Tz actually called THE EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE but I had to use that title for obvious reasons.

My Hardcover back and its flap

My Hardcover back and its flap

Btw, happy new month yawl…And happy independence to Nigeria. This month, this blog will stay drippin’ with plenty good stuff regularly. At least twice a week, and on very good weeks, thrice. Don’t thank me, send cheques. *straight face*

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5 reasons you need the Joyce Meyer EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE (aside from the fact that it’s a real pretty Bible)

The Leather back

The beautiful Leather back


Oh yup, I know we are a bunch of cool kids with our iPhones and stuff which have our Bibles on them which is REALLY GOOD but can I be straight up honest with yawl? IT IS NOT ENOUGH!!! See ehn, NOTHING beats good ol’ black and white. Don’t worry, I know you think your e-Bible and YouVersion are meeting your Bible needs hence no need for a hardcopy but I promise you, as you GROW in your walk with God, you would want to get a HARDCOPY STUDY BIBLE plus your YouVersion too. Btw, if the guys at YouVersion are reading this, MAJOR SHOUT OUT!!! I dunno what I would do without you guys. God bless yawl.

Like I said, a deeper walk with God will somehow leave you yearning for not just a ‘Bible on your phone/device or a Gideon Bible** but a Study Bible.

A study Bible is an edition of the Bible prepared for use by a serious student of the Bible. It provides scholarly information designed to help the reader gain a better understanding of and context for the text.

I actually decided to do this post so I have something to reference, after I had gotten quite some people on my Social media asking me at different times to recommend a study Bible for them. I don’t even skip a beat, I just type THE JOYCE MEYER EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE!!! That Bible has the inherent ability to transform your quiet time with God. It is such a complete study Bible for those who want MORE!!! There are so many study Bibles out there but I heartily recommend and swear by Joyce’s especially because of the following FOUR reasons…

  1. The EDLB presents in AMPLIFIED VERSION

Not to put down other versions but we all know that AMP is B A E!!!
I really like it because it sorta combines all my favourite versions in one as it amplifies  the verses. The originality of (N)KJV combines perfectly with the funkiness of MSG without leaving out the beautiful simplicity of my dearly beloved NLT and NIV. Just take a look at John 16:7

But I tell you the truth, it is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the [a]Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor—Counselor, Strengthener, Standby) will not come to you; but if I go, I will send Him (the Holy Spirit) to you [to be in close fellowship with you]…

I mean see all the names of the Holy Spirit listed there in parentheses. Abeg wetin again you dey find? Haba!!! You can’t get this in any other version. The AMP version is too sweeeeeeeeeet abeg… Gives Joyce Meyer a SOLID foundation to build on.


Even revelations

Omo, I dunno how my mama does this ooo but she makes even history interesting. At the beginning of each Book, she gives some basic historical background so you have an idea of what to expect as you read and put it in context, EVEN IF YOU ARE A NOVICE TO THE BIBLE. After reading it, you just can’t wait to dive in. In fact, for me I realise that I start taking notes from her intros. It is that sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Just look at what she did with Joshua

The book of Joshua teaches us much about the kind of courage we need if we are going to fight for God’s promises…God had already given the Israleites the Promised land but they did have to fight for possession…..Not only did they have enemies to fight on their way there, they also had enemies to fight once they got there.

As their leader, Joshua not only needed to be courageous himself, he also needed to inspire courage in the people. When God spoke to him to FEAR NOT, He wasn’t telling him not to feel fear: He was telling him not to let fear hold him back. In other words, DO IT AFRAID. And Joshua did…

I pray that you like Joshua will be strong and courageous in your everyday life and that you will inspire others to be bold as well…’

I mean, doesn’t this already make you courageous even before you get to Chapter 1? If you think Joshua is cool, you need to see what she did with Kings and then the Gospels. Ah!!! Yum!!!


You know all those plenty meats you find in a very good roadside buka, ehen Joyce’s EDLB packs plenty into every page.

Speak the Word contains short confessions sprinkled on almost every page relating to what you have read. Almost like a memory verse customization for you to take into the day… Talk about a byte-size yum

Life Points are short catchy everyday phrases, sometimes one-liners which she takes and uses to emphasize a life lesson.

Putting the Word to WORK is just that… teaching you how to apply what you have just read to your everyday life.

And so on.

Like I said, each page drips with the richness of the Word, literally.

And then she has this segment at the back where she has written down plenty life topics and then the verses in the scriptures that deal with them. How cool is that? Talk about making the work easier for you.

And I saved the best for last


I mean who doesn’t like real life stories to drive home the point?

Some of her many stories

Some of her many stories

She takes these maybe sometimes not-so-clear words you have read and then tells you a story from her own life, using her husband, kids, parents, ministry, etc.  based on it. And if you know anything about my mama’s life, not only is she soooo practical, her life is full of very interesting events packed full of lessons. She shares her mistakes, defeats, victories, etc with us all. That segment is called the EVERYDAY LIFE ARTICLES and trust me, they bring the appetiser, main meal and desserts to that party that you are having in your Quiet time with the LORD. Even if you are ntiboribo (Dr N, please translate), you will understand when you read her Bible. It is like the Holy Spirit is just sitting there with you explaining everything through all the good stuff Meyer has added. Tz such a ‘laughNlearn’ Bible.

Trust me guys, this Bible has other goodies but lemme stop here while you go out and GO GRAB YOURS. If your Quiet time has been boring, Honey try this and send me a THANK YOU CHEQUE mehn!!! I promise you, it will totally revv up your study life.

When I bought it about 6 years, it was 4500naira

Lol at my 'occasion'

Lol at my ‘occasion’

I was a student then and it was A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY cos my pocket money was just 20k monthly. So don’t let the cost deter you. SAVE UP AND BUY!!! Tz a wise investment.

I got it from Foodco in Ibadan and I know for sure that you can find it in Bible Wonderland, Laterna ventures and many other Christian book stores in Lagos and well Nigeria.

It is a big Bible and even though I have many other smaller Bibles, I GO EVERYWHERE with my EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE for my everyday study.


You can of course get other study Bibles and still have a rich study experience, especially in other versions but I just think my mama’s own is the BEST place to start. Plus you are in good company too as I know for a fact some other cool Preachers/women who use it. But hey, it is NOT for women alone ooo, tz FOR EVERYBODY.

So had anyone else encountered this amazing resource? Please share your experience

Here’s to RICH and even RICHER Bible studying…





Just a little story on obedience. Or should I say disobedience.?

Yesterday, my phone stopped charging and was displaying an error message then when when the battery drained out, it refused to come on even after I charged with a desktop charger. Something similar had happened to a friend and she suggested it was a battery issue so I decided to go to Saka Tinubu to sort it. I instantly felt a check in my spirit to hold on a while and not go just yet. I no gree. It was afterall my major line and I didn’t know if I would get someone to fix it today being a holiday. They close at 6 and this was about 5.30 when I set out. I got to my guy who sells original batteries and explained to him. He tested the battery with his tongue and (bless God for honest salesmen) told me the battery seemed fine. Then he took me to a technician. Dude tries to boost the battery using all those gadgets but it still didn’t come on. Time was gone and he decides I have to leave it so he would decipher what was wrong but that he is sure my charging port is bad too. I was like nope, it isn’t bad. I was also sure. Meanwhile I also suspected that plenty drool don enter that phone from my baby’s constant mouthing it.

See his face lol

See his face lol

In fact that was the check I felt in my spirit before I left home so I was to air dry it for longer. Anyways, dude then says make I drop 7k… azzin 7taasand. Can you imagine? For a phone he didn’t know what was wrong with. Kai, I need to reduce my big big English. Plus the phone is still new. Anyways, I decided against dropping it overnight even when he said we could bargain, so I carried my phone and told him I would come tomorrow instead and wait and get. I stopped by an atm on my way home and then when I got home, I realised I had lost money. E pain me ooo. Chai. Sha I opened the phone and out by the window and forgot about it. This morning, I decided to couple it and wham, no error message, it came on, worked and charged perfectly!!! Kai. God is faithful sha. See how he shielded me first from wasting money buying another battery and charger (which I was going to buy), stopping me from leaving it overnight as the dude would have done NOTHING ooo but might have lied that he fixed it, both the software erro and charging port. I paid the price for disobedience sha with that money I lost but it was way less than I would have spent.

So guys, when you hear God, obey abeg. And if you have a baby who is at the saliva manufacturing stage, keep your precious phone away.

You are welcome 🙂

RandomlE’ speaking

I miss my friends. My inner circle.
Angel o’ love
Soul Soeur


Booski, Angel o' love, Olaedo


Sapphire, Soul soeur, Cheech

I actually teared up watching Oluchi hug Rulani goodbye with both of them in tears on ANTM last week Thursday. I knew I missed real real sisterly hugs and talk. And you see these girls above? They know how to give and receive the best hugs. Especially Olaedo and Cheech and Soul Soeur and infact everyone!!! *tears* My mainest forever girls. I truly really miss you girls. Le sigh.

But God doesn’t leave us without a witness. Hehehehe. As Jesus would have it, I got a good dose of hugs yesterday. You see, two of my fave bloggers also live in Abuja and while I had met JMAD before, I was yet to meet Femmetotale. So we made plans to hook up on Sunday.


Food, Faith and Fun

I had a Sunday of my life yo!!! Aside them putting me on the spot as a ‘married girl’ (smh at you ladies), it was just an amazing time. We met up in JMAD’s house and she was such a dream host tho she knows how to harass. And we had another very delighful and abs beautiful drama-full babe Oma join us. Best part of it all was that are all absolutely Fabulous Christian ladies.


When you hang out with Christian ladies, you just come out feeling very Christian lol. 
Plus my JMAD is a hugger and a half and before long, I’ll get FT to the huggies club too. Plus we toasted to the most hilarious stuff. Twas almost a prayer session lol.


That said, it was abs awesome meeting y’all. Can’t wait for our next outdoor hangout. JMAD has this crazy idea which I’m kinda liking and buying so… Hehehehe. Thanks girls. Especially for the hugs… And Oma, we could totally be friends!!! Yup JMAD pass the message. Ok JMAD made me watch Nigerian Idols sponsored by Etisalat. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky, especially with all the ‘oil money’ lol. Sorry to say. I also decided to see the highly acclaimed 12years a slave. Look, I LOVE Lupita especially cos she has a very spirited spirit (whatever that means) plus she’s a delightful sport to interview (loved the Post-Oscars interview with Ellen)


The Post-Oscar interview. She has a laugh that is alive

Plus she gives the best speeches (Your dreams are valid). Obviously intelligent young woman. Plus she went to Yale. Hehehehe. So I said lemme see this Lupita movie ooo. 55mins into the movie, patience disappeared, goodluck wearing thin, and way TOO MUCH Chinwetel in EVERY scene, then Lupita shows up in the cotton field. Ugh!!! I’m sorry but I didn’t last 20mins after that. I don’t even know what to say so lemme just say I don’t like slaves/slavery movies. Same reason I didn’t last 15mins seeing Django Unchained. It was just too sad and unhappy. So I didn’t see more than 4 scenes that featured our idol Lupi (lol) before I turned it off. Sleep was even calling my name and initials while watching it. I’ll just chill till she stars in some romantic comedy that sees her throwing her very spirited laugh and energy around. I’m sure someone is wondering what I was expecting seeing the name is 12 years a slave… Well somehow I didn’t think start to finish would be clearly about class, caste, slavery, proletariats and bourgeoisies. Abeggi… So as I ranted on Twitter, some kind hearted sweerie tells me the message was that of hope. I suppose. But I think I prefer HOPE as portrayed in The Pursuit of Happyness, thank you. Btw I also didn’t see that movie till the end. Too teary. Lemme just stop this Slavery thing. I’m with that ‘white’ ‘celeb’ who says she studied enough slavery in history class than to be watching slaves biko nu. Romance, Comedy or best still Romantic Comedy ANYDAY yo!!!
Just to be clear, Lupi acted great in the movie. I hear especially at the end, it was brilliant!!! (Patience Lord). I’m just not into suffer head movies. Chinwetel suffered no be small. I guess I also learned TRUST in the movie. He trusted the strange people who now sold him into slavery. (I hope that’s what happened ooo). Anyways, now you know which kinda movies never to get E’ to watch. #JumpNpass
In all though, Sunday was a real amazing day. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome. Been meeting quite a few of my Abuja peeps who I had invited to church, some off my blog. How it was only Chi I managed to take a picture with beats me.


I hugged this babe so much she had to commend me lol

Anyhoos since some are becoming members, there’ll be more photo ops.
But life has had its fair share of downs though. Like I was gisting JMAD yesterday, peculiarly, I have WILLED myself to tears which have eluded me. Now no doubt, I’ve turned on the water works a bit but I realise they have been more about other people than me. Just listening to or reading someone share their challenges with me, I’m all teary eyed. Then when something hits me that’s personal, I just can’t cry for myself. Several times, and no kidding here, I have tried to cry just to ‘feel normal’ but no dice ooo. At those instances, I now hear God. Most times He just tells me OK what will the tears solve? Then instantly, He gives me a Word. At that instant, life becomes surreal!!! How a WORD assumes life and becomes real and breathing to one is inexplicable. I truly can’t explain but I feel an incredible blanket of loving from my Sugar Daddy. On my bb status, I have ‘E’… God’s biggest deal’ and I can say I understand that. I feel really really privileged.


E' Favoured and Blessed

The doors he opens, the people I meet, the responsibilities I have, the testimonies He gives, tz absolutely awesome. Cap it up with a Word for every single season!!! I truly have a Sugar Daddy.
Awesome feeling…
Ok lemme brush on the subject of ‘rehearsing on stage’ for a minute. First heard this term from my girl Ru. Basically,it just means (in the Faith that is) waiting for a problem to come upon you BEFORE you start praying about it. I mean, why don’t you just keep building on your faith even before the challenges come? I was in a theatre group back in UI. Imagine that we don’t do no rehearsals until the day of performance, we now come and start rehearsing on stage. What a flop!!! Tz the same way we flop when we have been all slack on our faith and then tz when the trouble comes that we start running helter skelter. Tz just wrong. The best time to prep for war is in time of peace. Simples. I’ll tell you my own ROS story. This year, I’m ashamed to say I’ve fallen ill 4/5 times starting right from Jan 1. Before then, I truly can’t recall when last I fell ill. So imagine sickness coming back to back. And guess what, they always came just before something major was about to happen. By the second time, shouldn’t I have gathered all my faith and scriptures on health and swallowed till even the devil go fear. Such that when he comes with his package, he takes it back cos he meets my shield of faith brandishing. No ooo. Tz when I start feeling the symptoms I start praying. That works somehow yup but sweethearts, Jesus didn’t die for that. Mehn, was sick last week and after I spent money I didn’t care to spend on drugs, I knew it was time to actively find, confess and overdose on the Word as per my health. Now health totally restored, I wake up each morning speaking over my body. I’m done mehn. Jesus didn’t die for this… He died that I may enjoy perfect health. Zezezeze. So FABers, in every area of your life, no rehearsal on stage please.
Almost the same way I feel about our Nigerian situation… Plenty rehearsals AFTER the show sef. The security situation is really something and truly, tz a case of God for us all. That’s why I recommend prayers especially esp from you and I. Face it, some of us have tied hands except to pray.


Not everyone will step out to protest and frankly, not every protest would yield much. But hey, we can labour in prayers. Pray for large doses of wisdom for our leaders and advisers. Pray for ‘Daniels come to judgment’ They know exactly what to do (cos you can see pure naivete sometimes) and they have the courage to do it. Pray for high level confusion in the enemies’ camp. Keep praying for the safety and rescue of the kidnapped school girls and indeed keep speaking peace to those highly volatile areas and infact every where in Nigeria. Pray for those still in the hospitals and those who have lost loved ones in all the numerous attacks all over Nigeria. Look sweetie, don’t just tweet it. Don’t just discus it at round tables and over lunch. Truly spare some of your prayer time for them. I saw this post by Ife and I was tripped.


Ife just has the best updates on SM sites walahi

I think we talk about praying more than we actually pray. Especially that wisdom prayer. And that’s all I’ll say on this matter before I say something really wrong.
Oh BTW, the second stanza of our Anthem is an incredible prayer. Feel free to pray it too.

I’ll just sign off with this…
So what is the price of a ring?
Sooo many things some ladies would give to land that ring and what some guys would do to have their ring accepted…
Some pay the right price, land the ring and enjoy the marriage of their dreams.
Some pay the absolutely wrong price, sometimes land a ring and end with a Boko haram and just live in hell…
At least if you don’t know the right price, you can learn…
Which is why this month’s LDM is tagged The Price of a Ring…


Love Dating and Marriage Seminar

This Sunday May 11, 2014
Right in Abuja, David’s Christian Centre.
Petrus hotel on Agatu street off Gimbiya street. Area 11, garki Abuja.
LDM is an acronym that stands for Love Dating and Marriage. Tz a once a month, actually 2nd Sunday of the month in Abuja DCC at 4.30pm so you can go to your church and join us in the evening. Tz always an incredible time. So you wanna mark your calendars if you are in Abuja.

Ok let me get some work done this beautiful Monday.
I thought I’ll blog some leadership tips I’m learning from DCC Abuja especially for my readers who are workers in Church and wanna do more for God. Awesome stuff. And tz amazing how leadership tips from the church can also work in our secular jobs too.
Some other time though…
May 11, 2014. Sunday 4.30pm.

Oh I almost forgot this. Just have to share it. So one of my mentees, an amazing amazing girl, Chinwe who looked plenty to me for inspiration and encouragement in school just graduated with a FIRST CLASS.


Congrats Chinwe love

Feels like my own personal victory. Just being such an inspiration to someone who now outshines you is incredible. Go girl!!! I’m sooo happy for you. Got me all teary eyed on Friday when her result was released. And she was the ONLY ONE!!! Whoop!!! She was just a year under me in Sociology and my, we did countless tutorials, she kept in touch even after I graduated, didn’t stop asking me questions and I’m just glad that the whole tension of waiting in prayers and praise to see how she’ll cross from a 2-1 to 1st class in final year will go (which was exactly same for me). It was really really a miracle.
Congrats girl. Work that first class babe… Whether tz for further studies or work, it opens doors. Of course that’s cos it is a gift straight from God. Whoop whoop. Mega happy for you. My mentoring wasn’t in vain. Hehehehe.
And on that final note, toodles…
Stay FAB darls…
Favoured and Blessed.
And Happy stepping into all things FAB this May.



The REAL boko Haram….

Ndi Boko


That’s what my mama started calling ’em after the drama that happened in UI in my final year


Final year...Exam period. UI

when we HEARD that they had written a letter to our school (and like two more schools) that they were coming to bomb us next.
*insert your BEST ‘shuo’ face here*
I’ll spare you the details of the shutdown, students protest and refusal to write exams, and increased security presence that happened then in school and just tell you how my mom and sister didn’t stop yabbing me about it all cos I even repeated such crap to them…
So whenever she called, she will say
‘…ndi boko ha landiala?’
Literally translating to ‘have the ‘boko people’ landed?’
Tz crazy hilarious in Igbo, plus the way she always said it amidst laughter while my sis will also be laughing in the background.  Choi!!!
Momma of mine… Dramatic to the C
Anyways, the truth is rumour or not, students were taking absolutely NO chances.


Especially cos they were anti Western Education

Exam gbakwa oku, omo, the campus hostels emptied out like we all saw the letter with our korôkoro eyès.


Parents ringing their kids to come home. This was one rumour we didn’t wanna wait to confirm cos that would mean heaven or hell straight up!!!


It just made sense and spirit to vamoose.
Yup…Ndi Boko had such powers. Lol.

Fast forward to later that year when my NYSC posting came out. I recall telling my parents I was posted to Bauchi. That period, ndi-boko were killing crazy in that region. Infact there had been calls to stop posting Corpers there as several had lost their lives. Mehn, trust my dad, first thing he said was ‘You are not going!!!’. And momsie? She had started calling people already to ‘effect necessary changes’.
No way on God’s green earth were they going to let me go to Bauchi!!!
And fact is, I knew plenty people who postponed their NYSC to the next batch cos they were posted to problem states. And I know a few who lied that they had all sorts of unprintable diseases just to be re-posted from camp.
That’s to show you how much we value our lives. Nobody wants to deliberately die from Boko-haram bombings and certainly not at this young age. So we find both godly and ungodly ways to stay safe. And alive.


With my State Coordinator Lagos. Was joking when i told 'em Bauchi

Today in the news, (and I do think you have to make sure you are reading your bible MORE than you are watching the news otherwise, the spirit of despair, fear and depression would soon tackle and overpower you)


Yup, the news doesn't smile these days

ndi-boko gist is everywhere. Where they aren’t bombing, they are threatening or jail breaking or clashing with our Security operatives.
Almost daily, certainly weekly, one drama goes down. And takes with it innocent lives. Only this year, we have lost near thousands. Kids and students not excluded.
Viewer apathy is actually starting to set in. Gosh!!! God forbid.
So why did I lay out all this Boko drama? Or is BH all I wanna talk about today?
Certainly Nope.
Ok, let’s dive in.
One week, one of those weeks when I had just heard about ENOUGH marital or relationship HELLISH news including how the kids were being affected, a friend now told me of another marital story gone BAD for a colleague of hers.


Such heart wrenching news

Then it just dawned on me that some times, we use our own legs and walk straight into ndi-boko camp and let our lives get bombed up.
Yup, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you marry wrong.
That’s the real Boko haram. And this time, You become your own boko-haram. You too are guilty!!! Of aiding and abetting your own ‘death’. 
You get yourself into a real ticking time bomb situation when you end up with the wrong life partner and sooner than later, it will go VOOM in your face…


Lemme talk to the ladies here. Cos most times, we suffer more in such situations. We are the casualties of this war. 
Sweetie, I beg You in the name of God, please don’t COMPROMISE your faith cos of a man!!! Don’t lower your standards just cos your life’s aspiration is to marriage!!! Now I am going to assume that I’m talking to real spiritual believing ladies here. If you aren’t, nne get right with God first ooo cos you can’t make this all important decision without Him. Don’t deceive yourself ooo. 


Join us the FAB GOD GIRLS ooo...

Ok so let’s proceed…

If Mr Tall Glass of all things HOT n SPICY is NOT a born-again and unquestionably saved believer complete with FRUITS of the spirit NOT just the GIFTS, he is BOKO HARAM!!! Run!!! His soul z not saved/renewed and according to Eph 2:2, there is a DEMON Spirit at work in the sons of disobedience, those who refuse to obey God. Hmm, that spirit can move him to do ANYTHING at ANYTIME!!!



Nne that is the real boko-haram. Don’t even think about marrying him!!! Run!!!

If he is Mr Swags-on-point, but he doesn’t have any spiritual authority or mentor over him that can call him to order when his head starts touching, and he is even one of those who talk down on Pastors and MOG, he is a ticking time bomb, RUN!!!


An un-mentored man has already been recruited into the Boko Haram army. Don’t let him practice his skills on you ooo. Experience z NOT the best teacher for the wise.
If our Tall, Dark and Handsome doesn’t go to and SERVE in a church or pay his tithe REGULARLY, run!!! A man who cheats God will cheat and shortchange you of life itself… Plus he has no covering!!! Boko haram identified!!! And rejected!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Run!!!

If Mr Suave is also Mommy’s boy, honey, you can’t compete with his mom ooo.



Neither can you fight it if the boy aint willing to free himself from mommy’s apron.


The ground no go level ooo. No try yasef

And no wife wants to play second fiddle in her ‘real estate’. It may seem like just a spark that would soon go out but trust me, I recently heard of an under one year divorce case cos of mummy’s influence!!! Tick tock tick tock BOOOM!!!
Bomb will sooner than later detonate in your face!!! Run baby, run. But first, gift him this sucker!!!



For me, the next point is probably my most important…

If your spiritual authority says ‘don’t marry this man or quit this relationship’ baby mi, don’t even think it. Of course this is me assuming you have Pastors or mentors like my PK and Rev.


Rev Femi Oduwole and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. My MAINESTssss!!!

Trust me, he is NOT gaining natin by stopping you. Instead he is saving your life from being blown up!!! Listen!!! Ask him why…Then take notes to identify any other BH man and then Run!!!


That 'love' will burn you bad

Run like Road runner. Don’t look back like Lot’s wife. Make sure that loser NEVER catches you. Your life can scatter my Love. Scatter!!! If you dare to disobey spiritual authority especially on this all-important marriage matter, and maybe even now start dodging or fighting your Pastor cos you suddenly think he wants to pour sansan in your garri…. Hmmmmmmmm.
Some mistakes are DEADLY. Even when you repent of it and attempt to get your life back on track, the scars remain. Sometimes very VERY obvious.


Some scars remain FOREVER...

When your hands have burnt and you come back to your mentor/Pastor, he will accept you but you will deal with the consequences of that isi-ike FOREVER. 


Listen to your spiritual leaders ooo. Hmm

Hmm, and the koko one, if he beats you in the relationship, and you go ahead, spurn better judgement and marry, please lemme know. So I can gift you a coffin on your wedding day. Sweetie, an abusive man is Boko haram’s ring leader. Someday, your corpse will be what will be taken out of that marriage.

If he is sexing you in the relationship, hmm both of you are being stupid but the girl more IMO. My LOVE, stop!!! You can repent NOW. And if he no gree, baby, madness occurs when you as a wife has ZERO trust in your hubby cos the same line you cross to fornicate is the same you cross to ‘adulterate’. You will just become a detective for nothing. Unpaid crazy one. Nne, no TRUST, No NOTHING.


You deserve MORE darling

Then he will now boko-haramize you when you now dare to ask him questions!!! Sweerie, oso Abiola… RUN!!! Leave your shoes behind if you have to. 


More like FLEE

Forget that He is the hottest thing Alex-Ekubo-aint-got-natin-on-him. He oozes class and panache like Paddy Adenuga. He is so charming Okija babalawos and their many charms pale when he appears.   Those things don’t matter as much ooo. The difference between Charming and Harming is the letter C…
See how Harming goes with Haram-ing if you can attempt to ‘funerize’

Now, my blog is NOT a strictly relationship blog but for some interesting reason, majority of the mails that come to me are relationship related from ladies. Hmmmmm. Like Inthe…, I can actually say tz my ‘bread and butter’ especially when the ladies are actually really ready to follow wise counsel. But guess where the real wahala happens?
When despite wise counsel, she tells you how hard it is to do what’s right, and then goes ahead with ndi-boko and BOOM!!! She is haramized… I wish I could FORCE them but I have learnt that I can’t… I can only talk and pray and hope you make the right choice.

My Pastor Kingsley always says ‘…you deserve who you marry…’ and he doesn’t pity people with ‘marriage drama’ anymore… Because counsel po… Wise counsel is everywhere if we open our eyes a bit. Somewhat like the lawyers will say ‘Ignorance is not an excuse in law…’ Most times, we just ignore or not heed to counsel cos we think we know better. Whatever you see in marriage, you would have seen a shadow in courtship but love dey blind and shack you.
At first, I thought PK was being harsh. Right now, I believe him. It may sound like a harsh thing to say, but tz the truth. Sorry.
Before I start pitying you, I like to ask questions. When you ask questions deeply, you will realize that the cracks were present. The red flags… The ‘Potential Boko haram’ billboard. She just ignored it or downplayed it.


Then the fall inevitably happens...

Don’t come in here and be telling me ‘people change, you just never know what you will see in marriage until you enter or you are still in the creche of marriage and things may change so don’t talk yet (I had a comedienne tell me that once. I was amazed as to how the devil has blinded and deceived people. I immediately prayed for her cos she sounded like a Haramized wife)…’ And all such absolute rubbish…
Our heavenly Father is NOT wicked. He will NEVER leave you without a witness and neither will He lead you into something that has the potential to change for the worse. No baby, not my Sugar Daddy. 

Singleness is NOT a sin. It is NOT a curse. It is NOT a disease. You won’t be sent out of heaven if you don’t marry BUT marrying the wrong person can take you straight to hell, boko haram style. 
Psychologists have even proved that the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life by 62%. Wow!!!! That is HUGE. Tz way better to be single hoping to be married than to be married, living with the fear of Boko haram and craving singlehood ooo.
Shine your eyes, shine your brain and of course, shine your spirit.
Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of just being a Mrs…
Let’s do this exercise baby…
Tz simple.
Get a mirror…look at your beautiful face therein. God-girl that you are.
Tell yourself
I am worth more than any Boko-haramization!!!
I am Priced far above rubies.
Too precious to God.
Sugar daughter of THE only Sugar Daddy.
I am God’s biggest deal. He’s invested His ALL in me so I can’t miss it marriage wise cos He’s got His eyes on me.
He will perfect it for me at the right time. He that would come will come and not tarry. I will patiently wait for him while working on myself to be the best mum for my kids.


Single is FABULOUS too

And I do owe my kids the best Daddy too.
I deserve more than a ticking time bomb.
I will let that loser go… I release him even though it hurts. I sow him as a seed to God. He will bring me a bountiful harvest. My very own David. My perfect slice of heaven. My heaven. My very own ‘Love like a movie’.
*feel free to add more darling*


Love and Pamper you...

You are a King’s daughter baby. Don’t settle for less. Don’t reduce your standards so low that even lizards can apply and of course at the same time, don’t raise them so high even the Pope can’t apply. Wisdom!!!

Like I said, information is everywhere yo!!! Good ones ooo. Don’t even think your speaking in tongues alone will teach you all you need to know. Try learning to drive by just scabashing and come back to tell me how that goes. Please nne, deliberately read good books, attend good seminars (like LDM), buy messages, etc.

Now I know there will be some married women who are in some kinda haramic situation reading this. My heart bleeds for you. Gosh!!! So what do you do? Can I be sincere with you here?
I dunno. Truth. Cos situations are peculiar. I can’t say what you should do here but I do know you can get counselling. Customised counselling. If you really do need one, I could hook you up. More than anything, you can too pray. Yes PRAY. Gragra won’t do shingbai. God can and  will teach you what to do.

Which is why I love to talk more to the Singles. You have the opportunity to get it right. You can still press the CAUTION button and check out every man to be sure He is not a Boko-haram member.


Caution baby CAUTION

Which is why I’m delighted to invite you to this month’s LDM seminar in Abuja themed
CAUTION for Singles!!!


Love Dating & Marriage Abuja

I mean, if you don’t know, you can learn yeah?
Cos that safety sign C can be the difference between heaven and Boko-haram.

Of course you know David’s Christian Centre got relationship on a lock down yeah?


To the blood!!! Wherever life takes me...

Like we do relationship right. Right from our Senior Pastor to the Ministers and then Eziaha (loool) and the rest of us, we just dey enjoy heaven on earth in our marriages. So when we call a relationship seminar, clear your schedule and come!!!
This Sunday April 13. Petrus Hotel, off Gimbaya street (after Toprank Hotel), Area 11, Garki Abuja. 4.30pm
My Pastor drops it like He hears it. Undiluted and Powerful!!! You don’t wanna miss it. Single or married, this meeting will bless you…
See you there *winks*

Stay FAB darlings.
Testifying FORWARD…

Yes. Posts come up here once a week now. At the weekends. Seldom twice.
I know, stop protesting already hehehe.
By the way, you guys major rock!!! #FAB4Life
Oh btw, you can reach me on eziaha@eziaha.com or on Twitter @eziahaa

Cos I am super nice, I have attached a couple of links to posts that can help my Single Sisters out there…
@inthemidstofher The measure of a (1st Tim 3) man http://www.inthemidstofher.com/2011/03/my-criteriathe-measure-of-man-part-1.html?m=1 (while on her blog, snoop around for Part 2)
Don’t marry Him if… by E’ https://eziaha.com/about/messages-i-have-transcribed/ (Just click and enjoy the relationship posts there)
Why don’t you have a Pastor? By Pastor Mildred Okonkwo http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/03/29/why-dont-you-have-a-pastor/
Dangerous men by my Booski http://dumebie.com/2014/03/17/dangerous-men/
Guys, you can actually just read between the lines and know the kind of ladies who have enlisted in the BH army.
Someday God will help me transcribe ‘Don’t marry her if…’ By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.
Until then, just believe God. Lol

*Drumroll* The RESPLENDENT Lizzie testifies…

Hon. Lizzie in da house, complete with her big big grammer looool
I met Lizzie some four years ago. I had just crossed to the Social sciences and I had to take some 100level courses so therefore I had clashing courses. Someone told me to meet the classrep of 100level to borrow her note cos not only was she efficient, she had the neatest handwriting… So I rang her up and met her in Queens hall. She was more than helpful, for someone who didn’t know me ( Or maybe she did cos I was super popular) . And all these years, Lizzie has been that… ResourceFULL and HelpFULL…
We later found ourselves in the same off campus hostel and Lizzie was the only person I could drop my key with, give my ATM card and pin to and generally just entrust with information cos she was just trustworthy. Even when you expect her to just go in and take what she wants to, she won’t. She will WAIT until she had taken permission. Ah, people like Lizzie are RARE ooo. One night my room got flooded cos I left my tap on and our dearly beloved caretaker decided to pump water and wham!!! The red sea in my haven. That night Lizzie came over with her friend and helped me put my room and all my LOAD back in shape. Infact she had more ginger than me sef. All through my stay in Anchorage, Lizzie was just amazing. And she took me PLENTY of pictures too looooool. She takes amazing shots walahi…
And yes, she also was one of my partners in crime whenever we had to harass either the caretaker or the landlord or both for attempting to increase rent, or light or water issues!!! Loooool. Fun times in Anchorage yo!!! I am surprised they didn’t evict us sef… I even hear some people are saying in school that she behaves like me now Loooool

Oh wells… Let your popsie catch ya :p
For my wedding, she was VERY helpful too. My momsie still asks after her


True true like Dee said, Lizzie can actually save your life


Lizzie ane Dimma

Infact, if i continue i will not end so I will just say God bless Lizzie cos she is indeed an ANGEL.
People, please enjoy the phenomenal Lizzie… (Don’t forget to grab your dictionary *wink*)


Hi FAB’ers!!!…
I’m Lizzieebunoluwa, a student and multi-faceted enthusiast(which is really a fancy way of declaring my inability to define my steadily unravelling identity) who gets an inexplicable thrill out of the beauty of people,music,food and words.
I live in the ancient city of Ibadan(for now).please feel free to make a lucky guess within the 30 and below age category 🙂 trust me, the odds are in your favour.

****She is less than 20 ooo :p but way mature for her age ****

You see, i mulled over a thousand and one ways to project a legendary F.A.B VOICE entry. Its a shame as no especially bright ideas jumped at me..lol. So,I’ll just move on.
   2013 was in a sense, a year of years for me. It seemed to me like  two distinct years, the before, the after and every other time in between.
I ticked off boxes as i journeyed through the year, learning firsthand (not altogether pleasantly) lessons on choices, trust, giving, the power within, accountability, change and most importantly the pilot of time. I even learnt that I mattered, that I was important, remarkable, different and awesomely so at that. Severally, I was surprised when people admired,complimented or expressed awe at my person. I didn’t think I was that great, I thought I could be a better person, last year made me see differently and learn to appreciate myself.

While I feel like it wasn’t a great year that marked much success, I also learnt a huge lesson on cultivating an attitude o’gratitude and i’m grateful for even the seemingly ‘small’ miracles and results i’ve got to show.
I yet live people! There’s room for more…
  Oh did I mention 2013 heralded my dramatic journey to blogging and wealth of knowledge&relationships i’ve gained from it? Yes it did. So you see, lots to be grateful for.

Its my utmost desire to lead a richer, no-holds-barred, wholesome& of course, resplendent 😉 life this year, one whose essence is drawn SOLELY from its birthed source – GOD, enjoying the BIG PICTURE as He unravels it. 

This year, I “musto” become  francophone and perhaps german or spanish speaking too. By God, I must. And if I have to physically drag myself, I will, till I also start my long-planned piano lessons.

A couple weeks ago, a lecturer was speaking to me and when he learnt I was in my final semester in school, he asked, “So what’s next, Masters or Marriage?”.
Oh my, that cracked me up. I had never heard it put that way before, plus it kinda rhymed. So, I laughhhhhhhed.

***This sounds like Doctor Okafor or Omobowale? Correct? Both of them made me look like someone who was wasting her First Class degree by not taking advantage of scholarship opps and going for my masters immediately!!! Loooool. Me I told them MARRIAGE and career ooo before Masters biko IF I chose to…***

The poor man was both surprised and amused. Anyways, as plans of that sort go, I would just tick the “none of the above” option. Lol.
My reason is simple, this year,I have to, for the sake of relief, God’s glory and my parents w̶h̶o̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ ̶w̶e̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶i̶r̶ ̶f̶i̶n̶a̶n̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶m̶i̶t̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶e̶d̶u̶c̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ , first GRADUATE o!..lol.. Seriously, I need to already,  ahn-ahn, its not like its a PhD o. Its Bsc o.

***Oh please shurrup jor. Someone that hears you will think you have spent more than 5years in school meanwhile you haven’t and you have almost graduated sef…****

In keeping with the need to graduate, i’ve gotta draw on inner&external reserves of grace,strength&resource to write a remarkably-resplendent project, ace my final courses and finish victoriously…uh..this is the point where y’all begin to (a̶s̶k̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶a̶c̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶ ̶n̶u̶m̶b̶e̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶ ̶a̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶e̶n̶c̶o̶u̶r̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶m̶e)̶ ̶ fire prayers for me.  

Dear FAB’ers, I would to God, that i trust more, giiiiiiive more,risk more,raise the bar on shocking faith expressions daily,put myself out there more and VALUE myself more  in 2014,
   I would be doubly glad if in keeping with leading a wholesome, no-holds-barred etc life this year, I enjoy divinely orchestrated relationships that will harness my gamut of inclinations, skill set&interests and set the tone for measurable success in building capacity and a career path for the near future.

***Ok i percieve that most of y’all didn’t quit get this… Basically what this oyibo here means is that she hopes to meet people who will help her maximize all the potential within her and ultimately help her to find and be on the career path that best suits her even as she graduates. You know, more link divine direction and encounters… Phew…****

  Lastly, I don’t really like suspense, so just in case, the rapture happens in 2014 and you don’t get to hear my testimoniesssssss&news of the fab 2014 I had, let me post it ahead now. The title will most likely read;
    A WOMAN MIGHTILY HELPED BY GOD – Lizzieebunoluwa’s 2014 experience.
Awesome …yes? I know!
It won’t be long now.

Till then,
Stay F.A.B,Winning&Resplendent 😉

*** Who go come remain after rapture na? Loooool. Amen darling. I truly pray you meet helpers of life and destiny. BTW babe blogs at http://www.lizzieebunoluwa.wordpress.com ***

Nicely wrapping this #31Voices up… Whoop. I certainly hope I didn’t miss anyone out (Jenny ooo I dunno why I can’t reach you ).
Will run the final testifier tomorrow after which I will drop my last words…
Also would create a page where I will have everyone’s entry link together in one place for easy access…
After which I would take a one week break (or two) from blogging.
Trust me, I have earned this holiday. I need to retreat to refuel so that I come back refreshed and we will refire from where we stopped on an even higher level… Plus with NYSC over, work go soon start so I need to ‘arrange’ some things
That sounds like a good plan yeah?
I think so too

One love my people *in Tu’s voice*


Just incase y'all be wondering wetin this resplendent mean sef...

The Resplendent E’
Going FORWARD…Still Testifying

#31F.A.B.Voices…Phebe testifying

I am super sure if I checked my rather HUGE picture collection, I would find one with Phebe… Or Bomu as I knew her in Pharmacy school back in UI… Funny we weren’t exactly close and frankly I was too bored in pharmacy school to look to make any friends…
Post Pharmacy school, Post-UI, thanks to this FABULOUS blog, Bomu and I have a relationship… A good one…
FAB’ers, and nehemastories especially lol, my  tenth testifier… Osibomu Phebe Akinola, beautifully looking into the future…

I’m not much of a talker, but I am a storyteller, and I love to write. E’ I hope I can fit this into 500 words.
****clearly you didn’t… Sweetheart that I am, I am accommodating all of your 5001 words loooool****
Just before I shoot, 2013 was a year I had so many unexecuted projects. Some plans never left my head, some did and yet never came alive, and some came alive in smaller ways than I thought. However, I had one major prayer for 2013; to experience God more, and that I did. So I am THANKFUL.
GOD willing these are my plans for 2014

> To know, love, and do the will of  God more; I can’t imagine living without ABBA, my greatest goal each year is always to know Him more.So how do I plan to do that? Improve on my dissection of the Bible, and prayer life. This year I don’t want to be competing with anyone or living by anyone’s expected standard. Just me and God alone.

***I love how this tops everyone’s list. I like to say there is a God-shaped vacuum in every man, NOTHING else would do… Speaking of which, I have this Atheist friend. Fiercely Atheist… Recently, recent events have made her begin to acknowledge that there is a God somewhere… Lol****

> To publish my written works; I want to do this not to gain a writer’s fame, but because it’s the right thing to do, and to defeat the spirit of doubt that keeps saying I can’t do it. Someone told me to start out with a blog. NO WAY. I did a blog six years ago when blogs weren’t common and after one year I packed it up. I’m not sure d blogosphere is where I should be.

***I still say start out with a blog… It gives you the perfect platform to launch out… Heheehe…***

> To go back to school; I did not know I’ll yearn for school like I’m doing.  But I really want to start working on getting my fellowship and masters degree. You know I should have made plans for these already, and believe me I’ve tried to, but the Holy Spirit keeps telling me to ‘calm down’. It’s so bad that all my efforts at submitting an application to a particular uni has been futile. I’m half way through my application and the thing just hangs. But I’ve been on a similar path before, and I know better than to be insistent on a matter HS is telling me to slow down on.

*** I pray the Holy Spirit makes things clearer to you… I pray that by the end of 2014, you have a clear path you are walking, Amen…***

> To revive my business; it went into coma in 2013. 2014 is definitely going to be a year of revival and expansion. Since I’ll be relocating, it’s going to be like starting afresh. But I really have to work at this because it was on this business I discovered a part of myself I did not even know existed, and I love what I do.

*** See how babe didn’t tell us the business ooo… Abeg tell us na. Someone here may have tips to help ooo or even partner with you…***

>To improve on old relationships, start New ones, and abandon unproductive old ships. my relationship with my mentors and mentees improved a great deal after E did a post relating to that in 2013( E’ pls insert link), but better is not overrated so I’m not complaining.

*** I am guessing you mean ‘The RIGHT connections…’ So here it is http://eziaha.com/2013/02/19/the-right-connections/
Phew I just read it again and I was blessed all over again. Such an intense post. Thank heavens I still have the audio message I talked about there. Now a minute to love on my Sugar daddy for helping his baby girl E’ put together such articles that not just bless her but bless the readers and enable them to make better decisions. This is baby girl returning ALL the glory to you… With a kiss… Muah… NNE if it ain’t this, you gotta help me out with more pointers to the right post…***

>I received a word for the year about ten days before 2013 ended, and I’ve also been given warning markers by the HS for the year. Major objective for me hence is fulfilling my own part of the deal. GOD never repents of His word but it’s left to us to stay in tune/sync with him to receive His promises . And believe me I’m taking everything that is mine from God this year.

***in my words which I stole from pastor M, I am squeezing out EVERYTHING from every single word God gave me for this year… No jokes ooo. Yes God keeps His part of the deal… Funny that is what I read this morning. It so blessed me, let me put a screen shot… Verse 56

Awesome yeah… Bankable Sugar daddyboooooo

Those are the major goals I’ll like to share with FABers.

Talk of the minor ones>

To open a special bank account towards my wedding. Although I have no idea when I’ll be walked down the aisle, I feel compelled to do this. It’s like a light bulb idea and it just won’t leave me. So I’m definitely heading to the bank next week. Got any ideas of great banks? I’ll appreciate your suggestions.( I already have accounts with first and gtb)

*NNE free advice, please save for YOUR HOME… A wedding is really a party. Tz a liability… Trust me, I’m fresh from one and I am glad we got our priorities right when it came to spending on the PARTY. So I will say start savings and buying all those really fab home stuff you would need. My very dear water walker practically had everything she needed for the kitchen under her bed at her parents way before she got married. Smart huh… Lol. I had another friend whio had been saving for a washoing machine and then she got this really lovely scarce PINK washing machine as a student then in UI. She was happy to move it into her home when she got married. I am still jealousing her… So babe, visit http://www.dealdey.com subscribe and it would amaze you all the great deals you can get for your home from the savings… GTBank is still the best option. Get a different account from your regular and wham you are in business… Thank me later. Lol. But hey, if you insist on the wedding, feel free Darling… Ts a once-in-a-lifetime day after all… 🙂 ***

> Enough of being a jack of all trades, I’m going to master how to; swim, play the violin, play chess, sketch as relating to dress making. And possibly learn sewing and how to play the talking drum( I’m fascinated).

****Did she just say enough of being a jack of all trades and then List ALL of this…? Looool. You go girl. One after the other, they seem achievable… ****

> To travel; The earth is the Lord’s… I’ll love to explore some of the beautiful places my Father has made. I’ve never travelled for leisure, and I want to do so in 2014. I do not know where the strange love for Spain came from (maybe I’ll have been born Spanish if not Nigerian)

**** Buen viaje baby. buenas vacaciones… That’s safe journey and have a good holiday in Spanish…Say me hi to my Chelsea ‘boys’ Juan Mata and Torres lol… ***

> To invest time in me- well sometimes I feel like I’m not investing time in me, I just end up doing so many things that do not exactly make me happy (like having a very cool job by all standards and yet be sad at it). I know several people who would exchange their lives for mine, and I’m not complaining about my life as I love it. It’s just that I spend so much time and energy doing so many things and I don’t really take time to enjoy or relax. This year, I want to have quality ‘me’ times without intrusions. Retreats, holidays, camps, tours, etc

*** I can’t begin to tell you how important and wise this is… You can’t afford to burn out biko… Me-time helps rejuve you for ‘others-time’ or you will just be tetchy and burnt out***

> This year I want to eat my way into a beautiful and healthy skin starting from the second day of the year. I’m not a fan of junk food, it’s just that now I know my skin will do better if I eat better than with the chemicals I have to apply each day. So I’ll be cutting down on the oily naija meals and starchy substances, and I’ll increase the veggies and fruits.

*** You are welcome to join me in my fruit slush/smoothies party… Tz been awesome… Peek my near empty bowl tonight/this morning.

I added groundnut to this one cos I had run out ta coconuts. Nice… But still prefer my coconut-flavoured slush hehehe**

By now, I’m sure I’ve exhausted my space. So lastly
> E.T.C

****Loooooooool… This was a real fun ride so I will let this pass… Thanks babe…***

Who am I? My name is Phebe, I am many big things in a small body. And I’m aspiring to be like Biblical Phebe who I’m named after.I’ll love to be remembered as the daughter of the Most High God. I love reading novels by Ted Dekker, Jefrey Archer, Robert Ludlum. I love playing scrabble, and I like to cook ‘something new’.

Thanks again babe. This was a real trip…
Love love love…

OK y’all in Lagos please don’t forget to support my friend Tunde and be at the book fair at Patabah tomorrow. I really wish I was in lag. There will be a billion Nigerian books on sale…

And for y’all on the Island, my darling darling church has kicked off weekly services… Whoop!!! At civic centre 11am. Pk will be speaking on the Power of vision…

Please call 08077714411 or 08028356363 for details… This is so exciting…
So the Island can enjoy what we have been enjoying on the mainland… Even if you have a church you go to, you can still go and join us at 11am… Yup we knew what we were doing when we fixed 11am… At least before you…………. Looool

Tz exactly 1am…

Some sleep would be fine…



Old old UI days picture

Moving Forward… Still Testifying

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 12

Day 12…
How the days fly…
This gratitude series is definitely giving August a good meaning ooo…
Loves it…
How did your day go?
Especially after the long weekend…
Hope you had a good one…
Anyhoo, let’s get to thanking…
I had an amazing day, thank you for asking. Pretty hectic but amazing all the same…
Ok, quite a lot to be thankful for
1. My sister and her generosity. Most of y’all know I’m the last child. I have this amazing very fashionable sister who is a walking boutique. Super fab that chic. And she doesn’t have time to wear her dresses at all or more than twice. So guess who gets to rock it all?
My wardrobe literally bursts at the seams. Almost, and I mean that literally, all my dresses are from her… And shoes too.


(Jacket, skirt, shoe all her)
We wear the same shoe size but I always have to amend the dresses to fit. Can’t complain. Today, I spent a lot of time ‘making room’ cos my wardrobe swelled a whole lot.
Whoop!!! I’m ready for my Sapphire’s wedding.


Was gonna have my tailor put something together real fast for me but I got this brand new fab LBD which I decided to wear instead.


Oh I don’t have enough time to tell you that I steal some while I get some. Hehehe. The stolen ones when she finds out she assumes she gave me anyways. Yup, she’s a big girl like dah…
Oh btw, she is the brain behind Royal Peridot, an online fashion store. I did a whole post about it here
So I’m grateful I don’t have to bother about dresses and shoes as all that stays sorted by sister of life…

2. So I had course to check my school box today as I was doing some re-arranging and I found a stack of some of the awards I won in University of Ibadan,,,my Alma mater. Gosh, I’m grateful for the most amazing years I rocked UI days ooo. I had a real good University experience… I did it all… Social(reasonable ones ooo), Politics, academics, spiritual, extra curriculas such as debates, oratory competitions, etc. I held posts EVERYWHERE. And thankfully, I graduated well too.


Some of the awards I found were
Best dressed (thanks to my sis who keeps yabbing me sha), Most outspoken (I started winning that from 100level), Most creative writer, Best speaker, most brilliant Stalite (stalite is any level aside 100level), most sophisticated, most dedicated exco, Brainy and beautiful, Most popular (I won this award everywhere looool) and many more. I’m grateful I wasn’t a popular senseless person. I’m grateful I was popular and most people knew I was a crazy-about-God girl too.
I defo had a great college experience…
And guess what? We haven’t held our grad yet and there are more awards to come. Like ‘Best Graduating student…’

3. I am super thankful for the most enriching call with a super sweetheart lil’ sis of mine. She had been facing some challenges which I was sorta helping her get through. I’m grateful for the immense progress she has made so far. I was almost in tears at how much God has changed her story and is still changing it. She sounded so different and so strong. I learnt a mega lesson today… God never gives up on anyone. Never a closed case with our Jehovah. Baby, I’m happy for you and I’m so glad that all the lemons and rocks life has thrown you, you have made lemonade on the rocks with ’em… Cheers to an even more enriching, frustrating-to-the-devil life… Muah.

4. I’m grateful for my tailor oooo. My tailor is most amazing. Chai!!!


When God is pleased with you, He sends you a great tailor. My tailor is FABtastic. I know I have a HOT figure but he makes me smokin’…

Phew… I handed him my Booski’s aso-ebi to sew something that would make Asaba stand still…


Whoop!!! He also helped me fix my LBD and now I’m good to go…

5. Yay!!!!!!!! I don’t even know how to put this one cos tz a bit private. But all I’ll say is God works in VERY mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. He blew our minds wella today with a phone call from a most unusual person. This unusual person also said the sweetest things about me to the other person who told me. Infact, le boo and I were pleasantly surprised.
Endorsement from God is the ultimate but we don’t discount endorsement from men jare… I enjoy both to a large extent and I can’t complain. Don’t get it twisted, I have beefers but here’s me not giving a hoot about ’em… Haters gon hate.

That’s it for now Dolls…
Love and Peace…

Le boo and I are on the phone as I type and you won’t believe that dude is telling me all I’m grateful for…


My Sweerie just knows me inside out…
It’s official…
Three people asked me today to link them up to the lady that did my dreadlocks.


And you say I’m not your role model?

Inspiration FM and Values…

Prepping for work this morning, I tune to Inspiration FM which is easily my fave radio station. 


Two guys who I am NOT fans of were on. I think they were the same two guys who stood in for Wanawana when she was out for a while. I found them too garrulous so I stopped listening till she got back.
Well this morning they were on Dan Foster’s spot and the topic was Cheating. One of the guys told a story of an exam he had to write recently and he drew a blank. He also had no calculator so the invigilator allowed him use his phone. The lady trusted him to NOT google.


Just use the calc app to help. Being that he was blank, he considered cheating and googling up the answers. He most likely wouldn’t have been caught. So he posed the question, ‘what would you do if you were in same situation?’
Lemme share something I heard from my darling Pastor Bimbo (God rest her soul).


She used to tell us then that we can’t say we don’t steal (fornicate, cheat, etc) when we have NOT yet been put in a position when we can afford to get away with commiting such vices and we do NOT. No point claiming to be this or that when you have NOT been tried. Of course we recognize that there are some things one just knows that one cannot just do because of VALUES. 
So people called in. My problem didn’t stem from the fact that some people said they will cheat. It came from two things…
1. The brazenness with which they said it and made it look like any other thing you did, you are just dulling and should be ashamed of your choice. 


2. The way the presenters tackled anyone who claimed they would NOT cheat. Infact the ones that said they would cheat were praised for their honesty and ‘being true and being themselves’. The ones who mistakenly mentioned that they were Christians were tackled and I do mean TACKLED. ‘Are you Pope John Paul?’ ‘Are you saying you have NEVER cheated?’ ‘People sha like pretending’ ‘The way he even claimed to be Christian was not pure’ ‘Final exam ooo. You would repeat if you fail’ Chai. I was beyond mortified. They were NOT saying this just to TEST the people ooo. They were saying it as a yabis. One even said some exams are wired to enable cheating. 
Does it ever occur to people that BEING YOURSELF can also be you telling the truth? If I called in, I would have BEEN myself totally. And being myself means I would NOT cheat. I won’t even consider it.


I was a diligent student so I studied usually, but even then because I had commitments in church and played politics too, I didn’t always study as much as I wanted to. I had drawn up incredible blanks in exams especially final year. I cried after some papers. In some instances, cheating would have been breeze. I didn’t even think in that line. My criminology lecturer (who I had intense love and respect for) would always say ‘It is more homorable to fail than to cheat’


In that final year, I had a GPA of 6.7/7.0 (UI uses 7.0 grading system not 5.0). Infact I had this confession in school, ‘Nobody that cheats has the right to score higher than me in ANY paper’. That’s why I made BEST GRADUATING STUDENT. 


I’m allowed to brag some… Hehehehe
See eh, there is something called VALUE.


It guides your decisions whether people are watching you or not. It wasn’t because I was a Pastor in school that I didn’t cheat. I could have been in Kafanchan where no one knows me and still wouldn’t. I recall writing GCE. I had spanked WAEC but momma wanted me to write GCE just because…
In my centre, which had some ‘special candidates’ , they were telling them the answers.


Infact they separated us, and you need to see the way the ones who didn’t pay were hustling to get answers from the ‘special ones’. It was funny but sad too. I was too uninterested. Disgust must have shown on my face. One of the ladies came to me to ask why I wasn’t showing any interest in that charade. She now wanted to help me. I told her to shove it. I turned in my paper and walked out. It was day 1. I didn’t show up again. I couldn’t stand it abeg. I knew either I was beaten or I’ll slap someone. Hehhehe  


Same with stealing. No matter how convenient, stealing won’t ever appeal to me. 
Same with fornication or aristoism. It can’t appeal to me. 
My point is Let your values guide you.


Values by the way is a positive term so good values is just tautology. Make your values. Stand by them even if unpopular. Never ever let anyone make you apologize for your values. And please teach your children same. 
There is a paucity of role models out there. BE ONE… Posterity will thank you. 

Stay FAB darlings

Inspiration FM annoys me some times. Today was one of those days. You guys claim tp be a family station. Imagine kids listening to that rubbish this morning….
Btw, dude finally said he didn’t cheat but anyi g’aju onye?

Always an Attitude o’ Gratitude starts tomorrow.  Whoop. I am ready. Very ready… Feel free to use the comments section to be a part. Lets make this fun and inclusive… Deal?

Shout out to Tani who gave me dinner yesterday and took this picture hehehe
I love it so I’m adding it…


Cute yeah?