Step Up, Step Out, STRETCH!!!

Hey yawl,

Kisses all round…

So straight to the point. I pray everyone is doing OK!

So I basically spent the whole of this year turning down invitations to speak, preach or minister anywhere. I am like ‘What do I know?’ Please mbok, leave me and my blog lemme be blogging…’ lol

But truly though, I LOVE God, I am pretty passionate about my Faith, both living and writing it, and so it followed that soon people would want me to come and preach/speak at churches and programs. But I knew I wasn’t ready and I truly wanted to LIVE whatever I said. That’s what integrity is really. When what you preach is truly what you live in private, when no one is watching. Joyce Meyer is BIG on spiritual maturity so I just basically STAYED enrolled in JOYCE UNIVERSITY all year.


Oh and Christine Caine Uni too.


So I would always flat out say NO!!!

Yawl know I LOVE to talk and basically hosted tons of events and shows in Unibadan then, but when you know this is like a GOD-THING, you wanna really be a person of truth and integrity. I knew the X’s I had (which people do not see) and I would always recall Chris saying (shouting more like)



It is so easy to become a CELEBRITY but to be a servant of Jesus? This Chick needed plenty darkroom transformations first, so NO!!! Haha

Then I wanted to also turn 30 and then to attend Love Life first,


which is why my heart basically shredded when I didn’t go again after being super excited ALL YEAR abourrit. (Pastor M captured the entire JustUsGirls LoveLife experience here.)

And she got me this Book I can NOT wait to dive into

You need to see what she wrote in it... Awwwww...

You need to see what she wrote in it… Awwwww…

Anyways, when I discovered Funto and did this blog on Becoming 2.0, I just felt a connection with her and I would always pray for her and her ministry. She didn’t know me, and I recall one day while praying God told me I would speak at Funto’s event soon. I am like huh? I don’t even know this Chick, and I am not making moves to know her. But I sha wrote it down in one of my many journals. Laughing, btw. Haha.

Fast forward to August when I met her (story for another day) and hit it off like a house on fire, 2weeks after, she rings me and asks me if I am free on October 22, and that she wants me to speak at her event in Abuja. Quick mental check to be sure I would be back from Yankee by then, and seen JM LIVE, and I am like ‘..OK’.

I didn’t even remember what God told me. I just loved Funto enough to agree, haha.


Then later He filters it back to me, I fly to the journal and realize He told me twice and I wrote it down twice, different days.

It was surreal.

I just totally am obsessed with the FIRE of the Holy Ghost that Olufunto carries and then the amazing way God brought us together. Two of us have different stories of how we met, but let me save it, because what really matters is that God just flung us together and I couldn’t be more thankful.


When she told me the theme of the Abuja event, I had just written this Post EMBRACE YOUR STRETCH so I knew the hand of God was definitely there. I KNOW what it means, in a DEEPLY PERSONAL way to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH into all God has in store for you. I know the obstacles that stand in the way and the victories that lie on the other side of a STRETCH!!! Oh I know, and am still knowing. And mehn, I am super excited about what God will do in this event. I am in the background of things and trust me, GOD HIMSELF has just been showing off. I think these are the best times to be a female serving Jesus. You can’t tell me the women of the Bible are not BIG TIME hatin’ on us right now. Haha.


It is such a privilege to be one of the Chicks ministering at the event and I am so excited, so pumped and so full of prayers and expectations about it. If you are in Abuja, COME THROUGH!!! And if you have friends and family in Abuja, please spread Word…


10 days from today the 12th

Oh and I will like to sponsor TWO Chicks in Abuja off my blog. Just do me a mail with s bit about you and why I should pick you. If you have ever won something off my blog, you don’t qualify. And if you can afford it, please give another Chick an opportunity to come.

And hey, if you are my friend and not in Lagos, oya come sponsor someone too na. Well, as God leads you. The event is N5000 and is literally an all-day event, 11pm to 5pm.


Also for those interested in PROPEL ABUJA, we have THREE groups already and the first one will be meeting on Friday the 21st of October, and I will be there. Yay!!! I feel like I am gonna implode from ECSTASY haha. Yawl know I am all about that PROPELLED LIFE and living. The PROPEL message is so strong and powerful that if it were up to me, I would certainly drag every Chick I know into it. (Dunno about PROPEL? Details here)

My PROPEL Power hub

My PROPEL Power hub

So hey, Abuja Chicks, please send a mail to if you wanna join any of the groups or start your own group. It is pretty easy baby. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends and start meeting once a month to watch and discus the videos. I could share the videos with you if yawl don’t wanna buy directly.

Allow me to say here that CHRIS IS STARTING HER VERY OWN TV PROGRAM which will be called EQUIP&EMPOWER with Christine Caine. It will air on TBN and it launches Thursday, October 20. Not sure what time it will air in Nigeria though, but you bet I’ma be looking out for that.

Ok back to Propel, I will be looking out for your mail hun.

And yes, see yawl at THE BEAUTIFIED DIVA SERIES #StepUpStepOut&Stretch

And I certainly covet your prayers. I know yawl will pray for me.

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

So excited, and even more because it is my ‘Buj… my Land of Milk & Money. How prophetic is that??? Recall my ‘Buj story and testimony

#GonePreachin’ #ToDaBuj

Ok God bless yawl and my deepest prayer (For Chicks especially) is that we all get in this divine relay race, and play our parts with joy and passion. We are ALL IN guys. No onlookers or bystanders. Grab your baton and RUN UNSTOPPABLE!!!


My BEST Chris Book



Love the transformation haha

Love the transformation haha


How to believe God for a HOUSE!!!

I LOVE the title of this post walahi.

Usually I think on posts wella before I write it. But this one came yesterday and I was too busy/tired to write it and so today, with a bit of time, I’m up to writing…


Not everyday fine picture... Sometimes jagajaga hehehe

Btw, feel free to replace ‘house’ with anything else you are in faith and believing for. But it has to be something BIGGER than you ooo. Like really BIG….

For me right now, tz a house so I used that. I’ll share my story. The principles are within the story.


As 2014 rolled in, one thing hubs and I knew was that we need a home in The ‘Buj. I mean we were moving so it only followed. First thing I did, we got a WORD

#1. Get a WORD for that situation.


In my head, I knew the kinda house I needed in the ‘Buj was not coming cheap. Anybody know how much houses cost here? Lol. So I had to faith it. Totally trusting for a miracle house. Imagine my joy when God gave me this Word sometime in May when I had moved here and was staying with a friend…

Deut 6:10
10-12  When GOD, your God, ushers you into the land he promised through your ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to give you, you’re going to walk into large, bustling cities you didn’t build, well-furnished houses you didn’t buy, come upon wells you didn’t dig, vineyards and olive orchards you didn’t plant.


Walahi I didn’t know such a scripture existed. Imagine my joy when I found it.

Say what!!!???!!! Phew…

Lemme fastforward a bit to the day I found this other scripture last month when we were studying Joshua in our online FAB group

Joshua 24
13  “I handed you a land for which you did not work, towns you did not build. And here you are now living in them and eating from vineyards and olive groves you did not plant.

Ha ahn… God said it, He did it. #LikeABoss #Ekwueme

I was excited all over again to see this.


I was MEGA excited

Ok so what next after getting and confessing the Word?

I had to move out of my friend’s place and I had just realised I was pregnant when I had to leave. Ish. Hubs was not yet here and I hadn’t resumed work yet so I went back to hubs. But I LOVED that although I had gotten the job, my start date was not for a few weeks so I had time to go back home and then sort out where I’ll stay before I return to the ‘buj and resume.

But before I left here, I went to my spiritual authority. Now he had moved into a 5b/room in Abuja and frankly I needed to hear that testimony so I went to him…

#2. Get counsel/backing/cover


My Pastor B and his wife

He told me his story of how God just favoured him in detail. First he knew EXACTLY what he wanted as per a house, he tied a kingdom need to it, and he sowed a seed. Zezezeze!!! Before I even went to him, I knew EXACTLY the kinda house I wanted, it had a kingdom need attached to it and so I sowed a seed. Actually I kept sowing seeds. I’m still sowing.

Then next he told me to STEP OUT and start looking.
Faith is an ACTION word after all. I didn’t have to wait until I had the entire money to now start looking.

Step out I did. But not in the flesh abeg… I took my spirit.

One beautiful Monday, my cabman took a different route to work. It was longer, I was running late so naturally I was upset. Anyways that’s how my spiritual eyes saw this BEAUTIFUL house. It literally stood out. I didn’t see a TO-let or anything. I just knew I had found my house. On Wednesday after work and before church, I went there. Even the lawyer had to ask me how I knew it was letting. I just smiled. The house I wanted was still locked up as the guy there was abroad but he showed me an unoccupied one which was just like it but smaller.

My people this house was BEE-YO-TI-FUL!!! It was indeed filled with all manner of good things ooo. All I needed to do was carry my cloths and move in. Of course the price was outta this world, even in dollars but trust me, millions of dollars is all I hear at work so this one looked small. I recall when my PK was househunting too and how he said he used to be VERY bold though he didn’t have the money ooo. Ah, I was BOLD too ooo. Entered everywhere, took pictures, asked what and what again the building had. It was AMAZING. I dropped my number and asked them to holler when the guy abroad turns up.

I walked out of that property joyFULL. Ah!!! Of course while in the house I kept speaking in tongues and claiming it. I didn’t think of how He was going to do it. I just knew I could believe for it.

Then what else did I do?
I spoke to a couple of FAITH people

#3 Get Faith boosters

I spoke to my pastor on getting to church and he agreed with me. I spoke to a close friend in Lagos and she agreed with me. I spoke to two other people not for them to agree or believe with me but to tell the devil that I have started talking about it ooo soooooooo no going back hehehe.

I would like to end this by saying I have moved into this house but the testimony is still cooking. Oh did I forget to mention that I got the full address of the house and I confess with it? Yesoooooo. Hehehe. The property even has swimming pool, gym, wifi, etc. Ah!!!

I am still in faith for it but something happened two days ago that got me all amp-ed up all over again.

I have just about a week to move out of my current place. I mean I thought I had till december and though I didn’t plan on being there till then, hearing one week was a rude shock. But you see me, and thankfully my hubby, we have grown past worry and anxiety. Infact I was out of the ‘buj on an official trip when he gave me the news. Before the fear came, faith welled up and I’m like ‘my God is up to som’in.


Som’in is realllllyyyy cooking…’

Kenneth Copeland is the go-to when you need HUGE faith lol. So I woke at 3am that night and started googling to get some of his faith materials to read/watch etc. Infact I recalled a message PK preached once where he kept reading from his book and one phrase kept resounding in my spirit man… He had a huge project to do so

‘…I opened my bible and turned off EVERY thing else. I turned off the radio, newspapers, etc….’

Ah my next point

#4 Turn off and Tune in…


In my case, I turned off twitter. I turned off the tv in my hotel room. I turned off the blogs. Especially the more social ones. Ah, I turned off plenty things. Recall that Dr N mentioned same in her ‘Supernatural childbirth’ blogpost? I knew it was time to swallow the word. I really tuned in. Messages keep playing from my phone whether I’m sleeping or I’m awake. And at work, headphones plugged in when I didn’t need to listen in


My Bible and Notepad always within reach. I didn’t even tell anyone this story. Just hubby and I. Of course I saw various messages and e-books of Copeland. I downloaded some. Read some online. Faith was welling choi!!!


I especially enjoyed reading ‘Tune in to the Voice of God’ and how he used the story of Ahaz and Isaiah in chapter 7 to drive home the ‘…take heed/listen…be QUIET and FEAR not’ points. I loved his testimony of how God showed up when he wanted to start his TV ministries and stuff…

I just smiled as I read. My goodness. Copeland is the real business ooo.

As I googled more my people, guess what I found on his blog? From one of his Pastors?

A teaching/audio/video download on ‘How to believe God for a house’


Choi!!! I was OVERwhelmed. As in, the exact thing I needed.

U can imagine the speed I used to download first the teaching notes then the audio…


By the time I stepped out that day, it was like a lion stepped out. I knew that I knew that I knew God was about something. I was joyFULL!!!


I refused to be under the pressure of ‘…heey by the time I’m back to the ‘buj where will I stay?…’ and blablabla. Or who should I call? Should I call momsie to start pulling strings etc. I was just at peace… Like God told Ahaz ‘be QUIET. Pause!!!’



One thing I knew God told me to do was to write this… Much as I wanted to protest as per
‘ ah God shouldn’t I wait for the testimony first’,

I know God when I hear him. But in my head, I was still like ‘I’ll write it LATER’

Then one of my FAB sisters Rosey now cucu prompted me today to blog since I said I was free all day


Rosey Ebere

Then I remembered this post,kicked the devil’s butt and started writing.
And then yesterday funny how I was speaking to another FAB sister about HERSELF and then somehow she starts talking about my house describing it and stuff. Ha ahn. I was shocked. VERY shocked. I asked her if I had told her about it before and she be like NO but she’s seen it in the spirit and so she knows how it is. WOW!!! That’s when I now gisted her about the whole house drama ooo and she’s like

‘*insert uninterested face* hmm the devil is not even serious’

Ah!!! God knows how to send the right people with the right words.

So Titi’licious and Rosey’licious, post dedicated to you. And of course, my darling darling Booski. And my mentee bookie who asked me a similar question recently and I haven’t gotten around to answering. I hope to share your own BIG testimonies here too as I share mine.


Now people, your testimony may not be a house. It may be a child. Healing. A job. A husband/wife. Whatever!!! The principles are SAME. Get in the Word. Tune out of rubbish. You too will testify.


I know why I’m writing this down. Remember the ‘living amazed’ series by Meyer I did? Where she told us to keep records? This is me keeping records.

When I’m giving out houses here in the ‘buj especially, I’ll just come back to this blog post and be AMAZED all over again.



Baby is kicking just fine. And life is amazingly beautiful. Thanks for asking

I have been in Akwa-ibom since Sunday and will be till Saturday. You can’t beat their food mehn… Everything is amazingly swweeeeeettttt Choi!!! I mean these people can coooook ehn…
Sadly I don’t have pictures. Pele lol

What Price would you be willing to pay for a Ring?

Recently I asked on Twitter if it was true that till today in the year of our Lord 2014, men still throw the line ‘Get pregnant first before I marry’ and I amazingly got answers in the affirmative with most people even wondering what kinda no-brainer question that was. And frankly, it was a sincere question.
I knew such happened in the past but today, girls suppose don wise up and guys suppose don sense up…
Why did I ask? Ajoyo who blogs at has been doing this series of ‘Beneath the sheet’ and tz centred around this silly guy who thinks he is God’s gift to (silly) women and so insists that you must be preggy before marriage and there were girls doing all sorts to land his ring. Serious iberibe indeed.
Y’all know how they say ‘art imitates life’ but still I just still assumed uncle A was being over imaginative.
Then wham!!! I heard and saw something. That prompted me to hit twitter and then my fears were confirmed.
Why? Oh why would any lady do this to herself. Tz bad enough that you are indulging in pre-marital sex, then for the man to INSIST that you get pg first and you agree and start doing all sorts just to get pregnant and get him to marry you?
Jesus didn’t die for this ooo. And (no pun intended) Chukwu di oooo!!!
Do you realise that
1. You can get pg and the dude will still NOT marry you?
2. You can get preggers and dude can drop dead tomorrow?
3. You can get preggers, get married to him with the pg and LOSE the pregnancy or worse still the baby post-birth?
4. You are most likely NOT the only one he is sexing so darling, you are in a cheap fertility competition?
5. All of the above and MORE!!!

To him, you are just a baby-factory and not a companion. He loves children and NOT you. So children are now the ONLY reason why we marry? So those couples who don’t have kids are incomplete? Hian.

It seems so unfair!!! Sex is NOT love ooo. Like my pastor said at the last LDM tagged CAUTION FOR SINGLES, ‘If sex is love, then prostitutes should be the best marriage and relationship counsellors now’. I truly feel we are sooooo precious to God that no man should even open his gutter to suggest pre-marital sex not to talk of knocking you up. He should be scared that you will slap him sef. It just seems really unfair.
Ladies, if he choses to degrade you, should you indulge him?
Should you sacrifice so much for a ring?
Tz very painful.

And I’m aware ladies are paying prices they shouldn’t afford to pay to land a ring?
Some ladies have moved in and are not just playing wife but playing omoodo (househelp) too.
Some ladies be putting their lives on pause, swallowing any rubbish they won’t take (from their pops or bros) from any male cockroach just to land a ring.
Some ladies are investing their money on an efulefu without any vision or drive just so he can make them Mrs.
Lemme not talk about the ones who are lying, living false lives, etc.

Some prices are too high for a ring babe. You shouldn’t afford it.
And guys, some prices are way too high to wife a woman.

I don’t even have anything more to say.
There is the right price to pay for a ring.
Anything else is just wahala you can’t afford.

That’s why I’m super excited about this month’s Love Dating and Marriage seminar at David’s Christian Centre. This Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 4.30pm.
Tagged The Price of a Ring!!!

How much can you pay?

How much can you pay?

You really wanna make this one if you are in Abuja or order the CD after the program if you aren’t.

Petrus Hotels Royale
Agatu street, off Gimbiya street Area 11, Garki Abuja.

Feel free to invite anyone you know in Abuja. Single, Married, Male, female. Holler!!!

And yes, you may visit for more details on the program and much more about our church.

May I just end with this.
In the past two weeks, curiously and without looking for, I have met (online and offline) several girls who just opened up to me on how they quit pre-marital sex. Because I met them back to back, it just released something on my inside. One of them, a very very pretty girl, talked about how she would rather sleep on the streets and starve than indulge any more. She spoke with so much passion I wished I could just lift her up and spin her around in excitement.
And she said even though it was hard, it is possible. Her passion moved me to tears. If I never believed it was possible, that girl made me a believer.
Darling, have you been indulging in PMS? Tz not too late boo. Stop, confess that sin, receive mercy, forgiveness and grace, do an overhaul of your (close) friends if they are not willing to change, and stay accountable. And of course, never put yourself in compromising situations. Avoid living life on a cliff. Don’t tempt yourself.
I wish I could interview that girl. I mean, she shared so many stories with me I had goosebumps. She said something like when you truly decide that you would not compromise whether for marriage or money, God himself becomes your source and He won’t leave you stranded. All you need to do is throw those emotions and desires to Him.

Nuff said abeg.
Just be sure you are paying the right price for that ring and if you don’t know, then you can learn.

This weekend is looking goooooooood. I’m thinking of seeing Single moms club by Tyler Perry. I hear tz a good one, plus I love TP so…
Enjoy yours too.
And FAB Adadioramma 1 of Igbo land, happy belated birthday.
Ada the Ada... hehehe

Ada the Ada… hehehe

I redeemed myself yeah? Hehehehe. God’s blessings shower on you and your fam. Amen.


Jesus did NOT die for this…

‘There is Power in the name of Jesus… X3
To break every chain x 3’

Grammy award winner, Tasha Cobbs may not be very popular YET in 9ja but her ‘Break every chain’ song is one I sing EVERY DAY.
That simple short song for me is beyond a song. Tz a prophecy. Tz a hammer/gun/grenade in my mouth for the devil.

DCC Lagos Choir (The Rock Image) has got the best rendition of the song ever especially when Jacqueline leads. I always pray it is led by her every time Communion is served. I LOVE the song to fine pieces. Smithereens.


Live in Abuja!!!

So imagine when I heard that the owner of the song was coming to Nigeria, not just to Abuja and to COZA just at my backyard, on an evening when I didn’t have any church commitments at my own church. Omo, wild horses, tornadoes, bomb blasts and hurricanes COMBINED couldn’t have stopped me from making it there Tuesday April 15,2014 .
But on getting there, I knew God took me to COZA for something else.

So sometime in the course of the service. they aired this short video of the crucifixion of Jesus. Now I’m a blood wimp… I don’t see or watch anything bloody. For some reason, I had the liver for this though I covered face at different points. It was BLOODY. It was HEART WRENCHING. You could hear a pin drop in church that evening. I have NEVER seen a human so tortured before. That a man would go through all of this to save the world!!! And the Holy Spirit kept dropping such words in my heart

‘I did this for you. I went through ALL of this for you. You can not afford to settle for anything but the BEST in this life… You can’t afford a mediocre or an average life darling…That is the least you can do to show me your appreciation. I DID NOT die for ANYTHING less than the BEST for you to enjoy in life!!! ‘

Dear absolutely FABULOUS Reader of mine, if you ever settle for anything less than the best, you are of all men most UNGRATEFUL and ignorant.

If you settle for a mediocre life, you just SPAT in his face and threw His priceless gift of LOVE back at Him.

Remember I am saying SETTLE. Settle implies an END. You may NOT be enjoying the BEST now but never ever settle there. Understand that you may not be where you can exactly call BEST now but also KNOW that you will NOT be there forever.

That pain and torture I saw was INTENSE. And I don’t even think they acted out what He really went through.
The least you can do in appreciation is to BE and LIVE YOUR BEST.

Don’t let the devil ever ever lie to you. God wants you to have the BEST OF EVERYTHING!!!
The BEST of health
The BEST of jobs
The BEST businesses
The BEST husband/wife
The BEST of houses (in my case ESTATES)
The BEST of friendships/relationships
The BEST of cars
The BEST things in life
The BEST and nothing less!!!
He wants to show off to the world through YOU. He wants You to use this BEST to take over the world for Him.

Anything less is to make light of that torture he went through. Anything less makes you a most ungrateful creature.

Lemme preach to you for a second here…
*in Bishop TD Jakes voice*

I don’t care who around you is settling for less. I don’t give a hoot what Nigeria’s economy is saying. It matters absolutely NOT what phase you are in at the moment. YOU can rise above it and be the BEST.
Sweetheart, take advantage of this season and understand that you are GOD’S BIGGEST DEAL!!! His Most Valuable Player (MVP). He would have died for only YOU if you were the only one on earth. You are sooooo important to Him. You can’t afford to settle for anything less. Anything mediocre. Anything average.

Jesus did NOT die for anything less

My darlings, at COZA that night, though Tasha Cobbs didn’t come eventually but I did get my own Easter Miracle for which I am oh-so-grateful. COZA is a very beautiful church btw.


I missed the tweets. Easy peezy guess as to why she didn't come 🙂

Now this Easter season makes even more sense to me. I feeeeeeeeel so special. Sinach’s ‘I know who I am’ has new meaning to me.
Which is why I am super excited about Easter service at my church DCC Abuja which is themed MVP!!!
Most Valuable Player.


Easter Special Service #DCCAbuja

A footie luvurrr would understand what it means when a player is crowned MVP.
You see how Real Madrid played absolute RUBBISH cos C. Ronaldo was absent. Ditto ManCity against Sunderland when my darling Yaya Toure was absent.
That’s who we are in this game of life. Take me out and the world starts spiralling downwards. Zezezeze!!! I KNOW who I am abeg. Even devil knows.
MVP baby!!!

I am excited about the message my Pastor will be preaching that day yo!!!
If you are in Abuja and you are NOT yet in the Easter spirit and you don’t really know your worth or you need some good ginger…

Petrus Hotel Royale off Gimbiya street, Area 11. Garki, Abuja.
Free transport all over Abuja.
You can call 08096863992 08096863993 for enquiries

Open invitation darling…
And yup, I have moved to Abuja.
Whoop Whoop!!!

You have no idea how happy I am just being in DCC Abuja, getting the Word in with all the inherent power and serving with all my heart. Oh my!!!


God is sweet ooo. Abeg don’t miss it if you dey Abuja and are church-less.
And of course, feel free to join us as a permanent member. We are the finest people in ALL of Abuja (apologies J.Osteen hehe)


DCC Abuja fam

Oh and my NUMBER ONE Naija artist Sinach is LIVE in concert in Abuja tomorrow Good Friday April 18,2014.


My numero uno Naija Gospel Artist

Easter is looking good yo!!!
Do you know how I have dreamt to be in her concert before? Just to hear her sing in tongues LIVE. OMG!!! So my girl Ru who will also be singing there says at rehearsals, people were slain in the spirit. Rehearsals ooo.


Rehearsals toh HOT

No surprises sha. Just playing ‘The presence of the Lord’ during my Quiet time changes the atmosphere. That woman drips anointing. And I hear she is singing an IGBO song too. Can Friday the 18th come already. I always wondered why her songs had sooo much power, praying in the spirit and prophesies in between. I now heard she records LIVE in concert and NOT studio. Abeg difference dey!!! Choi!!! She is my Woman Crush DAILY ooo. Move over #WCW hehehe. Infact as I type, I am watching the last concert she had in SA where she recorded the SHOUT IT LOUD album.


Worship at its finest!!! #Sinach

You don’t even know when you JUMP up and start speaking and singing in tongues as you watch it. Now talk of being there LIVE.

I recall watching Nathaniel Bassey once in concert.


Nathaniel at IMELA last year in DCC. #NoWords

That day the spirit of worship jumped into me. Cos I am very sanguine, I can be jumpy jumpy so Praise? I’m gooooooood. But worship? I struggle. So I went with that desire. To grow my Worship life. After that day with Nath, hmmm now E’ can worship forevuuur. Complete with tears and soul totally in sync with God all alone in my room sef. Tz like the most romantic thing. Just worshipping my Sugar Daddy. Oh!!!


Camp meeting 2013

Now I’m looking to take it to the next level. Most times, raising my hands in worship is hard. It just seems heavy so I go up and down intermittently. I raise and it goes down in like 5/10secs. Hmm. With this Sinach concert, that’s my desire ooo. To truly be able to lift my hands for longer periods and just worship my Sugar Daddy. And Sinach is just anointed. I can’t wait to just worship God with other believers and Sinach singing, loving on my Sugar Daddy on the day that symbolizes the greatest act of LOVE ever. If people dey fall for over night rehearsal, wetin the real day go be like abeg? Anything short of the trumpet blowing, E’ will be there LIVE. To take over this Abuja for God, I need to EAT plenty abeg. Mehn, if you dey Abuja, Good Friday na public holiday ooo. Come!!!
Tz holding at ThisDay dome 5pm and tz free. Yaaaay!!!

Ru actually hugged her and was rubbing it in so I am beefing Ru. Hiss much.

But really I am so excited that I will be there as she does a LIVE concert that would find its way to CD soon. If this isn’t MVP/VVIP screening, what is please?

Happy Easter darlings.


Easter is the reason Christmas happened

And if this season should leave you with anything, it should be an everlasting knowledge that Jesus didn’t die for LESS. He did it all for you to enjoy His BEST and NEVER settle for less. Carry yourself with ‘pomposity and sagacity’ cos you are God’s MVP!!!

I came that they may have and ENJOY the REAL life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it [a]overflows) MORE than they ever dreamed of… John 10:10 AMP/MSG

Huggy Bunnies Darlings
Testifying FORWARD…

On a lighter note, Subway Surfers World Tour in the spirit of Easter has moved to Rome!!! Yaaay.


And tz so beautiful. Plus you get to collect Easter bunnies too. How cool is that!!!


Plus the Spray can awards… Awwww.
If you don’t know Subway Surfers, don’t worry 🙂 But Play Store is ya fwend. And chew and swallow your opinion very slowly… :p

Just incase you are asking or wondering, NO I don’t run adverts for churches and ministries on my blog. I only run DCC programs and then any other one that pleases me. Cos I’m getting incredible requests and I truly can’t afford to start what I can’t sustain. Tz still a personal christian blog 🙂 but I LOVE my church so… 🙂

If you missed CAUTION FOR SINGLES, you missed yo!!!


LoveDating&Marriage Relationship seminar in DCC Abuja

My Pastor used biblical principles to bring the FULL House down. But hey on Twitter, we put out as much as we could.


It was amazing!!!

Follow @dccabuja1 for what went down (you gotta scroll down a bit but we used the hashtag #CautionForSingles)
We also have a billion tapes and books on relationships especially that can change your life forever. Just holler at the handle and anywhere in Naija, we can get it to you.

Also the very first ‘Just Us Girls’ in Abuja holds this Saturday at 9 to 10.30am pere. Whooooop.


Can't wait...

Ladies this would be high fun, high spiritual, and high FAB. You know you wanna TURN UP. This one is packed full of amazingly cool and fabulous stuff. Tz at Kado estate and you can holler at the number above or twitter handle for deets. Meanwhile, anyone have suggestions for Charades items/articles/Words for me? Hard tough ones ooo. Email please. Don’t type here hehehe.

I tol’ ya…
Easter is looking real gooooooooood


First things first, Happy Mother’s day to all the FABULOUS mothers out there…Both present, Past and Future.
Motherhood is such a gift. And we shouldn’t take it lightly. For the sake of your children, and the world at large.
So that you would not only be celebrated today (or the two other Mother’s day in Nigeria) but everyday of your life…


My darling Momma... See where my smile comes from

The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear of God (MSG Prov 31:30)
Today, as always, I celebrate all the FABULOUS Mothers and moms-to-be. We truly make life oh-so-beautiful!!!
Now on to the business of the day… Zezezeze!!!
Don’t worry about what that means, just flow with me!!!
Tz a heavenly language BTW. Just like Hallelujah!!!
Or whatever thing it is you say when you get a Rhema or a deep revelation.
I LOVE birthdays!!!
And I LOVE my friends too!!!
So when a dear friend celebrates her birthday, it makes sense to celebrate her, yeah?


OgheneRukevwe Awaritoma (Ru)

So a SuperStar Glamazon was born today.
So how did our paths cross?
It began with an email…
Or did it?
No, it began with a Word from God.
Then an email.
Then a phone call.
Then several phonecalls…
Then a picture. And then several pictures…
Whatsapp, BBM, more phone-calls!!!
And of course, the Fabulously Fabulous FAB Group on BBM.
The making of a beautiful friendship.
Though I am yet to meet this babe, it feels like we have been friends for ages
Oh and what trips me the most is that this friendship is founded on God!!!
And that has to be what I LOVE most about her. Babe is fabulously Word-de-de-Deo Worded!!! She drops the Word (from the spirit) like it’s HOT.
Aside from connecting on a spiritual level in a most incredible way, we are plenty connected on the physical…
Both of us studied Sociology
Both of us last born girls with BIG sisters and brothers.
Both of us LOVE indomie
Both of us are NOT Single girls who LOVE to cook though I got married and became Chef E’ so I know she will become Chef Ru when she gets married…
Both of us love and remember SOP 444 – All things bright and beautiful (Any other FABer recall that hymn?)
Both of us have an incredible taste for colorful interiors (Her house feels like a house I would have designed)
Both of us want twins or triplets.
Both of us have days when we feel like just dropping ourselves on the altar as a living sacrifice indeed. As in we LOVE to give to God. Kingdom investment. Two wise women… Forbes, don’t disappear yet ooo. We coming, we coming!!!
Both of us understand that we are in Abuja for an assignment so while she calls it ‘My Gold Coast’ , I call it my land of Milk&Money… #KindredSpirit
I’m sure to discover more!!!
Sometimes, I truly feel dejavu-ish when I relate with her. Like someone who has been in my life before now (Girl u got a confession u wanna make…)
But I’m just tripped about the spiritual… Listen up people, relationships/friendships are spiritual.
I LOVE Spiritual friends ooo and God has blessed and keeps blessing me with a steady and rich supply. #LikeAtrractsLike#



If the foundation of a thing determines the strength and longevity, this one is all the way to heaven baby…
That’s why I LOVE you all the way to the heavens- the first, second and third heavens.
And on this super special remarkable day, I celebrate you Oghenerukevwe Ru Awaritoma. God bless January the 24th!!!
Happy Happier Happiest Birthday Darling Ru…
Stay connected to God darling. Aside from the obvious benefit of Him just beautifying your life in such enviable ways, you are actually shining your light soooooooo bright and attracting people to the Kingdom!!! Both online and offline.
The one thing the Spirit keeps dropping in my heart z this…

Go Ru!!! Go Ruky!!! Go Forward!!! The BILLIONAIRE Deborah of our times… Judges 5:7


Yup. Teach 'em heathens what prosperity is used for...

And of course, your sisters, the FAB ladies each have a prayer for you from the Bible that you LOVE so much and don’t stop quoting…

From Nkechi Ogueri-Onyeukwu… For surely, O Lord, YOU BLESS Ru. You surround her with Your FAVOR as with a shield… Psalms 5:12
From Ruth Warrens— No longer will they call You deserted or name your land desolate, but you Ru will be called HEPHZIBAH and your land BEULAH, for the Lord YOUR God takes delight in YOU Ru, and your land will be MARRIED… Isa 62:4
From Desola Ajifolokun — Ru dear, this year, your light would shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven… Matt 5:16
From Anyanna Ojiegbu — This is a birthing season for u Ru. May God give you capacity to enlarge your tent for all he has planned for you… Isa 54:2-3

Find the rest on this


Signed by all of us in the FAB group with prayers for the celebrant

Err, we actually thought you may wanna hang these words and stare at them all day err’day for a really long time so we put it all together on this absolutely LOVELY picture frame signed with a Prayer by everyone of us…

{{Side note: All the virtual work that went into making this a reality?


Ru in the middle... Then Jess, Anna, Tobi, Fey, Nkechi and Susan

Phew. From the deliberation on what to give, how to do it, what vendor to use, praying he delivers, colours to use, back and forth pictures, getting the scriptures from everyone, phonecalls, texts, etc, ALL behind her back lol.


Ru in the middle. Then Liz, Ivy, Akpevwe, Titi, Chinwe, and Ruth Warrens

Thank you everyone, Every single one of us that made this happen, God bless us.


Ru, E'Anya, Desola and Rosebud

Special special thanks to FAB Anya who did the on-ground work and is doing the delivery since they both live in the same town. I owe you that hug… SOON!!! }}

Happy birthday Baby… We totally ruff you!!!


Isn't she lovely...

FAB’ers, please show some lurv…

And yup, your FAB Sisturrrrr z baaaaaaaaaaaack!!! Boy, what a holiday!!!
See you soon………

Going FORWARD Testifying…

UPDATE with Pictures!!!!!

So Ru had a party to commemorate this special day. Anya who was to deliver the gift was invited for the party (talk about God making it easier for us hehehe) and she captured the moments…
Gosh I LOVE surprises. Ru got her fair share today.
It was Anya’s first time of meeting her too. Can’t wait to meet you both SOON!!!!!!


Awwwwww. The gift was a total surprise. Anya said she was moved to tears. I am happy this KODAK moment was captured


The frame had to be BIG!!!! There was too much to write on it


Our dearest Anya and the birthday girl. Super FAB ladies


Earlier in the day... Fabulously 30 Ru

And finally, one of my readers my darling Gemma read this post and sent me an email of her singing the SOP 444 All things bright and beautiful, the Anglican version.
Sorry I can’t upload it here but trust me, I was blown out when I heard it. Will mail it to Ru…
Gemma’s voice can raise the dead walahi. God bless you Sugar!!!

#FAB.Testifying.Delight… E’ meets Ru

I start this post with a Hmmmmm cos I am truly amazed by God. And how He just orchestrates things.
I was praying late last year and I recall I was especially praying for my inner circle friends and how to manage them better in 2014 especially as I can’t claim to have been the ‘world’s best friend’ to some last year when I heard God say very clearly that I need to sit up ooo cos He was bringing some NEW girl into my inner circle this 2014. At first I am like ‘that’s not possible. The ones I have are enough jor…’ But I just stored that info somewhere.
Fast forward to late January, I was busy arranging my room when I get a mail from a blog reader. Now I do get a number of mails and all but this babe wrote like we were continuing a conversation we started earlier in the day. I stopped my chores, sat down and re-read it. It felt like something I would have written myself. It was so scattered and so sweet. I felt an instant connection to whoever this girl was so I hit the reply button immediately. Then she responds with a little more detail about herself which she had ABSOLUTELY NO REASON sharing. Then she sends me her FAB entry which I must confess I didn’t read in detail till now (I had goosebumps reading through it now ooo choi) 
At that moment, the Holy Spirit prompts me that this is the girl He said i would meet this new year. Immediately it resonated within me and I knew why I felt that connection from the first mail.
She called me up two days later or so and we spoke for almost an hour. And we flowed. As in really flowed. Bear in mind that I didn’t even know what she looked like. As she spoke, I was increasingly convinced that my inner circle just swelled by one. So I proposed friendship, she accepted and though I am yet to meet her, I am thrilled to welcome Ru into my inner circle (make way ladies lol). I sorta mentioned her at the end of this post
When she told me she wouldn’t want her picture up, I am like huh? How can you now be my friend? So she permitted me.


When I saw her pix, I am like yay!!! She is gorgeous too. Funny how I am accused of selectively picking only gorgeous friends. In Ru’s case, you see that I didn’t… Lol. #Likeattracts# #FabMeetsFab#

My longest intro ever… FABers, please meet Ru. You will definitely be hearing more about her here on this blog as she gradually eases into my increasingly fabulous life…
E’ you’re blessed to have amazing friends with the same purpose, drive and goal. (Is someone envious? Yes of course!). Your blog and JUG (Pastor M’s blog) gave me the courage to change the wrong relationships around me and make better decisions in my life.

***Well no need being jealous again. Now we are friends…***


Tried so hard to find a pix similar to hers but i am doing this in a hurry so manage this one lol

After I made those decisions, my relationship with my Father grew thicker, stronger, sweeter, better (looking for more synonyms). Chei! Can’t believe I’ve been missing all these while. I’ve been getting half of his attention, but now, kabaye!.

***I have to get used to this ‘kabaye’ as girlfriend says it a lot lol***

I made sure I was alone during our annual prayer and fasting. Because I want 2014 to be different from the other years, I had to prepare differently, and boy! ‘Twas super amazing. I also fasted and prayed for 3 days when I heard the theme for the year. Did serious consultation with the Holy Spirit on how to make the year a great one for me.
My name is Rukevwe and here are some of my plans for the 2014 (because I keep adding to the list.)

1. This year, I want to be excellent in everything I do, to the point that I will be a point of reference.(Daniel 5:12 and 6:3).

2. Chase procrastination outta my life. Mehn! That guy is a thief. Never befriend him. I can’t count the number of opportunities I have missed. Anyways, there’s room for recovery.

***Amen amen amen. ***

3. Listen to a message everyday for a week, (I guess it will have more impact).

***I hope you have started ooo? Yes it sure will. I have been reading Paul’s letters to Timothy repeatedly for a while and every time, I get som’in new***

4. Take my responsibility in church seriously. I was made a group leader in choir last year and to think I didn’t call my members until I made it one of my goals, to speak and pray with them at least once a week. (Have I done it this week? *hides face* will surely do that ‘moro. Setting up a reminder). Also attend cell meeting and choir rehearsal regularly. Sometimes, I feel for my cell leader. I repent My Father!

***Hahaha. As a HOD myself, some members were war!!! Sometimes you just wanna ban them from church if you had the power to. So biko repent. I trust you are on track already***

4. Be on time always. You can’t be a procrastinator and be timely. They are the worst combo ever. Being a procrastinator and late comer that is…

***I feel you on this. I am also working on the timely thfor a certain place I don’t really like going to so I make it bearable by going REAL LATE lol. Father I repent!!!!***

5. Do a solo in the first quarter, sing Oh Holy night during our Carol service, and also go for voice training. (These have been constant for the past 2years). I’m so doing it this year. I have picked a song sef. *in your face Luci aka Satan*.

*** Beefing you because you can sing ***

6. Pray and intercede for my friends. (I have started this as well).

*** Nne, too necessary. God sure loves an intercessor. Plus you can’t pray and beef or hold in unforgiveness at the same time. I have learnt to up my prayers especially for those that are getting on my last nerves… He he he***

7. I want to give one million in a single cheque this first quarter (thinking about it makes me super excited). I love giving and sowing seeds. There’s nothing I have that I haven’t sowed the equivalent. I jokingly told a colleague I can’t drive a car when I haven’t given in millions. I will expatiate on this goal. I’m sure you’ve read of men and women of this world who sponsor policies and laws that are contrary to my Father’s. How dare they? I will give them a run for their money. Forbes will be so confused on how I arrived on the scene. Sister, the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ must flood the nations of this world as the waters cover the sea. We must drive the gospel to the uttermost part of the earth. You can’t do this by keeping quiet. I have started converting the abundance of the sea. Have you read the scriptures that say; you’ll lend to nations and you’ll lay up gold as dust? These scriptures must be fulfilled. (E’ let’s start this prayer group osiso). 

***Did you guys feel the passion in that statement? My darling, billionaire believers needed. Yes our prosperity is confusing Forbes oooo… Thank God the group has started already****

8. Start a PGD in project management and ace it. I have actually registered so it’s in process.

9. Take care of old people. The ones that don’t have relatives to cater for them. I have identified 2. Will be sending cash to my mum to pay people to clean their houses, wash their clothes and cook for them. One of my long term goal is to open an old people’s home. 

***Oh wow!!! I have a friend who has a passion for old people too and you have given me pointers for her before she can start her own home…***

10. Start French class this first quarter, March to be precise.

***I love the ‘To be precise’ line. Me too ooo. Wanna learn this French ooo***

11. Stabilize my business. God knows how many times I have squandered both my capital and profit. Sigh! I have been very prudent with money lately, so this time it’s for real. Making my first order tonight. Thank you Holy Spirit. Business ideas just keep flooding in. I have five mind blowing business ideas right now. The ability and resources are also available. Somebody shout glorrrrrrrrrrry. 

***Glory!!! And I also pray God give you the wisdom to handle it well and take only steps He approves of while blessing the work of your hands, amen!!! BTW, did you make that order yet? ***

12. Be confirmed as a full staff in my office. Actually had a chat with my Father about it this afternoon. Something good is brewing already. *dancing etighi*

***Amen. Another FABer desires this. You and Tani and indeed others who have this desire will be back to testify here, amen***

13. Intensify my prayer life. Tremendous power has to be made available for these goals to come to pass. The bible says; there are things that will only go by prayer and by fasting.(Matt 17:21). 

***Thank God for our FAB prayer group. It can only get better sweetie…***

14. Visit China, especially during one of their fairs or exhibition. A friend said I will come back with 200 business ideas, dunno how true that is. Already looking forward to it.

*** hahaha. Pictures when you do please… Especially at the Great Wall…And yes I believe that fr.iend ooo***

15. Work seriously on my temper. 

***hahaha, when you are about to work a temper up, you have my number… Lol***

16. Own a car; Rav 4 the third edition.

*** Nne I can already picture it (also with Priceless too) which is why I will insert this picture here***


17. Surround myself with like minds, same purpose and drive. (I remember sowing a wristwatch that an ex friend (smiles) likes and she was so furious I didn’t give it to her. In her words; ‘you should have given it to me instead of sowing it in church’. I shook my head after she said it).

***Why do I think I want to hear this ‘ex-friend (smiles) gist? Hmmm***

18. Own a property in one of the posh area in my Gold Coast. (Foreigners will come and build my cities. Presidents and kings will send me aid. Isaiah 60:10 living translation). How I love Isaiah 60 especially the living translation. I ponder and mediate on it everyday.

***The more you ponder, the smaller the mountain gets. I also totally love that chapter. There was a year I read and confessed it daily. Maybe I should start again***

I have started some of these plans and know by my Father’s grace, I will achieve all in Jesus name, AMIN.

It is not by power nor by might but by spirit sayeth The Lord.

P.S. I didn’t add this last one because it’s been fulfilled which is; do a mail to E’. (Showing my 44 teeth)

***Lol… Warreva :p***

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my thoughts, goals, aspirations and plans. You’re truly my Father’s sent. God bless you real good.

Kind regards 
Rukevwe (your Sugar Daddy’s daughter)

***I have rechristened her Ru but she is Rukevwe to y’all. My FAB praying partners please take note and stop calling her Ru… Side eye*** lol


Thank you so much sweets for sharing with us here on the FAB lane such beautiful big dreams. i was inspired reading this. Very very. I wish I could give you a realIy tight squeezy E’ hug right now.
Soon… Real soon *winks* God bless you my Darling.
With you and me, Abuja go take… Can’t wait ooo

So hope every one’s week is off to a great start… Mine has been ooo. Today has been most amazing. Ending it with Ru’s post makes a great icing on the cake.
Are you interested in joining the FAB prayer group? We started on wWhatsapp but we had to move to bbm so you have to be on BBM to join.
You can send me a mail at
First come first serve basis. I think we will be taking in just 4 or 5 tops for now. We will keep adding as the days go by and as the spirit leads.
Then if your testifying entry has not featured yet, no fear. I got it all scheduled. I definitely haven’t forgotten or tossed you. I no fit. Will send every one pending a mail tomorrow so you know I still have you covered. If you don’t get one, please holler at me by Wednesday.
Lotta lotta love… I truly deeply love y’all
God bless you for always reading, sharing and commenting

Group hug…


Going Forward… Still Testifying

Let’s give ’em som’in to be proud about…

I love mentor-mentee relationships… Especially those within the kingdom. I love such phrases as…
‘…one of my sons was telling me…’
‘…my father in the faith/Lord said…’
‘…one of my mentees came to see me…’
I really look out for such phrases whenever I am listening to a message or reading a book.
I know that we can’t run this race alone without healthy associations or mentoring and I am VERY WARY of men of God who just appear from nowhere without any ‘father figure’ in their ministry… I listen to/read a good number of preachers and I can tell
‘oh, so so and so is this person’s mentor…’ and all.

I especially love when a mentor is invited to preach in a mentee’s church and I listen VERY CLOSELY to the introduction by the mentee and the opening statements by the mentor of the mentee… it gives me a beautiful idea of their relationship and I am looking for what to ‘steal’ from that. Funny yeah? Loooool… But tz wisdom…
This morning, I was listening to a message preached by Rev Femi in his own Pastor, Rev Victor Adeyemi’s church convention in my final year.

I was a part of the protocol that went with Rev and I was just smiling as I recalled all that went down as Rev Victor introduced Rev. All the glowing things one Rev said about the other and also what Rev’s wife had to say about their relationship with Rev Victor and his family… You could literally feel the honor they have for their Pastor… Ditto the love. I could also tell how immensely PROUD of Rev Femi that Rev Victor is… IMMENSELY… And trust me, I have heard Rev Victor talk PLENTY times about Rev in different meetings.
With such a ‘son’ like Rev Femi, you would be proud. Proud that God called you into ministry in the first place…
And then i thought,
‘Am I giving the mentor figures in my life something to be proud about? Can they give such a good report about me too? Is their mentorship in vain or fruitful? All the sweating they sweat on the pulpit, all the time they spend on one-on-ones, am I making them of much or no effect? Can they truly say ‘Eziaha, I am proud of you…?’

I am still answering some of those questions and making necessary adjustments…
Yesterday was my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo’s birthday and he happens to be birthday mates with his ‘son’ who pastors DCC Abuja.

Trust me, Pastor Busayo is a son in whom the Okonkwo’s are well pleased. And judging by the love that was shown to Pastor B too, I can say DCC as a whole is well pleased in him too. I spent a month plus in DCC Abuja and Pastor B’s zeal and passion is something else. Truly, like Father like son… I really look forward to moving to Abuja and joining DCC Abuja and doing God’s work cos I have seen how this ‘son’ is as fiercely loyal to God’s work as he is to God’s servant PK.
I love that Pk can say of Pastor B,

‘This is my son in whom I am well pleased…’
Kai, all this kain tin dey sweet me. I love healthy loving vertical relationships… I especially love to study the ‘lesser’ person especially the one that Hebrews 7:7 says is being blessed as a result of honoring the ‘greater’ and in whom the greater is well pleased…
And the scripture is replete with such healthy relationships… Paul and Timothy, Joshua and Moses, Elijah and Elisha, etc. Remember I said HEALTHY not PERFECT. There are NO perfect people…
I did a lot of thinking this morning… till now.
I will still meditate on this…
I don’t want to be a lazy mentee, or one that a mentor would brand ‘unserious’. The kind that would keep coming for counsel but will still go away and do NOTHING about it…
It is FOOLISH to ignore what your FATHER taught you… Prov 15:5
I certainly don’t want to be a foolish mentee…
That foolish mentee that would see trouble coming, ignore the mentors advice and enter… or will I obey and avoid it… (Prov 22:3)
I have decided that I want to give my mentors plenty to be proud about…

Let them know that their labour over me is NOT in vain…
And just incase you are wondering why the focus is on mentors and pastors…
That is simple…
I Cor 11:1… IMITATE/FOLLOW me, just as I IMITATE/FOLLOW Christ…
My mentors FOLLOW Christ… Serious copy-copy these spiritual fathers of mine. Totally sold out. Me sef no dey shame as I dey do my own follow follow ooo…

#DontJudgeMe . (I should have titled this post FOLLOW FOLLOW)
They also take their calling and following VERY seriously because they know they are accountable to the Boss, God!!!
Heb 13:17… Obey your LEADERS and FOLLOW their orders. They watch over your souls without resting knowing that they MUST give God an ACCOUNT of their SERVICE…

So tge onus is now on YOU to FOLLOW the right fathers and mentors…

If you go follow blind mentor, na ditch you go enter ooo (Matt 15:!4). And you won’t give God som’in to be proud about…
Your call…

Oh btw, tz two months today

and “I’M STILL DO” too

Signing those dotted lines? BEST decision of my LIFE (after being born-again of course…). We are caps off grateful dear God…

And with both of us FOLLOWING these couple mentors as they IMITATE Christ even in their marriages, you can be sure that this walk/work will keep getting better and better… And we will continue to enjoy THE MARRIAGE OF OUR DREAMS… Amen.

My testifier tomorrow is another ‘follow-follow’ woman. I love her to smithereens… And tomorrow is such a special day in her life… YAY!!! Can’t wait…

And seriously, thank you to the F.A.B community for all your support and loving… keep spreading the link to the blog. Tz pretty easy
And so is my besties blog
Booski kicked off her blog just a couple of weeks ago and she has upgraded to dotcomtinz. If you are still on a http://www.??? and you started blogging eons ago, COVER YOUR FACE!!! :p
Yes I am yabbing you… y’all know yourselves…
And yup, my email is now
If you are a blogger on a dotcom level and you need a customized email address, holla. Tz free btw…
You are welcome…


Going Forward… Still Testifying

Just as I put finishing touches to this post, Priceless pings me to harass me cos I haven’t updated the blog, asking me if I have sold it.

So I said I will yab her… so this is me yabbing her… FOLLOW FOLLOW…
Ah Priceless and her hubby are confirmed FOLLOW FOLLOW too ooo. Amazing couple. I love the BUNDLES… Her testifying post is also loading…
Oh btw, I already mentioned that I have OVER 31 voices already right… Yup. So entries closed… thank you for understanding


First LDM comes up this Sunday at 4.30pm

Where PK gets all these titles is indeed between him and God… hehehe.
If you are in Lagos, please attend. DCC is in Amuwo Odofin. Call 080777714411 for all the details you need…


You guys thought I was cooking up a storm abi? Pastor M cooked up a tornado yesterday while I was waiting for a blog post…

Woman of God (and hubby) keep moving the goal post…
I wish I visited. 😦
BTW, watch out on this Sunday morning. The post would be live then… Tz also Pastors appreciation day…

Random Musings


*in my Mexican accent* Holla…. *AIR KISSES*

O=)Angel o' ♥ _

Today is a beautiful Sunday and the girl just feels like musing…

Random stuff on my mind… LET’SSSSS

First of all this cant be real na…?


As in how is this possible?

You know I have been writing an article in my head about stuff that are too much for me to comprehend. The very first has to be ladies toasting men and proposing to ‘em. Lemme not jump abeg. I will still do it. But please this is one too. I don’t even like it when men drink talk less of ladies… ewwww. Please ooo I am not judging ooo. My brother drinks and popsie too but my boo doesn’t and for that I am really grateful. How do you even kiss a mouth stinking of gulder, not even irish cream? And drinking from the bottle on your wedding day…? double ewwwww. thanks to my dear laide for this pix and the many others. If you were not married to that fab woman I would have found you a wifey…  hehehe

More musings

Kim K is in Nigeria.

kk (the Cops are stifling a laff there hehehe)

Yeah yeah please roll your eyes. I am amazed as to how people say they don’t like her and yet they consider her newsworthy and follow her up on SM sites. Abeggiii make I hear.

Kim Kardashian arrives Lagos Nigeria for Darey's LLAM concert (5)

I like  Kim sha just as I like Kimora hehehe.


In fact her ‘life on a fab lane’ inspired my blog rider ‘Living the Christ life on a fab lane’ They provide great entertainment and they are really fine ooo complete with hot bods… Phew…. But their lifestyle? Let’s just say that I, like Obama, will NOT let my kids even see an episode.


Not totally sha but mostly I would not endorse some stuff they do. But Kimora is a badt business woman ooo.


And Kris Jenner dey help Kim try small as her mom-ager.


Ok that’s just me musing about Kim being in Naija. If I was in lag, I would NOT have gone tho… D love no reach like that… But the chic is powerful tho…and a super star like    it or not even in Naija cos the minute chica tweeted ‘on my way to Naija’ na so she start to trend at number one here knocking off Goldie whose death and marriage had been trending for two days. SMH for Twitter mourners… Sorry ‘mourners’

Ok on to the next…

I am amazed as to how God settles me church wise every where I go. When I was leaving Ibadan I was sad and happy. Yeah I had graduted and stuff but TA (Triumphant Assembly that is ) was really IT ALL… I mean ALL… I was VERY HAPPY. I had the best of the very BEST Pastors and mentors.


The gift of access I enjoyed. I also enjoyed LOVE. I loved my church and church members. I still do. I had INCREDIBLE FRIENDS there.


I had real prayer partners. Deep ladies and guys. My Drama team was WOW!!!

IMG-20110820-00006 (I can’t even forget this overnight  rehearsals for drama night. their hands hurt them tire cos they were human props hehehe. our director was not mean)

Church was my fam… And I loved us all.


I won’t attempt to mention names cos I would run into trouble. You guys take my blog way too seriously jare LOL… I knew leaving Ibadan meant I would have to do DCC in Lagos. Hmmmm… The stuff I really loved about DCC was Pastor K and Pastor M…


I really had my hangups and stuff about ‘after preaching church activities.’ Don’t get me wrong DCC is a DREAM church but TA was too on my mind and the transition wasn’t gonna be easy. So I decided that I would go to church, join a unit (I can’t bear to NOT be in a unit in church. How do you people do that? I am doing a special blogpost for you guys and nope it won’t be pretty). Oh something else I loved about DCC was the flat shoes ladies used to wear. I am tripped by heels and in a student community you see quite a lot. But in DCC, ladies used to wear really nice flats. Now I realized that they used to then because work in the Dome (yes we use a Dome for service. A real EXPENSIVE PRETTY DOME) especially the floors were not done and so ladies were rocking flats wella to preserve the heels. LOL Now they rock heels wella. Ok back to my DCC plan. I’ll join a unit and then go home after church simple. I didn’t have a single friend (I mean like my TA friends) there and I didn’t intend to make so much friends (goodbyes are teary) cos I had a plan to rush back to Ibadan as often as possible and then a grand plan to go serve in Oyo state. Thinking about my plan now makes me smile. So I did just that. But mehn, when I got ‘ere in November, I made a few friends, had a few fans who knew me from my blog, enjoyed a few kodak moments, gave out plenty of my famous squeezy  huggy hugs (What!!! You haven’t received any of my hugs. Gee! How do you sleep at night?), joined a second fantastic unit and DCC began to look like IT. But I still knew I was moving back to Ibadan for service.

Ibadan-20120130-02596 (STILL MISS MY MULTI COLORED ROOM… D most beautiful room in Anchorage then,,,)

Until God said to me in no unclear terms leaving no room for my opinion, ‘Baby mi toh beauriful (eat ur hearts out :p), your work in Ibadan is done… Oya forward march to Abuja….’ ABUJA… I didn’t know NATIN about Abuja. Had been here once about 6 or 7years ago (of course a few hours wedding trips DO NOT COUNT) for about a week holiday in which I was very protected (I was really young). The boo and I had discussed the POSSIBILITY of settling here MAYBE (pls note the block letters). But moving here for service? Jehovah!!! First thought, what church will I attend that will be like DCC Lagos or TA Shabach ooo? *insert Huge tears*.

I mean wasn’t it bad enough that I was missing Rev Albert’s teachings already

Albert Oduwole(7)

and now PK too. Of course when I went public with the gist, most of my friends in Abuja were happy to invite me to join their churches. I promised nothing tho I said I would visit. But HE led me to DCC Abuja and I told Him let PK preach the first day I step in there. Guess what people, my PK, SORRY PM’s PK no ‘Dassah’s honey (PM :p) sha Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo was there…

pk pm

He came to Abuja to encourage us to pray and have HIgH EXPECTATIONS this new year.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (that is me in red behind… the person that snapped was beefing me and didn’t let me show)

DCC Abuja is new and growing and trust me, that is my kinda thing… If you see the way I love DCC Abuja eh… Tz almost UNBELIEVABLE.


I thought it would take me time to settle in and stuff.  And the absolute best part of church is my Pastor (sorry Mimi baby you are the second best). Pastor B is a chip off the old block…


I really don’t miss PK like I thought I would cos mehn Pastor B is loaded. You can see that ise Oluwa shacks him. Seriously I am so inspired… God really went ahead of me on this one sha and ‘organised’ this before I showed up. I feel really blessed… So i might as well add that if you are in Abuja and you do not like your church  have a church where you are grounded, as a Worker and stuff, please feel free to join us every sunday at Cubana lounge on Adetokunbo Ademola street, Wuse 2, and wednesdays at APPLES REACH just slightly adjacent Cubana at 6.30pm. i would be, and my Pastor too, very happy to see and welcome you and if you are a lady, you get the special E’ hug… hehehe… Trust me hon, DCC Abuja ROCKS… A trial and YOU ARE HOOKED!!!

That said I DO MISS REV Albert Femi oduwole. *wailing* And I also miss Ibadan. I was talking to someone and said ‘Ibadan’ instead of Lagos. That said though, 15 MORE DAYS TILL I SEE REV…Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



 EziahaO_)Omoteniola;;)

Can’t wait… *Azonto and etighi* Actually it is till ‘we’ see Rev. ‘we’ being a singular term. *wink* And I actually get to see my Ibadan peeps. I am soooo amazed as to how people miss me ooo. They call, bb, text oh wow!!! I even hear they tell my story, use my name for sermons (I ordered a message and as I listened recently it was a real pleasant surprise to hear my name oooooo chai). When I was leaving, did I mention that NOT  few people cried… I am like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I too cried but hey, na wah ooo. Please I want to meet more people like Eziaha ooo and I am serious.

Ok next musing…

Abuja guys need JESUS… Seriously!!! They actually do. And that is All this  very pretty, hot, fabulous, 5ft 11 woman of God will be saying on this matter. Ok let me just add that if I were a runs babe eh, by now I would have acquired a property in Maitama. My friend says my hips don’t lie… I say Double d’uh…

Musing next…

So I had been rolling around the choice of my Chief in my head (That’s what happens when you are the last child/baby, not a twin, and have at least 4besties and applications from other friends) and when I finally decided on one of ‘em and told her, if you see the drama that went on between us you would have thought it was a marriage proposal. I am so sparing you guys the details #poko (been wanting to use that. No idea what it means)


My blog is making impact. Please can you believe this? OMgosh!!!


Of course there are some details going on that I can’t share but I can say that some people made the LDM Abuja from my blog.

DCC LDM feb 10 2013

Someone came from Asaba. And some of you in Abuja, single n ready to settle, that LDM came to your dormot, una no come. An atmosphere with sooo much anointing and people that you may meet sef and sound teachings too from PK life and direct, and you didn’t make it. Wait ooo I have a special blogpost for you, Una dey wait for me to write the message out on my blog. Mschewwwww… I’m pretty miffed so I will move on.

So the Asaba girl hung out in Abuja for a week and came to church Sunday and Wednesday. Sweetie twas really nice meeting you and I really should pray you to Abuja ooo.You fit in well here jor… *forgot to snap with her. too busy*

I also met others who came for the program. Btw, some of you owe me an email  or fb in-boxes and stuff so I am waiting kk

Even in Abuja in random places, I really mean the most random of places, I meet people who recognize me from my blog. I really should be careful what I ask for and say cos I get ‘em. At the start of the year, I prayed over and blessed my blog. I called it a TESTIMONY. My blog forms a part of my 2013    confessions. Gradually I see fruits… Like someone doing an ABOUT FACE on a relationship wey don tey cos of something I read on my blog. Seriously!!!!!!! You guys rock sha. *big Eziaha styled hugs* Thank you so much for making this blog a part of your life and for all the online and offline messages. The number of offline messages are alarming.


So now I have started harassing people to post the messages online abeg. And here is me also saying it. Please make una dey read and comment too and spread word. If I make you happy then make me happy on this one kk. READ AND DROP  A LINE. Oshay… You can comment anonymously too. I also have amebos here ooo and seriously I see you guys and I just press the ignore button… I just couldn’t be bothered… I am just too busy making progress *insert three uninterested BBM smileys here for good measure*

Ok next..

So we lost Goldie.


I wasn’t a fan… don’t know any of her song, didn’t watch her on BBA and didn’t really care for her but her death like many other deaths, was painful. I was particularly pained with twitter comments about her and stuff. Respect for the dead should not be included in a college or high school curriculum before someone knows it is the right thing to do. Like it or not, the babes was someone’s daughter, wifey, bestie, friend, sister, aunt, etc… Before being that star, she was a HUMAN BEING jare. But then again, twitter can be a real JOKE. So I don’t always take it too seriously. Tz my prayer that God comforts those who are truly mourning her, amen. Her death got me thinking tho. We really should live knowing that one day we would die and would spend eternity (way longer than we have spent on earth even if you live to 120) somewhere. So live heaven conscious. Infact with that kinda mindset, when people mourn us, they do not mourn like people without hope because they know and we know too that we are indeed in a better place. Especially if you are a Nigerian. Me I am looking forward to heaven especially because NEPA people are not going to make heaven we don’t have to bother about light there… wooooooooooooot!!! Death should not be so bad na… with this knowledge. Except of course for those that would miss us. #RIPGoldie.

So let’s end this on a love note… Valenetine fever is over abi?


Told ya it would not last… the cure is really Feb 15th. So I hope you didn’t do anything stupid ooo. Hope we all got gifts too even if from yourself. One babes was whining on BR that she got no gifts and stuff. Me I told her that next year she should DHL a gift to herself and arrange to have it delivered on Val’s day. Smart yeah? I thou  ht so too.

Speaking of gifts aside Phone calls and e-lovages from amazing people, Vals was spent, after wrapping and delivering Val packages of course, watching movies with Mimi.


Single ladies was the movie title… Movie without a lesson except really nice dresses. Mehn the ladies dressed to kill ooo. But it was too unreal. I know you are itching to know what I gave the boo… How that one take consign you? . I know you are also itching to know what Aku m did. Infact we have been arguing about this ooo.

Aku m ♥

I have an idea what he wants to get me cos he has been hinting so I came all out and asked him NOT TO. Reason? While I agree that I need it ooo, over need it sef, but I just feel we have better things to do with money and stuff especially now. I said it could wait and I offered a CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE. See argument ooo. He INSISTED… I said NO. he said ‘You don’t have a choice sorry’ He was now quoting PK that when a woman says SAVE she means SPEND and when she says DON’T BUY IT HONEY IT CAN WAIT, don’t answer her ooo, just go ahead and buy… chai!!! Guess who won? HE DID!!! Yay me!!! *straight face* But seriously baby, you are my real gift…




Love you forever Aku m… (Aku m means my treasure in Igbo or wealth. I prefer treasure, for those of you that want to kill me with asking)

4x6 copy

Yeah, I shared that story above to make you very jealous. I hope you are. And don’t bother planning evil, we are COVERED hehehe. No try yasef ooo.

Drained!!! Started out thinking this would take one hour. NOPE IT DIDN’T EVEN TAKE TWO… Great read is absolutely hard writing ooo. The things I do for y’all. So make sure you are commenting okies… And by the way I respond to almost comment especially EVERY COMMENT that has a question. So go back and read ooo when you comment. Someone almost missed LDM cos she felt I didn’t comment.

Have a BLESSED week ahead… filled with endless possibilities

E’ hugs (for every morning and night this week)



PS; There is this comedy program coming up this sunday in DCC Lagos… COMEDY goes TO CHURCH. hosted by Accapella and has many amazing comedians coming.

Comedian Acapella ff @mcaccapela. 08067010127 08022476330(1)

Find details on Vien’s blog here Tz just 1k  ticket and tz this Sunday. So happy I will be in Lagos then and I would invite one of my friend’s to come and sleep over in my house. please do not apply. i already know who i have in mind. But please feel free to come too. i am so looking forward to it. i also have details on my FAB UPCOMIN’ EVENTS section on the blog…

PPS; none today… :p Sleep… hehehe