Daughters&Sisters Without Rival

For in His eyes, we are all Daughters #WithoutRival and this eliminates every reason we should ever compete with one other… Lisa Bevere. Without Rival


I don’t know about yawl but I’m saved enough to admit that if not for Jesus, I would have been the most selfish, competitive Bitch ever (excuse my French)

ME, MY, MINE would be the number one grammar in my vocab.

My prayers would have been mostly selfish.

Very VERY selfish.

And can I tell yawl that up until recently, they were partially selfish.

When DDK came for Warrior in Heels, part of what she said was something like

‘…if all you are praying for is yourself, then something is wrong. If prayers have not taken you to different countries and different people, then you have not started…’

I frankly didn’t know what DDK meant but because I wanted to truly KNOW, I asked God to explain it to me. I didn’t ask DDK.

You see, I had seen the whole #MiddayBabyMidday movement by Bobbie Houston of HillSong and Color Sisterhood,


and I knew they were basically praying against injustice in the world, especially against women and human trafficking, but I won’t lie, it still didn’t quite ‘enter’

Somehow, God began to explain to me what unselfish prayers looked like.

Now there is this part of praying for your friends who have shared prayer points with you. Then there is a prayer that you pray for people you don’t know, may never know, but definitely need your prayers because gurl, we are not called into isolated or selfish lives.

The biggest way God taught me this was with my son.


Every time I spoke all my plenty plenty prayers over him especially before I dropped him off at Daycare, I would feel God kinda tug me to do more…

To pray for not just him but the Child Minders, the other kids there, their parents etc.

The exact thing I was praying for me and my baby was the exact same thing I began to pray for them…

I would pray that the moms have wisdom from heaven to build their homes right and they raise their kids in the fear of the Lord. That these children walk in purpose and that the homes they grow in is being built on the foundation of God. That they know GOD from a young age and so on.

I go a step further to pray for his classmates and friends in the future when he graduates Day care into ‘real’ school. I pray into his future and the other kids I don’t even know.

Now truly I can pray that my son is ‘all that’ and I could care less about other kids and their mamas. I mean, I want for my kid to be best behaved, most intelligent, most adorable kid in his school, etc. so why pray for another mama and her kid so her kid may now be better than mine?

Abeg abeg!!!

But God is like,

What if these kids, with whom your kids will grow, are spoilt, and ‘one kain’, would you prefer that? Wouldn’t you rather pray for the kids and parents with whom your kids will be with, that they are being trained right and in the fear of God? That your kid has a class and school full of kingdom minded kids who are saved and love Jesus from a young age and so don’t teach my kids the bad habits they pick up at home. Isn’t it better to ‘dwell together in harmony’ so your prayer points reduce?

As I got more understanding of that, I began to pray for kids everywhere really. My prayer world expanded. I don’t want to just be the mom whose kids are the BEST and then care less of what becomes of the other kids.

I believe the root of that is RIVALRY and something that is NOT love.

It is same as the kids in my compound and neighborhood.

It is easy for me to have the best behaved kids and judge ’em mamas whose kids are unruly and badly behaved.

But who judgment epp?

How bad would it be for me to pray for my sister, understanding that it is way better to have a neighborhood of kids who are well behaved and playing together? Even if you don’t let your kids play with them, someway somehow, your kids will encounter them. And even if my kids never get to roll with them, INDISCIPLINED KIDS MAKE SUPER SUPER TERRIBLE ADULTS both as wives/hubs, teachers, Doctors, etc.

Nothing hurts when our prayers are all inclusive.

Now it doesn’t matter whether or how the prayers are answered. We are just called to pray beyond selfish prayers.

What do you think the Bible means here…

I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them… 1 Tim 2:1 NLT

I just strongly know that we need to move beyond trying to be number one and on to helping people past obstacles in their own lives so we WIN TOGETHER!!!

The simple truth is that with that kind of mentality, God will still bless us and ours.

His blessing ain’t limited or about to finish.

He has MORE THAN ENOUGH to go round!!!

I recall those University days. When someone will have one secret information about a Course and hide it under their bumbum so nobody else knows.

They won’t share their past questions or that ‘Special’ way to answer the question to fetch more marks.

I was tempted a lot to hold back some stuff as I did constant tutorials but I would just teach and share the knowledge I had till I felt drained.

Guess who still made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT and with a First Class?


My sharing did NOT hurt my blessing.


We should want more for our generation and those coming behind us. We should not drop rivalry and ‘I must get ahead’ mentality on the lap of the next generation, but instead, we help as many as we can.



In your industry, among your colleagues especially in the market place, there is a LOT of competition!!!

The world is constantly trying to pitch us against each other and make us fiercely compete, even if we have to draw blood. Everyone wants to not just get ahead, but pull her colleague down on the way up.

I recall one of my friends missing a very important test application deadline because one of her colleagues who knew about the deadline didn’t share with her, maybe because she felt the girl was going to pass and stop her own shine, as that friend of mine is super intelligent.

Under 2 years now, my friend has done that exam and is now in the system.

Look, even if it is a case of ONLY one person can ‘pass’ or ‘winner takes it all’ like The Voice Nigeria, which really is a competition, we don’t have to have a dog mentality. There can be love even in competition. Because yup, A’rese may have won but that did not come from your portion in life.


God has a plan for the life of other talents there and they too can walk into greatness even without being the Winner.

A’rese did not steal Brenda’s STAR. Or Chike’s. Or DNA’s.

She did NOT

She CAN NOT!!!

She truly just picked up her own STAR. Her STAR doesn’t diminish another’s and truth is any other person can make something huge from their singing career too. I am particularly looking forward to Brenda.

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Oh God, I cried at this performance

Something else struck me with The Voice Nigeria.

Personally I preferred the Top 16 performance of Timi’s Great Nation to any individual performance

In fact everyone at home agreed that it was just the best performance of all…

I think we look better together. Truly.

But let’s even leave the world, this whole competition can really be stupid, especially among the children of God. For the world, it is normal but not for us kingdom people with a kingdom mindset.

It should be more about collaboration than competition if we are jointly going to make sure the enemy has nothing on us, and that we get all the goodies God has prepared for us.

I mean, rivalry is not just stupid, but also senseless and counter-productive. (Don’t worry I am talking to me too) Nothing drives home my point than this video of the lion and the lucky buffalo…

We know the information that can help our colleagues get a promotion and enjoy good stuff but we hide and hoard. Rivalry because we have to BE BETTER and enjoy the ‘buffalo’ alone!!!

I am reminded of something I heard James and Betty Robinson say when Lisa and John Bevere were guests on the show.


James said that people would caution them in promoting the Bevere ministry so much on their show so that their TV audience don’t now take the money they want to give to the Robinson ministry and give to the Bevere ministry instead. And I love how James said there is no need to compete.


At the end of the day, it is God’s work and God has enough to FUND each of them without depleting what He wants to give others.

Let’s stop making God look like His supply is limited. Because it is NOT!!!

You have access to information that can make life easier for someone but you keep it, and enjoy it alone. Heaven forbid we share. As if a blessing on their life is debited from your own bank account…


Now I need to highlight that point above which I learned from Lisa Bevere MY LIFE HERO…

54 year old Gmama

54 year old Gmama

A Blessing on your Sister’s life is NOT taken out of your Bank account. God has enough for all His children. As we share, He even expands our world.

I am frankly tired of the competition I see in the world today. I still heard someone in church yesterday say ‘…but he is my competition’.

My heart broke.

We limit God when we get into all that pettiness. We are trying to tell Him He doesn’t have it within Him to take care of all His children.

Ah, that Lisa Bevere’s statement reset my head.

And you know, I didn’t get it from the Book. Let me tell you what I do when I see a new book or movie that I love but I do not have access to yet.

I go and read up interviews and posts about it. That’s what I did or I am still doing. I heard her say this line during an interview. Heaven knows how many times I re-wound that part of the video.

‘…We need to stop looking at each other as though a blessing on them was taken from our bank account because we are created WITHOUT RIVAL…’

I can’t!!!

I just can’t with the kinda wisdom that comes from Lisa Bevere.

She has my number…. FOREVER!!!

I recall when I started my business. The devil has and still throws me some ‘competition’ vibes. He makes me feel like other Chicks or guys in my line of biz are my competitor. I recall when I met Dr. Donald Olu of DTrimmers on Inspiration FM.


on the right

I loved how just totally welcoming he was to me as a newbie in the Fitness world. Said he had gone through my blog, loved my devotional, asked and encouraged me to get certified, which I was already on and we just flowed.

I heard of someone else yesterday who was complaining about how an older colleague treated her when she just started her biz and went to him. He was even going to do her dirty.

I know there is temptation to be competitive with others in your field and people don’t even help when they start comparing and saying this and that but we have to RISE ABOVE SUCH PETTINESS!!!

The devil has such a divisive spirit and doesn’t like brethren especially dwell together in unity, so he throws all those silly thoughts in my head but I am quick to counter it. My mind is not his dumping ground so I ain’t letting him put any trash in.

Joyce Meyer says when those thoughts drop in, say out loud


And then counter it.

That don’t mean I am stupid, that just means I am wise enough to discern a stupid thought and stop it from taking root

2Corinthians 10:5b says we take EVERY THOUGHT and purpose captive into the obedience of Christ…

The Message captures my thought perfectly, especially when we back up a bit…

3-6 The world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn’t fight fair. But we don’t live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren’t for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.

I especially love how it says ‘tearing’ and then ‘fitting’

It just makes me happy to see that with some effort, I can ‘arrange’ myself. I don’t have to just let ‘whatever will be will be’ and be living in rivalry with my sisters, whether in the same line of business as me or not, just because I think they are progressing faster in life than me.

But I go even further than countering; I start to pray for the person’s business, job or ministry.

I pray that people connected to me are running in purpose, running hard after the assignment God has given them. I pray that their arms are strengthened and they do not drop ‘faith balls’.

That they are filled with wisdom on how to walk this Faith journey.

Oh I pray they we all are successful at whatever we do and we all have careers and businesses that are compatible with our Faith, and that we brand and tag every single thing we do PROUDLY CHRISTIAN whether we are selling bracelets or helping people stay in shape.

We carry Jesus proudly and make Him famous!!!

It has not always been like this for me, I confess.

There was a time I had such a beef/competitive/comparison filled life and I blogged some about it here (Authentically me and Surprisingly Satisfied, one of the BEST posts I ever blogged). I wasn’t praying for nobody.

I was just so dissatisfied with my life and I was in this stupid race where I thought people had gone ahead of me and I couldn’t really celebrate anything that looked like progress from their end.

Trust me when I say God did a deep work in me and had to excavate all that nonsense from me so he could grow this beautiful garden that my life is becoming.

No, I am not perfect and I sometimes find myself entering into ‘competition mode’ and then I catch myself quickly and REPENT!!!

I cast down the STUPID thought.

Sisters, we have a world to reach.

We have a devil to keep under our feet and not allow to escape like that buffalo while we rival ourselves. We don’t have time for drama. We fight and honey, ain’t no weapon stronger than LOVE. No wonder the Bible says LOVE NEVER FAILS!!! And please I am stopping myself from starting another blog post on LOVE NEVER FAILS right now!!!


Joel 2 also gives us some kind of perspective on this war we are in and how we are all part of this great invincible Army and even though we have our different roles to play, we all have to STAY IN FORMATION and drop rivalry fast…

The MSG!!!

7ff The invaders charge.

They climb barricades. Nothing stops them.

Each soldier does what he’s told,

   So disciplined, so determined.

They don’t get in each other’s way.

   Each one knows his job and does it.

Undaunted and fearless,

   Unswerving, unstoppable

If you back up a bit, you see how powerful this Army is and how NOTHING can stop them and the verses above just tell me why this Army is truly invincible!!!


Each one knows her job and DOES IT and without getting in each other’s way.

Instead they do what God has told them individually, Yes, but still as a part of this UNBEATABLE ARMY!!!

Ah!!! I actually had to carry myself for a retreat where God explained it to me.

I am very intentional about praying that the various people in my life are not just walking but RUNNING HARD after purpose.

You know, one of my best friends has this thing for young girls, secondary school kids and all. So I saw a flyer on Facebook for her program


and the first thing the devil tells me is ‘so she had a program and she didn’t tell you IN DETAIL FIRST yet you find it on Facebook?’

I know!!!

Can you imagine that stupid thought?

If I wasn’t born again, devil would have had a PRIME CANDIDATE in me haha.

You need to know that not every thought that drops in your head is yours ooo.

A lot is from the devil and while we can’t stop the bastard from dropping thoughts, we don’t take it…

We take NO thought… 2Cor 10:5

And then we also learn to YELL A LOUD NO to the devil

James 4:7 …Yell a loud no to the Devil and watch him scamper. Say a quiet yes to God and He’ll be there in no time… The Message!!! (Yes we are all now in LOVE WITH THE MESSAGE version)

Mehn, I turned all that nonsense thought upside down and started to pray for the program. That the program will bless every young lady who comes and snatch any souls from the clutches of the enemy and that it is so successful and that my Booski continues to run hard after purpose and Jesus and she is strengthened for the journey and so on.

Then I rang her later that evening (mentally remembering that both our lives are fast paced and while we have a general idea of what we are both working on and what we are in faith for so we can pray for one another, we don’t always have all the finer details) and asked her for details and encouraged her through it as she shared her challenges and fears and victories and we updated on each other’s lives and so on.

See how the devil wanted to come and how I dealt him a black eye and then some… hahahahaha.

See ehn, we have to actively deal with satan ooo. We don’t just stay neutral. We go further to do something positive from the negative he intended because we are all daughters of a God unlimited in both His love and His resources and so we should be WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Let me end with another story that happened over this weekend.


Shredder Gang, whose real name is Bunmi and who had inspired me FROM A DISTANCE, on my own weight loss journey, had invited me twice now for a fellowship she runs, and on those two occasions, I could not go.

Now Shredder and 1 are in the same line of Fitness business, and of course, the devil will want to make you feel like you are competing but both of us for some reason just became personal friends instead, understanding that we are CO-LABORERS and not RIVALS because we are both ‘crazy God lovers’ too.


Shredder gang CEO Bunmi

I actually would always pray for her and her biz and her ministry and her walk with God and everything good for her. I just felt such a connection with her but I walked wisely in building that relationship because we need Squad Definitions too ooo.

Anyways, third invite and I could make it (especially cos she and Funto threatened me haha)

the terrorists lol

the terrorists lol

And oh my gosh!!! The moment I walked into that Sisterhood, I felt at home. I didn’t know these Sisters from NO WHERE but it felt like we had been connected since forever. I felt at ease. I could truly fellowship with them, lifting holy hands without fear or drama. (Yawl know I HATE drama)


I saw women share the Word in very practical ways and give words of knowledge and just correct each other in love, and accept correction and just BE POWERFUL together!!!

Funto Ibuoye and I

w/ Funto Ibuoye and her Gbolabo

And then God, nicely brought to my remembrance something I had BEGGED HIM FOR ALL YEAR!!!

I had been asking God to bring me ‘deep rich authentic friendships within the body of Christ’ Now I have a lot of pretty Squad but most are vertical either upward (with my mentors) or downward (with my mentees). I wanted a tribe of women who ‘when we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith BUT I also want to be encouraged by yours…’ which is the Sisterhood goal!!! Ah!!!


I didn’t want mentoring. I had that covered. I wanted the strength that comes from just women having this very mutual horizontal thing going.

I had been tempted severally to start this on the platform of my blog but I always knew that God didn’t release me to.

See how God used Shredder to meet a deep intimate need in my life.


I left that meeting just totally refreshed and adopted into a family. What if I was being Team Petty and didn’t open myself up to friendship with Bunmi?

Or what if she was the one being Petty? I believe it was my praying for her that even prompted her to ask me to join the Sisterhood.

I am so excited about my new sisters in Christ (the feeling is mutual) and even though I am not going to be close to everyone, I know that there are some amazing women with whom I will be doing life and ministry intimately for a LONG LONG time.

You see ehn, we are not called to live in isolation. God has called us all to connect with each other but if we see ourselves as Rivals, we just may be putting off a testimony.

If you really need help with overcoming pettiness, cattiness, and rivalry, Lisa Bevere’s latest book WITHOUT RIVAL will help you. I PROMISE YOU!!!


Lisa is a writer that truly wrecks nonsense out of you!!! Plus she too has dealt with rivalry and comparing herself with other female preachers like her especially when she didn’t make the cut of the Most influential Female preachers in America a few years back and was so hurt by it. Of course, she has grown way beyond that and wants to help us…

I tell you, her Book shook me too. It made my resolve stronger to live with my fellow sisters WITHOUT RIVAL!!!

Nobody Rivalry epp ooo…

You can order her book here as it is releasing today yaaaaaaay. You can also find an e-copy because we all know it is not landing Naija for a LONG time haha. I have my e-copy already and I am just preparing my mind for the work it will further do.

You can download the first two chapters here too and enjoy. I tell you, Chapter 1 blew me away.

And if you read to this point, you just read a mini Book. Me sef I taya for me!!! Hahahahahahahaha


I love yawl too…

But really though, I strongly know that the WITHOUT RIVAL message is God’s heart for now. The Father wants us to co-labor without rivalry and bring in the ready harvest. We don’t even have enough active Laborers and we need everyone on deck and not being P E T T Y!!!

Can I get an AMEN!!!







Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

You know, this week was an absolutely emotional one for me. For some reason, I spent quite some time on the phone with women.
I took away ONE thing from EVERY conversation.


That some, maybe most of us are NOT fighting hard enough!!!

My Rev (who I am CRAZY about more now than before) said something once in his leadership school.


It was a QnA session and someone had asked what informs his preaching per time…
He gave many things but one stuck out. I have NEVER forgotten
He said that sometimes you have quite a lot of people asking him questions on the same thing.

Different people. Random people. Same questions. Same issues.

Then he knows it is time to address it in a sermon…

That’s what this week was about for me so let’s yarn in this post.

Good thing is, I’m addressing myself too. I’m gonna write this knowing that I would have to come back from time to time and read it. Matter of fact, I’m sharing mostly my fights…

Ladies, are we fighting enough for what is OURS? Are we even fighting AT ALL?

No kiddin’ but looks like everywhere I turn, the devices of the enemy seem to be pumping itself up. But we who he is attacking are on Instagram.

If the devil ain’t coming for your kid, he’s coming for your marriage, or your husband, or your job through maybe a boss or policy from hell.

Oh, he’s coming for your finances too what with fridge spoiling today and pumping machine breaking tomorrow. Or even endless hospital bills for members of your home. Oh he’s really coming for our health.

He’s coming for your prayer and study life by making you either oversleep, engaging you in fruitless activities that leave you drained and unable to engage in activities that actually bear fruits. The ones God wants to use to bless you.

He’s coming for you by constantly whispering lies in your ears, sometimes through people closest to us, that make you cower and not live out your full potential.

He’s coming for you through domestic accidents, car accidents, and even NEPA!!!

That dude is coming for our lives and he’s not even slowing down. He’s deploying ALL of his arsenals.

He of course knows how to get to you and he is NOT holding back.

But a lot of us are sleeping, yawl.

Giving up.
Holding back.
Drawing back.
Making excuses.
Blaming the wrong person.
Fighting the wrong person.
Or just lounging on Instagram.

You know what, we are in a battle guys. This is not PS3. Or candy crush. Or subways surfer.
This. Is. Full. Blown. War.


We are in a battlefield guys. Not a play ground.

Sadly some of us are giving up just because he pulled the first punch.

Honey let me tell you what you do…
You. Fight. Back!!!

Oh Jesus, YOU roll up your sleeves and shokoto and get ready to kick some devil ass without pity.


But some of us don’t know how to fight because we don’t have any weapons. Our arsenals are empty.

The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal but they are MIGHTY through God…

Tz not to late to get in the battle field babe.
Good thing is, we have read the end!!!
We. Win!!!
We end up with Jesus on the streets of gold baby.
The devil rots in eternal hell.
We. Win guys!!!
So we fight from victory.
We fight on our knees.
We go in our secret prayer place, get out our sword of the spirit-the WORD- and do some serious damage to the devil.

So that boss will not let you be, messing up your life and making you miserable at work.

No, don’t take it as ‘one of those things…’

You get home, block out like 30mins and scabash until even you KNOW it is settled!!! Do it everyday until that which you have spoken, becomes your reality. Either he/she changes or leaves or you leave to somewhere better.


Your laptop packs up for no just cause. Or starts misbehaving. And you know just how important it is to your life and productivity.

You sigh. And just leave it lying there.
No baby!!!

You better lay your hands on it and start commanding ooo.

NEPA decides to misbehave messing up almost everything at home. Nne, fight!!!

Either you are fighting for God to take you to the level financially where NEPA has zero effect on your life, or that you have power every time you need it.

I didn’t realise how powerful NEPA can be until some two weeks back. Light was almost always absent and my inverter almost always off.

If you see how my prayer life dipped ehn. Plus my productivity. I would just lay in bed almost all day, hating NEPA and doing nothing. Then when they bring it, I’m happy and wham, it goes off again and my everything dips.

I usually confess that I always have light in my home but during that time, I used to continually feel bad that all my confessions weren’t working and so I wasn’t even confessing again.

Ah, one day I heard God.

Like Eziaha, isn’t this when you are supposed to go even harder on your confession? Just some manifestation of the devil using NEPA and you wanna roll over and play dead.
I mean, NEPA!!!
Where’s your fight girl? How do you defeat the devil if you can’t defeat NEPA!!!
Go and do battle on this situation until it changes. But in the meantime, resolve that you would still maximise your day.

Oh I repented!!! I know I shared with the ladies in this group I’m in and one of them talked about not waiting till circumstances are perfect to keep our faith going.

You know what? I decided I would do battle. I would battle with the Word and keep my confessions going. I would fight until I have my 24/7 power supply (whichever way it comes) but in the meantime, find creative ways to yet maximise my day despite NEPA.
I’m not kidding, all through this week, NEPA was not even an issue.


I’m still fighting. I don’t stop.

How many of us stay fighting for the relationships God has put in our lives?

One little misunderstanding that you know you could have dealt with by putting your ego in check.

But no!!! You sacrifice a perfectly amazing relationship on the altar of self-worship!!!

You know what? I’ve decided to fight to keep the friends God has given me especially those in my inner-inner and then inner circle.

Gosh, I have decided to DO GRACE!!! Make excuses for them, forgive and fight to keep our friendship going.

This week one of my friends upset me. Or maybe I was over reacting and I just decided to do nothing. I would just leave it and well if we get to the end, we get there. Ain’t nobody got time to push.

You see, sometimes I’m like a spoilt kiddo. I hear how awesome I am a lot that sometimes I forget that awesome don’t mean i am perfect.

But this kiddo also wants to obey God so… I Shake it off and get on my face before God… humble!!!

Then in my Quiet time as I prayed, God told me to fight to keep it. Infact, God pushed me. He made me do what my flesh would NEVER do. That was when I tweeted this.


And I’m thankful I did. Because humans are not perfect. We don’t toss people just because… we fight to keep the relationships GOD Himself brought to us.


Still. Pretty. Traumatized!!!

And you know, I’m pretty resolved to keep fighting!!!

For friendship!!!

Sometimes you are not even fighting for a friendship but for a soul. Maybe God wants you to minister to XXX but a few ‘hinderances’ along the way, gets you like ‘abeggi. See someone I am even trying to help…Ain’t nobody got time for that’
No!!! Let’s not give up on something absolutely amazing that God wants to do through us just because human beings do what human beings do – misbehave!!!

You know, I was pretty done with this post and was just editing when one of my babies sent me this message.


You see, I felt like one proud mama. I told her I would add to a post I was writing. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on her when she gave me so many reasons to. Instead I loved her deep and prayed for her hard. I’m soooo proud of  you baby. You are sooo much stronger than you know.  Do you see how much stronger she sounds and how much willing she is to fight? Fight to kick any stupid soul ties as a result of past mistakes? Imagine if I got tired of an assignment God gave me in this babe.

Fight to be a blessing.
Fight to obey God.

For some of us, the fight we have cowered from is a fight to save our marriages. Our marriages have gone through a rough patch and are not exactly the ‘fairy tale’ we quite expected and so we just resolve to sha be in it, and enjoy the 50percent it is offering. Afterall, at all at all na him bad pass.


Gosh, honey fight for that dream marriage you envisaged. We don’t do half measures. We don’t take the crumbs the devil offers. We fight to take hold of ALL that God died for, thriving amazing marriages and all.

Or maybe you suspect your hubby may be looking outside or there is this one woman who you have bad vibes from. Or maybe sef, you KNOW He is flat out cheating. Don’t just sit and cry.
Or maybe cry yes but clean your eyes and go do some serious battle in your secret place.

Fight the devil. It’s really him.
Not your husband.

Attack the real enemy that wants to stay hidden.


I believe in marriage. I don’t think any marriage is exempt from the devil’s wiles. My own marriage throws me constant battles but one thing hubs and I are decided on is the fact that we will FIGHT to keep it. Keep fighting till it gets better and betterer.

I believe we should fight to save our marriages. Frankly I have a couple of people in my corner whose marriages I had sorta joined them to write off (don’t judge)but one day, as I prayed for God to help them move on, He nudged me to pray instead for a restoration.
Because He can restore.
He urged me to encourage them to FIGHT to save their marriages. And you know what, I actually believe, BELIEVE that He can heal these marriages. And I’m excited too.

You see how Elisabeth fought in War room??? You see that scene where after praying, she comes outside and starts to shout at the devil?

Sometimes that’s what you need to do. I know someone may think you are mad but you know what you are doing.

You know, a dear friend of mine shared with me how long she stays just thinking about her life every morning, what she has and doesn’t have, comparing herself with X and Y. For almost 2hours every morning.
Hian!!! That devil is a bastard. God punish him. I had to tell her it was time to do battle.
Get your Bible out, search out scriptures that pertain to that and just keep repeating it to yourself.

Or when he comes and reminds you of your single state or the fact that you don’t have babies yet? Or you don’t have a job yet. Cos trust me honey, he’s coming for you. To attack your mind. Stay ready to fight. And no matter your circumstances, resolve to be JOYFUL even in your waiting. Sometimes, that’s our most potent weapon. Our joy, complete and unshaken.

It a journey we are on and I am so convinced she’s gonna be such a fighter the devil will wish he didn’t start this fight!!!

Frankly that’s also something I do. I have an absolutely over-imaginative mind and so whenever the devil throws those thoughts in, I don’t take bait. Rather I go all 2Cor 10 : 5 and 6


For example, sometimes the devil may say what if KingDaveed falls down and hurts himself or whatever worse…
I actually stop what I am doing and say out loud…

‘…I capture that thought and I force it into the obedience of Christ and His Word. I declare that there are Angels watching over us and him and so we will not as much as smite our feet against a stone…’

I say that as often as I need to.
Because we counter thoughts with words…
Creflo Dollar says ‘…a silent Christian’ is an oxymoron.
So I love to watch that scene with Elizabeth shouting over and over again. Legit gives me goosebumps.

No way we should let the devil get away with anything. 
Are we also fighting for our health and that of our children?


The delight of my heart

I recall January 1, KingDaveed started running a temperature. Like play like play we hit almost 40 degrees.
I. Was. So. Mad.
You see, I’m a firm believer in using your faith to keep the sickness away but if you have slacked and it has come, I am not anti-drugs. Especially for a baby. Except God is leading me otherwise, I can trust Him to give the doctors wisdom in prescribing and trust that the drugs will work.

So I spoke to my bestie, she prescribed, I bought. And hated that I was spending money on drugs at the start of the year.

Trust the devil to start speaking into your mind that na so the year go dey. Since we have cucu started that way.

I got scriptures. As many as I could. On health.

I wrote them out long hand. And every single day, I speak it over my household. My baby, hubby and now my help. Of course over me too. I stay on the offensive. I fight!!! I don’t agree that ‘...it is the weather…’ I recognise that the stripes that wounded Him covers the elements too…’

So if for some reason he starts coughing, I start speaking with every cough

I declare that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus… I curse this cough smiting it from its root in Jesus name…’

Even if it looks like nothing is happening, I keep speaking. I even add that
‘…God I may not see it but I believe that you are working behind the scenes. Therefore I am not moved by what I see…’

There was this time the devil was messing big time with my peace. And joy. It was when I was looking for a help. With every sign of hope, I was joyful. With every hope dashed, maybe we don’t agree on this and that, or the agent just does the most ludicrous thing, I would be soooo sad.
One day, after my mood went from 100 to -100 because of another closed door, God had to sit me down and ask whether my trust is in Him or the Agents? The devil was messing BIG TIME with my peace and joy.
I knew I had to fight. Because this battle if I lost it, I would desperately open a door He had closed.
I gathered scriptures on peace and joy and trust. Wrote them out long hand and started eating it.

I fought till I got my peace back.
With every door that closed, I rejoiced. Because that was God closing it and saving me. My joy and peace stayed in tact.

And when God finally opened a door, I KNEW it was Him. But until then, I didn’t let the devil mess with me.

Wooooh, this is a battle of Words oooooooooooo.
See why you MUST study the scriptures for yourself and not be a comedian???


You see why you stay on your knees?

You know, there was this time in a friend’s home where she realised she was always fixing this and that. It always starts small small. The devil NEVER comes in obvious fashion.

An AC here so you call the AC repairer. The hose in the washing machine, you call the plumber. The water heater starts dripping? Plumber again? Microwave packs up? Speed dial the guy who fixes it? Cabinet/wardrobe spoils, you call carpenter.
Fridge sparks? Generator packs.
And the list keeps increasing. And the frequency too.
One day she told me ‘…but babe I am a TITHER na… it is time to pray...’

That was wisdom.
That is wisdom.

Sometimes the solution is not to call the plumber. It is to go round your home, anoint everything while reminding yourself, God and the devil that you tithe and so the devourer stays rebuked.
I love this DP…


I strongly believe that this is what we have been called to be
Warriors. In. Heels.
It don’t have to show from your outer demeanour. But spiritually, be a pit bull!!! A bull dog!!!


When you wake up, let the smaller demons tell the bigger demons to tell the devil himself that it is time to pick race.


We are not about that giving up life.
You need some scripture for that?

Hebrews 10:39
We are not quitters who lose out. Oh no we will stay with it and survive. Trusting God all the way.

Just to balance things up, there is a part for you to play.
Any fight of faith that leaves everything to God is an irresponsible faith.


Say you are fighting for your marriage, sister that is not the time to respond to everything hubs says just because you must have the last word or show that you are right!!!
You sef shut up sometimes.

Or you are fighting for your health yet KFC daily and you don’t work out?

No ma!!! No sir!!!

Eeeeek and Hallelujah!!!

A dear dear friend shared something with me this week that got me doing the Holy dance. I had encouraged her to work on her weight especially as we were in faith for her health which the devil was messing with big time. Now, her irregular period has normalized and all that hormonal drama is gone. Plus she is rocking a HOT new look.
So faith and work!!!

So as I trust God for the health of my home, I make sure that the home stays clean, we eat good food not just junk and so on.

I’m trusting God for my finances so I make sure I am tithing and being a good steward of HIS money HE has so graciously given me and putting Him FIRST!!!
I’m fighting to keep friendships and so beyond praying, I’m doing the necessary investment and inconveniencing myself occasionally for my friends.
I mean, that’s how we fight!!!


And after it dries, kick ass!!!

Sister, the devil can deal the first blow but make sure that he doesn’t KNOW what hit him by the time you gather yourself.


Let me leave you with Ephesians 6

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.12 For we[a] are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.[b] 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.[c] 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.[d]

Here’s to fighting, heels and all



My email is eziaha@eziaha.com

PPS: I have to mention my people… Joyce, Christine and Shirer.



Haha. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just thankful for them!!!

Blogging is work!!! This took me like FIVE hours!!! Jeeeeeez!!! But by Jesus, I LOVE this job!!!
But I need to learn to write shorter. Not.


An addition to your GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES…

I attended my very first Service of songs today. The dad of one of my best and most enduring friendships – Chynn, had passed.


Wild horses were not gonna stop me from attending and trust me, the ‘horses’ that turned up were stark raving MAD but I was determined.
For my girl!!!


I didn’t know what to expect. Or scratch that, I expected the atmosphere to be sad, dreary and weepy. Chynn already said they would be wearing black so I decided to go in solidarity with the family. (Plus black is a very beautiful color)
But I was gonna keep things super toned down…


Chynn looked like she was attending a fashion show lol

Bless the ministers who handled it, they filled the atmosphere with such hope. I mean, you could have cut a large slice of the hope that choked the atmosphere all through that service in this beautiful Anglican church.

This past week, I had listened to messages from PK and Christine Caine where both mentioned this GREAT cloud of witnesses so it had sorta been resonating in my spirit. When the Minister at this church used same Heb 12:1 to preach, it hit home…

Therefore, since we are surrounded by soooo great a cloud of witnesses…


You see, Chynn’s dad was a believer and basically lived his life for God and His church so we have every cause to believe he definitely is chilling with Baba God.

He has now joined the great cloud of witnesses, watching and cheering his crew still on earth on.

Now talking to you Chynni…


I mean, just think about it for a minute, babe.
Your dad is now sitting in the grand stands of heaven , among the Saints, looking down at yawl, prodding you to go on, cheering you as you take giant steps to LIVE despite the situation…


Doesn’t this make you wanna push back any walls, give the devil a black eye as you decide to and begin to live the rest of your days lavishly in the fullness of life itself?
Babe, that’s all I’m urging you to do. Mourn yes, then receive His comfort as promised in Matthew and go on and grab life by its lapel and L I V E!!!
Kick asses (of d devil and his advocates here on earth) if you have to as you live to make daddy oh-so-proud of you.


Resolve to serve and follow God even more crazily that would make your daddy stand up and start doing laps around heaven’s stadium of gold going ‘Peter, have you seen my daughter Chinenye?’
Resolve that the man you choose to settle down with eventually will make daddy go ‘that’s my baby girl’ and almost beg God grant him special permission to walk you down the aisle and hand you over proudly. I’m talking godly, (very VERY) rich, handsome (cos you are absolutely too beautiful yourself) and very very full of purpose, man.
I bet you wish KingDaveed was already old enough cos I just read you his CV. Haha
Resolve to give your best to your career, taking down giants, and pushing back walls that dare to stand in your way.


Yes you may be quiet and reserved but make sure when the dynamo needs to come out, she does!!! And unapologetically so.

I couldn’t care LESS what bad the devil meant this for but sister, wake up everyday and resolve that you will spend the rest of your life making him pay and regret it. And be sure to drag your family along for the ride.

Make Daddy the proudest daddy on heaven’s grand stand.

Tough call?

Honey that’s why we have GOD!!! You Chinenye Ehighibe can do all things through Christ… (and well, your great cloud of witnesses)


...even TOUGHER

Lay aside every limitations, put on your ‘big girl panties’ and RUN baby RUN!!!

I’m praying with you girl.
I’m praying for you.

Live, like your daddy is alive. Cos baby, HE REALLY IS!!!


You know my heart for you sweetheart but I can’t tire of saying it. I LOVE YOU!!!



This is also for those of you who are mourning the death of a loved one. I lost a close extended family member this year and it was heart wrenching painful!!! It still cuts when I think of it or speak to any of his immediate family members. Losing a loved one is hard. I really pray God alone comforts yawl and strengthens you to LIVE even through it. Really LIVE!!!

Chynn’s mama is just amazing. Last time I saw her was in October at Chynn’s party. Incidentally that was also the last time I saw her dad. I went over to greet her and frankly didn’t know what I was going to say but Before I could even let out any words from my mouth, her momsie was like ‘ha ahn, are you the one that has slimmed down like this?’
and went ahead to make jokes.
Mehn, definitely worked for me cos you just never know what to say to people like that, so having her flip the script was awesome. Praying even more strength for her. And of course the entire fam. Chynn’s mama is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Beats all her kids hands down haha. *tongue out*

My nickname in secondary school was Pajero. Chynn called me Pajero like it was on my birth certificate. Today she calls me ‘Eziaha’ though occasionally, ‘Ngozi’ slips out. Hehe. It was when I was talking to her brother who said ‘She’s Pajero now‘ that I even remembered the memory of Pajero. Haha. That’s why I signed off with that.
Wish I could find a secondary school photo but I can’t.


Anyways this one was when she came to UI for one of my birthdays.

I am still on a blog vacay. This post was just to strong in my spirit so I had to post it. See yawl March 10 by God’s grace

I once did a post on A GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES.
Please read and see how absolutely awesome the Word gets with its ability to teach various things with just one verse

An absolutely FAB update…

Hey yawl, How is everyone doing?

So sorry I went AWOL. In fact. I am so sorry that I am coming here to give an update. I was just gonna disappear for a while.

What do you think those three posts in a day were for?


Ok really tho, yawl know I got a homehelp (Betterer) and then my bedmate for the past 27months came home too so blogging dropped a few notches down my priorities list. Remember that post I did on BALANCE? Ehen…

Permit me to be off till my baby’s FIRST birthday on March 10. Gosh, can you believe it? I have been a mama for almost a year??? I don’t even have the words to describe this life changing experience but my heart is bursting with gratitude to GOD for such a privilege to parent this Giant slayer KingDaveed and soooo much love for the little human.

Gosh!!! Our God is soooooooooo sooooooo good!!!

No, we are not having a party but feel free to send us gifts and everything.

(My sister says we don’t celebrate first birthdays in our family. She says it is a pure waste of money so do a nice photo shoot to capture his first year and get him something nice to mark it. Dazall. Anything else is a waste of money. Save it for his third when he will totally be a very aware birthday boy and party rocker. I agree. But hey, if you are a first birthday party thrower, enjoy hun.)

Ok moving on…

I will be taking on another set of five ladies after this first batch of five. Pink, I will auto consider you so let’s do this. My requirements will most likely be the same as here but I will add a few more. Hehe. Just watch this space. We kick off in April. I make them do a weigh in forthnightly and imagine my joy when most logged in a 5kg loss in the first two weeks.

Even though it is a lot of work, I am too excited at the success stories so far especially the ones that have to do with increased confidence and self esteem. Because I walked that road, I KNOW just how that feels, so I want more ladies to toss that FAT and pick up some HOTNESS!!!

Btw, thanks everyone for all the love. Will definitely miss blogging but it is just two weeks abi?

Tz amazing what you find when you REALLY start digging or stalking.
I feel like I am in a school with Chris and Joyce and Shirer as my major lecturers and so I am just learning, and growing and being pruned and getting all the funk brought up to the fore and all that PAINFUL stuff. I mean this picture just wrecked me

Just trying to build that light in me guys.

See yawl on March 10 and up until the end of April, we will have a steady stream of posts. I am excited about writing because when you listen to and actually LISTEN to Christine Caine and open your heart to an open heart surgery by Doctor Jesus as you apply, your life changes!!!

It absolutely CHANGES FOR LIFE!!!
Plus you get really CRAZY too haha.
Tz awesome!!!

(Doesn’t have to be Chris for you. Anyone God is leading you to)

So stay glued to this blog. Subscribe too. When you scroll to the end of the page, I think you see the ‘subscribe’ button.

Hey but I’m on IG (@eziaha) Twitter @eziahaA and Facebook sometimes Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo.

Have a Fruitful and Blessed week guys


Happy Sunday

God loves yawl like craaaazzzzzzyyyy


Funny story.
My ‘betterer’ actually told me last night while I was prepping dinner…
‘Aunty, you no dey eat ooo. I no dey see you eat. Only garden egg I dey see
I almost died from laughter.
I don’t even know what to say. I actually eat but she probably considers what I eat ‘not-food’
Lol I am still laughing. In fact I even overeat sometimes that in one week I moved from 79.3 to 80.4kg haha.
And in another week, this one that just ended, I worked it all out and went down to 77kg.
This weight loss business is now fun walahi.
Which is why I decided to do another FIVE ladies.
OK I am off to church

Authentically Me & Surprisingly Satisfied!!!

There was a certain afternoon a LOT of things began to change in my life. August 31.


I had just finished shutting the door behind the woman who came to do my hair and right at that gate, God spoke to me in a way I could NEVER have missed…

You see, all the while she was doing my hair, I had already started my detox so TV was off and I was watching some videos on YouTube from my fave preachers…

So as I turned from the gate, God said to me SOOOO CLEARLY



And He went ahead to download the THISes, that is next few steps of my life to me…

I lost NO TIME

Phew, journal out and I started writing because I knew if I didn’t write at that point, I would forget it.


I wrote and wrote and wrote as He spoke to my spirit and when I was done, I said a prayer and I WAS LED to call a friend later on and we spoke for a long time as I downloaded some of what I had heard to her (I also needed to hear myself say those things haha)

Note, I said I was LED to ring her and her reaction was proof enough that I WAS LED… I didn’t just jump to the phone and phone a friend.

Let me tell you, when God speaks, IT COMES WITH INCOMPREHENSIBLE P E A C E!!!

Will all the storms go away? Nope. But you, like JESUS, can be asleep on a pillow while the storm rages and then when you wake, you still the storm because you have a WORD!!!



I see yawl snicker, roll your eyes and be like

‘ E’ your posts are always long so puh-leeeeezeeee…’

Ok ooo. don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Now before then, I used to be sooooooo unhappy lol. Not physically as much as mentally and spiritually. I wrote about it at the end of this Post.

You see, being a mom had CHANGED MY LIFE in many ways and for the most part, I ALWAYS FELT IT WAS HINDERING ME SOMEHOW…

Please read again, FELT… Past tense!!!

Hindering WHAT??!!??

Hindering WHAT??!!??

I just couldn’t WAIT to kick my career off again. I had BIG dreams and I was going to take over the world.


But my current days were full of diapers, breast pumps, bottles, onesies and frustrations…


Trust me looking back now, I am actually laughing.

Then, when my friends would share stuff with me or just publicly on SM via pictures or posts about work, career and all, I would feel bad that MEHN, see this girl/guy moving on ooo and see me just here… Kai aye mi

Heck, I even used to BEEF my hubs for having a career going on while me I just stayed home all day long.

I couldn’t WAIT for this SEASON TO BE OVER and along with that came mega frustrations!!!

Now let’s go back to what God told me



It SLAPPED the CRAP outta me.

Jer 1:5

Before I formed you in the womb, I KNEW and APPROVED of you (as my chosen instrument) and BEFORE you were born, I HAD PLANS FOR YOU

Psalms 119:73,74

You made me, You created me. Now give me THE SENSE to FOLLOW Your commands.

As He shared with me what I was to be doing with my time NOW, I knew I needed to BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in MY OWN RACE and stop being an observer in other people’s race.

Oh how complicated we make life when we start to compare and contrast with somebody else’s life and forget to FOCUS on making the BEST of this BEAUTIFUL life that we have been so graciously given.

How we let the PRESSURE of societal or family expectations get to us and we forget to go before or ignore the ONE who has the ORIGINAL blueprints of our lives.

A nursing mama Doctor friend of mine shared with me how EVERYONE keeps asking her how far with work and when she is going back and the pressure is just on from all over and she wanted to know how I coped with that.

I just shared my own experience with her on how I came to where I was atm, a place of PEACE!!!


Recently, my Pastor, Kingsley Okonkwo, preached a message on HIS PERFECT WILL and it just made me further RESOLVED to find HIS PERFECT WILL for my life and follow it FULLY irrespective of all the stuff that’s ongoing in my neighbor’s life. I just wanna live free from all the pressure life brings and of the approval of men/society with their EVER CHANGING STANDARDS and attendant EXHAUSTION!!!



Both lines are titles of two chapters in Priscilla Shirer’s amazing bestseller RESOLUTION FOR WOMEN which accompanies the AMAZING blockbuster movie COURAGEOUS from the stables of the Kendrick Brothers. (What a mouthful lol)

I am yet to read the Book but I watched her talk about each of the resolutions with Moira Brown


on 100Huntley abi 700Club after I had my God-encounter and it helped me crystallize some of my thoughts into words, so I would feature some lines from the book and share both Resolution Quotes at the end.

I love how it is called SURPRISINGLY SATISFIED

When, it don’t matter the kinda pressure anyone tries to heap on you, you calmly defuse it with a smile that both surprises them and shuts them up.

Because frankly, once you meet a woman who is CONTENT in and with herself, it is usually not just refreshing but SURPRISING. You just wanna be friends with her. You wanna KNOW what she KNOWS.

Someone who understands that her path is uniquely hers, different from her best friend’s or colleagues and has no qualms celebrating others on their own journey EVEN IF THEY HAVE seemingly GONE AHEAD OF YOU for now.

Yes Sweetie , you will surely meet those who are ahead of you on the path you know God has called you to and should I tell you what to do besides sipping on a tall glass of beeferade and haterade?

You go ahead and CELEBRATE HER!!!



Yup, I said that. Celebrate her!!! Compliment her!!! Be an AFFIRMER. And sincerely from your heart.

Tell her you are proud of her and you can’t wait to join her on that level too. If it is a possibility, please ask her to show you the ropes.

Btw, why do we even compare foolishly? Do we even KNOW what God told them?

Guys listen, I CELEBRATE YOU should be a REGULAR feature in your spoken and written convos.

I LOVE how COZA uses this line

I LOVE how COZA uses this line

You don’t have time for beef ooo. Can we have WHOLE FRIENDSHIPS that we can TRULY enjoy?

Look, aside NOT comparing and beefing, we also need to FIND JOY IN OUR OWN JOURNEY.

Yes fully enjoy the season that you are in – single, married, with no kids, with small kids, jobless, underemployed, overworked,etc ON YOUR WAY TO THE NEXT SEASON!!!

It don’t mean you are complacent or laid back but you understand the AUTHENTICITY and UNIQUENESS of your own journey, as scripted by God and you are taking your own, maybe baby steps, but steps all the same.


Then with the pressure comes frustrations and unnecessary drama, beef and so on because you wont stop playing the game of fools – COMPARISON!

You know what, I totally celebrate my NOW…

My days of being a FT mommy to this amazing, extremely energetic bubba whose smile makes me deliriously and unimaginably happy.



I enjoy BLOGGING and being a MENTOR to so many young girls who God has graciously entrusted to me.

I enjoy being this Home maker whose timings are sooooo off tz ridiculous but hey…


Oh goodness, I have learned to find joy in this journey because I know what God has called me to do RIGHT HERE AND NOW!!!

I have much more PEACE than before because I am on my own path and in HIS PERFECT WILL!!!

Does it mean that everything is perfect? Does that mean that I am all of a sudden complacent?

Of course not.

Things will NOT ever be perfect because once you settle one, you will promptly have another ish to deal with, but you should have an overaching banner of contentment over your life that defines you as a person. This means that inspite of all the imperfections and hurdles and even occasional ‘off days’, I can go back to this WORD, draw my strength and keep it moving.

Infact, I am sooooo SATISFIED that I can WHOLEHEARTEDLY compliment another sister who is probably on the path of what God has called her to do, different than but not superior to mine.

Lemme illustrate

I was chatting with a friend of mine on WA two weeks back and she said she was UAE-bound for a training.

Such things used to just make me sad thinking

‘…Chai, if I was still working I would have been going to New York and Geneva too ooo…’

But frankly, I just hailed her that she was ballin’ ooo and teased her that I want her job and she teased me back that she wants KingDaveed.

After that convo, I just had a sweet convo with the Holy Spirit who just reminded me how far I had come from being a tensioned comparison-prone woman to this BRAND NEW WOMAN and I just smiled.

Guys, it pays to know what God told you. I dunno how else to say it.

One of my mentees, Dee, did this lovely post on ‘To hustle or nah’ and it just reminded me of how everyone expects that after BSc na MSc straight and so the tension is up!!! But did God tell ya?

I KNEW like I know my name, that MSc was NOT part of my own life’s journey then so I DID NOT CARE A HOOT who was doing MSc whether in Nigeria or Yankee.

Absolutely NO TENSION!!!

For the records, I was the best graduating student of my set and made a First Class ooo so my Lecturers, a lot of whom I am friends with, used to harangue me to go get a Masters. I was eligible for a scholarship in my school and then some Profs were willing to help me secure scholarships abroad too because my grades were over the roof.

A Prof actually told me that I was wasting my first class…

He missed it.

I KNOW why God gave me a First Class and…

Infact, one day, I will tell a story.

Or two.

Darling, You go sit before the Lord and get a BLUEPRINT for YOUR OWN LIFE, run your race and quit being a SPECTATOR in another man’s race.

But on your way to the finish line, enjoy the season you are in.

Another angle to looking at being AUTHENTICALLY YOU is that sometimes, some seasons come and then there are just some things you cannot do even though it may be embarrassing or unpopular to admit.

Lemme illustrate…

A dear dear DEAR friend (haha she knows herself) was one of those who were to contribute money for something for someone. We had agreed on 5k each I think. 5k seemed like a fair amount for everyone and I was the one to collect the money. Then babe comes to me and says she can only afford 3k ooo so maybe someone should complete her own.

Frankly ehn, that day my respect for her peaked!!! And I have since told her this, over a year later.

Is it that it was only 3k in her account? No. maybe if she pushed herself she may have brought out the 5k but her and her hubs had things to do with money and this was impromptu and it was a gift so she was CONFIDENT enough to say THIS IS ALL I HAVE kpom kwem.

How freeing it must be to just BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU and unapologetically so!!!

Authentic enough to say if need be

‘Babes I am sorry, I CANNOT afford your asoebi but I would be happy to come for your wedding’

‘I think 20k each for a bridal/baby show budget. If you don’t mind, I will pay 5k…’

My bridal shower

My bridal shower

Sorry, I have to be home not later than 10pm so I can NOT hang out with yawl all night…’

Catching the drift?

Because sometimes, it is all in a bid to prove who we are NOT to impress those who don’t really care that we begin to do things that are ‘unlike us’.

I just LOVE meeting women/ladies who are FREE to be themselves, authentically, and then are very quick to compliment and affirm another woman. To celebrate and encourage another.

I have a friend like that. One day I asked her how she was always so encouraging and celebratory of other’s successes EVEN when hers is yet to materialise.

My boooooooo

My boooooooo

She told me she had to learn it ooo because it did not start easy. But she knows that in celebrating them, she is paving the way for her own. She genuinely celebrates when others marry, deliver, do anniversary, etc. She is the one to always holler whenever i put up KingDaveed’s picture and just commend me for doing a great job with him. Chisom never tires of saying it. That my friend is very amazing walahi. Even when she was out of job, her I CELEBRATE YOU party did not stop. I had to learn from her, plush she used to attend COZA.

You too can LEARN it.

No wonder Paul said

I have LEARNT the secret of being content in and every situation… Phil 4:12

I believe that a TRULY SATISFIED-IN-GOD HEART would be quick to both celebrate and call out GREATNESS in others.

We have to find crazy ways to encourage and compliment one another. Not just on the superficial stuff (your hair is nice, I love your dress, which no doubt are also important) but also on WHO the person is (You do a GREAT job with your kids. My goodness, you are a great home maker. Since you became my boss, you have taught me so many life lessons. I am so blessed to be under your ministry. Your blog has changed my life for good. I covet the skills you have to balance your home, church commitments and work, etc).

All this ‘who does she think she is? Na wa ooo, this one that just got married is now feeling important, etc’ CANNOT help anybody ooo, especially YOU.

Forget BEEF and just CELEBRATE another sister. Like Shirer said, there is PURITY attached to a compliment from one sister to another that may be absent when it comes from a man.

And please not those STUPID backhanded compliments ooo that always come with a BUT which I will address in a separate post. WHOLE compliments.

I random drop voice messages for women who have blessed my life. I recall one beautiful lady I met off my blog and then in person.


In the short while I have known her, she has taught me so many things both as a mom and a homemaker and one day I just random sent her a long voice message celebrating and thanking her. She was REALLY surprised that anyone would do that. Infact most people I have done that for have come up SURPRISED!!!

My sisters, how about we make this the NORM!!!

I think it is innate in every one of us to want to be celebrated and we would draw closer to healthy relationships that affirm us and give us the freedom to be us, even though we are not all on the same level.

Frankly, I want someone to buy a car/house and feel so free to ring me and tell me what God has done for her, knowing that I will wholeheartedly celebrate her even though I am yet to buy mine.



I want to be able to freely share with you and we can pray for one another in purity of heart.

Frankly, I am TIRED of beef, comparison, tension, hate, etc…

Aren’t you?

Let’s RESOLVE to be






Have a BLESSED week guys and IGNORE JUNK FOOD!!!


God loves yawl like crazzzzzy




This October challenge is almost over… HALLELUJAH!!! Two more Posts to go.

Oh and I think I have a bonus post or two.

No promises. But in 3days, we have THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP pt 2

Find Part 1 here http://eziaha.com/2015/10/07/the-spirit-of-shut-up-pt-1/




The Spirit of SHUT UP… Pt 1


Background image courtesy Flickr

I recall EXACTLY where I was, holding my phone when her message dropped…

‘I’m in UCH and I am going in for a surgery…’

That was a message from a dear dear friend.

Because I know the back story of the ‘situation’ that landed her in the hospital and how we had faith’ed it all along, this statement was enough to jolt me. It didn’t help that a close friend just had same surgery a few weeks back too. I mean, not again!!!

First thing I was gonna do was panic, and then type some ‘not-so-faithFULL’ words.



What happened now?


Na wa oooo!!!

And the likes…

They sound like normal caring words abi? But NO hon, not only are they FAITHLESS, they are also fearFULL.

I mean, what would all that RUBBISH above do for someone going in for a procedure if not make her more scared or discouraged, especially if her faith is still building… Certainly not what she needed at the time.

So I paused.

[ File # csp11812404, License # 2704004 ] Licensed through http://www.canstockphoto.com in accordance with the End User License Agreement (http://www.canstockphoto.com/legal.php) (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / pockygallery

Photo courtesy nuatraining

Then said IT IS WELL, and then shared some positive Words and testimonies with her and then asked if I could ring her.

I know ‘IT IS WELL’ sounds like a cliche for you but the popularity of that phrase hasn’t reduced its efficacy if spoken in faith.

Yup!!! Read that again!!!


This sounds so good that I should frame it.


I then proceeded to ask her if I could ring her immediately and she said yes.

And all through the long call, I made sure to speak FAITH and positive words and then gist about other good stuff that would make her laugh all through that convo till the phone cut and I called back,


because… Whatever things are lovely and of a good report…Philippians 4:8

Some of yawl need to apply the spirit of SHUT UP first before you just blurt out anything from your mouth when someone shares something with you.

In that moment of pause, ask yourself what you can say to encourage the person not discourage or frighten them.

Something interesting happened in the time between my last post on DETOX and this one. I wasn’t so sure which of my already written posts to go up next so I decided that I would just chill and let God give me a CLEAR sign. Somehow, I saw a comment on Dr. N’s series Murder at St. Lucas Hospital pt 20 which made me go back all the way to Part 1 to refresh.

I then saw this line which I had missed the HUGE lesson there earlier but which the Holy Spirit highlighted to me that night I read.


Do you see the wisdom the friend had to apply, technically THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP, before calling Dr. Veronica? Of what use would tears have been to someone in ‘the Lion’s den’ literally? God told her to STAY OFF THE PHONE UNTIL SHE HAD A WORD!!!

Btw, go read the entire series and just be richly blessed. Especially for those of you hung up on secular blogs and all. That sister can writeeeee mehn. (Dr. N, I told ya I had more abi? Lol)

Ok, that was one sign that made me know this post was ready to go LIVE. That and another phonecall I received today which I would share at the end.

Oh I recall all the truck load of nonsense I heard from some people including believers when they heard the new phase of mamahood demanded my taking a career break and moving to Lagos to start my life over again.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of yawl/them were just being caring and wanting to make sure it was the right thing to do at the time. Bless them/you. But most people operated from a position of FEAR and *lemme not say it cos tz not nice* lol

Ah!!! How can u QUIT a UN job?

After everything… Na wa oo!!!

I don’t believe you quit just like that. Do you know how many people are looking for work in Nigeria?

Now that jobs are hard to get in Nigeria…


You know there were some comedians I even spent my time telling them my VERY VALID reasons and reminding them that

‘God brought it jare. When I am ready to get back to work, He will bring another…’

but they would go ahead to remind me of how many people are jobless in Nigeria and how this person or that person bin dey find work sinceeeee

The funniest (and I say that tongue in cheek) has to be


I mean, you think the situation is bigger than God??? You dare try to have the final say when I just gave you THE FINAL SAY from the One whose is the earth and all its fullness???


No less annoying was the fact that it was just hard for some people to just assume, just give me the darned benefit of doubt, that I knew what I was doing and then just shut da heck up!!!

I had never experienced such before so it really surprised me especially when it came from fellow believers. If I didn’t know God, it would have been overwhelming. And I must admit, it used to affect me at the beginning then especially when the whole thing was still doing me one kain. I mean, I was leaving A B U J A, my land of Milk&Money, even if for the time being.

God bless the people who always spoke faith whenever I mentioned. And I must admit, most DCC members were that way. You would only hear words of encouragement (even when we spoke casually) from them it made me so proud of the words that come from the altar. The BEST thing I have heard so far has to be


‘… but Eziaha, you NEVER loose with God…’


That came from my Abuja mama, Minister Gloria.

Settled everything!!! God bless her.

Oh and then my close friends? Amazing lot. It encouraged me that they all just believed that I had taken the BEST decision and were so full of support.

Dumebi, Eniola, Valerie, Ayo, Priceless, you ladies rock. God bless yawl!!!

And err, incase some of yawl wonder why I reduced my communication with you? Hahaha. You probably used to spew a lot of fear/discouragement from your mouth with your words. #iCant.

Sweetie. I know you have heard this a million times but it bears repitition

Words, your words even spoken at/to someone, are very powerful. Don’t be releasing nonsense and fear anyhow.

When you hear something especially when it is not exactly ‘good news’ at surface level, pause first, or like Heather will say, apply the spirit of SHUT UP. When you have mused within you and come up with an appropriate response/Word reflecting your BELIEVER TAG, only then can you speak.

Otherwise, still SHUT UP!!!

But IT IS WELL remains a very potent thing to say.

Say it and mean it, because


Even David knew when to PAUSE and apply the Spirit of SHUT UP, meditate before now speaking…

‘I will watch what I do [APPLY THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP FIRST] and not sin with what I say… My heart was HOT within me, while I was musing (meditating), the fire burned within me, then spoke I with my tongue…...’ Psalms 39:1ff


Fearful words? No baby…

Cheers to Faith speaking, all day, err’SINGLEday!!!





Part 2 will look at this from a more personal angle- You applying the spirit of shut up to your own life. I don’t think the post is quite ready to be written so if it is not the next coupla posts, I haven’t forgotten.


Ok so that phonecall I spoke about. My friend’s baby had just turned 6months so she had her pictures splashed all over like I had KingDaveed’s.


You know how it is now, people wishing the baby a Happy 6months, telling the mama well done, etc. Only for a ‘sister’ to actually call her and say ‘Your baby is now fine. ooo When she was given birth to, she was ugly’. Azzin somebody, a mom herself, rang another mother to pay such a stupid backhanded compliment? That was the reason she picked up her phone and called me? You see why the SPIRIT OF SHUT UP is needed in large doses? How does anyone do that? A baby ooo!!! I just told my friend to be sure to CALL HER OUT. Yes, you should call out such behaviour and not just ignore it. Tell her NEVER to try that whether with you or someone else and point out the errors of her ways. She is probably ignorant or think say everything na play. Then tell her that THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP avails. You can send anyone who needs to apply THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP a link to this post…



Next Post is definitely going to be all about the gift I got my husband whose birthday was actually yesterday, the 6th.

Hub's gift

Hub’s gift

He is yet to get it until he enters Lagos and he has blackmailed me with everything to tell him what is in it but I didn’t. But by the time the Post comes up, he should have gotten it and I can then share the story behind it and his reaction too… Really good stuff. Watch this space on the 10th by God’s Grace. Yes, we are on a roll on this Blog this October, I told yawl… haha


The surgery went well thank God. My friend is home, hale and hearty. Whoop!!!


Hi guys,

Sorry stuff slowed down some here. Changed location and all the dramz that comes with it

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Yup guys, back to Lagos now. Can’t wait to settle into my own home in Lagos and get some rhythm into my life again.

So this idea came to me early hours of Sunday morning in the shower after my exercise routine.

Guys, lemme just say it as e dey do me. I am sooooooo uncomfortable with the way I look. I DESPERATELY want/need to lose weight. Funny thing is I had already lost some GOOD weight ooo prior to now ooo

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point...

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point…

but for some stupid reason I do not know, the weight piled on in the last 2weeks and I now look like ‘akpa akpu’. #sadface #bagoffufu.



My sis and cousin don’t stop yabbing me. My mom is sure to join when she sees me. My sis actually gives me the ‘hey ya’ look and my cousin too who keeps saying ‘you that had figure 8 before’.

This is what I wanna be...

This is what I wanna be…

Mschewwww. #Ecanpain

Felt sooooo bad one kain that I ACTUALLY contemplated doing ‘church online’ on Sunday. Wanted to just hide myself like Elizabeth for a month or two while I work on losing it. Trust me, I felt really embarrassed. Haha. Thank God He changed my mind. I mean, won’t this be a good time to actually LEARN how not to REACT emotionally to stuff people say? Cos people ALWAYS gonna talk ‘boutcha. That would never change. That you can’t control. But tell you what can change/control? Your attitude darling. #LifeLesson.

So of course I carried my FAT self and my booboo and went to church.


Promptly the first lady I met said I needed to start a gym program. Imagine you hearing that when you already feel ‘one kain’ just before you enter church? Not cool. But hey, ATTITUDE!!! I just smiled. Plus she is cool people and I know she didn’t mean no harm. But just incase you are wondering what to say IF you have to say something (cos you can just shut up) about someone’s weight especially if they just added, speak from a more encouraging point of view…

‘…don’t worry jare, u will lose it. I trust you. No be you. Small small it will drop. But you look good still darling…’

Ehen, stuff like that. Except she is your sister… Btw, the above is EXACTLY what my Doctor Bestie would say walahi. She is an Angel kai!!!

Anyways, fact is I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked and good thing is, I’m not sitting and sulking darlings, hell NOPE!!! I have decided to be DISCIPLINED enough to exercise DAILY and eat RIGHT!!! And my timing’s quite on cos my booboo (he’s amazing btw, incase you asked)

My Booboo'licious ready for chicken lol

My Booboo’licious ready to crawl, get and sit to eat his chicken lol

is starting on solids this week as he turns 6months on Sept 10 (He is actually 26weeks today, Tuesday)and even though I will still be breastfeeding, tz no longer his only food source so I can totally change my diet and skip a meal or two daily.

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

Btw, long post on ‘mommyhood so far’ coming up on that day and the rest of the month would be dedicated to all things baby/children… parenting, breastfeeding, delivery, etc. I am featuring a lot of people here who will be sharing their stories/experiences. Watch out guys. If you have suggestions for topics/discussions you want me to touch on too or even questions, holler. So I can put it into one of the posts.

Ok back to the matter…

After all my sis and cousin dramz, I IMMEDIATELY decided to be disciplined!!!

First, I went on the ‘tube and watched Heather’s video ‘DISTRACTIONS: THE FIGHT TO BE DISCIPLINED’.

She covered quite a number of topics and shared (in her fiesty way like ‘put that STUPID phone down’ lol) how we could apply discipline in every aspect of life.

I DISCIPLINE my body… I STRIKE A BLOW to my body like an athlete, TRAINING it to do what it should do (and not the other way round)… 1Cor 9:27

Heather kept talking ’bout how she would speak to her body when it starts wanting junk and stuff and drink water instead.

I was HIT!!! And determined. (Guys, you can’t REALLY work with God if you can’t be disciplined in lil’ things like what goes in your mouth, come on!!!)

I just needed the ‘harshness’ and practicality of a ‘Heather’ and I got it in that video.

Then step 2…

I put to practice what I heard.

I started watching my food.


No snacking. Absolutely NO junk. Loaded up on fruits and healthy ‘fast food/midnight snack options’ (I’m nocturnal guys) like low calorie nuts. Then I started drinking TONS of water!!!

Three: I started to EXERCISE!!!

Now guys, I have tried it ALL. Downloaded tons of vids like Shawn T, Hotz Girls, Yoga, Zumba, etc. I’ll start, with initial gragra and then I’ll be too TIRED and my body TOO worn OR my gumbody ‘Oga’ would not let me exercise in days that I would eventually give up soon.

Plus with a baby and no help, working out with vids is hard. At least it was for me.

Then I did gym, complete with aerobics and some track…

He was my gym buddy on some days

He was my gym buddy on some days

Twas too clumsy cos of timings/distance plus I would come home useless too. Haha. I stopped after some time.


Joined a BBM weight loss channel. Ujay’s. Amazing channel ooo but I couldn’t keep up. I was inconsistent.

But all my start and stop efforts yielded a lil’ something (like that picture in purple above)

My dears, this time around tho, I decided that I would not do anything highfaluting oooo. A dear lady casually mentioned jumping ropes.


At the same time, I random bumped into an article on the incredibz benefits.


So I started jumping rope morning and night. Was too easy to do and I was working up some serious sweat. I didn’t need fancy gym wears (a good bra and a really good pair of sneakers because of the impact with the ground abeg) and sometimes all I do is tie wrapper (just keeping it real guys. Didn’t want to have any excuse like ‘oh all my exercise dresses are dirty) and just jump rope.

Simple and inexpensive

Simple and inexpensive

Started with 500 skips and now I do 1000 at each session. So 2000 daily…

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

I take hot Green tea with a slice of lime squeezed in before I start as it increases calories being burned.



Tz been just 6days but I have been consistent. I also do planks and sit ups. Ok Monday was my sister’s birthday and I had some red velvet cake and a pizza slice BUT I promise, it was just to celebrate with her.


Haha. See why I am happy about this idea I am about to share…?

So what idea came to me?


Guys, I need some FOUR ladies to join me. Ladies SERIOUS about losing weight and gaining discipline AS A LIFESTYLE. So we can encourage ourselves. And keep ourselves accountable.

We MUST share with all sincerity what we eat daily and MUST do our skipping daily too. MUST!!! At your convenience. We will keep ourselves accountable. All 5 of us. Don’t wanna have too many people so we can really interact. All you need have is BBM, a skipping rope, some good shoes and DISCIPLINE!!!

So ladies, just send me a mail at eziaharx@yahoo.com. I’ll pick the first 4.

***Update!!! I got the four ladies already even before I woke up. And then 2more cos I am NICE but NO MORE abeg. So this is closed. Sorry guys***

Please tz a serious something ooo. If you slack, I’ll take you out abeg. NO EXCUSES!!! Absolutely NONE!!! Tz not a prayer, study or gisting group. Strictly FitFabFam. (though I advise you take a couple of minutes to pray before you work out let God bless and multiply our efforts and help those calz fall off in their larger numbers) We will also share simple recipes and stuff that are zero/low calories amongst ourselves and then healthier alternatives to regular cooking. Let’s see what we can achieve in the next 2months.

So who’s game? Holler!!! Only to the above email please… And nope, my friends are not welcome to join. Any opportunity to make NEW friends honey, I’m taking.

Ok have a blessed week guys and whatever your struggle is, please stay DISCIPLINED!!! You can start by watching that video above…




#E’sWeekendBants… EXOTIC 300k/week all-inclusive vacations spots in AFRICA

Hi guys, happy weekend. Hahaha at my title. Needed to pack as much gist into the title.


I still don’t take ads, free or paid for. At least not yet. So please don’t send me. Thanks.

A couple of months back. my FAB sister Kemi’licious,


a travel agent and CEO of Le Voyage Travel shop did this series of BBM updates on vacation spots in Africa and I was just wowed that some of these beautiful places were right here in my Africa. Somehow we have been brainwashed into thinking that all those exotic vacay spots are outside of Africa only.



Heck, I didn’t even know Zanzibar was in Africa. Just imagine that. I followed the updates and knew I wanted to share it here. Fast forward to this week, I ask her to collate them and mail to me so I run it on my blog and promote her Agency too. She agreed. I have her contact at the end of this post so please holler if you have questions.


I love to travel. I love to pack up, hop on a plane, take off, land and unpack. But I have not had many opps to travel as much as I would love to because… money. So I dream it, google it, enjoy pictures and come back to my room in Nigeria lol. But hey, these locations are not expensive at all, all are visa free or visa on arrival at the airport, return tickets are cheap ditto standard hotels. So hey, what are you waiting for? Most of these locations are PERFECT for honeymoon and family vacations but allow me to talk to the singles. Especially as a single working class lady who just wants to get away. Just round up a few of your friends and enjoy a girls-vacay-out. Hopefully, you meet a couple of cute Christian guys who love the Lord and are on a guys-vacay-out.

Hahaha!!! If there is a wedding, I better get an invite AND VVIP treatment- high table, chairlady’s opening remarks and all.

*straight face*

But really though, with 200-300 thousand naira, you can have a one week long vacation at any of these spots.

Just imagine you, your Bible and journal, a couple of Christian books and messages, by the seaside (Don’t forget your earphones please. BIG ONES) just taking in the beauty of nature, praying in the Spirit, catching rhema and just generally loving the Lord.

How won't you hear God retreating here?

How won’t you hear God retreating here?

I have told Bolaji that I am leaving KingDaveed with him this Christmas and going to Dubai ALONE. From the look of things, I should be popping into one of these fabulous spots in Africa in addition just to have a spiritual get away. Yup ALONE too. Hahaha. Or maybe with Sapphire, Valerie, Priceless and Dumebi. Haaaaaa!!!!

We would surely be #DisturbingZanzibar Hahaha

Ok please enjoy, these 12 EXOTIC VACATION SPOTS IN AFRICA from my girl Kemi, and be sure to share with me if you have been to any or plan to. And though these are Google images and some Wiki texts, I have friends who have been to some of these places and they say it is as good. plus I have seen their pictures too.

Kemi says accommodation and return tickets for each of these places is from N280 000 (two hundred and eighty thousand naira) pere. For a WHOLE week. Come on guys, EXPLORE AFRICA!!!





Located in Tanzania on Indian Ocean islands. This place is full of scenic beaches and luxury hotels and beautiful resort centres. It can be used for both couple and family vacation



Second largest city in Kenya. Located in African coastline of Indian oceans. This place feels like Hawaii or Bahamas. It’s ideal for honeymoon and vacation.



Located in South East Africa. Seychelles is clustered with scenic beaches, tropical charms and delicious seafoods. It’s recommended for all and sundry to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.



A less populated small country island located on the Indian ocean. This place has some stunning views with varieties of tourist attractions. It is ideal for family vacation.



Kombo Central is located in the south of the Gambia River and filled with a wide array of accommodation. There are varieties of activities including swimming, boating and other water activities are available here.

This place has various exotic places for vacation with the natural beauty of the country which attracts tourists all over the world. Ideal for all and sundry.

***53 EXTRA did a show on The Gambia recently and I fell in love. Until one lady played an expensive joke by saying JOLLOF RICE originated from Gambia Hahaha. What a joke. I may not be the biggest fan of Jollof rice BUT darling, DO NOT EVEN GO THERE!!! Gambia ko, Ghana ni***



The Fiji Islands are made up of approximately 333 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,600 miles north of New Zealand and 3,200 miles southwest of Hawaii. This island with its alluring beauty has a calm atmosphere and moderate climate which gives tourists the opportunity to explore nature at its best. It’s ideal for personal vacation.



Located off the coastline of West Africa. The ideal place for vacation is in one of the islands, Sal Island. This islet receives so much sunshine, it’s no wonder that its Santa Maria beach has such a great reputation. You can take a walk while watching fishermen, rent out a sun lounger for some serious bathing. Also, lots of water sports take place in the sea, so there are diverse activities for the whole family to get involved in to enjoy un unforgettable vacation.

  1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Surrounded by the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh, a popular destination in Egypt is an amazing place for honeymoon vacation. The town has so much to offer, from long stretches of beaches, granite Mountain, stunning coral reefs, and amazing views of the Red Sea.




This country is endowed with great holiday paradise cloaked with turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and sparkling white sands. It’s a great place to be to enjoy the alluring beauty of nature.

Ideal for honeymoin, family and personal vacation.

***Also didn’t know Mauritius was in Africa. Choi***



With quiet tropical setting and wide variety of exciting activities, Lamu is a gorgeous paradise island in Kenya. Lamu Island is located on Kenyan coast and it offers adventurous activities for honeymooners and family vacation. With its natural splendour, a wealth of culture. It boasts if luxurious hotels, self-catering houses and fine restaurants that serves delicious seafood.

The Island is a wonderful experience.



A popular tourist destination in Tunisia and it has its own unique flavour. The city is home to renowned attractions in the country and some remarkable sights. Hammamet is a perfect spot for vacation. It’s an epitome of an African Paradise. The destination offers exotic combination of luxury accommodation, scenic beaches and amazing activities.



A destination located in Eastern Cape, about an hour drive from Port Elizabeth. The destination is a perfect destination for a relaxed and secluded honeymoon. It offers luxurious and romantic accommodation and dining experience and it’s known for its white painted houses with black roofs, canals and fascinating golf courses.


Breathtaking yeah? I thought so too.

Accommodation and return ticket for each destination is from NGN280000. Imagine!!!

Again most are visa free and the rest you get your visa on arrival including Seychelles and Mauritius.

The cheapest of these deals you can get is Mombasa. With 200k, you can do a week long vacay there inclusive fares and hotel.

For fares, Zanzibar and Mombasa are the cheapest (like 130-150k) while others range from 180k to 220k. Cheapest hotel is like 250USD for a week’s stay. Guys at dollar exchange rate of 250 (not funny), that’s less than 65k.

Please kindly note that prices are subject to change without prior notice depending of course on travel dates. So better start ringing Kemi to get your best rates. Men do something nice for your wives abeg. LOL. Even your fiancées. Send her there ALONE so that she can know what she will be getting when she agrees to marry you Hahaha.

For further information on booking, tickets and accommodation contact

Le Voyage Travel shop.

Office: 0809 840 9447

Mobile:0802 944 2507


Follow us in Instagram for travel updates @Levoyage_travelshop


Happy vacationing darlings. Take some time off the stress and RECHARGE!!!

And kemi thank you sooooooo much boo.

Stay Fruitful guys,

Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha

Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha