Jesus did NOT die for this…

‘There is Power in the name of Jesus… X3
To break every chain x 3’

Grammy award winner, Tasha Cobbs may not be very popular YET in 9ja but her ‘Break every chain’ song is one I sing EVERY DAY.
That simple short song for me is beyond a song. Tz a prophecy. Tz a hammer/gun/grenade in my mouth for the devil.

DCC Lagos Choir (The Rock Image) has got the best rendition of the song ever especially when Jacqueline leads. I always pray it is led by her every time Communion is served. I LOVE the song to fine pieces. Smithereens.


Live in Abuja!!!

So imagine when I heard that the owner of the song was coming to Nigeria, not just to Abuja and to COZA just at my backyard, on an evening when I didn’t have any church commitments at my own church. Omo, wild horses, tornadoes, bomb blasts and hurricanes COMBINED couldn’t have stopped me from making it there Tuesday April 15,2014 .
But on getting there, I knew God took me to COZA for something else.

So sometime in the course of the service. they aired this short video of the crucifixion of Jesus. Now I’m a blood wimp… I don’t see or watch anything bloody. For some reason, I had the liver for this though I covered face at different points. It was BLOODY. It was HEART WRENCHING. You could hear a pin drop in church that evening. I have NEVER seen a human so tortured before. That a man would go through all of this to save the world!!! And the Holy Spirit kept dropping such words in my heart

‘I did this for you. I went through ALL of this for you. You can not afford to settle for anything but the BEST in this life… You can’t afford a mediocre or an average life darling…That is the least you can do to show me your appreciation. I DID NOT die for ANYTHING less than the BEST for you to enjoy in life!!! ‘

Dear absolutely FABULOUS Reader of mine, if you ever settle for anything less than the best, you are of all men most UNGRATEFUL and ignorant.

If you settle for a mediocre life, you just SPAT in his face and threw His priceless gift of LOVE back at Him.

Remember I am saying SETTLE. Settle implies an END. You may NOT be enjoying the BEST now but never ever settle there. Understand that you may not be where you can exactly call BEST now but also KNOW that you will NOT be there forever.

That pain and torture I saw was INTENSE. And I don’t even think they acted out what He really went through.
The least you can do in appreciation is to BE and LIVE YOUR BEST.

Don’t let the devil ever ever lie to you. God wants you to have the BEST OF EVERYTHING!!!
The BEST of health
The BEST of jobs
The BEST businesses
The BEST husband/wife
The BEST of houses (in my case ESTATES)
The BEST of friendships/relationships
The BEST of cars
The BEST things in life
The BEST and nothing less!!!
He wants to show off to the world through YOU. He wants You to use this BEST to take over the world for Him.

Anything less is to make light of that torture he went through. Anything less makes you a most ungrateful creature.

Lemme preach to you for a second here…
*in Bishop TD Jakes voice*

I don’t care who around you is settling for less. I don’t give a hoot what Nigeria’s economy is saying. It matters absolutely NOT what phase you are in at the moment. YOU can rise above it and be the BEST.
Sweetheart, take advantage of this season and understand that you are GOD’S BIGGEST DEAL!!! His Most Valuable Player (MVP). He would have died for only YOU if you were the only one on earth. You are sooooo important to Him. You can’t afford to settle for anything less. Anything mediocre. Anything average.

Jesus did NOT die for anything less

My darlings, at COZA that night, though Tasha Cobbs didn’t come eventually but I did get my own Easter Miracle for which I am oh-so-grateful. COZA is a very beautiful church btw.


I missed the tweets. Easy peezy guess as to why she didn't come 🙂

Now this Easter season makes even more sense to me. I feeeeeeeeel so special. Sinach’s ‘I know who I am’ has new meaning to me.
Which is why I am super excited about Easter service at my church DCC Abuja which is themed MVP!!!
Most Valuable Player.


Easter Special Service #DCCAbuja

A footie luvurrr would understand what it means when a player is crowned MVP.
You see how Real Madrid played absolute RUBBISH cos C. Ronaldo was absent. Ditto ManCity against Sunderland when my darling Yaya Toure was absent.
That’s who we are in this game of life. Take me out and the world starts spiralling downwards. Zezezeze!!! I KNOW who I am abeg. Even devil knows.
MVP baby!!!

I am excited about the message my Pastor will be preaching that day yo!!!
If you are in Abuja and you are NOT yet in the Easter spirit and you don’t really know your worth or you need some good ginger…

Petrus Hotel Royale off Gimbiya street, Area 11. Garki, Abuja.
Free transport all over Abuja.
You can call 08096863992 08096863993 for enquiries

Open invitation darling…
And yup, I have moved to Abuja.
Whoop Whoop!!!

You have no idea how happy I am just being in DCC Abuja, getting the Word in with all the inherent power and serving with all my heart. Oh my!!!


God is sweet ooo. Abeg don’t miss it if you dey Abuja and are church-less.
And of course, feel free to join us as a permanent member. We are the finest people in ALL of Abuja (apologies J.Osteen hehe)


DCC Abuja fam

Oh and my NUMBER ONE Naija artist Sinach is LIVE in concert in Abuja tomorrow Good Friday April 18,2014.


My numero uno Naija Gospel Artist

Easter is looking good yo!!!
Do you know how I have dreamt to be in her concert before? Just to hear her sing in tongues LIVE. OMG!!! So my girl Ru who will also be singing there says at rehearsals, people were slain in the spirit. Rehearsals ooo.


Rehearsals toh HOT

No surprises sha. Just playing ‘The presence of the Lord’ during my Quiet time changes the atmosphere. That woman drips anointing. And I hear she is singing an IGBO song too. Can Friday the 18th come already. I always wondered why her songs had sooo much power, praying in the spirit and prophesies in between. I now heard she records LIVE in concert and NOT studio. Abeg difference dey!!! Choi!!! She is my Woman Crush DAILY ooo. Move over #WCW hehehe. Infact as I type, I am watching the last concert she had in SA where she recorded the SHOUT IT LOUD album.


Worship at its finest!!! #Sinach

You don’t even know when you JUMP up and start speaking and singing in tongues as you watch it. Now talk of being there LIVE.

I recall watching Nathaniel Bassey once in concert.


Nathaniel at IMELA last year in DCC. #NoWords

That day the spirit of worship jumped into me. Cos I am very sanguine, I can be jumpy jumpy so Praise? I’m gooooooood. But worship? I struggle. So I went with that desire. To grow my Worship life. After that day with Nath, hmmm now E’ can worship forevuuur. Complete with tears and soul totally in sync with God all alone in my room sef. Tz like the most romantic thing. Just worshipping my Sugar Daddy. Oh!!!


Camp meeting 2013

Now I’m looking to take it to the next level. Most times, raising my hands in worship is hard. It just seems heavy so I go up and down intermittently. I raise and it goes down in like 5/10secs. Hmm. With this Sinach concert, that’s my desire ooo. To truly be able to lift my hands for longer periods and just worship my Sugar Daddy. And Sinach is just anointed. I can’t wait to just worship God with other believers and Sinach singing, loving on my Sugar Daddy on the day that symbolizes the greatest act of LOVE ever. If people dey fall for over night rehearsal, wetin the real day go be like abeg? Anything short of the trumpet blowing, E’ will be there LIVE. To take over this Abuja for God, I need to EAT plenty abeg. Mehn, if you dey Abuja, Good Friday na public holiday ooo. Come!!!
Tz holding at ThisDay dome 5pm and tz free. Yaaaay!!!

Ru actually hugged her and was rubbing it in so I am beefing Ru. Hiss much.

But really I am so excited that I will be there as she does a LIVE concert that would find its way to CD soon. If this isn’t MVP/VVIP screening, what is please?

Happy Easter darlings.


Easter is the reason Christmas happened

And if this season should leave you with anything, it should be an everlasting knowledge that Jesus didn’t die for LESS. He did it all for you to enjoy His BEST and NEVER settle for less. Carry yourself with ‘pomposity and sagacity’ cos you are God’s MVP!!!

I came that they may have and ENJOY the REAL life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it [a]overflows) MORE than they ever dreamed of… John 10:10 AMP/MSG

Huggy Bunnies Darlings
Testifying FORWARD…

On a lighter note, Subway Surfers World Tour in the spirit of Easter has moved to Rome!!! Yaaay.


And tz so beautiful. Plus you get to collect Easter bunnies too. How cool is that!!!


Plus the Spray can awards… Awwww.
If you don’t know Subway Surfers, don’t worry 🙂 But Play Store is ya fwend. And chew and swallow your opinion very slowly… :p

Just incase you are asking or wondering, NO I don’t run adverts for churches and ministries on my blog. I only run DCC programs and then any other one that pleases me. Cos I’m getting incredible requests and I truly can’t afford to start what I can’t sustain. Tz still a personal christian blog 🙂 but I LOVE my church so… 🙂

If you missed CAUTION FOR SINGLES, you missed yo!!!


LoveDating&Marriage Relationship seminar in DCC Abuja

My Pastor used biblical principles to bring the FULL House down. But hey on Twitter, we put out as much as we could.


It was amazing!!!

Follow @dccabuja1 for what went down (you gotta scroll down a bit but we used the hashtag #CautionForSingles)
We also have a billion tapes and books on relationships especially that can change your life forever. Just holler at the handle and anywhere in Naija, we can get it to you.

Also the very first ‘Just Us Girls’ in Abuja holds this Saturday at 9 to 10.30am pere. Whooooop.


Can't wait...

Ladies this would be high fun, high spiritual, and high FAB. You know you wanna TURN UP. This one is packed full of amazingly cool and fabulous stuff. Tz at Kado estate and you can holler at the number above or twitter handle for deets. Meanwhile, anyone have suggestions for Charades items/articles/Words for me? Hard tough ones ooo. Email please. Don’t type here hehehe.

I tol’ ya…
Easter is looking real gooooooooood

#31F.A.B.Voices…Celebrating Testifying Ebele

Today I celebrate Ebele Kenn Ogeleka…

Not just as a F.A.B. Testifier, which she is….
Not just because it is her birthday, which it is today, or her third wedding anniversary, which it also is today…

I celebrate you Ebele, the water walker because you have inspired me  endlessly just as you carry out your wifey duties in your home…
I once wrote about Ebele here

That is because Ebele truly understands that especially for the woman, marriage is an assignment and not just a reward…
Every time I spend with Ebele always gives my life a lift especially as a married woman seeking ways to keep spicing up my marriage…

She is totally sold out to HELPING her husband birth his dreams…

You guys remember ‘Sound of heaven’ album launch/concert by MK I kept publicizing on my blog?

The program was a huge success because of God first and Ebele next. She poured blood and water into it…
At the concert, which got many of us SLAIN in the spirit btw, MK and Ebele got two car gifts…. One from his pastor and my pastor, PK and wifey. A jeep ooo. Then the second from his boss, Sammie okposo. He used to play backup for him…
OK catch up here on all…

I mean when a man says of his wife
‘marry a woman who not only births your children but can give birth to your destiny…’ 
you know that such a man married well indeed….

They are blessed with an adorable girl, Kendra…

When I read her post,I was not surprised. I knew MK and his dreams will feature plenty… I also know WW is not a small dreamer… I loved it.

FAB’ers, with the song ‘Sound of heaven’ from MK’s title album playing on repeat, I present to y’all my adopted Big sis, Ebele ‘Water Walker’ kenn Ogeleka…


OK, so its 2.31am and I can’t sleep then #31voices comes to my mind.

I’ll be a year older today (31st) so my plans are rolling through my mind for this year.

you see, I hit the ground running this year with the Word God spoke over our house DCC (yeah we roll like that). I have to….Abi do u think I am content with my testimonies from last year? I won’t carry last neither would I remain where I was last year. I am going to MOVE FORWARD. Besides God blew me away last year and I am so itchy for our relationship this year because He is soooo going to love me intensely this year and you can’t love someone and not reveal yourself to that someone.
so this year, I plan to fall in love all over again with Jesus. Making a conscious effort this time. Talk to Him less and listen to Him more. I plan to read and apply my life’s manual more.

I am going to give everything I have and am to support and build my husbands ministry; my ministry as well. this year we will have 2 music concerts. 1 by MK and 1 by the preserved generation (this is me building up my ministry).

*when Ebele says EVERYTHING she means EVERYTHING… Preserved generation btw is DCC’s children church…*

I will blow my husbands mind away with the kind of peace, joy and love he will find in our home. watch out for his next album y’all….because he WILL hear GOD.

I have always wanted to start something for children so last year when my daughter was having breakfast and she said “she wants water” my husband caught a Word and decided to start something to care for the girl child. it will become a reality this year. like I said I have hit the ground running this year. Fearlessly too. When God says something or gives an instruction, if you do not  benefit from it, that’s completely your fault so no slacking. I have learnt that a lot of destinies are tied to simple instructions if you can just obey them.

*did you catch something from the kinda home MK is leading here… Gosh!!!***

This is also that year that I get more education especially since I will do a lot of work with children. I have to live ready.

This year I will consciously spend time fellowshipping with the 3 musketeers. Long overdue. God bless you darlings.

Hmmmmmm…this is also that year where I will live healthy. I will lose all the fat, hit and maintain my target weight. I have the time to do it in Jesus name. (someone please hold me accountable).

*****hahahahahaha. Oya who is holding her accountable people? *****

PS. For all of you who are waiting for Kendra’s brother…this is the year I conceive him.

*she said conceive ooo, not birth looool*

Yes…this is the year.

Thank you so much darling Ebele… Why don’t we have a picture together biko…

Happy birthday and Happy wedding anniversary. The wine in your marriage can only get sweeter and sweeter, amen…
Mk’s album SOUND OF HEAVEN is incredible. Every song a blessing. A true worshipper indeed…

Mk is our music minister in DCC. His name is actually Minister Kennedy…

If you haven’t downloaded Arugbo ojo, please follow the link in this post where I wrote about the song…

And if you can, please buy the entire album…

Ebele feel free to tell us where aside DCC the album can be gotten…

And before I go, the cutest, snugglest happy happy birthday to my one n’ only nephew Chimnemelum…

Baby boy is TWO already. Whoop!!! Darling Jesus, we remain grateful for this gift of a son that came after all of 12 years…
And three girls… He he he.
The Prince of my sister’s life and the absolute delight of my bro-in-law’s life.. The heir-apparent of the Muogilim kingdom… Just called to speak to him and dude couldn’t even care less… Ended up speaking to only my sister who had nothing but yabis for me because I called late (this evening)


Neme my darling boo, you are and remain one blessed boy… Muah

Happy F.A.B. weekend FAB’ers….
And Happy new month. Wow, one month gone already…
Jehovah by Eze…

Going Forward…StillTestifying

oh-SOH-amazing moments… MK&WW

This is the second and the last I would be doing on the oh-SOH-amazing moments.
So I would cram as much as possible into this…
Johnson Madichie, you have approximately 48hours to do the full post on Sound Of heaven ooo… is his blog so keep checking. And then I will also reblog it right here.
By the way, today’s post is oh-SOH-special because it is
*******fireworks and crackers********
MK’s birthday…


And he is just 21…
This post is totally dedicated to Ebele’s heartbeat MK…


This will be a show off post for the Ogeleka family!!! In DCC, ‘2013, I will testify’ is our prophecy for the year…
In some instances, people will share the testimonies on your behalf.


That’s what I’m doing today. Whoop!!!
So I’ll start from the hottest news!!!
MK got two cars on the night of his concert and album launch…


Now if he got this car from a mentee or a church member, e for good. These gifts came from his mentors!!! If your mentors give you gifts, that sorta endorsement is a big deal oooo…
First from his Pastor and my Pastor  Kingsley Okonkwo and his wifey…A couple who truly makes things happen…


After PK made that announcement, he now said that doesn’t mean that if you had plans to give him a car you should change your mind ooo. Abeg still give.
That was a word for Sammie Okposo. A confirmation. And so when he came up, he announced that he actually brought the car gift right to church, packed outside.
Wow!!! Two cars one night!!!
I wanna add that pk’s own is being shipped all the way fronm amelika but no time to add that…
It gets better…
Mk and his wifey had earlier sowed their car. At the start of the year, they bought two I WILL TESTIFY car stickers.


Look what our God has done!!!
The stickers now have two cars to go on…
Mehn, our God is faithful.
Too faithful.
And it pays to be faithful.
MK and Ebele are proof. Living proof.
Speaking of his wifey Ebele Water walker…


Refresh your memory with this post I did on ‘The assignment called wife’
Ebele poured her all into it. And most Minstrels that night testified to it including Sammie Okposo who said ‘this is the kinda wife every music minister should have’


MK also spoke glowingly and this quote was my quote of the night
‘…marry a woman who can not only birth your kids but birth your vision…’


All of this was put together by Ebele. Nne, I hail oooo.
You do ‘wife’ right (y)


Guys, marry well oooo. Don’t just follow hips lips and fingertips. Marry a wife not girlfriend ooo (yup I know I have part 3 of the ‘Your girlfriend is not your wife’ pending. Not to worry, next week)
Btw, MK sang, danced, jumped, cried, ministered and took us all to heaven that night.


Mk, a true minister of God…
I love how he teased us when performing my BEST song Arugbo Ojo
And Arugbo Ojo has plenty fans now ooo


Better go and dl it already ooo
Thank me later
And buy the album too. Come to DCC you will see it for now…
Abeg the concert rocked. And dcc rocks too


I want to say DAZALL but it isn’t oooo
The monday night after SOH, MK flew to Yankee for a tour of 6 states with Sammie Okposo. Not as a back up singer ooo, but as a guest singer too.
Faithfulness pays abeg… If he wasn’t faithful with little (back up singer for Okposo) , would Okposo have entrusted more (yankee tour as a guest artiste) to him??? Heck no!!!
Abeg MK, enjoy jare
Just sha come back ooo. Make Sammie Okposo no try rough play oooo. And all the obodo oyibo people oooo…
Mk, 29more days, back to Naija. Ebele misses u already!!!


Ebele’s love for her hubby eh… no get part two…


And biko MK come and gimme my indomie treat ooo.


Yesooo MK and I share indomie love in common!!!
Plus we have the same smile…


You see
Then Kendra and I have the same pose (and smile too)



Then Ebele and I have the same ‘gra gra, in-your-face’ persona
Though Ebele’s gragra pass my own ooo.


Oh we both wear dreads too but mine is finer :p
Again, Happy birthday MK
Continue to testify jare.


It sure looks good on you…
Bring chocolate ooo. I prefer white chocolate especially Toblerone!!!
Thank you
Inothernews, my Pastor will be speaking on ‘the woman caught in adultery’ this evening in church.


Can’t wait yo!!!
Don’t miss service ooo dcc folks.
Then please peep my friend Inthe’s blog post
It borders on ‘the other woman’. It is from her mailbox. Her counsel there is priceless.
And feel free to drop your counsel too…
I already did…
Lemme go and get some work done…

oh-SOH-amazing moments… FREKE

As you know, the Sound of Heaven concert was yesterday and it was something outta this world. The name was apt… Sound of heaven.
Mk and Ebele, mega congrats yo!!!


I won’t deceive you and say I’ll blog about it in its entirety… Mba… But Johnson Madichie will TRY. Operative word: TRY. Cos you can’t capture heaven with words…


Watch out for his blogpost. No one will probably TRY better than Johnson…
But I’ll share various oh-SOH-amazing moments that affected me deeply as time goes on… I’ll start with ‘freke…


This was my first encounter with Freke… Sound of Heaven
But now that I think of it, during one of those my in-and-out trips to lag and DCC (I was a UI student then), I vaguely remember freke being a guest at maybe end of year or thanksgiving service and album launch or so.
I missed it sha but I think Freke is an in-house person…
Oh but at SOH, Freke blew me away…
It wasn’t that freke sang a special song of his or anything. It was the presence Freke carried. And the prophetic utterances he made. Especially about Visions. How we should always support the (good) visions of others as that’s the way we will birth ours too. And of how most times, it aint the end product (in this case, MK’s album) that matters but all the sacrifices that went into that final product. And that’s what we tap into as we support the dreams of others…
Then he looked at MK, who was already standing (most of us were standing anyways) and he sang…
‘…I’ll be standing in the gap for you…just remember someone somewhere is praying for you… Calling out your name, praying for your strength. I’ll be standing in the gap for you…’
At that point, I sat down and started crying.
The song was real…
The emotion behind the song was real.
And for me, it was prophetic.
We all really need each other. To help birth our visions.


(Freke and Kendra… Mk’s daughter)
No selfishness. No jealousy. No beef.
Just support.
Especially in the body of Christ…
Freke struck something in me.
He did…
At some point, he said we should just put our hands on our tummy and pray for our vision… And he prayed that we too will birth our vision whatever it is just as MK’s had come to pass today…
Freke was my prophet for the night. I just saw one of my major visions flash before me. And I saw it in a different light.
Thank you Freke… For just letting the Holy spirit speak through you at SOH.
And for all the support you gave MK and Ebele for the concert.


Chukwu gozie gi, and may you always find helpers too, amen.


Btw, Freke truly doesn’t finish any song. But he can sing ooo. Chai…
Even Dumebi testifies to that… I didn’t even know she knew him…


Lemme start looking for his album abeg…
That’s it… My first in the series of oh-SOH-amazing moments…
This week, and going forward, don’t shy away from helping others birth their dreams when you can. You never know how your own help will come too…
Have a most FAB week ahead.

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 25

I’m walking on sunshine as I type…
Actually I am typing from heaven…
I have MK’s Sound of heaven album playing as I type away…
I only got in from the concert a second ago and it was HEAVENLY


(Pardon the blurred pix. It was late)
I am not promising to give gist… Or pictures but I’ll try in another post
I’m also sure another DCC blogger will. Johnson Madichie that’s your sub 😉
I’ll reblog as soon as he does
I came straight from Asaba to church
Couldn’t even get home
And I had a rough journey so you can imagine that I am super duper tired!!!
Buh you know how we do na 😉
Attitude O’ Gratitude Day 25
So here are 5 of the many things I am mighty thankful for
1. Journey mercies. To and from Asaba
God will always provide so this is my first and last time of doing a road trip to that town or any town I can fly to (except of cos it is a group road tin). Both ways were rough journeys. Gosh!!! Thank God for mercies abeg!!!
2. Divine supernatural provision. Mehn… By the time I paid the cab man who brought me home from the concert, my purse was empty. I’m thoroughly amazed how the money I left with miraculously sufficed. And I did everything I wanted to do ooo… Money doubling tinz…
3. A super amazing weekend… Double delight… Dumebi’s wedding and MK’s sound of heaven concert/album launch…


Walahi, this is the sorta weekend I should have on a regular. Really I’m grateful for amazing events this August that have made me less selfish and focus less on my own challenges. God knows how to sort me… He truly goes ahead… arranging stuff for his own. I’m very grateful Sugar daddy mi… Very very grateful.
4. I’m thankful that I made the Onitsha bridge today. Before I left for Asaba, I really desired to hit that bridge. Its been ages I saw that bridge… I hadn’t done a road trip to the east for a while. But Asaba didn’t give me time to… Till this morning. I promise to give you the gist in full later but the nostalgia I felt as I WALKED the stretch of that bridge was outta this world.


Of course I took loadsa pix.
I used to be so scared then as we drove through but today, E’ walked across it… Whoop.
And finally, cos I saved the best for last
5. Sound of heaven!!! MK and Water Walker (Ebele) I am so thankful on your behalf. But I also feel a sense of personal victory myself at the incredible success the event was. I am thankful for the two car gifts MK received. Yup TWO!!! One from our dearly beloved Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo


and the second from Sammie Okposo


for whom MK did backup for about 8years. Faithfulness pays. I tell ya. Then all the guest artists that performed for MK pro-bono. Haba. And they were all on point.  Then all the favor and osho free he got in recording the album. MK is just dripping with testimonies and I am thankful for him and his PRICELESS wife Ebele of whom MK said the most amazing sweet things…


Biko I tap in.
The testimony of one (MK and Ebele)…


The possibility of another(Eziaha)… That was why I ‘shunned’ the free album we were given to go and buy the album and by extension sow into his ministry.


I had a ‘moment’ when Freke was performing.  Freke was like my prophet for the night. He just had these hot prophetic words that just connected with my spirit. I am so thankful I had something with which to ‘connect’ too. Freke is my latest crush… Looooool. After PITA (Pita’s voice makes nonsense of the richness of Coldstone creamery ice cream delight). And MK *dodges Ebele’s blow*
Looooooooool. I’m kidding oooo Ebele.
Eben was another fave of mine for the night.


I was super duper tired so I sat through a lot of the ministrations but when Eben started ‘All the way…’ I didn’t know when I jumped up. And danced eh… Kai.
DCC knows how to rock ‘All the way…’ Though my nebs Ify thinks Christ embassy rocks the song better.


SOH was 5000stars yo!!!
It was oh-SOH-amazing…
Glory to God.
Ah!!!! In MK’s voice
‘…You do well ooo, Baba you do well ooo…’
Cheers to a FABtastic week ahead. For you and me…
We will testify too. Amen…

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 24

Gratitude! Gratitude!! Gratitude!!!
It is my dialect and boy!!! Do I love to speak it or what.
I’m soooo tired but I’m soooooooooooo grateful.
I am gratefully tired…
*insert igbo yawn*
*sits down on the floor with both legs aside for effect*
But hey, the show must go on…
I’m sooooo having guests all through next week…
Ify, Valerie, Dumebi, Priceless and Chuchu, get ready!!!
With your posts…
Today I am grateful for just one thing!!!
My Booski’s traditionally Mrs. Dumebi Tony Ehigiator


The devil stays losing
Persistent but losing…
He just lost again
Jehovah bu eze
WE had a good day… Nay PERFECT day.
For those who don’t know my Booski, she is the craziest commenter on my blog. Either as Ezar or Booski
The girl eh…
Tony don buy market. She brought her special brand of fabulous craze to her wedding.
Oh she enjoyed every minute and broke conventional tradition in some places.
Tradition be damned!!!
And she danced.


Oh my!!! She danced. Like I had never seen her dance!!!
Oh boy!!! Even her momma was surprised. We all were. She shocked us!!! In a pleasant way.
The devil must have died a million times.
The wedding was amazing tho it doubled as a PDP convention looool. My Booski’s dad is a Politician so… PDP came to town!!! And you know how these Politicians do with money!!!
And no, we don’t mean Naira alone. *wink*
And we know the kinda gifts they bring…
No plastic thingys
**double wink**
I’ve had a most amazing Asaba experience with my hosts…
Asaba has been real!!!
If not for Sound of heaven, I for stay back. The reception has been stellar… From her mom to pop and her abs gorg brothers!!! Mehn… But I fitn’t miss Sound of heaven na.
For anything yo!!!
Aww, my booski’s mom just gave me the KILLER sunglasses she bought in India. I didn’t believe she will give me ooo. When I asked…
She wore it today during her first outing and she looked HOT. Like a bride herself
Pictures tomorrow… Too tired to post any now
Booski’s momma is a dream walahi


Kisses plenty darling ma’am
Ok good night…

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 6



Day 6…

It gets better everyday jare. I must confess. \


This series makes all the sense ooo. You really should do this if you are a Blogger. It has good effects on you and then on your blog. #Twoforthepriceofone


Before I begin, lemme shalla to all my partners-in-gratitude… The offline ones. Daily I hear one sweet thing or the other from the gratitude journal. Peeps be making DELIBERATE attempts to be thankful. Whoop… Keep speaking Sweeties. It is afterall our dialect. I didn’t even know it would be such a hit when I started it. I just loved  menoword ‘s own and I stole the idea and formed a tag team.

Shout out to the Bloggers who are starting theirs next month. As the unanimous President General of the GRATEFUL BLOGGERS association, I will be watching. If you miss a day eh… E’ will be all over you like garlic…


Ok let’s roll


1. today began for me on a major low. I woke up very tetchy and borderline teary. Something tipped me and in the split of a second I had gone from zero to 100 in tears. Ah, I bawled and bawled and bawled into my towel.

Woman crying head in hands

Oh oh oh!!! I just thought of all the many places I would rather be than here. Chei… I was supposed to go for NYSC clearance today. I cancelled. Clearance ko… I was downnnnnnnn. I felt caged, boxed up. I had a lot of time on my hands and had many things I wanted to do but was doing NONE. Ah, I have never repeated the phrase ‘…This is NOT me. What is wrong with me?’ so much before. Looooooooool. Ehen please you guys don’t get your pity on yet ooo. Between my Rev


and my Boo,


I felt better again. They prayed with and for and talked to me. Gave me feel-better tips looool. So I am very grateful for people who can offer a shoulder and an ear when I need them. I felt better. And I still feel better. True… looool. And that set the tone for my number 2…

2. finally, today I got to tidy up an article I was to send to Abuja. Before today, I had an emotional bloc that led to a writer’s block.

Me? Eziaha? I hardly shoot deadlines ooo. I can be Mrs Miss Diligent. But I had shot a few. I was happy that the ‘release’ came and I shook off the rut, destroyed the box and stepped into the E’ stage again…

I even updated my iSeeGreen blog which life didn’t let me update in a while. I am grateful that I have started writing again… whoop.

So if you know any Corper or young person, introduce them to That blog is an inspiration and it did inspire me today too. I loved the reaction it generated on Twitter as it was RT’ed by some NYSC Twitter Ogas at the top. Young people sha, especially in Nigeria. May God deliver us from our apathy, amen…

3.   I got this absolutely lovely email from one of my blog readers today.

She just had a baby so she had stopped commenting for a while. She sent me this beautiful email that was just dripping with love. I would have shared with you but she said it was ‘between me and you’ looooool. Thanks for your sweet words nne. I have read your reply and I will re-reply soon. I love all the testimonies she shared with me especially on her own gratitude series and what good God is always up to. I am deliriously happy for you Sweerie and just one day, we will see, amen. And I also love that she is reading my partners-in-gratitude’s blogs too Giantsparkle and Lizzie as she mentioned them. I hope we are reading ooo cos I usually look forward to reading their posts before I sleep. Especially when I make the list of people someone is grateful for (I promise. I am not vain)

4.   I am grateful for laughter.

Kai this evening, I laughed like a drunk. Chei!!! First it was my boo yabbing me. I would have shared details with you but how do I do that without embarassing myself? Lemme keep what is left of my dignity please. What Bolaji and Tani have left of it. After Bolaji, it was now Tani’s turn. Her voice notes got me laughing eh. Chai… lemme just say one thing that nicely sums it all up… ‘With all these GSM Networks in Nigeria, awoof dey run belle, Nothing is osho free o so better steer clear or ask a lot of questions before you jump in lest you are BURNT like I almost was today’ Tani actually threatened me that she will spill on my blog. Nne, the floor is yours… Enjoy… Afterall, I am not the only person that likes oshofree… :p… And just so you know, you are NOT gulit-less… What goes around comes arounder…
Oh but I am grateful for laughter… I got overdosed tonight. Such a balance. Seeing how the day started…

5. I am grateful for friends who can go out of their ways to meet a need for you. Due to all my phone drama today, I had run outta cash at hand and needed credit at different times. I was stuck at home alone too. First Valerie who sent me double of what I asked of. She had to go far to buy it ooo. So sweet Love. Thanks. Then Tani who after laughing decided to help me a second time. Then my darling Biola who also sent me though he didn’t necessarily have to as na me cause the ‘wahala’. It is not easy to have friends who can just be sweet ooo. I have them in trailer loads. Friends and Pastors. Chukwu gozie unu…

Now let me see what pictures I can attach to this post to make it living and breathing and happy and colorful and ………………………

I didn’t take any pix today. Yes there are days like that… there was nobody to snap me I just didn’t feel like…

So I will add old ones…
This I took Sunday in church with the Cheech…

Fill your journal before you sleep ooo. Or at best let the LORD hear your voice say stuff you are thankful for to Him before you sleep…


Good night Lurvzzzz



kendra 073b08d6-6dc2-4ac9-b9ce-8f8aa2806b6e

See my baby Kendra has my pose… Diche my darling, you see… #SuperStarPose#

Kendra is MK’s baby… By now you should know MK and SOUND OF HEAVEN.


MK is such a star ooo. I should totally hook him down for an interview or video for my blog too on SOUND OF HEAVEN… Water Walker, is that a bad idea? Looool. Mk has gone from DSTV


To Wazobia FM

@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_--

then a rally all for SOUND OF HEAVEN…By our choir

Publicity TRI (1) TRI SOH publicity (1)

NO COMMENT ON THE PICTURES PLEASE… TRI sha… loool. Every one is going all out for Mk. remember you can download one of his songs Arugbo ojo here and have a lil slice of heaven

Woooooot… I can’t wait mehn… I will still do a complete post on Sound of heaven so that you can know why I am super excited. By that time, I MUST have a picture I took with the real MK please ha ahn…

20130804_170632 (sha manage this one)

Date remains 25;08;2013 Sunday 4pm… Heaven will kiss the earth that day, I promise. 1k and you too will experience it. Dear Victory Dome, I Hope you can take the crowd ooo. Please people come early ooo…


I just got another picture to add to this. My booski Dumebi who has had my picture up since Saturday just put up another…


Oh yea. I am royalty…And so are you…

Nne, I am glad I know you… Can’t wait to start my A.S.A.B.A holiday and see my other parents… hehehe… Muah…


I have other stuff I am grateful for today ooo. I will roll it over to tomorrow.

Chukwu di ebube…

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 4

Hey FAB’ers

Hope the weekend went well ooo because work dey tomorrow. At least for you and not me…


Today was a super intense day for me. From one thing to another. Hardly any breather. Just got in from LDM which btw way SUPER AMAZING and I have to run this and post quick.


DAY 4…

Like you can rightly guess, all I am grateful for today would focus on church hehehe. Ok well, all but one. Ok two…

Let’s roll…

1.  I am thankful for my VERY FABULOUS blog.


This blog brings me INTENSE joy. Between yesterday and today, I can’t count how many times I have read my recent posts. The comments and notifications didn’t stop coming. And I have gotten increased traffic and hits and best of all followers too. You too can follow the blog by subscribing to email alertz. Just tick the box that appears at the comment section and viola, you don’t miss another post. Loving shallas to my newest visitors and followers. Thank you. Monitoring spirits, I see y’all too… I cover myself and my blog with the precious blood of Jesus loool. Something else that really tripped me was… Ok lemme put that in number two… Oh btw, the traffic and hits didn’t come by magic ooo. I intend to do a ‘Tips for Bloggers’ sorta post, because blogging goes beyond just writing. There is a technical aspect too and of course a few other things to drive traffic to the site. I am still learning. When I am done. I will share. Again, WordPress over Blogger/Blogspot ANYDAY…


Blogger is just plain annoying…. Eeish.

2.   So while in my unit today, I met this lady who I hadn’t seen before so in getting acquainted, I told her I loved her hair and then after I said my name, she said ‘…Oh, you have a blog?’ I get that sometimes, increasingly these days, when I introduce myself. It doesn’t tickle me anymore as much as it scares me. It means I have to be doubly accountable to myself and my God. What you see on my blog is what you get basically with E’, but I have to also be more careful. Got me thinking of Celebs. That is how you should live your life as a public figure, as a Model. You begin to think more of the people that look up to you and what it is you stand for. No pressures necessarily of course but be true to what you stand for. Anyhoo, after we chatted some (she always thought I was married), then after service, she showed me something that she did inspired from a post I did. CONFESSION IS WORK BUT CONFESSION WORKS


She showed me her confession which she did herself and I was soooooooooooooo thrilled.


I shared mine with her too which I had on my phone. Kenny darling, it was absolutely nice meeting you. We will see more of each other.

3. I am absolutely absolutely grateful for this very blessed church that I am so blessed to be a part of. Lie no good mehn, DCC ROCKS.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo(3)

Service today was too on point. Ah, the girl that took praise sang this amazing Igbo song… ‘Chioma m eh, Chioma, Chioma m eee, Chioma…’ Ah heaven… The choir was spectacular and they sang my absolutely BEST song Arugbo Ojo…

20130804_100739 (they looked lovely)

Heaven mehn, I enjoyed it. It was sweeter than indomie and egg.

The WORD nko? It was too sweet. It made me want to be ‘more Christian’ like show off God more. The Word was like ice cream… delicious. After listening to it, you just love on God more and more and more. The gospel is GOOD NEWS. Very good news. It sure did sound like good news today. It tasted sweet. Oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. Notin dey for ds life outside God. NOTIN dey ooo. At all… notin dey mehn.

20130804_131450 20130804_131447

Good tins dey Camp Jesus which is why I play FULL TIME for HIM. Chi m di too much biko, gburu aka…

I also met twins like I Love em… Actually triplets two girls and a guy. The guy wasn’t there sha but the girls were adorable


4.  I am grateful for role-models. Models that one can truly learn virtues in life from. Lemme explain. Our music Minister Kennedy (MK) who has this absolutely amazing the-world-is-looking-forward-to concert and Album launch loading, was on Wazobia FM today to publicize the concert.

@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_--

It was when Sammie Okposo joined him on air that I found a real reason to be thankful. MK worked with Sammie for 8years as back-up and Sammie gave a real glowing report on him.


For me, it is important that we have more Role Models that young persons can look up to. Sammie said that when he was there, he was very responsible and diligent. If he had reasons to be absent, he always sent word, no AWOL and he went a step further usually to get someone as a replacement so that his gap is not felt. So now that he is doing his album, Sammie has GIVEN IT ALL to support him. And I do mean ALL. Ah it was glowing all Sammie said.  I love great mentor-mentee relationships. This one gave me hope. Young people need to learn service and mentorship. We still have young people who can inspire more young people to greatness. MK, this story of yours really inspired me and I am thankful for MODELS.


Can’t wait for SOUND OF HEAVEN 25;08;2013 Sunday 4pm 1k pere…

5.   Oh I am so thankful for LDM today.


The FAQs was off da hook. The questions and answers were on pointest. The whole program went very well.


You know how Pk has a way with the Word now. Like no other… hehehe. I enjoyed the Choir and their song tonight.


And of course it was good to see Tunde and his sister who came in from port Harcourt this morning.


Tunde is the sweetheart that said this glowing stuff about me on my birthday.


It was amazing seeing you hun. As usual. And that story you shared with me, ah ideasssss….. looool.

Ah, I love my church… I love DCC round the moon and back…10billion stars mehn

073b08d6-6dc2-4ac9-b9ce-8f8aa2806b6e (peek the color blocking earrings lol)

Ok people, sleep calleth… Check up on my partners-in-gratitude posts too Lizzy and Giantsparkle

Plenty loving

Have a very FAB week ahead… I insist



Nothing… hehehe