#DoItAFRAID…Beyond hashtags

I didn’t even know it was a hashtag. I just know that this is something God has been telling me for say 5months now.
I get a lot of comments and talks on how I am SUPER HUMAN, so energetic, so on fire, so disciplined, so etc, but what people don’t know is that for MOST of what i do, I DO IT AFRAID!!!

I am talking heart-racing, tummy-running, fingers-trembling A F R A I D!!!

In our Propel 1 meeting yesterday

, of which i had TWO PROPEL groups meet yesterday, the video we saw was DECISION MAKING and Mercy Lokulutu said something, as she explained sticking to her decisions and not being indecisive or emotional about it…

‘Once God says it, it doesn’t matter how i feel, I can EAT my feelings, I can DO LOTS OF THINGS WITH MY FEELINGS, but when God says it I OBEY!!!’

Then Chris said

‘…sometimes we are just paralysed by FEAR thinking we may fail or miss the mark, BUT God can only steer a MOVING ship, and God is really BIG, so don’t worry, IF YOU FALL OUT OF THE SHIP, HE WILL PUT YOU BACK’

Oh i have also heard Gmama Joyce say (or was it Christine Caine)

Do it Afraid until you don’t feel fear anymore… (I think it was Christine, In UNSTOPPABLE)

I hate the paralysis that FEAR brings, and so I get really UPSET about that paralysis and I am now super INTENTIONAL about doing what needs to be done, AFRAID OR NOT!!!

Let me share practically how i get through the PARALYZING FEAR

First, i need to be sure this is something God has told me to do. Not my emotions, not my brokenness or ‘lockdownness’, but God!!! And one way i confirm is to check my motives, WHY DO I WANNA DO IT? Once that is sorted, i move to phase 2


Oh Jesus, I pray up a storm in the Spirit. I pray using Scriptures ooo, so it means i go into the Word first, get a Scripture and start to confess it in prayers. I just pray so much in the Spirit and as i pray, more ideas and clarity forms in me, and gradually the fear starts to give way to FAITH!!!

Then in the course of my regular day to day activities, i FORCE myself to THINK  consciously about it, while muttering Scriptures under my breath. I don’t know about yawl but sometimes, when I am scared of something, i do NOT even want to think about it, so I block out anything that would remind me of it. BUT GOD FORBID THAT fear (and i purposely put fear in small letters lol)

I consciously think about it, while muttering PHIL 4:13 IN AMPLIFIED!!!


You should hear Joel quote this scripture especially telling the FAITH story of how they eventually got the Compaq Centre, a former Basket ball stadium, as their Church facility. He mostly closes his eyes and fist-pumps. LOVE IT!!! Like, satan NO REASH!!!

So all the time, i think about it, because that means i am taking the power away from it. I think about how i will feel once that is in the bag, i think about how lives INCLUDING mine will be blessed and enriched, I think about how MAD the devil will feel. Ah, i think ooo. So that Scripture is infusing strength in me steady, while my mental faculties are getting used to the idea…

Then i start to read books and messages that talk about whatever I need to do. I let God lead me to those materials and my Teachers  because I truly want to be ministered to. Check my Post on 10,000 Teachers https://eziaha.com/2016/02/03/10000-teachers-guys-stay-hungry-lean-in-go-hard/

I watch videos on YouTube from my Teachers and they usually just speak to my current situation. I recall this message and how it totally spoke to me on something liver was cutting me about. By the time i got to end of this video ehn, AH!!!

Oh and then i TALK ABOUT IT!!!

I certainly talk about it OR blog about it!!! Talking about it puts more power in my hands, and makes me realize NO GOING BACK now!!!

Propel woman Catherine haha

Fear is something that makes us NOT want to talk about it because we think WE ARE NOT ENOUGH or we will come up short or run out of ‘whatever’. We are afraid of what ‘people’ will say and think of you. That is just the devil. 

There is just something about starting. When we start, it is AMAZING how supernatural supply – physical, spiritual and mental and everywise– just start to turn up. But they won’t come your way until you start!!!
So start already. Plus even if we make a mistake and it is genuine, God sees our hearts and He has a way of redeeming stuff for us. See how this motive thing played out between the King who took Abraham’s wife as his, and God in Genesis 20…

Did he not say to me, ‘She is my sister,’ and didn’t she also say, ‘He is my brother’? I have done this with a clear conscience and clean hands.”

Then God said to him in the dream, “Yes, I know you did this with a clear conscience, and so I have kept you from sinning against me.

He made an honest mistake and God let him off the hook…

Which is why my motives are super important.  Shirer said if she examines herself and sees that the ONLY thing stopping her from making a decision is FEAR, She knows that is EXACTLY what God wants her to do!!!

You know, I am working on an INTIMATE seminar for 15 Chicks where I will just pour all my fire into them to start up on their goals, and hold their hands through it for a period. More info will turn up next week but the date is 29th October or 5th November, both Saturdays (or it could be Sunday sef) and it will cost 5k. Loving our location already. 

Just seeing it pumped more fire in me to get this done. I think i will call it THE P413 XXXX Seminar. P413 being Phil 4:13, XXX is still unknown to my Spirit and I don’t even think I want to say SEMINAR!!! Either ways, we are sooo doing it!!! You may wanna book a slot down already by emailing eziaha@eziaha.com (and I might have TWO of my friends already running hard on LANE PURPOSE join me)

LADIES, NO TIME TO SLACK OO. God is up to soooo much in His Chicks so this is the time to RUN UNSTOPPABLE

 LITERALLY after your dreams. Leave fear and feelings alone. 

They truly are NOT as powerful as we think!!! Plus trust me, you can feel fear and have a BOLD FACE too. I recall sharing somethings with my accountability partner Aijay and when I said ‘I am afraid ooo’, she looked at me wide eyed and said BUT YOU DO NOT SOUND AFRAID!!!

That’s true. I didn’t care to let the fear show…

Ladies, PLEASE DO IT AFRAID… Whatever your IT is…

Ok a few more things

My Propel 1 meetings were EVERYTHING

With our Super awesome host in Propel 2 and her baby

In Propel 1; 

Ugo, our in-house photographer in Propel 1 did an awesome recap here.More Propel small groups are springing up. Propel was something i started in FEAR ooo, forget all the ginger you saw on my blog posts here https://eziaha.com/2016/09/06/eziaha-propelled-lessons-from-my-life/ and here https://eziaha.com/2016/08/27/say-hello-to-propel-lagos/. But now see, more small groups are starting and hopefully by end of the year, we should have between 15 and 20 up and running. AMEN. I will share my PROPEL fears sometime later.

Check out those posts above and then email propel@eziaha.com for details if you wanna start one and need some help. It is really simple. Grab 5 or 10 of your friends together, ONCE A MONTH, watch the videos and discus them amongst your selves. The conversations are just AMAZING!!! Propel CHANGED my life and I truly want to see more Chicks be PROPELLED into their worlds FOR JESUS!!!

OK SECONDLY,TFS Academy is open again.

TFS is The FAB Sistership Academy… Warrior Chicks Loving life and serving Jesus. My 4week online mentoring Academy for Chicks who wanna just BE BETTER and do what God has called them to do…

Please read this Post for some context first


If you sent a mail before, please resend. You sent prematurely. Eziaha@eziaha.com

Taking in JUST 20 ladies and I have a waiting list so HURRY. If you applied for TFS 1 and i sent you that mail to chill for 2, please send me a mail using that mail trail again.

Ok I am off to get my hair and nails done

I have a video and photo shoot tomorrow

I am dying my hair RED HOT because I need a FIERCE look for my #ChicksWithSwords Devotional haha

As per video, gosh I have an exciting message on Mommy Guilt, Mommy Fears and Mommy Wars… The Holy Spirit is AMAZING!!! This will resonate with moms all over not just stay-at-home moms but the deal is SAHM usually find themselves saddled by these because they have relatively more time and if you don’t guard your heart, the devil will just come and be throwing nonsense thoughts in.

Running along now…

Oh one more thing, there is sooo much background work ongoing on my blog. I should be ready for a BIG unveil NEXT WEEK!!! Can’t wait. Thanks to Frances Okoro for the info on porting to dot org and all the amazing benefits of it (Dont worry, my blog URL remains Eziaha.com because it will auto re-route) Makera for helping me do the porting because the technicalities were CRAZY and for making sure I didnt lose anything, not ONE post, not ONE email. Phew!!! 

And thanks to SisiYemmie for the blog upgrade!!! Yay. The FAB Sister’s blog is going to the NEXT LEVEL yo. 

With the dollar rising, it costs me some to purchase all these BUT thank God we can do it jare… It would AMAZE you how 20 dollars here and 15dollars there soon add up to 5000USD haha. Lol. See why I had to open a dom account sharpaly and start earning in Dollars and Pounds biko.

Oh and please all my diasporans oya join my class. 20dollars ONLY and 18 pounds ONLY for 4weeks starting October 7, this Friday. For the naira people, 6k pere. Check this link for all details

Oh and if you are in ABUJA, come through!!! 

If you aren’t, TELL EVERY CHICK IN ABUJA!!! Super Stoked for this one. Like, God has been DOWNLOADING!!! Will pay for two Chicks off my blog but I will give more info in the Post where i give more details about this event and how my crazy Sister, Funto, got me on board… Super thankful for FUNTO. Gurl, i super LOVE you…

Ok bye guys

Sooo much LOVE and DO IT AFRAID anointing.

CoachE’ (haha)


Hey yawwwwwl!!!

If you feel breathless after reading this POST, It is because I am writing it soooo super fast.


Ok so our FIRST Propel meeting was EVERYTHING!!! Walahi, I have not even recovered from it. Every thing I want to do now, I filter through the wisdom I garnered BOTH from the videos and the Chicks present.


Find the Chick version (Longer) HERE and HERE , but let me summarise the Cliff note version of what Propel is

It is an Organisation founded by THE UNSTOPPABLE DYNAMITE Christine Caine who I am UNBELIEVABLY IN LOVE with.

Christine The HurriCAINE

Christine The HurriCAINE

Propel seeks to arm women the tools to LEAD WELL in the Workplace.


The dynamics are changing fast and you have a LOT of women out there in the Marketplace BUT without the needed tools to navigate it right. So Propel is handing women those tools. Basically telling you GO GIRL!!! You can be an amazing LEADER, WIFE, MOM, SISTER, CHICK etc and still be a CHRISTIAN. You don’t have to compromise your faith to LEAD WELL.


Plus Propel is a super evangelistic tool for women, in that Jesus commanded us to GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD and make DISCIPLES for Christ. Your world is YOUR MARKETPLACE, anywhere you do your secular business, and you can BE A MARKETPLACE APOSTLE.


So how does it work? Do we all get to go to America and join Christine Caine?


Well, I wish. Lol

So there are a series of videos, called CURRICULUMS (which I already have purchased and have permission to share. sorry not online, but only within the Groups).


Each curriculum has 6videos and a workbook. The idea is you get together in SMALL groups, watch the videos and then DISCUS them practically. The video has Chris and four of her friends discussing various topics that pertain to women and leadership, and then they have an audience who asks questions which they answer.


And then the discussions stimulate discussions in our various small groups. You can choose your meeting times as often as you want, but they recommend once a month, and one video per meeting.

We have our FIRST ever Propel Lagos group already formed, and we met some 2 or 3weeks back. Those are the pictures I plaster all over this Post.


I will be starting up more groups here in Lagos, and handing off batons of leadership as I form them. But hey, outside Lagos, feel free to get a small group of Chicks and start your own group too. Could be anything from 5 to 15/20 Chicks.


Trust me, it is pretty simple to start. No biggie. Just do me a mail and then I will furnish you with EVERYTHING you need to start.


So back to Group 2 in LAGOS, our FIRST meeting will be Monday, Oct 3, 2016 at 3pm.  We will decide on the venue together, most likely the home of one of us. We used Funto’s home for Group 1 and she said she woke up the night after, and spoke in tongues for one hour when she realized how Prophetic it is that her home was used for the first ever PROPEL…


I am just here beefing her. Lol.




because before you lead ANYWHERE, you first have to master how to lead yourself. And my goodness!!! Let me just share lessons some of the Chicks got from it… UNEDITED!!!



Out of my own brokenness. Funny how this line jumped out at me as Chris said it. Ok to put it in context, she mentioned how we all have the Holy Spirit in us to continually NUDGE us to do this or NOT do that. So instead of letting our brokenness nudge us to do X just because ‘my friend’ is doing it, or one Chick on social media is buying it, I take nudges and i’m led only by the HS working in me. There is never a shortage of nudges from people/social media/life BUT if I’m taking my nudges from them, and NOT the Holy Spirit, it is NOT thier fault. It is MY OWN brokenness and I need to go back to Jesus who is my ultimate goal and have him fix me!!! Phew



I don’t need their cheers or their jeers!!! Now this was dropped by d’amazing Lisa Harper. Mehn, it is absolutely amazing to see how people think they can speak into your life and tell you how to live. BUT not only do we NOT take anything they have to say, we should also NOT feel a need to EXPLAIN ourselves to them or let them into details of our lives so they understand WHY we did X or Y. Why are you explaining? Because you want their cheers? I recall how I used to EXPLAIN my entire life when anyone asked me why I left Abuja and the United Nations, especially if I felt a tiny whiff of disapproval in their question.


I would explain and explain and explain, just so they would KNOW that I KNEW what I was doing. How utterly ridic!!! Nobody needs to know details of my life!!! I make my decisions ONLY as led by Jesus. I don’t need nobody’s cheer or jeer!!! Why? Because I AM ALREADY APPROVED by GOD!!!


Enjoy this season you are in (that was the first spark in my head when I got home yesterday)….‎Ugochi through more light in it for me.


So instead of feeling very single, I should have more fun with it cos if it passes and I don’t have fun, then OYO is my case (big grin)….i mean, there’s a time and season for everything (Eccl says it all) and this is finally sinking. Sometimes you read a bible passage and it pops out like it was your first time but it’s not….thats the feeling.‎


‎Clarity and definition helps you guard God’s vision….like I know I really need to cut back to able to move forward. Am just so involved in much in church and others that I have to be clear if it’s God’s vision for me or be sure of the time/season so that my option reduces (this got me big time..should I say a Lil sober in church today)…like (dunno how to explain but you get shey).


And then I still have that mental pics of the wheel Christine talked about and the divine enablement….like if His will is for me to do all, the HS is there.For me. The first has got to be that the ultimate goal is Jesus. Whatever we do…however we run…the ultimate goal is Jesus. He is the reason we are here in the first place and He is the center that holds us in..and holds us together. If the seasons of our lives are going to run smoothly and if we are going to be effective in EACH season… We’ve got to have to do life with HIM…from start to finish. He is the initiator and the fulfillment and the finisher of each season of life. He defines it and makes it what it ought to be. I mean ….. He is everything. As in it is in HIM I can make sense of any thing and any season I am in


So about things that jumped at me…

Clarity and definition helps you guard God’s vision for your life.  Right now,  I am at a point in my life where I am learning that in all things,  it is God that matters.  Ultimately,  it is about him.  So for anything I want to do,  I want to know what my father is saying about it and when I hear a voice behind me saying “go ye in it”, I can follow without thinking twice. And because God never confuses one,  he speaks clearly and when you know what he wants you to do,even if you haven’t seen the end,  you can guard the vision with your life cos his thoughts towards us are always of good, to give us a future. So when those nudges from the world come, the vision is guarded.




Run hard in your lane towards Jesus and you won’t miss it. This is so encompassing for me cos it speaks to comparison,  speaks to trying desperately to seek approval, to cutting back to move forward and also to intentional living cos running hard towards anything at all has to be intentional  and  you have to be focused.  I shouldn’t  be swayed by the looks or works of the person next to me,  my focus should be Jesus.2. I should always get clarity and definition about what God wants me to do and focus on it, cradling it jealously from every other thing/people that Is not God. God has me right where I need to be right now so instead of panicking out of comparison with other people who “have it better or easier than I do”, I should just press in to God the more and run in His might to do what He wants me to do.

To make this evident in my life now, I will tarry more in God’s presence than before so I can be a God-pleaser henceforth rather than letting fear of what “they” will think about me to hold me down from giving him my all in obedience


Identity: the Need to constantly remind myself….who I am. And that is ; a woman as defined by God. The understanding that I am where God wants me to be. I have learnt to let go of the burden of people’s expectations of me ,rather embracing my own divine uniqueness,RUNNING IN MY LANE. With Christ as my powerful denominator,doing these things will help me guard my God-given vision.


Sometimes cut back to move forward….


Once in a while…to just pause….pray and ponder

When it gets all overwhelming, I need not to drown in it. Or use my human emotions to analyse the cobweb of events

I should instead go back to the drawing table for fresh clarity. Personal retreat is always important at some point. It really does help. 1. Live for an audience of one, GOD!!!! To me this means that I don’t have to do anything because I want to please man as long as God has told me to do it I’m just gonna run with it. Sometimes what He says may seem ‘foolish’ in the eyes of man but then He is God so…..


I can have it all and be all God has called me to be. I dont have to stop been one thing 2 accomplish another, this means I can be a super wife to Hubby, super momma to my awesome kids, extremely successful entrepreneur and Minister of the gospel and basically fulfil destiny without anypart of my life suffering. Also I don’t have to worry about the ‘how’ cos faithful is He that has called me, He would equip me for the task ahead.


Lemme stop here please… Lol

Ok so the link I told yawl I found online that has video 1? Here it is


I hope many more people sign up for PROPEL in Nigeria. Truly nothing like it for women.

Ok send a mail to propel@eziaha.com if interested, with a bit about yourself and your location, and I will holler back at you.

And hey, even if you have a baby, feel free to bring them, We had like four babies at our meeting and at some point, all the moms were backing their babies and standing… Lol. Dunno how we didn’t capture it.

And then, one of us, Ugochi, did a blog on it too. Feel free to check it out here. she was also the one who took pictures.

Ok on to my Reader App. I am so super excited about this project. The App developer sent me an update yesterday and I was just BLOWN AWAY Excited.




It is a 5week project and we are in week 2, but that’s not really what I wanna share.

Now the gist is, has GOD TOLD YOU TO WRITE A BOOK? Are you scared of all the publishing drama and money? Whoop!!! My App to the rescue. You can write AND Publish your e-book and I get to host it on my App, and you them pay an affordable monthly fee for the length of time it is on there. So it will be like an virtual bookshop/Library, where people can buy or download your book for free, if you are doing free. So the App won’t have only my books, it will have books from various Christian writers, both fiction and non fiction.

Peek my logo. Of course i wil use my PICTURE by the time we are done

Peek my logo. Of course i will use my PICTURE by the time we are done

We are really working to make it of the best standards, books legible and very easy to read online, and then even if you have cause to change phones, once you have an account already, just download the app and re-login and all your purchased books will be there for you.

I will do a post on WHY YOU ALSO NEED E-BOOKS soon, because let’s face it, the world is too complicated and fast-paced for us to be restricted to just hardcopies. I mean, we are always on the move, and wont always want to carry a hardcopy everywhere, especially if we don’t want the risk of losing it. E-Books are so super convenient.

It is only available on GOOGLE PLAY STORE so you need to get an Android phone if you don’t have one.

More gist as the weeks unfold, and as the App launches, I am launching TWO DEVOTIONALS -One for CHICKS WITH SWORDS and the Second for APOSTLES IN THE MARKET PLACE. Both names are NOT the names of the devotionals tho. Gotta copyright the names before I share. Still need a VERY GOOD GRAPHIC artist. Yawl epp me nah… Super excited about both, and UNBELIEVABLY thankful for my Accountability partner who just PROPELS me into doing EVERYTHING I have the guts to share with her, that God asked me to do.


Lol. I recall telling her I was shooting one of the covers with real swords and she said ‘Hold it well ooo’ Lol. Made me laugh!!! She’s SUPER!!! And I am so excited at the dreams she is working on birthing too. Yay!!! #ChicksSupportingChicks


Guys, we ALL NEED THE RIGHT ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS in our lives sha. Infact, I am so passionate about Chicks running hard after their God-given goals that Aijay and I are teaming up to have a seminar to share how we do this Accountability thing and then set attendees up with Partners which we will oversee for a period of time. Watch out for it. Just 15 to 20 ladies for our first!!!

And no baby, it is not free. Won’t be more than 5k though, just to cover running costs because we are going all out for it. We got a venue already in Lekki and are brainstorming because we want your 5 hours session with us to really count. It will be October 29th so please I BEG YOU, Plan to jump in aii? We all need that PUSH and we are happy to be YOUR PUSH!!! (Oh and we need 3 – 5 volunteers so if interested, stand by for more info please)

Btw, that second pic of us above? She came over to mine for one of our sessions. It was so intense that we both literally knocked out afterwards. She even had a headache lol. Me I just slept off. Like my brain literally SHUT DOWN lol.

Breathless yet? I sure am so hasta la vista Hunnays!!! I know there are typos here. Forgive me lol.

And yup, you can still join my October class.


Still have slots. Link here. Tell somebody. Support my makate please…




Eziaha… (and Gbolabo, one of our Propel babies)



The N5,000 JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO… Questions answered!!!

Hey Darling,

Thank you for indicating interest in the JULY WEIGHT LOSS PROMO with CoachE’ of SavedFitnFAB

Ok so here are your questions answered. I hope and pray you read through carefully and then make your decision as you are led by God…

I am breaking this down as easily as possible.

  1. It is a N5,000 (five thousand naira) promo for 30 ladies to mark my 30th Birthday. That is not my regular rate.
  2. It would run for 4weeks starting July 4 on WHATSAPP AND BBM
  3. Anybody can join in from any part of the world. It is all online so location don’t matterimg-20160505-wa0023.jpg
  4. I provide weekly meal plans and recipes if needed, workout guide, encouragement and love. I also answer your questions and share knowledge I have garnered. I do all that yes, but the REAL WORK has to be done by YOU or YOU will NOT get results. I am a COACH and NOT a MAGICIAN Darling. PhotoGrid_1465870136268
  5. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, I’m sorry you can’t join in. The meal plans won’t work for you and your baby. You may wanna consider BUYING a meal plan tailor made for you. 18k for one month
  6. No I do not do drugs, slimming tea or the likes. Just clean eating and working out. You need to want it bad enough.

    My STAR Student

    My STAR Student

  7. You can work out from the comfort of your home and at your timings or in the gym. Your choice. But my guide allows for home workout. I lost 25kg without a gym.photogrid_1461040533954.jpg
  8. ALL the meals are Naija meals and can be easily seen anywhere in Nigeria
  9. If interested, please email savedfitnfab@eziaha.com I will send you the account details, please pay in and then send me a mail with the name you paid in with.
  10. Within 24 hours, I will reply you with a document that has even more details…
  11. Because it is a promo, the slots are filling fast. So when I have my desired number of Chicks, the promo is over.

More details here

I have been very lavish and have shared a lot of information from my weightloss journey on my blog. If you take the time to read through the posts which I combined here, I promise, I have most likely tackled any more questions you may have.

You would also find me sharing more and more via my social media handles

Twitter: @eziahaA @savedfitnab

INSTAGRAM : Eziaha and SavedFitnFAB

Facebook: Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo

Again, thank you and I look forward to coaching you through your weight loss journey. Pretty excited about this. I hope you are too.




Cheers and Love,