You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned




Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by LISA HARPER.



I also love the example Lisa gave of her friend who plops down in the Coffee shop for a meeting, right after she drops her kids off, only to realize she is wearing two different pairs of socks, and how she explains that sometimes running after Jesus is that way. We are EXHAUSTED yes, but we are HAPPY because we are giving our race our all.

Mehn, if anyone tells you that you will NOT get road weary just because you are on the right path, and running after Jesus, THEY LIED BIG TIME!!!

You are probably about to go Isaiah 40:31 on me, because ‘…those that wait on the Lord shall NOT GROW WEARY…’

Yup, but back up a bit, it says they shall RENEW their strength. The term RENEW goes to show that at some point, strength was depleted.

On this journey, there will be many ROAD-WEARY moments. Moments where you just DESPERATELY NEED A TOP-UP of not just strength, but Joy, Peace, Wisdom, etc., so that when you have been renewed, you can continue to RUN HARD, IN YOUR LANE, AFTER JESUS, giving your race YOUR absolute ALL!!!

So practically, how do we TOP UP when we get road weary?

For me, two ways especially

  1. I pull back totally and take a RETREAT.

“…And He said to them, “Come away with Me privately to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while…” Mark 6:31

Oh life can get into such a buzz and blur, with many things happening at once that you need to ‘come away with Jesus’ every now and then, before you  burn out. I didn’t even know Jesus said these words verbatim, I just know that one morning as I prayed, I heard God tell me ‘Come away with me…’ and then I continued to hear a replay in my Spirit.

And I’m glad I obeyed and took 3 days off for a personal retreat, because I TRULY needed that time with Him, both to refresh and then DOWNLOAD too.

So yup, I take a retreat whenever i get Road-weary.

  1. I go fellowship WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

I love me my Spiritual gatherings yo!!! And for the purpose of this Post, let’s stick to CHICK ONLY gatherings like LOVE LIFE which I blogged about here


I mean, there is just something about Chicks coming together in worship, word and just general fellowship that refreshes and strengthens us. Hebrews 10v25 talks about ‘…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…’ I am convinced that these gatherings just help to refresh ROAD-WEARY travellers.


I love that Joyce Meyer Ministries calls it THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR…


Because when Chicks gather ANYWHERE and Jesus is there, IT IS A PARTY yawl!!! Whether it is to Praise, Pray, Worship or just Laugh, it is A COMPLETE TURN UP.

I am talking ‘clubs-ain’t-got-nada-on-us’ kinda PARTAY!!! And yawl know when you attend a good PARTAY, you may feel physically exhausted but your Spirit and Soul is ANOTHER LEVEL HIGH, and soon, even your body catches up.

But this is NOT about Joyce’s LOVE LIFE, this is about Mildred’s BEAUTIFUL. (Any reason to side-by-side Joyce&Mildred)


BEAUTIFUL is the theme of this year’s annual JUST US GIRLS Conference hosted by my Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo. If anyone knows how to organize a CHICK PARTY, Pastor M does!!! Just check the recap of IMELA out.


I am talking Praise, Worship, Prayer, Fun, Comedy, Gifts, etc.; Pastor M goes the whole 9 yards and then some.

From MANNERS conference

From MANNERS conference

I have more details about BEAUTIFUL in this Post Guest Ministers and all…


I just feel it in my Spirit that this is one meeting God has called to REFRESH His ROAD WEARY travellers.


Chicks who are just doing what God has told them to do, keeping the faith, running hard in their lanes, giving their best, and living for Jesus, even with the current realities in the Land of Promise, Nigeria, today.

tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard on city road

I know living in Nigeria can wear us out and even get discouraging but hey, whatever the case or your current situation is, we all need that PUMP to get us back on track and going.

Life is STILL but a vapour so every single minute counts.

Road weary? Phew!!! I certainly am, in a good way. So I am thankful for the timing AND the theme of this conference.

Let’s REFRESH and REFUEL so that we can end the race on a HIGH!!!



Oh and even if you are NOT road-weary, just come and have FUN!!!


Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh, and clean jokes sef.


Or who doesn’t like a Party where PC is going to be roc’in da mic…


Plus HE IS NOW MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay!!!


Congrats PC and Rem…


God make your marriage BEAUTIFUL, pun intended of course!!!

See you TOMORROW  at BEAUTIFUL and hey, feel free to say HI if you see me.




Yes, please!!!


I’m on a roll today so see you in a bit with a Post called The ‘Hurri’ CAINE!!! Anybody guess what it will be about? Lol

Happy weekend boo,




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Details here Share with your friends who may be interested please. And of course, my book is still available.


If you sent a mail or dropped your email and have not gotten the book, I APOLOGISE!!! Phew. Just send a mail AGAIN to We are now more organized, and you will definitely be getting your copy. E ma bi nu ok? Thanks.

And thanks to everyone who has taken the pains to send me a review. Super thankful. God bless us all.

And oh, you did NOT miss me on Rhythm on Wednesday night, did you?


Gosh!!! I had a blast and i got incredibz feedback. I particularly swooned when the callers said ‘This girl is very knowledgeable about what she is saying…’

I just REALLY thank God for EVERYTHING!!! Like that interview went FAR and WIDE!!! Jesus tank Sah!!! It has been FIVE months of CoachE’ and God has really blown me away as per media exposure.






The second video for Stay at Home moms is up

I have had the craziest feedback from this videos and I wish i could tell EVERY single SAHM just HOW POWERFUL that season is. Please share with Domestic Queens you know. Thanks. Even watching it all over again is PUMPING me up!!! Group Hug for all we SUPER HOUSEWIVES please!!!



Just random pictures from this Morning

1 Hubby and myself lol


He now starts yabbing me how i was as heavy as an elephant before and even my leg, to lift them alone was like olumo rock, but today HE TOTALLY LOVES the way i look. Like i mentioned in my book, He never yabbed me once, but today ehn, it is like he was saving the yabis. LOL

2 We had to add KingDaveed


Hubs has FINALLY admitted that he looks like me!!! Yay!!! Anyone know any bank where i can exchange that info for 150,000USD?

3 I snapped with a giant today lol


I usually hear ‘Oh for a woman, you are tall’. Today i heard, ‘Oh for a NIGERIAN woman, you are tall’


If i could get to the middle of his skull, i would have knocked him. Hahaha.

Ok let me get to writing my HurriCAINE post!!!


16 things I have LEARNED in ’16

I dunno about the rest of the world but 2016 has been one big education for me!!!


I can’t even believe myself. As we kiss the Ist quarter goodbye, I figured I’ll share 16 things I’ve learned in 2016 (so far)

Learned as in a deeply bearing-personal-witness kinda way…


1. Never estimating anyone from a purely human or physical point of view. Actually tz the popular ‘…know no man after the flesh…’ of 2cor 5:16. 

This was something God told me at the start of the year. And i’m thankful He did, because I always remembered it as I dealt with humans. I shudder at all I would have missed, or entered, had I been looking and estimating at only face value. 

2. My motives, especially as a Sanguine are EVERYTHING!!!


This one has been tough. God is constantly checking me with the big question- WHY???

Why do you wanna blog/tweet that?

Why do you wanna say that?

Why do you wanna give that?

Why? Why?? Why???

Big question. Especially for a Sanguine like me who wants to be Sanguine and also live for God. Trust me, it is something!!! And yes I LOVE being Sanguine. Everybody I am obsessed about is Sanguine. OK almost everybody.

3. I am one strong and extremely passionate young woman.


For many years, Valerie, my bestie would tell me that and I would block it thinking, ‘Vee is just too kind to me jor…’ But in recent times, I’ve seen a side of me I didn’t know I had. One of the most freeing counsel I’ve received and it came from my Pastor M has to be ‘…you have to learn how to LOVE, and then DETACH…’ 

4. There are weights. And there are sins. And they are not the same. 

If they were the same, the writer of Hebrews (12v1) would not have separated it. I have learnt to toss the weights and i’m still learning. 

Weights?!??!! Phew… just leave them and soon enough they become SIN!!!

5. The law of sowing and reaping works. 

Sometimes like magic, immediately. Most times, over time. But eventually, harvest comes. I’m sold out to sowing. And as widely as possible. Even with tears.

6. Money is a defence!!!

The Preacher didn’t tell no lie when he wrote that in Ecclesiastes 7v12. Hopefully, I can unpack that in a separate post. But trust me, money is a defence!!! I recall unpacking this for my bestie Dumebi


and she said her prayer the next morning changed. Lol

7. Whenever I am burning out, it is not that I am doing too much, it is that I’m doing stuff God hasn’t empowered me to do. I’m being very unwise and probably trying to please too many people. There are stuff I’ve done and expected to have a flat out exhausted-to-depression moment like Elijah but I just realise energy bursting through me. Then sometimes i’ll do less and i’m burned out. One day, God explained why to me. Now I’m more careful of my activities. 

8. Pressure is real. Especially people pressure. God had to teach me ‘Eziaha, you obey God NOT man’


Now, I make sure to live for the approval of ONE… Jesus!!!

9. If I don’t manage my time taking phonecalls, I’ll spend all day on the phone. So now, I’m very OK with letting phones ring out while I just look at it. Then I also know how to stop conversations that are winding. I have my Rev to thank for that.


I learned that from him because he didn’t stop being a people-person as a result so…………..

10. I BELIEVE in my sheep-shepherd type relationship with God. I believe I will hear Him on situations, whether in advance, smack dab in the middle of it, or afterwards. I constantly repeat ‘I am God’s sheep and I hear and obey ONLY His voice. The voice of a stranger I do not obey/follow’  So when I feel like I’m starting to stress about something, I just say ‘God, I believe you will speak to me clearly on this so i’ll just let it be‘. He usually shows up for me. 

11. I have a PhD in stalking. 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 it is incredibz.

I believe it is a gift. A gift of research.


Already authoring hers lol

Once I enter your matter, I can author your biography. So long as you don’t live under a rock. Lol. BTW I stalk people who stalk Jesus ooooo.

12. It is soooooooo important to share your story both with yourself (the more personal ones) and with others. I’m grateful I have a platform to do that with my blog. I’ve read stories on my blog and i’m grateful I wrote them down. Because otherwise, I would have forgotten details. I’ve looked at my past journals and i’m grateful I document my spiritual journey especially as I change. My journalling game has peaked. Explains why I am on my fourth biro/pen this year alone. And i’m not a student ooo lol. I love to keep my empty pen cases. Something Loni taught me in Uni. 
I’m soooo grateful for people like my mama Joyce who don’t stop sharing their journey through life with every book, every sermon, every conference and every interview.
She’s sooooo open with her faults, weaknesses and victories. Heather Lindsey who shares her marital and family challenges that make me know I am NOT alone. Chris Caine whose blog has tons and tons of her journey through life. Who lets us know God ain’t looking for perfect Chicks to use.


Oh Chris💕💞😍

Oh I’m grateful. Americans especially are really really refreshingly open. Africans have a more ‘hidden, it-is-well’ culture. I refuse to join that party. 
Which is why my blog is getting more personal with more of my challenges, struggles and victories. Who knows which young girl would lean in and read this some 20years later and get more direction for her life. Amen!!!

13. It’s OK for some people to NEVER see my sanguine side. See, as a young married woman living ‘single’ in a town like Lagos, you better have your GAME FACE on a LOT!!! I’m not about that ‘weak woman’ or damsel-in-distress life. No I’m not. I’ll take you down!!! 

#NoJokes #LionessArising

14. Pictures, for me are still very very therapeutic!!!


I can apply a picture-therapy to many situations in my life. 

15. God’s GPS system is perfect. He will find you anywhere. But you gotta be willing to put in a lot of work even in the background, in anonymity and obscurity, and trust that God will find you where you are and PROMOTE you!!! This I learnt from Christine Caine.  

16. And the final one is also a lesson from Chris


In this really cool Christian subculture that’s emerging, If the light that is on you is greater than the light that is IN YOU, that light on you (hello superstar?) will destroy you. It will take me out because I have no depth. 

That’s probably the biggest thing I’ve learnt this year. I’ll do a full post on it. 

And hey just a bonus

God alone is my SOURCE. I’ve seen a LOT of things SHAKE but God has been sooooo constant. No man can close or open doors so I don’t fear or care for what man can do. I look to God alone and then I look out for ‘ravens’, ‘Zarephath widows’ and of course the ‘ abundance of rain’

That takes ALL the pressure away!!! This will help you too looking to man.

That’s it. 16 plus 1. 

Share a few of your 2016 lessons with me in the comments section if you may. Let’s know how the year has been panning out for you. 


Hugs and Love,



Allow me to recommend these videos to my married sisters here. 

In Making Marriage work, Joyce and Dave share their 45 year old journey (tz a 4year old video but soooo relevant).

They even share a kiss at the end after this emotional speech from Joyce in part 2 *sniff*

Andy Stanley did a fine job interviewing them.
Dave z a HERO!!!
In Why did I get married, Heather and Cornelius share how rocky their first few years of marriage were, even to contemplating divorce, and how they made it through.

Heather actually has a lot of videos from that marriage retreat and they are all really good.

And then my most recent crush. The Beveres. John and Lisa. This interview with Sid Roth is everything!!! No seriously!!!

Lisa is sooooo open, second only to Joyce.  

In Nigeria, everyone has a happy we-have-sex-everyday, we-submit-and-love-from-the-womb kinda PERFECT marriage. I’m happy we have some Americans who share their challenges and have helped me through my own journey. 


I imagine some people thinking I’m probably about to get a divorce this one I’m sharing marriage videos. Hahahahaha. No hun. Marriage is a pretty awesome journey with tons of perks. I am so thankful for my husband, more today than three years ago.


It is also a very challenging one and where we share the challenges AND the victories, we give those coming behind us some kinda perspective and maybe an opportunity to avoid some of the landmines we stepped on. 


Heather has definitely helped me avoid a LOT of drama in mine. And Joyce.


You know what, I am counting the days to the BIGGEST CHICK PARTY OF 2016 #LoveLife. I think I may just beg God to bring September 29 closer.


You don’t wanna see my browser history. Info from past conferences, reviews, news, hotels, etc. Who else is coming? Details here
There is a pretty tidy Nigerian crew on board. Obviously, we don’t have to go together from Nigeria but hey, we can sha hook up right at Edward Jones and then be the ones who scream the loudest (even during announcements about restrooms) so Joyce notices us and locks us all in a room with herself, Chris and Beth and even takes us to her home. 


Love this picture


A girl can dream…
Her God can do ANYTHING!!!

This Easter meme got me smiling


So thankful He rose jor

My Open heart Surgery…

Good Lord!!! 
You know, I had just published the ‘are we even fighting at all’ post when in the middle of getting all the comments and likes notification, I felt a strong urge to go and pray. 
I dropped my phone and went to pray. I thought my dear Jesus wanted me to ‘fight’ but He’s like

‘nah babe, I wanna do THAT open heart surgery you have been running away from’

Like seriously, I had been running.

I still discussed with someone a couple of hours earlier where I told her I felt like God was about to do a major surgery on me so i’ll just not even let Him ‘go there

But that afternoon, there was no where to hide again. I succumbed. 


Lol. This is funny, I tell ya
I am currently on a study of Acts and I was going in on

you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you and then you can be witnesses of Me…’

OK cool.

I could do with all the power in the world biko if I’m going to be a Warrior in Heels.  

But God is like,

‘…when my Holy Spirit comes upon you, He’s checking EVERYWHERE!!! He’s like going all the way IN. He’s going to make sure He enters the innermost parts of my heart which I think I have hid from Him. He’s going to do an *wait for this* OPEN HEART SURGERY in you Eziaha!!!”

Psalms 51…
I heard in my spirit so I opened.

V 10

CREATE in me a CLEAN heart. And renew the RIGHT spirit within me. 


But let’s back up a little. Historians say David wrote this Psalm when he was repenting from the sin of Bathsheba. They also say quite some time had passed which means he only TRULY repented after a while… 


V 2
Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. And cleanse me from my sin. 
3. For I acknowledge my transgressions. And my sin is always before me. 
6. You desire TRUTH in my inward parts…
7. Cleanse me with hyssop and I will be clean. Wash me and I will be whiter than snow. 

Then the verse 10
Create in me Eziaha, a clean heart…
Create!!! C R E A T E!!!

OK Lord let’s do this… Let’s see what ‘sins‘ I have to acknowledge so you wash me…


I’m like Hol’ up!!! Who? Me????

And i’m not even kidding guys, I found I had teeny weeny seeds of such in me. God actually named a few persons and i’m like JEEZ!!!

Maybe not a major issue because I could just shrug it away without really dealing with it but God is like,

I’ll tell you what to do babe. You FIGHT that lil seed. You attack it full on!!! Instead of shrugging it off, you attack with *wait for this again* LOVE!!! You attack with the WORD!!! 

And God actually gave me practical ways to deal with the funk He had dug up.

For example, for some persons, I’ve actually been on my face PRAYING for them. Or her. Haha. Let’s see how you can be a teeny weeny bit jealous when you are praying for someone. Azzin serious prayers ooo. Lol. God sha!!!

He’s going to do the cleansing and making me whiter than snow as I acknowledge my sin and FIGHT back!!!

Now that’s a different kinda fight to the one I blogged about but the enemy is the SAME and of course WE WIN!!!

You know what guys, I am soooo thankful for that open heart surgery (and any more that needs to be done). I’m not suddenly lil ms. Perfect but God is working.

I don’t have time for drama.


We Believers should NOT have time for these little little sins. We got a dying world to reach and we will NOT reach them half as effectively if we don’t YIELD!!!
If I’m trusting God for POWER, then I’m going to have to give free rein to the Holy Spirit in me. And yield!!!
In one week, I’ve lived lighter. I’ve learned to fight even mustard seed ‘sins’. I’ve learnt to do deep soul searching. 
My close friends might not know. My husband might not even know. But God knows. And He knows what big tree such a seed can grow into so He wants to make sure we attack full on from the seed stage. 
I shared this as openly as possible because 
1. I really don’t mind. I’m a mess. You are a mess. But God is working out all our messes. So no DUST particle gets to sit in judgement seat. Haha
2. I hope and pray it pushes you to go get your own open heart surgery too. 
What’s that ‘weight and sin’ that’s easily besetting that no one else knows about BUT Jesus!!! Beef? Hatred? Little little Lies? Spiritual pride? He desires TRUTH in our inward parts, guys. TRUTH!!!


Allow Him, the Master Surgeon to perform an open heart surgery and then create a right heart within you. 
Soooo worth it guys. Sooooo worth it. 
Cheers to the painful but much needed surgical procedures in our lives!!!

Let me hug you through your surgeries. Haha

I want to apologise that my photo shoot pictures and my 1year mommy journey are not up yet but you probably don’t wanna hear my apology. Lol.


This was from church today

But really though, some things are more important than others. 
Like surgery 🙂

Looks like this friend of mine just got a dose of her own surgery. Total Body surgery. We had just ended a convo where I had encouraged her through XXX. I didn’t even mention this post to her though I had it in my spirit to do, and then God enters and seals it.


When she sent me this, my first reaction was laughter. Like ‘of course, that’s what YOU GOD would say’
But really, a surgery always leaves you way better so BRING IT ON!!! Haha

Who else is attending THE BIGGEST CHICK PARTY OF THE YEAR???


Even Joyce will be happy to have us.
Details here

LIVE AMAZED!!! The finale

Tz my mama’s birthday today. Her 71st!!!


THE Joyce Meyer. My favourite picture of her

My life’s biggest international influence. My numero uno mentor. Chai!!!
Joyce Meyer is a dream. She’s my dream. I listen to her all the time. I read her a plenty. I google to get JM latest gist. I download podcasts.


See that body!!! Choi. This woman is THE BUSINESS

JM!!! I don’t even know how my life would have looked without a JM preaching round the world. When I hear her, I can abs relate. That’s the way I’ll be speaking too. Only better (#latterGloryTinz) I certainly pray I meet her someday ooo. That would be a dream come through. Ah!!! Gosh. Thank God you are alive for a really long time ooo. And preaching up a storm too.
Or does this look like someone who is about to leave? Mba nu


This woman is THE BUSINESS!!!

Picture is two month old.
Abeg gimme Jesus err’single day!!!
JM mehn, God keep blessing you for the world!!! Keep on rockin’ mama. You sure make God look real gooooood

Ok on to Part 2… Living Amazed!!! The finale.

If you missed Part 1, find it here to put this post in context.


I recall one time I felt something close (to JM’s cancer period and was just totally drained). That was when I first repeated and then failed outta Pharmacy school.


I had started keeping a journal before then so i detailed that period there

My parents beat shege outta me, pressure from home, gossip from people, a whole ‘Miss Popular’ in UI, First ever ‘Miss Pharmacy’ and then she failed!!!


Some 5/6years ago...

Oh, those days!!! I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there as everyone was pulling me in every direction. I used to write letters to God then drowning in my own tears.
And I’ll detail His promises that absolutely didn’t make any sense to me then. I had this amazing friend Eunice who used to agree with me in prayers then. I recall one of the recurring words He gave me then was ‘For my shame, He’ll give me DOUBLE HONOR in the same place…’


My very first journal. Over 10years old. I loved 'em pretty

Oh Jehovah, I confessed blood out of that line. Who would have thought that not only would I make Best Graduating student with distinctions in the course of my dreams Sociology, I would also go ahead and be called as a Speaker to encourage Pharmacy School students on graduation.


April 2013. How i don't have a picture of me speaking beats me The same place I was chucked out from some three years ago.

AMAZING!!! I tell you. Just reminds me of how AMAZING God is.

And double amazing is the fact that the same testimony of mine has birthed and encouraged many more. I detailed Chisom’s testimony here who tapped into mine.

Ok let’s go back to my mama’licious JM.

But not before a comic relief. You wont believe she came out of the operation preaching and prophesying from her unconscious state. Looool. My mama sure loves her drama

Interestingly, I woke up a lot those days with scriptures on my lips straight from heaven. #JustLikeMeyerMe


Lemme move on from the whole cancer and surgery experience.

Long and short, in those down periods, her faith stayed and she kept trusting God. And that’s a lesson for us right there.
The Bible talks about ‘fellowshipping with His sufferings’
We can’t choose to live right and be spiritual only when things are going well. Can we still love on, faith in and worship this God in the wilderness as we do when all is going well? I recall one of my ladies Anna during a prayer session said ‘Let’s worship Him even with our broken-ness’
And I think what would make that easy is when we can go back and bring to remembrance all the past victories He has won for us.

She also talked about the first message she preached on Strife. You can imagine reading through it now and then comparing same to the messages she preaches today. The difference go clear na… Really gets her AMAZED as to how far God has brought her. Both as a Speaker and also as a woman who used to live in strife. Today? That woman pursues peace. I’m still learning. Choi!!!


Lol. I recall this message. She said something like she told Dave to better have clean feet before the washing oooo

Or was it the first time God called her to a 28day fast.

Feb 1982

Right after the fast, she records how God sent two men to not only get her an office and a desk, but they said God led them to ordain her. Awwwwwww. Though she knew God had called her and she had been praying for it, she told no one anything about an ordination so those two men ordaining her were definitely God sent.

Whoop Whoop!!!

She actually made everyone clap for the two guys who gave her a beginning to ministry. Especially at a time when Female preachers were absent on the scene. Me too I clapped ooo

She also spoke about her Charity.

Sept ’93 when Hand of Hope, the Outreach ministry began.

God revealed to her in a dream that she was pregnant AGAIN and she had already had a baby. She was scared and unsure about caring for two babies and when she woke, God explained to her that the first baby was going to feed the second baby.

First baby? Her TV ministry

Second Baby? The Outreach ministry called HAND OF HOPE.


This Ministry is #NoWords

At that time, she had zero idea of what God was planning with these babies.

Today though, JM’s TV ministry is thriving incredibly. The entire media ministry actually. So they take a percentage, 27million dollars ($27m) a year from the first baby to the second baby for helping the poor around the globe. They actually have (at that time) 49 orphanages around the world.


One of her gazillion outreaches

Choi!!! Even I am AMAZED!!!

So at this point, you may be thinking ‘Oh tz JM. She’s such a huge star, blablabla. My own case is different.

I’ll just quote her response to you…

‘…If you would have kept a record of your life, and every little thing God has done- breakthroughs, open doors, favour He gives you- when you have those bad days, you can get your box (of remembrance) out and get yourself amazed all over again…’

We are so quick to forget all that God has done for us and we make Him seem like He is doing nothing for us. How heart breaking it must be for God when we act like that.

JM’s ministry at the start (and for while) was a testimony when 105 people showed up and the sales of tapes were $317 for a meeting. Today? She can’t even talk about how blessed she is. With people and resources.


See people like sand... Choi

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooot Wooooooot!!!

She actually said one of her friends, Chris, said she would give anything to get hold of that box/bucket where JM keeps her journals.
Me too ooo mama. Don’t let me get that box. I’ll throw privacy decorum away ooo.

But better still, I’m keeping mine. And safe too. Don’t want nobody stealing into it just yet.
Whoop Whoop!!! Someday, like JM, I’ll share from it.


Well, this much you can read lol

Oh and I will be more dedicated too
God is absolutely NO respecter of persons. What He does for one, He can do for another.

Sadly, we are reducing His miracles to coincidences. How saddening!!! Sometimes, we even have the guts to call them ‘small’.

Fey shared something this morning in the group from Joel Osteen (I love JO too) and I thought I’ll reproduce here.

‘…wear your blessings well, don’t apologise for what GOD has done, don’t even think about calling it luck or coincidence…’

Look, there are no coincidences. They are GOD-ORDAINED incidences. Can we notice them and make a BIG DEAL outta them?

Don’t make a big deal of the problems and challenges but let’s make a big deal out of what God is doing even when it seems little.

Even David was quick to tell us same.
1st Chr 16 :  24 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.
Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

PUBLISH being the operative word for me.

I dunno how I never came around to doing a post on TESTIMONIES and PRAYER POINTS last year. So lemme just summarise what I was going to say. I notice that sometimes, when we hear people share a ‘common’ testimony such as say God provided t.fare or lunch or stuff like that, we just give a cold applause. We usually wait for the major 10years without kids, miracle car, etc testimonies. And then we raise the roof. I think that’s just human nature. You can’t really blame us. But you the testifier KNOWS that what is seemingly little to others is a BIG DEAL to you. You know where you are coming from. You know how much you prayed for such breaks. Don’t let anyone belittle your testimonies. Don’t!!! Feel free to share it. Feel free to make a big deal outta it. I think it is unfair when we call what God is doing ‘small’. Even if it is small, thank Him for the small on your way to the BIG.

Sometimes, our testimony is in a Word from the Holy Spirit for our situation. Make a BIG DEAL of it please. In recent times, minus the other material blessings and incredible favour I have enjoyed from Him, I have had such incredible leadings from God. For EVERY situation, God has been gracious enough to give me a Word right from the bible that settles everything in a way I can’t explain.


E'... Unbelievably LED

Sometimes, the devil throws me the ‘coincidence’ card BUT no, I am grateful for it. You don’t have to wait until He brings you that dream job/car/hubby until you are AMAZED enough to be grateful. Be amazed and grateful for the ‘little’ leadings too.

Don’t say ‘oh how odd I thought of that!’ Or ‘oh what a coincidence!’

No darling. In my mama’s words and voice, ‘…It is God right smack dab in the middle of your life!!! Right up in our lives doing miracles daily and we could at least have the REVERENCE to be AMAZED!!!’

You think it is of your making that you have friends today?


I KNOW the power of friendships

Oh my God, how grateful I am for my friends. Every last one of you!!! My goodness!!!

JM talks about times when she was homeless and pregnant with her first child. Her first hubby had left her and was living with another woman. Pregnant, sickly, jobless, broke and homeless, thankfully, God sent unusual help in her hairdresser who she barely knew but let her live with her. She had absolutely NO friends!!! NONE. After she had the baby, she was sick all over, had infections, had boils and sores, and couldn’t afford treatment, couldn’t care for her baby well enough cos she had no training, no books, no help, no money to care for him right. It was a TOUGH PAINFUL time. So if anyone understands pain, she did then. She said she would drive past the house where her hubby lived with another woman with sooo much hurt and pain seeping through her veins.

Oh but she remembers those times and just how far God has brought her. Today, I’m sure houses are the least of Meyer’s troubles. Then, to even diagnose all the sores she had on her body was unaffordable but today? She goes for regular medical check ups just because…
Today, she has countless friends and children the world over. Like she asked, how many of us will HAPPILY open up our doors and let her live with us!!!
Talk about from zero to hero!!!


Wanna know something else amazing? Today, that her son Dave she could hardly care for is one of the pillars of JM ministry worldwide. Interestingly, God put it in her to name him Dave which interestingly is the name of her second husband whom she married later. David, Dave!!!


Dave and Joyce Meyer

Talk about AMAZING!!!

Now tell me, when JM sits and reads all of these from her journals, can you imagine how she would feel? Can you imagine the rush of faith and hope that will well up in her? Oh my!!!

Look, God is all over us!!! He’s doing super amazing things but we are not keeping records. We are letting our challenges get the better of us.

At some point, JM gives this sarcastic laughter when she talks about people who just wanna give up on life. You know, that kinda ‘SMH at you’ scoff

Cos she went through hell too. In addition to the above, she was sexually abused by her father for over 10 YEARS as a child and I’m being conservative!!! Her mother didn’t believe her, she had to run away from home. She was also physically and emotionally abused. So she’s like ‘please don’t worship your pain’ If God can get her through those times, He too can for you.

Oh my!!! God is working things out for us. I know. I know it like I know my name.

Hebrews 1:3 God is upholding, maintaining, guiding and propelling the entire universe by His mighty Word of Power.

Yes baby, that includes us. He’s working all things for our favour. Commanding it in our favour. Hallelujah!!!

I just feel like speaking in tongues. Shattah!!!

Our God is soooooo AMAZING!!!

Do you need more ginger to just worship this God? Let’s see her ending.

And she ends it by talking about God’s AMAZING GRACE.

Cos that’s the ONLY way we can define GRACE. AMAZING!!! That’s the only adjective that qualifies grace. A free gift from God to us who don’t deserve it.
Grace is just inexplicable. But we can enjoy it. It just helps us through life. Enables us through our weaknesses.

Can we just be grateful for His Amazing Grace and all the privileges?

Let me end with this question…

How can we be hopeless?
Just how?
Just how?
How can we be despondent and in despair?

What with His amazing Grace and all the miracles He daily loads us with. How can we be hopeless when we have a book of remembrance and we can get ourselves amazed and amazed all over again.
Can we be hopeless when we make a big deal of His past testimonies with us? Cos He can do it again and much more.

Truly, God is no respecter of persons. And incredibly, He uses the foolish and seemingly unlikely ones to show Himself. Doesn’t it amaze you that He chose Paul? I mean, I can’t get over that!!! Paul? A confirmed Boko-haram??? Yet the Pauline epistles add colour to our study and Word life like no other. Imagine the bible without Paul’s letters? Haba.

Oh my!!! I love how she ended it.

‘He chose a half-out-of-her-mind, weird-voiced, odd personality, woman who had been sexually abused from downtown Missouri to preach the gospel to 2/3rds of the world in 60languages today…’

Of course that’s my Joyce MEYER. 


That message blesses me everytime. I mean who doesn’t like to live amazed abeg? You can just look for it on iTunes. Most of JM’s podcasts there are free.
Thanks Damilola for the link to YouTube.
JM is 71 today. Still doing exploits. Still looking fabulous. Still preaching up a storm.


Keep on Jesus rocking mama!!!

Ah!!! My future is bright. I especially love that she is a model for the ministry God is building through me. I especially love that she’s all about women (ok let’s say ‘more about’). I just love anything all women so I’m happy my ministry is that way. Interestingly, I have a virtual mentoring group. All ladies. I have a group of FAB sisters… All ladies.
Guys, don’t scoff please. I’m sure there are people there with ministry to strictly men. It is just not me. Sawry.
So everytime I get an opportunity to address or even be in an all ladies group, I’m overjoyed.
That’s why Joyce Meyer’s LOVE LIFE WOMEN’S conference is making me giddy all over.


Tani is my partner here!!! Whoop!!!

Oh but until her conference, I am super excited about the monthly ‘Strictly Sisters’ meetings powered by DCC Abuja. I anchored the debut edition in April and by heavens, I loved it. I get high just being with ladies.
There is a review of it on DCC Abuja blog here.
In Abuja? Or know any lady in Abuja? Holler!!!
And just keep a date. Tz every third Saturday of the month. All and Strictly women. The last one, I LOVED the breakdown that was given to pregnancy, natural birthing, and Caesarean Sectioning. Oh, I learnt a lot that day.

Oh and the BIG ONE!!! Our GLOBAL annual ‘When Women Worship’ convention in David’s Christian Centre Lagos.



Oh my!!! This year, date is Sunday, June 15, 4pm.
And it is themed A ki ki tan which loosely translates to When Words Fail.


This year, ALL WOMEN!!! Whoop!!!

You recall Last year was themed IMELA.

The host is Pastor Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo and by heavens, I can’t wait!!!

You would definitely be getting more details from me here but Pastor M gives us a sneak preview on her blog here.

You know what happens to me in an all female gathering? It just gingers me for the HUGE DEAL God is going to do through his Sugar Daughter E’licious for women around the world. #JustLikeMeyer!!! Whoop. Hallelujah!!!

Oh… Lord!!! *taking a breather*

Me, I’m just keeping my book of remembrance jare.

AMAZINGLY AMAZED!!! That’s what I wanna be able to say when I’m testifying during an Anniversary like JM did at her 30th…

So, who’s in for an AMAZING life?

Live daily AMAZED…


This is the end. Lol

Cannime, Maggielola, E’, Booski, portable Glow, Nk, Ify (in Abuja) who else is June born? Holler so I holler too oooo. With your dates. We soooo rock we are forming our own FAB rock band!!!

Our monthly LDM seminar holds in Abuja this Sunday June 8 at 4.30pm. Petrus Hotels off Gimbiya, Area 11, Garki. I have the flyer up on my blog ‘Happily ever after’. Click on same for details. Meanwhile the last one, The Price of a ring, we compiled the tweets from the program. Read and enjoy here. For me the deepest thing I heard there was ‘THE PRICE OF A RING IS YOUR LIFE. Marriage is NO JOKE!!!
Ah Pastor B killed that message. We were all sober after that. Plus me ooo. Lol

Kai!!! Anyways just bookmark and subscribe too.
That blog stays rockin’

Lol. I taya for me too
OK hope we have not stopped remembering the Chibok girls in Prayers, and Naija generally.
Wow!!! Over 50days held captive. Young girls. All I keep thinking is how darn uncomfy they must be and how their parents are coping. Plus news that keeps coming has a way of just feeling hopeless but no, we won’t stop praying.
I have a song that I keep singing when it comes to ndi-boko and all. Tz Igbo. I will translate

Bia nuru olu anyi o ×2
Onweghi mgbe Ike mmadu g’akari Ike Chukwu x2
Nna bianuru, Olisa bi n’igwe bianuru olu anyi oooo

Come and hear our prayers Lord
NEVER will man’s power be greater than God’s power
Our Father in heaven, come hear our prayers


#31F.A.B.Voices…E’ testifying

Happy New year my darlings!!!
Now let’s kick this off with me sharing my 2014 plans with you. Some at least.
Since we have 31 Favored.And.Blessed Voices testifying, I figured I’ll go first.
Not just because it is my blog but I’ll also love to give direction and clarity as to what I meant when I introduced this…
First let me state that this year ehn, I no dey play. Satan, hol ur ear!!! I am still testifying and each testimony will cause the devil to twist in pain. Like my Booski saiud, this year, I am personally burying the devil… I dunno about you. This year, tz FORWARD 2014… Still testifying.
And I don’t wanna testify alone. Mba… I wanna be sharing mine and hearing and sharing yours too. E go sweeter that way. Which is why I wanna share this 31FAB Voices testifying with y’all. WeWontJustStopTestifyingYo!!!
You see this Word… ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying’ I will SQUEEZE all the testimonies out of it. Nothing will be left by December 31, 2014. I will go forward. I will testify yet. I will bury the devil. I am loving the year already. Too excited!!! Lemme let you in on some of my plans!!! The direction my life will be taking this year as my Sugar Daddy does His thing!!!
I know I can bank on your prayers…
In the spirit of 2014… Lemme share 14 things with my darling FAB’ers…

The Vision 2014…
The first three would focus on relationships cos I have realized that relationships are EVERYTHING. If you are blessed enough to work the right people into your life, ah!!! No words on the kinda amazing life you would have. There are three kinds/levels of relationships in my life I would love to work on in 2013-Higher, Same level, and Lower. Let’s shed more light on each…
1. Relationship with my mentors!!!
Like I wrote on Chioma’s blog, I truly can afford my mentors. This year, I intend to invest more into being mentored. And while I have my primary mentors in men like Rev, PK, Joyce Meyer and co, there are many others who are success stories in their fields and from whom I can learn to be a better person, both in my walk as a Christian and just a good Citizen of Nigeria and the world. I mean there are many brilliant young persons out there in Nigeria making a big difference. The secret of great men are in their stories and I wanna learn from their stories. Otto Orondaam of Slum2School for example is a major inspiration. Nmachi Jidenma too. TY Bello too. Amazing woman. Okey Ofili. Imperfectly Perfect featured a set of twins on her blog. They abound. Some popular, some not. These people definitely don’t have perfect lives but you can definitely pick the good in their stories. I think the more we read about people better than us, the more we are motivated to do more. Now, some of these people may be older, younger or same age as me but where there is Grace, it aint about age. Sometimes we miss out on important life lessons just because we are thinking ‘…how old is she sef…? Is it not this girl who was very dirty in secondary school? Or is it not so and so who used to borrow money from me then?’ Hmm!!! I will be humble enough to catch what I can from people’s stories. Nigerian Youth are really making a difference ooo. No need feeling like a SuperStar in my small world. I wanna be further inspired to greatness from this set of persons especially the Youth among them. I will not be able to meet them all but thank God for social media especially Twitter and blogs, thank God for books. Oh, this 2014, no time ooo. Na me and my mentors ooo…

2. Relationship with my Peers/Friends
Ah!!! This one na serious matter ooo. If one is not careful, one would just have many friends with no real impact or meaning to the friendship. So this year, deliberately, I would be sure that my relationship with my friends and my besties would be more impactful. We have to share our goals and dreams with each other and be the needed push we would need to achieve them. And if I realize that you are not doing enough to move you from your current level to a higher one, I can harass you to, and vice-versa. If I am aware of your dreams, then when I run into any information or person that can help you, I can hook you up. I want us to be able to share with each other if for example, you feel a dimmer in your prayer or Word life and then we work on rekindling the fire. I want to be able to ask you what, as a believer, you are believing for per time and do what I can to help. Friendships have to come with depth and meaning ooo even with the attendant familiarity that most close friendships have. I am trusting God for this much this year and of course going forward.

3. Relationship with my mentees. I have come to understand that, like it or not, at some point, you become mentors to others and you have to, not just live for yourself, but live to reproduce some good and God in others. So if there are people looking up to me, then there must be something worthy of emulation in me. But because it is just me, only me, I know I can’t reach out effectively to as many young women that want me to mentor them. I get a lot of such mails and as much as I try, I don’t do my follow up well and I’m sure some people get upset 😦 Tz just me and I can only do so much. Thing is, everybody God brings our way is a precious soul and we should nurture them to some level of maturity at least. So thank God for the healthy relationships I am building from my point 2 (my Peers), I would be happy to say something like for example ‘…hey Valerie, there is this girl who is having issues with her academics and tz affecting her faith, I need you to mentor her for me…’ Or ‘…Booski, this young woman has major relationship issues and she needs a clean break in her life, biko help me guide her through this…’ You know, stuff like that. Just like Jethro counselled his son in law Moses Exodus 18 esp from verse 12. I am totally wowed especially by the teens that mail me and share stuff with me. Sometimes, I do cartwheels literally. That from such a young age, there are girls who wanna do right by God. Incredible!!! I do know that peer pressure is real and it would go a mighty long way to know that someone is checking with you, cheering you on as you live this Christ life on a FAB lane… I would also like to kick off a group online, most likely whatsapp where we can also share stuff with each other occasionally in addition to the one-on-one’s.
That’s all for relationships… Moving forward…
4. Being that my NYSC khaki is giving way to a suit by mid February, I am super excited about my career which will kick off by mid-March. I need the one month to lounge and finally relocate and get settled in Abuja. And then I am trusting God for a 6week training in an African country. The focus of my career is continental, beyond Nigeria and then my Sugar daddy and I are settled about my work conditions and pay. Oh, I am so excited. The work world’s waiting, and I am so discovering it… #ExcitedMuch

5. My hubby and I are in faith that he would be speedily transferred to Abuja, our land of Milk and Money, to join me before the end of the first quarter of 2014 so we don’t run two homes. I don’t know how my Sugar daddy wants to get this done but I trust it would be a seamless transition for us…

6. I do know I have a ministry especially to women. Young women. I spent 2013 getting the mandate, and preparing with retreats both personal and group. I can’t even say I have the big picture yet but I would love to launch out this year with monthly meetings. Yes I would start in online space and it would involve my blog readers too but we would have live meetings once a month. My Rev has prayed with me and keeps counselling me and I am so sure God will do the work He wants to do just as I yield myself a vessel.

I want to inspire more women or even one more woman into greatness. To live right and stand on the Word till results come. Strong women. Balanced women. The Proverbs 31 kinda woman. I know that as a group, we can definitely do more. Now, this is not about titles and all what not, it is about E’ yielding herself to His use and helping one more woman to live a FAB life indeed!!! My God is able jare. I’m done being scared. Like my mama Joyce Meyer would say, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This year, I’m launching out in His might. He called, abi? He is faithful enough to do!!! #Dazall#

7. Attend Joyce Meyer’s conference. Joyce is my momsy in the faith. Totally amazing woman. I have learnt so much from her podcasts and books. I feel like she is my mommy indeed. The only thing missing from this is that I am yet to see her live and where better than the ‘Love Life Women’s conference 2014’

in St. Louis Missouri, USA from Thursday Sept 25 to Sat 27th 2014. See I have that date marked. And I am even trusting God for a photo op with JM herself. Ah!!! I hope I don’t pass out when I finally see her. Loooool. Oh and I am definitely making this US trip with my hubby. Whoop!!!

8. Ok this is the point Lizzie, Sapphire, Booski and Valerie stop reading. Thank you. I am really trusting God for a healthier lifestyle this year… Eating right, less chocolates and sweets and exercising regularly. I want to get used to it so that when my kids start coming, a healthy lifestyle would already have been formed in my family. Plus, all these hot mamas all over the place don’t have two heads abeg!!! #TeamHotBod#

9. Ah, please get in here Water Walker. You inspired this!!! This year, I wanna speak more positively. Everytime I am around Water Walker, I am always blessed as to how she speaks. Even when the situation is bad, she never confesses it… It is not uncommon for her to say ‘…My daughter’s health is PERFECT that’s why I couldn’t come to church…’, ‘…Festac roads are so BLESSED…’ (This one she said of roads that can destroy cars ooo). I mean, WW speaks positive a lot. I so wanna be a lot like that this year and going forward. Say positive and mean it ooo. PK once said something that stuck… I don’t recall the exact terms he used (any DCC person wanna remind me please) but there are two ways to talk about any situation… Explanatory and the Faith way. So if say I have a bloated tummy for example, I say ‘ Though the tummy looks bloated now (explanatory), my health is perfect, my tummy is blessed (Faith)’ So don’t stop at the first one, always speak in faith too. Not just into my life but also to the lives of those around me. I think sometimes as Christians, we wanna be careful to not sound ‘holier than thou’ in the midst of the world meanwhile the world is very brazen when they talk and act. This year, I would speak more like my Sugar daddy expects me to. If I need to pray out (under my breath, yes but loud enough for you to hear) in tongues before I answer you when you come to me for a situation, I will. A lot of times, I am talking to someone and I feel strange tongues well up within me to speak and I hold back because I don’t want it to seem like I am showing off. Not anymore. If I need to counter something you have said with wisdom and the Word, I will do same happily but politely and firmly irrespective of who you are. I wouldn’t just shut up especially when I know I can speak words that can set things right. If I need to explain to you the reason I am turning down a food offer is cos I am fasting, I will. People need to see us Christians live more this life of Christ. Now this is not to say I will be going around with phylacteries and a giant halo with a huge sign of ‘Unbelievers, stay off!!!’ No Sir. I just know that I would be ‘prouder’ about my Jesus and all things Christian. Sad to say, I have held back some in times past just because…………. Sigh. This year 2014, tz all for my Sugar Dadaboooooo. With wisdom of course.

10. Ah!!! Marriages and Births. If I miss your name, feel free to add it in the comments so we pray along but I am trusting God for marriages for my friends Valerie, Tani, Tope, Cheech, ChuChu, Tunde, Ogochukwu, my Sister,Sis-in-laws and brothers, JMAD, SomSom, Berny and so on. And then births- my Booski, Sapphire, Tope and my siblings (yup the same ones getting married this year). Amen.

11. I am trusting my Sugar daddy to be Pregnant by October 2014. Infact, I would love to gift him an ‘I am pregnant’ news for his birthday and gift myself a set of twins/triplets by June 2015. Yup tz no coincidence that our birthdays are exactly nine months apart.

12. A prayer request journal. I realize that a lot of times, people ask me to pray with them for one thing or the other. You know all those ‘I will pray with you or I am with you in prayers…’
Sometimes, it piles and I forget too. #OnlyHumanE’#. So this year, I’ll love to take it more seriously… Have a journal with which I can keep records of not just my prayer points but more that of others. And of course, the testimonies as we start testifying, especially testimonies that have a time span. Standing in the gap for my friends is one mandate from God for me this year… Ah, we must testify ooo. The devil don enter!!!

13. One question hubby kept asking me this season was ‘How can we reach out to people this Christmas?’ I am trusting God that together as a family, we reach out to people in need every month. It would amaze you to know that for some, as little as even 5k can go a really looooooooooooooonnnnnngggg way. Thank God the bible says ‘…He who gives to the Poor lends to His Maker and God will repay him…’ Proverbs 19:17.
Btw, we Christians should be the ones to lead a LOVE REVOLUTION!!! And how can we say we love if we cannot give…

14. Finally, something a bit more fun and less ‘spiritual’ lol.
In the area of fashion, I intend to wear more brights… Orange, royal blues, bright purples, Greens, etc. No to the nudes and beiges anymore. In addition to my white glasses, I intend to rock an Orange one too (Hint hint Belated Christmas present Sapphire). I’m taking off my dreads by this weekend after over 25weeks and will be rocking my natural TWA again (that’s Teeny Weeny Afro) this year and I’m so ready for all the many things I would do with my hair…

Dyes/hair colors, twist outs, baby ‘locks, etc. I will also do more bold ethnic earrings and bangles. Not been a necklace girl and I don’t see that changing. But, this year na new look ooo… Trust me to regal y’all with pictures na…

So that’s it… I just shared 14 of my plans for this ‘FORWARD 2014…Still testifying year’ with y’all…
Do some of them scare me? You best believe that!!! (Funny thing is my hubby still thinks I am not dreaming big enough loooool). I see the devil sneering… ‘Let’s see how she will achieve this…’ But I have a BIG GOD!!! Nsogbu adiro…
Incase you didn’t notice, we dream NO SMALL DREAMS here. If your dreams are not yet scaring you, baby you may need to dream again ooo. I’m not saying you should start building castles in the air, all I am saying is dream like someone who has a Sugar daddy. If you need to watch some Nollywood flicks to know how girls with earthly sugar daddies and Aristos dream, please do. Give your angels assignment this year… You also need to share your dreams with the right set of people. It keeps you accountable. It will be easy to give up when all you have done is dream by yourself in yourself and not involved anyone. But if you have told me, I wanna do this or that, then I can harass you when time is going and you are yet to do. Then be very set to play your own part to help make your dreams come true. No lazy dreamers here. You can also bank on the prayers of the FAB family, E’ inclusive, yeah people?
If you still wanna re-write your article (for those who have sent already), feel free to. And if you haven’t sent, please do already. Space still dey!!!
Remember, we will be back here testifying by the year end and/or as we have the testimonies. Burying the devil, one testimony after another.
Tomorrow I have another big dreamer. Oh how I love this girl. The day she mailed me her entry, I had goosebumps, burst into tongues and tears simultaneously!!! No spoilers dear. Tomorrow…
Happy new year again dawleens…
Love, Peace and Testimonies…
Going Forward… Still Testifying!!!