How we (Heather Lindsey & I) spend our QUIET TIME…

Guys, I am just in love with God. I mean, I am just plain obsessed with God!!!

Groupie. Freak. Stalker. Lover. Everything!!!


The NUMBER one resolution I have this new year is to spend more QUALITY time with God!!!

I seriously shortchange myself EVERY SINGLE DAY I don’t spend quality time with Him. When I just sit before the Lord, it is a download session, it is incredible.

God is like the most EXCITING phenomenon in the entire world and beyond.

2016 will be a most amazing year. I know!!! Soooo many things will happen. I will close my eyes and JUMP. My life will change, in astonishing ways. Oh I am excited bundles.

It was Tuesday night that after I finally put KingDaveed to sleep, I just went into my prayer room as I had not prayed all day (yeah it was one of those CRAZY days haha). It was about 11pm but I certainly didn’t want the day to go by just like that.

I had a lot on my mind I needed to make sense of and it was like God had just pulled a seat and was waiting for me in my prayer room because no sooner had I sat that He just started downloading. I mean, it was CRAZY!!! I had to come back the next noon just to re-read all I had written and realised God alone inspired me.

I frankly do not remember how I found myself on Heather’s YouTube page that same night but I know God orchestrated it. I saw a video on How to spend time with God so I downloaded it and got to watching.

As I watched, I just smiled. I could have done that video myself.

Everything she said resonated!!! Goodness!!!

Guys, this new year, you MUST spend QUALITY TIME WITH GOD.

Leave that STUPID excuse of ‘I am busy’ in 2015, ehn madam/oga


Resolve that this is not the year for ONLY interrupted time with God e.g. on my way to work, in the shower, stuck in traffic, etc.

Of course those sessions with God are good and should be encouraged but you should have that QUIET TIME where you go someplace, shut the door (real or imaginary) and shut out the world and just FELLOWSHIP with God.

God has a LOT to say to you. He created you. He KNOWS what path you ought to take in life but if you are not spending enough time with Him, how will you recognise His voice or even hear Him.

One of my fave people to follow on IG

One of my fave people to follow on IG

These three women- Priscilla Shirer, Joyce Meyer and Heather Lindsey- have spoken a lot about just spending time with God.



To get to know someone, what do you do? You spend more and more time with them. One of my besties Eniola, I know her soooo well. I spend a lot of time talking on the phone with her and chatting with her on BBM.

Yup I am about to be a godmama AGAIN!!!

Yup I am about to be a godmama AGAIN!!!

You cannot pretend to be Eniola to me. I would know. The Bible says that the devil disguises as the angel of light but if we have spent enough time with God, we would easily discern between the voice of God and the devil’s.

God wants to really lead us. Infact sometimes I think He DESPERATELY wants to lead us. He is just there thinking ‘Oh if only Eziaha would spend more and more time with me, this would not even be an issue in her life’

He wants to lead us in every detail of our lives, leaving nothing out.


I recall as I just spent time with Him that night, I walked round my prayer room and just talked. And then I was just telling Him how I wanted to cordone a part off to use as a library and all and then God says No, call it a VISION ROOM not a Library and no don’t separate it. I knew in my spirit that the name could have only come from God. So I have a Prayer room and a Vision room in one space.


Seriously, God became my personal interior decorator and He downloaded exactly how that space should be designed. I mean it was a full blown out discourse. If you heard me that midnight, you woulda thought I was going crazy.

And then there were certain projects I felt in my spirit He was kinda leading me to but I didn’t quite see the full picture. That night, He downloaded details to me. I know I am smart ooo but NO WAY I coulda thunk up that stuff.

It was beautiful!!!

So listening to Heather and she was talking about how she spends time with God and how He speaks to her, I could relate.


And then God told me to go and put this down in a post instead of the THANK YOU post I was doing to wrap up the year on my blog. And He also told me to do the VISION BOARD ONLINE PARTY post too.

I just know that these two would bless more people way more than that THANK YOU post would. Moreover, it is sooooo important to LIVE LED!!!


LET Him interrupt your life and plans. Because honey, you NEVER know what is on the other side of your obedience.

I would advise that you find time to watch this Heather’s video.

But let me share some of the practical steps she shared in the video as to how she spends her Quiet time.

  • Find a suitable location where you would be uninterrupted. Matt 6;6 says when you pray, go into your MOST PRIVATE ROOM, and CLOSING THE DOOR, pray to Your Father who is in secret.
    NO I can't stop talking about WAR ROOM!!!

    NO I can’t stop talking about WAR ROOM!!!

    It is important that we find that special place where we clear out our desk and meet with God. She started from using her bathroom where she would spread a blanket on the floor and fellowship because she had a roomie so the room was out of it. Then she moved to a corner, then a window side etc till now she has a dedicated prayer room

  • Get a HARDCOPY Study Bible in a version that you can flow with. Thankfully, we have a TON of versions these days. Not everytime Bible-on-your-phone. I recommend the Joyce Meyer Everyday life Bible which I blogged about here
  • Get JOURNALS. Heather loves pretty journals and so do I. imagesWrite out scriptures LONG HAND. You can also do scripture cards that you can take along with you everywhere you go. Write down what He says to you. Write Him love letters. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be yourself
  • Get music. I always have music playing in my Quiet time. I believe that music sets the tone especially if you are listening to real worshippers
  • Vent if you have to. Raw. Uncut. Tell God EXACTLY how you feel and then ask him to help you out. Don’t be coding for God. She said that at the beginning she didn’t really know how to pray so all she would do is just VENT haha. Honey, whatever works for you.
  • Be creative and spirit led. Somedays God would have you just dance. Other days, He can have you flat on your face in worship. Some days you just speak in tongues. Whatever. Just make it an exciting date time with God.
  • Read your Bible of course. If there is an area you are struggling with in life, you can go to the back of your study people and look up scriptures that address that and pray using those scriptures. See why you need a STUDY BIBLE???

She said a lot more so go watch the video.

Not everytime download new song or workout videos. Sometimes download THE WORD!!!

Something Joyce Meyer says is that sometimes we are all like ‘Oh I dunno what to do in my Quiet time’ and stuff like that. But really, just go, take a seat and sit before the LORD uninterrupted. God will meet you at that level where you at. So long as you find that time for Him.


And yes you can have this one by PRISCILLA SHIRER too

I am so thankful for my Prayer room and my Vision room. It is still NEW and empty and I look forward to decorating it like God instructed. But when I go in there to pray, the first thing I feel is PEACE!!! I just KNOW that God is ready for me.

I am pretty creative and unconventional about how I pray. But on a side of my wall, I have stick-on notes containing prayer points and scriptures for every area of my life. My husband, My son, My friends, intercession, My family and in-laws, My Rehoboth (my home)Myself, etc. so I keep adding to the list or striking out. On another side, I have my testimonies. Eeek, I love going to that corner because it amps my faith volts mehn!!! It just shows that God is REEEAAALLLLYYYY working.

I also have my Bibles, my Vision journal and my Prayer/Study journal. Then my diary and laptop. My pens, papers, masking tape, ruler and highlighters. And of course, good ol’ water haha. I am thinking of buying Dates and leaving them there. So my ‘Dates’ with God is the only time I get to eat Dates. How cool is that?

It is my space so whatever works for me mehn!!! Of course I have my Confession too.


I actually pray as the Spirit leads even though I have a prayer timetable. Oh and if there is any book I am reading at the mo’, I have it there.

Of course, I will share more pictures as it takes shape. And more tips as the Spirit leads.

I really really pray that yawl make time for God this new year, there is so much about your life and future He wants to share with you . life is TOO BIG and confusing I don’t wanna waste time making mistakes. But if your life is too cluttered, with Him getting only the drive time on the way to work, honey there are some things you just would never know. It is like my relationship with my husband. There are some things he would never say when we have those casual random talks. But when we have a proper clear-out-your-schedule time, then there are deeper things we would get to say to each other. Ditto with friends. Ditto with God.



So *in Heather’s voice* Some of yawl need to QUIT that job or that lil boyfriend/girlfriend and go SIT BEFORE THE LORD and hear from Him…’

I love yawl. God is crazy about you.

Cheers to a new year of being FIERCELY INTENTIONAL about sitting at His feet and getting directions for your life…

Happy New year guys and see yawl soon



One of the things I LOVE this most about being a bonafide DCC member and a true CORRECT daughter of PK (lagos) and Pastor B(Abuja) has to be the way my mind has been spiritually brainwashed with the water of the Word.


See my Pastors ehn, they don’t know how to ‘sugar coat’ the Word. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are looking for the truth, and looking to grow spiritually, I proudly recommend David’s Christian Centre.


It is not uncommon to hear PK punctuate his teachings with ‘Are you people angry…?’ And angry or not, my PK/PstB will still hit you HARD and if you are wise, you will see the love and adjust!!! In my final year, I fell ill right in the middle of my first semester exams. So I pinged PK and our convo went something like

‘…pk, I’ve been sick for a while and I’ve been COLLECTING prayers from everywhere…please pray for me..’

Now if you KNOW pk, you won’t be saying such rubbish as ‘collecting prayers’ anywhere around him talkless of to him but I didn’t KNOW him then so I typed such rubbish. I’ll just skip the ‘finishing’ I got lol and jump right into the fact that he now used me to preach at a special program in Church titled FULL SUPPLY that evening. I was in Ibadan so I had no idea but the next day, he pinged me to ask how I was doing and now told me how he preached with my ‘COLLECTING prayers’ and how I should go and get the message and listen. My people, I got it when I came to Lag and like Pastor M told me then, at least you can rejoice that at least he also called you ‘Correct daughter’. PK attacked that faithless mindset that made me think prayers was something to be ‘collecting’ like a beggar rather than using my faith to activate my healing esp as it was simple malaria once and for friggin’ all!!!


As a DCC member, I’ve been positively BRAINWASHED. My vocab has changed. If the Word doesn’t prescribe it, I don’t care who is saying it, I don’t buy. I don’t believe. I live my life by ONLY what the Word prescribes. Tradition, religion, culture, etc are lost on me. Worst of all, popular opinion. Before I take in anything, I ask myself ‘Who said it?’


Without such an attitude, you will just run mad in this life with all the absolute stupid and mad opinions flying around.
Eish!!! I can’t deal!!!

Blessed is the man, oh the JOYS of those who do not follow the advice/counsel of the wicked/ungodly…’ Psalms 1:1

Has anyone noticed that the UNGODLY and Anti-Christ like to give advice? Sweetie, don’t even bother thinking of any devil/witch/babalawo, please look inwards. Any talk, any advice, any suggestion, any way of life that is NOT spiritually grounded with a strong foundation in the Word is UNGODLY and Anti-Christ. Simples!!!

Something happened on my birthday and my goodness, I expected it. And I loved that it happened cos I have needed a ‘relatable to me’ story to buttress my point in this post.


So I am pregnant. And my goodness, I am happily openly unshyly pregnant. Hey, I respect those who DENY vehemently the fact that they are pregnant (and happily married) until the 6th month. Cool. But I draw a line at two points

1. Why are you hiding it?
My blood Sis, She’s fiercely private. I recall one time someone bashed her car so in the period it was being repaired, she had to add the guy up on her BBM to be getting updates and pictures. In that period, she NEVER used any of her pictures or kids’ pictures cos of the guy.


Ah sister of mine. She would NEVER announce her pregnancy till she’s rolling around town. Privacy is her ‘why’. I respect that. But daz NOT me!!!
I belong to a BirthClub on the BabyCentre App (My Pregnancy Today)


once the Topic was ‘When do I announce?’ People had different answers but aside privacy, another reason some wanted to keep it private was cos they had a medical condition/complications and the Doc wanted to be sure they had passed the stormiest stages first. Infact some ladies with complications said they still announced as soon as they found out so that people around them help out where they can and  should a miscarriage even happen (God forbid), they will have help/support through it all.
Good reasons.
But I PAUSE where you are hiding and denying your pregnancy (complete with classic symptoms) just because WITCHES and WIZARDS are waiting to yank the baby from your womb. The App is an American App and NOT one single person mentioned that. This African DEVILISH mentality of witches sha!!! Before I jump into what happened, lemme state my reason number 2.

2. I pause when you even attempt to suggest to me to hide under the bed with my pregnancy just because I should fear ‘strong people’ who have the powers to remove my pregnancy!!! Why in God’s powerful name do the ungodly like to give advice? Look I’m not averse to advice but if it is fear/experience/popular-opinion motivated,


SHOVE IT!!! With a cold glass of ginger ale for easy digestion.


I put up this picture above on BBM and see what this Sistur-in-the-Lord had to say… I have done well to remove her name.


I showed Diche because I was looking for a classic response Diche-style and trust her, she was like for someone who is NOT married and has NEVER been preggers, she seems to ‘know’ an awful lot and awful WRONG too.

Look, I certainly believe that the world has evil people ooo. No friggin’ doubt. But Shattah!!! Are these people DAFT enough to be playing with fire? Why should I be scared of them please? Why should LIGHT fear darkness? Why? Bikonu WHY!!!???

John 1:5 ‘…That light SHINES in the darkness and darkness can NEVER extinguish it…’

Let’s analyze this pregnancy scenario for a second and lemme attempt to brainwash you with the water of the Word…

These ‘strong people’ , whether I announce it or not, in the spiritual realm, hope we know that they KNOW these things too. We know, the devil z in charge of these ‘strong people’. As I’m pregnant now, as soon as I found out (maybe even before), devil knew too. He hears me pray for my baby. He sees me take my pre-natals. He sees me anoint myself and take the communion daily. Except he is world-class daft (and he isn’t) he couldn’t have missed it. He certainly doesn’t need me to announce it first before he sends his demons and ‘strong people’ to try themselves. As soon as he found out, he started putting plans in motion using his strong people. So please tell me if my announcement or not can stop this devil? Lemme tell you what can stop the devil and overcome the ‘strong world people’ –

1John 5:4 ‘…For every child of God defeats this evil world and we achieve this victory through OUR FAITH…’

My FAITH and KNOWLEDGE and APPLICATION of the Word. That’s my weapon for guaranteed victory.

‘… While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares/thistles/fear/weed/thorns/etc…’ Matt 13:25

Who will the bastard catch sleeping? Or fearing? Certainly not E’.

BTW, we all know that even if you hide it taya yet you are not using your faith and the Word, strong people can still catch you abi?

With fear ehn, the devil will mesmerize you. So rather than spend my emotions and time being scared and hiding under the bed with my good news and blessing seeing as I am NOT like my sister, I invest it in the Word and books like ‘Childbirth without Fear’ and Supernatural Childbirth.


Btw CWF is written by a Christian ObGYN… Shaaatttaaaahhhh!!!

Now let’s for a moment assume the devil and strong people will ONLY find out WHEN I go public either on BBM or Blog (and keeping a straight face while typing this is so hard here), and I decide I will NOT announce. But how about the Doctor that did the test and knows? What about the Pharmacist from whom you bought the PT strip and pre-natals? Who’s to say they are not (potential) ‘strong people’? What of that house guest/colleague who sees you taking those drugs? What of your boss who will need to know so that some kinda work gets past you? What of that person who just suspects you may be preggers and asks you? Will you now turn to a liar because you fear ‘strong people?’ There is ABSOLUTELY no way only you will be pregnant and ONLY you will know. Since you cucu like to fear, you best be fearing everyone else but yourself?

And of course, the ultimate. The absolute ultimate. When you finally start showing and you will, are you safe then? Where in the big book of BALDERDASH did any get that the ‘strong people’ have powers only when you are NOT showing and suddenly become powerless when you start showing? Last I checked, miscarriages and complications happen at various levels. Plus someone can have a stillborn, or a baby who can later die. Come on na, this fear will you carry it forever?

Instead of fear, why not be using your faith from the moment you conceive through pregnancy to the moment you die not without pumping faith through the children too. I certainly don’t want a child who is afraid of ‘strong people’ and any cockroach that crawls past him at night cos in Sinach’s Words, I KNOW WHO (and WHOSE) I AM

Mehn, we need serious brainwashing with the Word ooo. And this babe who said this is a BORN-AGAIN CORRECT Christian Sistur ooo. Even we BA need brainwashing too. We need to be BORN AGAIN all over AGAIN. The world has sold us too many lies. The world teaches us to RUN from darkness rather than flood the world with light.

‘…You are the light of the world…here to be LIGHT…’ Matt 5:14

The bible says we are NOT to be ignorant of the devices of the devil but nowhere does it prescribe FEAR them.

‘…And having SPOILED principalities and powers, He made an OPEN SHOW of them shaming them publicly…’ Col 2:15
MSG ‘…He stripped ALL the spiritual tyrants in THE UNIVERSE of their SHAM AUTHORITY at the cross and marched them NAKED through the streets…’


That certainly doesn’t leave out the ‘strong people’ does it?

My church in Abuja used to use a Club for service on Sundays.


Evangelism used to be hard ooo. Once you mention ‘Cubana lounge‘ the questions start flooding. For the life of them, they believe that the spirit of the club will enter us as we worship. I dunno why we don’t think that the spirit of worship which we leave behind (and carry around too) will enter the clubbers and they too start worshipping. We even have precedents in the bible.

In 1Sam 19, comedian Saul sent men to capture David, see what happened in verses 20 and 21

20 Then Saul sent messengers to take David. And when they saw the group of prophets prophesying, and Samuel standing as leader over them, the Spirit of God came upon the messengers of Saul, and they also prophesied.
21 And when Saul was told, he sent other messengers, and they prophesied likewise.
Then Saul sent messengers again the third time, and they prophesied also.

Then in verse 23, Saul decides to go Himself…

23 So he went there to Naioth in Ramah. Then the Spirit of God was upon him also, and he went on and prophesied until he came to Naioth in Ramah. 24 And he also stripped off his clothes and prophesied before Samuel in like manner, and lay down naked all that day and all that night. Therefore they say, “ Is Saul also among the prophets?”

I LOVE that story.

Why???? Why are we so scared of darkness when we have infinitely more power?

Maybe in the past, I was like that too. I believed I had to fear too. But like I said, I’ve been brainwashed. Very brainwashed. I’m always checking ‘who said it? Is it in the Word?’

While still on pregnancy, a colleague confided in me she was preggers. I knew she was sick sometime earlier so I was like ‘…Oh that’s why you were sick…’
And almost like a blood hound, she was all over me….

‘…I have NEVER for one day had any pregnancy sickness. That was just me being sick. Had nothing to do with PG…’

I love how she attacked me ooo. Cos that thing I said was ungodly. Where did the Bible ever say ‘Pregnancy was a disease?’ What right did I have to ascribe sickness to her blessing?
Omo I adjusted immediately. (I’m sure she’ll be shocked I’m saying this here) And y’all best adjust too. If I say, ‘…oh I’m tired…’ You best not say I have pregnancy sickness ooo cos baby, I’ma be all up in your face with my fangs out like a Pythonic Cobra. This babe is rocking the otherwise popularly stormy first trimester like a Rockstar. Several times I have googled

‘… I’m in my first trimester but I don’t feel pregnant. Is that normal?’


Absolutely NO troubles.  For which I am so thankful.

That’s cos I have a better testimony in the Word. I have my confessions. (Though you best NOT spray any perfume beside me lol. I’ve turned off all the airfresheners here. Can’t stand the smell and frankly, I like that ‘symptom’ and the day I stop liking it, I pray it away. Simples. This Body needs to know I’m in charge and I have only wha’ I say)

But jokes aside, you get my point. Be careful to filter even pop opinions with the Word. Does it pass the Word test?

Another thing that upsets me has to be BBM broadcasts.

Look, I know Nigeria is super unsafe naturally speaking now and I’m all for passing info across and being security conscious but why is Psalm 91 in the bible? To put under your pillow? Then some ungodly person will now send the kinda BC that seeks to inspire FEAR in people under the guise of ‘passing relevant info’ and also end it with ‘IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE!!!’


I know that statement seems right, and maybe I would have said it in the past but hey…

‘…If you diligently hearken to the voice of God, none of these diseases/calamities/infirmities/insecurities etc will come upon you…’ Exodus 15:26
‘…God spoke to me with a STRONG hand, grabbed me with both hands and warned me NOT to go along with these people. He said ‘…Don’t fear what they fear. Do take on their worries/THREATS…If you must fear, FEAR GOD…’ Is a 8:11ff
‘…Come out from among them and be separate from them who will pollute you…’ 2 Cor 6:17
‘…No enemy attacking our walls. Peace everywhere. No crime/terror in our streets…’ Psalms 144:14

We can’t be making casual statements that gives the devil legal rights over us.
We can’t let experience colour the truth of God’s Word in us.

‘…Let God be true and EVERY MAN a liar…’ Romans 3:4

Some of these things sound right ooo but be sure you are not giving the devil a legal right in by virtue of what you say, hear or see. Let the Bible be a filter through which you sieve all you say and believe. I once did a post about Hustling.
When you keep calling yourself a ‘hustler’ hmmm. Little wonder you work so hard and make so little.
Let’s be careful ooo…

The problem is we don’t know the scriptures enough. We haven’t STORED UP  enough. Like Pastor Chris says, it is that you don’t know what to say.
I like how Jesus answered in Matt 22:29…

‘…Your mistake and your problem is that you do NOT know the scriptures or the power of God…’

MSG says You are OFF BASE on two counts
1. You don’t know your Bibles
2. You don’t know how God works.

When you store up enough, your mind will be renewed, your vocab will be different. You will just find out that you have the right Words for every situation.


I recall the sad day Kefee died, my mentees were discussing it and I was sorta busy but I was following through the discussions without saying anything till one of them said something about being scared of dying while pregnant (as it was alleged she was sick and pregnant and co which her Team denied) and how it can happen to anybody.


I dropped what I was doing and jumped right in. Say what???!!!

I don’t even know how the scriptures jumped right into my spirit but I was all up in their faces dropping the Word ooo and cancelling all that was said. One of my them, Chi now said
Ah mama always has the right Word for everything…’
I smiled.
In the beginning it was not so. No it wasn’t. I used to speak like ‘them’. But I had to learn to study (God bless PK) and STORE UP!!! Like Baba Adeboye says, in the time of trouble, it is what is already in you that will come out. We started a Joshua study this July in my online group and like one of us Nk said in response to Joshua 1:8 (open your bible) was that God doesn’t expect us to rush and start searching the scripture when the devil comes. He expects that we have stored up enough such that it just flows and that bastard runs away tails between his legs.


This second half of the year my darling FABers, it is time to STORE UP.!!!


The devil is re-strategizing for the second half but he will meet us ready!!! Don’t be caught napping baby. Don’t just say words loosely. Remember you shall have what you say (Matt 11:23). Why not say the right things?

God bless PK.


God bless Pastor B. God bless DCC. I am thankful i have been brainwashed.

Do you need a BRAINWASH? I proudly recommend THE WORD!!!




Heyyy thanks for all the birthday wishes guys.


And the Congrats on the new job and new baby. BABY not babies yet please. My twin girls are still in heaven. Thanks soooo much. Wow!!! God bless y’all. If I haven’t yet responded to your message, forgive me please. I will.

A Reader sent me an iTunes Voucher for HillSongs latest release ‘No other name’ on THE VERY day it came out cos ‘she knows how much I love HillSongs. I thought that was super sweet and super thoughtful. God bless you babe. Another sent me ‘Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize’. Ah!!! Blessings on you.

I will be kicking off a series called PreggE’ diaries. I’m excited. Can’t wait to share this journey with y’all. Starting from screaming at the nurses in the hospital for attempting to ‘kill me’ with a wrong prescription. Looool. Watshaaaatt!!!

So another FABer shared with me her job testimony too. I have her permission to run it anon here. Kai!!! That girl did crazier stuff than I did ooo. Ah!!! I feared her no be small. Can’t wait to run it. Watsssshhhhhaaaaattttt too!!! Maybe my next post.

In case you don’t have a Word for the second half of the month, please let STORE UP be your mantra. Even if you do have a Word. Trust me, you will need it. Thank me lerar…

LIVE AMAZED!!! The finale

Tz my mama’s birthday today. Her 71st!!!


THE Joyce Meyer. My favourite picture of her

My life’s biggest international influence. My numero uno mentor. Chai!!!
Joyce Meyer is a dream. She’s my dream. I listen to her all the time. I read her a plenty. I google to get JM latest gist. I download podcasts.


See that body!!! Choi. This woman is THE BUSINESS

JM!!! I don’t even know how my life would have looked without a JM preaching round the world. When I hear her, I can abs relate. That’s the way I’ll be speaking too. Only better (#latterGloryTinz) I certainly pray I meet her someday ooo. That would be a dream come through. Ah!!! Gosh. Thank God you are alive for a really long time ooo. And preaching up a storm too.
Or does this look like someone who is about to leave? Mba nu


This woman is THE BUSINESS!!!

Picture is two month old.
Abeg gimme Jesus err’single day!!!
JM mehn, God keep blessing you for the world!!! Keep on rockin’ mama. You sure make God look real gooooood

Ok on to Part 2… Living Amazed!!! The finale.

If you missed Part 1, find it here to put this post in context.


I recall one time I felt something close (to JM’s cancer period and was just totally drained). That was when I first repeated and then failed outta Pharmacy school.


I had started keeping a journal before then so i detailed that period there

My parents beat shege outta me, pressure from home, gossip from people, a whole ‘Miss Popular’ in UI, First ever ‘Miss Pharmacy’ and then she failed!!!


Some 5/6years ago...

Oh, those days!!! I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there as everyone was pulling me in every direction. I used to write letters to God then drowning in my own tears.
And I’ll detail His promises that absolutely didn’t make any sense to me then. I had this amazing friend Eunice who used to agree with me in prayers then. I recall one of the recurring words He gave me then was ‘For my shame, He’ll give me DOUBLE HONOR in the same place…’


My very first journal. Over 10years old. I loved 'em pretty

Oh Jehovah, I confessed blood out of that line. Who would have thought that not only would I make Best Graduating student with distinctions in the course of my dreams Sociology, I would also go ahead and be called as a Speaker to encourage Pharmacy School students on graduation.


April 2013. How i don't have a picture of me speaking beats me The same place I was chucked out from some three years ago.

AMAZING!!! I tell you. Just reminds me of how AMAZING God is.

And double amazing is the fact that the same testimony of mine has birthed and encouraged many more. I detailed Chisom’s testimony here who tapped into mine.

Ok let’s go back to my mama’licious JM.

But not before a comic relief. You wont believe she came out of the operation preaching and prophesying from her unconscious state. Looool. My mama sure loves her drama

Interestingly, I woke up a lot those days with scriptures on my lips straight from heaven. #JustLikeMeyerMe


Lemme move on from the whole cancer and surgery experience.

Long and short, in those down periods, her faith stayed and she kept trusting God. And that’s a lesson for us right there.
The Bible talks about ‘fellowshipping with His sufferings’
We can’t choose to live right and be spiritual only when things are going well. Can we still love on, faith in and worship this God in the wilderness as we do when all is going well? I recall one of my ladies Anna during a prayer session said ‘Let’s worship Him even with our broken-ness’
And I think what would make that easy is when we can go back and bring to remembrance all the past victories He has won for us.

She also talked about the first message she preached on Strife. You can imagine reading through it now and then comparing same to the messages she preaches today. The difference go clear na… Really gets her AMAZED as to how far God has brought her. Both as a Speaker and also as a woman who used to live in strife. Today? That woman pursues peace. I’m still learning. Choi!!!


Lol. I recall this message. She said something like she told Dave to better have clean feet before the washing oooo

Or was it the first time God called her to a 28day fast.

Feb 1982

Right after the fast, she records how God sent two men to not only get her an office and a desk, but they said God led them to ordain her. Awwwwwww. Though she knew God had called her and she had been praying for it, she told no one anything about an ordination so those two men ordaining her were definitely God sent.

Whoop Whoop!!!

She actually made everyone clap for the two guys who gave her a beginning to ministry. Especially at a time when Female preachers were absent on the scene. Me too I clapped ooo

She also spoke about her Charity.

Sept ’93 when Hand of Hope, the Outreach ministry began.

God revealed to her in a dream that she was pregnant AGAIN and she had already had a baby. She was scared and unsure about caring for two babies and when she woke, God explained to her that the first baby was going to feed the second baby.

First baby? Her TV ministry

Second Baby? The Outreach ministry called HAND OF HOPE.


This Ministry is #NoWords

At that time, she had zero idea of what God was planning with these babies.

Today though, JM’s TV ministry is thriving incredibly. The entire media ministry actually. So they take a percentage, 27million dollars ($27m) a year from the first baby to the second baby for helping the poor around the globe. They actually have (at that time) 49 orphanages around the world.


One of her gazillion outreaches

Choi!!! Even I am AMAZED!!!

So at this point, you may be thinking ‘Oh tz JM. She’s such a huge star, blablabla. My own case is different.

I’ll just quote her response to you…

‘…If you would have kept a record of your life, and every little thing God has done- breakthroughs, open doors, favour He gives you- when you have those bad days, you can get your box (of remembrance) out and get yourself amazed all over again…’

We are so quick to forget all that God has done for us and we make Him seem like He is doing nothing for us. How heart breaking it must be for God when we act like that.

JM’s ministry at the start (and for while) was a testimony when 105 people showed up and the sales of tapes were $317 for a meeting. Today? She can’t even talk about how blessed she is. With people and resources.


See people like sand... Choi

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooot Wooooooot!!!

She actually said one of her friends, Chris, said she would give anything to get hold of that box/bucket where JM keeps her journals.
Me too ooo mama. Don’t let me get that box. I’ll throw privacy decorum away ooo.

But better still, I’m keeping mine. And safe too. Don’t want nobody stealing into it just yet.
Whoop Whoop!!! Someday, like JM, I’ll share from it.


Well, this much you can read lol

Oh and I will be more dedicated too
God is absolutely NO respecter of persons. What He does for one, He can do for another.

Sadly, we are reducing His miracles to coincidences. How saddening!!! Sometimes, we even have the guts to call them ‘small’.

Fey shared something this morning in the group from Joel Osteen (I love JO too) and I thought I’ll reproduce here.

‘…wear your blessings well, don’t apologise for what GOD has done, don’t even think about calling it luck or coincidence…’

Look, there are no coincidences. They are GOD-ORDAINED incidences. Can we notice them and make a BIG DEAL outta them?

Don’t make a big deal of the problems and challenges but let’s make a big deal out of what God is doing even when it seems little.

Even David was quick to tell us same.
1st Chr 16 :  24 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

PUBLISH being the operative word for me.

I dunno how I never came around to doing a post on TESTIMONIES and PRAYER POINTS last year. So lemme just summarise what I was going to say. I notice that sometimes, when we hear people share a ‘common’ testimony such as say God provided t.fare or lunch or stuff like that, we just give a cold applause. We usually wait for the major 10years without kids, miracle car, etc testimonies. And then we raise the roof. I think that’s just human nature. You can’t really blame us. But you the testifier KNOWS that what is seemingly little to others is a BIG DEAL to you. You know where you are coming from. You know how much you prayed for such breaks. Don’t let anyone belittle your testimonies. Don’t!!! Feel free to share it. Feel free to make a big deal outta it. I think it is unfair when we call what God is doing ‘small’. Even if it is small, thank Him for the small on your way to the BIG.

Sometimes, our testimony is in a Word from the Holy Spirit for our situation. Make a BIG DEAL of it please. In recent times, minus the other material blessings and incredible favour I have enjoyed from Him, I have had such incredible leadings from God. For EVERY situation, God has been gracious enough to give me a Word right from the bible that settles everything in a way I can’t explain.


E'... Unbelievably LED

Sometimes, the devil throws me the ‘coincidence’ card BUT no, I am grateful for it. You don’t have to wait until He brings you that dream job/car/hubby until you are AMAZED enough to be grateful. Be amazed and grateful for the ‘little’ leadings too.

Don’t say ‘oh how odd I thought of that!’ Or ‘oh what a coincidence!’

No darling. In my mama’s words and voice, ‘…It is God right smack dab in the middle of your life!!! Right up in our lives doing miracles daily and we could at least have the REVERENCE to be AMAZED!!!’

You think it is of your making that you have friends today?


I KNOW the power of friendships

Oh my God, how grateful I am for my friends. Every last one of you!!! My goodness!!!

JM talks about times when she was homeless and pregnant with her first child. Her first hubby had left her and was living with another woman. Pregnant, sickly, jobless, broke and homeless, thankfully, God sent unusual help in her hairdresser who she barely knew but let her live with her. She had absolutely NO friends!!! NONE. After she had the baby, she was sick all over, had infections, had boils and sores, and couldn’t afford treatment, couldn’t care for her baby well enough cos she had no training, no books, no help, no money to care for him right. It was a TOUGH PAINFUL time. So if anyone understands pain, she did then. She said she would drive past the house where her hubby lived with another woman with sooo much hurt and pain seeping through her veins.

Oh but she remembers those times and just how far God has brought her. Today, I’m sure houses are the least of Meyer’s troubles. Then, to even diagnose all the sores she had on her body was unaffordable but today? She goes for regular medical check ups just because…
Today, she has countless friends and children the world over. Like she asked, how many of us will HAPPILY open up our doors and let her live with us!!!
Talk about from zero to hero!!!


Wanna know something else amazing? Today, that her son Dave she could hardly care for is one of the pillars of JM ministry worldwide. Interestingly, God put it in her to name him Dave which interestingly is the name of her second husband whom she married later. David, Dave!!!


Dave and Joyce Meyer

Talk about AMAZING!!!

Now tell me, when JM sits and reads all of these from her journals, can you imagine how she would feel? Can you imagine the rush of faith and hope that will well up in her? Oh my!!!

Look, God is all over us!!! He’s doing super amazing things but we are not keeping records. We are letting our challenges get the better of us.

At some point, JM gives this sarcastic laughter when she talks about people who just wanna give up on life. You know, that kinda ‘SMH at you’ scoff

Cos she went through hell too. In addition to the above, she was sexually abused by her father for over 10 YEARS as a child and I’m being conservative!!! Her mother didn’t believe her, she had to run away from home. She was also physically and emotionally abused. So she’s like ‘please don’t worship your pain’ If God can get her through those times, He too can for you.

Oh my!!! God is working things out for us. I know. I know it like I know my name.

Hebrews 1:3 God is upholding, maintaining, guiding and propelling the entire universe by His mighty Word of Power.

Yes baby, that includes us. He’s working all things for our favour. Commanding it in our favour. Hallelujah!!!

I just feel like speaking in tongues. Shattah!!!

Our God is soooooo AMAZING!!!

Do you need more ginger to just worship this God? Let’s see her ending.

And she ends it by talking about God’s AMAZING GRACE.

Cos that’s the ONLY way we can define GRACE. AMAZING!!! That’s the only adjective that qualifies grace. A free gift from God to us who don’t deserve it.
Grace is just inexplicable. But we can enjoy it. It just helps us through life. Enables us through our weaknesses.

Can we just be grateful for His Amazing Grace and all the privileges?

Let me end with this question…

How can we be hopeless?
Just how?
Just how?
How can we be despondent and in despair?

What with His amazing Grace and all the miracles He daily loads us with. How can we be hopeless when we have a book of remembrance and we can get ourselves amazed and amazed all over again.
Can we be hopeless when we make a big deal of His past testimonies with us? Cos He can do it again and much more.

Truly, God is no respecter of persons. And incredibly, He uses the foolish and seemingly unlikely ones to show Himself. Doesn’t it amaze you that He chose Paul? I mean, I can’t get over that!!! Paul? A confirmed Boko-haram??? Yet the Pauline epistles add colour to our study and Word life like no other. Imagine the bible without Paul’s letters? Haba.

Oh my!!! I love how she ended it.

‘He chose a half-out-of-her-mind, weird-voiced, odd personality, woman who had been sexually abused from downtown Missouri to preach the gospel to 2/3rds of the world in 60languages today…’

Of course that’s my Joyce MEYER. 


That message blesses me everytime. I mean who doesn’t like to live amazed abeg? You can just look for it on iTunes. Most of JM’s podcasts there are free.
Thanks Damilola for the link to YouTube.
JM is 71 today. Still doing exploits. Still looking fabulous. Still preaching up a storm.


Keep on Jesus rocking mama!!!

Ah!!! My future is bright. I especially love that she is a model for the ministry God is building through me. I especially love that she’s all about women (ok let’s say ‘more about’). I just love anything all women so I’m happy my ministry is that way. Interestingly, I have a virtual mentoring group. All ladies. I have a group of FAB sisters… All ladies.
Guys, don’t scoff please. I’m sure there are people there with ministry to strictly men. It is just not me. Sawry.
So everytime I get an opportunity to address or even be in an all ladies group, I’m overjoyed.
That’s why Joyce Meyer’s LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S conference is making me giddy all over.


Tani is my partner here!!! Whoop!!!

Oh but until her conference, I am super excited about the monthly ‘Strictly Sisters’ meetings powered by DCC Abuja. I anchored the debut edition in April and by heavens, I loved it. I get high just being with ladies.
There is a review of it on DCC Abuja blog here.
In Abuja? Or know any lady in Abuja? Holler!!!
And just keep a date. Tz every third Saturday of the month. All and Strictly women. The last one, I LOVED the breakdown that was given to pregnancy, natural birthing, and Caesarean Sectioning. Oh, I learnt a lot that day.

Oh and the BIG ONE!!! Our GLOBAL annual ‘When Women Worship’ convention in David’s Christian Centre Lagos.



Oh my!!! This year, date is Sunday, June 15, 4pm.
And it is themed A ki ki tan which loosely translates to When Words Fail.


This year, ALL WOMEN!!! Whoop!!!

You recall Last year was themed IMELA.

The host is Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo and by heavens, I can’t wait!!!

You would definitely be getting more details from me here but Pastor M gives us a sneak preview on her blog here.

You know what happens to me in an all female gathering? It just gingers me for the HUGE DEAL God is going to do through his Sugar Daughter E’licious for women around the world. #JustLikeMeyer!!! Whoop. Hallelujah!!!

Oh… Lord!!! *taking a breather*

Me, I’m just keeping my book of remembrance jare.

AMAZINGLY AMAZED!!! That’s what I wanna be able to say when I’m testifying during an Anniversary like JM did at her 30th…

So, who’s in for an AMAZING life?

Live daily AMAZED…


This is the end. Lol

Cannime, Maggielola, E’, Booski, portable Glow, Nk, Ify (in Abuja) who else is June born? Holler so I holler too oooo. With your dates. We soooo rock we are forming our own FAB rock band!!!

Our monthly LDM seminar holds in Abuja this Sunday June 8 at 4.30pm. Petrus Hotels off Gimbiya, Area 11, Garki. I have the flyer up on my blog ‘Happily ever after’. Click on same for details. Meanwhile the last one, The Price of a ring, we compiled the tweets from the program. Read and enjoy here. For me the deepest thing I heard there was ‘THE PRICE OF A RING IS YOUR LIFE. Marriage is NO JOKE!!!
Ah Pastor B killed that message. We were all sober after that. Plus me ooo. Lol

Kai!!! Anyways just bookmark and subscribe too.
That blog stays rockin’

Lol. I taya for me too
OK hope we have not stopped remembering the Chibok girls in Prayers, and Naija generally.
Wow!!! Over 50days held captive. Young girls. All I keep thinking is how darn uncomfy they must be and how their parents are coping. Plus news that keeps coming has a way of just feeling hopeless but no, we won’t stop praying.
I have a song that I keep singing when it comes to ndi-boko and all. Tz Igbo. I will translate

Bia nuru olu anyi o ×2
Onweghi mgbe Ike mmadu g’akari Ike Chukwu x2
Nna bianuru, Olisa bi n’igwe bianuru olu anyi oooo

Come and hear our prayers Lord
NEVER will man’s power be greater than God’s power
Our Father in heaven, come hear our prayers


#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day PAY.IT.FORWARD

So today I am paying it forward…
I’ll be thanking Him in advance because my testimonies are sure…
Sharing this publicly would also make me accountable to my faith… I must stay in faith till I get my victory and by december 31, I would be right back to testify in appreciation…
1. My wedding…
To the love of my life and the life of my love…
My David… The man after my heart. wpid-NEy.jpg
By the end of the year (actually way before the end of the year), the powers that be would have settled all their drama and E’ would happily exchange Ajaero for Olojo…
*insert 3 halo signs*

2. My Carpicmix-2642013-5589
Dear Kia Picanto, I am absolutely in love with you. Looks like the entire Lagos has this ride. Except me. E remain small make dem arrest me with the way I start every time I see especially a metallic colored one or a blue one. I always say ‘See my car…’
Le Boo (and most people) think the car is too small for me, but E’ likey, E’ wantey in Orangey.
Dear Jesus, thank you
*insert seven halo signs*

3. My Dubai trip…
Ah, I really can’t wait ooo.2013-08-31-18-30-48-255787672 And it is a double ooo. Two couples doubling up to Dubai later this year. Most likely during the christmas holidays.
Dear God, thank you for this. I truly have plans to get my customized E’ wedding band (to replace the ones we have already) while there. And oh my!!! Shopping!!! And I’ll be shopping with my fave girl.15402596-happy-friends-shopping-in-mallYou know who na 😉
Dear Jesus, thank you
*insert 15 halo signs*

4. Completing or at least getting to some place reasonable in my french lessons. And hopefully take an exam (or be so close to). images(2)I truly really absolutely need to brush up on and further on my french knowledge ooo. And get certified too.
Dear Jesus, AMEN…

5. Finding and furnishing (to a large extent) a house in Abuja. Abuja is OUR land of Milk and Money, our Promised Land… That is where I would be moving to post NYSC and starting a home. We are trusting God for divine direction and provision to the very best of accomodation there…
Dear Jehovah, AMEN…
*insert 50 halo signs*

6. Progressing at an even faster rate on my iSeeGreen Project.
Especially the arm directed to ‘pre-university people’.
Lemme explain some…
I had a most amazing University experience. I went through it all… Failures, disappointments, Politics, betrayals, and so on but most importantly, God turned all that around and I graduated very well!!! 13778410-graduate-girl-cartoon
I know a lot of people say the educational system/sector in Nigeria is terrible. But E’ made it through and came out GOLD… I think I qualify… His Grace qualifies me and I wanna share too… I failed. Then I succeeded.. (_)4EvA_3Adorable;;)There is plenty GREEN in school and I hope to inspire many young’uns out there to have a most amazing, rounded and fabulous University/Polytechnic experience, and graduate as better people who are not just graduates on paper but graduates indeed… Ready to contribute their own quota to Nigeria… Not join the sad and sorry statistics of ‘unemployable graduates…’
So help me God…
*insert 100 halo signs here*

Well, that’s not all but these are the few I wanna share here.
I’m trusting God that as I thank in faith, I will thank in appreciation with all my requests met…

Oh lemme add a few more gadgets I am looking at acquiring and thank Him in advance too PicStory-2013-08-31-07-33
– A BB Q10
– An iPad
– A MacBook (if it has a mini) or a really good mini laptop
– A really really really baddddd camera. A portable one with pre-filters and stuff so I don’t waste time editing.
I know they all seem like luxuries but trust me, they are necessities.
Oh my, I really need a laptop fast… Mine is in a critical state. I’m using my niece’s laptop for now. My seed is in the ground sha. My harvest is guaranteed.
I need an iPad because… Well I need it
A Q10 because well I wanna sow the torch 2 I use now.
And a camera because…. Seriously, do I need to explain to you why? You should know why if you are a regular FAB’er…

If the Lord leads you, don’t harden your heart…
*serious face*

But really though, I’m paying it forward and 2013, iMustTestify…

Don’t miss our celebration service tomorrow morning and relationship service in the evening at my dearly beloved DCC.
See details here

And feel free to pay it forward too

Share with me in the comments section.

Shout out to my partners – in – gratitude Lizzie and Giantsparkle.

We don did it


Tomorrow (or Monday latest) is my finale and my surprise too.


Dear Diary… August the 3rd, 2013

Dear diary…
Saturday 03:08:2013. 7am
Today would have been the day…
Heck, I had a mental post loading already. I titled it ‘OUT DA GAME’

I would have scheduled it for 3pm today and people would have wondered ‘Is E’ blogging on her wedding day?’
I even had a dream last night of a bride who kept on changing DPs all day. Looooool. SMH.
Was it Dumebi or Tani that said they would seize my phone from me? Naughty girls…
Rolling my eyes.
Oh but here am I, no wedding today.
Aaaarrrgggghhh. Today was perfect. Too perfect. Which is why I ‘fought’ hard to make it work… We, actually. So much so that ‘they’ thought I was pregnant hence the insistence or ‘hurry’ as they said…
Pregnant??? I thought this was funny and insultive at the same time. Maybe I was pregnant. Especially if God had pulled a ‘Virgin Mary’ on me. Well. iSeeRed as I type so… #tossthat#
Hurry??? iLaugh. I’ve known Aku m for 5years now. 5years and 3months. If anything, we have been slow… Maybe ‘they’ would have known him earlier than March if they were not being tribalistic. If they weren’t threatening to disown me and harm him if I DARED to bring a Yoruba boy to ‘them’ seeing that ‘ndi yoruba can NEVER ever be faithful’ Tell me abourrit!!! People who have not accepted Christ and live by His Word can NEVER be faithful. There are no such tribe divides here. Just two tribes… TribeJesus and TribeSatan.

You see these two people, they are active TribeJesus members. Living by the Word. Not Tradition.
I find it interesting though. That I have had to fight every step of the way. From approval to consent and now to wedding. Heck I even fought through pharmacy school failure and saying it wasn’t cos of him. Looool.
But I find it comforting that through it all, Aku m has shown me so much love it is UNREAL… Someone said… ‘Thank God the guy is worth it abeg’ He is…

This is God’s living and breathing expression of Love to me.
The devil fights what he fears. I’m sorry loser, you better run!!!

I don’t have time enough to mention how consent came to have Aku m (and his people) finally meet ‘them’. But it took a lot of prayers… From us, from our friends, my pastors (Rev, major shalla. My dearest darling Daddy). Ah!!! It took many scriptural confessions and Rhema (God, major Twale Sir. The Word became flesh indeed) It took counsellings and listening to messages (doffing my hat for PK’s classic – I love him but my parents say NO…) It took divine timings too, both hearing and acting on them. Victory came.
I didn’t want any ‘village connections’ called Traditional marriage. I thought it was an absolute waste of time and money. I still think so… One wedding is enough. They agreed. But we still had to settle the ‘umunna’.
It was on my birthday night June 29 that all the wahala began… Settle… The list… Aha The LIST.
That was where ‘uka bidoro’. I can’t go into deeets dear Diary but all I can say is that I saw the WORST I had ever seen. I saw ostriches bury their heads in the sand. I saw wimps roll over and play dead. I saw lions threaten the entire jungle to dare to protest. I heard unreasonable demands being made. Shameful might I add. I saw values I thought we stood for thrown out the window. Sacrificed on the altar of tradition. I saw inconsistency with people I had immense respect for. I heard lies. Oh my!!! I got insulted, abused especially emotionally, accused of betraying (or was it not being loyal to) OUR TRADITION… I saw non-chalence. I saw wickedness. I cried!!! Oh how I cried!!! I got shouted at. I got threatened. Did tradition need to be so hard? When did it become sensible to ‘make it hard for them so they would treat you well’
I begged, pleaded, swallowed pride, grovelled. Whosai…
Several calls went back and forth. MTN made a tosh load of money off us this period.
As we met targets, they moved the goal post. With the most ridiculous things.
One Word tho… Selfish.
They called it LOVE… Shove it please. Love aint love till the other person especially an adult feels loved
Ah, dear diary. I can’t explain further.
I loved today for these reasons
1. It favored us… This statement is packed and I can’t explain it. And it favored them too. If they had an open mind.
2. My two Pastors especially that I love were going to be there. Officiating. Ah!!! That’s a dream come true. E no easy to track down those men ooo. Rev especially is itinerant much. But he had jiggled a few ish to be there to officially join his children. Aaaarrrgggghhhh. Chai… Infact, Ibadan was moving to Lagos for this. And this after an all-night ooo. They were yet going to pile into the cars and hit the road WITHOUT sleep for me. Yup I am a special daughter.
3. August was work free for me. My work place miraculously gave it to me. They didn’t even know I was planning a wedding. When I later told them, they felt good for even being ‘in the spirit’ when they gave me August free (with Pay ooo) Honeymoon woulda been spessssh yo!!!
4. It was TIME to leave. Time!!! TIME… I was friggin’ ready. My spirit was. He too was. We were ready. We had plans. We had projects as a married couple. We had prayer points. Ah!!! We covet the blessings of marriage and the attendant favors. He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains FAVOR… I also had career plans. Best finetuned in a husband’s house.
I explained all this. And more. I explained till I was BLUE. I was countered(ridiculed some sef) on all counts. For selfish reasons. iLaugh again. I wish I could explain the reasons. You would cringe. I am so sparing you deets.
Then people tried to save face from some shame and guess who they blamed it on…
How can you blame such a drop dead gorg innocent and fab face biko…
All sorts of emotional blackmail. Ewwwww.
My mom calls me ‘Ogbu agu’. Lion killer. I’m tough like that. But by tuesday last week, an event happened. It shattered me. Then I heard God tell me to change. He told Aku m too at the same time. He confirmed it by telling my pastor too. Confirmations. Did it look like I lost the battle. It did. Did I lose the battle? Mba… TeamJesus never loses yo!!!
I still gave it a whole day. To think it through. Be sure. I was sure. In the middle of all this, I had friends and friends parents call to encourage me. Ah… I felt too much love. I cried after some calls. Out of the love I got drenched in.
Aku m, I doff my hat and heart for you. I never had doubts. The things we went through were enough to scatter any relationship. Some people feared it would. There is afterall only so much someone can take. It strengthened ours. I saw him protect me from whoever and whatever.
Ah, my King David. The King after my heart. Lemme go and learn more for our wedding night and honeymoon. 😉
Ah, speaking of sex. Dear diary you know me na… Prude of Life. I had locked my body up… I was NOT even looking forward to the ‘sex-counselling’ looool. PRUDE!!! But as the days drew closer, I released my self some. Read books and articles. Christian of course. Asked questions. Got my mind a bit more comfy. To move from ‘Sex is sin’ to ‘Sex is a good MUST’ Then the date is moved… Chai… No words. No. I am so sparing you deets. Of course, you know I’ll still wait till it is right…
Speaking of moves… It was the move we made that caught them unawares. I’m sure they are wondering, what is this girl up to now??? Looool. Don’t worry, shebi Aug 3 is here and I didn’t elope. Calm down. Stop all the calls and knocks on my door to be sure I am in. Looooool.
It was a wise allbeit painful move. A move that I must admit has changed somethings for ever!!! Hmmm. Again iLaugh.
Who moves a wedding less than two weeks to? As you can imagine, money would have gone down for some stuff. Some of my very special guests had booked tickets to Lag. Gifts had been coming in even before. Dresses had been bought or sewn as the case maybe. Did I mention money? Hmmm. I’m surprised I’m not even broke. Loool. Actually I am not surprised jare. Jehovah bu Eze.
Oh but something surprised me tho…
The kinda care,concern and love that came from people. Frankly, some annoyed me. I almost screamed. My wedding date got moved didn’t mean I was losing my mind… It didn’t mean prayers should be raised because ‘she must be going through a lot now’ (aaaaaarrrrgGhhhh what’s that???) It didn’t mean I should be spoken to with pity (ewwwww) It certainly didn’t mean that every time I didn’t sound cheery when u called, I was in the dumps!!! Mba, I could be at work or asleep. Ha ahn!!! At work, I got ‘funny’ looks… Chei!!! Me!??? The confirmed cheerful pick-anybody-up-with-her-smile chica. It was funny ooo. See, pity doesn’t look good on me… I didn’t even know I was supposed to be ‘out of my mind with grief’. Like it was normal. I’ll be forgiven. Looool. Like most of my close friends said, be easy on them. People love you so they are just bothered. Just that they don’t know you. Ogbu agu that you are. I do feel a tinge of sadness. Naturally. But grace has shielded me. Shielded us. Plus I know God has a better plan. I’m convinced. It did mess my schedule and planning a bit but… Jehovah bu eze uwa niile… Since I decided to move it, I haven’t cried once. All the tears happened before.
Like I did say, this whole ish has changed PLENTY of things around here. Plenty… Oh plenty. It makes me smile sef.
People ask me, so when is the new date, etc? I say ‘I’ll keep you posted’
I’ve never been a fan of big weddings (I’m a fan of huge honeymoons though.). My wedding was small. About 100persons. Max 150. Now, I am a fan of tiny weddings. Maybe 5 people. Lol. I’m kidding. But now though, my plans are even smaller. Hehehe. I apologise in advance.
This is the point where I say my THANK YOUs. First, to my bridesmaids who had invested already and made plans. Who didn’t even make a fuss when I moved it. Their major interest was ‘how are you?’ Chai… Then my guests who had booked tickets. Gosh!!! Thank you for ignoring the money you had spent to ask me if I was fine. For some of you, this is your first time of hearing this cos I didn’t give deets. To my friends who even involved their parents in praying and counselling, chai!!! If love could kill, I woulda been dead. Then to my friends who have shown care and love. Oh my!!! I dunno if I’m as good as you people make me ooo. Once, I put up a crying smiley on bb (I was being dramatic cos the weekend holiday was over) and you need to see the calls and messages. They thought I was really crying. Loooool. Thank you so much. MTN is really making money ooo. Loool. To the ones who had given gifts even before, thank you so much. I didn’t know people give gifts before ooo. I’ll just mention, I’m getting married and wham!!! A gift. Inspite of all, you guys were major reminders that a wedding and marriage is a good and joyful thing. All the wahala almost made me forget.
But really, I am grateful. Love- God’s love and love from you guys has seen me through. Thanks for your prayers, love, care, calls,listening ears (especially when I go on and on) etc. Una plenty. Don’t let me mention names please. Thank you… My God bless you.
So what are my plans???
Haaaaa… Dear diary, allow me to keep that to myself…
I hear you ask ‘…should I be scared?’
Well, a little
Till whenever,

Time check: 10.08am

Pity doesn’t look good on me. Don’t try it. I actually am fine. I promise. I even have good plans for today.
The plan for our kids used to be, we will call them by their english names only. The igbo/yoruba names will be confined to their birth certs. Now the plan may be NO native names at all. Only the surname will betray roots. But really, we as a nation really need to kick tribalism. Far!!! I still saw TY’s The future vid yesterday and I recall the big push she gave to the character repping tribalism. Our children shouldn’t even experience such. I truly hope there are no tribalists among young people today. If you are, please just be sure you don’t come near me. I won’t be nice. #Selah#
This is one post that I am not going to edit and edit before I hit PUBLISH
I also didn’t think much about making it right enough, I just typed from my head now and I am posting…
Does it hurt? Not so much anymore especially because I have a Comforter…
Incase you are wondering, the ring used above is mine. In case you’re wondering any other thing, my period came a day late and lasts usually for just less than 48hours.
Whatever you make of this post is your biz… and yup the persons know who they are. This is just me talking with my diary