The P413 POW WOW with E’ (1.0)


Like God is just so super amazing

The POW WOW with E’ is finally a reality.

Ok so before I get carried away by my own fizz, a few FAQs likely to surface…


  1. What is a POW-WOW?

It is a meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues.

I JUST LOOOOOVE this name. The pronunciation is even amazing. It is pronounced as upbeat as it is spelt. Google sound?

I especially love the rich history of the name…

Pow-Wow time is Aboriginal Peoples getting together to join in dancing, visiting, renewing, sleeping-over, renewing old friendships and making new ones. This is a time to renew thoughts of the old ways and to preserve a rich heritage.

Dang!!! Like, Why so spot on dear Holy Spirit?

  1. So what is POW WOW with E’?

This is really a fun time out with me and 20 ladies, where I just download secrets and principles from my life that continue to work for me. 

See ehn, my life is working ooo. I TELL YA. 

30 z EVERYTHING!!! Jesus is in 30… (At least until i turn 31)

My marriage is werking (I just miss my hubs so much), my mama-hood is working (I can’t even believe how much of an amazing mama I am), my biz is thriving 

(Had almost 150 Squaddies register for my October Squad, plus God keeps opening doors), my Spiritual life is woooooorking, I am building GREAT relationships both upward/downward vertical and then horizontal relationships, 

UPSTREAM day 1 with Olufunto…

and many more. 

BEST part? I am running this race WITH JOY!!! Like the GRACE is incredible.  If I knew anyone like E’, I would camp with her, honezzly. Lol. So when God gave me the POW WOW with E’ instruction, I just said YES SIR!!! Cos I am literally bursting to impact wisdom and put some fire and pump in you to RUN!!!!

Now, yup I felt fear at first, like ‘Who will come? Who are you? Who knows you?’ but when God drops som’in in your spirit, it is NOT an idea, IT IS AN INSTRUCTION and the perfect response is YES SAH!!!

Plus have you met my Teachers?

Joyce Meyer, Christine Caine, Lisa Bevere, Pastor Mildred, DDK, Heather Lindsey?

I don’t have time or permission to be afraid.

Oh i will also share on the power of mentoring and accountability in very personal ways.

POW-WOW with E’ will hold monthly and will have a different theme each month as the Spirit leads. The first is P413 which is Phil 4:13.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

It is one of my FAVE SCRIPTURES and so with this, I will share the strategies to doing MY ALL THINGS and living my life to the max.

I already know I will have a P31, G128, C127 and so on POW WOWs with E’ in the future.


  1. Who should attend?

Any Chick who just knows that there is MORE to her but is in some kinda fuzz/blur about how to deliver that MORE, or maybe is afraid or lacking confidence, and so needs some hand-holding and mentoring. I am happy to be your ‘Midwife’. I would really especially LOVE for the younger adults to come, say 20’s to 23’s, fresh graduates, corpers, job seekers, stay at home moms, etc. But hey, any Chick can turn up sha. Just have a desire in your heart, and a ‘baby’ in your womb, and let God lead you.


  1. What’s on the day’s program?

I, for one will be speaking OF COURSE, and then my absolutely amazing ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. 


I love that God led me to have her share with these Chicks because NO ONE PERSON this year has pushed me to succeed like Aijay. The crazy thing is Aijay is a banker and has a FULL career life BUT does not let it stop her life plans and visions. 

Plus she is a wife and mom and lives such an organized fruitful life because she is a GREAT TIME MANAGER!!! 

Dang!!! She excels at her job, her home and her LIFE generally and she has such a passion that I can’t even wait to hear her.

I have another friend, one of my besties, but Jesus knows if she will be in Nigeria then. Lol.

The Holy Spirit carries her to places like right now, she is on Missions in Mozambique lol. Or is it Malaysia. This year alone, she has done AUSTRALIA, USA, ZANZIBAR, UK and now Mozambique/Malaysia (Well, I was too stunned at her guts that I only know the place starts with M and she last emailed me at her layover in Kenya) She is the only single Chick I know who rocks her single life fully!!! Like she is just on FIRE FOR Jesus and makes me STAY ON FIRE TOO.

We look alike abi?

You need to hear her drop the Word!!! Dang!!! She is my mentor walahi. When life hits hard, i ring Ogochukwu. 

If she is in Nigeria, she will be there too. She will come from an angle E’ cannot come from. And oh, she has a ‘regular’ job too.

And then we will have a QnA session which will be the longest session, so that every Chick can truly have customized answers to her questions.

As God leads us, we will have new friendships formed and then pairing of accountability partners too.

Recall that the aboriginal PowWows’ also promoted making new friendships, not just casual, but PURPOSEFUL ones. I already sense in my spirit that deep covenant friendships will be formed there.


If you have an accountability partner, or a good friend with whom you wanna redefine your friendship to be more purposeful, it will be good to register together. No time for time wasting friendships ooo!!!

OH we would also have LUNCH and a Photo shoot session. Lunch will be healthy so don’t be looking for fried rice and chicken and ‘mineral’. Eat that at home. Lol. It is a 5hour session at least so I can’t starve yawl…

And of course a photo shoot!!! Yawl know I LOOOOOVE pictures so we will have those IG props and all. And since it is a week to Christmas, come with Christmas caps and stuff too. Like this POW WOW is gon’ be LIT!!! And you will literally be set on fire for Jesus and His assignment for your life.

The timing is perfect too. Christmas period can be super distracting but any wise Chick would not lose sight of the fact that a new year is upon us too, and so will take time off the distractions and be INTENTIONAL about 2017.

Today in my prayer place, God downloaded 17things I would do in 2017 and I have such a strong sense of purpose that I am running yo!!! The other perfect thing about the timing is that I will be fresh off two seminars in December.

One with Tara where Ibukun Awosika will be present AND then DO IT AFRAID seminar with Omilola Oshikoya and many more speakers.

I am paying for both seminars (Tara’s is closed though but i lobbied lol. But Omi’s is open and 20k) 

and then I will bring all that knowledge too (plus the incredibz wisdom I picked up from UPSTREAM) to Pow Wow with E’. 


How crazy is that? I can’t even wait.
I would also create a closed Facebook group and we can continue to communicate for some months after this.

Beyond all the asides though, the koko is our discussions and QnA’s. I can’t wait to see what God will do in and through us.

Oh and we will pray!!! Oh we will pray too. Birthing prayers!!!

The absolute highlight of all my POW WOWs with E’ will ALWAYS be BIRTHING PRAYERS!!!


  1. OH I WOULD LOVE TO COME BUT I can’t afford it.

Ok you know I have an Academy right? An online Mentoring Academy. THE FAB SISTERSHIP ACADEMY!!! Feel free to apply for the next class starting in January of 2017. Of which I am re-branding it to take just 6 people for 6weeks. That one is free but the entry requirements will be TIGHT!!! Cos some mentees are just jokers and I can’t afford jokers anymore.

But this POW WOW with E’ is not free. And frankly I am sure the Lord will lead me to increase the cost in the coming months.

However, I have friends who wanna sponsor a total of 3 people BUT I don’t want any Chick to come for free. Nah, that’s now in my POW WOW with E’ vision. So I will split that to 6 Chicks who get to pay half the fee, that is N2500

So the first 6 people who truly can’t afford it, just send me a bio of yourself and I will let you know if you qualify.

Otherwise, it will cost just N5000, of which, if I have more friends or readers who want to sponsor, holler. Thanks.  Especially those who live outside Lagos. Will shut down when I get my 20 Chicks.

Oh and I need 3 volunteers, which is a good way to attend for free. You need to live in Lagos though, have some free time, and be able to stay till AFTER the end on that day, because there is some work you have to do. I know a lot of people will volunteer so sell yourself well in your email, and then let me know where you live in Lagos.

So everything POW WOW with E’ should be mailed to with the appropriate subject.

Date again is SUNDAY December 18, 2016 at 1pm. Come earlier though. We won’t do African time.

Btw how cool are these flyers? Finally got my graphics dude and he is a Christian. FOR THE WIN!!! 

Thanks Ngozi for hooking me up!!! He was so patient and must have done like 50 designs 

One of the spoils lol

and didn’t once complain. Plus he gave me many colors too.
When Aijay FINALLY said to me THIS ONE IS GOOOOD, I knew we had found IT lol. I just looooove Aijay. She has to be my biggest cheerleader and my biggest critic. Plus the Chicks in the Academy and then my Assistant also loved it. Plus I LOOOOOOVE it!!!

Ok so let the countdown begin. I pray if this is a meeting God wants you to attend, He places that desire in your heart and makes a way for you to attend. In Jesus name, amen!!!

Pow Wow with E’ 1.0… finally!!!

Don’t stop chasing after God though. He really is SOOOO WORTH IT!!!





DISCIPLINED DIS DECEMBER class registration is still open. For some reason, diasporans are winning those in Nigeria. Maybe it is a sign I need to relocate to the US or UK lol.

Details are here. Plus the #SquatForYourButts class too. And then the Tees and all. I will do a shoot with all the Tees I have available for sale soon. 

December is looking good!!! But 2017 is looking even better. God bless Pastor M and DDK for me.

 No better mentors sha!!!



So my latest Devotionals will drop in December.

This look is for the one I have titled

The 30-31-30 Devotional for FAB.SWORDED.CHICKS

Aijay said even the name alone is expensive. Lol

I will give more details on the name especially later, but it will be available to download ONLY via my App, The FAB E’Reader

and will cost N1500. 

It is a 91 day devotional that will put a SWORD in every Chick’s hand to FINISH the enemy. I mean TOTALLY OBLITERATE satan. My App will be free to download for the first month so when I go live, please download and share. But even when it is Premium, it will be a token. These Apps don’t cost 2naira to build. Lol.

Can u tell i am sitting ON TOP a jeep? Not bonnet oo lol

This look ehn, it is EVERYTHING I had in mind. I wanted to look FIERCE and BEAUTIFUL still. The red hair, nails and lips, the silver cross and white outfit and toned arms, and the blue sword and eye makeup? EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT!!! It was a FULL VILLAGE and Pastor Mildred was the Chief lol. We have not yet settled for any for the pix for the Cover design but I think this below will make the back cover.

Let me just be lip sealing on the second Devotional. Let us just say it features My Pink dumb bell and Pink Joyce Meyer Bible. 

Anyone hazard a guess? Loooool.

And for both devotionals, I have the most amazing people featuring as Guest writers. Will unveil later.

And when these two go LIVE this year, guess whose FIRST Book will be ready for the first Quarter of January? 

Yup, E’ !!! 

Of course we will have e-copies too in addition to Print. I have the name of my first Book and so do a few friends lol. And my hubby of course. I am NOT sure why God thinks I can write it but let’s see what He will do through me.

I looooove to write even though it is not easy but I believe I am graced for it. So let’s continue writing for Jesus!!!

Ok byeeeeee. I talk way too much.

Disciplined-Dis-December because Temple Not Trash!!!

​Hey yawl,

Super excited this year is ending and at CoachE’Squad, we are fighting fat to the END of da year!!!

Welcome to my last program for the year. We all love the holidays. And then we all cry when we realise in January that maybe we loved the holiday a bit too much, and we can’t fit into our dresses again. Or worse still, all the weight we lost just recently has piled back on. 

CoachE’ is here to make you Disciplined-Dis-December because #TempleNotTrash

I’m not even sure why we over eat at Christmas. Tz Jesus’s birthday, not ours. I recall last Christmas, I was still weighing 80something and my then target was 79kg. Say what? Eyes on the goal ooo.

There are more ways to celebrate than food. Eating clean is a form of self respect!!! My body is a Temple, not a Trash can. (dustbin will even be better to say lol)
So here’s how this D-D-D goes

Duration: December 1 to 31 (well Jan 1 cos I need to cross into the New year with all my Squaddies!!!)

Cost N10,000. £25. $30

Christmas Bonus: A WORD branded Tee Shirt from CoachE’ (more info on the tee at the end of post)

A 2week bonus meal plan to keep you disciplined.  

So here’s how we roll at CoachE’Squad

I provide weekly mealplans and workout guides. We are all in a whatsapp group and frankly, my Squads just rock like a band!!! Feels like family, these Squaddies of mine. The ginger and community is another level. Then the results? Only God walahi.

3weeks with CoachE’

I wish I had a Squad like this when I was trying to lose weight. 

I will also have a bonus class for those who wanna join me to #SquatForYourButts. See, I have been on an unending Squats challenge because I am INDISCIPLINED. Lol. Squats are so boring but they ‘lift and round’ the gluteal muscles/butts. But this D-D-D class, i’m staying disciplined. If interested, it will cost just N2500. No mealplan or teeshirt ooo. Just an EXCITING 4week Squat variation plan. Plus stretches. Morning and/or evening. Since we will be in our own group, it will be fuuuuuuuun as we keep each other accountable. I’m thinking 20 Chicks will be just fine. Good thing about Squats is the fact that you don’t need any special outfit. But a pair of Dumb bells, 2kg or 4kg will be nice to have for this challenge so we can tone the arms too. Not compulsory tho. This challenge is not designed to help you lose weight ooo. It just lifts and rounds the booty, and tones the thighs. Not promising you J-Lo’s butts in a month but stay consistent and we will see results. 

Ok now, per the tees, I have 5 inscriptions

1. Jesus Saves Not Food

2. My Body, Temple not trash

3. Kickboxing is for Christians. To kick devil butts (clearly my fave)

4. Physical Exercise profits little, Get That Little

5. For JUNK shall not have dominion over me… 

Will attach corresponding Scriptures to each. 

If a Squat challenger wants the Tee, you pay an extra N2500 so N5000 in total (15USD or 12GBP)

Oh then nursing mamas, cos I know yawl are goin’ turn up too. 

And that’s alright cos I got some banging Nursing mama results in Jesus name. 


The 4week plan is N10000/ 30USD/25GBP. But if you also wanna join the group, instead of N5000 extra, I can do N2000. So 36USD or 30GBP or N12000. You also get the tee. 

There will be 4pick up points in Lagos

1. Festac

2. Victoria Island

3. Isheri-Igando

4. Ikeja

So you let me know after you pay which inscription you want, your size, and your preferred pick up point. 

If you only want a tee without any of my packages, please wait till January hun. Thanks. 

Oh, we will also have 2days where we hangout if you are in Lagos. If you miss the first, you can make the second. Just an ooportunity to meet yawl just like I met 2 of my October Squaddies for a treat. 

Will reveal dates in the Squad. 

So if interested in any D-D-D package, please send a mail to, with the program you want and the currency you are paying with.  I will send the corresponding account details and you mail me after you have paid with the name you paid with. 

Then I send you a Client form with more details and we go from there. 

Easy peezy baby!!!

Excited to end the year with this. And all my Squaddies. 

I also think this is a great Christmas gift for anyone who needs it. So spread word and gift someone as you are led. 

Looooooove yawl much and thank you guys for being amazing to the CoachE’ brand…



Was on Happenings Radio today with two of my Squaddies. 

One was the host and she asked me to bring a student who had tried fad diets and pills and stuff before. Chatted up Ezinne who has been with me for 3months and she came.

15kg actually

We had a ball. Didn’t even really know how expensive these fad diets and pills are. Abeg ehn, the economy calls for wisdom. 

My class is cheaper, more effective and more sustainable. Register and leave fad diets. 

Plus studio is opposite Laterna so we went there of course.

Dang!!! They have Joyce Meyer’s Bible in stock for just N8550. 

Plus tz the hardcover.

Oya run and buy cos if this one finishes, price must go up.

PPS My Ebony life interview (Change Makers) is up today Nov 9, Wednesday at 6pm. 

Catch it if you can please. Thanks.

Book review…How I overcame infertility by Nneka Kyari

Hmmmm. I typically don’t do reviews as officially as this. I am usually more informal injecting lots of my personal stories and gist See this review of Joyce Meyer’s Bible and then this book by Meyer too Good Health, Good Life.


For this review however, I tried to do this like a Professional.

I am actually working on a job that would involve regular official book reviews for at least three months and thank you very much, I am going to upwardly review my fees. This stuff is HARDWORK lol

Really good reading is reaaaaalllly hard writing

Maya is sooo right!!!

Maya is sooo right!!!

Ok guys, I reeeeaaaallllyyyyy wanna know what you think of this review. Today is a good day to show your love by dropping a comments aii?

This Book is ah-may-zing!!!



Nneka has written an awesome Book and truly if the principles within are applied to life, results are guaranteed!!! You can order the Book online at Konga, walk in and buy at Laterna Books(0803 301 4462 Oko awo VI, Lagos) or get the Kindle version on Amazon for those cool kids.

Let’s review Breaking Through The Haze…How I Overcame Infertility by Nneka Kyari


The opening expression of Nneka’s book is immediately relatable with any woman who has ever desired and sought after conception and pregnancy.

But what an error it would be to assume that Nneka has written to only women dealing with infertility. Though told from a viewpoint of fighting infertility, anyone who has ever had a giant to fight can find battle strategies within each page that guarantees victory in every area of their life too.

Graciously and openly sharing her journey right from the beginning up until the point of victory, readers quickly learn that life’s challenges are meant to be faced head on. Running from them, living in denial, or being absolutely overwhelmed by them will not make them disappear. Taking Faith-guided steps, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, however will inch you closer and closer to victory.

The errors of many women in need of a solution, including the Author, has always been to run to Doctors first, in fear and not in faith but that is akin to putting a cart before the horse. After a few years of frustrations, dashed hopes, endless tears, countless drugs and treatments, major disappointments and absolutely no results to show for it, it finally dawns on her that she just may be doing something wrong.

Without any disrepute to the Medical profession, which would ultimately prove integral to her testimony, she soon realises that there is only ONE who knows it all and can see beyond the limitations of Doctors to the real underlying reasons behind her challenges. She returned to God and let Him lead her step by step into victory.

Uncluttering her life from endless activities and split-focus, she plunged deep into an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as she decided that it was time to face this battle and give it the focus it required.

Several flashback stories, from dealing with being bullied right into her University days, to financial challenges, divine intervention from a potential rape situation, sicknesses, among others, not only reminded her of the faithfulness of God in bringing her through them all, but also laid a solid foundation for her faith to battle infertility and hope for the future.

The texts actually come alive as she recounts those stories because you can almost see the bullies, her University hostel, the sickly child, the hiding place behind the old fridge, the cyber cafes, the room mate who slapped her severally, even her lecture hall.

Many of us would also quickly relate with taking ridiculous steps in finding a solution to our challenges as she suddenly finds herself taken to a ‘church’ in the company of a well-meaning Relative, where the demons behind her infertility were to be exorcised in the most ludicrous, painful and even comical ways. That story would get you laughing but the lesson would not be lost on you as the Author emphasises that such battles are not fought quite as openly and ridiculously as that. So rather than looking for demons to exorcise or humans to blame for our challenges, we learn that the real enemy is the devil and even though he uses people as tools, they are also his victims and so we need not fight physical battles but rather focus on Jesus, who can help us defeat him and his antics and manipulations.

Another truth would also dawn on Nneka. When something is really important to you, you should be able to make sacrifices to give it the attention it needs, achieve that goal and then move on because most goals do not take a lifetime to achieve, including pregnancy. If we give it the right attention with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and obey, we can break through it. The blessing is in the obedience. But if we do not focus, listen and obey, we subject ourselves to a lot of pain and struggle and prolong our battles. That Giant is not going to go down without a fight. And fight we must, if we will get the victory already promised us by God. So the sooner you begin to fight, the sooner you come into your breakthrough.

One of her battle strategies was Purity of heart, because it is on the platform of a sincerely pure heart that God does the miraculous.

Another battle strategy she employed was Prayer, and it was her biggest weapon.

Prayer with the Holy Ghost, Prayer with faith, Prayer with a pure heart, Prayer with humility, that is total submission to His will, Prayer in agreement with your spouse, Prayer with information, because being informed about her situation gave her more confidence in battle and so she was sure of hitting a solid target and not just shadow boxing. And because she believed God could do anything she also prayed bold prayers, specifically asking God for twins, a boy and a girl.

Another highlight of this Book is the fact that the Author rightly divides and applies the Word of Truth at the right places. The Scriptures fit in like a glove where inserted and that truly affirms her description of herself as a Bible teacher.


It would not surprise the reader that her moments of intimacy with the Holy spirit would ultimately reveal to her a root cause of one of her problems, PCOS, which was an unhealthy habit she imbibed from her childhood ambition of wanting to be a model. The solution was within her and the Holy Spirit acting as her Guide had ultimately led her to it. But knowledge without action, what she calls ‘The Discipline of Doing’ is useless and so she began to pay serious attention to her nutrition and started taking responsibility for her body and her husband’s including targeted exercises that would aid maximum functioning of her body and reproductive system. She realised that ‘fairy-tale faith’ , that is believing without being involved in your own miracle, was at best useless.

It is pertinent to note that all the steps she took were revealed to her by the Holy Spirit and specific to her situation.

In three months of taking responsibility, she began to see the results in her body without medication, including for the first time in her life, regular menstruation, which hitherto had completely ceased, and perfectly balanced hormones.

And as her Faith journey took her through the route of ART, she would conceive at her first procedure and have her miracle twin babies just as she had prayed, a boy and a girl.

One thing is sure, if the principles in this book are applied to any GIANT that needs to be taken down, one would sooner than later also see in their own situations, their ‘TWO RED LINES’.


The End…

Shout out to my cheerleading crew… Rotanna, my Dee and Farida. Haha.

I especially loved how I started and ended with the phrase TWO RED LINES. Very Chimamanda-esque.

I also hope you can see why you need to take better care of your health and what you nourish your body with. You see why you need our services at #SavedFitnFAB .

Nneka wasn’t trying to lose weight, she was trying to get healthy. So holler at us also for your healthy meal plans and recipes.


My meal plans are AWE’MAY’ZING!!!

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

Or if you need to lose weight, biko holler. My workouts are also fun plus my encouragement is off da hook…

Our classes kick off May 1, I am so excited!!!

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

CoachE’ is about to be propelled!!!

Lemme know what you think of the review guys.

Have an absolutely fruitful week!!! May your gift, whatever it is, make room for you and bring you to the presence of Kings and people who matter. Amen.


Me and 'Jesus' lol

Me and ‘Jesus’ lol



(Lol, don’t freak out. Emmanuael who is actually the current mr. Nigeria, played JESUS in 316, A musical drama put together by DCC

SavedFit&FAB… Going PREMIUM to serve you BETTERER!!!

My bestie just popped out baby number 2 and Sunday was the christening.

With her two boys Dabi and Daniel

With her two boys Dabi and Daniel

I had gone into the bathroom and on my way out, I didn’t realize I was talking to myself out loud. Haha. Guess what I was saying? I was mentally preparing a customized meal plan for a Client who was looking to achieve a particular goal.

When I get into something, I really enter it. I give it ALL!!!

Passion of CoachE’ lol


Which is why I am soooooooooooooooo pumped about this!!!


If anybody understands the weightloss struggle, I DO!!! I actually skipped a few church days because I didn’t have cloths to wear I didn’t like how I looked (don’t try this). That’s HUGE because I am a church girl through and through. Yes I had had a baby but I knew this was NOT baby fat, it was FOOD and INDISCIPLINE FAT!!! It didn’t help that some church chicks were just plain INSENSITIVE (still lowkey beefing some). Gosh, I HATE being FAT when I can do something about it.


I started at 106kg in September 4, 2015 and by December 31, I was 81kg. 25kg down in under four months and at the start I didn’t know better about my meals. It could have happened sooner.


Sigh!!! Forgive the pathetic pose

I practically KILLED myself. I was DETERMINED!!! I worked out and ate clean. And my gracious God granted me GOOD AND QUICK SUCCESS. I currently oscillate between my ideal weight of 77-79kg today and have maintained this for the last two months and counting, which in itself is a big deal because I am pretty flexible with my meals.

I wanna help you lose weight. I want to help you achieve the body of your dreams and live a healthy life while at it. Frankly you can’t find a better coach.

Loved this hearty email from one of my students

Loved this hearty email from one of my students

Aside from being a fun chick who talks too much, types too fast and encourages too wholeheartedly, I have amazed even myself by how much I know on the weight loss subject. I read A WHOLE LOT on my weight loss journey. Knowledge empowers. Not only am I helping you lose weight, I am empowering you with knowledge and tools for life to help you maintain your weight like I have. How awesome is that? Soon your testimony would be like mine… Once I was FAT and Unhealthy, Now I am Fit and Fabulous… (and just a teeny bit vain too. I actually have a mirror in  my Prayer room lol.).

My slimmer face s FABber

My slimmer face s FABber

No hun, you do not need Clean9 at 25k every 9days. You do not need weightloss teas and all. You need COACHE’ and her #SavedFit&FAB

I am offering a number of services. Find which works for you and slid into my email


If you keep starting and stopping your weight loss journey and so far, you have no real progress to show for the past two years or TEN, honey, HOLLER!!!

One of my students

One of my students.

Or maybe you are trying to lose the pregnancy/baby/breastfeeding fat. Not only do you need the encouragement that comes from this FAB weightloss Coach, you need the push that being in a group offers. All I ask is that you are not just TIRED of being FAT but also READY to put in the WORK it requires. No comedians please.

One of my Clients

One of my Clients

With a maximum of 10 chicks in a group, each group will be large enough to create a FUN community and small enough to discourage social loafing (I took many Psychology courses in school, and I am an annoying bookworm. Ask my ex classmates haha). You might even find a bestie or covenant friend in the group, which would run on BBM AND Whatsapp. I have a good track recording of matchmaking friends.

I would share detox/meal plans with you weekly (the last two weeks being a custom-made plan, tailored to your taste and pocket) and then workout plans and videos with you. If you are a gym rat, we can work with that too. I am actually enrolling in a gym next month as soon as my hubby understand that building muscle doesn’t mean I am trying to turn to Yokozuna haha. I am OBSESSED with teaching and answering questions so by God’s grace, I am going to pretty much make a Coach out of you too by the time we are done haha.


Where I get tired of typing, I will send you audio messages. I promise, except I have spent too much time under the sun or chilling in the AC, I have a pretty amazing voice. You will actually start looking forward to my audio messages.

For me, the biggest bonus to this GROUP party has to be having a Chick as Coach who is pretty much OBSESSED with God and has a listening ear. Beyond weight loss, you can share issues that concern you with me and by God’s grace, we can tackle them with prayers and wise counsel. I am well aware that sometimes, there is a bigger issue behind your weight gain and so we would attack the problem from the roots too, and confidentially too. How do I know? Trust me, I know. It would be such a JOY to see you KICK FAT and BUTT KICK the devil soooo hard he would not know what HIT him. Two for the price of one? Honey, we are about to become besties, haha.


You can sign up for 6weeks or 2months.

6weeks: N15,000

2months: N18,000

Students: N5,000 per month



Oh when God gave me this idea, I stopped and did the HOLY DANCE at the revelation behind what God is set to do.


The hair!!! Just ignore me

Do you know that you REALLY need to be fit and healthy if you are going to do ALL that God has you on earth for, and well into your old age? All this nonsense junk you are stuffing your body with may not be showing now but honey, you do not wanna be 40/45 and already your body feels like you just hit the Biblical ceiling age of 120. Would you not like to be the HOTTEST looking granny or great grandma like my mama Joyce Meyer. Just look at 73!!!


Now, YOUR YOUTH, is the BEST time to inculcate better eating habits both for you and your household, especially moms. God really wants us to have Caleb’s testimony in Joshua 14:10ff ‘…here am I today, 85years old, still AS STRONG today as the day Moses sent me out…still as VIGOROUS now as I was then, 45YEARS AGO…’

I mean!!!

I mean!!!

Definitely GOALS for me!!! I wanna be 85 and still going FULL ON for Jesus in all that He has called me to do.


God wants us to take better care of your diet even if you are one of those that can ‘…eat anything and not even add weight’

Honey, how is it looking on your inside? Disaster waiting to happen? Skinny fat? With all your organs covered with fat and no muscle? Don’t kill yourself slowly. Take care of and nurture this Temple, it is the ONLY one you have and you need it to fulfil purpose. I met two grandmas who looked like they were in their late 40’s even though they are 70. I was just wow’ing until I heard that they work out and have worked out for the longest time and eat healthy too. Mehn!!! I was not surprised. They were so strong!!!

Allow me help you with a customised healthy meal plan that suits your pocket, budget, work schedule, food preferences, current weight/BMI and is above all SUSTAINABLE because it is YOU!!!

This is super cool. I have learned that Food is NOT the enemy, it is HOW you eat that causes the trouble. Food quantity and quality is very key. Tz amazing how our relationship with food changes once we are better educated about it. Mine so has. I wish someone sold me a meal plan like this 10years back. Well, I am happy to be that someone for you. There is SOOOOOO much I know now about food which I learnt some from HealthnHealthy that i am bursting to teach.


Working together, we can create a CUSTOMISED BALANCED meal plan complete with your occasional indulgences (mine would have to be indomie haha). That way, it is easily sustainable and not to mention fun too. I would also help with recipes and tips especially for the working woman (or man) who needs to work ‘healthy’ into their schedule.

This made me laugh!!! CABBAGE IS B A E!!!

This made me laugh!!! CABBAGE IS B A E!!!

And I also have meal plans for those looking to move from underweight to ideal weight (I am beefing you guys tho, seriously). This would also work for preggos who wanna maintain a healthy diet and not BLOW on this journey like I did because of FOOD.

CHOI!!! I will be HOT in my next pregnancy with TWIN GIRLS

CHOI!!! I will be HOT in my next pregnancy with TWIN GIRLS

It is my prayer that a lot of moms buy into this because you wanna be sure that what you are feeding your family is nourishing them indeed and not killing them slowly. You can buy a two week or a month long plan and good thing is you can repeat for as long as you want, tweaking it as you go on.


2WEEKS: N12,000

ONE MONTH: N18,000


**If you have some serious weight to lose, you need more than a mealplan. You need MAJOR MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT and that you would find in the group so join in there.


This one is for people who need some questions answered, some clarity on this and that or just some kinda encouragement on their weight loss journey. Trust me, I am the BEST person to talk to, and that’s not talking about how FAB my voice is. God has really blessed me with a communication gift. When I explain, you will UNDERSTAND!!! A phone call will convince you. I would be doing 15min phone calls per session, not more.

N2000 FOR 15MINS

There will be a 5minute bonus time where we just get to gist and I ask you about your spiritual life and lead you to Christ if necessary. Haha. I know, I am crazy. One of my mentors is Christine Caine.


Go figure!!! But really, it would be SUCH A SHAME for us to be FIT for this world and UNFIT for the Kingdom.

God forbid.

Oh btw, I have the Holy Spirit and He would control the direction of our discussions. You won’t use my 20mins to prepare a meal plan. Haha. Plus those in the weightloss group would have regulated phone convos with me and those who buy my meal plan will too as we create your customized meal plans. No special discount here for students. Just buy one of my services and you get access to me.

I am sooooooooooooo excited about this. I see a spiritual angle to overeating/weight gain.


The devil will take any tiny crack, enter and cause major havoc. I have heard people tell me stories of depression, husbands walking away, medical conditions, heartbreaks, turning down some kinda jobs, holding back on living life FULLY, absolute indiscipline, spiritual lethargy and so on ALL BECAUSE OF THEIR WEIGHT!!! Even though I know the devil is messing, this one won’t go away by just speaking in tongues and praying away the calories. And I can speak in tongues plenty but that didn’t help me at all. It will go away by BEING INTENTIONAL AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That is, change your diet and exercise. No miracles here honey. Together, we can GIFT you the body of your dreams WITHIN and WITHOUT so that you can FULLY live life in perfect HEALTH. AMEN!!!


Let me put this all together for easy reference


My first online weight loss class kicks off on Sunday, May 1 but don’t even wait one second to register. I already have clients who have been haranguing me to start. Forget your 25k Clean9, slim tea and all those FAD diets that don’t work. Come let’s do this together. I would work on a first pay basis though. Plus a lot of my former students can’t wait to jump in.


So hurry. The preceding week would be orientation and preparation, both physical and mentally, so that we go FULL throttle as soon as we walk into May.


Enough with all your weight loss battles baby. And guys are welcome too. You would have a different group tho. Girls tend to work out in the skimpiest of attires when at home and pictures are a part of this. I am tempted to expose one of my friends but because she is Priceless to me, I will spare her hahahahaha


Husbands, buy for your wife. Stop complaining and do something. Especially if she popped out a baby for you and is struggling to go back to pre-baby weight. Plus the ‘action’ is a totally different level when bae is fit… And this ACTION is for MARRIED PEOPLE ONLY. Husbands buy and thank me later…


Boyfriends GIFT your BAE one of my services. You want her to look at her proposal, engagement and wedding pictures and thank you many many years down the line.

Children, buy a meal plan for your parents. Especially if the doctor has started advising all those their advice…

If you are outside Naija and you have access to our Naija food or its alternatives, holler too!!!



FAT is actually weak. You can TOSS it!!! I promise!!! Let the BEST Coach in town help you.
And I advice you join this first batch. I can’t guarantee you that my prices will stay like God…The same yesterday, today and forever. Nah. As we expand and hire staff, prices will go up too na. So hurry…

Slid into my email and soon you would be able to slid into that size 8, 10 or 12 jeans and bodycon dresses WITHOUT spanx and body magic.

Baby at 6months and 1year

Baby at 6months and 1year

And please spread word too all the chicks you know who have some FAT to deal with. Just send them this link and use the pictures please.

Bedtime (1)

Plus hey all my new comers here, I documented my weight loss journey here. It should help too if you cannot afford my services yet.








Something funny happened today. I walked to a store to get diapers and on the way, I noticed this woman frying puffpuff and it had entered my nose so I was going to buy. The Holy Spirit who I was not even talking to then just jumped in

‘So this is the kinda example you wanna set for your students abi? Don’t you know you have to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH? Were you planning on buying puff puff when you stepped out? Can’t you show some self restraint? Ordinary puffpuff. Oh Puh-leaseeeeeee Coach E’…’

And that was the end of the 50 naira 500 calories puffpuff…

How awesome it would be for you to work with a Coach who actually is saved enough to practice what she preaches!!!


Healthy eating in Nigeria is AFFORDABLE!!!

Hi guys,

Today I wanna talk all about CLEAN EATING and how it is affordable, contrary to what I thought before. I would also be sharing some of my recipes and if you have some, please share with me.


Lunch today...those veggies were FARM FRESH

Share, NOT force me to eat/try it please. Or let me know how your own is better than mine. Cos many Nigerians don’t know nothing about nicely suggesting without comparing or feeling unnecessarily superior.

Mehn, forget it, clean eating has bulked up my pocket, especially as I don’t mess with random junk buying these days, and it has cleaned up my system. I am just so excited about my meals these days. Tz a beautiful adventure shopping, finding healthier alternatives and being creative with my meals.


For example, I had oatmeal pancakes on Saturday. I had just two slices and I was KNOCKED out FULL!!!

I blended my Oats. One and half pack. That’s about N600


Then I dished out like a cup, added eggs, banana to sweeten, onion, black pepper, nutmeg, spring onions and green peppers to give it some nice flavour. Then I blended it all together with water to form a paste with a very smooth consistency. Fried it with very little pure coconut oil and voila!!!


Delicious and healthy, IT WAS PERFECT!!!

Even KingDaveed loved it.

Threw the rest of the batter in the freezer for maybe next Saturday.

Oh and that delish cabbage soup I made?


I used chicken breast but you can use regular chicken jare.


Bought it 550 at SPAR. Boiled it with just ONE stock cube and no salt. Used turmeric, black pepper, garlic, ginger, crayfish, curry and thyme. Then I diced the chicken.

Diced up all my veggies – Cabbage, Carrot, Green pepper, Spring onions, Tomatoes. You may add any other veggies you like e.g. Parsley.


Added them into the chicken stock one by one, depending on how long I wanted that veggie cooked and my cabbage was last.

Healthy and filling, IT WAS PERFECT!!!

Costs me less than 1k to make 4 servings.


Then soups, like okra and vegetables which are the two soups I love.

I cook it OIL FREE now or with just an eating spoon of oil if you think your body needs at least a little of the iron or whatever it gives.

How do I prep it?

I blend enough tomatoes, tatashe and pepper and I use it as my base in place of oil. Then I add onions, stir, add my smoked/dry fish and periwinkles/ponmo/whatever then I add chicken/fish stock (I don’t do red meat),. As it starts to cook, I put in my veggies (I use a green/ugu or waterleaf/ugu combo mostly) and turn out the heat.

Soup is ready.

I eat it with plantain sometimes

I eat it with plantain sometimes

I hardly do swallow these days but if you must do swallow, not more than a fist full of whatever you are eating. Of course wheat is preferred. I am thinking of making the oatmeal fufu one of these days.

For okra soup, I always cut and not grate the okra. I cut it in big chunks so it is crunchy and filling. Same process as above but what I now do with okra is to leave some raw okra in a Ziploc bag and throw in the fridge compartment for veggies. So whenever I dish from the cooked soup, I add some of the raw one and heat up together. That way, it always feels fresh when I eat it.


Yum, I promise!!!

Beans, the same thing. No oil. I use the tomato/tatashe paste instead.


You don’t miss the oil, trust me. When I cook this way, I fill my plate with the soup and enjoy. Without swallow.

One thing I have learnt is that we would need to UNLEARN a lot of what we have learned and also acquire new tastebuds.

Would your food taste different?

Yes. But not any less sweet, IMO.

Not to mention how your body will be thanking you for feeding it WELL!!!

Your tastebuds may protest at first and your tummy may want more servings but you need to tell them WHO IS BOSS!!! YOU!!!

Let’s talk a bit about salads which is what I find myself eating a whole lot.


My regular salad consists on cabbage, carrot, cucumber (skinned), lettuce, tomatoes, and boiled eggs. You may add whatever else favors you.Then I sprinkle some lemon juice over it and enjoy.

Yup I think salad cream/mayonnaise is nice but it is not helping me so I have to let it go and ENJOY what I have now.

Somedays I add avocado to my salads but then, I do just eggs, tomatoes, avocado and lettuce.

An average bowl of salad lasts me three days (cos my light is constant so it stays crunchy fresh) and it costs me well under 500 box and to think I buy some of the stuff from ParknShop sef.


I also eat beans from time to time and I make sure I have no more than two spoons and then bulk it up with either veggies or steamed cabbage (my fave. Steamed with a little chicken stock).


Then of course I add my fish and chicken. I LOVE fish and chicken ooo. I usually grill or just boil. If I am grilling, I marinate overnight. Tz sooooo good that my sister doesn’t stop stealing it from the freezer.


Recently I bumped into a whole wheat organic pasta at SPAR. Just 550box and it is looking like it will last me 5servings.


I cooked it with chicken stock, then I steamed all my veggies and peppers in a lil stock too. Then tossed and mixed both wella and served myself just one cup.


Usually a serving is that small plate they turn into your plate when they serve you at Chicken Republic or KFC.

So be sure to bulk up with veggies.

Like mine I used steamed cabbage and lettuce. Not more than a minute. I always make sure to have stock in the freezer cos I use it to steam a lot.

Then let’s talk of smoothies, my favourite.

Like today, I made an ABC smoothie

Apples- N50

Beetroot – N55

Carrots – Half of the 50naira worth.


I used Greek yoghurt as my base, just about half a cup, say 50mls, but water works just as well.


How much is this? And it gave me 2cups.

Of course, the average regular smoothies cost me mostly under 200 and we all know how much these smoothie makers retail for. The Place does for N800. Haha.
I just blend a nice mix of green and then sweet fruits and veggies e.g. pineapples, cucumber and say half an apple plus a handful of any veggies (parsley, ugu, green, spinach), or watermelon, apple, green grapes, and a veggie. I mean, simple and healthy. You can have your smoothie with two slices of bread (wheat bread even better) but usually I skip bread and just have it with two eggs.

I also have oatmeal smoothies sometimes where I blend a mix of two sweet fruits say grapes, pineapple, or apples and then I add a cup of cooked oatmeal to it and blend it all and drink up.


Very filling brekkie and a good way to have oats.

Sometimes I cook the oats plain and then add apple chunks, strawberries, green/red grapes in whatever mix I want. I dice them small so that every spoon comes with some fruits which act as my healthy sweetener.


Fam, I dunno when last I saw Sugar and surely, KingDaveed ain’t doing sugar too as he grows.

he joined me in my ABC smoothie

he joined me in my ABC smoothie

Btw I bought the strawberries above 550 at SPAR and I am not such a huge fan but KingDaveed LOVES it so I add to his puree. So sometimes I add to my smoothie or oats.

So usually I use water as base or watermelon or yoghurt.

I got the Greek yo for 1k and the low fat yo for 1k.

1L bottles

The way I use it, it will sure last a month.

Infact anytime I have watermelon in my smoothie, I don’t use water again. If you blend the watermelon FIRST, you get the liquid you need for the smoothie to make.

Anything else?

Ok, just a couple of other fruits in my freezer.

Before I even mention, I must say that having power helps me a whole lot. I know it will be harder to do all of this cooking daily as opposed to just storing in the freezer and bringing out when ready (aside smoothies. I finish same day)

It also helps that I have access to those mallams who sell fruits and fresh veggies.


They are amazing abeg. Infact, I have a customer and anything he doesn’t have, I deposit money and he goes scouting for me.

I usually have oranges, watermelon, garden eggs, cucumber, pineapples, etc and what I do not find with the mallams, I get from all those big departmental stores. I am also open to trying out new stuff so far it is not overpriced.


Ok so on the tray I have

Egg plant (the purple ones. Aubergines I think). The pack was like 110.
Red ball pepper 120
Pumpkin 55naira
Beetroot 55naira
Green pepper 100
Lettuce 155
Ginger 55
Avocado 130
Regular garden eggs (I buy N100 worth)
Cucumber both 150

Just listing them out so you see that it ain’t costly.
They also have various leaves you can use as spices eg mint, cumin, parsley,etc mostly in packs under 200.

Of course there are more expensive fruits, vegs, peppers etc. I just unlook.

Like yellow ballpeppers was 800plus at SPAR
ONE imported potato costs 700plus
Imported lettuce 1000plus
Broccoli Cauliflower etc almost 2k per pack.

Just to mention, Mile12 also has a wide variety of veggies and fruits, Local and imported.

Just do the one your pocket fit carry ehn cos even with our local stuff, you are GOOD!!!

Then I try to snack on healthy stuff – Nuts including cashew, Tiger and groundnut, garden eggs, and dates.


Please PORTION CONTROL is everything.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-14-15-36-21.png wpid-screenshot_2015-10-21-15-45-46.png

The plates give you an idea of how much of what to eat.

Always check the calorie count of what you are eating anyhow. Nuts have some crazy calz too so portion control please. Be a very aware buy-er. Check labels to see calorie count. I recall buying a small tin of mixed nuts feeling healthy. When i finished chopping, I saw 2000calz!!!

now ehn, Me I don’t just buy without checking ooo. I work so hard at my workouts so I am so careful what goes in. even for the healthy stuff, I PORTION CONTROL!!!

wpid-20151023_111617.jpg wpid-screenshot_2015-10-15-06-37-22.png

As far as I am concerned, the only thing you can just swallow is WATER and Green tea, without checking because they are zero calories so drink up to fill up your tummy and control any further hunger pangs. And then RELAX!!! You don’t have to eat until you are stuffed. 3cups of GT a day works. And I always tinge with lemon or lime to shrink belly fat.

As for junks, I JUST STAY OFF!!! The calorie content is MAD.


See shortbread I dey chop anyhow before, I checked and saw an incredible amount of calories PER STICK!!! Haba!!! Doughnut, meatpie, puffpuff, etc. not me abeg!!! Coke, fruit juice, etc, I jump and pass.


I unlook when I see all those things. I try as much as possible to eat at home always or go out with what I will eat later, and always have healthy snack options. Garden eggs are my favourite.


I was listening to my mama Meyer talk about how, back then, she used to eat this cheesecake till one day she just checked and saw that the smallest had 850 calz and the biggest 1200. That was the last time she ate it because IT IS NOT WORTH IT.


That woman says she does 3-5miles walk EVERYDAY!!!

Choi!!! And she watches what she eats and that has been on for a LONG time because God told her that if she don’t, she will NOT be able to do her God-given assignment in the third part of her journey. She is now in that third and final lap and she is sooooo healthy, thanks to the lifestyle of eating clean and working out daily.

Mindless eating is something she avoids, all this pick food here and there, or pass by somewhere, buy biscuit, pop chocolate, drink coke, etc WHICH DOES NOT FORM PART OF YOUR DAILY MEAL is just crazy!!!

The truth is, some people may eat more and never add an inch but I have learnt that I AM NOT THEM and so I have to work with what I have been given.


Moreover, life has a way of evening these things out. My own issue may be with my weight but those people who stay slim no matter what have the parts of their lives that don’t come as easy too so ME I RUN MY OWN RACE even though it is a tough journey. I sure am getting used to it and I am glad to be leading this new lifestyle, going forward.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-03-11-35-33.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-28-17-42-52.png

I had to do this post to share what I have learned so far on healthy eating to debunk the ‘it is expensive’ myth.
To encourage those of us on this journey. Just let Google be your friend and be calorie conscious cos that’s what makes you add weight.

Also there are very many Nigerians on this healthy living journey and they share their stories on blogs, BBMchannels, IG etc. Do your own research and find them.
Like me, some BBM channels have been amazing…

Yems smoothies
Fit n Fab
Miss Kalu
Health n Healthy (she lost 75kg wow)
and more

They post workouts, recipes, tips, etc
Plus some sell healthier alternatives of your starchy Nigerian meals eg banana bread, oat honey bread,ugwu chips, coconut bread, healthy cookies and muffins, and all that good stuff. I hardly buy tho. Actually never. Maybe later but I know they are healthy and yum.

For all those who keep asking me tons of questions, I hope this helps…

Plus I just ordered this Shake n Take smoothie maker today!!!


So excited. Incase anyone wants to order on Dealdey, there is a cheaper vendor just search.

Can’t wait to receive this

Here’s to CLEAN EATING all day n err’day

God loves yawl like crazzzzyyyy


B A L A N C E… A definition!!!

Has anyone ever told you to strike a balance with your life, especially when you are finding it hard holding it all together?


Maybe you have also told yourself several times but maybe have not quite gotten a hold of this ELUSIVE but highly coveted BALANCED LIVING!!! Especially when everything on your plate is really a GOOD thing that would give God the glory…

Hmm. Dunno about ya Sis/Bro but my entire life, I am always always tryna find a BALANCE to my life.

I heard a definition/explanation of balance from, OF COURSE Priscilla Shirer (She’s my Mary who gets the baby in my womb leaping) and I thought to share…

my allday err'day ADDICTION!!!!

my allday err’day ADDICTION!!!!

She heard it from an older, wiser mentor lady.

She said that a lot of times, a lot of us define balance as having say TEN boxes each representing all the stuff in your life at the mo and having all of them full to the same level in such a way that they are all equal. That is anything BUT balance hon. That is C H A O S!!!

I can imagine how many of us have tried to arrange the stuff in our lives to be equal and perfect and how often we have ended up frustrated, dissatisfied and stretched too thin, simply because WE CANNOT and frankly because THEY SHOULD NOT BE EQUAL!!!

Lemme quote Priscilla Shirer on the definition of a balanced life

A balanced life is when you prayerfully consider which of these ten boxes are most important to GOD in this season of my life RIGHT NOW. Then you push those to the front and pull everything else to the back…You allow those two or three to the fore while the rest of them have just a small amount of your time… (Ask yourself) what is God’s priority for you in this season and then you act immediately pouring into those boxes…

The seasons in our lives are constantly changing and it is only wise that our priorities change with some taking the back burner (or totally getting off the stove) EVEN IF THEY ARE GOOD STUFF.

Yes, saying NO to even the GOOD STUFF is a MAJOR part of BALANCE!!!


Let me put this in some perspective by painting some real and fictional scenarios…


My marriage for the better part of the almost TWO years we have been married has been long distance. My hubs is a CHURCH BOY but when I am around for say anything from a weekend to a week, BALANCE is that he, for that period of time I am around, HE CUTS DOWN on his church activities and FOCUSES on his family.




Because the first assignment God has given to him is his family NOT the people in church. Choir or the Youth church will NOT close down with everyone spiralling downwards into Hades if he CHILLS for that temporary season!!! I love that my husband gets that and strikes a GOOD BALANCE.


I recall in school then, there was always this buzz/guilt trip about how people become less committed in fellowship during exam periods and all EVEN when meeting times dragged longer than normal or UNNECESSARY meetings were being called for.

Very very funny. And UNWISE!!!

There is sure a time for everything and for someone like me who was plenty committed, it was NEVER a bad idea to RUN OFF 2nanoseconds after the main meeting is over during exam period, PLUS not turn up for any unnecessary impromptu meetings that CAN WELL WAIT UNTIL AFTER EXAMS and move some CHURCH-RELATED activities to the back burner until exams are over. I know this sounds controversial but hon, WISDOM!!!


Exams are gonna last just two weeks so please honor your parents (and the fees they are paying) and prioritise for that period. You are afterall in that fellowship BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUDENT!!! For some students who read my blog, this is a RHEMA for you right there.

I certainly wasn’t a party to that overje lol. I was a HOD at several times and during exam periods, I would finish my meetings ON TIME and push my people to go and study.

B A L A N C E!!!


When I used to run the FAB group with some 10-15 ladies, at some point, one of the MORE COMMITTED ladies sends me an email saying she had to leave for so so and so reasons. I think she had been in the group for say 6months or more. The GROUP had been such a blessing to her and I KNEW because we had grown soooo close but several other boxes in her life needed to get to the fore burner and so she had to sacrifice the group for them, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS A GOOD THING!!! I was going to miss her incredibly BUT that decision was THE WISEST DECISION at the time because the group was fully engaging and all.

B A L A N C E!!!


Still on the same thought, I recently told my prayer sisters in a Prayer Group I am in to give me some time out to sort out myself. My baby was getting more demanding, I had taken on some added responsibility to my life recently plus other things sha so our prayer time together actually became the time I REALLY NEEDED TO SLEEP or do some other stuff I sacrificed for sleep earlier in the day otherwise I would burn out and blow up some boxes of higher priority.

I LOVED praying with my Sisters 6x a week BUT at this point in my life, I could NOT cope and balance meant pushing it OFF THE BURNER!!!

B A L A N C E!!!

Please note, that was not my Quiet time with God ooo. It was a Prayer Group!!!

Still on Groups, (and I am using the Groups example because I have a very active online/virtual life which is part of what I HAVE BEEN CALLED TO DO), I have had cause to shut down two groups I was in charge of. One is the one listed above that my friend had to leave, and then the other was my Mentoring group. The former I shut down because my life was changing so much and I could not manage it like I would have wanted to at the time. Moreover we had been together for almost a year and I knew it was best to ‘leave when the ovation was loudest’ and then begin afresh with ‘fresh blood’and make wider impact. I had to move on. So I gave my lil speech, we said our goodbyes and I took everyone out ready for the next batch of ladies.

My mentoring group too, same thing. I needed to move on with a fresh set of mentees and at first I thought I could run both parallel but what did I know? Haha!!! Wisdom demanded that I give my goodbye speech and release them. Plus my mentees had become FIERY WOMEN OF GOD themselves haha so our time together, which had been AMAZEBALLS was up and I had to move to a new season, and let them too.

Group dissolved.

And I still have not started a new one because that Box, though a very good one, has to take a back burner now while I sort out other boxes and also prepare prayerfully for directions on the new Mentoring Group.


Same thing with my blog.

You know, there was this post Pastor M did belatedly for PK’s birthday. She was actually supposed to put up a blog post celebrating him and all and she had actually carried her laptop to, when the HS intervened. Long and short, that post didn’t come up because SHE PUSHED that VERY VERY GOOD THING(Blogpost) to the back burner and went instead at that time to SERVE her husband in a way that he would really know that it is a happy birthday indeed… FOOD!!!

Yes he would have ‘preciated the post but that FOOD?

‘…so i headed straight to the kitchen and whipped out my chef hat *wink wink* I gat skillz like that…;-) and by the time I came out of the kitchen my pk had a tray laden with prawns sautéed in coconut milk, stir fried chicken, peppered snails, chicken gizzard sauce ….need I say more? sorry guys no pictures but if you guys are really nice to me I just may put up the recipe 🙂 …especially for new brides like E’…’

Yup I am stopping right there where my name appeared but feel free to read the rest of the post here. Btw you won’t believe the keyword I used to retrieve this post…

Coconut milk!!!

Lol. I love coconut and I never forgot coconut milk in the food.


But really, you get my point right? It would have been funny if she decided to blog AND cook. One would have suffered and it would have been the food even though blogging was  important as it would have blessed lives too. But HUSBAND FIRST!!!

Same thing I apply on my blog ooo.

I wish I could post everyday.

Maybe I have things to post every other day that would bless yawl, yup BUT I would BURN OUT DRY!!!

I am NOT tryna get a medal or compete with anyone else who blogs daily. My blogging has reduced progressively since I got married and then had a baby. HUBBY AND BABYBOY COME UNDISPUTABLY FIRST.

Kiss kiss before I go take a LONG walk

Kiss kiss before I go take a LONG walk

Maybe someday when I have put my life in order like I dream, I can be a more regular blogger (this October seamless flow we have been having took me a WHOLE MONTH to plan ahead for it) but on a lot of days, my blog has to take a BACK SEAT!!! I LOVE yawl my FAB readers but I have to consider my life’s seasons and pace myself… There may be a Christian blogger too who blogs daily but I cannot be her. See why comparison ain’t good? She may actually be blowing up other boxes or she is living balanced. That is her own life. And boxes!!!

B A L A N C E!!!

That said, I am accepting offers to babysit. Maybe if you come sit for 4/5hours every week, I can do other stuff and then do at least ONE blogpost…


Plus you get to hang out with the Cool E’…

Funny right now it is 3.40am (I wrote this post sometime in September) and I have been blogging since yesterday evening… Trying to write at least 3 or 4 posts at least. You see why this cannot be regular at THIS STAGE OF MY LIFE?




I just recalled one of Heather’s video where she was LIVE on Periscope for her monthly Bible study (I think it was the one on Conflict) and just before the hour mark when she was answering questions LIVE, we heard hubby’s voice saying she NEEDED TO STOP NOW because her baby girl was awake and there was no more milk for her so she needed to come nurse.


She could have finished that question ooo but mba, she said her goodbyes and went to serve her family.


That question was so important but it had been one hour and so after that one hour, it took the back seat for Taylor to take the front seat.


One other scenario is that sometimes, when I feel like I am burning out from TOO MUCH ACTIVITIES even if good, and say a public holiday is coming. If there is any activity in church fixed for that day, I take my permissions and DO NOT ATTEND but rather I retire into my closet and spend time ALONE refreshing with God!!!

Is that program GOOD?


But so is my personal time with GOD too,


Missing one program or two won’t change the course of humanity. Of course, be sure your timing’s not off… and make sure you are actually not a loafer kinda Church worker.

Look, I know most of yawl that read my blog are church people and all but sometimes, you need to PULL A MARY and just step away from all the meetings and activities and just go SIT AT JESUS’S FEET ALONE!!!


Take the necessary permission and please go for a private fellowship with Him. It could even be that YOU NEED TO GIVE YOUR FAMILY MORE TIME!!!

Look honey, if your GOD-GIVEN family especially wife/husband is not happy, you better sit your behind down and settle stuff at home. No need going to serve others in Church when your home is suffering.

See ehn, when I used to attend Fountain of life church, Pastor Taiwo would tell us how he always says to his female Pastors (and we had the HEAVYWEIGHT business woman Pastor Ibukun Awosika on board)

‘Look, if your husband EVER comes to complain to me that church is taking all of your time and he is not feeling you at home, I WOULD RELIEVE YOU OF YOUR ACTIVITIES and send you home to GO SERVE your hubby till I have his permission again…’


Oh bless Pastor Taiwo. He knew family should come first even for his Pastors.

And Pastor Bimbo of blessed memory.



She was everywhere with her hubby’s blessings but she knew when to pull the brakes from being ‘Pastor Bim’ and be ‘Mrs. Odukoya’ and ‘Mommy’.

B A L A N C E!!!


Even with your regular work/job, I certainly believe that sometimes, deliberately CLOSE EARLY and come home and just fellowship and hang out with your kids and family.

Hmm, some things are VERY important ooo for example FAMILY!!!

Strike a GOOD BALANCE with LIFE and make sure that FAMILY remains your number ONE PRIORITY because they are YOUR FIRST ASSIGNMENT

Since I started with her, lemme end with something I heard my ‘MARY’ Priscilla Shirer say…

One time she was being asked about how she balances ministry and the home and she said

‘…bla bla bla and it is my joy to serve my family of FOUR BOYS first and then on the side, serve others in ministry…’

I mean, look at the wisdom drippin’ in that statement!!!

Her church and ministry ain’t number one but her FAMILY even though she is a Preacher.


And you can tell that this INCREDIBLE Bible study teacher undoubtedly puts her husband and 3 boys FIRST because she preaches a lot with their story…

Fam, please sit down, get those boxes out, and PRIORITISE based on the season of life that you are in at the moment…

Cheers… to a BALANCED life and livin’

God loves yawl like crazzzzy






I got a BONUS post coming up tomorrow. It will be an AWESOME giveaway and EVERYBODY can . I just realised that I have never done a BLOG giveaway and that is so strange because I am a very generous person. Anyways it will have something to do with the BIBLE BATHROOM CHALLENGE I blogged about here. It will come up at noon on Saturday.


Have yawl got your JOYCE MEYER STUDY BIBLE? I really dunno what you are waiting for ooo lol. Those who have bought it have been giving me good feedback. Plus how is the Bible Bathroom challenge going?


My TOILET Bible lol

Hope you have been dropping your phone at the door of the toilet and taking your Bible instead? My experience has been awesome like I shared on IG



Do you know I actually FORGOT that I had to do a post today? Lol. I MADE IT TODAY BEFORE MIDNIGHT Yaaaay!!! The days are flying but I don’t intend to MISS even one schedule this October. I really hope I get to write the one I would love to post next before the 19th ooo. Though I have some pendings but I reeeeeaaaaaallllly need to write this post on AUTHENTICALLY ME & SURPRISNGLY SATISFIED!!! I am too excited about it oh my goodness!!! If it is not up next (aside the bonus giveaway post), then I would share my weight loss journey so far, something of an update from #FitFABFam.



But I am running a 45day challenge on IG documenting the entire process too



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Btw, what is above is cabbage soup which I made for the FIRST time today. It was SINFULLY DELISH!!! AND VERY FILLING GOODNESS!!!

D E T O X!!!


I consider myself a great cook. So great that sometimes I don’t even taste my meals before I serve hubs. I just KNOW that it tastes nice jare so I can just dish it out happily.

This blogpost however is a sharp contrast to that.

When God dropped this post in my spirit, I was all ready to ‘dish’ and instantly, I felt a check in my spirit…

No baby… YOU GONNA EAT this one first, SWALLOW and DIGEST even before you DARE to DISH it.


Haha. #HARDCheck

This was really one post I had to swallow and apply FIRST to my life and even though I am still applying, I have the RELEASE to dish, serving myself a healthy portion too.

One fine Saturday, my husband said something to me in conversation,

‘…So this is ALL they talk about on this show? Other people’s lives. And you keep watching it…?’

It was a rerun of STARGIST with Vimbai and he would catch bits and pieces of the show whenever I watched it but that was the day it dawned on him that really ooo, all my wife is watching everyday is Miss Vimbai and co go on and on about the lives of Stars who have absolutely NOTHING to offer her life? Trust me, he wasn’t being judgemental or anything and he didn’t even say more than that BUT that line above got me thinking. Thinking of my life!!! The Holy Spirit inspired him to casually drop that line…

Seriously, lemme tell y’all what my life was like especially when I was in Bonny island, and a stay-home 24/7 breastfeeding exclusively mama, with DSTV and NEPA on 24/7

Wake up sometime sha around 9am ish. Bath KingDaveed and stuff…

Then while I did other things around the house, I would have my AfMag Showcase on and we would go from

A different view with Gena West to Emerald to Taste of Love to Calabash to Star gist to 53 extra/Jara then Hotel Majestic to Tinsel to At home with Michelle Attoh to an Africa Magic Original movie to repeats of Emerald, Taste of Love, Calabash, 53Extra or Jara, maybe another Original movie, then fresh eps of Jara/53Extra, Star Gist, Tinsel, Hotel Majestic, Emerald, Taste of Love, Calabash(or one boring GH soap) to another Original movie to one GH show again and here we are at midnight baby… I usually prayed/studied my Bible at midnight 1am/2am ish then I threw in some career related stuff too… Then I would sleep at anytime between 2 and 4am.

Did you see how Eziaha reeled off all these programs just laidat? My excuse being that I spent plenty butt-time breastfeeding/breast pumping and I really can’t work on my laptop with an engaging baby anyways hence I was filling my mind with MINDLESS TV. Oh in between all that, I would be on Twitter, Instagram, Linda Ikeji Blog, Stella Dimoko blog and Bella Naija.

Obviously it wasn’t like I did NOTHING else but sit in front of the TV or on those sites, no, because I still had my sermon CDs I would pop in from time to time daily but look guys, these others ones were taking up more time than I cared for that IT WAS PATHETIC by my standards!!! I really didn’t realise what my life was becoming because even though I still spent time with GOD, these MINDLESS TV was really what I was bowing down and worshipping because they were taking a better part of my time. (Something most stay-at-home mamas need to DELIBERATELY GUARD AGAINST.)

IT WAS STEALING AN AWFUL OF THE PRECIOUS TIME I would have spent with my face in my Bible and knees on the floor getting directions for my life. Yes I didn’t have TIME to you know, clear out my desk and have a REAL quiet time during the day (at least like I like it)



but it didn’t mean I should fill my mind with JUNK and FLUFF on TV and Online.

I mean, what REALLY would I gain from LIB that I should be up-to-date with her latest posts? Why should I watch Star Gist religiously catching up on the lives of Dbanj and Yemi Alade and Rihanna even if my mind wasn’t FULLY on it? When it is not like I am about to go into entertainment. I mean, I dunno if that’s the case now but my darling Linda Ikeji (and I really do like her drive and all) would constantly and hourly shove the Kardashians (especially the one who just turned 18 and Kim) down our throats like she was paid too. Then homosexuals, transgenders and all, COME ON!!! I would now say that at least Stella’s blog would share real life stories and all so I could learn a thing or two. Yup. But then I would get into reading the comments and all the drama happening there (and on BN, LIB and co) would be entering my head and I will be laughing at it all yet it profits me LESS THAN NOTHING!!! Because I was doing this casually, I wish it stayed at head level but such stuff also ENTERED MY SPIRIT through my eye-gate and ear-gate. I mean I was letting down my guard ON MY OWN WATCH!!!

Guys just keeping it real here… Ain’t nothing wrong with all these shows/blogs and my Sociology taught me that they have their functions somehow, but I was overdosing on them and such fluff was filling up my life. I guess if you are an entertainer or so, you can religiously follow all these stuff BUT look, ENTERTAINMENT especially secular is NOT MY THING!!! I signed up for THE ARMY OF GOD and seriously, I was messing with ‘civilians’.

Like I said, I had to EAT this dish first. To hell with portion control, I GOT SERVED BIGTIME literally.

So that statement from my hubby got me thinking of how much time I had WASTED with these stupid stuff. I really went to God in prayer. Don’t get me wrong oo, I wasn’t lounging on SIN-ROAD per se, because YES, I still had my time with God and all but I was letting the devil creep in with all those MINDLESS TV programs and blogs in my ‘downtime’. That was when the Holy Spirit began to talk to me about DETOX

DETOX: A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; (detoxification)

God was leading me to do a SPIRITUAL DETOX. That was when I tweeted this and God had me know that I was gonna EAT THAT DISH before I serve it.


Fam, I lost no time.

I LOGGED OUT OF EVERY SINGLE SECULAR BLOG!!! No there was NOTHING that important that I would DIE if I missed… Absolutely NOTHING!!!



Then I started cleaning out my Social media accounts… Unfollowed stupid TOXIC twitter handles that tweet NONSENSE, I didn’t follow back every KFB without confirming if it is a HEALTHY handle. I would go on IG, avoid the timeline and go straight to just a few HEALTHY accounts

Priscilla Shirer. Heather Lindsey. Joyce Meyer. #warroommovie. etc

I was deliberate about filtering my IG account. Seriously, seeing people’s cloths, shoes, vacation and life generally WOULD and CANNOT add anything tangible to my life. No ManCrushMonday, ThrowbackTuesday, WomanCrushWednesday, or FlashBackFriday would save my life. Neither yours!!! Instead before you know it, you would start comparing your own EVERYDAY life to someone’s INSTAGRAM LIFE.

Oh I also TURNED off the TV. Trust me, it stayed OFF.


I didn’t care what I was missing. I needed to take a CLEAN BREAK first, then when I am STRONG enough, I can now start sieving what to watch or not. And with PORTION CONTROL too… No program was ‘unmissable’ no matter how educative or informative it was.


See guys, I BEAT MY FLESH!!! I did a CLEAN DIVORCE and I didn’t watch sometimes or visit some blogs just once a day. I didn’t visit or watch AT ALL. Only after sometime did I start sieving and letting some things in gradually and that was because my spirit had matured some and rejected plenty nonsense anyways.

I will be back to this, but lemme share two real life stories here…

A dear friend of mine’s boyfie of 2years had broken up with her. She paid me a post natal visit and gisted me of it all and how painful it was (is). I told her ngwa since na Bro talk say e no dey do again even after everything, you too baby, MOVE ON. I didn’t mince words. She is my home girl and I love her like a sister so ain’t nobody got time to sugarcoat…

I told her TO CUT OFF FROM HIM TOTALLY!!! NO, YOU CANNOT JUST BE FRIENDS (because she was misreading some HARMLESS signals he was sending thinking he wanted to get back together e.g. HI lol). They attend the same SMALL church and are BOTH workers so I told her, babe you are hurting, STOP GOING TO THAT CHURCH FOR A WHILE until you HEAL PROPERLY. If not, a simple HELLO from dude will be misinterpreted as ‘I wanna get back with you’ (and it was). If it was a big church where you both could avoid each other, yup keep attending. But since it is a growing church and members would even be asking you of him and vice-versa, STOP!!! DELETE HIM FROM BBM(and any of his relatives), BLOCK HIM FROM FACEBOOK, don’t stalk him on IG, unfollow him on Twitter and DO NOT VISIT OR TAKE NO CALLS. I was very serious. No be say you dey fight or vex ooo but THAT WAS THE WISE THING TO DO AT THE TIME. Look guys, HE BROKE UP so moving on was easy for him, she still loved him and wanted to get back together therefore was hurting so still connecting with him on this and that level would NOT WORK. Then I told her to go before God, ask HIM to HEAL her, trust that HE will bring her OWN Adam, compensation, and all that good stuff. Told her that if she didn’t do a clean break, 6months later, she would still be hurting. If she did a clean break however, she would heal so much that she would see him and just bless him and move on. She didn’t. Like 4months later, she spoke to me again was still at square one because she didn’t DETOX of the dude completely. I told her same thing. This time, she agreed.

Story 2

A younger friend of mine was in this ‘situationship’ with this guy. She was feeling him more than he was feeling her and she was getting heartbroken and stuff. She confided in me and I told her to CLEAN DETOX of the guy. No be fight ooo but you my darling need to get out of that situationship like right NOW and still relating with the guy like nothing happened would not let you keep your emotions in check and heal. Time truly does heal wounds if you totally DETOX!!!

She agreed!!! At least I hope she did 🙂 (Sweetie update me please)

Ok back to me…

See why I did a CLEAN detox? Because I knew I wasn’t strong enough to just reduce it. But if I truly took some time away, I would strengthen those muscles, get new ‘tastebuds’ and former distractions won’t even be a bother anymore.

So what did I fill my time and days with?

Bless that blog reader, Grace, who commented on my WAR ROOM post about Priscilla Shirer and her Bible study teachings. Decided to check her out and as I watched her for the first time, I had a ‘baby in the womb leap’ moment like Elisabeth’s baby at the sound of Mary’s greeting. IT WAS SURREAL.
Don’t let me continue with Shirer, we won’t say anything else here, lol. I would do a special post maybe next month where all I will do is share my influences.

Between Priscilla Shirer, Joyce Meyer and Heather Lindsey’s YouTube videos, I got the HEALTHY MIND CONTENT I needed. It was like I HAD JUST STRUCK GOLDEN GOLD with DIAMONDS attached all over. Every single downtime I had, I would OVERDOSE on their videos. Oh my spirit was HAPPY HEALTHY and ALIVE again in the way that I loved.


Oh this is TRUTH on plenty levels

The good thing about spending time with God is that NATURALLY, those things you used to do now become very unattractive to your spirit. They actually start to irritate you, you don’t even have to struggle to NOT LIKE or DO them. Now, I sit down to watch some movies and I am so super distracted and then I finally just let it go. I can’t concentrate on TV like I used to and I can switch it off at will. Secular blogs? Lol, I don’t even miss at all. Like I don’t even want all those gist and gossip on me. God has totally filled me with HIM and HIS. I mean, it is so cool, I promise.

And somehow, I even think all those fluff I was filling my mind with made me physically indulge in junk and fluff meals that now made me FAT. I am serious. Because our spiritual actually controls the physical. Talk about a lose-lose. Hiss.

Recently, some of the ladies in my #FITFABFAM started a physical detox. The ones who have rice as their weakness decided to go weeks/a month without rice. In fact all of us are really being disciplined enough to cut off junk from our lives. I have been such a clean eater for say 3weeks and the way my body feels? Oh, beautiful. My skin is glowing, the weight is gradually but surely falling off and it don’t matter how much chocolate is in the fridge, I ain’t messing with it. Haha. Plenty clean and green eating and plenty portion control. I am doing a post on that soon.

So as my spiritual was receiving DETOX, my physical is also receiving and trust me, I have NEVER felt better about myself. My body is so clean and even more important is that my SPIRIT IS SO CLEAN TOO!!!

So guys, I just legit exposed myself and all to yawl. Haha. You know why? BECAUSE I AM F R E E!!! And i believe my story can help you too. Your own TOXIC STUFF may NOT be TV, blogs or whatever BUT honey, sit down and ASK YOURSELF if you REALLY need to be on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter all day long/hang with those friends/SLEEP on that blog/FOLLOW THAT SERIES LIKE A RELIGION/watch all those  Nolly/Hollywood movies(insert whatever you are bowing down to worship here) ? Maybe you should close your Social media account completely and go on a TECHNOLOGY FAST and THROW AWAY YOUR PHONE while at it.


Yup put down your phone and listen to heaven
I LOVED Dr N’s comment on my post CELEBRITY NOT ROLE MODEL where she said she is deliberately NOT getting on Instagram because she is still trying to MANAGE her other Social media accounts. WISDOM!!! Now there is Periscope. Do you REALLY have to BE on there too? Have you managed the other accounts you have very well before adding Periscope?



Yes they all have their good but if you know you REALLY CAN’T MANAGE it and are about to MAKE A god of it and bow down and worship it, DO NOT OPEN THAT ACCOUNT!!! Trust me, it is NOT that serious or important. YOU WILL NOT DIE IF YOU MISS IT!!! Sincerely ask yourself what area of your life could do with some DETOX and start the process NOW… That your internet is cheap/free don’t mean you should turn your mind to a dustbin through what you watch and listen to. Some of yawl need to start right with your BBM Channels that you WORSHIP!!! GO CLEAN UP YOUR SPIRIT guys!!!


And if you fail and find yourself drifting again into such toxicities, receive GRACE and start the DETOX journey again. And be sure to fill your mind with THE GOOD STUFF otherwise the idleness will make you go back to ‘junk’. Like One of my FITFABFAM sister shared recently, she had to eat one of her ‘forbiddens’ the other day because she didn’t have any healthy food option at home. She portion controlled tho… 🙂

So that’s it Fam. If you need help, encouragement and stuff, holler at me. and God will show us how we can help you DETOX your life… And if you have any success detox stories or suggestions, please share 🙂



to DETOX-living…





Have you read 5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED THE JOYCE MEYER STUDY BIBLE? You know how all those pings come in and MAJOR DISTRACT you when are using ‘Bible on your phone/ipad/etc’

Go and get yourself a good study Bible and I heartily recommend Joyce Meyer’s.


Like I said in that Post, this October we stay busy on this blog. Hahhaahha. I am EXCITED at all the posts that are still to come so see you again in 3days time by God’s grace… Yay 7th!!! Wonder which one to run next? Maybe I will do THE SPIRIT OF SHUT UP Part 1!!! Anyways if not it, whatever I run, as the Spirit leads will BLESS you I promise. Now spread word about this FABULOUS blog… Will you? Thanks 🙂