Embrace your STRETCH!!!

ENLARGE the place of your tent

STRETCH your tent curtains wide


STRENGTHEN your Stakes… Isaiah 54:2

As a Chick who is TOTALLY into Fitness,


I understand, to a large extent, what it means to stretch, and I am always telling all my students to make sure they stretch, both before and after a workout. I know stretching can be uncomfortable, painful and most of us feel we don’t have time for it, but if I am going to have better flexibility, improve my performance, maximize my muscle effectiveness, and decrease my risk of injuries, I NEED TO STRETCH!!!


But leaving physical fitness aside, I believe that God is truly calling us all to STRETCH especially if we are to enter our next level. We don’t just stroll casually into the next level, we STRETCH aka GROW into it, and that growth requires some kind of pain and discomfort.

I personally feel like I am living in one long STRETCH these days, stretching into ALL that God has for me in this season. And if we look, both with our physical eyes and the eyes of the Spirit, just a little closely, at most people with a strong sense of purpose and vision, you will see that they are constantly stretching!!!

I don’t even think I have the words for this Post but my heart is just exploding really.

If I have spoken to you in recent times personally, you would have heard me talk about this STRETCH!!!

My Sisters in TFS Academy are on various stretch projects too.

I am actually uncomfortable with the idea of playing safe and doing just what I have always done, coasting on a safe auto-pilot, and maybe people even thinking this girl is ‘all that’ but deep within me, I know I am not stretching AT ALL!!!

Let me begin this by defining STRETCH in light of this blog post, then properly expounding the Scripture I shared above

STRETCH: To be capable of being made longer and wider WITHOUT tearing or breaking.

To cause something to REACH as far as, or as long as POSSIBLE.

To extend or enlarge beyond the usual or regular limits.

People, I believe God is calling each and every one of us to STRETCH.

To do more than we usually do.

More of what, you may ask?

Well, I don’t know what ‘More’ looks like in your own world, but I certainly know what it looks like to and for me. I had to sit with myself and write out all the places where life had caused me to atrophy (and I will explain atrophy later) and start working on stretching again.

But before you jump into a stretch, there is one thing we must do first.

Even with physical fitness, you cannot stretch effectively while wearing that fitted, no-room traditional outfit. You have to ‘enter’ the right outfit first.

Fit to Stretch

Fit to Stretch

In this STRETCH God has called us to, we also have to ‘enter’ the right outfit. And this is where Isa 54 v 2 plays out beautifully


If I am going to stretch into all that God has called me to, then I need to make room in my life too.

Picture this.


You have this room that you are trying to redesign but it is cluttered, full of junk and very disorganized. You don’t just start painting it and putting in new furniture. You take time to declutter!!!

And that’s the first step.

Examine your heart and life. What is taking up so much ‘room’?

What activities and relationships are taking up so much of your time that you don’t have room to truly stretch into all that God has called you to be.

I love how Proverbs 31:16 AMP says that she expands prudently, saves TIME AND STRENGTH which she then uses to plant FRUITFUL VINES in her own vineyards.

We should take a critical look at the relationships and activities in our lives? Are they saving us time or are they causing me to waste my time with the mundane?

Take a look at what you invest STRENGTH into, both physical and EMOTIONAL ENERGY? Are they worth it?

Beef, jealousy, tryna-keep-up-with-the-Joneses, rivalry, unforgiveness, gossip, social media drama, blog hopping, self-pity, Telemundo, self-worship, Instagram and Facebook, etc.?

Mehn, some of these things may not be SIN but they are WEIGHTS and the thing about WEIGHTS is that soon, they lead to or become SIN!!!

God had to teach me that He can’t fit all He wants to do in and through me into the little space I have left. I have to MAKE ROOM for more!!!

So if we would all just make room in our lives, allow the Holy Spirit to do a deep work decluttering the junk within, we would have more room to stretch into all that God has in store for us.

To declutter means to remove unnecessary items from an over-crowded/untidy place. To simplify. To put an order to somewhere. To remove what I don’t need to make it more PLEASANT.

To get rid of the mess, disorder and complications (AKA DRAMA).


And one of my favorite words ever to use… TO DETOXIFY!!!

I would typically start any weight loss program with a detox. I give my students lots of fruits and veggies in their meal plans to rid the body of unhealthy, toxic and harmful stuff and get it to function maximally.

Which is why we begin our STRETCH too by DETOX-ing our lives.

I did this Post on DETOX which would totally help you understand it all better.

Let’s give God more room!!! He wants to do BIG STUFF for us BUT FIRST, He has to do it IN US!!!


Now moving on to the STRETCH…




Now that we are in the right outfit (heart condition) for the stretch, we need to sit down and write out places where we have atrophied.

Atrophy: gradually decline in effectiveness, usefulness, or vigor due to underuse or neglect. A wasting away or deterioration.

First thing I had to do here was check my FAITH muscles and realized that if I didn’t quickly stretch ‘em, stuff would get critical.

I had to ask myself when was the last time I did something (sticking to it to the end ooo) that truly stretched my faith? TRULY ooo as in TRULY!!! Not just the one that people will hear and applaud but deep down I know that was not really a FULL LENGTH STRETCH!!!

And you know, our stretches differ per season and per person. For example, offerings in church. There was a season you could probably get away with 100naira and it was a MAJOR stretch but now, you now even 1000naira is hardly a stretch. Same way with prayers.

Before, 15minutes Quiet Time was a real stretch but now, if you spend 45mins, it may look like a big deal to some, but you know you are not stretching.

Which is why our company matters. If we keep staying in companies where you are the SUPER STAR every time, there is a tendency for you to slack and atrophy. But when you have people in your Squad who you see doing bigger things than you and not wearing out, you tend to stretch more, and more and more, and continue to give your ALL, yet you do not SNAP!!!

So check your company, and adjust as need be. I certainly am.

You don’t need to change your friends; you only need to widen your Squad!!!

How easy it can be for us to just stay riding on our old momentum and playing safe because that is what is both familiar and comfortable. But the truth is safe leads to atrophy. And we don’t want to atrophy

The truth is, most of us have way more capacity than we are currently operating on. We can stretch to a new level and NOT break because God is right in that stretch!!!

Another amazing thing about stretching is the fact that it makes me FLEXIBLE!!! The more we stretch, the more flexible we become even in doing those bigger things that we have stretched into. Then we can stretch into even more and more and more.

I recall when I started working out. Some routines were so hard. They stretched my flesh bad. It was both painful and uncomfortable. But I stuck to it.

Now those routines, like Jillian’s level 1 shred, are so easy, I can’t even do them. I am constantly looking for ‘harder’ stuff.

WHAT USED TO TAKE ME OUT AND DOWN can’t take me out again.

But if I didn’t stick it out, it would have still been a mountain to me.

However,  if I keep doing it without moving to the next level, it becomes redundant and a waste of time because my body is already used to it so I need to STRETCH into harder routines.

I have a student now who is into running. I had to advise her to STOP running for a season, because her progress slowed, and gave her a variety of other workouts to do. How easy it is to find and then slip comfortably into the comfortable, never wanting to challenge ourselves even further. But if we are going to continue to bear fruits in our lives, we have to be uncomfortable enough to STRETCH into that next level.




And this is where our FAITH MUSCLES come out to play.

When I stretch, am I stretching to my own limits or to God’s limits? I know how easy it is for us to stretch,

FEAR is the major thing that causes us to think small and hold back. FEAR waits for us at the threshold of every new level and causes us to shrink back. Oh but I have learned and I am still learning to DO IT AFRAID. Not just hash tag and post it to Social media, #DoItAfraid, but be bold enough to not limit myself to my own level.

To close my eyes and PRAY THE KIND OF PRAYERS THAT SCARE WHAT IS SCARED ON THE INSIDE OF ME like my mama Lisa Bevere taught me!!! To believe God for BIG THINGS!!! To not just believe that God can do BIG things but to believe that GOD CAN AND WANTS TO DO BIG THINGS FOR ME.

You know, my Pastor told me something recently. She said

‘…Eziaha, it is one thing to theorize about faith. Anybody can say they have faith and quote all the Scriptures but when it comes right down to LIVING by faith in very practical ways, a lot of us fail…’

I need to strengthen my atrophying faith muscles and pray BOLD PRAYERS!!! BELIEVE FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Like Christine Caine says


Oh I am stretching ‘em muscles. Lengthening all the way, as God allows. Not limiting God. I love this convo between Moses and God, especially God’s answer to him.

In Numbers 11, God has told Moses to tell the ‘murmurers’ that they would eat meat IN THE WILDERNESS for a whole month (since meat was their wahala), but he didn’t believe that was possible. Dude is practically asking God how HE intends to achieve that (like you and I have asked severally).

God’s answer in the ERV is PERFECT!!!

23: But the Lord said to Moses, ‘DO NOT LIMIT MY POWER! You will see that I CAN DO WHAT I SAY I CAN DO.”

I loveeeeeeeeet!!!!

And God did EVERYTHING HE SAID HE WOULD DO!!! Impossible as it seemed.

One of the biggest battles we all have to fight is the battle against CONTAINMENT.

I believe the enemy wants to ‘contain’ us at a certain level – in our minds, our faith, our actions, everything. We have to stay fighting. We have to…




This journey to our next level will take a lot of STRENGTH. As we stretch the boundaries of our faith, we will come against several obstacles to GIVE UP… And trust me, giving up is easy. It is safe. It is comfortable.

But, if God has taught me anything, it is that I can NOT escape my faith tests. If I fail any, I am coming back to write the re-take.

Pharmacy school called it re-sits, and I recall that one stupid BIOCHEMISTRY re-sit I ever took in my year 2. BIOC is already a stupid, hard and nonsense course (You can tell my HATE GAME for that course is still going strong even after 8years lol) and then I failed it and had to re-sit.

The re-sits held during the holidays and they were an opportunity for you to pass that course or repeat the entire year. Everybody was enjoying their hols and we who failed some courses came back to write STUPID resits. It pained me walahi. And every time I think of that pain, I understand that even FAITH RE-SITS or REPEATS have to be even more painful.

When you see your mates move to the next level, and you, because you didn’t have the balls to hold on to those faith balls TO THE END, you have to take resits and sometimes even repeat an entire year. Because there will always be Faith tests per level. Except we don’t mind staying at one level for ever…

This is something I am constantly checking with myself. Am I dropping a Faith ball? Am I ready to take the more painful resit?

This weekend, as I pondered on some stretches, the Holy Spirit told me to ask Funto Ibuoye to share her BECOMING story and test of FAITH with me. You see, when I did this post on Becoming, the Holy Spirit had told me,

‘…this girl is in faith. You need to do what you can to help her faith…’

I publicized it for her. I paid for people. I prayed for her.


I just obeyed the Holy Spirit. I believe that truly there is a line of EQUAL frequency in the Spirit connecting us to those with whom we must do life with…


and part of that is holding each other up when we need to…

I didn’t even know just how much she was in faith and then as she shared it with me, both of us were crying.

…How she almost dropped the ball. How she labored in prayers and work sef. How a few weeks to the event, hall paid for to accommodate 350 yet only 50-something persons had paid. How they had debts piling up yet money was not coming in. How she would go to the hall and prophesy that it will be full. How she put a FULL HALL picture on her phone so she keeps seeing it. How she just stayed believing.

And finally GOD DID IT!!!

Becoming Hall

Becoming Hall

And then outdid Himself even in their personal lives, just because He can…


And she kept on saying

‘…I know God is a BIG BIG BIG God and so I knew I could believe Him for BIG BIG BIG things…’

If I had a dollar for every time Funto mentioned BIG BIG BIG GOD… Phew…


Darling, I don’t know what God is calling you to EMBRACE YOUR STRETCH in but I certainly KNOW that He is calling you to EMBRACE YOUR STRETCH in something…

Maybe in your job…

Your marriage…

Your giving…

Your Bible study…

Your character and tongue…

Your friendships and associations…

Ride solo for a bit…

Leave that boyfriend/girlfriend…

To start that/those project(s)

Sleep a little less

Pray a little more

Your FAITH (Now that’s a general sontin…)

Go ahead Darling,

  • de-clutter
  • embrace your God-endorsed stretch as far as you can go
  • don’t hold back,

…because you will spread abroad to the left and the right. You will grow in ALL DIRECTIONS… Isa 54:3a

Dunno about yawl but I am suddenly super uncomfortable (and BORED) with being confortable. I am tired of coasting on the same momentum. You too should. In the Words of my NUMERO UNO Joyce Meyer, ‘WE ARE NOT FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT TO DO A BUNCH OF EASY STUFF…’

Embrace your STRETCH.

What’s a little pain and discomfort in light of eternal PURPOSE???!!!


Wanna know what Scripture has become my new best friend?

Psalms 119: 32… Lord, ENLARGE MY HEART!!!







Oh my accountability partner Aijay Ufomadu is such a STRECTHER!!!

Not sure why I look so much taller here

Not sure why I look so much taller here

This Chick has a regular bank job, a family (husband and son my son’s age) and she just keeps stretching to accommodate the many dreams and visions God has given to her.

I watched her shoot and upload this video against all odds on THE PLACE OF BRANDING IN FULFILLING YOUR LIFE ASSIGNMENT

She even got Bankole Williams on it!!! Like talk about a FAITH STRETCH!!!

Then she is having her FIRST EVER PRAYER MEETING  as God led her for women.


Every Chick is invited mehn!!! Holler!!! I am there already!!!


Go go go Girl!!!

Just something super attractive about a woman, or a tribe of women, RUNNING HARD after their purpose, stretching all the way AGAINST all odds. Excuses are NO MONGER VALID ooo!!!

Chase your dreams Darling!!! Everyone else is…

Get BUSY!!!

Of which we have redefined BUSY in TFS Academy to mean ‘Moving gracefully from one FRUITFUL activity to another’

25 men bawooo? Not on MY watch!!!

Hey guys. Happy Sunday and New week and err’thang.

So I heard an absolutely wrecking sermon today. Had to share.

Rev was in town and yawl know I’m crazy about my Rev.
I mean,how many Fathers just titally absolutely truly LOVE like Rev does and random thinks of you like this


So with my hubs permission, I attended TA Lagos City Church.


And i was happy to connect with my people from back in Uni


TA Shabach centre crew

When he said he was here to talk to us like he would if we were having coffee together or I was in his bedroom, father to daughter, everything in me opened up.


Daddy like no other

I certainly could do with Daddy-Rev. Not everytime Preacher-Rev (tho we are absolutely obsessed with any Rev that shows up).

Oh Rev shared!!! I went through a gamut of emotions. From laughs, to tears, to jumps, to screams, to Amens, to ‘oh Eziaha you have been stupid’ to quiet moments, to more tears to…. eeeeeeeeek!!! I had a true ‘lean-in’ posture and the last time that happened was when DDK came for #WarriorInHeels. The kinda Word Rev preached ehn, you don’t just say AMEN and go home. You get the message and basically replay daily for as long as you live.


I’m not sure how and why Rev keeps getting betterer!!! Tz unreal!!! Like no be the same Bible we dey read??? Woooooh, I’m just emotional!!!


Anyways lemme just pick one verse that basically flung me up and threw me to the ground. See ehn, the theme of my life for now is WARRIOR!!! I just feel such a FIRE to fight within me because the devil ain’t playing sef. I’m in a GAME ON mode for real!!! So let me pump some more fire into yawl my dear Readers!!!

Ezekiel 11 !!!


You see ehn Sisters. There are strong men in every City. Read businesses, streets, markets, offices, states, countries, etc. And I mean this in the Spiritual sense.

They may have regular day jobs but by night, they are concoting and devising. They are cooking up evil. They got the town on LOCKDOWN!!! You may not be paying attention to them and their wiles but honey, they are watching your every move. More like monitoring.

They are making sure your destiny helpers and you don’t jam.
They are making sure to keep you broke so your righteousness no go done and you can’t do BIG stuff for the Kingdom.

They are making sure that the program you will attend to change your life, you miss it. Oh they are making sure you sell your soul and your relationship with God for ‘paper’. They are up at 5am, arranging the day, some 3am others midnight but we sleeeeeeeeeep.

Oh there is an info that can change your life but they are hard at work making sure you get it LATE!!! Or never!!! Because that day you will forget your phone somewhere or better still, E go dey off.  They think they are all THAT and maybe they are because we have gone to snooze while they run loose. Incase you missed it darling, everything is spiritual!!! Don’t give it another name. Don’t underestimate it. Don’t play about it. Don’t even fear it. All God is asking you to do is prophesy against it.
Aka speak words over them.
Aka PRAY!!!

As I came home and kinda ruminated over the Word, it dawned on me who is on my side in this battle.
The One who never ever looses a battle!!!
Odogwu n’agha!!!
I dunno about yawl but it changes the dynamics of this battle for me. Tz a battle I go into knowing I can’t lose!!! Actually I have already won!!! But I keep speaking until IT, whatever my IT is, manifests!!!

Darlings, my people say ogologo okwu adighi n’uka mgbede…
Evening service is not one for long sermons.

The koko is, like it or lump it, there are strong men on your case. 24, literally. Whachu gon’ do abourrit???!!!

I’m pretty much decided


25 men bawoooo? NOT ON MY WATCH!!! You can make anything happen where? JOKES!!! Not on my watch!!!



#PropheticMotherhood…What Nneka Kyari said.

We have read what DDK said and What Pst Dotun Arifalo said from #PropheticMotherhood

And we end the #PropheticMotherhood with what the very beautiful Nneka Kyari said.


First, let me give a background of Nneka!!!

She actually lives in Bonny island so even before the program, when I told Aku’m who was coming, he said he knows her and that she’s launching her book in Bonny that weekend or so.

Nneka Kyari authored ‘Breaking through the haze…how I overcame infertility.’


Two things made me sorta underrate the import of her session personally… and it feels good to know I was NOT alone lol


First thing, I don’t have that problem but I thought I will just listen on behalf of, and then buy the book for someone. I frankly didn’t think she would touch me like that but I had an open spirit for anything.

Secondly, when you hear someone authored a book like this, I dunno about you but first thing I’m thinking is she must have been believing God for a looooooooooong time, maybe 8 to 15years with plenty stories and a HUGE testimony.

When I heard she waited four years, I’m like ‘…oooooooooooooo k……..‘. Then she dropped a line that just sounded like a bomb in my spirit

But before then, lemme back up a bit so we really catch the gist.

So Nneka is well aware she has an infertility problem.


Oh btw, she talks about FRUITFULNESS being beyond just children and she had a beautiful Rhema she shared from Genesis 1:28 and because BE FRUITFUL is such a theme in my life, I caught it.

Ok so the devil has brought a battle right to her dormot.


Having battled with it a while, home and abroad, she gets tired and decides to do something about it and so enter


Not everytime, multi-task. Juggle. Etc. Recall what Priscilla Shirer said about BALANCE here

Nneka knew that split-focus in this matter would not give her the results she so desired. And so as led by God, SHE RESIGNED HER JOB to give this battle the right attention.


And this quote she gave right here hit all the right notes in my spirit.

‘…most goals in life do NOT have to take FOREVER. if I didn’t focus and give this battle the RIGHT attention, I may have still been waiting till today…’

Bet you’ve never heard a sermon like that. That Rhema hit home in that room.

That’s like turning something on its head.

‘…No, no, I’m not here to tell you how I waited 15years. I’m here to tell you how I would have waited maybe 15years but I fought and cut my journey to 4years and this is how you can cut yours short too…’

I’m all for Holy Spirit inspired shortcuts with wisdom. No glory in sufferhead. When a battle comes to your dormot, Focus!!! Deal with it. Win. And then move on once and for all.

Oh but Nneka didnt quite understand what God meant when He told her to focus, because now jobless, she filled herself with SOOOOOOOOOO MANY church activities!!!

Enter Christine Caine who by the way is a CHURCH GIRL through and through.

Numerous Christian ACTIVITY does not compensate for an AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP with God…CC

Kyari said ‘…being active in church does not auto equal a stronger relationship with God…’

Head of Sunday school, Committee member of dis n dat, Secretary, women’s miseries ministeries, etc. Then she also started her own business.

Still no focus. Just too much activity. Then God gave herLuke 10:38 Only ONE thing is necessary…

Give attention to your relationship with God. He is looking for INTIMACY and it is in that place of intimacy that she would get the required strategies to battle infertility.

Then she got serious and cut down sooooo many unnecessary activities. There’s only so much one can do per time if one is going to enjoy intimacy with God.

Then God started to download. I love how she shared it systematically with us in such a short time.

Number one: GUARD YOUR HEART. She needed a PURE heart. It is only on the platform of a pure heart that God does the miraculous. Holiness is very key in receiving the password of your life. She used the story of Jesus who even when He was persecuted, He forgave and kept His heart clean and then He could do the IMPOSSIBLE… Rise from the dead.

From a pure heart, you can hear God speak to you.


You know, I am working on something HUGE and as I prayed and basically sought God concerning directions, I felt Him say I/we should start with a HOLINESS study and I’m like HUH? But clearly, He let me know that He needs us to be HOLY first before He can start to show Himself. Which was where the Post Open Heart Surgery came from. I felt like Nneka read that post lol

Then from that foundation, God began to give her more directions on what to do and LEARN the DISCIPLINE OF DOING which was her NUMBER TWO.

Don’t wish for a result, DO!!! You can’t even pray and confess without DOING.

She had to be disciplined enough to DO

She had to start feeding her body with the RIGHT DIET. She made her meals herself. Plenty veggies and she had to make sure she cooked them well enough to preserve the nutrients.

She started exercising too.

See why you need our services at #SavedFitnFAB ?



I mean, she had to be DISCIPLINED ENOUGH, sacrifice a LOT and just DO!!!

Honey, guess who got her results in THREE MONTHS???

Yup, Nneka.

She got pregnant and she gave birth to TWINS!!!

Reminds me of Dr Ada’s testimony, the Ebola survivor. She was disciplined enough to do what she had to do in addition to her faith. Very very disciplined. And she also got her results.

Won’t you rather FOCUS, be disciplined enough to do what God has asked you to do, win the battle and then MOVE ON??? Do you want to stay at the same battle ground fighting the same battle FOREVER? All this split focus can NOT help anybody ooo, especially NOT you. Or me!!! It takes FOCUS to achieve RESULTS. Which is exactly what she said she told a friend who has a ‘special needs’ child.

Very demanding and stressful taking care of the child, especially the diet so she is not consistent and so the problem persists. She had to tell her that wouldn’t she rather focus on this problem, be disciplined enough to do whatever it entails, get the victory and finally move on???

This makes all the sense abeg. This is not even about infertility alone, it is a lesson for LIFE because there is always something to fight for/against.

I loved the wisdom in this which is why I tweeted that she basically liberated me from a battle I would not have to face which is WASTING TIME ON BATTLES we can easily focus on and win. I’m like pumped to take on battles with the FOCUS it deserves so that we can get it under our belt and MOVE DA HECK ON!!!

I was so super blessed by Nneka. Such a communicator. She shared her story in details so that we KNOW what to do, as God leads you ooo not to ape her. Because really, God will not call every woman to resign her job but there is a required FOCUS and DISCIPLINE required for your won battle.


And because she began on the foundation of fruitfulness, she gave us some other tips to being fruitful.

  1. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Especially as a woman, You need to be sure, ON POINT with what God wants you to do and there is NO LIMIT to His knowledge so stay connected. And how? Via the WORD, Prayers, and other spiritual disciplines. That way, I can bortha CUSTOMISED password for my challenges. That means you can NOT be too busy. The lifestyle of an average Christian is TOO BUSY!!! You MUST make TIME to study. You can NOT be accidental and casual. You MUST be INTENTIONAL. Block out that time for God alone and INTROSPECT. That’s the only way to cut down your waiting time and errors.
  2. PLAN to be FRUITFUL: Plan your activities. Plan your day. Plan for your results. Have a schedule/routine. Count the cost, etc
  3. Measure FRUITFULNESS and NOT BUSYNESS. If GOD says STOP and LISTEN, I MUST OBEY. Let the Holy Spirit teach you to strike a good balance. She says when she has to put a stop for some time on one or two things to FOCUS on her home front, she does it without apologies. THE BEST thing I can give to my kids is ATTENTION until they come into the BEST God has for them. You can NOT and should NOT be too b usy for your kids. We have to put a stop to the MADNESS in our generation and it starts from the HOME.
  4. Where there is an issue or challenge to deal with, JUST DO IT!!! Do NOT pretend that all is fine. Don’t masquerade with activities. People see only your outside but what is really going on on your insides. DEAL WITH IT.


Goodness!!! Don’t you just feel FRUITFUL reading all she had to say. The Book title doesn’t do it enough justice abeg. The matter is about infertility and then sooooo much more.

Let me just repeat this point which I thought was the BIGGEST!!!

‘…Most goals in life do NOT have to take FOREVER. If I didn’t focus and give this battle the RIGHT attention, I may have still been waiting till today…’

Nneka is ONE DEEEEEEEEEEP WOMAN. Plus she’s beautiful too. She is 10 YEARS in marriage this year and her twins are 5. A boy and a girl. Who knows maybe she would have still been waiting today if she didn’t strap herself in and FIGHT!!!

What battles have arrived at your dormot today? Do you want to stay fighting it FOR EVER? Me I certainly do NOT!!!

So, go sit before the LORD and download what He wants you to DO, then FOCUS on it, cut out unnecessary activities and be DISCIPLINED ENOUGH TO DO because RESULTS DO NOT COME BY ACCIDENT!!!

And that’s how we have come to the end of this beautiful series on Prophetic Motherhood.


I have enjoyed writing it AND reading it too. I purposely did NOT listen to the CD again to write. I just transcribed from what I wrote down and then what my Spirit highlighted. If I listened to the CD, this would have gone on FOREVER lol because every point resonated. I wanted to FORGET some things on purpose LOL. Ehen, now I can go listen to the CD again and again and again. It is actually over 3hours long because practically the ENTIRE program- WORD, PRAYERS, CHARGE, ETC was recorded. Gosh I LOVE DEBORAH INITIATIVE FOR WOMEN!!! (DIW). That atmosphere of prayer, fellowship, and word was REAL!!!

Now, a LOT of people really want me to share the prayer points and scriptures used to pray there. I actually was going to do that until God told me to do ONE BETTER… let’s do our very own 30DAY DEVOTIONAL for the FAB WARRIOR MOMS.

Like, can you absolutely BELIEVE that????


I was actually going to do it for myself taking from the ones shared at WARRIOR IN HEELS (Mehn, there was this one on ‘My kids are ESTABLISHED in RIGHTEOUSNESS Pastor M led that gets me leaping every time), Prophetic Motherhood and then my Personal study , because I wanted some STRUCTURE AND STRATEGY to my prayer as a PROPHETIC WARRIOR MOM but I don’t mind sharing with yawl.

Don’t thank me, thank Christine Caine. Lol.


And about this hug, let’s give the short version. DDK hugged me what I thought was a FINALLY WE MEET hug and then starts praying. Let’s just make it even shorter by saying that despite all my ‘inner resistance’ Aunty’s anointing gets me to the floor.


You would think Aunty would let me be ooo but after I get up, she continues the hug and prayers.


Receiving quotient Hahaha

Some things are taught. Some things are CAUGHT!!! I KNOW that I caught something. I got home and all the crazy ideas started dropping in my spirit and I kicked off immediately… Neighborhood Stay at home moms prayer meetings, the devotional, and just plenty FIRE!!!

The last couple of days (after the meeting) have been a FIGHT. Don’t let me go into details haha. I just keep remembering Debola’s line of

‘…the thing that is confronting you is serious business. You may NOT be paying attention to it BUT it is paying attention to you…’

But the devil stays losing. NO TIME!!! I don’t even believe I did these posts back to back.

Please don’t come back tomorrow though for the devotional. I am already working on it and will present it in a format where you can download and share. Yaaaaay!!!

Let’s get this work done people. Let’s checkmate the devil.

Just RUN after everything God has called you to do.


Don’t even waste time. Don’t second guess. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Just RUN!!! You have a part to play in this divine relay so STOP SLACKING or UNDERESTIMATING YOUR PART. I am so thankful mama pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and start #SavedFitnFAB. Just stepping out to do that has unleashed someone else.

Like Debola said, there is a line of EQUAL FREQUENCY in the Spirit connecting us to those with whom we MUST do destiny with.


May you find your Prophets, guys. May you find your Elizabeths.

And may you be a PROPHETIC ‘MOTHER’ indeed!!!







How are we warming up for Love Life?


The Biggest Chick Party of the year

Release your faith Chick if you feel GOD is leading you to



So I did this marriage interview here. I actually sound mature here looooool






#PropheticMotherhood… What DDK said

God has blown me away in recent times. I woke early Sunday morning and as I thought about the previous week and all that had happened to and with me, God used a Twitter scenario to drive it home…


So I was having this convo with Kuchi and QYM on Twitter and I said #GroupHug as I ended the convo. Kachi, a friend from Uni who runs this AWESOME blog http://www.kacheetee.com had sort of been entering my lane recently, jumps into the Twitter trail and says she’s forcing herself right into the hug. And instantly, my spirit opened up to receive her into the hug. If it was real life, I would have eased her right into it without her having to force.

And God told me that He was just opening Himself up more to me because I had jumped right into the middle of what He’s doing in this season!!!


And I pray you understand what that means and how it can be applied to our walk with God so


Now let’s just jump right into what happened at Prophetic Motherhood.


If I keep all that to myself, it will be absolutely WICKED!!!

I definitely learned plenty


I want to get the same faith and fire into as many women as possible. Plus it looks like I entered this wahala myself with all my publicity. Every single chick wanted me to share what went down there. So that’s why I’m doing this since I can’t keep up individually with everyone.

We’ll do this in FOUR parts. Yes it was THAT GOOOOD!!!

Let’s start with what DDK said at #PropheticMotherhood… Infused with some E’ flavour.

Disclaimer: I can’t capture it all. Impossible. I’ll share what I can.


So what is Prophetic Motherhood?


Prophetic motherhood is living on the fast lane of the Holy Spirit, knowing EXACTLY and doing ONLY what God wants me to do. Downloading accurate and precise directions for life concerning my seedsssssssss. (definition of seed coming up later).

It is when you restrain the forces of evil so that in your case and on your watch, ONLY that which God has said concerning your seed comes to pass.


It is staying on my knees until I see in the physical all that God has told me in my spirit. You have to pray mama. What is keeping you awake to breastfeed better be strong enough to keep you awake to PRAY, and in tongues too. I mean, moms know that if your baby wants you awake, up and pacing at 2am, you go do am. So you better be up and pacing in prayers too because YOU CAN!!! (plus the devil is not playing with you. What is confronting us is SERIOUS BUSINESS)


The physical demands of being a woman can weaken you but you must pray to God to strengthen you because you MUST find the energy to pray ooo. Love how the Bible says the Proverbs 31 woman ‘her hands are strengthened for the work…’ #NoTimeForLazinessOrWeakness

It is praying the Holy Spirit conditions my approach and regulates my heart as I raise my kids so that I am not led by my emotions. I can’t always be on a short fuse and always lashing out at my kids. As a woman, I have to express tenderness as I raise my kids and not be emotional. I must know the uniqueness of each child’s personality and receive wisdom to raise them as such.

It is understanding that the seed born of me will be OF GOD just as it was told Mary. And seed is not limited to children alone. It includes businesses, career, ministry, etc. So concerning the sector of the economy God is leading me to, I am LORD and KING and I take control for Jesus!!!

Prophetic Motherhood is understanding that there is a child within my husband and it is my job to call forth the greatness in him too.

There is nothing as powerful as a praying woman. What will be the strongest memories your kids will have of you? A praying mom? A wimpy weak or a crying mom?


My #mommygoals should be that I’m my kids’ first role model in everything… career/ministry, marriage, relationship with God, etc. All round, I’m my kids’ mentor. My kids must aspire to meet (and then surpass) the very high goals I am setting in life. I must live right before them from childhood.

Don’t let Disney Junior and Nickolodeon raise your kids. You need to download from heaven the blueprint to raise each one of them.

We should make our kids givers from a young age. Tithe from their money. Give them prophetic pledges to give (to Pastors and Fathers). They too can enjoy the blessings and rewards that come from giving directly

The moment when your kids sleep at night is critical. When the world around is quiet, their spirit is very sensitive so that is a good time to put your hands on their chest/head and start to speak LIFE into their spirit.

Pray that you receive favor with their caregivers ie nannies, homehelps, teachers in school and church, etc. Mama, you cannot be everywhere, even if you are a FT stay at home mom. You need to overtake their caregivers by the Spirit to be full of love, wisdom and faith- unable to do them harm!!!

You know DDK granted this interview January last year http://virtuedigest.com/debola-deji-kurunmi-believe-woman-can/ and something struck me there when she said she is not afraid or thinking funny thoughts about her kids when she goes out for ministrations. I mean, she is free to pursue other seeds God has helped her birth.

I know people who fear is the reason there don’t want to get help. You need to take control of these things in the spirit ooo. Because there is more to you than being a mommy and so you need HELP and I will dwell on that when I get to What Pastor Dotun Arifalo said.

There was something Pastor M told me when I was looking for a help. Infact, she commented on a post sef she didn’t tell me directly.


But we all know your Pastor’s comment is a prophesy, prayer and vision rolled into one. I started declaring it ooo. That my ‘help’ comes from the Lord. You see Nkechi, she is a help from God. My life CHANGED when she got in. At the same time God was changing my season, He was preparing a Help for me to ensure that I could RUN with the vision in this next season.

No way!!!

No absolute way I would be HALF as productive without help. My dear, it takes a VILLAGE literally, to raise a child. So dear mama, give your absolute BEST and then capture Caregivers in the spirit to do their absolute BEST too. That prayer point hit all the right notes in my spirit.

OK and the final thing I wanna share resonated especially for me who is a ‘married but living single most times mama’. Haha (Not for too long anymore tho)

Do not underestimate the role of fathers. No mama, your own prayer is NOT enough. We also need the Fathers. There is an order and plan with God and so there is a place for the Father’s blessing. So if your hubby is not around, you better call him, put the phone on speaker and have him pray over the child both of you made ok? Trust me, I’ve already started biko. Every night or day, my baby daddy is gonna be praying over the phone and speaking the father’s blessing over him. Lemme carry the one I am wired to carry and not do overload biko.

And speaking of baby making, DDK ordered us to go and release the tigeress in us in the bedrooms. Our kids need to stop sleeping in our beds right in the middle of both of you so that we can ‘lambano’ what is ours at anytime.

(Oya baby, hurry home. Lol)

Gosh, I LOVE DDK!!!


Hawt us!!! (Well according to DDK)

I mean, that’s part of prophetic motherhood ooo. She spoke of REDHOT, something her ministry is birthing soon and it will focus on basically heating up the bedroom!!!

Bring. It. On. Mama!!!

All the abstinence somebody did before marriage has to be compensated for IN MARRIAGE biko!!!

Oh plus there is a Deborah Initiative for women (that’s her Ministry name) retreat in Abuja in June. Trust me, I’ll get details and blow it up on my blog.

OK one last thing she said I wanna share is this

Children are a BLESSING/GIFT from God. They should ENHANCE the others gifts and callings of God on your life and NOT HINDER it.


I could do a 30day devotional on this line alone using my life. That was exactly my point in this post. KingDaveed has definitely enhanced my life.

There’s so much more she said and since I can’t capture it all, I’ll just stop here and jump right into ‘…what Pastor Dotun Arifalo said…’ and my people, that’s a TORNADO coming!!!


The Post is ready!!! Come back tomorrow!!! Plus I may be sharing a story about this hug tomorrow.


I love you guys. Sooooooooo much.

Let’s make Jesus proud TOGETHER!!!


Finally met PINK. And yes i gesticulate too much lol

Feel free to share to more moms and women generally. Don’t be a hoarder haha


I bumped into this picture yesterday. Had to collage it with the AFTER


The day i finished Jillian's 6weeks6packs Abs

Amazing what the human body can do when you push it. Can’t believe how fat i was. Lol. Biko lemme push myself to the gym. Need to get stronger. God’s work doesn’t allow for bolobolo loooooool

Email us today after you read this post and let us help you be HOT again!!! (I did it all from home and with naija foods so don’t fear)

I promise, this thing is not rocket science
You can really go from THIS to THIS haha.
Classes start on Sunday May 1 but we gotta do orientation for one week before so hurrrryyyy

BTW my phone where I have my BBM went blind. Just in case you sent me a message. I can’t see it. Please email… Until I sort it out.

Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

You know, this week was an absolutely emotional one for me. For some reason, I spent quite some time on the phone with women.
I took away ONE thing from EVERY conversation.


That some, maybe most of us are NOT fighting hard enough!!!

My Rev (who I am CRAZY about more now than before) said something once in his leadership school.


It was a QnA session and someone had asked what informs his preaching per time…
He gave many things but one stuck out. I have NEVER forgotten
He said that sometimes you have quite a lot of people asking him questions on the same thing.

Different people. Random people. Same questions. Same issues.

Then he knows it is time to address it in a sermon…

That’s what this week was about for me so let’s yarn in this post.

Good thing is, I’m addressing myself too. I’m gonna write this knowing that I would have to come back from time to time and read it. Matter of fact, I’m sharing mostly my fights…

Ladies, are we fighting enough for what is OURS? Are we even fighting AT ALL?

No kiddin’ but looks like everywhere I turn, the devices of the enemy seem to be pumping itself up. But we who he is attacking are on Instagram.

If the devil ain’t coming for your kid, he’s coming for your marriage, or your husband, or your job through maybe a boss or policy from hell.

Oh, he’s coming for your finances too what with fridge spoiling today and pumping machine breaking tomorrow. Or even endless hospital bills for members of your home. Oh he’s really coming for our health.

He’s coming for your prayer and study life by making you either oversleep, engaging you in fruitless activities that leave you drained and unable to engage in activities that actually bear fruits. The ones God wants to use to bless you.

He’s coming for you by constantly whispering lies in your ears, sometimes through people closest to us, that make you cower and not live out your full potential.

He’s coming for you through domestic accidents, car accidents, and even NEPA!!!

That dude is coming for our lives and he’s not even slowing down. He’s deploying ALL of his arsenals.

He of course knows how to get to you and he is NOT holding back.

But a lot of us are sleeping, yawl.

Giving up.
Holding back.
Drawing back.
Making excuses.
Blaming the wrong person.
Fighting the wrong person.
Or just lounging on Instagram.

You know what, we are in a battle guys. This is not PS3. Or candy crush. Or subways surfer.
This. Is. Full. Blown. War.


We are in a battlefield guys. Not a play ground.

Sadly some of us are giving up just because he pulled the first punch.

Honey let me tell you what you do…
You. Fight. Back!!!

Oh Jesus, YOU roll up your sleeves and shokoto and get ready to kick some devil ass without pity.


But some of us don’t know how to fight because we don’t have any weapons. Our arsenals are empty.

The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal but they are MIGHTY through God…

Tz not to late to get in the battle field babe.
Good thing is, we have read the end!!!
We. Win!!!
We end up with Jesus on the streets of gold baby.
The devil rots in eternal hell.
We. Win guys!!!
So we fight from victory.
We fight on our knees.
We go in our secret prayer place, get out our sword of the spirit-the WORD- and do some serious damage to the devil.

So that boss will not let you be, messing up your life and making you miserable at work.

No, don’t take it as ‘one of those things…’

You get home, block out like 30mins and scabash until even you KNOW it is settled!!! Do it everyday until that which you have spoken, becomes your reality. Either he/she changes or leaves or you leave to somewhere better.


Your laptop packs up for no just cause. Or starts misbehaving. And you know just how important it is to your life and productivity.

You sigh. And just leave it lying there.
No baby!!!

You better lay your hands on it and start commanding ooo.

NEPA decides to misbehave messing up almost everything at home. Nne, fight!!!

Either you are fighting for God to take you to the level financially where NEPA has zero effect on your life, or that you have power every time you need it.

I didn’t realise how powerful NEPA can be until some two weeks back. Light was almost always absent and my inverter almost always off.

If you see how my prayer life dipped ehn. Plus my productivity. I would just lay in bed almost all day, hating NEPA and doing nothing. Then when they bring it, I’m happy and wham, it goes off again and my everything dips.

I usually confess that I always have light in my home but during that time, I used to continually feel bad that all my confessions weren’t working and so I wasn’t even confessing again.

Ah, one day I heard God.

Like Eziaha, isn’t this when you are supposed to go even harder on your confession? Just some manifestation of the devil using NEPA and you wanna roll over and play dead.
I mean, NEPA!!!
Where’s your fight girl? How do you defeat the devil if you can’t defeat NEPA!!!
Go and do battle on this situation until it changes. But in the meantime, resolve that you would still maximise your day.

Oh I repented!!! I know I shared with the ladies in this group I’m in and one of them talked about not waiting till circumstances are perfect to keep our faith going.

You know what? I decided I would do battle. I would battle with the Word and keep my confessions going. I would fight until I have my 24/7 power supply (whichever way it comes) but in the meantime, find creative ways to yet maximise my day despite NEPA.
I’m not kidding, all through this week, NEPA was not even an issue.


I’m still fighting. I don’t stop.

How many of us stay fighting for the relationships God has put in our lives?

One little misunderstanding that you know you could have dealt with by putting your ego in check.

But no!!! You sacrifice a perfectly amazing relationship on the altar of self-worship!!!

You know what? I’ve decided to fight to keep the friends God has given me especially those in my inner-inner and then inner circle.

Gosh, I have decided to DO GRACE!!! Make excuses for them, forgive and fight to keep our friendship going.

This week one of my friends upset me. Or maybe I was over reacting and I just decided to do nothing. I would just leave it and well if we get to the end, we get there. Ain’t nobody got time to push.

You see, sometimes I’m like a spoilt kiddo. I hear how awesome I am a lot that sometimes I forget that awesome don’t mean i am perfect.

But this kiddo also wants to obey God so… I Shake it off and get on my face before God… humble!!!

Then in my Quiet time as I prayed, God told me to fight to keep it. Infact, God pushed me. He made me do what my flesh would NEVER do. That was when I tweeted this.


And I’m thankful I did. Because humans are not perfect. We don’t toss people just because… we fight to keep the relationships GOD Himself brought to us.


Still. Pretty. Traumatized!!!

And you know, I’m pretty resolved to keep fighting!!!

For friendship!!!

Sometimes you are not even fighting for a friendship but for a soul. Maybe God wants you to minister to XXX but a few ‘hinderances’ along the way, gets you like ‘abeggi. See someone I am even trying to help…Ain’t nobody got time for that’
No!!! Let’s not give up on something absolutely amazing that God wants to do through us just because human beings do what human beings do – misbehave!!!

You know, I was pretty done with this post and was just editing when one of my babies sent me this message.


You see, I felt like one proud mama. I told her I would add to a post I was writing. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on her when she gave me so many reasons to. Instead I loved her deep and prayed for her hard. I’m soooo proud of  you baby. You are sooo much stronger than you know.  Do you see how much stronger she sounds and how much willing she is to fight? Fight to kick any stupid soul ties as a result of past mistakes? Imagine if I got tired of an assignment God gave me in this babe.

Fight to be a blessing.
Fight to obey God.

For some of us, the fight we have cowered from is a fight to save our marriages. Our marriages have gone through a rough patch and are not exactly the ‘fairy tale’ we quite expected and so we just resolve to sha be in it, and enjoy the 50percent it is offering. Afterall, at all at all na him bad pass.


Gosh, honey fight for that dream marriage you envisaged. We don’t do half measures. We don’t take the crumbs the devil offers. We fight to take hold of ALL that God died for, thriving amazing marriages and all.

Or maybe you suspect your hubby may be looking outside or there is this one woman who you have bad vibes from. Or maybe sef, you KNOW He is flat out cheating. Don’t just sit and cry.
Or maybe cry yes but clean your eyes and go do some serious battle in your secret place.

Fight the devil. It’s really him.
Not your husband.

Attack the real enemy that wants to stay hidden.


I believe in marriage. I don’t think any marriage is exempt from the devil’s wiles. My own marriage throws me constant battles but one thing hubs and I are decided on is the fact that we will FIGHT to keep it. Keep fighting till it gets better and betterer.

I believe we should fight to save our marriages. Frankly I have a couple of people in my corner whose marriages I had sorta joined them to write off (don’t judge)but one day, as I prayed for God to help them move on, He nudged me to pray instead for a restoration.
Because He can restore.
He urged me to encourage them to FIGHT to save their marriages. And you know what, I actually believe, BELIEVE that He can heal these marriages. And I’m excited too.

You see how Elisabeth fought in War room??? You see that scene where after praying, she comes outside and starts to shout at the devil?

Sometimes that’s what you need to do. I know someone may think you are mad but you know what you are doing.

You know, a dear friend of mine shared with me how long she stays just thinking about her life every morning, what she has and doesn’t have, comparing herself with X and Y. For almost 2hours every morning.
Hian!!! That devil is a bastard. God punish him. I had to tell her it was time to do battle.
Get your Bible out, search out scriptures that pertain to that and just keep repeating it to yourself.

Or when he comes and reminds you of your single state or the fact that you don’t have babies yet? Or you don’t have a job yet. Cos trust me honey, he’s coming for you. To attack your mind. Stay ready to fight. And no matter your circumstances, resolve to be JOYFUL even in your waiting. Sometimes, that’s our most potent weapon. Our joy, complete and unshaken.

It a journey we are on and I am so convinced she’s gonna be such a fighter the devil will wish he didn’t start this fight!!!

Frankly that’s also something I do. I have an absolutely over-imaginative mind and so whenever the devil throws those thoughts in, I don’t take bait. Rather I go all 2Cor 10 : 5 and 6


For example, sometimes the devil may say what if KingDaveed falls down and hurts himself or whatever worse…
I actually stop what I am doing and say out loud…

‘…I capture that thought and I force it into the obedience of Christ and His Word. I declare that there are Angels watching over us and him and so we will not as much as smite our feet against a stone…’

I say that as often as I need to.
Because we counter thoughts with words…
Creflo Dollar says ‘…a silent Christian’ is an oxymoron.
So I love to watch that scene with Elizabeth shouting over and over again. Legit gives me goosebumps.

No way we should let the devil get away with anything. 
Are we also fighting for our health and that of our children?


The delight of my heart

I recall January 1, KingDaveed started running a temperature. Like play like play we hit almost 40 degrees.
I. Was. So. Mad.
You see, I’m a firm believer in using your faith to keep the sickness away but if you have slacked and it has come, I am not anti-drugs. Especially for a baby. Except God is leading me otherwise, I can trust Him to give the doctors wisdom in prescribing and trust that the drugs will work.

So I spoke to my bestie, she prescribed, I bought. And hated that I was spending money on drugs at the start of the year.

Trust the devil to start speaking into your mind that na so the year go dey. Since we have cucu started that way.

I got scriptures. As many as I could. On health.

I wrote them out long hand. And every single day, I speak it over my household. My baby, hubby and now my help. Of course over me too. I stay on the offensive. I fight!!! I don’t agree that ‘...it is the weather…’ I recognise that the stripes that wounded Him covers the elements too…’

So if for some reason he starts coughing, I start speaking with every cough

I declare that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus… I curse this cough smiting it from its root in Jesus name…’

Even if it looks like nothing is happening, I keep speaking. I even add that
‘…God I may not see it but I believe that you are working behind the scenes. Therefore I am not moved by what I see…’

There was this time the devil was messing big time with my peace. And joy. It was when I was looking for a help. With every sign of hope, I was joyful. With every hope dashed, maybe we don’t agree on this and that, or the agent just does the most ludicrous thing, I would be soooo sad.
One day, after my mood went from 100 to -100 because of another closed door, God had to sit me down and ask whether my trust is in Him or the Agents? The devil was messing BIG TIME with my peace and joy.
I knew I had to fight. Because this battle if I lost it, I would desperately open a door He had closed.
I gathered scriptures on peace and joy and trust. Wrote them out long hand and started eating it.

I fought till I got my peace back.
With every door that closed, I rejoiced. Because that was God closing it and saving me. My joy and peace stayed in tact.

And when God finally opened a door, I KNEW it was Him. But until then, I didn’t let the devil mess with me.

Wooooh, this is a battle of Words oooooooooooo.
See why you MUST study the scriptures for yourself and not be a comedian???


You see why you stay on your knees?

You know, there was this time in a friend’s home where she realised she was always fixing this and that. It always starts small small. The devil NEVER comes in obvious fashion.

An AC here so you call the AC repairer. The hose in the washing machine, you call the plumber. The water heater starts dripping? Plumber again? Microwave packs up? Speed dial the guy who fixes it? Cabinet/wardrobe spoils, you call carpenter.
Fridge sparks? Generator packs.
And the list keeps increasing. And the frequency too.
One day she told me ‘…but babe I am a TITHER na… it is time to pray...’

That was wisdom.
That is wisdom.

Sometimes the solution is not to call the plumber. It is to go round your home, anoint everything while reminding yourself, God and the devil that you tithe and so the devourer stays rebuked.
I love this DP…


I strongly believe that this is what we have been called to be
Warriors. In. Heels.
It don’t have to show from your outer demeanour. But spiritually, be a pit bull!!! A bull dog!!!


When you wake up, let the smaller demons tell the bigger demons to tell the devil himself that it is time to pick race.


We are not about that giving up life.
You need some scripture for that?

Hebrews 10:39
We are not quitters who lose out. Oh no we will stay with it and survive. Trusting God all the way.

Just to balance things up, there is a part for you to play.
Any fight of faith that leaves everything to God is an irresponsible faith.


Say you are fighting for your marriage, sister that is not the time to respond to everything hubs says just because you must have the last word or show that you are right!!!
You sef shut up sometimes.

Or you are fighting for your health yet KFC daily and you don’t work out?

No ma!!! No sir!!!

Eeeeek and Hallelujah!!!

A dear dear friend shared something with me this week that got me doing the Holy dance. I had encouraged her to work on her weight especially as we were in faith for her health which the devil was messing with big time. Now, her irregular period has normalized and all that hormonal drama is gone. Plus she is rocking a HOT new look.
So faith and work!!!

So as I trust God for the health of my home, I make sure that the home stays clean, we eat good food not just junk and so on.

I’m trusting God for my finances so I make sure I am tithing and being a good steward of HIS money HE has so graciously given me and putting Him FIRST!!!
I’m fighting to keep friendships and so beyond praying, I’m doing the necessary investment and inconveniencing myself occasionally for my friends.
I mean, that’s how we fight!!!


And after it dries, kick ass!!!

Sister, the devil can deal the first blow but make sure that he doesn’t KNOW what hit him by the time you gather yourself.


Let me leave you with Ephesians 6

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.12 For we[a] are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.[b] 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.[c] 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.[d]

Here’s to fighting, heels and all



My email is eziaha@eziaha.com

PPS: I have to mention my people… Joyce, Christine and Shirer.



Haha. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just thankful for them!!!

Blogging is work!!! This took me like FIVE hours!!! Jeeeeeez!!! But by Jesus, I LOVE this job!!!
But I need to learn to write shorter. Not.


#SavedFit&FAB… My workout routines

Hi guys!!! 

So much love on the previous post

Thank you!!!

I had an absolutely amazing week!!! So thankful for God, hubs and great great friends!!!

Anyhoos, this week I thought I would talk about the workouts I have done up until this point. 


My coach, Health n Healthy always says we should ‘eat/workout for your goals’

My goal? 79kg.
Current weight? 82kg

Phew!!! #Thankful

The journey has been real. Thank God. 

OK, at the beginning of this journey, the goal was to loose weight/fat so it meant more workout. 

One of my mentors had casually mentioned skipping and it’s amazing ‘sure banker’ results. I had a skipping rope already so I dusted it up and started skipping. 

My first day I did 500 and then 600 then 1000. 

The mind is so powerful and I knew that believing I could was half the work done already. 

BTW I whipped out all my old cloths for my WO. Didn’t care about fancy workout wears. My brother dashed me his canvas and I thank God for it cos the sole is doubly padded. Helped impact on skipping.
Continued with 1000 skips for a while then 1200 then 1500, 1600 then 2000 which was where I levelled out. 

I used to do morning and night so it was 4000 daily. Some days I would try and hit 3000 and/or 2500 at once. 


Then someone suggested I do like 10mins body toning workouts since I do insane figures of cardio so that my body tones up and is not ‘bolo bolo‘ lol.

Fiam, I flew to Youtube. Searched around and found Kaeira LaShea!!!


Love her!!! BAE!!!

Most of her vids were 10mins so I downloaded two. 

Afro body toning 

Cardio dance Abs. 


So after skipping, I would do one of her vids. 10min was INTENSE with babe. 

Then I would do planks- elbow, full and side planks for a cumulative 5mins. Then do some crunches too

Used to do this morning and night!!!

I wasn’t joking. Lol. 

Then one day I discovered Jillian Micheals!!!


It was LOVE at first sight!!! 

She was fun, exciting, excited and intense!!!

So I included her 30day shred level 1 into my routine and halved my skipping. 

I moved to level 2 after a couple of days. And stayed there oooooooo. 

Didn’t try level 3. I just loved my level 2. Lol. 


I stopped skipping after some time and did just Jillian and Kaeira. 

Then second week in November, I joined TWO online weightloss programs. They gave WOs to do but frankly, I mostly did my own routines not what they gave in the groups. Was enjoying mine so much but the community helped a lot. Plus I got meal plans and guides too.

I saved all the WOs though and from time to time I do it. 



Then after a while, I decided to try my Uncle Shaun T. 


Shaun T has always been too tough for me but to my surprise, Uncle was easy. 


Actually it didn’t get easy, I just got stronger. So I stayed with Shaun for a bit doing him morning and evening plus Kaeira. 


So basically from September to December, I kept switching up my routine. It was hard yup but I ‘enjoyed’ them.


Loh' me some Shaun!!!

I believe God was helping me and leading me to them. 

(Shaun and Jillian are both gay and married sef. Sigh. Those two should have married each other. #Matchmadeinfitnessheaven)

The hardest WO for me till tomorrow remains mountain climbers


Mountain climbers aaargh!!!

And of course, BURPEES!!!


There was plenty PAIN!!

Infact for almost 3months, my knee and ankle HURT bad!!! I actually feared it was a dislocation and it would stay with me for life and I won’t wear heels again and so on but I didn’t stop working out oooo. I said I would use my faith to deal with it but I won’t stop. 
My ankle still hurts tho but my knee is fine now.

I was ready to kill FAT and determined not to stop. So long as it didn’t kill me.


I frankly wasn’t thinking I would get results this fast. I had a target in my head of KingDaveed’s birthday.

March 10. 

So frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by earlier results.



Infact I was absolutely shocked!!!


E be like feem!!! I believe it pays to just keep going and forget the scales AT THE BEGINNING.


Results no dey hide. Better than setting unrealistic goals and then being disappointed. 

If anybody ever told me I would be 85kg sef I would have disbelieved. 

But Dec 31 caught me at 84.1kg, 5kg less than my BMI ideal. 

I knew it was then time to go slow. 

So this year, I stopped every other workout and started working on just Abs.

Had a flat tummy before I got pregnant so I want it back!!!


No this pic is deceitful lol. Tz not that flat

It is proving hard but devil is a bastard(have a friend who says this a lot lol).

Or maybe I am impatient. Haha. I am just two weeks into Jillian’s 6weeks6packs shred and I am already looking for abs. 



I am loosing fat and gaining muscles as I work on my abs which is absolutely amazing. 

That’s all I do these days. Everyday except Sundays which are rest days. I started doing the video twice a day but have downed to once. 

That’s cos I need to go slow. 

Anything lower than 79kg no go pure ooo. Haha. 


Soon I will have to down to 4times a week and probably eat more cos I have to maintain it. 

So thankful for results sha!!! 

I am so so so so thankful. I feel lighter, stronger, and healthier. 



I still don’t believe say na me people dey use do example on weight loss. 

I am so proud of me!!!


RIP FAT!!! #AllBlack

That’s why I wanna help some other persons get here too. 

I want you to be proud of yourself too by June!! Or earlier. 

But you have to be serious ooo. 

In my last post, I mentioned I wanted to help FIVE sisters who are ready to KICK SOME FAT!!!

This is SERIOUS stuff and I am bringing CHOLERIC E’ to this with just a dash of the sanguine

The requirements follow

1.  Please if you are an EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding mama, don’t apply. Ditto if you have a baby under 3months.

2. CS mom? Please don’t apply unless you have been cleared by your Doctor.

3. Health challenge esp a physical one e.g. problem with knee? Please don’t apply. Ditto if you are on drugs like anti-depressants or pills.

4. Are you one of those ‘I am 70kg trying to get to 65kg’? Please don’t bother.
5. I want to have flat tummy but I don’t want to lose my hips or bust? Please don’t apply. Get a professional trainer.

6. Size 16 and above? BMI on obese or overweight? 90kg and above? You are the kinda person I am looking for. APPLY!!!

7. Pregnancy and breastfeeding weight gain? Holler!!!

(refer to above requirements too o)

8. I am busy. I have one life. I work two jobs. I don’t have time to work out daily. I have two husbands. I have three kids. I am allergic to workout. Etc.


9. Can you afford a minimum of ‘EIGHT’ workout sessions EVERY WEEK? Holler!!!

10. Just to clarify previous point. Say you do Friday morning and night and Saturday morning and night, and then weekdays just one session daily, you have eight workout sessions!!! Sundays can be your rest day. I used to do 12 sessions weekly so…

11. YouTube has to be your friend on this journey. Ditto some websites and co I will be recommending. So if you don’t have data to spare, please don’t apply!!!

12. The group will be on BBM and maybe Whatsapp too. Please be sure to have BOTH if you are going to apply.

13. If you have issues being accountable DAILY, PLEASE DON’T APPLY!!! You will really need to be accountable AND truthful if we will work together since I ain’t in your house with you.

14. If you are coming with unrealistic expectations  (20kg in one month) please don’t apply.

15. If you are not ready to unlearn and relearn stuff especially as it has to do with your diet, please don’t apply. I have had to discipline myself when it comes to food and learn healthier eating options that are still exciting too. This journey is 80percent food ooo so if you live in the gym and eat wrong, OYO is ya case

16. Single? Married? Kids? No kids yet? Anyone can apply so long as you are female.

17. if you are lazy, please don’t apply. I am tough ooo forget all the niceness on my blog. When I mean business, I am a TOUGHIE!!!

18. If you believe that FAT runs in your family, please don’t apply.


Meeee. Before

19. If you are really interested, please get a bathroom scale, measuring tape and comfy workout shoes. If you can get a skipping rope (if we decide you should go that route), yoga mat and dumb bells, that would be perfect!!!

And finally darlings, if you are looking for an exciting lady who is BORN TO ENCOURAGE even as you go on this amazing journey to a FITnFAB you, holler!!!

I promise you, even though I am tough, I am actually exciting and a really cool kid. I REALLY want to HELP you but you have to help me to help you. I have never felt better about myself and how I can take this discipline and energy to other facets of my life is a real JOY!!!

Let me help you sister!!!

The above conditions may look tough and all but loosing weight is SERIOUS business!!! I want to deal with ladies who REALLY wanna do this and have counted the cost. Like I said, I have spent some good time answering questions IN DETAILS from people who say they wanna lose weight and then it is either they ignore me totally or just say ‘na wa ooo, this thing is hard’ and disappear. Too annoying I tell ya!!! Loosing weight is HARD but so is being overweight. CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!!
I chose mine and goodness I am so proud of me!!!

Just take your time to read through, and then ask yourself if you are really ready for this.

No jokes!!!

Answer that question sincerely and then we go from there. The class would run for AT LEAST 4weeks and 3 months at most. Frankly though, in 4-6weeks, you should really be good to go on your own, for life!!!

But of course, I can take anyone out at any time if you are not serious.

We are not here to play ooo. That FitFabFam group I started earlier, the ladies didn’t see it coming walahi. I just woke up one day, after over a week of being the ONLY consistent lady there, and closed the group. Same way you can wake up one day and you realise you are no longer in the group.


Some of yawl are like me. You can go this journey on your own. Please don’t apply!!! But for those sisters who need encouragement, I am happy to help and serve. Only be willing.

I will share the email next Saturday. That’s because I don’t want you to be in a hurry to apply. 

Someone will help me do the selection (I have someone in mind sha but if the spirit leads you to help me, holler at me please) so it doesn’t seem like I am being partial. Cos quite some people I know have sorta ‘pre-applied’ so… #noojoro

Side Note to Ijeoma: Honey, if you are still interested, please let me know in the comment section. Will block a spot for you.

When I share the email of my ‘helper’ lol, just send her a mail with your weight in kg, height, BMI (google please), current dress size and just a lil weight-related info about yourself. No long story, except you like long story lol.

I am excited about this journey ladies. I have all sorts of cool stuff lined up for us all, including punishments and rewards. 

Plus I stay prayed up about this so I know God is going to help us and crown our efforts with quick success, Amen!!!

This is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Will see yawl again next week. Except God leads me in a different direction, I should be sharing what my meals have been like on this journey. Cos your meals are EVERYTHING!!!

Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!



Ezi(from Anambra I think) and the other lady I owe a JM Bible(not you Bachata please. Your’s is on the way), your Bibles are here. Yaaay. Please email me using the mail you sent FIRST. Abeg. Don’t just send a fresh mail. I need to be sure.

Yawl know you need Jesus right?

So I noticed something recently among SOME Believers/Christians.

There seems to be some kinda ‘carefulness’ or ‘codedness’ if you like, to our Christianity.

Yes, I am a Christian, I love the Lord but I don’t go about being all up in people’s face with my faith.

Almost like being ‘careful’ with my Christianity and love for Jesus so that people are not ‘threatened’ or offended by it.

Almost like we are NOT TOO PROUD of it so let’s just be doing this our faith business ‘small small’.

Oh Chi’m!!!

My hubby is a Lawyer and brother man, even though he don’t fully practice, is the FIRST to introduce himself as a Lawyer EVERYWHERE!!! And I am pretty sure that goes for most ‘learneds’ that you know.

Or let’s talk about Doctors. How many Doctors do you see hiding their title because they don’t want you threatened by it, especially IN THE LINE OF DUTY???

Let’s now look at our ‘counterparts’, the MUSLIMS. It is even funny thinking about it. A muslim who tells you,

‘…Yesooo I am a MUSLIM but I really don’t want to be all up in anyone’s face with my religion so I hide under the bed lol…’

An average muslim will INTERRUPT ANYTHING to go attend to his religious duty. And I do mean ANYTHING!!! He would pray ANYWHERE that prayer time meets him, and if it will cause traffic in Asokoro, that’s your business.

Twas my sister who was gisting me of a friend who had a muslim gateman and when it is time for his 5-a-day prayer, dude won’t answer you when you dey gate ooo. Yes, he LITERALLY punched us all in the face with his religion. I have a muslim who did some work for me in my ‘Rehoboth’. It don’t matter how much you call him ooo, he will tell you ‘Sorry sister, I went to pray’.

Can we talk about the gays for a minute? Do you see how PROUD they all are, especially where they are allowed ‘freedom’? I mean they are tres vocal and err’thing.

But my average Christian can’t even BOLDLY say she is going to church for midweek service, rehearsals or heavens forbid, the BIG E!!! Evangelism. We have to ‘code’ it.

Oh I am sufficiently annoyed!!! Why are we like this?!!!

What’s NOT to scream about our faith from EVERY ROOF TOP?

This GOOD NEWS, why do we treat it like it is some kinda ‘disease’ we don’t want others infected with?

I mean, if we are heaven bound and loving the journey, why aren’t we carrying placards yet?

Placards, phylacteries, the whole works. Anything to be walking billboards of our Faith, and PROUDLY SO!!!

My boo Priscilla Shirer tells this story in her video STEWARDING THE PRESENCE OF GOD…
She was invited to minister somewhere and just before she was called up, the host whispers delicately to her and the koko of her convo was that they are a ‘pre-sica church’ so when bae gets up the stage, she should not be so direct, or if you like, ‘in your face’ but rather she should gently and gradually introduce Jesus to the congregation as they have quite a large mix of different peoples there and they don’t really know that what they need is Jesus so sister girl has to be careful with how she goes throwing Jesus in their faces…

‘…and I thought to myself, ‘you invited the wrong person cos CHRIST JESUS, that’s all I know.’ So I walked up the stage as delicately as I could and when I got up, the FIRST thing I said was YAWL KNOW YOU NEED JESUS RIGHT???…’

Because pre-sica, sica, post-sica, WE ARE ALL IN NEED OF THE SAVING GRACE OF JESUS so all this RUBBISH of ‘do your Christianity small small’ can’t even begin to cut it.

Btw, I don’t know what pre-sica means and I am not even sure I spelt it well but this is how it was pronounced. Anybody know the real spelling?

Oh my mama Joyce Meyer ended one of her broadcasts last week with a line that entered me.

Her face was sooooo sincere when she said

‘…we should show the world JESUS. Because soooooo many people need Him…’

Sooooo many people need Him.
Sooooo many people need our Jesus, but they don’t even know that that’s what they need. It is unfair that we don’t wanna flaunt Him. What do we think the Bible means when it says LET YOUR LIGHT SOOOOOOO SHINE???

We have to be careful about what the Bible calls ‘the wiles/tricks of the devil’. Because I believe that this spirit that wants us to dim our light some is the anti-Christ spirit.


That’s how it starts.

Oh you have absolutely zilch issues flaunting your faith in church, unit meetings, special programs, Bible studies and the likes but the devil gently whispers in your ears to ‘tone down your faith small’ especially in secular gatherings. You don’t wanna be seen as ‘too spiri koko’. Before long, nobody is truly sure where you stand, or not. In no time, you find yourself compromising because, well the lines weren’t all that distinct anyways because you were being ‘too careful’

Flaunting our faith even keeps us in check and accountable. Because then you know you gotta BEHAVE yourself if not… But when you are ‘hiding’ your Christian identity, you will soon compromise because nothing is cucu at stake.

Now I am not saying you should generally become a nuisance and make everybody feel they are on a one-way ticket to hell fire while you are the only one heaven bound. I am saying Dear Believer, by all means, let this light SHINE and rep your faith and rock your Christian label very proudly   !!!

Some two months ago, I went to see a friend’s hubby at work one evening. He was not in the office and wasn’t reachable and so a conversation ensued on where he could be.

I think he may have closed and gone to church for midweek service

No, he goes on Tuesdays not Mondays…

I was thrilled. Btw dude is a big time big boy banker ooo working in Head office and I just loved how his colleagues knew his church days.

Can we say the same about you in your own ‘world’? Or you are just sitting on the fence, safely.

A dear friend of mine was visiting Abuja and then she was going to pay me a surprise visit Wednesday evening and she made her way to my church. Like she told my Pastor, who would later tell me, ‘I KNEW I would see her in church when I come…’

I thought that was a very good testimony. (Btw Rosey, I miss you. Holler!!!)

Please let your light shine dear Christian lady. Guy.

Shine it in your street, office and school.

Shine it via your Twitter handle, and on Instagram.

Shine it via your blog.

Shine it oh-so-proudly on Facebook.

BBM, Whatsapp? Those too.

Because you are ALWAYS in the line of duty!!!


Because, they may NOT know, but what this world really needs, is JESUS.

Let’s stop hiding him and by all means, let us STOP LEAVING HIM OUT!!!


How can Chelsea sack my football boo thang Jose Mourinho???
I am no longer a BLUES!!!
#thesepipuaintloyal #shameonyouChelsea

And he better NOT go to United. My heart can’t take it. Just go to La liga.



But Mou needs Jesus too haha

I am tumbling flipping excited at my final post for the year.
When your quantity is QUALITY!!!
Tz my THANK YOU FOR 2015 post. It will be LONG!!!Brace yourselves. 30th or 31st.
Jeez!!! The year is dripping AMAZING!!! Yawl were amazing. And my God? CRAZY faithful!!!

I was reading the ones I did in 2013 and I knew I had to do for 2015 too

When did I become the blogger who doesn’t respond to comments? Ah I repent!!! Will respond to all pending this week!!! Grace Lord!!!
Blame this deliciously delightful Darling

Marriage, through the eyes of a young Christian man, @walejana

When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!

*Hold that thought*

So what exactly did I tell Wale that got him blushing?


Wale and Toyin Aladejana

A lil history first. I have never met Wale physically nor his beautiful wife Toyin but they are my BBM buds.

I frankly don’t recall how I met Wale but I know it has to be on a social media site. He has also featured me on his blog here. I recall telling my hubs after Wale told me he and his family were moving to The ‘Buj that at least I am sure of ONE young FAB Christian couple we could be friends with as most of the couples I knew were, well, one kain.


We talk occasionally and he is such a man of GREAT FAITH. It encourages me all the time. Then the way he talks about his wife is absolutely amazing. Both in the little things and in the big things. He literally ‘carries her on his head’ Hahaha. I knew I would want to feature Wale and Toyin on my blog but I had yet to find the perfect time, until now.

Btw, I want this to be a regular feature, where some other FAB person(s) get to feature on my blog. Suggestions for what it should be called? Please guys.

Ok on to the ‘nice things’. They are actually ‘little things’ but every one/wife/woman knows that it is the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference.

I connected with Toyin for the first time when she was pregnant in November ’14.

Wale's Oluwatoyin and Dumdum

Wale’s Oluwatoyin and Dumdum

All my plans to visit didn’t pull through. She had just moved to the ‘Buj following her husband’s transfer from Benin. Wale had come earlier alone to prepare for her coming so she had just joined him. I imagine that she left a life behind and followed hubby. I don’t even recall what Wale and I were talking about but I guess I was trying to find out how well she was settling in especially as she didn’t exactly have people here. And he said something like

‘…No, she is not working. I GOT HER A JOB to keep her busy but she decided against it because she would soon put to bed so didn’t think there was any need…’

Sounds small abi? But when you have packed your bags and followed your hubby across the Nation and are bored in a city without friends and are pregnant and home alone and the man is proactive and thoughtful enough to do the work of looking for and getting you a job to keep you busy because you don’t really know your way around town enough to job hunt, you would REALLY know what I mean. It is not so much the job but the fact that ‘my wife’s welfare and happiness is MY RESPONSIBILITY.’ Trust me guys, an average man would NOT.


Second thing was after Toyin had put to bed. Btw I love this line from his birthday message to her…

‘…I was there at the labour room when you were giving birth to our princess, you stayed strong and pushed her out without any complications whilst looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you for giving me this beautiful, feisty princess…’


Ehen, so again I don’t recall what we were talking about but it had to do with how they were doing since Dumdum their daughter appeared especially as me I was getting set to pop, and he said something like

The work is too much for her. I am looking for a good help for her. This is like the third one we have gotten…

I had to ask, but she just gave birth under 3months ago na and he was like

Yes, but the first was this, second this, third that…

You could just see a man that was not ready to have his wife die from house and baby work lol. Trust me, I was swooned. A lot of people don’t understand that a baby is a trailer load of work. Add house work to that and even a good woman can get depressed without any/much help EVEN IF SHE IS A FULL TIME STAY AT HOME MOM. (Any body wonder why househelps are PAID?) I for one knew Dumdum was nursing exclusively so I KNOW first-hand how much work it would have been for Toyin.


You could FEEL it, that Wale needed a good help like yesterday to relieve Toyin, and if it meant we get 50 until we get the right one, NO WAHALA!!! And he was going to be INVOLVED.

Trust me darlings, it is a HUGE deal.

It was the day he told me that he met his wife on FACEBOOK and the story behind their courtship, proposal and wedding that I knew I wanted to feature them here.IMG_5710 (2)

Maybe someday I would feature that story on my blog or maybe he will feature it on his own blog and I will share the link here. Wale knows how to celebrate his wife mehn

But today, I wanted him to just talk about his marriage

Enjoy, unedited…


When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!


Dumdum at her naming… I think

Glory to God! It still feels like a dream that I am married and I have a princess. It is a lot of responsibility but God has been faithful.

My wife is a very loveable woman, she is so easy to get along with, I believe I am the difficult one and we have our moments like all couples. I need a lot of grace when it comes to patience; I am the shouter and the horn blarer, I am the door banger with a tongue like a whip, I guess the good thing is we never sleep over any offence, we always settle. Many times I would go out of the room and she would call me a coward for running away from arguments but I always come back to the room, never liked the couch and also because I am so intertwined with my wife and daughter. I feel homesick if I am away for more than 2 days. I can’t take any job that will take me away from my family, they are too crucial and too important, no job or amount of money is worth it.


If men understand how crucial their wives are to their success, accountability would not be very hard. Jesus is married to the church, the man is married to the wife; Christ is the head of the church, man is the head of the wife. Jesus is submitted to God the Father, man is submitted to Jesus. There is a structure which guarantees a flow, Jesus loves the church unconditionally; He respects her, does the best for her and churches bloom! You will agree with me that churches today are synonymous with wealth so much so that pastors are accused of embezzlement and all that. The same way, when a man loves his wife and does the best for her, he will succeed!


One of the scriptures that have kept me grounded is Malachi 2; 13-16 (NLT)

Here is another thing you do. You cover the LORD’s altar with tears, weeping and groaning because he pays no attention to your offerings and doesn’t accept them with pleasure. 14You cry out, “Why doesn’t the LORD accept my worship?” I’ll tell you why! Because the LORD witnessed the vows you and your wife made when you were young. But you have been unfaithful to her, though she remained your faithful partner, the wife of your marriage vows.

15Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his.b And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth. 16“For I hate divorce!” says the LORD, the God of Israel. “To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty,c” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. “So guard your heart; do not be unfaithful to your wife.”

Many men especially Christian men think that unfaithfulness has to do with not looking at another woman. Husbands need to go and read their wedding vows again to know what unfaithfulness is all about. Many men said those words but they never actually thought about what they were saying and God said He was present when you uttered those words. The traditional wedding vows read thus, ‘will you have this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together after God s ordinance in the Holy Estate of Matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others keep you only unto her as long as you both shall live?

Can you say for sure that you are loving your wife, comforting her, honouring her and forsaking all others?


When your wife is sad, depressed, stressed out and overwhelmed because of your ignorance and the many problems you cause as a man, God is angry with you! And when your wife is happy and at peace and she’s enjoying her life, God is happy and you will feel it!


Apart from my day job and ministry as a Social Media Evangelist, I have an amazing business and I can trace it back to honouring my wife and making my wife happy. My wife needed a phone and she had never had a 18 carat gold chain before; I knew that getting her those two gifts along with all other expenses that come with having a baby and all others would turn my account to red but I made up my mind to honour her that way and she was so excited and happy. Shortly after, I started this perfume business and in 3 months I made a million from sales then I became a major distributor and now I have 8 distributors under me all of whom made their money back in a week!


All of this is done through the social media, I advertise and celebrate my customers on BBM, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook and whilst I sit at my desk in the office, calls start coming in, they pay to my account and I call my courier person to send to them. I make my salary in mostly 2 weeks. No stress, no wahala whatsoever, the kind of life Adam lived in Eden!


I am still believing God for many more but I have seen enough of divine provision in my life to know that God will perfect all that concerns us. If many Christian men can understand that their money can be traced to their wives’ happiness they would take them much more seriously. You could say ‘Oh I know many men who have money and treat their wives like crap’ the truth is that such men never end well. The bible is complete, it says in 1 Peter 3;7 (NLT) In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered.

John D. Rockefeller who is till date the richest man who ever lived after King Solomon had this to say about his wife “her judgement was always better than mine. Without her keen advice, I would be a poor man“. Many men need to understand that the word ‘helper’ in the bible was not talking about someone to cook, clean, wash and make babies. The word ‘helper’ or ‘help meet’ in Hebrew is ‘Ezer’ which means ‘power’ or ‘strength’. So when the Lord God was saying He would create an helper for man, He was not taking about a helper like your house girl, He was talking about a superior being who would be with man to help him achieve his purpose.


If many men would discuss more of their business ideas and let their wives know how much they have in their bank accounts, they would be way more successful. Women have their downsides as well but if your wife is from God, she is a heavy weight and the faster you realise that the better for your life.

Another thing men must bear in mind is that God is transgenerational in His thinking; husbands must begin to think that way as well. God describes Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Malachi 2;15 says; Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his.b And what does he want? Godly children from your union. God also said about Abraham in Genesis 18:19 I have singled him out so that he will direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just. Then I will do for Abraham all that I have promised.”

God is interested in men who will lead their homes after His pattern. How then can you be building a dynasty and not have time for your wife and children? You are chasing money? The men who chase money have it all wrong! If you build according to God’s pattern, money will be chasing you! God does not want you spending all your time working and chasing money because He wants you to focus on the most important reason for bringing you and your wife together and that is to build Godly offspring that will in turn give birth to Godly offspring and the circle continues until you have built a dynasty based on kingdom principles, that is the way you can affect the world! All the troublesome people the world has today can be traced to the families where they were raised! Someone was too busy or not paying attention. You must be available to impact deliberately into the life of your wife and children.


The latest of anything is always an improved version and the woman was the improved version of the man although the man is the head, God made her everything the man was not. A woman is to a man what God cannot be to him. God was present in Eden with Adam yet He said, ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. I don’t care how successful you think you are but if you keep your wife at arms’ length, you are alone and the bible said it is NOT good!

Unfortunately, it was not Adam who immediately realised how powerful the woman is, it was the devil and in the twinkle of an eye, he had used her to wreak havoc. Ever since then, the devil’s most powerful weapon has been the woman; the Jezebels and the Delilahs and God’s most powerful weapons have been the Daughters of Zion. These are women who understand their role as wives, daughters and mothers who have used their influence with God to bless and protect their husbands, sons and fathers.

It is not easy for a superior to submit to the lesser, many men complain that their wives and girlfriends are not submissive. The only kind of man, a woman finds it easy to submit to is the man who is submitted to God. Mr Husband, Mr. Fiancee, are you submitted to God? Build according to God’s pattern of love and submission will come easily.


I hope this will not bore you but this is what works for me.

****I wish we didn’t come to THE END***

No Wale, you certainly did NOT bore us. This was deep and HOT… I can’t wait to meet you and your family finally.

Oya ladies, married and especially single, please share with the men in your life.

Wale blogs the Goodnews at www.mytestimonys.blogspot.com and is on twitter and Instagram @walejana

He spreads the gospel proudly via his social media handles and his daily devotionals, told like a story are amazing.

He is also one PROUD member of COZA.

I hope this blessed you. Like I said, I would open up my blog to more godly blogposts from my readers. If you have something you think would bless us from YOUR LIFE, holler.

Suggestions? Holler too. This is a CHRISTIAN blog ooo. Ehen.

Mail as always to eziaha@eziaha.com



Oh hol’ up.

Was gonna wrap this up and schedule when Wale sends me a message sharing an awesome testimony I have to share here. Recall at the start of this I mentioned that Wale is a man of great FAITH?

Please read in his own words. What a FAITHFUL God


So it happened that someone had been monitoring my activities on Facebook: the social media evangelism and the perfume business.

The person called me and said…

‘Wale, I want you to expand your business so you can cater for all classes of people…’

Next thing he brought out his cheque book and began to write. I thought it was 100k but it was 1million naira. 1,000 000. I was speechless and he was just smiling at me. As a proper Yoruba boy, I went flat on the floor and he just said ‘Don’t worry about it.

Guess who is storming Dubai in a bit? Yep, yours truly. We are taking over the Oud market and it is world class from now on baby.

I just want to encourage someone. It may seem as if God has forgotten all your seeds but get ready for a shocker. Strangers will walk towards you and just bless you. God will owe no man, never forget that. He is a rewarder to those who FAITHFULLY serve Him.



WOW!!! OH WOW!!!

Perfect timing. I needed to add this to this story to this post. On all his social media handles, he shares a daily devotional (his own) and then he shares his OUD perfume business.

Someone had been watching and God decides to use that person, WITHOUT HIM ASKING, to bless him.

Yaaaay!!! God is faithful abeg.


Be Fruitful guys,