#SavedFitnFAB…July WEIGHTLOSS results (pictures)

​Hey guys,

So I’m flying in to share SOME pictures from my July Squad!!! 

Three weeks in and we have seen some crazy good results. Eeeeek!!!

Been sharing on IG and Twitter @savedfitnfab Feel free to follow us

And these pictures are accurate because I made them snap just BEFORE the Class and told them to keep the dress used because we would do an AFTER. So these pictures tell the true story. 

And hey, all thanks to clean eating and working out. Nothing else. 

Oh btw, incase you missed it… I talked contraceptives and weight gain in my latest video. And I also explained why Kimk bod is NOT feasible for most of us naturally. So all these I want to lose my tummy but not my hips (especially where it is FAT giving you those hips). 

Ok those pictures…

And even more

Phew… trust me I was undone by these pictures. Awesome!!!


I run monthly online classes and there are slots available this August. 10k for 4weeks. Email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com if interested or share with anyone who’s ready for FAT Shredder August…

I also have a program for those who want to blast arm fat… 

Tz a one month workout plan for 5k designed to FOCUS on an attack arm fat. I will also advise you on FOOD!!! Err if you need to lose total body fat, please this would not work for you. Please join the August class (or any month you are ready)

Cheers to a FAB week


Tomorrow, i am blogging on SQUAD DEFINITIONS!!! Basically how to DEFINE the relationships in your life so not only do you get the BEST out of each but also you are NOT disappointed at them. Kinda like a FOLLOW UP to the Post SQUAD GOALS.. https://t.co/cu3VkMNk2Z

The N5,000 JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO… Questions answered!!!

Hey Darling,

Thank you for indicating interest in the JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO with CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB

Ok so here are your questions answered. I hope and pray you read through carefully and then make your decision as you are led by God…

I am breaking this down as easily as possible.

  1. It is a N5,000 (five thousand naira) promo for 30 ladies to mark my 30th Birthday. That is not my regular rate.
  2. It would run for 4weeks starting July 4 on WHATSAPP AND BBM
  3. Anybody can join in from any part of the world. It is all online so location don’t matterimg-20160505-wa0023.jpg
  4. I provide weekly meal plans and recipes if needed, workout guide, encouragement and love. I also answer your questions and share knowledge I have garnered. I do all that yes, but the REAL WORK has to be done by YOU or YOU will NOT get results. I am a COACH and NOT a MAGICIAN Darling. PhotoGrid_1465870136268
  5. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, I’m sorry you can’t join in. The meal plans won’t work for you and your baby. You may wanna consider BUYING a meal plan tailor made for you. 18k for one month
  6. No I do not do drugs, slimming tea or the likes. Just clean eating and working out. You need to want it bad enough.

    My STAR Student

    My STAR Student

  7. You can work out from the comfort of your home and at your timings or in the gym. Your choice. But my guide allows for home workout. I lost 25kg without a gym.photogrid_1461040533954.jpg
  8. ALL the meals are Naija meals and can be easily seen anywhere in Nigeria
  9. If interested, please email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com I will send you the account details, please pay in and then send me a mail with the name you paid in with.
  10. Within 24 hours, I will reply you with a document that has even more details…
  11. Because it is a promo, the slots are filling fast. So when I have my desired number of Chicks, the promo is over.

More details here

I have been very lavish and have shared a lot of information from my weightloss journey on my blog. If you take the time to read through the posts which I combined here, I promise, I have most likely tackled any more questions you may have.

You would also find me sharing more and more via my social media handles

Twitter: @eziahaA @savedfitnab

INSTAGRAM : Eziaha and SavedFitnFAB

Facebook: Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo

Again, thank you and I look forward to coaching you through your weight loss journey. Pretty excited about this. I hope you are too.




Cheers and Love,




#SavedFitnFAB…D Premium Journey so far (plus a 5k July promo)

It has been 6 AMAZING weeks of coaching.
And say 2months of owning my own biz…


I have learned
I have cried and laughed
I have grown

I have grown because i have encountered different kinds of people and temperaments and everyone of them have given me a RICHER life…

Lemme set this up with one of my 6week Clients, Joyce Obi


See ehn, losing weight makes you age BACKWARDS.
This chick has 3 kids already oooo.
Has a job. Has a husband. Has a LIFE.

One thing she didnt have though?



And when you don’t have excuses, you get something called RESULTS!!!


For some interesting reason, Joyce was trying to reach and beat my target. I went 25kg down in well under 4months,


It was actually 3 months

and then went downer and downer to 77/78kg.


Now praying to hit 75kg.
Amen!!! Lol

I have absolutely enjoyed coaching and helping people lose weight.


I am pretty PASSIONATE about anything i do. I ‘enter’ the matter,literally.

I thought ALL my students would bring their A-game and get this job done…



I thought all my students would LOVE me and that LOVE would propel them to give this their ALL!!!

And then i learnt one of MY biggest lessons of 2016



I don’t do MIRACLES…. God ALONE does

I can only do sooooooo much. MOST of the work has to come from MY STUDENTS

screenshot_2016-05-30-08-18-49.png screenshot_2016-05-30-08-18-43.png screenshot_2016-06-14-19-28-03.png

So no matter how much i wear myself out encouraging, if they don’t follow my meal plans and workout guide,
THERE WILL BE NO RESULTS no matter how much i pray for and wish for it.

At the beginning, i used to think something was wrong with my coaching ooo. Some people were getting results, some were SO SLOW and some were ADDING WEIGHT lol. Then the Holy Spirit would just prompt me to ask certain questions and WHAM, the reason jumps out!!!

Screenshot of Yemsmoothies BBMC post

Screenshot of Yemsmoothies BBMC post

Plus of course, we differ so everyone won’t lose weight as fast as I did but really, the minimum should be at least 1kg a week or 1.5kg in 2weeks.

There were also the ‘start and stops’ or start and RUN AWAYS


I would then have to PERSONALLY go and find out what is wrong, encourage, love, pray with and for, etc

You know, this weight loss thing has an emotional angu to it and so most times when people face challenges, they withdraw and turn to food. As a weightloss Coach, I have to have LOVE for my students. So I have to keep checking that with them. Now of course tho, I have it at the back of my mind that I am not the HOLY SPIRIT so I do what I can and leave it to God. Sometimes, and indeed MOST TIMES, I had them bounce back

Some people however are still lazy and full of excuses. And you know, I say that with love because I also tell them personally. They have just not made up their minds yet to do it so any and everything becomes an excuse and even when you find ways to help them through their excuses, they still come up with more. Wisdom demands that I leave them after I have sent them to God to work on them. Some repent. Some still carry their truck load of excuses and so have just lil or NO results.

All i'm sayin'

All i’m sayin’

Some people are the really quiet ones. No matter how much you prod and pamper, their participation is NEVER sustained. So I just follow them at their own pace, as God leads me.

Some are the Superstars. They think I am their personal trainer/coach so rather than participate in the group, they always chat me up personally and expect me to have a tailor made program for them. Those ones, I gently and with love, tell them that what we are doing is GROUP WORK and not PRIVATE COACHING. If you however want private and customised coaching, I have my bills for that.

Some people think ‘who is this small girl giving me orders like this sef?’ hahahahahahahahaaahahaha.

I know I look 16 but I am 30!!!



Plus I KNOW more than you on this weight loss thing for now. So humble yasef and learn, get results and go. And you can apply that to other areas of life too.

Oh but frankly, most of them try and give this their best even with challenges

screenshot_2016-06-10-05-12-24.png screenshot_2016-06-09-09-01-58.png screenshot_2016-06-07-09-13-00.png

And almost all have given me GLOWING feedback


One thing I always make sure of is that I have a clear conscience before God. I make sure to do my BEST before all ‘men’ and then, I trust God.

Col 3:23

Col 3:23

I have to do my best AS UNTO THE LORD because I want the blessing of the LORD to be on my biz and so if I am being shoddy and treat it/them anyhow because after all they have paid, I have GOD to answer to. Now that’s the kinda BOSS you do NOT joke with.

Oh and btw, there are some clients I turn down because from the start I can see you are unserious, and there was a Client whose money I refunded. You come at me with drama,

DRAMA? I don’t even do drama AT ALL. Before she could even TRY to bring her drama, I just refunded her money.


My money needs are legit but my name bears truth.. EZIAHAKAEGO… A GOOD REPUTATION is better than MONEY.

You should have integrity way beyond just wanting money.

There was another Client who paid for a 2week meal plan and I gave her a one month plan because I delayed by 2days because I was really SWAMPED with LIFE. But I had given my word hence my compensation. Plus she is a nursing mama and I love nursing mamas.

We got FATTER when nursing but we lost it!!! Yay

We got FATTER when nursing but we lost it!!! Yay

Oh and something else I learned, there were some people who I took just a fraction of my fees from, almost NOTHING, because I wanted to help. I think business people should have those clients too. Almost like a ‘giving back’ sort of thing because they need help and can NOT afford it just yet. I also made sure I treated them JUST THE SAME.

So I am constantly COACHING and LOVING and encouraging and giving my best and praying for my Students, so when I see results like this, I AM SOOOOOOO PUMPED!!!


Ah!!! She didn’t even realise how far she had gone till I showed her this and she cried!!!

screenshot_2016-06-13-09-39-31.png screenshot_2016-06-07-09-13-00.png  img-20160511-wa0025.jpg

Will share more results via my social media handles. @savedfitnfab both on Twitter and Instagram. And of course Facebook Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo. I also share via my personal IG @eziaha

The funny thing is that I didn’t tell most of them to do me a BEFORE and plan for an AFTER with the same dress. Me, the picture QUEEN forgot. Eeek!!!


See her tummy. wow

With my next set though, I will.

And speaking of next set, I hinted on a birthday promo in this BEFORE 30 and my social media handles and email have started buzzing already. Gosh

Was going to post that on Friday but let’s bring it up some so those who need to plan start planning.

So for 30 ladies ONLY, because I am turning 30 June 29, instead of 18k for 6weeks, which are my new rates, I would do 5k for a month.

5,000NAIRA pere!!!

Just be serious.

Participate!!! I ask for pictures of your meals and post-workout sweaty self. I ask that you share your challenges and ask questions. I also ask that you WEIGH IN and MEASURE every Saturday mornings AND Monday mornings too.


Because I have seen people RUIN a whole week of work in ONE WEEKEND and so by the time Saturday rolls around again and results don’t favour them, they start crying.

I also don’t want ‘silent achievers’. Pictures have a way of pumping in encouragement into the group.

The day Mel schooled us all

The day Mel schooled us all

I share mine too, If you are silent, imagine if everyone is? The purpose of the group fellowship is defeated. So once you stay silent and you don’t change, sorry hun I am taking you out and NOT refunding your money, since I have made this clear from the start.

It is my prayer that in that one month, we have at least 5kg loss for most of yawl. 5kg would show on your body and people will notice so you would be inspired to PUSH even more.

My classes are usually 10 per class so I can truly follow but this promo class will be 30 ladies in a class. Don’t worry, I have found a way to manage that.

#InnovateOrDie lol. Biz that is NOT the person

I share meal plans and workout guide. I am lavish with information because I REALLY want to empower you to BE YOUR OWN COACH long after the class is over.

I love that she learned plenty too

I love that she learned plenty too

Not that you go and add all the weight back.


Plus I encourage and love you all the way.

All you need to have are


workout cloths, a set of measuring cups (sold for as low as 250 to 500), skipping rope, a weighing scale (NOT NEGOTIABLE) good shoes, dumb bells (or eva bottles filled with sand) and a good workout bra. I also need BEFORE and AFTER pictures IN THE SAME DRESS so please have that ready. You may crop your face out if you want but this Coach needs pictures to sell her market.


If you are eating nonsense outside of my meal plan and not working out enough, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I am laughing at you because I do NOT do miracles!!!


The list is already building ooo

Email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com if interested and allow for 24 hours for a response.

The class starts July 4 Monday, but further correspondence would be via email before then. The biggest loser in weight and inches gets a price… Maybe discount to continue for 6weeks or free…

Oh and yes, the class is on Whatsapp and BBM so please have BOTH!!!

But hey, if you do not want that larger class thing, feel free to pay for the class of 10. Some of my older students are doing that still. 18k for 6weeks. Or if you want even more personal coaching because you don’t even like groups AT ALL, holler!!!

Sorry to break the heart of nursing mamas especially those exclusively nursing. Nah. You can’t join the promo. That meal plan wont work for you and your baby, especially the under 6months. BABY FIRST biko. I would advise you buy a meal plan CUSTOMISED for you.

Yup I sell customised meal plans too. 18k for one month and 12k for 2weeks. I CREATE a special meal plan based on your weight goals (add, lose or maintain, we got you covered), your food preferences, health challenges, your lifestyle and age, and more. I also create for PREGNANT women and EXCLUSIVELY NURSING MAMAS. In the groups tho, I share ONE meal plan for everyone weekly. And I also ask that you don’t share it. All naija meals.

Support Growing Businesses

Support Growing Businesses

Excited!!! Tell ur squad ooo. Let’s do this… Not to brag but I am a PRETTY EXCELLENT COACH!!!




Before 30.

Yawl watch that program on Ebony life i think? Before 30.


I have caught glimpses of it every now and again in the past. Just enough to have an idea (plus i think this Tinsel chick married to the Ghanian dude is a BEAUTY FOR DAYS) but not enough to follow.

Tz about 4Chicks with different love stories and journies but they all wanna get married before 30…

Or so…

So i figured i could steal that name and use for my post. Well mine ain’t a marriage thing but just a  couple of blog posts i would absolutely LOVE to run on my blog before 30, God helping me.

June 29, i will be 30.
How am i 30??? Lol
And frankly, no age has hit me like this one. I literally feel like life of mine is just beginning and frankly, i am sooooooo excited about the ride that i am strapped in and soooo ready to fly. I didnt even have any theology or whatever for it. Just from my place of a personal walk with God and I know 30 for me is super significant and have been EXCITED about it my life and journey.

Then 3days ago, my friend Wale who broadcasts a daily devotional shares something on the age 30 and instantly, i KNEW in my KNOW-ER that the message was profound and personal.


Now i am not saying you shoud slack major and only start living at 3o. Mba. I certainly have not slacked. Not with life.  And certainly NOT in my walk with and for God. I just know we, God and I, are about to speed things up.

This is not even what this post is about. Excitement is doing me.
Btw,is there any Chick here who used to always lie about their age?
Hands up!!!
I used to ooo
When i was younger, i would always pad it up especially as i flagged off early in life, school wise.
As i got older and life began to happen (failures, setbacks and all) that SEEMINGLY seemed to slow me down, especilly when I failed outta Pharmacy and then crossed to The Social Sciences and some of your classmates are legit 3-5years younger, then i began to reduce my age in some settings.
I didn’t even see it as a lie per se until God began to check me. Plus i see a sense of ingratitude which comes from a place of comparison and either will do no one any good.
I got delivered and began to OWN my age, journey, experiences and all. Running my own race and my goodness (this next line will do a deliverance session on some people) KEEPING MY EYES ON JESUS!!!

Now,one of the ways God checked me was in my decision making. Earlier this year, i realised that there were some decisions i was making that were largely influenced by family, some situations and not God and then one day in the middle of my emotions, i heard CLEARLY in my Spirit…

Eziaha, you do realise you are turning 30 this year…

The tone was TOUGH and it literally exploded in my Spirit and i caught the message in every area of my life.

Now ehn, i am led by Jesus. I make my decisions as led by God. I care less what people say. Not saying i do all these perfectly. Nah. But you see, this Chick had a transformation FIRST from within and i have been living it out…

And again, this was not the plan for the post but it is for someone so you can TAKE IT haha…

Bring on 30 baby…
And this jumpsuit too.


Now i am working on a waistline like Bolanle’s.
So help me God…

Hey yawl, how are you doing?
Gosh i missed blogging and everyone and thing that comes with it.
You see, had to make major readjustments in my life as i sent my help away.
The blog had to take a backseat. Recall what i said about BALANCE?
Click hyperlink above☝☝☝

I recall a friend asked me recently the most popular question ever
How are you?
And my answer was

I am EXHAUSTED but in a VERY GOOD PLACE… Plus God is strengthening me.

That answer came from my Spirit walahi.

Anyways, i have a better grip of things now so let’s do a blogging marathon.

I would absolutely LOVE to publish the underlisted posts before June 29. I pray i am able to. If not all but 75percent.

1. Who got you on lockdown? This post scribbles is over 5months old. Gosh

2. Get busy…Get fruitful.

3. Two stuff that have to do with th number 30. Don’t wanna give much away…

4. The FAB Sistership…Warrior Chicks, Loving life and Serving Jesus
(This would make some people very happy). That’s the TFS i have been hinting so keep an eye baby. Not sure my first group of sisters go pass 20/25 so you jump on board quickly as you are led by God.

5. Propel Nigeria (This one i am super duper excited about ).


Would be 20 chicks so also watch out for the post and then read more about Propel so you know if you wanna join or nah.

6. Unpacking the Proverbs 31 woman. This would be a series but i hope the first one is up this month

7. Squad goals!!! This one is giving me serious prayer points lol.

8. Lessons being CoachE’ has taught me.


Plus a promo for 30 people to mark my 30th. Just one month. Not sure how much i would charge (maybe 5k or so) but i am feeling very excited about 30 so my July batch would be a promo batch for 30 chicks or less who wanna lose weight. Pls watch this space ooo. Will open for just a couple of days.

9. MommE’ diaries… Life with a  WARRIOR Toddler. phew. Lol


KingDaveed bobo

10. An e-book on something super duper exciting…Phew

Ok that would be all. Only one is ready.
Trusting God for Grace.

Anytime you feel a need to tweet at me to hurry up and publish the next post, how about you PRAY for me instead…?

Sounds better.

Or go read


Those blogs are A-AWESOME👌👌👌👌

Ok lemme go and pray that this blue jumpsuit finds me soon… Wanna do a photo with a 30 balloon and ONLY this jumpsuit will do…

Group hug… and Peace out



I have a Facebook page
Eziaha.com Just search for us and join in…
It would be an extension of my blog. Short posts as God leads me would go on there.
I think the Proverbs 31 series will be there not here

So you may wanna check us out…


Who else is coming????
I literally can NOT even wait…


Btw wanna know someone else who has shaved some years off her age before? Lol
Yes Joyce.
Like this year ooo.
The story is funny but of course she has repented.
But i almost cried from laughing.
Joyce is just Everything!!!!

Last week, i basically CRIED that i wanted to attend a Sinach LIVE IN CONCERT. I just NEEDED to hear Sinach LIVE.


Look at God!!!
Fountain was my FIRST Church  and it was Pastor bimbo who led me to CHRIST.
Can’t wait to visit come June26, buy some cds of pastor bim, and see some of my people. Thank God physically i have not changed much. Lol


So i would be happy to say ‘YES i got married and have a baby too. Haha’

#SavedFitnFAB FAQssssss

Phew!!! 2 weeks in as CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB (Premium) and it has been quite an exciting journey.


I never hesperredit!!! I am even going to be on TV soon but let’s leave that cat in the bag for now.

This Post will be a revised version of this where my clients and intending clients can find answers to most of their questions.

Here we go

Q: What services do you offer at SavedFitnFAB?

3 services basically.

Bedtime (1)

  1. Online Weight loss Class (Whatsapp and BBM powered)
  2. We sell customized meal plans

3. We offer Phone call consultations.

Q. CoachE’, I am a bit confused as to which to join. What do you advice?

Girl, if you have anything above 5kg to lose, please consider joining an Online class.


If however, you have 5kg or below to lose, or if you are at your perfect weight, but you want to start loving your body and nourishing it right, you should consider buying a meal plan. If however, you just need clarity on your fitness and weight loss journey, you can book a 15min phone call consultation with me.

Q. Awesome CoachE’. So what is so special about the Online Class? What does it entail?

A: Honey, first of all, you get plenty of love and encouragement from me which is really what you need on this journey. Secondly, I equip you with information/education that would help you not just lose the weight but also maintain it long after the class is over. And finally, you get meal plans, meal guides and workout guides. Trust me baby, in that community, with CoachE’ and God, I dare that FAT!!!

Q. Wow!!! What about the meal plan? What exactly do you mean by CUSTOMIZED?

A: Simple. I don’t just copy and paste a meal plan from somewhere and give to you. I interview you and based on your fitness goals (do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or add weight?), your schedule (sedentary or mobile worker), your budget/pocket (I want you to be able to sustain it), your food preferences (CoachE, I cannot survive without JOLLOF RICE and fried plantain ooo. Please don’t come for my Jollof) and your personality, I CREATE a meal plan that would work for you. Jollof rice and all. My services also cover those who need to be on a special diet due to health and related reasons.

With mealplans, I would also advice you on workouts to do to ensure your goals are met.

Q: Wow CoachE’, this is AWESOME!!! What kind of meals are in your meal plans though?

A: Honey, all Nigerian meals. Easy to find and affordable too.

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

Now because I have international Clients too, we will be finding alternatives that can work where some of my Naija meals are not available. Hello Google!!! I also share healthy recipes too.


Q: I was going to get to that. What if I do NOT live in Nigeria? Even my timezone is different. How we go do am na?

A: Easy peezy baby. So long as there is food where you are, and there is also Morning, Afternoon and Night there, Please email me ASAP!!! My business is GLOBAL and not a LOCAL sturvzzz!!!

Q: CoachE’. Working out is not my thing ooo. and I loooooooove food. Can you wave me a magic wand that can make fat disappear on its own?


A: Honey, you need to join my class. I need to spend major time educating you on your health and why you need to take care of this body. By the time I am done with you, you would become a Fitness Coach too, preaching the ‘workout and eat right’ gospel. And nope, no magic wand or miracles honey. You need DISCIPLINE!!!

Q: CoachE’, na you dey reign. After you, na you again. I am sooooooooo in. Oya what are your rates?

A: Honey, this question gladdens my heart!!!

Please study this table well.

Look how cheap we are

Look how cheap we are

But just in case it is still not clear, lemme repeat

The Online Class is N15,000 for 6weeks and N18,000 for 2months.

The meal plan is N12,000 for a 2week plan and N18,000 for a 1month plan

Phone call consultations are N2,000 for 15mins

Q: Yaaaaaaaay!!! Oya Account number darling. I need to pay like yesterday!!!

A: Sweerie poraro… This question right here is the essence of this Post lol. Email me honey and let us do business together. savedfitnfab@eziaha.com

Q: Taaaa gbalaga (loosely translates to ‘Gerrarahere’). Not everybody has that kinda money na CoachE’. Na wa ooo. So money conscious (and you call yasef a Bornagain). Hissssss!!!

A: Hugssssss. I would reeeeaaaallllyyyyy love for you to afford me and so I pray you can afford me soon enough.


But sweetie, I have shared almost everything on my weight loss journey on this blog (Please follow link) and will continue to share more via social media. I have gotten so many emails from Chicks telling me how they applied all I shared and the weight stays dropping. Please read those posts and apply. I pray God helps you too, even more than He did me!!!

Q: CoachE’ anything for the students? I see sontin hegziting in that table above

A; Of course baby. I am going to be partial towards yawl. Undergraduate students please. You get to pay N5000 for a one month online coaching. If you need a meal plan though, you pay 5k too for 2weeks. Plus, I don’t know if you already know but I graduated with a First Class from University of IBADAN and was Best Graduating Student. I can also help with study tips and all. You are welcome. If I get enough students, I would consider putting yawl together in your own group. I mean, let’s do STUDENT mentoring too na. Haha.

Q: CoachE’ for President. You ROCK!!! So, after I pay what next?

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!


A: Honey, notify me with the name you paid with, and then I would email you a Client form depending on what service you paid for. Once you return it, you get your meal plan in 3 working days (at least for now) and if you are paying for the online class, I add you to an existing one if possible.

Q: Hmm, CoachE’, please I am not about the GROUP life, I prefer private coaching. Can we work something out? My case needs serious help and no interference biko.

A: Of course darling. We can. I have Clients like that, Celebs and err’thing. The fees are higher though but I am sure you already figured that out. Please email me and let’s talk. I love you already, savedfitnfab@eziaha.com

Q: I have this chick I KNOW who needs to lose weight but I don’t know how to tell her. What do I do?


A: Honey, gift her one of my services please. If you need help as to how to go about it, please holler at me and we can prayerfully find a way to present it so she doesn’t feel bad but actually jumps at it. This weight loss drama is sensitive and I shared a bit of my struggles here

Q: Ok Coach E’, me I want results sharp sharp ooo. How fast can I lose 10/20/30kg?


You too can go FULL CYCLE

Honey, WRONG QUESTION!!! The koko is START FIRST. I lost weight fast and I learned a lot on the journey too so yes, if you follow closely, you MAY also get results fast too. But the truth is, I was just giving the journey EVERYTHING!!! I didn’t have unreasonable expectations but I put in unreasonable work.


One thing is sure, it depends on you, how fast your results come. But if you keep calculating AND DOING NOTHING, the FAT will remain. So START!!!

Q: I am sooooooo pumped Coach E’. When are we starting? I need to start sliding into those bodycons again

A: Baby, the first official classes kick off May 1. Just 10 per class so I can sufficiently follow through and harass wella. You should start with my first set. But if for some reason you can’t, classes would always be running concurrently so holler so I add you up when you are ready.

Q: CoachE’, I can trust you right? I have been upandan on this journey with no real results. Frankly I am getting frustrated. Can I trust you?

A: Hugsssss. I KNOW how you feel. Putting in effort with no real results. Ugh!!!



But something I tell my Clients if they are D.A.T Chick (inside gist) and then SavedFitnFAB is your LAST BUS STOP. Plus you have a Saved (Born again) Fitness Coach and this means that I bring in the Fruit of the Spirit into my business understanding that God is my ultimate Oga so I have to give yawl my best!!! Plus, I’m not just passionate, I KNOW the koko of this weight loss thing (Remember, FIRST CLASS lol). I studied plenty on my own journey and I still dey study sef. No long story, just come on board honey!!!

Same shokoto

Same shokoto

Q: So CoachE’, anything for the preggos, or breastfeeding moms?

A: Sincerely, I would prefer to even work with preggos so that they don’t blow up like I did on my own journey.

Imagine. late second trimester

Imagine. late second trimester

I have decided to gift myself HOTNESS in my next pregnancy and also I want the weight added to drop off FAST even before 6weeks (very possible) so I am researching and writing down tips to make that happen. I can share with you if you come on board before or during pregnancy. As for breastfeeding moms, you know baby first abi? I can help with meal plans and co but we have to have a loooonnnngggg talk first if your baby is under 6months.

Baby at 6months and 1year

Baby at 6months and 1year

This thing is not just about money. I am really interested in your life.



Now all these are actually real questions I have been asked. I hope yours is covered. If it isn’t, ask in the comments and I will respond.

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Book review…How I overcame infertility by Nneka Kyari

Hmmmm. I typically don’t do reviews as officially as this. I am usually more informal injecting lots of my personal stories and gist See this review of Joyce Meyer’s Bible and then this book by Meyer too Good Health, Good Life.


For this review however, I tried to do this like a Professional.

I am actually working on a job that would involve regular official book reviews for at least three months and thank you very much, I am going to upwardly review my fees. This stuff is HARDWORK lol

Really good reading is reaaaaalllly hard writing

Maya is sooo right!!!

Maya is sooo right!!!

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This Book is ah-may-zing!!!



Nneka has written an awesome Book and truly if the principles within are applied to life, results are guaranteed!!! You can order the Book online at Konga, walk in and buy at Laterna Books(0803 301 4462 Oko awo VI, Lagos) or get the Kindle version on Amazon for those cool kids.

Let’s review Breaking Through The Haze…How I Overcame Infertility by Nneka Kyari


The opening expression of Nneka’s book is immediately relatable with any woman who has ever desired and sought after conception and pregnancy.

But what an error it would be to assume that Nneka has written to only women dealing with infertility. Though told from a viewpoint of fighting infertility, anyone who has ever had a giant to fight can find battle strategies within each page that guarantees victory in every area of their life too.

Graciously and openly sharing her journey right from the beginning up until the point of victory, readers quickly learn that life’s challenges are meant to be faced head on. Running from them, living in denial, or being absolutely overwhelmed by them will not make them disappear. Taking Faith-guided steps, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, however will inch you closer and closer to victory.

The errors of many women in need of a solution, including the Author, has always been to run to Doctors first, in fear and not in faith but that is akin to putting a cart before the horse. After a few years of frustrations, dashed hopes, endless tears, countless drugs and treatments, major disappointments and absolutely no results to show for it, it finally dawns on her that she just may be doing something wrong.

Without any disrepute to the Medical profession, which would ultimately prove integral to her testimony, she soon realises that there is only ONE who knows it all and can see beyond the limitations of Doctors to the real underlying reasons behind her challenges. She returned to God and let Him lead her step by step into victory.

Uncluttering her life from endless activities and split-focus, she plunged deep into an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as she decided that it was time to face this battle and give it the focus it required.

Several flashback stories, from dealing with being bullied right into her University days, to financial challenges, divine intervention from a potential rape situation, sicknesses, among others, not only reminded her of the faithfulness of God in bringing her through them all, but also laid a solid foundation for her faith to battle infertility and hope for the future.

The texts actually come alive as she recounts those stories because you can almost see the bullies, her University hostel, the sickly child, the hiding place behind the old fridge, the cyber cafes, the room mate who slapped her severally, even her lecture hall.

Many of us would also quickly relate with taking ridiculous steps in finding a solution to our challenges as she suddenly finds herself taken to a ‘church’ in the company of a well-meaning Relative, where the demons behind her infertility were to be exorcised in the most ludicrous, painful and even comical ways. That story would get you laughing but the lesson would not be lost on you as the Author emphasises that such battles are not fought quite as openly and ridiculously as that. So rather than looking for demons to exorcise or humans to blame for our challenges, we learn that the real enemy is the devil and even though he uses people as tools, they are also his victims and so we need not fight physical battles but rather focus on Jesus, who can help us defeat him and his antics and manipulations.

Another truth would also dawn on Nneka. When something is really important to you, you should be able to make sacrifices to give it the attention it needs, achieve that goal and then move on because most goals do not take a lifetime to achieve, including pregnancy. If we give it the right attention with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and obey, we can break through it. The blessing is in the obedience. But if we do not focus, listen and obey, we subject ourselves to a lot of pain and struggle and prolong our battles. That Giant is not going to go down without a fight. And fight we must, if we will get the victory already promised us by God. So the sooner you begin to fight, the sooner you come into your breakthrough.

One of her battle strategies was Purity of heart, because it is on the platform of a sincerely pure heart that God does the miraculous.

Another battle strategy she employed was Prayer, and it was her biggest weapon.

Prayer with the Holy Ghost, Prayer with faith, Prayer with a pure heart, Prayer with humility, that is total submission to His will, Prayer in agreement with your spouse, Prayer with information, because being informed about her situation gave her more confidence in battle and so she was sure of hitting a solid target and not just shadow boxing. And because she believed God could do anything she also prayed bold prayers, specifically asking God for twins, a boy and a girl.

Another highlight of this Book is the fact that the Author rightly divides and applies the Word of Truth at the right places. The Scriptures fit in like a glove where inserted and that truly affirms her description of herself as a Bible teacher.


It would not surprise the reader that her moments of intimacy with the Holy spirit would ultimately reveal to her a root cause of one of her problems, PCOS, which was an unhealthy habit she imbibed from her childhood ambition of wanting to be a model. The solution was within her and the Holy Spirit acting as her Guide had ultimately led her to it. But knowledge without action, what she calls ‘The Discipline of Doing’ is useless and so she began to pay serious attention to her nutrition and started taking responsibility for her body and her husband’s including targeted exercises that would aid maximum functioning of her body and reproductive system. She realised that ‘fairy-tale faith’ , that is believing without being involved in your own miracle, was at best useless.

It is pertinent to note that all the steps she took were revealed to her by the Holy Spirit and specific to her situation.

In three months of taking responsibility, she began to see the results in her body without medication, including for the first time in her life, regular menstruation, which hitherto had completely ceased, and perfectly balanced hormones.

And as her Faith journey took her through the route of ART, she would conceive at her first procedure and have her miracle twin babies just as she had prayed, a boy and a girl.

One thing is sure, if the principles in this book are applied to any GIANT that needs to be taken down, one would sooner than later also see in their own situations, their ‘TWO RED LINES’.


The End…

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I especially loved how I started and ended with the phrase TWO RED LINES. Very Chimamanda-esque.

I also hope you can see why you need to take better care of your health and what you nourish your body with. You see why you need our services at #SavedFitnFAB .



Nneka wasn’t trying to lose weight, she was trying to get healthy. So holler at us also for your healthy meal plans and recipes.


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My oil free Ogbono on Fleekity FLEEK!!!

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I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

I LOVE being my own Coach!!!

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Me and 'Jesus' lol

Me and ‘Jesus’ lol



(Lol, don’t freak out. Emmanuael who is actually the current mr. Nigeria, played JESUS in 316, A musical drama put together by DCC