To follow God closely is to fulfill your calling COMPLETELY… Beth Moore, ENTRUSTED BIBLE STUDY.

I am just going to write from my heart, but first, hope everyone is AWESOME yo!!!

New week!!! May God bless our week in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Ok I dunno about yawl but I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! I think it is such a blessing, and you will agree with me that SM is even more fun when your account is getting all the love.

You tweet and in nanoseconds, you have replies, mentions, likes and RTs.

You ‘gram and your notification stays buzzing with likes, comments and Regrans.

Facebook? Your account is on fire.

YouTube? Your Channel is like Lagos Island market, with back to back hits and likes.

And your blog? Snapchat? All steady buzzing.

Social media marketing (or just popularity) is the IN-THING and everyone has tips on how to grow your followers everywhere. WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE…


The above also shows that when we are not getting the clicks and likes, Social media is no longer as much fun. It must mean we are doing something wrong, or maybe we ourselves are NOT COOL ENOUGH!!! After all, if God is endorsing it, the fruits will speak. Our SM profile will be hot too.

I am particularly speaking to Believers here so this is a FAMILY AFFAIR, so non-family members can chill out as they read.

I mean, here you are talking about your faith and then you barely get up to 5 – 10 likes BUT there is that Chick who posts nothing really, getting likes by the second. And then soooooooooooooooon, you are tempted to kinda compromise because you are plain discouraged.

Have I sometimes struggled with that?


As a business person, you want to be strategic in your marketing online, and get more Clients.

As a FAITH Chick, you are trying to publicize an event YOU know God has endorsed.

As a Christian, you KNOW God told you to blog or vlog that, and you are giving your best as you know to do, yet it seems like the results, or fruits, refuse to show.

Then suddenly, you feel like a Senior Special Adviser to God on Social Media Matters…

‘Ok this Topic or Stuff is what is REIGNING. These #HASHTAGS# are what brings the Likes and Follows. Pictures like these are what gets you noticed…’

And then gradually, you begin to compromise.

God wants you to ‘gram X but ehn, X is not what we talk about on IG so God let me ‘gram YZ since all na Bible na.

God has given you a Blueprint for your own business, but rather than follow it completely and foolishly, we follow that Chick or that Guy who seemingly has more buzz, and ape what they are doing WHICH GOD DID NOT ASK YOU TO DO!!!

God wants you to blog on ABC but ahn, you can’t afford to sound Preachy ooo, ESPECIALLY not now that some class of people are now noticing AND commenting on your blog ooo, so FOR THE god OF LIKES AND COMMENTS, we disobey our GOD MOST HIGH!!!

Can I tell yawl that God gave me a serious whooping on that, so this is not me serving what I have not eaten.

I had to get butt-lashed on it, because I realized that I was slacking on some things He wanted me to do because I am thinking ‘Errr, that won’t REALLY fly on Instagram ooo’.

The funny thing is that humans may be SUPER APPLAUDING you but God has, like Saul, ‘REJECTED YOU’.

And even till now, I walk super conscious of the fact that I BUILD DIFFERENT and I AM ON A DIFFERENT JOURNEY than the world.

So while it may NOT be popular, while it may NOT get all the likes and RTs, while it may not be cool, BUT IF GOD ASKS ME TO DO IT, I OBEY!!!

I am building a career and brand YES, but I AM NOT CALLED TO DO IT LIKE THE WORLD!!!

The Bible says PROMOTION COMES FROM THE LORD OOOOO!!! That scripture is still VALID.

Now this is not about being SLOPPY or SHABBY as a Christian, and just letting anything go because ‘We are NOT of the world’.

No SIR/Ma’am.

This really is about FOLLOWING JESUS CLOSELY AND COMPLETELY as I BUILD, and obeying ONLY what He asks of me, whether or not I am getting popular applause, nods and cheers from the world. Trusting that as i follow Him, that which He has called me to do, HE WILL BUILD COMPLETELY!!!


So just to get more friends and be popular, your social media handle doesn’t even fully show your IDENTITY as a Christian. Maybe every once in a while, we throw in one Christian thing sha, but on our best days, we do what gets our phones blinking with notifications.

Can I tell yawl the truth? And this is something I got from Bishop Jakes daughter, Sarah.

Destiny DOES NOT just SEPARATE you, it ISOLATES you…



We must be willing to do what God has told us to do, post, write, sing, etc. EVEN IF WE ARE THE ONLY ONES doing it.

I totally understand the need to feel appreciated, but we need to subject that to the leadership of JESUS, and trust HIM to build for us, and not go compete with the world on their own turf!!!

I recall when I started vlogging, I just assumed since God had told me, I would have 10,000 hits immediately. And then my first video for SAHM stayed on DOUBLE figures

I remember having a convo with God and asking Him why He sent me to SAHM when it didn’t look like it was gaining any ground sef. That maybe I should write about another popular but also good topic, like HOW I SPEND MY QUIET TIME? HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD? Etc., which is something a LOT of people ask me. And I was supposed to upload video 2, but somehow I felt discouraged so I didn’t even bother.

Like I even forgot. And then God sent Christine Caine to me. I heard her say a prayer which went something like ‘God, may I never forget that it really is about THE ONE person. Not how many people I can reach and rescue, but EVEN IF IT IS ONE PERSON, let me treat the call to which you have called me as seriously. My brain just reset. Lol.

I repented and committed to vlogging even if it is just for ONE person. And what is really funny is that I had gotten such really personal testimonies from the first video, which I belittled because I didn’t have views in the 1000s. I don’t even have time to be checking. I obey God and move on!!!

Now, writing on those topics I mentioned above IS GOOD, but did God ask me to? That’s part of what John Bevere talks about in his brilliant book GOOD OR GOD?


Because NOT EVERY GOOD THING is endorsed by God.

The day God tells me to share on that, YOU BET I WILL. But until then, I EMBRACE the PLACE He has called me to, and serve faithfully there EVEN IF FOR ONE PERSON.

Doing anything else means that I AM BOWING DOWN AND WORSHIPPING THE god OF YOUTUBE/BLOG views, and yawl know those gods have NOTHING to offer.

The truth is that we CHRISTIANS really need to understand that because we are on a different journey, WE BUILD DIFFERENT. WE ARE MARKET PLACE APOSTLES not just regular people in the world. And this is not only about Social media; I am talking even in our secular careers and businesses.

The path the world prescribes MAY NOT BE WHAT GOD HAS PRESCRIBED FOR YOU.

We need to follow God closely and then we can watch Him BUILD FOR US.

That career advancement MAY NOT BE IN THE M.SC ABROAD or that Certification exam.

Or it may be.


For the Entrepreneurs in business, I am sure you know that emptying your bank account is part of God’s I BUILD DIFFERENT strategy. Like that DUDE just wants to KNOW where your faith lies. Sometimes I just laugh at God and jokingly tell Him that ‘not hearing Him is good sometimes sha. Because then you will be in ignorance, NOT DISOBEDIENCE. But with your Spirit sensitive, God will always ask you to do the CRAZIEST OF THINGS.

Oh, but trust me, IT SO PAYS OFF IN THE END. No better business partner mehn. NO BETTER ONE!!! Plus what a privilege to partner with Him.

Just generally walking with God is different, and the Bible is FULL of stories like that.

Men and women of faith who got the victory by a different strategy that was popular.

Oh, but our God is FAITHFUL guys!!!



I was looking at DCC’s Lookbook which chronicles our first 20 years mostly in pictures and it just reaffirmed everything this post is.




We build different guys.

We build different.

I recall one time on Periscope, someone asked Heather and Cornelius to share how they grew their brand and all. Cornelius jumped in and said the truth is, they didn’t start off trying to BUILD A BRAND. They were just obeying what God told them to do, MOST OF IT FOOLISH AND UNPOPULAR, and realized that God kept increasing them as they obeyed.

The Lindseys

The Lindseys

And I recall EXACTLY how Heather said

‘…I dunno where y’all came from. The Lord just brought y’all my way…’

(Btw, FEBRUARY next year guys. They are hosting a Conference in Nigeria)

I have also heard Chris say it. I think it was in this PROPEL LAUNCH Video at Liberty University

She said, we don’t have to worry about career advancement and doing things like the world

‘…if you follow God, He will BUILD your career…‘I

The same goes for businesses, ministries, homes, families, etc. We don’t follow the world.

The Bible calls us to BE IN THE WORLD but NOT OF IT.

Sometimes, we want to BE OF THE WORLD but still claim our Christian tag, and as that happens, we confuse everyone and ourselves. No one can really tell where we belong.

Just follow God guys. He will BUILD WHAT NEEDS TO BE BUILT. The BEST part has to be that what He builds will LAST FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

And just because this makes me laugh, I will just throw it out here.

Hashtags don’t bring followers.

Loooool Ok maybe it does for the world, but it makes me laugh when I see us jump on the bandwagon of ‘popular hashtags’ so that followers can increase.

So then, if God tells you to hashtag something different and unpopular, we won’t abi? Because we know the hashtags that cause us to be more visible. Loooool.

This life no suppose hard like this ooo.

I mean God is not against our hashtags, He just wants to know that we are not worshipping them.

Plus, I also heard Chris say something else…

‘We are more concerned about who is following and liking us, than we are who is following and liking Jesus…’


Truly, the Christian subculture is so Celebrity oriented. We forget that the object of our race is JESUS!!! Not us.


So even on our dearly beloved Social media, BUILD DIFFERENT. And frankly when Jesus told us to GO YE INTO THE WORLD, If it were today, He would have said GO YE INTO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD!!! No, really!!!

And can I close out with something that guides me?

We really should be busier and about the Father’s business, than being engrossed in how many likes we are getting. Every time I start looking at my followers, I know I have taken my eyes out of the work and the goal.

We have work to do guys. Let’s get to building… AND PROUDLY DIFFERENTLY!!!


2Cor 6:!7a Therefore COME OUT FROM THEIR MIDST and be ye DIFFERENT…’





It sure has been a gift filled couple of days since Thursday. First hubs and I got this tees from a Reader.


Will take a clearer picture soon.

Then my Darlingest Pastor gifted me this.

img_20160925_231310.jpg img_20160925_231317.jpg

I truly am BLOWN away. Going to get GREEN FRAMES please.

And then just this morning, I received my package from some Chicks off my blog.

Trust me, I stopped breathing.



I still looked for it at Laterna last week. Good thing they didn’t have ooo. Who would have thought it was waiting in the mail for me. Gosh, nothing like a GIFT THAT IS SPOT ON!!! God bless you guys (they know themselves)



Gosh, how do I even begin to celebrate Pastor M? Kai!!! What a WOMAN!!!


This picture is still the BEST I have of both of us. It perfectly describes our relationship. Pastor M listens and gives the BEST counsel.

In fact, there was this day I sought counsel on something and for some queer reason, she didn’t respond to me for days. And then God gave me the answer I needed directly. And then she later told me that frankly, she didn’t know what to say and she felt God didn’t want her to say anything so she didn’t say anything. See how God gave me my answer!!! Nothing like a Pastor who hears from God ooo.

Plus she has also made me a WARRIOR IN HEELS!!!

Oh and something else she told me that guides me till today

‘Eziaha, when God tells you to do something, get yourself OUT OF THE WAY AND DO IT. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!’

I still recall where I was when she said it. Frankly, it is even now it is making sense even more to me. I just obey God. It really is not about me, so it takes ALL the pressure away.

And then how we met?

Well me I met her sinceeeeeee, one JUG program that held on the island, and she was wearing a black and white gown with red belt,

The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook

The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook

and I just thought, WOW THIS PASTOR’S WIFE IS FINE ooo, so at some point, I caught her going to the back, and when she got out, I walked up to her and asked her if I could hug her (Yes, I am even CRAZIER than I care to admit haha) and she obliged. We took a picture but i will find it one day, becasue i still have my pix from that phone.

Oh but see when she first met me many many years after, IN HER WORDS

I remember my first encounter with this amazing young woman. I remember very clearly this bubbly young lady walking up to me and hugging me so warmly you would think we were long lost friends and before I could recover from that she introduced herself with “I don’t like being in a church and my pastors don’t know me (she laughed). So I’ve come to report myself” I laughed too but at the same time I thought are there really Christians like this? The average Christian I know is dodging pastor

So I asked her name but before she told me, she gave me this threat. however so pleasantly yet a threat none the less. “Pastor M, I don’t like people forgetting my name.” Okay the name already I thought.
“Eziaha” she said.
I smiled then and promised “I won’t forget”
“Anyway I won’t let you” she said then gave me a final hug and walked away but not before throwing in an “I will ask you next time we meet”
I thought to myself this must be the easiest thing ever. I mean how do you forget a name like EZIAHA (a good name)…

Oh but why not just read the entire blog post she did for me when I got married here

I think I have to be the last in line to hug JESUS because as you can tell, I am clearly HUG-OBSESSED!!! Hahahahahahaha.

Thank YOU so much Pastor M for pouring into us all. Thank You for believing in me and affirming me every time I talk to you. Oh thank you for correcting me too when I have mis-yarned, but all in LOVE. Thank you for being oh-so-generous of your time your words and your resources. I still recall you bringing ONE MILLION CDs for me to Uni then when you came for Rev’s birthday at 40. Like, that was soooo cool. I told her I had missed PK’s preaching and she brought many messages for me.

THANK YOU PASTOR M!!! Thank you for standing in faith and modeling to us what marriage should be like (even if some of us had to do nonsense first before applying what you told us before hahaha)

I couldn’t ask for a better mama, and I am not even asking. I am sticking to you Pastor M. You make Jesus and err’thing look goooooood. I love you absolutely. I appreciate you!!!


May God Himself continue to beautify your life, as you work to make His own Children’s life beautiful. May your life always always be a testimony to many around the world. And of course, one day, you will get to hang out with Joyce Meyer and Kay Warren, and I will be there too with Christine Caine. Hahaha (I want to write frame this better but I’m leaving it like this lol)







You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned




Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by LISA HARPER.



I also love the example Lisa gave of her friend who plops down in the Coffee shop for a meeting, right after she drops her kids off, only to realize she is wearing two different pairs of socks, and how she explains that sometimes running after Jesus is that way. We are EXHAUSTED yes, but we are HAPPY because we are giving our race our all.

Mehn, if anyone tells you that you will NOT get road weary just because you are on the right path, and running after Jesus, THEY LIED BIG TIME!!!

You are probably about to go Isaiah 40:31 on me, because ‘…those that wait on the Lord shall NOT GROW WEARY…’

Yup, but back up a bit, it says they shall RENEW their strength. The term RENEW goes to show that at some point, strength was depleted.

On this journey, there will be many ROAD-WEARY moments. Moments where you just DESPERATELY NEED A TOP-UP of not just strength, but Joy, Peace, Wisdom, etc., so that when you have been renewed, you can continue to RUN HARD, IN YOUR LANE, AFTER JESUS, giving your race YOUR absolute ALL!!!

So practically, how do we TOP UP when we get road weary?

For me, two ways especially

  1. I pull back totally and take a RETREAT.

“…And He said to them, “Come away with Me privately to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while…” Mark 6:31

Oh life can get into such a buzz and blur, with many things happening at once that you need to ‘come away with Jesus’ every now and then, before you  burn out. I didn’t even know Jesus said these words verbatim, I just know that one morning as I prayed, I heard God tell me ‘Come away with me…’ and then I continued to hear a replay in my Spirit.

And I’m glad I obeyed and took 3 days off for a personal retreat, because I TRULY needed that time with Him, both to refresh and then DOWNLOAD too.

So yup, I take a retreat whenever i get Road-weary.

  1. I go fellowship WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

I love me my Spiritual gatherings yo!!! And for the purpose of this Post, let’s stick to CHICK ONLY gatherings like LOVE LIFE which I blogged about here


I mean, there is just something about Chicks coming together in worship, word and just general fellowship that refreshes and strengthens us. Hebrews 10v25 talks about ‘…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…’ I am convinced that these gatherings just help to refresh ROAD-WEARY travellers.


I love that Joyce Meyer Ministries calls it THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR…


Because when Chicks gather ANYWHERE and Jesus is there, IT IS A PARTY yawl!!! Whether it is to Praise, Pray, Worship or just Laugh, it is A COMPLETE TURN UP.

I am talking ‘clubs-ain’t-got-nada-on-us’ kinda PARTAY!!! And yawl know when you attend a good PARTAY, you may feel physically exhausted but your Spirit and Soul is ANOTHER LEVEL HIGH, and soon, even your body catches up.

But this is NOT about Joyce’s LOVE LIFE, this is about Mildred’s BEAUTIFUL. (Any reason to side-by-side Joyce&Mildred)


BEAUTIFUL is the theme of this year’s annual JUST US GIRLS Conference hosted by my Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo. If anyone knows how to organize a CHICK PARTY, Pastor M does!!! Just check the recap of IMELA out.


I am talking Praise, Worship, Prayer, Fun, Comedy, Gifts, etc.; Pastor M goes the whole 9 yards and then some.

From MANNERS conference

From MANNERS conference

I have more details about BEAUTIFUL in this Post Guest Ministers and all…


I just feel it in my Spirit that this is one meeting God has called to REFRESH His ROAD WEARY travellers.


Chicks who are just doing what God has told them to do, keeping the faith, running hard in their lanes, giving their best, and living for Jesus, even with the current realities in the Land of Promise, Nigeria, today.

tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard on city road

I know living in Nigeria can wear us out and even get discouraging but hey, whatever the case or your current situation is, we all need that PUMP to get us back on track and going.

Life is STILL but a vapour so every single minute counts.

Road weary? Phew!!! I certainly am, in a good way. So I am thankful for the timing AND the theme of this conference.

Let’s REFRESH and REFUEL so that we can end the race on a HIGH!!!



Oh and even if you are NOT road-weary, just come and have FUN!!!


Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh, and clean jokes sef.


Or who doesn’t like a Party where PC is going to be roc’in da mic…


Plus HE IS NOW MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay!!!


Congrats PC and Rem…


God make your marriage BEAUTIFUL, pun intended of course!!!

See you TOMORROW  at BEAUTIFUL and hey, feel free to say HI if you see me.




Yes, please!!!


I’m on a roll today so see you in a bit with a Post called The ‘Hurri’ CAINE!!! Anybody guess what it will be about? Lol

Happy weekend boo,




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And thanks to everyone who has taken the pains to send me a review. Super thankful. God bless us all.

And oh, you did NOT miss me on Rhythm on Wednesday night, did you?


Gosh!!! I had a blast and i got incredibz feedback. I particularly swooned when the callers said ‘This girl is very knowledgeable about what she is saying…’

I just REALLY thank God for EVERYTHING!!! Like that interview went FAR and WIDE!!! Jesus tank Sah!!! It has been FIVE months of CoachE’ and God has really blown me away as per media exposure.






The second video for Stay at Home moms is up

I have had the craziest feedback from this videos and I wish i could tell EVERY single SAHM just HOW POWERFUL that season is. Please share with Domestic Queens you know. Thanks. Even watching it all over again is PUMPING me up!!! Group Hug for all we SUPER HOUSEWIVES please!!!



Just random pictures from this Morning

1 Hubby and myself lol


He now starts yabbing me how i was as heavy as an elephant before and even my leg, to lift them alone was like olumo rock, but today HE TOTALLY LOVES the way i look. Like i mentioned in my book, He never yabbed me once, but today ehn, it is like he was saving the yabis. LOL

2 We had to add KingDaveed


Hubs has FINALLY admitted that he looks like me!!! Yay!!! Anyone know any bank where i can exchange that info for 150,000USD?

3 I snapped with a giant today lol


I usually hear ‘Oh for a woman, you are tall’. Today i heard, ‘Oh for a NIGERIAN woman, you are tall’


If i could get to the middle of his skull, i would have knocked him. Hahaha.

Ok let me get to writing my HurriCAINE post!!!


You know, I am building my own Book reader App THE FAB E’ BOOK app (which by the way is costing me an arm, a leg and 2 uteruses lol) and after we reached an agreement, the last thing I told her (Yup, I am using a techy female GEEK) was 

‘…I LOVE colours. I am a super sanguine, so let the colors pop and let it be BEAUTIFUL!!!’

Sisters, I am all about THAT BEAUTIFUL LIFE yo!!!

I have even been accused of favouring finer Chicks over fine Chicks hahahahaha. Like, can you imagine? I won’t even answer that accusation, but I would say that I can hardly see a drop dead BEAUTIFUL Chick and NOT compliment her. Either her, or something she has on, or a BEAUTIFUL quality I admire in/about her.

My GORG  bestie and Mercy Lokulotu photobombed us

There is just something BEAUTIFUL about being a woman, that makes compliments like ‘i LOVE your cheek bones’ never awkward…We held our very FIRST Propel Lagos meet on Saturday, 

and I recall being kinda blown away by the beauty of 2 of the Chicks I was meeting for the first time. as I hugged them, I was sure to tell them emphatically ‘Oh my gosh, you are so beautiful’ more than once.

Which is why, it is easier to get me to attend an ALL Chick meeting than a meeting with some testosterone (shout out to my male readers tho. One love mehn haha)

I am so thankful that we never run out of Chick only events. I think God just leaves everything and camps with His Chicks whenever we gather to call upon His name. Aside blessing us with spiritual AND material blessings, He blesses us with the gift of humans!!! Follow Girlfriends. I still recall Warrior in Heels. Kai!!! Do you guys know it was after that meeting I started SavedFitnFAB? 

All because I heard DDK say ‘Apostles in the Market place?’ Do you know how much DDK has changed my life? Do you even know the ripple effect of that meeting as per the many other relationships the prayers birthed there has brought my way? (if you listened to the mesages ddk preached, you would have heard all the prophecies she dropped. My Spirit can’t stop thanking my Pastor Mildred for both organising that meeting, and then insisting I meet DDK. You know, God truly does LOVE his daughters and I know He drops BEAUTIFUL gifts when we gather to worship Him. Material gifts and Gifts of Sisters. It doesn’t always happen immediately BUT something drops in your Spirit, teaches you just how to pray, directs your life and brings you to your Squad, both Teachers, Helpers and Covenant Friendships. 

Then can we talk about the BEAUTIFUL refreshing that happens to your Spirit when in such gatherings. Just sisters, lifting up HOLY hands in worship of Jesus!!!! 

Not gossiping or being catty. Just pure fellowship!!! Dunno about yawl but where Chicks gather in worship of Jesus, and when the Host is Mildred Okonkwo, the darlingest Pastor I know, wild horses can’t keep me away as long as I am around ooo. See ehn, if I’ve seen God beautify a life, Pastor M’s life is it!!! 

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with Pastor M!!! She’s BEAUTIFUL and honey, i’m not even talking the obvious physical. I’m talking the beauty within. The grace mama carries, the results mama has, the helpers mama has, the ministry mama has, oh the FAITH Mildred Okonkwo has is BEAUTIFUL!!! 

From infertile to THREE kids!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

And so when she shared the theme for this year’s annual Just us Girls conference, I knew God is definitely ready to make His girls BEAUTIFUL!!! 

You have my permission to do whatever to be there. (err, legit sha). I don’t even know why Beautiful is NOT tomorrow!!! Or even now!!! Gosh!!! Ah!!! 

Yes these AMAZING people above will be there but who cares??? Jesus will be there guys!!! JESUS!!!!

  J E S U S!!!

The One who makes ALL things BEAUTIFUL in its time. The testimony giver, the way maker, the destiny changer, the friend-provider!!! The One who can change your story in a split second and make your life BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh sweet Lord baby Jesus. 

I. Can. NOT. Wait!!! 

No, seriously. Forget about your challenges and just come. Infact, bring them and come exchange it for BEAUTIFUL gifts. And if your life is already beautiful, AMEN!!! Now let’s take that beauty to the next level so you can impact your world with even more beauty. It is this Saturday 24th at 4.30pm. A touch of Pink is dress code but hey, come as you are if you don’t have pink!!! 

Oh and that thing I said above about ‘who cares?’ err, I care about the other BEAUTIFUL people coming abeg. 

Let’s look closely now…


Yawl know I have a spiritual crush on PC (sory Remarhed lol) Heaven usually kisses earth when PC ministers. 

Yesterday as He ministered in Church, God knows I just got lost for a minute or 10. 

How. Can. Anyone. Be. So. Anointed??? Was looking for brother man to get a hug but he disappeared soon after. 

Come, you will see what I’m saying when you hear PC. 

And oh Accapella!!! 

Not many comedians have got me rolling like him. Clean and funny jokes? Count me ALL IN please. 

Oh and the guest minister Pastor Jerry Eze???


 Just bring your journal cos heavens will open!!! 

Clear out your Saturday guys. 

See you at BEAUTIFUL cos honey that’s where Jesus will be… Yes. And AMEN!!! 

Love love love and remain BEAUTIFUL!!! 

Eziaha. (& my BEAUTIFUL Pastor K)

our first Propel meet held on Saturday. 

See ehn, God is too good!!! This is really a great time to be a Woman. I’m sharing bits from it on IG and all my social media accounts. @eziaha on IG and page on Facebook. Phew!!! 

Definitely BEST time to be a Woman. 
Don’t worry, the second lagos Chapter is starting next month. This first is already at capacity… email

PPS: my 6k promo is still on. 

Time to burn fat before Christmas. Once I hit a 100 Chicks, I’m stopping. Hurry guys. And super thanks to all my friends and blog readers who just carry my matter on their head and referring Clients. 

God bless yawl.  

Oh and im working on Christmas pressies for my December squad. 

Yawl wanna turn up then…

PPPS: My book is still on FIRE!!! 

Email or drop a comment with your email and get your free copy. (Oh btw i need a GOOD graphic artist. Tnx guys)


Can yawl believe it? 5years of blogging. Gosh the Lord is so super good. Thank God for booming stats too. And thanks to all my mentees who help me out with social media publicity. Phew, to birth and nurture a dream truly takes a village!!! Thankful for my Village!!!


I got back from church to this message from my mentee. She had been offline a while… This was a convo she started on her own…

I doubled up in laughter. Hahahahaha.
Can i be frank guys? Comments are AWESOME and i LOVE them but mehn, i write for more than comments. I write to BLESS AND CHANGE the lives of my readers. And mehn, THANK YOU for living for Jesus even more cos of my posts. He is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Comment when you can tho, love the feedback, but beyond the comment, LIVE IT just as i am…

Fight WELL… #WarriorInHeels

Timothy, my son, I command you…In accordance with the words of prophecy spoken in the past about you. Use those words as WEAPONS in order to FIGHT WELL!!!…1 Timothy 1: 18

How’s our fighting game going these days guys?

I’ve probably read that post of mine about 501 times and it gets me pumped EVERYTIME!!!

I can’t believe I wrote it sef. Just God!!!
Anyways, I’m about to pump us all up with even more fire.

Position yourselves!!!

I’ve been in a crazy tight romance with Paul and Timothy. I’ve previously told you how fiercely in love I am with healthy fruitful mentor-mentee relationships.

Paul-Timothy, Moses-Joshua, Elijah-Elisha, Joyce-Chris, Rev Victor-Rev Femi, Rev Femi-Pk, etc.

Oh gosh, it gets me so pumped to see godly thriving mentoring. I enter their matter. Seriously.

So in Paul’s rather emotional letter to Timothy, he charges him to FIGHT WELL.


We fight with the WORD!!!

Mehn, if you are not worded, I dunno what you are doing baby, but it ain’t FIGHTING!!!

You see what Paul told his son? You fight with all those words of prophecies spoken about you. Remember in those days, they didn’t quite have the Bible but today, we do.

No hun, you do NOT need to start running around looking for a prophet to speak words of prophecy over you with which you fight.
Nah!!! Thank You Jesus!!!

We have a more SURE word of prophecy in the Bible!!! 2Peter 1:19

So we sit our butts down, diligently search the scriptures on areas where we know we need to war, get our WORDssss, write them down and get to WAR!!!

Tz a battle of Words ooo and the most powerful word weapon is the Word of God.

Use it.
Fight well!!!

I believe something else very very important in warfare has to be consistency.

C O N S I S T E N C Y!!!

I could do a separate really LONG blog on the C-word which a lot of us don’t exactly like to apply today.
We want IMMEDIATE results.
We pray once, we don’t see results, we stop!!!


Even I find myself slippin’ into that sometimes and then I have to adjust quickly.

If there is anything we can ‘learn’ from the devil has to be how that loser doesn’t give up easily. The devil will use anything at anytime and anywhere to attack us. If A fails, you best believe he’s coming at you with b, c, d right up to Z.

But we who have been called to be Warriors, the kick-ass kind, sometimes sadly give up before him.

If only we knew how weak he was.
If only we knew just how close to victory we were.

Let’s jump right to Elijah in 1Kings for a second.

Chapter 18 opens with a Word from God to him… I’m sending rain!!!

Elijah repeats same in verse 41 to Ahab after that Boko-haramic massacre of Baal’s prophets…

‘I hear the sound of abundance of rain…’

Movie time…

Elijah takes a position. I am in love with that position so some days, I’m feeling rather Elijah’ry and I attempt it. For all of 30seconds. Lol. Let’s just say I prefer to stay on my face or my back. Or sit. Or pace Ain’t noborry go’ time fo’ tha’ Elijah posture.

But he takes a position and goes into battle.

He had the Word. ‘Prophecy’ if you like –
Rain is Coming!!!

But the Word spoken won’t happen if you don’t fight for it ooo. War a good warfare with it.

All He had to do was stay in that battle position UNTIL the Word became flesh. Or rain, literally.

Several times, his servant returned saying ‘I didn’t see anything’ and every time He sent him back while he remained in that position.

Talk about Consistency!!!

I can bet you Elijah was both praying, praising, worshipping and confessing the Word.

That Sisters, is how we fight!!!
We stay in THAT POSITION, in this case, a spiritual posture of warfare.
We keep praying.
We keep praising.
We keep worshipping.
We stay confessing ONLY what we wanna see/have.
We stay WARRING!!!
The servant went and came 7 times with nonsense report before he brought a good report.
7 there just means perfection.
We stay WARRING guys, until we get that ‘perfect’ report. Not a second earlier.

We give up too easily. Eziaha inclusive. I’m learning too. What we really need are ladies (and men) who stay fighting long after the initial emotion or pep talk is over.
We might have some battle scars but I promise you babe, at the end, we will be holding the Victor’s cup and medal if we ‘faint not’
But you know what, I’m excited at what God is doing.
I KNOW God is raising up Warrior Chicks. Lionesses. Women who know the kind of battle they have been called to, and have made up their minds to be undefeatable. #NoWeapon…

Women who know their Daddy is a MAN OF WAR and so know that the WARRIOR DNA is also in them.

Who are unflinching as they go into battle DETERMINED to fight WELL and to FINISH!!!

Which is why I am unbelievably EXCITED about Warrior In Heels!!!

Sweet Lord Baby Jesus!!!
When I did that post on ‘Are we even fighting at all…?’ I had ZERO idea When Women Worship this year was all about fighting.
I was pleasantly shocked when mama mentioned to me that this was the theme.
Don’t let me preach too much.
April 1 and April 3.

Two locations. (Festac and Lekki)
One city. Lagos.
Don’t worry about the Guest ministers coming, Jesus will be there and that’s ALL you need. (But PC will be ministering in Lekki. Eish!!!)

See ehn, just COME!!!

Come, like a little child, with UNREASONABLE expectations that God can and will do ANYTHING no matter the magnitude of the battle.

Kai, we all have battles ooo. Some of us are fighting health battles. Others financial. Some spiritual. Some marriage and family. Some soul ties. Some gossip/beef/drama. Some rebellion and insubordination. Some fornication/adultery. Some pornography/masturbation Etc. We all have wetin dey do us. Some of us have been fighting on our own and doing well at it. Some of us are NOT. Oh, but TWO will ALWAYS chase ten thousand!!!


Which is why we are coming together, as an army of warriors. Some are just being recruited into the army of fighters. Others are coming for reinforcement. Either way, the chick who walks in, I’m too sure won’t be the same chick who walks out. At least, that’s what I’m believing for myself.

Eeeeeeeeeeek!!! I am about to explode!!! Oh Jesus!!! Can you just imagine the kinda damage that we are going to do to the Kingdom of darkness.

I’m on my face before God for this program. I’m praying with all my heart that as Tasha Cobbs sang, an army of warriors in Heels, will rise up from that program, untameable, as we go to do major damage to the Kingdom of darkness. Lionesses arising indeed, in the words of Lisa Bevere.

I don’t know about you but i’m really REALLY tired of being weak and then having weak people around me. I want every lady around me to be a high heeled Holy Ghost terrorist. Not the ‘hey-ya’ friend. Look, this is a REAL need in my life. A REALLY REAL need!!! I am TIRED of seeing wimpy, weak-willed, ladies with defeatist attitude. I am also tired of being same. The world is already unfair in their labelling of women as weak as per powerless. It’s worse when we erroneously show them that we really are.

Oh good Lord, imagine a world of Warrior Chicks!!! I mean, heels, makeup on fleek, gele, manicured nails, perfect hair (natural or not) and all, looking pretty on the outside but inside, a real spiritual bulldog!!!

Lionesses (I’m resisting the urge to go on about my latest crush on Lisa Bevere but it is hardddddd)

Imagine how much of a pleasant surprise it will be. Imagine the kinda power we would command!!!
Imagine the kinda terror we would be to the kingdom of darkness. And the freshness we could bring to the world as we emerge.

Can I share a teeny weeny secret? I believe women are the REAL leaders of the home when it comes to spiritual warfare.

Sorry, not up for debate.
But really, life would be real awesome when we are doing it along side (prayer)warriors in heels!!!

One time, two of the most amazing Chicks I got to know via my blog, Eloho and 1plus came visiting. I shared with them my challenge in my search for a help and in the middle of my talk, they stop me, seriously and say ‘you know what, let’s agree and pray about it. It is easy to go on and on about our problems magnifying it without knowing, rather than PRAY about it. So Eloho shares a story of her aunt and her amazing househelp and how she stayed long with them and all that good stuff. And she prayed that God will favor me with same…’
See the kinda Chicks I want in my corner. Because I finally got my homehelp and she is a REAL answer to our prayers. Amen!!! We are coming together for Warrior in Heels.

Btw, if you are wondering why there is no picture, that’s cos Ayo stole our ‘fine’ in that picture soooo… lol. Actually, I don’t have the picture we took here.

Or was it this time one of my (best) friends and I were on the phone discussing the various Faith projects on our table. I think I was updating her on mine. I mean, we were just gisting about how crazy we were and at the end of the convo, when I’m about to say ‘bye love’ and she goes

‘*deep breathe and exhale*
Father I just thank you for your daughter Eziaha…….’

And that’s how she started praying ooo. Good Lord!!! I can’t forget the way she took that breath and exhaled. I recall exactly where I was in the waiting lounge at Abuja airport. I was shocked. How did we move from just random fun-gisting sorta talk to Prayers? Oh but she KNEW that after we finished talking, we should PRAY. It was unplanned. It was unrehearsed. It was REAL!!! It just flowed.

How many conversations/gist/phonecalls end with prayers?
Gosh!!! I thank God for warrior-friendships.
I want more and more Chicks like that in both my life, and in life generally. Just released into the atmosphere.
Lionesses. Warriors. Girls with swords.

Just going into all the world and doing major damage to the enemy.

You can come for any of the days. You can come from outside town and you can stay at my home. Looking forward to meeting my (half) namesake who is coming all the way from the east on my invite. Soooooooooooo excited. I’ve loved talking to her over the phone so when I thought of who to invite, my mind went straight to her.

Oh btw, the lady I invited last year is PREGNANT today!!! She got her testimony.

Good Lord!!!

Me, one of my battles has to do with finances. You see, I just discovered Luke 8 v 1-3 and I am now consumed in a good way with being VERY WEALTHY!!!

Those women FROM THEIR OWN CONSIDERABLE MEANS supported Jesus and His travelling crew financially!!!

I fainted!!! You see, I’ve been living small!!! Living for my own needs.
I. Quit!!! I Repent!!!

I dunno about you but there’s PLENTY work to be done in and for the Kingdom of God here on earth and guess what will fuel it?
No wonder the devil is pumping money to his agents on earth. Tufiakwa!!!
Money is such a tool mehn!!!
Again, not debating with you. I just need me some major MONEY!!!

Btw, Luke is officially my favourite disciple and Book. It must be the Doctor in him. He certainly brought a different angle to a lot of the Bible stories.

Remember ladies, gather your war tools. Prepare for battle baby.

Personally, I’m writing down scriptures for the areas I wanna war in.

I’ll also watch War room again for more pump factor. And then I’ll recommend this video Girls with swords!!!

Then I’ll not stop praying for the absolute success of the program.
Consider this my personal invite to you.

Before you start doing anything physical, come and war and settle it in the spiritual first. Then God will now show you HOW to do it in the physical.
And i’m serious, you can stay at mine. Just don’t be dirty. Lol. And don’t snore too.

Or you can also stay at Pastor M’s.
Lol. I’m kiddin’. She didn’t send me ooo. I’m just being naughty.

And oh, you do NOT have to wear heels if you are not comfy in it. Like my girl Dimma would say
‘where’s my sneakers? No time’

I personally don’t think I’ll b doing heels even though I’m a bit sad cos I realised last week that I’m 5ft 10 when all the while I thought I was 5ft 11″. Sigh. I’m tempted to but my ankle has cucu been hinting me with all my workouts. Something else to war about. I can even pray I hit 6ft. I mean, while we are praying……….
Anyways, just come. There is a tee which is 2k. I think you can buy at the venue too. But even if you don’t have, just COME!!!

Come to Festac on the 3rd, that’s Sunday evening. Or Lekki on the 1st of April that’s Friday evening.
And if you see me, (i’ll be at both by God’s grace) say Hiiiiiiiii !!!


Happy Easter. I hope to ‘enter’ the season before it is over. I only realised Easter was today, yesterday. Days have morphed into days without seams for me this week. I have eaten oats and noodles daily this week. Caffeine has powered many hours for me this week. I’ve stayed offline and incommunicado longer than I cared this week. I’ve switched up every routine I’ve had this week. I think I’m operating a heavenly time zone. Hopefully, something resets me. It’s not a problem or whatever oooo. I just don’t know what happened to me this week. But one thing I know is this
I. Need. A. Holiday!!!
Somebody invite me somewhere for 48hours only please!!!
I won’t even lie, it is getting tougher and tougher not having my hubby in Lagos with me. I’m no longer sure how I’m coping.

Yawl, pray with me??? (Nobody send me any ‘hey ya’ email please)

Lisa Bevere is EVERYTHING!!! I’m not even kidding.


Very fierce preacher. 56. Mom of four boys. Grandmom to 3.

Just go and find her and follow. Watch her YouTube vids esp Girls with swords and Lioness arising.
She’s my new (second) best friend.
I’m just amazed at the women God has sha. Phew!!!

Why am I still SINGLE? A message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

I just love this message. I am not sure but I think this was the last LoveDating&Marriage seminar I attended at DCC Lagos. I love it so much that it is the last Singles message left on my phone. It just seemed soooooo practical and useful. So this is dedicated to all my Single FABers. So much to learn from it. Preached by my Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo wpid-pastor-k.jpg So why am I still single? He answers this with 5 questions… Enjoy.

  1. Am I available?

Some people are actually NOT available but they think they are. Some actions or way of life make you NOT available in the ‘Singles market’ which is actually over saturated. There are some mindsets you may have which unknown to you may be sending out vibes to men that you are not available eg Do you always walk around with this thought ‘there are no good men/women anymore’ whilst praying for one? Honey, daz not ghanna wok. As a (wo)man thinketh in his heart, SO IS HE!!! Also if you are carrying emotional baggage, you may think you are available but you are not.

photo courtest intl workplace

photo courtest intl workplace

The energy flowing from you ain’t in line with what you praying for. It is like a house which has a ‘Welcome to our home’ doormat but yet a big dog right at the entrance. You know you ain’t welcome. Emotional baggages would keep getting in the way of conversations with even remotely interested opposite sex and aint nobody got time to continually hear about your ex John who dumped you or whatever horrid happened in the past. Please let God heal any hurt from your past. Also are you dating someone you KNOW you cannot marry whilst yet claiming ‘Single’? Eg dating a married man or some ‘bad guy’.

photo courtesy blogherdotcom

photo courtesy blogherdotcom

You may be thinking you are just holding that person in the mentime till the ‘Mr Right’ comes along but hunnay, you are sending signals even you don’t know about and people can pick those signals. You are emotionally involved no matter what you think. Usually when you meet someone, you are NOT as interested as a fully single person is only you don’t know.

Also, if there is this ‘Bro John’ you have been ‘claiming’ although dude has neither said anything nor is he feeling you laidat. That HUGE emotional investment in Bro John has made you less emotionally available to others but you dunno. It will be clear that there is NO VACANCY in your life for other people. Please don’t lose a good guy waiting on Bro John whom you have seen in a vision lol. Keep it moving and ‘empty’ Love. Bro John aint interested. PK tells the story of this girl in this uni who was overheard praying and claiming a certain ‘Bro John’ who everyone knows was already engaged to ‘Sister Mary’. The girl just dey pray dey claim the man calling out his name and surname sef. You see such a lady, though she is single, she ain’t available. Another way to check if you are available is to find out if you have unrealistic standards. The person some ladies/guys wanna marry is A PEOPLE- 4/5 in one person. I wrote a post on that here. Nobody is 100% and hey even if there was someone like that, guess what? That person wont be able to stand you cos you are not 100%. I want a man that is very romantic, rich, successful, Prayer warrior, Bible teacher, good singer like Don or Kirk, humble like Adeboye, have faith like Oyedepo, excellent like Adefarasin, Prayer warrior like Olukoya, funny like PK, HABA SISTER, ONLY YOU!!!??? Humans are work in progress. That spouse doesn’t have to come 100% perfect 2. Are you accessible?

Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

Some people are available and eligible but they are NOT accessible. They cannot be reached. Nobody got access to her.

Photo from flickr

Photo from flickr

Almost like all those sheltered children whose father had this shotgun or a big dog for any man that dared to visit.

You are certainly not welcome on this property... Photo from Flickr

You are certainly not welcome on this property… Photo from Flickr

As a single person, you must be able to be reached. You can’t be praying for a spouse and continually sit in your room under your bed, tz only mosquito that will see you. And God. But God doesn’t wanna marry. Ain’t no eligible person gonna come under your bed and see you. Which is why it is good for instance to belong to a church and a service group. Too much stories of couples who met whilst serving in church.

photo courtesy mix949

photo courtesy mix949

Being a member of the church ain’t enough especially if you are in all those big churches. Chances that you would be seen are low when all you do is come in, worship and after service you just leave. Ah!!! Bae, how is that gonna work? Join a department/small unit/connect group/house fellowship and let people SEE you and interact with you.

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

Not that you just rush into your car after every service without interacting with anybody. Don’t always walk sooooo fast. If you are single, reduce your pace hehehe. But frankly, I met one of my readers who said some people complained that she always walks too fast and with a straight face everytime in church and so was unapproachable. So please, catwalk ehn. Especially as a lady because these guys just dey try arrange themselves, gather stamina and muster courage to talk to you but before they reach you, you don disappear. And as a guy too, you gast be wise/. He tells the story of how in Bible school, first day he spotted this girl he thought he would like to get to know. Unfortunately, they didn’t sit so close. The next day he came early and sat close to the area the girl sat, made it a habit and kept finding reasons to communicate with her even if it meant copying notes he already had and asking questions he already had the answers to. ‘Excuse me, did you copy the assignment?’ ‘Did you get what that teacher said here?’ Of course, they started talking from there. My dear, you must be accessible as a single. Position yourself well. Have hobbies and be involved in them. Be sociable. Have friends. Obviously, he is not talking clubbing and stuff. There is healthy clean fun. Take yourself out if you have to, somebody might meet you there ooo. Nobody must take you there ooo. And while you are there, please be looking around small small. Like my Rev would say, watch and pray 3. Be approachable

From a recent shooting with Nemorosa. Thanks for the great shooting!

From a recent shooting with Nemorosa. Thanks for the great shooting!

Some people are available, they are accessible but to approach them is a different, impossible ball game. If you need to practice how to smile in front of a mirror, please do. Some ladies have a natural frowning face. A lot of men are not bold and they fear rejection so imagine they now gather courage to walk up to you and say hi or anything else to initiate conversation and you just size them up and down and are generally not very polite or welcoming.

photo courtesy flickr

photo courtesy flickr

The guy will just change mouth, turn you to traffic warden and ask you for direction or to borrow bible or something else. Anything but what he was on his mind because your countenance is bad. Please greet people and respond warmly. He that hath friend must show himself friendly. Recall Rebekah and how approachable and friendly she was to Abby’s servant and how she landed herself a rich young eligible blessed man. Another thing is when ladies always walk together like a gang and their countenance makes it hard for any guy to get that opportunity to speak to one privately. Don’t look down on people who don’t have it all now and be like ‘he is not my type’ lol. Some of these hunks we see now have not always been hunks ooo. For example see Rev and PK’s Surulere pix hehehe

hahahahahaha lol

hahahahahaha lol. I wish I can see the third man now

See them today

See them today

so some of these guys you boning now may be multi-millionaires in a few years. No use today scatter your tomorrow. Be approachable. That’s all for Part 1. Part 2 will be up same time next week. That’s Tuesday. Until then, share with your friends aii… Especially your Single and ready for marriage ones Trust you enjoyed this. Please share with your single friends, male and female and you can worship with DCC here WORSHIP WITH US DCC Lagos Victory Dome Behind PHCN Office, Fatgbems Bus Stop, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos 1st Service – 7.00am 2nd Service – 8.30am 3rd Service – 10.00am Midweek service Wednesday 6.30pm DCC Victoria Island Elegushi Beach Road, Beside Meadow Hall School, After 3rd Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos. Sunday Service – 11.00am Rush Hour Fellowship (Midweek service especially for those who work on the Island) Tuesdays:                    6pm at Silverbird Cinema, Hall 4. Instead of going to enter traffic, enjoy Rush hour fellowship and be refreshed. Love Dating and Marriage (the program where this message and such relationship messages are preched) holds at different intervals in the year. If you would call our numbers, they can send you reminder texts if you wish. Website: Phone number: 08077714411   And then of course we have our annual WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP coming up next week. Please click on link to get all the details. Friday June 19- Sunday June 21.



Ladies, you know you can’t afford to miss this one. Hosted of course by Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Gorgeously preggo

Gorgeously preggo

Stay blessed y’all



In the, an amazing relationship blogger and sister has this beautiful post up on tips to surviving wedding season. Check it out here

Feel free to snoop around her amazing blog too

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

#DoubleDelight…NaijaWife and Afoma Testify

First off, in my head, today is Sunday, January 26, 2014.
Cos according to my F.A.B. voices publishing schedule, that is when I was to publish this…
But between church and church tinz, reading my Booski’s latest post on dressing in the church, (, kicking off my virtual mentorship group (mehn, these girls are something ooo, I am yet to even catch up on their gist which I will today. Love love love you darlings…) , trying to kick off my Prayer partners group ( I should complete that today too) rounding up the Winners 21days fast in church Sunday evening, cooking, watching DHW season 8 again (Booski, please return the season 8 I gave you, this one ain’t complete…:p ), praying into and planning for this week (ah, iyanu musto shele this last week of January), doing my email runs, updating and totally loving Subway surfers as the World tour moves to the very colorful streets (Subway?) of Miami (thank goodness. I hated the streets of Mumbai esp coming from the Christmas streets of London) and generally being useful to my husband, Sunday was one EXHAUSTING day, both physically and mentally. I actually FELL ASLEEP. If you know me, you know i DON’T fall asleep. I am nocturnal and sleep only when i am ready, most times past 12 (hubby has accepted me the way i am lol). The body had to leave me cos my mind was still in top speed…
3.30am, body, spirit and soul are awake… So with a fresh bowl of smoothies and Rev Femi’s Leadership and Loyalty pt 2- Why are people disloyal?
( If any message series could leave me and run away, this one will cos I have played life out of it, lol. Love my Pastor much) playing in the background, I whip out my E’Pad to do due diligence to my blog…
I will get out of your face and let you enjoy the two Testifiers I have today…

NaijaWife is the kinda person everyone should have in their lives. Thankfully, her and Naija husband are generous enough to have us share in their lives through their blog
Awesome awesome blog. Personally,the blog has been a blessing… Esp the Too much book post which helped to reset my head (both posts and comments). As much as I would love to give NW a real hug someday for being such a sweet’drama’heart I prefer her anon…
First up of my double delight, The original F.A.B. Naija wife….



This picture!!! I just can't...

NaijaWife here! The no holds barred wife and blog partner of NaijaHusband over on As any good guest should, I must first express my gratitude to my gracious hostess, the lovely and F.A.B. Eziaha for hosting me. I haven’t met her in person before (or have I? *cue the sound of mysterious laughter*) but her personality reached out to mine across the blogosphere, grabbed me in a virtual hug and I couldn’t resist paying her a visit when she invited me.
***nne you haven’t met me yet. If I meet you, even if a chance meeting, I will know… 🙂 )

She’s told me I should pick a monicker and picture. But I’m lazy, so we’re just going to use my koboko flogging (and no that’s not my husband in the pic) twitter picture and add F.A.B to my “NaijaWife” title. So that makes me the * Drumroll please* ….

F.A.B. NaijaWife!

I like that name. I think I’ll ask NH to start adding F.A.B. to my real name every time he addresses me.

***Have I ever told you you remind me of Jada Smith and Eva Longoria? Yup, I think you must be that cute and ‘Gabrielle-dramatic’ while still a believer of course….***

Ok. So I’m supposed to discuss my top lessons, accomplishments, triumphs etc but E’ has word limited me so I can’t say much 😦  

One top highlight of 2013 was the launch of our blog I don’t know if I can call it a launch really, seeing as it was just one of those things you do for kicks. I think I was sitting in our parlor laughing at my husband for something funny he’d said, when I thought, “We should start a website! Let’s see if there are any other men out there like you!” And before we knew it, we were chronicling our experiences as a couple together and sharing it with the world.  
***awesome idea…. Such a blessing… Thanks for the gift of your blog…***

Since then, we’ve “met” a lot of cool peeps, great minds and beautiful souls who’ve shared their stories and problems with us.  Yet at the same time, it’s also brought a few challenges along the way. It wasn’t easy at first to get our story out there. We didn’t know our way around blogsville, and didn’t know how to tweet.
**** Really??? You seem like a Twitter-pro to me NNE*****
But God really surprised us. He took what we started for fun and turned it into something more than just our personal jokes.  Despite the odd reactions here and there like “How can two people be genuinely happy in this world? They must be faking it”. image


It’s been an overwhelmingly AMAZING and FABULOUS experience. God clearly has a plan for us and we’re praying he reveals more of it in 2014.
*** Amen amen amen!!! (4.45am BTW… My alarm just went off… I was an hour 15mins ahead of it. Gosh… )

So I’m going to re-word that “bucket list” question Eziaha asked me to make (I’m not kicking the bucket anytime soon o!)  and call it my “hope list” instead. Here goes:

My number one hope for 2014 is that I won’t be afraid to speak or live in truth. No matter what.  
My second hope is that more good husbands will emerge from the dark corners that society wants to hide them in and SHOUT IT OUT for the world to hear that they love their wives! (the way Aku’m loves Eziaha).
*** I am allowed to sneak in a pix of this lovely couple yeah…? #eyelashes#

Aww NW, that is so sweet. Sweet to know that you believe me and don’t think we too are ‘faking it’ or I am living in some form of fantasy bubble and the truth will soon shele and my eyes will clear ROTFLMBO…****

I hope that God will bring across our path more and more couples who, like we do, deeply and truly love one another and want their marriages to work despite the odds.


Stay Blessed!


Thank you so much my darling NW… You are such a delight!!! Godly delight… And thank you NH for letting her do this. God bless your home richly…
BTW, y’all know NH and NW are anon so she couldn’t share real personal stuff with the FAB community…

OK on to my second delight, Afoma Umesi…
Such an amazing writer. Medical student in the freezing Ukraine. I totally love her blog, just like she loves mine. And she writes mature, over and above her teen-age. And she is soooooo pretty.

No doubt, you will make such an amazing Doctor. Consider O&G or Paed lol. Her medic diaries are my fave… She also writes lovely fiction… Make way world, for this Superstar in the works…
FAB’ers, my 12th Testifier on the FAB lane…


Okay, so this is like “Take two” for me because I initially wrote a review of the year 2013 but Eziaha wanted something for 2014, something futuristic, she said.

***and this is ‘Take two’ for me because she is my numero two today… He he he ***
To be completely honest, I stopped making new year resolutions a while ago, I believe you don’t need a new year to make plans. But that’s beside the point. I also just realized I don’t have that many plans. So, I thought deeper and I really just want to be happy. I’ve always been happy, but this year, I tasted true, sincere happiness and I never want to give it back. I realized that happiness comes truly as the bible says from giving. So, I want to give more. More love, more work, more attention to the things and people that matter.
I have my first MB exams this year and I want to do great! I want to look back on it and be able to say “I gave my best”.
***at least you don’t whine as much as my darling kemi who still spanks so I am trusting God with you that you will do well too…***
I’ve never studied so much in my life! And I’m supposed to be a bookworm.
This year, I want to travel to a new country in both Africa and Europe, not to shop, but to just breathe a different air, take pictures and make lovely memories.
I want to keep writing on my lovely blog! I love it so much because I believe it was the star of my year! So many wonderful opportunities to inspire and be inspired and reaffirm my convictions. God blessed me with that blog of mine.
*and indeed your writings blessed us too…***

I’ve always wanted to write a book, maybe novel or collection of short stories or even a novella. I always start and then never finish. I’d like to start something this year. To start and be patient and flesh out my characters and not give up after 10,000 words like I did the last time.
***can’t wait can’t wait… A medical doctor and a writer… iLike***
Speaking of patience, I want to be more patient. I’m about a hundred times more patient than I was in 2012, but there’s always room to grow and what better growth than a fruitage of God’s spirit.
I spent a huge part of this year, bending over backwards to make people happy, to not let them get upset with me over decisions they really shouldn’t have a say in. 2014 will be different. This year will be about me and mine. I will not be coerced emotionally, physically or any other way into doing anything that will leave me unhappy or my conscience troubled. I will be unapologetic about my life decisions and never be ashamed of my beliefs. I will remember to speak my mind, but only when my words will have a better effect than silence. If you’re wondering what that means, it means I’m learning to pick my battles wisely.
*does this somewhat remind you of my third testifier, the anon Missy here ***

This year was fraught with so much tension, worry that I wasn’t good enough, in school, at writing, at being a person. I’m a worrier, but I think that comes from my love of planning ahead. I’m learning to take life one day at a time and not worry about things I cannot change and when they are things I can change, I will be proactive instead of sitting and worrying. I want to spend less time online and more with people who care and who are “real” to me. I love all the social media sites, especially Twitter, but sometimes, it honestly gets too much with everyone trying to stuff their opinions down your throat. This year, I’m standing up for myself, because no one else will, if I don’t.

* a life of balance. Between the real and the virtual. May we social media enthusiasts especially bloggers and ‘twitterers’ receive grace to strike this delicate balance…***

I spent the past year struggling with my relationship with God. Well, not struggling, but trying to find the right balance because the sudden onslaught of school work was ridiculous and just making it to school and back while having to study over twenty pages every day of medical jargon takes a toll on you and you still have to cook and clean and chill. Dear God, I love to just chill and do nothing, but I’ve learned that work must be done when it should and God should take first priority. I’ll fight harder to keep Him in that place next year, put more time into spiritual activities.

*Amen darling. Cos He has a way of holding it altogether when we give Him prime/first place…I trust God with you my darling…***

I want to love myself more, be kinder to myself, encourage myself and not compare myself to anyone else. I want to be a source of refreshment to everyone I meet and also realize that not everyone will like me and be okay with that. I want to keep drawing closer to my heavenly father; I mean you can never be close enough. I want to love my people more. I’m trying to eat more too; school keeps stealing all my adipose tissue.
I want to be happy and healthy.

***Happy, healthy and more God-loving you sure will be this year. Amen****

Thank you babe. You sure brought a BURST of fresh air to this #31F.A.B.Voices… Plenty love to you hun…

Oh BTW babe, thanks for the ‘Nineteen minutes e-book by Jodi Picoult.. Amazing writing…Then Afoma and I are both Subway surfers lovers. She even did a post on it here.. . She blogs at

I better get to making the pancakes for brekkie for Aku m and keep it in the m’oven… No need deceiving myself to grab a few minutes of sleep before…
Oh BTW, the message by Rev just finished… Right on time.
And hubby’s alarm just went off too… He says that is ‘wake up part 1’… Ugh!!! I wish I could just go back to sleep but this body…

My next post which hopefully should come up today if I can get a breather in between all the academic/work research I would be doing today is inspired from my mailbox…
A darling FAB’er sent me a mail asking a question on …. I had started responding to her privately anti thought, ‘…this should bless more lives na…’ So I decided I would merge it with another mail, provide answers and blog…
I trust God it would bless you…

Have you read AND commented on Pastor Mildred’s Dilemma post here?
Tuesday dilemma is up tomorrow so hurry along and lend your voice to the debacle involving a cheating husband and beAstie…

Oh BTW, move over Sapphire, Vee, Booski and co, I have a new friend…
Hello Rukewe!!!
Can’t wait to run her F.A.B 2014 entry here…
Speaking of which, I have OVER 31 voices already yay!!! Thanks to everyone who sent it, most of whom I have never met… I love love love all the impact this is creating and all the testimonies that will be shele-ing from this…
And I heard it in my spirit man as I took sometime to pray about this… We will indeed testify. Not that I didn’t know of course but I loved how the Spirit put it to me… It was this HUGE thanksgiving blog party at the end of the year when we returned,not only with our testimonies but of course with our thanksgiving…
Not just the 31 voices but as many that read the blog and trust God enough to commit to Him even as they play their own part…
iTestify… uTestify… WE TESTIFY…

Time check:5.50 am… Phew. Blogging is work… Fun work tho…


Going Forward… Still Testifying


I’m blogging right from the centre of the action… where we went to put together the AMAZING gift packs for all the ladies that are coming… So much fun mehn,,, Chioma, Diche, Ekamma, Pastor M, and all, muah…


Because w̶e̶ Pastor M is ready to spoil the ladies, w̶e̶ she went all out…

Ladies you don’t wanna miss this…
Guys you don’t wanna even come close…

Except of course to work… Cos na guys dey do all the hard work while the ladies will be worshipping!!!
Ok let’s get to the koko of this post
Please allow me to celebrate a REAL MAN…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is just something…
I can’t find the words at all…
I’m particular about REAL MEN because sadly, we are facing a dearth…
s̶h̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ ̶l̶a̶d̶i̶e̶s̶.̶.̶.̶ ̶G̶o̶d̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶e̶r̶v̶e̶d̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶o̶w̶n̶
I think what tripped me the most about the part of this testimony he shared had to be when he said that as they the blood starts gushing out from wifey, he will just say ‘abeg clean the blood and let’s move on’

No giving unnecessary attention to the devil. No wavering in the faith that God HAS already done it despite the devil’s WEAK shenanigans (dictionary pls)
How many men can really do that? As in really really do that…?
But let’s take this to the beginning…
How many men will marry a woman who Doctors have labelled barren?
Not too many ooo. Not even today where some i̶d̶i̶o̶t̶s̶ men actually insist that the wifey-to-beey be pregnant even before marriage and some really stupid women oblige.
How many men would go all out…


Trips around the world, first class treatment, once a surprise to America to attend the Joyce Meyer conference,

st32 st7

and all the other niceties of life… which she deserves


Yes that’s the story of Pastor M and how Pastor K spoils her…

img-20120918-wa0071 img-20120918-wa0001
We know what I̶g̶b̶o̶ N̶i̶g̶e̶r̶i̶a̶n̶ men are like when it comes to children. You never born you wan dey travel round the world!!! Na your papa house you go go…forever.
I like the fact that my Pastor didn’t even behave like the Doctors said anything. Totally disregarded it. And you would hear it in his messages. Pastor K preached like nothing was wrong because truly NOTHING was wrong. And today NOTHING is wrong.
Delay is never denial. Today we celebrate God’s faithfulness. He has shut every Peninnah’s mouth…

Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, I celebrate YOU.

Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, I e̶n̶v̶y̶ celebrate you for landing a real man… And i truly love you… So much and in increasing daily doses. You have a most amazing heart and you deserve all the loving and more. God bless you my darling Pastor M… I truly rejoice with you

*snif sniff*
If you need a fresh reason to come as a single lady, please come and contact that grace to attract a real man…
Not all these bomboys wey full every where today…
By the way, if you ever hear that I have been put behind bars, it has to be because I s̶l̶a̶p̶p̶e̶d̶ ̶a̶ ̶b̶o̶m̶b̶o̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶l̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶e̶e̶t̶h̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶a̶l̶f̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶n̶g̶u̶e̶ hit a bomboy… I seem to be meeting plenty these days…

Dear God, am I in sin? *thinking long and hard lol*
I’ll say a hail Mary a day for all my real single sisters. God won’t let us meet such men, amen
*insert 7angel-with-halo bbm smileys*
Seriously darling, you need to marry well ooo. There is work in marriage and the work gets plenty easier when you marry well…
And then there are very many perks… Ask Pastor M.

And please leave a very open heart when she starts sharing all the testimonies. Your church mind especially. Don’t be too jealous. Cos trust me, you just may get jealous ooo.

Ok I had to find a reason to add my daddy’s picture… He is about the REALEST and BESTEST and DARLINGEST man I know and he is also Pastor K’s own father in the Lord and a major part of the testimony… Yeah yeah, i know you envy me right now because he is my daddy dearest too. Kai, i love Rev sha… UNASHAMEDLY so… Rev TJ, i envy love you too

Pele… Don’t hate ooo

Come and encounter grace to marry well too. A REAL MAN

Some things are taught, some learnt, others CAUGHT… In the woship atmosphere of IMELA, I pray you sef CATCH SOMETHING…
So now tell me why you won’t make IMELA after all this?

Sunday June 16, 2013
David’s Christian centre, amuwo odofin, by Fatgbems filling station on oshodi-apapa express way

Free transport to major areas in Lagos. To and from…

Please call 08028356363 or 08077714411 for details

Tomorrow I will give y’all a rundown of all the artistes who will minister at Imela
And Saturday, I have a special

***drumroll please***
I am doing a video…

My very first V-log
I will be d̶i̶s̶g̶r̶a̶c̶i̶n̶g̶ discussing all of us (women) at DCC who were supposed to be Fruit-fasting but were doing all sorts of crazy things, E’ inclusive.

I couldn’t stop laughing yesterday in church when PK yabbed us eh. Chai… Who would have thought that Corn and ube bekee were not fruits…?
Plus for those of you who have not been privileged to hear E’ speak, congrats. Now you are testifying… Lol
You wanna watch this space
By the way, if the video doesnt upload I will write it out o jare… But I wil try to do a video. Operative word, TRY…

In the meantime. enjoy the trailer for IMELA


I started typing this in the afternoon. MTN knows how to take the GRANDFATHER of all nicks so I could not blog till now, when I came home to my laptop.


Prayer meeting for the ladies today was AMAZING yo!!! Ladies you need to come ooo. Don’t let anything stop you esepcially if you are in Lag. special shout out to TANNIE… Looking forward to meeting you finally sweetie.


I am going to send a broadcast now. Sorry to all my BBM contacts LOL…


All of you reading and not dropping comments, I have serious plans for you guys. I just don’t know what exactly to do yet. Drop a comment jor…


Pray my V-Log ish works ooo. I really wanna gist my blog fam the FRUIT FEAST FAST matter. It is too funny.


So you recall that AMAZING blog i talked about? The address is I can now confidently call her my friend. Nne i di egwu… Triple tuale darling… Your blog kept me hooked and I had to go back three years to read all your posts. Now I am done… TEN-STAR Doc… You guys visit and subscribe. You know I dont endorse trash… THANK ME NOW!!! Lol


This is the third in my WWW series. Do well to read Parts one and two first

“…But year after year, her rival wife taunted her cruelly and made fun of her, provoking her, rubbing it in and never letting her forget that God had not given her children. Hannah was miserable. She wept and would not eat everytime….”1 Sam 1; 6,7 (E’s mix version)

Peninnah and hannah

I love a hater.

And for some reason, I seem to have quite a few of them per time. Imagine!!! Sweet amazing E’. Let’s call them Peninnah. You may wanna read the whole of that bible chapter for the full gist if you don’t know what I am talking about.

Recall the post I did on B.A.B.A.R.A here?

I mentioned a certain someborry who was trusting God for the fruit of the womb and then got a mail from someone who said that she could not have kids and stuff because she was a wicked woman who was controlling her husband and eating her husband’s money. It hurt deeeeeep as you can imagine.


But wait ooo, is eating your husband’s money a sin? kai, We sinners go plenty ooo. Loool

Now that our miracle baby is almost here, we can laugh at that mail. But then, you can imagine that it could NOT have been funny when it came. No it couldn’t. That was so HEARTLESS, WICKED, COLD-BLOODED, UNFEELING, CALLOUS, DEVILISH, (more adjectives please)

But wait ooo, don’t we all need a Peninnah in our lives? Especially when there is a ‘comma’ somewhere so that we don’t get too comfy…

Peninnah pushes us to or knees in prayers.


And then when the ‘Samuel’ comes, Peninnah’s yabis is just what makes the testimony very interesting. Yummy much.

I recall failing out of Pharmacy school then (I really should tell this story here already), there were Peninnah’s in their THOUSANDS. I was Miss Popularity herself.


The whole University of Ibadan knew Eziaha Ajaero and they also KNEW that she had FAILED. My friends, close and distant and beefers said all sorts of CRAP- ‘


All her gragra will end, it is good for her..’ A lot of it hurt but I was too relieved to cry. But it hurt all the same, especially because I didn’t deserve to fail.

Thank God for the Haters. Changing academic discipline to my DESIRED and PERFECT Major (no longer living my Parent’s pharmacy dream for me) and graduating TOP OF MY CLASS certainly had something to do with the Peninnahs who didn’t stop taunting… And all the career testimonies I have today? Thank you Peninnahs ooo. Kisskiss..

I will share this story in FULL someday, but this is NOT about me darling. . It is about DCC’s own Gift who is hosting the IMELA concert with  her big tummy nice lovely gown… Momma, you will wear a gown, I already know


This testimony is too sweet. You don’t wanna miss it ooo. I think she will bring some of those cakes and share to us there.


By the way, please who knows any of Peninnah’s bomboys? Nobody!!! No book was dedicated to them in the bible. But Hannah’s Samuel gets two whole books, 1st and 2nd Samuel for good measure. By the way, I suspect that all those weak bomboys that cannot be REAL men and run their home came from Peninah’s lineage like the bomboy we discussed here.

Whatever the issue is, no matter the number of Peninnahs’, our God remains faithful. And your Samuel too is sure, no matter what your own ‘Samuel’ is.

You too will testify…

See you at IMELA.


Date; Sunday, June 16, 2013

Time; 4pm

Venue; David’s Christian Centre, Amuwo Odofin. By Fatgbems bus stop on Oshodi-Apapa expressway.

Free transport to major areas in Lagos. You can call 08028356363 or 08077714411 for transport inquiries.

Giddy with excitement…

Invite ALL the women you know…




My friend L  just hit town from Ibadan for IMELA. You we dey Lagos, you better make it ooo…


Was gisting with a sweetheart now who has/had similar issue of blood and the Doctors report of whatever too. I am so excited that she too will make IMELA. Se has inspired my next post… She said when i gisted her ‘HER HUSBAND IS A MAN OOO, FOR HIM TO STILL MARRY HER.’ Spot on right, just add a REAL to the MAN and you got WWW.REALMAN.COME


Please ladies come ooo, so that you will hear first hand why you should ‘marry well ooo”


Nothing :p