A great Cloud of WITNESSES


Therefore since we are surrounded by a GREAT cloud of WITNESSES…
Hebrews 12:1

I love this scripture. Especially because of how God has revealed Himself to me through it in recent times through a series of experiences- Mine and others who have shared with me.
You know there is something about your own RHEMA. Your personal revelation. I had heard Rev explain this scripture in light of being in a Christian gathering (e.g Church) and we have all kindsa ‘spirits’ present –


The Spirit of David there guiding you through praising God even in your toughest times, The Spirit of Joseph, Daniel and the three Hebrew men encouraging you to not compromise your faith, the Spirit of Deborah telling you ‘C’mon girl, yes you can…’ And so on.

But this scripture has ‘come home’ to me in recent times. I will share 7 scenarios with you.

Scene 1.


One of my readers shared something with me recently. It was a family dilemma situation between her and her hubs and she just needed large doses of wisdom and grace to handle it. You know how usually when you have an issue, you may get all worked up and stuff. Ehen!!! So in her worked up state, she spoke to her mentor who amazingly had been through the exact same thing and just counselled her rather calmly through it all. By the time she was gisting me, I kept hearing the phrase ‘…A great cloud of witnesses…’ In my spirit.
Like in a couple of hours or days, the issue was resolved cos her mentor counselled her on what to do.
Nice and easy. Daz how my Sugar Daddy wants us to go through life.
So He surrounds us with a ‘GREAT CLOUD of WITNESSES.

Scene 2


A dear Sister of mine has had some kinda delay in having kids. Oh the week preceding Akikitan was BAD for her. She was DEPRESSED and had done some EXTREME stuff. By the time she got around to talking to me, I didn’t know what to say. Every preaching went flat. She had actually told me ‘E’ you don’t understand…’ And frankly, I didn’t. God does but He’ll work through humans. Wham, the HS mentions Pastor M who had longer years of delay sef complete with an issue of blood but now has a testimony after 8 long years. Ah, I rang PM and asked for permission to forward her number to my sister. I told her to ring me after talking to PM and I’m not kidding you, I actually thought I was talking to a different person when she did about an hour later. Her spirits were lifted, she was back to high mehn. I didn’t even ask her what PM said, I just thanked the Holy Spirit and PM for this ‘great cloud of witness’ testimony. At Akikitan which she came for, I hooked her up with PM who now prayed for her and me I just know this Sister of mine is coming for WWW 2014 with her babies. And on this blog Sis, you will testify.

See how this matter settled, cos of the GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES…

Scene 3


In my 3rd year in Unibadan, first semester, I had the privilege of talking to a peculiar set of people. They had just been chucked out of their departments and were literally losing their minds. Infact, I recall how I was always used as an example by Staff and students alike and so they would always direct such ‘tsunamized’ students to me. I didn’t need to preach. I only needed to share my story with you. Heck sweetie, you got tsunamized in your first year, I got tsunamized in my FOURTH year meaning I was chucked out of Pharm school in my 4th year into finals to go and start at 200level. I ‘lost’ three years. You lost no year. My goodness. Tell me what you have to complain about. As I shared my story ( I was top of my class in my new department after just a year) , I saw hope well up again in them. I saw tears dry up. I’m glad to say that some of them have graduated today with great grades and some, still in school are doing well.

What encouraged them?
A great cloud of WITNESSES.

Scene 4


I met a fine young lady recently. She’s just gorgeous BUT has had major challenges which stemmed from the fact that Jamb had been jamming her hence all her mates are even quarter to graduate. It affected many things chief of which was her relationship with God. I had tried my best to counsel her but err, it wasn’t working as much as I wanted. Then wham, I recalled a dear friend who had issues getting into school and then finally did and hmm, graduated as her class valedictorian. Ah, what does E’ do? Yup. She links them up. And that my dear FABers is how my girl gets encouraged. She is getting her groove with God back, She will get into school, she will graduate and the world will see her do exploits should God tarry. Best of all, she too will become someone else’s GREAT cloud of witnesses.

Scene 5


One of my readers had relationship issues. It was a WEB. A BAD WEB. The kinda web you should not get into cos it now involved family and all. Infact as she gisted me, I was a tad irritated. Relationships shouldn’t be that complicated. Anyways, I recalled another blog reader who my Sugar daddy had delivered from a similar mess-of-a-relationship. Not only did God deliver her, he gave her a GOOD GOD man and now she has a very happy family. Omo, I linked both of them and wham, she counselled and prayed her through it. Now my reader z in a better place.
A GREAT cloud of witnesses!!!

Scene 6


A girl had inter-tribal marriage issue with her parents. Oh, it was bad. I had shared my story on my blog. So a reader introduced her to my blog and so she got in touch with me. I shared more of my story with her. We could actually trade notes lol. Crazy stuff. But she was encouraged. And counselled. Haven’t heard from her in a while but I’m pretty sure she’s married already.

Scene 7


Ah!!! Married life. Tz soooo amazing. But it sure comes with its own challenges. How I have been encouraged reading Inthemidstofher’s blog (www.inthemidstofher.com We are so alike gosh!!!). How I have learnt how to avoid wahala by hearing some godly young wives (who have been married before me) share their stories. How I have learnt to be prudent by sharing my mistakes with someone and have her share hers and her victory too. How some wives have shared stuff with me that I have gone through and overcome and have just shared my victorious story with ’em. Ah, I recall Priceless and I discussing one day and God just told me, ‘your challenges are not peculiar sweetie’
Oh no they aren’t. Or was it when the HS prompted me to share som’in VERY PRIVATE with a ‘strange’ friend of mine. I struggled a bit and eventually did whilst telling her I didn’t know why God wanted me to share ooo. I was spot on. Infact, she said I was a life saver. She had struggled with stuff like that as a wife and my story couldn’t have been shared at a better time. Ah, even me felt so ‘Christian’ at that point lol. A dear friend asked me to create a BBM group for young Christian newly weds where we can exchange peculiar stuff and all because ‘Eziaha, you are good with stuff like that…’ . Tempted as I was, I knew I was swamped so I couldn’t manage another group so I told her to start and invite me. Someone remind me to ask her how far with it ooo. (Tani, Valerie do and marry puhleeze)

Look, I can take you through stories and stories and stories just to let you know YOUR challenges are NOT PECULIAR!!! No they aren’t. I don’t care what you are going through boo. Nothing peculiar!!! Don’t let the devil tell you your own is the worst or that it is only you. Evil (and the devil) thrives in secrecy. Look around you Sweetie, we are surrounded by a GREAT CLOUD of WITNESSES.


Find your own cheerleader

They are not just lurking around to make us feel bad for our mistakes, but they are also victors. People who have gone through what you are going through and have whipped the devil’s backside. They can encourage you through it. Don’t glorify and wallow in your pain, weaknesses or challenges. Don’t!!! Look for your WITNESS and get encouraged.


Share with a trusted person. Who knows, they may know your ‘witness’ and hook you up. And cos your witness has been through it, don’t expect him/her to cry with you. Don’t be upset when you don’t feel the person seems a bit more ‘progressive’ in her approach as opposed to having you spend all YEAR telling her your story. Yes ooo, I will empathise with you, but I won’t pull a mat and make your solo a duet pity party. My job is to help you to move on and quickly too. I certainly want you to testify soonest. Tough love is usually recommended sometimes. But by all means, don’t go through life’s challenges alone. You sure have your witness.

And if you have been through, encourage another. Be a proud Victor. I truly believe that just as we are blessed to bless others, we are ‘healed’ to help others through their own healing too because that ministry comes home to you. Do a proper ‘ntoi’ to the devil by helping another person to victory. Don’t WASTE YOUR PAIN by my darling Pastor Bimbo will say. Victories that end with you are at best empty. TD Jakes in his book ‘The lady, Her Lover and Her Lord’ calls it ‘Affecting the next generation’. It is urgent that we break the cycle of going through the same pains from generation to generation.
One of my best testimonies has to be hearing someone talk about how she quit pre-marital sex. Shattah!!! That testimony tickles me pink. Esp when she is sharing that story to encourage another woman. Share your own story too. Again, I think we should be proud victors. Or best still, proud MENTORING victors.

So sweetie, are you going through? Find your own ‘great cloud of witnesses’ and be sure that someday, you too form a part of someone else’s GREAT CLOUD OF WITNESSES’

Heb 12 1-3 Do you see what this means—all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit (Message translation)
Heb 12 : 1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. (NLT)


Akikitanized FORWARD

If you are waiting for Akikitan gist on my blog, you are on a real long thing. I won’t deceive myself and say I can put what went down into words. If Pastor M can do it, good for you. But two things I will say…
1. When Women Worship 2015 will have incredible testifiers. Many people will CRY a different kind of tears. I know that like I know my name. It will turn the INCREDIBLE testimonies I heard that night to Child’s play.
2. I met tons and tons of people I knew only online. Wow!!! Wow!!! My Word came from Efe though (like I expected) when she said ‘i see ministries birthing here tonight’ and immediately after saying that, she took Tasha Cobbs ‘Power in the name of Jesus’. I knew that was my cue to ‘seize the moment’ with a seed. I had to go and hug her afterwards and I took a picture with her.


The Minstrel Efe

Efe turned the atmosphere to heaven. And that’s all I can say. Heaven go sweet ooo. No miss am.

I can’t stop recommending TD Jakes book I mentioned here.


The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord

This BOOK keeps changing my life. When one of my mentee suggested we start a book club, I put her in charge and I made us start with that book. Thankfully most of them had it and the ones who didn’t have it got it in like 4days. I was WOWED. We have been reading and discussing it and I am just amazed by Papa Jakes like they call him, and all the rhema my girls be sharing. Just go and buy that book and read. Biko.


BTW, Jakes is June born too. June 9, 14 years after my mama JM. Wow, she senior am no be small ooo. He is 57 and she’s 71. Wow!!!


Right after I hit PUBLISH on this Post, i will go ahead and publish 7 QUESTIONS WISE WOMEN ASK on http://www.dccabujablog.com
Ladies, before I DO, you need to ask and get correct answers to those questions ooo. When a man answers the question ‘Why do you want to marry me?’ with ‘…Because you know how to pound yam’, you know say wahala dey.
It is book and CD review by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. So check in sooooon. It will bless you, I promise.
The best part, I’m adding a DOWNLOAD LINK
Post z up here

The one before #Àkìkìtán

I am sooooooooo expectant I can hardly stand or sit still.
My spirit is bursting and rearing to go.


I am incredibly AMAZED as to what happened with IMELA last year. (The Program is actually WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP but each year there is a theme. Last year, IMELA, this year #Àkìkìtán) I am still hearing testimonies. Shattah!!! Jobs, births, business breakthroughs, relationships with God reaching an all time high, dreams birthed, etc!!! God is just incredible. I have no doubt that #Àkìkìtán this year, my Sugar Daddy will outdo Himself. Ah, I can feel Him already. He has even started dropping the miracles. I am a LIVING witness. I had a pending testimony I was going to #Àkìkìtán to praise Him in advance for and my Daddy decides to spoil me silly and land the testimony on my lap in the most dramatic of ways as I was in the airport enroute Lagos for the program.


Ah, I still have more ooo so lemme go and settle it in #Àkìkìtán.

I have done my best to blog and invite as many as possible. I know some ladies just can’t make it for very good reasons. I am not talking about those ones. But it is sorta heart breaking that some people who really should be there and are in Lagos or can be in Lagos on that day and can actually make it won’t come. Trust me, I’m PAINED for you. Anyways, God can still touch them sha.
Then some who are on every SM site I have been screaming #Àkìkìtán on but are waiting for me to specially ping/message them and ask them to come.



No comment. I just know that devil can’t let me miss that kinda thing so long as I am aware and can move things around for it. Tz afterall once a year biko nu.

Hmmmmmmmm. It is well. Amen.


The program will be streamed live on http://www.davidschristiancentre.org starting at 4pm. If you are outside Nigeria or have a legit reason to not make it, join us online.

Aside the program, I’m giddy that I’ll be meeting lots and lots of people for the first time. All non-DCC members ooo
First off, my mentees. Whoop!!! Those young ladies have carried it on their heads ooo. From outside town, some of them don enter lagos sef in time for the program. Everytime we have a prayer meeting, they pray sooooo much about it. And NO, they are not DCC Members. Some of them even got the asoebi.
Looking forward to meeting y’all. And they are sleeping over in my house afterwards!!! Yaaaaay. 

My besties Valerie and Booski will be there. Whoop!!! Some of my Twitter peeps (I truly can’t name everyone) and fellow Bloggers (Frances, Tomiwa, and co) and some of my friends in Lagos and TA too (my church in Ibadan).

Chai!!! You guys come early ooo. I’m certainly trusting to be there at 2pm max 2.30pm so I can have time to hang out with y’all. We all know we won’t be meeting each other during the program. I no dey play rough play. And after the program, everyone will be in a hurry to go home so we can’t be doing Meet n Greet then. So early we shall come, deal? Deal!!! *fist bumps*

Err, for those who need directions, feel free to call any of our ministry lines for detailed description. There will also be free transportation after the program so ask if your route is covered.
08077714411 or 08028356363.

DCC z very easy to locate tho. We are a church bang on the road. Hehehehe. Right on Oshodi-Apapa express way, off Fatgbems filling station just before Mile 2. Once you are in Fatgbems, you are in DCC. Just walk into that road and take the first turn right.

Come early though. Can’t guarantee you a seat inside the Dome at Past 4 but overflow go dey sha (and who knows maybe for just 30mins) Hehehe.

Bring a Worship offering/seed too. You can’t come for that kinda meeting empty handed ooo. Whatever your level, still sow.

Have a heart full of expectations too as you worship. Don’t just come empty hearted (of expectations that is) but hey, just know that you will be soooo full afterwards. 

Guys are NOT invited please. You can drop off your ladies and wait outside the property. But ladies, ah, even in jeans and tee-shirt, come. If you know any lady ‘going through’ something right now and in desperate need of a miracle, holler. I am too sure God will meet us all.

Guest Ministers?
Onos will be there LIVE https://eziaha.com/2014/06/08/www-onos_changed-come/
Efe the Minstrel, I can’t wait yo http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/06/12/the-minstrel-efe/
And Palmira with the voice of Angelsssssssss too. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/06/14/heavens-angel-palmira/

Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo is the Host


#Àkìkìtán 15-06-14
4pm. DCC Lagos.
See ya…



Why I need a Private Jet (and a Kia Soul)

Sincerely, I was going to just talk about the private jet but today, Tuesday June 10, I have had it.
So I added the car to the post.


So I’m on my way to get kilishi at Area 1 today bang out of a meeting which was super amazing btw, when something happened.

Ok lemme just summarize this by saying that Abuja toasters taya me. I’m not even flattered. I’m just tired. Ok granted sometimes I’m amused (the Christian brothers who are just SAD this girl z taken), other times I’m just a tad flattered (no makeup, nothing special just the glory), sometimes I’m livid (the money bag who sends someone to come and call me like today) and other times I’m irritated (by the one who thinks cos I’m on evangelism, He has the right to delay me and be asking stupid questions thinking the Christian hottie on evangelism should take ‘anything’ including flirting just cause she wasn’t to talk to you about Christ)


My evangelism 'tools'

Bottom line, that Kia Soul needs to appear and sharpaly too. Makes evangelism easier and err, safer.


In black though

Ok the main reason behind this post is the private jet o jare.


So I’m airport bound this beautiful Wednesday morning (started the post yesterday. Plus you can’t be asking where I am going to na haba!!!)


and boy, am I grateful for air trips. I LOVE to fly. No not that I gaze into the skies and all ooo. Nope. I get into a plane and 85% of the time, I sleep off. The rest 15% sometimes I read, the other times, I stare at the skies (boring btw). Btw, hubs says I sleep on any trip and that if possible, I’ll sleep on okada. 😦

Ok so when did my spec move from commercial planes to Beechcrafts and now private jets.  
Last Sunday in church (DCC Abuja is a dream walahi. And my Pastor is a dream Pastor choi!!! Be dropping the Word HOT cos tz HOT!!!) as announcements were taken, it dawned even more on me that the same Sunday of Akikitan in Lagos was the same Sunday DCC Abuja was hosting ‘Freke in a special Mid year praise service called GREAT PRAISE.


I already knew about the program a week earlier but as it was being announced, it dawned on me that I was missing it. Omo, the same ‘Freke that I raved on and on about after MK’s Sound of heaven concert/Album launch here https://eziaha.com/2013/08/26/oh-soh-amazing-moments-freke/ . The same Freke my Booski had this to say about?


Same ‘Freke that made me love ‘Standing in the Gap for you’? Same ‘Freke? And I’m missing it? Heck no mehn!!!


Freke oooo. MOG knows how to praise God traditionally ehn!!!!

I made a mental note then to move my already booked Wednesday flight to Sunday afternoon so that bang after GREAT PRAISE, I fly to the airport for an afternoon flight to gidi and then get in just in time for Akikitan at 4. So I rang hubs and told him. He didn’t seem convinced so he didn’t say much.

That afternoon just before LDM (which was an amazing service btw), I was chilling with a blog reader Ify who was coming for LDM and who I was meeting for the first time


Ify in red. Had to use this picture with Gloria too cos i love it

and when I mentioned it to her, she’s like I shouldn’t. What if the flight is delayed (as is the case with most afternoon flights) and I find myself still in Abuja till 4pm then 5pm and then I get into lagos as Akikitan is ending? Omo, that thought chilled me to freezing. Miss #Àkìkìtán? Ah!!! I realized I truly couldn’t have it both.

Ugh. Double Ugh!!!
Anyone who offered me a sure private jet trip to Abuja for Sunday would have been in my good books for ever.

Omo, that’s how I adjusted and chose to leave today instead. Painfully missing ‘freke.

And then, I thought about the people who owned private jets. The Pastors specifically. Especially the ones with huge ministries… The Joyce Meyer’s, Copeland’s, Oyakhilome’s, Adeboye’s, Oyedepo’s….


The Copelands

I thought of their incredible schedule. How do you depend on our absolutely undependable commercial airlines and meet up? People that can delay flights for 4hours. JMAD told me of a 10:45am flight that was delayed to 3pm. Imagine Bishop having to minister somewhere at 10am? And the 7am flight delays to 11am? Hasn’t the meeting ended by the time he gets to land?

But with a private jet, you can minister in 3 vigils in three different states in one night like Bishop does. JM for example can tour Africa and Asia in one week overseeing her numerous charity projects.

The same way an international business man needs to oversee his many businesses across borders, the international man of God has business infinitely more important to oversee.

And a private jet is just the best option. Our roads are even super unreliable.

Two stories drive it home for me (aside from this my own that is)

Rev talks about having a meeting in Lagos and he set out very early from Ibadan to Lagos only to sleep in traffic. My dear, he was in traffic till that meeting was over. If he had a private jet, will we be saying this?


Secondly, he was once on his way to Seychelles to minister Wednesday evening to Sunday. Ah, the host Pastor had gingered everyone on the Island of the Seychelles, ‘…Take leave and attend the program. A great MOG from Naija be coming…’ etc. Rev had to connect through Qatar and here in Naija, Qatar airlines delayed for one hour and on landing in Qatar, the connecting flight to the Island had gone, and the next flight wasn’t until Saturday. Imagine. A one hour delay leading to over 60hours delay. So if he lands on Saturday, he’ll only minister Saturday evening, Sunday morning and evening. As opposed to the morning and evening from Wednesday. All cos of a one hour delay in Naija!!! And someone still thinks MOG don’t need their own private jets. I am getting you!!!

I love the stories I hear from people like Copeland. How he has given out over 10 private jets. Whoop!!! Or how he has a private helipad in his office where his private jet lands directly. C’mon. Omo, I’m not averse to living the good life while doing ministry ooo

‘… I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)…’ John 10:10

Evangelism driving round town is a better idea that trekking and then taking cabs ehn!!!


This picture almost killed people. Lol

I’m sure some of these private jet critics won’t mind Bishop entering bus up and down looool. For them, christianity and sufferhead are synonyms. No dice baby. As you go higher in ministry work faithfully, God opens more and more doors for you.

Then the clowns that say it is the money from the poor and oppressed they use for private jet. Chai!!! I even read one ‘christian’ blogger lambast and lose bladder control over Oritsejafor for saying something like it is not the poor people who are funding the kingdom ooo. (My paraphrase). But seriously darlings, Papa Ayo didn’t lie. You won’t understand at a particular level till you are a bit privy to ministry dealings, but I’m laughing here real hard that people think tz offering from ‘gbo gbo e’ that buys private jet. ROTFL so hard.  Moreover I actually know that when I sow or pay my tithe, I should remove my eyes from the pastor/bishop and look to God for my harvest. Not to turn to monitoring spirit. And if I think the Pastors in my church are spending the money anyhow, (and I do agree that there is misappropriation and maybe unnecessary flamboyance in some churches/quarters) I have the right to leave. God can deal with them ooo. No need being under a ministry and talking rubbish and no need too NOT being under that ministry and talking rubbish too. Afterall, eez ziit ya money? We also need to understand and be careful about MOG. Things are really not always what they see and hmmn Oluwa is heavily involved.

Nigerians and drama sha. Ndi uchu!!! Na mighali onu n’ime ife n’agbasaghi ha. Anything gospel, they criticise. Like it gives them orgasms. And the ignorant (broke) believers join in. Business men, entertainers, football club owners, and politicians can have and fly private jetsssss but God forbid a man of God!!! Ezigbote ndi iberibe. Better repent. And shut up!!! And stop behaving like the anti-Christ. Yes anything against Christ and His kingdom is ANTI-CHRIST , simple. Btw, that blogger lost a follower both on blogsville and twitter after that. I just couldn’t deal.
Like PK would say, to some of these men, private jets to them are like cars to you (for some Okada). I know your poverty mentality can’t deal but try ehn. Tz not for show off, tz for ministry. Someone like my Rev that travels per second internationally. If I could, I for don gift am private jet since. Complete with pilot, crew and helipad sef. With how rude these commercial airline staff get. Biko ehn. I can’t even imagine my mama JM doing commercial. 


Go mama!!! Fly in style

Look ehn, not only will my hubby’s ministry have private jets, we will give out private jets. To ensure that this gospel is preached and heard the world over.



Oh btw, I saw that picture of Tiwa and loved the caption. She spoke truth abeg. You think if she (and other entertainers) could afford to, or were gifted a private jet, they won’t gladly become proud owners? Then when it comes to MOG people blab. Hiss!!! Abeg park well!!! And away from my sight too.

But right now, even at this level where I don’t need it as much as these men of God, I still hate the fact that I’m missing. GREAT PRAISE all cos I can’t trust Aero/Arik to leave at 1.45pm exactly as advertised. I don’t like the opportunity cost of this trip ooo. I really wanted to move from Great Praise to Akikitan Worship. Ah!!! And carry many people while at it cos many of my Abuja peeps want to make it too but can’t. If I had a private jet, no be to pack all of us in after Great Praise to Lagos and right back Monday morning in time for work/school?


I need a private jet jor!!!



All this gist we are sharing on SEX that you have not waka-d to read is not good ooo.
Chai! Chai!! Chai!!!
Better go and read WHAT NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT SEX on http://www.dccabujablog.com
Especially Singles.
Thank me later

If you are in Abuja, please attend GREAT PRAISE.


No further words.
You can click on the GREAT PRAISE banner at the end of the page for details.


This post will just be pictures.
You gotta love DCC and whoever brought this concept up

I mean, everyone is AKIKITANized…

BBM is bristling with this. Twitter too. You have to be living under a rock beneath the dead sea to have missed it

I love how peeps be asking me ‘what’s going on?” ‘What’s Akikitan?”

We are starting a revolution yo!!! Get on board already.

Still clueless? Here is what I mean.









Blessing’s smile was the Hands down WINNER btw



Even the babies weren’t left out



And the Olori oko himself joined his daughters and wife


And then this one where he is angry on behalf of all the men who won’t be able to join us loool

Omo I decided not to carry last despite not being in Lagos yet so I got out the only two markers in the house and started trying


Feel free to laugh
Everyone I showed laughed.

And gave suggestions but I couldn’t get any of the stuff they suggested.

So I carried it and did this


Was ashamed of myself so I shared with only Lizzie.

As she spoke her big grammer and gave her yabis, I had a flashbulb moment

Photo grid editor to the rescue


Ain’t no last carrying in this matter abeg

Talk about a REVOLUTION!!!

And this ain’t all ooo. Just follow @dcclagos for more

Ladies, except you are not in Nigeria, you really should be at this year’s WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP


Themed AKIKITAN this year. Loosely translates to When Words Fail


As at last count, it seems like a reunion for me.

Plenty of my friends are coming from outside town.


And the ones in Lagos will now have excuse.



Anyways, me I will be there.

Hello!!! It even fell in June, my birth month. As always that is *wink*

I will share last year’s testimony from IMELA here soon and I am just over the top for Akikitan




See guest ministers na...

OK lemme join my FAB ladies for prayers…
Before I am marked absent or late for today


See you at AKIKITAN

And if you need a place to sleep, my place is open.

Already told momsie that a battalion are sleeping over. Just bring your own food sha. Me I won’t cook ooo. Not even noodles. Hehehe

Some people will sleep on the stairs though lol. Would look for a red carpet to put on it

And BTW, don’t drool too much guys, almost all the ladies I put up are so married. So so married!!!






Diche. Super Proud mama of two;)

First off, Happy birthday to my dearest Diche, Pastor M’s sister.


See the likeness. Choi

Keep it moving ma, FORWARD!!!
June sure rocks ehn. Kai. So my Doctor/Minister Diche z also June born


My favourite picture of her and hers

Ok today’s post.
You know how people say ‘oh I need to complete this post and rush off to church/work/whatever?’
Well I almost never say that cos most times I write my posts over days so I really am never in a hurry.
Today tho, church in 45mins, time check 7:15am, typing as I move around the house and I should be done before or on the way to church.

Ok my first encounter with Onos had to be on BBM. Pastor M always played her song. In my head, I knew the song. Then I saw a picture of her and I’m like ‘this babe is gorgeous ooo’ plus she seems tall from her pictures. Talk about triple word score. Can sing, beautiful and tall.
Then I realised she’s coming for Akikitan. Woooooot. Zeze zeze!!!


Save this date yo!!! 15:06:14

Then Pastor M does a post on her and I’m like ok, I need to check Onos out.
Pastor M sends me the song cos I couldn’t find it online and so I am getting ready to step out and decide to play it.
First off, her voice sounds incredible. Tz a deep one, almost like TY Bello singing or JM talking.
Second off, the song is exactly sung like it has been playing in my head. Whaaaaaat? The ‘everything has changed’ part that is.



Best part has to be the fact that she repeats ‘Everything has changed, for me’ plenty times. Just gives you time enough for it to sink and start scabashing
Thirdly, I love when people sing, talk in between the songs like prophesying and speak in the spirit, especially when women do it. Sinach does it a lot hence my forever love for her songs. Onos does it perfectly too.
Then the song?
Lemme tell you what makes Onos’s ‘Change’ a perfect song to keep singing before Akikitan which really means When Words Fail.

1. She starts by listing past things God has done in her life for which she’s grateful. Things that have caused her to
Sing ‘Everything has changed.’
Common Sis, I know you have a testimony. Yes things may not excatly be perfect but look closely and think, you will find that one incident that has changed your life. Like I said in my last post, we are not reducing them to coincidences oooo. We are consciously making a big deal outta it and thanking our Sugar daddy for it. So come for ‘When Women Worship’ and together we raise our hands and send a healthy sacrifice of worship and praise for all the ‘Everything changing miracle’ our God has done for us.
Deal? Deal!!!

2. The song also speaks of the present. The stuff God is doing. The stuff that hasn’t been perfected yet but you see His hand already. You really need to worship Him for that ooo. Cos the devil can steal a testimony already in the works especially if we don’t secure it with our praise. Look in darling, there is something Abba is doing right ths minute. Ah, me I know mine ooo. And I’m ready to lavish my Papa with worship and praise. David sef will be impressed in heaven. We are going to break his record. David and the angels sef. I remember last month’s WWW we themed Imela. Chai!!! The drama ehn? As they(we) worshipped, God stood up from his throne. As in the worship pushed Him up. It was too much He stood up and started sending His blessings on the worshippers. Zattah!!! This year, we are breaking our own records. Our Words may not do but our Worship unlimited from our hearts we will give.

Ok bathroom break now. Time check 7:35am.

Phew!!! Brb

Ok I’m back. Time check 8:18am
Bath and brekkie done. Yup brekkie done. Had to have brekkie cos I’m not coming home till after LDM today that’s about 8.30pm.


Today, finally!!! Yes you too can have your own fairytale 'Happily ever after' marriage

Ok, so no dice on publishing this before service like I thought. I’m church bound sha. Just maybe I may.

So the third reason has to be prophecy!!! As in just speak it in faith. Everything has changed becomes a Word of faith. Shattah!!! And she keeps saying speak it over your life, your job, your family, your health everything. No devil can stop a faith overdosed person ooo. 
That’s my favourite part. So while I’m grateful for what He’s done, what He’s doing, I’m most grateful for what I know He will still do. I have the guts to ask Him for MUCH MORE, and praise and worship in advance. I may not have it now but ah, I know Jehovah be working behind the scenes.
I believe it. I receive it.

I also like where she keeps saying ‘no more sorrows/sickness/pain/etc, only blessings all the way’

This song is the BUSINESS ooo
Here is the video
Good luck finding a download link. Will still check again and I’ll add it to the comments section if I do.
It is a loaded song I promise. Most times I just play it overnight on repeat. So when I wake in the middle of the night, I can truly be worshipping.

Try it. You will thank me la’er.

Ok. I made it. Workers meeting over. 8;57am. Church’s for 9am. Church about to start. And yes, I had time for a bathroom picture. Thanks to God’s Favour. Lol


Sunday kisses

Plus I am meeting a FABer today. Whoop. At LDM.
Happy Sunday darlings.


You can find pastor M’s review on CHANGED here

LIVE AMAZED!!! The finale

Tz my mama’s birthday today. Her 71st!!!


THE Joyce Meyer. My favourite picture of her

My life’s biggest international influence. My numero uno mentor. Chai!!!
Joyce Meyer is a dream. She’s my dream. I listen to her all the time. I read her a plenty. I google to get JM latest gist. I download podcasts.


See that body!!! Choi. This woman is THE BUSINESS

JM!!! I don’t even know how my life would have looked without a JM preaching round the world. When I hear her, I can abs relate. That’s the way I’ll be speaking too. Only better (#latterGloryTinz) I certainly pray I meet her someday ooo. That would be a dream come through. Ah!!! Gosh. Thank God you are alive for a really long time ooo. And preaching up a storm too.
Or does this look like someone who is about to leave? Mba nu


This woman is THE BUSINESS!!!

Picture is two month old.
Abeg gimme Jesus err’single day!!!
JM mehn, God keep blessing you for the world!!! Keep on rockin’ mama. You sure make God look real gooooood

Ok on to Part 2… Living Amazed!!! The finale.

If you missed Part 1, find it here to put this post in context.


I recall one time I felt something close (to JM’s cancer period and was just totally drained). That was when I first repeated and then failed outta Pharmacy school.


I had started keeping a journal before then so i detailed that period there

My parents beat shege outta me, pressure from home, gossip from people, a whole ‘Miss Popular’ in UI, First ever ‘Miss Pharmacy’ and then she failed!!!


Some 5/6years ago...

Oh, those days!!! I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there as everyone was pulling me in every direction. I used to write letters to God then drowning in my own tears.
And I’ll detail His promises that absolutely didn’t make any sense to me then. I had this amazing friend Eunice who used to agree with me in prayers then. I recall one of the recurring words He gave me then was ‘For my shame, He’ll give me DOUBLE HONOR in the same place…’


My very first journal. Over 10years old. I loved 'em pretty

Oh Jehovah, I confessed blood out of that line. Who would have thought that not only would I make Best Graduating student with distinctions in the course of my dreams Sociology, I would also go ahead and be called as a Speaker to encourage Pharmacy School students on graduation.


April 2013. How i don't have a picture of me speaking beats me

https://eziaha.com/2013/06/26/in-the-same-place/ The same place I was chucked out from some three years ago.

AMAZING!!! I tell you. Just reminds me of how AMAZING God is.

And double amazing is the fact that the same testimony of mine has birthed and encouraged many more. I detailed Chisom’s testimony here who tapped into mine. https://eziaha.com/2013/10/24/blogimony-amakas-victory/

Ok let’s go back to my mama’licious JM.

But not before a comic relief. You wont believe she came out of the operation preaching and prophesying from her unconscious state. Looool. My mama sure loves her drama

Interestingly, I woke up a lot those days with scriptures on my lips straight from heaven. #JustLikeMeyerMe


Lemme move on from the whole cancer and surgery experience.

Long and short, in those down periods, her faith stayed and she kept trusting God. And that’s a lesson for us right there.
The Bible talks about ‘fellowshipping with His sufferings’
We can’t choose to live right and be spiritual only when things are going well. Can we still love on, faith in and worship this God in the wilderness as we do when all is going well? I recall one of my ladies Anna during a prayer session said ‘Let’s worship Him even with our broken-ness’
And I think what would make that easy is when we can go back and bring to remembrance all the past victories He has won for us.

She also talked about the first message she preached on Strife. You can imagine reading through it now and then comparing same to the messages she preaches today. The difference go clear na… Really gets her AMAZED as to how far God has brought her. Both as a Speaker and also as a woman who used to live in strife. Today? That woman pursues peace. I’m still learning. Choi!!!


Lol. I recall this message. She said something like she told Dave to better have clean feet before the washing oooo

Or was it the first time God called her to a 28day fast.

Feb 1982

Right after the fast, she records how God sent two men to not only get her an office and a desk, but they said God led them to ordain her. Awwwwwww. Though she knew God had called her and she had been praying for it, she told no one anything about an ordination so those two men ordaining her were definitely God sent.

Whoop Whoop!!!

She actually made everyone clap for the two guys who gave her a beginning to ministry. Especially at a time when Female preachers were absent on the scene. Me too I clapped ooo

She also spoke about her Charity.

Sept ’93 when Hand of Hope, the Outreach ministry began.

God revealed to her in a dream that she was pregnant AGAIN and she had already had a baby. She was scared and unsure about caring for two babies and when she woke, God explained to her that the first baby was going to feed the second baby.

First baby? Her TV ministry

Second Baby? The Outreach ministry called HAND OF HOPE.


This Ministry is #NoWords

At that time, she had zero idea of what God was planning with these babies.

Today though, JM’s TV ministry is thriving incredibly. The entire media ministry actually. So they take a percentage, 27million dollars ($27m) a year from the first baby to the second baby for helping the poor around the globe. They actually have (at that time) 49 orphanages around the world.


One of her gazillion outreaches

Choi!!! Even I am AMAZED!!!

So at this point, you may be thinking ‘Oh tz JM. She’s such a huge star, blablabla. My own case is different.

I’ll just quote her response to you…

‘…If you would have kept a record of your life, and every little thing God has done- breakthroughs, open doors, favour He gives you- when you have those bad days, you can get your box (of remembrance) out and get yourself amazed all over again…’

We are so quick to forget all that God has done for us and we make Him seem like He is doing nothing for us. How heart breaking it must be for God when we act like that.

JM’s ministry at the start (and for while) was a testimony when 105 people showed up and the sales of tapes were $317 for a meeting. Today? She can’t even talk about how blessed she is. With people and resources.


See people like sand... Choi

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooot Wooooooot!!!

She actually said one of her friends, Chris, said she would give anything to get hold of that box/bucket where JM keeps her journals.
Me too ooo mama. Don’t let me get that box. I’ll throw privacy decorum away ooo.

But better still, I’m keeping mine. And safe too. Don’t want nobody stealing into it just yet.
Whoop Whoop!!! Someday, like JM, I’ll share from it.


Well, this much you can read lol

Oh and I will be more dedicated too
God is absolutely NO respecter of persons. What He does for one, He can do for another.

Sadly, we are reducing His miracles to coincidences. How saddening!!! Sometimes, we even have the guts to call them ‘small’.

Fey shared something this morning in the group from Joel Osteen (I love JO too) and I thought I’ll reproduce here.

‘…wear your blessings well, don’t apologise for what GOD has done, don’t even think about calling it luck or coincidence…’

Look, there are no coincidences. They are GOD-ORDAINED incidences. Can we notice them and make a BIG DEAL outta them?

Don’t make a big deal of the problems and challenges but let’s make a big deal out of what God is doing even when it seems little.

Even David was quick to tell us same.
1st Chr 16 :  24 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

PUBLISH being the operative word for me.

I dunno how I never came around to doing a post on TESTIMONIES and PRAYER POINTS last year. So lemme just summarise what I was going to say. I notice that sometimes, when we hear people share a ‘common’ testimony such as say God provided t.fare or lunch or stuff like that, we just give a cold applause. We usually wait for the major 10years without kids, miracle car, etc testimonies. And then we raise the roof. I think that’s just human nature. You can’t really blame us. But you the testifier KNOWS that what is seemingly little to others is a BIG DEAL to you. You know where you are coming from. You know how much you prayed for such breaks. Don’t let anyone belittle your testimonies. Don’t!!! Feel free to share it. Feel free to make a big deal outta it. I think it is unfair when we call what God is doing ‘small’. Even if it is small, thank Him for the small on your way to the BIG.

Sometimes, our testimony is in a Word from the Holy Spirit for our situation. Make a BIG DEAL of it please. In recent times, minus the other material blessings and incredible favour I have enjoyed from Him, I have had such incredible leadings from God. For EVERY situation, God has been gracious enough to give me a Word right from the bible that settles everything in a way I can’t explain.


E'... Unbelievably LED

Sometimes, the devil throws me the ‘coincidence’ card BUT no, I am grateful for it. You don’t have to wait until He brings you that dream job/car/hubby until you are AMAZED enough to be grateful. Be amazed and grateful for the ‘little’ leadings too.

Don’t say ‘oh how odd I thought of that!’ Or ‘oh what a coincidence!’

No darling. In my mama’s words and voice, ‘…It is God right smack dab in the middle of your life!!! Right up in our lives doing miracles daily and we could at least have the REVERENCE to be AMAZED!!!’

You think it is of your making that you have friends today?


I KNOW the power of friendships

Oh my God, how grateful I am for my friends. Every last one of you!!! My goodness!!!

JM talks about times when she was homeless and pregnant with her first child. Her first hubby had left her and was living with another woman. Pregnant, sickly, jobless, broke and homeless, thankfully, God sent unusual help in her hairdresser who she barely knew but let her live with her. She had absolutely NO friends!!! NONE. After she had the baby, she was sick all over, had infections, had boils and sores, and couldn’t afford treatment, couldn’t care for her baby well enough cos she had no training, no books, no help, no money to care for him right. It was a TOUGH PAINFUL time. So if anyone understands pain, she did then. She said she would drive past the house where her hubby lived with another woman with sooo much hurt and pain seeping through her veins.

Oh but she remembers those times and just how far God has brought her. Today, I’m sure houses are the least of Meyer’s troubles. Then, to even diagnose all the sores she had on her body was unaffordable but today? She goes for regular medical check ups just because…
Today, she has countless friends and children the world over. Like she asked, how many of us will HAPPILY open up our doors and let her live with us!!!
Talk about from zero to hero!!!


Wanna know something else amazing? Today, that her son Dave she could hardly care for is one of the pillars of JM ministry worldwide. Interestingly, God put it in her to name him Dave which interestingly is the name of her second husband whom she married later. David, Dave!!!


Dave and Joyce Meyer

Talk about AMAZING!!!

Now tell me, when JM sits and reads all of these from her journals, can you imagine how she would feel? Can you imagine the rush of faith and hope that will well up in her? Oh my!!!

Look, God is all over us!!! He’s doing super amazing things but we are not keeping records. We are letting our challenges get the better of us.

At some point, JM gives this sarcastic laughter when she talks about people who just wanna give up on life. You know, that kinda ‘SMH at you’ scoff

Cos she went through hell too. In addition to the above, she was sexually abused by her father for over 10 YEARS as a child and I’m being conservative!!! Her mother didn’t believe her, she had to run away from home. She was also physically and emotionally abused. So she’s like ‘please don’t worship your pain’ If God can get her through those times, He too can for you.

Oh my!!! God is working things out for us. I know. I know it like I know my name.

Hebrews 1:3 God is upholding, maintaining, guiding and propelling the entire universe by His mighty Word of Power.

Yes baby, that includes us. He’s working all things for our favour. Commanding it in our favour. Hallelujah!!!

I just feel like speaking in tongues. Shattah!!!

Our God is soooooo AMAZING!!!

Do you need more ginger to just worship this God? Let’s see her ending.

And she ends it by talking about God’s AMAZING GRACE.

Cos that’s the ONLY way we can define GRACE. AMAZING!!! That’s the only adjective that qualifies grace. A free gift from God to us who don’t deserve it.
Grace is just inexplicable. But we can enjoy it. It just helps us through life. Enables us through our weaknesses.

Can we just be grateful for His Amazing Grace and all the privileges?

Let me end with this question…

How can we be hopeless?
Just how?
Just how?
How can we be despondent and in despair?

What with His amazing Grace and all the miracles He daily loads us with. How can we be hopeless when we have a book of remembrance and we can get ourselves amazed and amazed all over again.
Can we be hopeless when we make a big deal of His past testimonies with us? Cos He can do it again and much more.

Truly, God is no respecter of persons. And incredibly, He uses the foolish and seemingly unlikely ones to show Himself. Doesn’t it amaze you that He chose Paul? I mean, I can’t get over that!!! Paul? A confirmed Boko-haram??? Yet the Pauline epistles add colour to our study and Word life like no other. Imagine the bible without Paul’s letters? Haba.

Oh my!!! I love how she ended it.

‘He chose a half-out-of-her-mind, weird-voiced, odd personality, woman who had been sexually abused from downtown Missouri to preach the gospel to 2/3rds of the world in 60languages today…’

Of course that’s my Joyce MEYER. 


That message blesses me everytime. I mean who doesn’t like to live amazed abeg? You can just look for it on iTunes. Most of JM’s podcasts there are free.
Thanks Damilola for the link to YouTube.
JM is 71 today. Still doing exploits. Still looking fabulous. Still preaching up a storm.


Keep on Jesus rocking mama!!!

Ah!!! My future is bright. I especially love that she is a model for the ministry God is building through me. I especially love that she’s all about women (ok let’s say ‘more about’). I just love anything all women so I’m happy my ministry is that way. Interestingly, I have a virtual mentoring group. All ladies. I have a group of FAB sisters… All ladies.
Guys, don’t scoff please. I’m sure there are people there with ministry to strictly men. It is just not me. Sawry.
So everytime I get an opportunity to address or even be in an all ladies group, I’m overjoyed.
That’s why Joyce Meyer’s LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S conference is making me giddy all over.


Tani is my partner here!!! Whoop!!!

Oh but until her conference, I am super excited about the monthly ‘Strictly Sisters’ meetings powered by DCC Abuja. I anchored the debut edition in April and by heavens, I loved it. I get high just being with ladies.
There is a review of it on DCC Abuja blog here. http://dccabujablog.com/2014/05/15/upcoming-event-strictly-sisters-the-corporate-woman/
In Abuja? Or know any lady in Abuja? Holler!!!
And just keep a date. Tz every third Saturday of the month. All and Strictly women. The last one, I LOVED the breakdown that was given to pregnancy, natural birthing, and Caesarean Sectioning. Oh, I learnt a lot that day.

Oh and the BIG ONE!!! Our GLOBAL annual ‘When Women Worship’ convention in David’s Christian Centre Lagos.



Oh my!!! This year, date is Sunday, June 15, 4pm.
And it is themed A ki ki tan which loosely translates to When Words Fail.


This year, ALL WOMEN!!! Whoop!!!

You recall Last year was themed IMELA. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2013/06/20/when-women-worship-imela-the-night-as-it-was/

The host is Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo and by heavens, I can’t wait!!!

You would definitely be getting more details from me here but Pastor M gives us a sneak preview on her blog here. http://justusgirlsnaija.com/2014/05/26/a-may-zed-and-grateful/

You know what happens to me in an all female gathering? It just gingers me for the HUGE DEAL God is going to do through his Sugar Daughter E’licious for women around the world. #JustLikeMeyer!!! Whoop. Hallelujah!!!

Oh… Lord!!! *taking a breather*

Me, I’m just keeping my book of remembrance jare.

AMAZINGLY AMAZED!!! That’s what I wanna be able to say when I’m testifying during an Anniversary like JM did at her 30th…

So, who’s in for an AMAZING life?

Live daily AMAZED…


This is the end. Lol

Cannime, Maggielola, E’, Booski, portable Glow, Nk, Ify (in Abuja) who else is June born? Holler so I holler too oooo. With your dates. We soooo rock we are forming our own FAB rock band!!!

Our monthly LDM seminar holds in Abuja this Sunday June 8 at 4.30pm. Petrus Hotels off Gimbiya, Area 11, Garki. I have the flyer up on my blog ‘Happily ever after’. Click on same for details. Meanwhile the last one, The Price of a ring, we compiled the tweets from the program. Read and enjoy here. http://dccabujablog.com/2014/06/03/the-price-of-a-ring-tweets/ For me the deepest thing I heard there was ‘THE PRICE OF A RING IS YOUR LIFE. Marriage is NO JOKE!!!
Ah Pastor B killed that message. We were all sober after that. Plus me ooo. Lol

Kai!!! Anyways just bookmark http://www.dccabujablog.com and subscribe too.
That blog stays rockin’

Lol. I taya for me too
OK hope we have not stopped remembering the Chibok girls in Prayers, and Naija generally.
Wow!!! Over 50days held captive. Young girls. All I keep thinking is how darn uncomfy they must be and how their parents are coping. Plus news that keeps coming has a way of just feeling hopeless but no, we won’t stop praying.
I have a song that I keep singing when it comes to ndi-boko and all. Tz Igbo. I will translate

Bia nuru olu anyi o ×2
Onweghi mgbe Ike mmadu g’akari Ike Chukwu x2
Nna bianuru, Olisa bi n’igwe bianuru olu anyi oooo

Come and hear our prayers Lord
NEVER will man’s power be greater than God’s power
Our Father in heaven, come hear our prayers