Let me tell ya what STUPID is!!!

Oh look at the (stupid) people enjoying life in Zion. Those on Mt. Samaria who feel so safe. Voted, ‘Numero uno’. You are a VIP in an equally VIP Nation. People come to you for advice. 
Well, wake up and look around. Go look at Calneh, Hamath, Gath, etc. Are you better or larger than them? Compared to them, you ain’t much!!!
You refuse to admit that a day of disaster is coming, but what you do (which is basically NOTHING) only brings that day closer. How terrible it will be for you that stretch out on your luxurious couches, feasting on wine and stuff…using the finest perfumes, playing music upandan, but you do not mourn over Israel’s ruin. You are indifferent to the fate of others…
Amos 6:1-6 PHP

You have to love, as in REALLY fall deliriously in LOVE with the Bible. Tz so complete, tz completely unreal!!!

I just wanna breeze in and address any Chick here who is at ease in Zion. 
You know, that Chick who’s thinking

abeg all this noise Eziaha has been making recently about fighting and warring and Game on and 25 elders… Calm down abeg, stuff ain’t that serious. Matter of fact, all is well with me jare…’

Thank you!!!

I’m actually laughing at you. 

You share your testimony and then you STOP praying…

Your marriage couldn’t be better and you two are in permanent honeymoon phase and then you abandon your family altar…

Promotion at work, great boss, amazing colleagues, corner office, LG baby, life’s good and so therefore, midweek service becomes optional, quiet time ain’t so important again and spiritual disciplines fly out the window. 


Great boo, he proposed, wedding loading, money sitting pretty waiting to be spent and all’z well in Zion and you suddenly see no need to pray or fast anymore. I mean, you already got the testimony, no?

Marry, get pregnant immediately, pregnancy going well, baby shopping on fleek, etc so why do I have to keep fortifying in the spirit? I mean every appointment I have, the OBGYN says he has never seen such a near perfect pregnancy like mine so shouldn’t I just relax…. and enjoy the ride?

Oh the naivete of Christians amaze me endlessly. But i’m not laughing!!! Matter of fact, I’m a tad broken. I’m broken because the comedy game of believers is upp’ing big time and this means we are losing battles we ought to be winning cheaply. 

A lot of us still don’t realise that we have a REAL enemy and he’s not kidding!!! 

See what he said to God when they were in conversation about Job

First he says he has been going here and there on earth, checking things out… (Job 1:7 2:2)MSG

Next when God brags on Job, satan gives an answer that makes me sit up

Job 1:10a
Have you not put a hedge about him and his house and all that he has ON EVERY SIDE?

This tells me that satan is going round checking every side. He’s looking for the teeny weeniest crack to come in. 

This further tells me that I gast stay fortified on every side too. 
Take every single spiritual discipline seriously

Fast more

Pray more

Confess more

Study and meditate more

Spend more time in fellowship

Love more

Give more

Sacrifice more

Praise more

I mean, do what you can do and then let God do what you can’t. 

Be intentional especially when all is well. 

The truth is, we need our spirits to be more sensitive to what’s going on around us. In Ezekiel 11, we see that it took the Spirit of God to show Ezekiel the 25 men at the gates.


Everything may look A-OK on the outside but stuff is seriously happening in the spiritual world. 

It may be OK with you ooo but how is it with your neighbor? Recall the opening text warns about being indifferent to the fate of others. 

You know how we say when God is blessing our neighbor, rejoice because it means He is in the neighborhood. Yes hun, you are right. 

But that also means that when all sortsa drama is happening around us, the devil is lurking around too (and i’m not tryna scare you babes but it is TRUE!!!) we may seem exempt for now but our failure to do anything about it means you are giving the evil one a crack to come in ooo. Read that scripture above again. Doing NOTHING is dangerous. You will be taken down!!! You are not better than your ‘neighbor’ ooo. Don’t deceive yourself. 

You should pray for your neighbor and pray for yourself too. 

You get a promotion or major breakthrough, honey share that testimony and then up your prayer game!!! Haven’t you seen some people lose their blessings even after they testify?
You get sacked right after a promotion. You get engaged and then 2years after, Bros is still not ready to walk down the aisle. Or worse still, something happens and a perfectly good relationship is called off for the flimsiest of reasons.

There is no end to this fight of faith. Matter of fact, tz a daily fight. 

Your enemy is beefing up his arsenal daily too. These days, everyone around you is ‘spiritual’ , only you!!! You are the only comedian who has God yet tucks Him in somewhere because all is (seemingly) well in Zion. But those other ‘spiritual’ people are constantly supplying their ‘baba’ or this prophet or that to ensure their ‘testimonies’ stay. Pls don’t wait till the devil blows you a BIG irreversible one. 

Do I still need to tell you what STUPID is?

Stupid is being at ease in Zion…

Don’t be stupid Darling…

#GroupHug #MessageForMeToo



Oh Christine Caine!!! We are real life twins when it comes to hyping though we are 20years apart.


In this video, Joyce is interviewing her on #LoveLife2016 where she will also be ministering. 

Chris has attended every LoveLife for 19years now and as she’s highlighting what she has gotten over the years, Joyce actually says she’s jealous of all she (Chris) gets even though it is her own (Joyce’s i.e) conference.


Joyce actually rolled her eyes as she said it lol

Can you imagine!!! Chris can hype anything!!!


I’m just waiting for what number her latest book #Unashamed will debut on the New York times Best sellers list. The hype and publicity Chris has poured into it has taught me too many lessons. Jeez🙌🙌🙌!!! What sorta human is Chris please? Lol. (Funny thats a question DDK asks me on a regular. Makes me laugh) And frankly, that’s pretty much me. I’m pretty intense and go deep when I’m feeling anything but Chris is really another level…😲😲

Btw, I truly can’t wait for LoveLife!!! Details here


Plus watch the interview between both. That bond between Chris and Joyce is UNREAL!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEET. See the way Joyce looks at Chris and the way Chris ADORES Joyce


Chris is animated, outspoken yet respectful because… Joyce haha.
23 years apart yet soooo connected whether as friends or mama and daughter. Eek!!!


Pastor M tagged me on this photo on Lisa Bevere’s IG page and frankly, I couldn’t agree more.


Sub UNDERSTAND for 'deserve'

As I’m led, I’ll LOVE to really do a blog that speaks directly at high capacity, extroverted, spontaneous yet very bornagain Chicks. You know why I’m crazy about Chris? Because frankly, I’m as crazy as she is. Who would tell you a story about underwears and accidents like Chris (that story is hilarious hahaha) Before I met her, I was starting to kinda shrink back and minimize myself. I had had authority figures in my life counsel me about my hair, nails, personality, talk etc. If I was going to do this Faith journey like I truly desired, I had to tone down. ‘Your own is too much’
Hmmm, I wish I could explain days where i have just plain NOT LIVED because i don’t am just unsure of my personality again. But thank God for CC. She’s unapologetic and lavish with her life and she’s FULL ON for God. They are not mutually exclusive. We are not trying to intimidate nobody but we certainly won’t minimise our life and personality for anybody either.


My comment on Unashamed BookClub on FB

We also need to be careful to be unjudging of people or shaming people for who they are just because they are different than us. Whether they are ‘too much’ or ‘more laidback’. I’m learning and we all should learn too. Diversity makes this faith walk absolutely fun!!! Live and let live ok? #JudgementFreeZone

Btw, meeting Chris is no longer a question. No doubt life will bring us together just as I run on my own lane. The question is can two of us stay in the same room? Lol. Oh well, we have to find a way without exploding haha because there will be plenty interviews together. Plenty!!! (And persicopes too haha)



On a casual stroll with KingDaveed today and one woman who knows me from jogging in the mornings incredulously asks me
You have a SON?
Felt sooooo proud. Especially because i am coming from here



CoachE’ la hot haha
And we still on it to maintain
Shoutout to all my friends who support SavedFitnFAB


God bless yawl
Next class starts with june

16 things I have LEARNED in ’16

I dunno about the rest of the world but 2016 has been one big education for me!!!


I can’t even believe myself. As we kiss the Ist quarter goodbye, I figured I’ll share 16 things I’ve learned in 2016 (so far)

Learned as in a deeply bearing-personal-witness kinda way…


1. Never estimating anyone from a purely human or physical point of view. Actually tz the popular ‘…know no man after the flesh…’ of 2cor 5:16. 

This was something God told me at the start of the year. And i’m thankful He did, because I always remembered it as I dealt with humans. I shudder at all I would have missed, or entered, had I been looking and estimating at only face value. 

2. My motives, especially as a Sanguine are EVERYTHING!!!


This one has been tough. God is constantly checking me with the big question- WHY???

Why do you wanna blog/tweet that?

Why do you wanna say that?

Why do you wanna give that?

Why? Why?? Why???

Big question. Especially for a Sanguine like me who wants to be Sanguine and also live for God. Trust me, it is something!!! And yes I LOVE being Sanguine. Everybody I am obsessed about is Sanguine. OK almost everybody.

3. I am one strong and extremely passionate young woman.


For many years, Valerie, my bestie would tell me that and I would block it thinking, ‘Vee is just too kind to me jor…’ But in recent times, I’ve seen a side of me I didn’t know I had. One of the most freeing counsel I’ve received and it came from my Pastor M has to be ‘…you have to learn how to LOVE, and then DETACH…’ 

4. There are weights. And there are sins. And they are not the same. 

If they were the same, the writer of Hebrews (12v1) would not have separated it. I have learnt to toss the weights and i’m still learning. 

Weights?!??!! Phew… just leave them and soon enough they become SIN!!!

5. The law of sowing and reaping works. 

Sometimes like magic, immediately. Most times, over time. But eventually, harvest comes. I’m sold out to sowing. And as widely as possible. Even with tears.

6. Money is a defence!!!

The Preacher didn’t tell no lie when he wrote that in Ecclesiastes 7v12. Hopefully, I can unpack that in a separate post. But trust me, money is a defence!!! I recall unpacking this for my bestie Dumebi


and she said her prayer the next morning changed. Lol

7. Whenever I am burning out, it is not that I am doing too much, it is that I’m doing stuff God hasn’t empowered me to do. I’m being very unwise and probably trying to please too many people. There are stuff I’ve done and expected to have a flat out exhausted-to-depression moment like Elijah but I just realise energy bursting through me. Then sometimes i’ll do less and i’m burned out. One day, God explained why to me. Now I’m more careful of my activities. 

8. Pressure is real. Especially people pressure. God had to teach me ‘Eziaha, you obey God NOT man’


Now, I make sure to live for the approval of ONE… Jesus!!!

9. If I don’t manage my time taking phonecalls, I’ll spend all day on the phone. So now, I’m very OK with letting phones ring out while I just look at it. Then I also know how to stop conversations that are winding. I have my Rev to thank for that.


I learned that from him because he didn’t stop being a people-person as a result so…………..

10. I BELIEVE in my sheep-shepherd type relationship with God. I believe I will hear Him on situations, whether in advance, smack dab in the middle of it, or afterwards. I constantly repeat ‘I am God’s sheep and I hear and obey ONLY His voice. The voice of a stranger I do not obey/follow’  So when I feel like I’m starting to stress about something, I just say ‘God, I believe you will speak to me clearly on this so i’ll just let it be‘. He usually shows up for me. 

11. I have a PhD in stalking. 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 it is incredibz.

I believe it is a gift. A gift of research.


Already authoring hers lol

Once I enter your matter, I can author your biography. So long as you don’t live under a rock. Lol. BTW I stalk people who stalk Jesus ooooo.

12. It is soooooooo important to share your story both with yourself (the more personal ones) and with others. I’m grateful I have a platform to do that with my blog. I’ve read stories on my blog and i’m grateful I wrote them down. Because otherwise, I would have forgotten details. I’ve looked at my past journals and i’m grateful I document my spiritual journey especially as I change. My journalling game has peaked. Explains why I am on my fourth biro/pen this year alone. And i’m not a student ooo lol. I love to keep my empty pen cases. Something Loni taught me in Uni. 
I’m soooo grateful for people like my mama Joyce who don’t stop sharing their journey through life with every book, every sermon, every conference and every interview.
She’s sooooo open with her faults, weaknesses and victories. Heather Lindsey who shares her marital and family challenges that make me know I am NOT alone. Chris Caine whose blog has tons and tons of her journey through life. Who lets us know God ain’t looking for perfect Chicks to use.


Oh Chris💕💞😍

Oh I’m grateful. Americans especially are really really refreshingly open. Africans have a more ‘hidden, it-is-well’ culture. I refuse to join that party. 
Which is why my blog is getting more personal with more of my challenges, struggles and victories. Who knows which young girl would lean in and read this some 20years later and get more direction for her life. Amen!!!

13. It’s OK for some people to NEVER see my sanguine side. See, as a young married woman living ‘single’ in a town like Lagos, you better have your GAME FACE on a LOT!!! I’m not about that ‘weak woman’ or damsel-in-distress life. No I’m not. I’ll take you down!!! 

#NoJokes #LionessArising

14. Pictures, for me are still very very therapeutic!!!


I can apply a picture-therapy to many situations in my life. 

15. God’s GPS system is perfect. He will find you anywhere. But you gotta be willing to put in a lot of work even in the background, in anonymity and obscurity, and trust that God will find you where you are and PROMOTE you!!! This I learnt from Christine Caine.  

16. And the final one is also a lesson from Chris


In this really cool Christian subculture that’s emerging, If the light that is on you is greater than the light that is IN YOU, that light on you (hello superstar?) will destroy you. It will take me out because I have no depth. 

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt this year. I’ll do a full post on it. 

And hey just a bonus

God alone is my SOURCE. I’ve seen a LOT of things SHAKE but God has been sooooo constant. No man can close or open doors so I don’t fear or care for what man can do. I look to God alone and then I look out for ‘ravens’, ‘Zarephath widows’ and of course the ‘ abundance of rain’

That takes ALL the pressure away!!! This will help you too looking to man.

That’s it. 16 plus 1. 

Share a few of your 2016 lessons with me in the comments section if you may. Let’s know how the year has been panning out for you. 



Hugs and Love,



Allow me to recommend these videos to my married sisters here. 

In Making Marriage work, Joyce and Dave share their 45 year old journey (tz a 4year old video but soooo relevant).

They even share a kiss at the end after this emotional speech from Joyce in part 2 *sniff*

Andy Stanley did a fine job interviewing them.
Dave z a HERO!!!
In Why did I get married, Heather and Cornelius share how rocky their first few years of marriage were, even to contemplating divorce, and how they made it through.

Heather actually has a lot of videos from that marriage retreat and they are all really good.

And then my most recent crush. The Beveres. John and Lisa. This interview with Sid Roth is everything!!! No seriously!!!

Lisa is sooooo open, second only to Joyce.  

In Nigeria, everyone has a happy we-have-sex-everyday, we-submit-and-love-from-the-womb kinda PERFECT marriage. I’m happy we have some Americans who share their challenges and have helped me through my own journey. 


I imagine some people thinking I’m probably about to get a divorce this one I’m sharing marriage videos. Hahahahaha. No hun. Marriage is a pretty awesome journey with tons of perks. I am so thankful for my husband, more today than three years ago.


It is also a very challenging one and where we share the challenges AND the victories, we give those coming behind us some kinda perspective and maybe an opportunity to avoid some of the landmines we stepped on. 


Heather has definitely helped me avoid a LOT of drama in mine. And Joyce.


You know what, I am counting the days to the BIGGEST CHICK PARTY OF 2016 #LoveLife. I think I may just beg God to bring September 29 closer.


You don’t wanna see my browser history. Info from past conferences, reviews, news, hotels, etc. Who else is coming? Details here
There is a pretty tidy Nigerian crew on board. Obviously, we don’t have to go together from Nigeria but hey, we can sha hook up right at Edward Jones and then be the ones who scream the loudest (even during announcements about restrooms) so Joyce notices us and locks us all in a room with herself, Chris and Beth and even takes us to her home. 


Love this picture


A girl can dream…
Her God can do ANYTHING!!!

This Easter meme got me smiling


So thankful He rose jor

The Biggest Chick Party of the year!!! #LoveLife2016


As I write this, I’m having a party in my mind. If I get anymore excited, I would self combust. Haha. 

Yawl know my heart for Joyce Meyer. 
Yawl know my heart for Christine Caine. 
Yawl know my heart for Beth Moore. 

OK you don’t quite know my heart for Beth just yet but she’s someone who I can’t run away from again


She's irresistible


Beth Moore is beautiful inside and outside and I have gotten the hands down best reviews about her Bible studies and i’m planning on getting ‘Believing God‘ series but don’t let me digress. 

Now the BIGGEST party of 2016 will have these three phenomenal women attend as the special guests. 

Love life Women’s (annual) conference hosted by Joyce Meyer Ministry this 2016 will be E P I C!!!
And guess who is attending?
Yes Eziaha!!!


*cool down Eziaha* haha

I’ve always wanted to attend all my life (lol) but especially for the past 3years now but haven’t and frankly I had sort of fashied jare especially as I had been denied a US visa before. But this year, casually Pastor M and I were gisting and somehow we entered the Lovelife conference which she attended in 2012 and she just casually said after I had mentioned that I hope to attend sometime in the future sha…


‘Eziaha, I think you should plan to attend this year. You never know ooo. Step out in faith. Book your interview. Register…’

Faith welled up in me again. 
I checked for details and I saw that the special guests this year were Christine Caine


We love her to pieces!!!

who I had recently discovered and then Beth Moore


who was on my ‘waiting to stalk’ list. 
And of course, Joyceeeee!!!


Mama to MILLIONS!!!

This 2016 party was FOR ME!!!
Fiam, I went to pray and God just told me what and what to do. 
Is anybody surprised the first thing He told me to do was sow?
I wasn’t. 

‘Sow the conference fee…’

PK had spoken about when he sowed his first 1m naira MANY years back because he wanted to break into the million realm, only it wasn’t up to a million because he sowed in dollars and on conversion, it was a few Nairas shy. 

The next time, he made sure to add a few Nairas to the 1m so he is sure he crosses it. 

As a confirmed daughter, with our naira-dollar rate hitting 450 that week, I decided I would basically take the exchange rate to 500naira and then sow. That way, no matter what, I’m covered. 

I sowed into the most fertile ground ever as far as this was concerned. I didn’t have the money but I didn’t care.
I didn’t even THINK!!!

I would sow FIRST before I go register.

I HATE comedy if I’m the one being the comedian. I BELIEVE in the law of sowing and reaping. 

‘…Seed in the ground, harvest is sure…’

That’s what the person told me. 

Next thing, someone pays my conference fee. Whoop!!
Next thing more doors start to open. Whooooop!!!

You see, this sowing and reaping game is like magic. It works!!!

Why all my long story?
Because I need more Nigerians to attend with me. Tz a ladies only conference


We need to ‘disturb the peace’ together (if there will be any peace considering that ladies and quiet don’t gel haha). It should be more fun when we are in a group. 
A Naija group. 
I’m excited!!! Can you tell? Lol. 

Reenice bay has already confirmed attendance and paid after I tweeted about it. 

More ladies please!!! That’s why I’m blogging. 

Hotel information has now opened on the site so we can double up in rooms, or even block out a block of rooms and get the discounted fare so we can stay together. 
How cool would that be?

So go on and register. The early bird rate of $59 is still on. You save 15%. Then do me a mail and then we’ll move to the hotel bookings and all. We should stay in the same hotel na. 

And all my Yankee blog readers, especially yawl who send me Hillsong albums on iTunes and Joyce conference messages, I would LOVE to meet yawl and hang out. 

Plus if you have some advice to share on hotels and accommodation, holler. Or if you live like opposite the venue and have a mansion, that would be awesome. Haha. 

Email addy is still eziaha@eziaha.com

One of my best friends attended the HillSong #Colours conference in London last year where Joyce, Beth and Chris spoke


Look out devil...they come in 3's

I was so jealous but i’m thankful I get to have these same three women speak at #lovelife this year!!!

Oh and i’m definitely going to Australia next year by God’s grace. Need to attend #Colours right at ‘home


Bobbie Houston, the Colours convener

Jeeneger you better plan to attend. HillSong has to be the coolest church I know. Hard to believe the senior pastors’ Brian and Bobbi Houston are in their 60’s. 

You see, Christian living ought to be one big TURN UP!!!
One BIG party!!!
So ladies, turn up and let’s attend the BIGGEST party of the year together!!!
Plus we can also probably order Beth’s Believing God Bible study and Chris’s Propel curriculum together. And do the studies together too. (open links)

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! Women who LOVE and LIVE for Jesus!!! 

OK I’m about to implode…
Group hug ladies!!!

I knoooow, yawl are waiting for my baby’s one year photo shoot. It will come





Giant Slayer!!!

At the perfect time.
Lemme appease yawl with a few
More sooooooon

Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

You know, this week was an absolutely emotional one for me. For some reason, I spent quite some time on the phone with women.
I took away ONE thing from EVERY conversation.


That some, maybe most of us are NOT fighting hard enough!!!

My Rev (who I am CRAZY about more now than before) said something once in his leadership school.


It was a QnA session and someone had asked what informs his preaching per time…
He gave many things but one stuck out. I have NEVER forgotten
He said that sometimes you have quite a lot of people asking him questions on the same thing.

Different people. Random people. Same questions. Same issues.

Then he knows it is time to address it in a sermon…

That’s what this week was about for me so let’s yarn in this post.

Good thing is, I’m addressing myself too. I’m gonna write this knowing that I would have to come back from time to time and read it. Matter of fact, I’m sharing mostly my fights…

Ladies, are we fighting enough for what is OURS? Are we even fighting AT ALL?

No kiddin’ but looks like everywhere I turn, the devices of the enemy seem to be pumping itself up. But we who he is attacking are on Instagram.

If the devil ain’t coming for your kid, he’s coming for your marriage, or your husband, or your job through maybe a boss or policy from hell.

Oh, he’s coming for your finances too what with fridge spoiling today and pumping machine breaking tomorrow. Or even endless hospital bills for members of your home. Oh he’s really coming for our health.

He’s coming for your prayer and study life by making you either oversleep, engaging you in fruitless activities that leave you drained and unable to engage in activities that actually bear fruits. The ones God wants to use to bless you.

He’s coming for you by constantly whispering lies in your ears, sometimes through people closest to us, that make you cower and not live out your full potential.

He’s coming for you through domestic accidents, car accidents, and even NEPA!!!

That dude is coming for our lives and he’s not even slowing down. He’s deploying ALL of his arsenals.

He of course knows how to get to you and he is NOT holding back.

But a lot of us are sleeping, yawl.

Giving up.
Holding back.
Drawing back.
Making excuses.
Blaming the wrong person.
Fighting the wrong person.
Or just lounging on Instagram.

You know what, we are in a battle guys. This is not PS3. Or candy crush. Or subways surfer.
This. Is. Full. Blown. War.


We are in a battlefield guys. Not a play ground.

Sadly some of us are giving up just because he pulled the first punch.

Honey let me tell you what you do…
You. Fight. Back!!!

Oh Jesus, YOU roll up your sleeves and shokoto and get ready to kick some devil ass without pity.


But some of us don’t know how to fight because we don’t have any weapons. Our arsenals are empty.

The weapons of our warfare are NOT carnal but they are MIGHTY through God…

Tz not to late to get in the battle field babe.
Good thing is, we have read the end!!!
We. Win!!!
We end up with Jesus on the streets of gold baby.
The devil rots in eternal hell.
We. Win guys!!!
So we fight from victory.
We fight on our knees.
We go in our secret prayer place, get out our sword of the spirit-the WORD- and do some serious damage to the devil.

So that boss will not let you be, messing up your life and making you miserable at work.

No, don’t take it as ‘one of those things…’

You get home, block out like 30mins and scabash until even you KNOW it is settled!!! Do it everyday until that which you have spoken, becomes your reality. Either he/she changes or leaves or you leave to somewhere better.


Your laptop packs up for no just cause. Or starts misbehaving. And you know just how important it is to your life and productivity.

You sigh. And just leave it lying there.
No baby!!!

You better lay your hands on it and start commanding ooo.

NEPA decides to misbehave messing up almost everything at home. Nne, fight!!!

Either you are fighting for God to take you to the level financially where NEPA has zero effect on your life, or that you have power every time you need it.

I didn’t realise how powerful NEPA can be until some two weeks back. Light was almost always absent and my inverter almost always off.

If you see how my prayer life dipped ehn. Plus my productivity. I would just lay in bed almost all day, hating NEPA and doing nothing. Then when they bring it, I’m happy and wham, it goes off again and my everything dips.

I usually confess that I always have light in my home but during that time, I used to continually feel bad that all my confessions weren’t working and so I wasn’t even confessing again.

Ah, one day I heard God.

Like Eziaha, isn’t this when you are supposed to go even harder on your confession? Just some manifestation of the devil using NEPA and you wanna roll over and play dead.
I mean, NEPA!!!
Where’s your fight girl? How do you defeat the devil if you can’t defeat NEPA!!!
Go and do battle on this situation until it changes. But in the meantime, resolve that you would still maximise your day.

Oh I repented!!! I know I shared with the ladies in this group I’m in and one of them talked about not waiting till circumstances are perfect to keep our faith going.

You know what? I decided I would do battle. I would battle with the Word and keep my confessions going. I would fight until I have my 24/7 power supply (whichever way it comes) but in the meantime, find creative ways to yet maximise my day despite NEPA.
I’m not kidding, all through this week, NEPA was not even an issue.


I’m still fighting. I don’t stop.

How many of us stay fighting for the relationships God has put in our lives?

One little misunderstanding that you know you could have dealt with by putting your ego in check.

But no!!! You sacrifice a perfectly amazing relationship on the altar of self-worship!!!

You know what? I’ve decided to fight to keep the friends God has given me especially those in my inner-inner and then inner circle.

Gosh, I have decided to DO GRACE!!! Make excuses for them, forgive and fight to keep our friendship going.

This week one of my friends upset me. Or maybe I was over reacting and I just decided to do nothing. I would just leave it and well if we get to the end, we get there. Ain’t nobody got time to push.

You see, sometimes I’m like a spoilt kiddo. I hear how awesome I am a lot that sometimes I forget that awesome don’t mean i am perfect.

But this kiddo also wants to obey God so… I Shake it off and get on my face before God… humble!!!

Then in my Quiet time as I prayed, God told me to fight to keep it. Infact, God pushed me. He made me do what my flesh would NEVER do. That was when I tweeted this.


And I’m thankful I did. Because humans are not perfect. We don’t toss people just because… we fight to keep the relationships GOD Himself brought to us.


Still. Pretty. Traumatized!!!

And you know, I’m pretty resolved to keep fighting!!!

For friendship!!!

Sometimes you are not even fighting for a friendship but for a soul. Maybe God wants you to minister to XXX but a few ‘hinderances’ along the way, gets you like ‘abeggi. See someone I am even trying to help…Ain’t nobody got time for that’
No!!! Let’s not give up on something absolutely amazing that God wants to do through us just because human beings do what human beings do – misbehave!!!

You know, I was pretty done with this post and was just editing when one of my babies sent me this message.


You see, I felt like one proud mama. I told her I would add to a post I was writing. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on her when she gave me so many reasons to. Instead I loved her deep and prayed for her hard. I’m soooo proud of  you baby. You are sooo much stronger than you know.  Do you see how much stronger she sounds and how much willing she is to fight? Fight to kick any stupid soul ties as a result of past mistakes? Imagine if I got tired of an assignment God gave me in this babe.

Fight to be a blessing.
Fight to obey God.

For some of us, the fight we have cowered from is a fight to save our marriages. Our marriages have gone through a rough patch and are not exactly the ‘fairy tale’ we quite expected and so we just resolve to sha be in it, and enjoy the 50percent it is offering. Afterall, at all at all na him bad pass.


Gosh, honey fight for that dream marriage you envisaged. We don’t do half measures. We don’t take the crumbs the devil offers. We fight to take hold of ALL that God died for, thriving amazing marriages and all.

Or maybe you suspect your hubby may be looking outside or there is this one woman who you have bad vibes from. Or maybe sef, you KNOW He is flat out cheating. Don’t just sit and cry.
Or maybe cry yes but clean your eyes and go do some serious battle in your secret place.

Fight the devil. It’s really him.
Not your husband.

Attack the real enemy that wants to stay hidden.


I believe in marriage. I don’t think any marriage is exempt from the devil’s wiles. My own marriage throws me constant battles but one thing hubs and I are decided on is the fact that we will FIGHT to keep it. Keep fighting till it gets better and betterer.

I believe we should fight to save our marriages. Frankly I have a couple of people in my corner whose marriages I had sorta joined them to write off (don’t judge)but one day, as I prayed for God to help them move on, He nudged me to pray instead for a restoration.
Because He can restore.
He urged me to encourage them to FIGHT to save their marriages. And you know what, I actually believe, BELIEVE that He can heal these marriages. And I’m excited too.

You see how Elisabeth fought in War room??? You see that scene where after praying, she comes outside and starts to shout at the devil?

Sometimes that’s what you need to do. I know someone may think you are mad but you know what you are doing.

You know, a dear friend of mine shared with me how long she stays just thinking about her life every morning, what she has and doesn’t have, comparing herself with X and Y. For almost 2hours every morning.
Hian!!! That devil is a bastard. God punish him. I had to tell her it was time to do battle.
Get your Bible out, search out scriptures that pertain to that and just keep repeating it to yourself.

Or when he comes and reminds you of your single state or the fact that you don’t have babies yet? Or you don’t have a job yet. Cos trust me honey, he’s coming for you. To attack your mind. Stay ready to fight. And no matter your circumstances, resolve to be JOYFUL even in your waiting. Sometimes, that’s our most potent weapon. Our joy, complete and unshaken.

It a journey we are on and I am so convinced she’s gonna be such a fighter the devil will wish he didn’t start this fight!!!

Frankly that’s also something I do. I have an absolutely over-imaginative mind and so whenever the devil throws those thoughts in, I don’t take bait. Rather I go all 2Cor 10 : 5 and 6


For example, sometimes the devil may say what if KingDaveed falls down and hurts himself or whatever worse…
I actually stop what I am doing and say out loud…

‘…I capture that thought and I force it into the obedience of Christ and His Word. I declare that there are Angels watching over us and him and so we will not as much as smite our feet against a stone…’

I say that as often as I need to.
Because we counter thoughts with words…
Creflo Dollar says ‘…a silent Christian’ is an oxymoron.
So I love to watch that scene with Elizabeth shouting over and over again. Legit gives me goosebumps.

No way we should let the devil get away with anything. 
Are we also fighting for our health and that of our children?


The delight of my heart

I recall January 1, KingDaveed started running a temperature. Like play like play we hit almost 40 degrees.
I. Was. So. Mad.
You see, I’m a firm believer in using your faith to keep the sickness away but if you have slacked and it has come, I am not anti-drugs. Especially for a baby. Except God is leading me otherwise, I can trust Him to give the doctors wisdom in prescribing and trust that the drugs will work.

So I spoke to my bestie, she prescribed, I bought. And hated that I was spending money on drugs at the start of the year.

Trust the devil to start speaking into your mind that na so the year go dey. Since we have cucu started that way.

I got scriptures. As many as I could. On health.

I wrote them out long hand. And every single day, I speak it over my household. My baby, hubby and now my help. Of course over me too. I stay on the offensive. I fight!!! I don’t agree that ‘...it is the weather…’ I recognise that the stripes that wounded Him covers the elements too…’

So if for some reason he starts coughing, I start speaking with every cough

I declare that you are healed by the stripes of Jesus… I curse this cough smiting it from its root in Jesus name…’

Even if it looks like nothing is happening, I keep speaking. I even add that
‘…God I may not see it but I believe that you are working behind the scenes. Therefore I am not moved by what I see…’

There was this time the devil was messing big time with my peace. And joy. It was when I was looking for a help. With every sign of hope, I was joyful. With every hope dashed, maybe we don’t agree on this and that, or the agent just does the most ludicrous thing, I would be soooo sad.
One day, after my mood went from 100 to -100 because of another closed door, God had to sit me down and ask whether my trust is in Him or the Agents? The devil was messing BIG TIME with my peace and joy.
I knew I had to fight. Because this battle if I lost it, I would desperately open a door He had closed.
I gathered scriptures on peace and joy and trust. Wrote them out long hand and started eating it.

I fought till I got my peace back.
With every door that closed, I rejoiced. Because that was God closing it and saving me. My joy and peace stayed in tact.

And when God finally opened a door, I KNEW it was Him. But until then, I didn’t let the devil mess with me.

Wooooh, this is a battle of Words oooooooooooo.
See why you MUST study the scriptures for yourself and not be a comedian???


You see why you stay on your knees?

You know, there was this time in a friend’s home where she realised she was always fixing this and that. It always starts small small. The devil NEVER comes in obvious fashion.

An AC here so you call the AC repairer. The hose in the washing machine, you call the plumber. The water heater starts dripping? Plumber again? Microwave packs up? Speed dial the guy who fixes it? Cabinet/wardrobe spoils, you call carpenter.
Fridge sparks? Generator packs.
And the list keeps increasing. And the frequency too.
One day she told me ‘…but babe I am a TITHER na… it is time to pray...’

That was wisdom.
That is wisdom.

Sometimes the solution is not to call the plumber. It is to go round your home, anoint everything while reminding yourself, God and the devil that you tithe and so the devourer stays rebuked.
I love this DP…


I strongly believe that this is what we have been called to be
Warriors. In. Heels.
It don’t have to show from your outer demeanour. But spiritually, be a pit bull!!! A bull dog!!!


When you wake up, let the smaller demons tell the bigger demons to tell the devil himself that it is time to pick race.


We are not about that giving up life.
You need some scripture for that?

Hebrews 10:39
We are not quitters who lose out. Oh no we will stay with it and survive. Trusting God all the way.

Just to balance things up, there is a part for you to play.
Any fight of faith that leaves everything to God is an irresponsible faith.


Say you are fighting for your marriage, sister that is not the time to respond to everything hubs says just because you must have the last word or show that you are right!!!
You sef shut up sometimes.

Or you are fighting for your health yet KFC daily and you don’t work out?

No ma!!! No sir!!!

Eeeeek and Hallelujah!!!

A dear dear friend shared something with me this week that got me doing the Holy dance. I had encouraged her to work on her weight especially as we were in faith for her health which the devil was messing with big time. Now, her irregular period has normalized and all that hormonal drama is gone. Plus she is rocking a HOT new look.
So faith and work!!!

So as I trust God for the health of my home, I make sure that the home stays clean, we eat good food not just junk and so on.

I’m trusting God for my finances so I make sure I am tithing and being a good steward of HIS money HE has so graciously given me and putting Him FIRST!!!
I’m fighting to keep friendships and so beyond praying, I’m doing the necessary investment and inconveniencing myself occasionally for my friends.
I mean, that’s how we fight!!!


And after it dries, kick ass!!!

Sister, the devil can deal the first blow but make sure that he doesn’t KNOW what hit him by the time you gather yourself.


Let me leave you with Ephesians 6

10 A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.12 For we[a] are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm.14 Stand your ground, putting on the belt of truth and the body armor of God’s righteousness. 15 For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.[b] 16 In addition to all of these, hold up the shield of faith to stop the fiery arrows of the devil.[c] 17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere.[d]

Here’s to fighting, heels and all



My email is eziaha@eziaha.com

PPS: I have to mention my people… Joyce, Christine and Shirer.



Haha. I don’t even know what to say. I’m just thankful for them!!!

Blogging is work!!! This took me like FIVE hours!!! Jeeeeeez!!! But by Jesus, I LOVE this job!!!
But I need to learn to write shorter. Not.


An absolutely FAB update…

Hey yawl, How is everyone doing?

So sorry I went AWOL. In fact. I am so sorry that I am coming here to give an update. I was just gonna disappear for a while.

What do you think those three posts in a day were for?


Ok really tho, yawl know I got a homehelp (Betterer) and then my bedmate for the past 27months came home too so blogging dropped a few notches down my priorities list. Remember that post I did on BALANCE? Ehen…

Permit me to be off till my baby’s FIRST birthday on March 10. Gosh, can you believe it? I have been a mama for almost a year??? I don’t even have the words to describe this life changing experience but my heart is bursting with gratitude to GOD for such a privilege to parent this Giant slayer KingDaveed and soooo much love for the little human.

Gosh!!! Our God is soooooooooo sooooooo good!!!

No, we are not having a party but feel free to send us gifts and everything.

(My sister says we don’t celebrate first birthdays in our family. She says it is a pure waste of money so do a nice photo shoot to capture his first year and get him something nice to mark it. Dazall. Anything else is a waste of money. Save it for his third when he will totally be a very aware birthday boy and party rocker. I agree. But hey, if you are a first birthday party thrower, enjoy hun.)

Ok moving on…

I will be taking on another set of five ladies after this first batch of five. Pink, I will auto consider you so let’s do this. My requirements will most likely be the same as here but I will add a few more. Hehe. Just watch this space. We kick off in April. I make them do a weigh in forthnightly and imagine my joy when most logged in a 5kg loss in the first two weeks.

Even though it is a lot of work, I am too excited at the success stories so far especially the ones that have to do with increased confidence and self esteem. Because I walked that road, I KNOW just how that feels, so I want more ladies to toss that FAT and pick up some HOTNESS!!!

Btw, thanks everyone for all the love. Will definitely miss blogging but it is just two weeks abi?

Tz amazing what you find when you REALLY start digging or stalking.
I feel like I am in a school with Chris and Joyce and Shirer as my major lecturers and so I am just learning, and growing and being pruned and getting all the funk brought up to the fore and all that PAINFUL stuff. I mean this picture just wrecked me

Just trying to build that light in me guys.

See yawl on March 10 and up until the end of April, we will have a steady stream of posts. I am excited about writing because when you listen to and actually LISTEN to Christine Caine and open your heart to an open heart surgery by Doctor Jesus as you apply, your life changes!!!

It absolutely CHANGES FOR LIFE!!!
Plus you get really CRAZY too haha.
Tz awesome!!!

(Doesn’t have to be Chris for you. Anyone God is leading you to)

So stay glued to this blog. Subscribe too. When you scroll to the end of the page, I think you see the ‘subscribe’ button.

Hey but I’m on IG (@eziaha) Twitter @eziahaA and Facebook sometimes Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo.

Have a Fruitful and Blessed week guys


Happy Sunday

God loves yawl like craaaazzzzzzyyyy


Funny story.
My ‘betterer’ actually told me last night while I was prepping dinner…
‘Aunty, you no dey eat ooo. I no dey see you eat. Only garden egg I dey see
I almost died from laughter.
I don’t even know what to say. I actually eat but she probably considers what I eat ‘not-food’
Lol I am still laughing. In fact I even overeat sometimes that in one week I moved from 79.3 to 80.4kg haha.
And in another week, this one that just ended, I worked it all out and went down to 77kg.
This weight loss business is now fun walahi.
Which is why I decided to do another FIVE ladies.
OK I am off to church

10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

After all, you have 10,000 teachers/guides/tutors/instructors/Chrises/Joyces to direct/lead you…1Cor 4:15

Guys, I WISH I was doing a vlog instead on this topic!!! I want you to SEE my heart and how it beats about this. But since I ain’t doing no vlog, I just pray that my writings are alive indeed… AMEN!!!
(But I’m gonna start vlogging soon. As soon as I get my nails done. Hahahahaha)

Can I just start by saying that in this day, age and time, you are absolutely INEXCUSABLE if you are ignorant?
Gosh, information is absolutely EVERYWHERE all thanks to technology. One of my biggest 2016 lessons has to be ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. 


But what we have these days are a bunch of lazy people who want you to spell EVERYTHING out to them personally and won’t do no work. 
You know, I listen to PK a lot and have for at least 5years.


There was a time he used to go on about how people come to him for counselling on BBM or so and he tells them ‘oh I have this EXACT message/book where I dealt with it indepth. Please get it’. And then the comedian will say ‘ehn Pastor just type it out for me now’
I mean, REALLY???
Even if PK was jobless. 
I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. 
You send me a message telling me this and that and I tell you ‘oh I blogged about THIS exact thing last week’ or ‘lemme recommend this video on YouTube. Please download and watch’ then the person tells me to please just type it out for her. 
Or tries to make me think her own is unique.
No hun, it is NOT!!!
I mean, aside this being unfair and impractical, it is just you being lazy. 
Only this year, I’ve had at least THREE encounters where I have suggested ways and the person makes it look like ‘what am I doing now that I can’t answer again’ and I am just W O W E D!!!
Then the next thing is ‘what am I even feeling like blablabla’
One person actually basically called me proud!!!

Phew… thank God I am F R E E of people pleasing. I have a darn good relationship with God and a resident holy ‘pokenoser’ in the person of the HolySpirit.


Do you KNOW how many questions I wanna ask Joyce? Or Chris? Or Heather?

But I KNOW that these people have a TON of resources ONLINE and if I put in the effort, I will find it. So I won’t waste my time disturbing their peace with long emails. 
Except of course to tell them how absolutely amazing they are. 

Like I say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

Look, literally we have TEN THOUSAND teachers, resources, etc to guide us through life. 


There was just this time I needed incredible wisdom on some certain issues in my marriage. And wham, God led me to Heather. She had some videos from the marriage retreat last year and God used those videos to answer EVERY question I had. 
Another time, I had some questions of balancing life and everything. Priscilla literally read my mind and answered it in a video. 


God didn’t open my browser and chuk the video there. I went searching and God led me to my answers. 
Infact there was this night I worried so much about something till I got a headache. I slept and the next morning, God told me to go watch a certain video. The title had NOTHING to do with my issue but I obeyed. 
It was JUST one line the speaker said and my answer came with PEACE!!!
Sooooo many times I am stuck about something and as I listen to PK or Rev, I get clarity. I don’t have to blow up their phones to get my answers. I can go HARD on their resources and get my answers. 
Same thing!!!

Sometimes if I can’t find something, I actually ask one of my many teachers ‘Please can u RECOMMEND any resource/book/study on XXX
I think for me that marks a healthy mentee. Most mentors LOVE that. It shows you are hungry and teachable. Not lazy and lazy.
Recently I did that to one of my mentors. I just needed to go HARD on a particular topic so I asked for references. 
There is absolutely NOTHING you should be permanently lacking knowledge in today. 
You have wayyyy too many teachers at your disposal.
Literally 10,000
Instead you prefer to use your data to watch nonsense on YouTube and waste away on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, have your lil’ social moments. But when you find yourself lacking on any topic, find your teachers, lean all the way into them, and GO HARD!!!

Stay hungry guys. Don’t always want a QUICK FIX!!! Put in some effort and you will see your teachers. 

Sometimes, you may even find your ‘Elizabeth’. The person who makes the baby in your womb leap. 

And when you find them, stay even hungrier. STALK them!!!


Some of my teachers and ‘Elizabeths’ are Heather, Joyce, Chris and Shirer. 


Shirer and Meyer

Best thing about Americans (and well Greeks lol) is that they are quite OPEN in sharing their lives, both the good and the ugly. We Africans have a more ‘hiding’ culture. So info on them are plenty. 

Look, I am sure I can author a tidy biography of these ones. 
If you check my phones, my laptop, my journal, my browser history, you will drown in teachings from these women. 
Guys, I go hard, I lean all the way in and dig deep!!!
When I listen, I listen for the ‘story behind the story’. 


Same way if I need wisdom on a certain area eg in raising my boy, I get on YouTube and find Christian resources. Or just Google. 
I go hard, get scriptures and go get a Doctorate on it. 

Recently, I had challenges with just running my home. One morning, I switched off every distraction and sat with Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. Then God led me to some resources and blogs online. Wham!!! Questions answered. Wisdom downloaded.

I pray to do the post God gave me from that encounter.. ‘ Home maker with a sense of purpose’ (may rename tho)

I didn’t leave my job in the UN in Abuja even when doors were opening for me, and relocate to‎ Lagos to be slothful in ‘business’. MBA, I am crazy with getting wisdom and knowledge. 

Lemme just share this I picked up from Diche, Pastor M’s sis.


She’s an amazing script writer and so she said after seeing War room, she went to see it again, this time as a professional/scriptwriter. A CHRISTIAN one. She wanted to LEARN more about the craft from a Christian perspective so she was going hard on the Kendrick brothers.


I recall she asked me quite some questions too and from time to time when I run into some professional info she could use on them, I share with her. 
(for instance, any near romantic scene you see in any Kendrick brothers’ movie, they use a body double, the spouse. Eg that kissing scene in Fire Proof. He kissed his real wife. That moment between Liz and Tony when he was apologising in War room, it was his wife’s leg he was romancing not Shirer’s. Etc. Lol I went HARD on War room. )

Frankly I am a certified stalker. Some of my ‘teachers’ are Christian bloggers. The way I folow Inthe’s blog ehn. I’m sure I can be arrested. Ditto Pastor M. And Dr. N. I learn. I apply. I connect the dots. I see the ‘whys, how’s, etcs’
I’m the crazy person that would remind you of something you blogged about 3years ago. Haha

One of my mentees is crazy like me. Dee.
When she reminds me of something I blogged about, I’m like ‘hi stalker‘ Haha. But I absolutely LOVE her for that. She makes me soooo happy to mentor her. She won’t just say ‘mama I love your post’ or ‘that was for me’. She will give me details of what she loves and how she applies it in her life. 
Gosh, she makes my heart so happy. 
I’m soooo proud of her. Even when I delay in answering her, you bet she will keep on reminding me. 
Any mentor would LOVE you for that. And even seek more ways to bless you. Because you can see a HUNGER!!!
OK back to my teachers. 
These are women in ministry and so I’m not just hearing the word, I’m learning how they treat their husbands, run their homes, recruit staff, spend their quiet time, relate with their mentors, how they spend vacation, raise their kids, relate with their girlfriends, early days in minstry, turning point in ministry, why they live where they live, etc. I also do a lot of ‘connect the dots’ from various messages. So you and I can listen to the same message but we sure didn’t get the same thing. 
At all!!!


Joyce and Chris

I dig real deep and go hard!!!
Infact I literally start studying for a Doctorate. I stalk articles written about them by people who met them either formally or informally. 
Recently, I have been on Joyce and Chris. Oh I just finished with Heather and I’m applying all the knowledge I got from her openness about her marriage and home. So my study on her has paused for now. 
Just on Monday, I was cyber stalking Joyce and Chris….
Oh before I go on. How these two met amazes me. 


About 20years ago, Joyce was attending a conference by the church where Chris was a youth leader. Babe made herself the person chosen to drive Joyce from the hotel to the venue and kept believing for it even though they had told her she won’t drive her. She saved up for weeks and kept detailing her car daily for two weeks in the hope and expectation she will drive Meyer. As God would have it, the night before, she got a call that she would drive her. 
Pick up time? 8am. 
Chris arrived at 530am because she didn’t wanna be late. She said she borrowed a suit because she didn’t have money for one. 
Then went to stand 3doors away. Joyce sees her when she came out to get her brekkie and again when she rolled the trolley out. Of course Chris kept flinging her face. 
Then Joyce walked up to her and asked if she was there for her. Long story short, mama invited her into her room, they got talking and that my people birthed this absolutely beautiful and refreshing ‘Mother-daughter’ relationship I covet with all my soul.


Chris actually says she had been a Mentee of Joyce LONG before she met her.


She followed her teachings and books sooo closely and so you can imagine the kinda conversation that would have happened that fateful morning in that Hotel room that made Joyce literally adopt her and start supporting her ministry. 
You know, some of you are real comedians. You ask the funniest shallow questions and conversations with your teachers. 
How was your night?
Happy birthday!!!
Have a great week!!!
What did you eat?
I’m puling out my dreadlocks!!!
Can anyone imagine what would have been coming out of Chris’s mouth that day in the Hotel room?
Plus both have similar pasts of sexual abuse
Some of you sef have mentors and teachers you NEVER visit or lean into personally even when they have given you the gift of access especially on Social media. You abuse it by asking stupid questions or even worse, FOR MONEY. But you are happy to say ‘I have XXX on my BBM’ or ‘XXX follows me on Twitter or IG’ or I have YYY’s number. 
Have you actually ‘used‘ that teacher well?
Do you ‘study‘ his/her updates and posts?
Do you ‘see’ a pattern in how that person lives?
Do you ask vital questions that gets the person’s heart happy to answer you?
Do you MAKE the effort to book a LIVE session and actually SEE that person???
You see Rev!!! I follow Rev like a tradition. If I have to push myself some, I do, and attend a meeting he is preaching at in my location. Just to be physically enriched listening to him. 


And the best part about a hungry student is the fact that the teacher is going to start looking out for you too. 
Rev had told me three weeks earlier that he would be in DCC that last Sunday. I cleared out everything. I had to see him. Not for anything but just to SEE him. E don Tey. 
Now you see the funny thing, I had questions on some areas in life and my Rev covered it in his message. 


Plus I got him to pray a blessing over my family too. 

Don’t confuse having someone on your social media with actual relationship ooo. There are some things we would NEVER hear/say on Social Media ooo.

Of course we can’t discount SM relationships(that’s all I have FOR NOW with those four ladies I mentioned) but what if one day God gives me a chance to meet them, you bet they will adopt me. 
As either sister or daughter.
Cos they will be like ‘this girl is ready for some real one-on-ones. She is really HUNGRY!!!’

Side story: I recall the day Pastor M introduced me to PC, the choir director in DCC Island.


As we spoke, I kept downloading info on his career and album to me and he was like ‘ ah, you really dug deep ooo‘. I just smiled. I told yawl I was a stalker. Haha.

If I get on your case, forgerrit. 
Ditto when I used to stalk Funmi Iyanda. I ended up anchoring her show, New Dawn.


Too tired to look for clearer pictures

Because after studying and stalking, I sent her the kind of email she would LOVE to read and wham, I get invited on set. 
Awesome. Stalker. Chick. 
Side story over. 

Was talking to one of my mentees late last year. She is number one on BBM to wish me happy new month, good morning, blessed day, how are you, etc. Then an opportunity came for her to actually VISIT with me and sister girl stood me up soooo many times. I told her that look, sending me have a nice day and God bless you and how are you is not where this whole thing starts and stops. 

You can NOT claim a relationship with me if you can’t gooooo hard to meet me. Forget shyness or feeling inadequate (she would later confess that to me). Mehn, don’t let the devil make you miss out on stuff with lies ooo. 

I recall when I was into Stars and Celebs. I absolutely adored 2Face and then somehow a friend invited me to a Christmas party he was performing at. Trust me, the security was plenty around him but if I tell u the stunts I pulled to reach him and take a picture ehn. I tell you, even Tu was surprised. He kept on WOW’ing. 


But you see, I wanted a picture. I got a picture. 
Ditto when I was at an event with Stella Damasus. I walked right up to the front, in the middle of the ongoing event ooo, and requested her to snap with me. I didn’t care who was looking or not looking. (Can’t find that picture)
I wanted it. I went for it. 
Today I don’t care for entertainment stars. Lol. I actually cringe at how I used to follow all these musicians then. Hahahaha. 
I care for my Elizabeths today tho. I am HUNGRY!!! I go HARD!!! I study them. 
Someday, if I am opportuned to meet them, I’ll be soooo ready with the kinda questions that would get them to adopt me. 
Oh I was gonna tell a Monday afternoon story. 
I was cyberstalking my mama and sister when I ran into this blog. (Joyce is my mama and Chris is my Greek Aussie sister) The blogger was actually one of the 20 invited to a mentorship forum all day with Joyce and Chris. And she shared her experience. 


It was beautiful. All day with Joyce and Chris. With them pouring into you and answering questions!!!???
I jumped up from my bed and flew to Laterna, bought a journal and called it my Mentorship 101 journal.  


There I would write out lessons from the everyday lives of these women. 
And my other teachers and mentors. 
I have never been more excited at a black leather bound journal in my life. 

And you see, this doesn’t only go for ministers and preachers. 
Are you a TV presenter? Who are your ‘elizabeths’ or teachers in that field? Find them and go hard!!!
Follow them on every available platform they have. Write tips. Study them. 
You don’t have to copy their entire lives. Be led by God on what to emulate and what to nicely ignore. 
The Internet has made information cheap. Infact it is so cheap we despise it. 
This also applies to our spiritual life. 
If there is any area you feel you are lacking in, sit down. Get scriptures. Get materials. Go on YouTube. Type in keywords and let the Holy Spirit lead you to the perfect one for you. 
The beautiful thing is that God has sooooo many preachers. I mean the variety is beautiful but the message is the same. If you don’t like A, try Q. 
And even if you don’t like A now, you may like him later. I didn’t like Joseph Prince before. Now I drool. Literally!!! 


Handsome? Check
Funny? Check
Worded? Check Check Check!!!

Ten thousand teachers guys!!! 10,000!!!
You must find your specs among them.

Don’t die in your ignorance. Don’t let laziness or whatever rob you of your blessings. 
And this even also applies to the seemingly mundane stuff. 

I recall when I was looking for a help, I spoke to at least THREE Christian wives/moms for counsel. Had not been down that road before and they had so they became my instructors. 
Look out for this. Be careful of this. Etc. 
Infact just before I settled for one, I still rang one of them and as we talked she advised me on how to control those ‘off days’ issue. 
I mean the wisdom she gave was so sound that even my bestie had to applaud it. 
Some of yawl are way too proud. 
You won’t humble yourself with your teachers. You call them once, twice they don’t pick and wham, ‘who does she think she is sef’
Well, she’s apparently she’s all that which is why you are calling her. 
Like PK said once, that person is obviously busier than you so be persistent. But not stupid. 
Don’t give 12 missed calls at once. 
Call once, twice. Then send a text. 
If response is delaying, pray and/or send a gentle reminder. 

Don’t abuse a relationship. Don’t abuse access. Don’t just give up because you feel the person is being proud. Sometimes they aren’t. They are actually busy. Or they wanna see how serious you are. 

Don’t ask for money. Had to call out someone who did this. You don’t ask your mentors or teachers for money, no matter the good deed of saving the world you wanna do. You ask them for WISE counsel. And prayers. 
Imagine if Chris started asking Joyce for money? Haha. 
You see, Joyce’s ministry has actually partnered with Chris’s since that meeting to fight human trafficking. I’m sure Joyce saw sincerity and her spirit and decided to work with her. 
Please don’t spoil a mentoring relationship by asking for money. Ask for wisdom. And as God leads them, they may actually decide to bless you financially. 
Then when corrected, repent!!!
Don’t now start acting funny.

Moving on, also fight to get what you want from your teachers. 
There have been TONS of people who send me invites to speak here or write there. 3 missed calls later, they move on. Or maybe they asked me a question on this or that or want me to help with this and that and a few ‘unavailable’ moments make them fashi me totally. 
Makes me laugh how easily people give up. 
Guys, how BAD do we want this?
Can you FIGHT for what you want?
The proof of anything is your desire and how much you are willing to fight for and pursue it. 
A good mentor will pick up on that.

Frankly if I need something from you, I will fight to get it. 
I don’t care how busy you are. I will be persistent. Cutely so. You must answer me. It also helps that I have a great personality and know how to build and maintain relationships (I’m taken tho. Incase there are new guys reading this blog. )
Ah some of yawl give up too easily. It makes my heart break. 


Imagine if Caine gave up on fighting to drive Meyer, just because of a few NOs!!!
Oh my!!!
Funny story. 
Nick, Chris’s hubby actually did go hard in his pursuit for Caine. In Bible school, she was his teacher and he fell in love with his teacher (same age tho). So he did some sneaking and found out from her best friend that she went swimming everyday at 6am. That’s how dude started forming 6am faithful swimmer too. Took his chances one early morning and now claimed that he LOVED swimming EVERY morning at 6am so that meeting was purely coincidental. 


Both of them are 50 this year

20years married now and bae says not ONCE in their marriage has Nick stood up to go swimming at 6am. 
But you see, for what he wanted, he was willing to go HARD. He literally went HARD on his teacher. Haha. 
Let me not go into how absolutely fruitful that union has been. 
Nick is handsome tho. Choi!!!

When I started my weightloss journey too, I went hard with my teachers. And they were a LOT. 
So many resources available even in Nigeria from BBM channels to blogs to Instagram etc. I meant business and any ‘teacher’ I encountered, I bookmarked. And followed as God led me. I don’t even have to like you. But if you have anything I need, I learn.


Some of yawl wanna lose weight but you want me to spoon feed you every thing. Even when I say it is on my blog, some people won’t visit, they will still come and ask me questions. 
Oh my generation can be L A Z Y!!!
I’m just saying it as it is. Me inckudu
Sometimes too, people flat out tell me ‘Eziaha, I want you to mentor me’ and I’m like ‘oh cool. Praise God’ 
Then they actually want me to be the one chasing them. 
This life is funny ooo!!! Hahahahahaha. 
Lemme just explain something incase the long story above hasn’t explained enough. 
You CHASE your mentors. They don’t chase you. You are the one who needs this and that. When they see your eager spirit, they open up even more. 
Not that first few days, you are alright. By day 3 you disappear. .Mehn, I can’t!!! 
No wonder some Pastors lament. It must be real hard with some mentees.

I’m just thrilled when I see thriving healthy mentor-mentee relationships. Where the mentor glows about the mentee. I did a post about it here (Give them something to be proud about)I see that between Rev and PK. Rev and Rev Victor. And of course Joyce and Chris. 


Gosh Joyce is soooo proud of Chris and Chris literally CHASES Joyce. Even till tomorrow. 
Tz sooo beautiful. 


You know ehn, Rev is my numero uno. If I go to him on any matter, I OBEY.


Infact, I get into trouble with myself cos once he has counselled me, end of discussion. No matter how hard, I obey and give him feedback. 
Some of yawl just disappear after your teacher has poured into you.  Then when another wahala bursts, you come again. 
No. Give feedback. Sometimes Rev can give me a short answer or even not respond but I make sure he gets my feedback. 
If he mentions any resource or preacher, I go look for the person. Or stuff. I follow. I obey. And hard too. Because frankly Rev is not just my teacher, He is MY FATHER!!!


For even though you have ten thousand teachers, you do not have many fathers. For I became your Father in Christ…1 Cor 4:15

Which brings me to my next point. 
With all the many teachers all over the globe, you need a ‘Father’ (it could be female). Someone who knows you and can vouch for and mentor you personally. 
It would be funny if all I claim is Meyer and Chris. 
No, I have Rev. I have my Pastor M. I have PK. I have Pastor B.



These people are my ‘Fathers’. I am their daughter in Christ. If something is killing me, I fly to them as the Lord leads me. 
One of the BIGGEST issues I have faced in my life has to be my Ex. He somehow came back into my life after he got married and from ‘we are just friends’ clap entered dance. 
Worst part? It was mutual. Even worse from his end. 
People, I struggled!!! It was soooo HARD to shake him. Ask my best friend Valerie. And to think this was someone I didn’t sleep with ooo. 
So one night, I got tired of struggling. I sent a message to Rev and confessed my sins. Next day, I’m in counselling in his office, bawling my eyes out. 
He kept passing the box of tissues and listening patiently. Few words and a prayer later, I received strength to shake the brother off!!!
No judgement. No guilt tripping me. 
No indulging me either. Just plain Father’s love. 

Guys, you need that kinda person in your life. 
And to make that above story less interesting, I was SINGLE then!!!
But hey, I could have been married too. The moral of the lesson there is HAVE A FATHER too!!! One who can closely mentor you one-on-one. But be a teachable and cool daughter or son too. 
And something else you can pick from that story is this
Rev is the BEST anyone can have out there.


Rev& PM

I’m so thankful for him. 

Before this turns into a full blown book, let me end by saying that God (best still the Holy Spirit) is our ultimate Teacher. No human is perfect but God can lead and guide you on how to relate with your teachers. 
Let Him lead you to other teachers per time. 
So be sure to live LED!!!
I think I can sneak in a Caine video before I sleep. 
Yup? Nah. I am sooo sleepy. Tz 1am.
You can enjoy this short one. A clip from Joyce’s conference 30th anniversary. 

Chris is too funny I tell ya. 
Funny story? Just as I put this post together, I bumped into a short vlog by Chris on, wait for it, Christian MENTORING. 
Was just telling my best friend Enny that Chris must have somehow read my post even though her video is some 2years old I think. 

Cool stuff. Told you she was my twin. 
Plus tz funny that Joyce and Chris both have the same deep masculine voice lol

Guys sleep calleth.
Love yawl like crazy.
God loves you too.


#SavedFit&Fab… Book review:Good Health Good life by Joyce Meyer

I have never been more excited about anything on my weight loss journey as I am about this amazing book written by my mama.
Joyce Meyer is a MAJOR inspiration in my life generally and when I decided on this journey, I turned to her yet again. Mama has always been big on health. This you would know if you follow her ministry. She always yabs junk especially donuts plus she is big on exercise esp as God told her she had to look after her health if she is gonna continue ministry well into her old age.
So eat right? Check
Workout? Check
Look and act great at well over 70? Check check check!!!
So if Joyce is writing on healthy living, you bet I am guzzling it up like cold water after an afternoon in the harmattan sun.

I dunno if I can call this a book review but hey, these are stuff I am taking away and applying to my life from my mama’s amazing health resource, GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LIFE!!!
Take it key by key shall we?
Err, I will litter this post with pictures from Pk’s Jersey party which I attended over the weekend. (I love you Pastor M). I thought I looked ravishingly GREAT so these pictures are just me showing off…


My #Fortified Pastor

#donthate #workedforthis #Everythingiamwearingbelongstomyniecestho #serious #ineedanewwardrobe

OK let’s proceed
But first of all, introduction…

The hands down BEST reason I know for us to take care of ourselves is because GOD LIVES HERE!!!
Our bodies are His temple and He makes his home in us.
I had to learn that. I had to understand that treating my body anyhow is SIN!!! Eating every and anything, being a couch potato and just generally letting my body go cannot bring Him glory. Neither does it even do me any good.
‘To be healthy and whole, we need to be strong in spirit, soul and body…’
That’s why mama started taking her health seriously.
She emphasizes the fact that she has had to LEARN a lot about healthy eating, exercise, proper rest, managing stress and all.
Baby, no matter what state you are in your health, you don’t have to stay that way.
That’s why mama wrote this book. To help you!!!

Key 1: Get God’s help
If you can name a diet invented in the past 40 years, chances are that I have tried it…low fat, low carb,liquid diets,hardboiled eggs diet, and the grapefruit diet.

Lol. I actually laughed so hard when I read that line.
So you start up determined to do it on your own then you manage for the first couple of weeks, lose a few pounds, determination/willpower wanes, you revert to former lifestyle and pile on the pounds back, and even more.
#JoycesStory #NotmyPortion

Soon anyone on this journey comes to realise that willpower and determination can only take you so far. True, SUSTAINABLE success can ONLY come when we rely on GOD’S POWER. He never quits in the middle. He gets you all the way to the finish line.
John 15;5
Apart from me [cut off from vital union with me], you can do NOTHING
Yup, even weight loss and healthy living,

Side note: I LOVE that she started with this as key 1. Before I even got this book, I would BEG God to help me and make all my effort yield success.Before any workout, I would kneel down and say
‘God this is my ‘5loaves and 2fish’. It can’t make me lose weight. Only You can. Pls multiply my effort and let the results be quick, Amen.’

So when people see me and say all sorts a good stuff about me being determined and all, I smile and say ‘Nah, THIS

Please let God do the ‘heavy lifting’ in your life.
Let Him show you what workout will work BEST for you.
Let Him help you do some deep soul searching, tell yourself some home truths, and give you the strength to make adjustments. Eg for me, I ate with stupidity. I was food indisciplined. He helped me to advise myself and CHANGE.

Joyce lists five ways to Get God’s help so go buy the book.
Key 2: Learn to LOVE your body…
In this chapter, mama is all about loving yourself being the BEST version of you, not just some media image or getting vain.


With my sis Dr Adaora

What really makes us feel inferior to models and movie stars is our ego, the part of our psyche that finds meaning by figuring out how we compare to others. The problem with ego is that there is always someone prettier, smarter or richer than we are. Ego can always find something to feel bad about. It is never satisfied and it continually pushes us to compete with others.
I stopped competing a long time ago. I am at peace with my body.. .I do not feel any need to look like a model. I simply expect my body to reflect who I am: a healthy, happy woman who wants to serve God in every way I can. I try to look my best, but I do not allow myself to be pressured by unrealistic expectations the media creates, and I hope you won’t either.

There are other steps and tips in this chapter like Focus on the journey not the destination, focus on health not pounds, etc.
So go buy the book!!!


I LOVE this picture. My pose is so model-like

Key 3: Master your metabolism

The best thing about key 3 is how she allegorically broke it all down. She linked our metabolism to eating right and how dieting can adversely affect our healthy journey.

So you wanna know more about metabolism, and what impact it has on our weight, waist line and energy levels? The relationship between your weight, muscles and fat? And best still how to MASTER allotha’ in a way that favors the figure you are looking for? Go get the book!!! Tz beaustiful how mama breaks it all down. Tz like a METABOLLISM for SUPER DUMB DUMMIES 001.


DCC crew cooler than YOU haha

But lemme share with you 5ways to boost metabolism

Exercise, Eat Breakfast (and lunch and dinner), Drink water, Sleep well and Fidget. She expounds on all 5 points of course in the book.

Key 4: Exercise

Yawl knew we was gonna get here right?


Even though mama is one of those ‘cool kids’ who have a PT (if you dunno what PTs are, you are definitely NOT a cool kid), she advocates exercise in whatever way works for you, especially at home and at work.

Regular exercise is a commitment and it takes time, but the benefits are well worth the effort. I began a regular exercise program seven years ago and have experienced tremendous benefits. I am smaller, and I have more energy, more stamina and more muscle. I have even seen imporvements in my skin tone. Exercise helps me mentally and it just feels good knowing that I am investing in my health. Dave has been working out for more than 50years. He is now 73 and looks absolutely amazing and has the energy of a much younger person.

I encourage you to begin now to incorportate exercise into your daily routine. The sooner you start, the sooner you can experience the positive changes exercise will bring to your health and your life.

Errrrrrr, Aunty/Uncle, do you still need a sermon to get you exercising from today? Even if you are lepa? Even if it is just brisk walking for 30mins every day or 5times a week? I recall Funmi Iyanda said she started working out to add weight because then she would build muscles and all in the process. So really there are very many kinds of exercises and you can work for your goals (loose fat, loose weight, tone up, build lean muscles, build abs, etc). do it most importantly for your health. And in the process, you get the unavoidable benefit of looking goooooooood.


My amazing Pastor B

Maybe this line would help

The best exerciser of all may have been Jesus. He routinely walked from his home in Galilee to Jerusalem- a distance of about 120miles!!!

She also talks about how more and more people walked in the olden days and today we have traded it all for automobiles, and an average person who drives all the time may just be ‘gaining’ 20pounds yearly as a result.

Good stuff in that chapter even if she is talking about the very dirty word, EXERCISE!!!
Key 5: Eat in balanced ways

After God created Adam and Eve, He gave them a VERY simple dining instruction

You may FREELY eat of every tree of the garden… Gen 2:16

Did He say ‘You may freely eat of every Krispy Kreme (Plantain chips, Pringles, Gala, puffpuff, etc sold in traffic?) on the street?

He did not tell them to freely eat fast food, frozen pizza and even low-fat cookies. God told Adam and Eve to eat from the garden. Even though that wa centuries ago, we would do well to follow His advice.

The above is the simple truth of healthy eating. If we eat foods that come from God, as close as [possible to the way God made them, we cant go wrong.


Pastor M gave me this salad. It makes me look forward to heaven goodness

The goal baby, is BALANCE!!!

Eating a healthy balanced diet is NOT difficult. Infact it is VERY easy. Excess in any area of our lives is the devil’s playground but balance is a spiritually safe and healthy place. 1Peter 5v8 admonishes us to strive for balance in our lives.

I know you loh’ the sweet stuff – your white bread, pasta, ice cream, and all those other sweets- and frankly a little of these would NOT do irreparable damage to most of us. (And here comes the absolute BEST line for me in this chapter) Most of us are mature enough to mix the occasional indulgence into a general pattern of wholesome balanced meals.

Oh I LOVE that line. I had it highlighted.


And you can read the entire page haha

That is how I actually live today. I am FREE to eat what I want but I am very disciplined and balanced about it.

This chapter is so super practical it is ridiculous. I mean, mama KILLED it haha!!! I would have shared the ‘5 WAYS TO PUT BALANCED EATING INTO PRACTICE’ she shared here but I would rather you go buy the book and read it yourself.

Key 6: Water your life
I LOVE how she brought our attention to how God compared the Word to water. Water is soooo important in our healthy journey. She shared her thoughts and more on how water can even help curb excessive eating and help with weight loss. Then shares a formula on how to calculate how much water you need daily based on your body weight.

Don’t let me flog the water issue baby… Just be drinking water(and cut off all those sugar overdoses like packaged juices and sodas) like your life depends on it, because it does!!!

Key 7: Be mindful about eating

This chapter is EASILY my favourite. Because bae used to be sooo super guilty of mindless eating… eating stuff that don’t count as any of my min meals but are packing all kindsa wrong stuff ESPECIALLY calories.

Plantain chips, gala, la casera, viju, shortbread, digestive, cake, chocolate, meatpie, etc etc. these were my snacks not meals ooo and in a day, I could max out 2000calories on snacking. Gosh!!! Anyways, I was in good company jare. Joyce Meyer lol.


My sister girl!!!

But seriously fam, we ned to be more mindful of what goes in our mouth. Gosh, we see food EVERYWHERE we turn to. Unhealthy food that is. That we see it don’t men we have to pop it in. even when we are at an eatery ordering something unhealthy, we are usully offered ANOTHER unhealthy stuff to go with it. Hian!!!

You visit with your neighbour and out comes juice or malt.

We pop and drink.
Chinchin and groundnut too?
Yes please!!!

And we finish the whole plate and packet.

Nne, it is NOT rude to refuse something we don’t need.

I have become an expert in saying NO if I have had enough ‘indulgences’ that day or week. Or if I don’t feel like it. Like I have totally cut off unhealthy drinks from my life so I just go with water or natural juices or smoothies when I visit with you. In fact these days, people reject it on my behalf. Lol. Someone sent stuff to me through my sister and she outright told the person that Eziaha don’t eat such haha.
Tz so much fun when I appear in a place and then my hosts go ‘na wa ooo what will we give you now to eat Eziaha since you don’t eat this and that?’

They literally scamper to find something I can eat and I don’t push really. Why? Because I probably ate well enough before leaving home and I have a healthy snack in my bag too incase hunger shows.

Always be sure to ask yourself ‘Am I REALLY hungry? Do I REALLY want this? Will this 390cal gala or 5000cal plantain chips really help me?

And no skinny babe, don’t go thinking you can eat trash just because you are skinny anyways and are even trying to add weight. No hun, you can actually add weight eating healthy wholesome stuff.

Please #LeaveTrashForLAWMA

One of these Saturdays I would get someone to write in for me on that topic.

Five ways to be a mindful eater according to JM?

Pay attention to the way you feel after you eat, Say Grace, Don’t multitask with food, Slow down and Turn on the ‘Bargain’ detector.

You have to get the book for more details.

Key 8: Curb your spiritual hunger

Yawl know anout alcohol and drug addictions right? There is actually something like ‘Food addiction’. And the reason is simple.


Mamaaaaaa... Pastor M

Food is reliable. Unlike some spouses, friends or great weather, food is always there (awww, sniff sniff. I can see some of my foodies going ‘YEAH!!!’)

And that’s the problem. Anytime we feel emotional pain or spiritual emptiness, whether through sadness, depression or boredom, we easily reach for food(or alcohol or drugs) to numb the pain or fill the void.

But hon, there is another source of comfort, and it is always there when we need it. Unlike junk and drugs, it don’t leave you overweight, sick or lethargic. And it don’t even cost anything. That ‘Something’ is GOD. He is called the FATHER OF SYMPATHY… 2Cor 1:3-4

When you hurt, run to God. When you are depressed, run to God. Your spirit needs nourishment just as much as your body does and FOOD will NOT fill that void. This is something we are all learning. Even today, something happened to me and it got to me. Next thing I go into my freezer and bring out food I had no intention of eating before and I ate myself full and went straight to sleep. Lol. I too am work in progress. Good thing is what I ate was healthy stuff.

(Note: I wrote this review almost two months ago so…)

Curb your spiritual hunger guys.
Not with food but with GOD!!!


KEY 9: De-Stress

Many many people are addicted to stress tz crazy!!!

Doctor Joyce in tha’ building.

Mama goes all scientific on us in this chapter what with all the adrenaline/epinephrine, fight or flight, adrenal gland, glucocorticoids, etc. but I promise, you would get it especially how she explains the good part and the bad part.

She lists some stress-related diseases too sucha as Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight gain, ulcers, immunity, general aging, and so on.

I have a friend who drives it home for me and I never stop looking out for her and cautioning her to watch it. Didn’t even know there was such a thing as stress hormones, but hers used to be always high. Doctor actually cautioned her to be sleeping 7pm to 7am hahahaha.

But really find ways to distress your life boo. Joyce always talks about how she used to run a crazy stressful teaching schedule going from seminar to smeniar and honouring invites because ‘God told me you should minister at our conference this year’. Today she says she doesn’t honor again and she is free to tell them ‘well GOD did NOT TOLD me yet’ lol.

Tz YOUR life guys and only one to live.

Don’t die. Don’t kee yourself. The world will still go on.


Loh loh loh me my Pastor M (ignore the PHOTO BOMB)

She shares the most AMAZING tips on how to de-stress (with bonus stories from her life) and I would be sharing with you but I would rather share details on where you can get the book instead. I need mama’s ministry to keep going baby…

Which is also why I will let you find Keys 10,11 and 12 in the book.

Trust me guys, the final parts of the book are the sweetest. She now puts on her ‘sweet mama’ hat and loves and encourages you on the journey throwing in even more practical tips.

-Take it slow.
-Introduce changes gradually.
-Reward yourself for short and long term goals reached.
-Pick yourself up when you fall. Etc.

You would be sorry the book ended.

I was.


Was so happy here lol

It felt like she enveloped me in this big bear hug and told me ‘No go Eziaha and live your BEST FITTEST HEALITHIEST LIFE going forward’

Plus she also uses cool slangs in those chapters. I am tempted to think that her cool son that wears earrings helped word it for her while she breathed her spirit on it.

This is a resource worth having and keeping. You would need to reference from time to time. Such a beautiful read. The only snag for me was that she didn’t even like dedicate a chapter to pregnant and nursing mamas. And can you blame her. I have heard her ask how many weeks pregnancy is again. A mama to FOUR ooo asking. Azzin, bae don forget tey tey. Anyways the message she shared can easily be applied to everyone jare. Fat, skinny, male, female, domestic queen, career woman, rich, poor, single, married, etc. She cuts across. Like she always does. Gosh, I love me some Joyce Meyer!!!


Another amazing book of hers

I got mine at Laterna ventures, Oko-awo VI. It was under 2000naira. Bible wonderland is another place I know you are most likely to get in. I think Bible wonderland is in other places aside Lagos. But Laterna has an online store so holler. They deliver.

I actually read this book after I had started my journey and the biggest thing it has helped me do is to resolve to LIVE this as a lifestyle not just to get to my desired/BMI recommended 79kg, which by the way I AM AT!!!


The .3kg is for my enemy


Rev says I need to go get a bigger ring cos I look too young and HOT

Was soooo super happy to see my Rev!!!

Yawl have an absolutely fruitful month.
Post was to come up over the weekend BUT as you can see, I was partying lol.
Actually I was EXHAUSTED.

Started with my FIVE ladies today.
I am soooo sorry and heartbroken that I couldn’t take everyone who applied.
Soooo sorry.
I just pray the ladies I picked make it worthwhile, hunker down (Ola loool #insidejoke) and make the most of this opportunity.
I really pray…

Stay Saved, Fit and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!


Yawl know you need Jesus right?

So I noticed something recently among SOME Believers/Christians.

There seems to be some kinda ‘carefulness’ or ‘codedness’ if you like, to our Christianity.

Yes, I am a Christian, I love the Lord but I don’t go about being all up in people’s face with my faith.

Almost like being ‘careful’ with my Christianity and love for Jesus so that people are not ‘threatened’ or offended by it.

Almost like we are NOT TOO PROUD of it so let’s just be doing this our faith business ‘small small’.

Oh Chi’m!!!

My hubby is a Lawyer and brother man, even though he don’t fully practice, is the FIRST to introduce himself as a Lawyer EVERYWHERE!!! And I am pretty sure that goes for most ‘learneds’ that you know.

Or let’s talk about Doctors. How many Doctors do you see hiding their title because they don’t want you threatened by it, especially IN THE LINE OF DUTY???

Let’s now look at our ‘counterparts’, the MUSLIMS. It is even funny thinking about it. A muslim who tells you,

‘…Yesooo I am a MUSLIM but I really don’t want to be all up in anyone’s face with my religion so I hide under the bed lol…’

An average muslim will INTERRUPT ANYTHING to go attend to his religious duty. And I do mean ANYTHING!!! He would pray ANYWHERE that prayer time meets him, and if it will cause traffic in Asokoro, that’s your business.

Twas my sister who was gisting me of a friend who had a muslim gateman and when it is time for his 5-a-day prayer, dude won’t answer you when you dey gate ooo. Yes, he LITERALLY punched us all in the face with his religion. I have a muslim who did some work for me in my ‘Rehoboth’. It don’t matter how much you call him ooo, he will tell you ‘Sorry sister, I went to pray’.

Can we talk about the gays for a minute? Do you see how PROUD they all are, especially where they are allowed ‘freedom’? I mean they are tres vocal and err’thing.

But my average Christian can’t even BOLDLY say she is going to church for midweek service, rehearsals or heavens forbid, the BIG E!!! Evangelism. We have to ‘code’ it.

Oh I am sufficiently annoyed!!! Why are we like this?!!!

What’s NOT to scream about our faith from EVERY ROOF TOP?

This GOOD NEWS, why do we treat it like it is some kinda ‘disease’ we don’t want others infected with?

I mean, if we are heaven bound and loving the journey, why aren’t we carrying placards yet?

Placards, phylacteries, the whole works. Anything to be walking billboards of our Faith, and PROUDLY SO!!!

My boo Priscilla Shirer tells this story in her video STEWARDING THE PRESENCE OF GOD…
She was invited to minister somewhere and just before she was called up, the host whispers delicately to her and the koko of her convo was that they are a ‘pre-sica church’ so when bae gets up the stage, she should not be so direct, or if you like, ‘in your face’ but rather she should gently and gradually introduce Jesus to the congregation as they have quite a large mix of different peoples there and they don’t really know that what they need is Jesus so sister girl has to be careful with how she goes throwing Jesus in their faces…

‘…and I thought to myself, ‘you invited the wrong person cos CHRIST JESUS, that’s all I know.’ So I walked up the stage as delicately as I could and when I got up, the FIRST thing I said was YAWL KNOW YOU NEED JESUS RIGHT???…’

Because pre-sica, sica, post-sica, WE ARE ALL IN NEED OF THE SAVING GRACE OF JESUS so all this RUBBISH of ‘do your Christianity small small’ can’t even begin to cut it.

Btw, I don’t know what pre-sica means and I am not even sure I spelt it well but this is how it was pronounced. Anybody know the real spelling?

Oh my mama Joyce Meyer ended one of her broadcasts last week with a line that entered me.

Her face was sooooo sincere when she said

‘…we should show the world JESUS. Because soooooo many people need Him…’

Sooooo many people need Him.
Sooooo many people need our Jesus, but they don’t even know that that’s what they need. It is unfair that we don’t wanna flaunt Him. What do we think the Bible means when it says LET YOUR LIGHT SOOOOOOO SHINE???

We have to be careful about what the Bible calls ‘the wiles/tricks of the devil’. Because I believe that this spirit that wants us to dim our light some is the anti-Christ spirit.


That’s how it starts.

Oh you have absolutely zilch issues flaunting your faith in church, unit meetings, special programs, Bible studies and the likes but the devil gently whispers in your ears to ‘tone down your faith small’ especially in secular gatherings. You don’t wanna be seen as ‘too spiri koko’. Before long, nobody is truly sure where you stand, or not. In no time, you find yourself compromising because, well the lines weren’t all that distinct anyways because you were being ‘too careful’

Flaunting our faith even keeps us in check and accountable. Because then you know you gotta BEHAVE yourself if not… But when you are ‘hiding’ your Christian identity, you will soon compromise because nothing is cucu at stake.

Now I am not saying you should generally become a nuisance and make everybody feel they are on a one-way ticket to hell fire while you are the only one heaven bound. I am saying Dear Believer, by all means, let this light SHINE and rep your faith and rock your Christian label very proudly   !!!

Some two months ago, I went to see a friend’s hubby at work one evening. He was not in the office and wasn’t reachable and so a conversation ensued on where he could be.

I think he may have closed and gone to church for midweek service

No, he goes on Tuesdays not Mondays…

I was thrilled. Btw dude is a big time big boy banker ooo working in Head office and I just loved how his colleagues knew his church days.

Can we say the same about you in your own ‘world’? Or you are just sitting on the fence, safely.

A dear friend of mine was visiting Abuja and then she was going to pay me a surprise visit Wednesday evening and she made her way to my church. Like she told my Pastor, who would later tell me, ‘I KNEW I would see her in church when I come…’

I thought that was a very good testimony. (Btw Rosey, I miss you. Holler!!!)

Please let your light shine dear Christian lady. Guy.

Shine it in your street, office and school.

Shine it via your Twitter handle, and on Instagram.

Shine it via your blog.

Shine it oh-so-proudly on Facebook.

BBM, Whatsapp? Those too.

Because you are ALWAYS in the line of duty!!!


Because, they may NOT know, but what this world really needs, is JESUS.

Let’s stop hiding him and by all means, let us STOP LEAVING HIM OUT!!!


How can Chelsea sack my football boo thang Jose Mourinho???
I am no longer a BLUES!!!
#thesepipuaintloyal #shameonyouChelsea

And he better NOT go to United. My heart can’t take it. Just go to La liga.



But Mou needs Jesus too haha

I am tumbling flipping excited at my final post for the year.
When your quantity is QUALITY!!!
Tz my THANK YOU FOR 2015 post. It will be LONG!!!Brace yourselves. 30th or 31st.
Jeez!!! The year is dripping AMAZING!!! Yawl were amazing. And my God? CRAZY faithful!!!

I was reading the ones I did in 2013 and I knew I had to do for 2015 too

When did I become the blogger who doesn’t respond to comments? Ah I repent!!! Will respond to all pending this week!!! Grace Lord!!!
Blame this deliciously delightful Darling