A RICH SlipStream…

‘…Can we learn, can we glean, can we STAY IN THEIR SLIPSTREAM…?’

Bianca Juarez Olthoff. Propel Conversation series.

Happy new week guys. I am bursting with sunshine this week.


My online coaching classes are LIVE again and I realized just how much I had missed it.


And all the fun and gists it brings


Ok before we get carried away, let’s blog about the slipstream

S L I P S T R E A M!!!

Ever since I discovered this term, I have been throwing it into LITERALLY EVERY conversation I have. You see, I am super huge on mentoring and in my 10000 Teachers post, I mentioned how we have Teachers and Mentors who we don’t even have a personal relationship with but we lean into their lives from the materials they continue to resource us with – books, messages, seminars, social media accounts, etc. I called it stalking there, and if I had heard Bianca say this before I did that post, I would have said we should stalk them by staying in their slipstream

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

Oh sweet Lord Baby Jesus!!!

I have literally LIVED in the slipstream of my Teachers all these years, and especially this year. You see, Bianca said this in the PROPEL EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKING video as she explained how that she makes decisions by consulting her mentors (wise counselors), and that we all should have both close mentors and distant mentors.

Bianca Olthoff

Bianca Olthoff

Per the distant mentors, she said we need not even be about trying to build a personal relationship with them or harass them to respond to our every tweet or comment (or ask for a FOLLOW BACK which frankly is the most stupid thing I see on SM). Most wise counselors and Mentors leave enough information in their slipstream and if we stay close to them, we will most likely find the answers that help us make better and wiser decisions as we navigate this life and its obstacles.

Lemme proceed on this by looking at this in two ways. First as the person staying in someone’s slipstream and then as the person who is leaving a rich slipstream behind for others to glean from…

I woke up last Friday morning to a question from my Sister on whether it was true that Gmama Joyce had gone to be with the Lord.


At first, my heart broke, and then even before I confirmed or not, I realized that the simple Truth is that Joyce, if Jesus tarries and other things stay equal, is going to die a LONG time before me. But that woman has one of the richest slipstreams ever in the history of any Bible Teacher or Preacher I know, so I quickly posed myself the question ‘Have I been maximizing this rich slipstream she leaves in her wake?’ because Joyce Meyer has definitely done her best to be a distant mentor to millions of women around the world, including me. Joyce is lavish in sharing information about her life, her ministry, her mistakes, her struggles, her relationships, etc.

Just see all the information and wisdom she dropped with us at Code Orange revival

I don’t know who it is that inspires you, but girl forget about whether they respond to your email or mention, just stay in their slipstream and soak in anything they are generous enough to share. And be very sensitive in your spirit too, so that you can connect the dots when they share. I also pray too that God uses my Teachers to answer specific questions in my life as they arise. This happens a lot with Christine Caine for me. If there is something I need clarity on, as I pray about it, a lot of times, I find my answer on Chris’s IG page.

It is crazy I tell ya.

Ditto Heather Lindsey. They have such rich slipstreams that sometimes I am like

You guys please stop tweeting or preaching let me finish grasping the ones you already have na’

Maybe you are in the banking sector, or anywhere in the career world, and you have a Mentor there. Maybe one of those Superstars with whom booking an audience is literally impossible.

Stop stressing yourself. GET ON Google, Buy their materials. Watch their videos on YouTube. Attend their seminars. etc. Don’t be there writing long letters and emails and waiting for them to invite you over for lunch. Probably won’t happen, but they have resourced you through their slipstream.

It just annoys me when a Mentor tells someone ‘Oh I have preached or written about it here. Please go and find it’ and then the person says ‘…ehn please but I still want to talk to you…’

Trust me, most times, most of the questions we wanna ask them, they have already dealt with in one of their resources. One-to-One mentoring is almost impossible these days. How many people will someone like Leke Alder, for instance see if he keeps doing one-on-one? But that dude pours out his knowledge on Social media literally daily, and has seminars and workshops but someone will still be foolishly asking him ‘Eh Sir please can I still get your number to call…’


Really, this generation we need to stop this nonsense. It is too annoying. Looking for special attention despite the rich slipstream a person has left for us.

We are too lazy to do the work the slipstream requires. We use our internet data to follow people’s lives on Snapchat and watch reality TV and movies. God forbid we google keywords and names and put 2 and 4 together to find wisdom for our current situation.

And that is part of what I will be sharing with the ladies who come on board my P413 intimate session which i hinted in this Post. How to effectively navigate slipstreams of our teachers. Hopefully my flyer will be out next week, but you really wanna book a space now.

Ok so the second part of this slipstream business is now turning the spotlight on us. The truth is, there are some people who are in your slipstream because you have wisdom about a situation they can learn from.



Share your victories, failures, challenges, mistakes, etc. We have a funny culture in Africa where we ONLY share (or people just see even without us sharing) the good and the end product, and leave off the ‘HOW’ of our journey. Sometimes we don’t share because we want to appear perfect, we think we have NOTHING of worth to share that anyone can learn from, or we want a bigger platform. Some other times we don’t share because we don’t want to be seen as show-offs, or we just can’t be bothered to share. We don’t write biographies, blog, or put in our Memoirs.

I see someone I like and admire, I get online and there is almost NOTHING in the person’s slipstream. But in the Western world (and this also happens with Africans who grew up or were exposed to such environments), they are quick to tell their story, write a book, open a blog, etc. You know, a friend was gisting me of her friend who went through a bad patch in her new marriage and ended up divorcing, dealing with severe depression and then getting help and healing. Then she writes a book. That friend gisting me was saying it in a ‘Na wa ooo. What does she know that she is writing a book about?’ manner and me I was just laughing at her (my friend that is). You think someone needs to go to school for 6 years to write a book?

No, Sir. When you have a Story, you find a medium to share that story, whether via a book, a blog or your social media handles. That is the kind of permission that Social media and the internet generally has afforded us. You don’t need a BIG TIME Publisher. Just open a Facebook account and get the story out. Trust me, there are people who will one day stumble on your slipstream and you will be an answer to his/her prayers. Forget about how many people like it or comment. DO IT FOR THE ONE if you have to.

Now can I address Millennials (those of us born between 1982 and 2002) like most of my blog readers, who have active Social media handles and all? I know that in the past, we hid every single spiritual activity we did so it doesn’t look like we are being over spiritual or showing off. But honey, we need to take our light and shine BRIGHT in the SM world.

It is absolutely OK to come and tell me you got together with a group of friends and prayed for 5 hours straight. Oh my Darling, BRAG about your Christian friendships and relationships and stuff that sustain it. Brag that you are abstaining from pre-marital sex. That you used to be a Lesbian/Homosexual but not anymore. You do X Y and Z for Jesus. Brag to the heavens about your Church and how your Choir unit is da baddest!!! And how your Bible costs you so much.


Look closely, it is the FASHION EDITION yay!!!

And what percentage of your income goes to books, tapes and CDs. Trust me, it is OK to tell me that you went to an Orphanage and you make a habit of giving a percentage of your income to the poor. Talk about how you run your Company like a Christian Organization.


And before you go all Matthew 6 on me, let me beat you to it…


What Jesus was really about in those verses is YOUR MOTIVES!!! Why are you sharing? So that people will hail you? So that you can be approved, cheered and endorsed by men? So you appear important, spiritual, or rich? WHY ARE YOU SHARING?

That is the koko of that Scripture. If your motives are wrong, just SHUT UP. But if your motives are to inspire more people into the Jesus Culture, by all means share, with wisdom. And when the praise and glory want to be wrongly ascribed to you, RE-DIRECT THEM TO JESUS!!!


You know, Joyce did this crazy good message on MOTIVES (sorry, I can’t recall the Title, I just journalled as I listened) and it set me free. I have a naturally showy personality but Joyce taught me to always check myself and filter the motives behind my actions through the Word.

The Christian world is lacking in examples ooo, all because we don’t want to appear ‘too Christian/holy’. They are shouting us out and down, and sadly, a lot of us are cowering.

Reducing and then ultimately losing our voices, finding them only when it is time to talk football or movies.

The world is Ok with telling you their sexcapades very proudly, and how much their vanities cost them but we Christians just wanna sha be ‘silent Christians’. WHAT AN OXYMORON!!!

Oh, how the world needs BOLDER CHRISTIANS. Bold, Deep, Mature and Joyful Christians. Christians who wear the tag so super proudly and BRAG DIFFERENT!!! There is someone in your slipstream who needs that info to take a step for Jesus. I know how hearing about someone’s giving just stirs my faith to give too.

Don’t worry if anybody yabs you or calls you out, like they attack every time a Christian is just being a Christian. If your motives are right, it should not even bother you. You should be too busy doing what God has called you to do, stopping long enough to pray for them out of LOVE and not to argue with them.

This is really not about cheers and jeers or applause and condemnation, it is about Christ, His Message and Culture, AND your SLIPSTREAM both for now and the future.

Oh how grateful I am for Christians like Wale Jana who I featured here. He brags wella about his faith (@walejana on SM Sites) and I am not saying you should be like him, I am saying be proud of your gospel and wear it well. Don’t let the fear of men and their rejection stop you. How thankful I am for Heather Lindsey who shares a lot about her life and whose slipstream is so rich.

She gets attacked a lot, but it doesn’t stop her. The people in her slipstream are thankful and the many more who will find it someday will be too. I sure am!!!

I am also thankful for myself and the slipstream my blog and life offer. I get all those emails that wanna advise me or shut me down but frankly, I don’t even look at them twice, or respond. No emotional energy to waste explaining myself to anyone. I just know I didn’t do it for you, JUST YET, (because chances are high that one day you will come back to resource and equip yourself from my blog). I just carry on with my assignment and do my MOTIVE-CHECK all the time with my Jesus. You can be sure that if He tells me Eziaha do this or that, IT IS AS GOOD AS DONE!!! I don’t have time for the world, Which is why we should not live for worldly approval. If we do it for the world, then their disapproval will get to you.

DO IT FOR JESUS, He is enough!!!

And then do it for the people in your slipstream.

The slipstream is real guys. Let us get to living our lives fully for JESUS and as we are led, we share in our slipstreams so that we keep the FAITH GOING IN VERY PRACTICAL WAYS.

That definition of slipstream above ministers to me because of a couple of words within

Slipstream: An area of low air pressure that is immediately behind a vehicle that is moving very fast and that other vehicles can ride in to go faster with less effort… Merriam Webster Learner’s Dictionary

As we learn from people (and vice-versa), we learn the lessons without all the pressure and mistakes they made, and we can go further, and faster more efficiently and with less effort (not ‘NO effort’ ooo because we must pay our own price) to get even better results.

I mean how amazing is that?

So even when I share my stories, there are many people who avoid stepping on some of the landmines that almost destroyed me. And then there are many more that are clueless on how to navigate a certain situation and wham!!! They are flooded with light when they read something some bold FIERCE CHRISTIAN CHICK has written or spoken about. And they too can take that to their own slipstream.

But remember, WE BRAG DIFFERENT… The GOAL is JESUS , NEVER us!!!


If you are going to blow a horn, blow a Trumpet for God… 1 Cor 1:31b MSG

With love





Yup I know I talked about TFS Academy, my online  mentoring Academy when I blogged DO IT AFRAID and said you could send your mails. It will be up next week. Wanted to sort out my October weight loss class first and be sure it is smooth running. Now that’s done so I can re-open TFS. I think you can still mail me. I am yet to confirm how many I have, but if you don’t get in this time, you can be on the waiting list hun, so apply and get in my slipstream. Details are in this Post linked above and this, and please be sure to read both first.




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And CoachE Facebook page here. I share so much information there and that is a good way to stay in my healthy slipstream. And generally be in my life because I share a lot on both platforms.




Can't wait!!!

Can’t wait!!!

Abuja is almost here and sometime this week, i will do a Post with more details on this and info on how to be one of the two Chicks I wanna sponsor for this. Please tell all your Abuja friends to come through!!! I am privileged to be in Funto’s slipstream and see her fire and love for God girls and I truly can’t wait to see all that God will do in and through His ladies in Abuja and environs!!! Great time to be a Chick who loves Jesus. The Women of the Bible days must be RED-JEALOUS haha!!!







#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now.
I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for MOST of what i do, I DO IT AFRAID!!!

I am talking heart-racing, tummy-running, fingers-trembling A F R A I D!!!

In our Propel 1 meeting yesterday

, of which i had TWO PROPEL groups meet yesterday, the video we saw was DECISION MAKING and Mercy Lokulutu said something, as she explained sticking to her decisions and not being indecisive or emotional about it…

‘Once God says it, it doesn’t matter how i feel, I can EAT my feelings, I can DO LOTS OF THINGS WITH MY FEELINGS, but when God says it I OBEY!!!’

Then Chris said

‘…sometimes we are just paralysed by FEAR thinking we may fail or miss the mark, BUT God can only steer a MOVING ship, and God is really BIG, so don’t worry, IF YOU FALL OUT OF THE SHIP, HE WILL PUT YOU BACK’

Oh i have also heard Gmama Joyce say (or was it Christine Caine)

Do it Afraid until you don’t feel fear anymore… (I think it was Christine, In UNSTOPPABLE)

I hate the paralysis that FEAR brings, and so I get really UPSET about that paralysis and I am now super INTENTIONAL about doing what needs to be done, AFRAID OR NOT!!!

Let me share practically how i get through the PARALYZING FEAR

First, i need to be sure this is something God has told me to do. Not my emotions, not my brokenness or ‘lockdownness’, but God!!! And one way i confirm is to check my motives, WHY DO I WANNA DO IT? Once that is sorted, i move to phase 2


Oh Jesus, I pray up a storm in the Spirit. I pray using Scriptures ooo, so it means i go into the Word first, get a Scripture and start to confess it in prayers. I just pray so much in the Spirit and as i pray, more ideas and clarity forms in me, and gradually the fear starts to give way to FAITH!!!

Then in the course of my regular day to day activities, i FORCE myself to THINK  consciously about it, while muttering Scriptures under my breath. I don’t know about yawl but sometimes, when I am scared of something, i do NOT even want to think about it, so I block out anything that would remind me of it. BUT GOD FORBID THAT fear (and i purposely put fear in small letters lol)

I consciously think about it, while muttering PHIL 4:13 IN AMPLIFIED!!!


You should hear Joel quote this scripture especially telling the FAITH story of how they eventually got the Compaq Centre, a former Basket ball stadium, as their Church facility. He mostly closes his eyes and fist-pumps. LOVE IT!!! Like, satan NO REASH!!!

So all the time, i think about it, because that means i am taking the power away from it. I think about how i will feel once that is in the bag, i think about how lives INCLUDING mine will be blessed and enriched, I think about how MAD the devil will feel. Ah, i think ooo. So that Scripture is infusing strength in me steady, while my mental faculties are getting used to the idea…

Then i start to read books and messages that talk about whatever I need to do. I let God lead me to those materials and my Teachers  because I truly want to be ministered to. Check my Post on 10,000 Teachers https://eziaha.com/2016/02/03/10000-teachers-guys-stay-hungry-lean-in-go-hard/

I watch videos on YouTube from my Teachers and they usually just speak to my current situation. I recall this message and how it totally spoke to me on something liver was cutting me about. By the time i got to end of this video ehn, AH!!!

Oh and then i TALK ABOUT IT!!!

I certainly talk about it OR blog about it!!! Talking about it puts more power in my hands, and makes me realize NO GOING BACK now!!!

Propel woman Catherine haha

Fear is something that makes us NOT want to talk about it because we think WE ARE NOT ENOUGH or we will come up short or run out of ‘whatever’. We are afraid of what ‘people’ will say and think of you. That is just the devil. 

There is just something about starting. When we start, it is AMAZING how supernatural supply – physical, spiritual and mental and everywise– just start to turn up. But they won’t come your way until you start!!!
So start already. Plus even if we make a mistake and it is genuine, God sees our hearts and He has a way of redeeming stuff for us. See how this motive thing played out between the King who took Abraham’s wife as his, and God in Genesis 20…

Did he not say to me, ‘She is my sister,’ and didn’t she also say, ‘He is my brother’? I have done this with a clear conscience and clean hands.”

Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept you from sinning against me.

He made an honest mistake and God let him off the hook…

Which is why my motives are super important.  Shirer said if she examines herself and sees that the ONLY thing stopping her from making a decision is FEAR, She knows that is EXACTLY what God wants her to do!!!

You know, I am working on an INTIMATE seminar for 15 Chicks where I will just pour all my fire into them to start up on their goals, and hold their hands through it for a period. More info will turn up next week but the date is 29th October or 5th November, both Saturdays (or it could be Sunday sef) and it will cost 5k. Loving our location already. 

Just seeing it pumped more fire in me to get this done. I think i will call it THE P413 XXXX Seminar. P413 being Phil 4:13, XXX is still unknown to my Spirit and I don’t even think I want to say SEMINAR!!! Either ways, we are sooo doing it!!! You may wanna book a slot down already by emailing eziaha@eziaha.com (and I might have TWO of my friends already running hard on LANE PURPOSE join me)

LADIES, NO TIME TO SLACK OO. God is up to soooo much in His Chicks so this is the time to RUN UNSTOPPABLE

 LITERALLY after your dreams. Leave fear and feelings alone. 

They truly are NOT as powerful as we think!!! Plus trust me, you can feel fear and have a BOLD FACE too. I recall sharing somethings with my accountability partner Aijay and when I said ‘I am afraid ooo’, she looked at me wide eyed and said BUT YOU DO NOT SOUND AFRAID!!!

That’s true. I didn’t care to let the fear show…

Ladies, PLEASE DO IT AFRAID… Whatever your IT is…

Ok a few more things

My Propel 1 meetings were EVERYTHING

With our Super awesome host in Propel 2 and her baby

In Propel 1; 

Ugo, our in-house photographer in Propel 1 did an awesome recap here.More Propel small groups are springing up. Propel was something i started in FEAR ooo, forget all the ginger you saw on my blog posts here https://eziaha.com/2016/09/06/eziaha-propelled-lessons-from-my-life/ and here https://eziaha.com/2016/08/27/say-hello-to-propel-lagos/. But now see, more small groups are starting and hopefully by end of the year, we should have between 15 and 20 up and running. AMEN. I will share my PROPEL fears sometime later.

Check out those posts above and then email propel@eziaha.com for details if you wanna start one and need some help. It is really simple. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends together, ONCE A MONTH, watch the videos and discus them amongst your selves. The conversations are just AMAZING!!! Propel CHANGED my life and I truly want to see more Chicks be PROPELLED into their worlds FOR JESUS!!!

OK SECONDLY,TFS Academy is open again.

TFS is The FAB Sistership Academy… Warrior Chicks Loving life and serving Jesus. My 4week online mentoring Academy for Chicks who wanna just BE BETTER and do what God has called them to do…

Please read this Post for some context first


If you sent a mail before, please resend. You sent prematurely. Eziaha@eziaha.com

Taking in JUST 20 ladies and I have a waiting list so HURRY. If you applied for TFS 1 and i sent you that mail to chill for 2, please send me a mail using that mail trail again.

Ok I am off to get my hair and nails done

I have a video and photo shoot tomorrow

I am dying my hair RED HOT because I need a FIERCE look for my #ChicksWithSwords Devotional haha

As per video, gosh I have an exciting message on Mommy Guilt, Mommy Fears and Mommy Wars… The Holy Spirit is AMAZING!!! This will resonate with moms all over not just stay-at-home moms but the deal is SAHM usually find themselves saddled by these because they have relatively more time and if you don’t guard your heart, the devil will just come and be throwing nonsense thoughts in.

Running along now…

Oh one more thing, there is sooo much background work ongoing on my blog. I should be ready for a BIG unveil NEXT WEEK!!! Can’t wait. Thanks to Frances Okoro for the info on porting to dot org and all the amazing benefits of it (Dont worry, my blog URL remains Eziaha.com because it will auto re-route) Makera for helping me do the porting because the technicalities were CRAZY and for making sure I didnt lose anything, not ONE post, not ONE email. Phew!!! 

And thanks to SisiYemmie for the blog upgrade!!! Yay. The FAB Sister’s blog is going to the NEXT LEVEL yo. 

With the dollar rising, it costs me some to purchase all these BUT thank God we can do it jare… It would AMAZE you how 20 dollars here and 15dollars there soon add up to 5000USD haha. Lol. See why I had to open a dom account sharpaly and start earning in Dollars and Pounds biko.

Oh and please all my diasporans oya join my class. 20dollars ONLY and 18 pounds ONLY for 4weeks starting October 7, this Friday. For the naira people, 6k pere. Check this link for all details

Oh and if you are in ABUJA, come through!!! 

If you aren’t, TELL EVERY CHICK IN ABUJA!!! Super Stoked for this one. Like, God has been DOWNLOADING!!! Will pay for two Chicks off my blog but I will give more info in the Post where i give more details about this event and how my crazy Sister, Funto, got me on board… Super thankful for FUNTO. Gurl, i super LOVE you…

Ok bye guys

Sooo much LOVE and DO IT AFRAID anointing.

CoachE’ (haha)


Hey yawwwwwl!!!

If you feel breathless after reading this POST, It is because I am writing it soooo super fast.


Ok so our FIRST Propel meeting was EVERYTHING!!! Walahi, I have not even recovered from it. Every thing I want to do now, I filter through the wisdom I garnered BOTH from the videos and the Chicks present.


Find the Chick version (Longer) HERE and HERE , but let me summarise the Cliff note version of what Propel is

It is an Organisation founded by THE UNSTOPPABLE DYNAMITE Christine Caine who I am UNBELIEVABLY IN LOVE with.

Christine The HurriCAINE

Christine The HurriCAINE

Propel seeks to arm women the tools to LEAD WELL in the Workplace.


The dynamics are changing fast and you have a LOT of women out there in the Marketplace BUT without the needed tools to navigate it right. So Propel is handing women those tools. Basically telling you GO GIRL!!! You can be an amazing LEADER, WIFE, MOM, SISTER, CHICK etc and still be a CHRISTIAN. You don’t have to compromise your faith to LEAD WELL.


Plus Propel is a super evangelistic tool for women, in that Jesus commanded us to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD and make DISCIPLES for Christ. Your world is YOUR MARKETPLACE, anywhere you do your secular business, and you can BE A MARKETPLACE APOSTLE.


So how does it work? Do we all get to go to America and join Christine Caine?


Well, I wish. Lol

So there are a series of videos, called CURRICULUMS (which I already have purchased and have permission to share. sorry not online, but only within the Groups).


Each curriculum has 6videos and a workbook. The idea is you get together in SMALL groups, watch the videos and then DISCUS them practically. The video has Chris and four of her friends discussing various topics that pertain to women and leadership, and then they have an audience who asks questions which they answer.


And then the discussions stimulate discussions in our various small groups. You can choose your meeting times as often as you want, but they recommend once a month, and one video per meeting.

We have our FIRST ever Propel Lagos group already formed, and we met some 2 or 3weeks back. Those are the pictures I plaster all over this Post.


I will be starting up more groups here in Lagos, and handing off batons of leadership as I form them. But hey, outside Lagos, feel free to get a small group of Chicks and start your own group too. Could be anything from 5 to 15/20 Chicks.


Trust me, it is pretty simple to start. No biggie. Just do me a mail and then I will furnish you with EVERYTHING you need to start.


So back to Group 2 in LAGOS, our FIRST meeting will be Monday, Oct 3, 2016 at 3pm.  We will decide on the venue together, most likely the home of one of us. We used Funto’s home for Group 1 and she said she woke up the night after, and spoke in tongues for one hour when she realized how Prophetic it is that her home was used for the first ever PROPEL…


I am just here beefing her. Lol.




because before you lead ANYWHERE, you first have to master how to lead yourself. And my goodness!!! Let me just share lessons some of the Chicks got from it… UNEDITED!!!



Out of my own brokenness. Funny how this line jumped out at me as Chris said it. Ok to put it in context, she mentioned how we all have the Holy Spirit in us to continually NUDGE us to do this or NOT do that. So instead of letting our brokenness nudge us to do X just because ‘my friend’ is doing it, or one Chick on social media is buying it, I take nudges and i’m led only by the HS working in me. There is never a shortage of nudges from people/social media/life BUT if I’m taking my nudges from them, and NOT the Holy Spirit, it is NOT thier fault. It is MY OWN brokenness and I need to go back to Jesus who is my ultimate goal and have him fix me!!! Phew



I don’t need their cheers or their jeers!!! Now this was dropped by d’amazing Lisa Harper. Mehn, it is absolutely amazing to see how people think they can speak into your life and tell you how to live. BUT not only do we NOT take anything they have to say, we should also NOT feel a need to EXPLAIN ourselves to them or let them into details of our lives so they understand WHY we did X or Y. Why are you explaining? Because you want their cheers? I recall how I used to EXPLAIN my entire life when anyone asked me why I left Abuja and the United Nations, especially if I felt a tiny whiff of disapproval in their question.


I would explain and explain and explain, just so they would KNOW that I KNEW what I was doing. How utterly ridic!!! Nobody needs to know details of my life!!! I make my decisions ONLY as led by Jesus. I don’t need nobody’s cheer or jeer!!! Why? Because I AM ALREADY APPROVED by GOD!!!


Enjoy this season you are in (that was the first spark in my head when I got home yesterday)….‎Ugochi through more light in it for me.


So instead of feeling very single, I should have more fun with it cos if it passes and I don’t have fun, then OYO is my case (big grin)….i mean, there’s a time and season for everything (Eccl says it all) and this is finally sinking. Sometimes you read a bible passage and it pops out like it was your first time but it’s not….thats the feeling.‎


‎Clarity and definition helps you guard God’s vision….like I know I really need to cut back to able to move forward. Am just so involved in much in church and others that I have to be clear if it’s God’s vision for me or be sure of the time/season so that my option reduces (this got me big time..should I say a Lil sober in church today)…like (dunno how to explain but you get shey).


And then I still have that mental pics of the wheel Christine talked about and the divine enablement….like if His will is for me to do all, the HS is there.For me. The first has got to be that the ultimate goal is Jesus. Whatever we do…however we run…the ultimate goal is Jesus. He is the reason we are here in the first place and He is the center that holds us in..and holds us together. If the seasons of our lives are going to run smoothly and if we are going to be effective in EACH season… We’ve got to have to do life with HIM…from start to finish. He is the initiator and the fulfillment and the finisher of each season of life. He defines it and makes it what it ought to be. I mean ….. He is everything. As in it is in HIM I can make sense of any thing and any season I am in


So about things that jumped at me…

Clarity and definition helps you guard God’s vision for your life.  Right now,  I am at a point in my life where I am learning that in all things,  it is God that matters.  Ultimately,  it is about him.  So for anything I want to do,  I want to know what my father is saying about it and when I hear a voice behind me saying “go ye in it”, I can follow without thinking twice. And because God never confuses one,  he speaks clearly and when you know what he wants you to do,even if you haven’t seen the end,  you can guard the vision with your life cos his thoughts towards us are always of good, to give us a future. So when those nudges from the world come, the vision is guarded.




Run hard in your lane towards Jesus and you won’t miss it. This is so encompassing for me cos it speaks to comparison,  speaks to trying desperately to seek approval, to cutting back to move forward and also to intentional living cos running hard towards anything at all has to be intentional  and  you have to be focused.  I shouldn’t  be swayed by the looks or works of the person next to me,  my focus should be Jesus.2. I should always get clarity and definition about what God wants me to do and focus on it, cradling it jealously from every other thing/people that Is not God. God has me right where I need to be right now so instead of panicking out of comparison with other people who “have it better or easier than I do”, I should just press in to God the more and run in His might to do what He wants me to do.

To make this evident in my life now, I will tarry more in God’s presence than before so I can be a God-pleaser henceforth rather than letting fear of what “they” will think about me to hold me down from giving him my all in obedience


Identity: the Need to constantly remind myself….who I am. And that is ; a woman as defined by God. The understanding that I am where God wants me to be. I have learnt to let go of the burden of people’s expectations of me ,rather embracing my own divine uniqueness,RUNNING IN MY LANE. With Christ as my powerful denominator,doing these things will help me guard my God-given vision.


Sometimes cut back to move forward….


Once in a while…to just pause….pray and ponder

When it gets all overwhelming, I need not to drown in it. Or use my human emotions to analyse the cobweb of events

I should instead go back to the drawing table for fresh clarity. Personal retreat is always important at some point. It really does help. 1. Live for an audience of one, GOD!!!! To me this means that I don’t have to do anything because I want to please man as long as God has told me to do it I’m just gonna run with it. Sometimes what He says may seem ‘foolish’ in the eyes of man but then He is God so…..


I can have it all and be all God has called me to be. I dont have to stop been one thing 2 accomplish another, this means I can be a super wife to Hubby, super momma to my awesome kids, extremely successful entrepreneur and Minister of the gospel and basically fulfil destiny without anypart of my life suffering. Also I don’t have to worry about the ‘how’ cos faithful is He that has called me, He would equip me for the task ahead.


Lemme stop here please… Lol

Ok so the link I told yawl I found online that has video 1? Here it is


I hope many more people sign up for PROPEL in Nigeria. Truly nothing like it for women.

Ok send a mail to propel@eziaha.com if interested, with a bit about yourself and your location, and I will holler back at you.

And hey, even if you have a baby, feel free to bring them, We had like four babies at our meeting and at some point, all the moms were backing their babies and standing… Lol. Dunno how we didn’t capture it.

And then, one of us, Ugochi, did a blog on it too. Feel free to check it out here. she was also the one who took pictures.

Ok on to my Reader App. I am so super excited about this project. The App developer sent me an update yesterday and I was just BLOWN AWAY Excited.




It is a 5week project and we are in week 2, but that’s not really what I wanna share.

Now the gist is, has GOD TOLD YOU TO WRITE A BOOK? Are you scared of all the publishing drama and money? Whoop!!! My App to the rescue. You can write AND Publish your e-book and I get to host it on my App, and you them pay an affordable monthly fee for the length of time it is on there. So it will be like an virtual bookshop/Library, where people can buy or download your book for free, if you are doing free. So the App won’t have only my books, it will have books from various Christian writers, both fiction and non fiction.

Peek my logo. Of course i wil use my PICTURE by the time we are done

Peek my logo. Of course i will use my PICTURE by the time we are done

We are really working to make it of the best standards, books legible and very easy to read online, and then even if you have cause to change phones, once you have an account already, just download the app and re-login and all your purchased books will be there for you.

I will do a post on WHY YOU ALSO NEED E-BOOKS soon, because let’s face it, the world is too complicated and fast-paced for us to be restricted to just hardcopies. I mean, we are always on the move, and wont always want to carry a hardcopy everywhere, especially if we don’t want the risk of losing it. E-Books are so super convenient.

It is only available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE so you need to get an Android phone if you don’t have one.

More gist as the weeks unfold, and as the App launches, I am launching TWO DEVOTIONALS -One for CHICKS WITH SWORDS and the Second for APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Both names are NOT the names of the devotionals tho. Gotta copyright the names before I share. Still need a VERY GOOD GRAPHIC artist. Yawl epp me nah… Super excited about both, and UNBELIEVABLY thankful for my Accountability partner who just PROPELS me into doing EVERYTHING I have the guts to share with her, that God asked me to do.


Lol. I recall telling her I was shooting one of the covers with real swords and she said ‘Hold it well ooo’ Lol. Made me laugh!!! She’s SUPER!!! And I am so excited at the dreams she is working on birthing too. Yay!!! #ChicksSupportingChicks


Guys, we ALL NEED THE RIGHT ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS in our lives sha. Infact, I am so passionate about Chicks running hard after their God-given goals that Aijay and I are teaming up to have a seminar to share how we do this Accountability thing and then set attendees up with Partners which we will oversee for a period of time. Watch out for it. Just 15 to 20 ladies for our first!!!

And no baby, it is not free. Won’t be more than 5k though, just to cover running costs because we are going all out for it. We got a venue already in Lekki and are brainstorming because we want your 5 hours session with us to really count. It will be October 29th so please I BEG YOU, Plan to jump in aii? We all need that PUSH and we are happy to be YOUR PUSH!!! (Oh and we need 3 – 5 volunteers so if interested, stand by for more info please)

Btw, that second pic of us above? She came over to mine for one of our sessions. It was so intense that we both literally knocked out afterwards. She even had a headache lol. Me I just slept off. Like my brain literally SHUT DOWN lol.

Breathless yet? I sure am so hasta la vista Hunnays!!! I know there are typos here. Forgive me lol.

And yup, you can still join my October class.


Still have slots. Link here. Tell somebody. Support my makate please…




Eziaha… (and Gbolabo, one of our Propel babies)




You know, in our FIRST ever Propel meeting, I asked the ladies to share in our Whatsapp group the TOP two things they learned, and almost everyone of them mentioned




Such a valid RESOUNDING lesson shared by LISA HARPER.



I also love the example Lisa gave of her friend who plops down in the Coffee shop for a meeting, right after she drops her kids off, only to realize she is wearing two different pairs of socks, and how she explains that sometimes running after Jesus is that way. We are EXHAUSTED yes, but we are HAPPY because we are giving our race our all.

Mehn, if anyone tells you that you will NOT get road weary just because you are on the right path, and running after Jesus, THEY LIED BIG TIME!!!

You are probably about to go Isaiah 40:31 on me, because ‘…those that wait on the Lord shall NOT GROW WEARY…’

Yup, but back up a bit, it says they shall RENEW their strength. The term RENEW goes to show that at some point, strength was depleted.

On this journey, there will be many ROAD-WEARY moments. Moments where you just DESPERATELY NEED A TOP-UP of not just strength, but Joy, Peace, Wisdom, etc., so that when you have been renewed, you can continue to RUN HARD, IN YOUR LANE, AFTER JESUS, giving your race YOUR absolute ALL!!!

So practically, how do we TOP UP when we get road weary?

For me, two ways especially

  1. I pull back totally and take a RETREAT.

“…And He said to them, “Come away with Me privately to a solitary place, and let us rest for a while…” Mark 6:31

Oh life can get into such a buzz and blur, with many things happening at once that you need to ‘come away with Jesus’ every now and then, before you  burn out. I didn’t even know Jesus said these words verbatim, I just know that one morning as I prayed, I heard God tell me ‘Come away with me…’ and then I continued to hear a replay in my Spirit.

And I’m glad I obeyed and took 3 days off for a personal retreat, because I TRULY needed that time with Him, both to refresh and then DOWNLOAD too.

So yup, I take a retreat whenever i get Road-weary.

  1. I go fellowship WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE!!!

I love me my Spiritual gatherings yo!!! And for the purpose of this Post, let’s stick to CHICK ONLY gatherings like LOVE LIFE which I blogged about here


I mean, there is just something about Chicks coming together in worship, word and just general fellowship that refreshes and strengthens us. Hebrews 10v25 talks about ‘…not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another…’ I am convinced that these gatherings just help to refresh ROAD-WEARY travellers.


I love that Joyce Meyer Ministries calls it THE BIGGEST PARTY OF THE YEAR…


Because when Chicks gather ANYWHERE and Jesus is there, IT IS A PARTY yawl!!! Whether it is to Praise, Pray, Worship or just Laugh, it is A COMPLETE TURN UP.

I am talking ‘clubs-ain’t-got-nada-on-us’ kinda PARTAY!!! And yawl know when you attend a good PARTAY, you may feel physically exhausted but your Spirit and Soul is ANOTHER LEVEL HIGH, and soon, even your body catches up.

But this is NOT about Joyce’s LOVE LIFE, this is about Mildred’s BEAUTIFUL. (Any reason to side-by-side Joyce&Mildred)


BEAUTIFUL is the theme of this year’s annual JUST US GIRLS Conference hosted by my Pastor Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo. If anyone knows how to organize a CHICK PARTY, Pastor M does!!! Just check the recap of IMELA out.


I am talking Praise, Worship, Prayer, Fun, Comedy, Gifts, etc.; Pastor M goes the whole 9 yards and then some.

From MANNERS conference

From MANNERS conference

I have more details about BEAUTIFUL in this Post Guest Ministers and all…


I just feel it in my Spirit that this is one meeting God has called to REFRESH His ROAD WEARY travellers.


Chicks who are just doing what God has told them to do, keeping the faith, running hard in their lanes, giving their best, and living for Jesus, even with the current realities in the Land of Promise, Nigeria, today.

tired woman runner taking a rest after running hard on city road

I know living in Nigeria can wear us out and even get discouraging but hey, whatever the case or your current situation is, we all need that PUMP to get us back on track and going.

Life is STILL but a vapour so every single minute counts.

Road weary? Phew!!! I certainly am, in a good way. So I am thankful for the timing AND the theme of this conference.

Let’s REFRESH and REFUEL so that we can end the race on a HIGH!!!



Oh and even if you are NOT road-weary, just come and have FUN!!!


Who doesn’t like to dance and laugh, and clean jokes sef.


Or who doesn’t like a Party where PC is going to be roc’in da mic…


Plus HE IS NOW MARRIED!!! Yaaaaay!!!


Congrats PC and Rem…


God make your marriage BEAUTIFUL, pun intended of course!!!

See you TOMORROW  at BEAUTIFUL and hey, feel free to say HI if you see me.




Yes, please!!!


I’m on a roll today so see you in a bit with a Post called The ‘Hurri’ CAINE!!! Anybody guess what it will be about? Lol

Happy weekend boo,




You can still sign up for the Christmas-in-October Promo for 6k


Details here Share with your friends who may be interested please. And of course, my book is still available.


If you sent a mail or dropped your email and have not gotten the book, I APOLOGISE!!! Phew. Just send a mail AGAIN to ebook@eziaha.com. We are now more organized, and you will definitely be getting your copy. E ma bi nu ok? Thanks.

And thanks to everyone who has taken the pains to send me a review. Super thankful. God bless us all.

And oh, you did NOT miss me on Rhythm on Wednesday night, did you?


Gosh!!! I had a blast and i got incredibz feedback. I particularly swooned when the callers said ‘This girl is very knowledgeable about what she is saying…’

I just REALLY thank God for EVERYTHING!!! Like that interview went FAR and WIDE!!! Jesus tank Sah!!! It has been FIVE months of CoachE’ and God has really blown me away as per media exposure.






The second video for Stay at Home moms is up

I have had the craziest feedback from this videos and I wish i could tell EVERY single SAHM just HOW POWERFUL that season is. Please share with Domestic Queens you know. Thanks. Even watching it all over again is PUMPING me up!!! Group Hug for all we SUPER HOUSEWIVES please!!!



Just random pictures from this Morning

1 Hubby and myself lol


He now starts yabbing me how i was as heavy as an elephant before and even my leg, to lift them alone was like olumo rock, but today HE TOTALLY LOVES the way i look. Like i mentioned in my book, He never yabbed me once, but today ehn, it is like he was saving the yabis. LOL

2 We had to add KingDaveed


Hubs has FINALLY admitted that he looks like me!!! Yay!!! Anyone know any bank where i can exchange that info for 150,000USD?

3 I snapped with a giant today lol


I usually hear ‘Oh for a woman, you are tall’. Today i heard, ‘Oh for a NIGERIAN woman, you are tall’


If i could get to the middle of his skull, i would have knocked him. Hahaha.

Ok let me get to writing my HurriCAINE post!!!

Eziaha PROPELLED!!! Lessons from my life…

Hey guys. 

Ok lemme share some lessons I picked from Propel that totally and radically changed something in me. Yawl know me, when I like something, I go all the way IN!!! 

I discovered Propel earlier this year, and I desperately wanted to see a video from the curriculum. Not the ones on YouTube ooo. The ones that were being sold. You don’t wanna know how deep I dug to finally find Video 1 from Curriculum 1 online. 

I recall it was one of those periods where I would put KingDaveed to sleep, then do something for myself from then till 2am or 3am before I slept, praying fervently he doesn’t wake before 2 because I had done nothing else all day. 

That night, I sprawled on his playmat, with my journal, highlighters and Bible. I couldn’t believe that FINALLY I had found ONE video in a ‘hidden’ corner of the Internet. 

Ok to explain the Propel curriculums. 

It is like a series of videos where Christine Caine and 4 other ladies discus the woman and how she leads at the level she is at using super practical examples both from life, and their lives. Then there are studio guests who get to ask questions too. 

These sessions are recorded and 6 sessions make a curriculum. 

The idea is that people come together in small groups or chapters to watch the videos and discus among themselves practical ways they can apply all they have learned in their marketplace. 

I had seen short clips used to promote each curriculum and my people, I entered online crevices and holes to find it anywhere. They were not selling digital copies and they weren’t shipping to Nigeria. 

Imagine my joy to find a full length video that night. I frankly wasn’t ready for what was about to hit me HARD. Kai!!! You see, a question I couldn’t even articulate had been gnawing at the seams of my heart making me very very uncomfy until answers showed. And my goodness, did I get answers or what!!! 

So lemme give a kinda summary of ‘Balance and the myth of having it all...’ 

Love alli

Alli Worthington, mom of 5boys went first, right after Chris did her intro on what the session was about,

The intro

and everyone introduced themselves. 

She said the whole ‘you can have it all’ mantra thing started from Cosmo magazine which had told women how they needed to look, what they needed to do and how they needed to live in order to have it all. And women down the ages have just bought that lie and are depleting themselves trying to have the ALL that God didn’t endorse. 

And she says YES we can have it all BUT it is all about SEASONS. What is your ALL in your current season? Not about what a magazine prescribes. 


Lisa Harper then explained how we can make the mistake of comparing our lives to a certain Celeb or Hollywood personality who seems to have IT ALL including an organic garden and every time she comes out, she also looks perfect, and is the perfect size too (her hips dont touch. Lol i fainted. Didn’t know that was a thing). 

What we conveniently forget is that she, on her own, does not have it all, but she has a retinue of assistants… Personal assistants, Driver, Gardener, Makeup artist, Cook, Personal Trainer, etc. so she doesn’t REALLY have it all. Lisa being the funny mama that she is says, when she sees such a woman, she just wants to hit her over the head with her own Manolos. Lol
Recall when I mentioned in this post (Who got ya on LOCKDOWN) that I was comparing myself to this Chick with the #workingMom #DateNight hash tags on IG, meanwhile our life situations differed? 

It was Propel that gave me that wisdom, and liberated me fully.
Lisa further says that we need ask ourselves what our ALL is, then what we are willing to RISK to get that ALL, and then give our own RACE our ALL as we run towards the finish line, happy but totally EXHAUSTED and certainly not looking perfect.

Bianca. Love her new book…Play with fire

Bianca Olthoff, whose relationship with Chris I covet, because of how closely they work with each other (btw if you ever watch those short V-logs of Chris on her own YouTube channel, it was Bianca recording it all), explained how in order to maximize our day, as we run through our ALL, we need RHYTHMS and ROUTINES!!! Yes she is a creative and we all know that the average creative wants to just go with the flow in order not to stifle creativity, but no, we have to be INTENTIONAL in order to maximize our day.
You know, this lesson on Routines is what I FIRST shared with my mentees in TFS Academy (of which the Post introducing it is visible again, but the next session starts October) because that’s a secret to maximising your day. My personality would prefer to be spontaneous, almost borderline indisciplined, BUT I learned really early from Rev Albert Oduwole who has a personality like mine, that we have to discipline ourselves into routines and not just ‘jaye-jaye’ through life because I am Sanguine. Hearing Bianca say it again spoke even more to me.


Mercy Lokulutu, who’s Nigerian, talks very fast, and is very feisty then tells us how two things would help me guard the vision of God on my own life
So I need to take my tail to God and ask Him what it is I am supposed to do in my current season, pick the TOP FEW things I am supposed to do and then CRADLE them.
As a woman, be careful NOT to JUGGLE but cradle, even as we multi-task. I still hear her voice as she says ‘…I juggle, I don’t cradle…’ and she tried to paint a picture of how juggle and cradle differ. 

to juggle

To cradle

You have to define, and then guard because EVERYTHING God has told you to do is under attack, especially the attack of the internet and Social media.
Kai!!! This revelation now is giving me life as I have been JUGGLING.
She also proffers practical solutions to it, and I am actually actively putting that in practice NOW!!!
She said YOU MUST CUT BACK TO MOVE FORWARD, because as my VISION increases, my OTPIONS automatically DECREASES!!!

The wisdom Mercy dropped is LIFE!!!
You know ehn, this is really me now. My life vision is thoroughly increasing and I keep hearing the P31 woman whisper to me

 ‘I expand PRUDENTLY without courting neglect of what is infinitely important…’

So nobody is saying don’t expand. All I am hearing is expand, but with wisdom. I truly have to cut back, but I need to be sure I am cutting back on the right things.
You know, this month, I decided against having a Coaching class. It means I said NO to between 200 and 300k at least, and while I NEED that money, I had to recall what Bianca said about putting structures in my life.

My life, as at last month, even if I was bearing fruit, I knew I needed PRUNING in order to bear more fruit so I CUT BACK on a ton of stuff, including online coaching, and I am in that re-structuring season of my life atm. I am also downloading and defining what God would have me do too.
By the time I am done re-structuring my entire life and vision, I would then bear even more fruit.
You see why I am passionate about PROPEL and Christine Caine? Looks like every season of my life, PROPEL has my answer.
Oh then Chris was the last to speak and trust her to bring the fire.

Her session liberated me.
She talked about her life is so busy, her life is so full, she is everywhere BUT what keeps her going is the fact that RIGHT at the MIDDLE of everything, she has put JESUS!!!
It is like a wheel, Jesus is that MAGIC in the middle of the wheel holding it ALL together and the presence of the Holy Spirit keeps her life well oiled, and it keeps nudging her on what to do and what not to do, to ensure that she doesn’t burn out. 

Because HE empowers YOU in your various seasons FOR ONLY WHAT HE ENDORSES THAT YOU DO!!!
And just like Lisa said, there are some things we RISK in order to have our God-endorsed ALL but we should NOT let anyone GUILT us for them because any kind of GUILT is from the devil.
To exemplify, sometimes you realize that your calling means you miss out on SOME of the MOMENTS in your kids’ lives as they grow. Or maybe your family doesn’t always enjoy the BEST home cooked meals because she is an itinerant preacher. It is easy to want to FEEL GUILTY, or allow the subtle comparison someone would hint at her and another say, full time stay-at-home mom. Or even the mom who homeschools. God graces us for our seasons, so we need to do our bit, and not guilt-trip or judge others.
Which is really where I appropriate the PROPEL QUOTE

She is UNJUDGING… of the choices that others make in their various seasons of life.

Plus, what you miss now, God can help you to later and even redeem it. 

Like I heard Lisa Bevere say once, and I NEVER forgot, OBEDIENCE PROTECTS!!!

Just to look a bit deeper into Chris’s life and how this plays out, that woman travels A LOT and in the past, she home schooled so her kids could come on the road with her often BUT now they are older and she doesn’t travel with them as much, so she has helpssss at home to take care of them, while she is mostly on the move. 

Holidays? She goes with them EVERYWHERE. 

I have kinda tracked with them all summer holiday and my goodness; those kids have been to at least 7 countries in just about 2months. (Low key beef) lol.
So yes she will miss some games and moments with them at school, but when she can, they make up with LOADS of family time.
Chris has grace for that. Shirer doesn’t have that grace but she has GRACE for what God has called her to do in her own lane!!! 

In fact I think Priscilla Shirer wants to be home more than she wants to travel to preach.

Colour conf SA

Ditto Lisa Bevere. 

When she had young kids, Lisa was intentional about NOT travelling because she wanted to be with her kids as they grew. 

Bevere love😍😍😍😍

She only started travelling more after her kids had grown. 

Chris went from the hospital WITH her new born baby to go minister at a conference. 

No kidding!!! Her first child.
And all these people are amazing friends and are all into Ministry BUT do it in the way they have been GRACED to. 

Chris n Shirer

And so far, I think all their kids are doing all right. 

So let’s not judge people and the choices they make in their seasons.
Chris recommends that instead, we have to be intentional about being each other’s cheerleaders, take the FALSE expectations off one another, and fill in the gaps for each other when we can SO THAT WE ALL LOOK GOOD!!!
It STILL takes a VILLAGE to raise a Child. Or even to birth a dream!!!
That’s what the BIBLICAL HAVING-IT-ALL looks like…
There ought to be something about Christian women where the world sees us filling each other’s gaps, looking out for each other, not comparing and competing or hating. That way, they are ATTRACTED to us and ultimately to JESUS!!!
Oh and moving on from Guilt (which by the way was a question someone asked), they tackled the issue of SHAME!!! (Another question. Propel organization is everything!!!)
Chris said she had also been shamed to REDUCE her personality because she is TOO MUCH for most people. And you are intimidating and blablabla. But she said she truly is not trying to intimidate anyone BUT she has come to fully accept herself as a HIGH CAPACITY WOMAN and there is nothing there to be ashamed, or be shamed for.
Kai, I think by this time, I was crying. Both for relief and then joy.
If we are not trying to guilt one another, we are trying to shame one another. Instead of just genuinely celebrating another woman. (Hey i am NOT exempt….i fall for that mistake sometimes too. Then repent)
You know, when the issues that led to this post WHO DO WOMEN SAY I AM, happened, it would have taken me out for some days. I would have truly felt shamed,and a need to REDUCE myself. It happened a lot to me in school, and I recall I came into my final year and my catch phrase was I AM GOING TO TONE DOWN!!! Those in my class would remember cos i was teased a lot on it. I would not talk in class, I would not put my hand up when group leaders were asked to volunteer themselves, and I just generally tried hard to minimize myself. I recall a friend talking sense into me, that really I needed to accept myself for who I am and not let opinions of others shame me into being who I am not.
Do I still feel that way sometimes, YES!!! But I remember Chris and I have hope. 

If you are HIGH-CAPACITY with ginger and fire for days, OWN IT!!!


Pastor M tagged me in this Lisa Bevere post and I couldn’t agree more…
Oh but we also need to make sure we are NOT intimidated and pressured by individuals like me.
We can easily contrast Chris Caine to Victoria Osteen. But both women are super-duper FRUITFUL even if different. And frankly, we should not try to compare both.
Finally Chris wraps up by saying we also need to know that there are some LOW OUTPUT seasons of our lives, and this applies to both the ‘Chris’s’ and the ‘Victoria’s’ and we should be careful when we try to compare. Plus we too should recognize if we are in those low output seasons and not try to be pressured into doing more than we can actually handle.
That liberated me especially because at that period, I, the HIGH CAPACITY Eziaha, was in a low-output season. I had to fully immerse and embrace it, and then find ways to make it fruitful (which is why you saw me sacrifice sleep to study at night). So while I may not have been doing any kind of work the world glorified, I was not idle and jobless. I was crazy investing in myself. I was also working on my weight and learning all I could. Funny how all of that brought to bear as I navigated that season into a Food&Fitness Coach and brought the strengths from there into this. 

I desperately wanted to jump back into career but I had to learn SEASONS thanks to Propel.

When a woman has a baby or three and no help, IT IS LOW OUTPUT!!!
Simple!!! (except you are Caine lol)
In fact, even when a woman has just had a baby or 2 and help, it is still largely LOW OUTPUT!!!
No pressures!!! No shame!!!
If GOD didn’t grace you for that thing you want to jump into, you will be super-frustrated, and the fruits will always tell.
I recall talking to one of my dear friends who just had baby number 2 and her first is still young, and she is in a long distance marriage and she has NO HELP, and as she unloaded to me, I waited to hear something about work and her business and when she didn’t say, I told her I was happy her priorities were right. This is the season to fully immerse in motherhood, be authentically YOU and surprisingly satisfied.

The crazy thing about this post I hyperlinked above is that it is still one of, if not the most POPULAR post on my blog.
The truth remains that we all will give account of our lives to God on JUDGEMENT DAY, and since God told US and not THEM what to do without OWN lives, we should OBEY GOD and leave off pressures from without.
You see why I am so PASSIONATE about Propel? Because I saw it answer all my life questions at the time, and continues to as I move from season to season.

After watching that video, i wrote down practical steps to implement immediately. One was to BLOG less often. Yup. Wisdom.
Two Propel Quotes I also love have to be
She’s unhurried…

She’s UNSTUCK, she moves gracefully from one season to the next.
Propel is also another reason even in this season where I am a mom who works from home, I KNOW how to make even my ‘secular’ business about God.
I let my Faith and my JOB mix very passionately. 

Which is why beyond coaching I have an amazing relationship with most of my Clients, and I move from Coach to Sister best friend, counselor and Pastor real quick lol. 

Which is why my FIRST BOOK, MY FAB TRANSFORMATION STORY has Scriptures and God thrown into it lavishly, 

while still being super relatable. (Click link above for info on how to download or email ebook@eziaha.com for your copy. It is FREE) There is so much I have learned from Propel and continue to learn and I am excited to get even more Propelled with more Sisters. With Propel, the full career woman knows how to LEAD well even in the market place, as a Christian still.

Some of you who emailed after this post said they would like to join but couldn’t do an all-night so I should consider a day-option. So yea, if you can’t, we will have the day option too. So TWO Propel Groups kicking off at once.
I don’t want us to have stuff that would stop us from joining in.
I also didn’t get a mail from any full time stay-at-home mama. Oh please Darling, Propel soooo recognizes you and your Leadership potential within the home. My Propel story started from being where you are. And a lot of what propel taught me that got me results is what I am sharing in this video MY TOP TEN TIPS FOR THE STAY-AT-HOME MAMA

Then also I got permission to share the curriculum with Chicks in my group (Gosh I LOVE Propel and how they just want to see every woman propelled into her full potential, and are not about the money. I have to be the most disturbing person who emails them, but they are gracious) so if money is an issue to buy yours, we can share mine (Now, if money is NOT your problem, you are so buying yours. It is just 20dollars). Plus the idea of sowing where you can into such a FRUITFUL ministry should make you happy. We will just be filling the gaps for our sisters.
So I hope this Post has answered some of the questions that came up from my first post.
And yay, I have Chick who wants to start PROPEL in Enugu so where are my Enugu readers, or readers who have female friends in Enugu, holler!!!
Ditto ABUJA!!! And every where in naija.
Super EXCITED!!!
Email again is propel@eziaha.com
And hey, if you have any Chick in your office who you think should join, holler too.
The PROPEL message is one that needs to go round…
Blessed week guys!!!


Ok a lot of people have asked me if they can share my book. YES YES YES!!! You can so share, I stated that in the opening pages. You can ask them to email me to get a copy but if that is not an option, then share with them too. If you can cop their email addy, that would also welcome by me. But by all means, lavishly share!!! Thanks guys for all the support. Email ebook@eziaha.com for your copy. If this was on Amazon, we would have a spot on NY Times Best seller by now.

This tweet came in from Propel as i blogged 

Aka CUT back…cradle not juggle



One thing I need to do right now is just BREATHE!!!
Like B-R-E-A-T-H-E!!!
Propel Women is something that really REALLY changed my life radically first and then continues to change it as I follow closely
Ok let me give some background on Propel.

It is actually an Organization founded by my crazy Big Aussie Sister, Christine Caine, for women who lead. Women who are active in the market place and who understand that they are not just there to make money, compete fiercely with the men as they climb the corporate ladder, be bitchy and bossy, then suddenly become ‘feminists’ because they have ‘arrived’. Propel is for women who know that since we cannot bring everyone into the Church, we are then sent into ALL THE WORLD, market place especially, to MAKE DISCIPLES of everyone. Simply put, APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Your job, your office, your business, becomes your pulpit.
Women whose faith AND career/job/businesses are COMPATIBLE… You don’t have to lose your Christianity to be relevant in the market place. The vision of Propel for me fits into something I always say…
‘Whatever you are, be a CHRISTIAN ONE…’
And we truly mean WHATEVER!!! Whether you are Doctor, or a Teacher, a Tailor or a rocket Scientist, a psychologist or a Politician, whatever, just take some Jesus right into that field of yours and shine His light so bright!!!
You see, for the woman who wants to lead AT HER FULL POTENTIAL, and also serve Jesus, without compromising her Faith in the Marketplace, we all know that the Support system out there is not tight enough. It is almost like we have to sacrifice one (our Faith especially or our home) to have another (a career/business), but like Chris, I also believe that dichotomy it is from the Devil. Propel was birthed to fill that gap.
To encourage the woman to RISE to her FULL POTENTIAL, not having to ever minimize herself, or her Faith, at any point in her life. To be and have it ALL, her ALL being defined by God and not the Society or even herself. To have a thriving home life, and have a thriving career, and still have a super thriving relationship with Jesus that the world, her world, can see.
Propel was birthed to encourage women to embrace her very many God-defined roles, not sacrificing one for another, but balancing it all properly as she lives this ONE integrated life IN CHRIST.
I love what Propel Rider is…
Celebrating every woman’s Passion, Purpose and Potential.

The POTENTIAL part gets to me because some women are already running hard after their Passion and Purpose, but some other women are still trying to figure it out but they know inside of them, is POTENTIAL. Propel recognizes and speaks to that too.
THE BEST PART about Propel has to be the Power Chicks Chris pulls into the conferences and the curriculum videos. I mean, every Preacher Chick I love is a part of Propel.

Joyce Meyer, Lisa Bevere, Beth Moore, Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Kari Jobe, etc.
I mean, Propel’s FIRST Conference had Joyce and John Maxwell as the guest Speakers. As in!!!

The 2 NUMBER ONE’s in their ‘worlds’. I have read countless reviews of this particular conference and I have been blown away at all the wisdom both of them dropped.

This year, she basically is bringing EVERYONE to like 500 different Propel conferences.
Well, since we can’t just stroll to these conferences, we are sooo thankful for the Propel curriculums, which are what we use in the various Propel groups and Chapters.

The way Propel is run, you come together and create a Chapter (via your Local church) or a Group (via your office, school or neighborhood sef).

Then you guys purchase their curriculums and workbooks, and have regular meetings where you watch the videos that discus a particular topic, 6 videos per curriculum, and they advise you do a video a month, or however your Group or Chapter wants to get it done. The koko is you watch the videos, you discus it amongst yourselves, then you take all the lessons into your world and apply it in ways that evangelize Jesus. People, the WORLD, is the main goal of Propel. Take JESUS to your world because everyone in your world won’t come meet HIM in your Church.
So far, there are 3 curriculums
1. Personal Leadership
2. Passion
3. Growth
Kai the conversations in the videos are EVERYTHING!!! They are FUN, very fast-paced, and they are oh-so-deep. You will truly feel a connection with everyone on the Panel.

I saw the first video in the Personal Leadership curriculum, and walahi it reset my head especially as a stay-at-home mom, who needed to understand and embrace her seasons. That video also has, on the panel, a feisty Nigerian, Mercy Lokulotu.

If you hear Mercy talk, your brain will reset!!! That sister is fierce and on fire for Jesus.
The panel also has Lisa Harper and her bubbly bubble-self, Alli Worthington (mom to 5boys!!!) and of course Bianca Olthoff who needs a Nigerian mama-in-law looool (inside gist).
I literally wrote everything everyone had to say in the video. They were dropping CRAZY truths my gosh!!!
Anyways, the videos are structured in such a way that you pause at various times, discus among your selves practically what you have learned and how you can put to practice in your life and ultimately market place, and then continue…
At the end, they take questions from an in-studio audience and answer.
Trust me, Propel can change your life as a woman in the marketplace with a purpose, if you open up.

This is why I am super-duper excited to launch the VERY FIRST GROUP of Propel in Lagos, the FIRST of many to come guys. We need more Chicks to commit to hosting Chapters and Groups too right here in Nigeria. I started asking for a Digital curriculum in May and they said it wasn’t available and so I have to purchase the hard copies but they don’t ship to Nigeria.
It was like the vision was just a Yankee vision, so I was going to get someone to buy for me in Yankee and then find a way to send to Nigeria, and all of these were just delaying me until THIS WEEK, I get the email that got me jumping and screaming…
THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of the Curriculums available for me and if I was still interested!!!
Say what???????!!!!
Like, talk about dreams coming true.
So here is how we would do it guys…
If you know that you are the Chick Propel was made for, then holler let’s get this done.

I will stick with 15  ladies per Group, but I am also calling other Chicks who want to host more Chapters or Groups in Lagos and of course all over Nigeria. Trust me, it is not hard. Just get a couple of Chicks in the marketplace and buy the curriculum and start. It is as easy as ABC literally!!!
I don’t mind publicizing for you on the platform of my blog, or you can just get Chicks in your own office/market place who are interested and kick things off.

Each session is 30minutes long so if we have all that time, we can cover two or max 3, and in depth too. (Plus I am rushing to enter Curriculum 3  GROWTH because my Lisa Bevere is on that panel this time)

Then, in addition to the videos and workbooks, we will be studying some Nigerian women (especially) who are in the market place, making such a huge impact, and then still boldly and passionately standing for Jesus in their businesses. Think Ibukun Awosika, Folorunsho Alakija, TY Bello, etc. Women whose faith and jobs are COMPATIBLE!!!
And you know what, Propel actually reflects that. In the 3rd curriculum for instance, she, in addition to all the Chicks in Ministry she always has on her Panels, added someone really out there in the Corporate world. She added a TOP TOP Banker, who is also strong in the Faith, and is bringing some real PRACTICAL wisdom into the mix. If you even see those their short videos on their YouTube channel, you would see interviews with Boss Lady Chicks in the Market place.

And hey, because Propel is all about women supporting and propelling fellow women, we would also be getting accountability partners, most likely within your career/business path, with whom you can run and run until we meet again. Hopefully, business partnerships and associations will be formed too and then even more dreams can be birthed.
Of course, we will also spend some time in prayer. OF COURSE na!!!
Biko, just to be clear, I am not there to mentor anyone through her business/career ooo. We are all there to learn from the videos, and then together brainstorm how to TAKE OVER THE MARKET PLACE FOR JESUS. Simples!!! So you have to pretty much bring your A-GAME on.

Just email me for more details if interested.
Let the countdown begin guys.
Ok so who and who should join?
Frankly, this is for any woman leading out there. And like Chris says, we are all leaders because we have been mandated to lead people to Jesus, so our market place is our Church. So hey, if the LORD stirs you, please come on board. Now there have been some people HARASSING me so those ones will be kinda like considered first, if they are still interested.

And hey, there is space for the stay-at-home mamas too ooo. Propel is not leaving you out because even in this season of staying-at-home, you can definitely be a Leader and birth purpose from there too. Ditto older single, in-between-jobs, Single moms, etc.
I really want us to have a large mix of Chicks. But more than anything, please consider hosting a group (from your market place) or a Chapter (from your local church). I can help you in anyway please. Thanks.
Before you join though, cos I am sure you are just waiting for the email address, I want us to watch this video, which was Propel Launch last year at Liberty University. Pretty much captures the heart of Propel.

And if you can, check out some more short videos on Propel YouTube Channel.
Please watch them ooo before you send me that mail. Then visit Propelwomen.org too so you have a feel of how WE roll…
Ok so send a mail to propel@eziaha.com
In your mail, please give me a detailed bio of yourself especially career wise, your current situation and what you dream of becoming in 5years. I am supposed to be on ‘…Naija women in Biz with TITI on Inspiration FM’, and this 5year dream is part of what I am to answer. Let’s just say I am still thinking of it too, so the above is also an assignment to myself.
Look, your email could be LONG OR SHORT, just tell me enough about you. Age, marital status, where you live, kids or nah, plus picture ooo. And of course let know that you saw the video, and what jumped out at you, and what other short video you saw on Propel YouTube channel, and what you picked from it/them.
Yes, this PROPEL stuff is a serious something!!!
Now let me end this with ‘…Who is this Propel Woman?”

She is UNAPOLOGETIC…She is a woman who leads
She is UNDAUNTED by the challenges of life
She is UNSTOPPABLE as she follows the call of God on her life
She is UNCOMPROMISING, in that she is in the world but not of it
She is UNSELFISH, she is generous with her thoughts, her words, her resources and her relationships
She is UNCHARTED, we are discovering who she is within us all
She is UNSTUCK in any one season, she moves gracefully from one season to the next
She is UPDATED with what is going on in the world, she understands the world that she is called to
She is OUTNUMBERED, she is more than any of us realize
She is UNDENIABLE, we can no longer ignore her. She is formidable
She is UNCLUTTERED, she deals with her baggage and she drops it
She is UNCOMMON, she is not chasing worldy success, fame or fortune
She is UNDIVIDED, she has one integrated life and that is the life to be found in Christ
She is UNLIMITED, her potential in Christ is limitless
She is UNFAZED by anyone, the naysayers or anything else
She is UNHURRIED, she is not trying to get anywhere that God doesn’t want her to be
She is UNLEASHED, she is not held captive by old paradigms and stereotypes
She is UNASHAMED, she does not minimize who Christ has called her to be
She is UNPRETENTIOUS, she is real and accessible and down-to-earth
She is UNMASCULINE, she is not gender-less and is not androgynous. She is feminine
She is UNBELIEVABLE, SHE IS THRIVING and she enjoys abundant life
She is UNSHAKEABLE, she is rooted and grounded in the grace and love of God
She is UNDECIETFUL, she is honest and vulnerable and truth telling
She is UNMOVEABLE, she will not be manipulated or steamrolled or bullied
She is UNSATISFIED with the injustice and the condition of our world
She is UNQUESTIONING about the goodness and the sovereignty of God
She is UNREASONABLE in her expectation that God can and will use her mightily
She is UNCOMPETITIVE of her fellow Sisters in Christ. We are co-laborers and not rivals
She is UNJUDGING of the choices and priorities that others make in different seasons of their lives
She is UNFLINCHING in the face of storms and trials
She is UNDERSTATED, she walks with humility and grace
She is UNMASKED, there is no façade, she is transparent and authentic
She in UNIMPRESSED with worldly accolades, materialism and success

she knows that no weapon forged against her shall prosper
She is UNDERSTANDABLE, she relates well with the world in which she lives
She is UNBOUND, her history will NOT define her destiny
She is UNWAVERING in her mission to fulfill her part of the Great Commission
She is UNDONE by the love and grace and goodness and kindness and mercy of God
She is UNRECOGNIZABLE as she continues to grow from strength to strength
She is UNTAMABLE as she goes to plunder the Kingdom of Darkness with the light and life and mercy and justice and truth and grace and the salvation of our Almighty God
The Propel woman is EVERY WOMAN and EVERY MAN that loves every woman!!!

So help me God, Amen