’ and then I continued to hear a replay in my Spirit.

And I’m glad I obeyed and took 3 days off for a personal retreat, because I TRULY needed that time with Him, both to refresh and then DOWNLOAD too.

So yup, I take a retreat whenever i get Road-weary.

  1. I go fellowship WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

I love me my Spiritual gatherings yo!!! And for the purpose of this Post, let’s stick to CHICK ONLY gatherings like LOVE LIFE which I blogged about here


I mean, there is just something about Chicks coming together in worship, word and just general fellowship that refreshes and strengthens us. Hebrews 10v25 talks about ‘…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…’ I am convinced that these gatherings just help to refresh ROAD-WEARY travellers.


I love that Joyce Meyer Ministries calls it THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR…


Because when Chicks gather ANYWHERE and Jesus is there, IT IS A PARTY yawl!!! Whether it is to Praise, Pray, Worship or just Laugh, it is A COMPLETE TURN UP.

I am talking ‘clubs-ain’t-got-nada-on-us’ kinda PARTAY!!! And yawl know when you attend a good PARTAY, you may feel physically exhausted but your Spirit and Soul is ANOTHER LEVEL HIGH, and soon, even your body catches up.

But this is NOT about Joyce’s LOVE LIFE, this is about Mildred’s BEAUTIFUL. (Any reason to side-by-side Joyce&Mildred)


BEAUTIFUL is the theme of this year’s annual JUST US GIRLS Conference hosted by my Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo. If anyone knows how to organize a CHICK PARTY, Pastor M does!!! Just check the recap of IMELA out.


I am talking Praise, Worship, Prayer, Fun, Comedy, Gifts, etc.; Pastor M goes the whole 9 yards and then some.

From MANNERS conference

From MANNERS conference

I have more details about BEAUTIFUL in this Post Guest Ministers and all…


I just feel it in my Spirit that this is one meeting God has called to REFRESH His ROAD WEARY travellers.


Chicks who are just doing what God has told them to do, keeping the faith, running hard in their lanes, giving their best, and living for Jesus, even with the current realities in the Land of Promise, Nigeria, today.

tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard on city road

I know living in Nigeria can wear us out and even get discouraging but hey, whatever the case or your current situation is, we all need that PUMP to get us back on track and going.

Life is STILL but a vapour so every single minute counts.

Road weary? Phew!!! I certainly am, in a good way. So I am thankful for the timing AND the theme of this conference.

Let’s REFRESH and REFUEL so that we can end the race on a HIGH!!!



Oh and even if you are NOT road-weary, just come and have FUN!!!


Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh, and clean jokes sef.


Or who doesn’t like a Party where PC is going to be roc’in da mic…


Plus HE IS NOW MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay!!!


Congrats PC and Rem…


God make your marriage BEAUTIFUL, pun intended of course!!!

See you TOMORROW  at BEAUTIFUL and hey, feel free to say HI if you see me.




Yes, please!!!


I’m on a roll today so see you in a bit with a Post called The ‘Hurri’ CAINE!!! Anybody guess what it will be about? Lol

Happy weekend boo,




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And thanks to everyone who has taken the pains to send me a review. Super thankful. God bless us all.

And oh, you did NOT miss me on Rhythm on Wednesday night, did you?


Gosh!!! I had a blast and i got incredibz feedback. I particularly swooned when the callers said ‘This girl is very knowledgeable about what she is saying…’

I just REALLY thank God for EVERYTHING!!! Like that interview went FAR and WIDE!!! Jesus tank Sah!!! It has been FIVE months of CoachE’ and God has really blown me away as per media exposure.






The second video for Stay at Home moms is up

I have had the craziest feedback from this videos and I wish i could tell EVERY single SAHM just HOW POWERFUL that season is. Please share with Domestic Queens you know. Thanks. Even watching it all over again is PUMPING me up!!! Group Hug for all we SUPER HOUSEWIVES please!!!



Just random pictures from this Morning

1 Hubby and myself lol


He now starts yabbing me how i was as heavy as an elephant before and even my leg, to lift them alone was like olumo rock, but today HE TOTALLY LOVES the way i look. Like i mentioned in my book, He never yabbed me once, but today ehn, it is like he was saving the yabis. LOL

2 We had to add KingDaveed


Hubs has FINALLY admitted that he looks like me!!! Yay!!! Anyone know any bank where i can exchange that info for 150,000USD?

3 I snapped with a giant today lol


I usually hear ‘Oh for a woman, you are tall’. Today i heard, ‘Oh for a NIGERIAN woman, you are tall’


If i could get to the middle of his skull, i would have knocked him. Hahaha.

Ok let me get to writing my HurriCAINE post!!!


You know, I am building my own Book reader App THE FAB E’ BOOK app (which by the way is costing me an arm, a leg and 2 uteruses lol) and after we reached an agreement, the last thing I told her (Yup, I am using a techy female GEEK) was 

‘…I LOVE colours. I am a super sanguine, so let the colors pop and let it be BEAUTIFUL!!!’

Sisters, I am all about THAT BEAUTIFUL LIFE yo!!!

I have even been accused of favouring finer Chicks over fine Chicks hahahahaha. Like, can you imagine? I won’t even answer that accusation, but I would say that I can hardly see a drop dead BEAUTIFUL Chick and NOT compliment her. Either her, or something she has on, or a BEAUTIFUL quality I admire in/about her.

My GORG  bestie and Mercy Lokulotu photobombed us

There is just something BEAUTIFUL about being a woman, that makes compliments like ‘i LOVE your cheek bones’ never awkward…We held our very FIRST Propel Lagos meet on Saturday, 

and I recall being kinda blown away by the beauty of 2 of the Chicks I was meeting for the first time. as I hugged them, I was sure to tell them emphatically ‘Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful’ more than once.

Which is why, it is easier to get me to attend an ALL Chick meeting than a meeting with some testosterone (shout out to my male readers tho. One love mehn haha)

I am so thankful that we never run out of Chick only events. I think God just leaves everything and camps with His Chicks whenever we gather to call upon His name. Aside blessing us with spiritual AND material blessings, He blesses us with the gift of humans!!! Follow Girlfriends. I still recall Warrior in Heels. Kai!!! Do you guys know it was after that meeting I started SavedFitnFAB? 

All because I heard DDK say ‘Apostles in the Market place?’ Do you know how much DDK has changed my life? Do you even know the ripple effect of that meeting as per the many other relationships the prayers birthed there has brought my way? (if you listened to the mesages ddk preached, you would have heard all the prophecies she dropped. My Spirit can’t stop thanking my Pastor Mildred for both organising that meeting, and then insisting I meet DDK. You know, God truly does LOVE his daughters and I know He drops BEAUTIFUL gifts when we gather to worship Him. Material gifts and Gifts of Sisters. It doesn’t always happen immediately BUT something drops in your Spirit, teaches you just how to pray, directs your life and brings you to your Squad, both Teachers, Helpers and Covenant Friendships. 

Then can we talk about the BEAUTIFUL refreshing that happens to your Spirit when in such gatherings. Just sisters, lifting up HOLY hands in worship of Jesus!!!! 

Not gossiping or being catty. Just pure fellowship!!! Dunno about yawl but where Chicks gather in worship of Jesus, and when the Host is Mildred Okonkwo, the darlingest Pastor I know, wild horses can’t keep me away as long as I am around ooo. See ehn, if I’ve seen God beautify a life, Pastor M’s life is it!!! 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with Pastor M!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL and honey, i’m not even talking the obvious physical. I’m talking the beauty within. The grace mama carries, the results mama has, the helpers mama has, the ministry mama has, oh the FAITH Mildred Okonkwo has is BEAUTIFUL!!! 

From infertile to THREE kids!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

And so when she shared the theme for this year’s annual Just us Girls conference, I knew God is definitely ready to make His girls BEAUTIFUL!!! 

You have my permission to do whatever to be there. (err, legit sha). I don’t even know why Beautiful is NOT tomorrow!!! Or even now!!! Gosh!!! Ah!!! 

Yes these AMAZING people above will be there but who cares??? Jesus will be there guys!!! JESUS!!!!

  J E S U S!!!

The One who makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in its time. The testimony giver, the way maker, the destiny changer, the friend-provider!!! The One who can change your story in a split second and make your life BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh sweet Lord baby Jesus. 

I. Can. NOT. Wait!!! 

No, seriously. Forget about your challenges and just come. Infact, bring them and come exchange it for BEAUTIFUL gifts. And if your life is already beautiful, AMEN!!! Now let’s take that beauty to the next level so you can impact your world with even more beauty. It is this Saturday 24th at 4.30pm. A touch of Pink is dress code but hey, come as you are if you don’t have pink!!! 

Oh and that thing I said above about ‘who cares?’ err, I care about the other BEAUTIFUL people coming abeg. 

Let’s look closely now…


Yawl know I have a spiritual crush on PC (sory Remarhed lol) Heaven usually kisses earth when PC ministers. 

Yesterday as He ministered in Church, God knows I just got lost for a minute or 10. 

How. Can. Anyone. Be. So. Anointed??? Was looking for brother man to get a hug but he disappeared soon after. 

Come, you will see what I’m saying when you hear PC. 

And oh Accapella!!! 

Not many comedians have got me rolling like him. Clean and funny jokes? Count me ALL IN please. 

Oh and the guest minister Pastor Jerry Eze???


 Just bring your journal cos heavens will open!!! 

Clear out your Saturday guys. 

See you at BEAUTIFUL cos honey that’s where Jesus will be… Yes. And AMEN!!! 

Love love love and remain BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Eziaha. (& my BEAUTIFUL Pastor K)

our first Propel meet held on Saturday. 

See ehn, God is too good!!! This is really a great time to be a Woman. I’m sharing bits from it on IG and all my social media accounts. @eziaha on IG and Eziaha.com page on Facebook. Phew!!! 

Definitely BEST time to be a Woman. 
Don’t worry, the second lagos Chapter is starting next month. This first is already at capacity… email propel@eziaha.com

PPS: my 6k promo is still on. 

Time to burn fat before Christmas. Once I hit a 100 Chicks, I’m stopping. Hurry guys. And super thanks to all my friends and blog readers who just carry my matter on their head and referring Clients. 

God bless yawl.  

Oh and im working on Christmas pressies for my December squad. 

Yawl wanna turn up then…

PPPS: My book is still on FIRE!!! 

Email ebook@eziaha.com or drop a comment with your email and get your free copy. (Oh btw i need a GOOD graphic artist. Tnx guys)


Can yawl believe it? 5years of blogging. Gosh the Lord is so super good. Thank God for booming stats too. And thanks to all my mentees who help me out with social media publicity. Phew, to birth and nurture a dream truly takes a village!!! Thankful for my Village!!!


I got back from church to this message from my mentee. She had been offline a while… This was a convo she started on her own…

I doubled up in laughter. Hahahahaha.
Can i be frank guys? Comments are AWESOME and i LOVE them but mehn, i write for more than comments. I write to BLESS AND CHANGE the lives of my readers. And mehn, THANK YOU for living for Jesus even more cos of my posts. He is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Comment when you can tho, love the feedback, but beyond the comment, LIVE IT just as i am…

Purpose, Seasons and a GIANTSLAYER TURNS ONE!!!


It was Wednesday, September 16, 2015 when I started noticing a tiny, almost negligible growth right on his lower inner left eye. Slowly but surely, it continued to grow till it was SO OBVIOUS.


crazy I don’t have a picture but this was how it was

People would always ask ‘what happened to his eye?’ and everytime I would say NOTHING!!! Finally, I decided to take him to the hospital and their diagnosis just annoyed me. There were too many big names thrown around and we were passed from doc to doc until we ended with TWO consultants and err, surgery would be the solution right after they had done tests on the growth to determine what kinda growth it was, and then we were finally referred to LUTH.

Wooooooh, I just carried my baby and went home. Tests ko, LUTH ni. That was when I decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Nobody is knocking my baby out with any general anaesthetic and putting him under the knife to take out this stupid growth that kept increasing. I decided it was time to WAR. EVERY DAY, MORNING AND NIGHT, I would anoint that growth and speak to it, cursing it and commanding it to shrink and die from its roots and NEVER to come back. I also laid the referral letter before God and declared that I would NEVER have to use it. I speak over it everytime and for a long time, I did not notice ANYTHING. NO REDUCTION, nothing!!! Because I was always checking it everytime and I noticed it was even increasing. I decided to STOP looking at it aside that anointing. A long time passed and then one day, I noticed it was going down. I didn’t stop my confessions and anointing for about five months and then one day, almost like magic, I noticed that the growth was COMPLETELY GONE!!! (You see why i say you should stay consistent in fighting?) Azzin, COMPLETELY. As I rejoiced, God told me

‘…don’t you know you have a GIANT SLAYER on your hands…I mean, we are talking GIANTS here so what’s a STUPID growth?…’


You see guys, mothering KingDaveed has brought me joy unspeakable but what I really wanna highlight is how God used this GIANT SLAYER to just propel me into PURPOSE!!!


I realised i was pregnant at the same time I started my job with the UN. I stopped work and had to relocate from Abuja for reasons connected to his birth. My goodness, I was one heck of a DEPRESSED and FRUSTRATED mama. Yes I LOVED being a mom but my goodness, I HATED the fact that I was giving up a career of my dreams and all my friends were just moving forward and here I was stuck with diapers and breast pumps. Look guys, it was HARD. I cried a whole lot. I look back today and I am soooooo thankful I had KingDaveed just came into my life and reroute me from living a life that was anything BUT His PERFECT WILL. Gosh, I am sooooo thankful that I do not even KNOW what to do!!! All those days I spent being NOTHING but a mom have been days that have defined my very life today.


All the things God taught and told me about my future, I WOULD NEVER KNOW IF I STILL HAD MY 8to5pm. I recall when I looked forward to going back to work and EVERYTIME it just felt like all I was seeing was God’s BACK!!! No peace, No word, nothing!!! The day I threw my will and desires out of the window, my Jesus began to speak. I began to thank God for my portion. I began to embrace the season I was in.


I began to truly enjoy being a mom, stress, meltdowns and all. I stopped all my silly comparisons with my friends in a career because I understood that what God had called them to was their business and not mine and if I chuck my nose in my purpose. I would realise I do not even have time to compare. I didn’t let any pressure from my people get to me, and there was a LOT!!!


But as KingDaveed was approaching his first birthday, I felt like God was trying to tell me something. It was fuzzy but I just knew He was set to just say something. As I prayed concerning the photoshoot I wanted to do, God told me to capture my everyday life with KingDaveed in the pictures. I was so excited about the idea and I recall sharing with my bestie Booski and she just couldn’t wait for the pictures.

That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET

That frame was a gift from Booski. LOVEEET

You need to understand that for the better part of KingDaveed’s first year, it had just been BOTH OF US. We had wayyyyyy too much memories together and God wanted me to make the shoot about it.

Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me

Yup, he went EVERYWHERE with me

And right in the middle of the shoot, God told me

Eziaha, it is time for you to move to the NEXT SEASON OF YOUR LIFE…


If I tell you I didn’t understand what God meant, I lie!!! But even then, what I knew was little and so over the next couple of weeks, God started to REALLY explain SEASONS to me, how what I thought was merely a ‘low output season’ for me was actually a HUGE part of His PERFECT PLAN. That time when my whole life was consumed with this little human here, He was in it.


Can I just take a moment to really appreciate two of my besties who would LISTEN to me as I exhausted their credit time after time just running them through what God has told me and gosh these girls would listen, make sense of it all for me, tell me how much I was ABLE to do ALL that He had told me to do. Valerie and Dumebi, you girls are ROCKSTARS!!! And I do mean ROCKS and STARS. I can’t even begin to deserve you girls. Nah!!!

And just to make sure I had the time to pursue all that He called me to do, He sent me a homehelp literally from heaven.


My lil chef

(Almost) All my routines with KingDaveed, she took over. I can wake up and just go sit before God downloading for the first 6hours of my day knowing that she got KingDaveed covered.


My prayer and prayer room partner

I can pull allnighters studying and fleshing up the business ideas God has given because I didn’t have an exhausting day. I could actually reach more ladies as God brought them to me because I didn’t have to be consumed with KingDaveed. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still spend an awful lot of time with KingDaveed

somedays, we just don't wanna smile

somedays, we just don’t wanna smile

but God had to teach me that it was OK to leave him with her and work for my new season because He was watching over him/them. Diaper changing, bathing, washing, feeding (aside breastfeeding which I intend to carry on till he is at least 1yr and half, just incase you are wondering), rocking to sleep, etc, Nkechi handles it all and that’s because God has moved me from that season. I occasionally slide in and do some of these but it is now Nkechi’s to handle.


Sometimes I wonder the direction my life would have taken if I didn’t conceive at the time I did. Would my roots have gone as deep as they are now? Would I have started my own businesses? Would I have been hearing God as I do now? Would I be working on the things I am working on now? Would I still be stuck in a season that was less than His PERFECT WILL? Would I be frustrated or nah?

Look, I am so thankful for KingDaveed for all the above and more.

My church buddy

My church buddy

KingDaveed also made me LEARN FIRSTHAND what it meant to have compassion for people with kids. Look, I am ashamed to say that I was that chick who if I was in a bus, especially when I was in school, going from Lag to Ibadan for example, I would AVOID any row that had any baby or child. I just didn’t care for children, especially if they DARED to not be still. And then there were days I would have to take a bus with KingDaveed because I really couldn’t afford to take a cab and it would HIT me!!! Imagine someone doing that to KingDaveed???


African mama


I went with KingDaveed to the market everytime when I was alone and I recalled how I wasn’t exactly nice to women who were backing their kids and carrying two or three market bags. I walked in those shoes and I LEARNED compassion. Now, I am constantly looking out for that woman who I can help in what little way or the other. I have become that chick who would quickly strike off something from my shopping list so I could be a blessing financially to some mama who REALLY needs it. I literally enter the market looking for ONE mom to help in whatever way I can. It made me soooooo thankful for what I had especially when I start to even remotely complain, because my eyes were opened to women who could BARELY even feed their kids. I mean, God used KingDaveed to give me a real perspective check.


Back to the giant slaying story. When God told me that, it stirred something in me. It stirred a GIANT in me too. I knew I couldn’t afford to stay slacking as I mother this boy. My A-game has to be on fleek, spiritually.

You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!

You best believe this boy will LOVE JESUS like crazy!!!

I had to grow. QUICKLY!!! As the last born myself, God had to teach me to make my decisions concerning MY SON as HE LED ME and not let ANYONE ELSE’s opinion affect me, NO MATTER WHO. It meant I had to really download from heaven concerning XYZ before my mom’s opinion came in and I had to learn how to put my feet down on my decisions.

TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE

TheBIBLE had to be my GUIDE

Azzin, I say my NO and MEAN IT!!! Being a mom to this GIANT SLAYER just matured me quickly. I had a destiny in my hand, literally and I am determined to raise him truly in the way of God and not according to the world. I have to keep firing prayers into his NOW and his FUTURE. I couldn’t afford to slack.

BIO goals haha

BIO goals haha

I feel like a truly different Eziaha. The old Eziaha went the moment I became a mom. God had to use Him to re-route my life and place me on the right track. I feel like an EZIAHA on PURPOSE!!!

Purpose, right in the middle of the 'ordinary' like cooking

Purpose, right in the middle of the ‘ordinary’ like cooking

Just bang in the middle of all that God has called me to do and be. I truly feel like I can take down the GIANTS that await in this new season of my life. I truly wanna lead a Proverbs 31 life. I feel really privileged to mother this GIANT SLAYER and by God, I would not trade any of my seasons, past, present and future, for ANYTHING!!!


Gosh, I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I cannot wait to look back at these pictures next year as KingDaveed turns TWO and see just how far God has brought me from this season now and maybe, just maybe He may be ready to take me to the next season of my life. I know God, He moves on fastforward especially with me and so I have to RUN, literally AFTER what God has called me to do.


No time baby, no time!!!

And hey, I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Olaedo. Without doubt, she has been the BIGGEST MOMMY INFLUENCE in my life. She has taught me sooooooo many things both by words and by actions. And to think I met her off my blog. I am just thankful she obeyed the prompt to send me an email. She has held my hand through my pregnant days to when KingDaveed was born and afterwards. She has taken me in and just poured into me. I haven’t seen anyone mother like Ola. Her kids are just BEAUTIFUL and no I don’t mean only physically.

Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn't wanna send to me...

Ola has ALL our pictures and doesn’t wanna send to me…

I am just excited at all that they will grow to be because Ola is a SUPER SOUND GODLY mama. Ola, you are an absolute treasure!!! I love you with all of my heart. Thank you soooooooooo much darling. Thank you.

And this will all make sense later but I am grateful first to mama for bringing DDK for Warrior In Heels.



Two different people had told me about DDK and how we have A LOT in common and so I go look for her on Twitter and her bio interested me. Anyways, I didn’t know what to expect but as DDK opened her mouth to give the WORD, I knew EXACTLY why my spirit had been soooooo excited about her and the program. She’s my new best friend now (she doesn’t know yet but soooooooon) and I am amazed as to how often I now say ‘…like DDK said…’ haha.


Just like Dee… lol

DDK is sooooooo vital for this season I am in now and mehn… DDK answered almost EVERY question I had, it was surreal. I have truly never had a moment of listening to someone where I am at the edge of my seat, leaning in as far as possible and cupping my palm in my chin. img_20160408_040736.jpg

I have NEVER had that posture listening to anyone. It was like DDK was talking to ME!!! The connection I felt with DDK was CRAZY!!! She talked about Seasons, Apostles in the marketplace, commonizing the ‘ordinary’. She talked about some of the stuff I had blogged about in recent times but still, they HIT me.  In fact let me not talk too much. But if you ever have an opportunity to hear DDK minister, RUN THERE!!!

Lemme end with a funny story. About KingDaveed. There was this one time we came in from church and I told my help to snap me just before we entered my home but KingDaveed kept making her shake so I took him in and closed the door. Soon I stopped hearing his movement behind the door but I didn’t bother. After our snapping, we came in and guess what Bro KingDaveed was doing? He had gone to my fridge, which he had recently learnt to open, brought out my tomatoes which were in the lower compartment of the door, and pressed all of them.

My fridge scatterer

My fridge scatterer

Hahaha. It was soooooo funny. Ah children. Silence is very very suspicious.

And this is me side-eyeing that chick who recently gave KingDaveed some money and on the envelop wrote ‘Bro KingDaveed’ I couldn’t believe it. I laughed sooooo hard. Haha. Crazy you!!!

Motherhood is an amazing amazing gift straight from heaven.


My bestie just popped out baby number 2


and I told her that she better name him Jonathan because frankly, I think she may have just birthed my baby’s covenant ‘Jonathan’.


I can NOT wait for more and more babies from my friends especially those with whom I am in faith. Just get ready to have your life changed FOREVER if You let Him be GOD even in your parenting.

My workout interferer lol

My workout interferer lol

This post took a different turn than I thought it would. But I am happy it did. Looking forward to re-reading it when KingDaveed turns two and being just FLAT OUT AMAZED by GOD!!! AMEN…







Loved meeting everyone from my blog at Warrior in Heels.

Dee and Glow

Dee and Glow

I was amazed at how many of you came.

Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!

Eujay came with her bump!!! WOW!!!


Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra

Finally met Ezi. She came from Anambra

Cant wait for all the exploits God will do through us all. amen!!!


I tweet a lot these days. Follow me there @eziahaA so we can stay connected. At least that way you know i am still alive even when i do not blog. lol. And Facebook too. Eziaha Ajaero. Email eziaha@eziaha.com and IG eziaha


Someborry tell my hubby to learn this our pose quickly ooooo


Then I love this picture too. Just look at that transformation


Taking over TOILETS!!! #TheBibleBathroomChallenge

Hi guys…

This FAB lane is on FAYA!!! Hahaha.

I told yawl, October would be a rocking month here. And if thought I would not TURN UP like I promised every 3days, shake your head at yourself. Haha.

Ok today’s post is a challenge. A FUN one!!!

I understand how busy life gets these days and everything and how we are no longer READING our Bibles talk more of studying. NO TIME mehn, you say. But haba, everyone has time to POOP, no???


Guilty!!! My toilet actually has a socket

And I know how we are all guilty of taking our phones into the toilet. When I was younger though and there were no mobile telephones, I ALWAYS used to carry a book into the toilet. My mom knew that once she calls and I say I AM IN THE TOILET, na until at least 30mins ooo. On bad days, she comes to drag me out. Little wonder I am soooo smart. I can read for Africa and at least 3 more continents.

Toot toot!!! Daz my horn… haha

Now I am older, though I still have my Toilet-with-a-book days, I also have my toilet-with-my-telephone days. In the recent past, Instagram used to be my toilet buddy. I just scroll through timelines and chillax. And by chillax, sometimes we are talking 45mins ooo. Lol. Oh, the joys!!!


I heard something recently from my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo that I thought was reaaaallllly cool… Especially if you don’t spend as much time with the Word as you would love to.

How about we all SWAP our phones for a Bible while we do our business?

I don’t mean Bible-on-your-phone ooo. I mean REAL HARDCOPY BIBLE???

Not saying Phone Bibles ain’t real but Yawl know if you use your phone, those pings are gonna come in AND distract you Darling so don’t even deceive yasef. Except of course you are VERY DISCIPLINED and would ignore any interruptions or better still, TURN OFF DATA on the phone for the period you are there. But there is still the possibility of phonecalls so hardcopy is safest.

I mean, imagine doing that DAILY for say 3months? And some of you even poop like thrice a day. Haha. WOW!!! I see more Brother Pauls, Peters and Silases birthing from the White House ooo

But seriously guys, every single time you go to use the toilet, go with a Bible. Best still, keep a Bible permanently in the toilet at home and one permanently in your bag/laptop bag/at your desk for work. Think privacy, serenity and concentration that being in the toilet brings. Oh and don’t forget the FREEDOM haha.


This sounds so good someone should put it on a tee shirt.

Aren’t we all just thankful that GOD IS OMNIPRESENT? Everywhere, even in our toilet and He just wants to fellowship with us

Don’t worry about what you will read and how you will read it. Just open the Bible and start from all of those cool Bible stories in Matthew Mark Luke and John.

Or if you like, fly to Proverbs and just soak in the wisdom there.

Or if you are a hopeful Romantic, leave the prudish people and just roll with the romance in Songs of Solomon.

You like a good story? Esther provides one, drama and all.

Or you just wanna worship and can’t find the words? Brother David gives you plenty Psalms to choose from.

Comedy? The Children of Israel on their sojourn to the Promised Land especially will crack your ribs. Brother King Saul also provides comic relief especially where he said he was not eating then he now later ate at the Mediums house in 1 Samuel 28. Cracks me up everytime hahahaha.

Or if you like charting new paths, adventure and all, abeg go to all those books we hardly talk about e.g. Obadiah, Joel, Lamentations and so on.

History is your thing? The book of Chronicles, Numbers and so on will leave you feeling educated and very scholarly sef

Guys, the Bible is not just COMPLETE but it can be sooooo much fun to read. Fun aside, IT IS THE WORD OF GOD and it has POWER!!! It is both LIVING AND ACTIVE!!!

You might think you are just reading a story but trust me, as it enters your spirit, it gives you LIFE and begins to WORK in your life.


My darling, don’t worry about HOW it will happen, just focus on getting the WORD INTO YOU and watch the TRANSFORMATION that will follow.

So are we game? Hog your phone all day baby but when you are about to do your business in the toilet, you drop that PHONE with all of its distractions and PICK UP YOUR BIBLE. If you do not have a hardcopy Bible or access to it at that time, you can use your phone Bible app and let it read to you (like YouVersion), or just get an audio Bible and play from your phone. However, just find a way to get the WORD into you right there without distractions. The toilet is as good a place as any to just study without interruptions and actually HEAR GOD especially if He has chosen to go down the Still Small Voice path…

Soon, before you know it, you go carry CD player, journal, Highlighters, Pens, Concordance and Bible Dictionary and your toilet don turn War room be that.


Before long, fellowship go start. Inside Toilet, Hehe. Especially if you decide to take the Joyce Meyer Everyday Life Bible which I blogged about here inside… Hahahah

Scholars say it takes 21days to form a habit. I encourage you to START, and then make it a HABIT!!!
Cheers baby… To taking over TOILETS!!!


God loves yawl like crazzzzzy,





None today. haha #NotEverytimePSPPSPPPS



‘…We are NOT a Christian school…’

That was the incredible statement told to Pastor M by a school administrator, selling the school to her when she was school hunting for her babies.

How gorgeous this is!!!

How gorgeous this is!!!

And according to her, it was something that was told her more than once (in case she didn’t get it fully at first) and very proudly too. It was one of those poshies on the Island, mind you.

I was absolutely shocked to hear that. I mean, wasn’t it two minutes ago people could easily sell something to us by playing the ‘Christian’ card? Today, the world has soooooo become ‘something else’ that when we are NOT Christian, we can afford to be very proud about it because we know ‘nothing spoil’ and if anything, it is some sort of a cool, sophisticated, hip, even trendy something.

Isn’t it sadly interesting how the world is going? This picture summarizes the world today not just ‘Amrika’

CLHow7zXAAISwQDYes at first, some of these things were hidden and shameful but today, they are cool and supporters are rather brazen tz jaw dropping. It almost seems like there is something shy-worthy, even wrong with openly identifying with or claiming that JESUS is LORD and the reason for whatever success you have today. Don’t go too far, listen to the average ‘celebrity’ even in Nigeria talk. Before you find someone who is unabashed about their faith, e go hard. Christians wants to be ‘religiously neutral’ like it is uncool to identify with HIM. Movies these days would promote good sometimes, yes, but to ascribe the glory to God? Forgerrit. (Please don’t mention that ‘To GOD BE THE GLORY’ at the end of movies ooo because even now we don’t have it anymore sef.) Oh, don’t forget that DSTV even mutes Jesus and God. I know someone may say, oh they mute SEX and BITCH and BASTARD and the ilk but it bothers me that the all-powerful name of JESUS can be associated with these appellations, Eish!!! In fact, I realised how bad it was when one day I was watching Dr. Ada Egonor’s ‘Surviving Ebola’ interview on the ‘Heart of the matter’ and the interviewer’s opening statement was asking her about how her faith in God helped her kick Ebola. It felt oddly strange on ‘secular TV’ and then I realised that it had truly become unpopular, hence strange on Nigerian TV these days hearing presenters talk freely and unashamedly about God.

Now let’s broaden our radar to our dearly beloved ‘Amrika’. A couple of weeks back, they legalised gay marriages in all the states. I was watching CNN live as the news broke and as Obams spoke in all his oratory glory and how his #LoveWins phrase started trending on social media as number one worldwide in a couple of minutes and all the hoopla. I sat in my room and kept shaking my head. Wow!!! Just WOW!!! As in, these people want ABNORMAL to become the new NORMAL??? This same world our kids would grow in? I was gonna say, well it is their America but we all know how America likes to play Big Brother of the whole world and so soon, they would clamour that other countries follow suit. So our children will grow up and same sex marriage viewed as NORMAL? Talk more of those children who would be ‘born’ or adopted into same sex households. WOW!!!

Better man... #Royalty

Better man… #Royalty

When Baba ‘goslow’ Buhari (I LOVE that name because I read it more as a caution than as a yabis (Read, Baba Please, go slow) and I love how Buhari acknowledged in this video that he knew some Nigerians be calling him that and laughed lol) visited the US recently,

better men in black :)

better men in black 🙂

err’one was waiting for the gay topic to come up and see how he would handle it. In fact I recall telling my hubby that Obams won’t mention jor but he told me he will and he will also make it a MAJOR topic when he visits Kenya. I love the shut-down it got by Buhari hh mail.google.com0but the major ‘ela’ Uhuru Kenyatta paid Obama to his face was EPIC!!! Even Obama was shocked lol.

At their joint press conference

At their joint press conference

That dude was in no mood to kiss no behind. Wow. Kenyans could have started an #UhuruMyHero hashtag and it would have been apt.

Uhuru Kenyatta: “…There are some things that we MUST admit we don’t share… It’s very difficult for us to impose on people that which they themselves do not accept. This is why I say for Kenyans today the issue of gay rights is really a non-issue”

I LOVE how he said there are SOME things that we MUST admit that we do NOT share and hopefully we will NEVER share.

There is a ton of wisdom in that statement. Eez not err’thing Amrika that is good. We can’t copy blindly. Yes we love Amrika for how technologically advanced and co they are, but puh-leeze when it comes to the madness that is gay, transgender and the ilk, KEEP IT. Pata pata, they will withdraw/stop any help/support dey bin dey give Kenya.

And shall we touch on transgender for a minute? See how popular people get when they decide that the God who gave them BALLS made a mistake and it ought to be a vagina (or otherwise). I mean, how crazy is that?



I am all for courage and being yourself but my people, if I get dizzy anytime I try to figure Bruce/Caityln/Dad now mom/Grandpa now Grandma/Olympic MALE gold medallist now fashionista female complete with ‘red bottoms’, I can only imagine how his immediate family feel and address him WITHOUT the cameras and social media. Heck, I can NOT even imagine how HE/SHE feels now. Does she/he really really feel free? Tz dizzying I promise but hey if he/she says she feels ‘free’ and even gets a ‘Courage’ award, who am I to argue? What interests me now is how popular he/she became in hours after the mag cover was released (hit 1m twitter followers in minutes) and how suddenly ‘trans is cool’ and very courageous. America sha…

I thought I had seen it all and I wasn’t even going to mention it on my blog till I saw TRANSPREGNANCY and I almost passed out.



Lemme try and explain it and if you don’t get it, don’t worry, I don’t either. So a person born a woman decides to make herself a man but has female hormones and all and gets pregnant and wants to get treated like a pregnant woman imageswhile technically he/she is a pregnant man (I told y’all this thing was dizzying). lllI can’t even pretend to get this rubbish so let me just wrap up this post with the very reason I decided to put it up.

But before I go on, let me just clarify that this is not about judging anybody. Biko if you have a problem with your sexuality, seek help. Don’t justify it. Same way if a person has problem with stealing, they should seek help and not justify it. So please, no hate mails hehehe. Plus I ain’t a homophobe.

Ok back to the koko…

We who are CHRISTIANS indeed need to OWN it and rather proudly too. What we have is BETTER than anything ‘they’ have so we cannot afford to be muted or subdued. A lot of times, what we do is ‘preaching to the choir’. We are all ‘Christian’ in Christian gatherings/forum and among our Christian friends. When it comes to secular gatherings, we are neutral. Of course I am not saying you should go all Pharisee on the world and wear a phylactery around,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           but by all means, show off your Christianity and then influence even if it is just ONE person with it. Share your CHRISTIAN opinion. One thing I have decided is that I would start commenting on these secular blogs especially where sharing my Christian opinion may not be popular but is very needed considering the obscene amount of lifeless comments there. I have decided not to just ‘leave it for them’ whilst spamming christian blogs like Inthemidstofher, justusgirlsnaija and Dr N with comments. Is that why we are here?

Maybe you should also comment on SDK, LIB and Bella Naija especially when a real life story is shared and the poster needs advice.

We who are Christians should succeed and excel at what we do and proudly ascribe all the glory to God publicly. Say it clearly,

‘…yes I worked hard BUT it is God’s GRACE that brought me this far…’

Feel free to call yourself a Christian blogger, student, doctor, lawyer, footballer, TV presenter etc. Proudly say this is a Christian office, supermarket, pharmacy, bank, organization, company, etc and if possible, display the sign at the gate. At this rate, we may even need to start saying ‘this is a christian church and this is my Christian Pastor (think pastors and churches that wed gays).



God bless this Mississippi clerk who resigned her job of 24years because her faith would not allow her issue marriage certificates to gay couples. Tell me about courage!!! This world is going crazy ooooo and my darling, the devil is raising more and more people to propagate his agenda and cash is not even their problem. At this rate we may need to OWN it and SHOW it more, that we are CHRISTIANS. Or in the words of Jahdiel, ‘…carry Jesus higher higher…’



Let your light soooo shine…for the world to see… Matt 5:16



A Christian Blogger

A Christian Blogger





In light of all these, David’s Christian Centre is starting her own *drum roll please* school. Need I mention that it would be a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL? Yup, the children there would be taught the WORD, speak in tongues, lay hands on the sick and be PROUD Christians. Would be named PRESERVED GENERATION and I am sure Pastor M would give us more info as needed on her blog

My darling booski/bestie also has dreams to start her own Christian school and I am blown away at the steps she has been taking to get it registered.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.

Dumebi Ezar Ehigiator. Teacher. Author. Blogger.

You go darling…

So before you ship your child off to some school because it is expensive and posh, check oooo. Ain’t nothing neutral in the spirit realm. No greys, JUST BLACK AND WHITE!!! While school is not 100% responsible for training your kids, you can neither deny or discount its impact .



KingDaveed is amazing, thank you for asking 🙂

His gumbody is out of this world these days choi. Dis kain love is both flattering and tiring lol.

My boobooski

My boobooski

And yup, e be like say the breastmilk no do again, dude has started eating his leg at any given opportunity lol. Well, hes teething so… Phew

Why am I still SINGLE? A message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I just love this message. I am not sure but I think this was the last LoveDating&Marriage seminar I attended at DCC Lagos. I love it so much that it is the last Singles message left on my phone. It just seemed soooooo practical and useful. So this is dedicated to all my Single FABers. So much to learn from it. Preached by my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo wpid-pastor-k.jpg So why am I still single? He answers this with 5 questions… Enjoy.

  1. Am I available?

Some people are actually NOT available but they think they are. Some actions or way of life make you NOT available in the ‘Singles market’ which is actually over saturated. There are some mindsets you may have which unknown to you may be sending out vibes to men that you are not available eg Do you always walk around with this thought ‘there are no good men/women anymore’ whilst praying for one? Honey, daz not ghanna wok. As a (wo)man thinketh in his heart, SO IS HE!!! Also if you are carrying emotional baggage, you may think you are available but you are not.

photo courtest intl workplace

photo courtest intl workplace

The energy flowing from you ain’t in line with what you praying for. It is like a house which has a ‘Welcome to our home’ doormat but yet a big dog right at the entrance. You know you ain’t welcome. Emotional baggages would keep getting in the way of conversations with even remotely interested opposite sex and aint nobody got time to continually hear about your ex John who dumped you or whatever horrid happened in the past. Please let God heal any hurt from your past. Also are you dating someone you KNOW you cannot marry whilst yet claiming ‘Single’? Eg dating a married man or some ‘bad guy’.

photo courtesy blogherdotcom

photo courtesy blogherdotcom

You may be thinking you are just holding that person in the mentime till the ‘Mr Right’ comes along but hunnay, you are sending signals even you don’t know about and people can pick those signals. You are emotionally involved no matter what you think. Usually when you meet someone, you are NOT as interested as a fully single person is only you don’t know.

Also, if there is this ‘Bro John’ you have been ‘claiming’ although dude has neither said anything nor is he feeling you laidat. That HUGE emotional investment in Bro John has made you less emotionally available to others but you dunno. It will be clear that there is NO VACANCY in your life for other people. Please don’t lose a good guy waiting on Bro John whom you have seen in a vision lol. Keep it moving and ‘empty’ Love. Bro John aint interested. PK tells the story of this girl in this uni who was overheard praying and claiming a certain ‘Bro John’ who everyone knows was already engaged to ‘Sister Mary’. The girl just dey pray dey claim the man calling out his name and surname sef. You see such a lady, though she is single, she ain’t available. Another way to check if you are available is to find out if you have unrealistic standards. The person some ladies/guys wanna marry is A PEOPLE- 4/5 in one person. I wrote a post on that here. Nobody is 100% and hey even if there was someone like that, guess what? That person wont be able to stand you cos you are not 100%. I want a man that is very romantic, rich, successful, Prayer warrior, Bible teacher, good singer like Don or Kirk, humble like Adeboye, have faith like Oyedepo, excellent like Adefarasin, Prayer warrior like Olukoya, funny like PK, HABA SISTER, ONLY YOU!!!??? Humans are work in progress. That spouse doesn’t have to come 100% perfect 2. Are you accessible?

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Some people are available and eligible but they are NOT accessible. They cannot be reached. Nobody got access to her.

Photo from flickr

Photo from flickr

Almost like all those sheltered children whose father had this shotgun or a big dog for any man that dared to visit.

You are certainly not welcome on this property... Photo from Flickr

You are certainly not welcome on this property… Photo from Flickr

As a single person, you must be able to be reached. You can’t be praying for a spouse and continually sit in your room under your bed, tz only mosquito that will see you. And God. But God doesn’t wanna marry. Ain’t no eligible person gonna come under your bed and see you. Which is why it is good for instance to belong to a church and a service group. Too much stories of couples who met whilst serving in church.

photo courtesy mix949

photo courtesy mix949

Being a member of the church ain’t enough especially if you are in all those big churches. Chances that you would be seen are low when all you do is come in, worship and after service you just leave. Ah!!! Bae, how is that gonna work? Join a department/small unit/connect group/house fellowship and let people SEE you and interact with you.

photo courtesy crossedroadsabc.com

photo courtesy crossedroadsabc.com

Not that you just rush into your car after every service without interacting with anybody. Don’t always walk sooooo fast. If you are single, reduce your pace hehehe. But frankly, I met one of my readers who said some people complained that she always walks too fast and with a straight face everytime in church and so was unapproachable. So please, catwalk ehn. Especially as a lady because these guys just dey try arrange themselves, gather stamina and muster courage to talk to you but before they reach you, you don disappear. And as a guy too, you gast be wise/. He tells the story of how in Bible school, first day he spotted this girl he thought he would like to get to know. Unfortunately, they didn’t sit so close. The next day he came early and sat close to the area the girl sat, made it a habit and kept finding reasons to communicate with her even if it meant copying notes he already had and asking questions he already had the answers to. ‘Excuse me, did you copy the assignment?’ ‘Did you get what that teacher said here?’ Of course, they started talking from there. My dear, you must be accessible as a single. Position yourself well. Have hobbies and be involved in them. Be sociable. Have friends. Obviously, he is not talking clubbing and stuff. There is healthy clean fun. Take yourself out if you have to, somebody might meet you there ooo. Nobody must take you there ooo. And while you are there, please be looking around small small. Like my Rev would say, watch and pray 3. Be approachable

From a recent shooting with Nemorosa. Thanks for the great shooting!

From a recent shooting with Nemorosa. Thanks for the great shooting!

Some people are available, they are accessible but to approach them is a different, impossible ball game. If you need to practice how to smile in front of a mirror, please do. Some ladies have a natural frowning face. A lot of men are not bold and they fear rejection so imagine they now gather courage to walk up to you and say hi or anything else to initiate conversation and you just size them up and down and are generally not very polite or welcoming.

photo courtesy flickr

photo courtesy flickr

The guy will just change mouth, turn you to traffic warden and ask you for direction or to borrow bible or something else. Anything but what he was on his mind because your countenance is bad. Please greet people and respond warmly. He that hath friend must show himself friendly. Recall Rebekah and how approachable and friendly she was to Abby’s servant and how she landed herself a rich young eligible blessed man. Another thing is when ladies always walk together like a gang and their countenance makes it hard for any guy to get that opportunity to speak to one privately. Don’t look down on people who don’t have it all now and be like ‘he is not my type’ lol. Some of these hunks we see now have not always been hunks ooo. For example see Rev and PK’s Surulere pix hehehe

hahahahahaha lol

hahahahahaha lol. I wish I can see the third man now

See them today

See them today

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Ladies, you know you can’t afford to miss this one. Hosted of course by Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Gorgeously preggo

Gorgeously preggo

Stay blessed y’all



In the, an amazing relationship blogger and sister has this beautiful post up on tips to surviving wedding season. Check it out here http://www.inthemidstofher.com/2015/05/5-tips-to-surviving-wedding-season.html

Feel free to snoop around her amazing blog too

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo


One of the things I LOVE this most about being a bonafide DCC member and a true CORRECT daughter of PK (lagos) and Pastor B(Abuja) has to be the way my mind has been spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word.


See my Pastors ehn, they don’t know how to ‘sugar coat’ the Word. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are looking for the truth, and looking to grow spiritually, I proudly recommend David’s Christian Centre.


It is not uncommon to hear PK punctuate his teachings with ‘Are you people angry…?’ And angry or not, my PK/PstB will still hit you HARD and if you are wise, you will see the love and adjust!!! In my final year, I fell ill right in the middle of my first semester exams. So I pinged PK and our convo went something like

‘…pk, I’ve been sick for a while and I’ve been COLLECTING prayers from everywhere…please pray for me..’

Now if you KNOW pk, you won’t be saying such rubbish as ‘collecting prayers’ anywhere around him talkless of to him but I didn’t KNOW him then so I typed such rubbish. I’ll just skip the ‘finishing’ I got lol and jump right into the fact that he now used me to preach at a special program in Church titled FULL SUPPLY that evening. I was in Ibadan so I had no idea but the next day, he pinged me to ask how I was doing and now told me how he preached with my ‘COLLECTING prayers’ and how I should go and get the message and listen. My people, I got it when I came to Lag and like Pastor M told me then, at least you can rejoice that at least he also called you ‘Correct daughter’. PK attacked that faithless mindset that made me think prayers was something to be ‘collecting’ like a beggar rather than using my faith to activate my healing esp as it was simple malaria once and for friggin’ all!!!


As a DCC member, I’ve been positively BRAINWASHED. My vocab has changed. If the Word doesn’t prescribe it, I don’t care who is saying it, I don’t buy. I don’t believe. I live my life by ONLY what the Word prescribes. Tradition, religion, culture, etc are lost on me. Worst of all, popular opinion. Before I take in anything, I ask myself ‘Who said it?’


Without such an attitude, you will just run mad in this life with all the absolute stupid and mad opinions flying around.
Eish!!! I can’t deal!!!

Blessed is the man, oh the JOYS of those who do not follow the advice/counsel of the wicked/ungodly…’ Psalms 1:1

Has anyone noticed that the UNGODLY and Anti-Christ like to give advice? Sweetie, don’t even bother thinking of any devil/witch/babalawo, please look inwards. Any talk, any advice, any suggestion, any way of life that is NOT spiritually grounded with a strong foundation in the Word is UNGODLY and Anti-Christ. Simples!!!

Something happened on my birthday and my goodness, I expected it. And I loved that it happened cos I have needed a ‘relatable to me’ story to buttress my point in this post.


So I am pregnant. And my goodness, I am happily openly unshyly pregnant. Hey, I respect those who DENY vehemently the fact that they are pregnant (and happily married) until the 6th month. Cool. But I draw a line at two points

1. Why are you hiding it?
My blood Sis, She’s fiercely private. I recall one time someone bashed her car so in the period it was being repaired, she had to add the guy up on her BBM to be getting updates and pictures. In that period, she NEVER used any of her pictures or kids’ pictures cos of the guy.


Ah sister of mine. She would NEVER announce her pregnancy till she’s rolling around town. Privacy is her ‘why’. I respect that. But daz NOT me!!!
I belong to a BirthClub on the BabyCentre App (My Pregnancy Today)


once the Topic was ‘When do I announce?’ People had different answers but aside privacy, another reason some wanted to keep it private was cos they had a medical condition/complications and the Doc wanted to be sure they had passed the stormiest stages first. Infact some ladies with complications said they still announced as soon as they found out so that people around them help out where they can and  should a miscarriage even happen (God forbid), they will have help/support through it all.
Good reasons.
But I PAUSE where you are hiding and denying your pregnancy (complete with classic symptoms) just because WITCHES and WIZARDS are waiting to yank the baby from your womb. The App is an American App and NOT one single person mentioned that. This African DEVILISH mentality of witches sha!!! Before I jump into what happened, lemme state my reason number 2.

2. I pause when you even attempt to suggest to me to hide under the bed with my pregnancy just because I should fear ‘strong people’ who have the powers to remove my pregnancy!!! Why in God’s powerful name do the ungodly like to give advice? Look I’m not averse to advice but if it is fear/experience/popular-opinion motivated,


SHOVE IT!!! With a cold glass of ginger ale for easy digestion.


I put up this picture above on BBM and see what this Sistur-in-the-Lord had to say… I have done well to remove her name.


I showed Diche because I was looking for a classic response Diche-style and trust her, she was like for someone who is NOT married and has NEVER been preggers, she seems to ‘know’ an awful lot and awful WRONG too.

Look, I certainly believe that the world has evil people ooo. No friggin’ doubt. But Shattah!!! Are these people DAFT enough to be playing with fire? Why should I be scared of them please? Why should LIGHT fear darkness? Why? Bikonu WHY!!!???

John 1:5 ‘…That light SHINES in the darkness and darkness can NEVER extinguish it…’

Let’s analyze this pregnancy scenario for a second and lemme attempt to brainwash you with the water of the Word…

These ‘strong people’ , whether I announce it or not, in the spiritual realm, hope we know that they KNOW these things too. We know, the devil z in charge of these ‘strong people’. As I’m pregnant now, as soon as I found out (maybe even before), devil knew too. He hears me pray for my baby. He sees me take my pre-natals. He sees me anoint myself and take the communion daily. Except he is world-class daft (and he isn’t) he couldn’t have missed it. He certainly doesn’t need me to announce it first before he sends his demons and ‘strong people’ to try themselves. As soon as he found out, he started putting plans in motion using his strong people. So please tell me if my announcement or not can stop this devil? Lemme tell you what can stop the devil and overcome the ‘strong world people’ –

1John 5:4 ‘…For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through OUR FAITH…’

My FAITH and KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION of the Word. That’s my weapon for guaranteed victory.

‘… While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares/thistles/fear/weed/thorns/etc…’ Matt 13:25

Who will the bastard catch sleeping? Or fearing? Certainly not E’.

BTW, we all know that even if you hide it taya yet you are not using your faith and the Word, strong people can still catch you abi?

With fear ehn, the devil will mesmerize you. So rather than spend my emotions and time being scared and hiding under the bed with my good news and blessing seeing as I am NOT like my sister, I invest it in the Word and books like ‘Childbirth without Fear’ and Supernatural Childbirth.


Btw CWF is written by a Christian ObGYN… Shaaatttaaaahhhh!!!

Now let’s for a moment assume the devil and strong people will ONLY find out WHEN I go public either on BBM or Blog (and keeping a straight face while typing this is so hard here), and I decide I will NOT announce. But how about the Doctor that did the test and knows? What about the Pharmacist from whom you bought the PT strip and pre-natals? Who’s to say they are not (potential) ‘strong people’? What of that house guest/colleague who sees you taking those drugs? What of your boss who will need to know so that some kinda work gets past you? What of that person who just suspects you may be preggers and asks you? Will you now turn to a liar because you fear ‘strong people?’ There is ABSOLUTELY no way only you will be pregnant and ONLY you will know. Since you cucu like to fear, you best be fearing everyone else but yourself?

And of course, the ultimate. The absolute ultimate. When you finally start showing and you will, are you safe then? Where in the big book of BALDERDASH did any get that the ‘strong people’ have powers only when you are NOT showing and suddenly become powerless when you start showing? Last I checked, miscarriages and complications happen at various levels. Plus someone can have a stillborn, or a baby who can later die. Come on na, this fear will you carry it forever?

Instead of fear, why not be using your faith from the moment you conceive through pregnancy to the moment you die not without pumping faith through the children too. I certainly don’t want a child who is afraid of ‘strong people’ and any cockroach that crawls past him at night cos in Sinach’s Words, I KNOW WHO (and WHOSE) I AM

Mehn, we need serious brainwashing with the Word ooo. And this babe who said this is a BORN-AGAIN CORRECT Christian Sistur ooo. Even we BA need brainwashing too. We need to be BORN AGAIN all over AGAIN. The world has sold us too many lies. The world teaches us to RUN from darkness rather than flood the world with light.

‘…You are the light of the world…here to be LIGHT…’ Matt 5:14

The bible says we are NOT to be ignorant of the devices of the devil but nowhere does it prescribe FEAR them.

‘…And having SPOILED principalities and powers, He made an OPEN SHOW of them shaming them publicly…’ Col 2:15
MSG ‘…He stripped ALL the spiritual tyrants in THE UNIVERSE of their SHAM AUTHORITY at the cross and marched them NAKED through the streets…’


That certainly doesn’t leave out the ‘strong people’ does it?

My church in Abuja used to use a Club for service on Sundays.


Evangelism used to be hard ooo. Once you mention ‘Cubana lounge‘ the questions start flooding. For the life of them, they believe that the spirit of the club will enter us as we worship. I dunno why we don’t think that the spirit of worship which we leave behind (and carry around too) will enter the clubbers and they too start worshipping. We even have precedents in the bible.

In 1Sam 19, comedian Saul sent men to capture David, see what happened in verses 20 and 21

20 Then Saul sent messengers to take David. And when they saw the group of prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as leader over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.
21 And when Saul was told, he sent other messengers, and they prophesied likewise.
Then Saul sent messengers again the third time, and they prophesied also.

Then in verse 23, Saul decides to go Himself…

23 So he went there to Naioth in Ramah. Then the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on and prophesied until he came to Naioth in Ramah. 24 And he also stripped off his clothes and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Therefore they say, “ Is Saul also among the prophets?”

I LOVE that story.

Why???? Why are we so scared of darkness when we have infinitely more power?

Maybe in the past, I was like that too. I believed I had to fear too. But like I said, I’ve been brainwashed. Very brainwashed. I’m always checking ‘who said it? Is it in the Word?’

While still on pregnancy, a colleague confided in me she was preggers. I knew she was sick sometime earlier so I was like ‘…Oh that’s why you were sick…’
And almost like a blood hound, she was all over me….

‘…I have NEVER for one day had any pregnancy sickness. That was just me being sick. Had nothing to do with PG…’

I love how she attacked me ooo. Cos that thing I said was ungodly. Where did the Bible ever say ‘Pregnancy was a disease?’ What right did I have to ascribe sickness to her blessing?
Omo I adjusted immediately. (I’m sure she’ll be shocked I’m saying this here) And y’all best adjust too. If I say, ‘…oh I’m tired…’ You best not say I have pregnancy sickness ooo cos baby, I’ma be all up in your face with my fangs out like a Pythonic Cobra. This babe is rocking the otherwise popularly stormy first trimester like a Rockstar. Several times I have googled

‘… I’m in my first trimester but I don’t feel pregnant. Is that normal?’


Absolutely NO troubles.  For which I am so thankful.

That’s cos I have a better testimony in the Word. I have my confessions. (Though you best NOT spray any perfume beside me lol. I’ve turned off all the airfresheners here. Can’t stand the smell and frankly, I like that ‘symptom’ and the day I stop liking it, I pray it away. Simples. This Body needs to know I’m in charge and I have only wha’ I say)

But jokes aside, you get my point. Be careful to filter even pop opinions with the Word. Does it pass the Word test?

Another thing that upsets me has to be BBM broadcasts.

Look, I know Nigeria is super unsafe naturally speaking now and I’m all for passing info across and being security conscious but why is Psalm 91 in the bible? To put under your pillow? Then some ungodly person will now send the kinda BC that seeks to inspire FEAR in people under the guise of ‘passing relevant info’ and also end it with ‘IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!!’


I know that statement seems right, and maybe I would have said it in the past but hey…

‘…If you diligently hearken to the voice of God, none of these diseases/calamities/infirmities/insecurities etc will come upon you…’ Exodus 15:26
‘…God spoke to me with a STRONG hand, grabbed me with both hands and warned me NOT to go along with these people. He said ‘…Don’t fear what they fear. Do take on their worries/THREATS…If you must fear, FEAR GOD…’ Is a 8:11ff
‘…Come out from among them and be separate from them who will pollute you…’ 2 Cor 6:17
‘…No enemy attacking our walls. Peace everywhere. No crime/terror in our streets…’ Psalms 144:14

We can’t be making casual statements that gives the devil legal rights over us.
We can’t let experience colour the truth of God’s Word in us.

‘…Let God be true and EVERY MAN a liar…’ Romans 3:4

Some of these things sound right ooo but be sure you are not giving the devil a legal right in by virtue of what you say, hear or see. Let the Bible be a filter through which you sieve all you say and believe. I once did a post about Hustling.
When you keep calling yourself a ‘hustler’ hmmm. Little wonder you work so hard and make so little.
Let’s be careful ooo…

The problem is we don’t know the scriptures enough. We haven’t STORED UP  enough. Like Pastor Chris says, it is that you don’t know what to say.
I like how Jesus answered in Matt 22:29…

‘…Your mistake and your problem is that you do NOT know the scriptures or the power of God…’

MSG says You are OFF BASE on two counts
1. You don’t know your Bibles
2. You don’t know how God works.

When you store up enough, your mind will be renewed, your vocab will be different. You will just find out that you have the right Words for every situation.


I recall the sad day Kefee died, my mentees were discussing it and I was sorta busy but I was following through the discussions without saying anything till one of them said something about being scared of dying while pregnant (as it was alleged she was sick and pregnant and co which her Team denied) and how it can happen to anybody.


I dropped what I was doing and jumped right in. Say what???!!!

I don’t even know how the scriptures jumped right into my spirit but I was all up in their faces dropping the Word ooo and cancelling all that was said. One of my them, Chi now said
Ah mama always has the right Word for everything…’
I smiled.
In the beginning it was not so. No it wasn’t. I used to speak like ‘them’. But I had to learn to study (God bless PK) and STORE UP!!! Like Baba Adeboye says, in the time of trouble, it is what is already in you that will come out. We started a Joshua study this July in my online group and like one of us Nk said in response to Joshua 1:8 (open your bible) was that God doesn’t expect us to rush and start searching the scripture when the devil comes. He expects that we have stored up enough such that it just flows and that bastard runs away tails between his legs.


This second half of the year my darling FABers, it is time to STORE UP.!!!


The devil is re-strategizing for the second half but he will meet us ready!!! Don’t be caught napping baby. Don’t just say words loosely. Remember you shall have what you say (Matt 11:23). Why not say the right things?

God bless PK.


God bless Pastor B. God bless DCC. I am thankful i have been brainwashed.

Do you need a BRAINWASH? I proudly recommend THE WORD!!!




Heyyy thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.


And the Congrats on the new job and new baby. BABY not babies yet please. My twin girls are still in heaven. Thanks soooo much. Wow!!! God bless y’all. If I haven’t yet responded to your message, forgive me please. I will.

A Reader sent me an iTunes Voucher for HillSongs latest release ‘No other name’ on THE VERY day it came out cos ‘she knows how much I love HillSongs. I thought that was super sweet and super thoughtful. God bless you babe. Another sent me ‘Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize’. Ah!!! Blessings on you.

I will be kicking off a series called PreggE’ diaries. I’m excited. Can’t wait to share this journey with y’all. Starting from screaming at the nurses in the hospital for attempting to ‘kill me’ with a wrong prescription. Looool. Watshaaaatt!!!

So another FABer shared with me her job testimony too. I have her permission to run it anon here. Kai!!! That girl did crazier stuff than I did ooo. Ah!!! I feared her no be small. Can’t wait to run it. Watsssshhhhhaaaaattttt too!!! Maybe my next post.

In case you don’t have a Word for the second half of the month, please let STORE UP be your mantra. Even if you do have a Word. Trust me, you will need it. Thank me lerar…