The REAL boko Haram….

Ndi Boko


That’s what my mama started calling ’em after the drama that happened in UI in my final year


Final year...Exam period. UI

when we HEARD that they had written a letter to our school (and like two more schools) that they were coming to bomb us next.
*insert your BEST ‘shuo’ face here*
I’ll spare you the details of the shutdown, students protest and refusal to write exams, and increased security presence that happened then in school and just tell you how my mom and sister didn’t stop yabbing me about it all cos I even repeated such crap to them…
So whenever she called, she will say
‘…ndi boko ha landiala?’
Literally translating to ‘have the ‘boko people’ landed?’
Tz crazy hilarious in Igbo, plus the way she always said it amidst laughter while my sis will also be laughing in the background.  Choi!!!
Momma of mine… Dramatic to the C
Anyways, the truth is rumour or not, students were taking absolutely NO chances.


Especially cos they were anti Western Education

Exam gbakwa oku, omo, the campus hostels emptied out like we all saw the letter with our korôkoro eyès.


Parents ringing their kids to come home. This was one rumour we didn’t wanna wait to confirm cos that would mean heaven or hell straight up!!!


It just made sense and spirit to vamoose.
Yup…Ndi Boko had such powers. Lol.

Fast forward to later that year when my NYSC posting came out. I recall telling my parents I was posted to Bauchi. That period, ndi-boko were killing crazy in that region. Infact there had been calls to stop posting Corpers there as several had lost their lives. Mehn, trust my dad, first thing he said was ‘You are not going!!!’. And momsie? She had started calling people already to ‘effect necessary changes’.
No way on God’s green earth were they going to let me go to Bauchi!!!
And fact is, I knew plenty people who postponed their NYSC to the next batch cos they were posted to problem states. And I know a few who lied that they had all sorts of unprintable diseases just to be re-posted from camp.
That’s to show you how much we value our lives. Nobody wants to deliberately die from Boko-haram bombings and certainly not at this young age. So we find both godly and ungodly ways to stay safe. And alive.


With my State Coordinator Lagos. Was joking when i told 'em Bauchi

Today in the news, (and I do think you have to make sure you are reading your bible MORE than you are watching the news otherwise, the spirit of despair, fear and depression would soon tackle and overpower you)


Yup, the news doesn't smile these days

ndi-boko gist is everywhere. Where they aren’t bombing, they are threatening or jail breaking or clashing with our Security operatives.
Almost daily, certainly weekly, one drama goes down. And takes with it innocent lives. Only this year, we have lost near thousands. Kids and students not excluded.
Viewer apathy is actually starting to set in. Gosh!!! God forbid.
So why did I lay out all this Boko drama? Or is BH all I wanna talk about today?
Certainly Nope.
Ok, let’s dive in.
One week, one of those weeks when I had just heard about ENOUGH marital or relationship HELLISH news including how the kids were being affected, a friend now told me of another marital story gone BAD for a colleague of hers.


Such heart wrenching news

Then it just dawned on me that some times, we use our own legs and walk straight into ndi-boko camp and let our lives get bombed up.
Yup, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you marry wrong.
That’s the real Boko haram. And this time, You become your own boko-haram. You too are guilty!!! Of aiding and abetting your own ‘death’. 
You get yourself into a real ticking time bomb situation when you end up with the wrong life partner and sooner than later, it will go VOOM in your face…


Lemme talk to the ladies here. Cos most times, we suffer more in such situations. We are the casualties of this war. 
Sweetie, I beg You in the name of God, please don’t COMPROMISE your faith cos of a man!!! Don’t lower your standards just cos your life’s aspiration is to marriage!!! Now I am going to assume that I’m talking to real spiritual believing ladies here. If you aren’t, nne get right with God first ooo cos you can’t make this all important decision without Him. Don’t deceive yourself ooo. 


Join us the FAB GOD GIRLS ooo...

Ok so let’s proceed…

If Mr Tall Glass of all things HOT n SPICY is NOT a born-again and unquestionably saved believer complete with FRUITS of the spirit NOT just the GIFTS, he is BOKO HARAM!!! Run!!! His soul z not saved/renewed and according to Eph 2:2, there is a DEMON Spirit at work in the sons of disobedience, those who refuse to obey God. Hmm, that spirit can move him to do ANYTHING at ANYTIME!!!



Nne that is the real boko-haram. Don’t even think about marrying him!!! Run!!!

If he is Mr Swags-on-point, but he doesn’t have any spiritual authority or mentor over him that can call him to order when his head starts touching, and he is even one of those who talk down on Pastors and MOG, he is a ticking time bomb, RUN!!!


An un-mentored man has already been recruited into the Boko Haram army. Don’t let him practice his skills on you ooo. Experience z NOT the best teacher for the wise.
If our Tall, Dark and Handsome doesn’t go to and SERVE in a church or pay his tithe REGULARLY, run!!! A man who cheats God will cheat and shortchange you of life itself… Plus he has no covering!!! Boko haram identified!!! And rejected!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Run!!!

If Mr Suave is also Mommy’s boy, honey, you can’t compete with his mom ooo.



Neither can you fight it if the boy aint willing to free himself from mommy’s apron.


The ground no go level ooo. No try yasef

And no wife wants to play second fiddle in her ‘real estate’. It may seem like just a spark that would soon go out but trust me, I recently heard of an under one year divorce case cos of mummy’s influence!!! Tick tock tick tock BOOOM!!!
Bomb will sooner than later detonate in your face!!! Run baby, run. But first, gift him this sucker!!!



For me, the next point is probably my most important…

If your spiritual authority says ‘don’t marry this man or quit this relationship’ baby mi, don’t even think it. Of course this is me assuming you have Pastors or mentors like my PK and Rev.


Rev Femi Oduwole and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. My MAINESTssss!!!

Trust me, he is NOT gaining natin by stopping you. Instead he is saving your life from being blown up!!! Listen!!! Ask him why…Then take notes to identify any other BH man and then Run!!!


That 'love' will burn you bad

Run like Road runner. Don’t look back like Lot’s wife. Make sure that loser NEVER catches you. Your life can scatter my Love. Scatter!!! If you dare to disobey spiritual authority especially on this all-important marriage matter, and maybe even now start dodging or fighting your Pastor cos you suddenly think he wants to pour sansan in your garri…. Hmmmmmmmm.
Some mistakes are DEADLY. Even when you repent of it and attempt to get your life back on track, the scars remain. Sometimes very VERY obvious.


Some scars remain FOREVER...

When your hands have burnt and you come back to your mentor/Pastor, he will accept you but you will deal with the consequences of that isi-ike FOREVER. 


Listen to your spiritual leaders ooo. Hmm

Hmm, and the koko one, if he beats you in the relationship, and you go ahead, spurn better judgement and marry, please lemme know. So I can gift you a coffin on your wedding day. Sweetie, an abusive man is Boko haram’s ring leader. Someday, your corpse will be what will be taken out of that marriage.

If he is sexing you in the relationship, hmm both of you are being stupid but the girl more IMO. My LOVE, stop!!! You can repent NOW. And if he no gree, baby, madness occurs when you as a wife has ZERO trust in your hubby cos the same line you cross to fornicate is the same you cross to ‘adulterate’. You will just become a detective for nothing. Unpaid crazy one. Nne, no TRUST, No NOTHING.


You deserve MORE darling

Then he will now boko-haramize you when you now dare to ask him questions!!! Sweerie, oso Abiola… RUN!!! Leave your shoes behind if you have to. 


More like FLEE

Forget that He is the hottest thing Alex-Ekubo-aint-got-natin-on-him. He oozes class and panache like Paddy Adenuga. He is so charming Okija babalawos and their many charms pale when he appears.   Those things don’t matter as much ooo. The difference between Charming and Harming is the letter C…
See how Harming goes with Haram-ing if you can attempt to ‘funerize’

Now, my blog is NOT a strictly relationship blog but for some interesting reason, majority of the mails that come to me are relationship related from ladies. Hmmmmm. Like Inthe…, I can actually say tz my ‘bread and butter’ especially when the ladies are actually really ready to follow wise counsel. But guess where the real wahala happens?
When despite wise counsel, she tells you how hard it is to do what’s right, and then goes ahead with ndi-boko and BOOM!!! She is haramized… I wish I could FORCE them but I have learnt that I can’t… I can only talk and pray and hope you make the right choice.

My Pastor Kingsley always says ‘…you deserve who you marry…’ and he doesn’t pity people with ‘marriage drama’ anymore… Because counsel po… Wise counsel is everywhere if we open our eyes a bit. Somewhat like the lawyers will say ‘Ignorance is not an excuse in law…’ Most times, we just ignore or not heed to counsel cos we think we know better. Whatever you see in marriage, you would have seen a shadow in courtship but love dey blind and shack you.
At first, I thought PK was being harsh. Right now, I believe him. It may sound like a harsh thing to say, but tz the truth. Sorry.
Before I start pitying you, I like to ask questions. When you ask questions deeply, you will realize that the cracks were present. The red flags… The ‘Potential Boko haram’ billboard. She just ignored it or downplayed it.


Then the fall inevitably happens...

Don’t come in here and be telling me ‘people change, you just never know what you will see in marriage until you enter or you are still in the creche of marriage and things may change so don’t talk yet (I had a comedienne tell me that once. I was amazed as to how the devil has blinded and deceived people. I immediately prayed for her cos she sounded like a Haramized wife)…’ And all such absolute rubbish…
Our heavenly Father is NOT wicked. He will NEVER leave you without a witness and neither will He lead you into something that has the potential to change for the worse. No baby, not my Sugar Daddy. 

Singleness is NOT a sin. It is NOT a curse. It is NOT a disease. You won’t be sent out of heaven if you don’t marry BUT marrying the wrong person can take you straight to hell, boko haram style. 
Psychologists have even proved that the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life by 62%. Wow!!!! That is HUGE. Tz way better to be single hoping to be married than to be married, living with the fear of Boko haram and craving singlehood ooo.
Shine your eyes, shine your brain and of course, shine your spirit.
Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of just being a Mrs…
Let’s do this exercise baby…
Tz simple.
Get a mirror…look at your beautiful face therein. God-girl that you are.
Tell yourself
I am worth more than any Boko-haramization!!!
I am Priced far above rubies.
Too precious to God.
Sugar daughter of THE only Sugar Daddy.
I am God’s biggest deal. He’s invested His ALL in me so I can’t miss it marriage wise cos He’s got His eyes on me.
He will perfect it for me at the right time. He that would come will come and not tarry. I will patiently wait for him while working on myself to be the best mum for my kids.


Single is FABULOUS too

And I do owe my kids the best Daddy too.
I deserve more than a ticking time bomb.
I will let that loser go… I release him even though it hurts. I sow him as a seed to God. He will bring me a bountiful harvest. My very own David. My perfect slice of heaven. My heaven. My very own ‘Love like a movie’.
*feel free to add more darling*


Love and Pamper you...

You are a King’s daughter baby. Don’t settle for less. Don’t reduce your standards so low that even lizards can apply and of course at the same time, don’t raise them so high even the Pope can’t apply. Wisdom!!!

Like I said, information is everywhere yo!!! Good ones ooo. Don’t even think your speaking in tongues alone will teach you all you need to know. Try learning to drive by just scabashing and come back to tell me how that goes. Please nne, deliberately read good books, attend good seminars (like LDM), buy messages, etc.

Now I know there will be some married women who are in some kinda haramic situation reading this. My heart bleeds for you. Gosh!!! So what do you do? Can I be sincere with you here?
I dunno. Truth. Cos situations are peculiar. I can’t say what you should do here but I do know you can get counselling. Customised counselling. If you really do need one, I could hook you up. More than anything, you can too pray. Yes PRAY. Gragra won’t do shingbai. God can and  will teach you what to do.

Which is why I love to talk more to the Singles. You have the opportunity to get it right. You can still press the CAUTION button and check out every man to be sure He is not a Boko-haram member.


Caution baby CAUTION

Which is why I’m delighted to invite you to this month’s LDM seminar in Abuja themed
CAUTION for Singles!!!


Love Dating & Marriage Abuja

I mean, if you don’t know, you can learn yeah?
Cos that safety sign C can be the difference between heaven and Boko-haram.

Of course you know David’s Christian Centre got relationship on a lock down yeah?


To the blood!!! Wherever life takes me...

Like we do relationship right. Right from our Senior Pastor to the Ministers and then Eziaha (loool) and the rest of us, we just dey enjoy heaven on earth in our marriages. So when we call a relationship seminar, clear your schedule and come!!!
This Sunday April 13. Petrus Hotel, off Gimbaya street (after Toprank Hotel), Area 11, Garki Abuja. 4.30pm
My Pastor drops it like He hears it. Undiluted and Powerful!!! You don’t wanna miss it. Single or married, this meeting will bless you…
See you there *winks*

Stay FAB darlings.
Testifying FORWARD…

Yes. Posts come up here once a week now. At the weekends. Seldom twice.
I know, stop protesting already hehehe.
By the way, you guys major rock!!! #FAB4Life
Oh btw, you can reach me on or on Twitter @eziahaa

Cos I am super nice, I have attached a couple of links to posts that can help my Single Sisters out there…
@inthemidstofher The measure of a (1st Tim 3) man (while on her blog, snoop around for Part 2)
Don’t marry Him if… by E’ (Just click and enjoy the relationship posts there)
Why don’t you have a Pastor? By Pastor Mildred Okonkwo
Dangerous men by my Booski
Guys, you can actually just read between the lines and know the kind of ladies who have enlisted in the BH army.
Someday God will help me transcribe ‘Don’t marry her if…’ By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.
Until then, just believe God. Lol

#DoubleDelight…NaijaWife and Afoma Testify

First off, in my head, today is Sunday, January 26, 2014.
Cos according to my F.A.B. voices publishing schedule, that is when I was to publish this…
But between church and church tinz, reading my Booski’s latest post on dressing in the church, (, kicking off my virtual mentorship group (mehn, these girls are something ooo, I am yet to even catch up on their gist which I will today. Love love love you darlings…) , trying to kick off my Prayer partners group ( I should complete that today too) rounding up the Winners 21days fast in church Sunday evening, cooking, watching DHW season 8 again (Booski, please return the season 8 I gave you, this one ain’t complete…:p ), praying into and planning for this week (ah, iyanu musto shele this last week of January), doing my email runs, updating and totally loving Subway surfers as the World tour moves to the very colorful streets (Subway?) of Miami (thank goodness. I hated the streets of Mumbai esp coming from the Christmas streets of London) and generally being useful to my husband, Sunday was one EXHAUSTING day, both physically and mentally. I actually FELL ASLEEP. If you know me, you know i DON’T fall asleep. I am nocturnal and sleep only when i am ready, most times past 12 (hubby has accepted me the way i am lol). The body had to leave me cos my mind was still in top speed…
3.30am, body, spirit and soul are awake… So with a fresh bowl of smoothies and Rev Femi’s Leadership and Loyalty pt 2- Why are people disloyal?
( If any message series could leave me and run away, this one will cos I have played life out of it, lol. Love my Pastor much) playing in the background, I whip out my E’Pad to do due diligence to my blog…
I will get out of your face and let you enjoy the two Testifiers I have today…

NaijaWife is the kinda person everyone should have in their lives. Thankfully, her and Naija husband are generous enough to have us share in their lives through their blog
Awesome awesome blog. Personally,the blog has been a blessing… Esp the Too much book post which helped to reset my head (both posts and comments). As much as I would love to give NW a real hug someday for being such a sweet’drama’heart I prefer her anon…
First up of my double delight, The original F.A.B. Naija wife….



This picture!!! I just can't...

NaijaWife here! The no holds barred wife and blog partner of NaijaHusband over on As any good guest should, I must first express my gratitude to my gracious hostess, the lovely and F.A.B. Eziaha for hosting me. I haven’t met her in person before (or have I? *cue the sound of mysterious laughter*) but her personality reached out to mine across the blogosphere, grabbed me in a virtual hug and I couldn’t resist paying her a visit when she invited me.
***nne you haven’t met me yet. If I meet you, even if a chance meeting, I will know… 🙂 )

She’s told me I should pick a monicker and picture. But I’m lazy, so we’re just going to use my koboko flogging (and no that’s not my husband in the pic) twitter picture and add F.A.B to my “NaijaWife” title. So that makes me the * Drumroll please* ….

F.A.B. NaijaWife!

I like that name. I think I’ll ask NH to start adding F.A.B. to my real name every time he addresses me.

***Have I ever told you you remind me of Jada Smith and Eva Longoria? Yup, I think you must be that cute and ‘Gabrielle-dramatic’ while still a believer of course….***

Ok. So I’m supposed to discuss my top lessons, accomplishments, triumphs etc but E’ has word limited me so I can’t say much 😦  

One top highlight of 2013 was the launch of our blog I don’t know if I can call it a launch really, seeing as it was just one of those things you do for kicks. I think I was sitting in our parlor laughing at my husband for something funny he’d said, when I thought, “We should start a website! Let’s see if there are any other men out there like you!” And before we knew it, we were chronicling our experiences as a couple together and sharing it with the world.  
***awesome idea…. Such a blessing… Thanks for the gift of your blog…***

Since then, we’ve “met” a lot of cool peeps, great minds and beautiful souls who’ve shared their stories and problems with us.  Yet at the same time, it’s also brought a few challenges along the way. It wasn’t easy at first to get our story out there. We didn’t know our way around blogsville, and didn’t know how to tweet.
**** Really??? You seem like a Twitter-pro to me NNE*****
But God really surprised us. He took what we started for fun and turned it into something more than just our personal jokes.  Despite the odd reactions here and there like “How can two people be genuinely happy in this world? They must be faking it”. image


It’s been an overwhelmingly AMAZING and FABULOUS experience. God clearly has a plan for us and we’re praying he reveals more of it in 2014.
*** Amen amen amen!!! (4.45am BTW… My alarm just went off… I was an hour 15mins ahead of it. Gosh… )

So I’m going to re-word that “bucket list” question Eziaha asked me to make (I’m not kicking the bucket anytime soon o!)  and call it my “hope list” instead. Here goes:

My number one hope for 2014 is that I won’t be afraid to speak or live in truth. No matter what.  
My second hope is that more good husbands will emerge from the dark corners that society wants to hide them in and SHOUT IT OUT for the world to hear that they love their wives! (the way Aku’m loves Eziaha).
*** I am allowed to sneak in a pix of this lovely couple yeah…? #eyelashes#

Aww NW, that is so sweet. Sweet to know that you believe me and don’t think we too are ‘faking it’ or I am living in some form of fantasy bubble and the truth will soon shele and my eyes will clear ROTFLMBO…****

I hope that God will bring across our path more and more couples who, like we do, deeply and truly love one another and want their marriages to work despite the odds.


Stay Blessed!


Thank you so much my darling NW… You are such a delight!!! Godly delight… And thank you NH for letting her do this. God bless your home richly…
BTW, y’all know NH and NW are anon so she couldn’t share real personal stuff with the FAB community…

OK on to my second delight, Afoma Umesi…
Such an amazing writer. Medical student in the freezing Ukraine. I totally love her blog, just like she loves mine. And she writes mature, over and above her teen-age. And she is soooooo pretty.

No doubt, you will make such an amazing Doctor. Consider O&G or Paed lol. Her medic diaries are my fave… She also writes lovely fiction… Make way world, for this Superstar in the works…
FAB’ers, my 12th Testifier on the FAB lane…


Okay, so this is like “Take two” for me because I initially wrote a review of the year 2013 but Eziaha wanted something for 2014, something futuristic, she said.

***and this is ‘Take two’ for me because she is my numero two today… He he he ***
To be completely honest, I stopped making new year resolutions a while ago, I believe you don’t need a new year to make plans. But that’s beside the point. I also just realized I don’t have that many plans. So, I thought deeper and I really just want to be happy. I’ve always been happy, but this year, I tasted true, sincere happiness and I never want to give it back. I realized that happiness comes truly as the bible says from giving. So, I want to give more. More love, more work, more attention to the things and people that matter.
I have my first MB exams this year and I want to do great! I want to look back on it and be able to say “I gave my best”.
***at least you don’t whine as much as my darling kemi who still spanks so I am trusting God with you that you will do well too…***
I’ve never studied so much in my life! And I’m supposed to be a bookworm.
This year, I want to travel to a new country in both Africa and Europe, not to shop, but to just breathe a different air, take pictures and make lovely memories.
I want to keep writing on my lovely blog! I love it so much because I believe it was the star of my year! So many wonderful opportunities to inspire and be inspired and reaffirm my convictions. God blessed me with that blog of mine.
*and indeed your writings blessed us too…***

I’ve always wanted to write a book, maybe novel or collection of short stories or even a novella. I always start and then never finish. I’d like to start something this year. To start and be patient and flesh out my characters and not give up after 10,000 words like I did the last time.
***can’t wait can’t wait… A medical doctor and a writer… iLike***
Speaking of patience, I want to be more patient. I’m about a hundred times more patient than I was in 2012, but there’s always room to grow and what better growth than a fruitage of God’s spirit.
I spent a huge part of this year, bending over backwards to make people happy, to not let them get upset with me over decisions they really shouldn’t have a say in. 2014 will be different. This year will be about me and mine. I will not be coerced emotionally, physically or any other way into doing anything that will leave me unhappy or my conscience troubled. I will be unapologetic about my life decisions and never be ashamed of my beliefs. I will remember to speak my mind, but only when my words will have a better effect than silence. If you’re wondering what that means, it means I’m learning to pick my battles wisely.
*does this somewhat remind you of my third testifier, the anon Missy here ***

This year was fraught with so much tension, worry that I wasn’t good enough, in school, at writing, at being a person. I’m a worrier, but I think that comes from my love of planning ahead. I’m learning to take life one day at a time and not worry about things I cannot change and when they are things I can change, I will be proactive instead of sitting and worrying. I want to spend less time online and more with people who care and who are “real” to me. I love all the social media sites, especially Twitter, but sometimes, it honestly gets too much with everyone trying to stuff their opinions down your throat. This year, I’m standing up for myself, because no one else will, if I don’t.

* a life of balance. Between the real and the virtual. May we social media enthusiasts especially bloggers and ‘twitterers’ receive grace to strike this delicate balance…***

I spent the past year struggling with my relationship with God. Well, not struggling, but trying to find the right balance because the sudden onslaught of school work was ridiculous and just making it to school and back while having to study over twenty pages every day of medical jargon takes a toll on you and you still have to cook and clean and chill. Dear God, I love to just chill and do nothing, but I’ve learned that work must be done when it should and God should take first priority. I’ll fight harder to keep Him in that place next year, put more time into spiritual activities.

*Amen darling. Cos He has a way of holding it altogether when we give Him prime/first place…I trust God with you my darling…***

I want to love myself more, be kinder to myself, encourage myself and not compare myself to anyone else. I want to be a source of refreshment to everyone I meet and also realize that not everyone will like me and be okay with that. I want to keep drawing closer to my heavenly father; I mean you can never be close enough. I want to love my people more. I’m trying to eat more too; school keeps stealing all my adipose tissue.
I want to be happy and healthy.

***Happy, healthy and more God-loving you sure will be this year. Amen****

Thank you babe. You sure brought a BURST of fresh air to this #31F.A.B.Voices… Plenty love to you hun…

Oh BTW babe, thanks for the ‘Nineteen minutes e-book by Jodi Picoult.. Amazing writing…Then Afoma and I are both Subway surfers lovers. She even did a post on it here.. . She blogs at

I better get to making the pancakes for brekkie for Aku m and keep it in the m’oven… No need deceiving myself to grab a few minutes of sleep before…
Oh BTW, the message by Rev just finished… Right on time.
And hubby’s alarm just went off too… He says that is ‘wake up part 1’… Ugh!!! I wish I could just go back to sleep but this body…

My next post which hopefully should come up today if I can get a breather in between all the academic/work research I would be doing today is inspired from my mailbox…
A darling FAB’er sent me a mail asking a question on …. I had started responding to her privately anti thought, ‘…this should bless more lives na…’ So I decided I would merge it with another mail, provide answers and blog…
I trust God it would bless you…

Have you read AND commented on Pastor Mildred’s Dilemma post here?
Tuesday dilemma is up tomorrow so hurry along and lend your voice to the debacle involving a cheating husband and beAstie…

Oh BTW, move over Sapphire, Vee, Booski and co, I have a new friend…
Hello Rukewe!!!
Can’t wait to run her F.A.B 2014 entry here…
Speaking of which, I have OVER 31 voices already yay!!! Thanks to everyone who sent it, most of whom I have never met… I love love love all the impact this is creating and all the testimonies that will be shele-ing from this…
And I heard it in my spirit man as I took sometime to pray about this… We will indeed testify. Not that I didn’t know of course but I loved how the Spirit put it to me… It was this HUGE thanksgiving blog party at the end of the year when we returned,not only with our testimonies but of course with our thanksgiving…
Not just the 31 voices but as many that read the blog and trust God enough to commit to Him even as they play their own part…
iTestify… uTestify… WE TESTIFY…

Time check:5.50 am… Phew. Blogging is work… Fun work tho…


Going Forward… Still Testifying

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 21

Am I happy to be blogging again on gratitude… Feels like forever since I last did this. Meanwhile it has been just two days…
How have you my darlings been? Still with an #AttitudeO’Gratitude I hope…?
Yesterday was just one of those low days for me. It kinda sucked that I had already given out yesterday’s post to a guest blogger. I wish I had to do it myself; maybe the day wouldn’t have turned out that way… Living with an #AttitudeO’Gratitude just has the power to turn a blue day to a rainbow one indeed.


So I have decided that on days when I have a guest blogger, I would whip out a journal and write in BLACK AND WHITE what I am grateful for and repeat it to myself till I am indeed truly grateful…


Anyhoos, this is me thanking God in advance for better days ahead… because it MUST end in praise…


So today, is E’ thankful? The heck I very am…
1. Kicking the spirit of laziness…


I actually got some clean up and sorting out work done that I had been postponing. Problem with me is that once something has affected my mental state, my physical especially goes south. That had been the case for a while. So getting my physical to do what I needed it to do today is something I am oh-so-grateful for…
2. An amazing rich meal of indomie.


See ehn, I do indomie right… I have about a zillion recipes and I keep discovering more. Today, I whipped up a killer recipe…


Oh my!!! It definitely had a TASTE OF HEAVEN… hehehe…
3. My dreads. Making this dreads has been my BEST HAIR DECISION yet. I got it washed and conditioned today and it felt really good.


Thank God for such low maintenance FABULOUS hair. No salons, No driers, No serum, No styling-by-a-stylist, NO NOTHING and yet the hair is all shades of FABULOUS…


4. My tailor… AGAIN. I simply call him Baba. The man just knows what works for my body and he is not pricey at all.


He made my wedding gown and those of my bridal party. I picked up my dress today for my Booski’s wedding and I absolutely LOVED the fit… Hehehe. You will see pictures soon on the blog. No spoilers…
5. I don’t quite know how to put this one. Ok, quite a few people close to me (plus Enny herself) have asked me how I coped seeing my friend get married and me I had hitches that are seemingly delaying mine? I mean, it would have been understandable if I felt and showed some sadness yet here I was celebrating her wedding…


Truth is, and God sees my heart, I was way too happy for Enny to be sad about my own situation. Even if I tried, I wouldn’t have felt bad. I guess that means I have some special kind of God-given strength… Well, I didn’t really think so back then but thinking about it now, I am grateful. Grateful that by God’s grace, I know how to roll over my issues to the Only One who can handle it anyways, and focus on whatever things are lovely and of good report… And just BE HAPPY…


In this case, Enny’s wedding was my good and lovely thing to focus on…
And boy, did I have a blast or what!!! And the simple truth is I LOVE ENIOLA… If Enny is happy, I am…
That about wraps it up…
Oh sorry darlings, I forgot to mention that I didn’t make it to Asaba again…  Will leave Friday… Looks like that will be when my madam enters town too…Madam being Dumebi


And yup, trust you haven’t forgotten about SOUND OF HEAVEN…


It is this Sunday… Whoop!!!
Skip over to my fellow grateful bloggers and enjoy what their guest bloggers and they have been grateful for all these days… and
Happy birthday to a most amazing friend’s BLESSING and ANGEL and PRINCESS looool… Efe…


This girl will make her momma very proud. This much I know. Grow in grace and favor Sugar… Muah.
Thanks to the amazing people who don’t stop praying for and loving on me. You guys rock majorly.


I should mention names but I don’t know you all. But God does. My God will bless you, amen. Muah
But I gotta do a special shout out to my darling Daddy dearest… The UNDISPUTABLE BEST in my world…


No words…
How can I express all that I feel for this man into words? It is a mixture of gratitude, love, respect, honor, crush, LOVE, affection, appreciation, and so on…


I am that sort of daughter that disturbs you in the morning, afternoon, night and midnight… I do that with him too. And he doesn’t complain…
Oh btw, we fine for my family…


And we also know how to do marriage right…





OK bye…

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 3

Whoop Day three

See if you can stop me


Feel free to catch up on Day one and day two of my #AttitudeO’Gratitude posts if you missed them


Today, I had a low, high, low, just there, then high and higher day…

And then HIGHEST!!!

I am a tad tired so I will jump to it already. I apologize in advance. Pictures no go dey this post ooo…

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Gotcha. Pictures go very dey….


1  I am so grateful for today that is August the 3rd, 2013. The day that would have been THE DAY. I made it through today sha. I even did the

Dear diary post

I enjoyed reading the comments and that post inspired two different blogposts from two people. Thank you to all the people that drop(ped) comments. Comments are important to any Blogger. It is not everything but it sure makes a difference, lets you know that your audience is not only you and your family members loool. I love how today went tho someone however made me cry.


It was the way he asked me the question… Aaaaarrrrgh. And even when I tried to skip an answer, he asked again. Then I cried. But for like 2minutes. He consoled and loved on me and I was fine again. the ‘He’ btw is a very special He… winkssss… Thank you Sir… I am so grateful for all the loving that came today. I am more grateful that there was hardly any pity. Too much love mehn… Too much. Calls from within and outside Naija. I also got the congratulatory calls and messages too. Loooool.


Thanks people. Thanks for reminding me what a strong woman God has made E’. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And Sir, I am serious about the eloping though.

2.   My boo just knows how to make my day everyday sha. I am so thankful for him. He had an allnight yesterday and as soon as he was up, he called me to know how I was doing, today being August 3, 2013. After we spoke, I later told him that I didn’t even feel like going out with my girlfriend again and that when she called me, I would cancel. Ah, he said Nooooo. Babes you must go out today. I don’t want you staying indoors and trying to feel bad ooo. He insisted. I sha dragged myself out to meet up with Enny. When I got to the market, the girl just didn’t pick her calls. Aaaaargggggh. I called Aku m and told him I was going back home jor. He said I should just hang around and chill a bit. So I decided to buy myself new sports/exercise kit. I suddenly found myself in a part of the market I had no reason to be in. turned back and bumped smack into a darling friend (more in number 3.) See divine direction at work??? That was just the beginning of an amazing day. But the koko is, it was not until I got back that Le boo told me that he felt really down in his spirit too but didn’t want to tell me so that he doesn’t put a damper in my day. He had to deal with his all alone and of course he felt better later but I especially love that he didn’t tell me that morning cos Omo, I would have not gone anywhere ooo. Na to stay all day on the phone with him. You see how he puts my happiness first… Muah baby.. Love you big…

3. oh I am so thankful for the gift of great friends. You know the plan was to hook up with Enny in the market but I got two for the price of one. I bumped into Bernyboom today, my Aussie returnee.

Collage 2013-08-03 21_20_15

I love adding Australia when I talk about her cos she has promised to invite me over when she settles in. well, you just promised baby. I helped you promise. I ran smack into Berny and we had a good time gisting. Last saw her at IMELA which she came for. She kept my coy till Madame Enny showed up. It was so good talking to her. Thanks lovey. Oh then my Enny. My one and only Sapphire.

Collage 2013-08-03 21_29_28

You need to see the way I was smiling when I saw her, in spite of my vex that she had delayed me. It was good hugging her again. Did a final purchase and we went to Coldstone creamery to get icecream. I got the mint choc and she got a real boring one. :p

IMG_20130803_213014I did get my ice cream afterall hehehe…

Then we went to chill at the poolside and play catch up. Her boo was with us too. She was oohing and aahing as she read my blog post in which I mentioned her to her fiancée. I am sure the guy would just be like ‘ah, lemme hold my woman well ooo, I have serious competition’ loooool. Enny and I just fool around and we did plenty of that today chilling at the poolside, laughing at the old white men swimming, the girl at coldstone who had on this really short shirt dress with nothing underneath and high heels. We imagined the breeze carrying her dress up looooool. We even goofed around as we did research on the HOOKAH we both saw for the first time today.


Yeah I know you dunno what that is too. It is a fancy flavored tobacco which the people smoking it claimed is not as dangerous as cigarette.


Well our research showed otherwise biko. A hookah is essentially a water pipe with an integrated smoke chamber, attached to a large bowl with a small hose attachment. As a special form of tobacco is heated, the smoke passes through water in a confined chamber to cool it, and then moves through a hose attached to a mouthpiece. We also discovered other names for it…Hubble-bubble and Shisha. And please that flavor is not even flavory at all… ewww. Nope, I meant the smell, Did not sniff it… Btw, what does the Fed. Ministry of health say about smokers again? Looool. Then we yabbed some guy who was sagging. I mean do people still sag? Till we asked and realized he was below 20… we chorused ‘that explains a lot…’ Amazing time with Enny. I was sad to go as she and her boo dropped me off. Next sighting is when I move into her house few days to her wedding. Can’t wait baby. That is really soon…

4. I am thankful for journey mercies ooo. The bus I was in today had a tire incidence and skidded off the road. Thank God the culvert broke his speed. And we were on a bridge. Ekwensu n’agbaghari n’efu… In vain… I am so thankful the driver wasn’t on full speed. Angels always on guard. I am thankful for them. I went out and got in in one piece. Whoop… this incident made me increase the call for my car harvest ooo… My harvest is here. I am making room biko…

5. I am thankful for money. Yes good old money. I recall sometime when I would go to the ATM and there would be no money to withdraw.


Chei!!! These days, the story don change ooo. I got to the ATM today and withdrew what I wanted and had to just buy something in the market just because… I am sooooooo grateful. Too grateful. Not even taking it for granted….

That wraps today up… What are you grateful for?

Remember, the more you are grateful, the more you will have cause to be grateful


Go ahead, fill your journal, write a post, comment… speak your dialect. Thanksgiving is your dialect…

Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow. And remember to come for LDM too.

BOSE (_)I AM BLESSED.Psalm 138v8

PK will be answering your relationship Frequently asked questions. It promises to be wow…


Don’t forget to drop by at the blog of my partners-in-gratitude

Lizzy and Giantsparkle

I am constantly amazed at all the many things we have to be thankful for. This is so much fun… hehehe.

Tommorrow, the part 3 of my birthday munches comes up… I am hoping you didn’t miss

Part one and Part two

Oya click and enjoy. If you haven’t seen yours yet, chill, we are going to at least Part 6 so hang on ok. Yours might even be in Part 3. Keep a date will ya? That is if your birthday shalla was not boring ooo… hehehe

Be sure to look FABULOUS tomorrow… God don’t like drab. #SundayBest#



Why I celebrate… #E’Birthday

Whoop whoop!!! Allow me to feel myself for a minute. It is my birthday tomorrow afterall. Went off BB for a while to attend to more important stuff. But I sneaked in on my birthday eve… Today… into so much loving… I SEE Y’all and I feel uber spessssssshial hehe…

Ok on to today’s post… Wrote it this morning, publishing tonight. Had a really long day and had a mini accident too so I have a bruise and I am limping but God pass and punish devil jor… Let’s celebrate…

When I blogged about how to do birthdays right, I reiterated the need to celebrate…

Here is why I particularly celebrate…

1. My FABtastic relationship with my God…

If you must brag, brag on the Word and the Word is God so brag on God…

I totally absolutely brag on God!!! I don’t know how people make it without Him but I am CONVINCED that I’m lost without Him… Totally!!! Where would I be if not for his Word which He sends to me that sets order to my jagajaga life? A Word in season I always hear. His Love which I enjoy in form of favor and love from men especially. The Love I know I don’t deserve. His Grace so amazing. His Glory and Beauty which I radiate. He has blessed me with so much hence He gave me the name NgoziChukwu- the Blessed of God!!! His wisdom which manifests in my Words and Deeds. The mundane and fundamental things with which my Jehovah just uses to show me off. I can’t begin to explain how fabulous my life is and is becoming daily. I celebrate the God in me… He’s simply amazing to me…

2. Le Boo

You know God is pleased with you when he sends you a great tailor GOOD and FAITHFUL man. I celebrate my Bolaji… My King… My David, a man after my own heart. The Love of my life and the Love in my life.


Someone who knows me inside out and loves me in a way that God has commanded a man to love his wife. The one I willingly submit to because He has signed his life away to God anyways so He can’t do or ask me to do anything our God doesn’t approve of. The one who knows how to correct without battering and who knows when to throw in a healthy amount of harmless indulging. Wetin again dey outside wey I dey find eh? With a partner like Him… Make una toast taya, e no go work. (You know yourselves :p) Aku m, my treasure and wealth.


Its a privilege to be found by such a man. Its because of you that I can go on my knees and pray for my single friends cos you have taught and keep teaching me by just living your life that the God that made you (and Rev and PK) still has more where you came from. You give me hope in men. Not all men are bad. Not all cheat. Some men are a TEN. You, my Bolaji are a TEN. I celebrate because of You and I celebrate You. And of course, for life, I love you endlessly.


Ladies marry well ooo

3. My Pastors

When God wants to bless you, He sends you gifts as Pastors. I’m so privileged to have the BEST gifts walking the face of the earth. Pastors that willingly grant me the gift of access. That’s the biggest thing I enjoy. That I can go to them at anytime and have their attention despite their busy schedule. Pastors that look out for me, pray for me, correct me when I’m erring and even give to me. Ha ahn!!! Only me. Pastors that know how to drop the Word like its HOT!!! Their preaching gets me up TO DO. I don’t blame people when they say Pastors are this and that (negative things that is). They haven’t met my pastors that’s why. Like some people have said to me, how won’t you be like this…? How won’t you get it right in marriage? Who you go resemble? See your pastors na. My pastors have been role models to me— in their walk with God, their discipline, their diligence, their lives of faith, their love walk, and of course their marriages!!! I have amazing examples to look up to. If I fail in life, truly who I go resemble? I celebrate You all… The entire C-in-C pastors of Triumphant assembly churches international led by the most amazing man I know, God’s general Rev Albert Femi Oduwole


and his one n’ only babe of life… Rev Teju Oduwole.


I celebrate another of God’s general who is my most beloved Pastor Kingsley and my darling Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.

rpk1 Ibadan-20121117-00537

4. My Family


My momma is one of the strongest women I know. My resilience came from her. We have our fights on a regular (lol) but I love that woman shege… My sisters are SUPER amazing. I’m gonna do a blogpost inspired by my bigsis especially on YOU too can have it all… Esp for ladies. You can build a career,a family and a ministry with NONE suffering and still have a life. My sisters have modelled that. I’m thankful for my brothers and all the miracles God has started in their lives already. And my poppa… Who in recent times has obliged a few of my unusual requests. Loooool.  I’m thankful for the family God has blessed me and my fam with by way of marriages.


I celebrate us all mehn!!!

5. My friends.

tom n jerry

Aha!!! Kedu otu m g’esi bido biko? How do I start? I have the MOST amazing friends. Crazy, godly, beautiful, fabulous, loyal, adorable, the whole NINE yo!!! God clearly partially gave me the best of friends ooo, no kidding… One of my besties is getting married and relocating to the UK. I’m still hating on her hubby. I’m so pained!!! Gosh!!! But I have the most amazing memories. My friends go out of their ways for me. Most times I’m convinced some are angels who escaped from heaven. How can they be so E’ loving??? When tz not like I’m sleeping with ’em? Prayerful women with whom I can pray anything through. Nothing as blessed as having such friends ooo. If I was a guy, I would have married some of them mehn!!! Polygamy allowed hehehhe. I’ll name names… If your name is not here, trust me tz the heart that matters plus I’m in a hurry. Special CELEB shout out to Dumdum, Ayomikun, Valerie, Ogochukwu, Enny, Warrens, Cheech, Bunmi, etc. (Forgive me darlings I’m in a serious hurry)

6. My blog family


Muah. Muah. Muah. Amazing lot. You just know how to color my world. Every comment, email, and loving is appreciated. Every BBM personal message and broadcast, tweet, facebook sharing, all appreciated. You make writing fun mehn!!! You further convince me that I must be doing something right. God bless y’all. I love and ‘preciate you. Muah and a big E’ group hug…

Again, I am grateful to God that a plus one beckons. I’m even more grateful for that glorious future I see.

My biggest request of God this new year is that I hear Him even more. Cos my blessings lie in my hearing and obeying Him. I mean, you just hear a Word and do, even if it makes zero sense and wham!!! Blessings start to follow. That’s the sorta life I wanna live and enjoy. A life that hears and obeys God no matter what.

Oh and of course, a deeper level of Faith.

Chi m n’efe atoka m




PS: See BBM missing ooo. Decided to go off BB for a while and focus on some stuff and everyone has been missing me… Hehehe. I’m so sweet. I’ll be back later tonight just in time for my birthday. Can’t miss all the dps and pms of course hehehe. #lezzdodis


My E’terview is up tomorrow by God’s grace on my blog. Whoop!!! Miss it, miss out. If you don’t see it, blame JMAD and FEMMETOTALE.. They were in charge :p


You don’t wanna miss Pita’s concert this sunday evening ooo. Lara George, Cobhams, Olufunmi, Timi Dakolo and many more will be there. Plus Pita himself of course. Details? Here


Holla Islanders, PK will be preaching on In Pursuit of happiness on the Island this sunday morning at 11am. Venue, Oriental Hotel. Details? Here


My talk at pharmacy school went so well. I’m really grateful to my Sugar daddy. He knows how to show His Sugar Baby off… Hehehe. God and I make a Fab team.

Church girls and boys


This article was written on Thursday Feb 28.But i did not publish till today.  This disclaimer should explain a lot. Pele. Now I am in orientation camp having the time of my life *straight face*

Ok, enjoy…

Sorry I’ve been MIA
I’ve been having so much fun junketing the w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶ Nation… :p
Anyways lemme share a short one with you…
Btw I’m putting this together in Mokola, Ibadan waiting for Patience/Iya Sunday who gave me an 8.30am appointment to make my hair and ts now 9am and she still hasn’t showed up and I can’t reach her on the phone… MTN you guys really need to get sensible ooo.


I wanna braid my hair and tz common knowledge that the people at Mokola do the very best.
At least in the city of Ibadan. Since I am being delayed and Aku m has been HARASSING me to update my blog, I decided to share this with you guys, with Arugbo Ojo by MK on repeat from my iPod…

I promise you, it will be short and sharp. Did I mention IN YOUR FACE.
Without mincing words I have come to submit to you that the high achievers of tomorrow are the Church boys and girls of today…
Lemme put it in another way.
Substitute “God” for “Church” there cos a Clown will soon say I am playing Church…

‘The high achievers of tomorrow are the GOD boys and girls of today…’
And just so we are clear, I don’t mean those who  just ‘play church’ ooo. I’m talking of the real REAL church guys and girls. People who are committed to Christ and His church. Who don’t just treat His church in a lackadaisical manner, coming and serving only when it is convenient (esp Sunday morning since there is no work mostly)
I am talking of those who are active workers in their church… Serving God with their time, money and resources, convenient or not simply because we know who’s BOSS anyways…
Not those who think the gospel will preach itself without money and so do not sow into His house… The gospel is free. The conduit and channels via which it would reach the world in definitely NOT free.
The ones who can not afford to see a vacancy in God’s house that they can fill and yet give flimsy excuses…
The ones who place God and his church FIRST place and not their bosses and their jobs.
People who hear the word, accept it wholeheartedly, apply the principles and stay on the word till results come in ALL areas of their lives… And then succeed… Excellently too showing the way to unbels/the world…
The ones who help their Pastors after they have been equipped to do the work of ministry and not just assume that the pastor should do it all just because He is afterall the one God called…
I’m talking of those who sincerely uphold their pastors and shepherds in the place of prayer and also with their seed knowing that the pastor needs your prayers too and then some… Not those who don’t miss an opp to badmouth a man of God… Chai
I’m talking of true worshippers, true servers, true lovers, true doers… Those who understand and leverage on covenant…
There is something about people who dwell in the house of God. Especially when you start at a young age and before marriage especially.
The bible says in lamentation 3v27 says It is good for man to bear THE YOKE in his youth.  Start being disciplined from that young age and the church is in the best position to instil that discipline… BEST. All my discipline came from church and then my mom in that order…
Overdose on church and God ooo especially now that you are still young. I attend amazing churches walahi. With amazing Pastors.


Being in TA these past days as Rev TJ was announcing upcoming programs I was just sad cos I’ll miss ’em… Same way I miss dcc lagos when I’m in abuja and miss dcc abuja when I am not in Abuja. Walahi I wish I could be in all 3places at the same time.
My Pastor’s pastor Victor Adeyemi will be in TA lagos on Saturday and I’ll be in ibadan and I’m so pained. That’s how much I love to dwell in his presence cos that’s where my strength to ‘do’ comes from. Both dwelling personally of course, and then with fellow believers…
Trust me, the church provides an amazing leverage that I wish young people of today can leverage upon… Just like I do…

Yesterday after midweek service, I was sharing something God dropped in my spirit to Warrens, a fellow church girl and I was crying.


Cos I have an idea what God will do with our lives just because we are sold out to Him even as young ladies, and i wished we would give our best tomake more young persons CHURCH GIRLS AND BOYS
Ladies and gentlemen, my final submission; one of the greatest things you can do to and for yourself in this life is to be a ‘CHURCH GIRL/GUY … BE WISE!!!
Cos na we go rock tomorrow oooo

Ok lemme put it even better…
Eziaha Ajaero will be among the movers and shakers of the world tomorrow because of my walk with God today. Because I am a church girl today…

Please don’t beef me then ooo. Don’t say I’m extravagant. Don’t say I’m proud. I’m sharing this with you now… Be wise enough to join me now because walahi the future is mine cos I’m connected, heavily connected sef to the right source…
Ofu mkpuru okwu ezuola onye choro amami’ihe
(A word is enough for the wise)
Her Excellence,

Yup the lady to braid my hair has arrived.


And yes I moved on from Arugbo ojo to Mcdowell’s “I give myself away…” That song is my life’s theme song for now… Loves it.


The hair turned out cool too. Was hoping for a cool camp look. But my friends say gold is anything but cool… warreva jare. fimile you guys
You can dl pastor K’s teaching series on ‘covenant’ here.  Really deep stuff. the teachings will change the way you relate with people and get the best out of all your relationships.
And also dl “Who should I marry?” Here
Holler at Lester Ugo for doing this mehn… Bless you sir.
DLs are better with etisalat of course cos of the unlimited MB
You are welcome 😉
All my blog readers and people who keep giving me amazing suggestions, God bless y’all. Keep it coming and keep commenting too. Plenty lovages…

And yup i did get the message preached by Rev Victor Adeyemi on saturday when i visited TA lagos last sunday…Woooooot.


Enjoyed worshipping with ’em as TA Lagos city church clocked 10… God is faithful jare. And that Sunday, Rev Albert preached…. He killed money in that message. Love you muchos my Rev

Random Musings


*in my Mexican accent* Holla…. *AIR KISSES*

O=)Angel o' ♥ _

Today is a beautiful Sunday and the girl just feels like musing…

Random stuff on my mind… LET’SSSSS

First of all this cant be real na…?


As in how is this possible?

You know I have been writing an article in my head about stuff that are too much for me to comprehend. The very first has to be ladies toasting men and proposing to ‘em. Lemme not jump abeg. I will still do it. But please this is one too. I don’t even like it when men drink talk less of ladies… ewwww. Please ooo I am not judging ooo. My brother drinks and popsie too but my boo doesn’t and for that I am really grateful. How do you even kiss a mouth stinking of gulder, not even irish cream? And drinking from the bottle on your wedding day…? double ewwwww. thanks to my dear laide for this pix and the many others. If you were not married to that fab woman I would have found you a wifey…  hehehe

More musings

Kim K is in Nigeria.

kk (the Cops are stifling a laff there hehehe)

Yeah yeah please roll your eyes. I am amazed as to how people say they don’t like her and yet they consider her newsworthy and follow her up on SM sites. Abeggiii make I hear.

Kim Kardashian arrives Lagos Nigeria for Darey's LLAM concert (5)

I like  Kim sha just as I like Kimora hehehe.


In fact her ‘life on a fab lane’ inspired my blog rider ‘Living the Christ life on a fab lane’ They provide great entertainment and they are really fine ooo complete with hot bods… Phew…. But their lifestyle? Let’s just say that I, like Obama, will NOT let my kids even see an episode.


Not totally sha but mostly I would not endorse some stuff they do. But Kimora is a badt business woman ooo.


And Kris Jenner dey help Kim try small as her mom-ager.


Ok that’s just me musing about Kim being in Naija. If I was in lag, I would NOT have gone tho… D love no reach like that… But the chic is powerful tho…and a super star like    it or not even in Naija cos the minute chica tweeted ‘on my way to Naija’ na so she start to trend at number one here knocking off Goldie whose death and marriage had been trending for two days. SMH for Twitter mourners… Sorry ‘mourners’

Ok on to the next…

I am amazed as to how God settles me church wise every where I go. When I was leaving Ibadan I was sad and happy. Yeah I had graduted and stuff but TA (Triumphant Assembly that is ) was really IT ALL… I mean ALL… I was VERY HAPPY. I had the best of the very BEST Pastors and mentors.


The gift of access I enjoyed. I also enjoyed LOVE. I loved my church and church members. I still do. I had INCREDIBLE FRIENDS there.


I had real prayer partners. Deep ladies and guys. My Drama team was WOW!!!

IMG-20110820-00006 (I can’t even forget this overnight  rehearsals for drama night. their hands hurt them tire cos they were human props hehehe. our director was not mean)

Church was my fam… And I loved us all.


I won’t attempt to mention names cos I would run into trouble. You guys take my blog way too seriously jare LOL… I knew leaving Ibadan meant I would have to do DCC in Lagos. Hmmmm… The stuff I really loved about DCC was Pastor K and Pastor M…


I really had my hangups and stuff about ‘after preaching church activities.’ Don’t get me wrong DCC is a DREAM church but TA was too on my mind and the transition wasn’t gonna be easy. So I decided that I would go to church, join a unit (I can’t bear to NOT be in a unit in church. How do you people do that? I am doing a special blogpost for you guys and nope it won’t be pretty). Oh something else I loved about DCC was the flat shoes ladies used to wear. I am tripped by heels and in a student community you see quite a lot. But in DCC, ladies used to wear really nice flats. Now I realized that they used to then because work in the Dome (yes we use a Dome for service. A real EXPENSIVE PRETTY DOME) especially the floors were not done and so ladies were rocking flats wella to preserve the heels. LOL Now they rock heels wella. Ok back to my DCC plan. I’ll join a unit and then go home after church simple. I didn’t have a single friend (I mean like my TA friends) there and I didn’t intend to make so much friends (goodbyes are teary) cos I had a plan to rush back to Ibadan as often as possible and then a grand plan to go serve in Oyo state. Thinking about my plan now makes me smile. So I did just that. But mehn, when I got ‘ere in November, I made a few friends, had a few fans who knew me from my blog, enjoyed a few kodak moments, gave out plenty of my famous squeezy  huggy hugs (What!!! You haven’t received any of my hugs. Gee! How do you sleep at night?), joined a second fantastic unit and DCC began to look like IT. But I still knew I was moving back to Ibadan for service.

Ibadan-20120130-02596 (STILL MISS MY MULTI COLORED ROOM… D most beautiful room in Anchorage then,,,)

Until God said to me in no unclear terms leaving no room for my opinion, ‘Baby mi toh beauriful (eat ur hearts out :p), your work in Ibadan is done… Oya forward march to Abuja….’ ABUJA… I didn’t know NATIN about Abuja. Had been here once about 6 or 7years ago (of course a few hours wedding trips DO NOT COUNT) for about a week holiday in which I was very protected (I was really young). The boo and I had discussed the POSSIBILITY of settling here MAYBE (pls note the block letters). But moving here for service? Jehovah!!! First thought, what church will I attend that will be like DCC Lagos or TA Shabach ooo? *insert Huge tears*.

I mean wasn’t it bad enough that I was missing Rev Albert’s teachings already

Albert Oduwole(7)

and now PK too. Of course when I went public with the gist, most of my friends in Abuja were happy to invite me to join their churches. I promised nothing tho I said I would visit. But HE led me to DCC Abuja and I told Him let PK preach the first day I step in there. Guess what people, my PK, SORRY PM’s PK no ‘Dassah’s honey (PM :p) sha Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo was there…

pk pm

He came to Abuja to encourage us to pray and have HIgH EXPECTATIONS this new year.

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (that is me in red behind… the person that snapped was beefing me and didn’t let me show)

DCC Abuja is new and growing and trust me, that is my kinda thing… If you see the way I love DCC Abuja eh… Tz almost UNBELIEVABLE.


I thought it would take me time to settle in and stuff.  And the absolute best part of church is my Pastor (sorry Mimi baby you are the second best). Pastor B is a chip off the old block…


I really don’t miss PK like I thought I would cos mehn Pastor B is loaded. You can see that ise Oluwa shacks him. Seriously I am so inspired… God really went ahead of me on this one sha and ‘organised’ this before I showed up. I feel really blessed… So i might as well add that if you are in Abuja and you do not like your church  have a church where you are grounded, as a Worker and stuff, please feel free to join us every sunday at Cubana lounge on Adetokunbo Ademola street, Wuse 2, and wednesdays at APPLES REACH just slightly adjacent Cubana at 6.30pm. i would be, and my Pastor too, very happy to see and welcome you and if you are a lady, you get the special E’ hug… hehehe… Trust me hon, DCC Abuja ROCKS… A trial and YOU ARE HOOKED!!!

That said I DO MISS REV Albert Femi oduwole. *wailing* And I also miss Ibadan. I was talking to someone and said ‘Ibadan’ instead of Lagos. That said though, 15 MORE DAYS TILL I SEE REV…Yippppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



 EziahaO_)Omoteniola;;)

Can’t wait… *Azonto and etighi* Actually it is till ‘we’ see Rev. ‘we’ being a singular term. *wink* And I actually get to see my Ibadan peeps. I am soooo amazed as to how people miss me ooo. They call, bb, text oh wow!!! I even hear they tell my story, use my name for sermons (I ordered a message and as I listened recently it was a real pleasant surprise to hear my name oooooo chai). When I was leaving, did I mention that NOT  few people cried… I am like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I too cried but hey, na wah ooo. Please I want to meet more people like Eziaha ooo and I am serious.

Ok next musing…

Abuja guys need JESUS… Seriously!!! They actually do. And that is All this  very pretty, hot, fabulous, 5ft 11 woman of God will be saying on this matter. Ok let me just add that if I were a runs babe eh, by now I would have acquired a property in Maitama. My friend says my hips don’t lie… I say Double d’uh…

Musing next…

So I had been rolling around the choice of my Chief in my head (That’s what happens when you are the last child/baby, not a twin, and have at least 4besties and applications from other friends) and when I finally decided on one of ‘em and told her, if you see the drama that went on between us you would have thought it was a marriage proposal. I am so sparing you guys the details #poko (been wanting to use that. No idea what it means)


My blog is making impact. Please can you believe this? OMgosh!!!


Of course there are some details going on that I can’t share but I can say that some people made the LDM Abuja from my blog.

DCC LDM feb 10 2013

Someone came from Asaba. And some of you in Abuja, single n ready to settle, that LDM came to your dormot, una no come. An atmosphere with sooo much anointing and people that you may meet sef and sound teachings too from PK life and direct, and you didn’t make it. Wait ooo I have a special blogpost for you, Una dey wait for me to write the message out on my blog. Mschewwwww… I’m pretty miffed so I will move on.

So the Asaba girl hung out in Abuja for a week and came to church Sunday and Wednesday. Sweetie twas really nice meeting you and I really should pray you to Abuja ooo.You fit in well here jor… *forgot to snap with her. too busy*

I also met others who came for the program. Btw, some of you owe me an email  or fb in-boxes and stuff so I am waiting kk

Even in Abuja in random places, I really mean the most random of places, I meet people who recognize me from my blog. I really should be careful what I ask for and say cos I get ‘em. At the start of the year, I prayed over and blessed my blog. I called it a TESTIMONY. My blog forms a part of my 2013    confessions. Gradually I see fruits… Like someone doing an ABOUT FACE on a relationship wey don tey cos of something I read on my blog. Seriously!!!!!!! You guys rock sha. *big Eziaha styled hugs* Thank you so much for making this blog a part of your life and for all the online and offline messages. The number of offline messages are alarming.


So now I have started harassing people to post the messages online abeg. And here is me also saying it. Please make una dey read and comment too and spread word. If I make you happy then make me happy on this one kk. READ AND DROP  A LINE. Oshay… You can comment anonymously too. I also have amebos here ooo and seriously I see you guys and I just press the ignore button… I just couldn’t be bothered… I am just too busy making progress *insert three uninterested BBM smileys here for good measure*

Ok next..

So we lost Goldie.


I wasn’t a fan… don’t know any of her song, didn’t watch her on BBA and didn’t really care for her but her death like many other deaths, was painful. I was particularly pained with twitter comments about her and stuff. Respect for the dead should not be included in a college or high school curriculum before someone knows it is the right thing to do. Like it or not, the babes was someone’s daughter, wifey, bestie, friend, sister, aunt, etc… Before being that star, she was a HUMAN BEING jare. But then again, twitter can be a real JOKE. So I don’t always take it too seriously. Tz my prayer that God comforts those who are truly mourning her, amen. Her death got me thinking tho. We really should live knowing that one day we would die and would spend eternity (way longer than we have spent on earth even if you live to 120) somewhere. So live heaven conscious. Infact with that kinda mindset, when people mourn us, they do not mourn like people without hope because they know and we know too that we are indeed in a better place. Especially if you are a Nigerian. Me I am looking forward to heaven especially because NEPA people are not going to make heaven we don’t have to bother about light there… wooooooooooooot!!! Death should not be so bad na… with this knowledge. Except of course for those that would miss us. #RIPGoldie.

So let’s end this on a love note… Valenetine fever is over abi?


Told ya it would not last… the cure is really Feb 15th. So I hope you didn’t do anything stupid ooo. Hope we all got gifts too even if from yourself. One babes was whining on BR that she got no gifts and stuff. Me I told her that next year she should DHL a gift to herself and arrange to have it delivered on Val’s day. Smart yeah? I thou  ht so too.

Speaking of gifts aside Phone calls and e-lovages from amazing people, Vals was spent, after wrapping and delivering Val packages of course, watching movies with Mimi.


Single ladies was the movie title… Movie without a lesson except really nice dresses. Mehn the ladies dressed to kill ooo. But it was too unreal. I know you are itching to know what I gave the boo… How that one take consign you? . I know you are also itching to know what Aku m did. Infact we have been arguing about this ooo.

Aku m ♥

I have an idea what he wants to get me cos he has been hinting so I came all out and asked him NOT TO. Reason? While I agree that I need it ooo, over need it sef, but I just feel we have better things to do with money and stuff especially now. I said it could wait and I offered a CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE. See argument ooo. He INSISTED… I said NO. he said ‘You don’t have a choice sorry’ He was now quoting PK that when a woman says SAVE she means SPEND and when she says DON’T BUY IT HONEY IT CAN WAIT, don’t answer her ooo, just go ahead and buy… chai!!! Guess who won? HE DID!!! Yay me!!! *straight face* But seriously baby, you are my real gift…




Love you forever Aku m… (Aku m means my treasure in Igbo or wealth. I prefer treasure, for those of you that want to kill me with asking)

4x6 copy

Yeah, I shared that story above to make you very jealous. I hope you are. And don’t bother planning evil, we are COVERED hehehe. No try yasef ooo.

Drained!!! Started out thinking this would take one hour. NOPE IT DIDN’T EVEN TAKE TWO… Great read is absolutely hard writing ooo. The things I do for y’all. So make sure you are commenting okies… And by the way I respond to almost comment especially EVERY COMMENT that has a question. So go back and read ooo when you comment. Someone almost missed LDM cos she felt I didn’t comment.

Have a BLESSED week ahead… filled with endless possibilities

E’ hugs (for every morning and night this week)



PS; There is this comedy program coming up this sunday in DCC Lagos… COMEDY goes TO CHURCH. hosted by Accapella and has many amazing comedians coming.

Comedian Acapella ff @mcaccapela. 08067010127 08022476330(1)

Find details on Vien’s blog here Tz just 1k  ticket and tz this Sunday. So happy I will be in Lagos then and I would invite one of my friend’s to come and sleep over in my house. please do not apply. i already know who i have in mind. But please feel free to come too. i am so looking forward to it. i also have details on my FAB UPCOMIN’ EVENTS section on the blog…

PPS; none today… :p Sleep… hehehe

Birthday gratitude; to the Ones who have colored my life BEAUTIFUL…pt 1

So it’s my birthday week…


You have no idea how grateful I am to God… How proud I am at how far God has brought me… Gosh!!! I wanna talk about myself, how beautiful I am within and without, how intelligent I am (first class B.Sc is no joke), how I stop traffic every time I walk on the roads, how many Toasters I have, the amazing relationship with God I have… Tongue talking demon chasing… Super dresser… I’ll look good in horse cloths walahi… About how God has blessed me with the gift of garb; I can talk, I’m very outspoken, I can face any crowd, talk to anyone, I’m an Orator, a debater, Extroverted, etc… Ladies and Gentlemen, like my dearest friend Cheech once said to me, ‘your life is nothing less than a fairytale’ I live in my dreams… I am blessed!!! If I knew anyone like Eziaha Ajaero, I would wanna be friends with her. If I were a guy, I would marry her. Yes I’m that kinda woman… And I’m so thankful to GOD cos I never would have become all THESE without Him. Did I mention NEVER!!! Yes NEVER… But this birthday, its not all about me. As much as I’m tempted to write out a birthday wish list, I would rather dedicate this week to all those who have colored my life beautiful. I have been blessed with Angels as friends. I wanna write all a series of blogposts to appreciate y’all. Life is short… And beautiful. So I will take out time to say THANK YOU… In no particular order, I would be saying THANK YOU… With ur pictures and m̶a̶n̶y̶ a few words. Of course it can’t be everyone but I’ll try. This is the ist in a series of say 5… Err, if I miss out your name, remember to forgive is still divine 🙂 So let’s roll, shall we? In no particular order but lemme start with my FATHER…
Rev Albert Femi Oduwole…

My Father in the faith, Words don’t suffice. They can’t suffice!!! How grateful I am for the gift of access. How I can come to you sir at anytime and you make me feel like THE ONLY PERSON on your mind. How you lovingly insert my name into your sermons as you preach. You listen, you bless, you love. You are the BEST i could ever ask for. Rev, you have left and are still living a HUGE impact in my life and whatever i am in the future i owe FIRST to God and then to YOU… Rev, I love you absolutely i love you beyond what i can say. and i respect the Grace on your life. You have nurtured me as a garden and this GARDEN has no choice but to bloom and blossom. May God bless you ALL ROUND for me… Amen. Thank you REV…


Onyinye ‘Pearl’ Oparah (nee Ugorji)

It started as ‘Pal’ being pronounced the oral english way we learnt in high school ‘pel’ then it became PEARL… And indeed Sugar, you are my PEARL!!! The ONLY Pearl I have… The girl that gives me the most trouble on bb but the day she stops, I’ll beg her to continue. You once said to me, ‘the road is never long between friends’ indeed it isn’t with u… Thanks for being there. I love U plentiful darl…

Ozien Pogoson

The lion cannot give birth to a goat… The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. The day I told ur mom, the very delectable and gracious Dr Pogoson, that she had an amazing daughter, I meant it. That you really didn’t know me yet you took time out to teach me the tricks and tips of makeup at no cost. I see such a heart in ur mom too. Selfless. After God, I owe my makeup business success to you. I’ll NEVER forget that Ozien. Oh did I mention she is a God-lover… Oh yes she is… That’s my kinda girl…

Stephanie Obi

CEO, ST Colors… You inspired me at one of the lowest times in my life. Gosh, God bless you for that. All the phonecalls, the advice, words of encouragement… I’m eternally grateful. Today when I share my academic testimony, I mention U…

Jibola Suara

My troublesome president. You know like I always tell u, I love how mature you are. How you handle most issues and how you relate with your friends. You have made my few years in Soc GREAT… I have learnt some from U, and I’m grateful darling…

Pastor Taiwo Odukoya

My very first Spiritual Father. You spoke living words into my life. You always made me realise that I would FINISH well… Now I can’t comprehend anything less than finishing well… Every phone call was AMAZINGLY inspiring sir. Wherever I go in this life sir, I CAN’T FORGET U

Cynthia Neriah Obioha

My Valiana… My darling. In the very simple things you do, Love, you inspire me. I love that I can still count on u after all these years. God bless U darling, amen

Temilola Adebayo

My ‘four-gether’. Such a sweetheart. I love how you are sooooo comfortable with yourself that you can celebrate me everytime you have to. Temi, I wanna work with you in the future so please remain in my life k… Kissessssssss

Chynn Ehighibe

A friend I can always count on. A friend that’s a FRIEND!!! A friend that I absolutely love. Thank you for all the kind words you have ever spoken to me. Every help rendered. Kai, nne God bless U plenty… Love u muchos

Oluwalonii Oke

From momsie to classmate to friend to oh wells…. You brought out a lot that I didn’t know was in me. You have no idea how God used you to make me an amazing woman and a VERY AWARE one at that. I’m grateful that I met you in this journey called LIFE…

Dumebi Ezar Ononye

With a smile that literarily lights up THE WORLD… A charming personality that one can’t help but fall in love with. Almost Always on a high. You redefine ‘extrovertedness’ making it even sweeter. Darling. Whatever you do, don’t lose that smile… God has need of it… Love you over and over again babes…

Elisabeth Ezekiel

One of the most selfless women I know… I’m grateful to have met you. I have learnt to make it ‘less about me’ from you. You have a good heart I’m soooo jealous… May all your good seeds come back to you in good measure, amen. I love and appreciate u, lizzy lizzy.

Rev Victor and Jumoke Adeyemi

This combination is made in heaven!!! Thank God for the gifts of U… Chai… God has blessed both of you ooo. I almost think its unfair… Such grace. Such grace!!! I’m blessed to have you sir, as my ‘Father’s Father’. I wish I could clone Rev Victor oooo. I wish I had a friend like pst Jumoke ooo. God bless U both, amen.

For some reason, i can’t find a picture with Rev Victor and myself. will check later and update when i find it

By the way, did i mention that Rev Victor Adeyemi is the spiritual Father of Rev Albert and that makes him my GRAND FATHER… I am soooo blessed… walahi


And did i also mention that you can catch my Pastor on DSTV Channel 345 Kingdom Africa, GET INSPIRED is the name of the program. In fact, for the month of July, both of them will be on… You really dont wanna miss this, do you?

That’s it for now… To be continued… i am sure by now that a lot of you would be praying that your name makes the list… it probably will. Four more to go so relax baby…


Your Fab Black sister