Thank.Full.E’… Part 1

This is how I would sign out of 2013. In as many series as I can, I would be saying my THANK YOUs.
I may not mention everyone but I will try. Yes including my FAB community right here. Especially the ones whose comments, mails and stuff get me grinning silly. I want y’all to know that beyond the counting comments, you too count!!!
If your name doesn’t make this cut, be patient… And forgiving too. Lol. There will be more parts!!!
This is my heart… From me to you… For all your love for E’. You guys make me feel so special and I feel super honored and humbled at the amazing testimonies y’all share with me about OUR blog.
Keeps me on my toes here. That I am a mentor to a lot of you, I don’t take for granted. That some of you call me ‘friend’ or even ‘sister’ I appreciate. Infact… No words. Just plain humbled. That this blog blesses you blesses me… Thank you!!!
In well, no particular order… Till the last name at least… (No it isn’t Aku m) Thank.Full.E’ Part 1!!!

Thank you to my baby girl Genevieve… Viive. I absolutely love you. You are so me at your age and your mails just tickle me pink. Too much energy. Too much drama. Love love love darling.

My darling Teniola… I frankly dunno what you see in me but my prayer is that all the good you covet, God will give you and much more, in this new year and beyond. Love you babe

(Top Viive, BL-Frances, BR-Teniola)
Ah the very amazing blogger who I hope to meet before her Law school year is up… Frances Okoro. You are a real virtuous woman (don’t pay any mind to the lying bastard devil). You are atgtrll that and more. Not in yourself but cos you have ur Sugar daddy behind you and I see you rep Him on your blog. Thanks for being a consisten FAB’er since you discovered my blog. Thanks for your love and very kind words. Bless up!!! Squeezy hug darling.

Bestie in my head… How Aku m and I laughed the day that mail dropped. Jenny darling. We really should meet (I don’t recall but were you the one I couldn’t meet that day…? So sorry boo. Don’t worry, I have plans 😉 for the FAB community ) I’m happy to inspire you. Let’s keep living the God kinda life jare. Love you sweerie.

Ah Lizzy!!! Elizabeth of life!!! Only God can reward you for me cos nothing I ever say or do will do!!! I am amazed as to how bankable and reliable you have been as a friend. And how selfless you are as a person. And I’m also amazed as to how you are respledently becoming a female Hon Patrick to us all. :p (couldn’t resist darling) Just know that as much as it depends on me, if there is anything I can do to make your life easier or better, I will do for you. One doesn’t make such sacrifices in your life and go like that. Thanks for all your input. Thanks especially for that ‘standing in the gap’ song you sent me one time. Thanks for sharing in my victories and my pains. You rock!!! Your husband and inlaws are so blessed to have you ( Calling the things that be not…). God bless you for me darling… Love. Love. Love much!!!

(Lizzie left and Priceless Right)
Priceless. Kathryn. Ah!!! Tz not just you but u and ur hubby I wanna celebrate. I recall one day Nnanna called me when I was just about to be over whelmed to tears with some wedding plans (the white this time). I know it was God that led him to call me cos I didn’t even tell him anything. He just said after asking me how the plans were going ‘my dear, the one you can do, please do. The one you can’t do, leave. It won’t stop you from being married…’And he prayed a prayer that God answered (You gotta call me for that in camera lol). Then kathryn…aside from being a healthy christian friend whose company is always uplifting and enriching, u know how to give me good counsel… Recall the dreads advice. I was going to take off my dreads before the wedding cos… Well long story. We met in church as I left the ladies and when I told her, she COMMANDED me not to try it and gave me great counsel. Then she made me get a ‘sexier’ lingerie than I had and went ahead to also gift me one incase I didn’t buy what she said and gave me some ‘rated 18+ counsel’. Let’s just say you have a special place in Aku m’s heart looooool. Thanks for all the company too darling. You have become a sister. Meeting you this year coloured my world beautiful. You know you gotta work that your blog more in 2014 yeah… Love you girl…

Ify Chime. The one and only Peace +++ Ify. How I await your comments. You have some of the best points and prayers. And to think you are one of those super women… Three kids, and in the bag, fantastic career, lovely home and pretty face with an even prettier heart… Nne if we weren’t good I woulda been beefing you ooo. Thanks for all your true love for all things FAB and E’. Ify who I have never met sent me a wedding present too. Hian!!! Nne, you are just a ROCKstar. Love you too much.

Giantsparkle… I loved your perseverance in stealing into a special place in my heart. Much as we are half namesakes, you still did some work to enter my life. Tz a good thing you did… Good for me. Good for you. I don’t even know the words to say!!! What will I say to your love abeg?!?! Good thing you are here for the long run!!! You are an absolute TEN. Hopefully we will attend a wedding under two years (if you are ready) and I will be very there dancing you into this wonderful world. Love you girl. And thanks for being this sweet lovely sister to me.

(Giant sparkle in orange. Berny with me)
Berny baby!!! Pharm berny. You got me tearing up in church on Sunday as we chatted. You have the sweetest way of reminding me of why I should blog. You remain one of my biggest cheerleaders. I recall the day you walked up to me in the library in Imoran to say how my blog had been a blessing. You still haven’t stopped. God bless you for me berny. And rest assured you and yours are in my prayers. We just can’t stop testifying now can we? Hope your dance is ready ooo… You must beat Oga ooo!!! Love you girl and from the depth of my heart, thank you!!!

One plus!!! Actually make that THE 1plus. Nne eh, both you and your blog need to be kidnapped and put in my house. Lol. Discovering your blog from Inthe’s was like gold. Then that lovely post you did for me. May men always celebrate you in embarassing but very welcome ways. Love you girl and thanks for the amazing gift of 1!!! We will be there when another 1 joins to make 1 too looooool.

Ah and I have to lump this four mamas together!!! Drum roll for @Naijawife @Inthemidstofher @marriagebydbook @anafricandiva. I had to use their twitter handles cos I want you to follow them. Amazing married women who write and tweet biblical truths esp on relationship. I have learnt a lot from you ladies. Even when you are being naughty. Just African diva is not anon. The rest are. They are gold on twitter. Our convos are super hot!!! We should totally package them and sell looool. Thank you Inthe for an amazing LIVING blog. For all those DMs and emails. Loooool. Thank you NW for having this dramatic life that teaches us life lessons. Exciting Christian, that’s who you are. Here’s to more random ‘hey’ or ‘yo’ DMs. Mbdb, you know where we meet now. Your blog is another gold. Here’s to more wisdom for the new year. And the diva herself, those articles on Vine. I still need an address ooo. Need to deliver this hug in person. May the wisdom God has given you all esp in the aspect of relationships last forever. Amen. Group hug ladies. With extra smooches. And NH, you know you are boss right? Twale Sir!!! Keep up the amazing work on NH.

Bella girl, you dunno what that blog did for me ooo?!?! Was that me you put right after my pastor kingsley? Me??? As in E’… You made my morning Bella Mayei. I just discovered your blog so I’m looking forward to more of you in 2014. Be mentioning me on twitter ooo. Thanks girl. You must be a super amazing person.

And some amazing people in the #LA137 fam. Tho I dropped out (after I explained to Ike) the fire of bible study was ignited in me from our study. Signet seal, you are a real star!!! Ur analysis were real. Eloxie!!! Lemme not lie darl, if we weren’t cool, I for dey beef you ooo. You seem like one of those girls that any prospective inlaw would love… Prim and Proper, british, reserved, deep, and a beautiful Christian sister. Plus you know how to just tweet the lovelies things at me and drop super sweet comments. I suspect that if I cut a bit of you, you would be real sweet to taste. Lol. Sweetheart, I love you and I really hope to sit for a drink with you sometime this new year… Deal?

Salsera… I love that you take my blog very seriously. Thanks for that lovely email to clarify things. It will reflect when I write it. Thanks for regularly commenting. I look forward to your comments. Love you hun…

Tannie my darling.
This one is a God-sent. She is as naughty as she is lovable.

I wish you didn’t miss this wedding ooo. Thank you for your hand in friendship. Thanks for being such a blessing to me this year I met you. Bless you darling. Your’s is this year abi? By God’s grace we will be there. Love you girl.

Osibomu and Zi. One a secondary school friend and the other Uni. But they drop insightful comments on my blog that bring a new slant to things. That’s what they have in common hence my putting you girls together. I always look forward to reading your comments. Thanks for not making them scarce. Please make them even more regular in 2014. Love love love.

Somsom darling. Your testimony on my blog this year still resonates. I love how it blessed lives. May you have more to share with us this new year and may we all who celebrated you continue to testify too. Thanks for sharing baby. And you know tz love I got for you…

(Som on the right, Jioke on the left)
My Starship!!! I am just watching you!!! Hope you got shades on ooo. I see too much brightness in your future!!! Jioke, you are an absolute star (somehow u and Eloxie strike a similar chord in me). Thanks for accommodating me when I relocated temp to Abuja when all you knew of me was just my blog. Thanks for being a real virtuous woman indeed. Thanks for reppin’ our Sugar daddy very well. And thanks in advance cos you will remember me in your kingdom and I won’t have to fill form to see you oooo…. And this is me envying that blessed man who is your very own!!! Love you round the world and back… Wish I could give you a real hug right now!!! Ugh

Marysemako, Mary darling!!! I can’t wait to meet you so that you can give me all the hugs and kisses you send to me on a regular. You must be a real joy… Thanks for letting my blog be a blessing to you and thanks for letting me know always. I appreciate you more than you know b… More. Love you girl!!!

Worship and swag AND Cannime, my late discoveries on 2013. Good thing I discovered you girls. We go rock 2014 yeah? Shout out to you girls for all the love you show me in the comments section.

My Booski My Booski. *singing No one be like you…* Nobody else can be my booski. Nne, do you see God at work in your life? Aren’t you in awe?!?! Won’t I be justified to beef you? How can you be so blessed?!?! *beefing you jor* loooooool.
Me I am looking at you transform before my very before and I can’t even keep up. You say you learnt from the best abi? Nne, you are beating the best ooo. I almost can’t believe you Dumebi. You see eh, 2014 I am sticking to you even more. You may need to start teaching me some of the things you say I taught you. Looooooool. My girl. My bestie. My Booski. Clearly 2013 was our year. The girl didn’t love me alone and adopt me as a sister, she got her parents to adopt me as the other daughter they didn’t have and her brothers too. That’s intense ooo. And this is a special shout out to mommy dearest. Thanks for also reading my blog. Hugs and kisses. And thanks for the beautiful gift of Booski!!! My darling, we will bury the devil even deeper in this new year!!! Bloody loser. He messed with the wrong set of girls…

*evil laugh*
My Booski… Words can’t express my love but since tz just words I have, I LOVE YOU baby!!! Thank you for a fantastic year. Distance was absolutely NO barrier!!! And if you end up in Abuja with me, I promise, I won’t complain. And please don’t bother, you will get pregnant before me. I don’t mind. Enjoy and leave me alone oooooooo!!! *askor*

To my 5crushes in DCC. This is the point I bring out my tissue. *sniff sniff*
Diche, Eky, Charming Onyinye, Adaora and Blessing.

If anybody told me that a whole month would go by and I won’t receive a hug from either of you, I won’t have believed.
They generously donated hugs to me. Infact, we would chat and prepare for the hug the next service day loool.
Diche, Diche… Thank you. I miss you sha… Chai!!! Love you big *wailing*
Ada… Who will squeeze me like you please? Who? *sniff* Ada Ada!!! Blessed woman. Obviously!!! Love you too much
Eky… I am seriously looking for your wings. Angel you are!!! Confirmed!!! How someone will always be looking for a way to bless you as if we are dating beats me. Eky, God bless you for me.
Blessing!!! How I miss seeing you sing heavens down. Or just shamelessly coming over for a hug everytime.
Onyi the super charming lady. Mommy to be. Can’t wait for the charming princess to be born. Onyi would read my blog then ping me privately for gist lol.
I miss y’all mega. But I’m thankful for the love you guys show me and especially the hugs!!!
This is too emotional to write. And I’m sure it is really long as I am just typing away on my bb without checking.
My last (for this part one) person was supposed to be the one man I am proud to call DADDY who has been such a HUGE blessing to me that I can never get tired of mentioning and loving up on him. If you are a regular FAB’er, you should know him. I am too drained emotionally to do a befitting thank you so I’ll roll it over to the next. I have to be alert to write about him…
Ok three announcements before I run along…
I am a guest blogger on Chioma Chuka’s blog today on her #31days31Writers series. I attempted to chronicle my 2013 there. You should check it out and drop a comment too.
I love how God gives us various pieces of a puzzle to solve and how the pictures come together nicely. That’s the crux of this Post I want you to read from JustUsGirlsNaija Yup tz my Pastor’s totally fabulous blog. The post blessed me so much and I took over the comments section looool.
Then my January series on 31F.A.B.Voices…Testifying!!! Wow!!! I have 10 already. I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s own ooo. Please send to ONLY
Don’t forget to attach a picture.
Then please don’t mix it up!!! I see some are mixing it up… You may wanna re-read the article here first
Please write on plans for 2014 not how 2013 went. Also try and make it very rounded.., both the serious stuff and the fun stuff. 🙂 You can write not more than 1000 words (I upped it from the initial 500)
Still expecting more so send asap!!!
I am so excited at the plans most of y’all have. Together, we will!!!
Thanks y’all. Much love!!!
And merry merry Christmas eve darlings!!! Hope you are done shopping ooo? Loool. I am so done so tz going to be a real happy holiday for me. And Aku m. Yay!!!
Happy holidays too


THREE for the love of E’…

Oh to be loved is soooo beautiful.
Yes the erotic romantic kind but also the love another female can have and SHOW for another female. The friendship kinda love…
Three totally amazing women bloggers did a Post each on me and my marriage/wedding.
Three… The perfect number.
I will put up the links here and share my thoughts on each.
In the order in which they were published…

Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo on Just Us Girls blog.
I woke up to this. I was pleasantly surprised.
The Cheshire cat got nothing on the grin I had on my face. The title A GOOD NAME resonated but I still didn’t remotely think it was about me. Me?!?!?! Lil ol’ me loool. Imagine the surprise when I saw my name.
I don’t even remember the day I walked up to her to say what I said. But I always harass people when I say my name to NEVER forget it. These days tho, the name has sorta stuck and my reputation precedes me. For Good thankfully.

When your Pastor does this kinda post on you, you know you are a special kinda SPECIAL daughter. Plus she hadn’t blogged in about 3months yet she did for me and has promised to resume regular blogging after that (yup PM this is me putting you on the line) :p
Lovely lovely lovely read. Plus it has very invaluable advice any Single or married lady who is WISE enough to store in her arsenal. Plus Aku m commented too. So you get 3 for the price of 1 too lol.
Eziaha means A GOOD NAME hence the title.
Darling Mama mia… Squeezy E’hug and lipstick staining kisses.  Thank you a gazillion.

Still grinning from that, I saw kaego’s own. Nwakaego who was also one of my bridesmaids did one too.

And she had a gazillion pictures.  Her phone didn’t stop snapping. Put all our phones to shame. That bb had the baddest battery life ever.
Kaego just loves me. Funny we met on fb and then blogsville earlier this year. I wrote about her here.
The Coldstone trip we had.
Her Post was just a happy post and she used a top fave song of mine to form the body of the post, Flavor’s Ada Ada…
You should rush over. She has many pictures eh. Of both the wedding and the bridal shower.
My darling half namesake, good thing you said ‘Aint no prying you loose,  even with a Crow bar…’ cos frankly,  I got you on a lockdown in my life too.
With plenty OPC guarding the gates…. lol.
Love you sweets. Muah. Muaher. Muahest.

Enjoy kaego’s post tagged E’s little bit of heaven…

Ah this was the biggest surprise by far cos we have neither met nor spoken before. Just blog friends.
Iplus blogs at
The best thing about this had to be the fact that she made an effort especially with the pictures that covered everything she spoke about. Plus she mentioned people and stuff that matter to me there.

Totally loved them.
Thanks hun. One day, on earth,  we shall see.
Hugs, smooches and kisses…
Her Post was titled Aku m, that must be a heavenly term right?  Lol. Tot err’one knew the meaning of Aku m is ‘My Treasure…’

And yup, it is a heavenly term meant for my heavenly boo…

Thanks again to Pastor M, Giantsparkle and 1plusTheOne. All three are amazing Christian female bloggers so feel free to snoop around when on their blogs and hit the subscribe button. 
The thing about receiving gifts from people(humans in this case) is that while we can’t deny that the fact that the receiver must be somewhat worth it, the giver definitely has a beautiful heart.
Thank you soooooo much. Chukwu gozie unu…
Group hugsss…

Ever wondered what the List you would be given when you wanna marry a MAIDEN from my village reads like?
My next post will be THE LIST…
Unedited. Raw.
My advice would be that you better be sitting down BEFORE you attempt to read it. You should also eat too cos your appetite may disappear on account of anger. Lol.
I will also try not to publish at night so I don’t rob you of sleep.
That list, ladies and gentlemen,  was the beginning of all the traditional drama that trailed my wedding.
God help you if you are yoruba which was the case for my hubby. You have no right to negotiate.
It gets interesting. But our God gave us testimonies oooo.
Like my darling PK would say to the men, “SEE THE LIST BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE’ Looool.

You can subscribe to this blog too.
On mobile devices,  it is at the end of the page. On computers it is right at the side of my homepage.
Just enter your email address and wham you get email notifications the second a post goes live…
Neat yeah?
You are welcome

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 5

Day 5
Whoop whoop

Ok let’s roll it already…
First lemme find out how your day was…
How was your day Tweety?
Hope ndi uchu didn’t see you? Looool.
I purposely put in all this Igbo. And I purposely don’t translate too.
And Yes I am still fighting tribalism…
A friend of mine said something to me today which I found profound. An offshoot of my Dear Diary Post.
She said ‘…This is not tradition Eziaha, it’s prejudice. Don’t mistake the two…’
So what is E’ thankful for today?
1. Eating a BIG frog early. You’ve heard that saying yeah…? Don’t keep pushing. Just eat the frog early.


Do the most ‘unpleasant’ thing early in the day and enjoy the rest of the day jare. I did that. Had to get something major done so I woke at 4am (I slept at 1am btw), did what I needed to do (it involved some screaming looool) and literally heaved a huge sigh of relief. I am also thankful for the two hours of sleep I caught later at day break. Usually once I wake, that’s it. The body no dey gree ooo. Especially when day don break. But between the light streaming through my curtains and the VERY NOISY 24/7 church screaming IN MY EARS, the merciful Lord gave His beloved E’ sleep…

2. I am just grateful (and I say this without any slight intended) for the kind of liberty and freedom and knowledge I have in Christ.

Black & White Worship

And especially my spiritual authority figures and how they rightly dissect the Word of Truth. You know how I mentioned yesterday that the Word preached on sunday morning just made me wanna be ‘more Christian’ and fall in love more with God cos He’s handed me a VERY good deal. That’s why I say NATIN dey dis life outside God abeg. The person talking in this 24/7 noise=making church went on and on and on and on about people who fixed weavons and attachment to come out. Both parents and teenagers and they were VERY reprimanded and sent to a certain corner to be “dealt with”. I heard all sorts of things about how bad it was and stuff. I was just grateful that my own relationship with God allowed me ‘more liberty’.


I just loved on God more. Again, no slight intended. I’m just loving my own relationship with my Sugurrrr Daddy.
3. I’m grateful for the NUDGE.


Ah, I love how God just stops me from doing something I planned to do and hands me an even better deal. One of my bestos pinged me that she was coming into Lag today for shopping. I was excited ooo. I immediately planned to hook up with her. I was free. I even on the spot decided to follow her back to Ib for a while. Then I felt the NUDGE. No market and absolutely NO Ibadan. Ha ahn!!! I felt bad to cancel but I did. Thank you for understanding Boo 🙂

Dumebi Ezar
Then later, I was chatting with one of my Blogimonies (Blog testimonies. Someone ah-may-zing I met off my blog) later and then God told me to go and visit with her.


I did. And I had the most amazing time with Kate and her not-so-brand-new-anymore’ baby who is a full time job.


Mehn, motherhood is a JOB. Women should BE paid for it. Abeg. The less than 6week cutie kept Kate ‘on-duty’ all the while. Talking to Kate is always so refreshing. Spiritually uplifting. So ‘Christian’. I hope we understand what I mean ooo. God knew I needed to be in the calmness of a home not the bustle of a market today, as much as I wanted to see my darling Booski today. Truly, God was SPOT ON right. Baby mi, we go see mehn… And I’m glad you had a good time shopping.
Thank you Kate Sweerie. Muah.
Btw, her hubby has this amazing blog where he transcribes DCC/PK’s relationship messages especially LDM.
You wanna rush over especially ladies. #ThankMeLater#

Memo to Nnanna… #GoWorkYourBlogooo# hehhehe
4. Na wa ooo. I’m amazed as to how and why people always wanna give me gifts… Especially when I visit. Tz always like ‘abeg I gotta find something to give you/sow into your life before you leave’
I recall one girl looked and looked and loooookkkkkkeeeeddddd. She really rummaged her stuff. When she didn’t see, she promised to go and buy something in particular for me.
Kate did it for me too. She gave me a gift. Thank you soooooo much dear. I am thankful for the seeds people sow in my life.


I can’t complain. Hehehehe. I have to give more too biko.
5. Good health and safety… Eish. I had a bad tummy pain today. Twas too sharp.


Had pineapple and that was it ooo. I held it through my visit. It was bearable. But as I got up to go, eish… I almost doubled in pain. Increased as I made my way home and getting transport home was hard. I was just doubled over. And it was getting so late. Finally, miraculously, transport showed up and I got home late but safely. In no time, the pain disappeared too. Just like that.
Kai, Giantsparkle just posted before me. Ish. I just got her email notification. Arrrgh. I dunno if Lizzy has too. Looks like I’m the LASTMA for today Day 5. Tz past 11 already. Hello Time, slow down already.
Ok bye bye


Shout out to all my offline partners in gratitude. Keep your testimonies coming and keep speaking. Like I SAID WITH ONE TODAY, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for if we just look deeper. If you haven’t started speaking the GRATITUDE DIALECT too, please start ooo,


Ntoi to the people waiting to punish me if I miss a day. God dey my back hehehehe. BTW, am I not the Headmistress of this gratitude gig? Loooool…


Just incase you missed my post on Parents-Teacher Collaboration


#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 2

Hello FAB’erssssss…

Good day today??? Even if you had a blue day, E’ to da rescue…


DAY TWO… Whoop.

20130802_192034[1] (The spot I put this together.. I feel like I look… )

Lemme tell you the Best PART of this #AttitudeO’Gratitude tho

Not everyday counts as a day in which you wanna be grateful. Like today. But because of the commitment I have to this, I literally am going through each hour and minute with an AttitudeO’Gratitude. It is like something within me dares to gripe and complain…

Like one of my Gratitude Bloggers said yesterday on her Day One Post, you move from ThanksGIVING to ThaksLIVING. Cool…   That is why I encourage you to join in already. Get your journal and get to THANKING…


Let’s roll..

1. My first visitor today almost ruined it. Ms. Flo. If you know me, you know I am not her biggest fan,


but of course, I am so grateful she came. I know some people pray she visits ‘em. She visits me easily and her visits are like a Swiss clock… Regular and on time. (More gist on me and Ms Flo ) She came a day late this time tho’ but tz aii. I still feel pain when she comes and of course I keep confessing that by His stripes I am healed. I am particularly grateful that my colleague who I run a shift with already told me yesterday that I didn’t have to come today. So that was just my Sugar daddy making sure that I was home and comfy when Ms Flo visited. Talk about going ahead of E’…  So technically Wednesday was my last day at work for a while just like I confessed earlier.

IMG_20130731_120946 (fellow Corper colleague and I that wednesday)

Let the summer holiday begin jor…

2. I am so grateful for music.


Music kept me company all day. I was too weak to pray, no thanks to Ms Flo so I just spent time worshipping. I started with Minister Ken’s Arugbo Ojo which I know has the inherent power to kick my spirit man into gear 5. It did. I had a real amazing time dancing and worshipping (wincing occasionally) with Ron Kenoly, Don Moen, Sinach, TY Bello, Mary Mary, Martha Munizzi… Oh my… Music is LIFE yo!!! Not just any kind of rubbish music ooo. That is why I am abs looking forward to MK’s SOUND OF HEAVEN concert 25;08;2013.


Heaven will truly kiss the earth that day. Mark your calendars people and plan to attend. Details here

Download Link for Arugbo ojo

Video of Arugbo ojo

Before you download, you can start thanking me…


MK was on DSTV today publicizing SOUND OF HEAVEN. You can’t miss this one ooo


3. Of course I am so and always grateful for all my sweeter-than-sugar friends. Today especially, I am grateful for Eniola who I have long re-christened Sapphire cos she is abs special to me.


That girl is my LOVUR mehn. I would have married her if it was God-legit. The twin sister I don’t have. Had been a while we spoke (actually 5days) and I needed to check with her. Usually when we talk, the first caller’s credit runs out and then the other person calls back. It is always the case with this lover of mine. No exception today. I absolutely love that girl and she loves me too. Actually, she has a HUGE crush on me ( My Blog, My Story)


The friendship we share is what most people crave lol. We discussed upcoming issues, made future plans together, yabbed each other, and threw in a few harmless gossip.  Was also happy she asked me a favor that I could easily afford and I loved hearing her scream ‘Yayyyyy’ in my ears. She loved on me, I loved on her, and the best part of it all, we are seeing tomorrow. Whoop…

enny screen

and YES we are SHOPPINGGGG!!!

I last saw her at NYSC camp when she came visiting. The gift of friendship and friends God has blessed me with I can never be grateful enough. Enny Sugar, I know I say it often but I can’t say it enough, I LOFF YOU …


4. I am sooooo grateful for His Voice which I hear. Life is so much easier when God lets you in on stuff that would happen in the near future so when it happens, you are not caught unawares. Lemme explain, Tannie and I had cinema plans today and I reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaally did wanna go. Was looking forward to it as another friend was joining us. Then this morning God told me we wouldn’t at the same time Tani pinged and said she had just pinged our ‘driver’ in prep. Well, I just felt if it doesn’t fly, fine. By the time Tani told me at 2pm that stuff came up and we couldn’t go again, I was not disappointed. My Daddy had already told me. If I didn’t know, I would have been so disappointed coupled with the blues I already felt from my period. It had been a while I hit the cinema. Tannie though, next strike and you are OUT. I will personally feed you to your lions…

Lagos-20130623-00662 lions NOT dogs… See the black one na.. chai…

I took a walk later sha as suggested by Tannie and got myself some fruits. That was all I could take today.


20130802_174526 (Before the walk… and Yes I was in pain… But the pain can’t stop the posing yo!!!)

5. Err, I am super grateful for the many doors God is opening for me through my blogs, both this and the one biased to the NYSC ( ). Recently, I got nominated as one of the Bloggers for the Federal Ministry of Youth, Abuja and today I was called again to work out some ‘cool’ modalities.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am truly blessed, lie no good… I will give you guys more gist later…

This about wraps up DAY TWO

I should also mention that I am grateful for two friends who shared good news with me today… One of Pregnancy and One for divine direction to make the right choice on something and the attendant peace and joy she felt… Great stuff.. Both got my singing voice louder by a notch…

My Post tomorrow (not the gratitude one) is a DEAR DIARY one… I dunno if I am looking forward to it. But you should. This would be E’ like you have never seen her. August 3 is and will remain a VERY special day in my life… I would be giving you a sneak peek into my diary ***covering my eyes***

I absolutely enjoyed reading Lizzie’s post yesterday especially the part where she thanked God for NEPA and restoring power to her hostel. I stayed in that same hostel as a student and trust me NEPA was a prayer point. Ego’s post too and her giving thanks for her work environment and the chilling AC units lol. I am cold-intolerant but I can layer up if I can’t regulate the ACs but to work in the sun??? Nah baby, I will pass. Watch out for their DAY TWO GRATITUDE POSTS today… Check it out anytime from 10pm… Lizzie and GiantSparkle Show some Love in the comments too. Good going ladies… Thanksgiving is our dialect and we are just speaking it…

Feel free to share what you are thankful for in the comments section and please fill your journal too ok…

Plenty LOVE and have a F.A.B weekend. That is Favored And Blessed…




I know I have said it once and again but please subscribe to this blog.. especially my female readers ooo

Home girl shares some deep truths… Love her latest post especially on CHEATING…

She is anonymous kai and she is the one anon blogger that has made me wish I too could drift in and out of anonymity too. Ok rush to

Yes she and I have lost the free thingy and are proper landlords on the interner… #dotcomTinz hehehe


I do NOT for the life of me understand blogger. So if you are an intending Blogger, jejely use WordPress ooo. BlogSpot/Blogger na long tin… Ha ahn, life is not hard na… abegggiiii

The 30day Gratitude challenge…

I wanna say I am sorry for being AWOL for a while but trust me I have a very good reason… hehehe. I went on vaycay and when we vaycay we go AWOL to get the best outta our vaycay… Hehehe. It was a really short one and depending on how I feel, I may or may NOT share deets… Hehehehe
It is a MOST beautiful day and I am all shades of excited. Super duper excited. My Jehovah has been awesome much and here am I feeling really grateful and so I am happy to announce
The GRATITUDE journal… OUR 30day challenge
This would be me and a few Blogger friends sharing stuff we are grateful for over the next 30days. No requests, no whining, just pure unadulterated GRATITUDE…
I dunno about you people but sometimes I fall into the rut of asking and asking and forgetting to say THANK YOU because as soon as one need is met, another shows up ‘MY TURN NEXT…’ We never ever run outta needs. Phew….
This would be me, US, thanking God deliberately on a daily basis.
So this is how this would roll…
Each post would have at least 5 reasons why we are thankful for the day and would NOT exceed 500 words. We wanna keep it short so that it can be read on the go, and for some of us, like me, regular blogging will still go on so I gotta manage both wella. Posts would go up between 9pm and 11pm daily.
Each participant will mention stuff from each or a least one person’s post and put up links too so that our individual readers can read the other Bloggers’ blogs too and find reasons to be thankful. This too would increase our sphere of readers as my readers would ultimately become readers of the other blogs and a beautiful cycle ensues.
I am aware that some days may look gloomy with nothing to be thankful for (seemingly) so we would have to THINK because if you can think, you can THANK… there is always something to be thankful for jor…
I am also aware that some days may go by in a hurry and we may be too tired to blog but I hope that we can all work as a tag team and hold each other up as we make the 30days WORK!!! Where you skip a day, just like the Muslims and the fast, your 30days will be extended ooo. #NoteToEziaha#
I have three bloggers already… Let me know if you too are interested so that I add you up and we roll from Aug 1. My target is 5bloggers only.
Let’s make THANKSGIVING fun and fab too…
I am already bursting with excitement.
If you are NOT a blogger, feel free to still join us by getting yourself a journal and writing it down there too… Stuff you are grateful for daily. No need to be left out.
Too many complainers, too many askers, too many murmurers, too little thankers. We must break this rubbish abeg.
I hope this challenge, during and after especially, inspires us to have an Attitude o’ Gratitude always…
Which would be the hashtag/theme for the challenge… #AlwaysAnAttitudeO’Gratitude.
So see you FAB’ers in a bit.
My holiday begins tomorrow
FREE for the whole of August… My!!! I can’t believe my good graces.
I gotta fill August with amazing stuff and make the month count since I can’t spend it honeymooning anymore
Oh but August will count, I promise. Which is why I am happy to kick this series off this month.
Shalla to my girl MENOWORD whose blog series on same inspired this. As we speak, my girl is on DAY 29!!! Maximum respect Sweerie… Because of you, we too can. I have been super inspired reading ALL the gratitude posts and I am constantly amazed about all the stuff we have to be thankful for if only we stop to think. Nne, you ROCK. Like majorly.
So I happily raced to buy THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK by Adichie and thought it would have made the perfect flight companion. I should have jejely read THE NATION newspaper provided in-flight ooo. It just didn’t thrill me, most of the stories, They all seemed half done except maybe CELL ONE. I am all for let-my-readers-figure-out-the-best-ending-to-the-story but to stop a story even before we get a hang biko nu??? Purple hibiscus stopped at the perfect cliffhanger, ditto Americanah IMO. I felt both stories had run their courses anyways. But TTAYN? Nah baby… Now I am looking forward to the Half of a yellow sun movie seeing as I have NOT still been able to read and finish the book. Found it too winding, and that is quite telling because Americanah also had its long story but I could relate jor…
I am sorry no pictures with this post. I forgot my modem at home and I ain’t ready for Blackberry drama. So I will just post all text and maybe update with pictures later. Maybe ooo…