10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

After all, you have 10,000 teachers/guides/tutors/instructors/Chrises/Joyces to direct/lead you…1Cor 4:15

Guys, I WISH I was doing a vlog instead on this topic!!! I want you to SEE my heart and how it beats about this. But since I ain’t doing no vlog, I just pray that my writings are alive indeed… AMEN!!!
(But I’m gonna start vlogging soon. As soon as I get my nails done. Hahahahaha)

Can I just start by saying that in this day, age and time, you are absolutely INEXCUSABLE if you are ignorant?
Gosh, information is absolutely EVERYWHERE all thanks to technology. One of my biggest 2016 lessons has to be ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear’. 


But what we have these days are a bunch of lazy people who want you to spell EVERYTHING out to them personally and won’t do no work. 
You know, I listen to PK a lot and have for at least 5years.


There was a time he used to go on about how people come to him for counselling on BBM or so and he tells them ‘oh I have this EXACT message/book where I dealt with it indepth. Please get it’. And then the comedian will say ‘ehn Pastor just type it out for me now’
I mean, REALLY???
Even if PK was jobless. 
I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. 
You send me a message telling me this and that and I tell you ‘oh I blogged about THIS exact thing last week’ or ‘lemme recommend this video on YouTube. Please download and watch’ then the person tells me to please just type it out for her. 
Or tries to make me think her own is unique.
No hun, it is NOT!!!
I mean, aside this being unfair and impractical, it is just you being lazy. 
Only this year, I’ve had at least THREE encounters where I have suggested ways and the person makes it look like ‘what am I doing now that I can’t answer again’ and I am just W O W E D!!!
Then the next thing is ‘what am I even feeling like blablabla’
One person actually basically called me proud!!!

Phew… thank God I am F R E E of people pleasing. I have a darn good relationship with God and a resident holy ‘pokenoser’ in the person of the HolySpirit.


Do you KNOW how many questions I wanna ask Joyce? Or Chris? Or Heather?

But I KNOW that these people have a TON of resources ONLINE and if I put in the effort, I will find it. So I won’t waste my time disturbing their peace with long emails. 
Except of course to tell them how absolutely amazing they are. 

Like I say, when the student is ready, the teacher appears. 

Look, literally we have TEN THOUSAND teachers, resources, etc to guide us through life. 


There was just this time I needed incredible wisdom on some certain issues in my marriage. And wham, God led me to Heather. She had some videos from the marriage retreat last year and God used those videos to answer EVERY question I had. 
Another time, I had some questions of balancing life and everything. Priscilla literally read my mind and answered it in a video. 


God didn’t open my browser and chuk the video there. I went searching and God led me to my answers. 
Infact there was this night I worried so much about something till I got a headache. I slept and the next morning, God told me to go watch a certain video. The title had NOTHING to do with my issue but I obeyed. 
It was JUST one line the speaker said and my answer came with PEACE!!!
Sooooo many times I am stuck about something and as I listen to PK or Rev, I get clarity. I don’t have to blow up their phones to get my answers. I can go HARD on their resources and get my answers. 
Same thing!!!

Sometimes if I can’t find something, I actually ask one of my many teachers ‘Please can u RECOMMEND any resource/book/study on XXX
I think for me that marks a healthy mentee. Most mentors LOVE that. It shows you are hungry and teachable. Not lazy and lazy.
Recently I did that to one of my mentors. I just needed to go HARD on a particular topic so I asked for references. 
There is absolutely NOTHING you should be permanently lacking knowledge in today. 
You have wayyyy too many teachers at your disposal.
Literally 10,000
Instead you prefer to use your data to watch nonsense on YouTube and waste away on Twitter. Don’t get me wrong, have your lil’ social moments. But when you find yourself lacking on any topic, find your teachers, lean all the way into them, and GO HARD!!!

Stay hungry guys. Don’t always want a QUICK FIX!!! Put in some effort and you will see your teachers. 

Sometimes, you may even find your ‘Elizabeth’. The person who makes the baby in your womb leap. 

And when you find them, stay even hungrier. STALK them!!!


Some of my teachers and ‘Elizabeths’ are Heather, Joyce, Chris and Shirer. 


Shirer and Meyer

Best thing about Americans (and well Greeks lol) is that they are quite OPEN in sharing their lives, both the good and the ugly. We Africans have a more ‘hiding’ culture. So info on them are plenty. 

Look, I am sure I can author a tidy biography of these ones. 
If you check my phones, my laptop, my journal, my browser history, you will drown in teachings from these women. 
Guys, I go hard, I lean all the way in and dig deep!!!
When I listen, I listen for the ‘story behind the story’. 


Same way if I need wisdom on a certain area eg in raising my boy, I get on YouTube and find Christian resources. Or just Google. 
I go hard, get scriptures and go get a Doctorate on it. 

Recently, I had challenges with just running my home. One morning, I switched off every distraction and sat with Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. Then God led me to some resources and blogs online. Wham!!! Questions answered. Wisdom downloaded.

I pray to do the post God gave me from that encounter.. ‘ Home maker with a sense of purpose’ (may rename tho)

I didn’t leave my job in the UN in Abuja even when doors were opening for me, and relocate to‎ Lagos to be slothful in ‘business’. MBA, I am crazy with getting wisdom and knowledge. 

Lemme just share this I picked up from Diche, Pastor M’s sis.


She’s an amazing script writer and so she said after seeing War room, she went to see it again, this time as a professional/scriptwriter. A CHRISTIAN one. She wanted to LEARN more about the craft from a Christian perspective so she was going hard on the Kendrick brothers.


I recall she asked me quite some questions too and from time to time when I run into some professional info she could use on them, I share with her. 
(for instance, any near romantic scene you see in any Kendrick brothers’ movie, they use a body double, the spouse. Eg that kissing scene in Fire Proof. He kissed his real wife. That moment between Liz and Tony when he was apologising in War room, it was his wife’s leg he was romancing not Shirer’s. Etc. Lol I went HARD on War room. )

Frankly I am a certified stalker. Some of my ‘teachers’ are Christian bloggers. The way I folow Inthe’s blog ehn. I’m sure I can be arrested. Ditto Pastor M. And Dr. N. I learn. I apply. I connect the dots. I see the ‘whys, how’s, etcs’
I’m the crazy person that would remind you of something you blogged about 3years ago. Haha

One of my mentees is crazy like me. Dee.
When she reminds me of something I blogged about, I’m like ‘hi stalker‘ Haha. But I absolutely LOVE her for that. She makes me soooo happy to mentor her. She won’t just say ‘mama I love your post’ or ‘that was for me’. She will give me details of what she loves and how she applies it in her life. 
Gosh, she makes my heart so happy. 
I’m soooo proud of her. Even when I delay in answering her, you bet she will keep on reminding me. 
Any mentor would LOVE you for that. And even seek more ways to bless you. Because you can see a HUNGER!!!
OK back to my teachers. 
These are women in ministry and so I’m not just hearing the word, I’m learning how they treat their husbands, run their homes, recruit staff, spend their quiet time, relate with their mentors, how they spend vacation, raise their kids, relate with their girlfriends, early days in minstry, turning point in ministry, why they live where they live, etc. I also do a lot of ‘connect the dots’ from various messages. So you and I can listen to the same message but we sure didn’t get the same thing. 
At all!!!


Joyce and Chris

I dig real deep and go hard!!!
Infact I literally start studying for a Doctorate. I stalk articles written about them by people who met them either formally or informally. 
Recently, I have been on Joyce and Chris. Oh I just finished with Heather and I’m applying all the knowledge I got from her openness about her marriage and home. So my study on her has paused for now. 
Just on Monday, I was cyber stalking Joyce and Chris….
Oh before I go on. How these two met amazes me. 


About 20years ago, Joyce was attending a conference by the church where Chris was a youth leader. Babe made herself the person chosen to drive Joyce from the hotel to the venue and kept believing for it even though they had told her she won’t drive her. She saved up for weeks and kept detailing her car daily for two weeks in the hope and expectation she will drive Meyer. As God would have it, the night before, she got a call that she would drive her. 
Pick up time? 8am. 
Chris arrived at 530am because she didn’t wanna be late. She said she borrowed a suit because she didn’t have money for one. 
Then went to stand 3doors away. Joyce sees her when she came out to get her brekkie and again when she rolled the trolley out. Of course Chris kept flinging her face. 
Then Joyce walked up to her and asked if she was there for her. Long story short, mama invited her into her room, they got talking and that my people birthed this absolutely beautiful and refreshing ‘Mother-daughter’ relationship I covet with all my soul.


Chris actually says she had been a Mentee of Joyce LONG before she met her.


She followed her teachings and books sooo closely and so you can imagine the kinda conversation that would have happened that fateful morning in that Hotel room that made Joyce literally adopt her and start supporting her ministry. 
You know, some of you are real comedians. You ask the funniest shallow questions and conversations with your teachers. 
How was your night?
Happy birthday!!!
Have a great week!!!
What did you eat?
I’m puling out my dreadlocks!!!
Can anyone imagine what would have been coming out of Chris’s mouth that day in the Hotel room?
Plus both have similar pasts of sexual abuse
Some of you sef have mentors and teachers you NEVER visit or lean into personally even when they have given you the gift of access especially on Social media. You abuse it by asking stupid questions or even worse, FOR MONEY. But you are happy to say ‘I have XXX on my BBM’ or ‘XXX follows me on Twitter or IG’ or I have YYY’s number. 
Have you actually ‘used‘ that teacher well?
Do you ‘study‘ his/her updates and posts?
Do you ‘see’ a pattern in how that person lives?
Do you ask vital questions that gets the person’s heart happy to answer you?
Do you MAKE the effort to book a LIVE session and actually SEE that person???
You see Rev!!! I follow Rev like a tradition. If I have to push myself some, I do, and attend a meeting he is preaching at in my location. Just to be physically enriched listening to him. 


And the best part about a hungry student is the fact that the teacher is going to start looking out for you too. 
Rev had told me three weeks earlier that he would be in DCC that last Sunday. I cleared out everything. I had to see him. Not for anything but just to SEE him. E don Tey. 
Now you see the funny thing, I had questions on some areas in life and my Rev covered it in his message. 


Plus I got him to pray a blessing over my family too. 

Don’t confuse having someone on your social media with actual relationship ooo. There are some things we would NEVER hear/say on Social Media ooo.

Of course we can’t discount SM relationships(that’s all I have FOR NOW with those four ladies I mentioned) but what if one day God gives me a chance to meet them, you bet they will adopt me. 
As either sister or daughter.
Cos they will be like ‘this girl is ready for some real one-on-ones. She is really HUNGRY!!!’

Side story: I recall the day Pastor M introduced me to PC, the choir director in DCC Island.


As we spoke, I kept downloading info on his career and album to me and he was like ‘ ah, you really dug deep ooo‘. I just smiled. I told yawl I was a stalker. Haha.

If I get on your case, forgerrit. 
Ditto when I used to stalk Funmi Iyanda. I ended up anchoring her show, New Dawn.


Too tired to look for clearer pictures

Because after studying and stalking, I sent her the kind of email she would LOVE to read and wham, I get invited on set. 
Awesome. Stalker. Chick. 
Side story over. 

Was talking to one of my mentees late last year. She is number one on BBM to wish me happy new month, good morning, blessed day, how are you, etc. Then an opportunity came for her to actually VISIT with me and sister girl stood me up soooo many times. I told her that look, sending me have a nice day and God bless you and how are you is not where this whole thing starts and stops. 

You can NOT claim a relationship with me if you can’t gooooo hard to meet me. Forget shyness or feeling inadequate (she would later confess that to me). Mehn, don’t let the devil make you miss out on stuff with lies ooo. 

I recall when I was into Stars and Celebs. I absolutely adored 2Face and then somehow a friend invited me to a Christmas party he was performing at. Trust me, the security was plenty around him but if I tell u the stunts I pulled to reach him and take a picture ehn. I tell you, even Tu was surprised. He kept on WOW’ing. 


But you see, I wanted a picture. I got a picture. 
Ditto when I was at an event with Stella Damasus. I walked right up to the front, in the middle of the ongoing event ooo, and requested her to snap with me. I didn’t care who was looking or not looking. (Can’t find that picture)
I wanted it. I went for it. 
Today I don’t care for entertainment stars. Lol. I actually cringe at how I used to follow all these musicians then. Hahahaha. 
I care for my Elizabeths today tho. I am HUNGRY!!! I go HARD!!! I study them. 
Someday, if I am opportuned to meet them, I’ll be soooo ready with the kinda questions that would get them to adopt me. 
Oh I was gonna tell a Monday afternoon story. 
I was cyberstalking my mama and sister when I ran into this blog. (Joyce is my mama and Chris is my Greek Aussie sister) The blogger was actually one of the 20 invited to a mentorship forum all day with Joyce and Chris. And she shared her experience. 


It was beautiful. All day with Joyce and Chris. With them pouring into you and answering questions!!!???
I jumped up from my bed and flew to Laterna, bought a journal and called it my Mentorship 101 journal.  


There I would write out lessons from the everyday lives of these women. 
And my other teachers and mentors. 
I have never been more excited at a black leather bound journal in my life. 

And you see, this doesn’t only go for ministers and preachers. 
Are you a TV presenter? Who are your ‘elizabeths’ or teachers in that field? Find them and go hard!!!
Follow them on every available platform they have. Write tips. Study them. 
You don’t have to copy their entire lives. Be led by God on what to emulate and what to nicely ignore. 
The Internet has made information cheap. Infact it is so cheap we despise it. 
This also applies to our spiritual life. 
If there is any area you feel you are lacking in, sit down. Get scriptures. Get materials. Go on YouTube. Type in keywords and let the Holy Spirit lead you to the perfect one for you. 
The beautiful thing is that God has sooooo many preachers. I mean the variety is beautiful but the message is the same. If you don’t like A, try Q. 
And even if you don’t like A now, you may like him later. I didn’t like Joseph Prince before. Now I drool. Literally!!! 


Handsome? Check
Funny? Check
Worded? Check Check Check!!!

Ten thousand teachers guys!!! 10,000!!!
You must find your specs among them.

Don’t die in your ignorance. Don’t let laziness or whatever rob you of your blessings. 
And this even also applies to the seemingly mundane stuff. 

I recall when I was looking for a help, I spoke to at least THREE Christian wives/moms for counsel. Had not been down that road before and they had so they became my instructors. 
Look out for this. Be careful of this. Etc. 
Infact just before I settled for one, I still rang one of them and as we talked she advised me on how to control those ‘off days’ issue. 
I mean the wisdom she gave was so sound that even my bestie had to applaud it. 
Some of yawl are way too proud. 
You won’t humble yourself with your teachers. You call them once, twice they don’t pick and wham, ‘who does she think she is sef’
Well, she’s apparently she’s all that which is why you are calling her. 
Like PK said once, that person is obviously busier than you so be persistent. But not stupid. 
Don’t give 12 missed calls at once. 
Call once, twice. Then send a text. 
If response is delaying, pray and/or send a gentle reminder. 

Don’t abuse a relationship. Don’t abuse access. Don’t just give up because you feel the person is being proud. Sometimes they aren’t. They are actually busy. Or they wanna see how serious you are. 

Don’t ask for money. Had to call out someone who did this. You don’t ask your mentors or teachers for money, no matter the good deed of saving the world you wanna do. You ask them for WISE counsel. And prayers. 
Imagine if Chris started asking Joyce for money? Haha. 
You see, Joyce’s ministry has actually partnered with Chris’s since that meeting to fight human trafficking. I’m sure Joyce saw sincerity and her spirit and decided to work with her. 
Please don’t spoil a mentoring relationship by asking for money. Ask for wisdom. And as God leads them, they may actually decide to bless you financially. 
Then when corrected, repent!!!
Don’t now start acting funny.

Moving on, also fight to get what you want from your teachers. 
There have been TONS of people who send me invites to speak here or write there. 3 missed calls later, they move on. Or maybe they asked me a question on this or that or want me to help with this and that and a few ‘unavailable’ moments make them fashi me totally. 
Makes me laugh how easily people give up. 
Guys, how BAD do we want this?
Can you FIGHT for what you want?
The proof of anything is your desire and how much you are willing to fight for and pursue it. 
A good mentor will pick up on that.

Frankly if I need something from you, I will fight to get it. 
I don’t care how busy you are. I will be persistent. Cutely so. You must answer me. It also helps that I have a great personality and know how to build and maintain relationships (I’m taken tho. Incase there are new guys reading this blog. )
Ah some of yawl give up too easily. It makes my heart break. 


Imagine if Caine gave up on fighting to drive Meyer, just because of a few NOs!!!
Oh my!!!
Funny story. 
Nick, Chris’s hubby actually did go hard in his pursuit for Caine. In Bible school, she was his teacher and he fell in love with his teacher (same age tho). So he did some sneaking and found out from her best friend that she went swimming everyday at 6am. That’s how dude started forming 6am faithful swimmer too. Took his chances one early morning and now claimed that he LOVED swimming EVERY morning at 6am so that meeting was purely coincidental. 


Both of them are 50 this year

20years married now and bae says not ONCE in their marriage has Nick stood up to go swimming at 6am. 
But you see, for what he wanted, he was willing to go HARD. He literally went HARD on his teacher. Haha. 
Let me not go into how absolutely fruitful that union has been. 
Nick is handsome tho. Choi!!!

When I started my weightloss journey too, I went hard with my teachers. And they were a LOT. 
So many resources available even in Nigeria from BBM channels to blogs to Instagram etc. I meant business and any ‘teacher’ I encountered, I bookmarked. And followed as God led me. I don’t even have to like you. But if you have anything I need, I learn.


Some of yawl wanna lose weight but you want me to spoon feed you every thing. Even when I say it is on my blog, some people won’t visit, they will still come and ask me questions. 
Oh my generation can be L A Z Y!!!
I’m just saying it as it is. Me inckudu
Sometimes too, people flat out tell me ‘Eziaha, I want you to mentor me’ and I’m like ‘oh cool. Praise God’ 
Then they actually want me to be the one chasing them. 
This life is funny ooo!!! Hahahahahaha. 
Lemme just explain something incase the long story above hasn’t explained enough. 
You CHASE your mentors. They don’t chase you. You are the one who needs this and that. When they see your eager spirit, they open up even more. 
Not that first few days, you are alright. By day 3 you disappear. .Mehn, I can’t!!! 
No wonder some Pastors lament. It must be real hard with some mentees.

I’m just thrilled when I see thriving healthy mentor-mentee relationships. Where the mentor glows about the mentee. I did a post about it here (Give them something to be proud about)I see that between Rev and PK. Rev and Rev Victor. And of course Joyce and Chris. 


Gosh Joyce is soooo proud of Chris and Chris literally CHASES Joyce. Even till tomorrow. 
Tz sooo beautiful. 


You know ehn, Rev is my numero uno. If I go to him on any matter, I OBEY.


Infact, I get into trouble with myself cos once he has counselled me, end of discussion. No matter how hard, I obey and give him feedback. 
Some of yawl just disappear after your teacher has poured into you.  Then when another wahala bursts, you come again. 
No. Give feedback. Sometimes Rev can give me a short answer or even not respond but I make sure he gets my feedback. 
If he mentions any resource or preacher, I go look for the person. Or stuff. I follow. I obey. And hard too. Because frankly Rev is not just my teacher, He is MY FATHER!!!


For even though you have ten thousand teachers, you do not have many fathers. For I became your Father in Christ…1 Cor 4:15

Which brings me to my next point. 
With all the many teachers all over the globe, you need a ‘Father’ (it could be female). Someone who knows you and can vouch for and mentor you personally. 
It would be funny if all I claim is Meyer and Chris. 
No, I have Rev. I have my Pastor M. I have PK. I have Pastor B.



These people are my ‘Fathers’. I am their daughter in Christ. If something is killing me, I fly to them as the Lord leads me. 
One of the BIGGEST issues I have faced in my life has to be my Ex. He somehow came back into my life after he got married and from ‘we are just friends’ clap entered dance. 
Worst part? It was mutual. Even worse from his end. 
People, I struggled!!! It was soooo HARD to shake him. Ask my best friend Valerie. And to think this was someone I didn’t sleep with ooo. 
So one night, I got tired of struggling. I sent a message to Rev and confessed my sins. Next day, I’m in counselling in his office, bawling my eyes out. 
He kept passing the box of tissues and listening patiently. Few words and a prayer later, I received strength to shake the brother off!!!
No judgement. No guilt tripping me. 
No indulging me either. Just plain Father’s love. 

Guys, you need that kinda person in your life. 
And to make that above story less interesting, I was SINGLE then!!!
But hey, I could have been married too. The moral of the lesson there is HAVE A FATHER too!!! One who can closely mentor you one-on-one. But be a teachable and cool daughter or son too. 
And something else you can pick from that story is this
Rev is the BEST anyone can have out there.


Rev& PM

I’m so thankful for him. 

Before this turns into a full blown book, let me end by saying that God (best still the Holy Spirit) is our ultimate Teacher. No human is perfect but God can lead and guide you on how to relate with your teachers. 
Let Him lead you to other teachers per time. 
So be sure to live LED!!!
I think I can sneak in a Caine video before I sleep. 
Yup? Nah. I am sooo sleepy. Tz 1am.
You can enjoy this short one. A clip from Joyce’s conference 30th anniversary. 

Chris is too funny I tell ya. 
Funny story? Just as I put this post together, I bumped into a short vlog by Chris on, wait for it, Christian MENTORING. 
Was just telling my best friend Enny that Chris must have somehow read my post even though her video is some 2years old I think. 

Cool stuff. Told you she was my twin. 
Plus tz funny that Joyce and Chris both have the same deep masculine voice lol

Guys sleep calleth.
Love yawl like crazy.
God loves you too.


Taking over TOILETS!!! #TheBibleBathroomChallenge

Hi guys…

This FAB lane is on FAYA!!! Hahaha.

I told yawl, October would be a rocking month here. And if thought I would not TURN UP like I promised every 3days, shake your head at yourself. Haha.

Ok today’s post is a challenge. A FUN one!!!

I understand how busy life gets these days and everything and how we are no longer READING our Bibles talk more of studying. NO TIME mehn, you say. But haba, everyone has time to POOP, no???


Guilty!!! My toilet actually has a socket

And I know how we are all guilty of taking our phones into the toilet. When I was younger though and there were no mobile telephones, I ALWAYS used to carry a book into the toilet. My mom knew that once she calls and I say I AM IN THE TOILET, na until at least 30mins ooo. On bad days, she comes to drag me out. Little wonder I am soooo smart. I can read for Africa and at least 3 more continents.

Toot toot!!! Daz my horn… haha

Now I am older, though I still have my Toilet-with-a-book days, I also have my toilet-with-my-telephone days. In the recent past, Instagram used to be my toilet buddy. I just scroll through timelines and chillax. And by chillax, sometimes we are talking 45mins ooo. Lol. Oh, the joys!!!


I heard something recently from my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo that I thought was reaaaallllly cool… Especially if you don’t spend as much time with the Word as you would love to.

How about we all SWAP our phones for a Bible while we do our business?

I don’t mean Bible-on-your-phone ooo. I mean REAL HARDCOPY BIBLE???

Not saying Phone Bibles ain’t real but Yawl know if you use your phone, those pings are gonna come in AND distract you Darling so don’t even deceive yasef. Except of course you are VERY DISCIPLINED and would ignore any interruptions or better still, TURN OFF DATA on the phone for the period you are there. But there is still the possibility of phonecalls so hardcopy is safest.

I mean, imagine doing that DAILY for say 3months? And some of you even poop like thrice a day. Haha. WOW!!! I see more Brother Pauls, Peters and Silases birthing from the White House ooo

But seriously guys, every single time you go to use the toilet, go with a Bible. Best still, keep a Bible permanently in the toilet at home and one permanently in your bag/laptop bag/at your desk for work. Think privacy, serenity and concentration that being in the toilet brings. Oh and don’t forget the FREEDOM haha.


This sounds so good someone should put it on a tee shirt.

Aren’t we all just thankful that GOD IS OMNIPRESENT? Everywhere, even in our toilet and He just wants to fellowship with us

Don’t worry about what you will read and how you will read it. Just open the Bible and start from all of those cool Bible stories in Matthew Mark Luke and John.

Or if you like, fly to Proverbs and just soak in the wisdom there.

Or if you are a hopeful Romantic, leave the prudish people and just roll with the romance in Songs of Solomon.

You like a good story? Esther provides one, drama and all.

Or you just wanna worship and can’t find the words? Brother David gives you plenty Psalms to choose from.

Comedy? The Children of Israel on their sojourn to the Promised Land especially will crack your ribs. Brother King Saul also provides comic relief especially where he said he was not eating then he now later ate at the Mediums house in 1 Samuel 28. Cracks me up everytime hahahaha.

Or if you like charting new paths, adventure and all, abeg go to all those books we hardly talk about e.g. Obadiah, Joel, Lamentations and so on.

History is your thing? The book of Chronicles, Numbers and so on will leave you feeling educated and very scholarly sef

Guys, the Bible is not just COMPLETE but it can be sooooo much fun to read. Fun aside, IT IS THE WORD OF GOD and it has POWER!!! It is both LIVING AND ACTIVE!!!

You might think you are just reading a story but trust me, as it enters your spirit, it gives you LIFE and begins to WORK in your life.


My darling, don’t worry about HOW it will happen, just focus on getting the WORD INTO YOU and watch the TRANSFORMATION that will follow.

So are we game? Hog your phone all day baby but when you are about to do your business in the toilet, you drop that PHONE with all of its distractions and PICK UP YOUR BIBLE. If you do not have a hardcopy Bible or access to it at that time, you can use your phone Bible app and let it read to you (like YouVersion), or just get an audio Bible and play from your phone. However, just find a way to get the WORD into you right there without distractions. The toilet is as good a place as any to just study without interruptions and actually HEAR GOD especially if He has chosen to go down the Still Small Voice path…

Soon, before you know it, you go carry CD player, journal, Highlighters, Pens, Concordance and Bible Dictionary and your toilet don turn War room be that.


Before long, fellowship go start. Inside Toilet, Hehe. Especially if you decide to take the Joyce Meyer Everyday Life Bible which I blogged about here inside… Hahahah

Scholars say it takes 21days to form a habit. I encourage you to START, and then make it a HABIT!!!
Cheers baby… To taking over TOILETS!!!


God loves yawl like crazzzzzy,





None today. haha #NotEverytimePSPPSPPPS


Why am I still single Part 2… A message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Ok guys, sorry this is coming about 2weeks later than I mentioned. My internet has been craps!!! Please read Part 1 here ICYMI

Ok so we continue from number

4. Are you able?

Do you have capacity as in financial capacity? Of course not to say you must have the whole money in the whole world but even at this level, can we see some fruits that tell us you are going in the right direction? Because some guys KNOW they cannot marry yet and not even in the near future but they keep misleading and wasting the lady’s time. They become HUMAN DELAYS and are just in a relationship for the fun of it. THE PURPOSE OF A RELATIONSHIP IS TO MARRY OOO not just to date forever.

Hello men, women don’t wanna marry a poor brother ooo please and don’t spiritualise it. Will you let your daughter marry a poor prospect-free efulefu? No. they cannot marry in faith because the landlord will not collect rent ‘in faith’. The principal will not collect school fees ‘in faith’. My brother, go and work. Marriage is an expensive venture darlings so are you able? Of course same goes for the women, please bring something to the table too.

At this point PK clarifies that story that he didn’t have anything when he married Pastor M incase any brother wanna use that as an excuse to trap a woman. Yes he was not rich but he had something he was doing with his life. He had faith and it was real because it had started producing results. ANY FAITH WITHOUT RESULTS IS FAKE!!! He was already in ministry and though he didn’t have liquid cash, he had a car already gotten entirely by FAITH (He shared the story again). He also had a place he was living and could afford the basics at least. So please PK had faith then, he still has faith and that faith is still producing. All you need to see is potential. If he says he has faith, what has the faith produced since? Are you on course? Are you making any progress? Ehen then you can now hook up with a spouse who is also on course and then things will move on upwards from there. That is how we know you are ABLE.

He also spoke on materialism. Good girls are actually not hard to impress. A good godly girl will understand even if you don’t have it all then. A woman is like an incubator so when you plant that seed inside of her she will nurture it till it grows. So if you have real faith and are bold and eloquent enough, you can convince her to marry you even if her level seems higher that yours at the time. For example, PK with an OND married Pastor M who had a Masters by then. He had a vision and convinced her of it plus promises sef (I will take you round the world) and she married because she is a godly woman and now, it is happening. (He promised her EXCITING or you can just read all the posts in that series here)

PK and PM

PK and PM

Even when they were going to marry, they didn’t have all the money (Pastor M was still doing her MASTERS then while PK was already in full time ministry) but they had faith, confidence, and were led by God and there were weddings and no, the church money no enter am. So please, no loafers whose faith have produced nothing yet not even transport fare. Siddon ehn, tighten your faith belt well, get on the word because faith works before you jump enter marriage.

And again, being financially able ain’t limited to men alone. A woman too should bring something to the table.

Socially, emotionally, mentally ability is also important. In marriage, you would have to be making adjustments and sacrifices to your life, to tolerate. He that would get married will have trouble in the flesh meaning inconveniences which is why Paul says he wants to save us from it all so stay single hehehe (Ephesians )

A mommy’s boy is NOT ABLE – (All those ‘I cannot marry anybody except my mother agrees’ comedian boys)

A selfish self-centred person is NOT ABLE

Just get the message for more biko hehehe. Now the final one

5.Are you amiable?

Are you Pleasant, good natured, likeable? Are you attractive? There is something about beauty and neatness that attracts. Nope, you don’t have to be Miss World to be attractive. Everybody can be attractive. Please order the message 7ways to be a more attractive person. Call our number which I have provided at the end.

Ever noticed that in a group, some people are more attractive than the others and everyone wants to be around them not because they are the finest ooo but because they are amiable. Are you likeable or always frowning? Are you always neat or dirty? It is possible that your physique, cleanliness, ethics and etiquette is what is keeping you single ooo. Ladies you must have your bath at least twice a day: Morning and night. Men can even get away with bathing just once. And you must bath with soap and sponge not just one of the two. The work of soap is different from the work of sponge so using one is like brushing with either only toothpaste or only toothbrush. They must go together to get the best results. You must brush twice daily too. If you have smelling breath issues, visit a dentist and fix it. (Read my dental hygiene post).

Mouth ordor cannot be cured with prayers and fasting ooo. It would even make it worse. Could be food accumulating in spaces in the teeth and the mixture cannot smell nice when you talk. Just visit a dentist and have them diagnose and deal with it. Feel free to have breath mints and co handy to keep your breath fresh.

And he tells the story that makes me laugh EVERYTIME I am listening to the message lol. Here goes

So back then in his worldly days, he went to this boutique to buy some cloths. Back then boutiques in Festac were small and all so as he was there, this girl entered and that was the end of everyone breathing. Her stench filled up everywhere. You can’t talk or laugh because you are just managing yourself to breath small small. Omo, as the girl comot, see how everyone took deep breaths lol. Dem begin breath again. The boutique owner brought out spray and sprayed everywhere hahahaha. PK said instead of her to go and buy soap and sponge, she was coming to buy cloths. Dem suppose baptize am in Izal and Dettol leave am there to soak lol.

So dear, sponge is to scrub all the sweat that accumulates on the skin, with the help of the soap. You must shave your armpit because those hair there will hold odour even if you bath twice. Pk says some people need to use that iron sponge for pot hahaha.

But really as a woman, if you are dirty, what HOPE do your kids have??? Ugh!!!

Also dress well. Not everything in vogue would fit you. Don’t be pressured. Wear what fits and look good in it. Do your hair neat and fine and let it fit. It don’t have to be Brazilian ooo. Tz not she wey get Brazilian dey marry hahahaha. Plus men don’t even know the difference.

Have good character and be polite as a lifestyle not only when you see an eligible bachelor. Use ‘please’ and ‘excuse me’ regularly. Don’t walk into a place and not greet everyone especially when new in a place. You dunno who the boss may be. He may not look like it ooo. Kai, rude girls are a huge turn off.

Have you been blessed today/tonight?


This is how PK and now PM end their preaching. Even other Ministers in church

Evening, morning, afternoon or today, once you hear that, sermon is over in DCC Lagos.

Trust you enjoyed this. Please share with your single friends, male and female especially your Single and ready for marriage ones. You can worship with DCC in Lagos.

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Instead of going to enter traffic, enjoy Rush hour fellowship and be refreshed.

Love Dating and Marriage (the program where this message and such relationship messages are preached) holds at different intervals in the year. If you would call our numbers, they can send you reminder texts if you wish. Website: http://davidschristiancentre.org/ Phone number: 08077714411

See you this weekend with WEEKEND BANTS. Since we are publishing Friday, weekend bants will appear on Sunday.

Blessed weekend guys…


The REAL boko Haram….

Ndi Boko


That’s what my mama started calling ’em after the drama that happened in UI in my final year


Final year...Exam period. UI

when we HEARD that they had written a letter to our school (and like two more schools) that they were coming to bomb us next.
*insert your BEST ‘shuo’ face here*
I’ll spare you the details of the shutdown, students protest and refusal to write exams, and increased security presence that happened then in school and just tell you how my mom and sister didn’t stop yabbing me about it all cos I even repeated such crap to them…
So whenever she called, she will say
‘…ndi boko ha landiala?’
Literally translating to ‘have the ‘boko people’ landed?’
Tz crazy hilarious in Igbo, plus the way she always said it amidst laughter while my sis will also be laughing in the background.  Choi!!!
Momma of mine… Dramatic to the C
Anyways, the truth is rumour or not, students were taking absolutely NO chances.


Especially cos they were anti Western Education

Exam gbakwa oku, omo, the campus hostels emptied out like we all saw the letter with our korôkoro eyès.


Parents ringing their kids to come home. This was one rumour we didn’t wanna wait to confirm cos that would mean heaven or hell straight up!!!


It just made sense and spirit to vamoose.
Yup…Ndi Boko had such powers. Lol.

Fast forward to later that year when my NYSC posting came out. I recall telling my parents I was posted to Bauchi. That period, ndi-boko were killing crazy in that region. Infact there had been calls to stop posting Corpers there as several had lost their lives. Mehn, trust my dad, first thing he said was ‘You are not going!!!’. And momsie? She had started calling people already to ‘effect necessary changes’.
No way on God’s green earth were they going to let me go to Bauchi!!!
And fact is, I knew plenty people who postponed their NYSC to the next batch cos they were posted to problem states. And I know a few who lied that they had all sorts of unprintable diseases just to be re-posted from camp.
That’s to show you how much we value our lives. Nobody wants to deliberately die from Boko-haram bombings and certainly not at this young age. So we find both godly and ungodly ways to stay safe. And alive.


With my State Coordinator Lagos. Was joking when i told 'em Bauchi

Today in the news, (and I do think you have to make sure you are reading your bible MORE than you are watching the news otherwise, the spirit of despair, fear and depression would soon tackle and overpower you)


Yup, the news doesn't smile these days

ndi-boko gist is everywhere. Where they aren’t bombing, they are threatening or jail breaking or clashing with our Security operatives.
Almost daily, certainly weekly, one drama goes down. And takes with it innocent lives. Only this year, we have lost near thousands. Kids and students not excluded.
Viewer apathy is actually starting to set in. Gosh!!! God forbid.
So why did I lay out all this Boko drama? Or is BH all I wanna talk about today?
Certainly Nope.
Ok, let’s dive in.
One week, one of those weeks when I had just heard about ENOUGH marital or relationship HELLISH news including how the kids were being affected, a friend now told me of another marital story gone BAD for a colleague of hers.


Such heart wrenching news

Then it just dawned on me that some times, we use our own legs and walk straight into ndi-boko camp and let our lives get bombed up.
Yup, that’s EXACTLY what happens when you marry wrong.
That’s the real Boko haram. And this time, You become your own boko-haram. You too are guilty!!! Of aiding and abetting your own ‘death’. 
You get yourself into a real ticking time bomb situation when you end up with the wrong life partner and sooner than later, it will go VOOM in your face…


Lemme talk to the ladies here. Cos most times, we suffer more in such situations. We are the casualties of this war. 
Sweetie, I beg You in the name of God, please don’t COMPROMISE your faith cos of a man!!! Don’t lower your standards just cos your life’s aspiration is to marriage!!! Now I am going to assume that I’m talking to real spiritual believing ladies here. If you aren’t, nne get right with God first ooo cos you can’t make this all important decision without Him. Don’t deceive yourself ooo. 


Join us the FAB GOD GIRLS ooo...

Ok so let’s proceed…

If Mr Tall Glass of all things HOT n SPICY is NOT a born-again and unquestionably saved believer complete with FRUITS of the spirit NOT just the GIFTS, he is BOKO HARAM!!! Run!!! His soul z not saved/renewed and according to Eph 2:2, there is a DEMON Spirit at work in the sons of disobedience, those who refuse to obey God. Hmm, that spirit can move him to do ANYTHING at ANYTIME!!!



Nne that is the real boko-haram. Don’t even think about marrying him!!! Run!!!

If he is Mr Swags-on-point, but he doesn’t have any spiritual authority or mentor over him that can call him to order when his head starts touching, and he is even one of those who talk down on Pastors and MOG, he is a ticking time bomb, RUN!!!


An un-mentored man has already been recruited into the Boko Haram army. Don’t let him practice his skills on you ooo. Experience z NOT the best teacher for the wise.
If our Tall, Dark and Handsome doesn’t go to and SERVE in a church or pay his tithe REGULARLY, run!!! A man who cheats God will cheat and shortchange you of life itself… Plus he has no covering!!! Boko haram identified!!! And rejected!!! Tsk tsk tsk!!! Run!!!

If Mr Suave is also Mommy’s boy, honey, you can’t compete with his mom ooo.



Neither can you fight it if the boy aint willing to free himself from mommy’s apron.


The ground no go level ooo. No try yasef

And no wife wants to play second fiddle in her ‘real estate’. It may seem like just a spark that would soon go out but trust me, I recently heard of an under one year divorce case cos of mummy’s influence!!! Tick tock tick tock BOOOM!!!
Bomb will sooner than later detonate in your face!!! Run baby, run. But first, gift him this sucker!!!



For me, the next point is probably my most important…

If your spiritual authority says ‘don’t marry this man or quit this relationship’ baby mi, don’t even think it. Of course this is me assuming you have Pastors or mentors like my PK and Rev.


Rev Femi Oduwole and Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo. My MAINESTssss!!!

Trust me, he is NOT gaining natin by stopping you. Instead he is saving your life from being blown up!!! Listen!!! Ask him why…Then take notes to identify any other BH man and then Run!!!


That 'love' will burn you bad

Run like Road runner. Don’t look back like Lot’s wife. Make sure that loser NEVER catches you. Your life can scatter my Love. Scatter!!! If you dare to disobey spiritual authority especially on this all-important marriage matter, and maybe even now start dodging or fighting your Pastor cos you suddenly think he wants to pour sansan in your garri…. Hmmmmmmmm.
Some mistakes are DEADLY. Even when you repent of it and attempt to get your life back on track, the scars remain. Sometimes very VERY obvious.


Some scars remain FOREVER...

When your hands have burnt and you come back to your mentor/Pastor, he will accept you but you will deal with the consequences of that isi-ike FOREVER. 


Listen to your spiritual leaders ooo. Hmm

Hmm, and the koko one, if he beats you in the relationship, and you go ahead, spurn better judgement and marry, please lemme know. So I can gift you a coffin on your wedding day. Sweetie, an abusive man is Boko haram’s ring leader. Someday, your corpse will be what will be taken out of that marriage.

If he is sexing you in the relationship, hmm both of you are being stupid but the girl more IMO. My LOVE, stop!!! You can repent NOW. And if he no gree, baby, madness occurs when you as a wife has ZERO trust in your hubby cos the same line you cross to fornicate is the same you cross to ‘adulterate’. You will just become a detective for nothing. Unpaid crazy one. Nne, no TRUST, No NOTHING.


You deserve MORE darling

Then he will now boko-haramize you when you now dare to ask him questions!!! Sweerie, oso Abiola… RUN!!! Leave your shoes behind if you have to. 


More like FLEE

Forget that He is the hottest thing Alex-Ekubo-aint-got-natin-on-him. He oozes class and panache like Paddy Adenuga. He is so charming Okija babalawos and their many charms pale when he appears.   Those things don’t matter as much ooo. The difference between Charming and Harming is the letter C…
See how Harming goes with Haram-ing if you can attempt to ‘funerize’

Now, my blog is NOT a strictly relationship blog but for some interesting reason, majority of the mails that come to me are relationship related from ladies. Hmmmmm. Like Inthe…, I can actually say tz my ‘bread and butter’ especially when the ladies are actually really ready to follow wise counsel. But guess where the real wahala happens?
When despite wise counsel, she tells you how hard it is to do what’s right, and then goes ahead with ndi-boko and BOOM!!! She is haramized… I wish I could FORCE them but I have learnt that I can’t… I can only talk and pray and hope you make the right choice.

My Pastor Kingsley always says ‘…you deserve who you marry…’ and he doesn’t pity people with ‘marriage drama’ anymore… Because counsel po… Wise counsel is everywhere if we open our eyes a bit. Somewhat like the lawyers will say ‘Ignorance is not an excuse in law…’ Most times, we just ignore or not heed to counsel cos we think we know better. Whatever you see in marriage, you would have seen a shadow in courtship but love dey blind and shack you.
At first, I thought PK was being harsh. Right now, I believe him. It may sound like a harsh thing to say, but tz the truth. Sorry.
Before I start pitying you, I like to ask questions. When you ask questions deeply, you will realize that the cracks were present. The red flags… The ‘Potential Boko haram’ billboard. She just ignored it or downplayed it.


Then the fall inevitably happens...

Don’t come in here and be telling me ‘people change, you just never know what you will see in marriage until you enter or you are still in the creche of marriage and things may change so don’t talk yet (I had a comedienne tell me that once. I was amazed as to how the devil has blinded and deceived people. I immediately prayed for her cos she sounded like a Haramized wife)…’ And all such absolute rubbish…
Our heavenly Father is NOT wicked. He will NEVER leave you without a witness and neither will He lead you into something that has the potential to change for the worse. No baby, not my Sugar Daddy. 

Singleness is NOT a sin. It is NOT a curse. It is NOT a disease. You won’t be sent out of heaven if you don’t marry BUT marrying the wrong person can take you straight to hell, boko haram style. 
Psychologists have even proved that the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life by 62%. Wow!!!! That is HUGE. Tz way better to be single hoping to be married than to be married, living with the fear of Boko haram and craving singlehood ooo.
Shine your eyes, shine your brain and of course, shine your spirit.
Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of just being a Mrs…
Let’s do this exercise baby…
Tz simple.
Get a mirror…look at your beautiful face therein. God-girl that you are.
Tell yourself
I am worth more than any Boko-haramization!!!
I am Priced far above rubies.
Too precious to God.
Sugar daughter of THE only Sugar Daddy.
I am God’s biggest deal. He’s invested His ALL in me so I can’t miss it marriage wise cos He’s got His eyes on me.
He will perfect it for me at the right time. He that would come will come and not tarry. I will patiently wait for him while working on myself to be the best mum for my kids.


Single is FABULOUS too

And I do owe my kids the best Daddy too.
I deserve more than a ticking time bomb.
I will let that loser go… I release him even though it hurts. I sow him as a seed to God. He will bring me a bountiful harvest. My very own David. My perfect slice of heaven. My heaven. My very own ‘Love like a movie’.
*feel free to add more darling*


Love and Pamper you...

You are a King’s daughter baby. Don’t settle for less. Don’t reduce your standards so low that even lizards can apply and of course at the same time, don’t raise them so high even the Pope can’t apply. Wisdom!!!

Like I said, information is everywhere yo!!! Good ones ooo. Don’t even think your speaking in tongues alone will teach you all you need to know. Try learning to drive by just scabashing and come back to tell me how that goes. Please nne, deliberately read good books, attend good seminars (like LDM), buy messages, etc.

Now I know there will be some married women who are in some kinda haramic situation reading this. My heart bleeds for you. Gosh!!! So what do you do? Can I be sincere with you here?
I dunno. Truth. Cos situations are peculiar. I can’t say what you should do here but I do know you can get counselling. Customised counselling. If you really do need one, I could hook you up. More than anything, you can too pray. Yes PRAY. Gragra won’t do shingbai. God can and  will teach you what to do.

Which is why I love to talk more to the Singles. You have the opportunity to get it right. You can still press the CAUTION button and check out every man to be sure He is not a Boko-haram member.


Caution baby CAUTION

Which is why I’m delighted to invite you to this month’s LDM seminar in Abuja themed
CAUTION for Singles!!!


Love Dating & Marriage Abuja

I mean, if you don’t know, you can learn yeah?
Cos that safety sign C can be the difference between heaven and Boko-haram.

Of course you know David’s Christian Centre got relationship on a lock down yeah?


To the blood!!! Wherever life takes me...

Like we do relationship right. Right from our Senior Pastor to the Ministers and then Eziaha (loool) and the rest of us, we just dey enjoy heaven on earth in our marriages. So when we call a relationship seminar, clear your schedule and come!!!
This Sunday April 13. Petrus Hotel, off Gimbaya street (after Toprank Hotel), Area 11, Garki Abuja. 4.30pm
My Pastor drops it like He hears it. Undiluted and Powerful!!! You don’t wanna miss it. Single or married, this meeting will bless you…
See you there *winks*

Stay FAB darlings.
Testifying FORWARD…

Yes. Posts come up here once a week now. At the weekends. Seldom twice.
I know, stop protesting already hehehe.
By the way, you guys major rock!!! #FAB4Life
Oh btw, you can reach me on eziaha@eziaha.com or on Twitter @eziahaa

Cos I am super nice, I have attached a couple of links to posts that can help my Single Sisters out there…
@inthemidstofher The measure of a (1st Tim 3) man http://www.inthemidstofher.com/2011/03/my-criteriathe-measure-of-man-part-1.html?m=1 (while on her blog, snoop around for Part 2)
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Dangerous men by my Booski http://dumebie.com/2014/03/17/dangerous-men/
Guys, you can actually just read between the lines and know the kind of ladies who have enlisted in the BH army.
Someday God will help me transcribe ‘Don’t marry her if…’ By Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.
Until then, just believe God. Lol

Life really does have a HIERARCHY…

I can imagine that many of us are quite familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Especially if you have a background in the Social Sciences…

I recall learning it in PSY 102 in Uni and I totally loved it. I immediately, I made up my mind to reach the peak which is SELF ACTUALIZATION as those who got to that peak of actually living self actualized lives are truly happy and fulfilled.

There is however a hierarchy in life, or in this world if you like. And depending on where you find yourself, this should make you happy or sad.

Each level is EXCLUSIVE. You can NOT be in more than one at a time.

Let’s take this from the top.

So who is at the top of this hierarchy? Who runs tinz?

Yup, you guessed right!!!

The Oga at the top is the One and Only ALMIGHTY GOD


He is the BOSS over all the earth and all things are under Him, including the Devil.

He can do and undo and absolutely no one can question Him.

Just below the Oga at the top, we have BELIEVERS.


It is to WE the believers that our Oga has the top has given that authority. To bind and lose things and people as we like here on earth.


Don’t dare a Believer ooo, Especially a very-aware-of-her-rights Believer. We have authority right here on earth so don’t mess with us yo!!!


We have access to the keys. We bind, we lose…


We trample upon every as we like…

Ah, Believers ROCK o jare…

Right under the Believers are ANGELS…

I love Angels ooo. Too much. Where would some of us be without them?


At some point, i thought Angels were higher than us but hey, we are their Bosses ooo.

Heb 1 vs. 14 became my BEST scripture during exams or when i needed something cancelled because i was lazy hadn’t quite studied.


Are not all angels ministering spirits/servants sent to serve/care for those who will inherit salvation…? Heb 1;14


Kai, you need to see us, my study group and I, sending all our angels on assignments whenever we prayed together at the Chapel in the University then.

ekl (My Prayer and Study partners in 200 and 300 level)

I mean, as serious as the prayers were at times, I would keep laughing at Loni’s prayer when she starts saying things like ‘My angels are on igbo so they are so high and energized to run around for me’.

True ooo, no way our Angels were falling asleep on our watch… Mba.


The point is Angels are below us. yeah I know you just mentally quoted Psalms 8v5 to me

‘He has made us a little lower than angels…’

Some might argue that Angels are higher BUT other versions substitute ‘God’ for ‘Angels’ because the original Hebrew word is actually ELOHIM which is of course God and so there is a whole controversy about a translation error there but when we cross ref with the Hebrews scripture, that controversy is over yeah?


A servant can NOT be greater than the Master, No?

Just below the ANGELS, we have SATAN.


Ah, Satan is a really bad Satan ooo. I will say more about him and why I hate him after the last level in this hierarchy… i know we all think Satan has to be the last last in this Pyramid. He isn’t. We have one more class just under him. Scary right? I mean, who wants the devil as a Boss? Defo not E’

At the base of this pyramid is the UNBELIEVER…


Chai!!! I usually shudder every time I have to talk about this, at the plight of these people.


Satan is the god of this earth (2nd Cor 4:4). No controversy there.

Blame Adam.

But thank God for the second Adam, Christ Jesus who died and has given us permission to come under his wings and be safe from the devil. All we need do is LOVE HIM… simple. And by Love, I mean obeying His NOT-GRIEVOUS commands. That way we come under His own Boss-ship away from Satan’s.

The devil is VERY wicked mehn… the Bible calls him a devourer. And indeed he is. He has absolutely NO regard when he starts dealing with his children, the unbelievers. This is really scary. He can make your life MISERABLE… He will toss and kick you around like a ball, deal you many upper cuts like a boxer, drag you around like a towing truck… His wickedness schemes are endless.

Eve temptation

Sometimes, he dangles you a carrot and deceives you with all sorts of niceties, but mehn, that is really ephemeral. When you have enjoyed short term, the suffering will not even make you remember the enjoyment. I hate the devil sha.

And the worst part about this devil is that after dealing with you here on earth, you now get to spend eternity in hell. I mean that is eternal FIRE burning. With the scorching sun I experienced in Abuja, I can’t deal biko. With the devil, it is a lose-lose situation sha… lose on earth, lose in heaven. I can’t deal mehn… that is why I play for #teamJesus proudly.


With Him, it is win-win-win-win-win… Who no like better abeg?


I totally absolutely LOVE Jesus jor

love jesus

I dunno if I am more excited about my mansion in heaven, or the streets of gold? Or finally meeting Peter. He is my fave disciple sha. His ‘hot blood’ was too much. Or David… Whose Davidic covenant we enjoy at DCC which keeps us testifying…


Darling, as long as you still have breath in you and the trumpet has not sounded, you can ‘port’ to #teamJesus if you don’t play there already. There is more than enough room for ALL in his everlasting arms of LOVE.

God is love

And we in Team Jesus gotta shine our lights brighter and brighter so that we can attract people to our team… We need to depopulate that region ooo…

It won’t be a bad idea if only Satan burns in his hell at the end of the first world now, would it?


Ok dazall…

I hope you learnt something…

And made a decision to either PORT or shine your light even more. if you need help, you ahve my number (eziaharx@yahoo.com) Holla…

Hierarchy credit; Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (I actually heard him mention this in passing and decided to blow it up in a blog Post. Yea yea I love me my Pastor yo!!!)

Hierarchy source; The Bible of course. That is why i have put in plenty scriptures… We no dey play here.

Hierarchy Publicist; E’ (hehehe)

Stay F.A.B fam..,



This article was first published here on may 29,2013. This is a somewhat a revised version but the message is same. You can find the original here http://eziaha.com/2013/05/29/the-hierarchy-of-life/

I will be re-running some Posts from my archives, especially the ones that are too good to miss jor. I won’t re-blog them (at least I hope not to), I would revise and update before I blog so that even if you read before, you would still grasp something new. I think there are too many great posts i have done in the past that are too good for my archives alone jare.


I was tidying this article up at work when a certain BIG MAN (Nnukwu mmanwu, Big masquerade that you see once in a blue moon, BOSS, etc You get my drift lol) walked in and even though whenever he walks in (maybe like once in two weeks) and I greet, he usually responds politely and keeps moving. Today, I greet (with my UNQUANTIFIABLE smile of course) and he stops, responds, asks me to spell my name cos he keeps forgetting (He just says ‘the Corper’) and then tells me to call Him sometime let us talk and proceeds to give me his number YAY!!! You know those people who their numbers are so golden. Lol. Drag your minds out of the gutter. It is strictly official and I feel really privileged yo!!! Lol. I immediately rang up Aku m who was quick to tell me that I am now feeling fly abi? Lol. He now yabbed me for not asking when to call exactly. I was too star struck and you know this Big big people sef. Anyways, if i call and he doesn’t pick, I will send a text abi? Life is simple jor. I will gist my mom when I get home too. Now to ring my Sapphire up to gist her lol. Yes I am that excited. I know what she will say first is “ohhhhhhhhhh’ or ‘awwwww’ lol. Sometimes I think I am married to that girl, lol. She says she is working on a new fiction so you may wanna skip over to http://www.ibilivinfiction.wordpress.com to see what she got


This Post was done and dusted on Thursday Oct 24 afternoon but will go LIVE Friday October 25. By which time I should be on a private jet tinzzzz. Please don’t tell me you don’t believe me… Thomas lol.

When we celebrate… DCC style


I attend the world’s most amazing church!!!






So this rocking church of mine is celebrating 17years of 100% victory All the way…


It is our birthday… Actually our month. So every sunday will rock…

Starting from tomorrow…

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Consider this your special invite…

No better time to visit (and maybe join us)

Tomorrow morning

7.30am first celebration service

9am Second celebration service

Laolu Gbenro will be ministering in songs…

It will be a Party tomorrow.


Can’t wait!!!

Then that evening…

Special LDM session…

LDM is our monthly relationship seminar…

Love Dating and Married…

This month’s theme is

*gen gen*wpid-LDM-SPECIAL-Sab.jpg

Why Marry…

Lol. I love the title.

Well at least I know one reason why I wanna marry!!!

Because when a good Faithful man like Bolaji Olojo finds a FAB virtuous woman like Eziaha Ajaero, by goodness, of course they should marry!!!

What are they waiting for na…?



Don’t mind me jare. I’m just so excited about DCC’s victory…

Such a joy to be a part of this Family of God…

A place where Young people redefine service to God.

wpid-tri-pub.jpegVery driven young persons… Diligent, Passionate, worded, loaded, Souled out to God young persons. Oh my!!! Thank you dear Jesus for bringing me to such a church.

A lot of young people ask me…

‘ E’ how do you manage to stay so christian? Love God the way you do? And so on…’

I said I’ll do a post or series of posts on that but one of the major reasons is that I have been blessed with incredibly good churches.

Everywhere I find myself. Cos church has this incredible way of gingering you… A good church that is ooo… And also being involved not just going to warm the seats ooo… Being an active member… Yup, that works wella for your faith…

“…Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together or forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as some do but spurring each other on, exhorting and encouraging one another especially as we see the big Day approaching…”

Heb 10: 25 E’s mix version…

Ok, I’ll stop here…

Again, DCC dome (Yes we have a dome which we have christened VICTORY DOME) is located at Fatgbems bus stop, behind PHCN office right off Oshodi Apapa express way…wpid-dcc-dome-640x480.jpeg

And yup, transportation is available all around Lagos… Call 08077714411 for deets…

Come and enjoy our celebration of 17years with us and have a taste of Victory DCC style…

Don’t forget your dancing shoes.

You can also watch us stream live at http://www.davidschristiancentre.org

And to all DCC members, may we all raise our glasses and toast to many more years of Victory ahead…

Victory Cheers…


oh-SOH-amazing moments… MK&WW

This is the second and the last I would be doing on the oh-SOH-amazing moments.
So I would cram as much as possible into this…
Johnson Madichie, you have approximately 48hours to do the full post on Sound Of heaven ooo…
http://www.johnsonmadichie.wordpress.com is his blog so keep checking. And then I will also reblog it right here.
By the way, today’s post is oh-SOH-special because it is
*******fireworks and crackers********
MK’s birthday…


And he is just 21…
This post is totally dedicated to Ebele’s heartbeat MK…


This will be a show off post for the Ogeleka family!!! In DCC, ‘2013, I will testify’ is our prophecy for the year…
In some instances, people will share the testimonies on your behalf.


That’s what I’m doing today. Whoop!!!
So I’ll start from the hottest news!!!
MK got two cars on the night of his concert and album launch…


Now if he got this car from a mentee or a church member, e for good. These gifts came from his mentors!!! If your mentors give you gifts, that sorta endorsement is a big deal oooo…
First from his Pastor and my Pastor  Kingsley Okonkwo and his wifey…A couple who truly makes things happen…


After PK made that announcement, he now said that doesn’t mean that if you had plans to give him a car you should change your mind ooo. Abeg still give.
That was a word for Sammie Okposo. A confirmation. And so when he came up, he announced that he actually brought the car gift right to church, packed outside.
Wow!!! Two cars one night!!!
I wanna add that pk’s own is being shipped all the way fronm amelika but no time to add that…
It gets better…
Mk and his wifey had earlier sowed their car. At the start of the year, they bought two I WILL TESTIFY car stickers.


Look what our God has done!!!
The stickers now have two cars to go on…
Mehn, our God is faithful.
Too faithful.
And it pays to be faithful.
MK and Ebele are proof. Living proof.
Speaking of his wifey Ebele Water walker…


Refresh your memory with this post I did on ‘The assignment called wife’
Ebele poured her all into it. And most Minstrels that night testified to it including Sammie Okposo who said ‘this is the kinda wife every music minister should have’


MK also spoke glowingly and this quote was my quote of the night
‘…marry a woman who can not only birth your kids but birth your vision…’


All of this was put together by Ebele. Nne, I hail oooo.
You do ‘wife’ right (y)


Guys, marry well oooo. Don’t just follow hips lips and fingertips. Marry a wife not girlfriend ooo (yup I know I have part 3 of the ‘Your girlfriend is not your wife’ pending. Not to worry, next week)
Btw, MK sang, danced, jumped, cried, ministered and took us all to heaven that night.


Mk, a true minister of God…
I love how he teased us when performing my BEST song Arugbo Ojo
And Arugbo Ojo has plenty fans now ooo


Better go and dl it already ooo
Thank me later
And buy the album too. Come to DCC you will see it for now…
Abeg the concert rocked. And dcc rocks too


I want to say DAZALL but it isn’t oooo
The monday night after SOH, MK flew to Yankee for a tour of 6 states with Sammie Okposo. Not as a back up singer ooo, but as a guest singer too.
Faithfulness pays abeg… If he wasn’t faithful with little (back up singer for Okposo) , would Okposo have entrusted more (yankee tour as a guest artiste) to him??? Heck no!!!
Abeg MK, enjoy jare
Just sha come back ooo. Make Sammie Okposo no try rough play oooo. And all the obodo oyibo people oooo…
Mk, 29more days, back to Naija. Ebele misses u already!!!


Ebele’s love for her hubby eh… no get part two…


And biko MK come and gimme my indomie treat ooo.


Yesooo MK and I share indomie love in common!!!
Plus we have the same smile…


You see
Then Kendra and I have the same pose (and smile too)



Then Ebele and I have the same ‘gra gra, in-your-face’ persona
Though Ebele’s gragra pass my own ooo.


Oh we both wear dreads too but mine is finer :p
Again, Happy birthday MK
Continue to testify jare.


It sure looks good on you…
Bring chocolate ooo. I prefer white chocolate especially Toblerone!!!
Thank you
Inothernews, my Pastor will be speaking on ‘the woman caught in adultery’ this evening in church.


Can’t wait yo!!!
Don’t miss service ooo dcc folks.
Then please peep my friend Inthe’s blog post http://t.co/aQeFt641j3
It borders on ‘the other woman’. It is from her mailbox. Her counsel there is priceless.
And feel free to drop your counsel too…
I already did…
Lemme go and get some work done…

#AttitudeO’Gratitude… Day 25

I’m walking on sunshine as I type…
Actually I am typing from heaven…
I have MK’s Sound of heaven album playing as I type away…
I only got in from the concert a second ago and it was HEAVENLY


(Pardon the blurred pix. It was late)
I am not promising to give gist… Or pictures but I’ll try in another post
I’m also sure another DCC blogger will. Johnson Madichie that’s your sub 😉
I’ll reblog as soon as he does
I came straight from Asaba to church
Couldn’t even get home
And I had a rough journey so you can imagine that I am super duper tired!!!
Buh you know how we do na 😉
Attitude O’ Gratitude Day 25
So here are 5 of the many things I am mighty thankful for
1. Journey mercies. To and from Asaba
God will always provide so this is my first and last time of doing a road trip to that town or any town I can fly to (except of cos it is a group road tin). Both ways were rough journeys. Gosh!!! Thank God for mercies abeg!!!
2. Divine supernatural provision. Mehn… By the time I paid the cab man who brought me home from the concert, my purse was empty. I’m thoroughly amazed how the money I left with miraculously sufficed. And I did everything I wanted to do ooo… Money doubling tinz…
3. A super amazing weekend… Double delight… Dumebi’s wedding and MK’s sound of heaven concert/album launch…


Walahi, this is the sorta weekend I should have on a regular. Really I’m grateful for amazing events this August that have made me less selfish and focus less on my own challenges. God knows how to sort me… He truly goes ahead… arranging stuff for his own. I’m very grateful Sugar daddy mi… Very very grateful.
4. I’m thankful that I made the Onitsha bridge today. Before I left for Asaba, I really desired to hit that bridge. Its been ages I saw that bridge… I hadn’t done a road trip to the east for a while. But Asaba didn’t give me time to… Till this morning. I promise to give you the gist in full later but the nostalgia I felt as I WALKED the stretch of that bridge was outta this world.


Of course I took loadsa pix.
I used to be so scared then as we drove through but today, E’ walked across it… Whoop.
And finally, cos I saved the best for last
5. Sound of heaven!!! MK and Water Walker (Ebele) I am so thankful on your behalf. But I also feel a sense of personal victory myself at the incredible success the event was. I am thankful for the two car gifts MK received. Yup TWO!!! One from our dearly beloved Pastors Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo


and the second from Sammie Okposo


for whom MK did backup for about 8years. Faithfulness pays. I tell ya. Then all the guest artists that performed for MK pro-bono. Haba. And they were all on point.  Then all the favor and osho free he got in recording the album. MK is just dripping with testimonies and I am thankful for him and his PRICELESS wife Ebele of whom MK said the most amazing sweet things…


Biko I tap in.
The testimony of one (MK and Ebele)…


The possibility of another(Eziaha)… That was why I ‘shunned’ the free album we were given to go and buy the album and by extension sow into his ministry.


I had a ‘moment’ when Freke was performing.  Freke was like my prophet for the night. He just had these hot prophetic words that just connected with my spirit. I am so thankful I had something with which to ‘connect’ too. Freke is my latest crush… Looooool. After PITA (Pita’s voice makes nonsense of the richness of Coldstone creamery ice cream delight). And MK *dodges Ebele’s blow*
Looooooooool. I’m kidding oooo Ebele.
Eben was another fave of mine for the night.


I was super duper tired so I sat through a lot of the ministrations but when Eben started ‘All the way…’ I didn’t know when I jumped up. And danced eh… Kai.
DCC knows how to rock ‘All the way…’ Though my nebs Ify thinks Christ embassy rocks the song better.


SOH was 5000stars yo!!!
It was oh-SOH-amazing…
Glory to God.
Ah!!!! In MK’s voice
‘…You do well ooo, Baba you do well ooo…’
Cheers to a FABtastic week ahead. For you and me…
We will testify too. Amen…

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