Step Up, Step Out, STRETCH!!!

Hey yawl,

Kisses all round…

So straight to the point. I pray everyone is doing OK!

So I basically spent the whole of this year turning down invitations to speak, preach or minister anywhere. I am like ‘What do I know?’ Please mbok, leave me and my blog lemme be blogging…’ lol

But truly though, I LOVE God, I am pretty passionate about my Faith, both living and writing it, and so it followed that soon people would want me to come and preach/speak at churches and programs. But I knew I wasn’t ready and I truly wanted to LIVE whatever I said. That’s what integrity is really. When what you preach is truly what you live in private, when no one is watching. Joyce Meyer is BIG on spiritual maturity so I just basically STAYED enrolled in JOYCE UNIVERSITY all year.


Oh and Christine Caine Uni too.


So I would always flat out say NO!!!

Yawl know I LOVE to talk and basically hosted tons of events and shows in Unibadan then, but when you know this is like a GOD-THING, you wanna really be a person of truth and integrity. I knew the X’s I had (which people do not see) and I would always recall Chris saying (shouting more like)



It is so easy to become a CELEBRITY but to be a servant of Jesus? This Chick needed plenty darkroom transformations first, so NO!!! Haha

Then I wanted to also turn 30 and then to attend Love Life first,


which is why my heart basically shredded when I didn’t go again after being super excited ALL YEAR abourrit. (Pastor M captured the entire JustUsGirls LoveLife experience here.)

And she got me this Book I can NOT wait to dive into

You need to see what she wrote in it... Awwwww...

You need to see what she wrote in it… Awwwww…

Anyways, when I discovered Funto and did this blog on Becoming 2.0, I just felt a connection with her and I would always pray for her and her ministry. She didn’t know me, and I recall one day while praying God told me I would speak at Funto’s event soon. I am like huh? I don’t even know this Chick, and I am not making moves to know her. But I sha wrote it down in one of my many journals. Laughing, btw. Haha.

Fast forward to August when I met her (story for another day) and hit it off like a house on fire, 2weeks after, she rings me and asks me if I am free on October 22, and that she wants me to speak at her event in Abuja. Quick mental check to be sure I would be back from Yankee by then, and seen JM LIVE, and I am like ‘..OK’.

I didn’t even remember what God told me. I just loved Funto enough to agree, haha.


Then later He filters it back to me, I fly to the journal and realize He told me twice and I wrote it down twice, different days.

It was surreal.

I just totally am obsessed with the FIRE of the Holy Ghost that Olufunto carries and then the amazing way God brought us together. Two of us have different stories of how we met, but let me save it, because what really matters is that God just flung us together and I couldn’t be more thankful.


When she told me the theme of the Abuja event, I had just written this Post EMBRACE YOUR STRETCH so I knew the hand of God was definitely there. I KNOW what it means, in a DEEPLY PERSONAL way to STEP UP, STEP OUT and STRETCH into all God has in store for you. I know the obstacles that stand in the way and the victories that lie on the other side of a STRETCH!!! Oh I know, and am still knowing. And mehn, I am super excited about what God will do in this event. I am in the background of things and trust me, GOD HIMSELF has just been showing off. I think these are the best times to be a female serving Jesus. You can’t tell me the women of the Bible are not BIG TIME hatin’ on us right now. Haha.


It is such a privilege to be one of the Chicks ministering at the event and I am so excited, so pumped and so full of prayers and expectations about it. If you are in Abuja, COME THROUGH!!! And if you have friends and family in Abuja, please spread Word…


10 days from today the 12th

Oh and I will like to sponsor TWO Chicks in Abuja off my blog. Just do me a mail with s bit about you and why I should pick you. If you have ever won something off my blog, you don’t qualify. And if you can afford it, please give another Chick an opportunity to come.

And hey, if you are my friend and not in Lagos, oya come sponsor someone too na. Well, as God leads you. The event is N5000 and is literally an all-day event, 11pm to 5pm.


Also for those interested in PROPEL ABUJA, we have THREE groups already and the first one will be meeting on Friday the 21st of October, and I will be there. Yay!!! I feel like I am gonna implode from ECSTASY haha. Yawl know I am all about that PROPELLED LIFE and living. The PROPEL message is so strong and powerful that if it were up to me, I would certainly drag every Chick I know into it. (Dunno about PROPEL? Details here)

My PROPEL Power hub

My PROPEL Power hub

So hey, Abuja Chicks, please send a mail to if you wanna join any of the groups or start your own group. It is pretty easy baby. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends and start meeting once a month to watch and discus the videos. I could share the videos with you if yawl don’t wanna buy directly.

Allow me to say here that CHRIS IS STARTING HER VERY OWN TV PROGRAM which will be called EQUIP&EMPOWER with Christine Caine. It will air on TBN and it launches Thursday, October 20. Not sure what time it will air in Nigeria though, but you bet I’ma be looking out for that.

Ok back to Propel, I will be looking out for your mail hun.

And yes, see yawl at THE BEAUTIFIED DIVA SERIES #StepUpStepOut&Stretch

And I certainly covet your prayers. I know yawl will pray for me.

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

Favourite quote from The ELEVATION Church

So excited, and even more because it is my ‘Buj… my Land of Milk & Money. How prophetic is that??? Recall my ‘Buj story and testimony

#GonePreachin’ #ToDaBuj

Ok God bless yawl and my deepest prayer (For Chicks especially) is that we all get in this divine relay race, and play our parts with joy and passion. We are ALL IN guys. No onlookers or bystanders. Grab your baton and RUN UNSTOPPABLE!!!


My BEST Chris Book



Love the transformation haha

Love the transformation haha



The HurriCAINE at 50 !!!


Christine The HurriCAINE

Christine The HurriCAINE

No human being has affected my life like she has. Today, she turns the BIG 5 0 and as i tweeted, i just realised tweets won’t even do. Let’s attempt to sum it up in a blog post.

Last year, I heard my friend Stephanie say ‘WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY, THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR’


This my 30th year has been the YEAR of me as a Student being ready, and then my Teachers have steadily been appearing.

Chris has been one of my MOST IMPACTFUL Teachers this year, and i know the reason she has had such an impact has also been that i am now a more ready Student.

Some 3 or 4 years back or so, a friend of mine came gushing to me about this ‘Christine Caine’ woman and kept saying she reminded her of me, blablabla and that i desperately need to listen to THE DARK ROOM TRANSFORMATION

I sha downloaded the video and tried to watch it, but i didn’t really enjoy it jare. The Message was a strong message but i just wasn’t feeling the Messenger, her accent or her energy. I left that video on my phone for a long time but didn’t really care for it. And then late last year, i heard both Shirer and Joyce, at different times, mention Christine Caine, and i thought, ‘Hmm, this one that these two women are mentioning this same HillSong Chick, lemme goan check her out AGAIN…’

My GOOD LORD!!! I saw many videos including the ‘When Chris met Joyce’


I almost fainted!!!

THE SAME WOMAN I couldn’t even finish watching 3 years ago, even when Ogochukwu kept harassing me to go back and see it. Now, i was like someone hooked on heroine!!!

Which is why i might rave so much today about someone I love, BUT I don’t push anyone to go follow them like I do. What may pump me into running several laps around my home, may get you snoozing. We all have our Teachers, 10,000 of them literally, and I find myself praying more Isa 30:20 for people these days… May your eyes behold YOUR TEACHERS and recently I started to add

‘May your steps be ordered to them, both online and offline’.

I am not even kidding, i think i may have watched at least 70% of videos of Christine online. I have a Book where i just document lessons from her life. If you know what i know about Chris ehn, and how i apply to my life, it will shock you.

STALKING is not even the beginning of what i do with Christine Caine.

I dunno that there is anybody i LOVE more, and that’s quite telling. God has used her to SET my life STRAIGHT!!! God has used her to make sure there are mistakes I NEVER make and LANDMINES i NEVER step on as a result of our similar personality types.


Chris exemplifies to me what it really means for ONE’S EYES TO BEHOLD ONE’S TEACHERS!!!

I would have a question in my Spirit and Chris would tweet the answer soon after. Wow!!!!!!

WOW!!! Chris and Joyce really!!!


NOBODY like them!!!

And just to make sure I don’t go on and on and on, especially because I just roped G.Mama Joyce in, let me share my tweets and expound…

img-20160923-wa0009.jpgI really do LOVE Chris, in a scary way. Maybe because she truly does feel like a big  TWIN  sister to me, always answering any question that may come up in my life.


Oh Chris is a Fitness buff. I love how intentional she is about her health. I mean, if we are going to go the long haul with JESUS, Our physical bodies have to carry us. She runs a lot and that is perfect for her itinerary because she literally lives in the air. The day she said she beat I think Craig Groeschel in a plank competition, i respected her more. 3 minutes PLANK at a stretch!!! AT 48!!! Phew. And she started taking her health even more seriously after the Doctor told her she was SKINNY FAT and risked XYZ disease!!! Hello to all ye ‘I can eat anything and not be fat’ people… How is it looking on your inside? Today i watch her preach and jump like a 20 year old and I am like GO CHRIS!!! She actually said when she takes 20 year old Chicks on the road with her, they can’t keep up with her. Hahaha. Don’t worry Chris, even watching you, i almost feel like I lose 1kg daily… She can stop bang in the middle of a sermon to do push ups. Lol


Another level of PASSION indeed. The 50year mark is such a Milestone an d no doubt, Christine is about to get even more FEISTY against the Kingdom of darkness. I pity satan. He should have probably given up by now if he has any sense.

And yes, Chris is CRAY CRAY CRAZY!!! lol. It is only Chris that wil tell you how she ‘stole’ someone’s message, tweaked it a bit and preached as hers ‘and everyone thinks I am awesome!!!’ Or how she did ‘free show’ for Doctors because she didn’t have any underwear on loooooool.

Ok, Lisa can tell you even worse, so I have to give it to Lisa Bevere here lol

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and Lisa

Chris, her Pastor Bobbi, her best friend Beth and her fellow CRAZY Sister Lisa. All between 50 and 60. I LOVE THEIR BOND!!!

Or this crazy awkward interview where she… Ok just watch it hahah


Oh, nobody models a FULL life like Christine Caine. I LOVE her example of how she can be ALL she is now just because she keeps Jesus at the centre of it all. And how we ONLY burn out when we start doing what God didn’t endorse. But when we stick to ONLY GOD, We can have full, rich, Fruitful AND thriving lives, literally HAVE IT ALL IN CHRIST!!!


Embrace Your Place, especially the ones she preached at Elevation Church some years  back and Life.Church have the tendency to throw you up, and make you REPENT all over again.

Let me just post them so you don’t stumble on another video. The FIRST is Elevation church and Jesus knows just how much that message slapped me!!!

And the second at Craig Groeschel’s LIFE CHURCH

After listening to both and you don’t adjust, I don’t know what else will change a blase attitude when it comes to our life’s assignment.

Oh and another fave of mine has to be the WRECKER she preached at PASSION 2016

It was one of the first i listened to January 2016 and i swear, this message set the tone for my year. I am so happy i listened to it AND then HEARD what exactly Gd wanted me to hear because, trust me, i would have been a joker by now.

By the end of this message, by the time Chris is praying, she is weeping, the church is weeping and i was weeping… It was POWERFUL!!!

This picture adequately describes the emotion you feel when you listen to Passion


But hey, if you are new to Caine, you may wanna try out the happier Chick messages first. Like Chick Night which i can NO LONGER find on YouTube 😦 Sawry. But i have it though.

And this one

It is a lot happier than Passion and Embrace your place 🙂

Now can we talk about UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!?????


Didn’t get in Naija so I got an e-copy

If I say what i felt reading Unstoppable, Lisa Bevere won’t be proud of me when she sees it. Hahahaha. Because Lisa doesn’t want us comparing. Looool. (This gist is really an INSIDE GIST lol) UNSTOPPABLE couldn’t have bore another name. THAT NAME IS APT for the content of the Book. I don’t even know the kind of anointing Chris carries. Anyways, I have heard her say she probably prays in tongues more than all of us, because the demons she fights daily, SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY ARE REAL!!! So she knows she can’t be joking or sleeping!!!

Unstoppable will PROPEL you walahi but I also think if you are not careful UNSTOPPABLE can actually literally paralyze you because… INTIMIDATION!!! How can this 5’5 petite Chick, with no commendable history/background, be shaking the WORLD like this?



Oh Jesus!!! Ok let me move on!!!

Ok, not before I say that her next Book most likely will be UNDEFEATABLE or UNQUENCHABLE lol

I mean, it follows… From Undaunted to Unstoppable, to Unashamed… so we have to now be UNQUENCHABLE.


Dang!!! I have talked Propel well in these two Posts so read here and here (And hey, the second Propel group 2 in Lagos will be meeting October 3, Monday which is the Independence holiday. Please read both Posts and do me a mail if interested ( so we can talk location and time. And hey, I know I am yet to respond, I just want to do that at once, so no vex if I have yet to respond to your mail.



I will do another Post on how our first meeting (Propel Lagos Group 1) went down, but feel free to check out my IG on gists too @eziaha

I am just SUPER THANKFUL Chris started PROPEL WOMEN!!!img-20160923-wa0013.jpg

Oh Christine!!! I owe a LOT to you. Way too much. I am now more comfortable with myself because YOU are comfy with yourself.


Yesooo. That is really the effect Chris has on me. I just embrace fully the responsibilities and service I get to do Christ as i watch Chris. I don’t try to be like her, I DO MY BEST TO BE LIKE JESUS!!! Nothing like taking the spotlight away from you and just being a Traffic warden, directing people AWAY FROM YOU and TO JESUS!!! the goal is ALWAYS JESUS and not human applause or endorsements. Celebrities are not what our GOSPEL needs today. We need more SERVANTS and Chris encourages me to just SERVE!!!


Chris has a heart for God. I know the work looks glam, especially as she is on the road 280 to 300 days a year, flying from continent to continent and all, but truth me CHRIS DOES CRAZY HARDWORK!!! We see the glam, she knows what the backstage is like!!! She truly has a heart for God and ‘crosses the road, rolls up her sleeves and works’. And frankly, that is how she began. By turning up, ready to work, when there was a call for church clean up, when she was 22. She was the ONLY person that showed up for that ‘unglamorous’ work and she has been serving and giving of her life since then, PASSIONATELY!!! The funny thing is I have MANY such experiences like this as a Student, where I would just turn up whenever there was a call for work in church!!!

I am so glad we both hit milestone ages this year, and that i discovered her at 30!!! There is something About turning 30 and discovering THE DYNAMITE or better still HurriCAINE that Chris is, as she turns 50. That woman put FIRE to my butts!!!


And what a NOBLE way to celebrate. She is giving her birthday literally to her justice fighting cause at A21, and set an audacious goal of 150000USD


We, as PROPEL Lagos gave to it too. Sowing into her life biko. We can do with that GRACE!!!

Last i checked today, it was about 5000USD to go!!!


I recall mentioning to hubs and he said ‘Dollars?’

Looool. But that is Chris.. AUDACIOUS FAITH

I have NO DOUBT she will surpass it, if not today, soon


She smashed the goal


Let me round up with what makes Chris’s life even more spectacular

  1. She was left abandoned in  a hospital
  2. Her biological mom was a Single woman who probably couldn’t live with that shame.
  3. She didn’t even bother giving Chris a name. Her Birth certificate reads UN NAMED #2308 (Her DOB)
  4. She was never told the circumstances surrounding her birth until she was 33, of which the confession was incidental.
  5. She suffered sexual abuse  from 5 men (relatives) from the age of 3 to 15… 12 FREAKING LONG YEARS!!! I can’t even imagine just how much this messes with anyone.
  6. As a result, she had MAJOR ISSUES and CRAZY BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS growing up
  7. Oh but she met Jesus and converted from her orthodox Greek religion to Christianity at HillSong Church.

And that, my people is how her life started to change, as she let Him in and He began to heal her.

You see where she and Joyce have a similar story. That is also why she fights slavery because a lot of the Chicks sold into slavery are victims of TERRIBLE SEXUAL ABUSE…

When i see Chris’s life, i KNOW that excuses won’t fly!!! She was even from a poor background sef.

Did i already mention that she also FOUGHT CANCER and won!!! Like she still preached AFTER the Doctor broke the cancer news to her???



Because of you, because YOU YIELDED, SO MANY OF US are on the right path.


Cheers to the next 50!!! Satan ntoi!!!

And let me sign up with her most recent Message at CodeOrangeRevival by Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church

It is a happy one so enjoy…

Again I pray, may our eyes BEHOLD your Teachers, and may our steps be ordered by the Lord, in the right direction, online and offline, AMEN!!!



Huge Hugs




Just copped these two babies…


Standing by Joyce’s Shelf at Laterna



Told Arese that i need to buy my LAST buy before the Book because I am sure she is going to GUILT TRIP US ALL haha


And per LEAN IN, I just can’t wait to dive in. This Book is for PROPEL WOMEN I tell ya!!! Sheryl is Facebook COO and she has penned HEAVY TRUTH here. Grab the BEST review of it here by Forbes, and if you are a WOMAN, I proudly recommend BOTH!!!





Eziaha PROPELLED!!! Lessons from my life…

Hey guys. 

Ok lemme share some lessons I picked from Propel that totally and radically changed something in me. Yawl know me, when I like something, I go all the way IN!!! 

I discovered Propel earlier this year, and I desperately wanted to see a video from the curriculum. Not the ones on YouTube ooo. The ones that were being sold. You don’t wanna know how deep I dug to finally find Video 1 from Curriculum 1 online. 

I recall it was one of those periods where I would put KingDaveed to sleep, then do something for myself from then till 2am or 3am before I slept, praying fervently he doesn’t wake before 2 because I had done nothing else all day. 

That night, I sprawled on his playmat, with my journal, highlighters and Bible. I couldn’t believe that FINALLY I had found ONE video in a ‘hidden’ corner of the Internet. 

Ok to explain the Propel curriculums. 

It is like a series of videos where Christine Caine and 4 other ladies discus the woman and how she leads at the level she is at using super practical examples both from life, and their lives. Then there are studio guests who get to ask questions too. 

These sessions are recorded and 6 sessions make a curriculum. 

The idea is that people come together in small groups or chapters to watch the videos and discus among themselves practical ways they can apply all they have learned in their marketplace. 

I had seen short clips used to promote each curriculum and my people, I entered online crevices and holes to find it anywhere. They were not selling digital copies and they weren’t shipping to Nigeria. 

Imagine my joy to find a full length video that night. I frankly wasn’t ready for what was about to hit me HARD. Kai!!! You see, a question I couldn’t even articulate had been gnawing at the seams of my heart making me very very uncomfy until answers showed. And my goodness, did I get answers or what!!! 

So lemme give a kinda summary of ‘Balance and the myth of having it all...’ 

Love alli

Alli Worthington, mom of 5boys went first, right after Chris did her intro on what the session was about,

The intro

and everyone introduced themselves. 

She said the whole ‘you can have it all’ mantra thing started from Cosmo magazine which had told women how they needed to look, what they needed to do and how they needed to live in order to have it all. And women down the ages have just bought that lie and are depleting themselves trying to have the ALL that God didn’t endorse. 

And she says YES we can have it all BUT it is all about SEASONS. What is your ALL in your current season? Not about what a magazine prescribes. 


Lisa Harper then explained how we can make the mistake of comparing our lives to a certain Celeb or Hollywood personality who seems to have IT ALL including an organic garden and every time she comes out, she also looks perfect, and is the perfect size too (her hips dont touch. Lol i fainted. Didn’t know that was a thing). 

What we conveniently forget is that she, on her own, does not have it all, but she has a retinue of assistants… Personal assistants, Driver, Gardener, Makeup artist, Cook, Personal Trainer, etc. so she doesn’t REALLY have it all. Lisa being the funny mama that she is says, when she sees such a woman, she just wants to hit her over the head with her own Manolos. Lol
Recall when I mentioned in this post (Who got ya on LOCKDOWN) that I was comparing myself to this Chick with the #workingMom #DateNight hash tags on IG, meanwhile our life situations differed? 

It was Propel that gave me that wisdom, and liberated me fully.
Lisa further says that we need ask ourselves what our ALL is, then what we are willing to RISK to get that ALL, and then give our own RACE our ALL as we run towards the finish line, happy but totally EXHAUSTED and certainly not looking perfect.

Bianca. Love her new book…Play with fire

Bianca Olthoff, whose relationship with Chris I covet, because of how closely they work with each other (btw if you ever watch those short V-logs of Chris on her own YouTube channel, it was Bianca recording it all), explained how in order to maximize our day, as we run through our ALL, we need RHYTHMS and ROUTINES!!! Yes she is a creative and we all know that the average creative wants to just go with the flow in order not to stifle creativity, but no, we have to be INTENTIONAL in order to maximize our day.
You know, this lesson on Routines is what I FIRST shared with my mentees in TFS Academy (of which the Post introducing it is visible again, but the next session starts October) because that’s a secret to maximising your day. My personality would prefer to be spontaneous, almost borderline indisciplined, BUT I learned really early from Rev Albert Oduwole who has a personality like mine, that we have to discipline ourselves into routines and not just ‘jaye-jaye’ through life because I am Sanguine. Hearing Bianca say it again spoke even more to me.


Mercy Lokulutu, who’s Nigerian, talks very fast, and is very feisty then tells us how two things would help me guard the vision of God on my own life
So I need to take my tail to God and ask Him what it is I am supposed to do in my current season, pick the TOP FEW things I am supposed to do and then CRADLE them.
As a woman, be careful NOT to JUGGLE but cradle, even as we multi-task. I still hear her voice as she says ‘…I juggle, I don’t cradle…’ and she tried to paint a picture of how juggle and cradle differ. 

to juggle

To cradle

You have to define, and then guard because EVERYTHING God has told you to do is under attack, especially the attack of the internet and Social media.
Kai!!! This revelation now is giving me life as I have been JUGGLING.
She also proffers practical solutions to it, and I am actually actively putting that in practice NOW!!!
She said YOU MUST CUT BACK TO MOVE FORWARD, because as my VISION increases, my OTPIONS automatically DECREASES!!!

The wisdom Mercy dropped is LIFE!!!
You know ehn, this is really me now. My life vision is thoroughly increasing and I keep hearing the P31 woman whisper to me

 ‘I expand PRUDENTLY without courting neglect of what is infinitely important…’

So nobody is saying don’t expand. All I am hearing is expand, but with wisdom. I truly have to cut back, but I need to be sure I am cutting back on the right things.
You know, this month, I decided against having a Coaching class. It means I said NO to between 200 and 300k at least, and while I NEED that money, I had to recall what Bianca said about putting structures in my life.

My life, as at last month, even if I was bearing fruit, I knew I needed PRUNING in order to bear more fruit so I CUT BACK on a ton of stuff, including online coaching, and I am in that re-structuring season of my life atm. I am also downloading and defining what God would have me do too.
By the time I am done re-structuring my entire life and vision, I would then bear even more fruit.
You see why I am passionate about PROPEL and Christine Caine? Looks like every season of my life, PROPEL has my answer.
Oh then Chris was the last to speak and trust her to bring the fire.

Her session liberated me.
She talked about her life is so busy, her life is so full, she is everywhere BUT what keeps her going is the fact that RIGHT at the MIDDLE of everything, she has put JESUS!!!
It is like a wheel, Jesus is that MAGIC in the middle of the wheel holding it ALL together and the presence of the Holy Spirit keeps her life well oiled, and it keeps nudging her on what to do and what not to do, to ensure that she doesn’t burn out. 

Because HE empowers YOU in your various seasons FOR ONLY WHAT HE ENDORSES THAT YOU DO!!!
And just like Lisa said, there are some things we RISK in order to have our God-endorsed ALL but we should NOT let anyone GUILT us for them because any kind of GUILT is from the devil.
To exemplify, sometimes you realize that your calling means you miss out on SOME of the MOMENTS in your kids’ lives as they grow. Or maybe your family doesn’t always enjoy the BEST home cooked meals because she is an itinerant preacher. It is easy to want to FEEL GUILTY, or allow the subtle comparison someone would hint at her and another say, full time stay-at-home mom. Or even the mom who homeschools. God graces us for our seasons, so we need to do our bit, and not guilt-trip or judge others.
Which is really where I appropriate the PROPEL QUOTE

She is UNJUDGING… of the choices that others make in their various seasons of life.

Plus, what you miss now, God can help you to later and even redeem it. 

Like I heard Lisa Bevere say once, and I NEVER forgot, OBEDIENCE PROTECTS!!!

Just to look a bit deeper into Chris’s life and how this plays out, that woman travels A LOT and in the past, she home schooled so her kids could come on the road with her often BUT now they are older and she doesn’t travel with them as much, so she has helpssss at home to take care of them, while she is mostly on the move. 

Holidays? She goes with them EVERYWHERE. 

I have kinda tracked with them all summer holiday and my goodness; those kids have been to at least 7 countries in just about 2months. (Low key beef) lol.
So yes she will miss some games and moments with them at school, but when she can, they make up with LOADS of family time.
Chris has grace for that. Shirer doesn’t have that grace but she has GRACE for what God has called her to do in her own lane!!! 

In fact I think Priscilla Shirer wants to be home more than she wants to travel to preach.

Colour conf SA

Ditto Lisa Bevere. 

When she had young kids, Lisa was intentional about NOT travelling because she wanted to be with her kids as they grew. 

Bevere love😍😍😍😍

She only started travelling more after her kids had grown. 

Chris went from the hospital WITH her new born baby to go minister at a conference. 

No kidding!!! Her first child.
And all these people are amazing friends and are all into Ministry BUT do it in the way they have been GRACED to. 

Chris n Shirer

And so far, I think all their kids are doing all right. 

So let’s not judge people and the choices they make in their seasons.
Chris recommends that instead, we have to be intentional about being each other’s cheerleaders, take the FALSE expectations off one another, and fill in the gaps for each other when we can SO THAT WE ALL LOOK GOOD!!!
It STILL takes a VILLAGE to raise a Child. Or even to birth a dream!!!
That’s what the BIBLICAL HAVING-IT-ALL looks like…
There ought to be something about Christian women where the world sees us filling each other’s gaps, looking out for each other, not comparing and competing or hating. That way, they are ATTRACTED to us and ultimately to JESUS!!!
Oh and moving on from Guilt (which by the way was a question someone asked), they tackled the issue of SHAME!!! (Another question. Propel organization is everything!!!)
Chris said she had also been shamed to REDUCE her personality because she is TOO MUCH for most people. And you are intimidating and blablabla. But she said she truly is not trying to intimidate anyone BUT she has come to fully accept herself as a HIGH CAPACITY WOMAN and there is nothing there to be ashamed, or be shamed for.
Kai, I think by this time, I was crying. Both for relief and then joy.
If we are not trying to guilt one another, we are trying to shame one another. Instead of just genuinely celebrating another woman. (Hey i am NOT exempt….i fall for that mistake sometimes too. Then repent)
You know, when the issues that led to this post WHO DO WOMEN SAY I AM, happened, it would have taken me out for some days. I would have truly felt shamed,and a need to REDUCE myself. It happened a lot to me in school, and I recall I came into my final year and my catch phrase was I AM GOING TO TONE DOWN!!! Those in my class would remember cos i was teased a lot on it. I would not talk in class, I would not put my hand up when group leaders were asked to volunteer themselves, and I just generally tried hard to minimize myself. I recall a friend talking sense into me, that really I needed to accept myself for who I am and not let opinions of others shame me into being who I am not.
Do I still feel that way sometimes, YES!!! But I remember Chris and I have hope. 

If you are HIGH-CAPACITY with ginger and fire for days, OWN IT!!!


Pastor M tagged me in this Lisa Bevere post and I couldn’t agree more…
Oh but we also need to make sure we are NOT intimidated and pressured by individuals like me.
We can easily contrast Chris Caine to Victoria Osteen. But both women are super-duper FRUITFUL even if different. And frankly, we should not try to compare both.
Finally Chris wraps up by saying we also need to know that there are some LOW OUTPUT seasons of our lives, and this applies to both the ‘Chris’s’ and the ‘Victoria’s’ and we should be careful when we try to compare. Plus we too should recognize if we are in those low output seasons and not try to be pressured into doing more than we can actually handle.
That liberated me especially because at that period, I, the HIGH CAPACITY Eziaha, was in a low-output season. I had to fully immerse and embrace it, and then find ways to make it fruitful (which is why you saw me sacrifice sleep to study at night). So while I may not have been doing any kind of work the world glorified, I was not idle and jobless. I was crazy investing in myself. I was also working on my weight and learning all I could. Funny how all of that brought to bear as I navigated that season into a Food&Fitness Coach and brought the strengths from there into this. 

I desperately wanted to jump back into career but I had to learn SEASONS thanks to Propel.

When a woman has a baby or three and no help, IT IS LOW OUTPUT!!!
Simple!!! (except you are Caine lol)
In fact, even when a woman has just had a baby or 2 and help, it is still largely LOW OUTPUT!!!
No pressures!!! No shame!!!
If GOD didn’t grace you for that thing you want to jump into, you will be super-frustrated, and the fruits will always tell.
I recall talking to one of my dear friends who just had baby number 2 and her first is still young, and she is in a long distance marriage and she has NO HELP, and as she unloaded to me, I waited to hear something about work and her business and when she didn’t say, I told her I was happy her priorities were right. This is the season to fully immerse in motherhood, be authentically YOU and surprisingly satisfied.

The crazy thing about this post I hyperlinked above is that it is still one of, if not the most POPULAR post on my blog.
The truth remains that we all will give account of our lives to God on JUDGEMENT DAY, and since God told US and not THEM what to do without OWN lives, we should OBEY GOD and leave off pressures from without.
You see why I am so PASSIONATE about Propel? Because I saw it answer all my life questions at the time, and continues to as I move from season to season.

After watching that video, i wrote down practical steps to implement immediately. One was to BLOG less often. Yup. Wisdom.
Two Propel Quotes I also love have to be
She’s unhurried…

She’s UNSTUCK, she moves gracefully from one season to the next.
Propel is also another reason even in this season where I am a mom who works from home, I KNOW how to make even my ‘secular’ business about God.
I let my Faith and my JOB mix very passionately. 

Which is why beyond coaching I have an amazing relationship with most of my Clients, and I move from Coach to Sister best friend, counselor and Pastor real quick lol. 

Which is why my FIRST BOOK, MY FAB TRANSFORMATION STORY has Scriptures and God thrown into it lavishly, 

while still being super relatable. (Click link above for info on how to download or email for your copy. It is FREE) There is so much I have learned from Propel and continue to learn and I am excited to get even more Propelled with more Sisters. With Propel, the full career woman knows how to LEAD well even in the market place, as a Christian still.

Some of you who emailed after this post said they would like to join but couldn’t do an all-night so I should consider a day-option. So yea, if you can’t, we will have the day option too. So TWO Propel Groups kicking off at once.
I don’t want us to have stuff that would stop us from joining in.
I also didn’t get a mail from any full time stay-at-home mama. Oh please Darling, Propel soooo recognizes you and your Leadership potential within the home. My Propel story started from being where you are. And a lot of what propel taught me that got me results is what I am sharing in this video MY TOP TEN TIPS FOR THE STAY-AT-HOME MAMA

Then also I got permission to share the curriculum with Chicks in my group (Gosh I LOVE Propel and how they just want to see every woman propelled into her full potential, and are not about the money. I have to be the most disturbing person who emails them, but they are gracious) so if money is an issue to buy yours, we can share mine (Now, if money is NOT your problem, you are so buying yours. It is just 20dollars). Plus the idea of sowing where you can into such a FRUITFUL ministry should make you happy. We will just be filling the gaps for our sisters.
So I hope this Post has answered some of the questions that came up from my first post.
And yay, I have Chick who wants to start PROPEL in Enugu so where are my Enugu readers, or readers who have female friends in Enugu, holler!!!
Ditto ABUJA!!! And every where in naija.
Super EXCITED!!!
Email again is
And hey, if you have any Chick in your office who you think should join, holler too.
The PROPEL message is one that needs to go round…
Blessed week guys!!!


Ok a lot of people have asked me if they can share my book. YES YES YES!!! You can so share, I stated that in the opening pages. You can ask them to email me to get a copy but if that is not an option, then share with them too. If you can cop their email addy, that would also welcome by me. But by all means, lavishly share!!! Thanks guys for all the support. Email for your copy. If this was on Amazon, we would have a spot on NY Times Best seller by now.

This tweet came in from Propel as i blogged 

Aka CUT back…cradle not juggle


TFS Convos; Who do women say I am…?

​Hey guys,

My Happy Place and Space is when I write. I am soooo thankful for this gift. It legit makes me happy, even if i write into the night. Like deliriously HAPPY!!!

Here’s praying we all find AND EXPRESS our Gifts in such a way that it makes us reeeeeeeeaaaaallllly HAPPY!!! 


That said, hope everyone’s week is up to a good start? 

Amen, again!!!

This Post is actually funny but I believe we will grab some good lessons by the time I sign out.

So last week, I noticed that EVERYONE who had cause to ring me would actually ALMOST be shaking as they spoke. I thought that was too strange. Jesus knows how many times I had to say ‘Relax babes, I do NOT bite…’

Anyways, that pushed me to ask my Sisters in TFS Academy possibly why, and then what my online personality is like and who I remind them of. Their answers made me laugh. 

And then think!!!

Answers below… UNEDITED please (#NoTime)

My thoughts in-line and in bold italicised letters…

Abby: Lol, sorry I have to first lol it out. You have a personality that can be intimidating for someone who isn’t whole for himself or let me say someone who is still trying to figure themselves out

Majority of us still have that thing we are struggling with so when we now see someone who is setting the bar and standards so high and doing it effortlessly at least from what we see, we seem to want to cower back into our shells haha

I know how many times I have dialled your number and just stop midway 😁

Honestly for me oh, it has nothing to do with you, it’s just us

We feel we are not enough

Oh dear, phew………If I had a dollar for every ‘intimidating’ I got. And then, I want to ask, ‘not enough what?’

Bimbo: I usually think that, will this woman accommodate all my stories. I feel you have a high standard so I’m always over careful of saying things so as not to soil the relationship. And for me I do that to people in authority. It’s just me really

Abby: How can I go and talk with mama E. I’m I even sure she will get me? Mama E has passed this level oh or mama E will not understand sef

Let me just continue praying 😂

This line got me rolling… Let me just continue praying ke? Hahaha 

That’s my own reasons sha. Speaking for myself alone oh. Just this morning I wanted to call u oh, but I pushed it into later in the day 😂

Bimbo:The truth is mama, I’ve had to ask Dee and Teni to teach me how to be free with you. I’m just always over careful. Especially on a personal level. I don’t know how to explain really 🙈

I have known Bimbo for at least 4years. Plus we were even in the same Campus fellowship yet…

Evelyn: Ermmm, from the Lil I know you set a no nonsense kind of attitude like you don’t have patience for time wasters

So it makes some people uneasy to call you because they don’t know what they would say that would annoy you and you know u keep saying people should not call you on your personal number,so whenever someone would love to call they would make sure that the reason for calling must be good enough

I also think you are a very jovial and nice person but u don’t want people to over take advantage of that so u try to set ground rules

I agree with my Darling Evelyn to some extent. I have a biz line and then a personal line, I don’t want biz or ministry calls crossing that line, even if you have the number. I am super jovial and frankly, I think people already take advantage of it, I am actually still trying to balance my own emotions.

Tolu: I just feel like you won’t take nonsense

As in no slacking, but I feel that it should get easier with time

Winnie: You come across as a ‘no nonsense person’ and a ‘don’t waste my time person’. But you’re just a principled person, and it can be intimidating for some people. You’re strict but you are not wicked.

To which I answered something like this… ‘Winnie that’s just what we say to WICKED seniors in boarding school back then because we don’t wanna out rightly tell them they are devils…’ looool. No girl, please not the ‘strict but not wicked’ line *real tears*

Teni: You have a strong personality mama, and personally it intimidates me. And it makes me super careful, not to mess up and ruin our mentor-mentee relationship

Angela: For me I think you’re extremely honest, you’re just like an open book but still you don’t tolerate nonsense. I like the principles you’ve laid out. It might come off as proud to some people but I like it. I’ve tried to call you severally just to say hello and some other stuffs because sometimes you need someone who will just listen, but I  always stop cos I don’t want to be stepping over boundaries.

This kinda surprised me because Angela and I are ‘Bonny island friends’. She has visited with me before and she has even helped me once on a flight with my baby. Yet she won’t call me to say HI lol. You are right on principles sha. haha

Ebere:Ehmmmm….E you portray a mean, no–nonsense, disciplined personality. And because you talk out about yourself a lot on social media, anyone that follows you would just want to be careful based on the stuff you write. Again, you talk of your besties, squad, 3great men etc. a lot, that people might feel “if I no dey this inner circle, I should respect myself biko, because it’s only these people that can access her anyhow”. I can’t really say if it’s you or us/them, but this is what I think is part of the issue

3 great men got me ROLLING!!!! Ebere is just a fish!!! Chick is my secondary school friend ooo and I feel like we even have a Sister relationship. Hahahahaha I can’t!!! But I love this Chick sha 

Onyinye: For me it’s really a case of you portray yourself as a no nonsense person who has value for time. Your online personality doesn’t appear approachable like if I didn’t know you I totally might be a bit jittery if I tried to call you for the first time

I think that really explains why people relate to you like I don’t know what I could say that could get her pissed off, it’s not really fear, it’s being careful

Oh dear!!! My online personality NOT approachable??? Wow!!! Me??? The super friendly E’ *bawls*

Dee: For me personally, I put value on people’s time o, especially momma. I don’t call unless it’s important, I don’t ask if I can get the answers on the blog, I don’t holler if it’s not necessary, I consult my brain from time to time when I want to talk to you, I don’t ask stupid questions, I engage my intuition well well; personally it’s cos in a way I see a lot of me in you momma a whole lot and then I’m very careful not to pass my boundary I’m like this woman is NOT my friend, we can relate as friends but she is NOT my friend oo

Online personality, momma you are open o, as in open and very friendly but a perceptive person will know this woman has firm principles and even if anything she’s saying comes across as ‘pride’ or ‘one kin’ she’s prepared

Dee is the Chick who is most like me, so I wasn’t surprised at her answer. She has studied and continues to study me. She is the one crazy human who can random send me a text message/question/one-liner at 2am. She is the Chick who can tell you literally ANYTHING lol. I think she is me, and then some more drama (praying for your future hubs)

Ok so I further asked a question…

E’: But just to be clear u guys, is there anybody I remind u of? So I can truly get what u guys mean? Nigerian or otherwise

Dee: Chimamanda

I see a lot of you in her o

It’s just that you are the extroverted version

Somebody cannot just pick the phone on a sunny Tuesday afternoon and be calling Chimamanda to say hi

Sunny Tuesday Afternoon? I fainted!!! hahahahahahaha

Someone like Chimamanda now, that woman doesn’t engage in small talk, it’s obvious, she doesn’t do recreational chatting; the hi, I just wanted to holler kinda chatting, there must be a purpose for the chat. I think it’s the value she exudes without even trying… it’s the estimation of her importance that just makes people get their acts right when they are with her

A purpose for the chat?? Oh Dee hahahahahaha. But I love the last line… It is the estimation of her importance that just makes people get their acts right when they are with her.

And since we are on Adichie, I totally agree!!! We differ on some principles but every time I listen to her, I literally complete her answers in interviews. I LOVE watching her. When I start, I just let YouTube indulge my binge, video to video on auto-play. Adichie also reminds me of my ‘best-friend-who-says-we-are-not-besties-because-every time-we-cozy-into-that-term-BEST-FRIEND-we-FIGHT-bigtime-so-let’s-just-say-FRIENDS’ hahaha. But this friend of mine is the ONE Chick amongst my ‘3 great men’ looool who is most like me IN ALMOST EVERYTHING, so I agree. But in laughter though, my friend and Adichie are twins. I laugh like a good witch. They laugh like they are being toasted and are shy… Lol 

That’s the way you are momma

There’s this unspoken hold your brain when you are coming to talk that you exude

Hold your brain??? Choi!!!

Winnie: Gabrielle Union lol

Winnie was ready to finish me that day. It is like when we were in UI (she as an A-levels student while I was in my final year), I did her bad. Everyone knows Gabrielle is a wicked witch from the West. All I remember is DELIVER US FROM EVA. Kai!!!

Tolu: Me thinks you remind me of Bishop Oyedepo

Like he is a purpose driven no nonsense person

Bimbo:Bishop is one principled and disciplined being. Same with mama

But you know that he has a good sense of humour

Kai!!! I need to be nicer. I personally think Bishop is TOUGH on another level… I don’t wanna appear that TOUGH please.

Abby:Lol, honestly I can’t think of anyone right now

U are in a class of ur own nne

Teni:Mama reminds me of DDK, they both have this no nonsense personality. Confident women, sure of who they are in Christ. That’s who mama reminds me of, DDK

Yawl know I am keeping this right? Love DDK with a passion!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her and for good measure, lemme throw in a screen shot of a convo we had today…

Err, NOPE!!! Lol. Will share with my Academy Sisters instead…

Dee:Yea teni;You know DDK has this kinda depth and humour too nd she’s so intelligent Jehovah!!! (Ok lemme share)

Bukky:You are just a no nonsense person and that can be intimidating depending on who you are dealing with. When I first stumbled on your blog, I was like, oh wow; I like the energy, the fire. That’s just it. Anyone that must be around you must either catch the fire or stay intimidated for life. Lol

Confession time o. I was at the first edition of when women worship, cos I saw it on your blog but I just couldn’t bring myself to say hi. I stared and stared and even gisted my friend that came with me but I was just faraway. Lol.


You remind me of DDK too

Both of you are very comfortable with things people are usually uncomfortable with.

And when I watch Chris preach, I’m like this is Eziaha o


Couldn’t LOVE her more

Christine Caine is my ‘rose modem’ when it comes to preaching. Lisa Bevere too. Those women allow their ‘uncommon’ personality shine through their sermons, making the most jokes of themselves. Who else would gist you how she wasn’t wearing underwear and had a fall and did ‘free show’? Who else will tell you she was trying out for the sexual gymnastics in uni because she was a really good heathen…? Nobody but Christine Caine and Lisa Bevere!!! 

When you started your weight loss program, I’m like, yay, I’m in o. Then I saw the rules and regulations I just gentle. And then you were like if you don’t do this, I’m taking you out. I said, lemme nuh embarrass myself. See what I said earlier, catch the fire or fall out. I don’t know if I’d say it’s you or not. It’s just who you are. The unique blend of sanguine and choleric in you gives you this very fascinating, sweet and strong personality.

You can tell this Chick has done some study. I am a crazy blend of Choleric and Sanguine and THAT my people, is where almost all the PROBLEMS we are dealing with lie!!!

Anuli: Lol! Omo not meeee!!! Call mama E’?? I normally feel you won’t understand all ma drama seeing you have such hold on your life and activities around you.

It is a lie!!! I don’t!!! All of us are working out our life and salvation daily…

Victoria: Mama you are amazing, I see myself in you. I don’t think you are strict, I think you are just principled of which most great people are. And like Dee I may not want to be overly friendly with you so I don’t miss out on the blessing of your association does not mean that when I need your help I won’t tell you. I sure will.

She was LAST to speak and i thought her answer was the perfect close out!!!

You remind me of Mrs Toyin Poju-Oyemade. She is a lot like you although not exactly

I don’t really know T P-O so well so I can’t say…

Aijay: You have strong personality and if one doesn’t know you well, it will come across as arrogant, especially those not very self-confident, but you are not arrogant. Some people will admire it though. For someone to be your friend, they have to have a strong mind and accept you for who you are. If someone doesn’t have mind, doesn’t have liver, they can’t be your real/close friend because they won’t be able to tell you the truth when you make a mistake. 

You are also not a people pleaser and we are in a culture where people don’t say their mind so when they see someone who has her voice, someone that can say NO or YES without apologies, they are surprised!!! It is different but it is not wrong. You really come on strong but you are also accessible especially when you use endearments a lot. It melts hearts too, but in all you have a wonderful personality.

We can assume Aijay is being biased because she LOVES me TOO MUCH but hey, I will take it lol…

Now because I have exhausted 7pages without any spiritual lesson, let me stop and share the real post that was birthed from all these above…

I will share TWO Scriptures, and two Quotes. One from my Journal and the other from Victoria Osteen

God has packed your bags, He put EVERYTHING you need within and He has left NOTHING out…Victoria Osteen

You can be Quiet, Reserved, Introverted and BOLD!!! Why? Because you have the Holy Spirit… Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

Elijah crossed over to him and cast his mantle upon him. He left the oxen and RAN after Elijah…1 Kings 19: 19b-20a

Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John even though they were common men with no educational advantages, they marvelled and they recognised they had been with Jesus…Acts 4:13

Guys, can I just unpack what Victoria means when she says GOD HAS PACKED YOUR BAGS? Btw, if I were to give GRACEFUL a human form, that would be VICTORIA OSTEEN!!! 


When God created us ehn, I believe He deposited our temperaments within us. Because the very nature of the flesh is already flawed, it means that our Temperaments would have strengths and OF COURSE weaknesses. But, see ehn, we have the HOLY SPIRIT to help us PUSH beyond those weaknesses and then maximise our strengths. Almost like our bags have A-Z but in differing measures, which is really why we are different, so we should know when to unpack X-trait and when to let Y-trait rule. 

We adjust our emotions and temperaments as we are led by God but WE NEVER USE OUR TEMPERAMENTS as an excuse to shrink back, believe the devil’s LOUD lies, and function less than He wants for us. 

I was literally screaming as I spoke to these Chicks after I heard all they said. I was especially sad that some of them, when they could have easily sought counsel on X and Y matter, didn’t because they thought I was intimidating and won’t understand. 

You may disagree BUT trust me, it is NOT my fault. In fact most of them agreed it was more them than me. Am I perfect? No!!! BUT I STILL DO NOT BITE!!!

Victoria, who I closed out with, is NOT a very extroverted Chick. I met her for the first time at BECOMING and I could tell she is more reserved. But when she needs something, she pushes past her personality and the lies the devil stays whispering of ‘she won’t understand me, she is intimidating’ and shares what she needs to share with me. 

It should NOT matter how intimidating a human being is. It should not matter how laid back anyone is. It should not matter that your Personality is opposite my own, or you are still trying to figure life out, or you even think your life is a mess. What should matter is that YOU HAVE THE SPIRIT OF GOD, and THAT SPIRIT OF GOD OVERRIDES the weaknesses of your personality, the LIES of the devil, and the deceitfulness of our emotions, so that when PURPOSE comes knocking at our door, IN ANY WAY, we RUN AFTER IT with wisdom…

I say PURPOSE because I believe certain humans and events are put in our path to help us on this journey to purpose. We can’t keep saying ‘I am shy… I am phleg, I feel disadvantaged, etc…’ and be letting all these God-ordained meetings and relationships slide past us. 

There is also the place of NOT letting our overzealousness and over-ginger let us miss out on great relationships. 

For example, I am very sanguine and being sanguine is cool BUT has its weaknesses!!! I have the super human power to come on too strong and then ruin relationships. Which is why I highlighted the ‘with wisdom’ above. God packed my bags and made me sanguine but I have to learn where to ‘be myself’ and where to ‘NOT be myself’ because being myself at that time is NOT wisdom. 

There are some people I meet, or places I am at, and I am EZIAHA through and through. Like me or hate me, your wahala. I am just myself. 

There are some people I meet and I am EZIAHA 50% and I have to hide the remaining 50%. Not every time FULL TANK!!! Sometimes, gentle!!!

I have ruined relationships before, some for good (like me and my home help who I finally sent away) and some God has restored (like my best friend mentioned above who is NOT my best friend lol). I was going to ruin one just last month and God had to literally sit me down and teach me how to relate with this amazing human (someday I will tell her that story lol). I naturally don’t have a lot of boundaries, and so I just jaye-jaye through life with just about anybody. That’s FOOLISHNESS!!! 

Now, a lot of times like Dr N taught me, sometimes I wanna hug and kiss and tell you how awesome you are BUT I just say Hello with a polite smile or smiley, keep moving. Sometimes, especially when I find a new Squad member, I wanna chat with you all day everyday BUT I tell myself NO, Eziaha, relax… 

Trust me, that is me beating my flesh all the way down. It is just the same way it is hard for the more reserved people to even say a simple HI. But I have to, because I am wise. I have to be wise. I have to live beyond my emotions. God packed my bags but I need to know how to unpack each of the goodies within. Plus God told me something recently

Eziaha, you have to do HARD STUFF!!! 

And that would involve not just physical strength alone but EMOTIONAL STRENGTH and we all know EMOTIONS are super strong!!! 

And I am learning the art of balancing the contents of my bag from Christine Caine my ‘rose modem’. Chris is CRAZY but her craze reduces in some Churches ooo. When she at HillSong, she is Home!!! She can say anything. But I have heard her in a session with Bishop Jakes and she ‘maintained’. The FIRE is always there. She can get us all running laps, but she knows how far she can go with her ‘personality’. I am actually looking for the Message she preached at Joel’s church. 

You know you can’t come and be shouting on us too much at Lakewood. You will give Victoria a headache please. She would have to sleep for 2days straight. 

Looks like a doll

I don’t expect her to NOT BE CHRIS but I certainly expect her to be a different person than the Chick who preaches at Elevation church. 

Same gift. Different manifestations, because WISDOM!!! (Thank you Chris)

Now let’s flip the script on the quiet ones. 

But first let me throw in the Acts scripture and my Quote which came from my ACTS study.

Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John even though they were common men with no educational advantages, they marvelled and they recognised they had been with Jesus…Acts 4:13

So that means that…

…You can be Quiet, Reserved, Introverted and BOLD!!! Why? Because you have the Holy Spirit… Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

I don’t think Boldness is the exclusive preserve of any temperament. I believe it is the Holy Spirit that, not just makes us BOLD but also CONTROLS our boldness (because I can be foolishly bold too). 

Not our education, not how much we have figured life out or not, not how much money we have or not, not the crew we roll with or not, just THE HOLY SPIRIT and because we all have Him, we can ALL BE BOLD when we need to be bold. That quote above was highlighted again to me this morning as I prepped for this post…

They were not learned and they were in the midst of Professors so they sure didn’t have no right to be bold. They were not rich. Their MASTER had left them hanging, so if anything, they should have been confused at the time. But no, they had the Holy Spirit and they spoke boldly. 

They seized their moment. 

I believe that Act of Peter and John formed the foundation of Christianity today. That’s how their world entered the next level WITH PURPOSE!!!

Stop all this ‘…I am shy, I don’t know how to meet people, etc.!!!’ 

If there is a purpose to meeting anyone, please reach out. 

Send that email. Ask if you can pay them a visit. Ask if you can PA them for a day. Ask if you can buy them coffee or Lunch. Send that text. If you see them in the mall and they are standing in line for 30-45mins, please go over and say hello, and something else that makes sense.  

Stop letting your personality, and the fickle emotions it brings up per time, to hinder your blessings. You have to seize moments ooo…

Because frankly, you never know ooo. You just never know. 

Your blessing is not in a car, or a job in itself. YOUR BLESSING IS IN PEOPLE and with people, you have to create and maintain relationships. 

And sometimes, purposeful relationships don’t just PARK at your DORMOT and wait for you to GRAB them. Most times, those purposeful relationships are in MOTION and we have to be intentional and RUN after them, literally and figuratively.

Enter our final scripture

Elijah crossed over to him and cast his mantle upon him. He left the oxen and RAN after Elijah…1 Kings 19: 19b-20a

I heard my latest Preacher crush Steven Furtick explain this and it tied up well with this Post as I rolled it over in my head. 

I just can’t wait to worship at Elevation Church haha.

Preacher man so cool and so fine!!! And he sings oh-so-well. If David had a face today, that would be Steven Furtick.

You see what happened in that Scripture? Elijah was passing by, and then he threw the mantle on Elisha and even though the text doesn’t mention, we know he didn’t stop. He probably even walked faster sef, because the next verse says Elisha had to chase him to catch up with him. 

You see… destiny doesn’t have a parking spot ooo. 

That’s too good I have to repeat in BOLD BLOCK LETTERS


Elisha may have been tired, grumpy, sad, phlegmatic, melancholic or whatever, but he was wise enough to seize that moment, and we know how his life went from there on.



But because all that personality/temperament thing falls under the part of the human called the mind/emotion, you need to know that it is NOT born again. It is NOT saved automatically. Only your Spirit is saved so you need to constantly bring that emotion under the Spirit control, which is why I mentioned the Holy Spirit above. 

That is also why Tim Lahaye wrote THE SPIRIT CONTROLLED TEMPERAMENT.
I hope you receive this and apply it as wisdom demands to your life. GOD Himself packed your ‘bags’, He put ALL you need and left NOTHING out. 

Moreover, I don’t think anybody will slap you if you walk up to them. At all at all!!! 

Last last, they will ignore you abi? Move on. We have 10,000 Teachers guys. 

No excuses!!!




This Post was to come up Monday. I apologise it didn’t. I was BUSY lol.

Yawl know my hubs was around so we had to re-order priorities, AMEN!!!


Read the PROPEL post? 

Find it here. Interested? The email is up now. 
Super-duper excited!!! 

Praying that God is stirring the right hearts and not just Chicks who are looking for ‘the next thing’ to join. 

And hey, if you are interested in hosting a Chapter or Group, and you need help, holler too. Send an email. 

Super excited about women coming together to do BIG things for Jesus THE RIGHT WAY


Hey, speaking of women doing BIG things, two Chicks having meetings you wanna attend

First my accountability partner and her prayer meeting.

I get to lead a prayer point and I am excited because it has to do with Prayers for our womanhood!!! Yay!!! Biko join us. Tz this Saturday.

And then the next Saturday, one of my Sisters,Renny, in the #Sisterhood I spoke about here is having a conference and trust me, you wanna be THERE!!!

Registration is JUST 2k so holler!!!


Humour me though. Who do you think I am? What is my online personality like? Who do I remind you of? The answers above kinda shocked me because I am mostly unserious lol. At least I think so. Anyways please just tell me lemme know abeg. Be anon if you wanna. Just humor me please…

I am surprised no one said Heather Lindsey tho. Somedays i scream like her. I watch her too much lol


One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!!
Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!
Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely
Ok let me give some background on Propel.

It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, Christine Caine, for women who lead. Women who are active in the market place and who understand that they are not just there to make money, compete fiercely with the men as they climb the corporate ladder, be bitchy and bossy, then suddenly become ‘feminists’ because they have ‘arrived’. Propel is for women who know that since we cannot bring everyone into the Church, we are then sent into ALL THE WORLD, market place especially, to MAKE DISCIPLES of everyone. Simply put, APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Your job, your office, your business, becomes your pulpit.
Women whose faith AND career/job/businesses are COMPATIBLE… You don’t have to lose your Christianity to be relevant in the market place. The vision of Propel for me fits into something I always say…
‘Whatever you are, be a CHRISTIAN ONE…’
And we truly mean WHATEVER!!! Whether you are Doctor, or a Teacher, a Tailor or a rocket Scientist, a psychologist or a Politician, whatever, just take some Jesus right into that field of yours and shine His light so bright!!!
You see, for the woman who wants to lead AT HER FULL POTENTIAL, and also serve Jesus, without compromising her Faith in the Marketplace, we all know that the Support system out there is not tight enough. It is almost like we have to sacrifice one (our Faith especially or our home) to have another (a career/business), but like Chris, I also believe that dichotomy it is from the Devil. Propel was birthed to fill that gap.
To encourage the woman to RISE to her FULL POTENTIAL, not having to ever minimize herself, or her Faith, at any point in her life. To be and have it ALL, her ALL being defined by God and not the Society or even herself. To have a thriving home life, and have a thriving career, and still have a super thriving relationship with Jesus that the world, her world, can see.
Propel was birthed to encourage women to embrace her very many God-defined roles, not sacrificing one for another, but balancing it all properly as she lives this ONE integrated life IN CHRIST.
I love what Propel Rider is…
Celebrating every woman’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.

The POTENTIAL part gets to me because some women are already running hard after their Passion and Purpose, but some other women are still trying to figure it out but they know inside of them, is POTENTIAL. Propel recognizes and speaks to that too.
THE BEST PART about Propel has to be the Power Chicks Chris pulls into the conferences and the curriculum videos. I mean, every Preacher Chick I love is a part of Propel.

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Beth Moore, Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Kari Jobe, etc.
I mean, Propel’s FIRST Conference had Joyce and John Maxwell as the guest Speakers. As in!!!

The 2 NUMBER ONE’s in their ‘worlds’. I have read countless reviews of this particular conference and I have been blown away at all the wisdom both of them dropped.

This year, she basically is bringing EVERYONE to like 500 different Propel conferences.
Well, since we can’t just stroll to these conferences, we are sooo thankful for the Propel curriculums, which are what we use in the various Propel groups and Chapters.

The way Propel is run, you come together and create a Chapter (via your Local church) or a Group (via your office, school or neighborhood sef).

Then you guys purchase their curriculums and workbooks, and have regular meetings where you watch the videos that discus a particular topic, 6 videos per curriculum, and they advise you do a video a month, or however your Group or Chapter wants to get it done. The koko is you watch the videos, you discus it amongst yourselves, then you take all the lessons into your world and apply it in ways that evangelize Jesus. People, the WORLD, is the main goal of Propel. Take JESUS to your world because everyone in your world won’t come meet HIM in your Church.
So far, there are 3 curriculums
1. Personal Leadership
2. Passion
3. Growth
Kai the conversations in the videos are EVERYTHING!!! They are FUN, very fast-paced, and they are oh-so-deep. You will truly feel a connection with everyone on the Panel.

I saw the first video in the Personal Leadership curriculum, and walahi it reset my head especially as a stay-at-home mom, who needed to understand and embrace her seasons. That video also has, on the panel, a feisty Nigerian, Mercy Lokulotu.

If you hear Mercy talk, your brain will reset!!! That sister is fierce and on fire for Jesus.
The panel also has Lisa Harper and her bubbly bubble-self, Alli Worthington (mom to 5boys!!!) and of course Bianca Olthoff who needs a Nigerian mama-in-law looool (inside gist).
I literally wrote everything everyone had to say in the video. They were dropping CRAZY truths my gosh!!!
Anyways, the videos are structured in such a way that you pause at various times, discus among your selves practically what you have learned and how you can put to practice in your life and ultimately market place, and then continue…
At the end, they take questions from an in-studio audience and answer.
Trust me, Propel can change your life as a woman in the marketplace with a purpose, if you open up.

This is why I am super-duper excited to launch the VERY FIRST GROUP of Propel in Lagos, the FIRST of many to come guys. We need more Chicks to commit to hosting Chapters and Groups too right here in Nigeria. I started asking for a Digital curriculum in May and they said it wasn’t available and so I have to purchase the hard copies but they don’t ship to Nigeria.
It was like the vision was just a Yankee vision, so I was going to get someone to buy for me in Yankee and then find a way to send to Nigeria, and all of these were just delaying me until THIS WEEK, I get the email that got me jumping and screaming…
THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the Curriculums available for me and if I was still interested!!!
Say what???????!!!!
Like, talk about dreams coming true.
So here is how we would do it guys…
If you know that you are the Chick Propel was made for, then holler let’s get this done.

I will stick with 15  ladies per Group, but I am also calling other Chicks who want to host more Chapters or Groups in Lagos and of course all over Nigeria. Trust me, it is not hard. Just get a couple of Chicks in the marketplace and buy the curriculum and start. It is as easy as ABC literally!!!
I don’t mind publicizing for you on the platform of my blog, or you can just get Chicks in your own office/market place who are interested and kick things off.

Each session is 30minutes long so if we have all that time, we can cover two or max 3, and in depth too. (Plus I am rushing to enter Curriculum 3  GROWTH because my Lisa Bevere is on that panel this time)

Then, in addition to the videos and workbooks, we will be studying some Nigerian women (especially) who are in the market place, making such a huge impact, and then still boldly and passionately standing for Jesus in their businesses. Think Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, TY Bello, etc. Women whose faith and jobs are COMPATIBLE!!!
And you know what, Propel actually reflects that. In the 3rd curriculum for instance, she, in addition to all the Chicks in Ministry she always has on her Panels, added someone really out there in the Corporate world. She added a TOP TOP Banker, who is also strong in the Faith, and is bringing some real PRACTICAL wisdom into the mix. If you even see those their short videos on their YouTube channel, you would see interviews with Boss Lady Chicks in the Market place.

And hey, because Propel is all about women supporting and propelling fellow women, we would also be getting accountability partners, most likely within your career/business path, with whom you can run and run until we meet again. Hopefully, business partnerships and associations will be formed too and then even more dreams can be birthed.
Of course, we will also spend some time in prayer. OF COURSE na!!!
Biko, just to be clear, I am not there to mentor anyone through her business/career ooo. We are all there to learn from the videos, and then together brainstorm how to TAKE OVER THE MARKET PLACE FOR JESUS. Simples!!! So you have to pretty much bring your A-GAME on.

Just email me for more details if interested.
Let the countdown begin guys.
Ok so who and who should join?
Frankly, this is for any woman leading out there. And like Chris says, we are all leaders because we have been mandated to lead people to Jesus, so our market place is our Church. So hey, if the LORD stirs you, please come on board. Now there have been some people HARASSING me so those ones will be kinda like considered first, if they are still interested.

And hey, there is space for the stay-at-home mamas too ooo. Propel is not leaving you out because even in this season of staying-at-home, you can definitely be a Leader and birth purpose from there too. Ditto older single, in-between-jobs, Single moms, etc.
I really want us to have a large mix of Chicks. But more than anything, please consider hosting a group (from your market place) or a Chapter (from your local church). I can help you in anyway please. Thanks.
Before you join though, cos I am sure you are just waiting for the email address, I want us to watch this video, which was Propel Launch last year at Liberty University. Pretty much captures the heart of Propel.

And if you can, check out some more short videos on Propel YouTube Channel.
Please watch them ooo before you send me that mail. Then visit too so you have a feel of how WE roll…
Ok so send a mail to
In your mail, please give me a detailed bio of yourself especially career wise, your current situation and what you dream of becoming in 5years. I am supposed to be on ‘…Naija women in Biz with TITI on Inspiration FM’, and this 5year dream is part of what I am to answer. Let’s just say I am still thinking of it too, so the above is also an assignment to myself.
Look, your email could be LONG OR SHORT, just tell me enough about you. Age, marital status, where you live, kids or nah, plus picture ooo. And of course let know that you saw the video, and what jumped out at you, and what other short video you saw on Propel YouTube channel, and what you picked from it/them.
Yes, this PROPEL stuff is a serious something!!!
Now let me end this with ‘…Who is this Propel Woman?”

She is UNAPOLOGETIC…She is a woman who leads
She is UNDAUNTED by the challenges of life
She is UNSTOPPABLE as she follows the call of God on her life
She is UNCOMPROMISING, in that she is in the world but not of it
She is UNSELFISH, she is generous with her thoughts, her words, her resources and her relationships
She is UNCHARTED, we are discovering who she is within us all
She is UNSTUCK in any one season, she moves gracefully from one season to the next
She is UPDATED with what is going on in the world, she understands the world that she is called to
She is OUTNUMBERED, she is more than any of us realize
She is UNDENIABLE, we can no longer ignore her. She is formidable
She is UNCLUTTERED, she deals with her baggage and she drops it
She is UNCOMMON, she is not chasing worldy success, fame or fortune
She is UNDIVIDED, she has one integrated life and that is the life to be found in Christ
She is UNLIMITED, her potential in Christ is limitless
She is UNFAZED by anyone, the naysayers or anything else
She is UNHURRIED, she is not trying to get anywhere that God doesn’t want her to be
She is UNLEASHED, she is not held captive by old paradigms and stereotypes
She is UNASHAMED, she does not minimize who Christ has called her to be
She is UNPRETENTIOUS, she is real and accessible and down-to-earth
She is UNMASCULINE, she is not gender-less and is not androgynous. She is feminine
She is UNBELIEVABLE, SHE IS THRIVING and she enjoys abundant life
She is UNSHAKEABLE, she is rooted and grounded in the grace and love of God
She is UNDECIETFUL, she is honest and vulnerable and truth telling
She is UNMOVEABLE, she will not be manipulated or steamrolled or bullied
She is UNSATISFIED with the injustice and the condition of our world
She is UNQUESTIONING about the goodness and the sovereignty of God
She is UNREASONABLE in her expectation that God can and will use her mightily
She is UNCOMPETITIVE of her fellow Sisters in Christ. We are co-laborers and not rivals
She is UNJUDGING of the choices and priorities that others make in different seasons of their lives
She is UNFLINCHING in the face of storms and trials
She is UNDERSTATED, she walks with humility and grace
She is UNMASKED, there is no façade, she is transparent and authentic
She in UNIMPRESSED with worldly accolades, materialism and success

she knows that no weapon forged against her shall prosper
She is UNDERSTANDABLE, she relates well with the world in which she lives
She is UNBOUND, her history will NOT define her destiny
She is UNWAVERING in her mission to fulfill her part of the Great Commission
She is UNDONE by the love and grace and goodness and kindness and mercy of God
She is UNRECOGNIZABLE as she continues to grow from strength to strength
She is UNTAMABLE as she goes to plunder the Kingdom of Darkness with the light and life and mercy and justice and truth and grace and the salvation of our Almighty God
The Propel woman is EVERY WOMAN and EVERY MAN that loves every woman!!!

So help me God, Amen



Let me tell ya what STUPID is!!!

Oh look at the (stupid) people enjoying life in Zion. Those on Mt. Samaria who feel so safe. Voted, ‘Numero uno’. You are a VIP in an equally VIP Nation. People come to you for advice. 
Well, wake up and look around. Go look at Calneh, Hamath, Gath, etc. Are you better or larger than them? Compared to them, you ain’t much!!!
You refuse to admit that a day of disaster is coming, but what you do (which is basically NOTHING) only brings that day closer. How terrible it will be for you that stretch out on your luxurious couches, feasting on wine and stuff…using the finest perfumes, playing music upandan, but you do not mourn over Israel’s ruin. You are indifferent to the fate of others…
Amos 6:1-6 PHP

You have to love, as in REALLY fall deliriously in LOVE with the Bible. Tz so complete, tz completely unreal!!!

I just wanna breeze in and address any Chick here who is at ease in Zion. 
You know, that Chick who’s thinking

abeg all this noise Eziaha has been making recently about fighting and warring and Game on and 25 elders… Calm down abeg, stuff ain’t that serious. Matter of fact, all is well with me jare…’

Thank you!!!

I’m actually laughing at you. 

You share your testimony and then you STOP praying…

Your marriage couldn’t be better and you two are in permanent honeymoon phase and then you abandon your family altar…

Promotion at work, great boss, amazing colleagues, corner office, LG baby, life’s good and so therefore, midweek service becomes optional, quiet time ain’t so important again and spiritual disciplines fly out the window. 


Great boo, he proposed, wedding loading, money sitting pretty waiting to be spent and all’z well in Zion and you suddenly see no need to pray or fast anymore. I mean, you already got the testimony, no?

Marry, get pregnant immediately, pregnancy going well, baby shopping on fleek, etc so why do I have to keep fortifying in the spirit? I mean every appointment I have, the OBGYN says he has never seen such a near perfect pregnancy like mine so shouldn’t I just relax…. and enjoy the ride?

Oh the naivete of Christians amaze me endlessly. But i’m not laughing!!! Matter of fact, I’m a tad broken. I’m broken because the comedy game of believers is upp’ing big time and this means we are losing battles we ought to be winning cheaply. 

A lot of us still don’t realise that we have a REAL enemy and he’s not kidding!!! 

See what he said to God when they were in conversation about Job

First he says he has been going here and there on earth, checking things out… (Job 1:7 2:2)MSG

Next when God brags on Job, satan gives an answer that makes me sit up

Job 1:10a
Have you not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has ON EVERY SIDE?

This tells me that satan is going round checking every side. He’s looking for the teeny weeniest crack to come in. 

This further tells me that I gast stay fortified on every side too. 
Take every single spiritual discipline seriously

Fast more

Pray more

Confess more

Study and meditate more

Spend more time in fellowship

Love more

Give more

Sacrifice more

Praise more

I mean, do what you can do and then let God do what you can’t. 

Be intentional especially when all is well. 

The truth is, we need our spirits to be more sensitive to what’s going on around us. In Ezekiel 11, we see that it took the Spirit of God to show Ezekiel the 25 men at the gates.


Everything may look A-OK on the outside but stuff is seriously happening in the spiritual world. 

It may be OK with you ooo but how is it with your neighbor? Recall the opening text warns about being indifferent to the fate of others. 

You know how we say when God is blessing our neighbor, rejoice because it means He is in the neighborhood. Yes hun, you are right. 

But that also means that when all sortsa drama is happening around us, the devil is lurking around too (and i’m not tryna scare you babes but it is TRUE!!!) we may seem exempt for now but our failure to do anything about it means you are giving the evil one a crack to come in ooo. Read that scripture above again. Doing NOTHING is dangerous. You will be taken down!!! You are not better than your ‘neighbor’ ooo. Don’t deceive yourself. 

You should pray for your neighbor and pray for yourself too. 

You get a promotion or major breakthrough, honey share that testimony and then up your prayer game!!! Haven’t you seen some people lose their blessings even after they testify?
You get sacked right after a promotion. You get engaged and then 2years after, Bros is still not ready to walk down the aisle. Or worse still, something happens and a perfectly good relationship is called off for the flimsiest of reasons.

There is no end to this fight of faith. Matter of fact, tz a daily fight. 

Your enemy is beefing up his arsenal daily too. These days, everyone around you is ‘spiritual’ , only you!!! You are the only comedian who has God yet tucks Him in somewhere because all is (seemingly) well in Zion. But those other ‘spiritual’ people are constantly supplying their ‘baba’ or this prophet or that to ensure their ‘testimonies’ stay. Pls don’t wait till the devil blows you a BIG irreversible one. 

Do I still need to tell you what STUPID is?

Stupid is being at ease in Zion…

Don’t be stupid Darling…

#GroupHug #MessageForMeToo



Oh Christine Caine!!! We are real life twins when it comes to hyping though we are 20years apart.


In this video, Joyce is interviewing her on #LoveLife2016 where she will also be ministering. 

Chris has attended every LoveLife for 19years now and as she’s highlighting what she has gotten over the years, Joyce actually says she’s jealous of all she (Chris) gets even though it is her own (Joyce’s i.e) conference.


Joyce actually rolled her eyes as she said it lol

Can you imagine!!! Chris can hype anything!!!


I’m just waiting for what number her latest book #Unashamed will debut on the New York times Best sellers list. The hype and publicity Chris has poured into it has taught me too many lessons. Jeez🙌🙌🙌!!! What sorta human is Chris please? Lol. (Funny thats a question DDK asks me on a regular. Makes me laugh) And frankly, that’s pretty much me. I’m pretty intense and go deep when I’m feeling anything but Chris is really another level…😲😲

Btw, I truly can’t wait for LoveLife!!! Details here

Plus watch the interview between both. That bond between Chris and Joyce is UNREAL!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEET. See the way Joyce looks at Chris and the way Chris ADORES Joyce


Chris is animated, outspoken yet respectful because… Joyce haha.
23 years apart yet soooo connected whether as friends or mama and daughter. Eek!!!


Pastor M tagged me on this photo on Lisa Bevere’s IG page and frankly, I couldn’t agree more.


Sub UNDERSTAND for 'deserve'

As I’m led, I’ll LOVE to really do a blog that speaks directly at high capacity, extroverted, spontaneous yet very bornagain Chicks. You know why I’m crazy about Chris? Because frankly, I’m as crazy as she is. Who would tell you a story about underwears and accidents like Chris (that story is hilarious hahaha) Before I met her, I was starting to kinda shrink back and minimize myself. I had had authority figures in my life counsel me about my hair, nails, personality, talk etc. If I was going to do this Faith journey like I truly desired, I had to tone down. ‘Your own is too much’
Hmmm, I wish I could explain days where i have just plain NOT LIVED because i don’t am just unsure of my personality again. But thank God for CC. She’s unapologetic and lavish with her life and she’s FULL ON for God. They are not mutually exclusive. We are not trying to intimidate nobody but we certainly won’t minimise our life and personality for anybody either.


My comment on Unashamed BookClub on FB

We also need to be careful to be unjudging of people or shaming people for who they are just because they are different than us. Whether they are ‘too much’ or ‘more laidback’. I’m learning and we all should learn too. Diversity makes this faith walk absolutely fun!!! Live and let live ok? #JudgementFreeZone

Btw, meeting Chris is no longer a question. No doubt life will bring us together just as I run on my own lane. The question is can two of us stay in the same room? Lol. Oh well, we have to find a way without exploding haha because there will be plenty interviews together. Plenty!!! (And persicopes too haha)



On a casual stroll with KingDaveed today and one woman who knows me from jogging in the mornings incredulously asks me
You have a SON?
Felt sooooo proud. Especially because i am coming from here



CoachE’ la hot haha
And we still on it to maintain
Shoutout to all my friends who support SavedFitnFAB


God bless yawl
Next class starts with june

16 things I have LEARNED in ’16

I dunno about the rest of the world but 2016 has been one big education for me!!!


I can’t even believe myself. As we kiss the Ist quarter goodbye, I figured I’ll share 16 things I’ve learned in 2016 (so far)

Learned as in a deeply bearing-personal-witness kinda way…


1. Never estimating anyone from a purely human or physical point of view. Actually tz the popular ‘…know no man after the flesh…’ of 2cor 5:16. 

This was something God told me at the start of the year. And i’m thankful He did, because I always remembered it as I dealt with humans. I shudder at all I would have missed, or entered, had I been looking and estimating at only face value. 

2. My motives, especially as a Sanguine are EVERYTHING!!!


This one has been tough. God is constantly checking me with the big question- WHY???

Why do you wanna blog/tweet that?

Why do you wanna say that?

Why do you wanna give that?

Why? Why?? Why???

Big question. Especially for a Sanguine like me who wants to be Sanguine and also live for God. Trust me, it is something!!! And yes I LOVE being Sanguine. Everybody I am obsessed about is Sanguine. OK almost everybody.

3. I am one strong and extremely passionate young woman.


For many years, Valerie, my bestie would tell me that and I would block it thinking, ‘Vee is just too kind to me jor…’ But in recent times, I’ve seen a side of me I didn’t know I had. One of the most freeing counsel I’ve received and it came from my Pastor M has to be ‘…you have to learn how to LOVE, and then DETACH…’ 

4. There are weights. And there are sins. And they are not the same. 

If they were the same, the writer of Hebrews (12v1) would not have separated it. I have learnt to toss the weights and i’m still learning. 

Weights?!??!! Phew… just leave them and soon enough they become SIN!!!

5. The law of sowing and reaping works. 

Sometimes like magic, immediately. Most times, over time. But eventually, harvest comes. I’m sold out to sowing. And as widely as possible. Even with tears.

6. Money is a defence!!!

The Preacher didn’t tell no lie when he wrote that in Ecclesiastes 7v12. Hopefully, I can unpack that in a separate post. But trust me, money is a defence!!! I recall unpacking this for my bestie Dumebi


and she said her prayer the next morning changed. Lol

7. Whenever I am burning out, it is not that I am doing too much, it is that I’m doing stuff God hasn’t empowered me to do. I’m being very unwise and probably trying to please too many people. There are stuff I’ve done and expected to have a flat out exhausted-to-depression moment like Elijah but I just realise energy bursting through me. Then sometimes i’ll do less and i’m burned out. One day, God explained why to me. Now I’m more careful of my activities. 

8. Pressure is real. Especially people pressure. God had to teach me ‘Eziaha, you obey God NOT man’


Now, I make sure to live for the approval of ONE… Jesus!!!

9. If I don’t manage my time taking phonecalls, I’ll spend all day on the phone. So now, I’m very OK with letting phones ring out while I just look at it. Then I also know how to stop conversations that are winding. I have my Rev to thank for that.


I learned that from him because he didn’t stop being a people-person as a result so…………..

10. I BELIEVE in my sheep-shepherd type relationship with God. I believe I will hear Him on situations, whether in advance, smack dab in the middle of it, or afterwards. I constantly repeat ‘I am God’s sheep and I hear and obey ONLY His voice. The voice of a stranger I do not obey/follow’  So when I feel like I’m starting to stress about something, I just say ‘God, I believe you will speak to me clearly on this so i’ll just let it be‘. He usually shows up for me. 

11. I have a PhD in stalking. 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 it is incredibz.

I believe it is a gift. A gift of research.


Already authoring hers lol

Once I enter your matter, I can author your biography. So long as you don’t live under a rock. Lol. BTW I stalk people who stalk Jesus ooooo.

12. It is soooooooo important to share your story both with yourself (the more personal ones) and with others. I’m grateful I have a platform to do that with my blog. I’ve read stories on my blog and i’m grateful I wrote them down. Because otherwise, I would have forgotten details. I’ve looked at my past journals and i’m grateful I document my spiritual journey especially as I change. My journalling game has peaked. Explains why I am on my fourth biro/pen this year alone. And i’m not a student ooo lol. I love to keep my empty pen cases. Something Loni taught me in Uni. 
I’m soooo grateful for people like my mama Joyce who don’t stop sharing their journey through life with every book, every sermon, every conference and every interview.
She’s sooooo open with her faults, weaknesses and victories. Heather Lindsey who shares her marital and family challenges that make me know I am NOT alone. Chris Caine whose blog has tons and tons of her journey through life. Who lets us know God ain’t looking for perfect Chicks to use.


Oh Chris💕💞😍

Oh I’m grateful. Americans especially are really really refreshingly open. Africans have a more ‘hidden, it-is-well’ culture. I refuse to join that party. 
Which is why my blog is getting more personal with more of my challenges, struggles and victories. Who knows which young girl would lean in and read this some 20years later and get more direction for her life. Amen!!!

13. It’s OK for some people to NEVER see my sanguine side. See, as a young married woman living ‘single’ in a town like Lagos, you better have your GAME FACE on a LOT!!! I’m not about that ‘weak woman’ or damsel-in-distress life. No I’m not. I’ll take you down!!! 

#NoJokes #LionessArising

14. Pictures, for me are still very very therapeutic!!!


I can apply a picture-therapy to many situations in my life. 

15. God’s GPS system is perfect. He will find you anywhere. But you gotta be willing to put in a lot of work even in the background, in anonymity and obscurity, and trust that God will find you where you are and PROMOTE you!!! This I learnt from Christine Caine.  

16. And the final one is also a lesson from Chris


In this really cool Christian subculture that’s emerging, If the light that is on you is greater than the light that is IN YOU, that light on you (hello superstar?) will destroy you. It will take me out because I have no depth. 

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt this year. I’ll do a full post on it. 

And hey just a bonus

God alone is my SOURCE. I’ve seen a LOT of things SHAKE but God has been sooooo constant. No man can close or open doors so I don’t fear or care for what man can do. I look to God alone and then I look out for ‘ravens’, ‘Zarephath widows’ and of course the ‘ abundance of rain’

That takes ALL the pressure away!!! This will help you too looking to man.

That’s it. 16 plus 1. 

Share a few of your 2016 lessons with me in the comments section if you may. Let’s know how the year has been panning out for you. 


Hugs and Love,



Allow me to recommend these videos to my married sisters here. 

In Making Marriage work, Joyce and Dave share their 45 year old journey (tz a 4year old video but soooo relevant).

They even share a kiss at the end after this emotional speech from Joyce in part 2 *sniff*

Andy Stanley did a fine job interviewing them.
Dave z a HERO!!!
In Why did I get married, Heather and Cornelius share how rocky their first few years of marriage were, even to contemplating divorce, and how they made it through.

Heather actually has a lot of videos from that marriage retreat and they are all really good.

And then my most recent crush. The Beveres. John and Lisa. This interview with Sid Roth is everything!!! No seriously!!!

Lisa is sooooo open, second only to Joyce.  

In Nigeria, everyone has a happy we-have-sex-everyday, we-submit-and-love-from-the-womb kinda PERFECT marriage. I’m happy we have some Americans who share their challenges and have helped me through my own journey. 


I imagine some people thinking I’m probably about to get a divorce this one I’m sharing marriage videos. Hahahahaha. No hun. Marriage is a pretty awesome journey with tons of perks. I am so thankful for my husband, more today than three years ago.


It is also a very challenging one and where we share the challenges AND the victories, we give those coming behind us some kinda perspective and maybe an opportunity to avoid some of the landmines we stepped on. 


Heather has definitely helped me avoid a LOT of drama in mine. And Joyce.


You know what, I am counting the days to the BIGGEST CHICK PARTY OF 2016 #LoveLife. I think I may just beg God to bring September 29 closer.


You don’t wanna see my browser history. Info from past conferences, reviews, news, hotels, etc. Who else is coming? Details here
There is a pretty tidy Nigerian crew on board. Obviously, we don’t have to go together from Nigeria but hey, we can sha hook up right at Edward Jones and then be the ones who scream the loudest (even during announcements about restrooms) so Joyce notices us and locks us all in a room with herself, Chris and Beth and even takes us to her home. 


Love this picture


A girl can dream…
Her God can do ANYTHING!!!

This Easter meme got me smiling


So thankful He rose jor

The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016


As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha. 

Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer. 
Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine. 
Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore. 

OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s someone who I can’t run away from again


She's irresistible


Beth Moore is beautiful inside and outside and I have gotten the hands down best reviews about her Bible studies and i’m planning on getting ‘Believing God‘ series but don’t let me digress. 

Now the BIGGEST party of 2016 will have these three phenomenal women attend as the special guests. 

Love life Women’s (annual) conference hosted by Joyce Meyer Ministry this 2016 will be E P I C!!!
And guess who is attending?
Yes Eziaha!!!


*cool down Eziaha* haha

I’ve always wanted to attend all my life (lol) but especially for the past 3years now but haven’t and frankly I had sort of fashied jare especially as I had been denied a US visa before. But this year, casually Pastor M and I were gisting and somehow we entered the Lovelife conference which she attended in 2012 and she just casually said after I had mentioned that I hope to attend sometime in the future sha…


‘Eziaha, I think you should plan to attend this year. You never know ooo. Step out in faith. Book your interview. Register…’

Faith welled up in me again. 
I checked for details and I saw that the special guests this year were Christine Caine


We love her to pieces!!!

who I had recently discovered and then Beth Moore


who was on my ‘waiting to stalk’ list. 
And of course, Joyceeeee!!!


Mama to MILLIONS!!!

This 2016 party was FOR ME!!!
Fiam, I went to pray and God just told me what and what to do. 
Is anybody surprised the first thing He told me to do was sow?
I wasn’t. 

‘Sow the conference fee…’

PK had spoken about when he sowed his first 1m naira MANY years back because he wanted to break into the million realm, only it wasn’t up to a million because he sowed in dollars and on conversion, it was a few Nairas shy. 

The next time, he made sure to add a few Nairas to the 1m so he is sure he crosses it. 

As a confirmed daughter, with our naira-dollar rate hitting 450 that week, I decided I would basically take the exchange rate to 500naira and then sow. That way, no matter what, I’m covered. 

I sowed into the most fertile ground ever as far as this was concerned. I didn’t have the money but I didn’t care.
I didn’t even THINK!!!

I would sow FIRST before I go register.

I HATE comedy if I’m the one being the comedian. I BELIEVE in the law of sowing and reaping. 

‘…Seed in the ground, harvest is sure…’

That’s what the person told me. 

Next thing, someone pays my conference fee. Whoop!!
Next thing more doors start to open. Whooooop!!!

You see, this sowing and reaping game is like magic. It works!!!

Why all my long story?
Because I need more Nigerians to attend with me. Tz a ladies only conference


We need to ‘disturb the peace’ together (if there will be any peace considering that ladies and quiet don’t gel haha). It should be more fun when we are in a group. 
A Naija group. 
I’m excited!!! Can you tell? Lol. 

Reenice bay has already confirmed attendance and paid after I tweeted about it. 

More ladies please!!! That’s why I’m blogging. 

Hotel information has now opened on the site so we can double up in rooms, or even block out a block of rooms and get the discounted fare so we can stay together. 
How cool would that be?

So go on and register. The early bird rate of $59 is still on. You save 15%. Then do me a mail and then we’ll move to the hotel bookings and all. We should stay in the same hotel na. 

And all my Yankee blog readers, especially yawl who send me Hillsong albums on iTunes and Joyce conference messages, I would LOVE to meet yawl and hang out. 

Plus if you have some advice to share on hotels and accommodation, holler. Or if you live like opposite the venue and have a mansion, that would be awesome. Haha. 

Email addy is still

One of my best friends attended the HillSong #Colours conference in London last year where Joyce, Beth and Chris spoke


Look out devil...they come in 3's

I was so jealous but i’m thankful I get to have these same three women speak at #lovelife this year!!!

Oh and i’m definitely going to Australia next year by God’s grace. Need to attend #Colours right at ‘home


Bobbie Houston, the Colours convener

Jeeneger you better plan to attend. HillSong has to be the coolest church I know. Hard to believe the senior pastors’ Brian and Bobbi Houston are in their 60’s. 

You see, Christian living ought to be one big TURN UP!!!
One BIG party!!!
So ladies, turn up and let’s attend the BIGGEST party of the year together!!!
Plus we can also probably order Beth’s Believing God Bible study and Chris’s Propel curriculum together. And do the studies together too. (open links)

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Women who LOVE and LIVE for Jesus!!! 

OK I’m about to implode…
Group hug ladies!!!

I knoooow, yawl are waiting for my baby’s one year photo shoot. It will come





Giant Slayer!!!

At the perfect time.
Lemme appease yawl with a few
More sooooooon