A LOT of NEWsss…New Name, New Vlog, NEW BOOK!!!

Hey guys,
Oh, my world has been buzzing, spinning, opening up, stretching and just generally BUSY…

My Inspiration!!! #LoveHerTotally

And BUSY is a term I am reclaiming and redefining because it has been getting a lot of bad rap out there.

When we say busy on this lane (yes, we. I am including you in my redefinition), we mean we are moving gracefully from one fruitful activity to another.
In the Good news version, Proverbs 31:27 actually says ‘She is ALWAYS BUSY…’
VS 13 says She keeps herself BUSY…
So yes to BUSY… fruitfully BUSY!!!
But if you are fruitlessly busy, please sit down and re-assess stuff aii?
Ok so heyyyyyyy, I AM NOW AN AUTHOR!!!

Can yawl believe it?

And can you imagine, I get to release the Book on the same day, exactly a year after my journey began. It was on the night of Thursday, September 3 2015 that I gave my baby, KingDaveed, to Ebube my niece to mind, picked up a skipping rope, locked myself in the room, and with raw anger and fierce determination, and skipped my first 500 skips. #Memories
I always thought writing a book was wayyyyyy off for me. I mean, I know I write and all, and frankly this writing thing is God’s gift to me, but I always felt too unserious to write a Book jare.

Writing is for serious people na…

So when I started feeling like God told me to share my weight loss story, as much as I could, in a book, I thought HUH???

Blog and Book no be the same thing ooo.

But I decided to humor Him.

I recall just whipping out my laptop to start, and frankly I think Jesus took it from there, and wrote this Book Himself.


Because I edited it myself, and every time I read through, I didn’t feel like I wrote it.
How did I write this? WOW!!!
Ok, anyways, I am so thankful this Book project is out.

The Book writing creative process is BEAUTIFUL I tell you. Nothing like watching your book assume life right before you.

I don’t voice this often but allow me to say this…

Yaaaaas girl!!!

Turning 30 has been ANOTHER LEVEL.

Let me just address some of the biggest question those closest to me have asked me as per the Book…


Infact, I recall a friend say

‘…Did you ask God? What did He say?’

To which I am thinking ‘Why so spiritual babe? Lol’

Love that my friends want me RICH!!!

Oh my Darlings, I would have happily put a cost to it, because
1.Like the Proverbs 31 woman, I KNOW the worth of my work (v.18)
2.MONEY helps this our Christian walk and work ooo.

Nobody poverty epp.

But yes, God told me to make it free.

And as I went through the post-writing process, I kinda got why.

This Book had to be free.
Don’t worry, I have 2 more writing projects coming out in the next two months, and maybe one more by the end of the year AND NONE WILL BE FREE.

– Another question, WHY AN E-BOOK?

Again, God.

Lol. I recall picking up the phone to ring Grace Springs Publishers for a meeting. and God says…

‘I told you we are doing e-books for now, so relax…’

E’ is about to make e-books VERY POPULAR in Nigeria.

Lirru me, BIG GOD!!!

Never used to be a fan of e-books but mehn, I have never been more thankful for them.

The convenience, and oh-my-gosh THE AVAILABILITY!!!

Like all my favourite Authors dropped baaaaaaaad books this year and honey, if not for the e-book option, I for no see am read. Because it can take like 1year to reach Naija and by that time, all the anointing wey dey the Book don finish. Lol

But me I just sharpaly order or pre-order the e-version and before anybody says ‘fiam’, I ‘m done with the Book…

Intentional parenting, Without Rival, Unstoppable, Undaunted, Unashamed, Intentional living, Overload, Seize the day, Millionaire messenger, Sisterhood, The Mother God made me, etc.

All e-books I have copped THIS YEAR ALONE from my fave American and Aussie Chicks…

And some of them I ordered the Hard copy ooo, but they are still sitting pretty in the US meanwhile I have copped the e-version and I am done, or almost done. I am thankful my Rev introduced me to them…

TFS Academy Book club is currently reading Joyce Meyer’s SEIZE THE DAY and guess what? The Book has not even been released yet. But I have my ways…

And we should be done about the time of release, just before LOVE LIFE Conference.

And Thank God for e-books, cos ‘my way’ only has e-book pre-order.
So I am happy to do an e-book first!!!

I already know my FIRST TWO hardcover books and I truly can’t wait for them NEXT YEAR!!!

This my writing ehn, tz like my Jesus took it to another level once I turned 30. I feel such a fire to deliver writing projects.

Stick with me guys!!! Through hardcovers, e-books and audio books (which I will record as soon as I sit under Adichie for 36hours lol)

Btw, anyone know any good e-book publisher in Naija? Those who can get my book on the top e-book portals worldwide ooo? Holler please. And I also need a very good App developer. The number of Reader Apps on my phone ehn, because each Publisher lets you read only via their App.

They don’t have two heads so let’s make ours too. If they are a growing business, all the better. I am all about SUPPORT GROWING BUSINESSES.

So please guys, recommendations for App developers and e-book or any book publishers, because most do e-books too.

Ok back to my Book.

Gosh!!! Writing this Book was just GRACE!!! TY Bello talks about how easy her latest song IT IS WELL (would rather call it that lol) came to her, and I know what it means for God to grace someone to do something, versus just jumping to do what God didn’t send ya.

It was easy but of course, the devil had to show.
I LOST A LARGE PART OF THE MANUSCRIPT and I didn’t save it anywhere!!!

And I was practically done writing.

I couldn’t believe it.

I just had to leave the Book for a while. Oh,but when I came back to it, I decided I would make it even better.

And I did.

Oh this latter one is even more delicious!!!

We need to teach the devil NOT to mess with us.

We are NOT of them that roll over and play dead or actually DIE…


Oh then let’s talk Book cover.

I have been in and out of the studio more than I care just to get a picture that works.

We have back and forth’ed various designs.

I had settled for this, until I showed my bestie Dumebi, and she just said…

‘No, this is NOT your BEST picture or look…’

I am so thankful for this particular one we agreed on.

Truth be told, I would have preferred to stand so my full frame would show, but all the standing ones didn’t work.
Plus like my bestie said, this picture makes me look prim and proper.
I am definitely receiving that, because that’s a secret desire of mine.

To look serious, prim and proper, AMEN!!!
Anyways, after plenty back and forth with various graphic designers, we settled on this

The Lord is good guys.
*drops mic*

Plus i LOVE Rev’s quote…

I celebrate the DISCIPLINE that led to this TRANSFORMATION… Albert Oduwole.

Love Him totally plus you can be sure He is reviewing EVERY BOOK I ever write…

Now let’s talk about the Name…
In the video and in the Book, I explain why I call it a TRANSFORMATION instead of WEIGHT LOSS.
It wasn’t just a 30kg weight loss guys, it was a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION of my life.

Who would have thunk it?

Follow God. He is a BOSS!!!
*drops Mic*
Please do an email to ebook@eziaha.com to get your copy mailed to you. If you are already on my CoachE mailing list, or sent a mail earlier, you should be getting yours within 24 hours.

Please when you email, give at least 48hours and we would revert. Please don’t harass us ooo. Lol.
I won’t be handling the distribution personally so you don’t need to write anything personal there. Just request. And feel free to share with as many people as you want to. And don’t forget to feed me back, with your thoughts and reviews here on the blog or email Eziaha@eziaha.com

Do a blog review too if you want, and send me a link please. Just feel free to do whatever you wanna so EVERYONE reads it.

And hey, i won’t mind running reviews here too so please feed me back.

Support my ministry.

And you can DOWNLOAD the first two Chapters here if you can’t wait. Lol

My FAB TRANSFORMATION Story (Intro and Chapter 1)
Enjoy my launch video Darlings.

I do a mini book reading too. It will make Chimamanda cringe but hey… we will get there. (Slightly obsessed with her book reading GRACE)

I am so thankful for this Book and I know it will be read around the world.

It is such a BEAUTIFUL read, you won’t be able to put it down.

I know that it will encourage more women to get started on transforming their lives in the way they need to, and this is even beyond weight loss. In whatever area your life needs a transformation, just go ahead and do it, because YOU CAN.
Change is HARD yup, but it ain’t impossible!!!
So cheers to embracing your own stretch and changing, one baby or giant step after the other…

Speaking of change, I also changed the name of my business from Saved Fit n FAB to E’SQUAD and then made Saved.Fit.FAB the Rider.

I recall praying and praying and praying when I felt a need to change just before I started the July Promo ladies and somehow, as I created the July group, I named it JULY SQUAD. I didn’t even know how and why I did, but that’s how the name came ooo. I just added the E’ yawl know how we love our E’ please.
E’SQUAD is a movement going global, which is why I am holding the globe.

Actually, not just E’Squad, but Eziaha herself.
I want to say I have big dreams but let’s rephrase to God has big dreams and I, like DAVID in Psalm 119:32, am praying ‘Lord, enlarge my heart to receive all that You are dropping in
Phew… and Amen!!!
So I have also changed my Twitter and Instagram handle to @CoachESquad. Wanted to leave it at @eSquad and for some reason, I believed God had kept that name for me lol. Infact, I made my business cards with that name. Only for me to want to change it and realize that the name is not available… hahaha.
@CoachESquad ain’t bad, thank God
Then I also started a Facebook Page and then rebranded the YouTube Channel.
Both called the University of CoachE’ and I am so excited about that name. Because we will be doing a TON of education.

I want it to be that Page or Channel you come to and learn a whole lot about all things Food and Fitness.

I have big dreams especially for it and YouTube, (please click link and subscribe) where I can just pop in and share short 2minute videos on some byte-size information, especially because people ask me a lot of stuff that a short YouTube video can answer. 

Which is why Jesus needs to provide this Samsung S7 Edge phone because, I can’t be entering studio every time, but I also want great quality videos which my current phone won’t always give me.

So that’s almost all our NEWssss from CoachE’
New Book: My FAB Transformation Story
New name: E’Squad…Saved.Fit.FAB
New YouTube: The University of CoachE’
New Facebook Channel: The University of CoachE’
IG/Twitter: @CoachESquad

And well, there is another NEW, this time not related to Food&Fitness, but my FAB Vlog, my Blog’s video sister. So we would call that THE FAB SISTER’S VLOG

Not sure the frequency and direction it would take on the long run, but for now, the first 3 videos I have leaned more to the stay-at-home mama aka SuperHouse wife aka Domestic queen, and then the mom/wife in a long distance marriage. But I certainly know that I would be talking about as much stuff as I blog about, basically how we live a FAB Christian life, and in that process, have fun, kick devil butt and make Jesus red-carpet world wide FAMOUS!!!
Oh, I know the direction my vlog will take. Scrap that statement written above. Haha. I would also feature interviews with #PropelWomen who are ROCKING this Christian life. I look forward to sitting down with TY BELLO mehn.

And then Heather Lindsey.
Plus I would have QnA sessions so if you have anything you want me to talk about in some detail, feel free to do me a mail Eziaha@eziaha.com.

I am sure I would totally love vlogging because I LOVE to talk and I love the Camera. And I absolutely LOVE Jesus so it has to be fun ON ANOTHER LEVEL DOING STUFF I LOVE WITH THE One I love!!!
You know the funny thing, about a gazillion people have asked me to start vlogging in the past and I always knew the time was wrong. Vlogging had become a fad and they thought I needed to jump on in too. It is sooo important to be led by God sha. I always said NO. But now, nobody even told me, I just know the time is right, and I have jumped right in.
And no, incase you are wondering, I totally will NOT stop writing. At all, at all.
The Channel name again is THE FAB Sister’s V-logs and if you click here, you can subscribe,
So here we go with my very first video…
My Top Ten Tips for the Domestic Queen (Part 1)

Let me not talk too much about it, just watch it. I am a #SuperHousewife myself, so I speak from a very personal place, the stuff that I apply to my life. No theories here. All practical. Feel free to share, and hey even if you are no Domestic Queen, trust me, you would pick many somethings from it.
The Part 2 will come up next week.
Ok that’s it for now.
Nothing like following Jesus guys. Nothing like total surrender to Him and letting Him do what He wants to do, IN YOU FIRST, and then through You.
Chase after Him guys, hard and fast!!! He is absolutely totally worth the chase…
With so much LOVE
Fruitful.And.Busy lol

PLEASE if you e-mailed me about Propel Lagos, i will revert Next week. No vex!!!

Gosh i don’t even have words to explain how PUMPED I am abourrit…

Propel is truly what Lisa writes about in Chapter 6 of WithoutRival. I just jumped up and started speaking in tongues as i read Chapter 6…

Women, let’s get educated.

Please read the Propel post and consider hosting a small group in your ‘world’

Now can we talk about how HOT i am looool…

#PalacePillar #TallAndShapely #Psalm144 #GirlWithASword #WarriorInHeels #KickingDevilButt


Hi guys,

Sorry stuff slowed down some here. Changed location and all the dramz that comes with it

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Goodbye Bonny Island!!!

Yup guys, back to Lagos now. Can’t wait to settle into my own home in Lagos and get some rhythm into my life again.

So this idea came to me early hours of Sunday morning in the shower after my exercise routine.

Guys, lemme just say it as e dey do me. I am sooooooo uncomfortable with the way I look. I DESPERATELY want/need to lose weight. Funny thing is I had already lost some GOOD weight ooo prior to now ooo

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point...

I think this pix exaggerates but you get the point…

but for some stupid reason I do not know, the weight piled on in the last 2weeks and I now look like ‘akpa akpu’. #sadface #bagoffufu.



My sis and cousin don’t stop yabbing me. My mom is sure to join when she sees me. My sis actually gives me the ‘hey ya’ look and my cousin too who keeps saying ‘you that had figure 8 before’.

This is what I wanna be...

This is what I wanna be…

Mschewwww. #Ecanpain

Felt sooooo bad one kain that I ACTUALLY contemplated doing ‘church online’ on Sunday. Wanted to just hide myself like Elizabeth for a month or two while I work on losing it. Trust me, I felt really embarrassed. Haha. Thank God He changed my mind. I mean, won’t this be a good time to actually LEARN how not to REACT emotionally to stuff people say? Cos people ALWAYS gonna talk ‘boutcha. That would never change. That you can’t control. But tell you what can change/control? Your attitude darling. #LifeLesson.

So of course I carried my FAT self and my booboo and went to church.


Promptly the first lady I met said I needed to start a gym program. Imagine you hearing that when you already feel ‘one kain’ just before you enter church? Not cool. But hey, ATTITUDE!!! I just smiled. Plus she is cool people and I know she didn’t mean no harm. But just incase you are wondering what to say IF you have to say something (cos you can just shut up) about someone’s weight especially if they just added, speak from a more encouraging point of view…

‘…don’t worry jare, u will lose it. I trust you. No be you. Small small it will drop. But you look good still darling…’

Ehen, stuff like that. Except she is your sister… Btw, the above is EXACTLY what my Doctor Bestie would say walahi. She is an Angel kai!!!

Anyways, fact is I wasn’t comfortable with the way I looked and good thing is, I’m not sitting and sulking darlings, hell NOPE!!! I have decided to be DISCIPLINED enough to exercise DAILY and eat RIGHT!!! And my timing’s quite on cos my booboo (he’s amazing btw, incase you asked)

My Booboo'licious ready for chicken lol

My Booboo’licious ready to crawl, get and sit to eat his chicken lol

is starting on solids this week as he turns 6months on Sept 10 (He is actually 26weeks today, Tuesday)and even though I will still be breastfeeding, tz no longer his only food source so I can totally change my diet and skip a meal or two daily.

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

My darling BigSis and I made ogi baba today

Btw, long post on ‘mommyhood so far’ coming up on that day and the rest of the month would be dedicated to all things baby/children… parenting, breastfeeding, delivery, etc. I am featuring a lot of people here who will be sharing their stories/experiences. Watch out guys. If you have suggestions for topics/discussions you want me to touch on too or even questions, holler. So I can put it into one of the posts.

Ok back to the matter…

After all my sis and cousin dramz, I IMMEDIATELY decided to be disciplined!!!

First, I went on the ‘tube and watched Heather’s video ‘DISTRACTIONS: THE FIGHT TO BE DISCIPLINED’.

She covered quite a number of topics and shared (in her fiesty way like ‘put that STUPID phone down’ lol) how we could apply discipline in every aspect of life.

I DISCIPLINE my body… I STRIKE A BLOW to my body like an athlete, TRAINING it to do what it should do (and not the other way round)… 1Cor 9:27

Heather kept talking ’bout how she would speak to her body when it starts wanting junk and stuff and drink water instead.

I was HIT!!! And determined. (Guys, you can’t REALLY work with God if you can’t be disciplined in lil’ things like what goes in your mouth, come on!!!)

I just needed the ‘harshness’ and practicality of a ‘Heather’ and I got it in that video.

Then step 2…

I put to practice what I heard.

I started watching my food.


No snacking. Absolutely NO junk. Loaded up on fruits and healthy ‘fast food/midnight snack options’ (I’m nocturnal guys) like low calorie nuts. Then I started drinking TONS of water!!!

Three: I started to EXERCISE!!!

Now guys, I have tried it ALL. Downloaded tons of vids like Shawn T, Hotz Girls, Yoga, Zumba, etc. I’ll start, with initial gragra and then I’ll be too TIRED and my body TOO worn OR my gumbody ‘Oga’ would not let me exercise in days that I would eventually give up soon.

Plus with a baby and no help, working out with vids is hard. At least it was for me.

Then I did gym, complete with aerobics and some track…

He was my gym buddy on some days

He was my gym buddy on some days

Twas too clumsy cos of timings/distance plus I would come home useless too. Haha. I stopped after some time.


Joined a BBM weight loss channel. Ujay’s. Amazing channel ooo but I couldn’t keep up. I was inconsistent.

But all my start and stop efforts yielded a lil’ something (like that picture in purple above)

My dears, this time around tho, I decided that I would not do anything highfaluting oooo. A dear lady casually mentioned jumping ropes.


At the same time, I random bumped into an article on the incredibz benefits.


So I started jumping rope morning and night. Was too easy to do and I was working up some serious sweat. I didn’t need fancy gym wears (a good bra and a really good pair of sneakers because of the impact with the ground abeg) and sometimes all I do is tie wrapper (just keeping it real guys. Didn’t want to have any excuse like ‘oh all my exercise dresses are dirty) and just jump rope.

Simple and inexpensive

Simple and inexpensive

Started with 500 skips and now I do 1000 at each session. So 2000 daily…

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

Bottle for water and Mug for Green tea

I take hot Green tea with a slice of lime squeezed in before I start as it increases calories being burned.



Tz been just 6days but I have been consistent. I also do planks and sit ups. Ok Monday was my sister’s birthday and I had some red velvet cake and a pizza slice BUT I promise, it was just to celebrate with her.


Haha. See why I am happy about this idea I am about to share…?

So what idea came to me?


Guys, I need some FOUR ladies to join me. Ladies SERIOUS about losing weight and gaining discipline AS A LIFESTYLE. So we can encourage ourselves. And keep ourselves accountable.

We MUST share with all sincerity what we eat daily and MUST do our skipping daily too. MUST!!! At your convenience. We will keep ourselves accountable. All 5 of us. Don’t wanna have too many people so we can really interact. All you need have is BBM, a skipping rope, some good shoes and DISCIPLINE!!!

So ladies, just send me a mail at eziaharx@yahoo.com. I’ll pick the first 4.

***Update!!! I got the four ladies already even before I woke up. And then 2more cos I am NICE but NO MORE abeg. So this is closed. Sorry guys***

Please tz a serious something ooo. If you slack, I’ll take you out abeg. NO EXCUSES!!! Absolutely NONE!!! Tz not a prayer, study or gisting group. Strictly FitFabFam. (though I advise you take a couple of minutes to pray before you work out let God bless and multiply our efforts and help those calz fall off in their larger numbers) We will also share simple recipes and stuff that are zero/low calories amongst ourselves and then healthier alternatives to regular cooking. Let’s see what we can achieve in the next 2months.

So who’s game? Holler!!! Only to the above email please… And nope, my friends are not welcome to join. Any opportunity to make NEW friends honey, I’m taking.

Ok have a blessed week guys and whatever your struggle is, please stay DISCIPLINED!!! You can start by watching that video above…




#31F.A.B.Voices…Priceless Testifying

I can’t believe the last time I published this was Sunday last…
I’ve been moving from one place to the other, with network fluctuating and so on… But today, I made up my mind that I would put this up.
I have a super special guest. Love this girl like my Sisturrr. She just has SENSE all round.
Before you meet her, lemme quickly announce this. Please biko ejor ozienu, further mails to me should be to eziaha@eziaha.com.
Tz dedicated to the blog and I won’t lose it. I seem to be forgetting to respond to people and tz cos it gets lost in other official or personal mails. I met someone again today who I forgot to respond to.
Tz easy… Wanted to add my surname but I made it easy for y’all.
Cool? Seen? Gotten?
Ok Catherine Priceless is just one amazing babe. I can’t get enough of her. Drama, love, wisdom, the works. I love her totally. Mother of two wonderful kids and wife of a really GOOD man. Prudent wife. Business woman extraordinaire. Born again woman of God. Bonafide DCC member. My friend and Sister (Ok babe why does it feel like I’m famzing you like those people on that PK’s ‘rally Sunday’  loool). FAB’ers, this wonderful Sunday where I am feeling ‘DCC-overdosed’, please enjoy this babe I call Priceless…


Ok so I’ve just put my almost 7months old baby to sleep finally#:-s, chai motherhood is blessed o, shout out to all mothers out there biko, una dey try.
Ok so I have a couple of things ild like to do this year, some of them even scare me but, I have a Sugar Daddy who can do exceedingly, abundantly and above all I can ask or THINK…. So in the spirit of going FORWARD this year here I go:                                                                    1. Growing my business into a known brand. Ok so I’m a professional make up artiste, I just finished my training November 2013. I still need more practice to build my confidence and be the best at what I do. Emm so the goals here are:                                                  1a – To have more jobs weekly than I can handle that I would have to bring in my other MUA friends to assist.                                                 1b – To make more income than what I earned as a banker.                                1c – To build / make my portfolio; I don’t know but making the arrangements and getting the models and especially the costumes needed has been challenging for me, dunno why o.                                                                    2. To get my own studio before the end of the year. Now people have told me I need to have been in the business for about 3 or 4 years before I can dream of getting my own studio, but who made that rule? Ehn? Who says I can’t get it in my first year as a MUA?                                       3. I also want to have a shop in trade fair where I can start sales of make products and ultimately become a major distributor of make up products. Would love to travel to Dubai in this same vein.                     4. One of my hubby’s vision is to start a magazine; a feminine magazine but because of logistics we decided to start blogging first. So he writes and I edit but for a while he hasn’t been writing cos of work logistics / challenges. So this year is gonna be different, I must take it upon myself to ensure the blog has regular blog posts even if I have to take verbal dictation from him to achieve this.                                     5. Again hubby needs to take some professional courses to enhance his career growth and a change of job sef. So how do I come in, I intend to find out the courses that would suit his work schedule and in short make sure the entire registration and stuff is stress free and seamless for him, so help me God.         6. Hmmmm, I get really irritated and bewildered when I encounter bad customer service from people who are supposed “service providers”. So I would like to put my 7yrs customer service training into use. I don’t have the full details yet but I do know I wanna impart people positively with the knowledge I have on proper customer service.                                               The list is getting really long abi? Hehehehehe, so to other stuff I would like:                                                         1. I would love a new car this year o, a navy blue toyota rav 4, 2004 model *drooling*. I don’t know why I love this car but its sha my heart desire so I’m keeping my fingers crossed o. Amen *winks*                                                    2. I want to fellowship and grow more spiritually this year. This includes soul winning, witnessing for God, I used to lead people to Christ every week before, but somehow I’ve kinda relented on my efforts so this year I intend to get back on track.                                                  3. Read more books: I and hubby have a personal library and keep adding more books but lately I just can’t seem to find the time to read as I used to or ought to. So this year is gonna be different. I’m thinking 2books per month, yes? Right.               4. Travel out of the country for my wedding anniversary this year. I wouldn’t mind France though, I wanna see the eiffel tower in person, no more through pictures jare.                                           5. Get new menu’s to cook for hubby.image

These days I’ve just been going through the motions of cooking the same ol’ stuff, even my pots are complaining they are tired of cooking the same things. Ild love new recipes to make new meals at least once every week. So here I am asking my fellow FABer’s to come to my rescue. thanks guys in advance.            
       *babe don start with new menus ooo. She shared some with me sef…*                       6. For some reason I still can’t place a finger on, I tend 2 b late,more so now that I have a baby. No matter how early I start to get ready, I somehow arrive at my destination late or nearly late. So this year, I’m gonna work on arriving punctually for appointments and every other place I need to get to.                         7. Sowing: I and hubby intend to sow more this year than we did last year. Around october last year we decided we were gonna sow a particular amount as seed in the first week of January this year even though we didn’t know how we were gonna get the cash, we just agreed and we actually did sow that exact amount in the first week of this year just like we said we would. PK taught us that as long as you have the heart to give, God would orchestrate finance to come your way and that’s exactly what happened. So because we got the first amount, it expanded our faith to trust God to sow another particular sum of money but ultimately we are actually trusting God to sow our first one million naira seed before this year runs out. PK said giving a million naira in one cheque is sweet, we have to experience it o.                                                          8. I left this for last so that I can whine and whine and whine and whine some more lol. I need to loose weight o 😥 . I was a size 8 and now I’m almost a 14 *weeping loudly*


I mean even while pregnant and a few weeks after I put to bed I was still a 10 and all of a sudden I just blew up. On tuesday I checked my weight and I weighed 85kg *sad face* I almost passed out. Ehn just imagine 85kg, eighttyyyy fiivvveee *roll on the floor crying* I don’t even know where to start from, my clothes don’t fit anymore and I don’t wanna get new ones so that I would b motivated to loose the weight. Chai, and world people would not even allow me hear word. I’ve been called all sort of very painful amd heart breaking names o, from “friends”. Biko I need help and fast. I try not to even look at the mirror except its absolutely necessary. So biko unu, any tips would help o, emmm please don’t just say exercise, tell me the kind of exercise I should do. I started smoothies and I’ve already used up two blenders.
*go buy blender again jor*
Enough already. I’m signing out jare.                                                           I remain Catherine “nwunye” Nnanna Ebiri-Okoro.


Didn’t you just enjoy this? Babe is under 30 btw. Oya roll in the advice and tips for my girl…
Btw, I have featured her here before

E ‘ haters, get in ‘ere… lol.
In the spirit of weight loss a la Catherine..
It is official!!! I am now FAT!!!
This is one rare time I admit cos I even feel and know I don fat. I let myself go this year I resolved to even watch it more..


I tried this gown yesterday and it was TIGHT!!! I had to wear a loose dress to church today.
Then in church, Cheech said she was HAPPY I was now FAT!!! Meanie Alika!!! And Jessica her cousin said my hips were now this large *she widened her hand very well. It wasn’t pretty* 😦  Some people in church thought I was pregnant. So I am going drastic. In one month, you will see results, so help me God. I even got Kate Henshaw’s ‘Fit For Life’ DVD


(I have a story on that but I’m feeling terrible already so I won’t yab myself further)
*sits on the floor,legs apart, wailing*
And please I don’t want anyone saying ‘oh no you are not fat, you still look good, bla bla bla. Thank you but swallow that talk ooo. E’ is NOW FAT!!! Neither do I need your yabis…
Bye bye biko

On a STRONG weightloss tinz 🙂
Forward 2014…Still Testifying