Let us pray… #31F.A.B.Voices…

Tuesdays are usually a day I set out to pray for my blog in totality.
The truth is, as I prayed today, I was humbled. I am amazed as to how this writing I just started because, well I have a big mouth (hand?) and an interesting life has become what people read and decide to lead better lives, most of whom I have NEVER met. This December/January especially, the mails have amazed me.

Truly, the treasures are in earthen Vessels, Ordinary lives… Making it clear that this great Power is from God and not ourselves… To show that it is NOT and can NEVER be about us… Or better put, about E’… (2nd Cor 4:7 PHP)

Today, as I prayed, the HS dropped it in my heart to also make today a prayer day on the F.A.B. Lane. With a focus on the F.A.B.Voices we have run so far…

So shall we pray…

First Lord, we are super grateful for all the dreams and testimonies we have here… And of course, grateful too for the horde of Angels you have released on our behalf here on this F.A.B. lane to ensure that we testify indeed…


Darling Sugar daddy, clearly my life is YOU. Ditto this blog…
We pray that you help her continue to live for you… We pray that her blog continues to be a blessing to the world and that ALL the glory returns to you. We pray for her mentoring class… And the lovely ladies there. All that You Lord want to achieve, you will achieve as she yields to you, amen.


Dear Lord, we commit Dumebi’s dream of kicking off her school ‘Hadassah’s Creche’ to your nurturing hands. Nurtured by You, we trust her dream will bloom. We call forth ideas, we call forth helpers of destiny. Bless her ministry as a child educator dear Lord. Cause her life to shine more and more for and of you. This year, she desires to start a family. We ask that you bless her with child(ren). Provide for her to bless those who are in need. And help her to achieve the other 2014 dreams she has in Jesus name, amen. 


This year, Missy committed to some decisions that would require COURAGE… The Courage to do, live and stand by her God-endorsed decision we pray for her…
The wisdom to make right choices and learn from examples rather than experience be released upon her generously from your throne of Grace in Jesus name, amen. We ask that this year, prompt obedience to you becomes easier and easier  her life reflects you even more and more and more in Jesus name, amen.


We pray against the spirit of fear of failure… The bible says He has not given us that… Rather Love, power and a SOUND MIND… With that Sound mind, you will achieve the dreams and desire of the year… Oh and that legal job, we receive it… And most importantly, as it is her desire to grow daily in her walk with Christ, we pray that same is her lot in Jesus name, amen…


We release Grace for you to be more committed to God both personally and especially as a Worker in His Vineyard as is your desire… We also commit her wedding plans this year to you and her fiance. We ask you to direct EVERY plan in your path alone. We commit her job too, we ask for wisdom to be released upon her as she carries out her official duties and FAVOR too so her desire for a confirmation and promotion is granted. Your Word says that Promotion is from YOU alone… She will be a beneficiary of this gift this year IJN… We also pray for the prayer group she intends to start… That you Lord take absolute control and give grace to start and sustain it in Jesus name…


Thank you daddy for a brilliant finish to Law school year in brilliant blinding ‘First class’ Colors. Wisdom, strength, grace is released to her for this journey and increasingly. Help her Lord in her desire for financial prudence even as you open more finacial doors for her… And even as she desires to be a financial blessing to many, she will have the means to, in Jesus name, amen.


Dear Lord, we pray for the super sweetheart Viive, as she has started living her life for you from a young age, the fire would not go down but keep increasing. We ask that you bring the right set of friends her way that would help her relationship with you. Help her to strike a model balance between school, fashion school, modelling and all… With you at the centre of her life holding it all together, we know her testimonies are sure… Amen


We pray Lord for Vee today and all her 2014 plans. We commit her medical goals/dreams to your hands trusting that with your help, she will make the right decisions and come out testifying. We receive and are grateful for the testimony of Residency in UCH. We also pray that wedding preps will go smoothly for her and Lord, the harvest that is guaranteed on seeds sown will manifest in her life in Jesus name, amen.


Abba Father, we commit the wonderful plans for the year Phebe has to you. More of you, she prays, more of You she will continue to enjoy as she seeks you. We ask for divine direction as per further studies for her. Also that her writing gift which you have so graciously given her will find public expression asap. Help her Lord to build the right relationships around her and also to be the kind of person she wants to attract. For all the major and minor plans, in alignment with your will daddy, help her to achieve and always give her reasons to return thankful in Jesus name, amen.

http://www.naijahusband.com – Another blog that is powered by You. We are super grateful for this gift… We humble ask that You continue to bless lives, marriages and relationships through their blog. Tz her prayer, and indeed ours, that more and more marriages reflect your intent and blueprint for marriages both as husbands and wives in Jesus name, amen.


We ask you dear Father that the writing gift she has will continually find free-flowing expression even with the ‘brutal’ demands of med school. We ask Lord that you help her achieve balance in her life with nothing suffering. We particularly commit her first MB exams to you. Success is hers even as she is divinely directed and helped by you in Jesus name… Help her life to remain even more beautiful and continually reflect you… Amen. 

Now we commit all our prayers with thanksgiving to Him who is able to do, exceeding, abundantly above all we can ever ask or think…

We will continue to testify… Amen.


The TOAST… For my Booski

Before I go on with the Post, may I humbly submit that I introduced Dumebi to Tony. I mean, I didn’t introduce them to date ooo. I just was the vessel God used to bring them together. Like I said in the toast, Our oga at the top pulled a fast one on us. NONE of us saw this coming. Not even our Pastors.

Ok, now that I have made you understand that I am VERY qualified to take the toast, you may now enjoy the transcript of the Toast.

I have of course left out some parts where there is long story but the main body dey kampe… My rehearsal puts this to last for between three and four minutes.

I will also have someone video this and if possible, I would upload to my blog so that you share the moment with me. I love attention so you would really need to see all my drama and attitude as I do this. This is the second Toast I may taking in like two months. First was for my Soul sister and Bestie Ayomikun.


I missed doing a video of it.


Btw, I think a Toast is a very spiritual thing. Ditto the Maid of honor because you get to sign the wedding register too. That is like endorsing a marriage. Oh wow!!! I prayerfully put this Toast together… No jokes!!!

Let’s go…

I would love to make a toast to my best friend Dumebi (Booski) and her best male friend Tony.


My name is Eziaha and it is an absolute delight and joy not just to be here but to be giving this toast. It is such an honor, thank you darlings.

I have known Dumebi since Feddy days in Owerri and then also as a Masters student in the Nation’s best University, Unibadan. In the last 16 months, our friendship has taken an even more meaningful depth


As for Tony, I was privileged in my Undergraduate years to have served in a most amazing church Triumphant assembly, Shabach centre and he was one of our Pastors there so I can claim a good knowledge of Tony too.

I introduced Dumebi to my church and bang!! Tony found his good thing…

When I put the Couple’s picture up on BBM congratulating them about two months ago, a mutual friend was quick to ping me and in his words

‘So this was why Tony kept on asking me all those questions about Dumebi…’

I later realized that TONY asked NOT a few people many questions about Dumebi, including our Senior Pastor BEFORE he made his intentions known to her. He needed to confirm character first.

Allow me to throw in this Word of advice here for the men… Look for character FIRST in a woman and don’t just follow a beautiful face. Like the book of Proverbs says, a beautiful woman without character is like a gold ring in a Pig’s snout. Or better put, a beautiful face on an empty head. Ewww.


Oh but my Booski is beautiful within and beautiful without. Like I tell people, Dumebi is such a joy.


Everyone should have at least ONE Dumebi in their lives…

ii (No she was not referring to the wedding ooo lol as per the ‘dare miss it”)

Tony, this is how I know that Dumebi LOVES you… SHE CAN NOT PRETEND. I can not pay her to pretend. When she came to me before she made a decision as per who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with out of the many (lol), I told her I would NOT make the choice for her but that I would pray with her. My prayer point was simple… ‘dear God, you know my friend can NOT pretend. If someone is Not right for her, please open her eyes to see the qualities she can’t stand and wham!!! The work is done”

An advice here for ladies and friends, if at any point you are unsure, You can PRAY. Prayers work!!!

So what started with CIA investigation on Tony’s part and lots of prayers on Dumebi’s part has climaxed into this beautiful union today.

I daresay NOBODY saw this coming. Our Oga at the top pulled a fast one on us all and of course, we are not complaining, *facing the couple* or are we?

Tony, you definitely found a GOOD THING. I am chuffed about your future together. Dumebi wants plenty babies so I pray you that…

Tony, my friend has the loveliest smile ever.

_3Dumebi Ezar_3=-D

Do what you can within the boundaries of God’s love to keep the smile on her face and by extension, her heart alive.

Dumebi likes surprises, please surprise her. You can see me for time-to-time paid for tips.

Dumebi is adventurous. Encourage her with wisdom. Whatever you do, the world needs to keep seeing her smile.


I have thought long and hard about what I would do to you if that smile reduces even a little. Now I know. I would ask God to take away your lovely voice and give you a frog’s croak instead. So people, if you ever hear Tony croaking, you already know why.

Now a priceless advice for the two of you…


Because God’s word works absolutely.

Tony, The Word says, Love your wife. And even if at some point you think she is an enemy, the Word says LOVE YOUR ENEMIES too.

Dumebi, the Word says SUBMIT. Respect him. Whether you feel like it or not. Tony has a vision darling. Help him to fulfill it.

Your primary job description is HELP MEET after all.

Like my darling Pastor Mildred who you absolutely love says ‘Marriage is an ASSIGNMENT and not a REWARD!!!’ Long after the wedding gown is off, your parents are lounging in Asaba and the wedding guests have retired, darling, you have work to do, both on your knees and on your feet.

Again, work the WORD cos God’s Word works absolutely.

I pray you a testimony filled godly marriage of your dreams.

Now may we all please rise, raise our glasses and toast to Dumebi and Tony as they kiss single-hood goodbye forever…

***The end***

I know it looks long but like I said 3 to 4 mins…

Typically a  toast covers an introduction and gratitude, your relationship to the couple and how they met, and then advice for the couple. Insert a few jokes and wham the toast is complete. I have all that covered here I hope. Lol

Ok so by the time you read this, I doubt I have taken the toast but hey this is what I will be saying.

I am very grateful for this wedding. And trust me, we have reason to be very grateful. God really pulled a fast one on us. This time last year, I know where we were. But Dumebi’s life has truly shown that God can wipe tears and give you so much laughter you actually forget you ever cried on the same matter.


My darling Booski, tonight is the night…

For Tony’s sake, I only pray you don’t get pregnant tonight ooo. Crazy girl.

Love you mega boo. And I am super honored to be your friend.




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Nope, i am neither up for hires either to do your toast or to help you write a toast or even wedding vows. Do it yourself lol.

I am serious tho…


My darling Sapphire, don’t you wish i did your toast.


Anyways, it is a good thing you kept the Toast out cos no one else could have done it ooo. But I would have yabbed you taya and washed ALL your dirty secrets and linen in public so maybe you were good not to have a toast hehehe

I MISS YOU BOO. When is our meeting oooo. Time no dey again ooo *wink*

Ada Ada… My Booski Part 2

You should read Part 1 here to put this in context…


Before you proceed…

The village ceremony started somewhat late  but lasted for like 30mins and in the mean time, I took some pictures.

20130824_120041 With the GROOM Tony

20130824_125843 Ruth Onyegbule who i saw last at Chidinma Ojike’s wedding I think

At first, my Booski was not dancing well


and then wham, it looked like something hit her and she let lose. She danced and danced and danced.



The person singing was singing Ada Ada. Before the, I actually didn’t know it was  a real song by Flavor. I thought the guy was just free styling. Lool. She danced and I was so proud of her. And she had attitude to the dance. Cool yo!!!

Then she danced to where her hubby was




and they did the ‘feed each other’ after small talk by the Elders





which is the joining in itself and then wham they are traditionally married.


The couple’s dance followed




(There was no competition at all as we can’t call what Tony did dancing. Lol)


20130824_132749 even Tony’s momma did some rocking too


20130824_132220 Yay!!! My Girl rocked yo!!!

20130824_132948 Any feddy girl recognize Obianuju Ntosi there lol

And after the dance, we were good to hit ‘town’ for the reception.

Incase anyone was wondering, I did not dance. I didnt wanna share the spot light with her on her day… Plus these pictures didn’t take themselves by themselves na…

So the reception started as soon as we hit town from villa… She quickly changed into a matching outfit with the Groom…

It was a PDP rally walahi. As in, someone would come in and the ceremony would stop until the person has gone round ‘ime mkpotu’ Kai…

It was good to catch up with the Feddy girls that showed up sha… And then meeting people too that came from Ibadan.



Totally cool.

I was to talk about the cake but I was busy somewhere when the emcee called me and I missed it.


Was also supposed to take a toast which I didn’t cos I felt the toast was inappropriate for that sorta rally/wedding lol.

The reception was totally amazing tho. Enjoyed it. Too much bending down to pick money and plenty dancing too. Then we also had to ‘cook’ in the ‘kitchen’ too. Her first ‘meal’ for her hubby and her maid of honor had to join her in the ‘kitchen’ to cook.


More pictures…



Asaba-20130824-00454 Daddy and Daughter dance

Asaba-20130824-00459 Mama and daughter dance

20130826_160341 With her younger brother

20130824_154931_1 in the ‘kitchen’


Priceless smiles

20130824_145455 with Olameji

That night after the whole paparazzi, I told Olameji to join me in my early morning adventure to the Onitsha-Asaba bridge.


It had been eons I saw that bridge and no way was I coming all the way to Asaba and wasn’t going to the bridge. Lai lai. But ‘meji preferred sleep to adventure and she prolly thought I was kidding too cos I had to get this done before we leave at 9am for Ibadan with the bus. I woke and hit the streets at 6.30 am. I was super serious about the bridge ooo.


I let the bus take me all the way to Onitsha


that is after the bridge and then I walked the length of the bridge back to Asaba. One end of the bridge is Onitsha, the other end is Asaba. Ndi Onitsha/Asaba can STARE for Africa sha. They kept staring at me cos frankly, I did look like a Tourist. Many of them were early morning joggers and the stared as they jogged.

More pictures from my bridge experience…











I recall that I used to be really scared when I was younger as we drove past the bridge cos there were fears that it was shaking and will soon fall. I had goosebumps now while WALKING across it. I was a lil scared but I loved the experience.

Oh one more picture for effect


Wonders truly NEVER end…

Plus did you notice that the dudes didn’t stop scoping and checking me out. Scroll up and notice it if you missed it. Asaba people can stare for ages sha… Hian…

They actually thought I was from America. thank you Tony for delivering Dumebi from this bush Asaba/Onitsha people

I got in just as the us was loading to leave and I had a VERY TERRIBLE journey back which I won’t bore you with.

So Part 2 of this wedding is this Saturday Nov 2, 2013 and I am so excited about it.

My next Post on this wedding will be a transcript of the toast I will be giving at the wedding as her best friend and Maid of honor.

20130826_160512 My booski of life for life

I will schedule it to go Live on Saturday while the wedding is In full swing. I hope you like it… hehehehe.

I will also share pictures of her bachelorette party which I am planning and the wedding proper.

Meanwhile, I hear my Booski has been harassing everyone on BB about the plans she has for her wedding night. Dumdum ooooo. You are crazy walahi!!!

Tony bought you complete with all your wahala sha. Dear Tony, I will say a hail Mary a day for you…


You see, my girl Booski also abstained from SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. Whoop!!! Cool2Abstain

Ok lemme rush off and finish planning this Friday night party. Some random person over heard me planning and stuff over the phone and was like ‘Mehn, you are really putting energy into this ooo. You must really LIKE this your friend’ and I said NO, I LOVE HER mega much.

When you read this, i should be in Ibadan already. i am always hyper to be here. I love this town jor…



#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day BOOSKI

******drumroll necessary*******
My Booski is here today as my guest.
So you think she is all crazy abi? This post will shock you.
You will see another side of dumebi.
The side of her that justifies her craziness.
Oh but she still added some crazy moments to the post. ..
I’ll let you enjoy Dumebi’s 15 minutes of fame on my fabulous blog…


My life is constantly changing.   Some days everything seems to be going my way:  I get all the lucky breaks, find money in my jeans pocket, get surprise gifts from my parents, or get a bank credit alert 🙂 .  Other days, not so much:  someone annoys with me, we lose our money, get into arguments, break my favorite gadget. But since I started keeping a gratitude journal, my attitude towards life has totally changed. Thanks E!


So today,
I am grateful for the gifts of gratitude, which are: increased self-esteem, happiness, enthusiasm, peace, and joy. I have them all in healthy doses :d

I’m also grateful for a family that drives me crazy…
from Father to last born. Yes I love my family dearly. I love them so much because they have developed a unique talent that only those closest to my heart possess:  the ability to get under my skin & annoy me in ways that drives me to near homicidal states of frustration and irritation.  I know it can seem impossible at times to give thanks when you’re on the verge of a family-induced breakdown but it isn’t a pipe dream. Despite my brother’s incessant mean-spirited teasing or my grandmother’s endless nagging about my future and why I’m still single (which thankfully has ended)
, I always smile when I think about them. They do colour my world 🙂

I’m so thankful for the fact that I am continually surrounded by people who love me and encourage me.  I cannot even imagine my life without my friends.
Laughter, stories, text messages, and loving me when I do weird stuff makes me love them even more. They are always there when I need someone to talk to and make me not feel so gosh darn crazy for being me. They’re just there, and most of the time, that’s all I need them to be.
I am so overly thankful for food. So many people go without and this is something I never ever have to worry about. Another thing I’m so very thankful for is clean water, whenever and where ever I want it. It’s amazing how many things we ‘have’ that we take for granted.

I’m thankful for push-up bras. Got a shirt from an aunt last week, and I wasn’t impressed when I tried it on. I decided to check it out again before I got naked nd jumped in d bath tub, nd it fitted real good. Push-up bra made d difference. Eseooo Baba!

I’m thankful for a good book

this may sound extremely “nerdish” to some people, but a good book can change you.  It has the ability to take you places you’ve only ever dreamed of and to think of things in a way you never had before. 

There is immeasurable power in that.  A good book can make you laugh out loud or cry uncontrollably.  Even if the read is for entertainment purposes only, we have to be grateful for anything that can take our mind off of this crazy thing called life for a few hours.

I’m thankful for faith.


Faith is what gets me through when some of the others on this list can’t.  Even in its abstractness, its power grounds me.  It is often times the very last and only thing left to hang onto.   How quickly our hands would slip down the rope without the knot of faith to catch us.  

I’m very thankful for my kids. I couldn’t imagine a world without children
They are a constant reminder of what is beautiful about the world.  There have been days that my family, my friends, and even my faith couldn’t sustain me, but a smile, a laugh, a hug, or an “I love you Miss Dum-Dum” from a child in my class was able to. 

Children see the world without distorted lenses and their glasses are always half full.  We should all make time to spend time with children in some capacity; they are our greatest natural resource. I love my babies.
(E’s side note: Dumebi is a librarian in an amazing secondary school and all the kids love her crazy. I can testify. It is so beautiful how they do. And she is crazy about them tooo. She throws her life into her job and it is VERY sweet to see her so that.)

I’m thankful for Today. Today is never guaranteed to us, so if we get it, we should be appreciative of it.  Everyday, people young and old are not granted this gift.  Those of us who are lucky enough to, should treat it as such.

Finally, I’m thankful for Mistakes.


They suck to make, but are necessary to growth.  There are not many other things in life that have the ability to change us the way a mistake does.  I’m a better, stronger person because of the mistakes I’ve made.  I don’t like to make mistakes, but I have to acknowledge that they have led me to this path just as much as my successes.  For that, I am thankful.
So, if there are mistakes in this post, forgive me and be happy for me, for I am growing and will be better (if Lady E gives me another wonderful opportunity to be a wanna-be ‘blogger’)  :). 🙂

*****curtain call*****
Dumebi my love. My booski of life and afterlife


Thank you…
Btw people did that line on mistakes jump at you as it did me?
“… They suck to make, but are necessary to growth.  There are not many other things in life that have the ability to change us the way a mistake does….”
Ok people share your gratitude with us in the comments section.

I thought I’ll add this gorgeous pix of dumebi and I and her momma


Peek our closeup smiles

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 24

Gratitude! Gratitude!! Gratitude!!!
It is my dialect and boy!!! Do I love to speak it or what.
I’m soooo tired but I’m soooooooooooo grateful.
I am gratefully tired…
*insert igbo yawn*
*sits down on the floor with both legs aside for effect*
But hey, the show must go on…
I’m sooooo having guests all through next week…
Ify, Valerie, Dumebi, Priceless and Chuchu, get ready!!!
With your posts…
Today I am grateful for just one thing!!!
My Booski’s traditionally Mrs. Dumebi Tony Ehigiator


The devil stays losing
Persistent but losing…
He just lost again
Jehovah bu eze
WE had a good day… Nay PERFECT day.
For those who don’t know my Booski, she is the craziest commenter on my blog. Either as Ezar or Booski
The girl eh…
Tony don buy market. She brought her special brand of fabulous craze to her wedding.
Oh she enjoyed every minute and broke conventional tradition in some places.
Tradition be damned!!!
And she danced.


Oh my!!! She danced. Like I had never seen her dance!!!
Oh boy!!! Even her momma was surprised. We all were. She shocked us!!! In a pleasant way.
The devil must have died a million times.
The wedding was amazing tho it doubled as a PDP convention looool. My Booski’s dad is a Politician so… PDP came to town!!! And you know how these Politicians do with money!!!
And no, we don’t mean Naira alone. *wink*
And we know the kinda gifts they bring…
No plastic thingys
**double wink**
I’ve had a most amazing Asaba experience with my hosts…
Asaba has been real!!!
If not for Sound of heaven, I for stay back. The reception has been stellar… From her mom to pop and her abs gorg brothers!!! Mehn… But I fitn’t miss Sound of heaven na.
For anything yo!!!
Aww, my booski’s mom just gave me the KILLER sunglasses she bought in India. I didn’t believe she will give me ooo. When I asked…
She wore it today during her first outing and she looked HOT. Like a bride herself
Pictures tomorrow… Too tired to post any now
Booski’s momma is a dream walahi


Kisses plenty darling ma’am
Ok good night…

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day DAVIDA :-)

Greetings all the way from Asaba
I am grateful for journey mercies…
I’ll give you my Asaba details later. A chronicle of sorts. Promise…
But today, I’m particularly grateful for


Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo
Our latest gift in DCC
Oh my!!!
1. I am grateful that this baby trashed Doctor’s report.


They said she would never have a child… Now look what the Lord has done


Dassah has a sister


And He has filled our mouths with laughter


2. I am so grateful to be a part of DCC family and the e-house party we had today.


DCC people no dey sleep… 4am Naija time and people were awake and updating BBM status…


DCC is such a blessed house, blessed people, blessed pastors, blessed E’


Blessed Ada too… my partner in shenanigans… hehehehe
3. I am so happy that PK was there when this baby happened…


He played a K-bond mood and surprised his wifey in America last week… Then baby girl decides she might as well just come a month ahead… While daddy is here… Oh wow!!! Looks like Jehovah pulled a J-Bond on PK hehehe
4. Yay!!! I am thankful that PM will be back soon.


She wanted to stay away for just 3months instead of the 4months Doctors said…


Now she will ooo. She will be back soon.


Muah mama… We sure can’t wait to have you back… Just a few more weeks
5. I’m just grateful for this day… Started with good news galore… So much good news. Heard abi read something that yup upset me but hey, today was just a joyful day…
Bone tired loves…


Plus this killer pounded yam and ofe nsala needs to digest…
My Booski’s traditional tomorrow. Echi di ime indeed…
Sleep well

Sound of heaven is Sunday


Come early ooo
Overflow no go good ooo

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#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 8

Hello FAB’ers
Did you have a restful holiday today?
Ramadan Kareem to my muslim friends. I hear this is not the ram killing one. Na wa ooo. Please why is that???
Ha ahn!!! Please wake me up when tz time for the ram eating one…
Speaking of which, someone posed the question in a Christian group I belong to on whatsapp ‘Is it right to eat the sallah ram when given by a muslim?’
Inukwa nu m okoro biko…
My answer? Please scroll up…
Again? Please when is the ram eating one again?
Today was just a blessed day filled with blessed encounters…
Putting last night’s post up made me sleepless to about 2am and I had to still make REFRESH this morning at 7am. I still don’t know how I got to church today at 7am… I must have sleepwalked. But I’m grateful for

I don’t know how to explain that experience. 5hours of just fellowshipping with the Holy spirit and fellow believers. Chai. Wish I could box the experience up and sell at premium price. Twas too awezzzzommee. The prayer points were something else. Praise? Worship? Atmosphere? Awwwwzome…
A particular bible verse hit home. Talk about logos to rhema
Eph 1:18
Tz that ‘…eyes of your heart be flooded with light…’ That did it for me. I’m squeezing all the testimonies outta this Word ooo. No dulling. I MUST TESTIFY
I also rocked my new bible yo

Tho Onyinye kidnapped it at some point…
She so loved on it. She said she’ll go and buy her own. Hehehe.
2. I am grateful for a certain call that came today from a very senior colleague. I am making some career moves I can’t share here for obvious reasons and constantly amazed as to how much people who I have no reason to be relating with by virtue of age and experience, are drawn to me. I mean, tz humbling. Too much favor mehn… I’m also grateful momma taught me to always leave doors open. You never know when it would need to be walked through. My life is picking up… I am too grateful… Jehovah bu eze…
3. I am grateful for one of my most precious friends and brother… Rev Fr Patrick


Pictures never ever do him enough justice. Don’t worry, we have mourned enough at him NEVER getting married. God takes the best jor…I had a most amazing time with him today after Refresh. Felt doubly refreshed


He is in town for a bit and I had missed him so I went to St Dominic’s Yaba to visit with him. The person that took our pictures didn’t get very nice shots but I’ll just share one to show his height

I’m 5ft 11 mind you…
Fr. P is so amazing. I see why he’s a Priest. And he’s sooooo intelligent. In spiritual and general stuff.  Has the wisdom of elders and he’s young ooo. And his laughter???? Ok Eziaha, na Priest ooo. Be careful. Lol
Thank you my very dear friend. And please dumebi don’t say a word.

4. I’m grateful for Aku m. We truly have had a trying moment this period and all, but I’m glad we stayed true to ourselves and we can talk about any and everything, holding back nothing because our love has so matured.

I had this really real deep talk with Him and it just made me believe even more in perfect love from imperfect beings…
My very BEST friend. My perfect Tango… I love you BIG

5. Ok this would absolutely embarass and surprise her but Sweerie I am so grateful for you…and our enviable, real, true, enriching, amazing, fabulous friendship

I recall where we were this period last year… But our sugar daddy specializes in just blowing our mind. As I danced today, I danced for you too. Double dance for our lover God

I have loved and enjoyed being in your life as much as you have being in mine. And I have learnt from you too and you best believe it.
You have a heart filled with sunshine. You light up my world with this smile and all your wahala too which I love…
You know, dumebi and I were in feddy together. She was in green house with Chinma and I was in Blue. Green house girls were dirty btw… (Say the truth ooo. Don’t just start protesting over nothing here)
We weren’t close in school then. We were classmates (I think) but not close. She came back for Masters in Unibadan when I was still an under graduate… A hi there, a hello here. Till a phone call and an event came that changed the course of our friendship. I can’t tell your story. But one thing we know is that The devil aint got nothing on you baby
My darling. My Booski… Look what our Jehovah has done

Tony is such a blessed favored man. Did I mention good man 🙂
I celebrate you my sweetheart. I am deliriously happy for you my love…
I can’t wait to storm Asaba for you
All for you Sugar
Uche and her bump too… I hope… hehehehe

I am grateful for your jaw dropping testimony…
And you know I love you… BIG!!! That’s why we are besties for life…
5. Oh I mentioned the rat abi…
The rat gum did its work yo!!!
I’m thankful.
I can only pray that my house and room especially is rodent free…
Absolutely tired right now…
I should see the movie ‘Weekend getaway’ It stars Genny and many other Super stars
Dear God, please I’m thanking you in advance for the movie. It is somewhat like ‘Why did I get married?’ I think.
And I’m grateful that I can sleep in tomorrow…
Fill your journal darling… Speak your dialect.
Thanksgiving is OUR dialect…

Don’t forget to drop by and comment at my partners-in-gratitude’s blogs too Giantsparkle
and Lizzie
Plenty Loving…


Sorry for the lack of pictures before… WP was really acting up… Mschewwwwww. Now lemme go and see my movie in peace

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 5

Day 5
Whoop whoop

Ok let’s roll it already…
First lemme find out how your day was…
How was your day Tweety?
Hope ndi uchu didn’t see you? Looool.
I purposely put in all this Igbo. And I purposely don’t translate too.
And Yes I am still fighting tribalism…
A friend of mine said something to me today which I found profound. An offshoot of my Dear Diary Post.
She said ‘…This is not tradition Eziaha, it’s prejudice. Don’t mistake the two…’
So what is E’ thankful for today?
1. Eating a BIG frog early. You’ve heard that saying yeah…? Don’t keep pushing. Just eat the frog early.


Do the most ‘unpleasant’ thing early in the day and enjoy the rest of the day jare. I did that. Had to get something major done so I woke at 4am (I slept at 1am btw), did what I needed to do (it involved some screaming looool) and literally heaved a huge sigh of relief. I am also thankful for the two hours of sleep I caught later at day break. Usually once I wake, that’s it. The body no dey gree ooo. Especially when day don break. But between the light streaming through my curtains and the VERY NOISY 24/7 church screaming IN MY EARS, the merciful Lord gave His beloved E’ sleep…

2. I am just grateful (and I say this without any slight intended) for the kind of liberty and freedom and knowledge I have in Christ.

Black & White Worship

And especially my spiritual authority figures and how they rightly dissect the Word of Truth. You know how I mentioned yesterday that the Word preached on sunday morning just made me wanna be ‘more Christian’ and fall in love more with God cos He’s handed me a VERY good deal. That’s why I say NATIN dey dis life outside God abeg. The person talking in this 24/7 noise=making church went on and on and on and on about people who fixed weavons and attachment to come out. Both parents and teenagers and they were VERY reprimanded and sent to a certain corner to be “dealt with”. I heard all sorts of things about how bad it was and stuff. I was just grateful that my own relationship with God allowed me ‘more liberty’.


I just loved on God more. Again, no slight intended. I’m just loving my own relationship with my Sugurrrr Daddy.
3. I’m grateful for the NUDGE.


Ah, I love how God just stops me from doing something I planned to do and hands me an even better deal. One of my bestos pinged me that she was coming into Lag today for shopping. I was excited ooo. I immediately planned to hook up with her. I was free. I even on the spot decided to follow her back to Ib for a while. Then I felt the NUDGE. No market and absolutely NO Ibadan. Ha ahn!!! I felt bad to cancel but I did. Thank you for understanding Boo 🙂

Dumebi Ezar
Then later, I was chatting with one of my Blogimonies (Blog testimonies. Someone ah-may-zing I met off my blog) later and then God told me to go and visit with her.


I did. And I had the most amazing time with Kate and her not-so-brand-new-anymore’ baby who is a full time job.


Mehn, motherhood is a JOB. Women should BE paid for it. Abeg. The less than 6week cutie kept Kate ‘on-duty’ all the while. Talking to Kate is always so refreshing. Spiritually uplifting. So ‘Christian’. I hope we understand what I mean ooo. God knew I needed to be in the calmness of a home not the bustle of a market today, as much as I wanted to see my darling Booski today. Truly, God was SPOT ON right. Baby mi, we go see mehn… And I’m glad you had a good time shopping.
Thank you Kate Sweerie. Muah.
Btw, her hubby has this amazing blog where he transcribes DCC/PK’s relationship messages especially LDM.
You wanna rush over especially ladies. #ThankMeLater#

Memo to Nnanna… #GoWorkYourBlogooo# hehhehe
4. Na wa ooo. I’m amazed as to how and why people always wanna give me gifts… Especially when I visit. Tz always like ‘abeg I gotta find something to give you/sow into your life before you leave’
I recall one girl looked and looked and loooookkkkkkeeeeddddd. She really rummaged her stuff. When she didn’t see, she promised to go and buy something in particular for me.
Kate did it for me too. She gave me a gift. Thank you soooooo much dear. I am thankful for the seeds people sow in my life.


I can’t complain. Hehehehe. I have to give more too biko.
5. Good health and safety… Eish. I had a bad tummy pain today. Twas too sharp.


Had pineapple and that was it ooo. I held it through my visit. It was bearable. But as I got up to go, eish… I almost doubled in pain. Increased as I made my way home and getting transport home was hard. I was just doubled over. And it was getting so late. Finally, miraculously, transport showed up and I got home late but safely. In no time, the pain disappeared too. Just like that.
Kai, Giantsparkle just posted before me. Ish. I just got her email notification. Arrrgh. I dunno if Lizzy has too. Looks like I’m the LASTMA for today Day 5. Tz past 11 already. Hello Time, slow down already.
Ok bye bye


Shout out to all my offline partners in gratitude. Keep your testimonies coming and keep speaking. Like I SAID WITH ONE TODAY, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for if we just look deeper. If you haven’t started speaking the GRATITUDE DIALECT too, please start ooo,


Ntoi to the people waiting to punish me if I miss a day. God dey my back hehehehe. BTW, am I not the Headmistress of this gratitude gig? Loooool…


Just incase you missed my post on Parents-Teacher Collaboration http://eziaha.com/2013/08/05/parent-teachers-collaboration/