A LOT of NEWsss…New Name, New Vlog, NEW BOOK!!!

Hey guys,
Oh, my world has been buzzing, spinning, opening up, stretching and just generally BUSY…

My Inspiration!!! #LoveHerTotally

And BUSY is a term I am reclaiming and redefining because it has been getting a lot of bad rap out there.

When we say busy on this lane (yes, we. I am including you in my redefinition), we mean we are moving gracefully from one fruitful activity to another.
In the Good news version, Proverbs 31:27 actually says ‘She is ALWAYS BUSY…’
VS 13 says She keeps herself BUSY…
So yes to BUSY… fruitfully BUSY!!!
But if you are fruitlessly busy, please sit down and re-assess stuff aii?
Ok so heyyyyyyy, I AM NOW AN AUTHOR!!!

Can yawl believe it?

And can you imagine, I get to release the Book on the same day, exactly a year after my journey began. It was on the night of Thursday, September 3 2015 that I gave my baby, KingDaveed, to Ebube my niece to mind, picked up a skipping rope, locked myself in the room, and with raw anger and fierce determination, and skipped my first 500 skips. #Memories
I always thought writing a book was wayyyyyy off for me. I mean, I know I write and all, and frankly this writing thing is God’s gift to me, but I always felt too unserious to write a Book jare.

Writing is for serious people na…

So when I started feeling like God told me to share my weight loss story, as much as I could, in a book, I thought HUH???

Blog and Book no be the same thing ooo.

But I decided to humor Him.

I recall just whipping out my laptop to start, and frankly I think Jesus took it from there, and wrote this Book Himself.


Because I edited it myself, and every time I read through, I didn’t feel like I wrote it.
How did I write this? WOW!!!
Ok, anyways, I am so thankful this Book project is out.

The Book writing creative process is BEAUTIFUL I tell you. Nothing like watching your book assume life right before you.

I don’t voice this often but allow me to say this…

Yaaaaas girl!!!

Turning 30 has been ANOTHER LEVEL.

Let me just address some of the biggest question those closest to me have asked me as per the Book…


Infact, I recall a friend say

‘…Did you ask God? What did He say?’

To which I am thinking ‘Why so spiritual babe? Lol’

Love that my friends want me RICH!!!

Oh my Darlings, I would have happily put a cost to it, because
1.Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I KNOW the worth of my work (v.18)
2.MONEY helps this our Christian walk and work ooo.

Nobody poverty epp.

But yes, God told me to make it free.

And as I went through the post-writing process, I kinda got why.

This Book had to be free.
Don’t worry, I have 2 more writing projects coming out in the next two months, and maybe one more by the end of the year AND NONE WILL BE FREE.

– Another question, WHY AN E-BOOK?

Again, God.

Lol. I recall picking up the phone to ring Grace Springs Publishers for a meeting. and God says…

‘I told you we are doing e-books for now, so relax…’

E’ is about to make e-books VERY POPULAR in Nigeria.

Lirru me, BIG GOD!!!

Never used to be a fan of e-books but mehn, I have never been more thankful for them.

The convenience, and oh-my-gosh THE AVAILABILITY!!!

Like all my favourite Authors dropped baaaaaaaad books this year and honey, if not for the e-book option, I for no see am read. Because it can take like 1year to reach Naija and by that time, all the anointing wey dey the Book don finish. Lol

But me I just sharpaly order or pre-order the e-version and before anybody says ‘fiam’, I ‘m done with the Book…

Intentional parenting, Without Rival, Unstoppable, Undaunted, Unashamed, Intentional living, Overload, Seize the day, Millionaire messenger, Sisterhood, The Mother God made me, etc.

All e-books I have copped THIS YEAR ALONE from my fave American and Aussie Chicks…

And some of them I ordered the Hard copy ooo, but they are still sitting pretty in the US meanwhile I have copped the e-version and I am done, or almost done. I am thankful my Rev introduced me to them…

TFS Academy Book club is currently reading Joyce Meyer’s SEIZE THE DAY and guess what? The Book has not even been released yet. But I have my ways…

And we should be done about the time of release, just before LOVE LIFE Conference.

And Thank God for e-books, cos ‘my way’ only has e-book pre-order.
So I am happy to do an e-book first!!!

I already know my FIRST TWO hardcover books and I truly can’t wait for them NEXT YEAR!!!

This my writing ehn, tz like my Jesus took it to another level once I turned 30. I feel such a fire to deliver writing projects.

Stick with me guys!!! Through hardcovers, e-books and audio books (which I will record as soon as I sit under Adichie for 36hours lol)

Btw, anyone know any good e-book publisher in Naija? Those who can get my book on the top e-book portals worldwide ooo? Holler please. And I also need a very good App developer. The number of Reader Apps on my phone ehn, because each Publisher lets you read only via their App.

They don’t have two heads so let’s make ours too. If they are a growing business, all the better. I am all about SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES.

So please guys, recommendations for App developers and e-book or any book publishers, because most do e-books too.

Ok back to my Book.

Gosh!!! Writing this Book was just GRACE!!! TY Bello talks about how easy her latest song IT IS WELL (would rather call it that lol) came to her, and I know what it means for God to grace someone to do something, versus just jumping to do what God didn’t send ya.

It was easy but of course, the devil had to show.
I LOST A LARGE PART OF THE MANUSCRIPT and I didn’t save it anywhere!!!

And I was practically done writing.

I couldn’t believe it.

I just had to leave the Book for a while. Oh,but when I came back to it, I decided I would make it even better.

And I did.

Oh this latter one is even more delicious!!!

We need to teach the devil NOT to mess with us.

We are NOT of them that roll over and play dead or actually DIE…


Oh then let’s talk Book cover.

I have been in and out of the studio more than I care just to get a picture that works.

We have back and forth’ed various designs.

I had settled for this, until I showed my bestie Dumebi, and she just said…

‘No, this is NOT your BEST picture or look…’

I am so thankful for this particular one we agreed on.

Truth be told, I would have preferred to stand so my full frame would show, but all the standing ones didn’t work.
Plus like my bestie said, this picture makes me look prim and proper.
I am definitely receiving that, because that’s a secret desire of mine.

To look serious, prim and proper, AMEN!!!
Anyways, after plenty back and forth with various graphic designers, we settled on this

The Lord is good guys.
*drops mic*

Plus i LOVE Rev’s quote…

I celebrate the DISCIPLINE that led to this TRANSFORMATION… Albert Oduwole.

Love Him totally plus you can be sure He is reviewing EVERY BOOK I ever write…

Now let’s talk about the Name…
In the video and in the Book, I explain why I call it a TRANSFORMATION instead of WEIGHT LOSS.
It wasn’t just a 30kg weight loss guys, it was a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of my life.

Who would have thunk it?

Follow God. He is a BOSS!!!
*drops Mic*
Please do an email to ebook@eziaha.com to get your copy mailed to you. If you are already on my CoachE mailing list, or sent a mail earlier, you should be getting yours within 24 hours.

Please when you email, give at least 48hours and we would revert. Please don’t harass us ooo. Lol.
I won’t be handling the distribution personally so you don’t need to write anything personal there. Just request. And feel free to share with as many people as you want to. And don’t forget to feed me back, with your thoughts and reviews here on the blog or email Eziaha@eziaha.com

Do a blog review too if you want, and send me a link please. Just feel free to do whatever you wanna so EVERYONE reads it.

And hey, i won’t mind running reviews here too so please feed me back.

Support my ministry.

And you can DOWNLOAD the first two Chapters here if you can’t wait. Lol

My FAB TRANSFORMATION Story (Intro and Chapter 1)
Enjoy my launch video Darlings.

I do a mini book reading too. It will make Chimamanda cringe but hey… we will get there. (Slightly obsessed with her book reading GRACE)

I am so thankful for this Book and I know it will be read around the world.

It is such a BEAUTIFUL read, you won’t be able to put it down.

I know that it will encourage more women to get started on transforming their lives in the way they need to, and this is even beyond weight loss. In whatever area your life needs a transformation, just go ahead and do it, because YOU CAN.
Change is HARD yup, but it ain’t impossible!!!
So cheers to embracing your own stretch and changing, one baby or giant step after the other…

Speaking of change, I also changed the name of my business from Saved Fit n FAB to E’SQUAD and then made Saved.Fit.FAB the Rider.

I recall praying and praying and praying when I felt a need to change just before I started the July Promo ladies and somehow, as I created the July group, I named it JULY SQUAD. I didn’t even know how and why I did, but that’s how the name came ooo. I just added the E’ yawl know how we love our E’ please.
E’SQUAD is a movement going global, which is why I am holding the globe.

Actually, not just E’Squad, but Eziaha herself.
I want to say I have big dreams but let’s rephrase to God has big dreams and I, like DAVID in Psalm 119:32, am praying ‘Lord, enlarge my heart to receive all that You are dropping in
Phew… and Amen!!!
So I have also changed my Twitter and Instagram handle to @CoachESquad. Wanted to leave it at @eSquad and for some reason, I believed God had kept that name for me lol. Infact, I made my business cards with that name. Only for me to want to change it and realize that the name is not available… hahaha.
@CoachESquad ain’t bad, thank God
Then I also started a Facebook Page and then rebranded the YouTube Channel.
Both called the University of CoachE’ and I am so excited about that name. Because we will be doing a TON of education.

I want it to be that Page or Channel you come to and learn a whole lot about all things Food and Fitness.

I have big dreams especially for it and YouTube, (please click link and subscribe) where I can just pop in and share short 2minute videos on some byte-size information, especially because people ask me a lot of stuff that a short YouTube video can answer. 

Which is why Jesus needs to provide this Samsung S7 Edge phone because, I can’t be entering studio every time, but I also want great quality videos which my current phone won’t always give me.

So that’s almost all our NEWssss from CoachE’
New Book: My FAB Transformation Story
New name: E’Squad…Saved.Fit.FAB
New YouTube: The University of CoachE’
New Facebook Channel: The University of CoachE’
IG/Twitter: @CoachESquad

And well, there is another NEW, this time not related to Food&Fitness, but my FAB Vlog, my Blog’s video sister. So we would call that THE FAB SISTER’S VLOG

Not sure the frequency and direction it would take on the long run, but for now, the first 3 videos I have leaned more to the stay-at-home mama aka SuperHouse wife aka Domestic queen, and then the mom/wife in a long distance marriage. But I certainly know that I would be talking about as much stuff as I blog about, basically how we live a FAB Christian life, and in that process, have fun, kick devil butt and make Jesus red-carpet world wide FAMOUS!!!
Oh, I know the direction my vlog will take. Scrap that statement written above. Haha. I would also feature interviews with #PropelWomen who are ROCKING this Christian life. I look forward to sitting down with TY BELLO mehn.

And then Heather Lindsey.
Plus I would have QnA sessions so if you have anything you want me to talk about in some detail, feel free to do me a mail Eziaha@eziaha.com.

I am sure I would totally love vlogging because I LOVE to talk and I love the Camera. And I absolutely LOVE Jesus so it has to be fun ON ANOTHER LEVEL DOING STUFF I LOVE WITH THE One I love!!!
You know the funny thing, about a gazillion people have asked me to start vlogging in the past and I always knew the time was wrong. Vlogging had become a fad and they thought I needed to jump on in too. It is sooo important to be led by God sha. I always said NO. But now, nobody even told me, I just know the time is right, and I have jumped right in.
And no, incase you are wondering, I totally will NOT stop writing. At all, at all.
The Channel name again is THE FAB Sister’s V-logs and if you click here, you can subscribe,
So here we go with my very first video…
My Top Ten Tips for the Domestic Queen (Part 1)

Let me not talk too much about it, just watch it. I am a #SuperHousewife myself, so I speak from a very personal place, the stuff that I apply to my life. No theories here. All practical. Feel free to share, and hey even if you are no Domestic Queen, trust me, you would pick many somethings from it.
The Part 2 will come up next week.
Ok that’s it for now.
Nothing like following Jesus guys. Nothing like total surrender to Him and letting Him do what He wants to do, IN YOU FIRST, and then through You.
Chase after Him guys, hard and fast!!! He is absolutely totally worth the chase…
With so much LOVE
Fruitful.And.Busy lol

PLEASE if you e-mailed me about Propel Lagos, i will revert Next week. No vex!!!

Gosh i don’t even have words to explain how PUMPED I am abourrit…

Propel is truly what Lisa writes about in Chapter 6 of WithoutRival. I just jumped up and started speaking in tongues as i read Chapter 6…

Women, let’s get educated.

Please read the Propel post and consider hosting a small group in your ‘world’

Now can we talk about how HOT i am looool…

#PalacePillar #TallAndShapely #Psalm144 #GirlWithASword #WarriorInHeels #KickingDevilButt

The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016


As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha. 

Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer. 
Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine. 
Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore. 

OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s someone who I can’t run away from again


She's irresistible


Beth Moore is beautiful inside and outside and I have gotten the hands down best reviews about her Bible studies and i’m planning on getting ‘Believing God‘ series but don’t let me digress. 

Now the BIGGEST party of 2016 will have these three phenomenal women attend as the special guests. 

Love life Women’s (annual) conference hosted by Joyce Meyer Ministry this 2016 will be E P I C!!!
And guess who is attending?
Yes Eziaha!!!


*cool down Eziaha* haha

I’ve always wanted to attend all my life (lol) but especially for the past 3years now but haven’t and frankly I had sort of fashied jare especially as I had been denied a US visa before. But this year, casually Pastor M and I were gisting and somehow we entered the Lovelife conference which she attended in 2012 and she just casually said after I had mentioned that I hope to attend sometime in the future sha…


‘Eziaha, I think you should plan to attend this year. You never know ooo. Step out in faith. Book your interview. Register…’

Faith welled up in me again. 
I checked for details and I saw that the special guests this year were Christine Caine


We love her to pieces!!!

who I had recently discovered and then Beth Moore


who was on my ‘waiting to stalk’ list. 
And of course, Joyceeeee!!!


Mama to MILLIONS!!!

This 2016 party was FOR ME!!!
Fiam, I went to pray and God just told me what and what to do. 
Is anybody surprised the first thing He told me to do was sow?
I wasn’t. 

‘Sow the conference fee…’

PK had spoken about when he sowed his first 1m naira MANY years back because he wanted to break into the million realm, only it wasn’t up to a million because he sowed in dollars and on conversion, it was a few Nairas shy. 

The next time, he made sure to add a few Nairas to the 1m so he is sure he crosses it. 

As a confirmed daughter, with our naira-dollar rate hitting 450 that week, I decided I would basically take the exchange rate to 500naira and then sow. That way, no matter what, I’m covered. 

I sowed into the most fertile ground ever as far as this was concerned. I didn’t have the money but I didn’t care.
I didn’t even THINK!!!

I would sow FIRST before I go register.

I HATE comedy if I’m the one being the comedian. I BELIEVE in the law of sowing and reaping. 

‘…Seed in the ground, harvest is sure…’

That’s what the person told me. 

Next thing, someone pays my conference fee. Whoop!!
Next thing more doors start to open. Whooooop!!!

You see, this sowing and reaping game is like magic. It works!!!

Why all my long story?
Because I need more Nigerians to attend with me. Tz a ladies only conference


We need to ‘disturb the peace’ together (if there will be any peace considering that ladies and quiet don’t gel haha). It should be more fun when we are in a group. 
A Naija group. 
I’m excited!!! Can you tell? Lol. 

Reenice bay has already confirmed attendance and paid after I tweeted about it. 

More ladies please!!! That’s why I’m blogging. 

Hotel information has now opened on the site so we can double up in rooms, or even block out a block of rooms and get the discounted fare so we can stay together. 
How cool would that be?

So go on and register. The early bird rate of $59 is still on. You save 15%. Then do me a mail and then we’ll move to the hotel bookings and all. We should stay in the same hotel na. 

And all my Yankee blog readers, especially yawl who send me Hillsong albums on iTunes and Joyce conference messages, I would LOVE to meet yawl and hang out. 

Plus if you have some advice to share on hotels and accommodation, holler. Or if you live like opposite the venue and have a mansion, that would be awesome. Haha. 

Email addy is still eziaha@eziaha.com

One of my best friends attended the HillSong #Colours conference in London last year where Joyce, Beth and Chris spoke


Look out devil...they come in 3's

I was so jealous but i’m thankful I get to have these same three women speak at #lovelife this year!!!

Oh and i’m definitely going to Australia next year by God’s grace. Need to attend #Colours right at ‘home


Bobbie Houston, the Colours convener

Jeeneger you better plan to attend. HillSong has to be the coolest church I know. Hard to believe the senior pastors’ Brian and Bobbi Houston are in their 60’s. 

You see, Christian living ought to be one big TURN UP!!!
One BIG party!!!
So ladies, turn up and let’s attend the BIGGEST party of the year together!!!
Plus we can also probably order Beth’s Believing God Bible study and Chris’s Propel curriculum together. And do the studies together too. (open links)

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Women who LOVE and LIVE for Jesus!!! 

OK I’m about to implode…
Group hug ladies!!!

I knoooow, yawl are waiting for my baby’s one year photo shoot. It will come





Giant Slayer!!!

At the perfect time.
Lemme appease yawl with a few
More sooooooon

Support. Growing. Businesses. Part 1

Recently, I have come to not just FULLY accept, but also CELEBRATE my role as a HOME MAKER!!!

Tz such a purpose-filled journey and I LOVE it.
I’m even in a better place than I was when I wrote ‘Authentically me & Surprisingly Satisfied‘. Tz awesome!!!

Anyways, I will still do a post on our roles as homemakers whether you are a career mom or a stay-at-home mom. Will draw lessons from Proverbs 31 and Titus 2.

Look out for that one guys.
Best seller stuff, I promise.

OK anyways, one gift I have realised God has graced me with is the ability to find great deals and so save my home (and hubby) a lot of money.

Frankly I think He graced women with that gift.
Every month, or as I find, I’ll share with yawl.
This month (let’s assume we are in January please), I wanna share three growing businesses I have dealt with and have been impressed by.

Hopefully, someone finds some info or tip they can use.

1. Pemmakui salon for my dreadlocks.


I got my locks done there.
I have toyed with the locks idea for a while but I have never quite been ready for it both time wise and money wise.
Then I found Pemmakui on Dealdey and I got their addy and went to see them live.


Now normally, dreads starter package is anything from 10k for 1 or 2, max 3 visits. Most are 15k and above. I’ve done baby locks before so I know.
Your hair will NEVER lock in 3 visits and so you have to keep going for relocks. Relocks are between 3k and 5k. So yup, dreads are expensive for a start, and time consuming. At least for the first 4-6months.
But at Pemmakui, it is 12k for your first 7sessions and 2k per relock. 1k when they have deals on Dealdey.
And best part is the guy who locks is soooooo good and soooo respectful and soooo friendly. And soooooo timely too. Never disappointed me on any appointment.
Then to keep the locks in, he sews it at those early visits.


I mean, I got amazing progress with my first 7visits which I dragged to about 7
6weeks because he did a great job sewing it in so it lasted while the locks kicked in.


Like you can choose to even go once a week after the first two visits. That’s amazing especially because dreads at first requires a lot of visits. My hair ain’t fully locked now but the progress has been amazing thanks to him. And the harmattan back then. And my hair type which he says is good too. I love looovvveee being his client. He’s also so patient with KingDaveed even when he troubles the process.


Name : PemmakUi (ask of Slim)
Phone number: 09 054 8394 90
Address: Mokola plaza, Mokola bus stop, Egbeda.

2. Chrishill for my phones.


Took this picture from inside his shop

I’ve featured him on my blog before and some of yawl patronized him but I wanna do that again. I absolutely LOVE being his client. He’s amazing to do business with. His phones are original, the cheapest you would get and have warranty. Plus he has a wide range from high end to the cheaper brands. Recently I needed to get a ‘spare’ phone and I didn’t wanna buy anything too expensive. I got the RLG phone for 16k which he suggested and the phone has been amazing to me. Tz like the infinix red hot phone.
That’s what I use to blog, IG, tweet etc. Aside emails, this phone has overtaken my main phone. Of course it has email functions too.
So when he suggested it, he was spot on.
Dude just knows a lot about phones and can advise you well based on your budget.
He’s also sincere. If you have issues and it is from his end, he’ll fix it for you. He also has original accessories.
I have zero qualms recommending Chris anywhere. I have been a customer for about 4years now. No issues. I’m so comfy and assured with him. He delivered a phone to me when I just had a baby but I doubt he delivers usually. Maybe you can work something out sha.

Name: Chrishill
Location: Computer village. I think Otigba street.
Phone number: 08033085181

3. Ibsek technology for my inverter.

This is probably my biggest find in recent times. Hubs still thanks me for it. We couldn’t get an inverter and generator at once when we moved into our ‘Rehoboth’ so I BEGGED hubs to do an inverter first because he was gonna do generator. He had his objections to inverter so I had to do plenty research and find someone affordable. I found Ibrahim. Let’s just cut a long story short and say I got a 1.5kva inverter, one 200amps and one 150amps battery for, wait for it, 65k abi 70k!!! Guys, I did plenty research and most of what I got was AT LEAST 100k for even lesser specs!!! Plus we even worked out a payment plan that has us pay 45k first and then 20/25k after almost two months.
I must say we had issues at first with battery, installation, current, NEPA unavailability etc but he always came back and fixed it even tho sometimes he would not come when he said he will. Let’s just say ‘Lagos factor’. But largely, he has been honest and reliable.
My inverter has just been amazing and so I’m happy to recommend him.
Plus he has patience.
Several times, I got really upset and would scream at him (or his staff) but he would apologise and find ways to make up. I mean his patience is amazing. Definitely shamed my Christian self a lot because he is even a Muslim. He always stayed calm.

Plus he was always ALWAYS smiling. He has a great smile too. I recall that was the first thing I told him when I met him. Haha. Me and compliments sha.
Because I want to call in favors with him on this one, I’ll keep his number.
Email me if you need it. Haha

But really should you decide to do business with any of them, let them know I sent you. I have such a great relationship with all of them so you can be sure to get the best customer care. The dreads guy doesn’t know my name sha but tell him the customer with a baby. Haha.
And of course, that these people worked for me don’t mean they will work for you. Please let God lead you in this as in everything you do.
They don’t even know I am doing any of this. This is just my way to both support growing businesses and then help anyone who needs their services.

Would love to feature this segment once a month so I’m on the lookout for February. If you have a growing business I can TRY, I won’t stop you from sending to me. I’m just not compelled to feature it here.
I will share as the Lord leads me and if I don’t have any to share, I won’t.

Before I go, might I add that I need a GOOD tailor would prefer someone who can come to my house if need be. But if not, even if you know any good tailor who is growing her business and is affordable and good, holler. And if you are one, holler too. Lagos please.

Third post today. Infact told yawl I was sooooo pumped!!!

You can tell I have a homehelp now right? Lol.

Let’s call her ‘betterer’ because she keeps getting betterer and betterer and betterer.  
Plus my hubs is around too for a couple of weeks. I can’t even believe how much time I have to SLEEP or just DO ME!!!
I am so excited he is here and I love having all of us do life together under one roof.


Grateful for his leave and thanking God in advance for when he will be permanently with us.
Frankly, couples should stay together.
I LOVE seeing them bond even though I think men play rough play jor.


Haha. I’m just side eyeing them both when they are playing.

So thankful for and absolutely guarding fiercely my portion!!!

Like hubs has bathed KingDaveed by himself since Friday morning!!!

Yawl, if you live in Lagos, send me your addy. I’m visiting you. Might even move in. Hahahaha

Can’t wait to visit with Ola, Enny (sorry Sapphire), and Dinma and her/my baby this week and next.

Gosh!!! Baby-free me-time!!!

Is this FOR REAL???

Yawl, WIN BIG this week ok? And don’t forget to GO HARD on your teachers.
I will/am too.


My teachers and Father


I LOVE it when yawl publicise my posts. Thank you and God bless you. Please keep sharing on your social media handles and please tag me when you do


Tz actually called THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE but I had to use that title for obvious reasons.

My Hardcover back and its flap

My Hardcover back and its flap

Btw, happy new month yawl…And happy independence to Nigeria. This month, this blog will stay drippin’ with plenty good stuff regularly. At least twice a week, and on very good weeks, thrice. Don’t thank me, send cheques. *straight face*

Looks like almost all the good bloggers have taken a sabbatical. Choi!!! My Reader is just dry. Just a few people blogging stuff I like to read but they are few and far between. Anyways, this October sha, just leave my blog open and keep refreshing cos I won’t be smiling ooo… I think I will do every three days. That should work better.

Lol, you know why I am boasting? As we speak(write/read), I have 5 posts already ready (tautology intended) aside this one ooo. 5 FINGER LICKING DELICIOUS POSTS… #EXCITED!!! And I am still writing more and more… Just enjoy this spell while it lasts haha.

I should apologise though that I didn’t fulfil my promise here to run all things baby in September. I wanted to but it looked like I was forcing it. And I LOVE to have free flow when I blog. Let’s take a rain cheque on all those posts and I promise when we finally have an all things baby,mama,parenting etc up in here, it would also be finger licking DELISH!!!

Ok, we were saying…


You can use this to help me publicise the post. Thanks

5 reasons you need the Joyce Meyer EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE (aside from the fact that it’s a real pretty Bible)

The Leather back

The beautiful Leather back


Oh yup, I know we are a bunch of cool kids with our iPhones and stuff which have our Bibles on them which is REALLY GOOD but can I be straight up honest with yawl? IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!! See ehn, NOTHING beats good ol’ black and white. Don’t worry, I know you think your e-Bible and YouVersion are meeting your Bible needs hence no need for a hardcopy but I promise you, as you GROW in your walk with God, you would want to get a HARDCOPY STUDY BIBLE plus your YouVersion too. Btw, if the guys at YouVersion are reading this, MAJOR SHOUT OUT!!! I dunno what I would do without you guys. God bless yawl.

Like I said, a deeper walk with God will somehow leave you yearning for not just a ‘Bible on your phone/device or a Gideon Bible** but a Study Bible.

A study Bible is an edition of the Bible prepared for use by a serious student of the Bible. It provides scholarly information designed to help the reader gain a better understanding of and context for the text.

I actually decided to do this post so I have something to reference, after I had gotten quite some people on my Social media asking me at different times to recommend a study Bible for them. I don’t even skip a beat, I just type THE JOYCE MEYER EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE!!! That Bible has the inherent ability to transform your quiet time with God. It is such a complete study Bible for those who want MORE!!! There are so many study Bibles out there but I heartily recommend and swear by Joyce’s especially because of the following FOUR reasons…

  1. The EDLB presents in AMPLIFIED VERSION

Not to put down other versions but we all know that AMP is B A E!!!
I really like it because it sorta combines all my favourite versions in one as it amplifies  the verses. The originality of (N)KJV combines perfectly with the funkiness of MSG without leaving out the beautiful simplicity of my dearly beloved NLT and NIV. Just take a look at John 16:7

But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the [a]Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counselor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him (the Holy Spirit) to you [to be in close fellowship with you]…

I mean see all the names of the Holy Spirit listed there in parentheses. Abeg wetin again you dey find? Haba!!! You can’t get this in any other version. The AMP version is too sweeeeeeeeeet abeg… Gives Joyce Meyer a SOLID foundation to build on.


Even revelations

Omo, I dunno how my mama does this ooo but she makes even history interesting. At the beginning of each Book, she gives some basic historical background so you have an idea of what to expect as you read and put it in context, EVEN IF YOU ARE A NOVICE TO THE BIBLE. After reading it, you just can’t wait to dive in. In fact, for me I realise that I start taking notes from her intros. It is that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Just look at what she did with Joshua

The book of Joshua teaches us much about the kind of courage we need if we are going to fight for God’s promises…God had already given the Israleites the Promised land but they did have to fight for possession…..Not only did they have enemies to fight on their way there, they also had enemies to fight once they got there.

As their leader, Joshua not only needed to be courageous himself, he also needed to inspire courage in the people. When God spoke to him to FEAR NOT, He wasn’t telling him not to feel fear: He was telling him not to let fear hold him back. In other words, DO IT AFRAID. And Joshua did…

I pray that you like Joshua will be strong and courageous in your everyday life and that you will inspire others to be bold as well…’

I mean, doesn’t this already make you courageous even before you get to Chapter 1? If you think Joshua is cool, you need to see what she did with Kings and then the Gospels. Ah!!! Yum!!!


You know all those plenty meats you find in a very good roadside buka, ehen Joyce’s EDLB packs plenty into every page.

Speak the Word contains short confessions sprinkled on almost every page relating to what you have read. Almost like a memory verse customization for you to take into the day… Talk about a byte-size yum

Life Points are short catchy everyday phrases, sometimes one-liners which she takes and uses to emphasize a life lesson.

Putting the Word to WORK is just that… teaching you how to apply what you have just read to your everyday life.

And so on.

Like I said, each page drips with the richness of the Word, literally.

And then she has this segment at the back where she has written down plenty life topics and then the verses in the scriptures that deal with them. How cool is that? Talk about making the work easier for you.

And I saved the best for last


I mean who doesn’t like real life stories to drive home the point?

Some of her many stories

Some of her many stories

She takes these maybe sometimes not-so-clear words you have read and then tells you a story from her own life, using her husband, kids, parents, ministry, etc.  based on it. And if you know anything about my mama’s life, not only is she soooo practical, her life is full of very interesting events packed full of lessons. She shares her mistakes, defeats, victories, etc with us all. That segment is called the EVERYDAY LIFE ARTICLES and trust me, they bring the appetiser, main meal and desserts to that party that you are having in your Quiet time with the LORD. Even if you are ntiboribo (Dr N, please translate), you will understand when you read her Bible. It is like the Holy Spirit is just sitting there with you explaining everything through all the good stuff Meyer has added. Tz such a ‘laughNlearn’ Bible.

Trust me guys, this Bible has other goodies but lemme stop here while you go out and GO GRAB YOURS. If your Quiet time has been boring, Honey try this and send me a THANK YOU CHEQUE mehn!!! I promise you, it will totally revv up your study life.

When I bought it about 6 years, it was 4500naira

Lol at my 'occasion'

Lol at my ‘occasion’

I was a student then and it was A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY cos my pocket money was just 20k monthly. So don’t let the cost deter you. SAVE UP AND BUY!!! Tz a wise investment.

I got it from Foodco in Ibadan and I know for sure that you can find it in Bible Wonderland, Laterna ventures and many other Christian book stores in Lagos and well Nigeria.

It is a big Bible and even though I have many other smaller Bibles, I GO EVERYWHERE with my EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE for my everyday study.


You can of course get other study Bibles and still have a rich study experience, especially in other versions but I just think my mama’s own is the BEST place to start. Plus you are in good company too as I know for a fact some other cool Preachers/women who use it. But hey, it is NOT for women alone ooo, tz FOR EVERYBODY.

So had anyone else encountered this amazing resource? Please share your experience

Here’s to RICH and even RICHER Bible studying…





Just a little story on obedience. Or should I say disobedience.?

Yesterday, my phone stopped charging and was displaying an error message then when when the battery drained out, it refused to come on even after I charged with a desktop charger. Something similar had happened to a friend and she suggested it was a battery issue so I decided to go to Saka Tinubu to sort it. I instantly felt a check in my spirit to hold on a while and not go just yet. I no gree. It was afterall my major line and I didn’t know if I would get someone to fix it today being a holiday. They close at 6 and this was about 5.30 when I set out. I got to my guy who sells original batteries and explained to him. He tested the battery with his tongue and (bless God for honest salesmen) told me the battery seemed fine. Then he took me to a technician. Dude tries to boost the battery using all those gadgets but it still didn’t come on. Time was gone and he decides I have to leave it so he would decipher what was wrong but that he is sure my charging port is bad too. I was like nope, it isn’t bad. I was also sure. Meanwhile I also suspected that plenty drool don enter that phone from my baby’s constant mouthing it.

See his face lol

See his face lol

In fact that was the check I felt in my spirit before I left home so I was to air dry it for longer. Anyways, dude then says make I drop 7k… azzin 7taasand. Can you imagine? For a phone he didn’t know what was wrong with. Kai, I need to reduce my big big English. Plus the phone is still new. Anyways, I decided against dropping it overnight even when he said we could bargain, so I carried my phone and told him I would come tomorrow instead and wait and get. I stopped by an atm on my way home and then when I got home, I realised I had lost money. E pain me ooo. Chai. Sha I opened the phone and out by the window and forgot about it. This morning, I decided to couple it and wham, no error message, it came on, worked and charged perfectly!!! Kai. God is faithful sha. See how he shielded me first from wasting money buying another battery and charger (which I was going to buy), stopping me from leaving it overnight as the dude would have done NOTHING ooo but might have lied that he fixed it, both the software erro and charging port. I paid the price for disobedience sha with that money I lost but it was way less than I would have spent.

So guys, when you hear God, obey abeg. And if you have a baby who is at the saliva manufacturing stage, keep your precious phone away.

You are welcome 🙂


Hi guys,

Sorry stuff slowed down some here. Changed location and all the dramz that comes with it

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Yup guys, back to Lagos now. Can’t wait to settle into my own home in Lagos and get some rhythm into my life again.

So this idea came to me early hours of Sunday morning in the shower after my exercise routine.

Guys, lemme just say it as e dey do me. I am sooooooo uncomfortable with the way I look. I DESPERATELY want/need to lose weight. Funny thing is I had already lost some GOOD weight ooo prior to now ooo

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point...

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point…

but for some stupid reason I do not know, the weight piled on in the last 2weeks and I now look like ‘akpa akpu’. #sadface #bagoffufu.



My sis and cousin don’t stop yabbing me. My mom is sure to join when she sees me. My sis actually gives me the ‘hey ya’ look and my cousin too who keeps saying ‘you that had figure 8 before’.

This is what I wanna be...

This is what I wanna be…

Mschewwww. #Ecanpain

Felt sooooo bad one kain that I ACTUALLY contemplated doing ‘church online’ on Sunday. Wanted to just hide myself like Elizabeth for a month or two while I work on losing it. Trust me, I felt really embarrassed. Haha. Thank God He changed my mind. I mean, won’t this be a good time to actually LEARN how not to REACT emotionally to stuff people say? Cos people ALWAYS gonna talk ‘boutcha. That would never change. That you can’t control. But tell you what can change/control? Your attitude darling. #LifeLesson.

So of course I carried my FAT self and my booboo and went to church.


Promptly the first lady I met said I needed to start a gym program. Imagine you hearing that when you already feel ‘one kain’ just before you enter church? Not cool. But hey, ATTITUDE!!! I just smiled. Plus she is cool people and I know she didn’t mean no harm. But just incase you are wondering what to say IF you have to say something (cos you can just shut up) about someone’s weight especially if they just added, speak from a more encouraging point of view…

‘…don’t worry jare, u will lose it. I trust you. No be you. Small small it will drop. But you look good still darling…’

Ehen, stuff like that. Except she is your sister… Btw, the above is EXACTLY what my Doctor Bestie would say walahi. She is an Angel kai!!!

Anyways, fact is I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked and good thing is, I’m not sitting and sulking darlings, hell NOPE!!! I have decided to be DISCIPLINED enough to exercise DAILY and eat RIGHT!!! And my timing’s quite on cos my booboo (he’s amazing btw, incase you asked)

My Booboo'licious ready for chicken lol

My Booboo’licious ready to crawl, get and sit to eat his chicken lol

is starting on solids this week as he turns 6months on Sept 10 (He is actually 26weeks today, Tuesday)and even though I will still be breastfeeding, tz no longer his only food source so I can totally change my diet and skip a meal or two daily.

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

Btw, long post on ‘mommyhood so far’ coming up on that day and the rest of the month would be dedicated to all things baby/children… parenting, breastfeeding, delivery, etc. I am featuring a lot of people here who will be sharing their stories/experiences. Watch out guys. If you have suggestions for topics/discussions you want me to touch on too or even questions, holler. So I can put it into one of the posts.

Ok back to the matter…

After all my sis and cousin dramz, I IMMEDIATELY decided to be disciplined!!!

First, I went on the ‘tube and watched Heather’s video ‘DISTRACTIONS: THE FIGHT TO BE DISCIPLINED’.

She covered quite a number of topics and shared (in her fiesty way like ‘put that STUPID phone down’ lol) how we could apply discipline in every aspect of life.

I DISCIPLINE my body… I STRIKE A BLOW to my body like an athlete, TRAINING it to do what it should do (and not the other way round)… 1Cor 9:27

Heather kept talking ’bout how she would speak to her body when it starts wanting junk and stuff and drink water instead.

I was HIT!!! And determined. (Guys, you can’t REALLY work with God if you can’t be disciplined in lil’ things like what goes in your mouth, come on!!!)

I just needed the ‘harshness’ and practicality of a ‘Heather’ and I got it in that video.

Then step 2…

I put to practice what I heard.

I started watching my food.


No snacking. Absolutely NO junk. Loaded up on fruits and healthy ‘fast food/midnight snack options’ (I’m nocturnal guys) like low calorie nuts. Then I started drinking TONS of water!!!

Three: I started to EXERCISE!!!

Now guys, I have tried it ALL. Downloaded tons of vids like Shawn T, Hotz Girls, Yoga, Zumba, etc. I’ll start, with initial gragra and then I’ll be too TIRED and my body TOO worn OR my gumbody ‘Oga’ would not let me exercise in days that I would eventually give up soon.

Plus with a baby and no help, working out with vids is hard. At least it was for me.

Then I did gym, complete with aerobics and some track…

He was my gym buddy on some days

He was my gym buddy on some days

Twas too clumsy cos of timings/distance plus I would come home useless too. Haha. I stopped after some time.


Joined a BBM weight loss channel. Ujay’s. Amazing channel ooo but I couldn’t keep up. I was inconsistent.

But all my start and stop efforts yielded a lil’ something (like that picture in purple above)

My dears, this time around tho, I decided that I would not do anything highfaluting oooo. A dear lady casually mentioned jumping ropes.


At the same time, I random bumped into an article on the incredibz benefits.


So I started jumping rope morning and night. Was too easy to do and I was working up some serious sweat. I didn’t need fancy gym wears (a good bra and a really good pair of sneakers because of the impact with the ground abeg) and sometimes all I do is tie wrapper (just keeping it real guys. Didn’t want to have any excuse like ‘oh all my exercise dresses are dirty) and just jump rope.

Simple and inexpensive

Simple and inexpensive

Started with 500 skips and now I do 1000 at each session. So 2000 daily…

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

I take hot Green tea with a slice of lime squeezed in before I start as it increases calories being burned.



Tz been just 6days but I have been consistent. I also do planks and sit ups. Ok Monday was my sister’s birthday and I had some red velvet cake and a pizza slice BUT I promise, it was just to celebrate with her.


Haha. See why I am happy about this idea I am about to share…?

So what idea came to me?


Guys, I need some FOUR ladies to join me. Ladies SERIOUS about losing weight and gaining discipline AS A LIFESTYLE. So we can encourage ourselves. And keep ourselves accountable.

We MUST share with all sincerity what we eat daily and MUST do our skipping daily too. MUST!!! At your convenience. We will keep ourselves accountable. All 5 of us. Don’t wanna have too many people so we can really interact. All you need have is BBM, a skipping rope, some good shoes and DISCIPLINE!!!

So ladies, just send me a mail at eziaharx@yahoo.com. I’ll pick the first 4.

***Update!!! I got the four ladies already even before I woke up. And then 2more cos I am NICE but NO MORE abeg. So this is closed. Sorry guys***

Please tz a serious something ooo. If you slack, I’ll take you out abeg. NO EXCUSES!!! Absolutely NONE!!! Tz not a prayer, study or gisting group. Strictly FitFabFam. (though I advise you take a couple of minutes to pray before you work out let God bless and multiply our efforts and help those calz fall off in their larger numbers) We will also share simple recipes and stuff that are zero/low calories amongst ourselves and then healthier alternatives to regular cooking. Let’s see what we can achieve in the next 2months.

So who’s game? Holler!!! Only to the above email please… And nope, my friends are not welcome to join. Any opportunity to make NEW friends honey, I’m taking.

Ok have a blessed week guys and whatever your struggle is, please stay DISCIPLINED!!! You can start by watching that video above…




#E’sWeekendBants… EXOTIC 300k/week all-inclusive vacations spots in AFRICA

Hi guys, happy weekend. Hahaha at my title. Needed to pack as much gist into the title.


I still don’t take ads, free or paid for. At least not yet. So please don’t send me. Thanks.

A couple of months back. my FAB sister Kemi’licious,


a travel agent and CEO of Le Voyage Travel shop did this series of BBM updates on vacation spots in Africa and I was just wowed that some of these beautiful places were right here in my Africa. Somehow we have been brainwashed into thinking that all those exotic vacay spots are outside of Africa only.



Heck, I didn’t even know Zanzibar was in Africa. Just imagine that. I followed the updates and knew I wanted to share it here. Fast forward to this week, I ask her to collate them and mail to me so I run it on my blog and promote her Agency too. She agreed. I have her contact at the end of this post so please holler if you have questions.


I love to travel. I love to pack up, hop on a plane, take off, land and unpack. But I have not had many opps to travel as much as I would love to because… money. So I dream it, google it, enjoy pictures and come back to my room in Nigeria lol. But hey, these locations are not expensive at all, all are visa free or visa on arrival at the airport, return tickets are cheap ditto standard hotels. So hey, what are you waiting for? Most of these locations are PERFECT for honeymoon and family vacations but allow me to talk to the singles. Especially as a single working class lady who just wants to get away. Just round up a few of your friends and enjoy a girls-vacay-out. Hopefully, you meet a couple of cute Christian guys who love the Lord and are on a guys-vacay-out.

Hahaha!!! If there is a wedding, I better get an invite AND VVIP treatment- high table, chairlady’s opening remarks and all.

*straight face*

But really though, with 200-300 thousand naira, you can have a one week long vacation at any of these spots.

Just imagine you, your Bible and journal, a couple of Christian books and messages, by the seaside (Don’t forget your earphones please. BIG ONES) just taking in the beauty of nature, praying in the Spirit, catching rhema and just generally loving the Lord.

How won't you hear God retreating here?

How won’t you hear God retreating here?

I have told Bolaji that I am leaving KingDaveed with him this Christmas and going to Dubai ALONE. From the look of things, I should be popping into one of these fabulous spots in Africa in addition just to have a spiritual get away. Yup ALONE too. Hahaha. Or maybe with Sapphire, Valerie, Priceless and Dumebi. Haaaaaa!!!!

We would surely be #DisturbingZanzibar Hahaha

Ok please enjoy, these 12 EXOTIC VACATION SPOTS IN AFRICA from my girl Kemi, and be sure to share with me if you have been to any or plan to. And though these are Google images and some Wiki texts, I have friends who have been to some of these places and they say it is as good. plus I have seen their pictures too.

Kemi says accommodation and return tickets for each of these places is from N280 000 (two hundred and eighty thousand naira) pere. For a WHOLE week. Come on guys, EXPLORE AFRICA!!!





Located in Tanzania on Indian Ocean islands. This place is full of scenic beaches and luxury hotels and beautiful resort centres. It can be used for both couple and family vacation



Second largest city in Kenya. Located in African coastline of Indian oceans. This place feels like Hawaii or Bahamas. It’s ideal for honeymoon and vacation.



Located in South East Africa. Seychelles is clustered with scenic beaches, tropical charms and delicious seafoods. It’s recommended for all and sundry to enjoy a memorable vacation experience.



A less populated small country island located on the Indian ocean. This place has some stunning views with varieties of tourist attractions. It is ideal for family vacation.



Kombo Central is located in the south of the Gambia River and filled with a wide array of accommodation. There are varieties of activities including swimming, boating and other water activities are available here.

This place has various exotic places for vacation with the natural beauty of the country which attracts tourists all over the world. Ideal for all and sundry.

***53 EXTRA did a show on The Gambia recently and I fell in love. Until one lady played an expensive joke by saying JOLLOF RICE originated from Gambia Hahaha. What a joke. I may not be the biggest fan of Jollof rice BUT darling, DO NOT EVEN GO THERE!!! Gambia ko, Ghana ni***



The Fiji Islands are made up of approximately 333 islands located in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,600 miles north of New Zealand and 3,200 miles southwest of Hawaii. This island with its alluring beauty has a calm atmosphere and moderate climate which gives tourists the opportunity to explore nature at its best. It’s ideal for personal vacation.



Located off the coastline of West Africa. The ideal place for vacation is in one of the islands, Sal Island. This islet receives so much sunshine, it’s no wonder that its Santa Maria beach has such a great reputation. You can take a walk while watching fishermen, rent out a sun lounger for some serious bathing. Also, lots of water sports take place in the sea, so there are diverse activities for the whole family to get involved in to enjoy un unforgettable vacation.

  1. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt


Surrounded by the Red Sea, Sharm el Sheikh, a popular destination in Egypt is an amazing place for honeymoon vacation. The town has so much to offer, from long stretches of beaches, granite Mountain, stunning coral reefs, and amazing views of the Red Sea.




This country is endowed with great holiday paradise cloaked with turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and sparkling white sands. It’s a great place to be to enjoy the alluring beauty of nature.

Ideal for honeymoin, family and personal vacation.

***Also didn’t know Mauritius was in Africa. Choi***



With quiet tropical setting and wide variety of exciting activities, Lamu is a gorgeous paradise island in Kenya. Lamu Island is located on Kenyan coast and it offers adventurous activities for honeymooners and family vacation. With its natural splendour, a wealth of culture. It boasts if luxurious hotels, self-catering houses and fine restaurants that serves delicious seafood.

The Island is a wonderful experience.



A popular tourist destination in Tunisia and it has its own unique flavour. The city is home to renowned attractions in the country and some remarkable sights. Hammamet is a perfect spot for vacation. It’s an epitome of an African Paradise. The destination offers exotic combination of luxury accommodation, scenic beaches and amazing activities.



A destination located in Eastern Cape, about an hour drive from Port Elizabeth. The destination is a perfect destination for a relaxed and secluded honeymoon. It offers luxurious and romantic accommodation and dining experience and it’s known for its white painted houses with black roofs, canals and fascinating golf courses.


Breathtaking yeah? I thought so too.

Accommodation and return ticket for each destination is from NGN280000. Imagine!!!

Again most are visa free and the rest you get your visa on arrival including Seychelles and Mauritius.

The cheapest of these deals you can get is Mombasa. With 200k, you can do a week long vacay there inclusive fares and hotel.

For fares, Zanzibar and Mombasa are the cheapest (like 130-150k) while others range from 180k to 220k. Cheapest hotel is like 250USD for a week’s stay. Guys at dollar exchange rate of 250 (not funny), that’s less than 65k.

Please kindly note that prices are subject to change without prior notice depending of course on travel dates. So better start ringing Kemi to get your best rates. Men do something nice for your wives abeg. LOL. Even your fiancées. Send her there ALONE so that she can know what she will be getting when she agrees to marry you Hahaha.

For further information on booking, tickets and accommodation contact

Le Voyage Travel shop.

Office: 0809 840 9447

Mobile:0802 944 2507


Follow us in Instagram for travel updates @Levoyage_travelshop


Happy vacationing darlings. Take some time off the stress and RECHARGE!!!

And kemi thank you sooooooo much boo.

Stay Fruitful guys,

Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha

Mini vacay with KingDaveed haha



E’s mail… Dear E’, how do i hear from God? A FAB mentee responds.

This morning, I have resolved to not do anything at all till this blog has been updated. So I won’t even let my boss know I am in yet. Anything short of him breaking down my door, I won’t respond.


Hey, how is everyone on this FAB lane? Been what? 22days!!! Over three weeks!!! Kai.

In those three weeks, life has been all the shades of amazing, fabulous and then some.

I LOVEEEEEEEE my job!!! Two weeks working here and I have received three mails from my boss hailing me ‘You are doing a real amazing job’, one free lunch from him, another from a senior colleague and a gift too (The first of many he said) yaaaaaay.

Life is good… nay FAB!!! #LeSigh

***just went out to peep. Boss ain’t here yet. Yaaaay!!!***

Ok let’s do this fast.

Today is FAB FRIDAY!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

This Post is totally dedicated to all my FAB mentees. I love you girls mega (and more when you stop calling me mama) *tongue out*

Ok, I have a group of amazing young ladies I mentor on Whatsapp… Met them all off my blog.

Every Friday, we have something called FAB Friday where they get to ask me all sortsa questions and all. I think it starts at 6pm, 8pm or 9pm. Not sure again sef. But this week, I think Chi said the topic was gonna be relationships. Ah!!! My bread and butter. #iLikey

Anyways, still on my mentees, today, I am going to share Ify’s testimony here… She is one of my FAB mentees.

I met Ify when she was in a really bad place. Her issues didn’t attract me (I am not Jesus Christ abeg) but her spirit did. Ify is one person who knows how to be very very real and down to earth. She has a really beautiful spirit. She needed help, she wasn’t ashamed to request for it and bare out her mind to you. Yes there was anxiety and all but her beautiful spirit filtered through it all and I just knew I could take her in and let God work on her.

She requested to be added to the mentee group and I agreed. Interestingly, she is the only married woman there (though she got married pretty early and so she fell within the age range) and I feared for how she would cope but like I said, Ify knows how to just LEARN. Ok the word I am looking for is ‘ify has a teachable spirit’

And trust me, this is not common.

Anyways, the mentoring journey started and little by little, I saw changes in Ify. Then I started seeing major changes. Ah, it was like a dream to me. She was just sooooooooo open. If Ify needed help, she would ask. She was never ashamed to ask questions or make her confessions. If she erred, she would tell me even if she had to do it in tears. She is amazingly open kai.

On the group, she is everyone’s sweetheart. They all call her mama ejima and they have all booked her twins down for little bride and page boy lol… At least, Godmother space is exclusively mine hehehe. They all absolutely love Ify and most of them have been hosted by her in her school in Ife.

Ewa, Ify and Chi

Ewa, Ify and Chi

I hear she is a great host too.

I met Ify for the first time at Akikitan (and she brought me and her other sisters giftssss ah).Some of my mentees came too.

Dee, Bella, Ify, Chi, Ewa and Glow

Dee, Bella, Ify, Chi, Ewa and Glow

I gave Ify a 4G flash filled with messages and she would listen and give me feedback on them. I told you Ify has a teachable spirit. And she would have question for days…….

So after I did this post on my birthday, Ify was one of those who asked me ‘How do I hear from God like you’? I told her I was working on a post and it would address that. Interestingly, little did I know that it would be Ify who would end up answering the question for the scores of persons who asked me. In those three weeks, God gave Ify a testimony and the night she shared it on the group, I knew I had to run it here so I asked her to mail it to me and she did…

Please enjoy Ify, unedited…

My responses and thoughts are in asterisks





Honestly am short of words. This came as a surprise to me. God has been so awesome and merciful to me. I can’t thank him enough for the wonderful sisters (which I never had) that He brought into my life through the FAB lane. Am one of mama’s mentees on mentoring on the FAB lane. Am Ify aka mama Ejime. My walk with God has been a struggle until recently. I have grown in faith and being positive has become a lifestyle as a result of being mama’s mentee. Few weeks ago, two of my sisters (from our mentee group) graciously came to visit me in school.BeautyPlus_20140725101815_save One of them by name Ewa bought me some books.

Immediately she gave me those books. She told me we would pray in tongues for 30miuntes during prayer time. I was shocked because on my own, I have never prayed up to 15 minutes in my understanding and you tell me I would pray for 30miuntes in tongues. I gave her all the reasons in the world why is not possible. I can’t. Like what will I be saying in those 30minutes? She told me the Holy Spirit will give me utterance. After so much persuasion, I reluctantly agreed.

**** Lol God bless you Ewatemi darl.



That is how Ify used to protest too at the beginning in the group when it was her turn to take the Word or pray and I never used to excuse her hehehe***

Fast forward to prayer time. We began praying in tongues. How the spirit came upon me and I did it for 30miuntes was a mystery to me. We prayed over an 1hr that day. I never knew something great has been deposited in my spirit. 2days later we were heading to our various destinations. She gave me her flash filled with loads of messages from her pastor on tongues and prayers. It was a series. I got home and listened to those messages at least two every day and my spirit man grew. Pastor Segun Obajide dwelt so much on tongues that I started praying in tongues on my own. First day. I prayed over 1hr. I tried to stop but I still continued. I prayed more in tongues than my own understanding. I start studying from 12am and 3am. Something I dare not try. One amazing transformation in my spiritual life these few weeks is my Love for the bible. I search scriptures myself and get answers to all I need. Normally I hate reading the Bible even as a Christian. I confused when people talk so much about the bible and am like ‘what are they saying?’ The bible had been so boring to me. I read my devotionals and skip the scriptures for the day. I had no business because it doesn’t make meaning to me. All that makes meaning used to be Psalm 113:9 and Ps 37:4. I only read a scripture because someone makes mention of it. Am thrilled how my eye lights up anytime I read the bible. The Holy Spirit Has helped me to enjoy every aspect of reading the word of God. I never knew what I was missing all this while by not praying in tongues and studying the Word of God. I STORE UP so much lately that every areas of my life has begun to change. I must add that the indwelling of the HOLY GHOST has been a wonderful experience and I have a regular fellowship with Him. My marriage has changed because of the way I pray too. You need to see how my dear husband holds and cuddle me when I come to bed early hours of the morning every day. His embrace tells me a lot that u might not want to go into details now.

***The REAL SEXY wife is the GODLY one ooo. Forget Hollywood/Nollywood***

Hubs told me yesterday that he is enjoying his marriage with me more now than the 3years we have been together. Tz like honeymoon to him. He has been on holiday for 3weeks and we spend time together in each other’s company and we have no arguments. Not that we fight but my temper could be so ‘blessed’. I get angry at every little thing and shout, carrying a long face for hours. Honestly all this changed because I was blessed to have someone that encouraged me to pray more in tongues. I found out that my mentality about childbirth has changed. It becomes the last thing I confess or pray about. Growing in the knowledge of God has become my greatest priority

*** Ify is in faith (actually we all are in faith) for her twins.

Don't twins just look amazing on Ify? Can't wait abeg

Don’t twins just look amazing on Ify? Can’t wait abeg

Like I used to tell her at the beginning when she used to worry so much, God is NOT interested in giving you a child as much as He is interested in having you grow in your knowledge of Him. Children are the cheapest things for God to give (and jobs and husbands and ‘fill in the gap0 but frankly, with her level then, I didn’t think she was ready for children yet***

My friends noticed I talk less and stopped being critical about others. I couldn’t have done this on my own. God used my two wonderful sisters to change my life. I could go on and on.

Mama, I must confess when I was added on the FAB lane. I felt embarrassed. I wanted to beg you to remove me because I was married and am 5years older than most sisters.

*** Lol. I think just one is 17 or so jor Ify…***

Something kept on stopping me from making that move. When I saw the spiritual level of all the sisters. I felt like an ant. I buried my head in shame and said to myself ‘If young girls this age could be this devoted to God. What have I been doing?’ plus mama said something one time – Christianity is not judged by one’s age. I was so loved in the group. I felt so special. I had sisters I never had biologically. Their support through trying times amazes me. They pray with me and for me. Encouraging me not to give up, they have helped me to know that am not perfect but God loves me. Another mentee that helped me more is Olivia.



On BBM, she will just send me a message, “Sister Jesus loves you. Sister God loves you despite the sins you have committed’ Olivia is a TEN Abeg. I always struggle with sin. A very bad secret sin and I shared with her. I never knew she understood where I was coming from and shared scriptures with me. All my sisters on the group have been so supportive one way or the other. From sharing quality gospel songs with me that edifies my spirit, to encouragement and love when I share my experience. Each of us from the group have a wonderful testimony from the FAB group.

*** I love hearing their testimonies ehn. Chai!!! The ones that are bloggers are supposed to run a personal post ‘Mentoring on the FAB lane, the journey so far…’ Then ahn, I recall one week we read a chapter of Jakes ;The Lady, He Lover and Her Lord’ and my goodness, there was healing that week as TD Jakes talked about past hurts and abuse and all. Omo ehn, I was amazed as to what God did…***

Mama mii, my most Fabulous mama. You know all this wouldn’t have been possible without you. You availed yourself as an instrument to be used for hurting ladies like me. Where will I start from with you?

Ify and I

Ify and I

You know how you have helped me. Mama you know how I was when you meet me. Am sure you know now that your girl has grown.

***Mehn!!! Tell me about it!!! Thank God I didn’t give up***

You have been a major part of my life that I will never forget. Am eternally grateful I came across your blog through PM’s blog and she encouraged me to speak with you. Mama, our own na another blog post. Well, I still reminisce on your smoothing hug. I longggggg for more.

***Woooh, I will start charging for this hug ooo. Lol. Ify had to ask me if I hug guys like that too and I am like OF COURSE NOT!!!***

My testimony on the FAB group plenty o. But I will stop here o. I hope I wasn’t a talkative. God bless all the FAB family.

Did I mention all the activities we enjoy on the FAB lane?

(1) Mentoring on the FAB lane

(2) FAB mentees word sharing

(3) FAB Book club

(4) FAB mentees prayers only

Plus the latest addition. FAB Friday. Where we get tips on marriage, relationships, career etc. It’s been awesome. I bet with all this. You will beg to be among the FAB Mentees group.

***Hehehehe. Did I mention that Ify is such a toaster too. Ify can toast you for ages. Lol***

Mama, you know I have been disturbing you about a particular blog post. (How to hear from God). If you noticed I have stopped doing that. The HS has taken charge. I hear now and know the mind of Christ. God knows me by name and He speaks to me specifically. So you can take your time on that. Just chill and let it come at your convenience.

***No Baby, you just did the post. I will just add something I heard Rev Victor Adeyemi say that Kenneth Hagin said… ‘The will of God is inside you. If you pray LONG ENOUGH in the spirit, it will jump out of your inside into your head/conscious and it will become clear to you…’ So I am NOT surprised at Ify’s growth. All the tips I would have loved to share are in her story…

  1. The right association
  3. Prayers especially in tongues (oh btw, Ify is catholic ooo)
  4. A teachable spirit
  5. Messages and Books
  6. Etc etc lol

This blessed me. I know it blessed you too…

Ify I am super proud of you boo. I feel like one proud mama…

Ok time to work and best part of working in the UN, aside from loving this job incredibly and endlessly, has to be that Fridays, the UN closes at 12.30pm. Whooooooop!!!


Can’t wait for today’s episode of FAB FRIDAY!!! Whoop!!!

Hopefully, I would have come in long before from braiding my hair and rested some.

And yeah, just in case you are wondering, pregnancy has been FABULOUS too. I know I promised a series ‘The PreggiE’ diaries’

Just cross your fingers, it will soon start. Hehehe. I am outta office all week next week so hopefully when I am back, I will debut…






So I attended the CHAYIL 2014 CONFERENCE organized by Pastor M and DCC Married women’s group known as CHAYIL. It was amazing.



I am working on a post that would bless married women but it would be on @Marriagebydbook‘s blog sometime next week.

I LOVE this picture hehehe. Ada and I

I LOVE this picture hehehe. Ada and I

Btw, I now KNOW @marriagebydbook but I am sworn to secrecy until comes out herself or annoys me hehehe. She is a REAL AMAZING FABULOUS BEAUTIFUL woman hehehe


Announcements on the F.A.B lane…


Before I go on, the app that did this is called Bit strips. Available on Google play only. Any other info, please Google. Don’t harangue me with questions, thank you!!! :p
OK so I have a few announcements to make about how things are going to be around here. Cool stuff. Divine instructions. I know I can bank on your support as usual. These are stuff I have prayed about and it is time to hit the ground running…


In line with my resolve this year to offer myself up as a deliberate mentor, I have  a dedicated Whatsapp account on my E’Pad  where we would hold scheduled virtual meetings both personally and in a group. I say ‘scheduled’ because I won’t deceive myself to say that I would be 24/7 available. It also won’t be one of such groups where talk will be going on all day and all night constituting major nuisance to phone batteries. Lol. I am a part of one but I can’t leave as it is one of those Alumni tinz. This group will NOT be that. We would be regulated and very effective by God’s grace. Again, please this is for the teens in the FAB community, then those who are say 23 and below. Especially those in University.  Then also, if you are a young Christian who needs some motivation and stuff, though you are above the age limit, you too are welcome. Please this group is NOT open to all the mature FAB’ers ooo. You guys need to be mentors yourself already. *tongue out* I also do know that there are some real mature Christians here who are within the age limit, you need not join. I really just wanna reach out to those who really need it.
When we are running, we would together decide on the group which of my spiritually mature friends/FAB’ers we would invite to run it with me.  I am working on a post on ‘mentoring’ because mentees need to know the basics of mentoring so that we know that both parties are benefitting maximally from the relationship.
Now what do you need to do? Do me a mail with your whatsapp phone numbers and just a little about yourself. Please send it to ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com . Don’t drop it as a comment please. Clear? Thank you darlings.

2. #31F.A.B.Voices prayer co-ordinators

OK one thing I didn’t mention about the testifiers who sent me posts is that we would do regular prayer posts featuring the stuff they have shared with us. At least once a month, all year round, I would run a prayer blog post so that we never forget about it. I have the modalities in my head and I would share it with the volunteer coordinators. So please, I would be needing TWO FAB’ers that would help me run that with me. I would prefer that they are mature Christians please. Whether you sent me an entry or not, you are welcome to volunteer. Of course, we would run virtually so you can be anywhere in the world.  Please do me a mail and let’s take it from there.  Thanks. Trust me it is going to be all shades of FUN…

3. Hello Testifiers, what’s up?
One thing God dropped in my mind as this #31F.A.B.Voices started running was that we need to do follow up with each other every two months till the year is up. So rather than just drop the vision, you also need to give us progress reports about how far you are GOING FORWARD with your dreams and plans. Know where you are slacking, where you need help/prayers, etc. So darlings, you better be making moves ooo if not E’ is gonna be all over you like a blood hound. We MUST TESTIFY and we wouldn’t slack abourrit. After every TEN testifiers, we begin a progress report. Count’s seven now. So Testifiers, tick tock, you are on the clock… The two volunteers would also help me with this.

4. Prayer partners on the FAB lane…
For a really long time, I have had virtual prayer partners at different times for different seasons/reasons. So now, let’s do this with my FAB’ers. But I don’t do well with large starter groups so we will start with 10 people. Pere. Just drop a line in the comment section that you are interested and your email and we will go from there. I am hoping we have people from outside Nigeria too. We would have regular prayer meetings and stuff and hopefully we will increase the numbers as the days go by and then have real life meetings too. Yay!!! Cool yeah? But hey, my friends are NOT invited please (booski, sapphire,angel o’luv,Lizzie,etc, you know yourselves). I have learnt that there are steps that one takes in life that you DO NOT have to involve your close friends. Also those that fall into the first group I spoke about need not involve themselves. Oh BTW, prayer times do not always have to be convenient. Most times it would cost you your sleep and stuff. Early momo and late night tinz especially because of the schedule of everyone and stuff… So be sure you really wanna be a part of this. We would be praying for each other especially and others outside the group too.

So please holler…

BTW Tani, I do hope you have started working on all the people who hollered at you for your prayer and bible study group. I am so excited at the response you guys gave mehn… Love love love y’all. And I am so grateful about the great things God is going to do in the FAB lane this year and going forward…

That would be all for now…
Thank you all for listening…
He he he…

Ok, I mentioned the special dish I was making for the hubby Sunday and a lot of y’all took it very seriously and wanted me to share it.
I apologize I didn’t take pictures of the final dish. I forgot and he came in late from church (Choir leaders tinz) and all I just wanted to do was watch him eat. No vex eh… Anyways, I did take some pictures of the process.

It was actually an Irish potato dish. I cut and boiled the potato in a chicken/fish/gizzard/meat stock rather than just ordinary water and salt like we used to do at home then as a single. Then I deep fried it till it got crispy on the outside.  The taste on the inside was heavenly. Then i fried some the normal chips style but rather than just salt it, I soaked it in the same stock for sometime to take up that taste and then I fried. I made chips too just in case he didn’t like the other dish (you never know…). Then I made very rich salad and then peppered chicken and gizzard. Then home-made zobo which was really amazing.

Of course, you know I had to add my ‘special ingredient’ *wink*  (Check my VOICES post here for it http://eziaha.com/2013/12/11/dearsingleladies-voices/ )
Hubby totally loved it. Everything!!!

Oh and while we are still in the kitchen, Priceless who is worth her name in gold, introduced me to smoothies which I have been taking since. It has been real awesome. Since this year, I am trying to lead a healthier life. I just blend a couple of fruits together and refrigerate.

Pineapples, Apple, Pawpaw, Cucumber, watermelon, banana, carrots, coconut (I love the roughness coconut adds to the mix… Totally awesome. Totally!!!).

I usually add ice-cubes for effect. And it is so filling. And so nice. I also add my zobo to blend in addition to water hence the slightly red color.
Try it and thank me later…
Of course, everyone knows that no matter the kinda diet I go on, or healthy eating I chose, indomie will always be a part of it…

Whether it is fattening or not… Ignore the plantain. Na hubby tinz…

Two Posts I would love y’all to read…
Disposable by Booski http://www.dumebie.wordpress.com
lessons from an Apron: http://www.marriagebydbook.wordpress.com
Disposable is for all the side chicks and the apron lessons is about dressing hot and sexy for hubby as a married woman… Loved both.



I am sure people like Lizzy and Valerie who know how much I hate to cook will be surprised at this my wannabe Chef-attitude. Looool. Na love ooo… He he he

If you looked closely, you would see that the Apron bore our names. It was a wedding souvenir. I doubt any of my friends who came for the wedding got any. I have just one left and I am looking to give it to my first friend that gets married this year. Church wedding that is. So make una hurry up abeg… I am itching to be a part of another wedding process already…