Marriage, through the eyes of a young Christian man, @walejana

When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!

*Hold that thought*

So what exactly did I tell Wale that got him blushing?


Wale and Toyin Aladejana

A lil history first. I have never met Wale physically nor his beautiful wife Toyin but they are my BBM buds.

I frankly don’t recall how I met Wale but I know it has to be on a social media site. He has also featured me on his blog here. I recall telling my hubs after Wale told me he and his family were moving to The ‘Buj that at least I am sure of ONE young FAB Christian couple we could be friends with as most of the couples I knew were, well, one kain.


We talk occasionally and he is such a man of GREAT FAITH. It encourages me all the time. Then the way he talks about his wife is absolutely amazing. Both in the little things and in the big things. He literally ‘carries her on his head’ Hahaha. I knew I would want to feature Wale and Toyin on my blog but I had yet to find the perfect time, until now.

Btw, I want this to be a regular feature, where some other FAB person(s) get to feature on my blog. Suggestions for what it should be called? Please guys.

Ok on to the ‘nice things’. They are actually ‘little things’ but every one/wife/woman knows that it is the LITTLE things that make a BIG difference.

I connected with Toyin for the first time when she was pregnant in November ’14.

Wale's Oluwatoyin and Dumdum

Wale’s Oluwatoyin and Dumdum

All my plans to visit didn’t pull through. She had just moved to the ‘Buj following her husband’s transfer from Benin. Wale had come earlier alone to prepare for her coming so she had just joined him. I imagine that she left a life behind and followed hubby. I don’t even recall what Wale and I were talking about but I guess I was trying to find out how well she was settling in especially as she didn’t exactly have people here. And he said something like

‘…No, she is not working. I GOT HER A JOB to keep her busy but she decided against it because she would soon put to bed so didn’t think there was any need…’

Sounds small abi? But when you have packed your bags and followed your hubby across the Nation and are bored in a city without friends and are pregnant and home alone and the man is proactive and thoughtful enough to do the work of looking for and getting you a job to keep you busy because you don’t really know your way around town enough to job hunt, you would REALLY know what I mean. It is not so much the job but the fact that ‘my wife’s welfare and happiness is MY RESPONSIBILITY.’ Trust me guys, an average man would NOT.


Second thing was after Toyin had put to bed. Btw I love this line from his birthday message to her…

‘…I was there at the labour room when you were giving birth to our princess, you stayed strong and pushed her out without any complications whilst looking as beautiful as ever. Thank you for giving me this beautiful, feisty princess…’


Ehen, so again I don’t recall what we were talking about but it had to do with how they were doing since Dumdum their daughter appeared especially as me I was getting set to pop, and he said something like

The work is too much for her. I am looking for a good help for her. This is like the third one we have gotten…

I had to ask, but she just gave birth under 3months ago na and he was like

Yes, but the first was this, second this, third that…

You could just see a man that was not ready to have his wife die from house and baby work lol. Trust me, I was swooned. A lot of people don’t understand that a baby is a trailer load of work. Add house work to that and even a good woman can get depressed without any/much help EVEN IF SHE IS A FULL TIME STAY AT HOME MOM. (Any body wonder why househelps are PAID?) I for one knew Dumdum was nursing exclusively so I KNOW first-hand how much work it would have been for Toyin.


You could FEEL it, that Wale needed a good help like yesterday to relieve Toyin, and if it meant we get 50 until we get the right one, NO WAHALA!!! And he was going to be INVOLVED.

Trust me darlings, it is a HUGE deal.

It was the day he told me that he met his wife on FACEBOOK and the story behind their courtship, proposal and wedding that I knew I wanted to feature them here.IMG_5710 (2)

Maybe someday I would feature that story on my blog or maybe he will feature it on his own blog and I will share the link here. Wale knows how to celebrate his wife mehn

But today, I wanted him to just talk about his marriage

Enjoy, unedited…


When Eziaha spoke to me and told me so many nice things about myself, I was blushing!


Dumdum at her naming… I think

Glory to God! It still feels like a dream that I am married and I have a princess. It is a lot of responsibility but God has been faithful.

My wife is a very loveable woman, she is so easy to get along with, I believe I am the difficult one and we have our moments like all couples. I need a lot of grace when it comes to patience; I am the shouter and the horn blarer, I am the door banger with a tongue like a whip, I guess the good thing is we never sleep over any offence, we always settle. Many times I would go out of the room and she would call me a coward for running away from arguments but I always come back to the room, never liked the couch and also because I am so intertwined with my wife and daughter. I feel homesick if I am away for more than 2 days. I can’t take any job that will take me away from my family, they are too crucial and too important, no job or amount of money is worth it.


If men understand how crucial their wives are to their success, accountability would not be very hard. Jesus is married to the church, the man is married to the wife; Christ is the head of the church, man is the head of the wife. Jesus is submitted to God the Father, man is submitted to Jesus. There is a structure which guarantees a flow, Jesus loves the church unconditionally; He respects her, does the best for her and churches bloom! You will agree with me that churches today are synonymous with wealth so much so that pastors are accused of embezzlement and all that. The same way, when a man loves his wife and does the best for her, he will succeed!


One of the scriptures that have kept me grounded is Malachi 2; 13-16 (NLT)

Here is another thing you do. You cover the LORD’s altar with tears, weeping and groaning because he pays no attention to your offerings and doesn’t accept them with pleasure. 14You cry out, “Why doesn’t the LORD accept my worship?” I’ll tell you why! Because the LORD witnessed the vows you and your wife made when you were young. But you have been unfaithful to her, though she remained your faithful partner, the wife of your marriage vows.

15Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his.b And what does he want? Godly children from your union. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth. 16“For I hate divorce!” says the LORD, the God of Israel. “To divorce your wife is to overwhelm her with cruelty,c” says the LORD of Heaven’s Armies. “So guard your heart; do not be unfaithful to your wife.”

Many men especially Christian men think that unfaithfulness has to do with not looking at another woman. Husbands need to go and read their wedding vows again to know what unfaithfulness is all about. Many men said those words but they never actually thought about what they were saying and God said He was present when you uttered those words. The traditional wedding vows read thus, ‘will you have this woman to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together after God s ordinance in the Holy Estate of Matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others keep you only unto her as long as you both shall live?

Can you say for sure that you are loving your wife, comforting her, honouring her and forsaking all others?


When your wife is sad, depressed, stressed out and overwhelmed because of your ignorance and the many problems you cause as a man, God is angry with you! And when your wife is happy and at peace and she’s enjoying her life, God is happy and you will feel it!


Apart from my day job and ministry as a Social Media Evangelist, I have an amazing business and I can trace it back to honouring my wife and making my wife happy. My wife needed a phone and she had never had a 18 carat gold chain before; I knew that getting her those two gifts along with all other expenses that come with having a baby and all others would turn my account to red but I made up my mind to honour her that way and she was so excited and happy. Shortly after, I started this perfume business and in 3 months I made a million from sales then I became a major distributor and now I have 8 distributors under me all of whom made their money back in a week!


All of this is done through the social media, I advertise and celebrate my customers on BBM, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook and whilst I sit at my desk in the office, calls start coming in, they pay to my account and I call my courier person to send to them. I make my salary in mostly 2 weeks. No stress, no wahala whatsoever, the kind of life Adam lived in Eden!


I am still believing God for many more but I have seen enough of divine provision in my life to know that God will perfect all that concerns us. If many Christian men can understand that their money can be traced to their wives’ happiness they would take them much more seriously. You could say ‘Oh I know many men who have money and treat their wives like crap’ the truth is that such men never end well. The bible is complete, it says in 1 Peter 3;7 (NLT) In the same way, you husbands must give honor to your wives. Treat your wife with understanding as you live together. She may be weaker than you are, but she is your equal partner in God’s gift of new life. Treat her as you should so your prayers will not be hindered.

John D. Rockefeller who is till date the richest man who ever lived after King Solomon had this to say about his wife “her judgement was always better than mine. Without her keen advice, I would be a poor man“. Many men need to understand that the word ‘helper’ in the bible was not talking about someone to cook, clean, wash and make babies. The word ‘helper’ or ‘help meet’ in Hebrew is ‘Ezer’ which means ‘power’ or ‘strength’. So when the Lord God was saying He would create an helper for man, He was not taking about a helper like your house girl, He was talking about a superior being who would be with man to help him achieve his purpose.


If many men would discuss more of their business ideas and let their wives know how much they have in their bank accounts, they would be way more successful. Women have their downsides as well but if your wife is from God, she is a heavy weight and the faster you realise that the better for your life.

Another thing men must bear in mind is that God is transgenerational in His thinking; husbands must begin to think that way as well. God describes Himself as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Malachi 2;15 says; Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his.b And what does he want? Godly children from your union. God also said about Abraham in Genesis 18:19 I have singled him out so that he will direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just. Then I will do for Abraham all that I have promised.”

God is interested in men who will lead their homes after His pattern. How then can you be building a dynasty and not have time for your wife and children? You are chasing money? The men who chase money have it all wrong! If you build according to God’s pattern, money will be chasing you! God does not want you spending all your time working and chasing money because He wants you to focus on the most important reason for bringing you and your wife together and that is to build Godly offspring that will in turn give birth to Godly offspring and the circle continues until you have built a dynasty based on kingdom principles, that is the way you can affect the world! All the troublesome people the world has today can be traced to the families where they were raised! Someone was too busy or not paying attention. You must be available to impact deliberately into the life of your wife and children.


The latest of anything is always an improved version and the woman was the improved version of the man although the man is the head, God made her everything the man was not. A woman is to a man what God cannot be to him. God was present in Eden with Adam yet He said, ‘it is not good for man to be alone’. I don’t care how successful you think you are but if you keep your wife at arms’ length, you are alone and the bible said it is NOT good!

Unfortunately, it was not Adam who immediately realised how powerful the woman is, it was the devil and in the twinkle of an eye, he had used her to wreak havoc. Ever since then, the devil’s most powerful weapon has been the woman; the Jezebels and the Delilahs and God’s most powerful weapons have been the Daughters of Zion. These are women who understand their role as wives, daughters and mothers who have used their influence with God to bless and protect their husbands, sons and fathers.

It is not easy for a superior to submit to the lesser, many men complain that their wives and girlfriends are not submissive. The only kind of man, a woman finds it easy to submit to is the man who is submitted to God. Mr Husband, Mr. Fiancee, are you submitted to God? Build according to God’s pattern of love and submission will come easily.


I hope this will not bore you but this is what works for me.

****I wish we didn’t come to THE END***

No Wale, you certainly did NOT bore us. This was deep and HOT… I can’t wait to meet you and your family finally.

Oya ladies, married and especially single, please share with the men in your life.

Wale blogs the Goodnews at and is on twitter and Instagram @walejana

He spreads the gospel proudly via his social media handles and his daily devotionals, told like a story are amazing.

He is also one PROUD member of COZA.

I hope this blessed you. Like I said, I would open up my blog to more godly blogposts from my readers. If you have something you think would bless us from YOUR LIFE, holler.

Suggestions? Holler too. This is a CHRISTIAN blog ooo. Ehen.

Mail as always to



Oh hol’ up.

Was gonna wrap this up and schedule when Wale sends me a message sharing an awesome testimony I have to share here. Recall at the start of this I mentioned that Wale is a man of great FAITH?

Please read in his own words. What a FAITHFUL God


So it happened that someone had been monitoring my activities on Facebook: the social media evangelism and the perfume business.

The person called me and said…

‘Wale, I want you to expand your business so you can cater for all classes of people…’

Next thing he brought out his cheque book and began to write. I thought it was 100k but it was 1million naira. 1,000 000. I was speechless and he was just smiling at me. As a proper Yoruba boy, I went flat on the floor and he just said ‘Don’t worry about it.

Guess who is storming Dubai in a bit? Yep, yours truly. We are taking over the Oud market and it is world class from now on baby.

I just want to encourage someone. It may seem as if God has forgotten all your seeds but get ready for a shocker. Strangers will walk towards you and just bless you. God will owe no man, never forget that. He is a rewarder to those who FAITHFULLY serve Him.



WOW!!! OH WOW!!!

Perfect timing. I needed to add this to this story to this post. On all his social media handles, he shares a daily devotional (his own) and then he shares his OUD perfume business.

Someone had been watching and God decides to use that person, WITHOUT HIM ASKING, to bless him.

Yaaaay!!! God is faithful abeg.


Be Fruitful guys,



Announcements on the F.A.B lane…


Before I go on, the app that did this is called Bit strips. Available on Google play only. Any other info, please Google. Don’t harangue me with questions, thank you!!! :p
OK so I have a few announcements to make about how things are going to be around here. Cool stuff. Divine instructions. I know I can bank on your support as usual. These are stuff I have prayed about and it is time to hit the ground running…


In line with my resolve this year to offer myself up as a deliberate mentor, I have  a dedicated Whatsapp account on my E’Pad  where we would hold scheduled virtual meetings both personally and in a group. I say ‘scheduled’ because I won’t deceive myself to say that I would be 24/7 available. It also won’t be one of such groups where talk will be going on all day and all night constituting major nuisance to phone batteries. Lol. I am a part of one but I can’t leave as it is one of those Alumni tinz. This group will NOT be that. We would be regulated and very effective by God’s grace. Again, please this is for the teens in the FAB community, then those who are say 23 and below. Especially those in University.  Then also, if you are a young Christian who needs some motivation and stuff, though you are above the age limit, you too are welcome. Please this group is NOT open to all the mature FAB’ers ooo. You guys need to be mentors yourself already. *tongue out* I also do know that there are some real mature Christians here who are within the age limit, you need not join. I really just wanna reach out to those who really need it.
When we are running, we would together decide on the group which of my spiritually mature friends/FAB’ers we would invite to run it with me.  I am working on a post on ‘mentoring’ because mentees need to know the basics of mentoring so that we know that both parties are benefitting maximally from the relationship.
Now what do you need to do? Do me a mail with your whatsapp phone numbers and just a little about yourself. Please send it to . Don’t drop it as a comment please. Clear? Thank you darlings.

2. #31F.A.B.Voices prayer co-ordinators

OK one thing I didn’t mention about the testifiers who sent me posts is that we would do regular prayer posts featuring the stuff they have shared with us. At least once a month, all year round, I would run a prayer blog post so that we never forget about it. I have the modalities in my head and I would share it with the volunteer coordinators. So please, I would be needing TWO FAB’ers that would help me run that with me. I would prefer that they are mature Christians please. Whether you sent me an entry or not, you are welcome to volunteer. Of course, we would run virtually so you can be anywhere in the world.  Please do me a mail and let’s take it from there.  Thanks. Trust me it is going to be all shades of FUN…

3. Hello Testifiers, what’s up?
One thing God dropped in my mind as this #31F.A.B.Voices started running was that we need to do follow up with each other every two months till the year is up. So rather than just drop the vision, you also need to give us progress reports about how far you are GOING FORWARD with your dreams and plans. Know where you are slacking, where you need help/prayers, etc. So darlings, you better be making moves ooo if not E’ is gonna be all over you like a blood hound. We MUST TESTIFY and we wouldn’t slack abourrit. After every TEN testifiers, we begin a progress report. Count’s seven now. So Testifiers, tick tock, you are on the clock… The two volunteers would also help me with this.

4. Prayer partners on the FAB lane…
For a really long time, I have had virtual prayer partners at different times for different seasons/reasons. So now, let’s do this with my FAB’ers. But I don’t do well with large starter groups so we will start with 10 people. Pere. Just drop a line in the comment section that you are interested and your email and we will go from there. I am hoping we have people from outside Nigeria too. We would have regular prayer meetings and stuff and hopefully we will increase the numbers as the days go by and then have real life meetings too. Yay!!! Cool yeah? But hey, my friends are NOT invited please (booski, sapphire,angel o’luv,Lizzie,etc, you know yourselves). I have learnt that there are steps that one takes in life that you DO NOT have to involve your close friends. Also those that fall into the first group I spoke about need not involve themselves. Oh BTW, prayer times do not always have to be convenient. Most times it would cost you your sleep and stuff. Early momo and late night tinz especially because of the schedule of everyone and stuff… So be sure you really wanna be a part of this. We would be praying for each other especially and others outside the group too.

So please holler…

BTW Tani, I do hope you have started working on all the people who hollered at you for your prayer and bible study group. I am so excited at the response you guys gave mehn… Love love love y’all. And I am so grateful about the great things God is going to do in the FAB lane this year and going forward…

That would be all for now…
Thank you all for listening…
He he he…

Ok, I mentioned the special dish I was making for the hubby Sunday and a lot of y’all took it very seriously and wanted me to share it.
I apologize I didn’t take pictures of the final dish. I forgot and he came in late from church (Choir leaders tinz) and all I just wanted to do was watch him eat. No vex eh… Anyways, I did take some pictures of the process.

It was actually an Irish potato dish. I cut and boiled the potato in a chicken/fish/gizzard/meat stock rather than just ordinary water and salt like we used to do at home then as a single. Then I deep fried it till it got crispy on the outside.  The taste on the inside was heavenly. Then i fried some the normal chips style but rather than just salt it, I soaked it in the same stock for sometime to take up that taste and then I fried. I made chips too just in case he didn’t like the other dish (you never know…). Then I made very rich salad and then peppered chicken and gizzard. Then home-made zobo which was really amazing.

Of course, you know I had to add my ‘special ingredient’ *wink*  (Check my VOICES post here for it )
Hubby totally loved it. Everything!!!

Oh and while we are still in the kitchen, Priceless who is worth her name in gold, introduced me to smoothies which I have been taking since. It has been real awesome. Since this year, I am trying to lead a healthier life. I just blend a couple of fruits together and refrigerate.

Pineapples, Apple, Pawpaw, Cucumber, watermelon, banana, carrots, coconut (I love the roughness coconut adds to the mix… Totally awesome. Totally!!!).

I usually add ice-cubes for effect. And it is so filling. And so nice. I also add my zobo to blend in addition to water hence the slightly red color.
Try it and thank me later…
Of course, everyone knows that no matter the kinda diet I go on, or healthy eating I chose, indomie will always be a part of it…

Whether it is fattening or not… Ignore the plantain. Na hubby tinz…

Two Posts I would love y’all to read…
Disposable by Booski
lessons from an Apron:
Disposable is for all the side chicks and the apron lessons is about dressing hot and sexy for hubby as a married woman… Loved both.



I am sure people like Lizzy and Valerie who know how much I hate to cook will be surprised at this my wannabe Chef-attitude. Looool. Na love ooo… He he he

If you looked closely, you would see that the Apron bore our names. It was a wedding souvenir. I doubt any of my friends who came for the wedding got any. I have just one left and I am looking to give it to my first friend that gets married this year. Church wedding that is. So make una hurry up abeg… I am itching to be a part of another wedding process already…

#31F.A.B.Voices…Booski Testifying

Day 2…
I bring you my bestie, sister and an amazing Woman of Faith, the totally amazing Dumebi Ehigiator aka Booski…
I love the mix of serious and fun she brings to this…
Please enjoy…

Oh Yes. 2014 is definitely my year. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Infact, I’m glad people are laughing at me and my vision. It shows I’m on the right track. Hadassah’s Crèche, Nursery and Primary School…Simply raising Godly Children. Yeah. The architect is drawing up a plan, God is giving me the massive land and building is commencing…all in 2014. The school aims to assist parents to prepare and guide their primary, intermediate and junior high school aged children towards maturity. The four main areas of development are spiritual, social, academic and physical. My Students will be encouraged to know, love, serve, and trust the Lord Jesus Christ, to commit their lives to Him, and to love others as Christ loves us. Simply Divine, yes? Basically, Hadassah’s school will involve Christ centred education, The goal of personal excellence, Family environment and Innovative Christian Curriculum.

Life is the most beautiful gift we have, but you never know how long you have until it’s over. That’s why I’m a big fan of doing things you want to do when you get the chance. Don’t wait for “Tomorrow” or “Someday”. If you get the opportunity today, then do it today. For 2014, apart from starting my school, I also want to do the following

Make Love On A Beach with My Husband after a day of lazing in the sun and some great snacks.

Have my Own Family. I can’t imagine anything more beautiful than having your own family and bringing children into this world. It’s a life-long commitment, but it’s something that everyone should have the joy of experiencing.

Be A Great teacher. No matter what you’ve done or accomplished in life, you have some wisdom that you can share with others. Next year I want to teach someone what i have learned from being alive, and share my greatest tips, tricks and secrets how to make the most of the time we have on this planet.

Write My Own Book. Write a book to tell my story. Possibly do it while I’m living in a foreign country, or taking a break and living on an island for a month…with my husband.

Take A Vow Of Silence For A Day. Monks do it for decades but that’s a bit extreme. I will take a vow of silence for just one day, and see how different the world is when I’m unable to speak. I will learn to listen and I’ll likely see the world in a different light afterwards.
(Err,Booski please chose a regular day. Not one day when you are locked in at home ooo… I would love to see you do this Looooooool)

Make A Donation…to small or large organisations…local or international.

Eat something that’s Alive (Like An Insect)The idea creeps me out, but it’s just something I gotta do before I die.

Build my own website. Few years ago it was really complicated to build your own website and you needed serious programming experience. Today, it’s a matter of following a simple tutorial and you can have your own website up and running within an hour (with NO technical experience whatsoever). DUHHHHHH…

Ride a Power Bike…Motorcycles give you a huge sense of freedom and invincibility. The rush of acceleration on a powerful motorcycle is insane, and very easy to get addicted to. I have to ride a motorcycle at least once in my life.

The Pyramids of Egypt. These mysterious structures built hundreds of years ago have a serious appeal for me. There are just so many unanswered questions like “What were they really for” and “How was it possible to build them” and “Why are they aligned with the stars”. It’s just something I have to witness with my own eyes.

Make $1,000,000. A somewhat big ambition, but it would be a cool achievement to make $1,000,000 in your life. A million dollars isn’t what it used to be 50 years ago, and there are plenty of people who have achieved it, so I can do it too 🙂

I’m under thirty. I live in Ibadan and I’m a Brilliant Child Educator, a happy wife and a Testifying FAB’er

*The End*

Only Dumebi could have written this.
Amen to all this love. I’m sure we will be back here to testify.
Can’t wait darling…

And to my FAB community,
Love, Peace and Joy…
Going Forward…Still Testifying

At least 5 persons amended their entries and resent to me after yesterday’s Post. Brilliant. I love what I have been reading.
You can still send in your entries if you are interested in joining the FAB family to testify…

#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Happy New year my darlings!!!
Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least.
Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first.
Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when I introduced this…
First let me state that this year ehn, I no dey play. Satan, hol ur ear!!! I am still testifying and each testimony will cause the devil to twist in pain. Like my Booski saiud, this year, I am personally burying the devil… I dunno about you. This year, tz FORWARD 2014… Still testifying.
And I don’t wanna testify alone. Mba… I wanna be sharing mine and hearing and sharing yours too. E go sweeter that way. Which is why I wanna share this 31FAB Voices testifying with y’all. WeWontJustStopTestifyingYo!!!
You see this Word… ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying’ I will SQUEEZE all the testimonies out of it. Nothing will be left by December 31, 2014. I will go forward. I will testify yet. I will bury the devil. I am loving the year already. Too excited!!! Lemme let you in on some of my plans!!! The direction my life will be taking this year as my Sugar Daddy does His thing!!!
I know I can bank on your prayers…
In the spirit of 2014… Lemme share 14 things with my darling FAB’ers…

The Vision 2014…
The first three would focus on relationships cos I have realized that relationships are EVERYTHING. If you are blessed enough to work the right people into your life, ah!!! No words on the kinda amazing life you would have. There are three kinds/levels of relationships in my life I would love to work on in 2013-Higher, Same level, and Lower. Let’s shed more light on each…
1. Relationship with my mentors!!!
Like I wrote on Chioma’s blog, I truly can afford my mentors. This year, I intend to invest more into being mentored. And while I have my primary mentors in men like Rev, PK, Joyce Meyer and co, there are many others who are success stories in their fields and from whom I can learn to be a better person, both in my walk as a Christian and just a good Citizen of Nigeria and the world. I mean there are many brilliant young persons out there in Nigeria making a big difference. The secret of great men are in their stories and I wanna learn from their stories. Otto Orondaam of Slum2School for example is a major inspiration. Nmachi Jidenma too. TY Bello too. Amazing woman. Okey Ofili. Imperfectly Perfect featured a set of twins on her blog. They abound. Some popular, some not. These people definitely don’t have perfect lives but you can definitely pick the good in their stories. I think the more we read about people better than us, the more we are motivated to do more. Now, some of these people may be older, younger or same age as me but where there is Grace, it aint about age. Sometimes we miss out on important life lessons just because we are thinking ‘…how old is she sef…? Is it not this girl who was very dirty in secondary school? Or is it not so and so who used to borrow money from me then?’ Hmm!!! I will be humble enough to catch what I can from people’s stories. Nigerian Youth are really making a difference ooo. No need feeling like a SuperStar in my small world. I wanna be further inspired to greatness from this set of persons especially the Youth among them. I will not be able to meet them all but thank God for social media especially Twitter and blogs, thank God for books. Oh, this 2014, no time ooo. Na me and my mentors ooo…

2. Relationship with my Peers/Friends
Ah!!! This one na serious matter ooo. If one is not careful, one would just have many friends with no real impact or meaning to the friendship. So this year, deliberately, I would be sure that my relationship with my friends and my besties would be more impactful. We have to share our goals and dreams with each other and be the needed push we would need to achieve them. And if I realize that you are not doing enough to move you from your current level to a higher one, I can harass you to, and vice-versa. If I am aware of your dreams, then when I run into any information or person that can help you, I can hook you up. I want us to be able to share with each other if for example, you feel a dimmer in your prayer or Word life and then we work on rekindling the fire. I want to be able to ask you what, as a believer, you are believing for per time and do what I can to help. Friendships have to come with depth and meaning ooo even with the attendant familiarity that most close friendships have. I am trusting God for this much this year and of course going forward.

3. Relationship with my mentees. I have come to understand that, like it or not, at some point, you become mentors to others and you have to, not just live for yourself, but live to reproduce some good and God in others. So if there are people looking up to me, then there must be something worthy of emulation in me. But because it is just me, only me, I know I can’t reach out effectively to as many young women that want me to mentor them. I get a lot of such mails and as much as I try, I don’t do my follow up well and I’m sure some people get upset 😦 Tz just me and I can only do so much. Thing is, everybody God brings our way is a precious soul and we should nurture them to some level of maturity at least. So thank God for the healthy relationships I am building from my point 2 (my Peers), I would be happy to say something like for example ‘…hey Valerie, there is this girl who is having issues with her academics and tz affecting her faith, I need you to mentor her for me…’ Or ‘…Booski, this young woman has major relationship issues and she needs a clean break in her life, biko help me guide her through this…’ You know, stuff like that. Just like Jethro counselled his son in law Moses Exodus 18 esp from verse 12. I am totally wowed especially by the teens that mail me and share stuff with me. Sometimes, I do cartwheels literally. That from such a young age, there are girls who wanna do right by God. Incredible!!! I do know that peer pressure is real and it would go a mighty long way to know that someone is checking with you, cheering you on as you live this Christ life on a FAB lane… I would also like to kick off a group online, most likely whatsapp where we can also share stuff with each other occasionally in addition to the one-on-one’s.
That’s all for relationships… Moving forward…
4. Being that my NYSC khaki is giving way to a suit by mid February, I am super excited about my career which will kick off by mid-March. I need the one month to lounge and finally relocate and get settled in Abuja. And then I am trusting God for a 6week training in an African country. The focus of my career is continental, beyond Nigeria and then my Sugar daddy and I are settled about my work conditions and pay. Oh, I am so excited. The work world’s waiting, and I am so discovering it… #ExcitedMuch

5. My hubby and I are in faith that he would be speedily transferred to Abuja, our land of Milk and Money, to join me before the end of the first quarter of 2014 so we don’t run two homes. I don’t know how my Sugar daddy wants to get this done but I trust it would be a seamless transition for us…

6. I do know I have a ministry especially to women. Young women. I spent 2013 getting the mandate, and preparing with retreats both personal and group. I can’t even say I have the big picture yet but I would love to launch out this year with monthly meetings. Yes I would start in online space and it would involve my blog readers too but we would have live meetings once a month. My Rev has prayed with me and keeps counselling me and I am so sure God will do the work He wants to do just as I yield myself a vessel.

I want to inspire more women or even one more woman into greatness. To live right and stand on the Word till results come. Strong women. Balanced women. The Proverbs 31 kinda woman. I know that as a group, we can definitely do more. Now, this is not about titles and all what not, it is about E’ yielding herself to His use and helping one more woman to live a FAB life indeed!!! My God is able jare. I’m done being scared. Like my mama Joyce Meyer would say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This year, I’m launching out in His might. He called, abi? He is faithful enough to do!!! #Dazall#

7. Attend Joyce Meyer’s conference. Joyce is my momsy in the faith. Totally amazing woman. I have learnt so much from her podcasts and books. I feel like she is my mommy indeed. The only thing missing from this is that I am yet to see her live and where better than the ‘Love Life Women’s conference 2014’

in St. Louis Missouri, USA from Thursday Sept 25 to Sat 27th 2014. See I have that date marked. And I am even trusting God for a photo op with JM herself. Ah!!! I hope I don’t pass out when I finally see her. Loooool. Oh and I am definitely making this US trip with my hubby. Whoop!!!

8. Ok this is the point Lizzie, Sapphire, Booski and Valerie stop reading. Thank you. I am really trusting God for a healthier lifestyle this year… Eating right, less chocolates and sweets and exercising regularly. I want to get used to it so that when my kids start coming, a healthy lifestyle would already have been formed in my family. Plus, all these hot mamas all over the place don’t have two heads abeg!!! #TeamHotBod#

9. Ah, please get in here Water Walker. You inspired this!!! This year, I wanna speak more positively. Everytime I am around Water Walker, I am always blessed as to how she speaks. Even when the situation is bad, she never confesses it… It is not uncommon for her to say ‘…My daughter’s health is PERFECT that’s why I couldn’t come to church…’, ‘…Festac roads are so BLESSED…’ (This one she said of roads that can destroy cars ooo). I mean, WW speaks positive a lot. I so wanna be a lot like that this year and going forward. Say positive and mean it ooo. PK once said something that stuck… I don’t recall the exact terms he used (any DCC person wanna remind me please) but there are two ways to talk about any situation… Explanatory and the Faith way. So if say I have a bloated tummy for example, I say ‘ Though the tummy looks bloated now (explanatory), my health is perfect, my tummy is blessed (Faith)’ So don’t stop at the first one, always speak in faith too. Not just into my life but also to the lives of those around me. I think sometimes as Christians, we wanna be careful to not sound ‘holier than thou’ in the midst of the world meanwhile the world is very brazen when they talk and act. This year, I would speak more like my Sugar daddy expects me to. If I need to pray out (under my breath, yes but loud enough for you to hear) in tongues before I answer you when you come to me for a situation, I will. A lot of times, I am talking to someone and I feel strange tongues well up within me to speak and I hold back because I don’t want it to seem like I am showing off. Not anymore. If I need to counter something you have said with wisdom and the Word, I will do same happily but politely and firmly irrespective of who you are. I wouldn’t just shut up especially when I know I can speak words that can set things right. If I need to explain to you the reason I am turning down a food offer is cos I am fasting, I will. People need to see us Christians live more this life of Christ. Now this is not to say I will be going around with phylacteries and a giant halo with a huge sign of ‘Unbelievers, stay off!!!’ No Sir. I just know that I would be ‘prouder’ about my Jesus and all things Christian. Sad to say, I have held back some in times past just because…………. Sigh. This year 2014, tz all for my Sugar Dadaboooooo. With wisdom of course.

10. Ah!!! Marriages and Births. If I miss your name, feel free to add it in the comments so we pray along but I am trusting God for marriages for my friends Valerie, Tani, Tope, Cheech, ChuChu, Tunde, Ogochukwu, my Sister,Sis-in-laws and brothers, JMAD, SomSom, Berny and so on. And then births- my Booski, Sapphire, Tope and my siblings (yup the same ones getting married this year). Amen.

11. I am trusting my Sugar daddy to be Pregnant by October 2014. Infact, I would love to gift him an ‘I am pregnant’ news for his birthday and gift myself a set of twins/triplets by June 2015. Yup tz no coincidence that our birthdays are exactly nine months apart.

12. A prayer request journal. I realize that a lot of times, people ask me to pray with them for one thing or the other. You know all those ‘I will pray with you or I am with you in prayers…’
Sometimes, it piles and I forget too. #OnlyHumanE’#. So this year, I’ll love to take it more seriously… Have a journal with which I can keep records of not just my prayer points but more that of others. And of course, the testimonies as we start testifying, especially testimonies that have a time span. Standing in the gap for my friends is one mandate from God for me this year… Ah, we must testify ooo. The devil don enter!!!

13. One question hubby kept asking me this season was ‘How can we reach out to people this Christmas?’ I am trusting God that together as a family, we reach out to people in need every month. It would amaze you to know that for some, as little as even 5k can go a really looooooooooooooonnnnnngggg way. Thank God the bible says ‘…He who gives to the Poor lends to His Maker and God will repay him…’ Proverbs 19:17.
Btw, we Christians should be the ones to lead a LOVE REVOLUTION!!! And how can we say we love if we cannot give…

14. Finally, something a bit more fun and less ‘spiritual’ lol.
In the area of fashion, I intend to wear more brights… Orange, royal blues, bright purples, Greens, etc. No to the nudes and beiges anymore. In addition to my white glasses, I intend to rock an Orange one too (Hint hint Belated Christmas present Sapphire). I’m taking off my dreads by this weekend after over 25weeks and will be rocking my natural TWA again (that’s Teeny Weeny Afro) this year and I’m so ready for all the many things I would do with my hair…

Dyes/hair colors, twist outs, baby ‘locks, etc. I will also do more bold ethnic earrings and bangles. Not been a necklace girl and I don’t see that changing. But, this year na new look ooo… Trust me to regal y’all with pictures na…

So that’s it… I just shared 14 of my plans for this ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying year’ with y’all…
Do some of them scare me? You best believe that!!! (Funny thing is my hubby still thinks I am not dreaming big enough loooool). I see the devil sneering… ‘Let’s see how she will achieve this…’ But I have a BIG GOD!!! Nsogbu adiro…
Incase you didn’t notice, we dream NO SMALL DREAMS here. If your dreams are not yet scaring you, baby you may need to dream again ooo. I’m not saying you should start building castles in the air, all I am saying is dream like someone who has a Sugar daddy. If you need to watch some Nollywood flicks to know how girls with earthly sugar daddies and Aristos dream, please do. Give your angels assignment this year… You also need to share your dreams with the right set of people. It keeps you accountable. It will be easy to give up when all you have done is dream by yourself in yourself and not involved anyone. But if you have told me, I wanna do this or that, then I can harass you when time is going and you are yet to do. Then be very set to play your own part to help make your dreams come true. No lazy dreamers here. You can also bank on the prayers of the FAB family, E’ inclusive, yeah people?
If you still wanna re-write your article (for those who have sent already), feel free to. And if you haven’t sent, please do already. Space still dey!!!
Remember, we will be back here testifying by the year end and/or as we have the testimonies. Burying the devil, one testimony after another.
Tomorrow I have another big dreamer. Oh how I love this girl. The day she mailed me her entry, I had goosebumps, burst into tongues and tears simultaneously!!! No spoilers dear. Tomorrow…
Happy new year again dawleens…
Love, Peace and Testimonies…
Going Forward… Still Testifying!!!

Thank.Full.E’… Part 1

This is how I would sign out of 2013. In as many series as I can, I would be saying my THANK YOUs.
I may not mention everyone but I will try. Yes including my FAB community right here. Especially the ones whose comments, mails and stuff get me grinning silly. I want y’all to know that beyond the counting comments, you too count!!!
If your name doesn’t make this cut, be patient… And forgiving too. Lol. There will be more parts!!!
This is my heart… From me to you… For all your love for E’. You guys make me feel so special and I feel super honored and humbled at the amazing testimonies y’all share with me about OUR blog.
Keeps me on my toes here. That I am a mentor to a lot of you, I don’t take for granted. That some of you call me ‘friend’ or even ‘sister’ I appreciate. Infact… No words. Just plain humbled. That this blog blesses you blesses me… Thank you!!!
In well, no particular order… Till the last name at least… (No it isn’t Aku m) Thank.Full.E’ Part 1!!!

Thank you to my baby girl Genevieve… Viive. I absolutely love you. You are so me at your age and your mails just tickle me pink. Too much energy. Too much drama. Love love love darling.

My darling Teniola… I frankly dunno what you see in me but my prayer is that all the good you covet, God will give you and much more, in this new year and beyond. Love you babe

(Top Viive, BL-Frances, BR-Teniola)
Ah the very amazing blogger who I hope to meet before her Law school year is up… Frances Okoro. You are a real virtuous woman (don’t pay any mind to the lying bastard devil). You are atgtrll that and more. Not in yourself but cos you have ur Sugar daddy behind you and I see you rep Him on your blog. Thanks for being a consisten FAB’er since you discovered my blog. Thanks for your love and very kind words. Bless up!!! Squeezy hug darling.

Bestie in my head… How Aku m and I laughed the day that mail dropped. Jenny darling. We really should meet (I don’t recall but were you the one I couldn’t meet that day…? So sorry boo. Don’t worry, I have plans 😉 for the FAB community ) I’m happy to inspire you. Let’s keep living the God kinda life jare. Love you sweerie.

Ah Lizzy!!! Elizabeth of life!!! Only God can reward you for me cos nothing I ever say or do will do!!! I am amazed as to how bankable and reliable you have been as a friend. And how selfless you are as a person. And I’m also amazed as to how you are respledently becoming a female Hon Patrick to us all. :p (couldn’t resist darling) Just know that as much as it depends on me, if there is anything I can do to make your life easier or better, I will do for you. One doesn’t make such sacrifices in your life and go like that. Thanks for all your input. Thanks especially for that ‘standing in the gap’ song you sent me one time. Thanks for sharing in my victories and my pains. You rock!!! Your husband and inlaws are so blessed to have you ( Calling the things that be not…). God bless you for me darling… Love. Love. Love much!!!

(Lizzie left and Priceless Right)
Priceless. Kathryn. Ah!!! Tz not just you but u and ur hubby I wanna celebrate. I recall one day Nnanna called me when I was just about to be over whelmed to tears with some wedding plans (the white this time). I know it was God that led him to call me cos I didn’t even tell him anything. He just said after asking me how the plans were going ‘my dear, the one you can do, please do. The one you can’t do, leave. It won’t stop you from being married…’And he prayed a prayer that God answered (You gotta call me for that in camera lol). Then kathryn…aside from being a healthy christian friend whose company is always uplifting and enriching, u know how to give me good counsel… Recall the dreads advice. I was going to take off my dreads before the wedding cos… Well long story. We met in church as I left the ladies and when I told her, she COMMANDED me not to try it and gave me great counsel. Then she made me get a ‘sexier’ lingerie than I had and went ahead to also gift me one incase I didn’t buy what she said and gave me some ‘rated 18+ counsel’. Let’s just say you have a special place in Aku m’s heart looooool. Thanks for all the company too darling. You have become a sister. Meeting you this year coloured my world beautiful. You know you gotta work that your blog more in 2014 yeah… Love you girl…

Ify Chime. The one and only Peace +++ Ify. How I await your comments. You have some of the best points and prayers. And to think you are one of those super women… Three kids, and in the bag, fantastic career, lovely home and pretty face with an even prettier heart… Nne if we weren’t good I woulda been beefing you ooo. Thanks for all your true love for all things FAB and E’. Ify who I have never met sent me a wedding present too. Hian!!! Nne, you are just a ROCKstar. Love you too much.

Giantsparkle… I loved your perseverance in stealing into a special place in my heart. Much as we are half namesakes, you still did some work to enter my life. Tz a good thing you did… Good for me. Good for you. I don’t even know the words to say!!! What will I say to your love abeg?!?! Good thing you are here for the long run!!! You are an absolute TEN. Hopefully we will attend a wedding under two years (if you are ready) and I will be very there dancing you into this wonderful world. Love you girl. And thanks for being this sweet lovely sister to me.

(Giant sparkle in orange. Berny with me)
Berny baby!!! Pharm berny. You got me tearing up in church on Sunday as we chatted. You have the sweetest way of reminding me of why I should blog. You remain one of my biggest cheerleaders. I recall the day you walked up to me in the library in Imoran to say how my blog had been a blessing. You still haven’t stopped. God bless you for me berny. And rest assured you and yours are in my prayers. We just can’t stop testifying now can we? Hope your dance is ready ooo… You must beat Oga ooo!!! Love you girl and from the depth of my heart, thank you!!!

One plus!!! Actually make that THE 1plus. Nne eh, both you and your blog need to be kidnapped and put in my house. Lol. Discovering your blog from Inthe’s was like gold. Then that lovely post you did for me. May men always celebrate you in embarassing but very welcome ways. Love you girl and thanks for the amazing gift of 1!!! We will be there when another 1 joins to make 1 too looooool.

Ah and I have to lump this four mamas together!!! Drum roll for @Naijawife @Inthemidstofher @marriagebydbook @anafricandiva. I had to use their twitter handles cos I want you to follow them. Amazing married women who write and tweet biblical truths esp on relationship. I have learnt a lot from you ladies. Even when you are being naughty. Just African diva is not anon. The rest are. They are gold on twitter. Our convos are super hot!!! We should totally package them and sell looool. Thank you Inthe for an amazing LIVING blog. For all those DMs and emails. Loooool. Thank you NW for having this dramatic life that teaches us life lessons. Exciting Christian, that’s who you are. Here’s to more random ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ DMs. Mbdb, you know where we meet now. Your blog is another gold. Here’s to more wisdom for the new year. And the diva herself, those articles on Vine. I still need an address ooo. Need to deliver this hug in person. May the wisdom God has given you all esp in the aspect of relationships last forever. Amen. Group hug ladies. With extra smooches. And NH, you know you are boss right? Twale Sir!!! Keep up the amazing work on NH.

Bella girl, you dunno what that blog did for me ooo?!?! Was that me you put right after my pastor kingsley? Me??? As in E’… You made my morning Bella Mayei. I just discovered your blog so I’m looking forward to more of you in 2014. Be mentioning me on twitter ooo. Thanks girl. You must be a super amazing person.

And some amazing people in the #LA137 fam. Tho I dropped out (after I explained to Ike) the fire of bible study was ignited in me from our study. Signet seal, you are a real star!!! Ur analysis were real. Eloxie!!! Lemme not lie darl, if we weren’t cool, I for dey beef you ooo. You seem like one of those girls that any prospective inlaw would love… Prim and Proper, british, reserved, deep, and a beautiful Christian sister. Plus you know how to just tweet the lovelies things at me and drop super sweet comments. I suspect that if I cut a bit of you, you would be real sweet to taste. Lol. Sweetheart, I love you and I really hope to sit for a drink with you sometime this new year… Deal?

Salsera… I love that you take my blog very seriously. Thanks for that lovely email to clarify things. It will reflect when I write it. Thanks for regularly commenting. I look forward to your comments. Love you hun…

Tannie my darling.
This one is a God-sent. She is as naughty as she is lovable.

I wish you didn’t miss this wedding ooo. Thank you for your hand in friendship. Thanks for being such a blessing to me this year I met you. Bless you darling. Your’s is this year abi? By God’s grace we will be there. Love you girl.

Osibomu and Zi. One a secondary school friend and the other Uni. But they drop insightful comments on my blog that bring a new slant to things. That’s what they have in common hence my putting you girls together. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for not making them scarce. Please make them even more regular in 2014. Love love love.

Somsom darling. Your testimony on my blog this year still resonates. I love how it blessed lives. May you have more to share with us this new year and may we all who celebrated you continue to testify too. Thanks for sharing baby. And you know tz love I got for you…

(Som on the right, Jioke on the left)
My Starship!!! I am just watching you!!! Hope you got shades on ooo. I see too much brightness in your future!!! Jioke, you are an absolute star (somehow u and Eloxie strike a similar chord in me). Thanks for accommodating me when I relocated temp to Abuja when all you knew of me was just my blog. Thanks for being a real virtuous woman indeed. Thanks for reppin’ our Sugar daddy very well. And thanks in advance cos you will remember me in your kingdom and I won’t have to fill form to see you oooo…. And this is me envying that blessed man who is your very own!!! Love you round the world and back… Wish I could give you a real hug right now!!! Ugh

Marysemako, Mary darling!!! I can’t wait to meet you so that you can give me all the hugs and kisses you send to me on a regular. You must be a real joy… Thanks for letting my blog be a blessing to you and thanks for letting me know always. I appreciate you more than you know b… More. Love you girl!!!

Worship and swag AND Cannime, my late discoveries on 2013. Good thing I discovered you girls. We go rock 2014 yeah? Shout out to you girls for all the love you show me in the comments section.

My Booski My Booski. *singing No one be like you…* Nobody else can be my booski. Nne, do you see God at work in your life? Aren’t you in awe?!?! Won’t I be justified to beef you? How can you be so blessed?!?! *beefing you jor* loooooool.
Me I am looking at you transform before my very before and I can’t even keep up. You say you learnt from the best abi? Nne, you are beating the best ooo. I almost can’t believe you Dumebi. You see eh, 2014 I am sticking to you even more. You may need to start teaching me some of the things you say I taught you. Looooooool. My girl. My bestie. My Booski. Clearly 2013 was our year. The girl didn’t love me alone and adopt me as a sister, she got her parents to adopt me as the other daughter they didn’t have and her brothers too. That’s intense ooo. And this is a special shout out to mommy dearest. Thanks for also reading my blog. Hugs and kisses. And thanks for the beautiful gift of Booski!!! My darling, we will bury the devil even deeper in this new year!!! Bloody loser. He messed with the wrong set of girls…

*evil laugh*
My Booski… Words can’t express my love but since tz just words I have, I LOVE YOU baby!!! Thank you for a fantastic year. Distance was absolutely NO barrier!!! And if you end up in Abuja with me, I promise, I won’t complain. And please don’t bother, you will get pregnant before me. I don’t mind. Enjoy and leave me alone oooooooo!!! *askor*

To my 5crushes in DCC. This is the point I bring out my tissue. *sniff sniff*
Diche, Eky, Charming Onyinye, Adaora and Blessing.

If anybody told me that a whole month would go by and I won’t receive a hug from either of you, I won’t have believed.
They generously donated hugs to me. Infact, we would chat and prepare for the hug the next service day loool.
Diche, Diche… Thank you. I miss you sha… Chai!!! Love you big *wailing*
Ada… Who will squeeze me like you please? Who? *sniff* Ada Ada!!! Blessed woman. Obviously!!! Love you too much
Eky… I am seriously looking for your wings. Angel you are!!! Confirmed!!! How someone will always be looking for a way to bless you as if we are dating beats me. Eky, God bless you for me.
Blessing!!! How I miss seeing you sing heavens down. Or just shamelessly coming over for a hug everytime.
Onyi the super charming lady. Mommy to be. Can’t wait for the charming princess to be born. Onyi would read my blog then ping me privately for gist lol.
I miss y’all mega. But I’m thankful for the love you guys show me and especially the hugs!!!
This is too emotional to write. And I’m sure it is really long as I am just typing away on my bb without checking.
My last (for this part one) person was supposed to be the one man I am proud to call DADDY who has been such a HUGE blessing to me that I can never get tired of mentioning and loving up on him. If you are a regular FAB’er, you should know him. I am too drained emotionally to do a befitting thank you so I’ll roll it over to the next. I have to be alert to write about him…
Ok three announcements before I run along…
I am a guest blogger on Chioma Chuka’s blog today on her #31days31Writers series. I attempted to chronicle my 2013 there. You should check it out and drop a comment too.
I love how God gives us various pieces of a puzzle to solve and how the pictures come together nicely. That’s the crux of this Post I want you to read from JustUsGirlsNaija Yup tz my Pastor’s totally fabulous blog. The post blessed me so much and I took over the comments section looool.
Then my January series on 31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying!!! Wow!!! I have 10 already. I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s own ooo. Please send to ONLY
Don’t forget to attach a picture.
Then please don’t mix it up!!! I see some are mixing it up… You may wanna re-read the article here first
Please write on plans for 2014 not how 2013 went. Also try and make it very rounded.., both the serious stuff and the fun stuff. 🙂 You can write not more than 1000 words (I upped it from the initial 500)
Still expecting more so send asap!!!
I am so excited at the plans most of y’all have. Together, we will!!!
Thanks y’all. Much love!!!
And merry merry Christmas eve darlings!!! Hope you are done shopping ooo? Loool. I am so done so tz going to be a real happy holiday for me. And Aku m. Yay!!!
Happy holidays too


#31F.A.B.Voices… Testifying

My secondary school friend and blogger Chioma Chuka is doing this amazing stuff on her blog she calls ‘31days…31writers’ where for the whole of December, she had a guest blogger chronicle the past year and lessons learnt. I have been so blessed just reading each person talk about the lessons the last 12months taught them. I look forward to getting the email notifications of a new Post. So I decided to do something similar which I tagged ‘#31F.A.B.Voices… Testifying’. Btw, CC blogs at and F.A.B stands for Favored And Blessed.

Ok so with 2013 nicely fading away and 2014 coming into the picture, we would be crazy to enter the year casually, no?
‘…Write the Vision and make it plain on blogs in BIG BLOCK LETTERS so that it can be read ON THE RUN…’ Habakkuk 2:2
‘…So Jotham became mighty because he PREPARED his ways before the Lord His God…’ 2nd Chronicles 27:6
I expect that you have been planning the year before now and I am sure we all have really cool dreams. If you haven’t, please do already. 2014 is already here ooo. So I would love to share in and with all the beautiful plans that you have… And then we can pray together that our sugar daddy would ensure that our Angels don’t even blink till we testify… And then where any family member can offer counsel or any other kinda help in making your dreams happen, we won’t turn it down now, will we?
Some of you have already received mails from me requesting you to send me yours.
That’s VIP pass yo!!!
Now this is VVIP pass for the rest of my FAB’ers.
The cool stuff, the fun stuff, the serious stuff, the spiritual stuff, the crazy stuff, stuff on your bucket list (and nope, you are not kicking the bucket this year) and all that… Share with the FAB community. Would you like to become better in anyway? Share with us.
Now here is how we would flow…
You send me your entry with a max of 500 words, send me a picture if you want and your name. If you would love to stay anon, that’s fine too. Just chose a real FAB moniker. Then state your age range (20 and below, 30 and below, above 30) where you live and what you do for a living and you are officially inducted into the FAB HALL OF FAME GUEST WRITERS…
Neat yeah?
You are welcome…
This is open to just 31 FAB’ers and I am thinking 30 if I am tempted to join the party too so holla at me like ASAP. Will put a cap on entries when I hit 31 and it would be first come, first serve…
Lezzdodis darlings… Because by this time 2014, we would come back and read all we have written and we would indeed be TESTIFYING…
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
Oh btw, 2013 is not yet over and the year is NOT permitted to end until you yet testify…

Don’t pack up yet…
‘…He crowns the year with His goodness, a bountiful harvest…’ Psalms 65:11a
Hugs. Love. Sunshine Smiles.


Please I need a good graphic logo for this #31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying. If there are any FAB’ers that can help me, I would really be grateful. Nothing complex. Just a banner I can add to my media and to every post. Thanks dawleens…
I am trying real hard to NOT turn my blog to a relationship/marriage blog but most of y’all be arm twisting me to. Being that I talk about my life a lot and I have moved from single to married, I most likely would blog about marriage stuff. But I don’t want it to be… I will answer your questions yup but my blog would still be about the totality of E’ living the Christ life on a FAB lane.

Blog’imony… Chisom’s victory

***POST UPDATE: The Testifier’s name is actually Chisom NOT Amaka. The mix up came as a result of the email of the testimony she sent me. The name there was AMAKA so I thought that was her first name, She later clarified that she mailed me from her momma’s email addy that night so… I have decided to change the Blog title but everywhere you see Amaka in the body of this Post, feel free to insert Chisom in your mind. Or best still let us just rename her CHISOMAMAKA LOL. Please enjoy…***

So I already mentioned in this post here that I was going to start sharing some testimonies right here on my Blog. Enjoy this one from my friend and blog reader Amaka.

chii tes

I knew I totally had to share this testimony to encourage (someone or many someones as the case may be) to STAND IN FAITH till you get a VICTORY ON THE WORD.

I met Amaka in Abuja earlier this year and I knew when she had to resign and move back to Lagos. I saw Amaka stand in faith and I am so happy at a VICTORY ON THE WORD…

For me, it is the ‘testing of her faith’ in this sort of thing that builds our faith for even bigger things so AMAKA, I CELEBRATE YOU jare…

Ok I have edited what she sent to me without of course losing the essence, and interjected relevant scriptures but the body of the message is all hers. It is a long read but well worth it…

Here we go… In Amaka’s words…


I finished from Unilag in 2009 with excellent grades, convocation in Jan 2012 and NYSC June 2010 to July 2011 and I had high expectations of getting a job immediately. But God has His ways sha.
After NYSC I started applying to different places and I was called for aptitude tests and interviews, and I kept failing sometimes at the final stage of recruitment, because I trusted more in my own ‘smartness’ and less in the help of God.

Psalms 20:7 Some trust in horses and others in chariots…


I repented and started praying and holding on to God’s word but things seemed to get worse. My friends kept getting jobs and I was so ashamed when they asked me

‘Oh Amaka where do u work?’


The only thing that kept me going was God’s word and I made sure I never missed church service because I was certain that a word would come for me.
The pressure from home wasn’t funny at all as my family started suggesting meeting so, so and so for prayers or so, so and so with connections. I had been plenty disappointed in the past so I didn’t succumb.

I had crying days sha… Kai. And all night tears too. But in the midst of all that, I still trusted that God had a plan and that thought brought me increasing peace despite…

‘…You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you… Isaiah 26:3

In the meantime, I kept my self busy doing my professional exams and improving on my cooking skills, while yet attending interviews still from Aug 2011 to Feb 2012.


By March 2012, I got a mail from STANBIC IBTC PENSION MANAGERS for an aptitude test. Long story short, I got the job.


Finally. But the issue was that it was in Abuja and I didn’t wanna relocate but I did. In Abuja, I joined a very good church that helped me grow and stay focused in the faith… My love for the Word grew daily.


‘Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is…’ Heb 10:25a

I started work but after a little while I realized that I wasn’t fulfilled with the job role and gradually found myself dreading going to work. Plus my boss didn’t even seem to see anything good with what I did even though I was working hard and giving my best. Six months went by and I wasn’t confirmed.  I was writing my final ACCA exams then and I wasn’t even given time off to study.

With all the issues I had at work, I made sure I never missed midweek service and I just kept rolling it over to God. 9months went by still no confirmation. I was led to talk to someone in HR about it . Holy Ghost move I say…

‘…but the Lord takes His upright into His confidence. His secret is with the righteous…’ Prov 3:32b

I was then told that my confirmation wasn’t approved by my boss and the company had decided to layoff and I was advised to resign voluntarily before then.



I felt like my life was falling apart and was confused so I took to prayers and  felt peace in my spirit and so I sent in my resignation, to take effect in Jan 2013.  That period coincided with the January Fasting and Praying program in my church which I heartily participated in and I also kept sowing seeds in faith for a new job.

chi s

I sowed to the extent that I didn’t even have money to travel back to Lagos to my family. My friends and I also organized some charity visits even in my ‘broke state’ to a hospital where we shared the Word and some material stuff with them and also prayed for them.


It took courage for me to move back to the all-familiar Lagos where almost all my friends had jobs and here I was returning with nothing. It was NOT the coolest thing to admit that I was still looking for  a job… But I kept believing and confessing.


My favorite confessions at the time, among others were

Prov 4:18 But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, That shines brighter and brighter until the full day.…

Isa 50:7 For the Lord GOD helps Me, Therefore, I am not disgraced; Therefore, I have set My face like flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.

Isa 48:21 They were not thirsty when he led them through the desert. He divided the rock, and water gushed out for them to drink.

I confessed them daily and believed that they would soon find expressions in my life…

‘…This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success…’ Joshua 1:8

Finally a friend of my submitted my Resume for a job test at STANBIC IBTC bank, which is a subsidiary of where I had resigned. Of course, I was reluctant about it but I kept praying still and trusting that He would perfect all that concerns me. All through the process, I felt PEACE… Before the, I had interviewed with an Oil servicing firm and I was dropped at the last stage

chi t

I bawled my eyes off eh lol.

Anyways, I got a mail for my final interview at STANBIC IBTC and gbam, I got the job with no help or influence of man as my friend who submitted my CV is a Trainee and could not influence shishi.

On getting the job, I had to go to training school for 5weeks prior to starting. I struck a covenant with God that I wanted to be…



‘…Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it…’ Hab 2:2

I also wrote it down. I kept tying seeds to that prayer point too and I kept praying using Eziaha as my point of contact.

***Err, Editor’s note here (lol): Eziaha was the BEST graduating student too ooo after she had once FAILED out of one department and ported to another in the same school. Read a little here. Btw, why didn’t you sow into my life you this girl…??? Hiss. YOU OWE ME your second salary COLDSTONE ICE CREAM AND PIZZA OR ELSE…***

Anyways, during the training I fell ill and being the Best Student seemed impossible as I couldn’t write much during exams.

***(E’s note; Sweetie, I think you HAD to fall sick. So that our Jehovah can take ALL THE GLORY just as he did with an old aged Abraham and a VERY barren Sarah)***

I kept believing and speaking God’s word that says

‘…For my own sake I would I will do it for how should my name be profaned? And I will not give my glory to another…’ Isaiah 48:11
Our induction ceremony was for days and before then we had heard the results that I was the 2nd best student I was excited about that. The graduation was on Friday September 25, 2013 and to my surprise I was called out as the BEST GRADUATING STUDENT.


That shocked everybody and I realized that God doesn’t do ordinary things, He does the extraordinary. He is a covenant keeping God.

I also got posted to the best unit of the bank which all my other colleagues wanted but God gave it to his special daughter me lol.

‘…No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back a single word I said…’ Psalms 89:34

The highlight of the testimony happened on Monday September 30 when my picture and name was in The Punch Newspapers as I received the award for the OVERALL BEST GRADUATING STUDENT for STANBIC IBTC GRADUATE TRAINEE PROGRAM OF SEPTEMBER 2013.

I got calls and pings from people who never remembered me before. My former colleagues and bosses also started calling to congratulate me.

‘…And Sarah Amaka said, God has made me laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me…’ Gen 21:6
I testify that we serve an amazing God who does only amazing things. He has fulfilled His Word to me which says for your shame I would give you double. I realize that God didn’t let me get the other jobs I wanted because he wanted to show forth his glory through me IN THE SAME PLACE. i end  this testimony with one of my favorite scriptures…

Isaiah 50:7 – For The Lord God will help me, therefore I have set my face like a flint and I know that I will not be ashamed.

chi v
God has indeed blessed me. His Grace shines on me therefore I rejoice.

***Amaka’s end***

Now you see why I had to absolutely share this yeah? I mean, I had goosebumps all over again as I was editing this story. Our God has the final say, He is a JUST Judge and HE IS FAITHFUL…

Amaka, now you are DOUBLY ACCOUNTABLE. You have to constantly give your best and shine as LIGHT there and I am too sure that there would be even more testimonies, AMEN

Feel free to share your testimonies wherever and whenever.

chii test

Don’t keep it. If you wanna share with me too so I run it here either anon or not, please do, I am all ears. It does three things at least…

chi test

1. It glorifies God. Thanking Him for what He has done.

2. It encourages the Faith of others. The testimony of one is the possibility/prophecy of others.

chi tes

Sometimes, we are all the Bible that people need to read and believe.

3. It establishes your victory. I mean, the devil can’t steal it not after you have testified before God’s people. You decree a thing and it is ESTABLISHED (Job 22:28)

I will end this with one of my own favorite scriptures.

…Instead of your former shame, dishonor and reproach, you shall have a twofold recompense, DOUBLE HONOR in the same land. Because you got a double dose of trouble and more than your share of contempt, your inheritance in THE SAME LAND would be doubled and your joy would go on forever…” Isaiah 61; 7 (E’s mix version)

Love and Peace…

E’… Powered by God

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day XAVIER

I sure am having a roll featuring all these super stars on my blog…
Today though, as an advocate of gender equality, I welcome my friend and brother Chuka Xavier obi for the second time to my blog.
This time though, he is sharing what he is grateful for…
I love how he talks a lot about his family. I knew they would make top priority in his post…
I also knew he MUST mention Hagin and Osbourne. You can’t have a convo with Chuka and not hear him mention and quote these two Generals…
Lemme let you enjoy his gratitude posts…
And oh, I stole the name#AttitudeO’Gratitude from his BBM status updates…
*HOTTIE Alert; Ladies please be careful as you read… #NuffSaid# 🙂
Ok FAB’ers….


Did I wake up this morning with all my faculties intact?
Did I get up without any help and give myself my bath?
Despite any pain I might feel, whether imagined or “real”
In my body or heart, can I see, smell, hear and touch still?
Do I live life without needing any type of pill
To either function or have appetite to eat a meal?
The answer is a straight YES so that’s one thing
I’m grateful for: the healthy state of being necessary for living


I look around at the people that share same blood with me/
Starting with the man who first taught me my authority/
In Christ Jesus,


biko my dad is second to none/
Which other catholic would have taught his son to pray in tongues
From day one? Ably supported by godly wife


I grew up always hearing “Sozzo”, “Shekinah” and the likes
Mix that with catholic discipline and its not too hard seeing
Why even without money I’m grateful for my upbringing 


He that doesn’t take care of his family well
Has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel
I grew up never having plenty of anything
Except people to share the little with- 5 siblings!/
Back then I used to think my dad should have had just 3/


Looking back I don’t think I’m ever more happy/
Than whenever all of us are together now remembering the past/


I’m grateful for a brother and 4 sisters…together we’re a blast!/

“Chuka you’re just too good o, in fact you’re a saint”/
“You’re the best person I know!” That’s the picture they paint/


But I and My Maker know that all that one na wash/
Pride goes before falls and bros I’ve fallen so much/
Sometimes it’s a heavy “Gbosa!”, sometimes slight “thuds”/
Other times I just drift day by day till I discover sey I don loss/
But no matter how it happened, once I call out His Name/
I’m grateful for the Grace to get up again/


To those who The Holy Spirit has used to give me lessons/
Many of whom I might never get to meet here on earth in person/
Teachers of the scripture, men who have handled the Word/
With love of God and His people pumping in their blood/
Of the four most influential in my life I’ve met just two/
The other two…when I get to heaven i’ll truly salute you/
I’m the first son of the first one, JIC Obi/


And through books he introduced


Kenneth Hagin & TL Osborn


to me/
Which in turn made it easy for me to listen to Pastor Chris/


It was just like watching my dad teach- nothing was amiss/
I bless these men through whom I feel God has blessed me the most/
But what I’m truly grateful for here’s my Oga at the Top…The Holy Ghost/


*****The End******
Have you guys noticed that the four guests I have had share here have talked about how they are grateful for family…
Aww. So sweet.
Maybe God is saying sum’in…
Thanks Chuka. For doing this. And for your hand in friendship. And all the attendant commitments and sacrifices it has taken from you. Thanks dear. Chukwu gozie gi my dear friend…
Oh and that your sis? She’s drop dead gorg!!!
Btw, this is Chuka’s first post on my blog here…
Great stuff yo!!!
And skip to
To enjoy more gratitude posts…
One love my people *in 2face’s voice*

My friend and brother Nnanna did a review of last LDM’s message on “Frequently asked questions”
Please enjoy and comment here