‘…It is a life of IMPACT and it should be CELEBRATED…’ #30Rocks

The absolute highlight of my birthdays for the past say five years has to be ringing my Pastor and Rev Femi Albert Oduwole.
Rev typically would reach out to me on my birthday and he NEVER forgets even without Facebook reminders because his son is my birthday mate. Lol. But even before that phone call comes to me, I call him mehn!!! I need my Father’s blessing. And so as we spoke yesterday and I just updated him on my life and told him how the day went, he said ‘…oh yours is a life of impact and it should be celebrated…’

You see, the day I turned 30 was a DREAM!!! I especially recall how I felt last year on my 29th and just how absolutely SAD I was
Even though I shared my Birth story.

Actually, looking back now, I think I was a tad depressed. The previous day was my son’s dedication and I was happy and thankful about it
but I had and felt such a gloom around my life then. It was just looking somehow. And frankly, hindsight vision is perfect. Now that I look back, I feel like I am out of my skin and looking at the Eziaha then. Don’t get me wrong ooo, I wasn’t sitting and crying daily. I had my relationship with God going. I was just too anxious about my future and all I felt He was placing in my heart to do.

From where I was, it didn’t look good. Plus I was in Bonny Island and I won’t even lie, Bonny Island is really not my happy place.


Hello body magic haha

So both physically and emotionally, I wasn’t in a very good place.

Just to give you an idea of how bad I felt, I quarrelled literally DAILY with my husband. I found fault with EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t appreciate NOTHING. He had tried to make me happy on that birthday but whosai… One day the dude just said ‘Eziaha you sound FRUSTRATED!!! You need to go and deal with what is disturbing you…’

And just to give you an even bigger idea, there was this day I got really violent with him. I FLUNG KingDaveed and I was going to BREAK everything in my home as I was hitting the dude. Mehn, that’s the day my respect for him peaked because he didn’t even strike back.
My man, a really REALLY GOOD MAN!!!

I didn’t believe what happened. I walked out of the home just to cool off and this was 11pm. Haha. The next day, I didn’t go to church. I couldn’t bring myself to. I felt soooooooooooo unsaved lol. I recall calling my best friend Valerie and bawling my eyes off asking her if she had ever seen any violent streaks in me before because she is the one bestie who has been with me the longest and most consistently.

Forget ooo, when you have real deep issues, it is only GOD that can heal you. No human, no matter how much they try can NEVER. I guess that was where my frustrations came from because I had placed such a heavy load on the guy and since he wasn’t meeting it, I became a wifezilla.
Anyways, trust Valerie, she tries her best to calm me down and stuff. And then somehow, I began to let God really work on me. I began to fully immerse in the season I was in (of motherhood and wifeyhood) and take my eyes off what others were up to in their lives. Then God began to really kinda give me roadmaps and peace and a clearer picture of the future and brought my teachers to me. One of whom is this crazy Chick Stephanie Obi.

She was one of my early callers this year on my birthday and as we spoke and i recounted how much had changed in 1year, I ALMOST started crying so I stopped talking to her. Lol

Basically she rang me a couple of weeks after my birthday last year and without knowing what was up in my life, she just telling me stuff she felt God would have me do with my life, and she was happy I had left the UN and that my life was worth much more and that my blog is such a platform that can give me a voice and blablabla.
I can recall exactly where I was and how rooted I was to the spot while she spoke. It felt like a rush of light hit me as she spoke. I felt something wake up in me. And what was funny was that she hadn’t spoken to me since I had my baby and after my birthday. I had just always missed her calls. That day for some reason, I picked and that day, LIGHT entered.
It began to all make sense. I truly did a 360 and just lived and OWNED my current season. Oh then I started literally sleeping in God’s presence. I recall that was the same season I got my present leather journal WHICH I ADORE
and I would write endlessly to God and just love on Him. I overdosed on YouTube videos from my Teachers and prayed like the my lifespan depended on how long I prayed.

It has been a LONG and SUPER EXCITING walk with God and I am thankful for me. Walking with God has not one dull moment.
Now, a year later, as I just stayed and enjoyed all the attention, I was just blown away. God is sooo good and so kind and so GRACIOUS!!! So gracious with us. I had the kind of day I wanted. I really soaked in the day and all the words.
I told my bestie Eniola that I will NOT miss ONE phonecall. I will HOG my phone. I will bask in every single word written or spoken about me and NOT feel guilty. And mehn, you guys were LAVISH!!!

I felt like God wanted me to truly BASK in it all. I didn’t know just how impactful it had been especially on Social media.
And what made me happy was just knowing that my heart was just pure and HOLY before God and even if I haven’t lived perfectly, I am doing this life well.
I have seen Him just really clean me from the very inside. I have had very regular open heart surgeries, amen!!! Days of ‘…NOOOOOOOOO God, don’t GO THERE…’

Phew!!! I have seen my faith grow steadily. I have a better understanding of the words I heard from PK one time

‘Two things have helped my life- MY ABILITY to hear from God and walking by Faith’.

I have heard Him CLEARLY in many areas of my life and for where things still seem unclear, I have FAITH that HE GOT ME!!!
I have seen myself LOOK TO JESUS ALONE and then WORK in my very many roles AS UNTO THE LORD and not man. I have seen Him REWARD and I have seen OBEDIENCE PROTECT.

I have seen Him send me my Teachers and OPEN MY EYES to recognise them.
I have seen Him send me help. I have seen Him come through for me.

I have seen Him honor my secret walk with and FOR HIM openly.

Tell you what guys, GOD IS REAL!!!

And the impact, which really pales in comparison to where He is taking me to, all comes as a result of my private fellowship with Him.

He has used Joyce MEYER to teach me about the teeny weeny details in my life. He has given me FIRE and PASSION with Christine Caine. He has given me a SUPER MENTOR in Pastor Mildred Okonkwo.


Pastor M's blog💕💕💕

He has made me very aware of my ESSENCE and EMBRACE it fully with Lisa Bevere. Oh He personally sent me Priscilla as my BEST FRIEND (she has no idea how close we are). He has made me REAL with Heather Lindsey. He made sure DDK came into my life at just the perfect time to kinda show me a mirror and my goodness, HE made sure I have the BEST PASTOR in the whole world who will listen to EVERY FINE DETAIL of the funk and junk in my life and landscape me with His Love and Counsel. Rev Femi Oduwole.

Oh there are many more teachers in my life but don’t let me continue.

People, I feel really blessed. I feel like I truly am coming into my own and I am fully embracing it.
30 rocks!!! Oh my gosh 30 ROCKS!!!

You people wey don reach 30 didn’t tell me ahead na. I would have fast forwarded this thing. Haha. You people not 30 yet think 20’s are something. Wait till you get here.

Something about 30 is freeing. Too old to care and just the right age to PUMP IT ALL UP!!!

Hey, not claiming lil’ Ms Perfect ooo. I’m just saying that it is absolutely INCREDIBLE what God will do with a life that just yields!!!
I hope I can share more subsequently especially in finer details of how He continues to walk with me but the meat of my gist today is FOLLOW GOD!!! He is the BEST SHEPHERD ever and He will NEVER lead us astray. Not promising a bump-free ride, but hey it will all be worth it. Those private moments where it is just between you and God and you give your best to life as you know to, they won’t go unrewarded.
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Thank you guys for the kindest words. And the prayers.


Loved this prayer

I didn’t actually realise just how much yawl lean in mehn. I LOVED hearing the specifics of how I have affected your lives. I loved learning that I am a mentor, bestie, mama, accountability partner, sister, etc to a lot of you even without meeting you.
Made me laugh truly. Don’t worry, I also feel like Lisa Bevere is my blood mama too. I can’t wait to hug that woman!!! The funny thing is I just live my life in the BEST way I know to and then wham, it affects lives in good ways.

Me bestie

Pretty awesome!!!

I intend to go HARDER mehn!!!

And one thing I learned from Joyce is this. She says she gets a ton of compliments literally daily so she treats each one as a rose and at the end of the day, she presents this huge beautiful bouquet to the Lord as a gift.
So Lord here is my BOUQUET!!!


Sha keep it in my mansion in heaven for me. Haha.

It is a good life at 30. It’s a GOOD GOOD life!!!

Ok enough of the serious stuff, HOW HOT ARE THESE PICTURES???
Loveeeeeet. That playsuit is totally not my style but I think God wanted me to get it because of how it came a day before the shoot. I had truly given up. Long story. And then the 30 balloons came literally an hour before.
I used to model so I had fun being the absolute centre of attention at that shoot. And I also recorded my first YouTube video. It was FUN to shoot. CoachE’ will be vlogging weekly on weight loss and then from time to time, FruitfullE’ I will share as God leads me.

Yeah, we have moved on from E’ to FruitfullE’.

I haven’t created the channel yet because I am trying to actually clear my plate, plus the video had some issues but hey, it will be up before the week is up. Amen!!!

I don’t even know where to ask you to check back for it. Oh ok, Twitter. @eziahaA

I have a clip on my IG sha. Eziaha…

I think I will prefer vlogging haha but I will do 10min or less videos. Max 15mins. But it will ROOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK like a badt band.

And how crazy is it that most people went with CoachE’ yesterday?
It was like everyone forgot my name was Eziaha and all said Happy birthday CoachE’.
Made me laugh.

Ok so I announced two giveaways on my last post. The winner for Becoming 2.0 is Omowunmi Fatogun. Got quite a number of entries and I really wanted to pick someone who had already heard about the program and Funto and was actively believing God for it. Quite a number had heard but Fatogun’s mail kinda stood out. I have a tight second runner up so hey, if God is leading any of my readers to epp, holler and then I’ll share who. Tz just 10k jare. Btw, I’m believing God for miracles for those of you who mailed me. Praying God makes a way because I have a really good feeling about Becoming. Thanks Viyon for getting me a discount. Two discounts haha.

Ok and for the weightloss, Eby Akhigbe. I asked that people comment below and they were sending me emails. Simple instruction ooo. My email box is too busy so having more emails when I can avoid it can be annoying ooo. Phew!!!

That’s why I said drop a comment. Simples. Anyways, another friend wants to sponsor one more Chick. Just drop a comment as to why you. And of course, with CoachE’ you have to be serious ooo.


Someone said I'm scaring them haha

I don’t do too well with excuses. So bring your A-game especially if you are the one I pick. Meanwhile Fatogun and Eby, please email me today. Eziaha@eziaha.com for Fatogun and savedfitnfab@eziaha.com for Eby.

Cheers yawl and just to sign out with this quote I picked from one of my July weight loss students,

A strong woman in her essence is a GIFT to the world…

Nuff said


Live Guys, as LAVISHLY as you know to!!!



Becoming 2.0… and a Chick GIVEAWAY

Hey guys.

Happy weekend… I’m super excited about the weekend. This one in particular. You see tonight is Amaghimo


and I was going to go without my son KingDaveed. Only for God to tell me to carry him cos He has a blessing for him too.


Terrorist to the kingdom of hell

So when Pastor M blogged ‘Desperate to bless’, I KNEW and KNOW God really is desperate to bless us.
You can still come ooo. Tonight at DCC Amuwo. 4.30pm. I have 3 things to settle at this meeting and i’m thankful for it.
And then tomorrow I get to worship at Fountain of Life with Sinach!!!


I’m about to rapture just thinking about it. I LOVE that these meetings are strategically back to back just before my 30th. I’m sealing somethings with Sinach. That chick just has no idea.

God is soooo gracious. I’m excited about my future. I’m excited about this year and all it holds. I’m excited about BECOMING!!! Becoming all He has called me to.
Yes, Lord!!!

Speaking of ‘Becoming…’
So I stumbled (read divinely encountered) Funto Ibuoye on Wednesday. Somehow on my IG feed, she came up and I just random opened the picture.


Eeeeek!!! What a woman of God!!!
I just started speaking in tongues as i entered her lane big time!!!

Please don’t let me start on how God works with His women and how he links people up for His purpose on earth!!!

If you don’t know her, check her out on IG. Or twitter. @Funto_I

Anyways I realised that her ministry has this annual program Becoming… and thankfully, this year’s own hasn’t happened yet.


This is the second year I think. It is going down on July 16, Muson centre Lagos.
Personally, this meeting has all the trappings of Warrior in Heels and my encounter with DDK!!! I’m so glad God brought her into my radar that day on IG.
And guess what i found out? She also has a 31day DEVOTIONAL…


For women.
Just like me!!!


Ah. Funto, where have YOU been?

Hers is in print and sold for 1500. Definitely getting one…
you can get one here

Becoming 2.0???
I’m already there!!! Azzin, I’m there!!!


One of the sessions

Tz 10k per person for registration and it closes July 2. I am so thankful I get to sponsor one Chick for this conference.

Don’t just jump in and send me a mail, I want you to prayerfully consider it. Especially if you are really in that place where you know you need some clarity about what the future holds for you.
I have prayed about this and there is just one thing I need to see in your mail to know you are the Chick God wants me to sponsor there.
So pray about it and then do me a mail. Of course, it should be that you can’t afford it YET. Don’t do me a mail if you can pay for yourself. So tell me a bit about yourself and your journey in life. Don’t write like you know me or I know you ooo. Even if we are familiar. Write like you know this meeting has the potential to change your life.
We are not here to play!!!
So email eziaha@eziaha.com

I will choose the winning chick and announce on my birthday. I also won’t be able to reply to all the requests pls, as much as I would love to. Just look out for the winner here on the 29th and we go from there.

And hey, I’m openly inviting yawl. Check her out on IG @ifunto for details and as God leads, attend.

Loved this post on the 5 categories of women who should attend BECOMING!!!


Can’t wait for this program!!!
Can’t wait for these programsssss starting tonight!!!

Ok everyone, have a FAB weekend!!!
My first set of coaching since I went premium ends today and i’m so super excited.
And a tad emotional too.



Most people averaged out at 7kg down and we have a few over 10kg in 2months.

I get the next week free until July 4 when the promo class starts for a month.
Feels like a much needed holiday to refresh and refire for the next set!!!
So pumped!!!


Definitely grown on the journey so tz a better CoachE’ going into July. Definitely a stricter and more loving me. Haha.

And yup, you can still join in. 5k for one month coaching. Details here


Or refer someone. Or gift someone. Speaking of which, I have a friend who wants to pay for someone. I’ll prefer a student who truly can’t afford. Or well, any one who can’t afford. So hey check out how the online coaching works and drop a comment on why YOU should be picked. Will update this section with CLOSED when I’ve picked someone.


Happy weekend yawl and may our eyes behold our teachers. And may we be wise enough to follow.

In Jesus name, Amen!!!


So who got ya on LOCKDOWN!!!


This post is LONG!!! Was gonna divide it into two but no, I won’t!!! I’m sorry… NOT!!!


So lemme set this up with a story that makes me SMH every time I think back at it

Btw, by lockdown, I really mean, who or WHAT is putting you under INTENSE PRESSURE?

Before you start thinking of anybody else, please look within. Because I truly realised that a lot of times, I was the one who got ME on LOCKDOWN.

Ok, that story!!!

There was a time I was very very unhappy. Sometime around the second half of last year. I was 3months post-partum and it was clear I was not going back to work or even Abuja. I couldn’t believe it. I was constantly upset and comparing my life with a whole lot of persons who I KNEW I was way better than as they progressed in their careers. I mean, I made a First class, believed God for and gotten into my Dream Organization, THE UNITED NATIONS and lived in my land of milk and money The ‘Buj.

All of a sudden, I had a baby and everything changed.

Lemme highlight a particular sister I literally went crazy comparing her life to mine because I VERY ERRONEOUSLY thought we had somewhat the same situation.

Ok so this chick on Instagram, she also had a baby about the time I had mine. A little earlier tho. She had given birth abroad, then came back after about 6weeks and then soon after went back to work and her beautiful career. She didn’t even look like she skipped a beat. Her life and seasons flowed seamlessly into the next. She would take pictures of her either at or on her way to work daily and tell nice short stories around it, and how she manages to combine work with being a mom (hashtag #workingmom). She would take short work related trips and return to a perfect home. When she travelled with her baby, she would share pictures of their trip, she would share pictures too of date nights with her hubby, and so on. Her life, as a wife, mom and career woman just seemed perfectly integrated and every single time I visited her page, I would get a lil more depressed. She was living my dream life. Here I was, stuck at home doing NOTHING beyond changing diapers and pumping breast milk. I just felt really sorry for myself and under INTENSE pressure to jump back into the work world.

Talk about LOCKDOWN!!!

I even feel one kain typing all this out. But tz OK. That Crazy chick is gone!!!

Anyways, I found myself beginning to do things I had absolutely no biz doing. I was CONSTANTLY upset at my husband. I recall when he said I should come to Bonny for a bit. I said LAI LAI!!! I need to start making applications in Lagos biko and be ready for interviews and tests when I was called. Gosh, it took Rev’s intervention and WISE COUNSEL to get me to go. Then I started doing all those GMAT stuff and all. A friend introduced me to COURSERA where she was taking online courses for free from top universities and wham, I quickly registered and started taking courses too.

I just wanted to feel like I too was doing something career-related and I made sure to drop that casually in conversations so that I sound ‘career relevant’ too. I recall how HARD it was fitting those courses into my schedule and just how much of gibberish it was to me then but I FORCED myself to follow through.

I too must be #WorkingMom so lemme keep my brain buzzing.

Plus that Chick on Instagram was also my ‘motivation’ lol. Btw, she is not even a personal friend ooo. It didn’t matter. She had it ALL and I just wanted her life and I believed I could start working for it…

Anyways, one day God literally sat me down and explained somethings to me using the same chick’s life as an example.

Now, that Chick is not only from a filthy rich home, she is also married into a political family.

She could afford the entire works… a Nanny, Cook, Housekeeper, Driver and more. The day I saw a video of their kitchen, I bowed.. Lol

Her and her hubby live under the same roof and then money truly was answering a whole lot of things in their life… Plus they have a SOLID family support system in the same city they lived in.

The situation I was comparing myself to was very unequal… And frankly STUPID!!!

I didn’t have no politician money(YET) and so couldn’t afford all that help…

I lived in a city where I had ZERO support system and so it only made sense to stop work and relocate to Lagos.

What would be the alternative to that?

Why was I comparing?

Why was I under that kinda intense pressure?

Most importantly, what has God said about me? Funny thing is I always felt GOD tell me I had a different path that did not involve the kinda career I so desperately wanted. But nah, I just wanted to dress up AND go somewhere every day.

That for me defined SUCCESS!!!

I mentioned a line in this post which really came from a DEEPLY PERSONAL PLACE


That chick didn’t have me on LOCKDOWN!!! She wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I had ME on LOCKDOWN!!!

She was running on her lane and I ought to have stayed on my lane too, running passionately and not spectating in her own lane.

Phew!!! How foolish I was. Thank God for deliverance.

Sometimes though, we actually KNOW what God has said about us but we confuse His ‘due season’ for our own ‘due dates’, so we put ourselves on DATE LOCKDOWN and then start to panic as that date draws by or even goes by. Something happened to me recently and it drove home the point for me.

So there is something HUGE I am in faith about. Then God told me to write it all down in a stepwise process, and continue to daily thank Him for it as though done. I did, complete with the dates I wanted each step completed. I wasn’t panicking, I wasn’t on lockdown, I just happily Phillipians 419’ed it every day.


Then one morning, I realised that a date had come AND passed for one of the steps and it still hadn’t happened. It was actually about 3days late which wasn’t even my concern.

My concern was that I didn’t even see it happening in the physical soon. Then just as the spirit of LOCKDOWN began to creep in, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me very very VERY gently AND lovingly

Eziaha sweetie, don’t do that. Don’t do that…

And further explained to me that while He indeed wanted me to believe Him that XX is done by YY day, He wants me to STAY BELIEVING even if that day comes and passes because HE can flip the script and make it happen OVERNIGHT!!!

And instantly, I said it out loud to my own hearing that my date might have passed BUT I trust that His timing is perfect and HE is NEVER LATE and so I stay trusting. How He is going to do it, I don’t know but I believe enough to continue to thank Him for it.

2days later, it was done!!!

You see, the spirit of LOCKDOWN, especially by DATES is real!!! Once it overshadows you, you get depressed, you stop your positive confessions and now start talking the kinda nonsense that gets the devil nodding in agreement.

Heavens know how much it affected me as I believed for my hub’s relocation to Lagos. I would always put dates to it, which in itself was not bad, but by the time that date comes and goes, I am soooo sad and depressed that I actually stop praying about it. Now I am wiser. We believe and talk about it A LOT literally every day but as it is tarrying, we stay waiting with FAITH and PATIENCE and don’t give up.

Let’s be very very careful with dates. I have seen Chicks say ‘by September 1, I must be married and in my husband’s house’. Then as September draws near and no man, they get depressed.

Infact, one of my younger friends once told me that ‘Bishop prophesied at Shiloh that some sisters here would be married by June’ and she received it as her Word!!!

She was doing the most ridiculous things to make that happen and I had to really sit her down and tell her that NOT every word that comes out from the pulpit is for you ooo.

It don’t matter how much you ‘name and claim it’, if it ain’t your season, IT AIN’T YOUR SEASON.

So no need to put yourself on LOCKDOWN because of a WORD!!!

The same goes for women believing for the fruit of the womb. I kinda flow with Heather on this. She says when we stop worshipping our ‘problems’ or challenges, typically that is when the testimonies come. Happened to her as she believed God for a child. She literally was OBSESSED about it and trust God to ignore her. When she stopped worshipping the situation and came to a point of COMPLETE TRUST IN GOD, she took in and had her baby. I believe that we should stay believing and as the Lord leads us AND speaks to us. You see that Sarah got her testimony only after the Angels told her ‘by this time next year…’


I believe that his timings are PERFECT and even when we say ‘Oh I believe God that this is the year’, it is OK, even to go ahead and shop and have names for the baby(ies) but we do not sit and keep worshipping those dates but instead we stay WORSHIPPING GOD, trusting Him all da way, irrespective of dates.

Because I have seen women just sink into depression after that their set date goes by. Frankly if you want my honest opinion, I would say, stay trusting God WITHOUT dates to put you on LOCKDOWN (except of course you are VERY SURE HE TOLD YOU) and then I believe that GOD gives us our answers in terms of INSTRUCTIONS some times and then whatever He says to do, just do it.

Our obedience has to be COMPLETE!!! Not just for women in faith for kids and husbands but for anything we are in faith for, (jobs, financial breakthroughs, etc) we need to NOT WORSHIP our own dates instead we WORSHIP GOD!!!

Frankly these days, I am so careful of DATES because I have had my fair share of heart breaks as a result of dates!!!

I believe that the society doesn’t even help us. Once we are 23 and have graduated, the next thing everyone starts talking is marriage. If you are 27 and above, that pressure is REAL!!! Ditto those married. 6months in and every looks at your tummy before they even say HELLO!!! Or you return from NYSC and 1month after, you better have your dream job or the questions and suggestions would start to roll in. God forbid if you even went abroad for Masters and then you don’t get a job with an INTERNATIONAL firm that same week you landed. Ah!!!

Well, my two cents on issues like this that tend to put one on lockdown is not that we start to hide from such society, because I have seen some people hide from them. Hiding for me is not it ooo because there are some people and situations from which we can’t hide.

Something happened to me recently that really pained me. Gosh, I almost entered ‘resentment’ level with the human but as I sat before God and just poured my heart out to Him, He gave me a solution which I would like to suggest.

So this person came at me with questions as to why I hadn’t done X and Y and it was in public and it was like

‘Ah, when are you doing it? Go and do it ooo, Time is going ooo, etc’

and the truth is I KNEW what I was supposed to do but my delay wasn’t because I was slacking. I just didn’t have the money to do it at the moment. I was actually embarrassed and I came home and just poured it all out to my hubby who you know did his best to get me out of that dumps. I also now resolved in my heart to totally avoid anyone or anything that would attempt to embarrass me like that. But as I prayed God told me that I couldn’t avoid that, Sorry!!! Instead what I should do is to have an ANSWER IN ADVANCE for such situations for when it comes up, which I shared on my Facebook Page Eziaha.com


For example,

‘No babe, I haven’t done it yet because I am BELIEVING GOD FOR THE MONEY for it, and as soon as I get it, I would go ahead and do it. It would also be a good idea if you pray that God hastens it for me too’


I think I was ashamed to be needy or to admit that I didn’t have the cash yet. But you know, something mama Joyce

Lisa and Mama Joyce

Lisa and Mama Joyce

(Lisa Bevere calls her mama Joyce and it sounds like music to my ears) said was

‘…we should not be ashamed or afraid to be in need because only then can God even fill us up…’

That just about liberated me.

So if there are certain TEMPORARY ‘gaps’ in our lives, we should not be afraid of it, or run from our current reality but we should elevate the TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD ABOVE IT.

Because the truth is, people MUST ASK. Their questioning would put us in AWKWARD positions and ON LOCKDOWN if we are not careful.

Sometimes they don’t even ask in bad faith, they don’t know/think they are putting you under pressure, they just ask… So instead of becoming resentful or angry or on LOCKDOWN, let’s build up our faith in and with our pre-meditated responses

‘I am not married yet Aunty, but I believe that God will bring my OWN GOOD MAN at the right time and until then, I continue living my life. Feel free to pray for me too…’

‘No I don’t have job yet but I am believing God and applying as I am led…’

‘I have already received my babies ooo, it is just the manifestation that I await and I trust my God to SHOW OFF with me when it happens’

‘Yes, I am still squatting with my friend and I believe that my squatting days are OVER already but until that manifests, I am so thankful to have a roof over my head’

You catch my drift?

Whatever God has told you about that situation, have it READY in answer when any person or situation tries to put you on LOCKDOWN!!!

And I must say the truth, it is so important not to get resentful of persons who come for you. Because I know that LOCKDOWN situations tend to lead to resentment. Sometimes, they just don’t understand why you can’t do this or that because their reality is far removed from yours.

Say yawl in a group are supposed to contribute some money for X or Y. I would use a church situation because I have seen that happen a LOT!!! Say maybe in your unit, they are doing a 10k asoebi for someone’s wedding. You say you no fit and someone is like ‘why now. Just 10k babe’

10k for some people is really nothing but for you, maybe a single mom or in a household where only one person is working, would it be wisdom to go and spend 10k on asoebi? NO!!! Or maybe sef, you have the money BUT you have more pressing needs in your family, say someone is sick and the bills are piling, should you spend 10k on asoebi just to be among?


Even in church, wisdom needs to guide us. So if someone comes for your life, please have a ready answer and don’t even let it stew in your heart. Don’t get repeating it to everyone and their mama what that person did to you EVEN IF NOT TOO LONG AGO, THEY WERE IN YOUR SHOES!!!

We are all running individual faith journeys and are fighting different battles ooo. That someone has ‘broken through’ in an area we can all see don’t mean you ain’t making progress in yours.

So don’t let any one’s breakthrough, actions or words put you on LOCKDOWN!!! Trust God to make such doors open for you too but in the meantime, please harbour no grudges. Sometimes truly, people do NOT get WHY you can’t do something but it doesn’t matter. BE LED BY GOD!!! And remember what mama Joyce said above…

I am reminded of a story I have heard Pk tell a couple of times. While it gets some people laughing, it reminds me of who I used to be and who I can NEVER be again. He said someone came to him and says he talks a lot about sowing in millions and it puts him under pressure!!!

You see, I used to be like that. I used to feel like if a seed was called anywhere and I don’t give, people will look at me somehow so even when GOD didn’t endorse it, I will pledge to give FOR THE WRONG REASONS (Pressure, show off, etc) and then I won’t fulfil that vow.


I believe we should be led by God in our vows and giving too.


Not our emotions.

Not because someone gave a million or 10million.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in giving, whether personally or corporately. I believe the house of God is the most fertile ground to sow in and frankly I speak this over my son daily that He grows up being a HUGE giver, but I don’t believe we should give under pressure, and the Bible says same…

ERV actually says you should NOT give if you feel FORCED TO GIVE!!!

The MSG? Awesome…

I want each of you to take plenty of time to think it over, and make up your mind what you will give. That will protect you against sob stories and arm twisting… GOD LOVES IT WHEN A GIVER DELIGHTS IN HIS GIVING!!!

You know what, when I attend a special program, I always prepare a special seed as I am led by GOD. Now I can get there and maybe a special offering different than what I prepared is called for. I make sure there is no compulsion to my giving if I am giving.


That’s wisdom if you ask me!!!

You know sometimes, I watch Hillsong services online and when it is time for offering, the person who comes up always has a line that says something like (in that delightful Aussie accent)

‘Oh, if this is your first time, please don’t feel under any pressure to join us. You can be led by God as you give…’

Again, don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to appeal to your greed and stinginess. You MUST give. We can’t run away from it as Believers. The Early church was birthed on giving sef. But don’t give from a position of LOCKDOWN!!!

I knew PK wasn’t tryna pressure nobody.

I thought this picture was the OLD SCHOOL SUNDAY winner!!!

I thought this picture was the OLD SCHOOL SUNDAY winner!!!

PK has shared stories from his BROKE past before and how faith got him to where he is today so instead of lockdown, I believe stories like that should build faith in us that this serving God biz will eventually pay off if we faint not.

If we however allow the devil make us receive it as pressure, GOOD LUCK!!!

Oh, but sometimes, I believe people appropriate their spiritual authority wrongly. One of my mentees came to me for counsel on something one time. Final year student, she happened to have double accommodation, one on campus which comes just because you are in final year, and an off campus one which she spends most of her time in anyways because it offered her privacy. Then her pastor or so says she should accommodate a certain NYSC chick since she has two. She offers to let her stay in the campus one and the guy says NO he wants her in the off campus one.

Ok, for how long?


Please how does that work?

I don’t know this Chick but I offer to help in the way that I know how and you totally want to inconvenience me and indefinitely too?

That’s unfair!!! And straight up power abuse if you ask me, because he was seriously pressuring her. I told her flat out NOT to agree.

When anyone gets an off campus accommodation alone for privacy sake, they KNOW what they are doing and are not trying to inconvenience themselves for anyone else who actually was not even desperate.

Corp members always find their way, even in villages. This was an ancient city with cheap accommodation but NO, because I am YOUR PASTOR, you must accommodate a COMPLETE stranger for possibly an ENTIRE YEAR!!!

God forbid!!! I won’t do it. Sorry!!! Except of course GOD tells me to, in which case God is not a wicked Father.

Of course, she didn’t agree and the Corper LIVED!!!


I think when we find ourselves in positions of authority over some, we should be careful not to put them on LOCKDOWN!!! Think about even our relationship with God. He GENTLY leads us and does NOT force us. I LOVE how Luke 1:74 says …that we may serve God WITHOUT FEAR.

He wants us to serve Him from LOVE rather than compulsion and so I don’t think we should let anyone make us do stuff out of compulsion. Even with my mentees, I really discourage any form of pressure in our relationships. I want you to be free enough to have your own opinions as led by God.

We tend to IDOLISE our Spiritual leaders especially in this part of the world and that for me is because we are too lazy to download from heaven our own WORD!!! So whatever they say, we just blindly follow. I just love it when my Pastors say ‘Oh pray about it and let me know what you think’

I LOVE the freedom that gives. I don’t want to feel COMPELLED to do stuff just because you mentioned. Soon, resentment would enter the matter. I have seen it happen. I KNOW!!!

Me, I know how to stalk people ooo. But I do with wisdom. There are several things I have heard Heather say that I flat out do NOT agree with and not even try to implement in my life. I just KNOW that is for Heather and NOT for me. Ditto Chris Caine!!! I love, respect and honor them but I don’t follow blindly!!! I know which Word to receive and which to ‘jump and pass’ haha

You have to know what God is saying for your own life ooo and do it. All this LOCKDOWN you keep putting yourself under won’t do nobody any good.

Lemme share another story of myself. Lol. One of my besties told me that all these things God lets me pass through are just so that I can have enough resource for a 365 day devotional from my own personal life. I laughed soooo hard. Lol. Valerie!!! She is just PRICELESS!!!

Oh lemme share one before this one I really want to share.

I have two sisters. All BIG GIRLS in every sense of the word. When they drop, they drop BIG!!! Ah!!! I started to feel very pressured to push my hubby to also drop BIG and one day God checked me…

My sisters are all on a different path than mine

Think about it. Both of them entered Uni right after secondary school and scaled through drama free. They finished Uni (in which case I know ‘graduated’ works better but leave it laidat) at like 21 and started working soon after in Corporate Nigeria. They have steadily risen and can afford to DROP BIG without pressure.

I chased Pharmacy for 3 years and then spent 4 years there and got withdrawn. 7 years gone and so at 22/23, I was just starting Uni again.

I am not on the same career path as them so why not DROP as you are LED…

Ah, I repented!!! Now, I give as led ooo when it comes to family matter and I don’t even flinch!!!

I believe we should HONOUR our parents and in-laws in our giving BUT I don’t think we should give just to ‘show off’ or ‘keep up appearances’ so they don’t think we are not doing so well.


Don’t do it, Please!!!

Now the main story I was going to tell…

I recall when I was house hunting. I didn’t realise that all the locations I was choosing were just to make my family happy and then fit into some kind of societal mould. My hubby had a budget but lailai, I had pressured dude to up it even if it meant him doing X or Y aka bank loan!!!

I WORE myself out going to locations God had ZERO hand in and I suffered ooo, my people. I suffered!!! Works of the flesh are EXHAUSTING!!! Not to talk of all the money I wasted. One day in church, I just told God ‘I surrender. WHERE DO YOU WANT US TO LIVE!!! I would go wherever!!! I WAS TIRED!!! Incidentally that day, PK preached on us being submitted to HIS PERFECT WILL!!!

That same week, God led us to the PERFECT home through a friend without stress, the total sum was BELOW our INITIAL budget, the landlord is HEAVENLY and the area super perfect.

For my season, everything here is PERFECT!!!

Ah!!! First thing my people said

‘It is far ooo. We can’t come all the way to visit…’

Some friends too… Ah it is far ooo

To which God would ask me to ask them



Please allow me to laugh because frankly, I have TURNED down visitors just for my convenience… I have vexed when someone has turned up uninvited!!!

Literally EVERYBODY has visited or has asked to visit and I say NO!!! And Valerie told me something at that time when I was still unsure of if I wanted to go so far or nah…

She said

Eziaha, anybody that wants to see you WILL come and see you!!!

In fact, I am so thankful for her. I recall as I ran the whole story by her in my ‘valley of decision’, even though we had paid for it, she waited till the end and said before even seeing the pictures,

Eziaha, if you told me you didn’t pay for that house, I would have told you to go and pay for it QUICKLY!!!

Mehn, we all need friends like that ooo. Friends who can look us in the eye and speak LIFE to us!!! Give us the permission to MAKE RIGHT GOD-LED CHOICES!!!

We should be careful of pressure ooo. I would have been a foolish wife to let my hubby do that!!!

We should be careful as wives not to put our husbands under any kind of pressure just because we want to live an Instagram life. I have seen some people let in-laws or family put them under pressure. They take loans and live fake lives and my heart breaks.

Mehn, life is in seasons ooo.

The right thing in the WRONG SEASON can kill you!!! And if you look closely enough, you would realise that most people in that season you covet were once where you are NOW!!!

So because your sister in law can afford a certain lifestyle, you contort yourself into all sorts of shapes to live that way too so you don’t appear the odd person out at family gatherings…

Because the ‘family hospital’ is XX you too register there and payment is WAR!!! And you know you were NOT led by God to…

Because all your friends have X and Y, you too compromise to get it so that nobody looks down on you…

Honey, you may need to take a break from FAMILY AND FRIENDS and just go and get your heart straight with God.

Frankly, I do that with some people. If I see you are pressuring me too much about X or Y, I cut off for you for a season. Sometimes I let you know, other times I don’t. I love you ooo, but sorry, you need to step back for now while I get myself together.

I heard mama Joyce say that if people don’t understand you just because you can’t keep up with them, especially SOCIALLY, you might actually have to cut them off because they are not real friends!!!

You need to know who your real SQUAD are and stick to them!!!

Don’t live an Instagram life. Don’t live for Snapchat and Facebook. Don’t live for your blog, blog readers and Youtube channel. Don’t live for the ‘likes’ and ‘follows’


Don’t take a cab if a bus is what you can afford for now…


And if it means you have to be unpopular for a season, even embarrassed, count it all joy baby!!! These light afflictions are only for a season and in due season, God will ELEVATE you!!!

You know, Cornelius, Heather’s husband has been preaching this AWESOME series on When God calls you… at their church, The Gathering Oasis. They periscope their services live so I follow sometimes. You can catch playbacks on YouTube.

You need to understand that our walk is deeply personal. Nobody else KNOWS what God has told you so don’t let them put you on LOCKDOWN!!!

Don’t let NOTHING put you on lockdown!!!

I can’t sit here and tell you that I got this whole lockdown matter on lockdown yet (pun intended lol), NO!!!

It is a daily walk with God and anytime I catch myself drifting into lockdown mode, I retreat and do a quick introspection and adjustments.

I am actually a bit brutal about situations and things that get me on lockdown!!! Especially now that I am turning 30. I am too old to be put on lockdown by anyone. I mean if I am constantly tossed by humans and their ever changing approvals or disapprovals, what kinda example would I be setting for my kids? I stopped following that Chick on IG for a while, until I set my heart right. Now I check her out from time to time and I can truly celebrate and love her without pressure.

You know what? I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! He has to be the most secure man I know!!! One day I recall a question he asked me when I gisted him of a certain situation I thought a friend was getting herself into

He said…


So you wanna go live in that place God didn’t lead you to… Can you sustain payment?

You wanna enrol your kid in that school God didn’t endorse… Can you sustain it?

You want to use so and so products or baby food for your baby just so that you can brag about it, good. But is it sustainable!!!

That’s a question I ask myself ooo.

Because if God is leading me by Faith to do XX, He will sustain and bless.

But God is NOT obligated to BLESS or SUSTAIN anything our emotions are leading us to do…


This is a lot I have said and I pray God takes this topic and really customises it to your own situation… Check yourself Darling, and adjust!!!

I am not saying you should not aspire to the next level. I am saying let’s not let LOCKDOWN be the reason why we do the things we do…

Nobody LOCKDOWN don epp ooo


Love. Sister to Sister



Day FINALE…30 Day Blogging Challenge

Hey guys

Let’s complete this 30 day Blogging challenge.


Find 1-20 here and here

21-30??? Bring it on!!! (Haha Tamie)

Btw I missed day 3 from the first so here we go

My favourite Quote


I ran into this recently and because my Pastor just taught a series on GO TO THE ANT,


which lifted me up and flung me to the floor, and made me ask myself the same question the people asked after Peter downloaded to them after the HS came upon them in Acts…

‘…Men and brethren, WHAT SHALL WE DO!!!…’

My answer came the second I saw this quote. It resonated.


Now this is not to say that we should never have Coaches, Teachers and all. No!!! Yawl know I have MANY and I go HARD!!! Even the Ants actually have a Queen Ant but it doesn’t tell the rest what to do every day by day. THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO AND DO IT!!! So I actually believe that yes, we can have our Coaches but ain’t nobody gonna coach you like YOU. Not your Pator, best friend, Priest, President, weight loss coach, mama, etc. Nobody will hold your hand EVERYDAY and encourage you and tell you what to do for the rest of your life. Anybody who starts out that way would not only get discouraged and frustrated but resentment would come in from both parties. That is too much responsibility to give to one person who isn’t the Holy Spirit. Trust me, I have made the mistake of thinking I would be there for X or Y EVERY SINGLE day and check on you morning, noon and night then I get exhausted especially because you just realise that this person doesn’t want to grow but wants to keep draining you daily. Aside from draining me, it doesn’t even let the person grow. So I learned to LOVE and DETACH!!!

Azzin, I actually even STOP picking your calls and when they say they want to visit, I say NO. Why? Because everything we spoke on and prayed about for literally the WHOLE DAY, I have not seen even ONE implemented in your life and tz PAINFUL because time and emotions have been wasted. Then as God leads me, I check with you.

Which is also why I am wise in building relationships and friendships. I can’t do one-sided ooo. Hello 30!!! Sorry!!! I will demote you to the position you really should be at in my life.

So I also train myself to be my NUMBER ONE Coach. I get a ton of wise teaching and no kiddin’ I literally go back, sit with it and tell myself to just make myself and this ‘coach’ proud sef. I have been known to beat my body so haaaaaaaaaaaard to conform. I daily deal with over sleeping or over-social media’ing. I guard my time with everything I have. I let phones ring out A LOT OF TIMES!!! Gosh, I push myself like crazy!!! And I am not even HALF of where I want to be!!!

And let me tell you the good thing about BYOC (the Chicks in my weight loss class shortened it to that and I love it)… Once your Coach sees you make amazing progress, they start to pour more into you. They start to look out more for you. They start to do good stuff for you. They bring you more and more into their lives. Ain’t nobody got time for lazy asses (sorry that’s the only expression that explains just how I feel). I have seen this lived out in my relationship with some of my mentors. I hope I can share IN SOME CRAZY DETAIL when I write my book on mentoring stalking. I am amazed how they look out for me. I have seen it lived out with my mentees too. There are just some of them I look out for more than the others. Because I see them just RUN literally with what they learn from me. I see the FRUITS. I have to keep pouring into them. Mentoring is so triad. You get, you run, you give, you get even more and the triad continues.

Me, I love my life ooo walahi. Plenty rough edges but I am totally working on me daily!!!

So that’s my LIFE QUOTE!!!


Don’t wait for anyone to spoon-feed you daily. Say to yourself that thing you need to hear and then go and do that thing you need to do.

You know something funny happened recently that God used to drive it home AGAIN for me

One morning I woke and I heard God tell me to read Psalms 23 daily. Hmm. So I pinged a mentee who is really into my life lol and told her to make sure she reminds me DAILY to do it. I am sure God had a laughing party that day with how much hope I put in her reminding. I had so much faith ooo.

Ok day 1, babe reminds me.

Day 2 she did.

Day 3 she didn’t.

Day 4, she did again.

By Day 5, she now comes at me with various issues she needed me to counsel her through. She didn’t even mention my Psalm 23 again.


Instantly God told me ‘that’s what happens when you entrust your life completely to someone else’.

The truth is, by Day 3 when she forgot, I got that message already. She’s my baby anyday but she can’t do that daily for me. I wake and I read it without any Coach!!! I have the Holy Spirit too.

Honey, just be your own Coach!!! That’s all I have sang to my weight loss students this past 2 weeks

which is our last (at least for those not joining the July 5k promo)



Phew, that was quite some preaching there. Had to get that out because comedians ABOUND and it breaks my heart, of which I have my comic days ooo, but I adjust quickly!!!

I could go on and on and I truly can’t wait to write that book on STALKING!!! It feels like God just stays pouring into me for it!!! He takes EVERY opportunity!!! Gosh, the Lord is soooo GRACIOUS!!!

Now let me tell you how I started writing this post

BLOG TITLE: DAYS 21-30 and THE FAB SISTERSHIP!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

Hey guys,

So this would be a two pronged one

I found Days 21 – 30 snooze worthy haha

Or maybe tz just my answers. My head space needs a retreat. Not spiritual one now but a chill one…

But hey, we go with JESUS everywhere so all join

Ok, I am SOOOO EXCITED about launching THE FAB SISTERSHIP today on the blog… But first let’s get the final lap of this 30day blogging challenge which I started here and continued here and will complete below (Haha Tamie)

I truly was gonna launch TFS ooo but now that I have preached on BYOC, I think I can afford to make TFS stand alone in another post. I truly didn’t see that coming… But God did!!! HE IS PERFECT!!! Now Day 21-30 won’t seem so boring again


DAY 21: What makes me sad

Yawl can guess abi? Yup. Those (me too sometimes) who live absolutely below potential because they won’t BYOC!!! So we let the devil toss us around!!!

Something else has to be seeing a woman with her kids begging. Especially with a baby!!! What breaks in my heart has told me that I am going to be so RICH to make sure every woman my eyes see or my ears hear about who has trouble feeding her kids or with housing gets fed and housed!!! Breaks my heart to shreds!!! Especially when I can’t do anything or much. Children should not suffer that way please. Especially NOT BABIES!!!



I still pick scabs off wounds. I still bite my nails and toenails UNTIL I inflict injury and draw blood. Sigh!!! I am resuming nail fixing next week. I can’t keep harming myself. (Please nobody should preach to me, taink you. Working on not taking it into my 30th)



Many mamas and their babies would be of the streets and have food to eat in sustainable ways. Oh, of course I will do super nice things for myself too. Dubai for starters!!!




I can’t stand a stupid man!!! My husband, the FIRST thing that attracted me was not the fact that dude is a tall glass of hot dark chocolate. Nah!!!

My husband is WISE!!!


He was associate Pastor in my campus fellowship then and I was an EXCO. When we had meetings, you would see those in central leadership go back and forth in the most stupid ways over the most stupid things and I would be about to pull my hair out (It was Winners. You can’t just chuk mouth laidat into the Central excos gist ooo) then my husband who had been silent all along would quietly raise his hand, open his mouth, drop the wisdom that would end the entire matter (and shame the rest. At least I hope lol). Azzin!!! Omo, I tripped ooo. So when he showed interest I followed!!! All the way to sign those lines into forever
Thank you!!!

Men who talk nonsense and loudly too can’t survive around me.



Wasting time in the past with feelings of guilt even when it was plainly the devil. Anyways, I am taking it all back… With anger!!!



I dunno. Really!!! I live too ‘out there’ so nothing is hidden!!!



Clothes. Neatly arranged. Perfumes and the likes. Jewelry. An odd book or two.




I hardly get embarrassed. Frankly can’t think of any. Sanguine here, hello!!! We thrive in those moments, spotlight and all!!!



Let me share it on my birthday. Or them sef.



Gosh, I pray, not just hope, that (should Jesus tarry), years and years to come whether I am dead or alive, my posts still minister. I read the archives of Priscilla’s blog from 5years back and it is still timeless. Truths that feel like she wrote it yesterday. It is unbelievable. Ditto Heather’s and even Beth Moore’s. Infact when you read even the posts Beth Moore writes today, you can already tell in your Spirit that 50 years down, people are still going to be RIDICULOUSLY BLESSED BY THEM!!! Almost like the Bible!!! Gosh!!!

I don’t want to write posts just for TODAY and irrelevant tomorrow. I want to write timeless posts that minister life and shoot purpose long after they have been written. I want people to come to both know AND fall deep in love with GOD as they read my posts. I also pray that I do NOT ever stop writing only as God inspires me until I get to heaven.

I would also want my blog to be worldwide famous because it is making JESUS famous. I want daily visitors from all over, not just Nigerians in diaspora, but foreigners everywhere. The world needs to see our Jesus guys…

Those are my my biggest prayers for eziaha.com



The end!!! LOVED IT. And this one wasn’t as dry as I thought. Thanks Tamie for leading me to this. Every lazy blogger needs this help.

Yawl have the weekend of your dreams. I had X and Y to do today but as I prayed this morning, I just felt God tell me to just stay at home and enjoy the day with Him. I think I need the refreshing!!! Eeek!!!

So cheers to the weekend guys!!!




PS: Sorry no pictures haha

PPS: If you can get GO TO THE ANT series by my Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, get it. That message is EVERYTHING!!! The other day it was freezing cold but the fear of that message didn’t allow me cover my head with the duvet. I kept hearing her voice till I got about my day. Scary stuff!!! Just ask a DCC member. Please not me!!! You guys wore me out with WARRIOR IN HEELS and PROPHETIC MOTHERHOOD!!!


We have WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP coming up next week Friday and Saturday!!! That’s 24th and 25th Island and Mainland

Please follow Pastor M’s blog for details

My favourite flyer

My favourite flyer

You missed WARRIOR IN HEELS? Don’t miss AMAGHIMO if you can make it.

Second fave

Second fave

Btw the AMAGHIMO means I DON’T KNOW!!! Almost like for all the things God has done, I’m just speechless and don’t know how to say THANK YOU!!!

So, are you THANKFUL? Let’s worship!!!

The N5,000 JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO… Questions answered!!!

Hey Darling,

Thank you for indicating interest in the JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO with CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB

Ok so here are your questions answered. I hope and pray you read through carefully and then make your decision as you are led by God…

I am breaking this down as easily as possible.

  1. It is a N5,000 (five thousand naira) promo for 30 ladies to mark my 30th Birthday. That is not my regular rate.
  2. It would run for 4weeks starting July 4 on WHATSAPP AND BBM
  3. Anybody can join in from any part of the world. It is all online so location don’t matterimg-20160505-wa0023.jpg
  4. I provide weekly meal plans and recipes if needed, workout guide, encouragement and love. I also answer your questions and share knowledge I have garnered. I do all that yes, but the REAL WORK has to be done by YOU or YOU will NOT get results. I am a COACH and NOT a MAGICIAN Darling. PhotoGrid_1465870136268
  5. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, I’m sorry you can’t join in. The meal plans won’t work for you and your baby. You may wanna consider BUYING a meal plan tailor made for you. 18k for one month
  6. No I do not do drugs, slimming tea or the likes. Just clean eating and working out. You need to want it bad enough.

    My STAR Student

    My STAR Student

  7. You can work out from the comfort of your home and at your timings or in the gym. Your choice. But my guide allows for home workout. I lost 25kg without a gym.photogrid_1461040533954.jpg
  8. ALL the meals are Naija meals and can be easily seen anywhere in Nigeria
  9. If interested, please email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com I will send you the account details, please pay in and then send me a mail with the name you paid in with.
  10. Within 24 hours, I will reply you with a document that has even more details…
  11. Because it is a promo, the slots are filling fast. So when I have my desired number of Chicks, the promo is over.

More details here

I have been very lavish and have shared a lot of information from my weightloss journey on my blog. If you take the time to read through the posts which I combined here, I promise, I have most likely tackled any more questions you may have.

You would also find me sharing more and more via my social media handles

Twitter: @eziahaA @savedfitnab

INSTAGRAM : Eziaha and SavedFitnFAB

Facebook: Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo

Again, thank you and I look forward to coaching you through your weight loss journey. Pretty excited about this. I hope you are too.




Cheers and Love,




#SavedFitnFAB FAQssssss

Phew!!! 2 weeks in as CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB (Premium) and it has been quite an exciting journey.


I never hesperredit!!! I am even going to be on TV soon but let’s leave that cat in the bag for now.

This Post will be a revised version of this where my clients and intending clients can find answers to most of their questions.

Here we go

Q: What services do you offer at SavedFitnFAB?

3 services basically.

Bedtime (1)

  1. Online Weight loss Class (Whatsapp and BBM powered)
  2. We sell customized meal plans

3. We offer Phone call consultations.

Q. CoachE’, I am a bit confused as to which to join. What do you advice?

Girl, if you have anything above 5kg to lose, please consider joining an Online class.


If however, you have 5kg or below to lose, or if you are at your perfect weight, but you want to start loving your body and nourishing it right, you should consider buying a meal plan. If however, you just need clarity on your fitness and weight loss journey, you can book a 15min phone call consultation with me.

Q. Awesome CoachE’. So what is so special about the Online Class? What does it entail?

A: Honey, first of all, you get plenty of love and encouragement from me which is really what you need on this journey. Secondly, I equip you with information/education that would help you not just lose the weight but also maintain it long after the class is over. And finally, you get meal plans, meal guides and workout guides. Trust me baby, in that community, with CoachE’ and God, I dare that FAT!!!

Q. Wow!!! What about the meal plan? What exactly do you mean by CUSTOMIZED?

A: Simple. I don’t just copy and paste a meal plan from somewhere and give to you. I interview you and based on your fitness goals (do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or add weight?), your schedule (sedentary or mobile worker), your budget/pocket (I want you to be able to sustain it), your food preferences (CoachE, I cannot survive without JOLLOF RICE and fried plantain ooo. Please don’t come for my Jollof) and your personality, I CREATE a meal plan that would work for you. Jollof rice and all. My services also cover those who need to be on a special diet due to health and related reasons.

With mealplans, I would also advice you on workouts to do to ensure your goals are met.

Q: Wow CoachE’, this is AWESOME!!! What kind of meals are in your meal plans though?

A: Honey, all Nigerian meals. Easy to find and affordable too.

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

Now because I have international Clients too, we will be finding alternatives that can work where some of my Naija meals are not available. Hello Google!!! I also share healthy recipes too.


Q: I was going to get to that. What if I do NOT live in Nigeria? Even my timezone is different. How we go do am na?

A: Easy peezy baby. So long as there is food where you are, and there is also Morning, Afternoon and Night there, Please email me ASAP!!! My business is GLOBAL and not a LOCAL sturvzzz!!!

Q: CoachE’. Working out is not my thing ooo. and I loooooooove food. Can you wave me a magic wand that can make fat disappear on its own?


A: Honey, you need to join my class. I need to spend major time educating you on your health and why you need to take care of this body. By the time I am done with you, you would become a Fitness Coach too, preaching the ‘workout and eat right’ gospel. And nope, no magic wand or miracles honey. You need DISCIPLINE!!!

Q: CoachE’, na you dey reign. After you, na you again. I am sooooooooo in. Oya what are your rates?

A: Honey, this question gladdens my heart!!!

Please study this table well.

Look how cheap we are

Look how cheap we are

But just in case it is still not clear, lemme repeat

The Online Class is N15,000 for 6weeks and N18,000 for 2months.

The meal plan is N12,000 for a 2week plan and N18,000 for a 1month plan

Phone call consultations are N2,000 for 15mins

Q: Yaaaaaaaay!!! Oya Account number darling. I need to pay like yesterday!!!

A: Sweerie poraro… This question right here is the essence of this Post lol. Email me honey and let us do business together. savedfitnfab@eziaha.com

Q: Taaaa gbalaga (loosely translates to ‘Gerrarahere’). Not everybody has that kinda money na CoachE’. Na wa ooo. So money conscious (and you call yasef a Bornagain). Hissssss!!!

A: Hugssssss. I would reeeeaaaallllyyyyy love for you to afford me and so I pray you can afford me soon enough.


But sweetie, I have shared almost everything on my weight loss journey on this blog (Please follow link) and will continue to share more via social media. I have gotten so many emails from Chicks telling me how they applied all I shared and the weight stays dropping. Please read those posts and apply. I pray God helps you too, even more than He did me!!!

Q: CoachE’ anything for the students? I see sontin hegziting in that table above

A; Of course baby. I am going to be partial towards yawl. Undergraduate students please. You get to pay N5000 for a one month online coaching. If you need a meal plan though, you pay 5k too for 2weeks. Plus, I don’t know if you already know but I graduated with a First Class from University of IBADAN and was Best Graduating Student. I can also help with study tips and all. You are welcome. If I get enough students, I would consider putting yawl together in your own group. I mean, let’s do STUDENT mentoring too na. Haha.

Q: CoachE’ for President. You ROCK!!! So, after I pay what next?

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!


A: Honey, notify me with the name you paid with, and then I would email you a Client form depending on what service you paid for. Once you return it, you get your meal plan in 3 working days (at least for now) and if you are paying for the online class, I add you to an existing one if possible.

Q: Hmm, CoachE’, please I am not about the GROUP life, I prefer private coaching. Can we work something out? My case needs serious help and no interference biko.

A: Of course darling. We can. I have Clients like that, Celebs and err’thing. The fees are higher though but I am sure you already figured that out. Please email me and let’s talk. I love you already, savedfitnfab@eziaha.com

Q: I have this chick I KNOW who needs to lose weight but I don’t know how to tell her. What do I do?


A: Honey, gift her one of my services please. If you need help as to how to go about it, please holler at me and we can prayerfully find a way to present it so she doesn’t feel bad but actually jumps at it. This weight loss drama is sensitive and I shared a bit of my struggles here

Q: Ok Coach E’, me I want results sharp sharp ooo. How fast can I lose 10/20/30kg?


You too can go FULL CYCLE

Honey, WRONG QUESTION!!! The koko is START FIRST. I lost weight fast and I learned a lot on the journey too so yes, if you follow closely, you MAY also get results fast too. But the truth is, I was just giving the journey EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t have unreasonable expectations but I put in unreasonable work.


One thing is sure, it depends on you, how fast your results come. But if you keep calculating AND DOING NOTHING, the FAT will remain. So START!!!

Q: I am sooooooo pumped Coach E’. When are we starting? I need to start sliding into those bodycons again

A: Baby, the first official classes kick off May 1. Just 10 per class so I can sufficiently follow through and harass wella. You should start with my first set. But if for some reason you can’t, classes would always be running concurrently so holler so I add you up when you are ready.

Q: CoachE’, I can trust you right? I have been upandan on this journey with no real results. Frankly I am getting frustrated. Can I trust you?

A: Hugsssss. I KNOW how you feel. Putting in effort with no real results. Ugh!!!



But something I tell my Clients if they are D.A.T Chick (inside gist) and then SavedFitnFAB is your LAST BUS STOP. Plus you have a Saved (Born again) Fitness Coach and this means that I bring in the Fruit of the Spirit into my business understanding that God is my ultimate Oga so I have to give yawl my best!!! Plus, I’m not just passionate, I KNOW the koko of this weight loss thing (Remember, FIRST CLASS lol). I studied plenty on my own journey and I still dey study sef. No long story, just come on board honey!!!

Same shokoto

Same shokoto

Q: So CoachE’, anything for the preggos, or breastfeeding moms?

A: Sincerely, I would prefer to even work with preggos so that they don’t blow up like I did on my own journey.

Imagine. late second trimester

Imagine. late second trimester

I have decided to gift myself HOTNESS in my next pregnancy and also I want the weight added to drop off FAST even before 6weeks (very possible) so I am researching and writing down tips to make that happen. I can share with you if you come on board before or during pregnancy. As for breastfeeding moms, you know baby first abi? I can help with meal plans and co but we have to have a loooonnnngggg talk first if your baby is under 6months.

Baby at 6months and 1year

Baby at 6months and 1year

This thing is not just about money. I am really interested in your life.



Now all these are actually real questions I have been asked. I hope yours is covered. If it isn’t, ask in the comments and I will respond.

Let’s get this FAT dealt with once and for all guys!!!

CoachE’ is in and she will fix you up!!!


Spirit, Soul and BODY!!!


FAB Christian Biz Principles 101…

I know what you are thinking. Like, didn’t this Chick just start her business 3.5seconds ago? Bedtime (1)

Where does she get off sharing Christian Business principles already???

The Nerve!!!

Hahahaha. I really dunno too. God just has a way of setting me up.


No really. Steph is a prophet

He has a sense of humour so Indulge me…
So like yawl know, SavedFitnFAB opened up for business on Monday the 13th, well Tuesday technically and you don’t wanna know how many Clients we have today.

My. God. Is. Awesome!!!
Something you also don’t know is that I was sooooo scared to venture out. It took the heavens opening, God winking, Angel Gabriel waving, Joyce Meyer scolding, Chris Caine screaming, Pastor M prophesying, a few friends harassing (hello Steph, Priceless, and Vee) and 24 white doves singing hallelujah for me to step out and do this post that heralded #SavedFitnFAB


Most of you think you know me but you don’t. Lemme tell you this. All my life, I have stretched myself to make a success of everything I touch. I hate failure. Or maybe I’m afraid of failure and hunnay, that’s a terrible thing!!! Yes I have stretched, pushed and have made a success out of most things I touch. But guess what? They have all been within a relative comfort zone. I have pushed the very boundaries of my comfort zone but hardly ever left it.

I have ‘go-getted’ plenty but within my comfort zone.
Starting a business like #SavedFitnFAB is wayyyyyyy out of my comfort zone. I didn’t wanna charge anybody for anything especially using my blog as platform.
You see, the sanctity of my blog is important to me. God had told me 2years ago that ‘your money is in your blog’ but I didn’t know HOW He meant it. But I protect my blog and all it stands for. I didn’t wanna even think of doing anything ‘money’ on or from it.

The full chat further down

The full chat further down

I thought helping for free was the CHRISTIAN thing to do on my blog. I mean, we should not be MONEY MINDED as believers abi? Leave that for the world going to hell.
Kai, devil had me warped.
So when I felt God pull me to monetise right after the first free one, I resisted. I thought lemme do a second free first. Yawl know how we negotiate with God.
Err, Wrong move!!!
Then all the frustrations began. Almost everyone in the second group had an ‘ish’. 2days in, major frustrated, I heard God clearly again…
I’m not in this. You don’t have the grace anymore to do this for free. Step out baby. Monetise and i will BLESS it.
Then a friend, Ru came to visit. I hinted her and she said
‘…Eziaha, if God told me to stop something, as I’m talking to you, the group would have been closed…’
Hian!!! You would think i’d know better.
The next morning, I was very troubled. I had given my word to these ladies. I wanted to do it. But I wanted to obey God more. I spoke to my bestie Dumebi and she said to shut down. Ditto Priceless.

I did.

I apologised to the Chicks, told them I would give them a discount if they came on board the next, and I shut down.

Then I told Pastor M…

And let’s just begin these Christian business Principles at this point before I move from business  Principles to an auto-biography.

1. Let God lead you. Not Money.
Money is good but Purpose is best.

Pursue purpose and watch money chase you. There is something SPECIFIC God wants you to do so He can have something to bless. SavedFitnFAB is just ONE of the money making ideas God has given me but He made this my FIRST, the one I’m most uncomfy with, so I could kick fear. And God explained to me that THIS, using my blog as platform for it all, was EXACTLY what He meant when He told me ‘…Eziaha, your money is in your blog’

My writing is such a GIFT!!!

My writing is such a GIFT!!!

2. Get a WORD and your confessions!!!
If number 1 is in place, you will have a Word. And then you will continue to war with that WORD until it is flesh. Tangible.
Don’t even go anywhere without a WORD!!! I’ll share a bit of mine at the end.

3. Identify your Prophets
Pastor M had given me a Word earlier on monetising what she sensed what a gift. No pressures. She just said it. Then that day I shut the group down and told her, she goes ahead and prophesies again. What she told me was sooooo deep I was discombobulated at first. I didn’t know if it was in the Bible, if it was The Message, a quote, etc. Then when I gathered myself, I wrote it down. It was a WORD for me from heaven!!!
Pastor Debola Deji-Kurunmi was another prophet.

She may have thought she was preaching to everyone at WarriorInHeels but it was one look I took at Debola’s Twitter profile before the program and I had a baby-in-the-womb-leaping moment.


She is a FT minister, FT wife and mom and she has her businesses. Ah!!! Then she dropped a line the entire church may have missed somewhere towards the end of her sermon.

‘…Apostles in the marketplace…’

End of story!!!
My darling husband. Oh as I shared with him all God pushing me to do, he had on this coy smile and then he reminded me what God had told him about my future back then as my Pastor in Winners Campus fellowship, UI, even before we started dating. beautyplus_20150628211526_save_edit.jpg

He said

‘…Global figure baby. That’s what God said you will be. I’m happy to see it coming to pass with all this…’
Christine Caine’s PropelWoman

Chick beside Chris is Nigerian. She's awesome!!!

Chick beside Chris is Nigerian. She’s awesome!!!

Ah!!! I got one of the curriculums and God blew me away with it. Jeez!!! I saw a panel of Christian women in the marketplace talking about being full on for Jesus whilst ‘in the world but not of it…’

4. Identify your cheerleaders
Stephanie Obi. She pushed me.

Lol at hallelujah when I told her I was going premium

Lol at hallelujah when I told her I was going premium

Maybe a little too hard but i’m thankful she did. And that screen shot above on teaching Christian business principles? That is right. God used her to inspire the direction of this post when she said that. Thanks babe.
SisiYemmie. Gosh, we hadn’t even chatted in a while but that morning, she just entered my lane and on BBM, she said some words to me.



I don’t even believe how God used her. She just made me believe I was born to be all that and more.
Vee. Dumebi. Sapphire. Priceless. Ayo. All my besties. All of them. Awesome lot. The moment the post got out, they all start calling excitedly as if it was my birthday. Gosh!!! How did I get so blessed!?!?! On BBM too. Several friends shared my DP, reposted on FB and Twitter, told their colleagues, gave my number, shared my links.Ah!!! They also prayed for and encouraged me.

The full chat

The full chat

Gosh, you need your cheerleaders. You need them. And I guess you get cheerleaders yourself by being one for others when occasion demands. (and that’s a word for someone today)

5. Know your worth. Charge your worth


At whatever level you are at.
Just consult with the Holy Spirit and not your emotions. Charge your worth and don’t apologise for it. Your aim should be to obey God and not please everyone.

Newsflash: No matter how high or low, people will complain so….

6. Know your HARVEST!!!

No honey, you ain’t sent to everyone. There are specific people you are sent to and when they meet you, they won’t complain, or make you explain yourself like a school kid. They will be super duper excited to patronise you. They can’t wait to work with you. They will harass you for account number. They will hurriedly pay you. They will say thank you. They will say God bless you. Those ones are your harvest. They are paying for it but they will be happy to. God personally blew me away with this one point.

Christine had this workshop recently where you could pay to attend and have her share from 10am to 4pm. An intimate meeting of sorts. You could ask personal questions and all. It was about N110k in naira. It sold out in hours and no one on the waiting list got a chance later. No she didn’t say this. I stalked, connected the dots and got this info. While some people were complaining it was expensive, the harvest had cleared it out.
Focus on your harvest and don’t even vex at all or argue or explain when anyone says otherwise. You don’t have time for that. God told me to just say to myself ‘…hallelujah, she is NOT my harvest…’ Then stay believing for my own harvest. And no, your friends, your circle, the people who promised you before you started, your neighbours, your church members, etc, they might NOT be your harvest!!! Focus!!!

7. No Competition drama

Of course you can NOT be the only person in the business so don’t even disturb yourself about others no matter what. God told me ‘…Eziaha, the harvest is PLENTY. I still don’t have enough labourers…’ So make friends with your colleagues jor. We are CO-LABOURERS NOT RIVALS

8. Pay the Price…
Especially the early days. I have had to sacrifice a lot. Even hubs had to let me be for sometime because I had to get some things up and running. I had research to do, proposals to write, publicity to do, skills to acquire, late nights to keep, all-nighters to pull, online courses to start and complete, etc. In order to get these done, somethings would give. There was even this 3days straight I didn’t watch Joyce or Chris.


That’s a miracle. Haha. You can’t slack because you can speak in tongues. You speak in tongues so that you can do fruitful targeted work. Diligence baby, diligence.

9. Have a Kingdom mindset.

Baby at 6months and 1year

Baby at 6months and 1year

I believe Christians who own businesses should always realise that it is not just about US. It is about the kingdom. Putting this always in front of us changes how and why we play the game. Never been more excited at my first fruit. Never been more excited to partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries and A21. Never been more excited to sow consistently in 6figures. There are 2/3 Chicks I am looking to employ to work from home. I love what they do for God and I would love to empower them. My targets are beyond me. So yes, my desire to change my wardrobe and buy another car is legit and will be met through my businesses because a workman deserves his luxuries, but I can’t afford to be distracted from the goal… THE KINGDOM!!! And His people. And since God is looking at your heart, honey He will bless you if your heart is right and your business is steeped in HIS purpose.

10. Genuinely LOVE your clients.
I’m not even kidding, I’m on my face for some people. I’m like God before this is over with me, let this Chick have XXX testimony. I confess that my Clients discover purpose as they work with us. SFnF lets me deal with these Chicks directly and a bit intimately so empathy is a part of the package. You would also wanna do your best when it is done from a heart of love.

Let. Love. Lead.

11. Don’t wait till you are ready…
You will absolutely never ever ever be fully ready. Have faith in God, not in your plans (Thank you Pastor M) Step out in faith baby. I did. And I have grown in just these 3days cos some emails and mealplans have brought requests that have thrown me off. No matter how I prepared, I would never have thought of these. But then, I pray, God gives ideas and we work something out.

12. Your fears!!! They will never ever be valid!!!
I was afraid.

But i stepped out

In one day, I amazed myself. Sitting on my bed ooo. . That’s the kinda alert that’s sweetest. And that’s how we have been rolling ooo. I even have my first celebrity client. Yaaaaay.
Priscilla Shirer said if she has two decisions to make and fear is standing in the way of Choice A, she knows that’s EXACTLY what God wants her to do hence the devil clouding it with fear. Your fears, they are from the father of lies in whom there is no truth at all and so they are a LIE!!! A big fat-nosed rotten LIE!!!

And my bonus point, which is me repeating point 2. Have a Word and war with it.
Lemme share a story I heard mama Joyce say. So her book ‘Love Revolution’ releases and she gets a call from the Publishers that it ain’t doing too well. Actually it was doing poorly. You see, Joyce is a results driven person. You actually begin to doubt the call on your life when that sorta thing happens. Now she said she could have sat down and just sulked ‘oh people don’t like me anymore. They don’t wanna read me. Maybe I don’t write well anymore. Am I coming to the end? Etc’
But nah, mama said she got out her scriptures and wrote it all out. And then she would lock her office morning, noon and night and go to war with them, confessing out loud how her every book is a best seller and so on.

She said 4days in, she got another call. Her book had moved up to be Number 4 on the New York times bestsellers list
Pooooooooow!!! 4days only!!!
Honey, do what you can do(diligence), then let God do what you cannot (prayers)
I have a couple of scriptures and confession for my businesses I wanna share with you. Actually just three. No scripture is of private interpretation so feel free to use too if you are a Christian in business.
Numbers 11:31
A wind set in motion by God Himself is released into all the world and is bringing my ‘harvest’ my way… (I believe this ‘wind’ is the Holy Spirit.) Heaven’s own PA system is sounding for us. (I have 3 clients from outside Naija already. Whoop!!!)
Matt 13:39
Reaper Angels are bringing my harvests to me. Angels are my harvest workers. They make sure not one of my harvest passes us by.
1Thess 1:9
News about my businesses is spreading everywhere. People are telling everyone. Everywhere people are talking about us. Before I say a Word, people say ‘oh I know you Eziaha, you run that FAB blog eziaha.com and you do all those awesome social media businesses…’

My Eziaha (good reputation) precedes me.
And because all my businesses are powered online, I am constantly pleading the blood of Jesus and speaking to my devices and Internet that they work perfectly and all the plans of the enemy, through virus and all is destroyed. This was something hubs brought to my attention.
Morning, noon and night, I’m warring. Why? Cos the devil will come after me big time because I’m not just a business woman BUT an Apostle in the Marketplace.
And Pastor Debola, I know you will read this so here’s my I love you… and Pastor M, thank you sooooo much mama.
So are you afraid??

Fear is your cue that you were born to do this baby. God’s got ya. Just. Do. It.
I think I’m ready for my first Christian business seminar for start ups… Who’s calling? Haha.
And yup, spread word to anyone you think needs my services please, and support my business.


Men stop complaining about your wife’s weight and enrol her today. Sister, be a good friend and pay for that your colleague/friend you know needs to lose weight. Gift someone one of my services. Buy a healthy meal plan. Tell your friends and colleagues. CoachE’ is in town and she’s your last bus stop on your weightloss journey.

Group hug

Who’s coming for Prophetic motherhood?



Every woman is invited if you are a mom or you plan on being a mom someday. If I haven’t invited you personally, please consider this your personal invite. Let’s make the future of our kids thick with prophecies. Amen!!! Just see ’em tweets!!!



I feel like running down there RIGHT NOW!!! Gosh!!! Re-read that ine


SavedFit&FAB… Going PREMIUM to serve you BETTERER!!!

My bestie just popped out baby number 2 and Sunday was the christening.

With her two boys Dabi and Daniel

With her two boys Dabi and Daniel

I had gone into the bathroom and on my way out, I didn’t realize I was talking to myself out loud. Haha. Guess what I was saying? I was mentally preparing a customized meal plan for a Client who was looking to achieve a particular goal.

When I get into something, I really enter it. I give it ALL!!!

Passion of CoachE’ lol


Which is why I am soooooooooooooooo pumped about this!!!


If anybody understands the weightloss struggle, I DO!!! I actually skipped a few church days because I didn’t have cloths to wear I didn’t like how I looked (don’t try this). That’s HUGE because I am a church girl through and through. Yes I had had a baby but I knew this was NOT baby fat, it was FOOD and INDISCIPLINE FAT!!! It didn’t help that some church chicks were just plain INSENSITIVE (still lowkey beefing some). Gosh, I HATE being FAT when I can do something about it.


I started at 106kg in September 4, 2015 and by December 31, I was 81kg. 25kg down in under four months and at the start I didn’t know better about my meals. It could have happened sooner.


Sigh!!! Forgive the pathetic pose

I practically KILLED myself. I was DETERMINED!!! I worked out and ate clean. And my gracious God granted me GOOD AND QUICK SUCCESS. I currently oscillate between my ideal weight of 77-79kg today and have maintained this for the last two months and counting, which in itself is a big deal because I am pretty flexible with my meals.

I wanna help you lose weight. I want to help you achieve the body of your dreams and live a healthy life while at it. Frankly you can’t find a better coach.

Loved this hearty email from one of my students

Loved this hearty email from one of my students

Aside from being a fun chick who talks too much, types too fast and encourages too wholeheartedly, I have amazed even myself by how much I know on the weight loss subject. I read A WHOLE LOT on my weight loss journey. Knowledge empowers. Not only am I helping you lose weight, I am empowering you with knowledge and tools for life to help you maintain your weight like I have. How awesome is that? Soon your testimony would be like mine… Once I was FAT and Unhealthy, Now I am Fit and Fabulous… (and just a teeny bit vain too. I actually have a mirror in  my Prayer room lol.).

My slimmer face s FABber

My slimmer face s FABber

No hun, you do not need Clean9 at 25k every 9days. You do not need weightloss teas and all. You need COACHE’ and her #SavedFit&FAB

I am offering a number of services. Find which works for you and slid into my email



If you keep starting and stopping your weight loss journey and so far, you have no real progress to show for the past two years or TEN, honey, HOLLER!!!

One of my students

One of my students.

Or maybe you are trying to lose the pregnancy/baby/breastfeeding fat. Not only do you need the encouragement that comes from this FAB weightloss Coach, you need the push that being in a group offers. All I ask is that you are not just TIRED of being FAT but also READY to put in the WORK it requires. No comedians please.

One of my Clients

One of my Clients

With a maximum of 10 chicks in a group, each group will be large enough to create a FUN community and small enough to discourage social loafing (I took many Psychology courses in school, and I am an annoying bookworm. Ask my ex classmates haha). You might even find a bestie or covenant friend in the group, which would run on BBM AND Whatsapp. I have a good track recording of matchmaking friends.

I would share detox/meal plans with you weekly (the last two weeks being a custom-made plan, tailored to your taste and pocket) and then workout plans and videos with you. If you are a gym rat, we can work with that too. I am actually enrolling in a gym next month as soon as my hubby understand that building muscle doesn’t mean I am trying to turn to Yokozuna haha. I am OBSESSED with teaching and answering questions so by God’s grace, I am going to pretty much make a Coach out of you too by the time we are done haha.


Where I get tired of typing, I will send you audio messages. I promise, except I have spent too much time under the sun or chilling in the AC, I have a pretty amazing voice. You will actually start looking forward to my audio messages.

For me, the biggest bonus to this GROUP party has to be having a Chick as Coach who is pretty much OBSESSED with God and has a listening ear. Beyond weight loss, you can share issues that concern you with me and by God’s grace, we can tackle them with prayers and wise counsel. I am well aware that sometimes, there is a bigger issue behind your weight gain and so we would attack the problem from the roots too, and confidentially too. How do I know? Trust me, I know. It would be such a JOY to see you KICK FAT and BUTT KICK the devil soooo hard he would not know what HIT him. Two for the price of one? Honey, we are about to become besties, haha.


You can sign up for 6weeks or 2months.

6weeks: N15,000

2months: N18,000

Students: N5,000 per month



Oh when God gave me this idea, I stopped and did the HOLY DANCE at the revelation behind what God is set to do.


The hair!!! Just ignore me

Do you know that you REALLY need to be fit and healthy if you are going to do ALL that God has you on earth for, and well into your old age? All this nonsense junk you are stuffing your body with may not be showing now but honey, you do not wanna be 40/45 and already your body feels like you just hit the Biblical ceiling age of 120. Would you not like to be the HOTTEST looking granny or great grandma like my mama Joyce Meyer. Just look at 73!!!


Now, YOUR YOUTH, is the BEST time to inculcate better eating habits both for you and your household, especially moms. God really wants us to have Caleb’s testimony in Joshua 14:10ff ‘…here am I today, 85years old, still AS STRONG today as the day Moses sent me out…still as VIGOROUS now as I was then, 45YEARS AGO…’

I mean!!!

I mean!!!

Definitely GOALS for me!!! I wanna be 85 and still going FULL ON for Jesus in all that He has called me to do.


God wants us to take better care of your diet even if you are one of those that can ‘…eat anything and not even add weight’

Honey, how is it looking on your inside? Disaster waiting to happen? Skinny fat? With all your organs covered with fat and no muscle? Don’t kill yourself slowly. Take care of and nurture this Temple, it is the ONLY one you have and you need it to fulfil purpose. I met two grandmas who looked like they were in their late 40’s even though they are 70. I was just wow’ing until I heard that they work out and have worked out for the longest time and eat healthy too. Mehn!!! I was not surprised. They were so strong!!!

Allow me help you with a customised healthy meal plan that suits your pocket, budget, work schedule, food preferences, current weight/BMI and is above all SUSTAINABLE because it is YOU!!!

This is super cool. I have learned that Food is NOT the enemy, it is HOW you eat that causes the trouble. Food quantity and quality is very key. Tz amazing how our relationship with food changes once we are better educated about it. Mine so has. I wish someone sold me a meal plan like this 10years back. Well, I am happy to be that someone for you. There is SOOOOOO much I know now about food which I learnt some from HealthnHealthy that i am bursting to teach.


Working together, we can create a CUSTOMISED BALANCED meal plan complete with your occasional indulgences (mine would have to be indomie haha). That way, it is easily sustainable and not to mention fun too. I would also help with recipes and tips especially for the working woman (or man) who needs to work ‘healthy’ into their schedule.

This made me laugh!!! CABBAGE IS B A E!!!

This made me laugh!!! CABBAGE IS B A E!!!

And I also have meal plans for those looking to move from underweight to ideal weight (I am beefing you guys tho, seriously). This would also work for preggos who wanna maintain a healthy diet and not BLOW on this journey like I did because of FOOD.

CHOI!!! I will be HOT in my next pregnancy with TWIN GIRLS

CHOI!!! I will be HOT in my next pregnancy with TWIN GIRLS

It is my prayer that a lot of moms buy into this because you wanna be sure that what you are feeding your family is nourishing them indeed and not killing them slowly. You can buy a two week or a month long plan and good thing is you can repeat for as long as you want, tweaking it as you go on.


2WEEKS: N12,000

ONE MONTH: N18,000


**If you have some serious weight to lose, you need more than a mealplan. You need MAJOR MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT and that you would find in the group so join in there.


This one is for people who need some questions answered, some clarity on this and that or just some kinda encouragement on their weight loss journey. Trust me, I am the BEST person to talk to, and that’s not talking about how FAB my voice is. God has really blessed me with a communication gift. When I explain, you will UNDERSTAND!!! A phone call will convince you. I would be doing 15min phone calls per session, not more.

N2000 FOR 15MINS

There will be a 5minute bonus time where we just get to gist and I ask you about your spiritual life and lead you to Christ if necessary. Haha. I know, I am crazy. One of my mentors is Christine Caine.


Go figure!!! But really, it would be SUCH A SHAME for us to be FIT for this world and UNFIT for the Kingdom.

God forbid.

Oh btw, I have the Holy Spirit and He would control the direction of our discussions. You won’t use my 20mins to prepare a meal plan. Haha. Plus those in the weightloss group would have regulated phone convos with me and those who buy my meal plan will too as we create your customized meal plans. No special discount here for students. Just buy one of my services and you get access to me.

I am sooooooooooooo excited about this. I see a spiritual angle to overeating/weight gain.


The devil will take any tiny crack, enter and cause major havoc. I have heard people tell me stories of depression, husbands walking away, medical conditions, heartbreaks, turning down some kinda jobs, holding back on living life FULLY, absolute indiscipline, spiritual lethargy and so on ALL BECAUSE OF THEIR WEIGHT!!! Even though I know the devil is messing, this one won’t go away by just speaking in tongues and praying away the calories. And I can speak in tongues plenty but that didn’t help me at all. It will go away by BEING INTENTIONAL AND DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. That is, change your diet and exercise. No miracles here honey. Together, we can GIFT you the body of your dreams WITHIN and WITHOUT so that you can FULLY live life in perfect HEALTH. AMEN!!!


Let me put this all together for easy reference


My first online weight loss class kicks off on Sunday, May 1 but don’t even wait one second to register. I already have clients who have been haranguing me to start. Forget your 25k Clean9, slim tea and all those FAD diets that don’t work. Come let’s do this together. I would work on a first pay basis though. Plus a lot of my former students can’t wait to jump in.


So hurry. The preceding week would be orientation and preparation, both physical and mentally, so that we go FULL throttle as soon as we walk into May.


Enough with all your weight loss battles baby. And guys are welcome too. You would have a different group tho. Girls tend to work out in the skimpiest of attires when at home and pictures are a part of this. I am tempted to expose one of my friends but because she is Priceless to me, I will spare her hahahahaha


Husbands, buy for your wife. Stop complaining and do something. Especially if she popped out a baby for you and is struggling to go back to pre-baby weight. Plus the ‘action’ is a totally different level when bae is fit… And this ACTION is for MARRIED PEOPLE ONLY. Husbands buy and thank me later…


Boyfriends GIFT your BAE one of my services. You want her to look at her proposal, engagement and wedding pictures and thank you many many years down the line.

Children, buy a meal plan for your parents. Especially if the doctor has started advising all those their advice…

If you are outside Naija and you have access to our Naija food or its alternatives, holler too!!!



FAT is actually weak. You can TOSS it!!! I promise!!! Let the BEST Coach in town help you.
And I advice you join this first batch. I can’t guarantee you that my prices will stay like God…The same yesterday, today and forever. Nah. As we expand and hire staff, prices will go up too na. So hurry…

Slid into my email and soon you would be able to slid into that size 8, 10 or 12 jeans and bodycon dresses WITHOUT spanx and body magic.

Baby at 6months and 1year

Baby at 6months and 1year

And please spread word too all the chicks you know who have some FAT to deal with. Just send them this link and use the pictures please.

Bedtime (1)

Plus hey all my new comers here, I documented my weight loss journey here. It should help too if you cannot afford my services yet.








Something funny happened today. I walked to a store to get diapers and on the way, I noticed this woman frying puffpuff and it had entered my nose so I was going to buy. The Holy Spirit who I was not even talking to then just jumped in

‘So this is the kinda example you wanna set for your students abi? Don’t you know you have to PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH? Were you planning on buying puff puff when you stepped out? Can’t you show some self restraint? Ordinary puffpuff. Oh Puh-leaseeeeeee Coach E’…’

And that was the end of the 50 naira 500 calories puffpuff…

How awesome it would be for you to work with a Coach who actually is saved enough to practice what she preaches!!!