#SavedFit&FAB… My workout routines

Hi guys!!! 

So much love on the previous post

Thank you!!!

I had an absolutely amazing week!!! So thankful for God, hubs and great great friends!!!

Anyhoos, this week I thought I would talk about the workouts I have done up until this point. 


My coach, Health n Healthy always says we should ‘eat/workout for your goals’

My goal? 79kg.
Current weight? 82kg

Phew!!! #Thankful

The journey has been real. Thank God. 

OK, at the beginning of this journey, the goal was to loose weight/fat so it meant more workout. 

One of my mentors had casually mentioned skipping and it’s amazing ‘sure banker’ results. I had a skipping rope already so I dusted it up and started skipping. 

My first day I did 500 and then 600 then 1000. 

The mind is so powerful and I knew that believing I could was half the work done already. 

BTW I whipped out all my old cloths for my WO. Didn’t care about fancy workout wears. My brother dashed me his canvas and I thank God for it cos the sole is doubly padded. Helped impact on skipping.
Continued with 1000 skips for a while then 1200 then 1500, 1600 then 2000 which was where I levelled out. 

I used to do morning and night so it was 4000 daily. Some days I would try and hit 3000 and/or 2500 at once. 


Then someone suggested I do like 10mins body toning workouts since I do insane figures of cardio so that my body tones up and is not ‘bolo bolo‘ lol.

Fiam, I flew to Youtube. Searched around and found Kaeira LaShea!!!


Love her!!! BAE!!!

Most of her vids were 10mins so I downloaded two. 

Afro body toning 

Cardio dance Abs. 


So after skipping, I would do one of her vids. 10min was INTENSE with babe. 

Then I would do planks- elbow, full and side planks for a cumulative 5mins. Then do some crunches too

Used to do this morning and night!!!

I wasn’t joking. Lol. 

Then one day I discovered Jillian Micheals!!!


It was LOVE at first sight!!! 

She was fun, exciting, excited and intense!!!

So I included her 30day shred level 1 into my routine and halved my skipping. 

I moved to level 2 after a couple of days. And stayed there oooooooo. 

Didn’t try level 3. I just loved my level 2. Lol. 


I stopped skipping after some time and did just Jillian and Kaeira. 

Then second week in November, I joined TWO online weightloss programs. They gave WOs to do but frankly, I mostly did my own routines not what they gave in the groups. Was enjoying mine so much but the community helped a lot. Plus I got meal plans and guides too.

I saved all the WOs though and from time to time I do it. 



Then after a while, I decided to try my Uncle Shaun T. 


Shaun T has always been too tough for me but to my surprise, Uncle was easy. 


Actually it didn’t get easy, I just got stronger. So I stayed with Shaun for a bit doing him morning and evening plus Kaeira. 


So basically from September to December, I kept switching up my routine. It was hard yup but I ‘enjoyed’ them.


Loh' me some Shaun!!!

I believe God was helping me and leading me to them. 

(Shaun and Jillian are both gay and married sef. Sigh. Those two should have married each other. #Matchmadeinfitnessheaven)

The hardest WO for me till tomorrow remains mountain climbers


Mountain climbers aaargh!!!

And of course, BURPEES!!!


There was plenty PAIN!!

Infact for almost 3months, my knee and ankle HURT bad!!! I actually feared it was a dislocation and it would stay with me for life and I won’t wear heels again and so on but I didn’t stop working out oooo. I said I would use my faith to deal with it but I won’t stop. 
My ankle still hurts tho but my knee is fine now.

I was ready to kill FAT and determined not to stop. So long as it didn’t kill me.


I frankly wasn’t thinking I would get results this fast. I had a target in my head of KingDaveed’s birthday.

March 10. 

So frankly, I was pleasantly surprised by earlier results.



Infact I was absolutely shocked!!!


E be like feem!!! I believe it pays to just keep going and forget the scales AT THE BEGINNING.


Results no dey hide. Better than setting unrealistic goals and then being disappointed. 

If anybody ever told me I would be 85kg sef I would have disbelieved. 

But Dec 31 caught me at 84.1kg, 5kg less than my BMI ideal. 

I knew it was then time to go slow. 

So this year, I stopped every other workout and started working on just Abs.

Had a flat tummy before I got pregnant so I want it back!!!


No this pic is deceitful lol. Tz not that flat

It is proving hard but devil is a bastard(have a friend who says this a lot lol).

Or maybe I am impatient. Haha. I am just two weeks into Jillian’s 6weeks6packs shred and I am already looking for abs. 



I am loosing fat and gaining muscles as I work on my abs which is absolutely amazing. 

That’s all I do these days. Everyday except Sundays which are rest days. I started doing the video twice a day but have downed to once. 

That’s cos I need to go slow. 

Anything lower than 79kg no go pure ooo. Haha. 


Soon I will have to down to 4times a week and probably eat more cos I have to maintain it. 

So thankful for results sha!!! 

I am so so so so thankful. I feel lighter, stronger, and healthier. 



I still don’t believe say na me people dey use do example on weight loss. 

I am so proud of me!!!


RIP FAT!!! #AllBlack

That’s why I wanna help some other persons get here too. 

I want you to be proud of yourself too by June!! Or earlier. 

But you have to be serious ooo. 

In my last post, I mentioned I wanted to help FIVE sisters who are ready to KICK SOME FAT!!!

This is SERIOUS stuff and I am bringing CHOLERIC E’ to this with just a dash of the sanguine

The requirements follow

1.  Please if you are an EXCLUSIVE breastfeeding mama, don’t apply. Ditto if you have a baby under 3months.

2. CS mom? Please don’t apply unless you have been cleared by your Doctor.

3. Health challenge esp a physical one e.g. problem with knee? Please don’t apply. Ditto if you are on drugs like anti-depressants or pills.

4. Are you one of those ‘I am 70kg trying to get to 65kg’? Please don’t bother.
5. I want to have flat tummy but I don’t want to lose my hips or bust? Please don’t apply. Get a professional trainer.

6. Size 16 and above? BMI on obese or overweight? 90kg and above? You are the kinda person I am looking for. APPLY!!!

7. Pregnancy and breastfeeding weight gain? Holler!!!

(refer to above requirements too o)

8. I am busy. I have one life. I work two jobs. I don’t have time to work out daily. I have two husbands. I have three kids. I am allergic to workout. Etc.


9. Can you afford a minimum of ‘EIGHT’ workout sessions EVERY WEEK? Holler!!!

10. Just to clarify previous point. Say you do Friday morning and night and Saturday morning and night, and then weekdays just one session daily, you have eight workout sessions!!! Sundays can be your rest day. I used to do 12 sessions weekly so…

11. YouTube has to be your friend on this journey. Ditto some websites and co I will be recommending. So if you don’t have data to spare, please don’t apply!!!

12. The group will be on BBM and maybe Whatsapp too. Please be sure to have BOTH if you are going to apply.

13. If you have issues being accountable DAILY, PLEASE DON’T APPLY!!! You will really need to be accountable AND truthful if we will work together since I ain’t in your house with you.

14. If you are coming with unrealistic expectations  (20kg in one month) please don’t apply.

15. If you are not ready to unlearn and relearn stuff especially as it has to do with your diet, please don’t apply. I have had to discipline myself when it comes to food and learn healthier eating options that are still exciting too. This journey is 80percent food ooo so if you live in the gym and eat wrong, OYO is ya case

16. Single? Married? Kids? No kids yet? Anyone can apply so long as you are female.

17. if you are lazy, please don’t apply. I am tough ooo forget all the niceness on my blog. When I mean business, I am a TOUGHIE!!!

18. If you believe that FAT runs in your family, please don’t apply.


Meeee. Before

19. If you are really interested, please get a bathroom scale, measuring tape and comfy workout shoes. If you can get a skipping rope (if we decide you should go that route), yoga mat and dumb bells, that would be perfect!!!

And finally darlings, if you are looking for an exciting lady who is BORN TO ENCOURAGE even as you go on this amazing journey to a FITnFAB you, holler!!!

I promise you, even though I am tough, I am actually exciting and a really cool kid. I REALLY want to HELP you but you have to help me to help you. I have never felt better about myself and how I can take this discipline and energy to other facets of my life is a real JOY!!!

Let me help you sister!!!

The above conditions may look tough and all but loosing weight is SERIOUS business!!! I want to deal with ladies who REALLY wanna do this and have counted the cost. Like I said, I have spent some good time answering questions IN DETAILS from people who say they wanna lose weight and then it is either they ignore me totally or just say ‘na wa ooo, this thing is hard’ and disappear. Too annoying I tell ya!!! Loosing weight is HARD but so is being overweight. CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!!
I chose mine and goodness I am so proud of me!!!

Just take your time to read through, and then ask yourself if you are really ready for this.

No jokes!!!

Answer that question sincerely and then we go from there. The class would run for AT LEAST 4weeks and 3 months at most. Frankly though, in 4-6weeks, you should really be good to go on your own, for life!!!

But of course, I can take anyone out at any time if you are not serious.

We are not here to play ooo. That FitFabFam group I started earlier, the ladies didn’t see it coming walahi. I just woke up one day, after over a week of being the ONLY consistent lady there, and closed the group. Same way you can wake up one day and you realise you are no longer in the group.


Some of yawl are like me. You can go this journey on your own. Please don’t apply!!! But for those sisters who need encouragement, I am happy to help and serve. Only be willing.

I will share the email next Saturday. That’s because I don’t want you to be in a hurry to apply. 

Someone will help me do the selection (I have someone in mind sha but if the spirit leads you to help me, holler at me please) so it doesn’t seem like I am being partial. Cos quite some people I know have sorta ‘pre-applied’ so… #noojoro

Side Note to Ijeoma: Honey, if you are still interested, please let me know in the comment section. Will block a spot for you.

When I share the email of my ‘helper’ lol, just send her a mail with your weight in kg, height, BMI (google please), current dress size and just a lil weight-related info about yourself. No long story, except you like long story lol.

I am excited about this journey ladies. I have all sorts of cool stuff lined up for us all, including punishments and rewards. 

Plus I stay prayed up about this so I know God is going to help us and crown our efforts with quick success, Amen!!!

This is going to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Will see yawl again next week. Except God leads me in a different direction, I should be sharing what my meals have been like on this journey. Cos your meals are EVERYTHING!!!

Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!



Ezi(from Anambra I think) and the other lady I owe a JM Bible(not you Bachata please. Your’s is on the way), your Bibles are here. Yaaay. Please email me using the mail you sent FIRST. Abeg. Don’t just send a fresh mail. I need to be sure.

LIVE AMAZED!!! The finale

Tz my mama’s birthday today. Her 71st!!!


THE Joyce Meyer. My favourite picture of her

My life’s biggest international influence. My numero uno mentor. Chai!!!
Joyce Meyer is a dream. She’s my dream. I listen to her all the time. I read her a plenty. I google to get JM latest gist. I download podcasts.


See that body!!! Choi. This woman is THE BUSINESS

JM!!! I don’t even know how my life would have looked without a JM preaching round the world. When I hear her, I can abs relate. That’s the way I’ll be speaking too. Only better (#latterGloryTinz) I certainly pray I meet her someday ooo. That would be a dream come through. Ah!!! Gosh. Thank God you are alive for a really long time ooo. And preaching up a storm too.
Or does this look like someone who is about to leave? Mba nu


This woman is THE BUSINESS!!!

Picture is two month old.
Abeg gimme Jesus err’single day!!!
JM mehn, God keep blessing you for the world!!! Keep on rockin’ mama. You sure make God look real gooooood

Ok on to Part 2… Living Amazed!!! The finale.

If you missed Part 1, find it here to put this post in context.


I recall one time I felt something close (to JM’s cancer period and was just totally drained). That was when I first repeated and then failed outta Pharmacy school.


I had started keeping a journal before then so i detailed that period there

My parents beat shege outta me, pressure from home, gossip from people, a whole ‘Miss Popular’ in UI, First ever ‘Miss Pharmacy’ and then she failed!!!


Some 5/6years ago...

Oh, those days!!! I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there as everyone was pulling me in every direction. I used to write letters to God then drowning in my own tears.
And I’ll detail His promises that absolutely didn’t make any sense to me then. I had this amazing friend Eunice who used to agree with me in prayers then. I recall one of the recurring words He gave me then was ‘For my shame, He’ll give me DOUBLE HONOR in the same place…’


My very first journal. Over 10years old. I loved 'em pretty

Oh Jehovah, I confessed blood out of that line. Who would have thought that not only would I make Best Graduating student with distinctions in the course of my dreams Sociology, I would also go ahead and be called as a Speaker to encourage Pharmacy School students on graduation.


April 2013. How i don't have a picture of me speaking beats me

https://eziaha.com/2013/06/26/in-the-same-place/ The same place I was chucked out from some three years ago.

AMAZING!!! I tell you. Just reminds me of how AMAZING God is.

And double amazing is the fact that the same testimony of mine has birthed and encouraged many more. I detailed Chisom’s testimony here who tapped into mine. https://eziaha.com/2013/10/24/blogimony-amakas-victory/

Ok let’s go back to my mama’licious JM.

But not before a comic relief. You wont believe she came out of the operation preaching and prophesying from her unconscious state. Looool. My mama sure loves her drama

Interestingly, I woke up a lot those days with scriptures on my lips straight from heaven. #JustLikeMeyerMe


Lemme move on from the whole cancer and surgery experience.

Long and short, in those down periods, her faith stayed and she kept trusting God. And that’s a lesson for us right there.
The Bible talks about ‘fellowshipping with His sufferings’
We can’t choose to live right and be spiritual only when things are going well. Can we still love on, faith in and worship this God in the wilderness as we do when all is going well? I recall one of my ladies Anna during a prayer session said ‘Let’s worship Him even with our broken-ness’
And I think what would make that easy is when we can go back and bring to remembrance all the past victories He has won for us.

She also talked about the first message she preached on Strife. You can imagine reading through it now and then comparing same to the messages she preaches today. The difference go clear na… Really gets her AMAZED as to how far God has brought her. Both as a Speaker and also as a woman who used to live in strife. Today? That woman pursues peace. I’m still learning. Choi!!!


Lol. I recall this message. She said something like she told Dave to better have clean feet before the washing oooo

Or was it the first time God called her to a 28day fast.

Feb 1982

Right after the fast, she records how God sent two men to not only get her an office and a desk, but they said God led them to ordain her. Awwwwwww. Though she knew God had called her and she had been praying for it, she told no one anything about an ordination so those two men ordaining her were definitely God sent.

Whoop Whoop!!!

She actually made everyone clap for the two guys who gave her a beginning to ministry. Especially at a time when Female preachers were absent on the scene. Me too I clapped ooo

She also spoke about her Charity.

Sept ’93 when Hand of Hope, the Outreach ministry began.

God revealed to her in a dream that she was pregnant AGAIN and she had already had a baby. She was scared and unsure about caring for two babies and when she woke, God explained to her that the first baby was going to feed the second baby.

First baby? Her TV ministry

Second Baby? The Outreach ministry called HAND OF HOPE.


This Ministry is #NoWords

At that time, she had zero idea of what God was planning with these babies.

Today though, JM’s TV ministry is thriving incredibly. The entire media ministry actually. So they take a percentage, 27million dollars ($27m) a year from the first baby to the second baby for helping the poor around the globe. They actually have (at that time) 49 orphanages around the world.


One of her gazillion outreaches

Choi!!! Even I am AMAZED!!!

So at this point, you may be thinking ‘Oh tz JM. She’s such a huge star, blablabla. My own case is different.

I’ll just quote her response to you…

‘…If you would have kept a record of your life, and every little thing God has done- breakthroughs, open doors, favour He gives you- when you have those bad days, you can get your box (of remembrance) out and get yourself amazed all over again…’

We are so quick to forget all that God has done for us and we make Him seem like He is doing nothing for us. How heart breaking it must be for God when we act like that.

JM’s ministry at the start (and for while) was a testimony when 105 people showed up and the sales of tapes were $317 for a meeting. Today? She can’t even talk about how blessed she is. With people and resources.


See people like sand... Choi

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooot Wooooooot!!!

She actually said one of her friends, Chris, said she would give anything to get hold of that box/bucket where JM keeps her journals.
Me too ooo mama. Don’t let me get that box. I’ll throw privacy decorum away ooo.

But better still, I’m keeping mine. And safe too. Don’t want nobody stealing into it just yet.
Whoop Whoop!!! Someday, like JM, I’ll share from it.


Well, this much you can read lol

Oh and I will be more dedicated too
God is absolutely NO respecter of persons. What He does for one, He can do for another.

Sadly, we are reducing His miracles to coincidences. How saddening!!! Sometimes, we even have the guts to call them ‘small’.

Fey shared something this morning in the group from Joel Osteen (I love JO too) and I thought I’ll reproduce here.

‘…wear your blessings well, don’t apologise for what GOD has done, don’t even think about calling it luck or coincidence…’

Look, there are no coincidences. They are GOD-ORDAINED incidences. Can we notice them and make a BIG DEAL outta them?

Don’t make a big deal of the problems and challenges but let’s make a big deal out of what God is doing even when it seems little.

Even David was quick to tell us same.
1st Chr 16 :  24 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

PUBLISH being the operative word for me.

I dunno how I never came around to doing a post on TESTIMONIES and PRAYER POINTS last year. So lemme just summarise what I was going to say. I notice that sometimes, when we hear people share a ‘common’ testimony such as say God provided t.fare or lunch or stuff like that, we just give a cold applause. We usually wait for the major 10years without kids, miracle car, etc testimonies. And then we raise the roof. I think that’s just human nature. You can’t really blame us. But you the testifier KNOWS that what is seemingly little to others is a BIG DEAL to you. You know where you are coming from. You know how much you prayed for such breaks. Don’t let anyone belittle your testimonies. Don’t!!! Feel free to share it. Feel free to make a big deal outta it. I think it is unfair when we call what God is doing ‘small’. Even if it is small, thank Him for the small on your way to the BIG.

Sometimes, our testimony is in a Word from the Holy Spirit for our situation. Make a BIG DEAL of it please. In recent times, minus the other material blessings and incredible favour I have enjoyed from Him, I have had such incredible leadings from God. For EVERY situation, God has been gracious enough to give me a Word right from the bible that settles everything in a way I can’t explain.


E'... Unbelievably LED

Sometimes, the devil throws me the ‘coincidence’ card BUT no, I am grateful for it. You don’t have to wait until He brings you that dream job/car/hubby until you are AMAZED enough to be grateful. Be amazed and grateful for the ‘little’ leadings too.

Don’t say ‘oh how odd I thought of that!’ Or ‘oh what a coincidence!’

No darling. In my mama’s words and voice, ‘…It is God right smack dab in the middle of your life!!! Right up in our lives doing miracles daily and we could at least have the REVERENCE to be AMAZED!!!’

You think it is of your making that you have friends today?


I KNOW the power of friendships

Oh my God, how grateful I am for my friends. Every last one of you!!! My goodness!!!

JM talks about times when she was homeless and pregnant with her first child. Her first hubby had left her and was living with another woman. Pregnant, sickly, jobless, broke and homeless, thankfully, God sent unusual help in her hairdresser who she barely knew but let her live with her. She had absolutely NO friends!!! NONE. After she had the baby, she was sick all over, had infections, had boils and sores, and couldn’t afford treatment, couldn’t care for her baby well enough cos she had no training, no books, no help, no money to care for him right. It was a TOUGH PAINFUL time. So if anyone understands pain, she did then. She said she would drive past the house where her hubby lived with another woman with sooo much hurt and pain seeping through her veins.

Oh but she remembers those times and just how far God has brought her. Today, I’m sure houses are the least of Meyer’s troubles. Then, to even diagnose all the sores she had on her body was unaffordable but today? She goes for regular medical check ups just because…
Today, she has countless friends and children the world over. Like she asked, how many of us will HAPPILY open up our doors and let her live with us!!!
Talk about from zero to hero!!!


Wanna know something else amazing? Today, that her son Dave she could hardly care for is one of the pillars of JM ministry worldwide. Interestingly, God put it in her to name him Dave which interestingly is the name of her second husband whom she married later. David, Dave!!!


Dave and Joyce Meyer

Talk about AMAZING!!!

Now tell me, when JM sits and reads all of these from her journals, can you imagine how she would feel? Can you imagine the rush of faith and hope that will well up in her? Oh my!!!

Look, God is all over us!!! He’s doing super amazing things but we are not keeping records. We are letting our challenges get the better of us.

At some point, JM gives this sarcastic laughter when she talks about people who just wanna give up on life. You know, that kinda ‘SMH at you’ scoff

Cos she went through hell too. In addition to the above, she was sexually abused by her father for over 10 YEARS as a child and I’m being conservative!!! Her mother didn’t believe her, she had to run away from home. She was also physically and emotionally abused. So she’s like ‘please don’t worship your pain’ If God can get her through those times, He too can for you.

Oh my!!! God is working things out for us. I know. I know it like I know my name.

Hebrews 1:3 God is upholding, maintaining, guiding and propelling the entire universe by His mighty Word of Power.

Yes baby, that includes us. He’s working all things for our favour. Commanding it in our favour. Hallelujah!!!

I just feel like speaking in tongues. Shattah!!!

Our God is soooooo AMAZING!!!

Do you need more ginger to just worship this God? Let’s see her ending.

And she ends it by talking about God’s AMAZING GRACE.

Cos that’s the ONLY way we can define GRACE. AMAZING!!! That’s the only adjective that qualifies grace. A free gift from God to us who don’t deserve it.
Grace is just inexplicable. But we can enjoy it. It just helps us through life. Enables us through our weaknesses.

Can we just be grateful for His Amazing Grace and all the privileges?

Let me end with this question…

How can we be hopeless?
Just how?
Just how?
How can we be despondent and in despair?

What with His amazing Grace and all the miracles He daily loads us with. How can we be hopeless when we have a book of remembrance and we can get ourselves amazed and amazed all over again.
Can we be hopeless when we make a big deal of His past testimonies with us? Cos He can do it again and much more.

Truly, God is no respecter of persons. And incredibly, He uses the foolish and seemingly unlikely ones to show Himself. Doesn’t it amaze you that He chose Paul? I mean, I can’t get over that!!! Paul? A confirmed Boko-haram??? Yet the Pauline epistles add colour to our study and Word life like no other. Imagine the bible without Paul’s letters? Haba.

Oh my!!! I love how she ended it.

‘He chose a half-out-of-her-mind, weird-voiced, odd personality, woman who had been sexually abused from downtown Missouri to preach the gospel to 2/3rds of the world in 60languages today…’

Of course that’s my Joyce MEYER. 


That message blesses me everytime. I mean who doesn’t like to live amazed abeg? You can just look for it on iTunes. Most of JM’s podcasts there are free.
Thanks Damilola for the link to YouTube.
JM is 71 today. Still doing exploits. Still looking fabulous. Still preaching up a storm.


Keep on Jesus rocking mama!!!

Ah!!! My future is bright. I especially love that she is a model for the ministry God is building through me. I especially love that she’s all about women (ok let’s say ‘more about’). I just love anything all women so I’m happy my ministry is that way. Interestingly, I have a virtual mentoring group. All ladies. I have a group of FAB sisters… All ladies.
Guys, don’t scoff please. I’m sure there are people there with ministry to strictly men. It is just not me. Sawry.
So everytime I get an opportunity to address or even be in an all ladies group, I’m overjoyed.
That’s why Joyce Meyer’s LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S conference is making me giddy all over.


Tani is my partner here!!! Whoop!!!

Oh but until her conference, I am super excited about the monthly ‘Strictly Sisters’ meetings powered by DCC Abuja. I anchored the debut edition in April and by heavens, I loved it. I get high just being with ladies.
There is a review of it on DCC Abuja blog here. http://dccabujablog.com/2014/05/15/upcoming-event-strictly-sisters-the-corporate-woman/
In Abuja? Or know any lady in Abuja? Holler!!!
And just keep a date. Tz every third Saturday of the month. All and Strictly women. The last one, I LOVED the breakdown that was given to pregnancy, natural birthing, and Caesarean Sectioning. Oh, I learnt a lot that day.

Oh and the BIG ONE!!! Our GLOBAL annual ‘When Women Worship’ convention in David’s Christian Centre Lagos.



Oh my!!! This year, date is Sunday, June 15, 4pm.
And it is themed A ki ki tan which loosely translates to When Words Fail.


This year, ALL WOMEN!!! Whoop!!!

You recall Last year was themed IMELA. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2013/06/20/when-women-worship-imela-the-night-as-it-was/

The host is Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo and by heavens, I can’t wait!!!

You would definitely be getting more details from me here but Pastor M gives us a sneak preview on her blog here. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/05/26/a-may-zed-and-grateful/

You know what happens to me in an all female gathering? It just gingers me for the HUGE DEAL God is going to do through his Sugar Daughter E’licious for women around the world. #JustLikeMeyer!!! Whoop. Hallelujah!!!

Oh… Lord!!! *taking a breather*

Me, I’m just keeping my book of remembrance jare.

AMAZINGLY AMAZED!!! That’s what I wanna be able to say when I’m testifying during an Anniversary like JM did at her 30th…

So, who’s in for an AMAZING life?

Live daily AMAZED…


This is the end. Lol

Cannime, Maggielola, E’, Booski, portable Glow, Nk, Ify (in Abuja) who else is June born? Holler so I holler too oooo. With your dates. We soooo rock we are forming our own FAB rock band!!!

Our monthly LDM seminar holds in Abuja this Sunday June 8 at 4.30pm. Petrus Hotels off Gimbiya, Area 11, Garki. I have the flyer up on my blog ‘Happily ever after’. Click on same for details. Meanwhile the last one, The Price of a ring, we compiled the tweets from the program. Read and enjoy here. http://dccabujablog.com/2014/06/03/the-price-of-a-ring-tweets/ For me the deepest thing I heard there was ‘THE PRICE OF A RING IS YOUR LIFE. Marriage is NO JOKE!!!
Ah Pastor B killed that message. We were all sober after that. Plus me ooo. Lol

Kai!!! Anyways just bookmark http://www.dccabujablog.com and subscribe too.
That blog stays rockin’

Lol. I taya for me too
OK hope we have not stopped remembering the Chibok girls in Prayers, and Naija generally.
Wow!!! Over 50days held captive. Young girls. All I keep thinking is how darn uncomfy they must be and how their parents are coping. Plus news that keeps coming has a way of just feeling hopeless but no, we won’t stop praying.
I have a song that I keep singing when it comes to ndi-boko and all. Tz Igbo. I will translate

Bia nuru olu anyi o ×2
Onweghi mgbe Ike mmadu g’akari Ike Chukwu x2
Nna bianuru, Olisa bi n’igwe bianuru olu anyi oooo

Come and hear our prayers Lord
NEVER will man’s power be greater than God’s power
Our Father in heaven, come hear our prayers


#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Happy New year my darlings!!!
Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least.
Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first.
Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when I introduced this…
First let me state that this year ehn, I no dey play. Satan, hol ur ear!!! I am still testifying and each testimony will cause the devil to twist in pain. Like my Booski saiud, this year, I am personally burying the devil… I dunno about you. This year, tz FORWARD 2014… Still testifying.
And I don’t wanna testify alone. Mba… I wanna be sharing mine and hearing and sharing yours too. E go sweeter that way. Which is why I wanna share this 31FAB Voices testifying with y’all. WeWontJustStopTestifyingYo!!!
You see this Word… ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying’ I will SQUEEZE all the testimonies out of it. Nothing will be left by December 31, 2014. I will go forward. I will testify yet. I will bury the devil. I am loving the year already. Too excited!!! Lemme let you in on some of my plans!!! The direction my life will be taking this year as my Sugar Daddy does His thing!!!
I know I can bank on your prayers…
In the spirit of 2014… Lemme share 14 things with my darling FAB’ers…

The Vision 2014…
The first three would focus on relationships cos I have realized that relationships are EVERYTHING. If you are blessed enough to work the right people into your life, ah!!! No words on the kinda amazing life you would have. There are three kinds/levels of relationships in my life I would love to work on in 2013-Higher, Same level, and Lower. Let’s shed more light on each…
1. Relationship with my mentors!!!
Like I wrote on Chioma’s blog, I truly can afford my mentors. This year, I intend to invest more into being mentored. And while I have my primary mentors in men like Rev, PK, Joyce Meyer and co, there are many others who are success stories in their fields and from whom I can learn to be a better person, both in my walk as a Christian and just a good Citizen of Nigeria and the world. I mean there are many brilliant young persons out there in Nigeria making a big difference. The secret of great men are in their stories and I wanna learn from their stories. Otto Orondaam of Slum2School for example is a major inspiration. Nmachi Jidenma too. TY Bello too. Amazing woman. Okey Ofili. Imperfectly Perfect featured a set of twins on her blog. They abound. Some popular, some not. These people definitely don’t have perfect lives but you can definitely pick the good in their stories. I think the more we read about people better than us, the more we are motivated to do more. Now, some of these people may be older, younger or same age as me but where there is Grace, it aint about age. Sometimes we miss out on important life lessons just because we are thinking ‘…how old is she sef…? Is it not this girl who was very dirty in secondary school? Or is it not so and so who used to borrow money from me then?’ Hmm!!! I will be humble enough to catch what I can from people’s stories. Nigerian Youth are really making a difference ooo. No need feeling like a SuperStar in my small world. I wanna be further inspired to greatness from this set of persons especially the Youth among them. I will not be able to meet them all but thank God for social media especially Twitter and blogs, thank God for books. Oh, this 2014, no time ooo. Na me and my mentors ooo…

2. Relationship with my Peers/Friends
Ah!!! This one na serious matter ooo. If one is not careful, one would just have many friends with no real impact or meaning to the friendship. So this year, deliberately, I would be sure that my relationship with my friends and my besties would be more impactful. We have to share our goals and dreams with each other and be the needed push we would need to achieve them. And if I realize that you are not doing enough to move you from your current level to a higher one, I can harass you to, and vice-versa. If I am aware of your dreams, then when I run into any information or person that can help you, I can hook you up. I want us to be able to share with each other if for example, you feel a dimmer in your prayer or Word life and then we work on rekindling the fire. I want to be able to ask you what, as a believer, you are believing for per time and do what I can to help. Friendships have to come with depth and meaning ooo even with the attendant familiarity that most close friendships have. I am trusting God for this much this year and of course going forward.

3. Relationship with my mentees. I have come to understand that, like it or not, at some point, you become mentors to others and you have to, not just live for yourself, but live to reproduce some good and God in others. So if there are people looking up to me, then there must be something worthy of emulation in me. But because it is just me, only me, I know I can’t reach out effectively to as many young women that want me to mentor them. I get a lot of such mails and as much as I try, I don’t do my follow up well and I’m sure some people get upset 😦 Tz just me and I can only do so much. Thing is, everybody God brings our way is a precious soul and we should nurture them to some level of maturity at least. So thank God for the healthy relationships I am building from my point 2 (my Peers), I would be happy to say something like for example ‘…hey Valerie, there is this girl who is having issues with her academics and tz affecting her faith, I need you to mentor her for me…’ Or ‘…Booski, this young woman has major relationship issues and she needs a clean break in her life, biko help me guide her through this…’ You know, stuff like that. Just like Jethro counselled his son in law Moses Exodus 18 esp from verse 12. I am totally wowed especially by the teens that mail me and share stuff with me. Sometimes, I do cartwheels literally. That from such a young age, there are girls who wanna do right by God. Incredible!!! I do know that peer pressure is real and it would go a mighty long way to know that someone is checking with you, cheering you on as you live this Christ life on a FAB lane… I would also like to kick off a group online, most likely whatsapp where we can also share stuff with each other occasionally in addition to the one-on-one’s.
That’s all for relationships… Moving forward…
4. Being that my NYSC khaki is giving way to a suit by mid February, I am super excited about my career which will kick off by mid-March. I need the one month to lounge and finally relocate and get settled in Abuja. And then I am trusting God for a 6week training in an African country. The focus of my career is continental, beyond Nigeria and then my Sugar daddy and I are settled about my work conditions and pay. Oh, I am so excited. The work world’s waiting, and I am so discovering it… #ExcitedMuch

5. My hubby and I are in faith that he would be speedily transferred to Abuja, our land of Milk and Money, to join me before the end of the first quarter of 2014 so we don’t run two homes. I don’t know how my Sugar daddy wants to get this done but I trust it would be a seamless transition for us…

6. I do know I have a ministry especially to women. Young women. I spent 2013 getting the mandate, and preparing with retreats both personal and group. I can’t even say I have the big picture yet but I would love to launch out this year with monthly meetings. Yes I would start in online space and it would involve my blog readers too but we would have live meetings once a month. My Rev has prayed with me and keeps counselling me and I am so sure God will do the work He wants to do just as I yield myself a vessel.

I want to inspire more women or even one more woman into greatness. To live right and stand on the Word till results come. Strong women. Balanced women. The Proverbs 31 kinda woman. I know that as a group, we can definitely do more. Now, this is not about titles and all what not, it is about E’ yielding herself to His use and helping one more woman to live a FAB life indeed!!! My God is able jare. I’m done being scared. Like my mama Joyce Meyer would say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This year, I’m launching out in His might. He called, abi? He is faithful enough to do!!! #Dazall#

7. Attend Joyce Meyer’s conference. Joyce is my momsy in the faith. Totally amazing woman. I have learnt so much from her podcasts and books. I feel like she is my mommy indeed. The only thing missing from this is that I am yet to see her live and where better than the ‘Love Life Women’s conference 2014’

in St. Louis Missouri, USA from Thursday Sept 25 to Sat 27th 2014. See I have that date marked. And I am even trusting God for a photo op with JM herself. Ah!!! I hope I don’t pass out when I finally see her. Loooool. Oh and I am definitely making this US trip with my hubby. Whoop!!!

8. Ok this is the point Lizzie, Sapphire, Booski and Valerie stop reading. Thank you. I am really trusting God for a healthier lifestyle this year… Eating right, less chocolates and sweets and exercising regularly. I want to get used to it so that when my kids start coming, a healthy lifestyle would already have been formed in my family. Plus, all these hot mamas all over the place don’t have two heads abeg!!! #TeamHotBod#

9. Ah, please get in here Water Walker. You inspired this!!! This year, I wanna speak more positively. Everytime I am around Water Walker, I am always blessed as to how she speaks. Even when the situation is bad, she never confesses it… It is not uncommon for her to say ‘…My daughter’s health is PERFECT that’s why I couldn’t come to church…’, ‘…Festac roads are so BLESSED…’ (This one she said of roads that can destroy cars ooo). I mean, WW speaks positive a lot. I so wanna be a lot like that this year and going forward. Say positive and mean it ooo. PK once said something that stuck… I don’t recall the exact terms he used (any DCC person wanna remind me please) but there are two ways to talk about any situation… Explanatory and the Faith way. So if say I have a bloated tummy for example, I say ‘ Though the tummy looks bloated now (explanatory), my health is perfect, my tummy is blessed (Faith)’ So don’t stop at the first one, always speak in faith too. Not just into my life but also to the lives of those around me. I think sometimes as Christians, we wanna be careful to not sound ‘holier than thou’ in the midst of the world meanwhile the world is very brazen when they talk and act. This year, I would speak more like my Sugar daddy expects me to. If I need to pray out (under my breath, yes but loud enough for you to hear) in tongues before I answer you when you come to me for a situation, I will. A lot of times, I am talking to someone and I feel strange tongues well up within me to speak and I hold back because I don’t want it to seem like I am showing off. Not anymore. If I need to counter something you have said with wisdom and the Word, I will do same happily but politely and firmly irrespective of who you are. I wouldn’t just shut up especially when I know I can speak words that can set things right. If I need to explain to you the reason I am turning down a food offer is cos I am fasting, I will. People need to see us Christians live more this life of Christ. Now this is not to say I will be going around with phylacteries and a giant halo with a huge sign of ‘Unbelievers, stay off!!!’ No Sir. I just know that I would be ‘prouder’ about my Jesus and all things Christian. Sad to say, I have held back some in times past just because…………. Sigh. This year 2014, tz all for my Sugar Dadaboooooo. With wisdom of course.

10. Ah!!! Marriages and Births. If I miss your name, feel free to add it in the comments so we pray along but I am trusting God for marriages for my friends Valerie, Tani, Tope, Cheech, ChuChu, Tunde, Ogochukwu, my Sister,Sis-in-laws and brothers, JMAD, SomSom, Berny and so on. And then births- my Booski, Sapphire, Tope and my siblings (yup the same ones getting married this year). Amen.

11. I am trusting my Sugar daddy to be Pregnant by October 2014. Infact, I would love to gift him an ‘I am pregnant’ news for his birthday and gift myself a set of twins/triplets by June 2015. Yup tz no coincidence that our birthdays are exactly nine months apart.

12. A prayer request journal. I realize that a lot of times, people ask me to pray with them for one thing or the other. You know all those ‘I will pray with you or I am with you in prayers…’
Sometimes, it piles and I forget too. #OnlyHumanE’#. So this year, I’ll love to take it more seriously… Have a journal with which I can keep records of not just my prayer points but more that of others. And of course, the testimonies as we start testifying, especially testimonies that have a time span. Standing in the gap for my friends is one mandate from God for me this year… Ah, we must testify ooo. The devil don enter!!!

13. One question hubby kept asking me this season was ‘How can we reach out to people this Christmas?’ I am trusting God that together as a family, we reach out to people in need every month. It would amaze you to know that for some, as little as even 5k can go a really looooooooooooooonnnnnngggg way. Thank God the bible says ‘…He who gives to the Poor lends to His Maker and God will repay him…’ Proverbs 19:17.
Btw, we Christians should be the ones to lead a LOVE REVOLUTION!!! And how can we say we love if we cannot give…

14. Finally, something a bit more fun and less ‘spiritual’ lol.
In the area of fashion, I intend to wear more brights… Orange, royal blues, bright purples, Greens, etc. No to the nudes and beiges anymore. In addition to my white glasses, I intend to rock an Orange one too (Hint hint Belated Christmas present Sapphire). I’m taking off my dreads by this weekend after over 25weeks and will be rocking my natural TWA again (that’s Teeny Weeny Afro) this year and I’m so ready for all the many things I would do with my hair…

Dyes/hair colors, twist outs, baby ‘locks, etc. I will also do more bold ethnic earrings and bangles. Not been a necklace girl and I don’t see that changing. But, this year na new look ooo… Trust me to regal y’all with pictures na…

So that’s it… I just shared 14 of my plans for this ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying year’ with y’all…
Do some of them scare me? You best believe that!!! (Funny thing is my hubby still thinks I am not dreaming big enough loooool). I see the devil sneering… ‘Let’s see how she will achieve this…’ But I have a BIG GOD!!! Nsogbu adiro…
Incase you didn’t notice, we dream NO SMALL DREAMS here. If your dreams are not yet scaring you, baby you may need to dream again ooo. I’m not saying you should start building castles in the air, all I am saying is dream like someone who has a Sugar daddy. If you need to watch some Nollywood flicks to know how girls with earthly sugar daddies and Aristos dream, please do. Give your angels assignment this year… You also need to share your dreams with the right set of people. It keeps you accountable. It will be easy to give up when all you have done is dream by yourself in yourself and not involved anyone. But if you have told me, I wanna do this or that, then I can harass you when time is going and you are yet to do. Then be very set to play your own part to help make your dreams come true. No lazy dreamers here. You can also bank on the prayers of the FAB family, E’ inclusive, yeah people?
If you still wanna re-write your article (for those who have sent already), feel free to. And if you haven’t sent, please do already. Space still dey!!!
Remember, we will be back here testifying by the year end and/or as we have the testimonies. Burying the devil, one testimony after another.
Tomorrow I have another big dreamer. Oh how I love this girl. The day she mailed me her entry, I had goosebumps, burst into tongues and tears simultaneously!!! No spoilers dear. Tomorrow…
Happy new year again dawleens…
Love, Peace and Testimonies…
Going Forward… Still Testifying!!!

Thank.Full.E’… Part2

**PLEASE NOTE: Pictures will be attached to this Post before the end of friday. Right now, I am blogging from my bb and I’m too tired and sleepy to do the stress now***

So let’s jump right into Part 2…
Btw, incase you didn’t notice the rhyme up there, sigh!!!
Thankfully… Thank.full.E’…
*rolling my eyes at you too*
I love how I can work my name into most titles… Cool!!!
Now where do I start from with this woman… Who else will tell me that she has such sinister plans for me (lemme not share the plans here. I almost died laughing when she told me today…). Who will call me a ‘…poor corper and so U deserve to be spoilt a little by your rich friend, Me…’ Looooool. Who will throw a gift at me and then yab me in the process and when I attempt to kiss her to say thank you she will call me ‘rotten’. Who will fight to save our friendship even with all my very baseless shakara (hindsight vision is perfect lol). Who else will have me dedicate exclusive posts to her for two consecutive birthdays? Basically baby, you have crossed the line with me and I do know we are stuck for life as friends… You are clearly that annoying but super sweet friend everyone should have. Alika. You know yourself but lemme sha write your name. Chinma the Cheech Asogwo. Terrorist of a friend.
You missed my wedding cos you were cruising Mauritius and Dubai, okwaya? Alika squared… Yet you knew where to get ‘crotchless panties’ for me as a bridal shower gift. Spoilt rotten girl. I will be at your wedding (by God’s special grace) and I will take the toast, whether you let me or not and I will so embarass you, you won’t believe it… Thank you baby… 2013 was REAL… Love you mega and yup you know my Sugar daddy is yours too, yeah? Position yourself for the kinda things that only Him can do in 2014. Smooches, kisses (with tongue:p) and hugs dawleen…

The one Angel confirmento in my life!!! Babe you have over-wowed me with love. We have indeed come a really long way. 8years yeah? I am not just thanking you for 2013. I am thanking you for these 8years. For being a constant K through good and especially bad times. For NEVER stopping for a moment to sow into and cultivate this friendship. For interrupting what you can to hear me out whenever I come with my wahala. I know you think I deserve it. Forget story Nne, I don’t. Truly. You just have an incredible heart. What we have is covenant. That’s it. Unshakeable. And yup, I’ll invest more in 2014. Afterall, you will be getting married then so I will have an opportunity to do stuff that will wow you too. I mean, lemme share a little story here to EMBARASS this Angel. A day to my wedding, I was at the salon getting my nails done. She came in a coupla days earlier to help out and that friday, she was out too and I had to pay my MUA some money asap. Couldn’t do it so I asked her if she had a certain amount to pay for me and I’ll settle her asap. She did. Ok time to pay back. I called babe, oya please account number and bank. See fight… She rolled over and played dead… ‘Account number for what? Did I give you any money? I don’t use a bank… I frankly don’t understand what you are talking about…When did I give you any money? Noooo, it wasn’t me… Maybe it was Eniola…’ My people, I was stunned. Cos I knew it was a lot of money and we are both Corpers, I tried to form vex and insist she sends me the number and babe cuts the phone on me… Hian!!! How someone will just sit down and say she MUST be a blessing to another girl is beyond me. No baby, I don’t deserve it. You really are an Angel Doctor Valerie Edetanlen…
Only God can reward you. I won’t even decieve myself and say I will pay back… Thank you so much darling. For being my most fiercely loyal friend. Love you forever and a weekend…
And yup I had to use this picture with man cos… #ProphecyBaby…

Tamariii, thank you for all your comments and love. God bless you dawleen. Hope you are planning to join my 30voices ooo. It would be such an honor to have you here. Deal?

Tomiwa Ayorinde, I am specially praying for you to marry well too. You are too much of a sweet God girl to miss it. If you need any help, holler at me and let’s watch our Sugar daddy sort us out k… Love you girl. You are really a sweetheart.

D-lu/Olu blaiz… I am hoping it is the same person. And I think this is a guy too. I feel like you are my blog brother. Some posts are just not complete without your comment and then a mail. Ah, you really touched a part of me this year and God reward you my darling.
Thank you sooooooooo much love.

Ah!!! If there is one thing I have come to love about this girl, it has to be the fact that despite the fact that we are close friends, we have mutual respect for each other. Familiarity hasn’t spoilt nothing and that’s rare. Nne, I respect you gan. The grace you carry, the wisdom you have, I feel so privileged that I can call you my friend… Like I said, if I could handpick a sister, it gotta be you darling.
Beautiful without and even more within. GraceFULL. And very on fire for God. My prayer warrior extra-ordinaire. I have learnt to always make Ruth be the one to lead prayers where we are together. Babe can pray the devil to the cross walahi. When I had a ladies’ retreat last year, babe led us for almost three hours of prayer and she was still smokin’… Gimme a praying woman anyday ooo. Biodun really found a good thing. Can’t wait can’t wait… *winks* For being such a sweetheart nne, reading my posts, encourage me and just living a Christ fab life, thank you!!! Love you mega dupa supa much darling Ruth Warrens.

Tunde my darling. One of the BEST men I know… You really did sow a lot of your time (and money too abi? Lol) into my life this year, sometimes at short notice. This is the year abi? 2014. Blessed woman walahi… It better be in Lagos ooo!!! Looool. Thank you darling. I totally appreciate and love you.
Uche, Bunmi, Yomi and Kemi. Four triumphant ladies I love so much. Uche love, special thanks to you and hubby. For all your love… Kemi I love your energy and zest. Keep it up love. Thanks for your friendship, blog love and all the ‘Showers promises’. Yomi darling, I dunno what you see sha but thank you for just being this sweet sister and Bunmi, another prayer mama, thanks for all the prayers and those out of the blues calls to check with me. God bless you girls

Dinma and Cheks… Had to put you both together for obvious reasons. Thank you for the spectacular rendition of the duet ‘Miracle’ at my wedding. Cheks, last minute and you cancelled something to be there for me. Thanks darling. Dee, thank you for letting me be all I am to you. Thank you for those long calls to check up on me (btw, you know Prof Udegbe told me you told her… Lol). And the last minute bridesmaid decision, thanks baby. Got your back physically and in prayers. Devil no reash at all… I love you darling.

Chuchu of life and destiny!!! My brother indeed. My brother in whom I am well pleased!!! Darling Chuchu!!! I don’t even know where I would start. Was it the endless phonecalls, the time and money invested, the visits, the pizza and ice cream lol, the hugs, the shoulder and listening ears (sometimes even when all I was doing was crying and making absolutely zero sense lol), the prayers, the counsel, haba!!! Brother of life!!! You have sown too much into our life that’s why we can’t let you be and we won’t let you be until… (You know na…)
Oh btw, Chuchu surprised us with a spectacular wedding gift. Choi!!! My darling, you must marry well. Nobody sows like that and doesn’t provoke a harvest. Pressed down, shaken together and running over… I am beyond words grateful dear. God bless you…

Ike Amadi… You are just a REAL man. I covet the fire you have for God and His kingdom and God will help me in 2014. Please pray for me nwanne m… The fantastic job at #TheLAFamily? Gosh!!! You are such a blessing. Thanks for having my back. Thanks for making me feel special, like a super star when we all know your are the real star. Thanks for those calls even when you were in Germany. Thanks for being a cheerleader indeed. More than anything, thank you for inspiring true leadership in me…You are an effortless true leader. I truly deeply love and cherish you nwanne m… Please don’t stop… You inspire plenty of us. I hope we get to see this new year…

Ayomikun my soul sister… Another terrorist. My constant K. It doesn’t matter the ‘drought’ as per time that has passed, we catch up real fast. The one girl that knows me inside out and will never indulge me (terrorist much). Who again will I suffer to gist something that is paining me only for her to laugh endlessly at me. Which friend understands the security of her place in my heart enough to say ‘…they don’t know you. They should come let me tell them who MY FRIEND is…’ You are you sha, nobody else can be this Soul Soeur to me…I am super glad the fact that you relocated is not doing any damage at all.

I really do miss hugging you darling but I’m just glad we are friends. You know I love you baby…

Chinwe Ikele… Thank you soooo much for being a faithful FAB’er. I’m sure you didn’t think I would forget you. Sending all your loving back to you baby… Muah.

Anna est belle. First lemme spank you!!! Get to blogging jor. You can’t call me an inspiration and be slacking ooo. After I started loving your style of writing, you go AWOL. Lemme not catch you ooo. Loool. You see babe, you have a catchy fun yet sensible way of writing, don’t rob us of it ok… Well you made my thank you list cos you are also a true FAB’er. Thanks babe.

Dowen College, Lekki. The school that is my proud PPA. You know what, I pass out in february and then I will do a proper thank you for DCL. I have enjoyed too much favor from the school… The Chairman Board of Governors (the nnukwu mmanwu himself) , the Principal (who has practically adopted me as her daughter), the VeePee, DFA, everyone and even my fellow Corpers ( a Batch C corps member walked in and asked me if I was Eziaha the Blogger. Apparently, when he saw he was posted to Dowen, he googled it up and my blog came up and all the glowing things I say about my school. Lol. Imagine if na rubbish I dey talk…) !!! Can I even talk about the investment they put into my wedding? Choi!!! And all this for a Corper who is not even looking to be retained… Na wa ooo… For now, let me say thank you and God bless. More gist when I am passing out…
I really miss them ooo and especially my front desk office. Was given the whole of December off as a new bride (Corpers usually don’t go on break there as the admin arm of the school never shuts down #TushSchoolTinz) and I truly miss school sha, but I can wait to be back abeg… 🙂

Ah my dearest Jibola. The only reason why I am still in ‘that group’ looool. You are such a great guy sha, even though you naughty gan… Thanks for being there for these past years and also in 2013. I see you in many more years darling. Love love love.

Afoma and Jae. For providing amazing blog content that I actually enjoy on their blog. Lovely lovely girls with lovely blogs and with whom I share a love for Subway surfers. Allow me to brag some on my Subway Exploits because I am sure I pass una……
I unlocked Fresh
I hit well over a million points (1.4+)
My trophies are all complete
I have upgraded my magnet to the last. And am almost done with the jetpack and coin multiplier upgrade. I don’t care to upgrade the super sneakers. Lol
I feel like a real subway guru
The baddest surfer ever liveth…
:p :p :p
Ok this is for Subway Surfer fans. I love that game and now I made a lover of Aku m… Hehehe

This is a good place to end, no?
I need to play some Subway surfer before I crash. Looool. Aku m has slept. I feel for him. He has work tomorrow while I get to sleep in… Btw, hope y’all been having an amazing holiday? I am a home-body/buddy so I have enjoyed a quiet one but 26th, Aku m wanted us to at least step out so I rode my bicycle around the RA while he drove cos he can’t ride a bicycle.
And yes Lizzie, Valerie, Eniola and Dumebi, this is how I intend to lose the weight and stay HOT :p
Then we visited some couple friends. Then went shopping. I felt a tad guilty when we got the bill especially when the kids we were with were like ‘wow, the bill is loooooooooooonnnnggggggggg’ but hey, tz Christmas jare… I don’t get to splurge everyday.
The ice cream I had eh, no be here ooo. Dear Jesus, please don’t let me be FAT!!! 😦 o:) lmao…
Love love love y’all

Ok still on the 30FabVoices, some of us are still missing it.
I would really want a futuristic, dreamy, faith-filled article rather than a 2013 review. If 2013 should feature, let it be just to lay a foundation… Things we wanna trust God to help us do this year… Both the serious and the fun stuff…
I really wanna start a monthly meeting for ladies where we can just have healthy spiritual fun. Started it in 2013 then life happened and it paused but I’ll like to be very regular this year…
I gained admission 2013 and this year 2014, I would really love a GPA of 4.0/5 so I am trusting God to help me modify my study habit, create a great study group, etc.
Or like one of us wrote…
I would like to do something crazy like have sex on a beach with my hubby this year (y’all can guess who wrote this na…)
You know… Stuff like that….
Breezy yeah?
Thanks to all who have submitted. Feel free to make necessary adjustments.
Let’s move the deadline for everyone to next weekend. That’s about the 4th of January. That should work yeah…?
Please send to ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com
Remember, not more than 1000 words.
Lezzdodis FAB’ers… 🙂 Let’s bury the devil… We go live January 1. Can’t wait!!! Woooooooooooooot!!!

Thank.Full.E’… Part 1

This is how I would sign out of 2013. In as many series as I can, I would be saying my THANK YOUs.
I may not mention everyone but I will try. Yes including my FAB community right here. Especially the ones whose comments, mails and stuff get me grinning silly. I want y’all to know that beyond the counting comments, you too count!!!
If your name doesn’t make this cut, be patient… And forgiving too. Lol. There will be more parts!!!
This is my heart… From me to you… For all your love for E’. You guys make me feel so special and I feel super honored and humbled at the amazing testimonies y’all share with me about OUR blog.
Keeps me on my toes here. That I am a mentor to a lot of you, I don’t take for granted. That some of you call me ‘friend’ or even ‘sister’ I appreciate. Infact… No words. Just plain humbled. That this blog blesses you blesses me… Thank you!!!
In well, no particular order… Till the last name at least… (No it isn’t Aku m) Thank.Full.E’ Part 1!!!

Thank you to my baby girl Genevieve… Viive. I absolutely love you. You are so me at your age and your mails just tickle me pink. Too much energy. Too much drama. Love love love darling.

My darling Teniola… I frankly dunno what you see in me but my prayer is that all the good you covet, God will give you and much more, in this new year and beyond. Love you babe

(Top Viive, BL-Frances, BR-Teniola)
Ah the very amazing blogger who I hope to meet before her Law school year is up… Frances Okoro. You are a real virtuous woman (don’t pay any mind to the lying bastard devil). You are atgtrll that and more. Not in yourself but cos you have ur Sugar daddy behind you and I see you rep Him on your blog. Thanks for being a consisten FAB’er since you discovered my blog. Thanks for your love and very kind words. Bless up!!! Squeezy hug darling.

Bestie in my head… How Aku m and I laughed the day that mail dropped. Jenny darling. We really should meet (I don’t recall but were you the one I couldn’t meet that day…? So sorry boo. Don’t worry, I have plans 😉 for the FAB community ) I’m happy to inspire you. Let’s keep living the God kinda life jare. Love you sweerie.

Ah Lizzy!!! Elizabeth of life!!! Only God can reward you for me cos nothing I ever say or do will do!!! I am amazed as to how bankable and reliable you have been as a friend. And how selfless you are as a person. And I’m also amazed as to how you are respledently becoming a female Hon Patrick to us all. :p (couldn’t resist darling) Just know that as much as it depends on me, if there is anything I can do to make your life easier or better, I will do for you. One doesn’t make such sacrifices in your life and go like that. Thanks for all your input. Thanks especially for that ‘standing in the gap’ song you sent me one time. Thanks for sharing in my victories and my pains. You rock!!! Your husband and inlaws are so blessed to have you ( Calling the things that be not…). God bless you for me darling… Love. Love. Love much!!!

(Lizzie left and Priceless Right)
Priceless. Kathryn. Ah!!! Tz not just you but u and ur hubby I wanna celebrate. I recall one day Nnanna called me when I was just about to be over whelmed to tears with some wedding plans (the white this time). I know it was God that led him to call me cos I didn’t even tell him anything. He just said after asking me how the plans were going ‘my dear, the one you can do, please do. The one you can’t do, leave. It won’t stop you from being married…’And he prayed a prayer that God answered (You gotta call me for that in camera lol). Then kathryn…aside from being a healthy christian friend whose company is always uplifting and enriching, u know how to give me good counsel… Recall the dreads advice. I was going to take off my dreads before the wedding cos… Well long story. We met in church as I left the ladies and when I told her, she COMMANDED me not to try it and gave me great counsel. Then she made me get a ‘sexier’ lingerie than I had and went ahead to also gift me one incase I didn’t buy what she said and gave me some ‘rated 18+ counsel’. Let’s just say you have a special place in Aku m’s heart looooool. Thanks for all the company too darling. You have become a sister. Meeting you this year coloured my world beautiful. You know you gotta work that your blog more in 2014 yeah… Love you girl…

Ify Chime. The one and only Peace +++ Ify. How I await your comments. You have some of the best points and prayers. And to think you are one of those super women… Three kids, B.sc and M.sc in the bag, fantastic career, lovely home and pretty face with an even prettier heart… Nne if we weren’t good I woulda been beefing you ooo. Thanks for all your true love for all things FAB and E’. Ify who I have never met sent me a wedding present too. Hian!!! Nne, you are just a ROCKstar. Love you too much.

Giantsparkle… I loved your perseverance in stealing into a special place in my heart. Much as we are half namesakes, you still did some work to enter my life. Tz a good thing you did… Good for me. Good for you. I don’t even know the words to say!!! What will I say to your love abeg?!?! Good thing you are here for the long run!!! You are an absolute TEN. Hopefully we will attend a wedding under two years (if you are ready) and I will be very there dancing you into this wonderful world. Love you girl. And thanks for being this sweet lovely sister to me.

(Giant sparkle in orange. Berny with me)
Berny baby!!! Pharm berny. You got me tearing up in church on Sunday as we chatted. You have the sweetest way of reminding me of why I should blog. You remain one of my biggest cheerleaders. I recall the day you walked up to me in the library in Imoran to say how my blog had been a blessing. You still haven’t stopped. God bless you for me berny. And rest assured you and yours are in my prayers. We just can’t stop testifying now can we? Hope your dance is ready ooo… You must beat Oga ooo!!! Love you girl and from the depth of my heart, thank you!!!

One plus!!! Actually make that THE 1plus. Nne eh, both you and your blog need to be kidnapped and put in my house. Lol. Discovering your blog from Inthe’s was like gold. Then that lovely post you did for me. May men always celebrate you in embarassing but very welcome ways. Love you girl and thanks for the amazing gift of 1!!! We will be there when another 1 joins to make 1 too looooool.

Ah and I have to lump this four mamas together!!! Drum roll for @Naijawife @Inthemidstofher @marriagebydbook @anafricandiva. I had to use their twitter handles cos I want you to follow them. Amazing married women who write and tweet biblical truths esp on relationship. I have learnt a lot from you ladies. Even when you are being naughty. Just African diva is not anon. The rest are. They are gold on twitter. Our convos are super hot!!! We should totally package them and sell looool. Thank you Inthe for an amazing LIVING blog. For all those DMs and emails. Loooool. Thank you NW for having this dramatic life that teaches us life lessons. Exciting Christian, that’s who you are. Here’s to more random ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ DMs. Mbdb, you know where we meet now. Your blog is another gold. Here’s to more wisdom for the new year. And the diva herself, those articles on Vine. I still need an address ooo. Need to deliver this hug in person. May the wisdom God has given you all esp in the aspect of relationships last forever. Amen. Group hug ladies. With extra smooches. And NH, you know you are boss right? Twale Sir!!! Keep up the amazing work on NH.

Bella girl, you dunno what that blog did for me ooo?!?! Was that me you put right after my pastor kingsley? Me??? As in E’… You made my morning Bella Mayei. I just discovered your blog so I’m looking forward to more of you in 2014. Be mentioning me on twitter ooo. Thanks girl. You must be a super amazing person.

And some amazing people in the #LA137 fam. Tho I dropped out (after I explained to Ike) the fire of bible study was ignited in me from our study. Signet seal, you are a real star!!! Ur analysis were real. Eloxie!!! Lemme not lie darl, if we weren’t cool, I for dey beef you ooo. You seem like one of those girls that any prospective inlaw would love… Prim and Proper, british, reserved, deep, and a beautiful Christian sister. Plus you know how to just tweet the lovelies things at me and drop super sweet comments. I suspect that if I cut a bit of you, you would be real sweet to taste. Lol. Sweetheart, I love you and I really hope to sit for a drink with you sometime this new year… Deal?

Salsera… I love that you take my blog very seriously. Thanks for that lovely email to clarify things. It will reflect when I write it. Thanks for regularly commenting. I look forward to your comments. Love you hun…

Tannie my darling.
This one is a God-sent. She is as naughty as she is lovable.

I wish you didn’t miss this wedding ooo. Thank you for your hand in friendship. Thanks for being such a blessing to me this year I met you. Bless you darling. Your’s is this year abi? By God’s grace we will be there. Love you girl.

Osibomu and Zi. One a secondary school friend and the other Uni. But they drop insightful comments on my blog that bring a new slant to things. That’s what they have in common hence my putting you girls together. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for not making them scarce. Please make them even more regular in 2014. Love love love.

Somsom darling. Your testimony on my blog this year still resonates. I love how it blessed lives. May you have more to share with us this new year and may we all who celebrated you continue to testify too. Thanks for sharing baby. And you know tz love I got for you…

(Som on the right, Jioke on the left)
My Starship!!! I am just watching you!!! Hope you got shades on ooo. I see too much brightness in your future!!! Jioke, you are an absolute star (somehow u and Eloxie strike a similar chord in me). Thanks for accommodating me when I relocated temp to Abuja when all you knew of me was just my blog. Thanks for being a real virtuous woman indeed. Thanks for reppin’ our Sugar daddy very well. And thanks in advance cos you will remember me in your kingdom and I won’t have to fill form to see you oooo…. And this is me envying that blessed man who is your very own!!! Love you round the world and back… Wish I could give you a real hug right now!!! Ugh

Marysemako, Mary darling!!! I can’t wait to meet you so that you can give me all the hugs and kisses you send to me on a regular. You must be a real joy… Thanks for letting my blog be a blessing to you and thanks for letting me know always. I appreciate you more than you know b… More. Love you girl!!!

Worship and swag AND Cannime, my late discoveries on 2013. Good thing I discovered you girls. We go rock 2014 yeah? Shout out to you girls for all the love you show me in the comments section.

My Booski My Booski. *singing No one be like you…* Nobody else can be my booski. Nne, do you see God at work in your life? Aren’t you in awe?!?! Won’t I be justified to beef you? How can you be so blessed?!?! *beefing you jor* loooooool.
Me I am looking at you transform before my very before and I can’t even keep up. You say you learnt from the best abi? Nne, you are beating the best ooo. I almost can’t believe you Dumebi. You see eh, 2014 I am sticking to you even more. You may need to start teaching me some of the things you say I taught you. Looooooool. My girl. My bestie. My Booski. Clearly 2013 was our year. The girl didn’t love me alone and adopt me as a sister, she got her parents to adopt me as the other daughter they didn’t have and her brothers too. That’s intense ooo. And this is a special shout out to mommy dearest. Thanks for also reading my blog. Hugs and kisses. And thanks for the beautiful gift of Booski!!! My darling, we will bury the devil even deeper in this new year!!! Bloody loser. He messed with the wrong set of girls…

*evil laugh*
My Booski… Words can’t express my love but since tz just words I have, I LOVE YOU baby!!! Thank you for a fantastic year. Distance was absolutely NO barrier!!! And if you end up in Abuja with me, I promise, I won’t complain. And please don’t bother, you will get pregnant before me. I don’t mind. Enjoy and leave me alone oooooooo!!! *askor*

To my 5crushes in DCC. This is the point I bring out my tissue. *sniff sniff*
Diche, Eky, Charming Onyinye, Adaora and Blessing.

If anybody told me that a whole month would go by and I won’t receive a hug from either of you, I won’t have believed.
They generously donated hugs to me. Infact, we would chat and prepare for the hug the next service day loool.
Diche, Diche… Thank you. I miss you sha… Chai!!! Love you big *wailing*
Ada… Who will squeeze me like you please? Who? *sniff* Ada Ada!!! Blessed woman. Obviously!!! Love you too much
Eky… I am seriously looking for your wings. Angel you are!!! Confirmed!!! How someone will always be looking for a way to bless you as if we are dating beats me. Eky, God bless you for me.
Blessing!!! How I miss seeing you sing heavens down. Or just shamelessly coming over for a hug everytime.
Onyi the super charming lady. Mommy to be. Can’t wait for the charming princess to be born. Onyi would read my blog then ping me privately for gist lol.
I miss y’all mega. But I’m thankful for the love you guys show me and especially the hugs!!!
This is too emotional to write. And I’m sure it is really long as I am just typing away on my bb without checking.
My last (for this part one) person was supposed to be the one man I am proud to call DADDY who has been such a HUGE blessing to me that I can never get tired of mentioning and loving up on him. If you are a regular FAB’er, you should know him. I am too drained emotionally to do a befitting thank you so I’ll roll it over to the next. I have to be alert to write about him…
Ok three announcements before I run along…
I am a guest blogger on Chioma Chuka’s blog today on her #31days31Writers series. I attempted to chronicle my 2013 there. http://t.co/UUOQgoi4Xd You should check it out and drop a comment too.
I love how God gives us various pieces of a puzzle to solve and how the pictures come together nicely. That’s the crux of this Post I want you to read from JustUsGirlsNaija http://t.co/3h4ew8OoQT Yup tz my Pastor’s totally fabulous blog. The post blessed me so much and I took over the comments section looool.
Then my January series on 31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying!!! Wow!!! I have 10 already. I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s own ooo. Please send to ONLY ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com
Don’t forget to attach a picture.
Then please don’t mix it up!!! I see some are mixing it up… You may wanna re-read the article here first http://t.co/TxTDDgLZJS
Please write on plans for 2014 not how 2013 went. Also try and make it very rounded.., both the serious stuff and the fun stuff. 🙂 You can write not more than 1000 words (I upped it from the initial 500)
Still expecting more so send asap!!!
I am so excited at the plans most of y’all have. Together, we will!!!
Thanks y’all. Much love!!!
And merry merry Christmas eve darlings!!! Hope you are done shopping ooo? Loool. I am so done so tz going to be a real happy holiday for me. And Aku m. Yay!!!
Happy holidays too


Fab last weekend yo!!!

***This post was written on Monday October 14  but I got lazy and my internet has been crappy so i sort of chilled out till today to try again. So please rewind mentally as you read…***

Ok the weekend for me starts Thursday and it started with plenty of house cleaning, cooking and all. I wanna tell you the story of how we are househelp-less and how I have had to juggle so much but I will spare you details. One word though, Aku m is such a blessed man. I NEVER let him forget. I mean, is it easy to find someone who can cook, wash, clean, is very intelligent, can hold conversations, is eloquent, goes for knowledge, is totally HOT and fabulous, godly, phew…


*fans self* if you ever doubted the Proverbs 31 woman, then please, you got living proof in E’ #JustSaying

Looool stop hatin’ Just open your own blog… ;p

Oh but my man is A TEN too so I guess you deserve who you marry (Heard this from Diche tho she said she heard it from PK) Ok now that I have succeeded in making y’all jealous (I HOPE) let’s keep it going… Sunday was super fab. Met another Feddy Owerri girl in DCC.


Now we are like 10 in DCC alone. Ha ahn. We should totally start our own church jor. Holla Radiance darling… Church as usual was smokin’. Pk has a way with the Word as he took us on our Callings (divine assignment) our Gifts (Divine enablements) and our Opportunities (Divine placements) and what we should do with them. Amazing 10stars yo!!! If you ever run into E’ anywhere and I have my phone, be sure to ask me for the message. So I was all excited as I proceeded to BB to put up a pix of my Pastors and i. here is what I had up…


Actually I can write ‘worse tins’ so this was me being all conservative sef. Come on, y’all know me and all. I am very expressive especially with words. I do that with my boo, my friends, my pastors, colleagues etc so this shouldn’t have been a big deal. Anyways, not for this friend ooo. He instantly took me up. I can’t share a screen shot but all he said summed up to it wasn’t proper and all esp. with all the stories in town on pastors and female church members. Ok ooo. I proceeded to set him straight, very kindly and nicely and in details I must say. My Sapphire wasn’t so nice about it. Hehehe. She felt he didn’t need a long story. Loool. Anyways, just to say again, I have a SUPER FANTASTIC relationship with my Pastors, both male and female. And it is actually perfectly ok to. I cannot imagine not having them ooo. I mean… phew. I truly am that sort of person who knows how to make friends easy. And I guess I am the kinda person that people don’t mind rolling with. So if I like you, chances are high that before long we will be friends. I love my church and i definitely Pastors and I am grateful for the privilege of being mentored by them. And thing is, I am not even special like that. Someone like Rev has many children and loves us all. I mean he has a large heart towards all his children ooo just that I show off more.


Ditto PK. I am just a show off person and hey, it works for me. Ah, trust me it really works for me… Still on Pastors, so recall the post I did on Adichie’s Americanah  and my wanting to do a sequel on my reservations about the book. Well, I sorta forgot to do it till Rev pinged me yesterday asking if it was OK for his teenage daughters to read since all I wrote was the good and hadn’t written the ‘bad’ and so he didn’t know what to make of it.


Well, if you have read Americanah, what do you think? Oya Tannie, Priceless, Pearl, etc start commenting ooo. But first, what do I think?

NO, Teenagers can’t. I would rate that book 21 18 abeg. There are some values there that I would rather they be exposed to if need be later. Plus she uses (Yankee style) a lot of foul and swear words. Plus I don’t think there is information in the book that they absolutely NEED to know as they grow up so we can skip it abeg. Purple Hibiscus is FANTASTIC totally. I mean, it even had to be added to WAEC syllabus. AMERICANAH? I totally doubt. Still loh’ Americanah of course but no way my teenage niece/nephew or Ward is reading it.


Oh this babe who is almost as tall as i am is just 13 going on 14 real fast. Ah my darling niece Bube. Now now now we changed diapers and now now now we are talking Junior WAEC.

I should do my Part2 of Americanah this week. God willing.

Ok so this Sunday, I had to address the Youth church of an Anglican church on my Personal project. So I dashed out in the middle of the Word during first service. As soon as I entered the property, chai, I felt the ‘Anglican PEACE’ lool. Walahi, we Pentecostals are too rascally biko. They, the main church that is, were singing a hymn, I think ‘New every morning is thy Love’. Ah, I love hymns ooo (but hate poems. HATE) Then the Youth church were doing a Bible study from an outline and they promptly gave me one. It was so cool kai. I didn’t have a scarf so the President nicely and gently whispered that omission to me and very kindly offered to get me a hanky to cover my hair. I enjoyed their bible study too. They were so calm loool. Ditto the prayer session. I had to be praying in tongues under my breath, quietly .

Usually, I am dramatic whenever I wanna address a crowd. This sister has no atom of stage fright or fear of public speaking. But here I had to be sober. I mean I was in Rome, and no way was I gonna be behaving like an American lol. Spent just about 30mins there and it was a whole new experience that I had once had. My parents are Anglicans. They recited the ‘I believe in God, the Father Almighty…’ creed and I could remember majority of the lines… Cool. We are truly ONE ooo in this Kingdom.

same God

We may have our different ways, yup but tz the SAME GOD. The moment I stepped out tho, I took off the hanky-scarf and zoomed back to my church just in time for second service praise.


Speaking of services, our PK announced that *drum roll please* DCC is introducing her *standing ovation please* THIRD SERVICE asap. Whoop!!! Plus we have branched out into the Island properly now. Just got a property right on the expressway (in front of Meadow hall school) in lekki and tomorrow we will be holding a worship service there to claim the land. Whoop!!! True, DCC reminds me of this scripture ‘…the wind blows where it wills. You can hear it but you can’t tell where it comes from or is going, so you can’t explain spiritual people…’ John3;8. I mean, it is a church of young people but the way we buy property in millions no be here ooo. Chai, it feels so good to be connected to such grace and to be able to sow into such grace too. No doubt, DCC’s God is a BOSS GOD and A BOSS God will only do #BOSSTINZ yo. I will be on the Island property for the worship session and will bring you pictures and gist hopefully.

Then last night, I was home alone. My parents have travelled. My brothers are AWOL and so only E’ was home. I spent a better part of the night on the phone with my Soul sister.


Dang. Wish I had internet, we would have just skyped away. She has just gotten married and relocated to the UK and gosh, I can’t begin to explain how much I miss her. We had a real true sister convo on err ‘salient’ matters *cough cough*. The only thing missing was the hug we would have sealed that talk with.

wpid-IMG-20131010-WA0002.jpg Sawry inthe, still can’t resist this pix… ;p

No matter how many ‘I love you’s’ I hear over the phone, it doesn’t suffice for a hug.

Like yesterday in church, when the drop dead gorgeous Onyi told me I love you, it came with a hug.


Btw, Onyi, your hubby is smokin’ hot ooo. Chai. Dude is sooooo fine, you needed to see my jaw when she introduced us.


I mean, I screamed and exclaimed even Priceless heard it from where she was. He has this movie star Denzel fine haba. Again, you deserve who you marry. With how gorg Onyi is, she couldn’t have married less. Now I am beefing her baby cos he/she (I am rooting for a girl sha) will be so GORGE kai. Infact Onyi I am beefing you jor.

*insert NOT speaking to you face*

Priceless and I are beefing…

I got two amazing deals yesterday in church. I mean, too amazing.


Priceless darling, thanks for one of it. And thanks for being a true DCC sister. You know some people don’t need permission to do stuff. They just FORCE themselves and even you sef no get choice. I swear my friends are like that. Even when something concerns me exclusively, if you see the way dem dey poke-nose eh, daring me to shush them, and even bullying me on it sef. I hear I am like that but i doubt jor… This morning, I gave one of them gist on something which IMO was timely and she goes ‘…So when were u planning to tell me?’ looool. Ha ahn. And this is me telling her VERY EARLY oo but to her, not early enough, lol. Another one has a way of reminding me that she is family and so she has to right to bump in and out of my affairs as she likes whether I like it or not and then will occasionally send me ‘news flashs’ of ‘I AM UNDUMPABLE.


You can’t rid yourself of me’ if we don’t talk for like 2hours stretch only ooo. Hahahahaha. You need to see the RUDE phonecall that woke me up one day cos I didn’t respond immediately to a message sent loooooool. In her words, ‘this is UNACCEPTABLE’ Loool. You would think we were joined at the hips? Or wait, maybe we are ooo

*checks hips. And head too just incase*

Looool. Or is it the one that yabs me forever when she calls because she hasn’t seen me in a while and to her, that deserves major yabis. Kai. I don suffer sha. Basically, my friends have taken ownership of me ooo and think it is a right from heaven. Dear Aku m, please help me chase them away, thank you. I hope you can, cos frankly, I can’t… 😦


Btw, mega shout out to Vee, my Angel of love. BEST GRADUATING DOCTOR Class of ’12 Unibadan. Or is it ’11 sef.


Thanks hun for all the errr ‘enlightenment’ hehehe. Having a super intelligent Doctor friend is a mega gift ooo. Saves you money and wahala too.

So my bestie is a Doctor and my Boo is a Lawyer. Are you beefing yet? Hehehehe.

Gosh three pages on font 11 Calibri, and I have managed to take you round and round and yet nowhere ‘deep’ Kai, Eziaha Ajaero. Or is it Eziaha Olojo. Babes, let’s change our surname jor. To Davids. Eziaha Davids or Mrs. Davids sounds cooler jor. Plus the Davidic covenant is that of Victory ooo abi Kilo feel? Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha. I should go…But just before… Sometimes I wish I was an anon Blogger. There is sooooooo much I wanna say but who born me…? I know I am pretty open but these ones are pretty HUGE so… Ugh. Wish I could slip in and out of anonymity as I wished.

Ok one last gist, so in church yesterday, lizzy rings me up to gist me about seeing my picture on a poster in Ibadan and sent them to me, claiming that it is a sign..???!!! Na real wa.


This picture has been on different Church’s poster and banners and I am like WHAT NA???? I mean, my own Ibadan church has NEVER used it and then churches I don’t attend are using it and they won’t even pay me lol.


The picture is NOT even FINE and it is two years old or more so they should quit already. Where did they even get it from? I dunno… hiss much. The girl is just a STAR. She can’t even stay anon if she wanted to.

Ehen, Tunde Leye has this series ongoing on his blog BURNT. http://tlsplace.wordpress.com/category/burnt/ I read part 1 and 2 only and stopped. It is a story of sexual abuse by an uncle to his nieces. The story gnaws at my heart. I can’t even read beyond that cos I fear how bad it will go and how it will end. I mean, kids are so innocent. Why do this to them? And the girls are twins too. Haba!!! He is in episode 5 now but I can’t read any further jor. How can you abuse twin girls please? How can you even abuse any child sexually? I love Tunde Leye’s fiction but this one I am not feeling ooo. I am just too emotional about it. You can find the series here http://www.tlsplace.wordpress.com but I recommend

Tricia’s nightmare and Finding hubby If you need a beautiful story. Read BURNT at your risk.

If you need another fab blog to visit, try http://www.naijahusband.com Read the Too much book post first. I couldn’t stop laughing. No spoilers, just go and read it. And trust me, it has NOTHING to do with academics ooo. Just read it first. That couple sha…. Looool.


See my darling Ariel growing into this big boy right before our very ‘befores’ Finer than mommy and daddy combined. ;p

Ok I should bounce. I hope you read these rants of mine to the end. Cheers to a fab Sallah holiday dawleens. And if I don’t blog through the holiday, please blame it on BOLAJI OLOJO.


E’… Powered by GOD.

Holier than thou? Who? Me? Hian…

So this morning, I wasn’t gonna blog about anything ooo.

But something happened that brought out the Blogger in me…

Someone called me ‘holier than thou’

Her exact words were

‘…Ezi please stop all this holier than thou thing you always do…’


Ok lemme back up a bit…

We were discussing something on people who reduce or falsify their age to get a certain benefit or job. Case in point was the NYSC especially. I told her about a friend of mine who I told NOT to bother reducing her age to serve because most employers wouldn’t accept you without a ‘Discharge certificate’ even if you have the equally legit ‘Exemption Letter’

My point is, lying just removes God from the equation. NYSC is NOT what God needs to give you a job… Even if you reduce age to 22 from 30, what’s the guarantee that you would get a job post-NYSC??? Certainly NOT that NYSC certificate. Not even your degree.

“…Some trust in and boast of chariots (degree, certificates, age) and some of horses (connections, surname) but E’ will trust in the name of the Lord my God…” Psalm 20:7

God can NOT be limited to a flimsy piece of paper to bless you. He can bless you with or without that ‘chariot’. He is God, He cannot be BOXED…

And He certainly doesn’t want you sharing His glory with any man/thing… He wants to be 100%Boss, 100% of the time… Haven’t we heard incredible testimonies of miracle jobs? I heard one on sunday that made me cry for joy… ha ahn. He is Boss ooo. He does things in his own way and he can use the foolish things to confound the wise. (Ist Corinthians 1:27)

And He will remove anything that dares to stand in His way…

“…Those chariots will rust, those horses will pull up lame, that Uncle will disappear, that age reduction will count for less than nothing…but we who trust in God, not certificate or our age, we will TESTIFY…” Psalms 20:8 (E’s mix version)

Of course you have to be diligent yup. Get an education (formal or informal in your desired field). Yup. But to remove trust from God and put it in Paper and then do all sorts of things to either get the Paper or make the paper valid…? Hell Nope!!!

I love how Isaiah 31: 1 ff puts it…


I especially love the ‘The Egyptians are men and NOT God. Their horses are flesh and NOT spirit…”

Biko eh, let us stop all these compromising ejor…

It doesn’t look good on us… And doesn’t speak well of our God…

See eh, with God, there are NO grey areas. Tz either black or white. True or lie. Yes or No. No shades in between.

…But let your Yes be simply Yes and your NO be simply NO. Anything else is from the Devil… (Matt 5:37)

And just incase you have forgotten, here is my reminder…

“…Let me tell you why you are here, You are the LIGHT of the world… You are the SALT of the earth, if you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You are here to be LIGHT, bringing out the God colors in the world…”


Stay in faith darling. Get a tag team of ‘faith persons” to encourage you.  Don’t compromise your standards.

If the world want to interpret this as being ‘holier than thou’, then allow me to introduce myself to you…

My name is Eziaha and why yes, I am Holier than thou…


Oh btw, I was hug starved when that person told me this.


My fave colleague resigned and she gave me the best hugs at work.  When Sapphire asked me how I was, and I told her I was hug-starved, she sent me this fake attempt of a hug.



I later got a real one from my Corper colleague so all is well in E’ world.

Sapphire, don’t worry, few more days till I get the real hug from you.

Btw, this selfie is gorgeous….


Have a terrific Tuesday FAB’ers


Jesus in JEANS… Relationship, NOT a set of RULES!!!

***POST CRASH ALERT; This Post contains a zillion pictures and two videos. I hope your device can handle it… hehehehe***

So Jesus in jeans went down yesterday and it was all shades and hues of Ah-May-Zing…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I wanna share a few things that service brought up for me and of course plenty of pictures…

IMG_20130908_122708 EZIAHA IN JEANS ON POWER BIKE… Hahahaha

If you don’t know what JESUS IN JEANS was all about, please read my post on it here

There was nothing unconventionally church about yesterday but everything cool and ‘E’ compliant’ about it.


Recall my last post where I said I had to find church ‘cool’ to flow? Ehen, this is a good example of what i mean.

There is a church for EVERYONE, whatever your taste is, so far it is a LIVING church. Find the one you are most comfy with and be planted and SERVE there. There is really NO textbook prescription as to how church should be. One mistake we make is that in our heads, we have reduced church to a set of rules and anybody who doesn’t follow the ‘RULES’ is OUT.

Nah Sweetie. And Jesus in jean service was just DCC’s way of evangelizing and reaching out to even more people. I wanna talk about the reactions that followed on my BBM after I sent a BC, on why we had to have such a service… loooool. But that is story for another day… One thing though, thank God He is omnipresent ooo. If not, God would have been in only one place yesterday, partying with His mainest people in DCC… True that!!!

20130908_120425  wpid-IREPDCC-1.jpg

Aint nada wrong with jeans in church yo. Walking into church for workers meeting at 7am with my pair of jeans, shirt and heels, almost everyone was in a pair of jean… It was super cool.

I quickly stole a look at The Rock IMAGE (Choir) because I know that those people are just vain colorful loool.


They didn’t disappoint, in their jean, red, white and black combo… Still on TRI, they did a fantastic ministration jare and it was led by one of my ‘favorite-from-a-distance’ Ministers.


(The guy is fine sha #Justsaying#) Sorry no picture of him 😛

The comedian, especially for first service was incredibly FUNNY. His joke on Igbo musicians and their videos got me rolling… Oh my!!! Too funny. Sorry I can’t obviously repeat the joke. I would water it down. Just trust me when i say HILARIOUS!!!

The dance too was on point.

But two things stood out that day for me and it was the DRAMA and the WORD…

The essence of the drama’s message was not lost with the drama, as incrediblY HILARIOUS and unconventional as it was.

It began with a woman whose husband had just passed and she was crying hard. Then the ‘Pharisees’, all four of them appear and start talking all sorts of rubbish about generational curses and sin,


further compounding the woman’s agony. One of them was a professor with BIG grammar loool. It was too hilarious. While they are doing their thing, two women come in with their bell and drama


and now demanded for 7cows and 7pigs to carry out a sacrifice. HAHAHAHAA


The Pharisees chased them away last last sha and continued their rubbish.

Then we heard the revving of a power bike from the back.


Then three guys appear dressed like bikers top to toe…


they made their way to the stage and those acting are as surprised as those of us watching. Like ‘what’s going on here???’

20130908_102652 (Jesus in the middle)

Then one of them, the one in Black introduces himself to us all as Jesus or ‘BROS J, like my DCC friends call me’ Looool. I am including a video here for effect. Then the other dudes introduce themselves… One as ‘Peter or P’SHUN’ and the other as ‘James or Jaaaaaaaa’mey’ Loool. This they did with plenty of attitude ooo.


Then Jesus asks what the commotion is about and after they say, He steps aside and prays a really short casual but powerful ‘I know who I am’ prayer to his FATHER


and in the calmest most authoritative voice ever says ‘Lazarus, GET UP’


and immediately, dude jumps up… hahaha.


The Pharisees wanted to die. Then the Jesus retreats and sits on his Power bike.


The Pharisees leave angrily and return almost immediately (SCENE TWO) with the woman caught in adultery. With sticks and stones ready to kill the woman.


And of course, they were like, ‘You call yourself Jesus abi, the son of God yet you are wearing jeans and riding power bike? Ehen so this woman was caught doing AN UNHOLY TIN (He actually lifted his leg up when he said this. We almost died laughing) So what do you say because as you see us here, we are NOT smiling…?’

And then this Jesus brings out his iPad and was iPading away while the Pharisees were fuming.


Then very calmly, he says

‘He who is without sin cast the first stone…’

and dude went back to his iPad. Of course, you didn’t expect this Jesus to be writing on the sand in this 21st century na… Come on!!!

Come and see drama as they all disappeared one by one with the flimsiest of excuses.

Hilarity for days.

The last to leave was the most stupid of them all because he was holding everyone’s stone and waiting for them.


Anyways, after they all left, Bros J looked up from his iPad and gave the BEST line I have ever heard with all the swags he could muster…


‘Hey Sandra, where the Pharisees at?’

I almost died laughing!!!

This Jesus was definitely going to Hell by most Christian’s standard today and He was going to rot in hell this time not resurrect after 3days… LOOOOOOOL

You know how the story goes now… Just read it in John 8; 1-11

Then enjoy my video explaining the drama even more…

And this Jesus ooo, He wasn’t talking directly to us ooo. He would call James


and then whisper into his ears


and Jameeeeey would tell us.


The drama ended with Jameeeeey telling us that Jesus said we should ‘COME AS WE ARE’ cos anyday, anytime He is ready ooo. And when they were walking out, Jesus had this swag in his steps…


The Word was another highlight of the day.

I will share nuggets that got me in my own words…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo preached. Oh, did I mention that he drove into church with his Power bike?


He did… Mehn!!! PK is the kinda Pastor I love abeg. When it comes to the Word, oh my Pastor drops it like it is HOT. And he aint low on SWAG at all…


He said once that a Parent told his son…

“…So you are going to that church where the Pastor drives a Power bike abi?”


Ha ahn!!! What is not right with that biko nu? Cos i RIDE one too… *straight face*


Loooooooooooool… Christians eh…We are always looking for rules and more rules…

Ok the Word…

The whole idea of Christianity is NOT a set of rules. It is a relationship. We have the STRONGEST, BESTEST message on earth and yet sometimes, we have the worst way of passing it across because we are reducing it all to rules and making it boring. If we can truly paint the right picture of what we have, then we would inspire many more people to wanna be like us. Jesus was NOT a religious guy… He partied, related with Sinners (the Bible actually calls him a friend of sinners Matthew 11;18-20), and so on. He even provided more wine when the wine at the wedding finished so that groove go continue loool. He basically related with everyone and yet was not corrupted by them. That is the balance.

Don’t be so ‘Christian’ that you forget that the core of our message is LOVE and RELATIONSHIP and become JUDGMENTAL of everything that doesn’t conform to what we have in our head as ‘CHRISTIAN’.

Christianity need not be boring. Church need not be that place where we go to sleep.

peuf_20130909_29 (I got this SCREEN SHOT CAPTURED YESTERDAY. It was too apt looool. Forgive me Sweetheart… kisskiss)

I am not saying we should all become WORLDLY and be corrupted by the world. All I am saying is don’t be so offish, eerie, odd, boring that you can’t reach the world.

Many people love Christ but hate His followers because of how we behave.

No one should box our Christianity and our message. Some people have the MOST USELESS SENSELESS message but you need to see all the packaging they give it. We that have such a message wanna be restricted and boring about it. Mba ooo. NO!!!

Enjoy the video and then  I will wrap it up afterwards…

I love how PK tied it all up together. Jesus calls himself the BREAD OF LIFE and the LIVING WATER. Bread refers to sustenance. Likewise water. There is a God-shaped vacuum in EVERY man. Nothing else can fill that void. Not jeans, not partying, not drugs, nothing!!!

The koko is getting this JESUS and accepting Him as the One from whom your life derives a meaning. The difference between our own kinda groove (eg dressing well, riding power bikes, wearing jewelry, using weaves or dreadlocks, and enjoying the luxuries of life that He has given us freely to enjoy as long as we don’t cross the line and we do all things in moderation) is that we know that our definition, our sustenance is NOT and can NEVER be from those things. Rather, our sustenance is from this bread of Life and we have to teach others who still think they can derive joy from these ephemeral stuff, that ‘NOPE it won’t ever do’.

Get God and then put all these things in their place… no one being as important as that relationship with God.

Even though we have those ‘THINGS’, when they are absent, let our relationship with God NOT be shaken at all.

I love the illustration PK gave with thirst, coke and water. If we are really parched and we drink coke, even if we drink one gallon, in no time you would thirst again. Only water can truly quench thirst. It is the same way that the finer things of life cannot quench our thirst in life. Only God can. We should make sure that nothing else is used to fill that void or else we would just be wasting our time.

So Christians, please rep CHRIST WELL. Don’t make it about rules looking for whose dressing (or whatever) qualifies them or not.

A judgmental CHRISTIAN is an oxymoron… Both words don’t and should not go…

Enjoy life but let one thing remain number one… A RELATIONSHIP with God that shows in our day to day living and draws outsiders to Him through us…

On a lighter note, PK keeps saying that if JESUS was here today, He would drive a POWER BIKE. Being that He rode a donkey… Ride na ride abi… LOOOOOOL.

And the biggest testimony of the day were the souls that were saved… Quite a lot of people came out to give their lives to Christ (or re-dedicate).

Like I said, JESUS IN JEANS was an outreach program and judging by the souls saved, I can say it was well worth…


Enjoy more pictures Darlings… And just in case you like the earrings from the videos, sorry love, they are taken already.



PhotoGrid_1378659960448 (that is pastor K’s first daughter right there. Eky… I loved her tee. Dassah and Davida are PK’s kids)


And don’ bother asking me if I rode the bike… Askor…


20130908_115248 The Ushers and their Pastor LOOOOL. Famzing people hehehehe. You need to see wll the drama prior to the shot…

While I got a personal shot… Whoop



Looooool. I think I will be beaten after this post.

JESUS IN JEANS was super amazing… Or like i said when my Pastor asked me



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This Post was tough to put together… but I have absolutely enjoyed putting this together…I think this is Post in which I have had the most exciting time putting together… I hope you enjoyed it.

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And in other RELATED news, i joined a new unit in church which i am very VERY excited about… GUESS WHICH?

Nah, not drama…

Nope not Welcome…

Nope not choir (my voice is croaky)…



Of course I am still a DEEjAY NOW… Projector Unit member that is…


Yup all three girls are the FEMALE DeeJays in DCC…

Shout out to DJ KENI and DJ TOYIN… Loool

Have a super duper COOL week ahead and please rep CHRIST VERY WELL EVERYWHERE YOU GO…


20130908_094827 (riding out yo!!!)