TFS Convos; Who do women say I am…?

​Hey guys,

My Happy Place and Space is when I write. I am soooo thankful for this gift. It legit makes me happy, even if i write into the night. Like deliriously HAPPY!!!

Here’s praying we all find AND EXPRESS our Gifts in such a way that it makes us reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly HAPPY!!! 


That said, hope everyone’s week is up to a good start? 

Amen, again!!!

This Post is actually funny but I believe we will grab some good lessons by the time I sign out.

So last week, I noticed that EVERYONE who had cause to ring me would actually ALMOST be shaking as they spoke. I thought that was too strange. Jesus knows how many times I had to say ‘Relax babes, I do NOT bite…’

Anyways, that pushed me to ask my Sisters in TFS Academy possibly why, and then what my online personality is like and who I remind them of. Their answers made me laugh. 

And then think!!!

Answers below… UNEDITED please (#NoTime)

My thoughts in-line and in bold italicised letters…

Abby: Lol, sorry I have to first lol it out. You have a personality that can be intimidating for someone who isn’t whole for himself or let me say someone who is still trying to figure themselves out

Majority of us still have that thing we are struggling with so when we now see someone who is setting the bar and standards so high and doing it effortlessly at least from what we see, we seem to want to cower back into our shells haha

I know how many times I have dialled your number and just stop midway 😁

Honestly for me oh, it has nothing to do with you, it’s just us

We feel we are not enough

Oh dear, phew………If I had a dollar for every ‘intimidating’ I got. And then, I want to ask, ‘not enough what?’

Bimbo: I usually think that, will this woman accommodate all my stories. I feel you have a high standard so I’m always over careful of saying things so as not to soil the relationship. And for me I do that to people in authority. It’s just me really

Abby: How can I go and talk with mama E. I’m I even sure she will get me? Mama E has passed this level oh or mama E will not understand sef

Let me just continue praying 😂

This line got me rolling… Let me just continue praying ke? Hahaha 

That’s my own reasons sha. Speaking for myself alone oh. Just this morning I wanted to call u oh, but I pushed it into later in the day 😂

Bimbo:The truth is mama, I’ve had to ask Dee and Teni to teach me how to be free with you. I’m just always over careful. Especially on a personal level. I don’t know how to explain really 🙈

I have known Bimbo for at least 4years. Plus we were even in the same Campus fellowship yet…

Evelyn: Ermmm, from the Lil I know you set a no nonsense kind of attitude like you don’t have patience for time wasters

So it makes some people uneasy to call you because they don’t know what they would say that would annoy you and you know u keep saying people should not call you on your personal number,so whenever someone would love to call they would make sure that the reason for calling must be good enough

I also think you are a very jovial and nice person but u don’t want people to over take advantage of that so u try to set ground rules

I agree with my Darling Evelyn to some extent. I have a biz line and then a personal line, I don’t want biz or ministry calls crossing that line, even if you have the number. I am super jovial and frankly, I think people already take advantage of it, I am actually still trying to balance my own emotions.

Tolu: I just feel like you won’t take nonsense

As in no slacking, but I feel that it should get easier with time

Winnie: You come across as a ‘no nonsense person’ and a ‘don’t waste my time person’. But you’re just a principled person, and it can be intimidating for some people. You’re strict but you are not wicked.

To which I answered something like this… ‘Winnie that’s just what we say to WICKED seniors in boarding school back then because we don’t wanna out rightly tell them they are devils…’ looool. No girl, please not the ‘strict but not wicked’ line *real tears*

Teni: You have a strong personality mama, and personally it intimidates me. And it makes me super careful, not to mess up and ruin our mentor-mentee relationship

Angela: For me I think you’re extremely honest, you’re just like an open book but still you don’t tolerate nonsense. I like the principles you’ve laid out. It might come off as proud to some people but I like it. I’ve tried to call you severally just to say hello and some other stuffs because sometimes you need someone who will just listen, but I  always stop cos I don’t want to be stepping over boundaries.

This kinda surprised me because Angela and I are ‘Bonny island friends’. She has visited with me before and she has even helped me once on a flight with my baby. Yet she won’t call me to say HI lol. You are right on principles sha. haha

Ebere:Ehmmmm….E you portray a mean, no–nonsense, disciplined personality. And because you talk out about yourself a lot on social media, anyone that follows you would just want to be careful based on the stuff you write. Again, you talk of your besties, squad, 3great men etc. a lot, that people might feel “if I no dey this inner circle, I should respect myself biko, because it’s only these people that can access her anyhow”. I can’t really say if it’s you or us/them, but this is what I think is part of the issue

3 great men got me ROLLING!!!! Ebere is just a fish!!! Chick is my secondary school friend ooo and I feel like we even have a Sister relationship. Hahahahaha I can’t!!! But I love this Chick sha 

Onyinye: For me it’s really a case of you portray yourself as a no nonsense person who has value for time. Your online personality doesn’t appear approachable like if I didn’t know you I totally might be a bit jittery if I tried to call you for the first time

I think that really explains why people relate to you like I don’t know what I could say that could get her pissed off, it’s not really fear, it’s being careful

Oh dear!!! My online personality NOT approachable??? Wow!!! Me??? The super friendly E’ *bawls*

Dee: For me personally, I put value on people’s time o, especially momma. I don’t call unless it’s important, I don’t ask if I can get the answers on the blog, I don’t holler if it’s not necessary, I consult my brain from time to time when I want to talk to you, I don’t ask stupid questions, I engage my intuition well well; personally it’s cos in a way I see a lot of me in you momma a whole lot and then I’m very careful not to pass my boundary I’m like this woman is NOT my friend, we can relate as friends but she is NOT my friend oo

Online personality, momma you are open o, as in open and very friendly but a perceptive person will know this woman has firm principles and even if anything she’s saying comes across as ‘pride’ or ‘one kin’ she’s prepared

Dee is the Chick who is most like me, so I wasn’t surprised at her answer. She has studied and continues to study me. She is the one crazy human who can random send me a text message/question/one-liner at 2am. She is the Chick who can tell you literally ANYTHING lol. I think she is me, and then some more drama (praying for your future hubs)

Ok so I further asked a question…

E’: But just to be clear u guys, is there anybody I remind u of? So I can truly get what u guys mean? Nigerian or otherwise

Dee: Chimamanda

I see a lot of you in her o

It’s just that you are the extroverted version

Somebody cannot just pick the phone on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and be calling Chimamanda to say hi

Sunny Tuesday Afternoon? I fainted!!! hahahahahahaha

Someone like Chimamanda now, that woman doesn’t engage in small talk, it’s obvious, she doesn’t do recreational chatting; the hi, I just wanted to holler kinda chatting, there must be a purpose for the chat. I think it’s the value she exudes without even trying… it’s the estimation of her importance that just makes people get their acts right when they are with her

A purpose for the chat?? Oh Dee hahahahahaha. But I love the last line… It is the estimation of her importance that just makes people get their acts right when they are with her.

And since we are on Adichie, I totally agree!!! We differ on some principles but every time I listen to her, I literally complete her answers in interviews. I LOVE watching her. When I start, I just let YouTube indulge my binge, video to video on auto-play. Adichie also reminds me of my ‘best-friend-who-says-we-are-not-besties-because-every time-we-cozy-into-that-term-BEST-FRIEND-we-FIGHT-bigtime-so-let’s-just-say-FRIENDS’ hahaha. But this friend of mine is the ONE Chick amongst my ‘3 great men’ looool who is most like me IN ALMOST EVERYTHING, so I agree. But in laughter though, my friend and Adichie are twins. I laugh like a good witch. They laugh like they are being toasted and are shy… Lol 

That’s the way you are momma

There’s this unspoken hold your brain when you are coming to talk that you exude

Hold your brain??? Choi!!!

Winnie: Gabrielle Union lol

Winnie was ready to finish me that day. It is like when we were in UI (she as an A-levels student while I was in my final year), I did her bad. Everyone knows Gabrielle is a wicked witch from the West. All I remember is DELIVER US FROM EVA. Kai!!!

Tolu: Me thinks you remind me of Bishop Oyedepo

Like he is a purpose driven no nonsense person

Bimbo:Bishop is one principled and disciplined being. Same with mama

But you know that he has a good sense of humour

Kai!!! I need to be nicer. I personally think Bishop is TOUGH on another level… I don’t wanna appear that TOUGH please.

Abby:Lol, honestly I can’t think of anyone right now

U are in a class of ur own nne

Teni:Mama reminds me of DDK, they both have this no nonsense personality. Confident women, sure of who they are in Christ. That’s who mama reminds me of, DDK

Yawl know I am keeping this right? Love DDK with a passion!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her and for good measure, lemme throw in a screen shot of a convo we had today…

Err, NOPE!!! Lol. Will share with my Academy Sisters instead…

Dee:Yea teni;You know DDK has this kinda depth and humour too nd she’s so intelligent Jehovah!!! (Ok lemme share)

Bukky:You are just a no nonsense person and that can be intimidating depending on who you are dealing with. When I first stumbled on your blog, I was like, oh wow; I like the energy, the fire. That’s just it. Anyone that must be around you must either catch the fire or stay intimidated for life. Lol

Confession time o. I was at the first edition of when women worship, cos I saw it on your blog but I just couldn’t bring myself to say hi. I stared and stared and even gisted my friend that came with me but I was just faraway. Lol.


You remind me of DDK too

Both of you are very comfortable with things people are usually uncomfortable with.

And when I watch Chris preach, I’m like this is Eziaha o


Couldn’t LOVE her more

Christine Caine is my ‘rose modem’ when it comes to preaching. Lisa Bevere too. Those women allow their ‘uncommon’ personality shine through their sermons, making the most jokes of themselves. Who else would gist you how she wasn’t wearing underwear and had a fall and did ‘free show’? Who else will tell you she was trying out for the sexual gymnastics in uni because she was a really good heathen…? Nobody but Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere!!! 

When you started your weight loss program, I’m like, yay, I’m in o. Then I saw the rules and regulations I just gentle. And then you were like if you don’t do this, I’m taking you out. I said, lemme nuh embarrass myself. See what I said earlier, catch the fire or fall out. I don’t know if I’d say it’s you or not. It’s just who you are. The unique blend of sanguine and choleric in you gives you this very fascinating, sweet and strong personality.

You can tell this Chick has done some study. I am a crazy blend of Choleric and Sanguine and THAT my people, is where almost all the PROBLEMS we are dealing with lie!!!

Anuli: Lol! Omo not meeee!!! Call mama E’?? I normally feel you won’t understand all ma drama seeing you have such hold on your life and activities around you.

It is a lie!!! I don’t!!! All of us are working out our life and salvation daily…

Victoria: Mama you are amazing, I see myself in you. I don’t think you are strict, I think you are just principled of which most great people are. And like Dee I may not want to be overly friendly with you so I don’t miss out on the blessing of your association does not mean that when I need your help I won’t tell you. I sure will.

She was LAST to speak and i thought her answer was the perfect close out!!!

You remind me of Mrs Toyin Poju-Oyemade. She is a lot like you although not exactly

I don’t really know T P-O so well so I can’t say…

Aijay: You have strong personality and if one doesn’t know you well, it will come across as arrogant, especially those not very self-confident, but you are not arrogant. Some people will admire it though. For someone to be your friend, they have to have a strong mind and accept you for who you are. If someone doesn’t have mind, doesn’t have liver, they can’t be your real/close friend because they won’t be able to tell you the truth when you make a mistake. 

You are also not a people pleaser and we are in a culture where people don’t say their mind so when they see someone who has her voice, someone that can say NO or YES without apologies, they are surprised!!! It is different but it is not wrong. You really come on strong but you are also accessible especially when you use endearments a lot. It melts hearts too, but in all you have a wonderful personality.

We can assume Aijay is being biased because she LOVES me TOO MUCH but hey, I will take it lol…

Now because I have exhausted 7pages without any spiritual lesson, let me stop and share the real post that was birthed from all these above…

I will share TWO Scriptures, and two Quotes. One from my Journal and the other from Victoria Osteen

God has packed your bags, He put EVERYTHING you need within and He has left NOTHING out…Victoria Osteen

You can be Quiet, Reserved, Introverted and BOLD!!! Why? Because you have the Holy Spirit… Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

Elijah crossed over to him and cast his mantle upon him. He left the oxen and RAN after Elijah…1 Kings 19: 19b-20a

Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John even though they were common men with no educational advantages, they marvelled and they recognised they had been with Jesus…Acts 4:13

Guys, can I just unpack what Victoria means when she says GOD HAS PACKED YOUR BAGS? Btw, if I were to give GRACEFUL a human form, that would be VICTORIA OSTEEN!!! 


When God created us ehn, I believe He deposited our temperaments within us. Because the very nature of the flesh is already flawed, it means that our Temperaments would have strengths and OF COURSE weaknesses. But, see ehn, we have the HOLY SPIRIT to help us PUSH beyond those weaknesses and then maximise our strengths. Almost like our bags have A-Z but in differing measures, which is really why we are different, so we should know when to unpack X-trait and when to let Y-trait rule. 

We adjust our emotions and temperaments as we are led by God but WE NEVER USE OUR TEMPERAMENTS as an excuse to shrink back, believe the devil’s LOUD lies, and function less than He wants for us. 

I was literally screaming as I spoke to these Chicks after I heard all they said. I was especially sad that some of them, when they could have easily sought counsel on X and Y matter, didn’t because they thought I was intimidating and won’t understand. 

You may disagree BUT trust me, it is NOT my fault. In fact most of them agreed it was more them than me. Am I perfect? No!!! BUT I STILL DO NOT BITE!!!

Victoria, who I closed out with, is NOT a very extroverted Chick. I met her for the first time at BECOMING and I could tell she is more reserved. But when she needs something, she pushes past her personality and the lies the devil stays whispering of ‘she won’t understand me, she is intimidating’ and shares what she needs to share with me. 

It should NOT matter how intimidating a human being is. It should not matter how laid back anyone is. It should not matter that your Personality is opposite my own, or you are still trying to figure life out, or you even think your life is a mess. What should matter is that YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT OF GOD, and THAT SPIRIT OF GOD OVERRIDES the weaknesses of your personality, the LIES of the devil, and the deceitfulness of our emotions, so that when PURPOSE comes knocking at our door, IN ANY WAY, we RUN AFTER IT with wisdom…

I say PURPOSE because I believe certain humans and events are put in our path to help us on this journey to purpose. We can’t keep saying ‘I am shy… I am phleg, I feel disadvantaged, etc…’ and be letting all these God-ordained meetings and relationships slide past us. 

There is also the place of NOT letting our overzealousness and over-ginger let us miss out on great relationships. 

For example, I am very sanguine and being sanguine is cool BUT has its weaknesses!!! I have the super human power to come on too strong and then ruin relationships. Which is why I highlighted the ‘with wisdom’ above. God packed my bags and made me sanguine but I have to learn where to ‘be myself’ and where to ‘NOT be myself’ because being myself at that time is NOT wisdom. 

There are some people I meet, or places I am at, and I am EZIAHA through and through. Like me or hate me, your wahala. I am just myself. 

There are some people I meet and I am EZIAHA 50% and I have to hide the remaining 50%. Not every time FULL TANK!!! Sometimes, gentle!!!

I have ruined relationships before, some for good (like me and my home help who I finally sent away) and some God has restored (like my best friend mentioned above who is NOT my best friend lol). I was going to ruin one just last month and God had to literally sit me down and teach me how to relate with this amazing human (someday I will tell her that story lol). I naturally don’t have a lot of boundaries, and so I just jaye-jaye through life with just about anybody. That’s FOOLISHNESS!!! 

Now, a lot of times like Dr N taught me, sometimes I wanna hug and kiss and tell you how awesome you are BUT I just say Hello with a polite smile or smiley, keep moving. Sometimes, especially when I find a new Squad member, I wanna chat with you all day everyday BUT I tell myself NO, Eziaha, relax… 

Trust me, that is me beating my flesh all the way down. It is just the same way it is hard for the more reserved people to even say a simple HI. But I have to, because I am wise. I have to be wise. I have to live beyond my emotions. God packed my bags but I need to know how to unpack each of the goodies within. Plus God told me something recently

Eziaha, you have to do HARD STUFF!!! 

And that would involve not just physical strength alone but EMOTIONAL STRENGTH and we all know EMOTIONS are super strong!!! 

And I am learning the art of balancing the contents of my bag from Christine Caine my ‘rose modem’. Chris is CRAZY but her craze reduces in some Churches ooo. When she at HillSong, she is Home!!! She can say anything. But I have heard her in a session with Bishop Jakes and she ‘maintained’. The FIRE is always there. She can get us all running laps, but she knows how far she can go with her ‘personality’. I am actually looking for the Message she preached at Joel’s church. 

You know you can’t come and be shouting on us too much at Lakewood. You will give Victoria a headache please. She would have to sleep for 2days straight. 

Looks like a doll

I don’t expect her to NOT BE CHRIS but I certainly expect her to be a different person than the Chick who preaches at Elevation church. 

Same gift. Different manifestations, because WISDOM!!! (Thank you Chris)

Now let’s flip the script on the quiet ones. 

But first let me throw in the Acts scripture and my Quote which came from my ACTS study.

Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John even though they were common men with no educational advantages, they marvelled and they recognised they had been with Jesus…Acts 4:13

So that means that…

…You can be Quiet, Reserved, Introverted and BOLD!!! Why? Because you have the Holy Spirit… Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

I don’t think Boldness is the exclusive preserve of any temperament. I believe it is the Holy Spirit that, not just makes us BOLD but also CONTROLS our boldness (because I can be foolishly bold too). 

Not our education, not how much we have figured life out or not, not how much money we have or not, not the crew we roll with or not, just THE HOLY SPIRIT and because we all have Him, we can ALL BE BOLD when we need to be bold. That quote above was highlighted again to me this morning as I prepped for this post…

They were not learned and they were in the midst of Professors so they sure didn’t have no right to be bold. They were not rich. Their MASTER had left them hanging, so if anything, they should have been confused at the time. But no, they had the Holy Spirit and they spoke boldly. 

They seized their moment. 

I believe that Act of Peter and John formed the foundation of Christianity today. That’s how their world entered the next level WITH PURPOSE!!!

Stop all this ‘…I am shy, I don’t know how to meet people, etc.!!!’ 

If there is a purpose to meeting anyone, please reach out. 

Send that email. Ask if you can pay them a visit. Ask if you can PA them for a day. Ask if you can buy them coffee or Lunch. Send that text. If you see them in the mall and they are standing in line for 30-45mins, please go over and say hello, and something else that makes sense.  

Stop letting your personality, and the fickle emotions it brings up per time, to hinder your blessings. You have to seize moments ooo…

Because frankly, you never know ooo. You just never know. 

Your blessing is not in a car, or a job in itself. YOUR BLESSING IS IN PEOPLE and with people, you have to create and maintain relationships. 

And sometimes, purposeful relationships don’t just PARK at your DORMOT and wait for you to GRAB them. Most times, those purposeful relationships are in MOTION and we have to be intentional and RUN after them, literally and figuratively.

Enter our final scripture

Elijah crossed over to him and cast his mantle upon him. He left the oxen and RAN after Elijah…1 Kings 19: 19b-20a

I heard my latest Preacher crush Steven Furtick explain this and it tied up well with this Post as I rolled it over in my head. 

I just can’t wait to worship at Elevation Church haha.

Preacher man so cool and so fine!!! And he sings oh-so-well. If David had a face today, that would be Steven Furtick.

You see what happened in that Scripture? Elijah was passing by, and then he threw the mantle on Elisha and even though the text doesn’t mention, we know he didn’t stop. He probably even walked faster sef, because the next verse says Elisha had to chase him to catch up with him. 

You see… destiny doesn’t have a parking spot ooo. 

That’s too good I have to repeat in BOLD BLOCK LETTERS


Elisha may have been tired, grumpy, sad, phlegmatic, melancholic or whatever, but he was wise enough to seize that moment, and we know how his life went from there on.



But because all that personality/temperament thing falls under the part of the human called the mind/emotion, you need to know that it is NOT born again. It is NOT saved automatically. Only your Spirit is saved so you need to constantly bring that emotion under the Spirit control, which is why I mentioned the Holy Spirit above. 

That is also why Tim Lahaye wrote THE SPIRIT CONTROLLED TEMPERAMENT.
I hope you receive this and apply it as wisdom demands to your life. GOD Himself packed your ‘bags’, He put ALL you need and left NOTHING out. 

Moreover, I don’t think anybody will slap you if you walk up to them. At all at all!!! 

Last last, they will ignore you abi? Move on. We have 10,000 Teachers guys. 

No excuses!!!




This Post was to come up Monday. I apologise it didn’t. I was BUSY lol.

Yawl know my hubs was around so we had to re-order priorities, AMEN!!!


Read the PROPEL post? 

Find it here. Interested? The email is up now. 
Super-duper excited!!! 

Praying that God is stirring the right hearts and not just Chicks who are looking for ‘the next thing’ to join. 

And hey, if you are interested in hosting a Chapter or Group, and you need help, holler too. Send an email. 

Super excited about women coming together to do BIG things for Jesus THE RIGHT WAY


Hey, speaking of women doing BIG things, two Chicks having meetings you wanna attend

First my accountability partner and her prayer meeting.

I get to lead a prayer point and I am excited because it has to do with Prayers for our womanhood!!! Yay!!! Biko join us. Tz this Saturday.

And then the next Saturday, one of my Sisters,Renny, in the #Sisterhood I spoke about here is having a conference and trust me, you wanna be THERE!!!

Registration is JUST 2k so holler!!!


Humour me though. Who do you think I am? What is my online personality like? Who do I remind you of? The answers above kinda shocked me because I am mostly unserious lol. At least I think so. Anyways please just tell me lemme know abeg. Be anon if you wanna. Just humor me please…

I am surprised no one said Heather Lindsey tho. Somedays i scream like her. I watch her too much lol

My Hub’s Birthday Pressie… and other stories

Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom/grow in wisdom/get a heart of wisdom… Psalms 90v12

Hi guys.

How’s everyone doing today? How did your week go?

This week was a birthday week in my family mehn. Started off with BIL on Sunday,


Hubs on Tuesday and Popsie’s 71st on Thursday


which wraps up Birthday season for the year in my family.

Pop’s birthday certainly had us all in an upbeat mood especially after what happened some 3weeks back with stupid armed robbers. The fact that it was a weekday didn’t stop our #TurnUp ooo. Plus my Sister gifted him a Highlander and I was the one that planned the entire surprise and presentation. Actually it was my hubs that suggested we just don’t present it in a dry manner, instead we should act small drama. Since I hold the drama franchise in my family, the buck ended on my table. So we had my sis driver bring it after we had gotten there. I told him to just call me and not come in. I came out, ensured he was blocking the gate, got the keys and papers, and dismissed him. Meanwhile my parents had no idea what was happening at their gate. Anyways, my sis later tells them she wants to leave and then I went out, came in and told popsie someone was blocking his gate. At first, he was like NOPE, someone cannot be blocking MY GATE, go check again. My dad HATES any manner of rubbish hence his insistence that it wasn’t possible. Finally he decided to come out with momsie and then he saw the DEFAULTING SUV. He was so upset lol, then he asked the guys opposite my house in the mechanic workshop who dared to block his gate. In the middle of all that drama, my sis brings out the papers and goes ‘daddy, this one is for you…’

Popsie and Momsie

Popsie and Momsie

Let’s just say I can’t put into words all that happened thereafter. I had to video the moment for my other sibs absent. It was such a beautiful moment, they never hexperredit. My sis was just like, please can you REMOVE your car so I can drive mine out? Momsie was just like ‘a ma m na owu Eziaha ga eme udi ihe a’ (I know it is Eziaha that would plan this kinda thing). What a time to be alive and a blessing to your parents.


My dad is such a warrior, a STRONG MAN hence I chose the wordings for this cake especially.


Ok all that is by the way, or maybe it kinda all comes together with what today’s post is all about.

Btw, thanks to everyone for all the blog LOVE ooo. Thanks to everyone who has commented, reached out to me, publicised, shared their own stories with me, especially from my last post on THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP, encouraged me and just generally hung around the FAB lane. God bless yawl. Keep it up especially the sharing and publicity. And don’t even apologise for writing long comments ooo. That is what I love the most. Feel free to write an epistle if you must haha. One love ma people… Yes please, share on your various Social media platforms.


Ok so it was Hubs birthday on October 6 and he was coming into town on the 8th. When you have a baby, there is a tendency for wives to just shift all the attention to the baby and leave hubs which is NOT RIGHT. So I was just thinking of what to do for him that would really let him know my heart for him.



I had also been praying a WHOLE LOT for him in recent times and every SINGLE TIME I prayed, I would hear NEXT LEVEL, Call forth greatness for the NEXT LEVEL… The more I prayed, the more God used 3 characters in the Bible to drive home the point… Abraham, Joshua and David. Even a basic Bible knowledge would show you that these three men were GREAT LEADERS, first of their homes and then of people. I knew that this next level of GREATNESS for Hubs had plenty to do with LEADERSHIP so I wanted to get him a gift that captured all that perfectly.


On Sunday preceding, it hit me. PASTOR SAM ADEYEMI!!! EVERYONE knows that Pastor Sam breathes LEADERSHIP like no other person in Nigeria


plus he is such a HUGE MENTOR FIGURE for Hubs BUT him not being in Lagos has sorta affected the way he would have loved to be a good mentee. I mean, there were some things hubs had told me earlier about his life that I knew needed to jumpstart already. So I thought I would get him some of Pastor Sam’s materials/leadership packs if available, for him to REALLY study and get wisdom from.


I rang up a friend who attends DayStar where Pastor Sam is the set man and she said she would make some calls and get back to me the next day to know what they had but even then, she didn’t seem all positive that I would get it before Thursday because you have to place an order first and everything. I was already giving up when on Monday morning, I needed some time to do this and that around the house so I turned on the TV for my son and surprisingly, it was on Kingdom Africa. I was about to change it to Disney Junior for KingDaveed when the Holy Spirit nudged me to let it be. They were showing music videos and I thought that would be captivating enough for him anyways. After some time, I came to feed him and soon after, Pastor Sam came up on the TV. Long story short, there was an ad for his Leadership DVD packages and when I saw the contents of those packages, My GOODNESS, I KNEW THAT WAS IT!!!


I quickly rang the numbers and placed an order. He told me Wednesday would be delivery date if I paid today. They were quite pricey but do you really place a price on WISDOM? I didn’t have all the money and I couldn’t of course involve hubs so I did some ‘kurukere’ moves, paid and Ladies and Gentlemen, the delivery guy from DHL was at my dormot Tuesday morning to deliver,

Hub's gift

Hub’s gift

the same day that was his birthday, one day after I placed the order. I was so excited when I opened it because the topics covered, the guest speakers and ministers, the packaging, the EVERYTHING was just what I KNEW GOD WANTED FOR MY HUBS. It was such a wise investment and I knew he would love it.


It was my dad’s birthday the day he entered Lagos so we were still surprising my parents. He saw the package and rang me to know if he could open and I said NO!!!

He didn’t.

I wasn’t going to miss his reaction now, was I?

Anyhoos, when I got in, I watched him open it and take it out one by one and then HE SCREAMED with joy. He said he had tried severally to get it but something always hindered or he just forgot so this was just a PERFECT GIFT!!! Fam, my joy that day was full!!!


‘…In the last days,… your sons and daughters will PROPHESY, Your young men shall see visions…’ Acts 2:17

I once heard a sermon on this scripture above and Pastor Mildred related it to marriages, that you as a wife have been called to HELP and part of your assignment is also to keep speaking, prophesying, into his life in anyways that you can. Know what God has told him and if he ever forgets, you be the PROPHET IN HIS LIFE and keep reminding him in any way possible.


See ehn, I could have easily bought cake as that is standard birthday tradition, but what would that have profited him aside putting it on his DP and people ohing and ahing? Plus my house was/is brimming with cakes from the other 2 celebrants, plus I know hubs, he will have a slice and dazall

But you see this gift I got him, we are talking DESTINY here and I am just so glad I am able to HELP him and PROPHESY as he moves on to the NEXT LEVEL in his life this year, going forward and leading the way for his family too.


Guys, watch out for this tall glass of hot chocolate


Yup, THE Bolaji Olojo.

Guys, not every time you have a celebration that you buy cake for someone as a gift. Frankly, I think it is really wasteful if I get like 5/10 cakes on my birthday. I would definitely be talking to the givers lol. Cos all they good for is DP, lol. The scripture I shared above says we should apply our hearts to wisdom. My BIL had cake because he has a large family of 4kids plus neighbors and everything to share with. Cake was a wise thing to celebrate with. My dad had cakes because there was a celebration- kids, grandkids, staff, friends and all in his various clubs, etc. Of course he also had the car. But getting my hubs cake would have been THE MOST FOOLISH THING EVER TO DO!!!

Can I just talk to wives here? Especially the young ones like me. Go ask your hubby what God has told him, then you go before God in PRAYERS EVERYDAY asking Him for wisdom on how exactly you can help that man achieve his vision!!! Do it and come back and thank me… Hey and this can apply to friends too and those engaged. Just make up your mind that on this person’s birthday, you will actually give a gift that makes that person ‘apply her heart to wisdom’, and then you can add cake to it.

Hey, I ain’t knocking birthday cakes ooo. I just think we can have more, you know, WISE pressies… personally, I can skip cake on my birthday for now. 2 years ago, hubs got me cake and I gave it ALL away after it stayed in the freezer forever haha. This year, he knew better and got me more stuff I could actually use.

That, ladies and Gentlemen, is the koko of this post… WISDOM in giving especially on those days when we ‘number our days’ literally ie Birthdays.

And of course to show off to yawl that I am such a PERFECT and WISE wife.

*straight face*


And finally, to say that my booboo is actually 7 months today.

Smile on booboo

Smile on booboo

Yup, tz been one month since I did that post when he was 6months.


God bless my baby. And my baby daddy. And yawl. And me too.

God loves yawl like crazy,




I must commend DAYSTAR as a church. their professionalism is to be emulated. the guy who picked the call was not only polite, he was refreshingly knowledgeable too. He had answers for all my questions and could advise me appropriately. I know you may say ‘Hello!!! He is Customer service and should know’ but try calling any of our mobile phone operators’ CC!!! Then come back and tell me about KNOWING!!!



Just look at my NATURAL HAIR!!!


Peek my workout buddy there


Ignore the gory picture, I had just finished my Night workout… It has been ONE MONTH plus guys and I have been VERY CONSISTENT, clean eating and exercising and the weight is dropping. I will share in subsequent posts. My target is DECEMBER tho. KIMK Body (without the ‘work’ haha) loading… Yaaaaay!!!



I am just here wondering what the next post should be… Maybe I should share my WEANING, The journey so far abi? Lol, I see some of yawl waiting for THE SPIRIT OF SHARRAP pt 2 but sorry it is not yet coming. That post don’t wanna be written yet so I wont force it. So it is either THE WEANING JOURNEY or something on my workout and eating clean routine or One Post I CAN NOT wait to share… BALANCE, A DEFINITION!!! Either way guys, see yawl on the 13th, by God’s grace. Please don’t forget to share this post if it blessed you. Thank you. And hey, if there is something you want me to write about, let me know and as God helps and leads me, I will write.



Hian!!! All my favourite bloggers unu biko start blogging again na. Just be like me haha. But really, I MISS CLEAN CHRISTIAN Blogging. My Reader and Blog roll is sooo dry. Let me not name names biko but if you have ever seen my comment on your blog, I mean YOU!!!



Hey everyone who decided to go on a DETOX after my post, how is it going? Gist me abeg haha. Mine is going still well. Living a very detoxed life now with proper control of any and everything in my radar.

RandomlE’ speaking

I miss my friends. My inner circle.
Angel o’ love
Soul Soeur


Booski, Angel o' love, Olaedo


Sapphire, Soul soeur, Cheech

I actually teared up watching Oluchi hug Rulani goodbye with both of them in tears on ANTM last week Thursday. I knew I missed real real sisterly hugs and talk. And you see these girls above? They know how to give and receive the best hugs. Especially Olaedo and Cheech and Soul Soeur and infact everyone!!! *tears* My mainest forever girls. I truly really miss you girls. Le sigh.

But God doesn’t leave us without a witness. Hehehehe. As Jesus would have it, I got a good dose of hugs yesterday. You see, two of my fave bloggers also live in Abuja and while I had met JMAD before, I was yet to meet Femmetotale. So we made plans to hook up on Sunday.


Food, Faith and Fun

I had a Sunday of my life yo!!! Aside them putting me on the spot as a ‘married girl’ (smh at you ladies), it was just an amazing time. We met up in JMAD’s house and she was such a dream host tho she knows how to harass. And we had another very delighful and abs beautiful drama-full babe Oma join us. Best part of it all was that are all absolutely Fabulous Christian ladies.


When you hang out with Christian ladies, you just come out feeling very Christian lol. 
Plus my JMAD is a hugger and a half and before long, I’ll get FT to the huggies club too. Plus we toasted to the most hilarious stuff. Twas almost a prayer session lol.


That said, it was abs awesome meeting y’all. Can’t wait for our next outdoor hangout. JMAD has this crazy idea which I’m kinda liking and buying so… Hehehehe. Thanks girls. Especially for the hugs… And Oma, we could totally be friends!!! Yup JMAD pass the message. Ok JMAD made me watch Nigerian Idols sponsored by Etisalat. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky, especially with all the ‘oil money’ lol. Sorry to say. I also decided to see the highly acclaimed 12years a slave. Look, I LOVE Lupita especially cos she has a very spirited spirit (whatever that means) plus she’s a delightful sport to interview (loved the Post-Oscars interview with Ellen)


The Post-Oscar interview. She has a laugh that is alive

Plus she gives the best speeches (Your dreams are valid). Obviously intelligent young woman. Plus she went to Yale. Hehehehe. So I said lemme see this Lupita movie ooo. 55mins into the movie, patience disappeared, goodluck wearing thin, and way TOO MUCH Chinwetel in EVERY scene, then Lupita shows up in the cotton field. Ugh!!! I’m sorry but I didn’t last 20mins after that. I don’t even know what to say so lemme just say I don’t like slaves/slavery movies. Same reason I didn’t last 15mins seeing Django Unchained. It was just too sad and unhappy. So I didn’t see more than 4 scenes that featured our idol Lupi (lol) before I turned it off. Sleep was even calling my name and initials while watching it. I’ll just chill till she stars in some romantic comedy that sees her throwing her very spirited laugh and energy around. I’m sure someone is wondering what I was expecting seeing the name is 12 years a slave… Well somehow I didn’t think start to finish would be clearly about class, caste, slavery, proletariats and bourgeoisies. Abeggi… So as I ranted on Twitter, some kind hearted sweerie tells me the message was that of hope. I suppose. But I think I prefer HOPE as portrayed in The Pursuit of Happyness, thank you. Btw I also didn’t see that movie till the end. Too teary. Lemme just stop this Slavery thing. I’m with that ‘white’ ‘celeb’ who says she studied enough slavery in history class than to be watching slaves biko nu. Romance, Comedy or best still Romantic Comedy ANYDAY yo!!!
Just to be clear, Lupi acted great in the movie. I hear especially at the end, it was brilliant!!! (Patience Lord). I’m just not into suffer head movies. Chinwetel suffered no be small. I guess I also learned TRUST in the movie. He trusted the strange people who now sold him into slavery. (I hope that’s what happened ooo). Anyways, now you know which kinda movies never to get E’ to watch. #JumpNpass
In all though, Sunday was a real amazing day. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome. Been meeting quite a few of my Abuja peeps who I had invited to church, some off my blog. How it was only Chi I managed to take a picture with beats me.


I hugged this babe so much she had to commend me lol

Anyhoos since some are becoming members, there’ll be more photo ops.
But life has had its fair share of downs though. Like I was gisting JMAD yesterday, peculiarly, I have WILLED myself to tears which have eluded me. Now no doubt, I’ve turned on the water works a bit but I realise they have been more about other people than me. Just listening to or reading someone share their challenges with me, I’m all teary eyed. Then when something hits me that’s personal, I just can’t cry for myself. Several times, and no kidding here, I have tried to cry just to ‘feel normal’ but no dice ooo. At those instances, I now hear God. Most times He just tells me OK what will the tears solve? Then instantly, He gives me a Word. At that instant, life becomes surreal!!! How a WORD assumes life and becomes real and breathing to one is inexplicable. I truly can’t explain but I feel an incredible blanket of loving from my Sugar Daddy. On my bb status, I have ‘E’… God’s biggest deal’ and I can say I understand that. I feel really really privileged.


E' Favoured and Blessed

The doors he opens, the people I meet, the responsibilities I have, the testimonies He gives, tz absolutely awesome. Cap it up with a Word for every single season!!! I truly have a Sugar Daddy.
Awesome feeling…
Ok lemme brush on the subject of ‘rehearsing on stage’ for a minute. First heard this term from my girl Ru. Basically,it just means (in the Faith that is) waiting for a problem to come upon you BEFORE you start praying about it. I mean, why don’t you just keep building on your faith even before the challenges come? I was in a theatre group back in UI. Imagine that we don’t do no rehearsals until the day of performance, we now come and start rehearsing on stage. What a flop!!! Tz the same way we flop when we have been all slack on our faith and then tz when the trouble comes that we start running helter skelter. Tz just wrong. The best time to prep for war is in time of peace. Simples. I’ll tell you my own ROS story. This year, I’m ashamed to say I’ve fallen ill 4/5 times starting right from Jan 1. Before then, I truly can’t recall when last I fell ill. So imagine sickness coming back to back. And guess what, they always came just before something major was about to happen. By the second time, shouldn’t I have gathered all my faith and scriptures on health and swallowed till even the devil go fear. Such that when he comes with his package, he takes it back cos he meets my shield of faith brandishing. No ooo. Tz when I start feeling the symptoms I start praying. That works somehow yup but sweethearts, Jesus didn’t die for that. Mehn, was sick last week and after I spent money I didn’t care to spend on drugs, I knew it was time to actively find, confess and overdose on the Word as per my health. Now health totally restored, I wake up each morning speaking over my body. I’m done mehn. Jesus didn’t die for this… He died that I may enjoy perfect health. Zezezeze. So FABers, in every area of your life, no rehearsal on stage please.
Almost the same way I feel about our Nigerian situation… Plenty rehearsals AFTER the show sef. The security situation is really something and truly, tz a case of God for us all. That’s why I recommend prayers especially esp from you and I. Face it, some of us have tied hands except to pray.


Not everyone will step out to protest and frankly, not every protest would yield much. But hey, we can labour in prayers. Pray for large doses of wisdom for our leaders and advisers. Pray for ‘Daniels come to judgment’ They know exactly what to do (cos you can see pure naivete sometimes) and they have the courage to do it. Pray for high level confusion in the enemies’ camp. Keep praying for the safety and rescue of the kidnapped school girls and indeed keep speaking peace to those highly volatile areas and infact every where in Nigeria. Pray for those still in the hospitals and those who have lost loved ones in all the numerous attacks all over Nigeria. Look sweetie, don’t just tweet it. Don’t just discus it at round tables and over lunch. Truly spare some of your prayer time for them. I saw this post by Ife and I was tripped.


Ife just has the best updates on SM sites walahi

I think we talk about praying more than we actually pray. Especially that wisdom prayer. And that’s all I’ll say on this matter before I say something really wrong.
Oh BTW, the second stanza of our Anthem is an incredible prayer. Feel free to pray it too.

I’ll just sign off with this…
So what is the price of a ring?
Sooo many things some ladies would give to land that ring and what some guys would do to have their ring accepted…
Some pay the right price, land the ring and enjoy the marriage of their dreams.
Some pay the absolutely wrong price, sometimes land a ring and end with a Boko haram and just live in hell…
At least if you don’t know the right price, you can learn…
Which is why this month’s LDM is tagged The Price of a Ring…


Love Dating and Marriage Seminar

This Sunday May 11, 2014
Right in Abuja, David’s Christian Centre.
Petrus hotel on Agatu street off Gimbiya street. Area 11, garki Abuja.
LDM is an acronym that stands for Love Dating and Marriage. Tz a once a month, actually 2nd Sunday of the month in Abuja DCC at 4.30pm so you can go to your church and join us in the evening. Tz always an incredible time. So you wanna mark your calendars if you are in Abuja.

Ok let me get some work done this beautiful Monday.
I thought I’ll blog some leadership tips I’m learning from DCC Abuja especially for my readers who are workers in Church and wanna do more for God. Awesome stuff. And tz amazing how leadership tips from the church can also work in our secular jobs too.
Some other time though…
May 11, 2014. Sunday 4.30pm.

Oh I almost forgot this. Just have to share it. So one of my mentees, an amazing amazing girl, Chinwe who looked plenty to me for inspiration and encouragement in school just graduated with a FIRST CLASS.


Congrats Chinwe love

Feels like my own personal victory. Just being such an inspiration to someone who now outshines you is incredible. Go girl!!! I’m sooo happy for you. Got me all teary eyed on Friday when her result was released. And she was the ONLY ONE!!! Whoop!!! She was just a year under me in Sociology and my, we did countless tutorials, she kept in touch even after I graduated, didn’t stop asking me questions and I’m just glad that the whole tension of waiting in prayers and praise to see how she’ll cross from a 2-1 to 1st class in final year will go (which was exactly same for me). It was really really a miracle.
Congrats girl. Work that first class babe… Whether tz for further studies or work, it opens doors. Of course that’s cos it is a gift straight from God. Whoop whoop. Mega happy for you. My mentoring wasn’t in vain. Hehehehe.
And on that final note, toodles…
Stay FAB darls…
Favoured and Blessed.
And Happy stepping into all things FAB this May.



The REAL boko Haram….

Ndi Boko


That’s what my mama started calling ’em after the drama that happened in UI in my final year


Final year...Exam period. UI

when we HEARD that they had written a letter to our school (and like two more schools) that they were coming to bomb us next.
*insert your BEST ‘shuo’ face here*
I’ll spare you the details of the shutdown, students protest and refusal to write exams, and increased security presence that happened then in school and just tell you how my mom and sister didn’t stop yabbing me about it all cos I even repeated such crap to them…
So whenever she called, she will say
‘…ndi boko ha landiala?’
Literally translating to ‘have the ‘boko people’ landed?’
Tz crazy hilarious in Igbo, plus the way she always said it amidst laughter while my sis will also be laughing in the background.  Choi!!!
Momma of mine… Dramatic to the C
Anyways, the truth is rumour or not, students were taking absolutely NO chances.


Especially cos they were anti Western Education

Exam gbakwa oku, omo, the campus hostels emptied out like we all saw the letter with our korôkoro eyès.


Parents ringing their kids to come home. This was one rumour we didn’t wanna wait to confirm cos that would mean heaven or hell straight up!!!


It just made sense and spirit to vamoose.
Yup…Ndi Boko had such powers. Lol.

Fast forward to later that year when my NYSC posting came out. I recall telling my parents I was posted to Bauchi. That period, ndi-boko were killing crazy in that region. Infact there had been calls to stop posting Corpers there as several had lost their lives. Mehn, trust my dad, first thing he said was ‘You are not going!!!’. And momsie? She had started calling people already to ‘effect necessary changes’.
No way on God’s green earth were they going to let me go to Bauchi!!!
And fact is, I knew plenty people who postponed their NYSC to the next batch cos they were posted to problem states. And I know a few who lied that they had all sorts of unprintable diseases just to be re-posted from camp.
That’s to show you how much we value our lives. Nobody wants to deliberately die from Boko-haram bombings and certainly not at this young age. So we find both godly and ungodly ways to stay safe. And alive.


With my State Coordinator Lagos. Was joking when i told 'em Bauchi

Today in the news, (and I do think you have to make sure you are reading your bible MORE than you are watching the news otherwise, the spirit of despair, fear and depression would soon tackle and overpower you)


Yup, the news doesn't smile these days

ndi-boko gist is everywhere. Where they aren’t bombing, they are threatening or jail breaking or clashing with our Security operatives.
Almost daily, certainly weekly, one drama goes down. And takes with it innocent lives. Only this year, we have lost near thousands. Kids and students not excluded.
Viewer apathy is actually starting to set in. Gosh!!! God forbid.
So why did I lay out all this Boko drama? Or is BH all I wanna talk about today?
Certainly Nope.
Ok, let’s dive in.
One week, one of those weeks when I had just heard about ENOUGH marital or relationship HELLISH news including how the kids were being affected, a friend now told me of another marital story gone BAD for a colleague of hers.


Such heart wrenching news

Then it just dawned on me that some times, we use our own legs and walk straight into ndi-boko camp and let our lives get bombed up.
Yup, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you marry wrong.
That’s the real Boko haram. And this time, You become your own boko-haram. You too are guilty!!! Of aiding and abetting your own ‘death’. 
You get yourself into a real ticking time bomb situation when you end up with the wrong life partner and sooner than later, it will go VOOM in your face…


Lemme talk to the ladies here. Cos most times, we suffer more in such situations. We are the casualties of this war. 
Sweetie, I beg You in the name of God, please don’t COMPROMISE your faith cos of a man!!! Don’t lower your standards just cos your life’s aspiration is to marriage!!! Now I am going to assume that I’m talking to real spiritual believing ladies here. If you aren’t, nne get right with God first ooo cos you can’t make this all important decision without Him. Don’t deceive yourself ooo. 


Join us the FAB GOD GIRLS ooo...

Ok so let’s proceed…

If Mr Tall Glass of all things HOT n SPICY is NOT a born-again and unquestionably saved believer complete with FRUITS of the spirit NOT just the GIFTS, he is BOKO HARAM!!! Run!!! His soul z not saved/renewed and according to Eph 2:2, there is a DEMON Spirit at work in the sons of disobedience, those who refuse to obey God. Hmm, that spirit can move him to do ANYTHING at ANYTIME!!!



Nne that is the real boko-haram. Don’t even think about marrying him!!! Run!!!

If he is Mr Swags-on-point, but he doesn’t have any spiritual authority or mentor over him that can call him to order when his head starts touching, and he is even one of those who talk down on Pastors and MOG, he is a ticking time bomb, RUN!!!


An un-mentored man has already been recruited into the Boko Haram army. Don’t let him practice his skills on you ooo. Experience z NOT the best teacher for the wise.
If our Tall, Dark and Handsome doesn’t go to and SERVE in a church or pay his tithe REGULARLY, run!!! A man who cheats God will cheat and shortchange you of life itself… Plus he has no covering!!! Boko haram identified!!! And rejected!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Run!!!

If Mr Suave is also Mommy’s boy, honey, you can’t compete with his mom ooo.



Neither can you fight it if the boy aint willing to free himself from mommy’s apron.


The ground no go level ooo. No try yasef

And no wife wants to play second fiddle in her ‘real estate’. It may seem like just a spark that would soon go out but trust me, I recently heard of an under one year divorce case cos of mummy’s influence!!! Tick tock tick tock BOOOM!!!
Bomb will sooner than later detonate in your face!!! Run baby, run. But first, gift him this sucker!!!



For me, the next point is probably my most important…

If your spiritual authority says ‘don’t marry this man or quit this relationship’ baby mi, don’t even think it. Of course this is me assuming you have Pastors or mentors like my PK and Rev.


Rev Femi Oduwole and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. My MAINESTssss!!!

Trust me, he is NOT gaining natin by stopping you. Instead he is saving your life from being blown up!!! Listen!!! Ask him why…Then take notes to identify any other BH man and then Run!!!


That 'love' will burn you bad

Run like Road runner. Don’t look back like Lot’s wife. Make sure that loser NEVER catches you. Your life can scatter my Love. Scatter!!! If you dare to disobey spiritual authority especially on this all-important marriage matter, and maybe even now start dodging or fighting your Pastor cos you suddenly think he wants to pour sansan in your garri…. Hmmmmmmmm.
Some mistakes are DEADLY. Even when you repent of it and attempt to get your life back on track, the scars remain. Sometimes very VERY obvious.


Some scars remain FOREVER...

When your hands have burnt and you come back to your mentor/Pastor, he will accept you but you will deal with the consequences of that isi-ike FOREVER. 


Listen to your spiritual leaders ooo. Hmm

Hmm, and the koko one, if he beats you in the relationship, and you go ahead, spurn better judgement and marry, please lemme know. So I can gift you a coffin on your wedding day. Sweetie, an abusive man is Boko haram’s ring leader. Someday, your corpse will be what will be taken out of that marriage.

If he is sexing you in the relationship, hmm both of you are being stupid but the girl more IMO. My LOVE, stop!!! You can repent NOW. And if he no gree, baby, madness occurs when you as a wife has ZERO trust in your hubby cos the same line you cross to fornicate is the same you cross to ‘adulterate’. You will just become a detective for nothing. Unpaid crazy one. Nne, no TRUST, No NOTHING.


You deserve MORE darling

Then he will now boko-haramize you when you now dare to ask him questions!!! Sweerie, oso Abiola… RUN!!! Leave your shoes behind if you have to. 


More like FLEE

Forget that He is the hottest thing Alex-Ekubo-aint-got-natin-on-him. He oozes class and panache like Paddy Adenuga. He is so charming Okija babalawos and their many charms pale when he appears.   Those things don’t matter as much ooo. The difference between Charming and Harming is the letter C…
See how Harming goes with Haram-ing if you can attempt to ‘funerize’

Now, my blog is NOT a strictly relationship blog but for some interesting reason, majority of the mails that come to me are relationship related from ladies. Hmmmmm. Like Inthe…, I can actually say tz my ‘bread and butter’ especially when the ladies are actually really ready to follow wise counsel. But guess where the real wahala happens?
When despite wise counsel, she tells you how hard it is to do what’s right, and then goes ahead with ndi-boko and BOOM!!! She is haramized… I wish I could FORCE them but I have learnt that I can’t… I can only talk and pray and hope you make the right choice.

My Pastor Kingsley always says ‘…you deserve who you marry…’ and he doesn’t pity people with ‘marriage drama’ anymore… Because counsel po… Wise counsel is everywhere if we open our eyes a bit. Somewhat like the lawyers will say ‘Ignorance is not an excuse in law…’ Most times, we just ignore or not heed to counsel cos we think we know better. Whatever you see in marriage, you would have seen a shadow in courtship but love dey blind and shack you.
At first, I thought PK was being harsh. Right now, I believe him. It may sound like a harsh thing to say, but tz the truth. Sorry.
Before I start pitying you, I like to ask questions. When you ask questions deeply, you will realize that the cracks were present. The red flags… The ‘Potential Boko haram’ billboard. She just ignored it or downplayed it.


Then the fall inevitably happens...

Don’t come in here and be telling me ‘people change, you just never know what you will see in marriage until you enter or you are still in the creche of marriage and things may change so don’t talk yet (I had a comedienne tell me that once. I was amazed as to how the devil has blinded and deceived people. I immediately prayed for her cos she sounded like a Haramized wife)…’ And all such absolute rubbish…
Our heavenly Father is NOT wicked. He will NEVER leave you without a witness and neither will He lead you into something that has the potential to change for the worse. No baby, not my Sugar Daddy. 

Singleness is NOT a sin. It is NOT a curse. It is NOT a disease. You won’t be sent out of heaven if you don’t marry BUT marrying the wrong person can take you straight to hell, boko haram style. 
Psychologists have even proved that the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life by 62%. Wow!!!! That is HUGE. Tz way better to be single hoping to be married than to be married, living with the fear of Boko haram and craving singlehood ooo.
Shine your eyes, shine your brain and of course, shine your spirit.
Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of just being a Mrs…
Let’s do this exercise baby…
Tz simple.
Get a mirror…look at your beautiful face therein. God-girl that you are.
Tell yourself
I am worth more than any Boko-haramization!!!
I am Priced far above rubies.
Too precious to God.
Sugar daughter of THE only Sugar Daddy.
I am God’s biggest deal. He’s invested His ALL in me so I can’t miss it marriage wise cos He’s got His eyes on me.
He will perfect it for me at the right time. He that would come will come and not tarry. I will patiently wait for him while working on myself to be the best mum for my kids.


Single is FABULOUS too

And I do owe my kids the best Daddy too.
I deserve more than a ticking time bomb.
I will let that loser go… I release him even though it hurts. I sow him as a seed to God. He will bring me a bountiful harvest. My very own David. My perfect slice of heaven. My heaven. My very own ‘Love like a movie’.
*feel free to add more darling*


Love and Pamper you...

You are a King’s daughter baby. Don’t settle for less. Don’t reduce your standards so low that even lizards can apply and of course at the same time, don’t raise them so high even the Pope can’t apply. Wisdom!!!

Like I said, information is everywhere yo!!! Good ones ooo. Don’t even think your speaking in tongues alone will teach you all you need to know. Try learning to drive by just scabashing and come back to tell me how that goes. Please nne, deliberately read good books, attend good seminars (like LDM), buy messages, etc.

Now I know there will be some married women who are in some kinda haramic situation reading this. My heart bleeds for you. Gosh!!! So what do you do? Can I be sincere with you here?
I dunno. Truth. Cos situations are peculiar. I can’t say what you should do here but I do know you can get counselling. Customised counselling. If you really do need one, I could hook you up. More than anything, you can too pray. Yes PRAY. Gragra won’t do shingbai. God can and  will teach you what to do.

Which is why I love to talk more to the Singles. You have the opportunity to get it right. You can still press the CAUTION button and check out every man to be sure He is not a Boko-haram member.


Caution baby CAUTION

Which is why I’m delighted to invite you to this month’s LDM seminar in Abuja themed
CAUTION for Singles!!!


Love Dating & Marriage Abuja

I mean, if you don’t know, you can learn yeah?
Cos that safety sign C can be the difference between heaven and Boko-haram.

Of course you know David’s Christian Centre got relationship on a lock down yeah?


To the blood!!! Wherever life takes me...

Like we do relationship right. Right from our Senior Pastor to the Ministers and then Eziaha (loool) and the rest of us, we just dey enjoy heaven on earth in our marriages. So when we call a relationship seminar, clear your schedule and come!!!
This Sunday April 13. Petrus Hotel, off Gimbaya street (after Toprank Hotel), Area 11, Garki Abuja. 4.30pm
My Pastor drops it like He hears it. Undiluted and Powerful!!! You don’t wanna miss it. Single or married, this meeting will bless you…
See you there *winks*

Stay FAB darlings.
Testifying FORWARD…

Yes. Posts come up here once a week now. At the weekends. Seldom twice.
I know, stop protesting already hehehe.
By the way, you guys major rock!!! #FAB4Life
Oh btw, you can reach me on or on Twitter @eziahaa

Cos I am super nice, I have attached a couple of links to posts that can help my Single Sisters out there…
@inthemidstofher The measure of a (1st Tim 3) man (while on her blog, snoop around for Part 2)
Don’t marry Him if… by E’ (Just click and enjoy the relationship posts there)
Why don’t you have a Pastor? By Pastor Mildred Okonkwo
Dangerous men by my Booski
Guys, you can actually just read between the lines and know the kind of ladies who have enlisted in the BH army.
Someday God will help me transcribe ‘Don’t marry her if…’ By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.
Until then, just believe God. Lol

Cupcakes for Valentine…

Let’s start this with some drama
Had a 7am flight. Got to the airport 20mins to 7… Counter ‘closed’. Babe be forming hard chic. So what’s a sister to do than to beg nicely. Paying again?!?! Hell no!!! So I beg. Babe no gree ooo. ‘There is nothing I can do madam…’ They had already been given numbers and she was only attending to those with numbers. Still begged but babe no gree. And I had a boat booked for 10am so a reschedule would have messed up my itinerary. So what’s a FAB sis to do…? Quick under my breath prayer, I turn on the water works. I start pretend-crying. People were now begging on my behalf. She was still forming hard chic but was now looking like a wicked witch from the skies. Later she looks at me and gives me a number… And immediately, I see one of my ex-bosses at Dowen College and I’m all E’ chatty again. Loooool. I am sure she was like which kain girl be dis… Hehehe. I have excess luggage of 4k (don’t ask) and then dude pities the ‘crying lady’ and hands me 3k back. I tip the luggage guy for all my LOAD and long story short, I am in a shuttle bus to get me to the jetty and typing this post.
Hallelujah!!! Chukwu daalu
So that’s my cool Val story. Before I for spend my first falentine day as a Mrs. with airport attendant.
Hiss. Loool.
Btw, the one day I’m late, they are on time and forming official. Yet they know how to reschedule flights anyhow…
Thank God for me ooo…

Ok so I passed out yesterday.


But my NYSC year deserves more than a phrase here. It deserves a full blog post. I’m still working on it.
Thanks err’one for the love. I didn’t even know people congratulate people like this ooo. God bless y’all.

So I woke to cheery news on that I won a box o’ cupcakes from Pastor Darling M.


Awww. Ask and ye shall receive. That’s all I did. Pastor M ees my falantine… Yay. Ok read the Dilemma post to get more gist on the cupcakes and why I won it.
This LOVE palava

In the spirit of Valentine, much as I love cakes and I love my nieces who would love me more if I sent ’em the cup-cakes (seeing as I have kissed Lagos goodbye), I have decided to pass it on to my super-cake-sweet FABers who lives in Lagos or has someone who can pick it up for them in Lagos.
No competition. Just drop the 14th comment. And that has to be your first comment ooo. If for some reason the 14th can’t get it, then I’ll choose the next qualified after the 14th. Works?
Btw, Booski Valerie Tani Sapphire are disqualified!!! And I won’t give an explanation :p

Still in the spirit of giveaways, DCC sure got you covered this Val’s weekend. I actually envy y’all in Lagos. But still, I will share the goodness…
Hello Teens…
Sorry this is coming late but if you still can, 12noon today is a Valentine groove for teens. All sorts of cool people will be there.


Peek banner for details…

Hello Singles…
Yay us!!! Oh!!! I am no longer single. But if I was in Lagos, I for attend this one ooo. Me I like Single people tinz sha. Hehehe.


Unmasked!!! Sometimes na mask dey cover your face so come and be unmasked. Ok I’m joking ooo. Tz a fun fun fun fun fun hangout for singles. And who knows, you just might meet someone. There will be lotsa gifts too. Banner for details please.

Then on Sunday morning in all our 4services not just on the Island, PK my dearest Pastor will be speaking on LOVE ME or LEAVE ME… Awwwww.


See what I’m missing ooo. Choi!!! Deets in the flyer…

Hello Doubles…
Date night!!!


Dating is not only for Singles jor. Couples have the right to date. While the Teens and Singles events are both free, this is just 10k per couple. I have absolutely zero doubt this would rock. Then the gifts?

*photo session by a professional photographer

*free makeover

*blackberry phone

*suits for men

* 50% off comedy goes to church VIP tickets

*one night stay at a luxurious hotel

*free drycleaning

*free house rental agency

*wine and cupcakes

….and lots more

Is this cool or what? So married folks reading, what better way to Sun-val your partner this Sunday evening. Come and revv up your love in a spiritually fun and healthy atmosphere. Tz open to non-DCC members of course. All programs actually.

Now can anyone guess what I would love to win? Let’s see how well you know E’…

Boat is abourro move…


Let’s see if I can publish this before it moves finally.
Happy Val’s day again y’all.


And to my Valentine of life for life who believes Val’s day should be changed to Couple’s day, (looool),


thank you for making everyday with you A VALENTINE… Love you today, as always. Muah.

Speaking of love, our LOVE STORY is featured on the G.I.R.L’s blog. You may wanna click and enjoy.
I especially loved the comment that said ‘…if you take this couple and put them in water, the water would freeze. That’s how super-cool they are…’
I don’t even know her but thanks girl… :* 

Dazall. Thought the post would go live before now. Started writing at 10ish. Apologies to the teens whose program don almost finish. Long trip. Sleep has my number.

Love wisely. Love daily.
Happy Valentine, Smoochy hugs, Luscious kisses
Going Forward…Still Testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…Vee testifying

Most of my readers are familiar with Valerie. She is my bestie, a Medical Doctor (she was actually Best Graduating Student),

and a very VERY dramatic girl… She and Dumebi I dunno who has more drama…
Interestingly, we were in drama unit together in Triumphant Assembly in Ibadan as students.

Very loyal, fiercely loyal, this is clearly one friend I can NEVER take for granted…
My 8th testifier, Dr. Valerie Edetanlen…

Right now ,I’m lying on my umade bed,the weather outside is chilly as usual,(tz that  time of the year,where u measure the amount of air filling your lungs,this is also not the time to take menthol,for me sha,tends to worsen the cold),I can only hear the noise of ‘okada’,not heard a single xmas carol played,I mean seriously!
I’m in ibadan(the outskirts actually) serving my country!

*she doesn’t mean outskirts. She means when you get to the outskirts, turn right…)
2013 has been awesome!Yes all thanks to Sugar Daddy(I had to steal it, I mean use it)
Now 2014! I go to triumphant assembly (Rev Femi Oduwole,Yes Boss).so I’m prepared for EXCEEDING GREATNESS!

My list:
1)Exams for Residency in US /UK,still praying for direction on which of them to do. I have finally decided I’ll write UK exams that is PLAB,heard enough about US drama,nt interested ,besides PLAB is cheaper and only 2 exams,USMLE is more expensive and 4 exams!(Abeg joor!)
Ps:I like exams o .I no be lazy student!
*lol. I already mentioned BGS. Then if the US exam is better, shouldn’t we ignore the cost and stuff and trust God for it…? Just asking…*

2)Residency in UCH(nearness to my fiance)by May after Nysc,(I v passed the exams thanks be to God but I need to be appointed,I tire already to be M.O,I need to be called Registrar this year,either home or Jesus name(I need a loud Amen)

3)Wedding (we are plannin this year 2014,and it is an inter-tribal marriage,he is Yoruba,I am Edo(Esan)!so I pray against unnecessary drama,and arguements o,the grace not to b postponed,and plenty help be needed!)

*hehehehehehehehehe. I laugh at devil… When me I have picked out a color already…*

4)Then I have been sowing some seeds,I have faith that I’m reaping them in 2014 in cash(that’s the major one dear God,I don’t deny that I love money!money is good for the body and soul! Choi).I also want to reap in other areas too!pleasant surprises.
*If the clouds be full… Funny how I was just thinking of the same thing yesterday… Seeds I have sown and harvests I am expecting… NNE, the clouds are full oooo… Fast testimonies amen…***

5)I choose to make more born again awesome friends!(Yea I’m awesome too,ask Fab E’).

maybe I should join the LA130 group,and search for other fab christian group!

* Ike Amadi will be happy to welcome you in… And yup she’s awesome… Very*

6)I’m standing in the gap for some special people,They will share testimonies in Jesus name!As in big time testimonies o!Testimoy dey sweet for body,I no go lie!it can become addictive too!

Thatz the A-list,

Now to my ridiculous list!(No laughing puleeze I am serious!)
I want to ski this 2014,and I also want to see at least 2 wonders of the world!heard they call burj khalif 8th wonder of the world? I need an all expense paid vacation there o!at least for one week! And I don’t think that’s long throat.Abba Father you can do all things.

Ehm ,learning how to sew too,at least during my service period thatz till may,I SHOULD buy a sewing machine(singer’s)and learn how to sew!

I want to give more of me my time ,my money,my skills,my words of encouragement etc  in 2014,so please God bless me plenty!

I have acne spots not scars on my face and they have refused to go,this 2014 my face must be smooth like a baby’s,so m open to suggestions!
(Ps foundation is not part of d suggestions o!loooools).

*Before you start suggesting, Vee has very sensitive skin… Unlike me and most people that honey and sugar scrub works for, it doesn’t work for her… She breaks out even more… I just taya for her skin lol*

Scrolling back I noticed my wish-list is more a prayer-list! ehn all join ojeere!

My Ultimate wish however is that we all should pray for Nigeria everyday this 2014,  yes God can heal our land.
He has said if my people who are called by name will humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then I(God) will hear from heaven and heal their land!
God is also lookin for people who are willing to stand in the gap! Who said old testament is not rich?kai!marvellous God!

Now yawnin….m feeling sleepy!this weather z for 2(married peeps only)!others like me?:sleep under blanket,pray for your better half,den snooze with a smile on your face! Yes boss.
Ps :fab E’ thanks for d privilege!

I told y’all Valerie had too much drama…
I had fun reading and editing this. And attaching the pictures too…
I am surprised she didn’t add the weight loss gist. Valerie can whinge about her weight which is PERFECT ooo. I have long given up…
Anyways, one more pic to embarrass her…

This was from my bridal shower night. They had too much fun yabbing me then I think this was a dance they were trying to learn or so led by Booski… See Vee holding the cake tray… She finally won the tussle for the cake I think.
Coldstone cake is just amazing. But so is my smoothie…

So I need 5 more people to send me entries… I just checked today and realized that. I know some have emailed me to ask. Dunno if I responded yet but please more…
Then the mentorship group and stuff i wrote about here…
Still open… Holler


#31F.A.B.Voices… Viive Testifying

As much as I agree that I do have a bubbly effervescent personae, I would say my bestie Booski’s trumps mine…
But Genevieve here has a combination of  both of us. I mean, it would be such a happy moment when I finally meet her.
She sends me messages on a regular and she just reminds me of me at her age. Her emails are really really hilarious. Somehow she manages to get me to send her lengthy replies as well…
This beautiful Sunday morning, the absolutely bubbly bubble that is Genevieve is presented to the FAB community in grand style…

Last year was awesome! for one, i met Aunty E(although she strongly opposes the ‘Aunty’ phrase,there’s no way i’m calling her by her name)and I got the VIP request!!!(yep,i’m special like that #teamdancingazontoforchrist).

*now hubby calls me Aunty E’ just to annoy me lol. Genny darling biko nu… E’ is just fine. Plus we aren’t Yorubas na…*

The name’s Genevieve Omigie,but i just say ‘Viive’ when i’m asked because i hate it when someone says ‘is that your real name?'(like only Nnaji’s permitted to bear the name)

*this line in the bracket is sooooooo E’. I imagine her rolling her eyes as she typed it. I cracked up when I read it…*

I called 2013 my year of experiences because I learnt a lot of stuffs,most of which i wouldn’t want to repeat itself,so,i took out time to plan 2014 & i’ll just outline few of such plans…

# I’m so going to fashion school!! I spent the whole of last year sketching designs in my head and on a pad,enough of that,i’m gonna bring them out in 2014

*yeah yeah girl. I am rooting for you. Wish you started it during the strike tho but we didn’t know the strike would last months. So now you gotta find a way to work that into your studies. I trust you to…*

# I have to read more this year. Choi! i used love to scatter my head last year that when my mates were reading,i was either making or receiving a call & chatting(menh! all the money & credit i wasted and all my papa Oyedepo’s books that are just lying there!)

*Not too late to start b… So start buying both Oyedepo’s and others. I also recommend Joyce Meyer’s The Confident woman and TD Jakes the Lady, Her Lover, and her Lord. Find time to read those two especially this year. They both helped shape my life…*

# Going to treat family with more respect and not casually anymore (especially after mum stared death in the face and survived)

# I’m not so satisfied with the folks that are around me,so i specially need prayers for this task. I want to filter my friends,keep those that share my values & that are God crazy around,& the others at arms length.

*You really REALLY REALLY need to sweetie. Friendship is NOT by force. Tz very OK to delete some people out of your circle and leave them on acquaintance level only. Tz also not compulsory to have some kind peeps on your BBM. We need to be really careful with friends oooo. So girl, I pray the necessary wisdom to cultivate the right friendships be released to you straight from our Sugar daddy, amen*

Last year held a lot of opportunities for me,some i was too careless so i couldn’t see. Thank God i was able to grab on to some,like modeling for instance.And even though i am described as ‘tiny’ all the time,who cares? at least i get my pay.

I am positive that this year’s going to turn out right for me,especially since i have decided to put God in EVERYTHING i do,even to the outfit i wear and calm down with boy issues(but i still love me a cute boy sha,i mean who doesn’t? i choose to just admire this year). Need i say i am most grateful for every single challenge i faced,it only proved that GOD was there,He saw it all and that He wanted me to learn to set my priorities right. So i can’t wait for this year to begin so i can set my plans in motion,by His grace and with the prayers i’ll receive from EVERYONE here (yeah! I know everyone’s going to have a good word for me,i’m that special),and by the end of this year,we are so going to laugh at the devil!!!!

*Teenage crush. We can totally relate. But we need to set priorities right and I am happy that you have decided to do that this year…*

And that’s a wrap for Viive… Methinks You need to add an academic related goal here too love. Yeah? Cool.
Thank you baby… And I can’t wait to kick off my online group for teenagers and younger adults. I am super excited you will be a part of it. Love you mega…

OK, lemme run off and prep for church…

Kai. Hubby is cracking me up mega this morning. He is dancing ‘bum bum dance’ to ‘Onye ne me mma lekwa ikpere m n’ala…’ as he preps for church. He has been begging me to teach him etighi and I no gree so he is really trying hard to learn it on his own.

Husband of mine? Totally awesome. Ditto the idea I have for lunch today. This one, I must share with you. Both recipe and pictures. Tz an E’ special…

A few announcements about this #31F.A.B.Voices Testifying…
I decided to NOT do a daily post anymore. In fact for my blog I wanna do between two and three posts per week.
I have really long articles here and I want to spend time publicizing what I write and not just overload you daily. I want y’all to have time to really digest my posts before a new one comes your way.
So this would spill into February but it would really be 31 voices.
Please if you sent a mail to any email other than, please resend to this email.
That is the only one that would allow me find your mail easily.
I have a few more slots so feel free to still send yours.

More news on this with my next post….
Happy Sunday y’all

Going Firward… Still Testifying

Yesterday was just Us Girls, a ministry of my darling pastor Mildred okonkwo
How I didn’t talk about it beats me. Maybe cos I was too pained I was going to miss it so I blanked my mind. Not being in DCC is really painful. Too painful for words… Tz the most painful thing about being outta lagos. Anyways, enough whingeing. I hear it was amazing. Tani went and didn’t stop harassing me even from the program and afterwards she told me how she enjoyed it and how pastor M is now her friend…

Hiss… We all know daughter trumps friend any day so Tani, IN YOUR FACE… :p
Anyways, Frances did a post on it here
Thanks babe. Can’t wait to get the CD.
Tani you could do us a favor here on the FAB lane and do a summary. I would run it here.

Shedding my S-WOMAN toga!!!

Holla Holla

I do know many of you are waiting for the pictures from the wedding and stuff but hey, we will get to it in the near future. Not just yet. But rest assured that I had a BALL. Dumebi did too. Too much drama lol but hey the Bride and MOH are drama people so what do you expect.

Enjoy a few pictures tho. I have about a thousand…

20131102_091202 Her face literally glowed. i love the glow contrast between hers and mine. I did my own makeup and Dumebi’s MUA deserves a Paris trip…

20131102_091937 The only time the jacket was off was BEFORE. She never took off the jacket once the ceremony started.

20131102_120950 You know I can’t miss this my World famous Kissey pose. If I don’t have one with you, our friendship is in doubt hehehehe

20131102_104244 Look who popped in with his sugar sweet darling adorable sweet 16 wife… Rev Femi and TJ Oduwole. He got in just in time to sign the marriage register.

20131102_104733 The Father’s blessing!!! This for me MADE the Church service

20131102_103113 Nobody can tell me my Booski doesn’t have the World’s best smile please…

20131102_102954 This Tony’s smile is one million stars

My darling Booski, like I told you hun, I am so honored to be your friend. And to have been a part of your wedding story. Tony is so blessed. Like my Sapphire said, DUMTO Happy blessed Married life. Love you to mini smithereens. Love you to the moon and back. Love you dizzingly but with clear eyes. You are such a  joy…

Ok, enough of Booski FOR NOW, let us get down to another matter.

I can already see all your lovings and sorrys that this Post would birth. Surprise me. Don’t do it. I just wanted to share this with you guys here so that you know that even E’ has her own challenges. Just that I am very aware of my Sugar daddy and his romantic love for His baby girl.

So in the middle of all the fun and drama that was the wedding, I had plenty of my own drama that saw me just escape and cry at different points.

One thing tho, I kept it all away from Booski (Now when she reads this she will BLOW up my phone. Ugh). I thought this period was all about her so all the drama in my life could wait. I didn’t want her worried even a teeny weeny bit about me jor. The one minute she caught me not smiling as I gave someone a curt answer when he told me to join the bridal party for pictures during the photo shoot, the next second i was beside her, she goes ‘Ezi, why were you NOT smiling’. Truth is I was just TIRED and so I made a mental note to keep my smile and by extension my Booski’s smile in tact!!!

Whenever I mention all this drama to my brother Chu, he always LAUGHS!!!

Psalms 2:4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them…


And Chu has this hearty, from-the-depths-of-the-soul, alive laugh (just like Fr. Patrick). And he always tells me, ‘Eziaha, i have told you to be laughing at all these things…’

I know i should, but sometimes the tears just start before i know it.


This weekend, i was ready to toss my Super woman toga.

I just locked myself in and in the darkness last night, all i did was cry to God.

One lady who I love to pieces and who I would have adopted as a sister always drops this prayer point EVERYTIME we pray…


About how we should have the tongue of the learned as women and always speak words of GRACE.

Ruth ooo. That scripture is made for me walahi.

Somethings i wanna say. Somethings I wanna do. Sometimes i wanna sit someone down and tell ’em their life history.

Somethings I have heard have really HURT me. As in, hurt me soooooooo bad. And the people I have heard it from? Ah!!!! No comment.

What hurts so much has to be the fact that in some instances, I feel the HS truly ‘control’ my tongue. I believe the term is BRIDLE.


Yesterday night, I was talking to my Sapphire. I don’t subscribe to tears for prayers. I just am a more ‘practical’ pray-er. But I told her that I would just cry and cry and sleep.

Doesn’t the bible say something about God storing our tears (Flipping to Google once this post goes live)

And she told me, ‘don’t worry, i may not be able to cry but I would pray with ALL of my heart for you…’

Another friend of mine just listened and listened to me cry on the phone last night till credit ran out.

Ah, yesterday night was like an anti climax of sorts. Thank God for God. I would have taken some crazy rash decisions.

Sapphire said ‘…Hold that thought please let us pray first..’

Yesterday night ladies and gentle men was NOT funny.

After crying and praying, i flipped to DHW and slept off while it was still playing.

I woke up this morning and flipped open my Gideon hymn book…

I sang… I sang to myself. I love hymns. They do my spirit right.


I felt better. I put on my game face, dressed up and hit work.

I have had an amazing Monday so far. It also helped that a prospective Corper who is starting camp tomorrow walked in here asking if we would need her services. I liked her so I threw my weight around a bit for her and in a few minutes, she was discussing with my Principal.


Then that evening, i decided on a Coldstone ice-cream and pizza date.

Sorry no pictures. Phone is still on the way…

But really, I am grateful…

I reached an alltime low Sunday night. I got my groove back Monday.

Thank God for the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God for wisdom.

Bless GOD FOR GREAT FRIENDS. You guys be rocking in all shades of FAB-MAZING!!!

Ah my darling Pastor.


Totally awesome man. Love him like… Kai!!! Twale Sir.

Bless God for a great partner with whom I can wither life’s challenges.

Did I already mention wisdom… Ah, wisdom is a GIFT walahi

‘When she speaks, her words are wise… Prov 31;26’

Sometimes the wisdom in anything is to just SHUT UP…

And shutting up when you have plenty to say is hard…

Very hard…


Have a super fab week darlings…



Post was written yesterday, Monday Nov 4, 2013. My internet was acting up…


*rushing back to read this to get a PPS*

Ok I am back!!!


Yup. So don’t start all the pity ooo. Just drop comments on the wedding and stuff. Today is Tuesday and I am TERRIFIC. I promise.

But I do wonder how Pastors do it tho… They are EXPECTED to have words of comfort for the weary at any time T, and because they are humans, they also have their issues, yet… This Pastor work no be here ooo…


Which of my friends do I yab now ooo… Kai!!!


Ok not yab per se… Femmetotale has been churning out some real amazing posts on her blog. You may wanna skip over and enjoy.

Then Naija husband started this ‘Chop my money’ series. Part 1 to 3. Totally insightful. Loved it. You should too. In Part 1, feel free to visit the link he put up on Student loans and stuff. Amazing.