RandomlE’ speaking

I miss my friends. My inner circle.
Angel o’ love
Soul Soeur


Booski, Angel o' love, Olaedo


Sapphire, Soul soeur, Cheech

I actually teared up watching Oluchi hug Rulani goodbye with both of them in tears on ANTM last week Thursday. I knew I missed real real sisterly hugs and talk. And you see these girls above? They know how to give and receive the best hugs. Especially Olaedo and Cheech and Soul Soeur and infact everyone!!! *tears* My mainest forever girls. I truly really miss you girls. Le sigh.

But God doesn’t leave us without a witness. Hehehehe. As Jesus would have it, I got a good dose of hugs yesterday. You see, two of my fave bloggers also live in Abuja and while I had met JMAD before, I was yet to meet Femmetotale. So we made plans to hook up on Sunday.


Food, Faith and Fun

I had a Sunday of my life yo!!! Aside them putting me on the spot as a ‘married girl’ (smh at you ladies), it was just an amazing time. We met up in JMAD’s house and she was such a dream host tho she knows how to harass. And we had another very delighful and abs beautiful drama-full babe Oma join us. Best part of it all was that are all absolutely Fabulous Christian ladies.


When you hang out with Christian ladies, you just come out feeling very Christian lol. 
Plus my JMAD is a hugger and a half and before long, I’ll get FT to the huggies club too. Plus we toasted to the most hilarious stuff. Twas almost a prayer session lol.


That said, it was abs awesome meeting y’all. Can’t wait for our next outdoor hangout. JMAD has this crazy idea which I’m kinda liking and buying so… Hehehehe. Thanks girls. Especially for the hugs… And Oma, we could totally be friends!!! Yup JMAD pass the message. Ok JMAD made me watch Nigerian Idols sponsored by Etisalat. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky, especially with all the ‘oil money’ lol. Sorry to say. I also decided to see the highly acclaimed 12years a slave. Look, I LOVE Lupita especially cos she has a very spirited spirit (whatever that means) plus she’s a delightful sport to interview (loved the Post-Oscars interview with Ellen)


The Post-Oscar interview. She has a laugh that is alive

Plus she gives the best speeches (Your dreams are valid). Obviously intelligent young woman. Plus she went to Yale. Hehehehe. So I said lemme see this Lupita movie ooo. 55mins into the movie, patience disappeared, goodluck wearing thin, and way TOO MUCH Chinwetel in EVERY scene, then Lupita shows up in the cotton field. Ugh!!! I’m sorry but I didn’t last 20mins after that. I don’t even know what to say so lemme just say I don’t like slaves/slavery movies. Same reason I didn’t last 15mins seeing Django Unchained. It was just too sad and unhappy. So I didn’t see more than 4 scenes that featured our idol Lupi (lol) before I turned it off. Sleep was even calling my name and initials while watching it. I’ll just chill till she stars in some romantic comedy that sees her throwing her very spirited laugh and energy around. I’m sure someone is wondering what I was expecting seeing the name is 12 years a slave… Well somehow I didn’t think start to finish would be clearly about class, caste, slavery, proletariats and bourgeoisies. Abeggi… So as I ranted on Twitter, some kind hearted sweerie tells me the message was that of hope. I suppose. But I think I prefer HOPE as portrayed in The Pursuit of Happyness, thank you. Btw I also didn’t see that movie till the end. Too teary. Lemme just stop this Slavery thing. I’m with that ‘white’ ‘celeb’ who says she studied enough slavery in history class than to be watching slaves biko nu. Romance, Comedy or best still Romantic Comedy ANYDAY yo!!!
Just to be clear, Lupi acted great in the movie. I hear especially at the end, it was brilliant!!! (Patience Lord). I’m just not into suffer head movies. Chinwetel suffered no be small. I guess I also learned TRUST in the movie. He trusted the strange people who now sold him into slavery. (I hope that’s what happened ooo). Anyways, now you know which kinda movies never to get E’ to watch. #JumpNpass
In all though, Sunday was a real amazing day. Thanks to everyone who made it awesome. Been meeting quite a few of my Abuja peeps who I had invited to church, some off my blog. How it was only Chi I managed to take a picture with beats me.


I hugged this babe so much she had to commend me lol

Anyhoos since some are becoming members, there’ll be more photo ops.
But life has had its fair share of downs though. Like I was gisting JMAD yesterday, peculiarly, I have WILLED myself to tears which have eluded me. Now no doubt, I’ve turned on the water works a bit but I realise they have been more about other people than me. Just listening to or reading someone share their challenges with me, I’m all teary eyed. Then when something hits me that’s personal, I just can’t cry for myself. Several times, and no kidding here, I have tried to cry just to ‘feel normal’ but no dice ooo. At those instances, I now hear God. Most times He just tells me OK what will the tears solve? Then instantly, He gives me a Word. At that instant, life becomes surreal!!! How a WORD assumes life and becomes real and breathing to one is inexplicable. I truly can’t explain but I feel an incredible blanket of loving from my Sugar Daddy. On my bb status, I have ‘E’… God’s biggest deal’ and I can say I understand that. I feel really really privileged.


E' Favoured and Blessed

The doors he opens, the people I meet, the responsibilities I have, the testimonies He gives, tz absolutely awesome. Cap it up with a Word for every single season!!! I truly have a Sugar Daddy.
Awesome feeling…
Ok lemme brush on the subject of ‘rehearsing on stage’ for a minute. First heard this term from my girl Ru. Basically,it just means (in the Faith that is) waiting for a problem to come upon you BEFORE you start praying about it. I mean, why don’t you just keep building on your faith even before the challenges come? I was in a theatre group back in UI. Imagine that we don’t do no rehearsals until the day of performance, we now come and start rehearsing on stage. What a flop!!! Tz the same way we flop when we have been all slack on our faith and then tz when the trouble comes that we start running helter skelter. Tz just wrong. The best time to prep for war is in time of peace. Simples. I’ll tell you my own ROS story. This year, I’m ashamed to say I’ve fallen ill 4/5 times starting right from Jan 1. Before then, I truly can’t recall when last I fell ill. So imagine sickness coming back to back. And guess what, they always came just before something major was about to happen. By the second time, shouldn’t I have gathered all my faith and scriptures on health and swallowed till even the devil go fear. Such that when he comes with his package, he takes it back cos he meets my shield of faith brandishing. No ooo. Tz when I start feeling the symptoms I start praying. That works somehow yup but sweethearts, Jesus didn’t die for that. Mehn, was sick last week and after I spent money I didn’t care to spend on drugs, I knew it was time to actively find, confess and overdose on the Word as per my health. Now health totally restored, I wake up each morning speaking over my body. I’m done mehn. Jesus didn’t die for this… He died that I may enjoy perfect health. Zezezeze. So FABers, in every area of your life, no rehearsal on stage please.
Almost the same way I feel about our Nigerian situation… Plenty rehearsals AFTER the show sef. The security situation is really something and truly, tz a case of God for us all. That’s why I recommend prayers especially esp from you and I. Face it, some of us have tied hands except to pray.


Not everyone will step out to protest and frankly, not every protest would yield much. But hey, we can labour in prayers. Pray for large doses of wisdom for our leaders and advisers. Pray for ‘Daniels come to judgment’ They know exactly what to do (cos you can see pure naivete sometimes) and they have the courage to do it. Pray for high level confusion in the enemies’ camp. Keep praying for the safety and rescue of the kidnapped school girls and indeed keep speaking peace to those highly volatile areas and infact every where in Nigeria. Pray for those still in the hospitals and those who have lost loved ones in all the numerous attacks all over Nigeria. Look sweetie, don’t just tweet it. Don’t just discus it at round tables and over lunch. Truly spare some of your prayer time for them. I saw this post by Ife and I was tripped.


Ife just has the best updates on SM sites walahi

I think we talk about praying more than we actually pray. Especially that wisdom prayer. And that’s all I’ll say on this matter before I say something really wrong.
Oh BTW, the second stanza of our Anthem is an incredible prayer. Feel free to pray it too.

I’ll just sign off with this…
So what is the price of a ring?
Sooo many things some ladies would give to land that ring and what some guys would do to have their ring accepted…
Some pay the right price, land the ring and enjoy the marriage of their dreams.
Some pay the absolutely wrong price, sometimes land a ring and end with a Boko haram and just live in hell…
At least if you don’t know the right price, you can learn…
Which is why this month’s LDM is tagged The Price of a Ring…


Love Dating and Marriage Seminar

This Sunday May 11, 2014
Right in Abuja, David’s Christian Centre.
Petrus hotel on Agatu street off Gimbiya street. Area 11, garki Abuja.
LDM is an acronym that stands for Love Dating and Marriage. Tz a once a month, actually 2nd Sunday of the month in Abuja DCC at 4.30pm so you can go to your church and join us in the evening. Tz always an incredible time. So you wanna mark your calendars if you are in Abuja.

Ok let me get some work done this beautiful Monday.
I thought I’ll blog some leadership tips I’m learning from DCC Abuja especially for my readers who are workers in Church and wanna do more for God. Awesome stuff. And tz amazing how leadership tips from the church can also work in our secular jobs too.
Some other time though…
May 11, 2014. Sunday 4.30pm.

Oh I almost forgot this. Just have to share it. So one of my mentees, an amazing amazing girl, Chinwe who looked plenty to me for inspiration and encouragement in school just graduated with a FIRST CLASS.


Congrats Chinwe love

Feels like my own personal victory. Just being such an inspiration to someone who now outshines you is incredible. Go girl!!! I’m sooo happy for you. Got me all teary eyed on Friday when her result was released. And she was the ONLY ONE!!! Whoop!!! She was just a year under me in Sociology and my, we did countless tutorials, she kept in touch even after I graduated, didn’t stop asking me questions and I’m just glad that the whole tension of waiting in prayers and praise to see how she’ll cross from a 2-1 to 1st class in final year will go (which was exactly same for me). It was really really a miracle.
Congrats girl. Work that first class babe… Whether tz for further studies or work, it opens doors. Of course that’s cos it is a gift straight from God. Whoop whoop. Mega happy for you. My mentoring wasn’t in vain. Hehehehe.
And on that final note, toodles…
Stay FAB darls…
Favoured and Blessed.
And Happy stepping into all things FAB this May.



I’m building them NO ALTARS…

Recall a Post in which I mentioned that would be like a continuation of Femmetotale’s We don’t fear their fear ?

Uh huh… this is mine

‘…There are NO jobs in Nigeria…’

‘…ALL men cheat…You are deceiving yourself if you think your man is faithful’

‘…A good man is hard to find these days ooo, just manage the one you have…’

‘…So so and so exam is REALLY hard. You have to fail it first before you pass it…’

.’…NYSC is one WASTED year…’

‘…Businesses are closing down daily in Nigeria. No hope for the Youth…’

‘…EVERYBODY is doing IT ooo. Forget this abstinence thing jare…’

‘…”Where did you do the interview?“ Forget it… Everyone that went there failed. They do ‘imammadu’ (man know man) so unless you know someone who knows someone who knows the Queen, forget the job…’

‘…There are no VIRGINS anymore ooo (Especially in lagos…) ’

‘…ALL these Pentecostal Pastors are just FAKES… Swindling people of their money and sleeping with ALL their female members…’

‘…As a woman, you can’t have a      great marriage and a great career. The man will be threatened and so one must suffer…’

“…People die anyhow ’ember periods on road accidents…’

‘…Things are so HARD in Nigeria. We just dey hustle…’

Oh this list is ENDLESS. I can go on forever and you will NOT be tired neither will I be bored.

I am constantly amazed as to how much wrong negative information we hear onaregular.

Worse still we believe even before we know it…

I will draw my point from the victory of David over Goliath… 1st Samuel 17.


I cannot even begin to imagine the specifics they must have heard Goliath say for FOURTY DAYS tahat they were TERRIFIED AND DEEPLY SHAKEN including the KING SAUL who himself was HUGE too.

It is the same way we hear everyone and their dogs say all sortsa stuff about Naija and the world.

If we keep hearing these things without doing anything, they will soon build altars in our minds, terrify us, stop us from moving forward and then make us RETREAT IN FEAR…

‘…As soon as the Israelite army saw him, they began to run away in FRIGHT…’ Vs. 24 NLT

*rushing to the Message translation to see how it puts it*

*Seen it, love it and deciding decidedly not to share with you*

*Open your own Bible…*

*tongue out*

GIANTS!!!We face them daily. If the TV aint speakin, Twitter is speaking. Or the papers, or your ‘friends’. We keep hearing. We keep facing them.

So while the rest were building ALTARS with those negative confessions, what did David do? What should you do?



Faith comes by hearing…

Ditto doubt.

David asked for some good report while the rest were magnifying the problem into ALTARS…


You too should look for good testimonies.

We too should. Because there are very many testimonies…


Are there some people who have working marriages? Visit them occasionally. Do people have tesimonis about miracle jobs? Hang around them. Like my girl Chisom whose story I shared here

Look there is so much rubbish out there but there is also good. Deal is the rubbish talkers are LOUD. They have out-shouted the good but still, take the effort to look for and meditate on the good.

And please for the love of all things bright and beautiful, stay away from NEGATIVE SAY-ERS

And sometimes, people say it with the best of intentions because they have been through that same experience… But look, your experience can NEVER trump or cancel the Word…

Let God (The Word) be true and every man a liar… Romans 3:4

In fact let us study this in context… And in my fave translations…

Romans 3: 2-6 TM


Then the NLT


Please read verse 3 and 4 again…

And ‘EVERYONE ELSE’ includes EVERYONE… Pastor, deacon, Bishop, father, Mom, professor, President, Genius, CEO, etc.

I don’t care WHO is saying WHAT… Much less his/hers of ‘experience’, if the Word doesn’t say it clearly, I ain’t buying.

Like my pastor would say, ‘…Chapter and verse…?’ If they can’t produce it, then discard…

Search the Word. What does the Word say? Better still, what does the Word say about you? This Bible is God’s love letter to me. I amd learning to believe it OVER AND ABOVE every other stuff…

Irrespective of what the world is screaming. Irrespective of what your mind is telling you. Like my pastor would say, we counter THOUGHTS with words. If a wrong thought drops in, don’t just keep quiet. Counter it with a positive word. Recall the Post I did on Confessions works… CONFESS!!!

Of course, need I say that you too should also guard your heart

Guard your ear gate too. Your ears are not dumping ground please.

Don’t just let people around you keep speaking generally and then you shut up. If you shut up, you have included yourself in the matter ooo.

Counter it immediately with positive words.

If they say, ‘…getting a job is so hard or impossible without knowing someone…’ Say immediately, ‘my case is different. I have a Sugar daddy who’s got my back…’

If they say, ALL MEN cheat, say ‘NOT MINE. I have a faithful man (or will have as the case may be)’. If they say people die on the road in ’ember season, please shout loud ‘…HE WILL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER ME…’

Listen, if you are a Daughter or son of God, YOUR CASE IS DIFFERENT!!! You best believe that!!!

No we don’t fear their fears. We don’t talk their talk. We don’t think their thoughts. And by God, we are definitely BUILDING THEM NO ALTARS…


E’ PS: My momma and I had to run some errands yesterday so we stopped by Pastor M’s house to see her and her baby.
#E’meetsDavida finally. We took some pictures.


PK wasn’t home so he missed :p. Like my mom said, Davida just took the Okonkwo’s face that is she looks like her Daddy’s family and not like Pastor M at all. Our miracle baby Davida. She is way prettier than the pictures. They don’t do her justice at all. Incase, you just moved to earth, you can read Davida’s story here http://eziaha.com/2013/08/23/attitudeogratitude-day-davida/


PPS: This weekend promises all shades of exciting. First off, I am spending a part with my Sapphire yay!!!


She has been begging me to come :p so lemme indulge her this one night so she will sleep well lol… Looking forward to seeing you hun… Yay!!! Then I am off to Ibadan where I will be meeting three most amazing men in my life… Aku m (who is coming in Saturday morning yay!!!) Rev Albert and Father Patrick. Ah!!! weekends like I love ’em… Sugary and Spciy with healthy sprinkles of LOVE.








Dear Diva… You need a REALITY CHECK!!!


Hey FAB’ers…

So here we are, back to regular blogging. We thank God. I had a weekend oh-so-amazing. You know i gisted you about it here

I mean, Friday to Sunday ROCKED…

So many blog posts to write. I missed blogging yo!!! I know you missed me too… Thankfully, I am back n BETTER!!!


I will start this POST on a different note. i will bring my ‘PPS’ forward… Hehehehe #MyBlogMyway

So here goes…


It was Aku m’s birthday this Sunday and I have plenty gist and pictures from it, but let me do that in another post. Today I wanna celebrate my Darling Adaora…

The Blessed one!;;)=-Dˡᶤᶬᶤᵗᵉᵈ ᵉᵈᶤᵗᶤᵒᶰ(1)


Ah, the first time i heard Ada minister, i was hoooooooooooked. What???!!!!!!! I mean, I had been scoping the fine choir girl from afar since only for me to hear her voice and realize that the only things sweeter than her outward beauty and her voice have to be the PASSION she puts into singing and her very beautiful heart.

Hey people let's celebrate our own Adorable!!!({})__ its her birthday today!!!

Ah, ADA loses herself when she sings ooo. I understand that song ‘…when the spirit of the Lord is upon my soul, i will dance like David danced…’ better cos of Ada


Ah, Ada is INCREDIBLE on the mic. Sometimes, the passion almost clouds the lyrics and then she just stops in the middle of the song for a few seconds. Oh gosh!!!


Then she interjects her songs with ‘thank you Jesus’ a whole lot. The best worship song i have heard her take has to be ‘…I stand amazed in your presence…” Ada will give Sinach a run for her voice and money ooo. And when she takes praise, she knows how to danceeeeeee. ah, nothing beats a chorister who can sing and dance ooo. My fave praise song of her has to be ‘…Onye ne me nma lekwa ikpere m n’ala…” haa, my Ada owns the song ooo. NO CONTEST. You need to see how I harass her if for some time, i haven’t seen her on the MIC. Looool.

Phew, I am sure some of you are wondering if i even concentrate at all in church when Ada is on the mic…? Looool. Na your concern? But just so you know, I am a Sociologist. i have learnt the art of multi-tasking even as i study my environment. 🙂

Dr  Adaora darling, you MUST testify. You have been such an amazing music minister to me in more ways that i can explain to you in words.


God bless you my darling and grant you your heart’s desires, cause men to fall over themselves in a bid to favor you, bless your home and give you the most amazing children (esp boys so at least one can marry one of my twin girls), bless your medical career, give you even more clarity in, and bless your calling, and everything else darling. YOU MUST TESTIFY my darling. And like I said, if i can pick a sister, nne, i would have picked you. Thank God for the blood that makes us Sisters indeed. Except you are a real big time HATER, You all should see that we actually do LOOK alike in this picture.


I love you incredibly. Ah, i really do. I know I say I have a crush, which i do oo. But I got the real love too hun.


And the MAJOREST reason i love you is that you give the best ever HUGS.

*ugh, i dont have a hug pix :(*

Ah… Both of us a huggy-compatible. You needed to see us doing exercise one day in church before we hugged cos it had been a coupla weeks since we last saw. Ah Adadiora nma, biko keep the hugs coming……


Btw guys, Ada is VERY married so no hook-up requests please. thank you.


She is a medical Doctor, and a TV Presenter on STV.


She anchors an inspirational program ‘E-box Africa’.

See a clip of her in action here

Again, happy birthday darling… You are even cooler than all I have said…

I am sure by now y’all are like ” kai E’ you are too mushy…”


#Don’tJudgeMe. #can’tHelpMyself

God made us all…


Ok, the end….

Now my ‘main body” begins…

So my friend, sister and fellow blogger Femmetotale did this Post

‘So you are a divalicious diva, so what?’


I absolutely loved it especially as I could relate with the positive diva-tudes.

I couldn’t resist commenting and appropriating my diva-ship jare and even Pastor M was feeling me.


Anyways, I wanted to do a sequel. So you may need to read her own before you read mine to get the full gist.


Go ahead, click and read. I will wait… It is a short one. And until you read hers, you may not know where I am really coming from…

*waiting* Tick tock 5 minutes… time up…

Ok this is my continuation and pardon me, I may be going in hard. And this is somehow long so pull a seat, and popcorn and ice cream…


Dear Diva, I really am not about to contest your diva-hood but darling, every once in a while, you really do need a reality check…


Re.a.li.ty check. Noun. An assessment or an occasion in which one is reminded of the state of things in the real world.

True baby, you might be ALL that (and more) but you should be careful not to let it all get to your head and before you know it, bam, you develop a superiority complex and an unreal view of life. Ah!!! To fall into that state is not good ooo, I tell you this gratis.

…Woe to you when ALL men speak good of you… Popularity contests are not always TRUE contests…’ Luke 6;26 E’s mix version…

I personally have a problem when all men speak well of me. I do not believe that this scripture only means that you are doomed when men don’t gossip about you. I can safely interpret it to mean that there is a problem when men be agreeing to everything you ever have to say and stuff. Your opinion usually ends ALL further discussions. Nobody can argue with you, not because you will shout or insult ‘em, or have the best opinion but because well, either they truly don’t have a better opinion or the actually believe that YOU HAVE TO HAVE A BETTER OPINION. They have this unhealthy and in my opinion, STUPID fear of you.

One of my BEST male friends is a Catholic Priest. He is my occasional ‘reality checker’. I remember the story he told me once about being a Priest, especially the kinda darling, absolutely loveable priest that he is. Everybody reveres you. It becomes easy to start to feel like GOD especially as you even hear other people’s confessions. Oh but my dear Fr. P had his reality check from the very beginning. He knew he too had to occasionally talk with an older and more mature person and get a truer view of reality, and keep himself in check. I have learnt to ring up or visit Fr. P when I need a dose of pill RC. Of course, le boo is my constant k thorn in the flesh reality check.

I also have a problem when you are the ONLY superstar in your group. You are the smartest, the baddest, the coolest, the most intelligent, the most eloquent, (kai this hits hard) and maybe the most spiritual too. All the prayer points come to you (which in itself is not bad ooo) but hmm, you better have another person or persons who you know can challenge you to even get better.


If the only clique you roll with makes you truly believe that you are the BEST, trust me diva, you would soon get complacent and while the world is progressing, you would be regressing (Sorry NO stagnancy in this world. You are either moving forward or backward)

Now this is not to knock ‘em divas.


I too am a Diva, I admit. This is just to remind us that life doesn’t start and end with you. I understand that you may just be a natural diva and have people always just love on you but every once in a while, pause.


Do a reality check. Get people who you know are BOSSES when compared to you. If possible, go out of your way to make friends with people that ‘intimidate’ you in a healthy way. Make friends with people who are not afraid to tell you the truth. Not the kind I spoke about here o, but people who can tell you when you are wrong and not be afraid to.

Lemme share a recent ‘reality check’ moment of mine with you. Promise me you will keep this secret. Cross your heart… lol.

I purposely stayed off blogging for two whole weeks. I noticed that I was getting way too much props and compliments. Haaaaaaa. Hian!!! It started feeling unreal. I mean, forget the online comments ooo, the offline ones were INCREDIBLE. At some point, I felt I needed a chisel for my head. Looool. People I don’t know AT ALL and who don’t know me beyond my blog actually confide in me… huh?!!!

blog love

Listen people, I LOVE my blog. You can’t love my blog more than me oooo. I read my blog as if for an exam. I am probably my biggest fan. Very humbly, I love the way I write. It is so fun and easy to read. Sometimes, I read and I am like ‘WOW!!! Nne, you try abeg…’ But hearing people give you props for this is something on a different level I tell ya…



Then one day, someone said something to me about a certain blog and my reaction was (IMO) not good enough. It sounded like if you shook that thought (I didn’t say it out to her in words, I just thought it) some, you could feel a very light fluff of the BIG P fly around. If you dunno the big P please ask Bro Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4.. Loooool.

‘…Look at this, Babylon the Great. And I built it all myself, a royal palace adequate to display my honor and glory…’

Ah, at that point, as much as it wasn’t major like Bro Nebuchs, I still knew I had to do an RC. And in the middle of all that battle in my mind, I am getting incredible love from my blog… hian. I advised myself fast…

I love Joyce Meyer for many reasons, chief of which is the fact that I have a lot of Meyer characteristics. Like someone said, you are #JustLikeMeyer. (Love that line)


I recall what she said once about getting all sortsa loving, and when she feels like she is beginning to assume god-like status, she goes flat on her face and doesn’t get up till she has OD’ed on pill RC (OD is overdose).

So what did I do?

First, I packed my bags and hit the ancient city of Ibadan after discussing it with Aku m of course. I locked myself in the Dominican for a personal retreat for two days.


(I had other things I needed to sort too hence my escape)

I went, like my mama, flat on my face (not literally) and I am like God, you know that all of this is YOU!!! The fact that even the seemingly mundane things I do become gold is YOU. That this NYSC year has been thus far ‘a song and a dance’ coloured with favor and stuff… IT IS GOD.

My life no doubt is NOT perfect but it is FABULOUS, all GOD.

*Insert all those positive cool things Femmetotale wrote in her blog* ALL MY SUGAR DADDYBOOOOO.

I can’t keep any of the glory. I mean, what do I even have that I want to be even a lil proud nitori oloun….

I was like see, I am even returning all the future glory to you. For the glorious future I see, the things you tell me, Mehn, God is BOSS like that yo!!!

I had a real great time there. Plus Fr. Patrick was there for about two hours to listen to me whine and whine and throw in his words of comfort. God bless you for me Fr. For listening and for opening up the doors of Dominican for me whenever…

Then when I came back, I felt like giving blog of mine some space. Trust me, it was a wise decision. I had a lot of my closer friends harass and ask me why, and I had a 1000watt smile as my response… Koleyewon… Loool. Now you know.

Look, people like us that are sanguine or extroverted have to know when we have crossed the line. My Sanguine personality is more show off than the Phleg of course. But it is not pride. I don’t apologize for being me. But I know when I am crossing that line…


Now, don’t bother doing any calculation in your head and saying ‘Oh I recall E’ doing this or that to me and that must have been the pride showing…’ looool. Trust me hun, it most likely wasn’t. Like I said, it wasn’t major. It wasn’t even minor. It was infinitesimal.

A little whiff of pride…


But you have to get that little leaven out. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine ooo. (Songs of solomon 2; 15)

Identify your own ‘little foxes…’ For some it may be envy ah… That one is a little devil sef not fox loool. Or petty theft or whatever.

Best nipped in the bud ooo.

I refuse(d) to be given a check in my spirit and do nothing

I am sure I have made my point. I would end how I started…

Dear Diva’licious, you need a HEALTHY dose of a REALITY CHECK.

Best you check yourself before God checks you ooo

Daniel 4; 31b ‘…Oh king Nebuchs, this message is for you. You are NO LONGER Ruler of this Kingdom…”


Having said all this, I do hope we can go back to our lovey dovey relationship on this blog… Keep the loving coming ooo. People of the world… loool.

Since I mentioned Nebuchs, I recall my bro Nicodemus who I re-christened Bros Nico. I did a post on him here which you would love. Enjoy… BUT WE KNOW

Another post of mine you would enjoy is Eziaha, the REAL me

Share your thoughts with me by hitting the comment button…


E’… Powered by GOD

PS; Let me tell you something I am very proud of tho… TEMPLE RUN…


I would take anybody DOWN…NO HUMILITY there. Including the monster. I eat monsters like him as appetizer… (Only players can know what I mean :p). I love MONSTER RUN


I wanna do another Dear Diary post. The hitch there is that it involves someone else and i want to put pictures and stuff but the person is a real private person… Ugh. How do I go about this now. It is me putting myself out there too but hay, I have no hang ups about that but I have to respect privacy too. I should talk to her and see if we can work around it. But if not, I will have to let it go… Ugh!!!