Jesus did NOT die for this…

‘There is Power in the name of Jesus… X3
To break every chain x 3’

Grammy award winner, Tasha Cobbs may not be very popular YET in 9ja but her ‘Break every chain’ song is one I sing EVERY DAY.
That simple short song for me is beyond a song. Tz a prophecy. Tz a hammer/gun/grenade in my mouth for the devil.

DCC Lagos Choir (The Rock Image) has got the best rendition of the song ever especially when Jacqueline leads. I always pray it is led by her every time Communion is served. I LOVE the song to fine pieces. Smithereens.


Live in Abuja!!!

So imagine when I heard that the owner of the song was coming to Nigeria, not just to Abuja and to COZA just at my backyard, on an evening when I didn’t have any church commitments at my own church. Omo, wild horses, tornadoes, bomb blasts and hurricanes COMBINED couldn’t have stopped me from making it there Tuesday April 15,2014 .
But on getting there, I knew God took me to COZA for something else.

So sometime in the course of the service. they aired this short video of the crucifixion of Jesus. Now I’m a blood wimp… I don’t see or watch anything bloody. For some reason, I had the liver for this though I covered face at different points. It was BLOODY. It was HEART WRENCHING. You could hear a pin drop in church that evening. I have NEVER seen a human so tortured before. That a man would go through all of this to save the world!!! And the Holy Spirit kept dropping such words in my heart

‘I did this for you. I went through ALL of this for you. You can not afford to settle for anything but the BEST in this life… You can’t afford a mediocre or an average life darling…That is the least you can do to show me your appreciation. I DID NOT die for ANYTHING less than the BEST for you to enjoy in life!!! ‘

Dear absolutely FABULOUS Reader of mine, if you ever settle for anything less than the best, you are of all men most UNGRATEFUL and ignorant.

If you settle for a mediocre life, you just SPAT in his face and threw His priceless gift of LOVE back at Him.

Remember I am saying SETTLE. Settle implies an END. You may NOT be enjoying the BEST now but never ever settle there. Understand that you may not be where you can exactly call BEST now but also KNOW that you will NOT be there forever.

That pain and torture I saw was INTENSE. And I don’t even think they acted out what He really went through.
The least you can do in appreciation is to BE and LIVE YOUR BEST.

Don’t let the devil ever ever lie to you. God wants you to have the BEST OF EVERYTHING!!!
The BEST of health
The BEST of jobs
The BEST businesses
The BEST husband/wife
The BEST of houses (in my case ESTATES)
The BEST of friendships/relationships
The BEST of cars
The BEST things in life
The BEST and nothing less!!!
He wants to show off to the world through YOU. He wants You to use this BEST to take over the world for Him.

Anything less is to make light of that torture he went through. Anything less makes you a most ungrateful creature.

Lemme preach to you for a second here…
*in Bishop TD Jakes voice*

I don’t care who around you is settling for less. I don’t give a hoot what Nigeria’s economy is saying. It matters absolutely NOT what phase you are in at the moment. YOU can rise above it and be the BEST.
Sweetheart, take advantage of this season and understand that you are GOD’S BIGGEST DEAL!!! His Most Valuable Player (MVP). He would have died for only YOU if you were the only one on earth. You are sooooo important to Him. You can’t afford to settle for anything less. Anything mediocre. Anything average.

Jesus did NOT die for anything less

My darlings, at COZA that night, though Tasha Cobbs didn’t come eventually but I did get my own Easter Miracle for which I am oh-so-grateful. COZA is a very beautiful church btw.


I missed the tweets. Easy peezy guess as to why she didn't come 🙂

Now this Easter season makes even more sense to me. I feeeeeeeeel so special. Sinach’s ‘I know who I am’ has new meaning to me.
Which is why I am super excited about Easter service at my church DCC Abuja which is themed MVP!!!
Most Valuable Player.


Easter Special Service #DCCAbuja

A footie luvurrr would understand what it means when a player is crowned MVP.
You see how Real Madrid played absolute RUBBISH cos C. Ronaldo was absent. Ditto ManCity against Sunderland when my darling Yaya Toure was absent.
That’s who we are in this game of life. Take me out and the world starts spiralling downwards. Zezezeze!!! I KNOW who I am abeg. Even devil knows.
MVP baby!!!

I am excited about the message my Pastor will be preaching that day yo!!!
If you are in Abuja and you are NOT yet in the Easter spirit and you don’t really know your worth or you need some good ginger…

Petrus Hotel Royale off Gimbiya street, Area 11. Garki, Abuja.
Free transport all over Abuja.
You can call 08096863992 08096863993 for enquiries

Open invitation darling…
And yup, I have moved to Abuja.
Whoop Whoop!!!

You have no idea how happy I am just being in DCC Abuja, getting the Word in with all the inherent power and serving with all my heart. Oh my!!!


God is sweet ooo. Abeg don’t miss it if you dey Abuja and are church-less.
And of course, feel free to join us as a permanent member. We are the finest people in ALL of Abuja (apologies J.Osteen hehe)


DCC Abuja fam

Oh and my NUMBER ONE Naija artist Sinach is LIVE in concert in Abuja tomorrow Good Friday April 18,2014.


My numero uno Naija Gospel Artist

Easter is looking good yo!!!
Do you know how I have dreamt to be in her concert before? Just to hear her sing in tongues LIVE. OMG!!! So my girl Ru who will also be singing there says at rehearsals, people were slain in the spirit. Rehearsals ooo.


Rehearsals toh HOT

No surprises sha. Just playing ‘The presence of the Lord’ during my Quiet time changes the atmosphere. That woman drips anointing. And I hear she is singing an IGBO song too. Can Friday the 18th come already. I always wondered why her songs had sooo much power, praying in the spirit and prophesies in between. I now heard she records LIVE in concert and NOT studio. Abeg difference dey!!! Choi!!! She is my Woman Crush DAILY ooo. Move over #WCW hehehe. Infact as I type, I am watching the last concert she had in SA where she recorded the SHOUT IT LOUD album.


Worship at its finest!!! #Sinach

You don’t even know when you JUMP up and start speaking and singing in tongues as you watch it. Now talk of being there LIVE.

I recall watching Nathaniel Bassey once in concert.


Nathaniel at IMELA last year in DCC. #NoWords

That day the spirit of worship jumped into me. Cos I am very sanguine, I can be jumpy jumpy so Praise? I’m gooooooood. But worship? I struggle. So I went with that desire. To grow my Worship life. After that day with Nath, hmmm now E’ can worship forevuuur. Complete with tears and soul totally in sync with God all alone in my room sef. Tz like the most romantic thing. Just worshipping my Sugar Daddy. Oh!!!


Camp meeting 2013

Now I’m looking to take it to the next level. Most times, raising my hands in worship is hard. It just seems heavy so I go up and down intermittently. I raise and it goes down in like 5/10secs. Hmm. With this Sinach concert, that’s my desire ooo. To truly be able to lift my hands for longer periods and just worship my Sugar Daddy. And Sinach is just anointed. I can’t wait to just worship God with other believers and Sinach singing, loving on my Sugar Daddy on the day that symbolizes the greatest act of LOVE ever. If people dey fall for over night rehearsal, wetin the real day go be like abeg? Anything short of the trumpet blowing, E’ will be there LIVE. To take over this Abuja for God, I need to EAT plenty abeg. Mehn, if you dey Abuja, Good Friday na public holiday ooo. Come!!!
Tz holding at ThisDay dome 5pm and tz free. Yaaaay!!!

Ru actually hugged her and was rubbing it in so I am beefing Ru. Hiss much.

But really I am so excited that I will be there as she does a LIVE concert that would find its way to CD soon. If this isn’t MVP/VVIP screening, what is please?

Happy Easter darlings.


Easter is the reason Christmas happened

And if this season should leave you with anything, it should be an everlasting knowledge that Jesus didn’t die for LESS. He did it all for you to enjoy His BEST and NEVER settle for less. Carry yourself with ‘pomposity and sagacity’ cos you are God’s MVP!!!

I came that they may have and ENJOY the REAL life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it [a]overflows) MORE than they ever dreamed of… John 10:10 AMP/MSG

Huggy Bunnies Darlings
Testifying FORWARD…

On a lighter note, Subway Surfers World Tour in the spirit of Easter has moved to Rome!!! Yaaay.


And tz so beautiful. Plus you get to collect Easter bunnies too. How cool is that!!!


Plus the Spray can awards… Awwww.
If you don’t know Subway Surfers, don’t worry 🙂 But Play Store is ya fwend. And chew and swallow your opinion very slowly… :p

Just incase you are asking or wondering, NO I don’t run adverts for churches and ministries on my blog. I only run DCC programs and then any other one that pleases me. Cos I’m getting incredible requests and I truly can’t afford to start what I can’t sustain. Tz still a personal christian blog 🙂 but I LOVE my church so… 🙂

If you missed CAUTION FOR SINGLES, you missed yo!!!


LoveDating&Marriage Relationship seminar in DCC Abuja

My Pastor used biblical principles to bring the FULL House down. But hey on Twitter, we put out as much as we could.


It was amazing!!!

Follow @dccabuja1 for what went down (you gotta scroll down a bit but we used the hashtag #CautionForSingles)
We also have a billion tapes and books on relationships especially that can change your life forever. Just holler at the handle and anywhere in Naija, we can get it to you.

Also the very first ‘Just Us Girls’ in Abuja holds this Saturday at 9 to 10.30am pere. Whooooop.


Can't wait...

Ladies this would be high fun, high spiritual, and high FAB. You know you wanna TURN UP. This one is packed full of amazingly cool and fabulous stuff. Tz at Kado estate and you can holler at the number above or twitter handle for deets. Meanwhile, anyone have suggestions for Charades items/articles/Words for me? Hard tough ones ooo. Email please. Don’t type here hehehe.

I tol’ ya…
Easter is looking real gooooooooood

E’ in da’ MIX… #Arugbo Ojo

Hello Sweeries,

Been a while I brought you lyrics of my fave FAB songs yeah?

love mu

Forgive me jare…

It was after I heard a particular song on Sunday as I chilled at Coldstone creamery that had ‘…haba habatically…’ in it that I decided that I had to do this…

Seriously, haba, habatically…


And guess what will soon become a popular line in Nigeria…? Yes habatically…

This really got me laughing. My twin brothers will not kill anybody…

ayout 1

We don’t make nearly as much noise as we should make for our Gospel artistes walahi… No we don’t. And that is all shades of wrong…

Today and for a while, I will be making noise about a song that I can sing inside out, outside in, complete with all the hooks and hmms and huhs and even the tongues he spoke at the end… Did I mention the intro too…? I mean I have listened to Arugbo Ojo about 500billion times and each time, it has the same effects on me…


music loving

Minister Ken can sing abeg.


And the thing is that the song sounds good either when he sings it live, or you are playing it from a jukebox (I know Jukebox is dated but limme jor)…

It feels like God just breaths life into that song at any time…

Sweetheart that I am, I will share the lyrics of the song after which I would put a link for you to DL the song then I will also give you small gist about Sound of heaven and then a few blog links for you to read more and and then I will end with a video so that you can also watch the song…

Oh don’t mention…

**humbly waves off the many thank you’s**


Ok lyrics of ARUGBO OJO… By MK

minister-kenn-profile-pic (He is fine too)

The heavens declare your power and royalty

Lord You reign

King of all ages, You are the Ancient of days

Lord You reign

Your throne is established in justice and righteousness

Lord You reign

Great are You Lord, and greatly to be praised

Lord You reign

We cry holy, holy is our God

Let Your glory, glory fill this place

Arugbo Ojo (2x) (The Ancient of days)

Iwo l’aseda, l’awon eda, l’ameda oh!

(You are the creator of all creatures, He who knows the created)

Arugbo Ojo (2x)

Iwo l’oni iyin, kaabo, kaabo

(He who all praise belongs to, we welcome You in)

Ma rora

Arugbo Ojo

(Repeat verse and chorus)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (2x)

Kabiyesi we declare Your majesty (repeat till fade)…

**the end**

Yup, it is a short and very power filled song…


That line is from Psalms 89;14 and I have read it in all imaginable translations. It just has a very deep Rhema for me. For me, it means that this King that is judging the case is on my side and He has already judged and concluded it in my favor… Chai… Again, who wouldn’t love on a God this good eh?

Ok so the person behind the song is our one and only Music minister in DCC, Minister Ken Ogeleka.

Very anointed music minister. He actually gives me goose bumps when he sings… I mean Okorobia nke a just loses himself in worship or praise when he sings…


And the contrast I love is the fact that on a normal day, he is very reserved and quiet. When it comes to music, he is the absolute OPPOSITE…


God does have a sense of humor yeah?

MK has a music concert aptly named SOUND OF HEAVEN on Sunday August 25, 2013 at DCC, 4pm. The best part of the day is that we get to hear MK sing and then we get to take him home…

Coolish yeah?

family mk

Ebele, don’t worry, we mean take him home as per the album which he would be launching on the same day.

Yup, tz a concert and album launch… Whoop…

Enjoy a sneek peek of Sound of heaven with Arugbo Ojo…

Seriously download it. Trust me, like you always do…

I would be back with more deets on that day but in the meantime, BLOCK THE DATE…

25:08:2013… Sunday… 4pm…MK…Sound of heaven…

sammie okpos

Yup Sammie is a guest artiste and I can’t wait

Several bloggers have been locking this concert down with some super hot blogposts. Enjoy Johnson Madichie’s Sound of heaven post and Pastor Mildred’s MK250813 too

Let’s sign out with the video of the song…




Chai, PK just raised the bar again…


O ga ooo. Now increasing my number of HAIL MARYS for DCC men…

Screen_20130813_110711 (As I am doing this post, guess who just rang me? EKY THE NUMBER ONE ACCOMPLICE hehehee)

Are you wondering what I am on about? Sorry I got lost for a moment there in my own extreme happiness for these Pastors of mine who just love themselves in ways that just make me drool…

pm pk

Ok rush to Pastor M’s blog for deets on how PK just left us all  AGAPE again, one jaw at a time, starting with PM’s own

Ladies, marry well ooo


BTW, Pastor M became a Mrs Traditionally 8years ago today…

wedding pix

May this union get better and sweeter and brighter and even more inspiring…

Love you both to the moon and back…